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M 7
Reverend W G Veal Took Lib
erties4With Young Girls
To Shun Him as They Would the
Sin He Preached Against
While a Guest In a Texas Home
Rapes a Helpless Woman
Table the Next Morning Led by Rsv W G-
Veal The Trial of Jones Is on it Dallas
The Woman Who Had Sulfered for
Twenty Years Tells Her Slory
He R- My Will and
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Dallas Nov WHSpe hepsn
of Zola noter painted a noot florc wn
eatlonal than a story poured forth by a
pal o faced oud Bhrlnklnf woman In tho
crowdud court room of Judge Oharks
rVed Tucker this afternoon The
second duple in a story that began In
tho rape of a woman and ended In the
death of a man was unfolded
Thewlfaof Dr K H Jone the
slayer of Capt W G Veal of
roit Worth in thU city dur
ing tho guat Stato fair
unbosomod tho ono great and burning
went of her lite to justify her husband
In shooting down Uko u dog tho noted
soldier preacher politician and busi
ness man
Dr Jones vm taken before Judge
Tucker this afternoon on a writ of ha
beas orpus Ho has been in jail since
the tragedy and his It lends desired to
ascertain whether or not tho cose was
a bailable one In order to secure tho
liberty of Dr Jones on ball pending his
Tho courtroom was packed to suffo
cation and tho prisoner tat by tbo side
of hla counsel Basse tt Seay and Mose
as cool as on the morning when ho sent
a leaden messenger into the bialnof
Captain Veal
Mrs Joneu was the first witness
placed on thostaud Sha is a woman
of 40 with an intelligent and refined
face a drooping figure and incut modest
and genteel manners Sho was richly
but not flashily dressed and during the
tlmo she vtas testifying one could have
heard a pin drop
The only words that dropped from
tho lips of Jones when he killed Veal
were Q -d d m him he ravished my
wife No one believed him then To
night they do
Twenty years ago Mrs Jones was tho
widow of BuUlngton joung handsome
and tho richest woman in Northern
Texas Her father James Smith
hod been an early and re
spected pioneer and her fam
ily connections were of the high
est Sho had a little babe 18 months
old at the time this story of crime bo
gan tho only child born of her union
with BuUlngton
Ono night she was the guest of Mrs
S E Cockrell and theCockrell family
then as now was ono of tho moBtct
teemed In Texas where she mot the
Hew V O Veal then one of tho most
popular and gifted preacherB of tho
state She wofc Introduced to hlin they
both being guests at the Kama house
and was in his company during the
earlier hours of the night According
to her tttoiy on tho witness stand at
midnight that night she was
awakened by a noise and
ther btanding by the bido
of her bed was ilev V O Veal She
screamed and be ald sternly IIuBh
You will bo heard The shock was so
great that she sank almost fainting in
her bod
Veal threw himself upon her and
accomplished his purio
Do then left hor room
Overwhelmed with bhame and with
frrif fearful nf the diPBToce and noto
riety that would bo vlaiud upon her if
Bhe made known her wrongs tbo Widow
BullingtonrcBoHedtolock the secret
in hor breat forever Bar father was
detd broU ers bhe hA none and her
poor cripple hc ing lost both hands In
a cotton gin
The next morning the outraged wom
an Rev W G Veal and tho family
with other guests met io the dining
hall Kev veal lead in prayer and
i m ia iind ravished the nicnt
Ustoro knelt In tho family circle and
offered a allont prayer to tbe Im
A ear later bo married Dr R U
Sho awore that Veal camo to her
homo four yetrs after he had assaulted
hcrialhodoid hour of ulght at tbe
Cockrell home Ho held oul hla arrnj
as If to embrace her and ehotpuroed
him and bade him depart from her
nieht years ago ho paid her another
vUltTbut the ordered him never to
darken her door affain and he never
Lot Bpring the secret which bad
bei n eating Into her life for wnV
yearn became a load preater than sne
could bear and sho divulged It to ber
InJ answer to questlona proPunJS
by Colonel Joromo C Kearby for tw
state Mrs Junta taid he had nover
written a lettera letter to Captain 1 eal
In life and had never visited Mi
ofllo In this cH after the rape at mid-
MU Dr Morgan Frank Cockrell land
I several other character wilaeatea
4 iitfaJ
d h5tC9td that Mrs
Sm 1rln00d omanhood was Mod
retiring and virtuous and of moat
unlmpeachablo character
v 11rlIuv woro that she
Veal when he was ulUol
at UIU Kl when
Bho elated that Rev Veal
wanted to take Improper liberties
with youns girls at the veiy altar and
tnclr elders warned them one and all to
baye nothing to do with Rev Veal
to morrow morning
Tho attorneys for tbe stato havo not
yet shown tholr hand Tho eUdcuce
of Mi s Jonns
created as groat a xrsa
tlon ua the killing of Captain Veal by
her husband and Is the aolo topic of
conversation in tho city to night
An Open Ultr Telling Why Southern Newspa
pers Withdraw from tre New York asjo
elation ol Siven Papers
Chattanooiea Tenn Nov 18 The fol
lowiuf fctuts meut from AdulpL Oibs
proprietor of the CbaUanouea Times
explains itself
Chattanooga Tnn No IS 1E02
Thf puMicatlon in the New lork
Tirati that tU proprietor of the Chat
tanooga limes Is dUxrontlvd anj U
lit ily to withdraw from the Southern
awovlated prtss U without ihe sllibtest
fouudailou 1 hnve for the put ten
days periUterUy refuse to reitlfe re
ports of tho Not York associnted prtus
thoueh Umlercd mo ever day The
houthfrn associated prcts has nu mem
her who Is more loral tlinn mywtlf
Thfre was etcry effort uiado to cieate a
mutinous sphlt lu Ui bottthcrn nsso
tinted press but it fnilwl of its jiurpuni
The Southern aftsodnhr press bus lu it
mtmlwrnhlp ererj dally new sparer in
North and South Cnroliua llorlda
Georgia EatA Tenneisve Alabama
MUsitifppi and IjouUlnna nnd hereto
fore received Nw York amoiited prins
news nayinp therefor lW0 per un
nuin The Nnitbtrn aoolateJ press has
by oontruct control lu the ntfltei men
tioned of all news of the United press
and Western avtoclated pretiri and
through these two organ xiit Ions the two
principal forrfen newH agencies
ihd proprletcis and puhtlKhtrs of the
Southern daily pttpem had every upper-
tuuit to con U rue their lelutiou vih
the ISew York associate prtms and on
trms they could tliQiiiMlres dictnteand
they ihot o to ilelhi all ovirtuict It
is suppofted they knew what they were
about oil being successful buiiness men
The membtrs of the Southern associated
press iM ar oo ill will to the New York
atjsocJnted press but join In the move
ment thnt Unlades vlth exciptions
hardly worth meniloiilnjr every dally
newsjiapfr in the United Mates from
bcattle to langvr nud fiom th Lakes
to tho Gull to put a ktop to the ar
rauKemeuts which enables sefeu New
lork Cit duilica to toutrol the news
of the country and to exuU whatever
pay ihey desire The door is opeu to
the New York atnoclated press to come
In ou equal terms with the mont fnoreJ
The Southern flsaoclated press hopes
Its fvruier ev York City aJtKo
cintes luny soon realize th folly of their
pJTortu to nttp Hie iimsriBklio wdrteuiit
that for a woudtr wus uot comuienced
year ajro Adolph S iclis
Chalrmau of the raetitUte itimrultteo of
the boutheru ussoilated prifss
shFwore pants
Her Companion a Printer Who Filled Hsr Out
Has Nothing Io Say A Mystery
at Beaumont
Ih annmnt Tex Nov 18 Special
City Jiarshnl W A I anirliuin received
a Histal card from the iliitf of ioli o ot
Auallu flilne a ileacrllitJou of a youth
about 10 riars old that had rim away
from his home in that city and aitinie
that he be arrexted and hffJ He fooud
tno auspicious looking Krsona around
town one of whom aHwnred to ht the
MU to a nlielr but It aftcrwaidi de
nlolKd Unit his prisoner w a woman
uiasqueradlni In male attire bhe waa
aeeouipanltd by a youna man about J1 or
24 year old ho Bale nil aame as Unas
Deuosta fonnerly of Home Ua that
he la a printer and last worked In a Job
ollico In ii Iaao lie clalal to hare
Citine across the womu at a point vicst
of Kan Antonio and as her clottilus wo
not of antnclpnt viarintli he ave br ft
full outfit of his onn He had IVclta
Targo receipt lssue 1 at Houston for a va
Use consigned to blui wlf at New Or
leans which he claims contains the worn
ans rlotliei Ho slates her name Is
Mayo and that he Lnows natblnt moio
about her bhe will nut talk at all Olli
ccrs are holding them subject to the re
sult of Inquiries they have instituted
St Louis Ma Aov 18 Tho Knighte
of Labor spent tho wbolo day In the
discustlon of tho report of the commit
tee on laws and Mr Iowde lyWldrcss
A most Important ana icngiuy uueus
sionwasontbo proK8itoo sobmittcd
In Mr Powderlvs addreM that all
Knlchts bo Instructed U withdraw
from all other labor organisations
Tho matter was finally refctred to tho
ceneraloiecullve board to act uiou
il k mnn
Et Tiiull llO OV I A wro
iVfi wMcsale fii Sealer Tb US
JifSil ranimj ad whm Chief Undr
Sd fjl aolotoiaa -
lfnlT lasuml Tie tre was It
ii Ihi tear of the tor occoplcl ft Itmeh
jltnfhrtm Offlcr lrr tjrul
A br jb
rthl coioUcra
ft JSrtanS th 0of ali
HamnifS to SIT Onu tvrxo nim -
tl dSS to 111 Nona Fonnb sW os
rTi2vJ nrai wholesale jewelers
CDlilsu vj ui 1
To AOKlw Od v -A Ilal tj
Eirress states luucn Hnwwmi
iVno wsTcausil la rthwfstrrt Arlsoa
f band of NavaJl oalt
fttir bK Hot I nr
Kt mwut sal tellves a UtUs pro
KStSi w5lp a liosUls ouibret U
S22W S tats lb
Indian Meat to
derrErk rl
t toMtbet sad
SmuBMt llrjrs Ira caaslag troabte
Austin Tr Nov lA 8prcII
toJay Ore destrottd frao
iwUlos in the eastern portUm at the
T omedbyM 11 Ham Loss about
jwb T tumaiue Cause delwUro
Assembling In Numbers nt Wa
co for a Conference
To Perpetuate and Extend the Organtution
Will Be Considered
A Rumor thai Clark Heads Will Fall al Autbn
OPiclil Voles ol Travis and Other Counties
Now In A Close Conies In
Palo Pinto County
Waco Tex Nov 18 UpeclaL To
morrow representatives of the CUrk
wlnj of the Texas lX mouracy will moot
tn this city at the cull of State Chair
man A L Matlock This meeting Is
called for the purpose of laying plana
fur the future of extending tho organi
zation and for consultation Quito a
number of repiosentathe Democrats
aro iu me city to nignu uua it is uroo
able tho attendance to monow will bo
Austin Tox Kov 18 Special
Theolllchil count of tbe ote of Travis
county was concluded to day by the
county commissioners and gives
Clark 3751 Hogg 2160 Nugent 899
Houston Ptenuetgasl 11 and Ctmoy
1 Clarks pluiullty 1001 Clurks major
ity ml The total In the county was
00falling oil nt least 6H from whs t it
was cipectod it would bo
Your reporter learned to day from
ory reliable aounos that Governor
Hog and the heads of the depart
ment tvould hold a conference to-morrow
for the purpose of considering tho
ndvfimblllty of decapitating all tho
Claikioen in the oapltol of whom
thcro are known to bo quite a good
nmu Kolilcltou of any kind has
occurred in Austin botvtoou the two
factious and If what is indicated
aboto Is dono it will bo tho first break
Waiahachlo Tex Nov IB
clal At a meeting of tho Clevoland
una Clara club of waxanacnte the Fol
lowing resolutions wclo adopted
1 That we recognize the platform
upon which the lion George Clark
conoucve a bis fate campaign tor gov
ernor as the only embodiment of true
Democratic principles enunciated for
the support of tbo people
X That tor hla patriotic and hercu
lean eudeavors to ltiduc the people ot
Texas to maintain lntiolate tboe
principle our candidate haB earned
for himself the unbounded gratitude of
tho people not only to Texaa but ot the
3 That out thanks are hereby ten
dered to lion A L Matlock chairman
of tho Clark state executive committee
for tho zeal gallantry and good Judg
ment dlsplu ed by him In the conduct
of the campaign
4 That we pledgo ourselves to de
vote our best elforts to maintain tho
princlplesabovo referred to until finally
successful and arc in favor of outttlnu
tog and pcrpotuutlng our present or
ganization as n party tor that purpose
J ll IllSUANDS Chru
Jowctt Tex Nov 17 Special
Tho official vote of this county stands
ITogg 1 13 Clark 128 Nugent 718 L
T Dashle candidate for representa
tive from thla and Madison counties
Is elected by a largo majority Hutch
ison for congress curried this county by
u largo majority
Ibo Democratic state nominees for
count odlces are all elected but one
There was one Third party man elected
for justlco of the twace in this precinct
tho only ono in the county Tho bal
nnco of tbe Thildlarty was snowed
under two to one They aro buried so
deep I am afraid they will not got out
by spring
W 11 McGIll tho man who killed J
O Makamson on election day at LcOnu
had hlsiexamlnlng tital at Contcrvillo
vosterday and was placed under 4GUO0
bond which he will hate no tiouble In
giving Juines McOlll his father who
was hot b Makamson is reported
worse and not expocted to get well
It is thought that Makamson being
dangerously shot mistook Wes Roger for
McUlli and shot him through mistake
as they were drossed alike Itogors1
brother told Makamson ho had killed
Wo and he said No I killed Hill
McGIll nnd turned and walked off and
did not go far lwforp he fell
McGIll used a 32 callbie Smith
Wesson and Makamson a 44
For governor Hogg M3 Clark 248
Houston 51 ltondogast 0
For congress first district J 1
Hutchinson C22 J 13 Stephenson 631
Daniel Taor lb3
For state nenate W 1 McComb
021 J Earl Ireaton 701
For house of representatives 11 K
White 741 1 H Knowles 671 fifty
fifth district LT Dashiell 7 W
T Ljoue 631 flfty slxth district J
W Alston 730 II M Glbbs 568
sixty fourth district Official count of
Madisua county B Wiley county
Tho following oniotrs were elocted
J C Morrlt county fudge M Ilhwk
sbrplfr tinA tar colloctor R Wllev
county and dhtrlct clerk 11 L Hycrs
tax Rases or j r uniiii county ui
tornej G W bchrter treasurer All
Mills Tex Nov 18 Spocial
Frcostona county Dsmocrata uro fear
ful that tho defeated candidates will
contest the election and give them
some trouble All of the Democratic
nominees were elected except G W
White our representative was detcaUtd
by L N Barber tho reple party
Matador Tax Nov 18 Special
The ofliclal count of the voto of Motley
cuu nty results as follows
Cleveland 128 Harrison lIWtanr
For governor Hogg Hli Clark 20
Nugent 18
t 131
Mailoq Martin mC M Itojers 15
For a raon128
J H DavU 5-
For romplroltar McCall 1J1 KUian
Allen 13 V J JTrwlej 1U
For treasuroi Wort hum 133 T J
Gorbeo 13 VVrW Durham 10
For land oHmmljsioner Mithuflhey
1LX WaUh 19 McCulloch 1A
lor suwrintordenlnf public Inntruo
tlonJ M llH J Blckler H
u w unauiutr io
xvr juages court ot crimtiwi apncaiM
K J Stmpklns 112 W L lUldson
121 H XL Phelpti 10 W IX Wood lu
K I- Dohony 1J W II llurfchnrl 10
For iudiTtB euurt of civil nnnealti Sue-
ond district R D Tarlton chief
tlco 17 II O II d 14 I W Sloph
ons 115 II i ONeal 23 J M McCor
niiok 33
rorconpress Thirteenth dlstilct si
V CockroTl 131 A G MnUor U W
J Maltby n
Forbonaior Twenty ninth district
I F Got 131 J Konnedv a
Foriwirtwntathi OnuHundredand
Serund iTlntriet U Dean I4U
For district Judge rifttvth ilUtilct
W R McGIll 110 J T Montjiowwry
For district atlornoi Fiftieth
W O Henderson 3J U S Kind-
Tlie following county ifHerh wero
Couuty judw II 11 Oampbolli coun
ty attorney J W Jenkins county und
Ulstriet clerk W A Walton sheriff
and tax collector J U Ucekham
treasurer U S Smith tax asbostor 11
I White county sun oyer 1 II Itosx
oonimlsuioner precinct No 1 G W
Cook justice of peaeo precinct No 1
C 11 Ileflner conHtable Johnllallard
coimiiiBloiiir aisd Iutlce of tcacu pre
cinct No 2 W K 1owerj constable C
K McGowell commissioner precinct
No J A IX Cooper justice of jvaco of
precinct No 3 F Nf Jenkins com ta
ble Tom llrwks commissioner pre
cinct No 4 T K Kdmonfccn justlu of
pcaie prtelnct No 4 W M Masou
constable Tom Seay
Falo Finto Tn Nov 18 Spoolal
Follow imi the olllclaHoUj of Falo
Finto county
President- Cleveland D17 Clac
lands majorltj S03 Weaver OIS Har
rison 09
Governor UogSt S Clark 310
Nugent 703 Nujfentri plurality 35
Attorney general Cul he rsondSd Mo
Dowellt3dJ Davis 712 DutIs plurality
Con rress Cockrell P2 I majority
111 Mattlry t07 Malloy 75
Dlitrict 1104 ma
jurltj U20 Kwell 71 Millet 4ii
District attornev Oeorsre 703 ma-
Jority 20 Daniel WlX
llcprTsontatio Garret BtiO ma
JorltiOJhCumbir 761
State nenator Baldwin Oil ma
jority 22 lialrd 717
Tho followliii oillcers were cleoted on
the count Democratic tick at by ma
jorities named W F Nellbrough
couuty Judije majority lM W 1
Glbbs county nttorncj majority ISti
Jolin II tat on oounty and district
olerk toajoilty 1S7 II N Maddox
idiorlff majority KO II G Tayloi
treasurer majority 140 1 M Cvos
land assessor majority 2b
W Metoalf aurvejor 318
We notice some common t frotrt Goi
don claiming an in jus tlco was douu Mr
Daniel In loportlng htm beaten bj
200 majority This was not intended
on our part Wo are not out to do Mr
Daniel any Injustice Ho Is our jwr
sonal friend and wo can assure him
that the repoit formerly made was
based on returns mado tn part nud In
correct returns that were not otllclal
from the smith patt of th county
whore Mn Daniel got his best oti
Wo stated that returns et to como
might olianjo the rutult We now to
port official returns showing correct
majorities J I Cunnlughain
Vernon Tex Nov 18 Special
Clurk reeeiuHt 3U4 votes In this Wil
barger county Instead of 324 as report
ed on thelOlh
J F Orrwas eltcted county judge
C W Mac line Wdhdrawi From lh Firmeri
Al liiici Hf Sayi II ll a Tail to
tht Third Parly Kite
Memphis Tenn Nov IS Tl0
Farmers1 Alliance and Industrial anso
ciatloa re con ve tied this inorntne O
W Macuno btcatne dUcouigeU and
withdrew from tho order
Tho following oflieors were elated
II D Louek North Dakota nrosidont
Marlon Rutler North Carolina vluo
presldent Uen Terrull Texas national
treasurer liyitorTuyloi of the Nali
ville Toller scretai and tha follow
ing exccutlo ooaitl h Leonard
Mbsuurl Mann Fago VIrglJa I K
Dean Now York 11 C Doming Penn
Macune said I resigned bpciusu it
js being diverted from Us original pur
ijoeos and made tho tall of tho Third
patty kite nib fneftna non parUmia
Alliance metnbotcannotongor rmaiu
In tho order
Tbo closing executive session of the
National Allianra this aftcruwn and
tnlght was devoted to mutt no busl
nosii A truce was ialcbfd v with
the dlagruntlod Iaeuno faction by tho
adoption of a document known us a
protest from tbo Maounltos Thodoc
ument sets forth in vaguo and general
Urms tbo dissatisfaction U tbe nljuers
with tho courw nursu d by
the Louck faction In tho con
tent for tho presidency Tho Alliance
ivosit out that
toathajmolllfled th Musefactiori and
tbo threatened split baa been hralcd but
on the ouulue us pmin me wa
nimntairLlbnlH not idAcatud and from
utterance by hlmsolfnud friends there
S nO aouoi no inunui wrv hit
t Rlllfiiu u of his own The pro
posed organization coo templates an
organization oi ine oowm
planters of tbo South Into a glgantlo
tmt to bo controlled through district
oounty state and national leaders for
the purpose of disposing of tho South
cotton crop to tb splnndn of Uurope
nnd America thus doing away with
tbe middlemen And In uiog mora lib
eralftdfances on cropd
Nearly all of the Southern delegate
ar pledged to the whtme
Itmeans a coxupltVj dfo Oiment i
th NoHhern ana Bouthtrn wings of
tbo Alliance
The Vice President Elect Ovn
tcd Wherever He Goes
Cquslly With the Hickoryltes of Gales burg on
Hi Arrival
Mrs Mary lease Says e Ssnalor She Will Bo
HThy Raise Any Question ol Her Sox
Barring Her Lewelllnj SMciHIi
policy GeorU CcntplicMIon
Tin vicimmusuiint kliot
Galeiiburtr 111 Not connnlttrrt
of iiivudriuit chlawis tu t Misvprtbhut
Klect iStveuKim and pirty nt INmiIh and
uvnmmmiM uitni ueri itrue cruu
frotti thh ntnl other titles cin mUoO ut
1ht vxtt nud theerwl lustiU im the A
ilwt pub- thnmjjh to thu
VuIhi hut 1 Tbe Htiwh w itp i1iIm
rnirty dtcotnted the ltcimblkanti vlvhiK
witlt the Dc murrain lu hniKiriiu the
citys Riient DiHutHi uts from forty mllet
uruiiud were presrut tStevtiiboi time
was taken up retfltlnj petiph1 lie wn
the teciplput of ho eihl of congratula
Fossmin avluNirr oitipiaiji
WHlilniton Net li 4amen A Car
ter of New Yoik Is Hkeh tu U wer
tary as stnte unilT Fnhlciit ltttnud
Mr Carter a know lodiud tu be thn
badtr of the New ork bar and one of
iht trreutit luwtrs la the Luittni
Stiis liifonnniiim tenths Wnhifl
ton throiiKh Imntn N width IwiTe no
iltittht nn to tho torrvitiifn of ihe news
Unit Mr diners uaiun Ii now under
inHMcrntIn fir thl Mt hi Mr tk e
lumlwlth n BtnmtT i rithabluty lint iho
portfolio will U uVtvd him Mr Carter
U an luthmite ptTHnual friend of Mi
Cleveland a iuhu of IiIrIi fhatntUr and
nnd the poMHtnor of n hhiIU ur fortune
to kUp hhn that eat Indi mkite wlihh
it aluiont ludlitirtisnliIo to one vim U io
nKume tlw iot f hw ntary of slati
To the objuitlou thai Mr Carter I l
welt known to thf etmntry nt Utt IV n
evtr will he may Im known to iiwlih
and In the rliy of Nrw nl Mr Cli
laud has rtplied thst Mf Cariei is KHti r
known ttum any msn who tHMnitnc a
TiFBilMr of Grn Grunts csbinrl Mr
Carter lu Mr Clpwtsnd opinion In
itot unlj a tuom able tnnn Ihnn llnmllton
noli wps when he lienuim of
ftate uudfi tttnnU luu N In tho pujy
inont of a wider fnmc
Mr CIcMtuil In tiiinklnfr nhout his
rnhlntt but linn dptldeil till liothiuir with
the kliitrle tlixiUiun that unions livOnv
Grsy of Indlnna will rniirtent tn taUe
th ftmijni idIrhIoii or twimpthlnr line he
will b ImltiMl to a sest In tht rnhlntt
Thu Inftrpiit i from this Is ilut Mt
ClrtTtilninl U not puirer io lmtt Mi Gray
In bin ottuliil fiitiillr lint tWl HiuliT ttio
peeutlar tlrcuuiHtsniPs thnt be ennnnt do
lots thnn to otTrr Mr Gray that whhh
w ii siiitiry nun mis m t no im im i
truth Mr Whttnej i ould v srtMr
of Ktnto If ho wnntfd to h hut Mr
Whttmy bun dellululy ilphlil that In
will not bcouiii a imrt of Ihu n a ml
inlubtrutlou If he takes nuy olhcti un
tier Cleveland It will he ttv mission to
hor tunJuaUy u court of Ht lame Mr
Whitney msy ionnlb1y hanjft hin ndiul
but H Is not vrobnlih
The siime ihlnc Is trn nf Don IHck
Idkou ifr Dlcklnton couM lmu a cahl
net 1OHt if he wantei It hut In1 lias aW
i land er nnd over flicdn thut l will
not tulip ooe Mr Cnhle or Iltluult
Is nut to hse a ntaci lu tie inlitiitn
but Is llkfly to b 11k Annrlian mlnUtfr
to lloifp or 1aiis All Kitk of Mr lluj
ard for rrrliry of state Is wide of thi
mark Mr lloyrml I not lit U In ihu
new ulilLct at all nor is Ji J 1liPlps
ex mlnUter to Iomlon Gilov dunn
bfl of Olilo tnsy hup it bhiio lit Him
tublnet If hf will take It but It Is wl I
uiidcrHtood he l mon fiiRpr to nuiko
sunn iiioiify in tlie praitho of Inn tlmu
to hold an me uthf nUho In whhh hit
would Kpind twiiu or tlirht his nulary
om lisso olni fuhtion
WsphlnitHM INo IS -The difpnt of
the Ulil1iiau party oud Uh hnsum to
Afrosiricnii wm the suhjut ol u
Herman ilellu nd in this city y sterdi
In ltfv Dr W llUhip lolmsou wlm
found his text lu Jioilti Hi Ht And
J am euuie down Io iliJhtT them out of
the I mil In of th Vnlnu nud to
bring them up out of tin laud until a
ind inad tmd n UrcHi iiniu n laud Uw
iiik with milk and houuv Gin preach
er arraigned Frwldifnt ljsirbioii fnr bin
failure lu adftpt fl lIltviij width Kouth
ern out raven rouhf hnro lten ktvpvd
and the lawlm meii put in MihnlMNion
to lh luws of the gorernimiit He be
lloviil ilwtlnn of Chmland would
make tin ennditious Ik Iter for the ninf
It meant Hit almoltite rliTortunit of
liv tittffru from all pa Ml nnd wtiuldde
rrvuve the Southern tint rases by ipujqv
lujr t a Kr it palpnt tlidr cnuso thire
bi il froilDB tlm rstf prtJtulkv IkUiiiwi
h SeuiliTii mui would I i Io to ngird
tht initm un a f il low iltbiii nnd not ns
a tool of a political tiirf Ihe lottlou
of Tucslay would bi he dot larvd Ihi
min of riMulujj to iIim itpjrro thttdoori
of tmlustry snd would stamp a premium
nil his vote mnkliltf him a inntl tu 1m
ftotiffbt aflrr h nil arllM iJiu iiemo
had not bin g Pi feir but ppil osed to f
thine In the equlrrmvnt of imiiKHj ninl
lln i4tfihlifchHiit of a fterlinc haratter
for hiiuFMlf a uu ludirldiiul suduOom
iionent part of a great ri thereby muk
Inx hlmwlf rcfciTted nud iwipi mill by
do- oud a fiutor lu tht gov
trurcfot of which hp Is a pit
HarrUburg V Nut IKSoimtor
Fclff r Fnlttd Ftfltes must or from Kau
nas alow over in tlw Htv a few bourn
toiny on his wsy front Topiku to nsh
luiion He wan conjpauli l by Mrs
lVfTer sud bis dsubter AVhrti nvVutt
Iiow the result of the ehctlem ttiilU d blni
ho Rftbl I am tltUshted with tho re
niilt Our lis My elifi etn out of the
elpbt ctuigrtfcmen fo Kumas Vjs now
Imre a inniorfty or three in lh
n Joint ballot which men tin tbat
a IopulWt wll M electeil from Kansas
to mHii d thu late Senator Flumh lu
the United Hut4 afnaitf
The nest ijrwulilent after Cleveland
will he u Foitalbtt Our Imims will Im
the rllrer end tsiatlou gutsthins and
on them we aw sure to win The
rnlu trtll liil COIltrol Of lht ftfnitta nf
ter Mnrh 4 and Iho ropullsts will eto
with them ou the tariff mrtstloii An n
rhoiro hetwrcn be DrmorrtH nnd Il
publlcans wo will to found on tbe side
of the Demwracy
nov mcKsoirs amhition
WihlDfc1tU Nor 18 - Hon 31 Ik1dQfein
fs her ou lair IrttIneM mid fiilleiilslly lu
rtctir ch conKrntiilatlou p ruty t of
rtfHl blta for t nre lo tb RianHtfenMnt
f tbe vHtvt mpftlgu Ii u jniMt
at lbs AHtRStou Iwil bat llttt Jmcrivl
ilsibin and OMltr HTMIt iMtllllt sil tartaiaytl
wluiociukriuiliy vlll Waublnstou Mr Vie
ItuHiD faa ot pld hi nam on tbe tfic
luftr II t rtlarponed to talk polrl
mtloa nt tbu time but fo tu veral ttf UU tml
lust frlinds bt If inld to Uae sjiprwMHl
ibe oflulnB ttur titre win W no mi
avion ef niusreKf It it auilcrvtixv bt o tit i
tit lid IfinisuiD dosMt liar lklrs 1 ruiara to
t WnklatUu M a utnbcr t Uc UstftUaJ t
rabtnet He wan nnil ui tbat Michigan
thuuM netnl bttu to he s nste In plat ot
Hfnater Etoeltbrblce nmt ho would probn
wv Iist beca Bratltled but Senator Me-
ftUlau who innnnjrd tbe Jtipuhltniu fotcrt
a that itsta illd iml wsnt n DemOiTntlo ul
IcBisiiis and idlivi up a majority lu the lrtr
mature nufflclcrit to re het Hinstorstwk
WUtrt or nuint lUpuldban lie ulstt
elert tlie stnto ttrjter snd a majority of
the tnnirewmen nnd elpctont
in lieu ot a nrnatomlilp Mr Itlrkloftoa It
1 tliouxlit would like it llfn poMtloo on Urn
upreint trt bfUili ilaeio la i taotiuvy
lu llm txmrt nt nrsXHUil Imt II I uiiilisminnd
la eipcctw ttpforo Btput white us
nileo I1M I ha lb- prlTlleaut nt retlrtna on
lull iny tiy reiiwn ot luiu srh Jhero Is
nrrmij a Miiiuxaujur uu llm supreme otmn
hitwerer Judge Jlntwu and Miibhrnu nt
tliouRh a great tnte Is hurdty entitled to
two mfinbim of the mipreine vourts Uesides
tf Mr Jntdtco U Rhould cienlHt bit
Item to rtln ttie Paclfli eoant mlilbt In
slU upon retain tujr Us reprtentAtlon nton
thetHiirh 1hi tvnt tm reatlntt thst titg
In imlitUi whvr It in ni suftj for elibur
party to Unuru It entirely
GixmmTFx a fin
Atlanta Gn Nor 18 1h legality ot
the Installment lute ollico of ibt pveru
or tmd htuto oltltxrM ht elation uf
at ftte tHJUlt India and the bllln iwnwvl
br the piosvnt hUtiUurx Uic bt h
enlleil into mrlmi 14uptth11 tSeurnl
auteuduiviits ii tb couitludlon wero
votid ou hi Ibo Dftubcr tlulldti whhh
hanged the tension of be lesUbituru
from bletitdal to anuunl Another llxed
tho leimih of tho teNHlon Tki amend
uitnt ihiintrhig the hcmIou from Mcnntnl
to niitiual did not ntHxlty auj dute nt
oprulni hut the rhonin1 wns made tu
tbe body of ihe hill and not In tbo cap
tion Nor wait it it r xotett uun It thus
lrUiplroii tin leglolntuh wus nlled to
oilcr ill lenity Attention has hetit
vU to It nud a can of xomr bind will
K limde of It Ihe mnitei nroeutri u
wrv lnteiosilng situation mid i being
dUuirMH il with inuIi luttivitt by Uwjis
In this slnte
Topekn Kan Nuv IS Uwm
day gave tbo flrpt nuthorlthe ntnelniont
of the pdhj he tlUil ltl fttloU IVpulInt
oltkiuts will fullow in lite imittiMiuriit
nf stato aiTnlra durlnir tbilr Im uuiIhiuv
NolbliiK bo anld won W dotiv to Impnlr
the credit of the state None of tbo
wild scheturs wblrh their opponents ci ed
ited to he Fopiillts would l put into
effect Tin only n diial lovlMnumi wol
U tbnt lu relation to taitroidrt lu th
hrst plauo tbe present ItpuMnnii hoard
uf nillway ioiimilituniu wilt be tilt
plaeod for IVpnUiist and tl hill will bo
iiaiiwd oudofffiiir tt with full autliirity
to lit rntt nuil with power to rnforto
them A minimum rule hill will prob
ably bo piism d Tim rnllwm eoumilstloi
ers will probably W tnsdi eloitUo lit
ntead ofBppointlve no tlio pool lif eould
lunu a rtaht to nnuk Its mnnhirs
Athintn Gn Nov 18 IVdny an Im
port nut ill wan Introduced Into the hir
lalst ire to idlow1 ntaie hnults 10 iui
lilll The bill provides that the goreru
or stato irenourpr nd eoinptMlh r bull
W ronimlsnioniHl to Imu riurinved and
prlntfd in n umntier Ihhi ishuljtod to
Kimnl iutit mt toimlitfelttig at tbo 01
pWidi of Ibe hllth iryKiilug tbtlil nilfh
notes a tlit Hiiid bnnk dexlrse nftir
snld bunk ikirOhlts as rullntorul stntsnr
muiiiiipn Dm us to an amount etiiuii to
tin iiottu To proteit the tiriutntlotl
tie slate Mis 11 then enduino tho noti
Ihe ltu if to dike tffmt as soon as lbs
giernur Is not lied ttmt tinigress 1ms re
in rteil an nit levylntt a Inx of 1 twr
cent ou the drcuhitiou faolrs of statu
ha like
riHVFLAMVM cliius
Now T01W Nov 1K Oio of the first
rnllers al tltnvt tud luniie to duv was
Chnliiusu HiLTiHr of the DmnocrBlln
tiiiliiuat committee Hi rat wms a
brief one lie hid hsitlly irne before
Don M Dhklnnnti cltiie
Nntionnl Commit biimin H t Wul
lart of VAibInttuii sliile bo had the
waiiatfiiuiiit of the mmmratle tntii
puiuii lu tbe Vu ihwtMt made a hoi
toll Mr nlltite In tbo nondn law ol
Cltkf liiNtlee Fullir and U Ulnw pruned
bj hU f rl rids fur tbe puitiiimtir uunu
aiehlp laliiitenaut Gjivrncu iSbeebsn
and the utloriievtfimeirj t wiled to puy
riH ts
Ihe fcntuK was fipent vuy tiulctly tit
Wkblta Kim Nov b Mm Mary
lien nfibl thU Afternoon
I blu iiuter amiiuui id mjolf for
the Fnited htMv Meuute hut If tiny Sjjlit
In tuade upon me on tbe ground of
rx und ll Is hilidod 1 nm eonstltullou
ally lmlllglblo 1 will moit ii rtalnlv
tie iuli and Make a tent ciiho of ft
Heretofro I lotii nlwnjn wou lu evwry
content 1 entered and I have mituo opin
ion from some of tbe lietd jurist lulhn
couutry tbnt uo legal ubjittlon eslts to
Ke eng t the election of a wmuuu to lbs
United btJtes Muate
The Cucstlcrt Btfere ihe CenUrenctt ol Arch
bishops Relative io Parochial Schools
Th Ccntsrence Concluded
New Yntlc No 18 Tho ronfftrenco
of ui chbishop of Ihe Untied Suites
which bus been tu dally sesiFlun at tho
arch Hpltiiopal residence nf Aichblshop
orrlgan eluco Wodntsdny last ton
cluded vo nlgbt In tho mntUr iflat
itig to parocitlal roliools tho following
report mado Indicates crmnromlso
ujm tbo quittlnn It Is iu
wjhed tu pnunoto the erection
ol Cit hollo rHchooln hi Uitii may bo ac
commoilatlou In them lor moie nod if
jotwtblt for nil out CalliultO cblldin
nccQidlng to t ho doorwrsts nf tho third
plenary council ut llalthnoro aad tho
diolalon of Its Holy Boo
Heooud as to children at present hot
utt ending Cat hollo fcchooU w dosiru in
uddltlon that provisions bo mado
for them by Sunday schools
and aim by Instruction on
soino olhoi day ur Qkya of
tho week and by urging parsnts to
teach their children Christian dootrlnu
in their homes Tfans Sunday ami
week day schools should bo uodor tho
dlreot supervision of the ohirgy ald d
by Intelligent lay members and by
member of other religious toachlug
No other decision upon tho suttcra
dlscuMoi by tho oonferonco will ut
resent bo communicated to tho pr
C y the prelates
Durham Ark- Nor IP Th vlliagsj
of Washington on White river ww
totally destroyed by a cyclone at 3
Oclock yesterday Every houw lu the
town except the school ho wo was de
molished No lives were lost but
damage to property great
Ban rrsatUtft Cat Nov tv A Jury ta
tbe - of Mnurlce IS vlli nil ot
foMta oa trUt fur Ibe tnuj dr nf Pcllfe
Dim Urnnt Las been ftmsnaeited and tb
Cbstunurc Tenn rr 1 Ett T
niH ud CJwrfiA up4Hlors bars JolRdd
tbe jan sal rni at t fsrapban I J
OcuihdiI fur an fjiTts 6 sut Wji1
1 mjai U ass xriutt
S i k

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