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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, November 19, 1892, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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Term ftf Botwcrlptlon
Jaly suil Sum op yw 800
ally uil six mouths 4 10
ally a rot uoif mi inoulU Toe
heSunday tisictte W to JO pi1
one yrar
Th Iftekly Oitsrtte
liatlj IMIre1 by earner in lire city and
tboulil La left
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lbs weekly Oattf 0Mftfi 1 year 1 M
lloeola V i Mciianli
all town and titles whrt lorre ars local
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Alrararte J W Mora curmponaiat
EJdlt ttUJIsRi agent
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culi l JL Morgan ajeut
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A and Hoaili Third ttrrt
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poat ofllra
arnt ami cnr
t It I Flllaih
Koulh Ml Irnlt
nil furmnll nil door la mniam
Mil nrr la kPH on n nii1 jJiiS
rntf imj I aicnlaliifl at 110 ofllc e
Aniarloin hpapor iniiiiahna MiotU
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iuk raw lor
Wwilrq llosloaaa OUlt fioo Th
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ITm only lrvpllnn panom malo or to
naJo t pnxnt nuiUriuI u nmlva mij
imlpKw uUctlpUoni tor Tua aumi
J It rhaiT
J I Ilarbm
V II Marchmaa
J I Maorftd
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W N Ayr
r B Rtntdman
w a coin
J a Illanrf
P P lamlar
nm l Murray
KotwntV latton
W li ClbMO
R M JotinioiL
Jm Harris
Tta publia are raolloned not to lwy
ttMatwr ttumielTM u Irarolliit
tSSH iJaSli Iap M UH IwS
ikJi1 1r 0hr t1 than
Ihuo named
u innbr rorolm1
Umocmir IcaLnuum Courixr
S2 aPrtment at Tni O
SIm bSSJT MUX thatlma tall
Til OU Ill 41Ul h
a1l Mmiiuinlru wh
lral 1 Ih ttlf ut U
InlrMtla nun will b nrlatj
fcl niHnta will bl b wt unia
VIUJ alleitd
Weather nitroifr
ror tho iBcntyfoar toiin oajlnir at 8 V
lllsbeat tomjioraiure iu
Lowcat temivraturo ni
IniTalllns direction o wind NW
lmoimtot rainfall M
l weathar
rrotiable weather tor to mnrrow rloar
T L Cukir
1 1
Tho atora wavos will roach thlamo
ri lan nnd tho cither chanjoa noted
will oocur nt nnd within IX tnlleaot
FortWoith ttllhln tcntJ Ior hours
Mora or utr aunsot ol th flaWm
Ki1ns STWI0 0tt thlsraortatan
J Wlnd ohanylnif
2 Cwolor and cloarloff
H Mod raiinf
SJ Wannrr
SJ irra ware on thla merUUn
1 S Wlnd hani inu
SO Ooolor and
Two Thtunnd Pcunit tl Cood Brr Bod
Tpt lor Etlc
TnB Gartr hM or sals 000
pound othwvjor body typo been In
usoonly thrfo montli gooi aanorr
WUl ba told in lota at 1M pounds and
More to aull purrfuuors
fSubnerloo lor Tub QxzvrtE
Whats tho matter with Texas
TnniiE3 nothing In a nanus
atllichard Crokcr
J hi V
STANq up for Texai and rebuke tho
man who talks against It
QUIT your campaigning and co to
work for Sallto and the babies
Tna Paahandlo and West Texas will
grow next year as they havo norer
crown before
TnB good things slated for Fort
Worth In 1803 cannot be counted on
tho Angora of both hands
Tiir Populism seem to bo as happy
over tho national result as If thoy hoje
an imitation to the feast
Tnu Clark meeting at Waco to day
should bo seasoned liberally with nalt
and sparingly with popper
WKAVEnwIUnotbo In foot as largo
as Harrison In tho electoral college
but ho will feel much larger
Tine real calato beara hare had it
thoir own way for a muon but tho
algra aro that tho day of tho bull U sjh
ConiiETTa father nyi ho to rotlro
Irom tho ring after una ruoro light
Napoleon ahould not atop on tho south
tldo of Waterloo
ait ba bod lUUo clilllun
Olt on bod little chlllunt
Gltoa iMJllttlocMlluni
Tlierea room for raanr moro
CrSVETANDl eald to twloalnghla
temper on nocount of prewiro upon
hlinby offloo soeLor In thU onier
Rency nhero la Aillai
lTERV man can not bo elected to of
ficio but thero ia no reason in Texas
why every Industrious man should not
build up ft solid bank acoount Hind that
in better
Tun Clark nnd Hogg Democrats
hno united and ull Ih harmonioua ouoo
moro la the rewrt which comas from
imnbury Honaawnso is abroad in
tho land
Ir Mrs LeAM should bruak Into tho
United Htatofl senate courteay will re
quire the dlaiuw there for whlalllntr or
Tiical purnuM of that dapper llttlo
melody Chippy irot your hair cut
TORD IlANUOLTlt CiioncuitL Is said
to have purchased tho Pall Hall Ca
ictle If Itinidy dwnt raNa tho wind
asanetllturltivlllbebocnuso thoro is
not enough orono In the Ilrltlsh atmos
phoro to build lip a retuctablo brcczo
WiTn Campbell in tho prcwhlenfn
rablnet and MoKlnlcy in retirement as
ho will bo next year thlnjrs will bo a
llttlo moro in plumb than thoy ap
lionred to bo when as chairmin of tlio
MlnnenpolU ooiiventlon McKlnloy
looked forward to tho presidency In
TitH Gazktth has not offered any
suggestions to Mr Cleveland about tho
make up of his cabinet Iwonuso It ta not
illspowd to wastn wisdom on tho deeort
air but If tho president elect Uosirea n
cabinot warranted sound In every par
ticular ho can find TheGazrttbs ad
droM In nny ncnsjuiper directory
IT Is rumored that Justice Hold ono
of tho threo Democrats on the UnlUd
Staloe supreme bench Is to rotlro In
time for President Harrison to namo
his successor Thmruinnrla bnsvd 011
the idea that Justice Field Is an tut
and without coneliuUu proof of It tho
country will rofuso tocrodltau asaump
tlon so violenL
STI1I1 11
To tho Dallas News
It la not true that Toins has n com
munist for governor or that 11 oommuD
Ut could hato commanded tho votes of a
plurality of tho pcoplo of Totas
It la not truo that projierty rights
are endangered by present political
conditions In Texas
It is not truo that Texas proporty
values aro depreciated bocauso of pollt
leal menace
It is not truo that thero Is any haiard
to Investment In Texas which does not
exist everywhere ols
The gubernatorial campaign Is over
Tho campaign foroapital and for hunio
wekers is not ovor
Stop talking against Texaal
Fuller relurna from tho state eleo
Hon corajiel Tun Gazette to revIo lu
figures given iu tho election table
elsewhere It Is very cer
tain now that tho total volo iwlled In
ttad of stopping at 3S0tXx w hlch was
agreed upon as tho maximum w IU reach
at last 15000
This is ascertained by comparing the
number of votes cast In tho counties to
far reported with tho voting of tho
tamq counties iu 1S00 Tho ratio of in
croasa will ax tho ratio for tbo entire
To Illustrate Tweoty llvo counties
aro selected takon from every quarter
uf tho state Theo counties aro
Aranss Atasooso Austin Baylor Bas
trop Dell Uoxar Bosque Bowie
Brown Caldwell Camp Clay Cooke
Crosby Eaallaud Ellis Pisher Galves
ton Quadalnpo ilcLennan Medina
Milam Parker and Webb They voted
C808 strong In 16S0 and 80W strong
InI80a The increase Is 23 ior ooot
Tho total volo of thu entire stuto In 1810
was 311 no Inrreaimir thui by 23 par
cent gives atwut 415000 as Ua probable
total voto of the stato at tho lato olfC
Of this voto Hogg has about 100000
Clark ISO000 and Nugent 100000 leav
ing about 6000 scattering
When the official count is mado and
announced it will bo found that this
estimate will not bo out of the way by
mora than n few hundred
rkAcn vuth iioMHt
It Is not surprising in tlew of the
bitlernoM of the late contest for gover
nor that many partisans on either sido
should not only be willing but anxious
to koep up the fight On one sldo wo
hear tho defiant threat to keep up an
Independent Democratlo organization
until the undoing of tho presont leader
ship of tho regular organization is ac
complished and on tho other tno
threat to outlaw all tbo leaders of tho
lato Independent movement To day
tho managers of Judgo Clarks cam
paign aro to moo tat Waco todotermino
the futuro policy of their party It is
a critical moment In tho political af
fairs oj Texas A turn In ono direc
tion means peace and unltv of niTort in
the upbuilding of Texas A turn in the
other means violent political agitation
for years with unoertaln results
If the breach in tho party is to bo
healed within n deendo now is tho tlmo
to heal it If It extends through an
other campaign tho bridges will bo
liurncd down behind both tldoa It is
evident however that tho essential
step toward tho harmonizing of tho
party must bo tho abandonment by ono
faction of tbo policy of proscription nnd
by the other of the iiolicy of revenge
Fraternity If it is to exist must in
clude tho leaders as well as the rank
und fllo Either clement would bo
craven to make peaco for tho massos
and leavo tho leodcra to boslaughtered
Peace means a cessation of tho war
upon Govornor Hogg und an end to tho
criminations directed at Judiro Clark
and his counselors fjutcly enough lias
been said on both sides to satiato tho
anger of tho most lolent
Let It bo understood hero that Tun
Gazette does not speak as a partisan
nor as a supplioant On tho day that
tho rout of tho lndeiendent movement
was aacertaincd it pasned freo of con
dition or restrlaut to an editorial
management which botieves that
no conditions havo eer ex
isted or aro likely to oxlst which
warrant tho desertion of the b inner of
organized Democracy and which sup
ported iu tho lato campaign as it has
over supported the regular Democratic
nominees It beleed tbo reasons of
tbo secoders from tho Houston conven
tion to bo egieclousnnd thclrcoursobuz
ardoui to tho best interest of tho state
All must recognize however that
there vrns a disagreement and that
Democrats whoso honesty of purpose
cannot bo questioned woro pnrtlos to
tho walk out We may question their
Judgment and wo hnvu abundant proof
of tho faultlneas of tholradiscrotion but
wo cuniftit condemn their courafo nor
Is it charitable to assail their design
Approximately 50000 Democrats oted
for Judgo Clark for governor An army
like that Is not a trilling matter Its
marshaling on short notice certainly
means something tliough wo confess
wo nrojot indoubtas to tbo oxau in
terpretation of the movement
It is better for thorn better for those
who stood by the old colors and better
for Texas that oory man of those 51
000 should como back Thero aro those
who say that Texas is to bo benefitted
by political contest and a reduction of
tho Demoorntto majority Thoy con
fuse our conditions with those of other
slates Perhaps It is better for a slato
that two forces each dominated by in
telligence and representing equal in
telligence and lwtrlotlmn should con
tend for supremacy In tho slato Hut
such a condition Is not pomlblo hero
Tho opposition to Democracy leaving
Judgo Nugeutsfoi ces entirely out of
tho question rcprosenUi in tho main
tho most Ignorant cla9 In tho state It
stands for nothing with curUilnty but
good nature and its predilections nnd
prluclplos shift with tho breeto Such
Is tbo element which must glvo num
bers to any army that overcomes tho
Democracy of Toxas Tho danger of
making it tho controlling power In tho
ataUi or of giving It the balanco of
power la too obvious for dlousJon
Political contest is well enough and
perhaps wo havo not had enough of It
in tbo past Tho phioo for it however
is i jsldo tha Democratlo primaries
Tho ols that cannot bo remedied
thore oanrot bo remedied anywhere
else When they haio spoken every
jiempcrnt wno is not ratuued should
at least lapse to silence until tho tlmo
comes for them to speak again
Brethren lot us havo peace iioaco
with honor
Ir W V Hllmn Tlrr Mlr
daw for coToruor of KortU Curonim uni
liuej tj for uwi pryfano language
Got PattlMii of IVnimiltsnta vIU
Hfevly uoop1 Oeu Crawfonl On ptwl
drtit of tho loarU of truatp of the IVuu
vylTAtatu mlUury aeadeoiy CbvtCr
3lbrmaUni not only IaKI riiJtruVt
on Us back uotU his rioctur IjaJ lxn
aW to pilo up r U blU but It causal
Wm t Ctuictl 45000 of oiifrtciiuoma
It s poMslble MM Sens lor Morrill
of rmoat In an Intnfluw ainc tW
rlrcUon ibat w thi Ropnblkn
hare carried the prncil of rrotetiimi
near to tbo eiUvtu limit
OaldwtU buroudi nrar Itontrlalr N
Jjtbo Unhplaw of Mr i lrrhuil
which niinalLr siTu n ltcpubll n niiij
ity MTo the ei ptiwtiliiii iwein Ux
majority In a total wU or X votea
Tl next dUUnpiULed tlsllw whiw
11 IS Jvnau 01 kiu
p nu wn niaJte a our of liurwj
IU ha tiTtr U weat of Moscow
psncrMsinan Oibwalt of Ohio will
latrvdttc a UU iu couews jwritiiiir
for tho repliieOTont of mutilated and
oiled papir inootj lie will
the pound that disease is spread by
soiled moaey
Miles Orion proprietor of a dreos
which exhibited in Ctiattanooea Tean
on ileetlon dar bet an elephant aralnt
JMO that Harrison would bo re elected
A young Democrat named Divine won
tho elephant and later tho bur animal
marched In the Democratic procession
Henry Csbot Ixliro Is now practlcallj
assured of election this winter as
lor Dawesa successor A I
the Republican members of tlis newlr
chosen ilassichnsetls legislature DJ- The
ton Herald fives m ui i
while Mr CrnlK hss onlj 14 and SM
remain in doubt
A rumor was current in Cincinnati
last week that Gov AlcICinley was ills
fTOstrd with politics and would rwnrn
his office as soon as legislature meeta
It waa further asserted that ha would re
move to Pittsburg and take up Mr
TnatirA MM aa law hntilnesi This lfttlcr
fctory Is diacredlteil howeverJn Pittsburg
or a son of me new supreme coun
and no authority Is given for the other
Koane There are only fourteen op
pllcanta for the Kohw post olGce
Hala do Fifteen peoplo want to to post
master at this nticc and bare so stated
ytephenaTUlo tneo a week a Third
party papvr heretofore ruMl thed here
Is no more la eitatanro
1 1 I a so Coainieticinjt Decembtr 4
bull fishta will t liad throusliout the
Sfasou at Culdsd Junrei Mexico
IlalttaiiITiN rrsnk lloutcL an acrtl
farmer llrirur near here fell frum hU
wagon and was mstautly tilled
Sherman Tho North Texas aninal con
frrenco of tlio Islethodlnt c hurrh South
will meet In this cltt on November M
Itnlv A mwt Dot ft to Is on exhibition
At this place wild Wi Uhn lli 1 1 pouud
It was rnUeJ by T J Kay liriiig near
Hilliboro W L T Ildton chanred
with asuuuU with Intent to commit out
rttc hnn Leta admitted to ball hi the aum
of SXX
Lidinc Rer Shelton of Kentucky has
commenced a protracted meeting hero
Jotton is conilnjt Into tlio mnrktt very
font as the farmers rouaUcr tho pri e
beins paid hish
ilrriitrm Ttif ttfnmlilii Tlonili
ed the bar yestvritay with OOU bales of
cotton and ilrnwin IH feet it laches
ThLa Is the Urcet cargo of cotton enr
carried acroim Oskcston bar
Denlsou AVilllim Mile the young man
wlio has been la tho Slicrrann Jail for
Kcrexal month oust on a chtrgO of
li7llntr tlm WTilfft Bfilnr mflotiftift
pnny lu this city hid a iinnl heuring nt
huermun ypsterday Ilio Jury could not
agree nnd were disrbArged Thoy stood
eleven for acquittal and ono for con
i let Ion
11 wood Smith V Huko nnd Snm
Ijona who wwo recently fouud guiltv
on the t lin rge of coiuplracy to commit
perjury and Mitcuced for five years
have been granted a new trial
Arthur Wilson a merclmnt of Winona
Mis ft II from a train und was killed
Vm lionnon a mnnMcd poatolGce
tlilcf was C3iturud at Magnoliu Mis
14 Ij Alhu onl Sluttlo O Withers
both aged Id marrJetl nt Clarksvlllo
The posttnaittfr of IVrabroko Tenn
v ns burned la elligy by entlmuUsile
The remains of a Union solJier were
found by worklnrmpn digging nu exea
vatlou at iMobilt Alft
J C riant or tentr feven cousceu
tlte years rrwtdnt of the rirnt nation
al bnnk of IMsouu On Is Wnd He was
the old er t bpuk president lu the South
Olobe Democrat J
We were ready for the chnatenlng
rod of ndlictioa but didnt expert a cut
onlno tails
Kmmns City Star
The w of ootton spbintra of
IlltoJe Inland are to be increaseil and
Ibury O Jrlek anuouiiaeu that Urn
Iarnegl coiniuiuy will erwt new ate I
mills Are the rIruh of tho demnlt
Ion bow wows predkled by iho Me
AVhtttlaw Iteid
Deuiwrats have been enlamltv hoivl
era without cause or reamm Their ex
urua Is one which true Itepubllcniis
oucht to lw eareful to avoid It Is Bound
polities pldloopliy to uc e t defeat with
out premonitions of impending disaster
to the country
Houston lt
fJovcrnor Hogg has been endorsed bv
a great majority of the Democrats of
Texas ond that this majority represents
tho hrge middle clans of pwule able yet
to ooutrol and withstand the stealthy
luhlduons grntp of tho cornioraut and m
ripel the raTlug fanatltal adiauto of
tho commune
Tin roitcn iult did it
tSenator IVller Hep
llm bill was vicious In principle and
bad In detail Its Miuplo pusange Uironich
tho house cost us the loss uf etery He
puUieau cougreaklonnl dittrltt In the
Houtli sa otic nnd West Virginia and
DMawure lu this election and thousand
of llopubllean votes In the doubt nil Mitten
a It did In the congressional t lection of
1WW I have no doubt myself that the
1 orce bill boa been n ureater factor
n iaualuK tho defeut of tha ItmUi
partv In tho close btates lliau tho laritT
couduutb vmw
New York Herald
uTnnIitIinwllrtiawTr Mr wJw
ie J Coudert of this clt Is a staunch
Hivorter of Mr Cleveland lie 7
would Ik a gnat mistake to call nn ex
tra session of eon tress to take precipi
tate actlou on the tariff and cites th
Deiuovrats this tcnsitlo inUlee
I do not believe In calling nn Mtri
session except In time of urgent ueeL
Manufacturers ami bulues mat geti
ally need havo no fear that the tariff law
will be altered before they UmI5
to more ihp change without flnanelal
If Mr Clereland is to make up hi
rablnet from tlHie who aided most iu
lm- wy ouWt this abom
fill the bill Secretary of atate WIIImiu
McUWe of Ohio lu crUary of tW
trwsury Andrew Carnegie cjf Iu
TanU sefrctury of tho ntcrior hin
watr WHtrfnv Held of N rt f
ecn tarT nr lliwnii i Curter
Motiidim attoni niii ml Tl
riuumv D p w fi v
ithlease llemll i
Aeeurdlret to Chairman Wall th d
ocrstlc eampsjn eoninend in vi
oiisin t j ears ose and has W
onilu 1i t hmoehont on a onn l
1 ba
ijelwee0 I U00KXJ aud V
000000 documents were JlJJJ11
among Uw voters of the state eipaln
and fallacy of P
Inj the Injustice
UJ and speakers were sent from school
Us ri to sVool dhtrict on the same
mlaaloo The Usno has i
elTrt The farmers of the W d
voUng for a few Eastern monopolists
lists km tnonfh and it was time that
soJJeHj told them better Money thuo
expended could not have been del ud to
a more righteous purpose
Donver HeDnbllcan
3dr 0 V HunUngton Is reiwrted to
hao said that he would extend the Mex
ican International road from Duranco
Its present termlntw to Masatlan on the
laclfie coast of Mexico It In MM said
that the harbor of Masatlan will b Im
proved by the Mexican rovernment The
completion of theso projects may make
some rerr important traffic changes
Mftzatlan Is one of the best port on tho
went coast of Mexico and It Is lu a iw
sition to secure a large Taclhc trade If
euterprising men become interested in it
A largo part of the buslnessbetirccntho
west coast of South America and tho
central and eastern pa f tbo United
Htates could be msde to paw through
Msiathn and over the Mexlenn Inter
national railway ThU road crosses the
International boundary at U laso
Waco fllobe
Manv of Urn Democrats who fought
with Judge Ulnrk are in doubt where
ther stand now or what course to de
cide upon for the future It Is really too
enrlv for any man thus situated to make
up his mlud regarding tho future snve
In a general way They taunt know
thev cannot endorse the polities nnd
methods of tiovernor itoggs nuaunwra
tiou If the coming two years are to
witness a repetition of what wo had
under Ilosg Tlic Globes ndvlco is to
bide s bitetnnd right where you are
until tou can decide what you ought to
nnd can do In a Hlitleal nny during
the coming two years ion need not bo
either optlonint or posslonlst Vou know
you have beenaro nnd will continue to bo
Democrats and that over and uImc
everything ele you want to do iho best
nnl all tou can for Texas Hold your
ground and do your own thinking Tlio
duties ami opportunities of the futuio
will shape themselves in duo time
Dallas News
It Is safe to say Jhat sixty per cent of
tho neirro ote waa cast for Hogg Ihnt
it was controlled through Intimidation
and fraud has teen harped and has
nut been successfully diided Tlio uto
of over 4000 in Harrison county which
Is more than the total vote of the county
two j earn ago not only shows that Hogg
got the ltepuMlcon vote but gut many
more bv means not known to tho Aus
tralian ballot It is a notorious fact also
that negro iotes were iKuight In Harris
and ohter counties With tht so facts
aud figures staring them In the face
the fiiutids of the cocrnor will be wise
to content themselves with the vlmple
eon Bid nt Ion that he is n minority enndi
date elected br the skin of his teeth
On the aualysls shown by the foregoing
fit urea at least one luilf of Hoggs votu
I- Jtepublfntn The tnruves are not taken
n actually representative of the total
tttv but nitnlr as revealing its phases
in necro loeulities loklng from ilogK
the Uepubhinn support an theropu
list support which In some section went
to him In ureferenco to Clark tlio go
rinor stands not onlr ns n mlnurlt of
tncr but ns tho representatU e of a
minority faction of Us party
sosin HiiMAuiCABLi iudis
Itostou Transcript
In 1S73 CV1 Mackeuzlo i ode his com
mand Into Mexico after Lepan and Kick
npoo Indians bent them In a sharp fight
nnd returned across the border making
14Ti miles In twtntj -eight hours In 1874
ho again rode his coiimmml Into Mexico
after horso thieves making there nnd
back eighty five miles in liftetn hours
In 1SSJ Cant Wood with eieht men
rode after on orderly sergeant who hud
decamped with the company fund 110
mils in thirty one hours Men nnd horses
were taken from the roster not especial
ly selected Not n horse was Injured
Ilve men with dosnaUhes rod from Tort
Harney to Tort Warren 140 miles In
twmty two hours aud so tittle used up
wire their horses that they went back
to Tort Harney in two days In 1K70
Cnpt Dodge with his troop rode eighty
nnlos In sixteen hours nnd Utut M ood
with his troop rode reventy miles in
twilvo hours Capt Vet bet with two
troops rode eighty hve miles in fourteen
hours Col Henry with four troops
rode 10S miles Iu thirty threo hours be
ins In tho sadlo twetitj two hours One
horse dropped dead at the end of the
march but there was not n soro backed
horse in the rtiiuint nml they started
put again after n rest of twtnty feur
hours The aame command made n
night march of fifty miles In ten hours
Our troop burses are Blmply troop horses
nothing more and they carry rlderiqulp
ments etc about 24h pounds weight
Interesting Horn- Picks Up in the Gate City
by the Gazelia Reporter
Penlson Tux Not HSneclal V AIer
tans t wel known rattle iValrr Is hery
from Mcklimoy tu routo north with tlcht
tar of flue betf cattle
li J Ilowrn who a few days
ono was ar
rested a barge of forgery u tRls hy lis
fluTlVUIcutw1 M the ifrind
Jury falle to flwl A true Mil affnlnst him
tJif rlioi lame down today from
MeAlenUr 1 T na I reDorm vrV i
weiler yteruy a hSST wtSfstoS
Aim lt yeur old ad who renM
lUera Kcrri wa lniutlit tolKi
Ihla morning hy la motber tS recdl nl -S
leal Iresliueui lMtnl Kr1111
weparaltoj i go ut hiltuij iiXbert
ft V01 lull riaaimJ
tKVrrhsTSf 1 rpjx
ws trial lu bhermsn yestenlar
Thn w
went nut but a few luiorn wtA 1 utT
Wanton S bltlter nt fl
XJW i11 r taatthidiiT i
Ht Many st work uwtni rr
weslhw onWa m tnESSPii S1 nAi
lllsnwii lad iu rUltT I jurSf Mr
txirtlLn ii
th fift
n ID
IXdd t Ity Tuv
11 Comity DSH Thrnn T ui v CI1
a vo urn wjff
wCK wSnT r
jot ih nviittSm f IU
llrlng - It titer if
Tin wlie UaVvrs ff llf I
l vollon l nt hlin for th
sk il thrnjl
V J f 10 liJIfesisa 7
m wonj rLVvui
OI U W p V
1 t Minr
AH il imujehol aK
i iron
n 1 Du wore
TWWWffflg JV TMl jV
For Sending An Obscene Letter Through the
Mail A Novel Plan lo Select a Post
masterOther News Notes
r0V1CO JTf 18
Jansker was arrested last nlcht
and placed In the county Jail charred
with sending nn obsccno letter through
tho malls Jim gtrubnll was tho recip
ient of the letter nnd upon Its rectlpt
Placed it In the hands of United States
Commissioner J 11 rinks with the re
sult above stated In default of S2uo
bond he went to Jail but will bare a
preliminary hearine to morrow
As to who will bo postmaster at this
place under the Cleveland administra
tion continues to bo a mater of great
interest and dally new aspirants for tho
eaice are springing up A novel plan
to decide tho mutter is being discussed
nnd will probably lie adopted It is
tills Let all the candidates for the office
meet nnd select election ollkers set a
day for the election and let the peoplo of
tha city dccldo by voto who they prefer
for postmaster the candidates to shore
equally Iho cost This method would
bo Just to all and the man securing
tlio olHco would bo the choice of the
patrons of the office
Tho ity council met In recular seislon
Inst nlcht The report of Cily lhvslilan
Cnldwell showed twenty eight deaths for
the month of October and thirty two
births Tlio mayor was authorised to
ndvertiso for bid for the construction
of a gurbnire furnace of seventy Ihe
cubic yards capiidty
The most important matter howovcr
thit came before the council was the
ordinance abolishing the reservation
The reservation Is composed of three or
four blocks on the river set aalilo for
the scarlet women and to wdch plac
thoy were routined bj law thus pro
ve itlne them from spreading over tho
city It I well policed and as orderly
a such plaes can bo Jept Uhoso who
opposo Iho reservation sny thev objeu
to the city licensing them nnd Incoming
partners in their crime The aliollslilnit
tho reservation came up for Its third
rending laat nlpht and was pnnsed by
one vote It U understood bowcvcrlbnt
Moyor McOulloeh will veto tho ordl
nance before the neit council modine
bluce the election tnlk of a new bildgu
Is being revived and in comerantion
with a gentleman who Is In a position to
knew this correspondent yesterday
learned that It Is the intention of Hie
Texas Central to cross the Ilrizos riicr
nnd come Into the city proper It is
now sugceitml thnt tho county tho city
the street enr companies and the Toxns
Ontrul railway nil unite and build a
hridge Inree enough to accommodate all
Ilio gentleman stated that Iho Central
rnllrond would cro is the river and
thought Ihoj would faorubly consider
n propoaitlou of this Mud
Mr dames M lletau son of Mr Hd
Itotnn the wl elesulo procer and pr 1
dent of iho Tirst Xnilunnl bink cb d
nt an early hour this morulm from the
nect of Infinite reiiwl vc
nflernoon in a runaway accident ut tho
raeo course of the Wnro and Mifennan
onity lolr niFoclstlon lie was n
jeuiiK man of much pronibe lust crir
jug Into uiirhood The Krenvcd family
line tho sympathy of the nil re city
Mrs husan IJ Miumway whrse dintli
occurred yosterlny was imerred at llak
wood cemetery this lnoiiiltig
Itev It II Harm ore 1 D I L D
Ilihop of the Methodist llpwopnl
church bouth Is In the citj nccompanicd
h 1 wlft TT orn 0 pients of
Her Dr II A llourland nt tbo par
sonago on south llflh strct lllshop
Jnroros home Is In Nishvllle Tenu
te Is In tho city to preside oer tho
deliberations of the northwest Teins
conference which couveues on Wednes
day next
Mr und Mr II J Smith cclbratcl
their c hlia wedding in belittlng manner
last night at their elegant home On
Austin avenue A larjro number of
lltcd Ctietln even tin
whom uere present at tlieir inarrlnee
tweutv venrs nn
Itabbl Sic- era preached nt tbo svna
gogue to nlsht on tho subject of lnr
entnl Slerit
The Clvric cnnipalmi commltleu lull a
meeting this nfternoon for the purpose
of winding tip its buduoss iucldeut lo
the cnnipalii
iir J1 lvnln rhnrgeil wIUi entile
then was nhen four years in the penl
teutlnry jeslenlny lu tho ilNtrltt court
hy a Jury I he moro Indictments of tin
same Uad remain agnhist him Ho will
FurlhEr Particulars Regarding II Tlio Total
Los Twa Vry Ssvere Accldenli
During the Conflagration
nilbiboro Tex Nor 18- Special
-Further particulars regarding Wei
dnj s lira are u follows
Iiss to tho McDonald ostat e
iittt 00
VSS0 bal0J oottoii IB nvio
Ias or the Hill county Jail 6C0l
Jiss on Plorcos wsjrou t ard 1 oO
tsoamoilnir Andrews stock vjs
store raiunn y
in cue vicinity
tlnson fuinituro
i furnltmo
U 01n Olhusholsofcorn
11 U Ornborn furnlturu
3 1
jeiini f
P was lnsud for about ono
fci fi
nalf of tbo loss
Uuring the incitement two rory
E elicclJn occurred Mr Pat
llood Is honw became frightened pitcii
fei flog several bruises
Snnnfti0 ead0Vac0 als0 fninring
8 lMior In tho
oh day ono
mltirvClll 1mnklln hall tbo
namilr PU lloa1 alml the
aKSffi brul3lnffno M o ois face
airt cutting ono of Ills hands
Decatur T Nov
It ii old ilauglitorof V
burwll Si tU1 clt waa taay
bjniS I1 tomo tl famllV hud
olttlin 7 t ui er itwnen uer
rtl if t00k u id before assistant j
nmi bofoniied she was badly In
1 el r 0oher and brothor got to
lnItoJuJ xwlbl9 ani
J done Its work Tli
in hfr iw lh6r nus Ptty badly burned
Th eur V M horiblla
ho i rusting oasy now and
wXn cnerllneJ that tho burns
ntwJatedB08erilUM WM al tnl
an pauper an
biminindoolhe u
was hoard from
oihJ1 rRhta boylound him
davTwtfi0 deaJi halng Bono nln
hout food or drink fie is still
iacious and will orobaWy die
feri ism T
eaaaa il Inatwf
hlSfttai1 l
y zvci
n aavffytlTr
ne Into OnS
moi I
r n roii rZl i
csst ei
oTr HERvvl
Wn h ili
nn elemint
line of hi
P cfe p
Jlovo9 tho
best thats
made j
No Fancy
Prices ast
ed Come
and see
what agcoj
glove vte
give you formuJi
qua KldGtovato
rcKAi I
4 button at
7 hook
P P FrnhtA
tvoly equal to icg3
murKov at DUO apn
7 hook
All Colors ail M I
203 ani ZlJB
Texas Pat
AH Orte fj
Acentl I
I 1I1U uauu a
will tvWt W
fp iupr
tk s jKSal
Till a oaUi J
ing conswwrj T

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