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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, November 20, 1892, Image 1

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i to found teituros
HwUlUiicelt 85o
uy t k gnJe Henriettas at
IJjiMW Moris
1lidiUtIiliwk K
itetoli Mi weeK i75
iBjBttutbUwwk 22r >
iEiclritlliUeelc 800
iUliu tils west 4UO
iSrtmWincnr tCO
Hhtn1kUmlt 75o
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lEfaytka eelr 135
CraWllii tmV ISO
Ccti3lil week 2 00
4tkto ttlfor 25c
lto Klfor 60o
I Council at Waco
J 200 Delegates
M makes a speech
I wfcktolhePast
t Mei
he CampaltjnA
> < lolbDmocralsol
tolulioni Adopted
r tptitkti Midi
V 10Special VrullyHM
iZ t tUs morning
< tSJ c mmJtu > 11 1 i
aaT members of
X 1 t1 tue < dr
tt future nodothers
policy of tho or
im mwtuij wn nt
1 nd
opwiM et 11 oclock
JUtluck delivered Iho
o fellow Democrnts
5 h r r wl ° < Par
Ueuiutrata nsseuiblwl
uVTr 0 1 0 ° uaelling together
KSlTJ 1reseiv
and rights of thepeo
ra Si S BWM l n of
1 oli olJ eniroaihment
5 w man may well be
liiif light for Dem
i ri tle 1rinciples
M La d cracy
win K 5 rlt defender
mSJ ° ° > me prcseut
JiT in the history of
nUt 1 the lendeaa
l < esrt 5ni1 ro lost
il 7 lied out a
IMI Inrf
0 emlS
ue VW
au CT Ism that
a called to
SsT TOmmittee
1 a in
85c Inffralu this wcok 25c
4iulnirraln tbli virek Sj
S iclasrnlu this wecik iv
We Ingrain this weak Iron
All Wool fograiia 67 12c
t cBri > siels this week irt
Mo Drussels this week iio
75c Brussels this ock >
b7 > c Bruj ols this week n > o
Laco Curtain tSo pur pair
Now Lino Rugs Just Received
redS p V artmCnt
Pattern ft if Value
Kewllno bilk nnd PIu tihildrens Hats
New Walking IlaU
Bariisifl Lies Underwear
Heavy Ribbed Cot Vests
Bio Trade this week 23o
ttftograJo this wet k 45c
75agrade Ibis week Uto
Wool Ribbed Vests or Pants
1125 prude this week 100
150 crado this week 125
Ladles1 Union Suits worth 300 this
week 225
Childrens Union Suits flUOgrada
this wtck 75c
Broken lob Childrens Vests 10c 15c and
Democratic win Its every
during the three months of
tenm tliat
inller iXlenl Irife lloa man ever
Jafo rpXwe the
n uooUsVrSSi who Wedlfemoc
and Ut
racy Iwtter than nfliw lejns
noiulnatil a state ticket
tr than siwIK
of true nnltried patriots an1 f
inagidbcent leader lion
lieile1 he our
lSrge ark who took up the standard
dellmnl Intn Lis charge nnd never did
Stish chief or Itoman iwlder i me
LokT faithful to W truJ lie and d
eoconiBatriots with a if sacrificing ue
StJon of Democracy and
to he cans
eSk government In T xn made a
Lampafen of eduiatlon that for dl W
niiritv of lmriwse and patriotism
h mr l l lW In tLe history
of nny country
the reason ind pltrlot
We nnneal to
Isn of ue people the opposition appealed V
and passions
to their nrelndlces
IfSr the preservatmu of the prin
ih e7of Ueniocray good goveniment
n tho nTnJiust protecUonJi
4J5ST SnJg ledVof
V Tliey W JJtiQ
ff oie for Hogg perlty of Texas
W 7 ill Ul oc ratn n
of roters and me ira <
r fc
f cl to the h tg1
Jt r100 ralh tliket
iSuS tt cm d n
J unmud defeated a Ml0S ml
JScslli 7 f ir d Ueir election of Gov Hogg by plaranw
his majority wai 1 >
Two re ago
mSl U
f Peopli
and tit u
from Eist
i f >
Successors to the B 0 EVANS CO
November 261802
In payment for poods purchased at
tho btoro of CRAWFORD DRY
GOODS COMPANY provided tho
purohuso amounts to 50a cash lor
each coupon bo received
We nfrrvo to accept this coupon on
the above eoudltlonsprovldeditia not
mutilated in any manner and Ib pro
son tat on or by Saturday November
20tb Wo lnito jou local on us
when purchasing foods and examine
our stock before doing bo
OaUnt Ayplted for t
pie a conservative honest government
free from personalism the remainder of
his term
1 was honored by being placed nt the
head of tho executive committee at Hous
ton nnd ncolted the pimltiou feeling the
grnvity of the situation but with u de
termination to do my whole duty That
1 made mistakes no one will deny I
used my best efforts to carry our cause
to a successful Ismio and in the work
uniliT my charge no mail ever had more
willing patriotic and selfsscrincinghelp
No man etr refused to go when I called
him aud none but patriots who loved
their country would have been so faltu
1 shall ever consider the honor boston
ed upon me at Turner IlaU as choir
mau of your executive eouioilltee tho
greatest of my life and whatever I may
have done for the cause for which wo
contended the most patriotic act thereof
The only regrets I have is that we did
not succeed lu electing our Hiket and
fue Texas from tho gloom that now
hangs our her
Our work im not in vain Ihe need
that wero sown will soon rilieu Into n
golden harvest of good for Texas llio
people have leell so long used to the
cry of tho demagogue that they hate
dnfli d far from the house of tin Ir Dhii
mralle fathers hut the true doctrines
of Democracy have been pre1 br
our gallant lendeia on the hill tops nml
In the vnlleya ond have taken deep root
lu the minds of the people pad the day
Is not distant wheu tliey will cease their
wanderings after false Issues and Idols
aud Texas will surely lie turned
l0We should go ot wllb this ernsade of
edilatlon until Ihe tires nre burning
brightly upon nil our Democratic niters
caillnll rejoice at the gnat victory
won by the national Democracy Ai d
Can cuugratuluto ourselves hat
the we Into eng In this tile that tho
followers of Judge Clark were the only
narty lu Texas who atood upon lliewinie
platform shoulder to shoulder wllh the
Ulie iVurof Tlr Cleveland mean
Democrat govemlueul
nure the people of these Tutted Matt
Hit the InluulUous tariff
t mean
bo du l t > 1M l lU
dead and lurliHl forewr
the tone bill l
robUriis sUU >
t El knell to wlldcat state banks
a dishonest
graduated Income tax and
do lar as routeuded for
iw rents sliver
S X evertoborcmombered Iteagan
Kke who
and llhllton now
worthy ot
only ui n puw
bT ° vlieir her my fellow we Deuio shall
crati to consult what oouree
Jurslle sin the ba ew ° t us
fefX Jblde tw 1 me lrionUll
loTto t > wnV rate 1 ronr dellhera aban
i nl nuler no UrcumsUncefc
aJy f taw > rtl rri ° dlM
tte7w at the o
nd not prcnt opejtat
btttemui ir
iv si rolndexter Dr O O Barke
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CLAiacs Hrnncii
Mr Chairman and fellow DcmocrRts
ns I nnderstaiul the object of thin uiect
iug It i not to indulge In vain regret
ocr the l > a t but to t k < council vUU
one iiiolher for future action tiivnklug
for mMlf Rial In the prcartioo of the
true and tried Democrat of Texas I
luut no regrft tu fxprvus oror tlw recent
past I had tht > dlsllngulsbod honor con
fcrred niton tuo bj you aud othrr patrl
uu to curry tho ting of true Democracy
orir the nute AVlule I rosy uot Iiuti
carri i it its 1 should I did the be t I
could I liart nolliiuc to take back hit
eye U turned to the future and wy baik
to th < jiant Where thi tight U raging
and Uie tlJg Is waving th re will I Im
found and I know that thtso splendid
Dfujjle ant with mo The question N
What haU dor 1 need hnrdly nt > k
jou shall we mirrender our prim l > loi
I uHtl not lutsalt you by asking jou
whether or not we shsll rlvft ui > that for
whbh ue liuro lniperlUea M much V
are looking t > tht fnturt confident that
tho result will be the triuuipti and Tin
tlirattuii of tho Ihing principle for
whkh I hare contended J hare l eng n
iVmocrut Il mj life unt for otnc but
for principle and 1 intend to stuud by
the true und orthodox principles of Pj
tuocrucy coino weal roiui mw We
should k uurwlrfM for what liaro we
b oji lighting and thei are the attswiTs
1irst for the inwonsl liberty of tha
tVfond for tha mnlolenmnii and ob
fcrrunce ul Urn countluitlonal suaruu
teen of tin rittht ond freedom of enjuy
in < nt of private property
Ihird for ItoiKitt luomy
1 Viirth for the right of local mlf > rov
emiiRiit whiih Is the corneri uuo of De
m cntty
HUrrcuder these
jro we preportMl to
nrluiipleiiV Whre hiill we K In order
to prefcerre and maintain them printi
pint and to continue the light for thfiu
tJuu xe go to the other crowd Their
pUtfiirm U Imnlly tiurtnrwl with Deinoo
racy Ihtlr uwu detlsratlons condemn
them more strourfy thsn any wrtrds of
mine Jn tead of lcy lfaiihfiil ndhereniw
to the mjiHtitiitlon they resorted to thn
buse t pitnderinK to pasuluiia In Ilieir
mud fight for ohVe In answer to Uteiw
iiuesiloQS our doty 1 plniul and clearly
denuetl If trttMj prlucil Im ore thojw of
pur Dptnocracy there Is no place for um
except to follow the pure white flag of
I iuocracT it hie h was raised ami tin
furlvtl at Turner hslL I am a Democrat
und 1 stand on thst Rloriotis platform
udoptf J August 17 ISfiW at Turner hall
I Hmll stntid by that thir nnd illj theiv
If UHesatary Can there lw do rrconclli
atlinT ltelierc mewe did not contend for
Affico or KitoUs V made tbe flcht
euuw we n w that without our best ef
fort that the name of Democracy would
be > me n hissing wound to tha people
ami cease to have so abiding place in
Democratic hearts I wy to thune who
supported < Joeruor Hogg we are ready
for peae and for terms but not at tliO
anmie of Democratic honor aud prin
Iples V cau iwd to etl r at any
time anon the basis of living Democratic
Judge flark then reviewed in a few
words the record of the mlmlnlrtration
during the past two ja r He spoke of
the ifctory achieved by tb national De
mocracy and said that tb turner IlaU
Damoirats tood houlder to shonhler
with Ihe national party lu the rr teaui
ptiJjra hich ban Just resulted In ti h
grand and glorloas victory Jo cone Ind
ing he said Let us iwounw that the
ti ht Is still on and that It will not 1 nv
hnyuUhed until good pare oMfasMiumi
boinefiniu Democracy again roles the
state I have b n bat aa humble is
strument in ihe caattst but J Hedge you
that I am ready and lb J1 times
to miiond to the n U ° r be
half of eucb Democracy capacity
lo which I am asrfga i I fosl pWa U
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administration ha been to encourage
and foster communism overturn prop
erty and personal rights destroy the
Independence of the people over ride and
violate the constitution of tho state itud
Inaugurate a oneman powir that Im
perils the rights and llueitiea of a
free people
To secure ofiice class was arrayed
against class nud the most unstates
roaulike m Utods renorted to to resth
the prejudice and luOuence the passions
of uie people uealnst capital railroads
contorntlnns nnd cities
To BU < 1 an extent had these tactics
becu resulted to that when tho Houston
convention met It was openly declared
by adheients of Ooveruor Ho that
they cared nothing for a platform I
principle tliat tliey were there to nomi
nate Uovernor Hogg ut nil haiards
notwithstanding that more than oue
thinl of the duly elected nnd necrilited
delegates to that convention nere enrn
estlr uiotestlug againt 111 J nomination
the ineain used at that convention by
the friends of tlovcrnor Hog lo secure
his reuoiulnatlou nre well known to
every houcst innn nnd need uot lw re
peuteil The result was n wnnrallon In
the convention and two tandldatea nom
inated for governor
The Ho IKople ndopte1 n platform
of principle that waa full of rotten
plauU neier known or heard of before
In nny Oemmratio convenlion n pllt
fortn that ndvoiuted n graduated Income
taSVtnte hauks and bfd detmnce to the
nat onal Democracy by dHlarlnK in
favor of the dishonest li cent Iver dol
lar and loumendeil our senators for
voting or the same nnd ln trurt l tliein
to conllnuo to do o
Tho Dimocruts present at th1t eo
venllon retlnd to Turner hall and ndopt
of prudplcs that eoull
e1 iilatform
a °
l written by the
not havo b n evc
father of Delnoirao whitli was in perfect
with lie national Memo racy
fect harmony
tho Priuclplcs enuu
cy ho plain were
In It and o ound was
Democracy that It proclaimed ho jut
Its demands and so Ihoronghly
line nnd eu
> eoorcd to know that I hnvra warm
Place In the hearts of ycr lOUXX loyal
Democrats of Texas
rpou the coucliiiltin of Judge Clarks
rntiurk idiort kiwi lies were nmde hr
lions O M Uogeri V A McDowell
nnd XI JI iaddodv after which un ad
journment was taken until 3 ochwk at
which hour the committee ou nvolullous
yiai iuntructUd to report
Afltr rccontenliig the committee ou
resolutions offeieil the following
Whereas The Democratic party Is an
orcinlxatlon based upon principles and
not a party of expedients therefore
Jteschcd Ihat ue remtwrl our alleg
lanre to tlie imtlomtl Democratic party
and reaffirm our ndheren > t to the prltid
pt > s promidjatint by the party nt thlcu
go aud the platform adopted by the Dem >
ocrntlc paity of Texas lu nitrentnm u
sembleil at Turner llntl In the city of
Houston lutrwt IS im
Hecoud lliut ue conitrutulate the peo
ple of th Uniteti fcJtiUe n pi hi tho elec
tion of IhoHfl yterllug Dituotrnts und
noMe pntriits lliocr Ilevtland nnd
Adlfll rtevclison to the dlllccs of presi
dent und tv president of the rnltcd
rttates and lu thu fact that tho Demo
crats have nt la xt secured control of Uirf
executive and legislative branches of
the government
Tliud Tliat we congratulate the I > cm
ocrnts of Texas upon the Mt > teidd con
test waged for the prtwrvntlon of Dem
ocratic principles as tlninciitu l ut Chi
cago and by thu Turner Hall contention
and urge uhjii them that the organisa
tion be strengthened and Im rfetlod by
every legltlltinte intutis to the tml that
the prlmiphMt of Democracy be pcrpuu
Tlie resolutions were odoptel tinanl
iloii Dan Malvtrn of Austin tlwn os
cendtrd il rostrum and In a brief but
ihniuent speech pieteuted Chiilnnali
Matlock uith ail vljwaut gold iMmleI
rlMHiy cane instribe < l A I Matbwk
irom the true Demotrncy of icxas o
Alr Matlotk mude a feeling nsponw
He had not tx pet tod any oeknjiwhKlKi
meai of ihe wrvlces whlth he had ren
deretl the mnse of Deumeniej and said
wa InrgiJy aided lo Wy wJ
Itmnajfemeut l > MiMsra D Coddck
and Wni IVIndexter
Col 11 H Cornier of Tarls offered th
following rawilutlou whlth was adopted
it lib eiilhulaiM
Ilesolved Hint tb thanks of tho
Deiiiocnts of Texas be and are hertdy
tendered Chainuao A J Matlock and
Us coworkers and to the men on tho
state thivet for tb < r aealons and nnllr
lug work during Hi late camindgn
lion Ya rolmlcvtr adjres ed the
meeting and drew forth eonstant nt
lauM by an elopimt speech a u tlie
condition of Teiss under the present ad
ministration and the doty of Ontlnnlrig
the fight for pure Democrnuo govern
Jle was fotlowcnl by lion Charles
Crrosbaw > f Mherwan nml Judge j O
ltower of Dallas in the same strain
Chairman Matlock read a number of
telegram fr m Clark t labs throughout
the stste urglnif the pviivtosllou of the
organisation lie xtsted that be had re
c4Ved oef fifttt letters lu eTK nse lo his
call for the meeting from leaders of tlw
organisation throuKbout the stale ur
ins the same conn Letters to the
same effect recvlrc1 by Judge Clark
were read from Hon Jonathan Jjine of
Fayette cvanti Major O A Jorwoo1 of
NavsNoto J J Calsn of fVlemsn W
A Wood of Han Mam Hub thepanl
of Dallas and doxens of ethers
A uamber of dlegaU read letters tele
crams and reflations from the urganlsti
tious which they represented t4edgtuir
scHort to the party and reiaestlog txJiat
be ion nued
tb orgaabauou
The follrtwlag resolotion wns ctTerei
by Dsn Malvern and adopted with in
iusolred That the tbaului of tUs tvu >
= l >
f fv j
< niHH filWMI 4
MtiM M l0ls S
MJt V Of Maim
yuung wifo Vhaa tho trftlti hallotl
ti hwi of alwut fortylho aIlghtU
und Davis embraced her w 1th an ardor
In Dvnry way commotidiiblo This sur
prbHKl tho loungors bnt Ihey wero as
tcnlsliciJ whoit Dnvis oonndaoently lu
troducud bur us Mr Davis The two
tlruvo home Hul acxiuoly bud they
arrived when Madam Gout is with oo
vtibtomod uiiottry had wliiswiod over
all the neighborhood IIihumwIvcs In
the midst of their cfljklnjr Ituld u
their betlowereclurins aud talked it all
over coming Ut tliotonohuion that Mr
Dovie was a brute This verdict
was confirmed when about a woelc later
Mr Davis droro vt with the young1
woman This wi the neighborhood
aghast ami an oxidoslon whlcji would
reveal every dark spot was momonta
rlly ognectoil Hut in the Davis housu
hold everything r D very siiioolUy in
deed Tho gosslpsattwkodthueaso with
fresh vigor but Ihey linally admitted
that the sohtllon tha mystery waabo
yond tqelr ken Then tho law vm in
voked the graml jury unpriced of all
suspicions Aa investigation was 1jgan
unci Uslaya nt t 1 tho result
AH that tiati be learned of tho
younc fflrl In that her auras U Mits
Jonea Bh Is rery ignorant and m juiu
oblivious of the hwl that soon ah will
ho a mother it trammiiew however
that DavU came from South Carolina
Just whero he tot the glil Iioa not b n
developedt b t wlv 4 In Wood
bine flth htm 8ho was sent off wbejt
Davl1 firet wife was exixxtod and ro
turne < l after Mrs Davis had consented
to the ampbym5nl ° toouU In ihl
cspadty n lived in the Davis houbo
haUuntll thU morning
Davis > t1I1 bo tried ut this torn Of
Alrarado Tex Nov II BptcUM
ThlinionilagAboufiS oclock A
am A November 21 and 22
CngnBomsnt of the Original and
Suprortodby tho
Un4or the Msnueumilot
i JenniG
rrescntlng their Latest SuceeM
Unwind MignillrtitUsotry
Superb Coilumes
GliHtting Armen
tum I ill Main
11 > ik IIi i ii Arte iht aiiiiihl the Orilifitru tvlil play tho brautltnl Tomtom Waltssa
wrUvfiiforauddelicntod uitonnna
Friday aud Saturday Nights Nov 25 26
A Buporb Production or BTBEliH MAOKAY1IS Mnatorplooo
Pull of IjOve Oomody and Pnlltou that Thrills nnd Hritortalns but Novor
Soddoiis or Ilovolts An Ovurwholmluj Succtisa Evorywliero
Paul Kanvar
All Now Boonory Coatumoa Onloium Ushts
seats 3srovvr onsr sjtJLSEi
mittet > art hereby tendered in he Drino
cintie pupiis duilug Ihe Irtle luiupillgll
ind thit ue lommeud these pa > errt to
the intr mme ami aii > N > rt of nil guo < I
Demotruts throughout the stnte
The meeting u then udjuiirned
01 Alleged Bleimy The Allcfjod UlgimMl
Hired Wifo Number Two as a Cook for
Him end Wife Number One
Gainesville Tex Nov lUfcfpootal
A very iiecullar ivm of ollogeU big
amy wai throw umn tbo iubllo trtdny
by tho aiTbfit uf n man munod M J
DtviH Davis arrhtwl In Wondblne
Duvon tulles oiwt of this city nboitt four
months ago und after pitMitoutlnff u
few days EJuuffht a furni ticsir that vlt
latoAoooruihUylnfc Davis was a youtijf ig
norant looking joung Imly tif about
twonly joars whom bo Intnxluiwl u
his wife AIlor they had boon In their
new homo about six wixtks Dutis Iroto
Into the htatlon with llio girl and to
tbono Hliuluqutrmlaultl bis wlfo wus
Cotiitf cm it short visit to roUllvcB A
low tlaja later Davis again druvo up to
thn station und tlm village loungers
ho lititl cumu Ui moot his
Hill while woiklnjf ninong somo ma
chinery ut his gin u few 11U04 rust uf
hero hud hit loft liana caught in aome
geurlrig His hand just abovo tho
knucklett uua crushed nud tho entire
membor will noccswirlly l > o umputatod
Morning and Evening Journals Wilt lie Prlnled
In Machinery Hall
Chicago Nov 10 Publishers of tho
big nowspaiwrw In thtcugo havo boon
dlsciiiMitng for soma tltno plans of an ex
hlblt thoy will make at tho fair It la
aa good bs notthHl tiow that both u morn
ing und tin evening iiajiorwjll m ucd
In mmhlnoiy Imllovoryday Thnpaperg
wilt Imjnlnted on prnwrni sent to thu
fair ns exhibits und It is legible that
thoy will 1m jiiluted on paper mude on
thoexpobltlon gmunds This tixhlldt
would enable iwihoiu wlio havu not
wllnoitMO l tho Interesting procewt of
prcsliiclng a great dally newsnanttr in
mo oicrv fenture of tho work from thn
rcauufacturo of pajsir to tha delivery of
tho story of the events of tho day to
8ubKcrlM < rs Tho arrangement for
piubscs huvo not boon completed A
muoUnir Jiaiibiten called for Friday
Koventbor Si when thin important mat
ter will hONottluO
The morning paper at the exposition
will beau liitmofttlug journal la many
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