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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, November 20, 1892, PART TWO., Image 13

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Mcl7vmo > s WAQER
vm rm
wS to row
BSnS at on meal
SlL btVopon corolna to tho
IJlkiJriM BOthlM eitraordl
i rtjT i but
detaches < r ° m J
mat talue ooo n
fflntothslljul1 prepared
Uio chosen arbiter
Sj ouVrVsrl too riaunis
BSriUS rf Aacloplaues
55 aa Jot le cxtrajnunnt
TAiDst n pout fortuna
SmTyb had bet bis 7
film mi at to lo
Xfrred ilnrfo hour from
touted 4 liw > froIU
tod la eitrcnio old nee
JfRjch count made a waiter
Sfr 100011 ironns that ho
fti and lark ajraln from the
Ud Na wMe body tidily
ana aJn buUU
Bltorefw hint br keeping
1 ol nwlrlure ltelnys of
i lovMcd frm liace to fpncu
prevented tint
m borul only were chosen
4 I ait retard his prosress
mattacUl to the Porto bt
ah lit time
at silk tlie speed of nn arrow
scant ww ont of sight Jecr
the air with such rapid
rvfef at each relay without
b froia ono home on
tinfcontlaiod his flibht Ilo
t Port St Denis having per
jfou piurws elfatleu minutes
4t ItitrJ time He said ho
VeralnllleB to brine
i te ra to
jicp of 11a aaceesa All bath
potion he waa put In ft warm
tiled from tho
I jjwrrarda
ki elirt This nobleman ro
jtunior of tbo eiplolt tlo
put lot harlB run such a
1 ftit no be aald of liim Is
rait hit made the best post
tli ravt waiters crer mad
Fnihtm and eausod tho
ndtowt eventually artttlnc
wtftTUtyear It was no rnlny
lerslttsolsTites of heaTen
Jrswtd Alt tho rivers over
is loti and coinncrce vra
cXA Some superstitious
fnl a aecnnd deluge and
rm twit alarmed A Inrlv
JBflatutlDff remarked that
iWnndtdr on St Gerrola
tt > iraJ l himself that It
Tflj for ttfj dars continuously
3 VlVl lnlon upon tho
oaamt that if Itraln
fiBtKta irm rain forty
itr i > tt In thh aaylne
the Cafe do
IwarfPalala Roynl lio
iarMioii with some per
l aiil Uio Ineeasant in
tswe destroyinK tho
liuUlot obser
li tyrKt
f o bo
more cause for
fnt continued for forty
71 w fcadr to
JKi Uortutio i
was Inevltn
re received
MlMbMe present nnd lie
at authority ho based
ure of It he
f M Lt nny ono bet
Ill 1
St om outs
ffrtoui and defy
S n IU talk was not
liresent who
Sfil against him but
ilSWl iai flattered by
ijutaf put do n tho stakes
ffiSSM tlW Tho
> l ited In
the hands of
5 and the water
il raln little or
mot bas
won If It dls
for one single
I < forty days rjnlllot h a3
Wa i appro
triHr hin taked
S1 1 aB him
empUed every purse
SSVJJ otI > 00 Ura
N bo bad Tlctory bopro
fcilTJ no money m
irs7tpprIed nntl P ced
t HuSr ceorllngly
W4 EniuV h0 had win
JS a til m ih B0011 luck
t n OTved int In
omed for tho 1
ts irri j
i In BillUr Tactics
t e
u til r Bu J e1 m
> d kTa m wf Though
S Is in
S 1S n Co fonsan
J 4y la Z nd Mm
Wj the fecott
1 > n fsmfly
of iutsrest
iJ tW nt of
was Immured lu tho tower of London
under Penalty of nS
looalue hi noid
yM leaaed by on omSesty itaJll
to take tho throne by rlrtuo of behJ
Sj sES 1 Um lMrt After nS
ert Scotto release
In dlatujt with ku
country in companJ of
tho Larl of Ilelhnven bo eni W
tho north of Ireland and vS
IE U ° 1 st n J C
A oriea and beeaiuo the ourSr to
0lf of
tbp fatnilv in this country
tho Hevolutionary war the Pennmt
vanlan Scotta lis might have bwn JT
ported from tlu > ir Jlnc c t5 2
Itently Identified with the ruggK
Independence and It was no lesi
part of her ancestry than because
waa the w fe of the president it
Unite Rtnte lhat sTr fi
rlson wot elected Brst
president of il
Society of the Dautbter if th imeri
can Iterolution men
After the independenee of tlie colonies
was insured three brotltin ot Ui lw
fvlvnnla Bcott seeking their fortS
In the then far southwest etuVa to
it 11Johu Bcott between whom nnd
Henry Harrison aftenvards
nlnlli President of the Unltcl Stltei
romantici frlendUna loio passing tint
iWWM lu tholr youth
nnd prior to tho innrriaira of cither ther
had made a comport that their loynltf
to each other tbonld bo perpetuated1 K
tte f offsprlnBthat tho iliest son of
Mn im On ShOllld bj
uniue1 Pcott and
that the eldest soi
of John Scott ihould lw named Harrison
i0i W ° Ihfnlly observed
Al1llam Henry Ilnrrlson married n
daughter of John Clevcs Byuiuies and
his oldest son was dulr < 111H1 Scott
Harrison and his eon lleniamin liar
rlson Is now tho president of the United
Htntes John fccott also met his matri
monial fiit and when lie became the
father of a son tho chili was named
Harrison nod waa In his day one of tbo
earlier iniluent physicians of Illinois
It seems n radons circumstance that
a member of tho family from whom
many years afterward nnd many miles
illstnnt from its original dwelling place
lleniamin Harrison ihoso a wife should
June been Instrumental In Introdutlug
into ills family ns n Christian name her
Burnomo of Scott Washington lost
You Can Hypnolizo Yourself and Cuts Insom
nla With > Llllle CareHow to Co
To Sleep at Will
One of tho technical words used In sci
entific description of tlio phenomenon of
lUpnotlhm Is transfixion Tills relates
to tho iKMitioii of tlie rjes jnst Hforo
hypnotlo sleep comes ou and It is be
lieved though not as yet fully explained
tint In adjusting tho oyoi to this jkisI
tlon some nerro center of tho braiu N
nffected prodiitlnp an effect like switch
Intf off electricity from a kerLoard and
unconsciousness follows nlmoit Instantly
It Is u common ob > rvutlpn among
nurses thnt babies got trosMeycd just
before they fnll asleep and thi can Iw
easily Tcriiird whereTer tliere Is a baby
In the hoiio by tlouly nafhin the eyes
of tho little ono as ther arc closing lu
sleep Almost I irnriabjy tho eyts ar <
diivt ted Inward and jjeni rally downward
though sometimes upward Truo byi
notla aleep if undisturbed by sncspstlon
soons turns Into what ve cill imturnl
sleep as shown by tho sleeper awakening
refreshed as from natural sleep
A w riter who was formerly af
flicted with loRomanla cCcctod a
permanent cure by means of
w hat ho terms tho hypnotic
method und git es tho receipt wltji
HI tint rations for tho bmieftt of the many
sufferers from tho torturei of prolonged
wakefulness Its worth may bo easily
tested by any one with strong will power
lhat ronny eminent mon Napoleon Hor
ace Greeley William II Seward for ox
amplo iH spssed tho secrtt of going to
sleep at wilt Is well known >
In using tho following directions the
only caution necessary is that before the
hjpnotic sleep merges Into natural slum
bt r the sleeper fa apt to answer uncoii
aciously nny questions that may be rcn
tly asked and thereby reteal secrets
that might cause domestic disturbance
Hut tho Innocent need have no fears
Uo on your right side iloso tho ejes
geutl rorget thit the lids are barriers
to neting nnd turn your eyes Inward
nnd downward so that you can see your
breath as If It were vapor leaTlng tho
nostrils and curling off In the air Then
watch it return up the nostrils and then
out again Concentrnto your powers of
lsion until you seem actually to soo
Something About the Oriental ftular Who Is To
Visit Ihe Worlds Fair
Interest In tho noble nnd dignified
ruler Abu Baker tho hultnn of Johore
will bo awakened now that ho Is soon
to vtnit this country to bo present at tho
Worlds fair nt Chicago
Tho Sultan Is a handsome man nearly
intd ttat six feet tall and his refined features
P fiiA ift hatl coatniu viry IitUo tra o of his Malay
I ancestry lie Is sixtyfife years of ago
and a widower his wife having diod at
year leaTlng hlui n legacy of JUOUU W >
lie Is an enterprising mm and Is In
Jtotut dn fc i terested In all modern Improvements It
Bat LU 1 eIr B tft Tl0 owing to his enterprise that tho
MtftL httinft Jxnt Ia8t iUroBd was introduced Into Johore and
Paiibli ift tiieso new recently his palace has Wen fitted up
adtanre a hS ar eri 6 r wIh ei trio lights
fcUl woiM Ir iV00 hlsU 1Lo Sultans manner of mtertainlng
Us a neTr Ws t ta ° t the court is unique Ho
utccittM 1 nt caters to the particular epicurean tnsto
ofW 8 amount o of each and haring learned the food
J in WI auiountluff that each particular guest moat desires
hehas It serred all at ono table so that
sometimes thero Is cot a alngl diner
who Is eating tbo same kind of food
wttli any of tho rest
Tho Mahurajsh ts foud of precious
stones and every button on bis uniform
contains a diamond of great value JIo
Is tho posweasor of a beautiful swsrd pres
ented him him by Queen Victoria It con
tains a 8 Li eld of gold Inlaid with pro
dons stones
Tho emperor of Germany holds tho
Suit a a In groat renpeit and whenever
ho visits ajiy German dty orders are
given that all tho soldiers greet biin
with the royal salute The Kultan takes
ft deep interest In military lunnuvem
and in Germany which bo visits e ery
two years he can be seen nearly eery
day watching the Held exercises
The representition of a Johorean TIJ
M JI rin fliiiTV l bTlilt d superintended
CT UVlinSSn thoHultan He wiU come to thU country
S f PwdciPlluJaS I Dst ywt r W3T of San rrnncisco
lork and oilier
nnd later visiting New
Urco cities
Aii tinTexNor 14 iSpta II iIr
It Ilertrjtn ono of tbo most liromluwit
busluos pien In Austin diod In this citr
toulkht of dropsr
Il ws 64 jean of aire nd for thlrtj
fire Tear lias U n In bUslneM in Aus
tin At the tlmo of his loath bo jm
oonaoctlnB tho Innrest proilnco ostatlish
tnent In south Tolas slilpplnt eoodB
to nil ports of south and woot Texas
Ills doath Tfullo It ha been IwctH
oomea as tt shock to ailargy circle ot
frlcuds ho has made in lh citj
Wharton Te Not 14 Srsad1 V
Ia au affrar amoor Mexican at tbo
llrnrs plantation Valm 1 ernandw
dmmboTvloJ an nnknown Meilean ylt
a butcher InUe Fernaodei U La Jail
Har Solofesuinmu Hinband
A Mislakea Wedding
KmS m3o
frendmo Wtahdr T
Kfnt 0fwt TC VeS
1 M nl uSderl
nnd for
uP > D 1i when
i1 Mntod ont to and
me I
proposed that we dismount and eiacu
Iiio Uio prem ties 1 had before heard
i J17 0l 1Ioutton n J W romantic
Rf iW t0 ft Prcilr W okM woman
lotcrs In childhood and it Is not at all
strange that the Cherokee mallen ever
after bell ft warm place fn Houston s
heart It was a combination of rfrcum
tances tbat separated them whlta yet
In their teens Ham went away to com
nkto his educitlon at college and ero
Iw returned Tuhlihlna bad removed with
her people to th < country
Meanwhile stio umr forgot for n
day her gallant and amldtloiu yonng no
fluatntoncc and through the long years
which followed their first separation she
continued to love Win with the ratlro
feminine nature
fttreogtb of a loyal
Jollj vtm RomeivliAt arpri cl to ura Uui
but the mooting Waa mutuMly Witt
one tti4 Hounton ccompauleti tL old
man home that > cnlnf
TahJltdna Koycr unm rrlM and
nioro levtrttrhlnc than ertrnitiU lmJ
with Jolly bat bad lone aince le i > air i
of erer twins i > ia Houaton arain blio
Haa read In Uio n w paura of hi auo
Mxful career as a great tatMmaa and
Kovernor and but a wecV before of h
brilliant marrlapo to n lovable woman
I 011 V1 i lon f r n while
longer and Houston and Jolly finally em
IwrkM In the merenmib budness to
gether at the Tails Tahllhlna no loager
fl < njpany but on tie con
trary tilled tho placo of nu able atodstant
toro mot t of her time
in tho meanwhile however Hotm
ton wrot back to Ids wifo In Tonnessee
telling hr that ho luid deserted her
forever aud adttscd her to ane for a
divorce This uho lo t no tltno In doing
an1 it Is aald waa moriled to tho M
low she lovetl on tho vt ry d y that the
divorce was granted Of court It stilt
w Houston exactlf for within n moith
after ho got the news ho nud lahlihluit
wtro happily married
I ntTtr could understand why It was
that Houston selected < he serluded out
of thoway place thnt ho did for n home
unless It was ou account of tho pictur
esque nenery nnd abundance of came
whli h surroundeil It At any rata bo
gave up his bmdneas at AWbber Jnlla
built a rude log bmise wny up there at
tho foot of ths lulls where ho and Tnh
liliina HvM for a yenr seemingly lu tho
fullest enjoyment of health and linpi l
ness Tliev often vlattid the military
pott fit Ft Gibson nnd soon bora mo
fnvoilus wiUi tho olU < ori and thdr
wlren Tlivy would alwajs go horseback
each taking their rifle to uso lu cam they
encountered a herd of d er or buffalo
loth of which were plsnttful at that time
JaMihlna m Hountons qt 1 in Hin
flit Of 1 tl t Hi Sill I Hi I
ten the htn i t i
fho sddo tt ill e
as he j 1 > d a U1 o t
llfo for llrt i n ii
onto mild during that time ho would not
exUiaui e such a light for Uio presiden
cy of tho United States or for tho
wealth of a millionaire
it was late in thofall about n year
after their marriage thnt Houston had
to leave home a couple of days to attend
to some business with tho thief of tho
nation lie klsred Talilihlna the morn
ing ho lift with Ids usual fondues and
thouKht she was neter In her llfo so
beautiful nnd dear to him Ho finished
un bis business with tho chief and hur
rled back home tho text ermlng to find
labiiiua violently 111 bhe lived but
a day longer and being delirious from
the beginning of her brief Illness she
never reootrnbed Houston ngalu or know
that ho clasped her lu bis arms ami
wept bitterly oer hor whin she dkd
That dark day for the first time In
many year the stern face of Sam Hous
ton was stained wkh tears On tho mor
row when tho bright sun camo up over
the bluo pinks to the east It stolo sadly
through the windows of tho nido cabin
where tho dead lav calm as tnurhlo and
the 1Ulog in tUoiioo and set a crown of
rlory upon the peaceful brow of Haw
Houston s Cherokee wife She wnsrer
erentlT hid to rest tlnre ou tho brink
of tbo little si ream which has oter since
been called Tahllhlna creek by Uio na
tives Houston left within ft year for
Texas whero a successful earner awaited
him and there now remain but faint
traces of Lis once happy homo among tho
Clicrokeos ihe lonely grave and Its
ldstorr has been almost forgotten ex
cept by tho old Inhabitants Home of
the mora superstitious of theso will till
you that on cairn midsummer night
when tho inoon has silvered tho moun
tain sides tho dioarae toIco of tho fiog
Is hushed the mocking bird Ceases to
pour out bis melodious song and tho
brcese that stir tho tall cotton woods
Is almost still tho crystal waters as
they tlow peacefully by the little graro
can 1 > e hoard idnlntltily murmuring
Tahlihlna sleeps here
Sfortes of Lord Strathnalrn When lie Was
Devastating Central India
A rorrosponilrot srrlllnr of the late Lord
Plrslhnslrn ears h su th most lndoltnt
latkadslscal Isnmild person who eter daw
died along 1lrcsdlUr
JeTsslatloc Ontril India
Mheu be
though ncorlr a score of summers am i ini me snlendld l orlf tbst Inunor
and wont before she saw him again timrd id nana be srss so las that Iw
Houston returned from school 1 ril could not he aot to dlctsto the uuspatcbes re
ilnn nnd nromlsioa He entered Into coming his own trlumobs
1Sii SnS Moniba elsosed 1efore liese dooumenla
nolilfca ani taii Uio friend of An j
eitrncted froJi him anl tbn
Srew Jackson U J R fjjij tbw were brief and meaer bi the last de
and wasOnallr elcclol
iclth the Cioeks rw >
corernor Of Tennessee Thett ho mar One dsr oben ilir Ilnsh nose henas eng
rled not the woman be real loted tertsuilna a xallaot oomosar lo tflnner lur
lad Ina th crises ot the mode
int n lrilliant and aeoorallUbed i
Ktahl Vaikaml they Win tb utiost mS frisd
SSSSlI to had a man etcrr of reason his ra D in iK wSS S l tta ne bin wllbon h of was hi be de
to be bsppr llut t 1 wf tl I liffio middle of It Ms orJerlj eoter l
not lore her nor did she lore him nr ninjnr e lalaHsl U e haro
On the erenln i isoiured 30U nliels sir
Tlonslon entered bis nlfte room I ro him the rrenersl lorsed and with that
and found her iveefa IUITIJ lie oJcsont conrlesr ot n
Irld hlin i jdfi rent
aaked be r tbo cause an le i
tJlit abo lind married i uu IbroiiKb j
tiliiae that she locd anotlur nnd that AMU iMIwsblI his owe be said But
ber beart was breaklne i wliai are w to do with tbeni slrT
liouston didnt upbraid ber for her oh replied Kir llnrh Willi a soft smile
e ttict but took it as a rtbulc to blni I hsiir II em of course and he reman his
LTfoVmarrflnjAfta the wojijan J
Wio erVputTb r lv buo jr 1 rvr > r r
uuJ Jevarte
rVsIraed bis BoTernorshin
ton the WHintry oo one knew
About four or fire mouth sul m queut
to Ws unhappy jnarriaw tn T si
liouston tea a iwisettsjep on a ltttir
2Snitr which was ittyins tb Ar
ceo Jjtfl I k aiJ Fbn
SSS and waa one of the tlw t a
Stta tfl Cbiwkeo Suuou m ftjrt
Sirs west of Tort bmith r >
Si J Uy UTtl bi t a lew ir I fro
p ai vZ Uoustoa abL Ht course
riMUik you ssricesnt
JJsit Ilia man still rcinatneti
1 l iin nr Tf hone rlw l > t sir
Un kwii ril turn I I JltfblIv jmi
tn the nwitohi untiutT liwei llisnv
riifsnt t ip it i it thank sail thru
> W t uu wil iM awtM tattling
hsil haul i l
1tJ > 1 w snie to he r > cf Vm queon
f ml she w i m uuiiV 1 riT > Wr
hum tU gaet h > ClftM l l arsph
nai i rods in tait
v uu isiaiets nxxloc as
A Pf LarjeOld Concern tthosB Figures
Are SliDfjcrlng
To fonn lorna IAm of Vm larcvnosi of
uua earth ou mar look upon the laad
cup from tbfl top of an onllnarr chuixh
ttKpie and thra bear In mind that one
uu t Tldw OW000 almllar
1 hen > ahen the tall liamlMmclr iin Kt < d a Oflroximatety inrwct I Ira of
ttranper who accompanied hvruQclt homo M ° ° canli Vlat OCK enrthi
that oTenlnc waa introduced to her aa llt0 ou We lr dfS YtX Matorua out
bam Houston yon etin letter iraafine hi r I crin0t UK could tuity inclwe them
Burprl tJian I can deacrlbe it Tf hundred thouannd earth jol c
Tahllhtna do yon know m r SuH orwi luiddo tho aun tC hollow
Iionotou ns ho luitnllnglj eztvuded his bunitu eye ew hour were capable
hand of
I onco knew you a lone time aso
fha nnvcrv and timidly talla his
hand their eyes met for an Instant Then
ylth n tender siil wnllo on her
looUne upoi a fresh tneavure of
world material HlOrt aquan UloinHers
larjpe that eo would nwd M11W jeor
tj orerlock tho surfaw of tho snn To
reach tho nearest fixed star one mutt
face Ttthllhlua left the room lthout lRirrl UJO0OWW kllometem and If tho
another word or lk Nor did Houston 1 ft6ro ft to thnt of
sss t twm vs uui ALUUnilfJ t it s1 wi vs a cannon
jee her aimlti for weeks to svak h all tt would reiulre DHHlH 0 to
her nctuitlistandinc be apent mo t of Ida tftVtl U dlattiee
time at Jollys bouno Tnhlihlna knew ° u ft tl r on oMtnary human
or thonght at leaKt that he was now T0 Cim Hscorer nlwut 1WA aitrs In
married nnd tliat he could never 1 more l ° Northern llemlsphere tnoat of which
than a frleud to her and Ids frioiitMmt cnd their Ucht from illiinnNt which we
alio S < eme < l to spurn She ivaded htm T0110 1 s ° ro How large they must
T > hnerer It T na iKwiblo and hen un beI Kound thesa 100 sars clrtlo fiO
Aoldablr thrown Into hla eompjnr alto WXrothir atars of various alaes lWekles
treated 1dm with an almost ley cotdno > Jk InKle ta wo know nf stems of tars
o iiiio knew why Iloustoi wai in tlio wovlnjr around one another Still wo
fair maldcn of tb UroV5K wlSllI rrrltV fil Vlte rayaterr af Mi irm f W rt iray iiTo spaw m j etl
dark l Ks had nover i sUrVe hv i ° 1 < nKl nl > u MH to ei Outside our limits of vision and Iinmtiu
any rudernlrthan thoKiMoflroS plln whC II0 a1 > hnnnly lert u thero are no doult still lariro
deuce and whoso l rich transparent bean I 1 A f1 his arrival
tv n niu
h ir ° y f xl of C
I Jolly venfored to ask uim of hls wife I
Hie Milky Way holds prohnMy at
convlnoirg proof of tho story arouS1 withoor business jiut as tho months U J
toy eurioaltj to 8Uth an euJnt thai I H ther ioy Wn aigns of Jj ons return
wits plad of an opportunity to find but
all that 1
could about tho matter
My companion was an intelligent
well road half breed Chorokiewhohad
nlready begwlwl uoihe threo hours of
our tiresome ride from Hindogee that
morning with his entertaining stories of
Imlinn life Ho was au txJudgo of tho
supreme court of his nation with a
mind stored with much of tlio uuwnt
tin history of his country His gray
locks Indicated that he had nlready
lived mans allotted thrte score years
aud ten and iKWHessing none of the
rotlceut chnraaerlbtlca innullar to
many of his race he was nlwajs ready
when au opportunity afforded Itself to
relate some of the lntiretiiic ImidenU
which hapivned In the early days of the
Cherokee nation
After dismounting nnd hitching our
horses to some scrubby Mack Jack that
stood by the roadside wo walked to
tho mo grown mound Implanted at
the head of th grave stood n roughly
liewn toinbhtono of natho marble upon
the fftco of which was carved In nn Ir
regular maitotr the slmplo Inscription
Tuhlihlna Sleips Here
lhat was nit Why a more compre
hensive epitaph had not Wen luscribod
my friend could not exilaln
Near tho negletted grao wero tho
de aylng logs nnd tumbleddow u thim
my of nu old houso surrounded by
briars and shumacb bushes Less tlmn
a dozen jordu to tho eng t a babbling
brook raced playfully on Its downward
coitrs to tho Arkansas river a half
mile Mow blending Its iheerful muttic
with tho song of tho birds and tho mtl
nncholy sign of tho tall cottouwuod
treis that skirted its banks ou either
And there said my friend after n
few momenta of silence pointing to tlie
heap of decoying timbers aro tho re
mains of Sam Houstons house It was
there that Houston and bis little wife
with laughing eyes spout ono brief year
of unalloyed hnppltu > n Tea one short
year for lu tho fall following their mar
riage when Uio forents had alied tholr
rot > es of summer green nnd tho prairies
were brown and dry the young wife sick
cued and died Houstou laid her torent
there by the brook und on the uve of bis
deporturo for Texas ho ptaoed that little
tombstone at the head of her grave
After a llttlo further examination of
thj lonely grave and lis surroundings wo
remounted our horses anl continued our
journey to Tort bmlth llofore reach
ing our destination however Judgo
Urtwtr for such was my fillowtrav
tiers name told mo the following sadly
romantic story of Houston s life which
he said bo had got from Houston him
self nnd from tho near relatlu of his
Cherokee wife and which I thought
wotth recording
Yes I knew them both he com
menced Her maiden name was Rog
ers Tnhhhlna Itogers and she was a
desiendaut of one of our proudest Chero
kee families being a nhno of old Chief
Jolly one of the lending men of bis day
Tohlihlnas parents died when sho was
an Infant and shs was raised and edu
cated by Jolly who though married
had no children of his own He lor til
and treated ber as he would litre done
his own daughter spiring oeitlur pains
taking nor money In lavUhtng upon her
tho best education that his country at
that time afforded ham Houston knew
her In Tennessee before the Chero
kee removed t this country
They grew up together and yonug
Ham conceived a most anient
affection for l r They nttouded school
together in tho simo little log hou
Him hdplug her along alt that be couM
In her lessons and his jouug heart glad
dened with a swilling pride ns bo saw
her learn and her pr ty face grow bright
er than the faces around her Tims It
was that Sam and TahlUiIus grew to 1
nev ii twrs of Honstona lusition an gov w only it Part of tho universe Jhe
ernor of Tennessee and of his roient modern tfUpccpcs bavo dlseoM > ril more
marriage and notwltlistandlng most of I1 lm f Iky ways Hill further
ols time wks spent in tile chase with bis T Wo nnw of some IHKIO nebuliio
JjlieroVee friends it was reusrslly Is hlcli represent tullky ways like ours
llrvod that
his visit to Ihe Iherolee a rount two thousnd of them
face With tUU then tHHtxtH01XXloiS2
fun >
to think differently and
when Jolly ntrnln oskel him to eiidaln
inattera b JM ro telling him lhat ho
bid deserted Ids Wife resigned his gor
trncrsblp and nerer eipu < t > Hl to tniirn
Houston always llktnl tho
lea Suppose theto bodies parading bo
foro our mental eye one per mlmiti It
would require 3H44OOil years tonnisli
the march In nil of whhh tlms wo would
bavo to look upon tbem unceasingly
Suppose a human being migrated from
nnd he told Jolly that be Intruded to clcbo to ° o ani1 spending flftr scars
spend tho remainder of his life nmoug 0lUShi ° Tvould 11 iCBUCRWU
tatlou ill her military friends
IKMIKX > years for the round if ho stay
ed only one hour bo would
save much Ume but still need 23041X1
000 > ears for the task Yet these nebu
lae nre only a part of the universe Jut
side the urhulna limits we know of other
nebulae not resolvable Into stars lhey
appear to be pilvatn nebulae pure un
used would stuff matter for new crea
tions Home of them occupy a ppaee as
large as the orbit of Uranu Homo are
still larger The one In Orion Is es
timated to 23HI K > ttKimWiX00oO
Udws larger than tint of our sun Are
we coinitg to the outeriuot limits
ho dares aay year We are probably
come to our limits but the future with
new Instruments aud silentlflo device
way push those limits so much further
out luto space NorJtJcru < ni Copenha
Her Gzlt So Rapid It Mlonijrcd Znn tho
Tlio Trim ess Marie p Orleans tlio
daughter of the Duke do Chartres again
furnishes material for gomdp in tbo
i rench paher beven years nco she
married lrluce Valdeinar of Duiuiark
and went to live In Copenhagen The
married couple took up ury modest
quarters In Uio Yellow pnlnce lint soon
the priocess got tired of this kind of
Mi f which did not suit her modern
t 1 iiitlo Inkten tilio began lo make
i i brilliant aud gay The mem
to royal family and partlcu
n I oufxe considered them
tyiuw greatly scnndalitud by her con
duit In spito of the remoimtrnncis of
ber auitero mother In law the lively
prion s dNptayed all sorts of eccentrlc
Itlts which the four liuudred of Copeu
bngen conIderel outrageous lMiitvtiHl
In Uie free air of Uugllih liberty hir
little rarlstan brain constantly busied
ItHlf In Uio manufartiru of new dls
tractions bhe was otten seen on horse
bark dashing along accompanied by only
a iInitio escort nnd In her little pony
phaeton she loved to dmh uloug at full
speeil through the streets of Coneuhagvu
Hho seldom failed to go to tho raceM
where she chatted familiarly with
groups of oulcers and sportsmun while
she smoked her cigarettes Naturally
eiioagh the men encouraged her bo
cause ah was original and chnrmtng
while tho ladles were scandalised Tlio
brilliant and lively llttlo princess shock
ed tho elite still more by her prirato
parties In the xellow palace at which
gentlemen only wero lnvlld Lint Now
Como anil tako supper the list of
December at half paat 11 Marie
Of oourse thej rfluo nnd had a clar
ions tlmn Tho princess herself mado
tho pooch and touched kinases with ber
jrnesu Just as tbo old tlofle aoilndid
luldnleht ubiiounclnk tho orrirnl of tbo
now year On another occasion when
her cuosts were enj < tru themselves
buruy and mnklni quite nn uproar alio
aald to tbem llusbl bushl You will
wake lip old Undo Ilnus Umlo
snsN la tho Lines brother
Her fun seems to bo over for tbo
present A short time ago she tnyster
iouslr left Copenhniren and sho is now
In llarls Willi hir parents It was ot
first said Ibat sho lift l causo ber bus
baud waa too attentive to auotber indr
but this storr Is not credited and i la
now rutnoml tbat 1rinco Valdomar Is
about to Join hla wlfo lu Tails A dif
ference In tho rcUfciona views of tbo
prlnco and princess Is aald to be tbo
real cause of tbo trouble Ho Is a rrot
estsot and she rs n sthoUr and wlaho
to hsvo ber children brought up In liar
own faith
In spile of this llttlo family Jar tho
sprightly llttlo princess will yet tnoko
tilings llrilrall around ber In Iarls
New York Uiiu
CompsIIid lo Read His Own Booltt ty a Jury el
Yals Students
A trantJr of palpitating Interest was
rpnntly enacted ou board o tbo stesruer
Iabn ilurlDii her last trip from New A orlc
to Urwnen Hhortly aftr lonbuf sl bt
of tlw Ameritoio co st It was < Uovered
thst amoujf the passengers there was a
noted aod most datiftcrous rrlintcsl ami
a oonneft was bfltl to deddo oa ths pm
re dliijis to bo tskrn In this eruergeoey
Now striutre to say the iismu utters also
Inrlukd Biaoy dUtIntruislie < l Am prion
Inrists and It was decided to put the
criminal la Question on his trial forth
with Judjre lMtotih0r < r at present la
Karlsbad took Lis at ou the Impro
vised ludidsl beutb the proNeeutlon was
liitrusM to Jtr Isaac allach of Now
ork who la also at preswjt at Karls
bad while Sir bstr of Ilostou ap
peared for the accused The lodJctiucut
rati as follows
lou Kaniuel Clwaons alias Ufark
Twain allM the laaowrof AbrtMid alias
ett harlaft in direr a and sundry books
nd puMliatioos onlawfully fflunously
and welln aforethought pablished or
ca > t > > d to bo pabUshed ivrtalu Utm in J
falsehood punwtlnx to bo Jokes are
hervby lodlcted and accused with being
the Kroateat liar lu creation
TIB prisoner appeared handcuffed la
view of his dangerous character
A special Jury of MPsrts in the matter
of Iylog wss swtrn la to try the case
Jt coasJstcd of twrire studuuti from
Yale Cellege Maoy wlun e wero
heard cUding streral ladles The
wobt ilamnlng evidence agnlnftt the prls
oner was that of a lady who dedared
upon oath that the prisoner had assorted
tbat certain ladles on taml the Quaker
City had mired to their berths on ac
count of sesilckness It being a well
known fact ibat no lady ts ever seasiek
and that when nny lady patt ugef had
to retire from the dinner table at sea H
Is because sbe haa forpMeu her haud
kereldef and her failure to reappear
for two davs Is duo to the fact that she
has stopped to have a few words with
a lady friend This witness evldenco
was being listened to with palnfid In
terest when the ship gate ft lurch and
the witness found sho had forgotten
her baud kerchief
Sllnt Julep having Wen ordered nil
round the court proceeded t0 urguo the
legal ftipect of tho question 1 was
maintained by Urn prmetutlon that
whereas Ananias anil Sapnhlra Uanm
Munchausen and oUiers who bad ltlth
erto ranked ns tho greatest liars the
world had ever seen had provflrteated
for their personal lutcrciit or glory tho
prUoher at tho bar lied system ft tlcnlly
nnd on principal from genuine artlstle
pleasure in the practice ami that there
fore his ilrtlm to lo tho greatest liar
In creatlut was not to be eoutested
Authorities were liowerer fluotod for
the defense towit Ird Tentiruott who
laid down tho law that tP He that Is
half the truth Is evir tho Miiclebt of
lies Now ns the prisoners lbs wero
all pure unadulterated lies with no sus
picion of truth itteut them they could
not entitle him to 1k > condemned as tho
hlcket of liars Itefetenco was further
made to tho well known legal nilo u that
there are three degrees of lying I
lies dd bes nrd statistics and ns tho
prisoner had ueier in his life ghen any
tatl tlcs true or fale nccpt to the
tax collector he could not be held guilty
of the crlmo named In tbo IndUtment
The jury bating retired to consider
their verdict they relumed after the
mnentecuth drink oil ammid nud It
uouneed the prisoner gulltv but recom
mended him to mercy The sentence
of the court was thnt tho prisoner should
l > e compelled to nind bis own books for
three l urs dally till the ship arrlred In
JI return
A hen this appalling aentence was pro
noutict > d the priscucr crow gbMtly pale
and thing hln ilf on his ktiMs begging
tint it might bo commutiHl to hnngiiig
Tlw court declared It would bo hanged
If tt did and appointed n commltuw to
see the seotiuce carried oit
This vrts rigorously enfnrce1 nnd
needlesR tu say thi unhappy crludiial
broke down uud r the luolonged torture
nud nrrned In port such n raring Inna
t e that a new and IntcrciUng work may
sliorily be expected from bis lrn
How II It Kepi So CltM and Fraih LooHnj
Ths Amusemenlj anj Cily Covctnmcnl
A ltoston banker Ylsllln In Isrla boucbt
uiniu the hMewilka u mlliurv trtuUng pollco
polllelr lulerrauled a lbrpali > netl iIImiiobhI vt
the other pear liv luformliis lh
nitixl hii > n M riant in mi i > u rrult wherw
vtr Iki otiose and bvunn itiiimlilus ths mo
od 1 when the officer ciillr1 a iuli mtlinl
tnr frlvnd Into
It Hint Informed ms uihiu
in offpr to aieuinpsny ihrui tbst I cuuM
fillow in aiiutlur ouh I rmllfd Uitt 1 i rs
frrwt to slum the dUsrsoo nnl fa to of my
nimruds Rtul would Sieoiiinanv htm Ipoit
tbo hesrlna the luntlee rtleiiaed tho laitrr
wlilunit a ilnn uo n Ms nnvment or lbs est
as he wai a struugir and Uiis wss nla hr
A similar fate to the IWwffnisns and a
flns lo overii k s luiand hUituldcrcd hull
lorktHl rixlteslwd llhliuiii wliu InaUtot
mwrn stsndiint ta n trnnTto tor when it
was couiMi j A seat tu su omnibus hers
confers nsrsuimlTo a nnmrwrv rtalit ss n
lmx at the ouera No ons In ufrriilttwl to
stand in a cur heeause that may liicmmii
Itnio oiheni 81 ran iff si It nmy ei ptar to
dimton or Auierhsn street rnllv y coui
tiiiles In IVuikhj the trsnHtxtrtsllmi ot iwr
ons for hire Is mibf t lo Isms whlth may
n t tm t loin ted with iniminli
Jhe city has tweutr wards each loverned
br a ma jar and ttvo iliuuiles uu a iuimji
Ii les of aUint 410 0 01 s mars yards tt bai
mie tatjiM houiies coiitfltiiiits 2jrmt > i0 la
liubllmits Ilio TaionTers niwo < U11m of
Itsltiinore will IwU thrtr hnslli tu b rtb t
thin VNHt rilfiti wttli Iti iMitrr suptdles Its
streets avmties and txxilnvnrds ss wlta ms
Jiroadwsy and as snio < iti s vtasst Itn it
llto Hrs siid lilegraitb dinartnicnls with
tlie fortlflistlnns squnren kintiips wham
hrl lirim iiiuncuuih tnarkntH sr < lies fouu
talus sewers eststoiiiba mrtrsua raUwaia
atitu of pQtlle InittriHtlfu sud au vmlletis
lurlctf of amiNi > iii > iits unrku tjnilr tbf
atns and other tiutirl a wbi h It tiss nstfr
eniernl the
t > or luiHslnatliia of the down
tnNldcn Anii > r1can tsiosriT
sren to omi
reive of was rurol ti d Isnt imr br iIim
ctly goTfniniint at tht trifling y r t he
Jo cents MJ f tTtn ut tt >
Ons Vey uiitoekeii the mvntrrious catdnet
ef the nitmltilatrntlon or Iirisouuiutnr
the Kremh meaning of that term can never
meanness Hcoiioiir here a
recitvrs end aires
vsliie for VBlne There Is mit an iser
worked emitloro or a In
eupernmnerorr lie
whole deiuutineat of tb iiiiiiili1psorrrn
meut of leris Hrerv ileill u accounted
for at tlie close of esch ilsv
It Dennsi hi Successors lo Ihi Throne ol
Aujlro Hungary
Tlie rervut deputation of T nls Kos
smh possibly havo
tuny uofortseen p
MWichPMit It apiwars that Ar Kos
sutti told Iho deputation thst tho lluu
jtsiian iwrllament should Insist upou
tho Jaw of dytiasUe succession kuown
n lh1 J Mfmatle Kanrllou brltw de
injifuol lu the Jfutifcarlan suto ar
Kune years tp ho bad applied to the
told that tho orirlnal copy of tU 1raij
mutlc lSarrtWi dJd not oJat In that de
purtimnt and It was not known hero
ikJr1H 0 bs < un < L Tho Austrian Ws
torlfvi Ilornayr hadtolJhtta that tho
union had been forged
As tho sucussion to the tbrorio was
regulated by the lranuatto Hanctlon
Uier luijst Insist on the original boiorz
It will rnrbaps ho well to mention
here In what the Austrian Traifiuatlo
Haoctlou consists In the Itgtuntng of
the last century tho male Hue of hw
Jloiise of Uspahofg was threatened
Mltn oxtlnctlon aftvr baring durlnic 4W
yeurs conquvfed anl gowned most it
tho territory xHiatltaUnjf tho Austro
Jlungarlun unman by
Jlio Kwi eror Chsilcs VI the last
mile desicndjnt of tho House of Ilsi > s
boric shortly after Ms ascentlon to the
throne decreed a new law of sucresalou
which at the same time as It prorldod
for tlio perpetual union of tha difTerent
Aufetiollungsrlan countries aUjrulated
tbat on the MiUncUon of all tnulobflrs
the throne should go to tho members of
the Hamburg family
The iVngiuatlo tianctlon contains fur
ther di tails eoneertilnc the suecesslon
aud also the ftiolly statutes of the lto
perial house Ijouuoo limes
rhstunooga Tenn Not 14 With a I ttipi
comnaalon and
ali skaeudLHeailafaa S 1 Tla1l W J
How They An Gathered on the Reeli of
Arrived at what he fanclol tuiy prora
a profitable ground the captain ot n
sponging schooner sends out a
boat to Inrentlgata meantime
standing off and on until a
discovery Is reported Then all hands
save only the ook or tf iho h a large
vessel the cnptalo nnd cook tnmblo luto
tlte small boit aud Uio flaliiug If Cabing
It can bo called is begun
Iho resiel has towed astern just ball
aa miny t > oats as she his men in the
crew and now two tuen ore assigned to
each boat One of them stands well aft
nud sculls with n long oar while tin
other bends low oter ono of the guu
wales In a mo t constrained position nnd
with bend buried In n wntivglae eagerly
scans Uio bottom as ho Is moid slowly
over it Tho waterct s Is simply n
wihHlen bucket havl a bottom that la
held an Inch or so below lbs rufiled
surfaw and In laeto lear waters plalaly
reveals all submerged objects to a depth
pf fotty or hfiy Mt As ft further aid
In overcoming ripples or moderate waves
each small boat Is provided with a bottla
or oil so hung over tho bow as to slowly
drip Its ronteuta Into the water
lhrough Ids iuaglo films Uie the on
wrtcs seei darting liah richly tints 1 sta
fsns aud feathers brsncblng coral gor
ponii onemo a brislUog sea porcupines
aud thouiyria oUter curious tenants ol
thoso troplo waters WluU welng these
he innkes do sign nnUl a small dark ob
ject that to tho untrained eye differs
in no respect from the loggerheads sur
nnndlujMt comes within his range of
vision iben without removing bis gaao
bo renihes for tho longbaudled sponre
hook or rale lyiog behind Idm aud vis
lug It with oup hand quickly tears from
tho bottom a black slimy mats that ho
triumphantly prononuees to bo n sheens
Wiwl or cmss sponge of tbo first nuaUly
No moer Scribuer
ii aj
A Veloran Edttors LIvoV Itccolltclloni tt i
Famoui DalllcllolJ
I hsr xrltnsssM from rcsonatilr ssr
rstsltl iis thonab 1 was Inrlrisntaltr slwt si
un Iwlh ucmsluns two rrosl tistlloa na in
tills OTinlrr snJ one In Eurguo
AL Ir t ii ilfrmiws b st
ti i th Irrncli Intu MftsI > dtirtnt
clu > 2 HlK1 ttmv ° lull1 ot Iht
tlsnmu fonuailnn Th nrr rrouls of ill
< srmls win ntarlF plsbt miles In
stsua tlio flromirks Tirpdnt any
tmiit T Iista TI > r Udlliv1 In uur ticllUcftl
iiriHisHnns nr si Conn llnt 1 s rih
oiiUk itfstmrtlun ot a ttrrnian rtKlmtnt
of tnrslrr slmost ns ilOitlr ss 1 ulil tb
MonnrnlT clinin or tlio lrtah brlcsH at
llnlrtlotsburil I bad n nnwsrful I lass
for II tents lv flfllletaM iwwrs r liiiistliiir f 7 n aooitsrw wss win icrful ana
Mmrlt upou bis rb ao BiimiaUlun fgr l atiijnl of s > snsrsu
osnis nbsl st ll bolil olonsr was served ll st J llian 1 Iho srlnsl batuo
beats tht
at 1 fmnc
niuth of
rue dllcliius rrult provinl too
temutsilun Ous tfur miickif
the cnrn biing thrown
Tit bslilo was Mr hours from lb
Mil lb kluir of tfnsal nnit AlolU
Illmirrk gmilo1 wHU tho rrsmt Hrrnisii
cjOortm In Minis rHiitcts Utt
the generals the
on stricken Held while the
striking Is gotnc on do not kallnn Into ths
iiiuuttis of the < nruir nn si murh ss
v AV tu yeloramo busliiew Whlls
ths fltztit Is
on eroit to the nntutorsd ear
tiiUtloiinlrs that It was not tierinlttnl to lm CV ot a tboussad caattus Cr
put iiutMuiioeii ntxm the ririfi ihe hanktr MlnmU SDiind that you hardly
rvsJUs from sl ct Iron
or tbetpukia Imits
tlois Iho dead men and LorBM too are
ditrerret the homes enset laiir If
Jb sstne groubl wS fougbt otsr
three dsra lxlore aad Ubsraliy
littered with slauelucred snintl tnu is
ths month < f Augtiit A hor n killed with
camion shot vrtu a roost liorrld fctl
tiremlcait whUU luorraaos after
two ot death
dsy or
The day nftcr tha battle at OrtTelofte
Aurmt IS INKVAnMIinlJ Fur IM Moncurs
l Conwsr and inrstlf nrt lorut to ex
tjtore the M I and IVrbes hflng an old sol
Her loalatiM on Ktliie on the plcktt Use
I was a Btran i r in a stnnr Isml and did
not fsticr KHtlnv mlxen un with Us stir
mtshers tho rwl legged JVench baltig tn full
tlew < > rl > es hnd suth eonfltleso In Vreucti
tiisrkamanaliltf that h wss siniiisd when
he was shot at and I was ut Sisred ss
badly an jua Ihlnki hut 1 was sot that
sort of a war correNooiident The fact Ii
1 had views thst 1 had rather go back t
tny own eotiutry and a tt lu saving II
agsta In a c > rnr > rt ti odlce as 1 mlihf he
ueelftl Ho IVbea aad I > ied sad Mr
OenwsT who was serenrW unennsdoaa ot
danger but did hut want to walk hlmaelf to
ileath east la Ma lot with me Then Ooa
wsj and I < parittud sllcMlr ha was In
Tesiiguiins somclliiHg sn > l 1 wss notsnd I
Was bealile the mad when two borssinea
roils br with orderlies following ssd tnr
nM Me dtieeied thn wsltttDOwii an t
illstlngulsheit guntletnen as w would r
la t is ttersoiinl rolimm thsncsilnr lu
insrik ami ifneral ltii hh nlaa and I
aald oiil < i Rhinlau llellol an4 he aall
7tojnt Itkowlsi and wauled to know what
tbij tleril I wns iluliie anl 1 told bin as
wttl as I could aald t thought that part ot
lbs vuuntry Ttrv InlrreaUor Ihll did
n t serni to HMf anvtMair In Hint remark
l nt itlnruArek had an ear for American hn
mr ami rreetstt tt with a frtriuMadle smile
1 sat I to Khrrllnn Mitsa s tHl ins what
bstspened yeatrrdar Did vou see lbs
nght lio Inquired Mr snw waa l
saw all I cmill but ilo imi hno r anythtnn
about It onlr the ltenen atsod up to ll
along here Ho said mlrVlr lV isey
were iHaten north nt ttiishmsra nnd
drtren lata the fortlfleillons lh cant
get away fteadnuarters rths king go > s to
nlalit to IUnt a Mousson and the crown
irlnre la on tlio march fnr Iarls Then I
liegnnto know what 1 had wiineaaed Hie
partlctpshts tn a bnttle sMInni see mors
than a fragment of It and th algbtseelnc
la not an Important emertene for the nla
torlan eieept In merelr dsseiiptlra wrlt
I W 81 1rT t bstile I re
lUlttHl the n M and mull tint ttod tor own
place on the Mil tliowrn I sought it dm
seutly and there was no rh n i bts In the
presence of the TUOimments siirl Ui baenra
f the armies I tnthtxl with SiimMiu slniut
this and he snfl ho was creaMr juailrdi to
flat iwalUont in th twiti netJa where hi
hod eomnianded and referral to the ht > s
reeent Ttslta to twmo of ham in tha TMlej
of virglalaJeL llsJaiu1 in N w Tort
a in mi i > iii i i
While on ono of bis Knropean lour
5J ° w I Conatanlb
Mi ii ° 1 un llmo s Mr Vender
biltsylio Intltwl Mm to come and reilla
aomo of bis ruonolojruea on board tba
latter rcht TberJ uai a K t
rliwlt audlenre eonslsUnc of Mr and
Mr Vnuderbllt 1it rate of pirmsnt
1 111 > r l o ljr airanawl by Mr
v 1
andcrbllt in a loiter vhlth ran a fu
Vou will Iilenso rauso our tear t <
flow alt times and I shall not think ll
loo nnth If you char ma 10l eact
tlmo llesldes jrou ulll make Dslsuak
twelre tlmos nnd eooslderln ho dV
Dresslni state of Iho weather w an
now barlnir I a auaded I oucht
not to pa7 fta Itn than 2W reri
Afler th < perfonnanro Mr Coguella
presenteil the follonlnff bllli
Mr Vnderbllt to Mr Ooaoelln Dr
Kli tears at J10O each ttXIO
Xnilro on of iaothtrr at t2oa
each 2400
srunonov and tub madam
This ei > erlenco of Ppurreoa Is re
counted iu a reeent article la tba
Hiiord and Trowel Yeara aav tbe
treat prtacher lar 111 In tht Howl dea
Anxlais ait Mentone but ono da b
insisted tbat hla derolcd attendants ao
for a llttlo uercl Hardly had
disappeared when a madman who
solitary pistol Coroner ia < f iloded tbe Tlillaiios of hla keenira
aa abr ran the wuntlet 1ft anOT mM U ta safd I want jtS ti
men Jjarix yosterday Dare Lollls and n my ul 1lth treat prtien of
Albert Ueott two uearro boya we bunt sofforrr bad tb fellow
ln Boott was klUe1 by Iolll
and Tbe
ooronera Jory ound erldenre of murder
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Jail Coroner Uacahsu started from the
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11 formed mob to rescue tb boy and
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war to tb railroad crosslnc where ba
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fled pursuers declare the will be arnttd
ou the corouar
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tbo man to ro away and lattini la kali
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iron tho doctor and aerranu wero urn
uoned but they were not able tootr
tak tb madma before bo hatltabbeJ
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