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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, November 21, 1892, Image 2

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Bunday Local Events AH Un
Importanl Visits ot Capitalist Funeral ef i
fUspecled Lady A Llvtly Chase After
Crap Shoo tors The Presbyterian Art
Loin Exhibition
nnrAirt inn culverts
Some of tLa tatter ctoibIdm of the
ft recti Br In bud condition and If ihey
iro not repaired Injary to TOlucles nail
tnarbo peraonal Injury li luro to eng me
lpiterdalr tna nero noted nn < l lima
nro riled ncrelr oi types not that ttify
ero the onl blades uittllng repair At
ttie corner of Ninth nnd Houston hi
the frost of ttio trinnrle nt that point
I an opening between two of the imnkn
of the culrert wldo enotljtli for a Ditftry
wheel or ren a narrow wagon wheel
to co into nnd If It did a week if rcrUln
At Jenutnes atpnno and Uroadwax 1 >
tv pan tnoTmsatUi rJ9uL ai < i jimiim
these and like anea nro of tno ailtcli
In Utno WTlntf ulno or more kind tli
ritya Rtreet comiiUatonera would do will
to look after theae necesiary rtpiurii
T > n t nUht about 10 oclock Offlcrra
Darby and IaudjroTi while patrolllnc
their rat were nltiicmt dumhfoundtd to
e a group of netrot alioating craps on
HouHtoo atreet In front of lajlora
taking adruntuiro of the electric Hptit
that Illuminated that part of ttio itrcU
They were all brotblacka and aro welt
known to the olUcern
They wero ao inurh lntere twl with
their oeheneuui ll n and other crle
tbnt mnko thli Kama so exciting to tho
colored wind that tho olTtceni Tirp upon
theui Iwfore they ilUcotered the pres
ence of tint arm of tho law Lnadirrorn
mnrlo a prob at ono < li I not Kit n booI
hold ami tho now tlioronahly Beared
darkey twUtttl out of the oJllcer hind
lik an eel < iulrmi through tho fugr
of IUi captor Tho group I artel n
though a thell had exploded In tliJr
inldat and l < d In Yorloua ways Tho
ofliceri trlM to run two of tho darkles
down but the fleet foottd garaostr iit
taped In the darkiiuwt of tho wiM aide
Their arrest Is a mere QUoMlon of time
Tim squau iIuNTiits 1LianT
When the norther of Thursday was at
Its height ht tho middle of the nfter
nooti no rent o tho waternorlca oKlco
employes decided they would rob tho
net of tho jteeoiis that have rondo their
honies lu the fndentntioni that oriamtit
tho top of the facade of thi Powell
lllock Jntt ncrons the Mala ktreet from
the watirworka olhci
Tliey reckoned without Ihelr lioat
at least without tho wind for when they
got out of tho flcuttlo that Kivua hcccbh
to tho rtrof Huns Mnbry and Oeo Atix
andcr ficIntf th forco of tho northtru
irale for eale It was up It ore aunk tn
tho roof fearing they would fait tliuieh
the edge was fifty fctt away Auxnndtr
tacked Ida lint under one arm an 1
treUhed out tho other In fiitllo tfTort
to group aomo atay nil the while aeml
recunilH > nt on the imtnl MoJiry sat
down im Ids hat at firnt to kerp from
losing It lut finally tried to slip along
to th front of tho Ml M i but h i o
IM Tim s ai 1 i l i i i
Ota tnr
X of reach
Is blowing
tb u n at in I
Int I l f
in n flua er
li I a lUr
I rora one largtly lnt re tf < l comes n
suggestion for Ihe conslletntlon of tbo
tlly tointil In this Inngnaiie
lho dty counrll shouil nt once eeo
thnt Jennings nienue nnd Lntunr street
It ailing Into Hemphill sholll I I e raft IihI
und shltwnlks made so ihnl tbu i
PuiHls young men and women nltt ml
Ing the high scliotl eonl I get emit
fortnby tti lho burning Nothing Utttr
could lie dow Willi lite J50XI It ft of the
> Ihj u < 10 reiulr tho
old bnlldlnsrs an I put tho walks In ordtr
so the children can nltend tho school
The eriaulng week will bo slgimllie1
by the ejnuliig of virhus Iwlles of ltig
li h flialbi win are or tuny 1 IS
M rbrt WuUl 0Uir ll
II II ChantiHaln lho heal of tho
lrt at I lulniberlfttii Investment
will bo hero nlt Hltunhiy with n party
of Lagllth rapllallal wlto nro Interested
lu the Uiamhcrlolu luveslmeut com
pnuys properties and who tuny nld to
hJr InvsAmoiila lu thi Knta
n Tallont iftiteral Manager In
Texas for the ChniMi rlaln Intustineut
company left at nlgbt to go to 1b rlfy
of Denver Colo wlwro he wilt meet the
Lhniubclllln psrty
Tuesday next a H Sllllnnn will
rive here with
by directly Intelrated partes Certain
It Is that inrt of the ntertiinrnenl will
ionulit of bnnrjnets at Ye Arlington Inn
nrd of tbei there will be two and may
be three for tboufth two of the parties
are billed for alraultaucona antral they
ata all separate parties but are looking
OTer the loxas field and f thoy aee tM
chaDco to better themsdres bent ou
putting Iligllhh capital to the doTtlop
ment of the rexoitrces of Texas
1crt > orth cltlr ns can well afford to
giro thwo gentlemen the atlictton thnt
Is promblal of the city for it may
bo lu cxertlftlng the sacred rltw of ho
t Itality th y may do good for lort
Worth that shall xpeHllly bear fruit
Tliot a projtramme be arranged for bq
eotertolrimcnt to I glTen at an rrtrlj
tnte for the benefit vt tbn ladlca World a
fair Imlldinff about ai followa
Tuat ten or twelve rcpresenUtlre
Clark Rtntlemcii tngagti to eat
tluir crow on th staso at Grecnwalla
that tba crow bo aenrcHl bjr as inuoy
Hoffg gentlemen tbat the erenlna ba
ma la ooe of nodal irntlierlnir of t > ntb
ladle anil sentlemen of different polltl >
cal opinions that handsome prORrataue
and menu cards W iriren as souvenirs
to all patrons tbat toasts afteriHnnir
rpeeines I e riven lntersp rsM wltti vocal
musle and assisted by Trof Ault a or
Win I does Tba CaiotU nr7
ilio Major
Tlie snirristlon la given to tba tieotde
of Fort H orth
It Is a terr bard matter to keep Un
roll of all those patriotism prompts Uiem
to saciibce tliunisdres on tho altar of
their countrr as applicants for the va
rious federal oulcjsl ilums dansllni ao
tooiptlnslr abovo watcrlnic ltioutlis and
as the list lemtbens the ilillleultlea in
crease Hut one fact of local Intirist
In this connection Is to bo noted
Ouo of lho positions most earnestly
fought for Is tho United Ktatis marshal
ship of this district though why pusses
Cant tieo ICnlcht a Terr effldent
and industrious oUicer resltniid Ms mar
halshlp of this district because tliotmolu
ments wiro not large enongli and tho
auditing department of lllo Uultod NlntM
treasury was too slow In setttiug his ae
rounts In tho fsio of this there Is sticb
nil ncrlmoulous warfare ingoadered bo
tvieeii tho Dalbs nnpllcnnts Messrs
Jowls an 1 Smith i Wilts and Arnold
linsent chief of police that their elforts
lid fair to neutrallzo one another than
ces and In that event tho olliio vIll go
to soino othtr I lace it Is lug held by
many that Dallas has the list chance
with n const ntruttd effort in favor of
ont Indhldusl
1 ort orth lias one avowed eandi
date n Sheriff Hen Blilpp nu 1 one or
two still hunters Chlif of Iullio Jlad
log has been ruggeatixl for the lluce
M 0 ot Condi late yet
110 1ms only couslJired his mlHtlon to
bs present Iwultloii nest April and lias
glun no tbou bt whntovir until lho
suggestion was made to tho federal po
A prominent lnnhaiidlo cnndldnle Is
I n tain in MrlJuial 1 of the ltunie
fone Another is a seTgennt at urnis
of tho lUtytt cistventlon nt Houston Me
Coinill of Childress who was vallantiti
repelling tho nssnults of the Clark forces
nul If tho cnudidacy of these two men
It curat nctlvn there Is a ver > pretty lit
tlo slury to bo till uitit them lu con
nee Ion with another ottlev
Anyway llioro Is n Pretty Iteltlo of
fleh tlionglt the cot tentlon ft r this posi
tion Is not re whit more eagtr than tbnt
fur other of the fultrnl otUets that will
fall to this tllstrltL
liit ILK 0URTS
S J t Ti
Uuysit Be Meant
it 1 t N r in lt tint il n
Iftiiwe uu > iuttaiy NwVtHuUr ij bu
lisviug no busluess bofuro It adjournei for
tho week
Tim count or uut aueajs
Tho ftilloHlog ojllilons wero real In lho
court or dell sivesls for the Third district
on Mednesdsy Sovembtr let mil
JostJliie Jleillln et ol vs Joint UUUns
et si from ltsxsr
t 1 a ult ot trespass to try title
llltilin iMltlon sit out tho ttertnlsms
weru In losstssloit tf a certain usct or
Isntl knowu ns Ihe lorres auerle lut the
lhHf shotted that the land claimed by the
ileremlsttts was the kuerles suerle llie
sllegsta and llie > robsta must txirresiioud
1 Istinlrr it ill not be permitted to sue for
one trutt f laiul snd reeovtr anotlier not
leanltieil la tlelr KUtlon the Judgment
ts stunned Otlulon by Usher c J
HllllBin Moliltr and A M Duggvr te If
VTtlge rnttu llsysi
was tuo of trespsss to try title
llottt pnriles claim untUr pntenls from tno
stste to parts of tno couot tttig surveys
lbs land eltlee maps slioees thnt the tlsrk
sunt under whlelt tho stpellsnts elslm Is
1 t l > orltlnal Uell notes show
just Hit Stovnll snrvty untier which npiitl
tl clra s aurteyetl l w dsys Is fore
hat or me Uutk sonty Upon tiiese rias
l C K r t > l > t t the spi elites
Kl li nU
ernU T
7 > t er 0
JIary Mclkmal I et al t tho Intir
untional au I treat
Northern Uauway uuin
I any fjuin Htlsioaou
l lltt sovonl anpenl of thN etie
fliJ Vti4l > oU wlng chirio VSZ
a Ten ant U amlnnwl nu em r fi n
mug by derentaat of tratna upon tts tratk
m > uo nr rati of mred on aneh iralm
jriis defendant wa mtniei to H Irak for
ita iralni iti run iipou mid Ita ervanta mid
Meats Inrharce of a nmntnc train hai S
ti iZ rttiittiiien rog too ruonnig mi
will Invesllgnte tin nrTalni of llielr eoni over a iKrson nimn llie tratj I
pany ttml look oier lho stj o gonerallr VI j V > nla anl astnt
ero tltey Mo tho leaas lirtlers 5 W viX It VlffL n nn
meiita In olelltlon to Uioso they now I > lir ntlilug ttosstng lu itj Ju t
halo wnets petit l were aeeiisiomed
Next Kttnrtlay a
rnHy t > f flfteen or
twlHTi illslinien some ot wlroiiV lire
seeklug lnvtstments will ar
lv 7 fro Han Antonio Oneral
I M Uarko will so stitiUi on lho Mis
sourl Iuinaas nnii lesns I rl lay to
ineet theoj ami will return wllb tlitui to
this city
litis rations partita tlittlnrt tliooeh
tltey are will meet Itere and will he
outertalneel by tho cltliene geniratly or
Of twrfeot purity
Of arraat etroneth
Boonomy tn thtr uso
Flavor aa dolloately
iml ll9llelou ly as tho rroah fruit
to keep lookout snd Sn
a It a person was
l V > < V trstk an I In tlsuJTr to hKftiS
or ba t lite train ir It eotu f bi lone bl t5S
eierrlre ot ortllnary eare nnd bv I Vr
SSn 1 < mmctlng
upon sutlt iierson v ttis
itta tttnrt utlds litis
taken llutto lb pl ui miT 1
ksppenetl was not tnenrmratnl
Mr wh
there any statins ngntatlng the imntlill
rslis lut froni this It na dm VwiM
that tltero It no law regulating the spilla or
iel l V a fM1 XU an PtoSai
r that the
larllta eoutre111
nil then null
ran lima tsst ns Ihty llt tsi even It
the tlk ot Wes
Impertlllug III l or rmtms
wrullv ttsliut tit ore ligit iJht ot
rVIlS 1 lr r flreamalaiici
nia a Irate at a gleen est f aprM Vhra n
> > rsir ttnlrr other rlrenniMnneii
hrouah a ttty or town woullb gwin
te1 < Its mu
lion the lime an I
many other Inn
J not htgUlScJ
tii t I l ltPr l > r to tnstrnet the Jurr
thst tsUttre w give the lresorli VVjJ
H 11 whstre would It nekilgeiiM
1 Mrtlenlar
l it Pa1 ease but It weSl
eiyually lmproi > er to Instmet that It wm I
nttt tie nn ess It cleat Ir sppeatvd that It
Oplatonby 1 jestle T lollarf is reve d
not alt Irt this ease
frm Tolu len
Justlee ltJy nid
A J > aorthy
Hntt of trespses to try title ArMdw
Si < In Th eonnrISi
ISrS V and IwaW In Jauuary IsJl
iKflt V n wer d thst such sale laumi
i t i was no clssiltfoit oo
uJjrt ° treen t > uuty as re
rV JL7 J a eonsly I
SJ vT he tst ws K
StKKfli nVf1 apidleantw lu
SSJJVeV bou hst the apprsts
tt V tfl m w TO
U aaoi tea br th UaJ loM m hsii
BtatU la Aasuu tasts tt ot to thi ceuatj
Thi Cretltlt Comtl of thi Ctnlurj En Roula
Toward in EirUi anil II Bid Filr I
B > lb Marvel ol lho Ag
A celestial visitor Is now speeding Its
way from the distant regions of spam
towards out llttis earth with inconceiv
able rapidity it boa already awaeneil
more than ordinary Interest among as
tronomers and unloss all predictlona
am at fault will cause general wonder
and perhaps cotatcrnatlon
Hut a few days ago a German astron
omer named llerberlcb cabled to Pro
fessor Itltehle at the Harvard nnlver
slty that he lead discovered a comet In
the constellation of Andromeda wbicli
bu thought was Itlelas rjubseeiucnt ob
servations have conQruied this deduction
Xfce eomet known as Itlelas Is tho
most remarkable of all the wandering
heavenly bodies Sometimes when Its
I season comes It blazes fieraely at others
there Is not a trnce of It and again It
apis ars In two divisions separated from
each other The calculations made fix
the period of this celestial tramp nt all
nnd six tenth learsi but by seime as
yet unexplslned circumstance It doea
not appear regularly on tbo recurrence
of these periods nod appears only on
OJiiHIj 1 H ef the time calculated for Its
regular coming In 18ltl lllelua comet
was seen to be divided Into two parts
t irj4
11 t > rj
> lnr r w
Ajillana 0 n ILK kork etsl
from lwluipusss
1 notes given as part Inrrunse
monty lor
msthlnry still stpollees through
iS iW i o rr nty law A ls > wire
r2 was given against
them for Bid o lu fartlP
of o fwnjanu Rnit
liturally aglut lntlft ike only eelu
trait of watranty urn te by Isiev S Js > w waa
V 1 l eVlten7 1
ftntonts claimed breach ot verbs erarrautr
SSL iX It I1 U1 h0 Indiintul wla
given In this last Ihet ry to be roaslstnit
Ihe Jury ought In have fount for It au
fr hu i 1 o nt il II ou
It the verdlet wss bnsed
on a breath of
ty tho evldctteo for It was not shown that
retiulrements toad Inert In of appelleMwrr
l 5 an rntltlett tot
L ° ount of tn riees ui
Ifd t liT dl1 S ln1 w rr ltr I own
and to do thla the npnrl
ea must show
compllsnc nu Ihelr part with the 5J7
oalWns of the contrsct eslllng for written
nollee return ot dtfeetlee isrls sntl the
Itktt jmlcss sneh cot ipllanre l ahown to
bars been waived Tbo verdlet sill lu lit
flee Key reversed Opinion by Jul
The Krenth repulllo certainly earrv their
SJ I 1 1011 ° u iiiiatitlly red
tejd Jt lrma allovttsf to tiksa
a pSfiltWn ° UU t
The eupretne court of IVnnaylranla baa re
Jeeldeel a case ngahut tint U ef
Ing of broktrs In which the una J eii t
as auehwlly for the
ruling lh plaluill
In the esse had Psld the btttker a Sinnl
WWII < oll rs for etreeilJg a > iiof
ia St KL1 1 Olog thst hi
° < ln
et1 tiS Purchaser and when
i t If ooveretl suit eras broegbt
ftfJi n reeovtretl The oourtssjs
ETfSintt Lit P1 J1 elreiimlsnces u
ruW < y onnd moralltr
Ihtin irSj commnnjeated li
ir vas dofendsnl Tbr hi upsVthoit fcfS
saying that thla ran not b don til
the American Law Jotiraal asks tt
iWo a h ou1 SeJtt J
and S FFV orlms ermueouBl
b relratnrrse1 by the ititi
tor Ik sunertng tbry have undergon
rssson of such Jutllclst error
A n wa wtiD rrMr r to > s
m bixi
tns eviaeuee less proren guilty i to tba
Ufsctlon of verybtxly elss
eonuuudag Iaw7trs fttr al
vsds justice fhi tlffsul
wtu tie Issrd
has > rl > etl th pea aSift
S Ing etr iris the uaUrtng rij
utl th suinsnt ability ef his eouasel 2f
KmVJltS 1 < who has ihiJi
uUy inlBrtpreasattet bis esse lo Us eeoiSj
> ad vies trlilTkS
Tjleg after th
la Ms sotutu ofUivw Jir vVt
a loKag lawsuit An ofatb who l d whS
1 r tun jrf r 4 ilmt tomplmn l
> r u ti are r
un tut feluivl uitBttikeu tiuuoU iuu tuxJ
B kx1 an if alia The land l > oara wa an
met nt vt the legUUtiirn and If It ill 1 wtiAt
j < a uot nut horliwl iuch act emu 1 ho ratlfle 1
J J the lttsUtttura and auth ratunatton If
It doe not rillere lho puruhaNer from anr
of the ol ligations
not I e sut h relier
in 1832 the cltWo ITcLrnet
In 1 KI It was not l I S
but that tlir tisra o 1 X
wontltTfol meteoric ° w
ntwed It U the bdle SISi eh
thot the imet vrrtt lj rl j
star shower w cs ed by the 1P rt
of the comet stnklol StTLhs
Of Oie earth la w eflk u 7rt tial
to the eartn inst
comet came a
not been delsyed In
If th latter had
Its orbital revolnloo i K
OecaHtnally due to the action of other
lwdlea there would have been a col
Hslon lt Is eatlrrly wlW J J
comet will ifrlls the earthJ J
entertained that such
not be any fear
the earth Oometa
UNtlna will hart
arSToW gsKOn ° m ° t
Pbero might be allgaOy fltereel for a
time but thnt would bo all
The comet Is now visible to the naked
Increasing In sie
eye and Is
anei briUlaiViaaa ta a few weeks wl
be several limes larger than the full
moon according to tie caluIaUons of
Professor Swift who also Predicu that
on the night of the 53th Sbthand 27th
star showers wUi occur the display on
the nlgbt of Ui 27U h l > lC wfol in Its
IVr the benefit of those who desire to
view the comet now I give n star map
The little dipper Is a familiar coustc la
tlon to all tho eni of the handle being
Polaris the North star If a line 1
proletetl from the big dipper through
and beyond the north star It will inter
wet the comet In the constellation of
Andromeda nt shout the same distance
opposite In this lattltude dariug ISo
vember iho convtellatloa Andromeda is
almost in the lenlth at half past nlno
oclock at night V M Clarko
A Jl10M > s
tits f Rsllarte ivtl b
It nt 1 In l
n instil
a s th f
rJf ftLW
uiion hlra would
a forlilildeu by the
It Is not necessary for one elslmlng to
hold under lho enllJstlng act cited above
to allow atrltt rtnipllanoe with terry re
UUlremeiit ot the statule otherettan the
words In good fsllh would lie given no
enetl but such con list ee as wool I ntxa
live Ihe presnmpllon of bad guttle slsiul t lie
fhown At 11 lit u hsl tlrserlhed tho Isn 1 aa
Tit J r pnatur only nnd the S pcllsnt
dclrid to Introtltii testimony going li show
that the Ian I was suitable for agricultural
punsiBes Ihla was evldcnte to irove a
lonterlnl at am Ita eicluslon evas etron
o The eharg of tho court ahould linve
ralletl to the atlentlon eit the Jury mat Ihe
burdt n of 1 tesif waa ou tho ai ptlleta llie
In lament U reetrso1 OUnlni by Jnstlto
Vey illcf Justlco 1 laker did not sit In
this esse
thsV Jlh y uS W nts to know
ths ttlr Tharles i
jnat llussll i j i r < s tted
to do bustaoH ou highly rtvaalageJS
ml a P1 have goo1
t i
jnare Inolotto etauiped envelope and recilve
list of cases won dur
ng tho last year If
jou in trouble wrfte or c11 It nci
1o raralmoraileay This Is etlinllit
1 J > ing at tntjuty hot Ton
hear It any ilny nt the aw rourta It li Ihe
song that all Air a 1 oil lTelleuls siig
When ha winks the other cvi at tie iS
R 1 heraekleat case t ot the IS
lernis on applicatl ill
3 d l uo l H ll O n > yon
tjTk J Tff ln 8r Andrew
Uark If yon ft > el ill or out of aorta droo
f IS esrd or telepttone i Nr A u an 1
Sf ufiLaOK of ron ln Ore mln
Succetled In Kllllnj His Falher Inlaw and
Kolker4n Law anil SI ghlly Wound
Ing Hit Wile
Cltlcngo in Not aTU morning
llinuiin rIctltr n Oerman living with
lis wiro anei three cltlllren
nt tin ro u
hnee of his wife a parent Henry S
Curollno Sils 7J1 Norlh Iaullna tftrett
shot bis futhorln law aid nitjjeiln Uw
Instantly HI ng tacit Ho itl
kill ltla wife but only Jj
onJed in wounding her slight il
r rr11 J alio In the
ly a bullet from a Mlicemaaa reiolvr a
No tveotrer
cause la assignej
Ute teenlgl t belt r talketl ot tho
uK Vta Vn i0 S
new titer I gouts to l a big tight
sYilhou Children Buys h Toy and
Her Heubaml
Suoj lor Divorce
Columbus O Not 20 a iiecultar
aivorcowaa trlca botoro Judge Duncin
UHJay Mlohaol Moon p3loto of
a jcaatfactory onEaatWurthi bimiiS
thoplalitflf JtochfSShl
t acta of extravagance cltetl hv MooS
was tha purohasa of threo lariroSoll
H Hatw that hla wl dlel rSl give
ona of tho Uttloones ho ouCht to fill
th lonirfelt want by buyinua
DUn > doll ah Vmlort most
Ihro mentlemeM cot > each
boucht in Gorman whllTSl Moo
JM making a twent tour ol that iom
Moon had picture of thK9 iail
> They wore dre el up in Hm
otolhw and looked Ilk Util JctreX
Mm Moon hod the picture S
AI n cllme1 tha hI toa bXe ° i
honw rout < erm nv new clothe cSTu
hffeax JJoharged herwithsw
Ihe at him klckinc Wdj St i
louso and threatening
to Vhsit hi
h cauao ho objects wth uo W
caaluainrotrea >
tnitiVSaerrclJ Wash
That Tired
The milked benefit which people overcome
by That Tired Peeling derive from Dood Bar
prove that this meeU
dns make the weak
strong J BEmertoo
a well known merchant
of Anburn Maine say i
About five year ago
I began to inner wlttl
very severe pal l
my Nte atli grad
ually growing worse I
took Ilooda Sariapa
that I was troubled with IJr l > compll
csted wlia I tvr aad lils > er troubles I
enptuveelatonce and am errtalnly very much
Lcller and feet more lik working
Hoods Sarsaparilla
always glres ma relief and grfat comfort IJ
ci d rnd to any one ioffering as I old
Hood a Pillb > jikuuti cwntiptuon i
Blown From His Body A Skyrocket Fell Into
His Can ol Powder
Brazil Ind Nov 20 James Smith
a prominent and wealthy fanner of
Jackson township was probably fatally
burned last night at a Democratic Jolli
fication at Center Point thld count
Ho woe carrying a largo can of blasting
powder through tho crowded streets
when a firerocket fell Into tho can and
exploded Tho powder In turn exploded
horribly burning and mangling bmiths
body Large chunks of fleeli were blown
from his body while hli clothes wero
fairly torn from him Several persons
standlnir by wero also badly though
not fatally injured
York IVnn Nor 20 Kx Champion
John U tSullirim crcateJ oiiito an ex tte
nieut here last erentng Tbo blc ftlluw
wii bHIM to appear In the York opera
house He wna beaatly drunic when ho
nrrlred and wanted to enter a cab to gro
to his hotel but found there bimucl
Wallick Sulltran wanted tlm cnb nil
to himself and commanded Wallick to
vacate To thi tho latter objected
and the pTireCfthter got In and pnltt I
htm out tore lit coat badly and jostled
tho wearer rough Wallick then aworo
out a warrant for Sulltran a arrest on
the thurKO of assault and battery 1 ut
the fight r a manager nettled tho cutto be
fore Wulllvan was arrested Tho affair
caused scleral Indignation
The Well Known Contralto Singer and Aclrcsi
Mirrled In Si Thomas Church to
Mr Paul D Gavath
CVew York lTernlel
Jllas Agnt s Huntington Ilio rrlmn
elouna contrnlto essayed a now rele
that of a brido yeatertlay nt noon when
her marriagtt to Jlr Iaul Drennnn Cni
Tttlli took ilace nt St Ihonias chnreh
Many persons gatheied In tho church to
aoe the woman who hatl won lyrical
laurels in Ivtirois and her own country
a hanlsom bride bhe looked remark
ably well In a gown of heavy Ivory white
satin made with a foil train and trimmed
trtmid 0ll 0i I l < Tl > 8t > waa
trimmed with loco
tho sleeves puffed at
tho ahoiUelera but tight to tho wrist
i ir ° n a ni w a horseshoe of
bsTSjn Jl c < t wo oovelopod
by n yell of tulle which waa affiled to
lief collfore with a bunch ot orange
khJIi In IaM ot customary
bouqutt aho carr cd a prayer book
bound i rlte rcltet Tlioro iVe So
brltoarnnlls or rnahl of honor
b rid e froel tho church with her
brolherIn law Mr 1 Lnthron
S W iiatter
tho brido nt tho chancel Tho marriale
etremony was perfnrmetl by the Iter
lio rf 0hnryMll f 1rown wctor of 5
MK u reri Mr N Oil
T iw ii
1J fr jan m r Vr °
hJVViti 1 P1 JMIns Huntington
baa reUretl from opernt o life Her litis
blind who was graduated from Oberiln
Ste 1 U rom Columbia
School 1ms a large practice In New
He Is of lho U iirm cjrovath I
lloustou III ftir le Uev B
Crnvu b preshlent of I lk Unlveraitr JI
wuUli i rl U ° I at
wl1 lienl l ° t bre1k t which
the ° INnvarroHats i i npartment of oi S
Salamnncn K
1 w West Ilftyolghtb
t the future resllence street of tho which brido win
groom AlKlt ioo
lho reception like the weddingTIi
mony was characterised by slmplldtv
A ° 5 le IO
n Psrtook of t
kiK Ui Mrs r
SLr b U rff
trf Jo 4hSLr Dfokjffi
e r
Sir tol d V ra y uzi ll tT
Mrfi ix 5 Uxui > >
eslinghoiist Jr Mr lutl
I V ew
Mrs Im
Inpii nnd Mr
Amouj tho iTe nH
rwflreil lv it
siSlfi s
ncaJwrforel ruSiki m Lew la
> So Louis J Pam 0Ir 1 > ChC
VWtltteu Hbortw Na tViT1 D
on Oeorgetoivn li Ci M ler
jMtwrai a 11 hl rr H < T
Alyarado MeVeri tu A lllddels
t 10 1
Cribba tit UuVo Arth
e r
wife Sherman V d
H Meeid i w 1 S Mo ° nU
ltunbaa j fi V > i annor Co
Sii < m
feall 8 J
W Hall
fONt li
rhlladelpUa Ben U Hammond
fi 1 rod llsrndolHr lu
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E A0 REUff
S Sat ° Ia I ° t Clcr0 ° m lcr u
fo teedormtt rgoJI awonana tr
Ctcet ol prlt igb r tg
iiel lo
yw A H Tooko lucllo Col J 1111
dreth Now Haven Conn J T Maj
Pfd W li Cole J I Ward Fort
311 Omul T V llson Denver
ya Mia ItelDe Denver Col Mlas
IlniBh Indianapolis Iml Mr and Sli
J li Uttfelohn Fort Worth Miss 1
ilonesean Neev York Mlaa Mollle Jones
w iorkt Tohn f low
ft H Mrs Jeunio Ki ubale Miss
torrino lviml H w lork rhiras
flalle sc i rk Arllng Shalffer New
lork J
B Smith 8 n Krauiiaco
lorll1 3Jostl
Wonderful Rosulta of Dr D M Bw Tr W
cora Flatula Ecioma t i
Hundreds SuooessWf
e h ai
MB to
eons i jIC
thea al d uTaTIO
Mve B e perilyasjes
Cllloner d res < t
Br 0 X BKS COtlMtATlOV Oil CWftJW i
Thr4 r
dw Sm
1 U Hart iittw j r Urj
i aU L jiy
j a Kean Indianapolis lull Minnie y wto rvsnai
Morrellay Nannie Montgomery tort Mlb jb
otes it II
> a
J Hla

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