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ror William of Germany will lie S3
jld Jnn 27
were snowstorm Is prevailing lu tbe
fti counties of ttnglaiid ami lu Wales
Loudon Snowden tbe new United
minister to Spnlu has arrived nc
Is general corniAatut in Mexico
scsrclty of kllled labor especially
mlno operators
mluftrlfil ami financial conditions In
nrollmi ore reported na gratifying
of the Improwuient In tlio njrloul
er roiloil concern oallad tbe life
adlng company lias been formed to
o German branch of tlio Standard
B > lg lice plrnt of Pranels Wliltolser
91 Koet Ht Louts was will to lft
J of Chicago yesterday wbo will
Wis capacity
petition against the confirmation of
Di Mctomas us judge la In civcula
tnong the memljers of tlie Vs htni
flnd others
laditone baa sent out a can es >
i lit gratitude to his friends who
ii coiifntuifttorj letter and tele
i hit birthday
etiry Ziltntr llrewlug company was
vtnl Tkltli n mpltal of 800000 for
pose cif tnnmifm luring laser beet
In New York city
3atoot rumor > Itb regard to Dr Me
is tliut he bna Ik an offered tlie
if siored oratory In tlio Catttollo unl
In Washington V V
iiibee over ITiOO workmen without
neat mid on tin verge of nlMtoltilo
iltlon hate pettlloued tbe federal gov
Tit to start publlo works to wire tbem
inpresulon In Washington la that
av York Democratic leader cannot
o precipitate a conflict with the In
pilinluPtiatliin by tbe elwUon of
vaid Muiphy to tbu United mates
t Louis city council In caucus baa
u sunevsoi to HvTrassurer roars
er whose adtnlulalratlou a shortage
ly Joiooo has occurred The new
CFpr U M 1 Lewis n prominent
man and Democrat
nines of the chairmen of the rarlnue
mltteea to uiuke pi operations for
agination of Presidentelect Clove
ive been minoimcsd Tlie secretary
Interim baa granted the u e of the
bulldtnx for tbe Inaugural ball
ie llusida Is swinging away from
Itny la ahnvly drirtlng nwn
3ldi nlllntne Tim lHtcat dorel
Jmoro friendly attitude of King
ay from
lutl hl iubliu < t toward tbe Vatican
Jew or the reappearance of cboloru In
Airg tbe lruaalan authorities bnre
jd n strict supuriistou of nil persona
Jlod of hating tlio tlUoase In all
ful canes bacteriological examinations
Jo held
r Mutunga baa boon nominated by
Seen of Spain ns minister to Wnshltig
petior Jlttrtmga wna mlnUter to Wash
i three joara ago Ho visited America
f months ago Including In bis tour
to mid the city of Mexico
Jhouse of Wm Jones a colored man
si brook L I was doetroyed by Uro
femoll vlilldron who were locked In
Suae were o badly burned that tbejr
nve died It le aupp ied tbey mart
ft Ore while plujlng 1th matchen
UtirKtwa McTu kit Hugh Nona ami
Olebold charged will oonaplracy at
itead Ill have been releaaed on
pie aecurity via fumUhed br u
lute orcaulaed by Attorney Urtmiiou
ml for JlcLuckle aud ltohe la ai000
r Dlubold SVOOOO
C 1errln superintendent of tbe
aceutlcul dvpnrtniHiit of Meyer Ita
Miuimny at St LoiUh committal tul
JHeterilay by ahootlilg Tbo theory la
the handling of drnge of n noxloun
her bus bad tbe effect of uubulnuelnt
j Indian national congreas at Calcutta
t rokolutluttH oxpree lng regret that
topic of ludlti were not allowed to
repioewitntlves to tlio counojl of tlie
> aud atrqngly coudemnlng tlio with
d of tile trrnnt for blghor education
ho abolition of trill by Jury in sorao
jte of llrltlsh India
atnte depiirtment at Ottawa lias
ibolcd tho petition from tlio oltlMna
io Itoard of Undo of Throe Jllrera
y aaklng the Dominion gorerntnvnt
jto the rnlte1 Statea goornment to
in Colonel Huiltb the United Statort
J ut Tin co Wioru who bad gWen
f by reiHirtlng to bU goiernmeut tho
Itury coudltlon of that place
esl Texas Will Band Together to Elect
la Man Who Will Civa Them What
Thoy Want
la Tox Jan B8poshliron
3 Cocbran dejierted for Auetln tide
IK and upon hl arrival there will
e tiwakerihlp fight n earneat Harry
end Albert Taylor will go down in
ruing Golden who a proildwl of
te Federation of Uilwr uud a thl k
flu Hogg loan would llku to h > cbalr
Rr Owiunilttee on labor under the
Deal Uunyau lOng the lloaterclect
lut r1 r H oe the elee
iiiid It H net kiiomi how lie atiu < ln
atieakeNtitp route
Uaxttte corre pondent waa nhowii
t r tonight written by a member of
oglslature fwm a county adjolilug
Tbe wrltor etutwl the leglatorf
nth uud wat Tenaa bad ugresd to
In aecivt uwa t Auatli next Sim
uid pi oitir tlie altiwMau He al o
r stated In iho eiiUtle that thu
rn of south and went
tor the man for apeuKi
thun uhtii tlu > a k
Texai will
er wbo will
on la n prims fmortte with tbe author
im Jan 5 Durlug thu recent unow
a oottago at lUraogeiiburg a town
itrla ou tbe Traae ubout ihlrtyfl
we t of Meaua wee burled tutler a
Of enow Tbe cottHge wua toTiaWted
laborer and ala faoilly nuwbertDg
lierjKa Jor tbrte daya tbey wera
t are or food uud wlieu a reeeuiig
ruftcUed tbe Oottagi t o of i5
were already da < r aud tbe other
prottmled It 1 feared that tuore
P o C y Twin Jan 6Several
9 H UUlUowu man etole a bure
iMiartoe ISaker lu Carter county iVuii
ialJa trBcoa l < onfe and Id uu
J ta PBrty r a ty SUetlff Miller
iNKf0 Carter ffot bebimj u roe
r wwwmwstw
JEL J1L JsL 11 a
Rang Out From the Throats of
Six Hundred Men
SeventyRye Determined Officer Headod by
a Hero SherKT Qro t d Tliexn
Wllh a loll of FIro end a Rain ot Gullets
Twonly of Ids Lynchers Fell but They
Camo Again Tho Sheriff and
Us Mm Wiped Out
Nqw York Jan C A specl l from Mr
Hon N a regarding the BaVoraTlllo
riot gars
Tbo attnek wnn p ot l nil day Tue
tlfty Alounulueen from MltdtoU Alo
Dowoll and Yancey conntle ware aw ui >
bllnic lu the little tnountalu liatnlet unUI
tlt iwpalatlon of BOO waa doubled At 4
oclock in tlie afternoon a formal demand
wan made upon tlie HlwrlfT for Snipes aud
tbe two WbitMDs by a UMHwetiiwr from
tho mob who approached the Jail under a
l n of truoo To tttls the brave Rarrleou
will dto flreu
fi company tih I > Ht Into lhre t
tltiltiR fu tlii > Jnll the other
twt f he aherilTa liouae and
ham au > tho main bulldlnB AYtn
olM8t ra w loHdtnl and they watted for
the final atrmtgle to beln llivy rorti
not lung In auepeuM Hie night wonttl
bo brlRht with moonlight anil It wna ue
Iom fur tlio tnoh to wait for darknsM
About Htm tlovrn tlio attack waa mnd
At leaet WXJ artnetl men marched aollilly
up the road aud then with a howl broke
In a run for the Jail Tho tfnrrleou waa
ready for them
Halt or I will aire ordera to Are
rang out Sheriff Momawi vol but uo
utteutlon waa imltl to IL
ITfro rang out tho order and eovetity
five riflee belched their deadly contents
Into tho lyncher
They wavered n tnomont na ti acore of
tliotn went down hut with the attwdlnoaa
of vetorniia doeetl up their ranka and
ruahed forwanl attain under ha loader
Hhlp of n trlgantio inountalneer who tins
wl them forward with tlw old rebel yell
AKaiu tho rlllea of the lweoiged nuiy
out and title lime were nnawored by n
conevntratett Are from tho mob Their
niiu waa deadly Kvcry window In the
oxpoaed aide of tho UulhiinB occupied by
tho dafendera waa shot out nnd n doaen
men fell wounded or killed Their bodlee
humored the depiitlos who were unharm
ed nnd only a few could cloeo up to the
windowH nnd return tho Ire before tho
mob waa upon thorn
Thoro wub n ahort atrmwle but few
rovoivor xliota nnd hundreda of clubbed
liflea and nil mob orer Tlie doputlea
Willi their leader Sheriff Mowmv mor
tally wounded wer in tho liniula of tlie
mob aud ovary one of them was look
ing down tho muzxle of at lentil thrw
Without waiting to plek up their dend
or our for the wouudud the mob mutlo
a xueh at the door of the jail aud tbu
priaouera wore reached Half dond with
fear they woro dragged out iuto the open
air where roiH were placed around their
neeka ntd with huudreda of men mad
with the thlrat for gore at the oud of
oacli they wore dragged over tho Ice cov
ered rocka to a piece of laud lialf a mile
away llehlml them followed the reat of
tlie mob firing nt the proetrato formB
overy minute The victims were undoubt
edly dead before they hud bean dragged
twouty yurde and it w e Uie mere som
blnnco of human foruie that wore strung
up whon tho woods woro roaohod Tliou
tho mob returned to look for thoir doud
uml wounded
In n little oncloeuro nnd ou n hnrdroad
bed in front of tho Jnll twontyflvo hodloa
wore found andIn the throe utrildiuga
olght more were dead About thirty woro
Injured Borne of them fntnlly
Sheriff Muwaw AvnB Hhot twioo through
tlio chest und three timoe through tho ab
TohiuKm City Twin Jnu C It is al
moet iniK > Mible to get truatworthy In
forniation iroin Unkeravlllo eoncomlng
the lyuclilng riot Parties from Gran
berry cowing on the morning traina any
the whole neighborhood la terribly excited
ovor tho dreadful affair and Snipe the
murderer of Oaliorno wit a aurely lynclied
nnd twentytwo meu killml In the attempt
Several others are said to lie fatally In
jured The mob la now said to lw aearth
lug the country for Aaron WImuuiii also
implicated in the murder of Oeboriie but
acquitted on account of inauffHetjt evi
dence A report la nlao current tin nt
tompt will be made to lynch tho Whlteon
brotliera who aro oloaely gnnrded in loll
nnd under aentenoe to ht > luiuged on the
lTtli of thli month for the number of Kit
llyrd soveral yeara ago
Chuynn a Teun Jan BA spednl
from t lie N 0 snya the story
of the ibfe kilting reported In th
Puikjm t Bar is u fake of the Orat wa
tor Io totli occurence has taken place
uud the people of that locality are t 1o h
to underatuud why the story vas told
I Bill win L
Escapes Trom Iho Knox Coumy Tcnn Jail
Reward Olfered
Kuabvllle Tenu Jan SAb AmertoanB
Knoxvtlle aiierUl aaya
Jamea Dcgraucliey a Coal Creeker who
look 8wli a promlneut j rt agalait the
trooiw Itut ruimaw eaVaiMMl from the Knox
Jtlle couutr Jnll Monday night but tbe
fait WHsleit atcreT until toaWff X
smiteUey li Sae < l o we1 bo WaSimaae a
time Moidaj njgtit be disappeared aul
baa not beeirwga lw Sttietfir affi
KJ1 ° r 5s0 tor hie caplure He
jboat 83 jaor f age with anlmrn liair
welgba tSn iwunda Uk la of Ciigllb or
rroncb deeunt
Boatou Mu9 Jan a Ja jt McAulUTe
atatea tunt be U ready to make tuntelt
yslth XJtak Uurge at 138 pound for a pur
of net Us than 60000 In referring to
the late talk about crooked new JlcAiallffe
fnrtaer aald that there waa
had a tblag to abow that
oo one who
liarge eantaaji
plated iayTag down nurge U tbe only
one that cbb talk to me about n vatca
fof i wont recogtiUM any atanairer if tbe
match Is taaJe It will take
15a t as my frlentti want a e
tbe light
tune ago the coram
all emtawned tw a aire the
l tUe
iMsce to aee
Finn AT TBlllLM
Tex Jan 6 < 8veeial Atflp
ea tmrned and there
were bales at cvtton tared taore er
leea damaged Tide evening the cotton was
origin ot wide
la anknowa ITie loea to > 4Maj eoiered by
Insurance tit a good many dltforoat com
jiaiilea It Is cotnptaUed that the lose could
have been averted but for want of water
for which the water eo r ay u severely
SU r HtlB Ma Jan 8A Cliy of Mexloo
special aaya
Jamea Naser a financier of New York
City la here for the porpoee of securing
noaeeaaloa from the Mexican government
for establishing extensive urewerlet In the
laHndrMl etttes ot the retmbtlr Mr Naser
Is vicepresident and director Of the MwrJ
eaa Quarry company of New York
San Angela Tnx Jan < > trialVJ
II Burrows slim iff of Coae oounty arrived
tbu eveutng with iUss Itobeeca Tallver
daughter of Dr J O Tollver a uvonuani
puysMan of ltobcrt Lee eng route for the
Intone asylum at Anatta Miss Tollver tost
her mind about six weeks ago after a long
apeU of aleknem Dr Tollver win eeoonv
pany HoorllT llurraws and hU dHutUtsr to
For tho Past Flvo Years Supposed to bo
Brtken Up by a Clew Tlml Was
Discovered Yesterday
Albany Tex Jajt 5 Siteelal Al
lmuy bag be n atirrvd daring the past
three days by the unearthing of what
seems to be u well organised baud of
burglars In our midst Tlie depredations
of tho band ltave extended back over tt
l > erlo l of five yeara or more and not
one of onr business houses baa been un
molested All efforts of the officers to
trace these robbers have failed although
special men have l > cen placod on duty
by the sheriff te track them and soveral
liouse have employed night wutclumin
for tlie purpose of catching them lu their
A clue was afforded on Sunday night
to Jas Melton who In conversation with
one of the gang nniued Dlggs who waa
nt the time intoxicated guve the whole
gang away Mr Melton nt oueu pro
ceeded to pump tho man In earliest with
tin result that early on Monday an in
vestigation waa commenced by Sheriff
W A Wllllama and Ciunty Attorney
T It Warren Iilggx wm put on the
atnml nnd n sonrch warrant fur tho homo
of Ed llusaell ouu of the defendants
was Issued Nothing waa found on tho
first Mitvh but the onmttict of Ilttsscll
who made muiiy renueeta that the wsnnh
ho postpone but failing in tltnt mmlo
au unsuctfasful attempt to shoot ouo of
tho sliBrifTs deputies led to u secoud
search when some Jugs of whisky wore
found Ituss4 > ll was left at home but
hla houae was watched by the olftcers
who think from the smoke nnd Hitmen
rising from the chimney that ho spent
tile day and night in burning thu goods
supposed to lrtivt been concealed on his
premises He was placed under arrest
on an affidavit from the In former J
II Biggs and another search wm muue
resulting in the finding of an unused
lote of shoes and shirts Itussell is lu
Jail ponding an examining trial on va
rious charges
Joe Holmes tho other member was ar
rested yesterday at Mack Co ranch
nliout twenty miles west of this place
where he was nt work as n vnrpeuter
lie was brought lu Inst night nnd had
nn uxninlnlng trial ou tho charge of bur
glnrlzltig Die saloon of W O llntos ou
Nov 7 OJ Ho wns tumble to glvu bond
nnd Is In Jnll with Uussell ponding the
result of further Investigation into tho
numerous chnrgea which lllggs their for
mer companion but now botrayor brlng
ngnlnst them
It is supposed that lliggfl tostlmony
will take ntiothor week ns there nro n
number of elmrge to bo InveHtigutiHl
und tbe progress Is iifcossarlly slow
Jllggs Is reluctant to testify becnuso
ho snys ho fonrs for ills llfo
Tlie amount of tho thefts will never
bo tltfltdtuly known hut it will rim up
Into thu thousands In goods and merchiui
dl n Severn hundred dollars in money
bus lately boeu stolen by ho mo one uud
some people chnrgo the theft to them
Tho character of the men has always
boou considered good excepting both
drank a good deal Doth nro cnrjientorn
by trade and until recently no one has
laid these charges nt thoir doors
Tlie citlReus aro thoroughly aroused
over the matter and are working with
tho olUcers In their efforts to bring to
justice tho offenders
Special deputies have been appointed
to make further Investigations and It is
thought other totalis will develop Ittis
seii made bond this evening and was re
leased from custody Holmes is still lu
Of a Singularly Bold Cano of Thieves Arrested
by tho Bullalo N Y Detectives i
In Thai Oily
Tlnffaio Y Jan 5 Iluffnlo detec
tives last evening arrest In thta otty
four men believed to be tn ringleaders
of a singularly bolil gang of thleres
who for several months ltavo boon steal
ing on uu extensive ncale from Lalio
Shore and Nlckle Plate pase between
Dunkirk and Erie Tlie names of the
men arrested areCharles Flynn Krank
King Charles Iloady nljaa Spinke
and William Jlortlmun alius Skinny
All were well dressed In clothes stolon
from tlio earn und a considerable amount
of stolen goods wtfro found In tho rooms
which they rented All the men have
lnwl reputations
Jt is sold in the paBt four or five months
nearly SliWOOO worth of goods hnvo
Iweu stolen from cam by this gang nnd
hundreds of people in Erie Imvo been re
ceiving them to tlie great ditrlraeut of
the biurtueM of tlie mordiants there
Denton Tex Jan DSpe l i Tohn
D Wnltew out on Illckorj cre k lids
county wna accidentally uliot tJiU morn
log while trying to shoot a hog Ho was
not fatally hurt
IarU Dm 5Albert Deli it the wall
kaowu writer U dead He was born Tj
New Orleans ua Jan 80 JA10
jfVUi T JP
yrWW iTtPWF v7f fn
So Sntd a Dallas Jury in a
Decision Yesterday
mSBSMSB agaas is
So Say Jutlej AllOver Hie Great State of
Texas al All Tlmij
In Oio County In Six MOnlhs Thirteen Mur
ders and Now a Mob Every Oxy and No
Law This In North Carolina
but Llko Bezels Uki
Houston Tox Jaa 5 SpecialWal
ter E Shaw convicted at the last term of
the criminal dlstrlet court and his pun
ishment aaseeeotl ftt deat i and whose
ease Is ou apixnl today made applica
tion to be transferred to the Galveston
Jail Tin petition alleges that after tlie
trial on Dec 18 Sliaw waa deprived of
his own clothing and olbet articles ami
placed in the coudetauml cell a place of
punishment called the dark cell used to
subdue the noisiest lunatics and punish
refractory prisoners llo being neither
crnay nor refractory has thua been pun
ished fifteen or more hours n day since
Dec IS that ito has asked for a candle
to use as the intouse darkness hurts Ills
uyes causes headaolieB mid although the
cell Is coiuiKMcri entirely of steel nnd not
in danger of flro the request was refused
The cell is UxOxlO ill dimensions nml a
small hole only allows about tl cubic in
ches of air wr mliiuto to enter aud but
little light whluh noiff > nrilatlon in kill
ing him by iucliee that he lias severe
headaches and oniinot get relief or medi
cine that thu county iibystrlnn whs sum
tnouwl one day nud came tlie next and
did not prescribe for 1dm that he is con
stantly refused writing material and tlnm
prevented from filing certain necessary
motions in court on timet that servants
of the Jail are forbidden to speak to
him uor his attorney unless tbe Jailers
un > present that the denial of fresh air
and light and being anbjected to sewre
cold are shattering Iris health and tntud
and that this is no los titan murder that
the sheriff haa ill Mill against him and
fur which lie is inado to suffer The n >
plication was denied
Many think Shuw Is now attempting to
sham insanity
who ifonaED it
Deuison Tox Jan B Special
This morning tho depot muster fouud u
rod itocketliook lu a oar which on x
ttmlnutlon contalueU nmong otlter papers
n cJieok on the State National Imuk
of this city In favor of II llumey signed
by Spoolbred Aorhsos for 100 The
tleltot master sent the iwcketbook to
SKolbre < l Yoorlwetf Co thinking
that they would know to whom It be
longed The chock was u forgery nml
the matter waa placed in the huuda of
the omcem
This afternoon a tsleaaiw was received
by the depot master frtJm Tioga sfptimi
II Hnmsey attylng that n poeketUook
would be found in the cur set out from
tho southbound train aud asking him
to forward it to Tioga As no attempt
was made so far ns know to pass the
check nothing can be donu
Harney lives lu Colllusvillo aud bus
been touching school lu the turrltury
TItlMD TolmlcAK JA1T
Sherman Tex Jan fi Slajdal An
other attempt was mode to saw out of
the jail here snws having been fouud
today In tlie cell occupied br
Luttrell nml Ioe They uro fu the soli
tary und were sawing out Tito cut
plavos were filled with soap
Waco rox Jan GSpodiil Ifid
Shields colored was arrosted nt Mnrllu
today brought here and lodged in jnll
Ho is clmrgod with complicity in tlio
murder of Ettgono KnufTmnu postmusler
nt lleluol Tox in Inst April Two ne
groes Uoorgo tttid Wlllluiu Kollupi
brothers nro nloo In jull lioro chnrged
with tlio snino crime Tho lnttor says
Unit his brolhor fSeorgo and Sblalds com
mitted tho murder SIiIcJiIh stntOs that
liV had no connection wlthtlw orlino what
over and tlio Kelluma mliofUuil to him
that they had killed ICuuffmun They
will nil bo ghon n prclimlunry examina
tion ou tlio l th Inst
Dallas Tox Jan C Speelul Ada
line Scroggins a young itegross was con
victed of manslaughter todny and
given two yours In tho penitentiary
by a jury In Judge Tuckora court On
a former trial Hbe was given nro years
Adalino had tt row with another uogress
Edti ailbreath and beheaded bar with tin
axo about two yeara ago
Had she stolen u horse tett yonre would
have been regarded as a light Kontunco
Docatur T x Jan B Sn eJnlJ
Vl4 > uJf w ho was clftr o < l with shooting
John Buiith near Aliord n short time
enicti meution of wldch was made in
Tlie Gnaette at the time Avaa trie l In
the district court yesterday and gh > n
u term of flvo years In tbe penitentiary
ii M
An unusual suit was thnt of Horn Jam
Gibbon of Ilrooklyn She married
lulea Chnmbers who ufturwnrdg do
serted her mid left m > trace of hU where
abouts After a wlillo Itoeu looniod that
Jules waa living wilt n prettA widow
somewhere In Now JwH y Sfio Imtiiodl
ntely broiiidit suit lu a Hudson county
court for 1000 for breach of prbmlKO of
marriage and got Judgment for 1000
DOlTIi7l3 CIIMifl
Albany N Y Jan 5 Tills nftemoon
WiUlnm II Rhattuek 22 yonrs old shot
his wife 22 years old three times In
tho head killing her instantly Ho then
shot himself In the temple but 6 nllvo
The couple Imvo not lived happily ow
ing to tho wifes Jealousy
Johnson City JVnn Jan 0 Ncvh
lunobeoti roeolrod hero of nnotlwr t ig
odyIn Madison county uwir > Inwhull
Wednesday niorniug Wlllinw Jthhllo
shot aud killed B P Shelton K0 trou
ble whntovor existed between tho parties
They were on their way to a country
dance and Itlddio holng under tho lu
flueticu af lbpior pulled out n pistol and
fired six shots at Shelton four tnking
olfect In tho breatit and killing him ul
umwl Instantly
Iloth men were tlosperato chahiirtars
Kbeltou is bollevcd to havo kIliad wi
oral men lie wa tried at tlio last term
ox tiia juuJJsou couaty supremu court
for the munlor of Grant Tweed anil ae >
Kiddlo was too drunk to tnnko Ida ee >
capo nutl la now In the county jail at
Madison county haa a nopnlttiwi of
nVoflt 4000 and tlits is tire thlrteontli
liiurtlor In tho hist six months
Johtisou City lmn Jan 5 A trage
dy Wrw ouaned in the mountains of Mad
ison n few nights ago the particulars of
whichhave just reached bore
lMfert Lane nnd Alexauder Wlttto
woro returning home from tho portolJUu
with a registered letter containing thu
Itielgnlnoaiit huiii of n when they wen
m upon ami la > l n to death by nn uli
kuown party nnd left on the road dead
Ill l I
New York Jan RCon ltlordan tbe
Cnllfornla nit < ldienr < tigbt upon his return from
Iturape olfered to fight any man the Oooey
Inland club mauagemeat saw fit to tmt
against htm In a light six rouial lwut or
to a flntsh The flub agreed to give a pane
If ltlordan can secure a man wining to rurot
ldra rtlonlsn says he will flstt jhn Duly
or Tom Mcteriny wlio reenUy fongfet In
lluffalo or llllly nmltli of Aastralla
ii > i i m
Wslla Walla Va b Jan Ilenorta re
ceivKt here give promise that a new opal
field has been discovered In tbls state that
wilt rival In quality and quantity that of
Moscow lu Idstao llie flelft Is In Oarflsli
county gneclmens bronglit
oi tire and iiellih well
here are rail
OalVMrton Tex Jan fc < np HtnlU > l
foreeast for twentyfour hours ending mid
night Jan for Texas east of the Wth
mertdtau Kalr colder northerly wind
Reports That Pleuro Pnau
nonia Is no More
In Iho Sonato Against Iho AnllOptlon 11 II
Wattcrson on Iho OnblnetWhilney Will
Not bo In II Homo and Son
ata PrOceedtitQs
Washington Jan 6 According to the
report of Secretary Husk ou the o ora
tions of the bureau of animal industry
for the year 1902 laid before tlie sonato
todny the stamping out of pltmropneuuto
nht haa been curried on as rapidly as
possllilo undor the prevailing coudltlous
of the country and the disease line com
pletely disappeared Tlie time required
wna only about llvu years nnd tlio total
axpondiluro a little lu excess of u mil
lion and n half of dollars Tlie regula
tions for preventing the dissemination of
Texas have not hindered tho shlptrwmt
of cattle from tho Inflicted districts to
market for consumption dor depreciated
the vrlite of those cattle Tho work has
moro than Justified tlie hopes of Its pro
motors uiiys the secretary nnd fairly
warrants tho ootu nrntlroly small ox
peiiKC Incurred by tho government for
lis maintenance The total cost of this
bureau so fur lias been 0111 ID
WnBhlugton Inn 5 The Kepiibllrau
senators met In caucus Ibis momlix to
consider thu order of husluoss Initial
steps were taken towurds beglnulug a
bitter fight for tho control of the next
senate If there has been any belief
thnt the Keptiblicans lutmidHl permitting
tlie orgniJUntiou of the next senate togo
by default Uint belief was shntterod
go the iictlun taken today
Washlugtan Jan fi Senator fIfII In
troduced a rcHolutJou Mhldi weut otr
until tomorrow calling on tho secrniry
of state for an opinion aa to whether
tlie Chandler immigration misprision
bill Is in violation of treaties
Washington Jnn 5 All aorta of sil
ver proposition nro being talked over by
momberH of tho house Illnud litis boeti
nppron < hoil bv it doxou membtrs with
Nuggettloml or comjiromlso hut good nii
turodly ho rofinutM to give heutl to thu
ndrlNO offored A return to thu Itluml
net Is tho chief compromise proposition
suggostod to him buft Illnud ut present
refuses to listen to anything loss than
the coluttgo of 1000000 worth of sil
ver per month and to this tho other
side of conrae will not ngroo
lteprisontatiie Culberson Domocrnt
Toxiim chairman of the Judiciary uoiu
mittue has prcpnred n hill lu the luitury
uf a compromise which ho will Introduco
in the house It requires tho ooimtgu
nnd the use as assets of all accumulated
silver bullion now lu tho treasury Tlie
present law Is to be repealed uud tho
JJluud law roouactod
Washington Jan fi Mile evening Dr
Johnston said that ho found Dlntoo fuel
ing very comfortable so murli so tlwt
he did not intend to mako another visit
Dr Loomls the New York specialist
today saw the patient nnd was gratlfled
at the Improvement of Mr lilaltie Un
less u relapse occurs Dr l oomls will
tint return to Washington for a week or
so and when on opportunity preseuta It
self ho will again visit the sink man
Senator Kenans condition remains tho
same A consultation was iiad today
by Drs Sowors and llusy of thlsjrlty
and Chilton of West Virginia nud Chew
of Ilnltimoro at tlio conclusion of which
Jt wns found that there hud been no
change lu the patient for tho past flvo
Washington Jan fiiThe president to
day sout to tho senate tli following
nominations Postmaster Tixan Mrs
Mary Morrow Ablleno James 11 Shea
Washington Jan fh Tho setutto com
memo eonimltteo tiiday uniendoil tho
ltottso bill extonufng for five years tlio
of time allowed for the complo
ion of thu Texas iluop water harbor
iy rodueiug the time of limit u > two
years Coko will rot > ort the bill ub
New York Jan fiWilliam 0 Whit
ney said today that nil ho knew of Cleve
lands cabinet wits tlie fact tho ho Whit
ney would not bo in it
Si Louie Mo Jan OV In n Intorvlew
hore today Henry Wnttnrson tho ICon
tiicky editor tUwlnrod It ua his belief
tlmt Touh i Cflillsht would ho secrotury
of tho troastuy under ClovrJantl Tho
prjfinuro to that end is ho enormous that
Carlisle would not resist
An extended trip Is contemplated by
members of Uie turns and minute or at
m p ffi
leajtt a part of them Thft scheme l a
Visit to tlie Hawaiian Islntuls to lie tnkun
by fifteen IlepttbUcnns and fifteen Dom
pcKtfs of the house and seven Rupub
limns tuid seven Democrats of tho sennto
who nro members of the present and wh
be moiubers of the nsat congress
TN > jlijecl la sahl t > Is a btislnmu trip
Whether this menus the purchase of
some Island for a coaling station or to
make arttuigomonta for laying n Pnciflo
enblo or to enter Into negotiations to
omulre tlio entire group la uot yat Hinted
One of the chief reasons of the proixnod
trip Is Hold to Ihi a rlOTlre on tbe part
of the United States government to
wmnlmtrt tbe Influence which English
nieji are exerting in the Islands to prevent
and Iep ilown Anerlcnti commefcu
1 Surprise is ctprposmt In trnvarnnterit de
partmcBts nt tlie result of tho trinUheld
I at Mvtoria 11 C of tlie settling wh
seiawl In the Wring sen during last
season Prom the telegraphic dispatches
It is learned that the two Ilrttlali schomi
uis arta l by the American naval vessel
aial turned over to the Rritleh admiral
for trial were both released No pio
tjnc Is made tlmt liter hnd not viols ted
the modus vlvendl but various excuses
nre advanced for their dlscharg Tlds
is a repetltlou of tbe eanerlenrv r last
year of two British vessels which were
j selred by the United Btatoe navnl offl ers
In lHOl ami turned over to the Itrillsh
for trial Tlwy were token to Victoria
ami though It Has conceded that they
hod notice of the modus nud lmd taken
seals In boring < wn both were released
without punishment nnd were permitted
by the Rritlsh authorities to engage again
In sealing the past scseon This is in
marked contrast with tbe conduct of the
United States auth utiles as the Airnr
icau voesels aelaeil for rlolatimt of tho
modus vivendl have Wu vigorously prose
outed lu the UnlfHl Suttee court nt Sit
The llraslllan boundary commissioners
whoso nrritnl In Washington wns noted
last week make au inteioilng and Im
portant addition to the dlplomiitU ranks
of tho cnpltnl albeit ouly u temporar
one At the head of the commission is Ilnrnn
Andmdn at all and distinguished look
ing man of courtly priwuce He is the
oiliest in point of serico of llmalllan
ulplomnts fun j > m us1 Itsrtn
Audrada under Dom Pedro was secre
tary of legation In Wnslilnirion for a
time IXf na returned to this city Inter
and this la Ids third tlalt to the cspltal
of the United Ktates
Ilnrou Aiidrndit U Brazilian1 minister
to Rome v hlch mission he leaves only
long enough to perform spoolol duties
here Ho is the possessor of three grand
crosses one the Grand CrosM or tlio
Rose au order which vas Instituteit by
l > oin P Hlro the PortuguiS ilraud nms
of the Order of Christ nud the Grand
Cross of Austria
As a minister of a republic Jhtrotl
Audrmm Is tirohUtlted from wearing nnv
deeotatiou heme Wnshlngtuttlnns will
not huM tho opportuuliy of seeing the
rare Jewels which go to make up the
Insignia of these Important orders
llaron Andradn is a tUdowor and lias
a large family tho members of which nro
fijiendlug thu winter iu Mwltserlnnd
Mr Sanvadm of tho Spanish legation
will tie best man at the man luge of Miss
Derails und the Marques Argundleu ut
St Patricks cathedral lu New York
on Jan 21 Mr Siihvcdru Is n member
of n noble family In Spain nud the large
white rloak lined with scarlet the em
blem of his noUllty which he wears on
nil statu occasions makes liliu a tntirkod
character lu any nsserahlage
Delegate Mark Smith of Arlaoun wna
seated In Hw lobby uf 11 w Riggs house
talking to n party of frlonds rWn or
of the jmrty asked him If ho Uionght
Arlsiina would Ixi iiiimlupd lo the Uuloit
by thla ootigrass TItSla u ptostion
said he that no one can nuswer If
I had my say the bill to admit Arizona
wlilPli passed Uie bouse last session
Mould be the first bill to pawn the sonato
when that laxly Is called to order on
Wednesday nut nf course no one enii
tell when Hk > senate will call tip the hill
I an confident It will receive enough
votes to get through nnd reach I he presi
dent There ought not to be any purtl
san opposition to tlie bill Arlsona bus
every claim to stutehood nud she should
have tieen admitted when Uu Omnibus
Territorial bill was pitted In the Fif
tieth congress and should have Ikcii
taken in vLtt Idaho and Wyoming wmo
ndmltUHl However J feel that the time
s uot far distent when Arlsona will
join tlsp sisterhood of states
Add Washington matter
Washington Jan B Tho fenturo of
todays session of the sennto was u speech
dnllvoroil by Mr Vitus fDom Wiscon
sin ugulust 4io nutluptlon olll Por
dearly three hours ho held tho undivided
attcutloi of tlio supporters nud opjioueuls
of tlio monsuro wlillo he stutud in n
prepnretl ttiguuient ilullvored with grunt
oiirimstuoas and im press von ess the con
stitutional objections whtiIi lu his opin
ion precluded the possibility of its iws
sage by the senate Ho denounced It as
a flugraut advance to centralisation nnd
as luvohing tho chuructorlstks of the
most odious pnteruallsm There was a
oolloiiity between him nnd Mr Washburn
fllup of Minnesota who bus charge of
the bill iu the course of which a tiucstlou
wtts tint to Mr Washburn whether he
would accept uu amendment that would
confine the operation of the measure to
operations absolutely gambling aud In
which there wns to bo uo delliery The
Minnesota senator declined to gnawer tlie
Question nfUrinatlrcly remarking he did
not btltovo tiny such restriction would
be effective
Tlio lull wont over III Monday
Mr Hill Dmn New York offered n
resolution which ut Uio suggestion of Mr
Clutudler went over till tomorrow direct
ing the clerk nf the sonato to transmit
to tho secretury of state u copy uf the
senate bill now ponding entitled A bill
far the stupouslon of Immigration for
one year und nuking tho secretary to
Inform tlio senate whether tlie provis
ions of the said bill absolutely suspend
ing Immigration for a period of one year
were in conflict with any treaties now
existing between the United Stiitea and
any foreign countries
The house Joint resolution directing
the Kocretnrr of the treasury to cover
hack into the treasury l8b00 af the
appropriation made by congress to pay
tho Choctaw nud Chlckusaw tribes of
Indians for their interest In tlie lamls
of tho Choyeuuo nml Arnphoo reservation
tlmt sum being room than wus i cuinlly
due tho Choctnws nnd Clilonsav was
taken up nud passed with amendment
Tim senate hill concerning tcstlonmy
In criminal cases or In proceedings grow
ing out of tho intorstutn commrou Iwv
wag taken from Iho calendar and pnmrU
Tlie antiostion hill Was then nkcti up
nud Mr Vitus uddraised the sennto h
opuutltlon to it ou tlio grounds nltwidy
Tlio eenatti tlien nfur a short oxecu
tivo session adjourned
Tho second gennral appropriation Mil
to nnss tho house this sMtsfon was the
fortllloutloii npproprfntlgii bill mil It
wititt through today wlthijtit amoiiduipnt
gr tho ellghrojt debate Mn Ureckln
ridgo of Kentucky had It In charge at d
steered tlio ship into port without meet
ing any adverse wind
A few private pension bills wn > passed
and the house adjourned without a Quo
r >
Is That They Call Supremo in
Bleeding Kansas
Must Not Loso ills Vole Under Any Circum
stances but a Demoerat
Oh Thats Net Thoir Cow DonM Yen 8ce nnd
OaVI 0a Cored The Democrats flob
bod Dotng by tho Legislatures
In tho Dltfironl Stales
Tupekn Kan Jnn C Tim supreme
court this afternoon derided the Stubbie
Rosenthal legislative couiest agaltut Ros
enthal Dem It Is likely tlmt the de
cislon In the Coffee oonuty oase will ioavo
the maltor as It Is as the same polnta nru
Involved as in the Rosenthal case Tliu
decision Is a victory for the Republicans
nnd virtually assures to them the organi
sm Ion of the house
Tbe case arose out of an error by the
dork of the county Issuing n eiUfieute
to Htubbe Republican while the r cords
of the ballots cast sbowil Rosenthal
the Democrat elected by a handeuutd
majority The supreme court In Its do
clnlou held the board 1 ad coneluled Im
existence when It adjourned sine tlio
after Issuing Its < rilfloato of clecttoH
and tho court tottld therefoia niko do
demands on n Iwdy wltlch had no ex
The Coffey county rase In which tlio
lioard decided a tic by lot will doubt
leea bo dismissed for Uie enuw reasop
though It Is still under advisement Tueeo
OiMlalfiiin leave the house as followsi
ItepiililUsns OU Populists ftf Uoioo
criu It giving the Rcpiildlcaus s ma
jority of otte over nil The senate standi
llepublleaus 11 Populists 12 Demo
crats 2 In Joint session the parties
therefore will lie divided thus itopub
lleaiis 74 Populists Tl Democrats fi
glilug n clear opiHtsltlnn majority of X
lids majority however is not an har
monious one oxerjit In lis opposition to
the Rcpublirnns It will be no easy mil
ter to cinitiliiif It on one ipiHstbui It will
lmve to diiidis vis tho sennfordilp Thu
Ave Domocrnts hold tlie bnlauco of the
strength Tlwy will utilise it lu n strong
endeavor to elect u Democrat to silo
coed Senator Perkins
Lincoln Neb Jnn B Tliare l uow n
ixisslbillty of the deadlock In tho seutito
pelug broken tomorrow Senators l
tiock of Douglas nnd McDonald of
Thurston served notice on tltelr Repub
lican colleagues tonight tlwy Intended to
withdraw from the cnumm This chuihnI
a sensation There waa also a row in
the Independent canons over tlio allega
tion that curtain members were not not
ing in good faith There is uow somo KH
elhlllty of a coalition of th nntlmoiioioly
membura and tho organisation of tho son
nte ItTHpoetlve of party liuos
Sprlngflpld III Jan OTlm llnnl mog
sago of GovontBr Wfar befpre his ietjro
inent waa ftnd lotlw legislftttiru tuutty
Referring to the danger of tho uppoalv
niioe of cltoloni Uie retiring governor ree
oramanda a large Increase m tha fund of
the state board of health He recom
mends the roiieal of the compulsory wltool
law and tlio ouacttupiit of u taw which
will maintain the priurtylee of compulsory
education nnd lira will obviate the oli
jectlous of thu friends of private schools
Denver Col Jan fi Tho senate haa
resolved Itself into a deadlock And when
It will get out of the mud uo wan can
tell Seven Democrats have the balance
of power It Is reMirted tonight that n
combination would lie formed between
the Rimuhllcnns ami Democrats whereby
the senate can be organised
The lioiise of representatives convened
today uud completed Its organisation
Nnihvllle Tenu Jnn fiTho Demo
cratic mouthers of tho legislature held a
caucus to nominate u cnmlldnto for Unit
nil Stave Mountor tonight Somttor W
H Itrttos iiomluatlnu was prn tlcnlW
nuitlo utiitulmous This Is cipilrnlutit
an olootloti
nnsJtig Mich Jan 0 Tho Republic
an logntlntlvo cnuuun tonight nmnluated
Stockbrulgu on Uie first bnllot to smtcood
himself lu tho United Steles senate
Lansing Mich Jan fi In tho liouso
tmlay notice was given of the Introduc
tion of a bill to prohibit tho grunting af
freo railroad tmeses to tuembera of tho
lugtslnture ami stttto oflkere
Jefferson City Mo Jau C Tho legis
lature was organised today electing Dem
ocratic officers throughout
The Democrat caucus tonight nominal
ml P M Oockrcll for United mutes sena
tor to succeed himself
Lincoln Nob Jan fi Tho deadlock In
the senate still prevails Iu case a cam
blue Is uot efTectod the inauguration
of Governor Cronnse will have to bq do
fun etl udtll organisation is oouipluteu
Augusta Me Jnn C Tho RepubllQan
loglslatlvo cnuciis unnnlmoiiAly runoiulu
ated Eugouo IIulo for United States sena
Apalnst he Washburn AnllOpllon Dill Mailed
lo Members ol Congress
St Louis Mo Jnu 0By directioiie
of the Merchants exohange vigorous pro
tests osdluit tho Wushburn nntioptlon
bill were today mailed to members of con
gress from Missouri Tho protest pro
nouncus for tho present system wltlch In
the resell of a years tiporicticc and
without which it would be iiupot > slnki to
liiovp crops wltltout tipmense capital thus
placing In the hands af a few rich syndi
cates thu power to ubholutuly control the
prlcl of produutehi
hi i i i m
Who Have Interests In til Louis Have Opened
War Arjalnst Olher Brewers
St Louis Ifo Jnu RThe English
syndicate of Imworice ltavo openod a
war of oxternilintion ngalun the b tvers
hero whom they bought nut ami vho
hnvo since Mrtcd In Imsliiees again In
violation it Is alleged of plcdee Thu
price Of beer will bo out in Uulf e d wSi
Jik4ty go towexv tl
S i

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