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Stor of Officer Ricos Wound
fng Full Told
resting Arrt for Graver Crimes Ho Shot to
Escape and Ii Now In Jail for a Felony
Tho Stories 61 an Eye Witness tho Wounded
Man the Prisoner anil n Temporary
Companion In HisTramplno and
Theso Mako a Strong Caso
Tho Gnuottea nccount ot tho shooting
or latrolitmu Hobort Nice tiy n man
cnllluK htmsolf John Thomjwoii at the
Union depot about 1110 yesterday room
Ing in eo nearly correct Hint nothing In
left of the ease In the news senie but
eng nmpllflcntlon of tlit detnlls for the
shooting occurred as to tho time place
Individuals and lack of nuOldent cnuse
a was published
Special OOleer 0 II Simmons the
Texan hihI Iaelfle night watchman made
u statemtut of lite Incident of tlw la
mentable affair and from this uutl other
sources are uloaaed mm Interesting
Ho met Offleer Ittre unci IteOraw
who work lower or No 3 beat and nsked
of them to go with lilm while be
Sine his usual round of Inspection for
i had neon it number of man lurking
alHint the yard nnd they might eUch
some of those who liaro been brewkln
Into the earn MeGraw held down tho
In lit while Nice went with Slmmond
They went to the emit end of the yard
and Jnst thru it freight came Into tho
jnrd Itlr Ntood atlll while Hltninon
juimied on and rode baek Wlwn the
inn ampped he started eastward e
ninlnltut the cam nnd Iiee nt tbo antnit
time started wektwurd doing tbo iwrne
duly Th two men woro about a ears
Iniuth apart when a man jumped Ironi
h ln nr nnd xtnttwl to run
Till Hlltl IM1LK AND H 1 1 DOTING
Whin the iiuin landed m the Riound
lie wait wueh ueurer Won thru Hliu
lminds Ah the fellow atarted to rttu
ltl ontered him to hull as ho wanted
to orrest hliu lint he kept on without
a rbork ltlco after hlui He only ran
ii hnrl distance when llhii again told
hliu to halt and the utau at once wheeled
uiil flred nt hi in About this time Slm
mond caught tho matt Just iih he lfii
ntxnit to shout again nt Itlee who lial
itiiitlutied to advance on bis nssalluut
StuiitiomlM and the men were strug
gling for the iKMeulou of the pistol
nml Miinmoods put hi platol ntialrwt Itli
piisouors head Maying If you dont
litve up your gun Ill blow your braiu
out MluKit j on Ill not girt
up my gnu mo the deftutit reply out
HiruiuuuiM did not shoot About lute
time and It nil punned in lew time than
It tnlee to Ml Illce enuie up and aided
In securing tho desperately struggling
prisoner though to do this It WHH iiw
miry t knock hint down with a pistol
nnd ltloe struck hint four tltnea before
thin wan uucouiplhtbed A lie full SI 111
mond fell on top and thla innolbly prw
eutvd Itlee from shooting the fallen loan
BiiitmutuU neriiriMl the rnntul though the
fellotv Kill truggled tutrd and mmod
hardnr When tllee itniek him Shu
iitotidM Raid lie had hold of the gnu but
Idee replied IK hu Jmt toe through
nnd through
They ntnrted tip towanl the Union
iiput when they met Special Olrteur
Itlgglot and otliet H who had lHen Irani
to the upot by tho llring nnd uolMt of the
AavUtanoe wnn called fir aa Ulce
Metkeueil liv the nbotk nl hU wound
levied nud Ml A nwltih Iliglm roiuliiR
by wan uhihI to ertrry tho wuuiiiIihI unto
to OlhouhloM hotel when mI aid
vu ujiuuIhh and the inUiiin r wan
tukeu Tu ihe expreM ullti c wblln he
hoodlum vni ittlli d Citalu Uhi
ftiOt got the all nt the hmumi titue uud
vitL Ollntr llonley renpoiided
When Itlee it wound wan exaiulud It
m found to bo a uftietrailug nound
I l Hie canity of the rWt on ilin ribt
hide between tho Uilnl and fourth rib
Kiug tlipniirh the right lung titling
Pidoly n IlxiKhlal tnbo and linlgliiK
jTolnibly ngnliut tho nhoidder blade The
bullet In nome way upaet lu Hk t ouiito
rnd euteiluB tdVfJH made n wauuil iim
ltrgo a a 43 Tlte vtnuud l ery m
rlottN In lu nature Tito wounded oiUivr
wuh taken tu Ida nmidetieo on AumioU
To t Oaaetto reportni yeatordny iifter
iiooo tlu wounded loan Ktatml that he
hud Imm eulloil to aid JIHiht Sliiiniond
In nrnmilng mmin Hiwpertml oar tlilewi
tint he luttl nwim with him to ii ii t
tad of the TVsiin nud tlirlfle ynnN 1
miw ibis nmn who nhnt hlui Jump fi
ll mr nnd inn be udured htm ui n
Buying he yumvd hliu th uuui ketn i
iMtiuIng IUro after hlnr after ruuyluif a
fw Hii pi the puuttod tuniwl and allot
uuil Meixed the nhooter ilmt while they
wore HirtitfuUug lr the potweiMlou of the
fllowt iiirtol he tRIee Ht n ihetit
ii nd to nit In tnakliu the nrtvut airack
Hie fellow oer the hend with h gun
tliut SIiiiiuuiin and the nirlckiui moi
Hint Hlniimmd mid the ntrleketted nmu
fell together HinimotnU ou top Hint he
had never eii l lie mutt in Ids life and
the booting wn absolutely withouB
latat evening tlw wanudml ollleer had
fully roeoror from the iliock of IiIh wound
nud wat in an good condition an could be
cMWtcd for IwrrluK the wound lie la
Jut um well hm uoaalblo The voleo force
IiRve euiploieil it mime to uaaUt thu de
toted wlfw nnd us tho wonndml ttmrt It
nlo i lurmber of Umo Ktr Onmit of
AVpodmen ho will Jmro tho oaro of that
order ill no
tun nuKONion
Hut few more dojwrou men lm vwr
Ikwii niTtwl In thin city than he who
tuny be the nlnjer of another hort Worth
pollioiDrtu the Hecotid to full in illHCliitrm
or jliity wlihltt x tuontlu Jut pod
A hen roaUtlng nrret ho Htruggled like
A domou uuil cum and ontlw ttud the
ilnnllln 8 Of PBtfOCt
JLqmon j Of Boat
I8X32J Jwylnttelrw
ftwHunmDUJ Mayor a dolfoatety
nd doflalously at th fwh frujft
rlleit olmcenlty rolled t nm Ul Up In
BellinUy he replle1 to nil liMllM 3
to Ids Identity none of your
find out for youraelf etc olf Wat
some of the mwil nmlnWe wpllM to
lie pave his nftnift aa John bomsinu
wild ho belonged In Tort Worth and lnul
rolutlvM living hero
Aaked nbottt the ahootlne ht aah Urt
had a gun on him nnd would rt her take
the clmneen on ahootlnK and getting awny
Uuui Imi arreated with Uio certainty or
colutf to jail UN atorlftf wflro tory con
fllctlriR and pnnviscly mlweadlng
Ilio iMomlo TIiomjMon enmo orer front
DlllftH that unnio nlBht for n one leggl
follow traveler who rodo In tho annio enr
and was yet in the ear when tho allot
wit firod enme pp town later for u lnneli
nnd Jet out o tdttch that Ofllw Oarrett
cornilwl him In tho morning for tho ex
amination of the chief Tula mana nntna
In Joe Ware and ho muted that lw met
ThomiMon In Dallnd and there ho Mid
bin name wna J W Harp that he wna
corning over to Fort Worth nnd proponed
tney oonie lOKPiuer
Thompsons ronl name la J C Enat
man nnd he Ib reii ctnbly oontieeteu
In Ionllonn He has relatives In Uallaa
nud has n brother publUhlng a paiw In
Alexandria L He l wanted at aer
crnl plnees lu LouUlntut on murder
ehnrgea and thN nffordi tho ready aolu
tlon of Ida ntherwli Inosplleaule deelru
to eacnpe an srrc t that could mean
nothing but it brief tlmu In jail even
If n ninns life had to be aacrlfleed to
effect that eecape A telegram received
loaviw no doubt of Id identity
His bead la badly cut from the blow
he reoelred anil the county physician
when called to attend Mm a twit ft
oclock yesterday morning found hltn lu
cofltnlaloti from concuatloii produewl
by the blows IJU wmitul were dresed
nnd lie was eomirAtlvely My latt night
lJatinnn la no 20-year-old boy but n
man of 2f or more and double that age
In Iniquity If but part of what Is alleged
nbcut lilai can lie substantiated
Mrs W J tannin baa returned to
the city nfter spending the holidays with
relative In Terrell and Oak Cliff
frs I 3 Notterl nnd daughter
Iiulse of the South aide haw just re
turned from a holiday vUlt to friemle and
rclitiven nt Abilene
Mrs 1A I Carder who has been 111
for several weeks la coiivaleecent
Perry Odoni living In the Chambers
addition la the fattier of a flue boy
lion Henry I Hyde of New York
pretddent of the lOqullnble Life lusnninco
omnany will reach Iort Worth today
with a part of guiitlcmen who will ro
uinlii In the city for several days
L Sanger of AYaco one of tho leading
merchants of the Central city was at the
Pickwick yesterday
A WUkens of lie Southweatent
Hallway Guide Is tn thu city
Did nl Only a Few Plnees Did lha Parly ol Ilio
People Gel Togtlhcr A Move or
a Dig Nawjpapor
Wneo Tes Jan fi
tn thu cull issued by tho statu
chairman 11 I Dentley of tho 1optt
list state executive committee for o unity
meetings ot the party organisation today
throughout tho state Ii Tom Coxe of
Urueevllle assembled nt tho court house
nt 10 oclock thW morning Hie Ga
aetlo representative hud Mr Cose eugor
ly seaiitioil all eomersfor some tiuio with
out observing an IncAww In the attend
Mr Coxo Is an earnest ndrooute of
the new purty nnd prollQo In orguiuiwts
The Jnwtte representative soeonded his
motion to ndlouru after n ong wlt
and it wus mriied and tho meMlag ad
journed Mr Coxe iiscrlld tho muall
attendeance to the other and pricing
etigngeineuta of the member of the lMrty
in looking after their busliwaa lu the
Hhennan Te Jan flHiwlil The
Thlnl imrty mvh met lu this city today
or rather leaders or that purty for tho
puriMut of ro orguulnliig nnd attending
to other business One of the impurtnnt
maltoit ntteiidttd t wna tho umtrlbu
twu of money to usslst In ttio establish
ment of it nwapnMr lu this tte Uno
hiindrtd thousand dollars U to be mined
nnd about half that ftmouflt Is mIi to Uj
on mud Jt la to ho lifted either In
Dallaa or Fort Worth
Unllttg Tex Jnu fl Spoilal Tho
Dallas county Alliance met today V
It Cole Is president and J SMeOullough
wervtui y The lu occsllni wnm
but It U tindeistootl that the pushers do
iMed to keep In the waddle for tlte next
election In the ufteruoon Milton lnrk
Harry Trncey J T A Ioe John a
McCiillougu Tom GhIum W 11 Innib
aud other Populist editors hold a stnr
chamber seaslon at Lalior boll to dlsouas
the aehenw for
establishing publUhiiur
huw to furnish Populist wet lilies Tltfi
leady print matter uud nls i to boow the
AlUatuMt rjllruiid widen is piomod clu
imper fwui Hudsons m to CajS Honi
AccmlInK to one of the Mrtleiimutii notlf
lug of iuiuortAuco tramplre1
A wtII known labor leader said to Tlte
Oasetto corrospondtnt toulghci Tracy
W rrowd ur hoMHotowan ltlie
FedernUon of UUor Tliey hvo botn
Deuton Tux Jan 5 apwInlOTh
Ieopreg iinrty wm tidvertid to ImvS
n meeting W to wownlae thel
Krlg com mt
Does Nearly a Halt Million Dollars Worth ot
IlfUburg Pa Jan r v fire whleh bmke
out tonight detrol the Collins cignr eo n
panyo Plant and threo five urjr bunding
nud reetdetieM oteupled by y julr
840a oixmulsslou merchants navttc nd
Pollock lomvw nnd fancy tmportiHl goods
lsUllna T1mi
nui nw 9VTA11
niQOO IMiaff
Vuile saijoo
1 111 Itikirinu an
if ertgf J luVfl roretvd lv liisuraute
TU f ugnv
I I Hotul of Atlanta tin lm Wtr
ekuet an Interest ht the CwMmua Cou
j rObservor and nnhwl at that litaee
I rtnoru umyvuu wcuioai
And as the Scripture Hath It
Reap the Whirlwind
OCThelr Kind and the Red llandsd Mob night
at First Made Mad by Blood Will ShaVa
tho Foundation Slonos ol Order and
Anarchy Will Como
Where will It atop n qaaatlon so often
naked whan nit epldauilo of ortmo BWetpa
oor tho country uueh aa hnB made the
record of Deomlier ami na nittah of
Jnnunry na avo hate istasod so rery
bloody Is beginning to giro place In mens
iuIihIr to the more tnenauclngwheu shall
It stopr
As Lluckla wrlttm In Ids great work on
the Clrllumtlon of Huron the average
of crime for thu yours of a term of yearn
Is the samo but this dooa not loeseu the
profound Impression made upon the
minds of those who lire In the pnrttoular
year in which the outbreak of blood
And so It la In Texas In thla day
TIm record of the last alxty daya for
murders assaults on female chastity
nrsan Is fearful nud many of the mur
ders are absolutely exempt from A single
extenuating circumstances
Take thoov that have ensanguined the
nnnaltt or Dallas county nnd our own
comity of Tarrant since the middle of
December nnd It is hard to make a record
for counties of in equal degree of Is
telllgpiit clvlllcutlon that will exceed the
blood stained record of tliem two of
the most representative countiim lu thu
state taking nil of the butter elements
into consideration a record ot seeuiluglr
causelMS nnd often deeply premeditated
Men are asking what does It inomiY
why this continuance of crime why is
there no punishment for the murderer In
Texas what Is the remedy for remedy
there must be for n condition so unwhole
some so Injurious to the welfare of the
state aa prevails just now
The layman any the fault Is In the
law the lawyer says the fault Is lu the
lwople Maybe Uith are right for some
of the profoundest nnd most expv iced
lawyers In the state who -d thrlr
experieuee as dUtrirt or uppetlate cottit
judges have Insisted there were certain
very needful changes in the erimliinl
jurisprudence of Texas and It is tint
fuct that the people compose the Juries
who hare at least the power to give the
verdict that coin hides the trial
Crlmu Is punished In propel tlou to the
volume of public sentiment lu favor of its
punishment When the public rolre de
mands the enforcement of n law that
law Is enforced Tl true the ulce
whispers sometimes only in tho earn of
a class often n small class uud the mem
ber of that clasa make nolm though
for thu body politic and hi the same
spirit that actuated the nine tnllors of
Joole street who resolved wo the peo
ple ote
Hut there Is no confounding the roar
of public opinion wheu It emitiates from
the lieople ami The Gaxette cutchoa
the rtimbllnvs of a storm of public In
dignation that will lend to tho just pun
ishment of eome of tho ml Imndod mur
derers who under thu promptings of
their own vindictive spirit fur the grat
ification of their privnto vengeance are
doing the state mi Injury that will long
linger to retnnl her progress
When Juo D Templeton was attorney
getvral of Texas he wrote to evory dis
trict Judge lu the state nsklng for such
amendment to ponnl code nud code of
jicnul proceed u re ns would ndd to their
effectiveness lu punishing crime or sug
gestion that might leiil to mneiuloionlM
looking to the same end
lleslrlctlnx this article to the ipiee
tons of homicides some of thesu sugges
tions are copied
One Is the common law definition of
homhido should take the tilsco or atntu
tory dctlnltlou another that a disregard
of any of the requirements of the articles
on the subject of the charge of the court
should not bo cause for reversal unless
the omission was excepted to ut the time
or tu the opinion of the court of appeals
such tin eiTor might have lutluoiicud the
Jury to Injuiy of the defendants lights
Another Is that It shall lie presumed thut
all the procetslnl gtotufxatlllff fllvbwgyv
all th proceedings of a trial ooutt were
In accordance with the law unless It be
made to atUrmatlvcly npis ar In the re
cord that an etror Injurious to tho de
fendant had been committed
Another tlial u Judgment of couvlrtlou
shall u nt be rendered becuuno tho state
ment of fncts does not coittnu eldence of
the venue of the ofllce or the Identity of
the defendant or the time of commission
of tho offense It shall lx pi esumml Mitch
urldeiieo wna Introduced nnd wna suffi
cient to establish those reiiulNltea to con
viction Only those have been selected
eeee ceetHjee xallllfflll vbgkiij 1CTAOTH
except one that would seem to bo only
lochulcnl to tho non iirofoiwlouul mom
bors of society
In Judge N A KlwlmaiiH careful nr
tlele on why so tiiuny murders why so
few convlctlous that appeared In Inst
Sunday s Unaette several or thnso above
quoted suggcstioiiH mo ilueimM by hlui
esaetitinl to be Incorporated in the law
of Texas The most serious evil in his
opliilun la the laws delay In homicide
eases and he makes a pointed suggestion
for u remiHly Hut his article is there to
siNak far Itstdf a It does In utroitg term
Some Interviews of this subject were
obtained nnd some are hare giveu
The puestlous naketl were
liy this eonttuuanc of gruve crime
Jo- are these crlinea not punUhed
hat Is the remedy
And these are aomo of the statement
ni Uiuance of crime Is due to
n lack of luingiiifs nnd these are due to
it lack of milAlf sentiment Theu the
public gets disgusted with tho iinlbbllng
over tho tochnlcnlltle of law Too often
the argument of the lawyer are to de
velope teclttilialltles thnt
tho judge sus
tain mid even after a Jury haa rendered
n just erdlet tlio court reverses the
case and the act used sties f reo
We should bi8 some Judicious lmng
lug Judicial If we rnn but If we can
not liang by Inw It may become ueces
aary to Jiang without law
pw remedy
houhi speettlly U nptitle1 for the opf
demte of crtmo U ittjurtug our tnt
Thut crtmo ha been on the increase
to an extent fearful to eoiitemplato of
Into Is an ludUputnblo fact
llrt0MW of wn l largely
duo to the failure of our Juries to do their
duty Ah a nil the Judgtw ehnrge thi
aw nnd the ollleer f the court do
thUr duty but tho wutltuent of tho turut
ee tf the iieoiile from whom ve draw
our jurie is mit In fnvor of tlte enforvi
nient of law fw they will rweent the
lwsummlou of the ciunrel n n state
mwit of facts they will lt sentlmeutaMty
Intervene to permit Jttatlee being done
on any and evory exens they wlfl avoid
ft eenWetlon espodaUy n cap 1 1
lion ihuUiSi iiXXZLM
otllwr nud court lwlphW
me reiuouv i u ettueate the people
Into a njoro litwlthful public yutiiient
to the point that the jople wlffdothWr
duty as well n tlte cjintt olllelaU when
cnlbM to nerve as jurors lu crlwhial
3HTL AJotw of goch a surfeit of
jdiwilr trituiw iu wo have had In the
Inst month nml an lujurv will W dm
ur Mute that twity nro yun will
not correet 1 do lwpo the proaTof th
rtate will tnko tlU tuattor uHnd cf
tat It until tho peopto awaken to
o ikVBalfciiB4
renllalnsT mtta of the gulf Into which wo
will plunge if we drift as Texts now
Jtirfw that will do liotiertly their
sworn dnty with prompt triala will
bring tho only safe nud atrro retnwly for
TIw jttrlos are to Maine and thw ore
to blame because tho public uUiuent
MuKalns thoni Whon this I charg we
will lmvo a lietter administration of laws
that nro good enough ample Indeed for
Oil purposes Jlut the juries let their
sympathies too often prevail oyur Uie
facts And I blame tho people liecnuso
uriinlnnl laws are enforced In propor
tion to the sentiment of tho people
The Judges are also somewhat to
blnirte In fixing low latll bond The of
ficials who take straw bendi are to
hlaine hut the worst of all Is the pro
foMlontl Juror and of these we havo
entirely too many nnd many tuoro than
you would think
There nro several more very Interest
lm tnterrlswa on tbli pregnant queatlon
thut stand over until tomorrow
At New Orloans Bowcn Knocks Hl5Man Out
tn 22 Rounds Great Racers Entered at
New York New Orleans Results
MBW OIUXVX8 tuvtnig
Sftnr Orleans Jan 6 Plrt rooe fflx fu
king Ualen Hrowii wen Mruen svuuU
Carry PeanMll third Time 1M
Bceond race nre farioogs Mta Perkins
win Arties second XersMU third Time
Third race Five and one half furlongs
Iiebby lieaoh won Anger i seeoud Joe
le third Time 111
Fourth raee Kevvn farleaga May Hardy
wen Ilounre secoml Itrown Uuttoii third
Time 18 1
Fifth isteegsveii and one half furlooes
JJf Lwo11 Slr nIHt iia Wntueu
tlitrd Time l Mi
New ork Jnu entries received
for tDe fnuMvus liatnllcsii stitnulHtti to Im
itm at the coarse ut tk umcy Jilana Jockey
cluli were maUc public toiUiy They are
as roJlajvn Itcv Iul Itfy ir Hastirouck
ienii Well iteclstr Tournament Candela
VB Yorli ItusfJl Jlsrs Ills UlgniikM
Aorkvllle liellc Ilamjuet Ueinutti ICIdks
ton LoogsirMi Numod ltnoelsnl Tom
iiiany iloutsim the Pepper SUvr Pox
gtevo Estes Two TTlt Casslns
IeMnrn IxtwinnUfr PldeHe Terrl
ller 1nrvtniii Lamplighter W o
bntunte Miilur Douio Judge Morrow
atrntimentli ftiarad Illnme jJT Ttwca
TiiVstakea tbut rinsed Jauiiary ltjwj huvc
reilred the fellimlag yntrlusi Zephyr Si
oriug i June 10 Virual Ol Voluiiter
l IJwlft 48 MuKiidtUrlft ii May kldjre
PJ miburbon ST Hliveptliwil Bay 41
Mat hush 82 Umst Kastern TU sjptwji
ber at Flight tfl Autumn 02 Double
Hveiit 12 Great Trial ITT
The fwiurlty of 1WB has already reci lveil
H8 tmirto with California and Uuglnud to
heir from Tho murks will probatily he
nittMHIATNU lltlTmtAHI
Nftw York B Coiitrnry to the gen
oral belief the protwsetl mntch between
Aleck Uressaln nml Ted Irttehurd to IbUc
tilace before tho Olynipln club of New
Orleans was not eoMuuimaUd today The
obstacle that kept the iiisit Q otn lgulug
wss tint the articles of agreement con
tained no stipulation relative to what the
losers end was to he nor what expense
wouhl be allow ed
JK Ofb ajis Jan 6 -Andy llnwen nud
Jtio Kleltten fought before Now Creeeent
taooo of whleli J loo went to the loser
The battle lusted through tweaty twn rouuil
all fairly well foiutUt Vlth nuiueroualUotk
dowim on IkjIIi ililt
Flehlen howsver suowstl bad Ittdgmnit
anil failed to taL advantage of liu oiiiwr
tunlty Thu ilxliilnt olwwod littl to Mho
advantage of Hther man up to the twen
tieth ronnd wliui Jlowcn went nt tiln on
iNineut IniiMlnii litm dnwu three times mid
nearly put ldni out
In the twenty first Ilowen went at his
man ami jmtulicd hlui Into the ropes solera
times llvldcu who wits dead game fell
and rose only to be knocked down ns fust
as he could get up The gnng saved him
for the next rbuniT tlit round lit which Us
Was allocked out with it punch In the mck
lie tried to rUe end Ids ganieuess mnco
ijnesiloned was now applaudeil to the echo
Regarding tho Birth ol Grace Wilson Who Sot-
tlod With tho Heirs ot a Millionaire
or Ono Million Dollars
Columbus 0 Jan fi A Zanearille O
pedal tu The Dispatch says
The mystery BUtxoumlliig th0 jjrih of
Grare Wilson who settled with tho heir
of tho Into Hdward Croiise thu million
aire for 1 000000 una been sol veil
She was born near St Olnlravlllu
Belmont county 0 M5 yonra uKu Her
first husband Wilson nnd ono child
dyiug Hho went upon tho druiuntlo
stnge where situ hecutuo n fnvorlto with
Croinei they wore married Hu pnrenU
nfuiotl to recognlxo her mid tho couple
separated nt the end of two weeks she
Bujjig to Ihiglutul nt Ids expense A
child was boru the mother got a tlhorce
from Crouse mid married Slegbutt Nols
terlltx a wealthy Australian He too
U now dead leavlug to his wife a child
m Ui M UJW endeavoring to get
n big slice of the money by a smlement
with the Nofcterllti heirs
rui statemeiit Is autlUMitlcatetl by tho
relatives nt ZatinvlUe of the poor coun
try girl who became the In due
aueclon of Uiree ineutwo of them
btlug lulUlonalre
In tho Indian Territory Discussing With tho
Oheioica Chlrls a Schema for
Tnhtoquah I T lwnee m rtilef
of the Cherokee boonicr turltod hero
today from Arluimuu City ung discuss
oil with the Cherokee chiefs a aehome
for the eolouhtjui of tho Cterolve
rlp lu the ovmit of failure by cougroM
to accept the treaty negotiated recoutly
for the sale of tlte strip to the govern
ment It was formally agreed upon If
the present cogr falls to accept the
wfter such failure moo onto tho strip
thwutelrw nd cwnny it They sy ft
irVr anU Hivl they propote to either
sell It w occupy It Having moved tnto
lw ftrip the land win be dl
Wded nuionir tlte m mUro of tho nation
Kaoli can UUihmk or his hind ah lw see
Tlte majority- will donbtloas consont
rental to uoonuw and In that way will
uVL i9 siwwe revetnitt from
CWof Harrk of ttie Cberok ie nation
tronc aavootfte ot the pln
Over In tho Old Country Will Preys Very
Usdon Jan B Tho present cold spH
on Uiu ooutliieut bjda fair to ho 8mtt
ns disastrous In effect a the eold spell
of two year mm The river Soheldt tu
tT TTroi7lllll Jhiilijy ililM i r
Itelglmn is nlmost completely closefl liy
Iro which renders iinvlgattoii from An
twerp by sea extremely dangerous- Hott
ing voeU laden with petroleum rim
not allowed to go cither up or down the
river All other willing veswls must ba
A dlspateh from lTlum Austria rays
a railway train was stalled In the enow
near them for oljshtcen hours am tho
Imprisoned naasengors wew fnmhl nntl
half froaen when rflayued
Miss Frances Funston ol New York City Was
Awarded Prlzo by tho New York Herald
lor tho Following Instructive Article
Tho subject of tho proper education of
women to meet tho problemaof tho prownt
century I now n very llvo topic When
one looks nrottnd nnd out on tho maw of
women who nro forced to roly upon thalr
own efforts It Is nmazln how muoh they
accomplish wlththo slight eiilpment for
Euch oxcrtlqn that many of them possess
That women poweas all tho qualities ol
men except perhnpi physloal strength no
one now oares to deny Wo nil know that
down through tho iiftes of history women
thore have been who have hold positions of
great responsibility women who hnv
risen to the very height of power nnd In
flusncc hut such women liavo been the ex
ceptlon of tbo age In which they lived
llnd nil wotnan enjoyed the mental train
lug that the tneti of their elnsa nnd ngo re
eclved 1 in difficult to say what resall
might not have been accomplished
Tlmtthoy have net had that training It
evident We all know tho history ut tin
courageous ones who lmvo nt Inst changed
the ourrent of popular thought so that all
Holds nro practically open to women
How shall alio host lie trained to meet all
the new requirements To the question
What education shall woman litive tin
answer now Is All aha wIsh9or onti re
The problome that confront her today
are varied and the onlla upon her nro tin
First alio should be taught to take OArc
of her health so as to bt sound physically
without that she cannot hop to lw sound
and strong mentally
The only reason why there Is any need
to discuss the question placed at the head
ot eltles letter is thnt sb tins not always
had the facility for mental trnlnlnrj that
her brother have had
Look at the great army of noblo womon
of tho past nud present Take our lessons
from those who have made the world hot
ter by living in It Do wo not find In their
lives that they pouem tho most beautiful
of all trnlu self control Thh has not
been obtained by mi Idle Ufa nor by efforti
to assort themselves to seoitro for them
selves tho greatest amount of comfort hut
rather by quiet self sacrifice nud liy sell
training first In atudy and next In Inter
course with tho world and by Riioh soil
discipline that all her faculties respond tc
ber will
Her perceptive faculties should he well
cultivated so that sho comprehends quick
ly sees at n glanco what la to be done and
taught absolutely to rely upon hor own
nblllty to do what In required Thru
things nro luimto In most women They
should be developed to their utmost limit
Then woman needs to bo taught that no
outin y and utttuitlon to detail ah ou Id not
necessarily result in n narrowing of her
inenal horlsou
Systematic regulation of dally hatiltenrt
of vait Importance and should lie lusiated
upon In early life trained in so thoroughly
and persistently that one Is nblo to nrrangf
fornllcnriB upon time and iffurt uucon
fcolously This must he dono eat ly in life
however nnd must be Judiciously done or
the result will lie fUHslncss
The reasoning fHoultlew mttRt not be over
looked perhaps that oon best bo dona by n
thorough urounrilng In iiiittliemntloM which
most women dislike Their Intuitlvo In
tlnote are iu the way there for It Is easier
to jump nt a conclusion nine timea out of
ten and jump right too tlmn to tke tin
time to follow out n long chain of to their
useless deductions only to nrrlvo at what
they knew ull thu time
Wblla mm contend that mathemntto
are tho best aids to a broadening of thoso
faculties that womiu nro supposed to b
most deficient lult seems to mu that n
liauarul iralulug In tho Held of literature
will bo of Incalculable bun o lit
History particularly bhonld not be ovir
looked not the mere study of events but
what Influences and cnuxea werunt work
upon tho llu and clmrattcrs of tho people
who havo preceded us uud nts nbout us
now nud who havo controlled ludlvldual
nud boclnl development
1 tblulc that and klndml subjects tend
to widen tho meutnl bcope nud to given
clearer aud Bounder judgment All worn
eng Bhould he encouraged in tnkhiK up ays
tutnntlcrtlly thewo subJeoU thnt tund to lift
thwroubovo tho routine work which they
are apt to fall Into by tho constant atten
tion to homo duties It la fully demon
strated now that thcro need h no foarthat
by aiding lu mi all round culture for worn
on thoy will give lew utteution to their
houMihold duties
it will I know help them to a more in
lllgent performance of thoMismnedutlm
A harmoniously educated woman will
rise to any emerneney will be ready to
meet niiy problem of this or any other ago
leaeh them to use evry faculty that
God ha endowed thsm with A woman
may be taught to care for her house to do
with her own bunds every part of the work
required for it U only by dotng that we
Sho may ride duce aing and In fnot
haye all the aaeompllibmonu thnt will mid
to her uttractnti8 whloh last la ot groat
mportaiice In this age if Wmm fro t
be earnest workers thoy uhim nm fomct
their olulm to beauty but sett a t it
the proper munition Js given t t rn
lng of their outwnnt persona i to
the ciiUlvatlon of their lntcllou omen
should be taught to drew well ii sonal
presence- U an elemant of power iu both
men nnd women In fact I do uot know
that women need bo taught or cduoatotl so
inucliaatoboKlvuu more fi oedom tou
fully and without harsh criticism what
they know so well hoivto do without bslua
taught a
The modern gift of olvll rlEhu to woman
Impose uiwi herclvtl liabilities lu ninny
sphere she does mens work all are open
to her snve those that denmud higher pi y
toulatrtuigth inthow that cafl twSl
oney and qulcknese of perception paUence
mid reflnament alio can equal mva Ioc
iouI power of thought Is the highest devil
opuient of both sexwi nnd few of either nt
tain It Mon through RenornUona havo had
horedltory practical exnerience and noer
tain hardness acquired A uHi vWth u
world nud to men education t free to
wioh after the rudlneiit to nudyforhht
trork Olvo the women tho same freedom
mid tho aanw praetical aptitude and oxpe
rUneo ami they new fall In their duty Z
trope lJunHo iJn oYork Herald
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