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i 1
V -
f SvWpera of Wind Punchers of
Heads and Necks
5fc -
Tth Knockers Uppor Cullorj ff Splllcrs
Ko Blacker Ear fnaiher3 fi8jre
Iho Boys Thai Moot at
New Orleans
New Orleans March 7 Wioro was
more thun usual luterast latum In tho
fight iKitwuon AiiHtlu Gibbons of Pnttor
win N J and Mike Daly of Bangor
Mo tonight
At 0 oclock In thu uvonlug tho crowd
began to oongrugnto uud from that time
until ready to t ntor tho ring they Jcoiit
earning In Gibbons was the fnvorltu In
the buttlntr ltoth wore under tho stipu
lated weight whou thoy wrtghml In at
U oclock In tho afternoon ami were
lu iirlmo condition
Prior to the big light ther was it
preliminary lut of four Mliort round
tietwooir Dolly Smith of California and
Owen Dnrnoy of New Orleans It wai
only n friendly bout In order to Intro
due Smith who was intrieliftl to fight
George Dlxou for 1500 n side
Hound 1 Both full of fight t Daly
planted n jtlfT right hahder In tint wind
On Daly miss Gibbous upper eut Win
uikI mt him on Ida knee
Jtouud li Duly not quitu ao full of fight
tins round nud allowed Gibbons to iie
come tin nggieaaor Daly landed ninny
Kxxl atlff Ic ft hfliidn a hut got fully ns
pi Gibbous was cool and evary time
liN hit landed with effort
Itouud 3 Not very furlona na Duly
whs forced to net on tho defensive
Af one time however while OHiIhius
wn inking too many llbmios ho onms
near UMMtlng nn ugly rlgbt lwiulor that
would Imvu laid 111 til oftt If It had eon
Hound 1 Ulblion allowed divided su
iMrlority over Only an1 played with
lUm na n uat would with a mouse
I ton ml ft Thny ratno up fresh Gibbous
forulng mutters Ho liny advantage In
liiirli EmW lu Austins faror
Hound 0 llntli cautious Olhlton lends
ntid Iniida with right on brcust follow
with another stinger clinch followed In
lighting furious nnd Professor Daffy
tln wen had much trottblo in separ
ating them Olhhona then fon ed Daly
all around tho rlnir
Bound 7 Gibbon lomln rlglit on
month Hii y cllmh on ropa Dnly
bniiRS CHMmiiim twlu JtL tLe upck Jll
bona rvpltna with two jpoil mi on
Dalya mouth
Hound 8 OiblHMiN mtaninmi amtvaalTts
Ho irnchMi Dalya cheat with u lpft and
then rriHata nn DolyN car Daly rttahinl
In two lnft atiuirora on Ulhbona
breaat and Jaw thru JnbiHMl In lhn noik
A llvply PxoliaiutP followed Dab wlnir
line rluht nud left on tho Imteranu mnn7a
Jaw uihI tho crowd cbeorou Daly on
r1111 DuIy Pnwl Willi n ruali lmt
Mbjioiia HtonpfHl him wth fin upper cut
Olbbona Jiibbed with IiIh Mt in tin nerk
Duly IhihIh left on ear Analln aanin
uiipsr euu him wrcMf JIIpIkhi wTiik
dKht ni Dalya Juw knockln the hitter
to Ida kupca nftpr he roan Hbbona
lHiiiehed hlin hitnl na lie trtwl to it
uwuy Aa tho uonjr aotinded Auatln
upur nit Dnly onee more
Jlniind I HI lliboiia Innd rleinuidy on
heart Duly ellnche n vlxoroiia PxehauK1
J lortlgH Inlr ahowxl lu ef
fCta Cltbbnna Iniida Intnl hut Duly
Kla In n terrifln rlichMmnliT aondlnit
llblMiia roalliur aa tho round ended
Itimml II Hbbona landed ovw heart
then foreud flplitluit nud Rot In wo atlrf
imuchea on Dalya Jaw unit nook he
NWliiga loft on DuIvh Htoumeh but tho
ifw ly cornea Imrk with n rltht oil
liblwna neek Duly Jubln the wlni
invlly twlee In amwHNhin Analln up
Ir iiU Duly thou Imth aluK hYivttly nt
- wiumiim jfuiK jiair on
IVanlllad J potfeot
Of gront
tiS ent hi
WtdKlliHeuVy t io froh friilfr
Hound 12 fnlMiH look ilen e nud
determined Daly Julia on the now ami
draw flrat Wood Tho flnugnr boy
broBthljiff har1 Tbey puiKh eneh nlber
III Mhor mi tiilv iJ
V i til Mill 111
V i P lb blood How
J4sn 4iIiih hiic icr iil lulu
Ialya - py ruhK liim unl hind
VKVV - ffi t round end
Horn I Vi tith rj jronititlv
Glbbo u left on Ilv4 Jn IiW
ii- ih lfi j
ro ih retnlliHM mII nvu itlff
Hon I Nublng
Iiinl GIllKMia left
nwiuig heavily
on Jv i a1 Mtljrr j 1nJ
hrd u lllbb1 avi
n ml An in inn Iiick lib un bad oim
iII v ll1 wm
Hturtol iiionii JI1 i v mouth Daly
irrowhK wuli ton GI1Ihih eonlliiui
lmmi Gllt lVi
Hoiinl lit illmna for Inn battle
PUlioU Dnly hnnl with lef n Jnw
July uiiii l to retnlliue Glfihona Jgba
blu mvoivI M 1k JJ
mTi U rMl V AiiHtlu fnco
GhboiM IiuhIh on ThilyH law nud tho
i ri V I return Gibbon nn
Hi DalvH wind nud lth left Da ly
lonicj la heavily on Au dln Jaw iiini
Hol 17 Glboiw laud hard on Jnw
I hey li Ii Loth fulj Afier ili v I Ihi
on liiv riV UilH vimi lefc
lUrtixl is Jlbbona bimU tnlee on
Duly nioiiili hi in nud ugnlu
Htnrtli He ret Dilv ruihM fm
imn unl hnwit him iitooud the rlrg
I jolitii Mill iMinelie on neck nnd Jaw
ill 7 vr CNupAl a
J -rim iMt liiiml HWlnu He ui
hack on Duly with a hiiiikvr on u
Xnl I Umm AVl11 Ul1
Hound 11 Gibboua Jabbed Duly with
III Itll w il nlud nIul reptMtted with
hi rlKbt then Hwlpe W rlglrt nud loft
hiioekW iialy UCTlust the rope
J1 aW0 W ill i hanl Jnb
on Duly notk and follow with nn up
por out which ptuKger him
Hound Kt Ha IniHtiHl with Urt on
eiicJ1 other iiot kH
Hound 2JS Dnly got In a hard Jb on
Blflirtucli rTOentiiiK It mi Inatnut Inter
Hound 2Jf Glblwiw ma lu u goraro
uppor ctitt followa It with unotlier jinly
countered on tho wind twlea
Hound 1M Gibbons Bwlng fits left with
foroo on Dajra wind nnd follows It with
two ptmchiw on the bronut and Jnw
Daly dipped to 111 know but was up
hi nn Instant
Kounit M Daly with a hnrtl hwIii
Inu rluht landrt on Glbbona nouk 01
lima retorts with n 1trit pntifli on the
ear di Avlnjr Mit Utulmrn tippei -
Dllv ciil t hi kliP
twk tle Ilsnlt to and tlion u ur
rfflc Imttlo ni sdiort ranice fnlbd
Dnly gtiiiic Tiray
Hound m CIIkwh mna nt Daly lmt
Daly 8tjw liim with ft atutwew on the
peek Ulbbona nppfT euta Daly and the
latler falla to hia kneea to aToJrt pun
ialimwit When he flriaoa Olblwwl roalha
hlin flpaln landing oaotlief attff ujfer
out and followetl It with ft Urrt pnach
on the bwly and anotber Jab on the
mouth n tho roflBtf amleu
Ilottml 21 Gibbon landa banl on
Dalya Jaw Daly awlBga rlaht on neck
Daly oa to Ida kaeea from his offetta
lit HwliiKfaK a right hander
Hound ik Glluioua uMHr it wnd
IiiK Daly taKrlnKi Daly got In on on
th Jruw Tlaiy wnw tofeiker for a
vldoua exchange Olbbona knwka Daly
tlirmifch the roiea but the IJangor boy
geta tip aa tho jtotig otind
Hound Mi Auntln awlaga Ida left nnd
down oe Daly to bw knees Ulbbona
trio to force matter Daly come hard
on the Jemey innna head getCnK an
uimer eut In return
Honial f Gibbon reaches Daljra
head wUh hla left and they cllnoli Gib
bon get lu an nppor vut and lrtnd it
left wlug on the neck
Hound III ruaho Daly nwlug
lnx hunt on he Jaw Daly made two
wing but nilaaed They exebango
good left hander mi the liead Gibbon
get In another and Daly come lunk
with a right awing on the Jaw Doth
daggering Gibbon awing rljlit on
DaT a Jaw llouring hlra
Tlie referea cuuntl elfjbt before he
aroae Gibbon mnheil nt him and
awung hi rlkhl with nil hi ilrimgth It
reurhed Daly a chlo knocking him down
again Daly wa unable to rle and the
referee count him out Time of fight
two hour nnd three minute
Buffalo N Y Slarch 7 A IroJect la
jn fiAivrOr I n SJ
on foot here to eeure the krbett Mitch
ell fight and a pnrae nbore fflOtMK will
be guaranteed by reiiiMlble pnrtle
Trnmlueiit cltixcn are interested In the
New Orleans I March TVlrat
rn Five furlong MIldriHl won Cold
Dec neconrt Bun toil third Time
l0fl 1 1
ilecond race Mix fnrloiiga Oainpagne
won Highwayman accond Ueawlng
Ihlni Time I1B l l
Tlilnl race Fire furlong Uttle Hal
ite won lnlomlta aocoud Ited Wing
thlnl Time Vi 1 2
Fourth race Heven and a half fur
longa Tlie IiiiIko won Wnrplot aie
onl Vinleti third Time VM 1 4
Fifth ratv Five furhitiff Jiln Jteial
won Ac Tucker aecoud Danvcr third
Time im 1 4
New York Mnrcli 7 At noon today
delcgntM th the nrln meeting of the
National Ixmjjun Ilaebull club aaacm
Vlod at the Fifth n venue hotel The
achednle and iiropoHcd cliung hi the
phiylng rule were the principal topic
to tie illcued All the big nn were
there They Include Ironldent Young
nud Vftncutl of New York Von Der Abe
of St Ioiiia Uruah of Cliiclimutl Tlieo
WtiBiier of Wnalilugtuu Yunderhoral of
Ualtluiow Hynic of Urooklyti Anon
Cleveland nnd Hoden of JRostou For
the llrnt time lu the hltrtory of tho league
It wa to be an opMi meeting
Tlie rule committee coiujioMed of
Hrmdi Hyrue ami I nnilerhorst which
hn held freiiuent aeeluna at the llofl
iiiun Iiouhc rufairted In detail the nb
atiiitlal remit of thclr action n fob
l imt No etiliirircment of Infield now In
S ml- Huuniil of the tiltiher from
hi riiiit mIiii to tie ceiUrc of th
lull 11 iiIioLkIiIiii iiicbcr bix and
iiitt line tlien f i a Ixiiiudar pbie
unit ni i c to which tho
pit her will be nil 1
I bird AbolhlMieni f the lint but
liuitb A In il flitliitit f i1h bulk
Nlnili ii t kiii of th rate per
tiijiiim to nctiinl pliiir lerftlul uime
Slxih rtlfMiw II nilJapiliiii
III lllltll4 pOWlK Hid rcHHHNllitie of
the iiiipt v I
rule govcruiuil ottlclnl
oieri which Ilovhls ttitt a player
ho tiwiUoM Vi nn r tt e hit which advance
a Iim runner mim1 iui be Ilmrgcit with
a time at bin
Hlchnnl M Tivlng who died nftar u
brief lllue wa burled yeatertlay after
TIiono who were luuriik for rain wore
gri lihed ycHienlnv fur it was u day of
dinner or drlxale
Mn i -led - Nundiiy nt 11 a m at the
n liletiw of the brldo luothvr lu Ale
Km I Kodnr and Mis Grrc Iviinbroiigh
Miirituuo llceuHCM were itemed yetei
day to lubes Oiidiunn and Mr iUinle L
Uvt UoiiIh D Sulth and Miss Laura
Why dout you nwp that horae or n
heavier oueT You can gvt what you
vaut by advertising for It in our awnp
col i m a
Why dont you let the girl do Jnst
the hiiiiio an the men Girl yuit cau
ilieiti I no Chine wall around oar
wup cohiutn
The uiiteitalnuient to lutve tx eng given
by tho hoy of the Uroauway lroby
terluit Hundny chool this evening hn
liecn iwtMiuutl till Thuradny Mnrth t
The tax Uat ao The Gaastte 1 In
foriiunl will go the tlie printer tills evn
inu aud delluqtieuta have little time In
which to sijuuro up state nnd county
Hit Mr Sanforil will imk at tho
prayer aervtce at the Cumberland
byferlan olinrch tonight The lMmtor
vitea nil emieclullv tha vounar imoiiIo
of the church
John King the Santa Fe station ugent
nt IIaWt acohlently shot hliaself lu
the ohatdtlur Monday night aud wu
brought hero yesterday and th tntlro
joint excised
John U Hnwley munnger for Me
Arthur Hro the contractor for the new
waterworks rehired a telegnjui trom
Chicago yesterday aimounoliuj tkv death
of Jiiuiori McArtlmr a god 00 tha aenlor
iiiemlwr of tlm llrm Two bratlssr
Ho Takes o llnnd In Nfw Jarwy Daeo Track
New York March 7 A apoclal from
Tronlon N 1 state PraUut Cleve
land hni said i word about the rase
track mil At leiiHt tho story Tomes
straight from Yahblctiin thiittwlililu
forty eight hour the pcwlitent Infonued
HOttio New Jerm y DennHviiile limihrs U
Mus dlsguNinl at the uoJrihlvu of iuThIih
In the Ope iH rjictually Dcuiocvfttlc state
In tliu Kinli Ii lu fcljitffrl Mr t Invnlnxl
Uireateiiil in Um p cicry Nov jtritcy
lbspillili ui til iilluv null- TIUlu iiiuie
uaiuocrntif appliwnta eUtutd bj tlio
piUtbllUjr uleinort
For a Littlo While on Wall
Street Yesterday
And Clotcd al Thai Fliure Time Money
at G Pir Cent Industrials Lost Many
Points Tho Collon Move
mcnl and Prices
New OflMtis 1a Maroli 7 StecInl
Htwrt say
Fntnrsa If It war not for the feel
ing of doubt with which ntl new re
garding the strike 1 accepted the rj
irnrta today of a aaUloiuent on the basis
of maaters term would Iiave twen wi
UtleU to iMllaf na It Is a foregone con
clnniun that only upou the master
term cnu the dltflcultle be arranged
1iicertnlnty atlll nilo however and
although thare haa lawn ome Improve
meut in all the markets It has been more
tho reatilt of the ahorta covering than oi
any coiitldcnt buying liy the now element
which I expected to enter tlie market
when the mill start tip again
Uvenwol closed latrely steady nt t uld
advanov after having been i -Ml higher
spot aalea were ouly ROUU bale but thin
I Iwlieved in some quartera to be the
result of a determination by spinner to
oover their requirement by future pur
clme and to imy only ticli sot
as I Imperatively necessary until the
first effect of the wtileiueiit luilly have
worn off They are afraid that nu active
l busluean und largo aloa in Liver
pool would cause n retwtltlon of the con
dition of affairs that existed during the
early irt of the season when holderh
rvfuaeil to part with their stock even
nt ridiculous high price
A noticeable feature today lina lieen
the comyarntire greater ireugth of tho
late iHislttons Ho long ns the llntul bill
wa a iHiaslblllty only few hardy opera
tor ventured to tak any Interest Jri the
full nud winter month Now tlaftjj arc
opou to wvrj body and those wlro eng
tertain tho belle that tln re will be n
decrease or at any role no Increase of
the coming season are unl n if
myers of tho next crop cspoclnlb a
the large stock of nvnilablu iiinurcs ail
ample supply for all npilrentcnts until
the prospect of the new crop can rea
oiiably Ite doteruilnwl One feature
which iierhaps hamii ivd the market to
day wna tho tightness of money in New
York on call Money was tpivtctl nl
high as 40 lir cent hut ns It was
that the treasury had diHtded to
sell ffSOUOOOOO of Itoml to replenish
tho gold siiiMly rates eniNl off Imforo
the closing Tuere was a fair demand
here for spots sale by factor being
Ul 00 bales und 000 bales to arrive
Prices were quoted very firm and somn
sales were reported at l Kk advance
although uthVinl juotit Ions remalucl on
Port recelnta today are JOWW bales
against J -1000 balet last year Now r
levna especta tomorrow 5II500 bnles
against R7UU bales here nnd lllOOO bain
at ull Krts
llonry lews i his last circular on
slocks uud linauces aya
llie ilcplctcl condition of the treusury
gold balniuv atlll hauga threateiiiuily
over Wall Btrecl The strange thlug Is
that the hank should be ao backward
lu lomlilg to the relief of the govern
ment In reality the trouble seems a
simple one ua to Its cause and by no
iuuhiih a dlltlcult one na to Its remedy
The sitmitlon has arisen from the fact
that lu ordinary euurae of lmsinea us
bitweon tha troasury and tin bauka the
ttansury has come to hold less tlinu it
usual ujnlilit Of free itoll while lh
banks have iaiiTsiHndingly iucreaaed
their holding of that metal Since this
accident In hii entirely normal drift of
cxclmiiUos has hroiight the treasury close
to an Infrigoiuunt upon u plixlKcd re
serve of gold which would Injuriously
affect the public credit wbat rml objec
tion could the liiukH present to
say 25tU0aS of their nxtrmmli
unrv siKk of gold for an eimil nmount
of niLcd States miles held by the treas
ury The triuanctlon would Involve tin
really objectionable reduction of the
speiie portion of their reserve which
Is now abundant whllut it would place
beeiil 1 iiibl the the hifiil tenders which
are IbieateiiiKl by the low eoiiitttiou of
tho trvusurv tree gold Tlie legal
temlerH re i ivel by the ltiliks lu this ex
Iimiik would aiiHWer all thin purpose
Jo 1 ax well as th gold with wldch tbey
liartcl the trctisury would Is put In a
Mtromr position and ail the talk ami
needles alarm about the government
hclii in duiiifcr of suspending gold pay
ments would vanish It is passing
stvaiigi why the banks should tiuaitnta
to tilip tills simple remedy nud prefer
to coiiiihI the goveniinciit to louo ll
lonu width aftr nil would havo to hi
iiikeit by gold drawn out of the bunks
Tlie banks of the seubonrd eltlos aro tin
wlelv liKiirrini u mrloim nisnaitattrUUy
1 ncHllMSly prolonging u uoodlosH
t y through nu uugciierona
luangdr policy
New York March 7 The sevurt
lu the money market oall loan
invlag been sold as high as l i nor cent
Iter diem aud Interest ctiuul to about
cut per auuuiu led to a freih at
tack upou industrial lu the early trading
tojy American ugar broke 1 1 Sc
nud the otber yielded anywhere from
1 Ui 51T P pr cent Many holder wero
alarmed by the lilgh rate exacted for
uiouey and sol out
Tho rullroud list on the other laiud was
reuuirkably firm There was considerable
biiylug for luug iHioiot as well ua to
cover short contracts Tlie market
closed firm
Ittllway bomls weak closed Ann
GoeruuHnt bonds dull
Stuto steady
New ork March i -Money on mil
was Irregular laugiag J -8 my cent in
tore per diem to per oent per mtuum
closed offered at 3c
Prime mercantile paper 0c
Sterling oxehaago heavy i 4S4fi
4H41 I alxty days 94W
ii i ti -ii ii
Uacjuie Mrs Mnfllo Smith Had Died from Iho
lnurls H InflfoUJ Wliat IU
Blaok Bulolior Sas
SUiBrniatik Tos March 7Stioctal -A
a Gaiette reporter called at the Jail In
HpuhiWyajdrday and hail nn Interview
with 8twioiaaey the nogro who as
aaultl anYpalhtragwI tjm Smith woman
near thlaaaty mveral monUis ago
say Is tliPmaii that the mob came so
lincwna tho dav he was brouitht
far trial here The city was crowded
ilionntrv ikhuiIa who came to town
with the iiiveil nuiMVsc of Iviirtirus
Miwse but tua guard wtw ao strong
nud determined thai the mob made ml
attciutt to pel the prisoner until late in
the afternoon when their ruahs lied
been reinforced by several hundred
who had beard of the trouble aud
uid hurriiHl Into the city Sheriff Mt
A fee Mceina the mob n gi ttlig dan
gorviut tUl them le would ohon them
thi ouch the llirtl they mlBbt hc
that IuMX was uoi in trie juil The
tleudeis of tho mob weut throuuii the
own l
Josoph O toyiea
Of Msynardi Md
Voungef and Betted
A War Voteran8 Story
ItooOfs Sarsapnrtlla Otves Strength
ami OvcrOomea Rheumatism
Thero Is noUdnsi I hav avr taken In my
llfo that dhl toe so much coed a Hoods Sarsa
jiarflla 1 wa In too linlon arm7 from 01 to
pB wa oonllntil In Andortonvllla prlwn olRlit
Rionttai and lb dlscoaos contraoted Uioro atlll
Hngdr I IhmI clillli and fevers for yonri and
my cVator told ine that t must lako Ao gratu of
qulAUiaa day for a lens lime 1 did lo but
after a tltao It illd ma no good ami then ho
ordered hop tea which was a blttar as gall
and mode Vno tlok ntioumatltm thou oauglit
m In tny loft kg and 1 could not tnoro It 1 ho
doctor said
I Hcl Walnrla
Hoods Mrtapanila Ctd mo so muu good that 1
hare taken It ever Mnoe nnd It slwaya does mo
good ZIy friends toll mo I look younger and
better than I did ton years ago This makes mo
feol proud end I csunnt prnlso Hoods Barsspa
rllla enough My case was a bad ono but Hoods
Put Wo on Wly Fat
and I em naturally very grateful to It I re
ccmmanil It to all Uio pcoplo whom 1 hear com-
pbUalng of fcotno weak and tired and far ether
trouble and kuuw ui many woo nave ueou
benofttwi by It I cm u living witness to tha
merit of rioodsBariaparllln Joerrit 0 Lo
raz Xoynarda Md
Woocla Plllai enro all liver Ills btllousucsi
jiunows lndlaeitkm slek beadacho
Juil but could nnt find the prisoner nud
the crowd dispersed thinking Masse
had leeu taken nwny
Yeatertlgy Mnssey told the reporter
that he Was In the Jail at the time the
mob went through it Mnssey In telling
nbont It Mflbl
I was In the cupola of tho Juil about
R oclock in Uio evening Mr McAfee
came to the cell and took me oit he
told me the mob was trying to get me
and he would have to hide me lie then
took ma Up Into the oupoln of the Jail
loft me there sml looked the door I
heard tho noise when the mob ciunc ami
could so the crowd in the yard I was
badly aenml for awhile but 1 got over It
1 thbught the Uird nud Mr McAfee
would nave me
Iu answer to the mieatlon a to how
long he stayed lu tiie intnoln Mnssey
snld I stayed In the oupoln nit tiieht
and ubottt fl oclock In the morning Air
MuAfee came up and tonk inn down
nnd ho and Deputy Sheriff Orenger put
mo in it buggy and drove about n mile
out of town when we got on tho
Houston ami Toxn Geutrnl train und
went to McKlnuey when I was put lu
Jul I was a ft i wards put In tha lJnllas
jail where 1 stayed until nbont n month
ago when I waa brought to Bonlinm
in spcaUing of the crime MNby uald
he was Innocent but that he did not ex
pect to come clear as it strong ease hud
IkCii made out against hlui
Slarinnii Tex Mnirh 7 Special
Mrs Mat Ho Smith tlie white woman
who mi tntrkon the head and outraged
by the iicsro Hatii Mnssey who Is now
In jail nt Uonbnui died till morning in
Collin county Ever since tho assault
on her she has lieeu Nlukltig and hor
death was undoubtedly caused by the
Her denth makes the hanging of Mns
sey certain
thrill nn fmv
Mr II 0 Horton aeeorapuulod by Id
sister Mis Hop Morton of isowv York
City are visiting Mr ami MrflVJ AY
Oouuory 702 Lamar atroot
Dr XV 13 DttvU js hack from a trip
to Now York wlitra he took a poatgradu
ale ennrse
Cniiiiiln W T MIiiill nf l
state ranger forfid waa In the city yes
Dr T 0 Qarpeliliir of Siiorumii Tex
la here to asautt In laying tlie corner stono
of the Masonta temple Ho is a guest
f the Manatotl
Joe Trouer nf Dallas Is nt the Pick
wick where hl friends are congratu
lating him on tun latest addition to Ids
family tha sweetest little girl iu the
G XV Bnrkett Of Falestlue the well
kuowu railroad contractor Is lu the city
T O FouU of Weathertord is in the
lames l Colton manager of the Lost
In New York euuiuuuy Is at the Man
K F Hott of Qitanah for years lu the
employ of the Denver has come to Fort
orth to lira lit la u brother of
Charlie Sott
FourTlmej tnlo Hs BrMJl n Kwn Gilllor
Ing Kntfo Dklnl IVanl to Do
aHonston Tax Maerti
of Htroagers liar uen epldemto
In Hoiixtcii the pt week Tot morning
aiHiut 8 eeiock ou the corner of Main anil
rreston striata one of the prmelnul
tlMtvauUfiire a mart waa seen to arav n
blx kulfe am plangslt fon times Into
his left breast lie tken waikeil Into a
saloon ami fell but was removed to an m
urman wker lis now Una slowly dytug
On Rtttnrdiiy tbl mail gave lit name s
u S Pariirrr aud claimed to rcpivsvut
111 n ft T ftA ri Mltkl
After stsbbiug himself he gave the name of
USIll uill lA VA1BSmI til 1 lB ll t ftl
bsud to beta aangart by la Tin it
yiiirs oil ft feet id lucbes h It
ilMr mtl
a iiiivu
tnene iflliNrs tWnk lie iwny
iiw wauiei
eiintiere u i prcierrua saicia to ine
tan i1m1 AwyM
- uintu u
1tMllWT MKWTtNll
Iliiiesucll tVx March 7 Si lnl
crdniiiii JtiiHMlt f lliv litulil ex tlvo
conmitth ha issued a U nr n uieetinj
at u rlriiu nestt tsaturdni A tmiwr ylll
Ik etiIUbi la tubs naresslonui llKtrtei
alul a csinnaljin of ediloii t gim ut owe
Olarfcsvlll Teuii Xlrli T Yeilliix v
Bttrriuvji iu u deld iwar Mount Jclu t
Mrs John W Juni s nul Uir ljirl
dnifbtr were tiumcd to imth liiir
Dtetmnu xAis set on tire from burning
bnish hosji
A FatheryiratStude
impotc Him to Toll How His
S6n Wso Saved
Wittc Swelling ami Scrofula lcr
feotlv Cured
8on of John L McMurvay
01 Itavcnswood V Va
I do Jjot wrlto thU at tho request of
any ono but bceause I feel It a duty to hu
manity so that other RlDlotcd as my boy
was may know wlioro to find relief
When my son was seven years old ho
began to compluln of sorenosa In his right
log A white swelling soon appeared Just
below the knee Joint and extended from
the knee to tho ankle At the same tlnio
ha waa takon with nn attack of fovor
which was broken up but the leg becamo
very badly swollen causing htm great
sufferiug and thu muscles so contracted
that Ids leg was drawn up at right angles
lie was unablo to walk could not even
bear to be handled and I thought hlin
Confirmed Crlpplo
After a llmo wo had tho swolllng
lanced midway Irttwoen tho kueo and tho
ankle and It would discharge over a pint
of pus at times I decided to tnko hltn to
Cincinnati to havo tho leg operated upon
expecting hn would loso It Hut he had
becomo so poor nnd weak that I thought I
would let liim gather soma strcnath If
possible and bought a bottlo of iloodo
Sarsaparllln and began giving it to hlin
This niediclno soon woke up his appetite
dm w a n R -
pa rllla
and ho ato ruoso heartily than for n long
time At this time the sore was discharg
ing freoly and soon pieces of bono began
to como out I havo in tny ofllce ono piece
of bono 3 1 1 Inches long by nearly half nn
Inch broad which came out of tho sore
We continued giving him Hoods Sarsa
parllla The discharge from the sore de
creased tho swelling wont down tho log
straightened out and soon ho haa perfect
tuo of IiIj log Ho now runs everywhere
as lively as any boy aud apparently
Ac Well no Ever
It was about six months from the time
that wo began giving him Hoods Sana
parllla till wo considered him perfectly
cured John MrMtitnAY Notary
Public Tiavenswood AY Yn
Hootlo Pills ooio Hanson Ulck Headache
Indigestion lllllotisnois Hold by all druuuHts
For Eg oil Oil ad Stove Mine
An Hours Debate on the Water
works and No End
The Monthly Allowance In Paymml or Scrv
less Rendered the Cily Are Made Tho
Eighth Wsrd School Properly
Ordered Paid For
Tho eounoll met In regular session Inst
night Mayor laddoch presiding uud
all the nhlwmeii present hut Aldcrmnn
Tucker ttiul ltowlos who had sickness
In tho family
The Unnnuo commltteo reconunonded
the adoption of a rvsoluttnu instructlnii
tho clly treusuror to advertise for the
redemption of the first series of bonds
The some couimittee riK ommemlcd
Mrs i J Daggett have a quit claim
deed for soma property bought lu by
thu city at tax sale as soon ns the Dng
gett estate pays the taxes due on the
parcel of land named
Alderman JerTill opposed the report
though It wnu shown that the city could
ho compelled to do as n matter of Jus
tice what the oily propoW to do as
uu act of grace A It li one dissenting
voice it was adopted
The same committee reported back
lmiHjrs relating to the Eighth ward school
house AA hen the city took In the Klghth
wnrd this was a country school ninl the
city fell hair to It and the debt of JKX
or wore The council voted to iny the
money out of tlie proceeds of the Klghth
ward series of bonds to be returned ns
soon us possible
The committee on claims reported roc
puiinendlng the payment of the follow
ing claims
Pay roll city oncers M07 fM
1ay rol city augluoor jhji tm
ray re lire dWartment ItRX 00
lny ro police 17Jl lit
Jay ro stnvt eoinmlsstotior 14W 50
ray roll emet sprlnkUns HU8 CO
Pny ro eletrlc light 200 00
Foy ro aldermeii 070 w
ray roll waterworks 1071 oil
Fay roll waterworks new con-
Htmotlon 100 00
To1 7074 OS
AJ aterworks claims iio 00
tias oj
4 1 t
Feeding priaoners 115 i1
Fowl for tennis 17S S7
Hnrlal of pnuiwr 12 Mi
W in as 63
Paupers groceries jf Otl
Stationary i RK
Current oxpeo o ft
Streot and a eys 2B1 si
fcrsSriukHnf WIJSC
fiwwrrti MY mm
t t
prprvnet wwiti wv R47 07
Lltrlc lltcht wl ftiw
lliwpitiil axiieuae 47 i
The pollco commltte retrtil In
at lrvmi Xl Main stroet No law niraht
vpnlr K It eould Ih found City Uri
neer Kvr
biHt WMiVrchortixl that he
jmtr and tin matter wa iferrwl to
he pjB wmmlttee It was nrti
bick last night Home of the couuri
vantiHl Mme rulatlon of U
awiVj question and ui khnTof
dbite ua the sublet
Mes moved ii ji00L1it
min orllia1 H lrSS to
I the 3M VSKSS Ul Irttyer or
Phoenix Like 1 Rise From
Max iscr
Ashds 1
I Am Now Again Prepared to fill Orders at
Bottom Prices
VJtnchtstbr C6lt SmM A iVeston Marin and ttatnngioit irJB 1
lultsWnrrhUeCodt6fult line of English German MttAW
ificiaJ genta to fitmingion New Bicycles BettSad3in Mfl
Avrlto for Prlccfl and montlou thla pupor
TOT ilSr rp JJtQ rBJ 1UTn
lusor D
ona Mill
Teleplaorie 332
ManufaoturoM of Engtnos Pumps Ico Machinery Well Msohlncw tw
Motors Bridgo Avorks oto Forging of all description rl
All classes of Machinery Repaired AVorks Foot Monron kP
Capita 300000 Surplus 63j
Saioty Deposit Boxes Firo and Burglar Proof orM
ritiltCTCtts J
Siinatflffe J C G M Crans T
Q McCarthy T D A4rll tJ
W S Marshall it Sabdlasc A W CuswclU J J KeSu iSifuJ51
k u vaahiiii ntmasav wj wauyia HilDiLB
Successors to TldbalL Van Za tilt Oa Tort Worth Tut
Capital Stock Paid Up 500000 Surplus Fund ft
A central bscklue buslnosa transaotoa Crllfcllnrs moJ9Mlprcpli
Kxolmnffo aruwn on nil Ua principal cillolol Kurojj
rmrcTons K M Vanitandt tTin A Tldball K llanllui E TAaUitv
tlcall It t Klluion A J Childress Morean Jones y
Roswell and Eddy Daily Stage Ll
l oorfSM olWlJOCVi i
Aldortniiu Dnrtor unld he hud some
Awtjngs tu build soon and he was iu
fnvnr of pcriulttiug the repairs in this
case The mpurt uf the coiumlttuo was
adopted nnd the iiwiiIhk uuty be ro
Tlu firo couimittee rcpoitod that It
had not colltHtid Mrs Jvniiltiga board
bill from Lurry Ilorbcrt and It rsporteil
buck the papers which were filed
The sutue committee reported UBiiltiBt
the claim of T II Cnilg
The street and alley committee stood
pat on its report on the Mils for thu
North street sewer nnd Mr Vincent
petition was shelved
A 1 lluyiw was nwnrdod the contract
for building the Elm street sewer nt BO
cents per font the clly furnishing the
pipe the Wulter A Wood company Is
to pay for 100 feet of this sower
Tho new wnterworks contract hero
ennui up ns unfinished buMness re
port of the special committee was called
up uud was re rend The report rec
ommended the payment of -0100 pnrt
of the 10 per cent withhold uuder thu
Tho city attorney was asked to fur
nish the council with a contructlon of
the contract by n spvdnt resolution
His report was submitted lust tght
nnd is a very full document Ho ad
dressed u series uf questions to tlie city
ouginvor Lugineer Howes und Superin
tendent Soobli nsllnt for Information
us to the couipletltlon of thu works uud
also u Hcrios of questions tu City Audi
tor Johnstone
Tho questions refer lo the completion of
the work what Is yet to bo iloio what
amount of money Is due or unpaid has ti
test boHii uiudoV it not why not
if no test litis been inmle whiit niuouut
of inonuy would he ntiwMmry to b re
tained to luuke repairs etc
Captain ScolnVt answera gonornlly
niv the ougliiMr in chnrgo of construction
is tho proper person to unswur this ques
tion or 1 do not know
Engineers Ilawos und Kerr differ
widely hi their answers tho former gen
erally holding that tho contractors had
compiled with tholr contract so far as the
construction pnvt of It goes that no tent
has been because of tho Ilolley Manufac
turing coinimiiya deluy lu putting In ths
Tlie city engineer held that tho contract
had not boon oamplled with becuuso
no final test hns been nor could bo uiado
until the pumps woro hi nud hence no
ouw could say if tho work was all right
or nut
Tho city attorneys report also called
attention to the facts that the city had
no record of the tlmo tho plans were
turoad over to the contractors and that
generally ho got no bucIi nnswora to his
inures n to matters of fact as would
onnblo hhu to form a conclusion as to
what tha fnets were Ho ihanielcrlzed
tlie answoM of the oity engineer as
ovaslvo and noucluidve nud as tho city
ongitioors dwUdon vus titinl thu city
attorney deollued nu this Inexact evi
dence to take upou himself the burden
of deciding a tmostlun of facts that btflng
tlio provincu of miuthai dspaitmcut of
tlw city government His final conclu
sion Is that when the work was done ac
cording to tho plans nud ypociflcatlous
the city engineer should be compelled to
accept the work and make tho payments
duo That iu thf matter of forfeiture he
hail no ovldonuv upon which to huso an
Idoa even and this was the case with
regard to tho cost or maktnsr rspalrs to
tin pipe line
Mr Hawley hold that the work was
completed nnd therofote fa was eutithnl
to his pay
Fl5iroirTr1 clrfi Darius on the
Oliaatloii of duluy showing that the d-
iIUB to tho CftrnegJo strike Mr Hawloy
tooK about teu inlnntos to read tho ex
tracts Olid axTilnln thnn 1 ii
I atteutlon of four or flvo nlderraeu thv
301 Si 303 EL FES
P a QototloDsou all iratusor h
lOt J
DiocK ncroor wureaouu UvSaXte
I Ill WUIIIU 11 nj
one of tli lajusnwiJiMfca
wet tlie n
retained interjected AJW
gomcry Alilcrnmn w - -
li H
same remark 1
quote AllertnnnMckj
i oulr vv
tallied to protect
Alderuuin MpH
payment of a sM
leHt was mniie hb b
done until the imf n
tip Wllterwera u
us phdu as any w m4
part of the work wSn5i
itus i inn mini
rest discussing what tie PsM
rcuuiug proeeiMTO i
Alderman i er el tuouim iii
I tun or iiDcruiuy oiumwi
one nffmit to lie liberul W
il tni Mil
imuiiuj m
tAtv luiil in mi hit rest si
held lie would udnt
final test wns inttiit s i
stand that tho ilty wfj
ine ao per rem nm u
done He could uot ifcr
tbe pipe line wis iu u -
I I IH1 llj I
IIllIUllH ill I u fl
or pullu p tlie KUctioa iUkf
the arlesiiiu Hln eir
lias uoen Iishhi iu J VJ
to suppose the whole tUH
niiitinii itv - -- j4
bo thought IliattWSWjn
rutitimsi over 7i
to provldo for any t
uewssaiy when tlio tvt wffij
His plea was um a
simply a matter ef JuslW j
tracvors u
Alderuuin Ilyrom w
tlllt II UIO OOllUFIi ri rm
ivtniniillthclJlwtvrtl all It was
Twdvo hours oach way miiklut connection with trulns goltj
Ethly Ltvory Stublo lu connootlon V
Xust OCToo OuillVt J welry Caio
Wood Oaruot nud Parqueting
All Kind of AltT ltlltNlTCnEwDti
The Iieliuen w jt
they should ft Mali
sinv for tae ui - vM
nll0W Viriu IVrt sli
rr aucMf salM
The nldcnnni fiJSKl
testing by M5SSSi jWjs
AfAlllll 1MDL UIBVfia
In fortr dghttaurt ji
imymeiit of tbe i r V
compieteu -V--
iuu vi i wr j
Hie whole sow1
other wea
Consideration Jfi
Hewer was 9Stl
special PollX e
wforroti to - f nFWJZiMLS
Die dty wtoVWV
in iMist bide lri AM1 i
uia im nvFiiis uffsB
was uot In t 21 fit VJM
for last 10Lur1wtr2Lrssl
The WfifijM
back when tto W s
Saturday K UJ
r wna niaOCHu 1 M0
for the hast low M tt4ar
At 10 oek Z
Try tlieB
rr fur 3 j
Th protwrfj
to be the rJnB

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