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That Once Was
Arizona Town
rl 0l
h nrv
< po T
lili w < > tce nd
April Klory of
ox A a
n iM of w ttl y
thown U an
mor soae °
iSrtcw tUM Ujr
f fll Inhabitants moro Interesting
w ra house now fallen
rb BlrJ Cmii op
Jin ww the mot popular resort In
fftSmJWtoliM M Hatch
Tsharaettr in i wsyaa its pro
Vinim aoora swung wli < an 803
ta thjcar It asths headquarters ot
T blood ot Tombstone and between
IrttandHiota the morning It as
jUUiellesUMtltutlonalntl Aeetem
tir Itere n ll nt > arietjr
mVlnss aialutaluodand tin bar gener
n tmrloymtn to tlireo UirUndirs
farbours dally Tha Bird Cago waa
ol ol Tombstone at night If you
ff tnlioinfcta leading lanyer o mine or
t the ehcrlff ol the county
r tintond >
biilafHollw the mayor ol tbelty the
tetany ct the dally papers or any ot
g sht particular atars of deaporadodom
thus are that If vou penotnited the
Ciga you vrould have found them Aa a
Bl rate all the malo population ot Tomb
iBBtotheritlae engaged apeut Uie night
Bud C o
JiMMrgll Earp was the city marshal
John B tttan was tho aborlff ot the
ty Between theso two ofllelaia there
a deadly feud Bihau vas an honest
mood official and poaaeaaed many ot
MtritaitM of a gentleman Earp was
brad ot a band of desperadoes n partner
jse robbers and a Irlcn J of gamblera and
eMloaal killers It aa the custom that
friends efly + fwshoul 1 occupy the boxes
Serij fetthOBtflgt and that Karps fol
rt and friends should bold the boxea on
left cf the stage hat pleased tho Beban
I was curtain todlaph aao the Earp peo
and It applause or dissent on ono side or
other fee aine too enthusiastic shooting
inratooosiH Belian was a thorough
He would fight a buzzsaw In full mo
sad after doing up bla worat enemy bo
Id irlre Llm his last cent if the prostrate
needed It Virgil Earp una equally l > raie
b aas dishonest Mrgll n as tho oldest
is famous or rather Infamous Knrp fain
At that time tho people of Cochise
ity otwhlcli Tombstone was the county
were la reality divided between two
uins the sta e robbera and cow robbers
eorrent name for the stock thieves was
rustlers while the stage robbera were
an as Bach
iota Bchan though not a cowboy or1 a
ler himself waa solidly supported by the
ftow The connection ot the Earful with
robbers was a matter ot question
Wlon and suspicion for some time
t U beginning of 1882 however the po
el the Ears vu brought out utralRM
Mit ol ella Fargo A Co In TomUtone
1 Hon
> Bit
I w
> tl
certainty the value of thofrolght
< Jft TomMone on tho taffe It liap
J2rlUwtB M neier attoeLed and
Willi liEP
ptori the ranchmen and tho wandering
ilMr wlio had nothing today but were
lf their neighbors live stock to
M5t d lUrfihll W DUami Tho latter and
rpiwera great Irlcnds They ate tow
played together fought and kllfcd
ltiT ldi and wero ehrnna at all times
ig tit of tbo express eompanyatTomb
wm tha only man in tho ettloment w ho
SitJ Whenthobooty M conBlderahltt
JJM eourae engendered omo talk but
y oonld prova anjthlng Agent WIN
w yd the Eari wero HU two brothers
Ttujjrp tho city mnrahal of Tomh
iiilibroUier Wlfttt thttbow killer
lH J10 Md other brother Warren
thief exprew guard on board itaRoa
jy uhubto express freight between
tatowMitho railroad station atCon
AVheneor Uie kUffa nas robbed as
m nuOTft Uwre was anything worth
en board the city marshal of Tomb
wd his brothers alwa > s organised a
w lursue tho
robbers This was
JMU employment for tho Larps and y ory
J fioVire4ftUer
a while that Ageut
Mthe Earps had
formed a com
tuVirpHS T Twneur the
nRlgn icntof bullion
ta5Sllh8aTB Vlr811
P the tip and
hS 1ltnii7 J reliable monalong
fflj101 n
iSii It anlftterost
aVw i Dff tho DO ° v to Do Steves
StlwL iw I vra effected the
W wltl1 tno capture ot
T5 the robberies ori th8 rustlers
Halaf 1 fy the rustlers
el nstfrou ° ur and property
ISSJ2fc ° J Tombstone
hlaflVT rumnr that the sug
m oSOir tour mile from
at th l QWo tbu o w r
ted WtvwfeMtftnal robbera or those
WlTuSr themi w > than ordl
town Ulk
u hf JP of course
oili 01 A the
M J > booty amounted
lilse lft j P I ° P Were full of
We Tba r 1 P08 to pursue the
U ZtitWowlven the thtove
L5Uw Rood deal ol
1 iaDs0vSmtan ontho stroefj and
> Sa iS Ca d lDS ner
I mother aid of aehaald od
All of a audden shots were exchanged and I
the ball opened J
Johnny Beban and Jack Ittngo were sitting
In a box on the east elds ot the house On
tho Bnces ot cm I sat me f thi linnets ot Dm
cage lhe Harps were on the rthr sldt
Dolly Adams a new nrrlTal from ban fron
clsco whoso reputation lad i > receded Her
was singing on the stage It happened that
the nlgbt txforo sho bad gone to supper with
boaom friend of Jack Dingos HIJ ot
< 3
course this made her a too of tho Carps
The rustlers choered her eiTors and tha
atago roblxri groan hor Tho llehan peo
ple roads some remarks about the singer not
being on tho lnsldo of Ligv robberies and
tho Larp people anfi erod that the ttng rob
bers with atl tbolr faults iiero never mean
enough to bo aprroctatad by Dcharu While
thee remarks wero being exchanged Ned
Curtis ono ot tho tarp Taction ua leaning
back In his chair and bis boots spurred and
muddlod rested on tho lender parapet All
atonoeCurley Dili tost patience pulled his
gun and a Inillit xmt through the foot of
Curtis This wan the signal for fchootlng
The men In tho brute turned loose on each
other The hall benw nas crowded and as
tho shooting began thero waa a rush tor the
door Tho actors who wero aligned with tho
factions neeording to tlieir jealousies took a
hand in tho proceedings Pistols kept pop
I ing for tweh e minutes and t lien tho rustlers
found themselves in poMtotuflon ot tho house
When tho smoke cleared away twelve dead
men and seven Uidly mounded roprosmting
both sides were found Among tho wounded
was DarHliall Williams the agent of the ex
press company
W Warns was badly wounded and Dr Mo
Blieedy told hint ho was going to die Under
the shadow of death as he supposed ho
made a full confession lie told that there
was a i < artnershlp between himself and tho
Carps and that as agent of the express com
panyhogavo awnyto the Earps all the big
consignments Tho Earps ran Tombstone
and tho stages They ivero tho thloves and
they were chosen to caoturo tho thieves In
tho fulAlinentof both positions they did their
duty well WyattKarp when Williams mode
his confession was on a hunt for the robbers
in tho surrouudlng hills When bo returned
ho heard ot Williams confession and Imme
diately prepared to defend litmself Bchan
the sheriff was puntalued by tho Clantons
McLowrys and ltlngo leading spirits among
tho rustlers and tho Carps with 1 bolr fol
lowers armed and prepared to resist Tho
Carps were sustained by tho Republicans and
tho UepubllcanGov rruor of the Territory and
by tho Republican Administration at Wash
ington lhe President was Induced by Re
publican representations In Arizona to Issuo
a proclamation ordering tho cowbojs to dis
perse and go to their homes In poaee Tho
cow boys wero In reality the posse the she iff
had summoned to arrest tho stage robbers
Tho presidential proclamation however had
tho effect ot making tho criminals the law
oftleers and tho law officers the disturbers of
tho peace and notwithstanding the revela
tion of llltams tho Earps continued to lord
It over Tombstone
Rut only for a time One dny tho McLow
lrjs and Trunk SUllwoU rodo Into town aud
put up their howes at a i or nil on 1remont
street Just as tbiy emerged from tho corral
the Earps and HnllUi confronted them and
tn a minute tho Uo McLowrys REUy Clantou
and Btillwell wero dead Word was sent to
their friends who were camped In tho Ilua
chuca Mountains and they prepared to march
to Tombstone tn torco to clean out tho Carpe
Tho Carps recruited and fortified In on adobo
building In tho west end of tho town lhe
rustlers thirty strong under command ot
Ike Clantou and Jack Riugo marched to
town and took up headquarters In a corral
at the extreme end of tho town H > r wero
tho honest people of Tombstono between the
hostllo camps but Tombstone went right
alonff about its buslueas and rather enjojed
tho sensation The saloons and gambling
houses did n thriving business twentyfour
hours dally Tho banks were open aud in
tho evening four mines were operated by
8000 hardy workman and moro than 1000
men and 300 mules wore engaged hanling ore
from tho mine to the reduction mills at Con
tcntlon eight miles dlstaut Tbe rustlers
circulated through the town and tho Earp
or stage robber faction conflned themselves
to thlr camp Ike Clanton the rustler
leader sent several messages to Wyatt Earp
tho loader of that fiction daring him to oome
out and show his noso Evrp sent back in
vitations to Clanton to come and visit him
This thing continued for throe days and at
last tho Earns began to got tired In fact
their liquor was exhausted and they wero on
tho vergo ot a Ihirst famine Warren Eirp
one ot the brothers heeled himself properly
with twarevolveraandasbotgun and walked
up town pno evening about 8 oclock Ho
walked into a saloon took a drink at tho bar
and walked back to the firo department in
tho rear Ho hadnt bucked the tiger in ilvo
day and bl 6ppeW ° was whetted Ho sat
down In front t > t tho dealer pulled out ft
handful of 520 gold pieces and coppered tho
queen JuHsa he did o 4 report wos heard
and Warren Earp fell off his stool dead A
bullet hadVQtratod his brain When the
report of bis death reached his friend they
rallied out In force They were met by tho
Clanton party on the street and an exchango
of shots took place The casualties were
meagroonly tbroo killed and two wounded
The Earns retreated and left tho tow n When
they had gone and thero wa no bop of
catching them lhe sheriff becamdentrgetlc
to pursuit that sub
He organized posso give
soquently cost tho taxpayer ot the county
57 000 The Earps being absent the sympathy
The rustlers
thy of course was against thorn
ot tbolougn
lers then had supreme command
element of Tombstone
The loader of the gang Ike Ckntoryvas a
handsome fellow six f t high with jeUow
eurUng locks and a complexion In spite or
and exposure tnat a
tho Arlsona sun regular
belle would envy Ho w as a ready and straight
shooter Ho faced death death a hundred
times and met It at last He hated the Earp
with all the intensity ot an unbri
dled passion and loveUUieirslitervrttneqaal
a beautiful girl of 19
force Jessie Earp was
at the time
Ike Clanton and Jessie Earp met at a dance
at Tombstone It was a case of love at first
stght Jessies brothers became furious
and Virgil the oMeOof
when tho heard it
tho family and the keeper ot the fatally headquarters
wanted to turn her out of the bow
2nd tho bratos cf
disown her But Wyatt
the family said this woukl 1 P J
the hand ot thuareh enem CUnton
would immediately marry her
salt we
would be happy This wyuld not
Earps and they resolved to keep ttjtfrt
tneeUn or
and Drevent
awar from Clanton
communication between toera it possible
The girl was a real heroine She waa edu I
rated in a California content and while as
full of ton an ax an og is f maat she had
a it > fbomr that mad her sustain her
family m the pmml with tho rauim of
whfch her tmat waa chief It was a marvel I
to many peophj why the Ckmtou flanst did
not attack the Earp headquarters immedi
ate after reaching Tombttoho to nnenge
the death ot the McLowry boys fcnd Rltly
Canton The roason was that Jesale was
confined In her brothers headquixters and
Clinton would not run the risk of killing ber
When the arr retreated from Tombstone
they took their sister with them This was
the reason perhape why Clanton refused to
become a member of the sheriff posso and
Join In the ursult of his enemy
Three months later however when the
Earpe wore living 1a Uantdson Ool and of
course were running tho town their slater
mysteriously disappeared ono night Tho
rosult of Inquiry oonvtneed them Oat she
bad fled In company with He Clantou This
was pouring salt anl vinegar into tholr loi
tering wounds Thewholo band comprising
Virgil Wjsttl and Julian Carp Doo llalllday
Curley Rill Bam Saunders Texas Ike and
Monroe Tuekcr armed mounted and pur
sued Tho lovers hail about four hours the
start but they were easily trolled They
beaded for Arizona They oxpeotod pursuit
and lost no time They reached laltw OUy
eighty miles from Gunnison in twelvohours
1Mb were on horsobnek From Lake City
they started for Ouray 100 mile by regular
roal but Rotting afraid of jursult they left
tho raid and crossed over tho trnoklnss
mountain going 13 000feet aboVu sea lovol
and finally reached m Miguel UnrtyLours
without tood
Hero they restod for two days being con
vinced that tho jtumlt they cxpecteduas off
their trail They wore to a certain extent
right aud to a certain extent rotfiUken The
Carp party went to Ouray and landing no
trace of the fugitives became convinced that
they had made a nhort cut to in Mtguol
From Ouray to Han Miguel is lo than thirty
ration but the way is or or a pathless preci 1
tous mountain > aw ning gulehos and Impass
alio canyons The Carps however essayed
tho Journey and mado it within twentyfour
hours They reach Ban Miguel about 10
oclock In tho morning and as they rode
down the winding trail tho fugitives saw
theru Clanton and the sister of his nrch
enemy had been man and wtfo about twenty
minutes an Episcopal clergjman haUngtled
tho knot
Clantou though as bravo as any man
knew that it was hopeless to Join combat
with seven or eight men practiced In the use
of firearms Rut being accustomed to dan
ger ho knew how to act He grasped his
trembling bride rushed from the cabin
whero they were resting aud made his way
to tho nearest mine tunnek Tho miners
wero just changing shift and were surprised
at tho haste of tho Isltors Clanton told the
miners his story as ilneerely and etoquontly
as ho could Tho miners wero all Irishmen
and Irishmen love lovers They became par
tisans ot tho fugitive without thought or
consideration Clinton Intrusted his bride
to one of the miners w ho took her into tho
bowels of tho earth away from alt danger
Soon the arpa arrived and demanded the
fugitives Therolueisanswered with moro
spirit than politeness
The l arpa invited a parleywhich the
miners granted lhe Earps said that Clan
ton sought to dishonor their sister because
of hatred for them Clanton ttbo stood In
the tunnol within easy communication sent
Imck word that tho lady they nought to dis
honor and reproach w as hla wife Tho Carps
trttJ diplomacy which failed and finally
the aftnounned their determination to storm
the mine it tho fugitives wero not surrender
ed Tne miners jrtsented arms and an
nounced their readlnoss to receive an at
tack Tbo Earps taunted thorn with shelter
ing a coward who had to seek tbo bdvels ot
tho earth like a squirrel to evade lust pun
ishment Clanton sent back word that ho
was ready to rat any ono of tho Corp party
In single combat 1 ho Larp held a confer
enee and Julian tho youngest and bravet
ft tho tribe volunteered to fight Clanton It
did not tako long to arrange tho preliminar
ies Tho Earp party wero required by tho
miners to tnovo off about n quarter of a mile
and tho minors obligated themselves to re
main In tho toolhome from which tho tun
nel cut Into the bill
Whan all was read Clanton emerged from
the tunnel pistol In hand Julian Earpwas
waiting behind anorepiloa hundred yards
away The two wen approached each otbsr
with rlstols elevated When they wote with
in twenty paces Erp ilrod and mined Be
fore the rejtort cf Ms shot had roused echoing
Clanton fired ans MrwI his bullet in the
heart ot bis enemy Julian Etirp fnll doad
Clantou retired to tha tunnel and forty
miners folly armed turned ont and served
notice on tbo Earp party that CUnton had
proved his bravery and sincerity end they
were ready to defend him The Jarpa burled
their dead Then the miner held a meeting
nothing can be formally done in a mining
camp without a meotlngi assed resolutions
sustaining Clanton and ordered the Earp
party to move out
TWEarps understanding the miners and
the characteristic ot the people they wero
dealing with retired When they were out
of sight Clanton and his wife osrao out ot
tho mine and took their departure in the di
rection of Rico Tho Earns though making
a promise that they would not ixrurn merely
mado a circuit and rode around ban Miguel
striking the Rico road about ten miles from
the former place Theyfound fresh horso
tracks on the road and concluded that those
they were In pursuitof wero in front of them
TherfaUowedonwith hasto and overtook
Clanton and Ids wife at Ueo The Earp
reached town while Clauton and hi wife
were at supper W hen they dlfloorered them
they fired a volley through the window of the
hotk Ono buU t struck tho bride and tho
husband escaped H grasped his wife in
bis arm rushed to tha back yard and from
there to the corral where his Horses were
nuartered He mounted the first saddled
horn h met and with his wife Uoedlng
and Insenslblo in hU arms rod Into the
Ubt It was tn October and already cold
iiftbat latitude and altitudi He rodeail
nlcht tendeHy caring tor lhe preeiou bur
den in his arm and at sunrise next morning
Twi ytr later ike CUnton and Curley
BUI a oousln of the Earps met nccldenUliy
iaagamUlngroom at kworro N Two
and tea
flrod simultaneously
shots wero
Kates afterward Curley Jlill was ft eorpse
Santon w uninjured tight years ago
CUnton went to Havnbc Ariz There h met
lreiland yattEarp Tho moment the okl
toSeVsaweaih other they began to shoot
efflmias killed and Wjatt Earp was So
hts a a tighter
Vss r wounded that awr
iiTnenanJthre Ufe in TomUtonein
tie Si days haJ It romaneo MwellaaHs
jS wfc
Ktwnar Asnxnr
Sonio Famous Soldiers Who Now
Reside In Washington
M iin nm KivCmllnar llirlf IlrcllnlnyIinys
In Hie ttliattownf tho 5ipltolNeho
rielti UrcthRiti cordon lic oii
ton llnmntoit nnil liutler
Atiion the Viinbrr
WisniNOTOK April t515W
Thero Is no city In the country that ha in
it o many men with military title as Wash
ington In moat eases these title woro won
by distinguished service for < or against the
goyrnment but It Is ptctty Uurd to dlstin
guish tbo poUttcal colonel or tho elfmado
major from the genuine article when thty
are in clttaens drosd nu ess It may bo that
lhe bogus urtltUry wnn li mow nit to Im
press the stronger with the fact that bo Is
known as Colonel this or Major that and tho
wives ot euoh men always uso the assumed
title when erwakUig ot their husbands Mrs
tirant never spoke ot the general save as
Mr Grant a hnblt sho k ep up tolMs
day In must bo confessed that the men
oKxxiut scnorjELD
from tho South delight inoro In exploiting
their military rank real or assumed thou do
tho men ot the North though our follow cltl
lens from tha wild and woolly West run them
a good second in the race tor this sort of dls
At tho headquarters of thonrmyand navy
one sees more of tho distinguished men ot
both In Washington than In anyother city
They are always brilliantly In evidence at the
many reception nnd they glvo color to tho
more formal feetlvltea at the Whttn noma
and tho annual lulls of fie ambassadors
But the American unlike tho Oorraan ojHeer
takes no delight tn hts uniform and only
wear It when tho occasion demands It
Xow as during tho war somo of tho most
distinguished or perhaps It would bo mora
accurate to say some of tho ablost army
officers are swullowotl up In the staff In
noting tho famous military men In Washing
ton at this time ono naturally turns to John
MoAUIstor SchoDekl the present commander
of tho army General Bchofleld was born In
Chataunua K V September 88 1831 Ho was
educatod at West Point and had a class
mates Slooum Sheridan McPherson and
Hood who subsequently boiamo famous In
tho Civil War Bohoilutd was otasolontldo
turn aud was appointed professor ot natural
philosophy at tho West lolnt Academy
which position he occupied at the breaking
out of the war in 1661 His first sen loo dar
ing tho contest was as chief of staff to ttcneral
Lyon who was killed at8prlngi1eld HoSub
sequently Bchofiad was appolntod a com
mander of a brigade and distinguished him
self against eterllng 1rtce and otfier Southern
leaders In Missouri and Arkansas In 18i3
be was appointed mnjor general tod assigned
to tho command of a division lii tho Army ot
Ohio Ho served with Sherman during tho
Atlanta campaign aud with Thomas ut Nash
vlllo In tho series ot battles that resulted In
the destruction of Hoods army After the
war Ocneral Schollold commanded the depart
ments of the raeifle ot the Missouri and of
tho Atlantlo and on the death ot General
Sherman was placed at tho head ot tho army
He will retire In 1803 II married two cars
ago his second wife a beautiful and accom
plished woman who with himself Is a great
social favorite In Washington society
Aiartfrom General Johofleld w hose posi
tion at tho head ot the army entitles him to
first mention I shall not attempt to name
the distinguished military men ono meets In
Washington In the order ot their import
ance Thero Is frequently seen on our streets
Gen William Buel Franklin tlll erect stur
dy and forcible a ho was when ho held the
enemy In chook at Mai rem Hill Gcuoral
Franklin was born at York Ta in 1833 and
educatod at Wast Point Ho distinguished
himself In tho Mexican war and at the break
logout ot tho civil war was appolntod col
onel ot tho 12th Infantry Up to 186S ha was
on of the roost distinguished ntQoersot tho
Army of tho rotomac In tho fall cf that
q 6
year ho was sent tfl XxulsIaA and It wa ht
kll that saved the Bed
from disaster He resigned
In 16C0 and was appointed
mentotthaColtVArms Ma
alvar expedition
from the army
to tho manage
utacturing Co
at Bprlngflold lias a portion which ho
still oocuple He is preside it ot tbo Nation
al Homo for DIsaKfd Volant er Soldiers and
oxeept that his board and air are gray no
ono would take him to be more ihanflfty
years of age
Although not tho roost dUi nguUhcd ot Our
volunteer oftleers Gen alter Qulnton
Greaham today 1 th swot 1 man ot Impor
tance In Washington for hj if tho head of
tho state department General Oreahsm
wa born In Indiana in 1834 and educated a
a lawyer Ho enWred the jnny a coluiel of
the 39th IndianaTose by iwr ability th tha
dommand of a division and was so seriously
wounded In tho battle bvforo Atlanta as to
end his career fortht war Genera Qreshatu
until a few years ai was a prominent Ee
publiean and was appotatad by General
Grant Vnlted State dMrfct Judpa position
ho subsequently reslgnol owln it wa
thought at the time to presidential Mplra
Urms General Grcsham l UU a handsome
man in th prime of life and altbooah not
the ciot approAcbnbte of ro he 1 a social
favorite and eajAtle of strong aUafhmenU
Thero Is rwiuently to biv Seen on our
streets a slender erect soldierly fleuro with
a handsome faeo and a certain Indescribable
air that at cut stamp him as a soldier
This I General Jam Harrison Wilson who
wasbomfuliltnnisin 1HS7 and educated at
W 1st Jvint General Wilson eomns of a dl
ltnguih > t tamll whrso nnmo unmo swell
kuownln tbo anrni lent our soldtor and statos
flien At tho beglnnlnj of the war he wa on
cngioocrofHaerlnthoEast Ho wa aligned
to the cavalry and returned to tho West In
1803 In tho spring otl84J ho organised In
northern Alabama the largest torco ot cav airy
ever assembled uuder one command and led
It on thatfainous expedition which Is known
a WtlsoDa Ilald and which continued
tts exploit two weeks after tho surrender ot
General Lee At tho close ot tho war General
Wlhiou resigned and since then bus mado hts
home In Wilmington Del Ho is Interested
In tho manufacture of iron and other largo
enterprises He I still In the prima o life
and had h turned his attention to politics
mi ht have had any position In tho gift ot tho
General William Starke Ttosencrans Is now
sick lu Houthem California but his home Is
Washington and whoa hero ho noil dciorvea
to rank nmong our distinguished hi Hilary
men lto wa bom In Ohio a 1819 and was
eduoatwl at West lolnt 1or some time ho
served In tho enginoor corps but realgned
from the nrray In 1851 to manage tho Ohio
Canal and Coal Comimny At tho breaking
out of the war he offered hi Nftrvloe to tho
government uml was at polntol colonel of
tho Twentythird Ohio Ho dkltnguUhed
himself In West Vliglniai but the story of hts
military nehtuvcmonU Is known to every
nclu > olU > In his Unit term President
Clevehud appolntod him roglnter of the
treasury and whoa flouoral HurrUnu foricd
his retirement ho win appointed brigadier
general on tho rot I rod lift of tho reguhu
army Ponwiutfly General IU eucrnn Is
Tory populur and although Sovonlyflvo
onrs of ago his plump figure nnd tusy fioe
are to bo seen at alt social gutharings
In goullt Carolina In 1H3H and tMluoaUx at
tlio uiilvorsity ot M natlvu state for tha
bar He eomoaota wollkuown family and
wns one ot the most ardent socesslonUts He
entered tho Confederate army ns a ivipUIn
but by sheer ability soon won his way to the
command ot a iiglmont brigade and dlvUlon
Ho lost u leg ttt Itrnndy H tat Ion in 1BCJ but
fought till Ue ulotm of thu war Ho was
oIooIihI to tlio United Htnto Bo nut u from South
Curollna In 1870 and hai wivnd couUnu
ously Dosj lto hi lameness ho I strong nnd
aetlvo fhyslually and no matter what hi
opinion of tho nnVm > may have boon at one
timeho likus them better now aud hoi a
prime fdvorltu with thorn
Tho nnmo < > t Hutler at onoo ouggeel that
of Gtneral Wadn Hamiton for ttuy rame
from tho same Slate represented It at the
same time In the Senate and both w < wr arti
ficial logs General Hampton lost hi while
hunting In 1878 Howa born In 1816 edu
cated at the same collego a Hullur and
studied the same profession Gonoral Hamp
ton Is now a rallrond commissioner and 1
still a handsome and gallant If not as aitlvo
aud romantla a when h led tho legion that
bore his name and did such gallant service
for tho Confederacy The Jseetor ot Army
men In Washington ond tho prince ot good
fellows 1 General Mowart Van Tllot Thero
are mtddloagod men who cannot recall when
Gonoral Tan Hots hair and beard were not
white Ho looked thirty years ago as ho dooi
now and It would soetn a If Time nnd ha
had called a truco The army record tells
u he was born In 1915 and educated at West
Point so that ho lias been long retired
but wo should not doubt his word If be said
ho was Lorn at the beginning or In tho mid
dle ot the century General Van Vllet has
been nil his military life a shtff officer He
was a groat favorite with Gonerul Grant but
then he la a favorite with every man woman
nnd child that know blm
The veteran of tho navy Is Rear Admiral
John J Alray who woe born In llhodo Island
In 18W and was appointed a midshipman In
182tl He has tMon active In all our war
Blnoolieenturod the eervloo He baa satlnd
In every son and In every position be has
dn th full measure of hladuty HI year
are against hi being socially active yot he I
a gonial and full ot hope as when he was a
lieutenant lltty jmr ago
Every Infantry man and particularly every
trooper who sot vod with tha army of th Po
tomac will recall General Alfred Pieasonton
Ho was the ono man who oould come twok
from a trying tuld when every one else was
ragged and dirty with his dainty hand on
onsod In kids his riding whip stuok In Id
wollpollshed riding boots and looking a H
Jut filed to bo photogroi hod yet when
thero wns lighting to do tho beau sabreur wa
Point Hobsboon retired foroveral > cars
alwus on hand Ho wa liorn here In Wash
ington fn 182 and ol it on ted at West
and although a handsome and cartful ot his
person as f rroTly his splendid animal spir
it seem to have departed
Bo long a naval history Interests human
ity so loug tho story of the fight botwoon the
Monitor and the MerrlmaowIU be recalled
and so long readers will thrill at mention or
sight of th name ot IlearAdmlral John Lor
rimer Worden Ho was born in Wetebester
county Jf Y in 1818 and was appointed u
midshipman lit 33 He ha never fully re
covered hi hearing since tho fight that made
him famous and saved our Host He wa re
tired In 1838 and has lived here ever since
He I on of the most delightful men socially
though like all true heroes he 1 opposed to
posing as one
There Is a tall erect figure that always at
tracts attention on our street when tho
senate Is In session The scar on tho fa o
ad Uie bearing stamp him at ono a a sol
dier and a leader of men This 1 General
John Brown Gordon senator from Georgia
Howa born in tbo state ho wrresonUso
well In 1832 end was educated for the bar
At the beglalxg of the Civil War b rent In
a a colonel and cam out at Appomattox A
lieutenant general andeeeond In eornmaial
to Lee whom he loved and served so welt
He has been goremor ot GoorgU and was
senator before but resigned beoauso of hie
poverty He ii A religious man yt this doc
prevent hi being prominent la the society of
th capital where ho and hi family am very
W hv with us Ocneral Eugene A Carr
who Is a great rvoriU not only with army
ram but with atl who have the tood fortun
to know him and the good tU to pproiate
eounUE eulturs and generosity General
Carr wai born tn Erie County K YM to 1830
ku > t U > od htgh at West Point Ueroivth
rebellion he dlttlngiilshml hlmsnlf tigtilnst
the Apaehe aud wa uverel > wouiuKyl lu
61 ho took Ionunaud if llm 80th Illlnol and
roou roa to bo a brigadier gemim Ho
commanded a division In Grant campaign
and led tho great asaanlt against Vleksburg
ilosuiwoqnently served Uyond tho Missis
sippi and after tho Civil War saw much ser
vice against tbo Indians
GonmtdGev > rg < Wa hlngtonGottylnoam
well and honorably known to the sun Ivor of
tho Army ot Ihs Potomac Ho Urea in Mary
land not far from tho cvpltat where ho In
sometime seen tooklnjt tike a sturdy well
todo farmer Ila Is scvontysix year ofayo
but ho doe net look it He was born In
Georgetown D C and educated at West
Point Ho served gallantly with Bcott In
Mexico nnd although to was too modest to
assert himself those who know hla marked
abilities Mlovcd at a time when tho authori
ties had a search warrant out to find a com
uunderfir tho array ot tbo Potomso a mla
tako w mild uot have boon mado had ho born
Uonoral JoH0h Yvhwdcr member ot con
gress from AUbunii 1 plijslcally a small
norvoua looking man but thero nil small
no ends Ho wa born In CnK > rgji In 1938
and educated at AVest Polut W hen tho war
broVu out ho wont with bl state and rose to
bo the ablest cavalry leader of tho Confeder
acy In the West Ho Is a man of flua Intel
lect and lias broadened ory muub In hts
vlow Ho I a great favorite with hts polltl
oal op > ouenLii and with Urn men against
whom ho fought so gallantly and limn this
there could bo ho bettor tout of hi inun
General Matt Whltaker Hansom senator
since 1872 from North Carolina where ho wa
bom It 1894 Is another distinguished Con
federate Jlowas trained for tho bar Ho
was oolonol of th l hh lyflrvt North CanUna
and rose to tho tank ot major gtnteml Ho 1
n vory handsomu man and uullko many
pout horn member heli far larger than hi
Ooinroodorv Thomas Oliver Bolfrldgo vhn
waa on l > oard tho Cumberland when Iho Mor
rlmuo rammotl her down Is ono ot our
prominent noclal figure Ho 1 still a com
parallvcly youutf man being b irn in Penn
sylvania In 1837 and oduoatod at Anna His
General Daniel Honry ltuokcr Gpneral Bhort
dans fatherInlaw Is ono of our picturesque
figures Ilo wn born In 1 > 13 and appointed
to tho army from civil life
General Ilobort Williams wa bom In 1833
In Virginia aud educate 1 at West Toint Al
though retired ho vrould bo able to tako tho
field for a bow campaign tomorrow He is
married to the once beautiful and still charm
ing widow of Htephen A JJouglais
Wo must not forget galUnt GenerslJohn
if Palmer the MM stands tor McCauley
who wa born In 1817 Ho wa one of our
most distinguished oluntoer soldiers and 1
today ono ot our ablest statesmen
Casey Kautc and score ot otlior com to
rated as I write nil going to provo that many
ot our heroes aro still with us
Btaniox Edwards
An Ifesy Trick
Anybody with loose sleovo and ouflscan
do tho very simplest piece of legerdemain
so easily that It Is a wonder that anyone oan
bo deceived by It A halt hour praotioo will
enableanyonoto dolt I havo ofVin taken
a halt dollar and holding It open In my palm
would blow upon It Thenputtlngtlio putit
tegothsr ulib the hands upright about ou a
tine with my face would rub them together
and then opening them request toor throo ot
tho children to breathe upon It Then rub
bing the hands together would jrotend to
blow Into Iho opening between the palms and
then opening thera slightly the halt dollar
glides down he Interior of tho wrist and
rest nt tho elbow At I did this I would
look a If I saw the half dollar disappearing
through a doof or window and the audtonoo
would follow with their glances to so
whore It had gone It was rooliy funny to
soo how surprised tho looker on wore a I
acted out tho flight ot the money Lowering
my arms tho money slips down tn Uio hand
and can easily bo disposed of
lncbrlnto ts > luius for llmnrn
I not iy 1 ftnld to bo on tho lncrnaso
among tho women of lolsuro In Now York
city Thero are cafes whoro they can got
Uielr epeelal drinks and as A ooneeqaonoe
thor are Inebriate homo established for
tholr special cur
Every fourth 1 a leap year yet 1B00 will be
an exooptlon to thi rule
Mark Twain claim that courage Is lgnor
aneo of four and that measured by this
standard tho flea Is th bravest thi if that
mo es or make other more
The slcyioraplnff building ot Chloug nrs
settling we are told We muv soon expol t to
flud two story htruetun In the Windy 4Ity
with cellar sixteen storle d p
It Isnt the fear ot ronomlnatlou thatlls
pulsating tho brain of Governor Flowr
0 night about this time It 1 tho number of
vote hi opponent will have
Franc Murphy never get less than 100
a night for Ms speech ami h ha engugo
menU for t ry night In the weok Lot of
men would swear off and boast about It
nightly for five dolUrs and pay tholrown x
Tho hyphenated French actres Mmo
fcgondWeber ot the troupe of tho hyphe
nated Preach actor M MounetHulJynow
X > Uylng In thi country 1 one ot tho most
brilliant women ot th Gallic tu Wio I
only In hr twontyflfUi > s r but hi has
been a favorite wlUi critical Parisian alnos
Shu wa nineteen
It Is said tho Urborian tourist I killing off
the tniffalo and olliercamolii th i rlk tono
National Iark arid yot tliato Is a detail of
cavalry out titers to jroservo tho preserve
from marauder If a fotv of tho Idle
preachers wero shot there would be
gain shot
A school fawehtr down tn Qoorffla runlshfli
refractory scholar by waking them drink
quassia water Th trustee aro up in
arms and one ot them ho is opposed to tb
rod and dUUkaJ quassia ha sun led a a
compromlso a mustard Dlaster lining to th
seat ol the boats
i ritiMj xnoa itiiutoAn sihn
A Hkctclt ot eortro it itobvi t prestdcht
of tlio PcntixjtvnnU
Thero aro ft good many greit men n ho are
very luodoi but thvro 1 no roan whoa X
know cttoday In public ltfo who so shrinks
from notoriety as does tho president of the
powerful Pensylrnnla railroad sjatem George
Ik Ilobort though the loast known pervm
ally ot any of tho great ratln i I uingiiatea i
ono ot tho moot powerful He controls tliOu
sands ot mile ot rolling stock on army ot
employes anl million ot dollar Hi po
sition tn point ot potter wulrcspouslbllltyl
second to that ot no tallroad man In th
Vou would think therefore that when Mr
Robert take a walk through busy Wall
street and Ha environs ho vonld attract souo
attuntinn but yealvrday whonho jAWtxld vn
tho tight little si root whero so many tutm e
havo been mado aud lost ho attract I n
moro attention thaa tho laggard meon r
boy vlih snail like paco delivering a lelt r
No ono evon turned to look after tho quiet
tlguro that passodwlth eje glancing neither
to tho right nor to the left
President Itobcrt does not look the re
markable man that he roatly Is He U now
about ilxty ycarsot ageand Is tall but sparely
built with soft bluo eye and rotlwnt but
kindly manners M oulot In dws as In
mnnnen Mr Eobcrts I uut ono who would
attract attention on tho stroma Ore would
cftro < ly think In looking at the tna that ho
wns tho ruler In a way ot 10000 men who
directs the operation ot 10000 mil ot rati
ever which moro thau 0000 cngtnes haul
100000 cars Tho character ot tho man who
directs tht vast machine ought to bo Intor
estbvt tho moro so because so Utile Is known
of htm
In order to fully understand lio success ot
this man It Is uoccsmiry to refer briefly to ht
lite Ot Welsh extinction lie I a Ponnsyl
aulan yIlrtlland la fact was born In th
housa In which lu now lives on tho lino ot
tho Pennsylvania at Bala In Montgomery
county It was after leaving school in Troy
nudwhen Ii4 vva larely clfthteea year old
that young Kobert took up railroading as a
business and became a road mau on the moun
tain division of th Pennsylvania then In
oourso ot constrtwUoo
Thi wa lu 18JI or forty odd years sgd
Ho ha been a railroad man ever since and
I still In names I thu In tlio matter ot
seniority ot sen ho ranking all ot hi ron
ton pom rle
President Ilobort hm always been a steady
hard urkor Tor Ut first year ot his work
as u tallroad man young Ilobort had a rough
enough tlraa ot It la tha bock wood ot Penn
sylvania but In 1M2 ho got hts first substan
tial push upnard and was rondo nastttant
engineer ot tho Philadelphia mid Eric rail
road Then for tun joaru he wt cm ployed
lu laying out lino ot road tributary to th
Pennsylvania many ot which ho completed
after ho had been mado ehlot ouglnoor
Eleven years after entering tho oorrjco of
tho Pennsylvania he wa mad asiUtAnt to
tho prutMout thou Ixlgar Thompson His
abilities as an engineer won htm high favor
andlnlStlO b wa mado fourth vleeprosl
dent A llttlo later ho ws mad second vice
president and In 1874 when Thomas Scott
booame president It aw that his friend
lloberti booamo first t loo president In which
position ho had chargo ot all the accounts
ot the Pennslvanla and all tts engineering
achievement were under his supervision
Barely have thero been Instances ot such
steady sure progress won by quiet unobtru
sive merit and when In 1890 after Col Bcott
death George B Bobert wa made the presi
dent of the Pennsylvania hi election met
with wide approval The monled men of th
system wero satisfied as were It employee
and the public found no reason to complain
Bach ha boon the business career of thU
auooeasful man and It Is suggestive to say
tho least
HI home life at hi rretty home at Bala Is
characteristic ot the man In that It I quiet
and unostentatious the llfeotaquletoountry
gentleman rather than that ot a railroad king
and successful man ot affairs and altogethet
unlike that of Chauncey M Uepew whose llfo
1 always In the open and who 1 atl things to
all men
President Bobert lire In th bouse la
whlah he w as born It ha been much added to
howover and though th old wall still stand
Mr Bobort ha added much to tho old man
ton Improving it in many wajs His home
Is not far from hi office being but flvo mite
away on Uie BohuylklU Valley division and
0 oclock In the morning find him going
PhtlAdelphlaward Just as surety a 4 SO in the
afternoon finds him on his way homo
When ho is at hi office Id way are demo
cratic In tho extra mo H sits at an old
fashioned flat topped desk He ha no regi
ment ot lackey about and no gorgoou wait
ing room Th desk of hi assistant Is near
his own and messengers ar within easy call
HI ome I plain a few engrarlng along the
Pennsylvania being tho main attempt at
Ot course th duties ot tho president are
diverse as those ot heads of great corpora
tion always are President Boborts popu
larity with th stockholders of hla road 1 tho
boat proof posslbt that ho Is In no way lax In
tho performance ol th duU that depend
upon him
President Bobetts time U fully divided be
tween hi office aud hi home Ho care tor
nothlrgclso and at his horn he 1 seen at
advantage HI ono relaxation Is open air
exorcise HI library at hi homo at Bain 1 ft
good one It collection Df bookboarlngort n
gtnocring bol rig especially tine Hero he likes
now and then to enjoy a discussion on sp
illed solenco with some friend ticclety ho
cares nothing for and I e 1 never oca at aoy
of th swell social tunotlon In PbllodolrhlA
He i rsroly imi at the theatre and h t not
an after dinner peker Lven th fashion
atle diversion of country Jlfsdo not allure
him He knows nothing and carol ncthlctf
about blooded horses HI friend William
Blftgerly ha not Uen abl to get blm to go In
for fancy farming HI wUoanl chltdreuhls
homo hi business these aro tho things be
care for and a for fad such a are moro or
lea popular with rich mcnho care nothing
for them Ho doc not hold hi position at
tho head of th Pennsylvania railroad by m
n ot hi position a a heavy tockhold r
It I to the confldene ot the thousand ot th
cattcred stockholders of th road that Mr
Bobeit owes hi position
Though personally unknown to tho many
thousouds of employee of the Pennsylvania
road h I most poi ular amonjf thorn by rea
son of ths friendly attitude that h ha always
riAittalicd toward lhom Ho ha b o a
workman hiiaMlf and ho knows omotha ot
a workmans nftO l a WU a hi duties
There huv bson no strike or trouMe ot any t
importance under hts adtntnstraUon and aro
not likely to to If common sense oan avert
Although called tho elly ot church
ther are a dosea cities la the Union with
moro churcho la proportion to the popula
Uon than Brooklyn
Gonoral MeCJellan oa U acting mayorot
Nw York au excellent younf Juan but his
pollUoat promotion I not duo to hi sxwll
ene And yet wo ory down hsredJUry
tt >

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