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W si f r i iffr
tin dm nitt two ilo < iium him
mos l inn nnisr ciiutiii
The Hull In lie Momlnir lratcnierf
Mnttr 1roM Il 44lnir Hint A IMra
a it I Inlrrenllnit Auillenre at
lie Uvealilj Bertie
Many people who detfred to henr Dr
Wharton itcrday morning were kept
iwajr by the torm Tlie rain which
> egan early In the morntntf continued
Kith Intermission up to and Including
the hour of amice In consequent of
which fact the dlallnffulihed evangel
lit preai lied to a comparalUely small
MI a TMrtngton pln > cd a beautiful
organ oiTertorj the Doxoloiry wai
ung by the conffregatlon Hfter which
Dr Wharton read the uiual acrlptura
Umoii finding his theme In the 49th
verie of the 119th realm Ilemember
the word unto thy aertant upon which
thou hait caused me td hone
At the conclusion of the reading the
conirrt gallon aong
I found a frlftd olJ7such a friend
lie loved me erfe I kvw htm
lie drew me with the cords of luvo
And Ihun he bound me to him
The milliliter then inflounced as his
text the 9lh and COth VeriiM of the
119th lealm I thought of my ways
and turned roy feel tjto thy tesllino
Hive t made haste and delayed not
to keep thy commandment
fluid he itellgion la a person ft 1
matter lou cannot be saved by me
fior 1 by iou AH we can do la in tho
ight of a reciprocal matter asalftt one
another on the ronil to a bettor und
happier world Ker > one mtust live
his destiny and die by himself yet
there Is one who promises to save uh
there la one who bids us come home
lo hi hoiife tilm1l we do It my
frlendi Why If 1 went to a atrange
houee and waa not royally wlconml
f should not think strangely of It but
my dear friends to ten to my own
home amonir the friend of my youth
with wiotn 1 had pussvd the brightest
nd Runntf st da > a of my existence und
nut bo well rectlvud would break my
hi art I have no right to make a
luarnl with a man becouNe he does
not btlteve as I do On the contrary
It Is my duty to try to help such a
man to eecuie for him the Joya
whli h nmk > me happy nnd help me
on In the world
The trouble with many person la
that they never think They procras
tinate and do not think until aotne
tlnu they look Into the dead fnco of
r mo dead one who vmb all In all tu
thtrn I my to you that th great
train of death U swoeptng down upon
iou today and Im afraid It will aweep
o er > ou b < fore you do think Homo of
i > u mil never think until Clod takea
> ou and shakes you over the open lavn
of lull
My dear friend > ou must think of
jour ways The ways of others aie
not your Think on jour own ways
Do not think of home money or posi
tion but on your ways us David Rome
p ople so 1 don t bellee There 1
in tartkular huir > 111 Join lode
hurth before the meetlnga nre over
> h inj friends It muy be too late
Ulbbon the gnat hlxtnrtnu the man of
snlua Ihe man of mighty binln nnd
brilliant ntellett nhoiw i n poasltdy
flldmor to dtrlki at the very founda
tion of thrtttlanty than any hist > rlan
cf tho ccnturj when dying suld lit ru
ply to a luestlnn as to how past and
ruture lonhed to him that the past waa
Renting the future > ry datk Htop my
frlenda und think of your ways AWint
have > our sing dune for you How
ftiinh have the things ot the world
flone for you If jqur aim Is drink
Hop It and bo men Perhaps jour
sin swearing 1erhapa you love tu
svi or but let me a to jou that the
itian who swenra ought to be ashamed
Mm df If he lm any bruins what
r If vou are r msslng man trotli
ir null it Quit for the aako of the Ut
ile b who had better not have
roii d i ur path than to luar
rou tav the I < orda name In
rain for the Iord both aal I
e will ii t fnrgtte him who tak
ith Mi name in vain When I was a
ttwv r i onrft went to WRhtntnn nnd
ahite looktng Ht the rapltol I mid to
mwlf ime day HI he there Yea
if I had Lontlmwd the life I waa then
reading I would have aeen It na n
nember of roxeya nrmv
Dr Wharton said that the loll it Ion of
nod waa rr the professional men
many of whom he was worry to m >
rrere unbelievers II advised the doo
tore to take into partnership the Ureat
tloslrlau of the aoul s nlvntlon and
to attend the church and by their ex
itnple lead the young and wavward to
The churrh had many bnckslldera
ind theeo faltering eoula ahould eon
Uder their ways and ask themselves
ehlch way am I golng7 I tell you
Mery man must rlaht about If he la to
be enved Dont turn your nowes up to
me but I beisech > ou turn jour feet
u nid David put Ood on the vvltneaa
Hand an Raked him about life how
r utd make the bin lint nobleat
and best of lire < iod olnted to Jesua
bt ihe rtample saying It I not hat
man ban but what ho la whlth
mulct a llfj woith living A man may
ha millions of money and yet not be
w rth a cent Uve like Jcsu and jou
nil attain the htgheat and noblest In
eharart r Of all things do not be el <
H h Make it tho aim of jour lire to
create happlntM for othira In thle
way you will Insure bapplnens for jour
relf here and herearier Turn sour
feet toward fiod Rome people any
the > do not bellevo In od They are
llv ng < m their Own testlinonte
I ay to sou that If I had never
een an other eMdenees of Ooda wer
ctful love if no other testimony had
ev r ton h 1 me the memorv of my
sainted n her and tier beautiful
Christian to would have been enough
to have made me a Christian There
> re I beaeech you mako ha ta like
I > avid hurry to embrace Ood a com
mindmenta Turn awaj from your sine
todov Come out and publicly eonfeas
Jesua Christ nud then go on as years
rasa oh eo swiftly at peace with the
world and the Creator who promisee
redemption and firRlvenes Mana
life la like a flower it odmea up In the
morning full r beauty nnd In cut
floan and the place which knew knows
It no more Ood help you to think on
your wave and turn jour feet towards
The lirviilnir Kervlee
Dr Wharton preached to a very
Jarre audience lout ntgM He selected
bts text from the first chapter of First
Urinlhlan twentjthlnl and twenty
fourth eraesi llut we preach Christ
cruottled unto the Jewi a stumbling
block wnd nnto the flreeka foolish
railed both Jevvif and Greeks Christ
Ji2iH0 r r c f P lhI n < l tb wisdom of
a J The U ble lesson preceding the
sermon was from the same chapter
ard In commenting on nul labor at
rphemia the evangelist stated that It
was the greatest revival In the history
of the world continuing for a period of
tw years and three imnth It was
wonderful how Ood chose to convert
the world by Jrearhlng Them were all
sort and nondltlona of reachlng
rnuch of It hot ery good perhaps but
It had all worked
for the conversion of
oula and tho glory of Qod Thf Wen
who preached Christ were the only
ones who accomplished much good
The reason waa that they gU ao far
behind the crows that people did not
discover thrin tlnj orly eaw J mi us
They were like the boy who told tho
fisherman that If he wanted to catch
trout he must hide hlmnclf Ihe eer
tnon was n atrong appeal to hla hearers
to embrace the I ord and wo full of
the umit elrfklng parallels and tltiis
trations The effect waa that the high
est noblest and best life was perfect
trust and fellowship with Jama Christ
and aald he the religion of Jsu la
to yet wake up tho wprld Iho clay
that all the preachers in the world
get back to the oil simple preaching
of a crucified Bavlor the sooner will
that awakening occur Ills message
was to carry the news of free salvation
to cnule such a hope In human hearts
that were every atur Iff heaven a glit
tering diamond and offered In ex
change for that hope it could not be
bought The discourse waa leplete wdlh
wtoilew of brokenhearted wives and
mothers whose lives had been wrecked
nnd made mlsvrabln by the conduct of
unruly and Incoirlglbje son and the
pieachT made a very touching nppeal
especially to the young people to ex
change the follies of this world for the
hope and nnsutanco of a blessed here
after at tho very thrsehold of which
stood the crucified Bavlor
Dr Wells took occapton to announce
the lecture at Orcenvvulls tonight nnd
alio the further announcement that
Dr Wharton would preach hla farewell
sermon ftt 10 oclock this morning
There w ere sev en teen additions to
the rirst Daptlet church last night
and over sixty came forward as the
result of Dr Whattona effective
lllalitrnr ttohhvr rreated
Last night Detective C It Boott and
Ofllcer Moseley arrested one Jack
Weatherman alias IMnonke Jack
who la wanted In Ht Iiouls on a charge
of highway robbery He was under
an J SO bond In Ht T ouls and It Is
utlegtd skipped his bond Leulherman
Is a restaurant waller by occupation
nnd was arrested nt hi boarding houee
He waa Bent to the city hull culubooae
and will ooon be returnid to Bt
Wtenil llrlliel Inntstlit
llv engellttt llyron opens a special
metlng tonight and will speak every
night All workers nnd Christiana arc
naked to attend and help In this great
work Last night Mr Wilson preached
n strong sermon
1111111 1TISMS
Hear the great lady pianist at the
opera house May 3
Will Cyrus reports a heavy rati as
far down as lunula
rive coaches filled with excursionists
went to Ilowlo jesterday and had a
good time
The Iolytechnle tlleo Club Is com
posed of mtrcu ntrtclu voonltst
Hear them ut the opera house Thurs
day May 3
32 voice
14 tambourines
14 rastunets
t i lat os
fi gUlUtH
1 drum
3 violins
nil used lit one piece of munlc nt the
lnlytpchulc entertainment Thursday
May 3 nt the opeia house
Mansion hotel the largest hotel In
Tort Worth locnted on Fourth sheet
between Main nnd Husk q are now
moved into our new dining room on
second floor overlooking I tunic street
whein one can out In comfort protected
bv wire screens free from all duat and
cooled by natures hieuxe Ituteu re
duoetl tn 12 per day supper lodging
und breakfast i tto Ten largi suniple
rooms on ground floor for uae of com
merrtal men 100 bedrooms both cool
and clean for use of the traveling pub
lic We solicit u trial nnd guarantee
satisfaction On Rusk street jou will
see one or W W Dunns great Irrigat
ing wheeln whloh Is destined to furnish
water to millions of aires of vegeta
None but ten earold Ilelle of Nel
son whisky sold over the Mansion liar
HiicMilllnit Iliiito Agent
The relating of neighbors shortcom
ings and scandals is not always done
from malice but tnoro than malice la
tntendeil b piano agents who mako
false statements ubout reputable
hoimes hoping not tu bo found out
Much men should be shunned by all
ft spin table people If jou want to buy
a piano or organ at It true alue
write to
Unlet lUutirllcu
J It Yale W I Bmallwood W K
A llllnma cltj Cleorge Imogen and wife
Kansas City V U Norwood Texas
and 1actllc railway f 8 Campbell
ritlsburg Tu W n Mills It A An
demon city V It Thompson Alhany
N YJ W Brown city V U lliom
as Clnctnnatli Marlon Douglass liar
lows Metropolitan Titos Mulhatl Clar
endon T D Camp Denver J J
JlUHhis J T Iluges Trunk llrogan
city V C Denton Auburn U C
MLitahan ChlcaEO A Wushwoml Dal
las O J renuey Chicago J T Conk
tin raclflc Dxurcsa company A AV
raurher illy Cleorge i > Xlrlaht Ht
Joseph Mo It It Btayton Wichita
falls II n Maddox rliy HI Irflmn
Kansas City C 11 Uew city C If
Wells city J I Morgan Dent son 1
M dear Ca > e > Jim Nobel Mexico
Isaac Hind Ilaltlmore K V Ik or a In
dian Teirltory J H Jluaty id Un
ger city
A 11 Itett Mineral Wells Tred Hos
brush Rspultt Mrs T A McDovvel
Taylor V Dower Bt t ottU J A Mo
Hale Chicago H A Kills Atlanta
flu B O Stewart Winchester Kj
B W Dare Sellna Kan W K Hal
scll Vlnlta MUa Nought Vlnlta
W U Caslduy Bt Louie 1 ll Carter
Henrietta Ueorgo Smith Bt Louis J
W Harris Ban rranclrco B A Hes
slons Ht Louis leorge Shearer
Latham Kan H S WUklns Bherman
M erench and wife Denver Den 1egg
Chicago J 8 Uradley Chicago W
itjuon Chicago leorge BhusUr rut
ton c A Bplts Key West v J m
Robertson Meridian W nchtruacher
Bt Louis U 11 Wood Austin Mhts
Uva Halscll Vanltu I TJ It White
Commerce H I > Pelt Merldlant A o
Kenneday Dennett J B Harris city
NtienBkn f tl r ortlme t
The Missouri raclflo Railway com
Vany has large numbers of handsomely
lUuetrated and descriptive pamphlets
brartng on Nebraska copies of which
will be mailed free by addressing It C
Tovnsend general passenger agent St
Kullon wnrket 107 aiala Street
Meats rub
Oamt Vegeubles
Rest cheapett
Dont forget
To calf
Ksnui U a Urent State
Yes Indeed This lieadllne truthrully
speaks Da convinced by writing to the
undnralgnctl fnr a handsomely Illus
trated and dekcrlptlvfl pamphlet en
titled Kansas H C Tgwnsend gen
eral passenger agant Bt Louts
Impure water theciuieof somuch 111
licoiUi 1st mad harmless hy adding a
little Angostura tmterc llanufact
ured by Dr J a D Blegort Bona
At all druggUla
thu timdih n nviiiL m > mih
> iiii ijnr at dim
ClreutiirR Milt Re Dlafrlbuted A k
tuu A irkluitnira ut lo Attend
ihti lVatlelllrn tiilmt Hand
Will ruriule Ilia HlreeU
The war Is on In earnest between
the Trades Assembly nnd the man
ogers of the Malfest The committee
appointed by the Assembly Saturday
night to wait upon the Malfest people
spent tne whole afternoon jesterday
In an attempt to reach a settlement
but their efforts were fruitless
Aa stated la yesterdays Gazette
the Musicians union claims that It has
been Ignored by the managers of the
Malfest who have employed nonunion
musicians On tho other hand those
having the approaching festivities In
hand say the Muslclana union have
acted unfairly with them
Do all thin as it may the Trades
Assembly met last night and after re
ceiving the report of tho committee
look very decisive action against the
Malfest A motion waa adopted to im
pose n fine of J5 on utiy member of the
Assembly who attemhd the festivities
also requesting every member of each
union aillltatlng with the Aaaembly
not to attend In addition the As
sembly decided to engage a band from
tho Muslcluns union to parado the
streets this afternoon at 3 o clock
when circulars and other method will
ba employed to adverting the fact that
aeabs will furnish tho Malfest music
Tho l < YncIhles tho l iyil Rifles and
the Whetdmen will be waited upon by
committees from the Assembly and
requeaUd to refrain from participating
In the exercises
The Trades Assembly say some of
the objectionable musicians are scabs
imported from Dallas ana their
lender Is an expellul member of the
lort Worth Musicians union
While The Gazette cannot ouch for
the rctatlva merits of this dispute it
la Informed by membera of the Trades
Assembly that several members of the
DeutscherVereln under whose atispl
cHs the Malfest will be given con
demn the action of employing non
union muslcluns
Members of various unions will as
semble at the pew courthouse this
morning ut 10 o clock from which
point they will proceed to distribute
circulars setting forth the Trade Aa
aemblys grlevunce und asking nil
union sympathizers to keep nway from
the Malfest
The Trades Assembly H composed of
twtntytwo labor organltatlons and
claims to represent not less than 1500
As this la the first fight the Assembly
ha hnd on Its hand since Its ot sani
tation the result la watched with In
A Clnnd R it I it II envy 1iirehnie nt
t ntttt IValltn Inniltilnle
flpeclal Dispatch
Quanah Tex April 29 Another
good rain fell here last night doing
great good to tho growing crops mak
Ing grass better nnd Jilting up the
water hole
John Ledbftter yestetday purchased
13Q0 head of cattlo from Messrs Mourt
Kcykendall of Llano Tex consider
ation H3000
A nenl Iron fence has been placed
nround the grounds near tho depot
building where the railroad Intends
planting trees and shrubbery
Ihe broad smile of the festive can
didate Is again seen In Hardeman
county and the shaking of hands and
the pressing of Individual claims for
the dlffireut county offices la the order
of the day
Messrs Rurke DePuy Watklns
doing a nh desate and retail grocery
business have pun based two build
Inga south of their former store and
are todav moving Into them
Tho special committee of the Raptlst
church compostd almoat entirely of
ladles are doing noble work In the city
this wrek Ihey go from house to
house In the resident part of town
eah day und where they find enyone
out of the church thoy hold a special
prayer servl e and ask them to come
out to preaching
Beottoti Hm Johnson nnd his men
have comph uT a switch nt the cement
Ihe public school which has been
so pleasantly managed for the past
term by Rrofesaor Rants of McKlnnej
Tex closed for the term today
u imiam tiitnrs
A Much Needpl Ruin Ntrlct Quaran
tine tteaulatlons
Special DhHutch
jjonhatn Tex April 29 A much
needed rain fell here this morning do
ing Immense good to gardens und grow
ing crops
J W Tosh living seven and a half
mites northwest of Rmham while
dtgglng a well lust Week discovered
some huge bones of sormi kind also a
pair of horns eight feet long He has
secured nearly all the bones some of
w lib h measure eighteen Inches from
Joint to joint He la going to exhibit
them along with a yearling calf that
he owns that Is quite a curiosity Reelf
It la 1 year old twentyone Inchta high
and twelve Inches actoss the head
The Odd Tellows celebiated the
twenty9lith anniversary here today
by attending In a body services at the
Christian church The seimon was by
Charles Carlton a member ot Haywood
lQdKtf No 1G3
The city la enforcing strict quaran
tine against Texarkanu and all Infect
ed points
The major wired Howe Cushlngs
circus who ore advertised to exhibit
here next Tuesdaj not to oome as
tbey would not be allowed to exhibit
on account of just huing left Cle
Prohibition Now
Bpcclal Dip h
rarmersWUe Te April 29 The sa
loons closed their doors last night at
13 oclock and prohibition b < fcun Its
career The whisky men have been
rushing sales the past week Howe A
Cushlngs show w a hero on Krldaj
which got rid of a good lot of the tire
water and we had three nice tights to
celebrate the event but co one seri
ously hurt A keg of beer ws turned
tooe to local pugilists last night and
amateurs put In their time with glove a
A heavy rain set in this morning at
sunrise which Is still continuing
One saloon firm will open up Just
Outside the Incorporation
M heu lou Leave Texas
And contemplate a journey to Mem
Phis Bt Louts and the ISast be sure
that jour tickets read ta Texarkana
and the great Iron Mountain route
Fastengers thus routed save many
hours of time while on the road and
have at their die Hum 1 elegant Pull
man buffet aleeplng cars and reclining
chair car seat free For full in
formation lit regard to this line nddresa
ticket agents of tho International and
On at Northern railroad Texas and
Pacific railway or J C Lewis travel
ing passenger agent Iron Mountain
route Austin Tex
no TowNsnvD
Penerl Xasscnger Agent t Loul
Remaining In the postofllcc at Vort
WorthTex Monday April 20 1894
To obtain any of these letterr the ap
plicant must call fur advertised let
ters and give the date of the list
Also atl letters advertised shall be
charged with 1 cent In addition to a
regular postage tu be accounted for
as part of the postal revenut tin per
section C30 page 49 United btates postal
li dies MM
Anderson Nannie Lorde Jlecca
Aycrs Llxzlo Mrs Lane tl Mrs
Accrote l > tkr Lingstarf Rettle Mi
lluteson Dais lutein Alllce
Drown Dmmu Lark O II C Mrs
Drown Mable Miller Katie
Jtrooks Maud Moore TUlle
Runch Huaale Muytleld Muggla
Drown Julia Murraj Mattle
Carnuhan Olivia MiMuIIt Maiy D
Comer Orla Mis McKeiiney Julia
Cotter J M Mrs McCord Ruddle
Ciouch B M Mrs Norton J 1 Mrs
Come Minnie Nelson Hannah
Dunn W If Mrs Page Iva
Drnlne Ouy Mrs lrlce Malinda
DuvU Mlnnlf Ioetion Julia
Ldwards Bue Robertson Ruby
Hvans Mary Hobtits lemella
1loyd Dora Rowland Mary
ras ell Mable Rowland L K Mrs
Fowler I uura bpo icer Will Mrs
Harmon Janus Btennrt Y H Mrs
Horion Agnes Bmlth II A Mis
Houghton Ltxzle Ihomasson DUen
Horace Hebccm Thompson LUlle
Hogne Jennie Mrs Taj lor M A Mrs
Hawkins Llxzlo Mr Terra 1 Kva
Hey wood Zenur Thompson Elsie
Jones Mrs lempo Ross
Johnson Mlsourt unwlikle Sadie
Johnson ltom Mrs Vanzant Dido Mrs
Jackson Lucy MrsMn on Annlo
Jaikson Huirett White Joanna
Jenntnge Llxxte Wood Mary D
Klmple John Mis Wjee Carry
Keller C D Mrs Watts Lou Mrs
ivitUeinviis 11st
Andrews Dan Leonard J O Prof
Alexander John Langdon Violet
At wood W Melton H It
Allen C H Montgomery A
Drown Walter U Montgomery U C
Hundet C T Moore Harry
HeauvaH J R Martin 1 N
Dell William Moigan J W
Drown A Q Morgan J L
Drown W L Murshall William
Drown Laurance Martin Oeo
Hoiirdrmtn C 11 Merrell Oscar
Rowan D Mltoliell ade
Drozel Dill Mitchell L A
HramltL V M Moore W F
Dreedlove D Miller M
Drenholtz C D Miller H O
llrltt Gturge W McCaj James
Rrownirg Wes McConnel V
lluke Oley McDuule R
Dushull R McReynolds Mr
Rush C D MoMlllams James
Ruigown J II Norton N
Duron A W Oxford D II
Rurgoon J II Plage II It
Rlukelej Victory Purdy Daniel
Chilton J M Pool C C
Carrlgun A II Potter Sidney
Gary Lew C Perkins Krnest
Carter 8 R Peers R r
CheujAV I Penwlck W D
Chester Joseph Peurvey Joteph
Chlshtdm M 1 Pitts Marshall
ChrUilan D H Penner Henry
Cleary J V lultersou U C
Corkum 11 II Palde Mr
Cogle James M Palmer J C
Crow P A Qutnn John
Crane Hull Major Ratcllff i It
DeDru Lon col Rabb William
Davl Rowley Reums T A
Davis Arthur Rejnolds Oeo T
Dnll Prof Re d H T
1111 in Dd IteeAl Oeo
Dooley J A Rets AMU
Downing R H Roberts J no D
Dorr larger Peter Roberts J W
Donahue Mike Robinson John
Dumont John RobliiBOn B H
Dunklin John Robinson J 1 2
Kaster Tom Russell M
Krldro Cleorge Russell C M
Pranklln Mage Bvvennej Arthur
rulrchi ds T L Bane Hubert
Ooguel I S Shelburne Cephas
latch T A Blmpson J B
law J P hkantx C D L
Oehrlng Charles Blaj lon O W
Oonxules laudelupBnow Ihos
luldwtre R L Hummers Thos
Ultue David B Span Henry
Olimn John Manley A W
Oraj John V X Bmlth W W
Ireen Fleurj Bandeis J O Dr
Hancock Rob Banders Oeo
Hurrlson C W Bmlth V H
Harris blinon Terrell J W
Hall s K Turner J D
Hall James II Thompson Arthur
Hall Please Thomas Oeo
Hypshlre 11 M Thomus A J
Humble H R Taber Mr
Hooser T U Tearsney John
Hilton Walter Terrj W J
Hellsman W J Thornton C C
Harding Horace Tlnkhant Oeo
Harpstrtte J W GTrails J I
Hancock H II Vaughn W A
Hammond V II WlUon t Auguetur
Havens H T Walker TT
Jackson Andrew Walker KranV
Jackson J White Henry
Jassetl Oztalde Wilson William P
Jameson Oeo Williams Zeb
Jamei ii o Williams J Hany
Jennlngn John Q Williams Jim
KenavvLeo Ddwurd Williams M P O
King C H Wllllame K
Kohll Louis Williams John
Kinsej R Wright Joe tool
Klik Chas A Woodward Arthur
Kirk line Frank WD helm Oeo
Kelller Dave T Wlrth F M
Largent Dr J W Weber Lewu
Ltechtl Chaa Walters Frank
Irf J M Wright II
Scott Co 1
Powers 4 Shamburger
Hetht Maloney
IM Tex W Bt
Klectrto Marnetlc Co
Oovemment Land Offlco
Oodlra Harding Cd
CflckeriU Rroa
J U CobJentx Co
Vln ng O Ansalona
R C H HannehL
Ved Rotemau
Thos Weaver
ft verhan
M W Cocktr
MRS IDA TURNER I ostovlitre s
ly Mr
Dr McGorKs Inyigorator
Tho Groat VI x Restorallva
Trial nottlo Trco to Show Us Greal
Merit will bo Sent to Anyone Ap
plying Personally or by Letter
This celebrated remedy Is a positto cure
for nerTous debility spermntorrheca d1
itneti deapondenoy failing memory pro
vUtorrhaa tremblings and nervous dis
eases arising from the aWe of siltuulaats
tobacco opium er any other cause It rs
ttorcs without fall Impaired rigor and ex >
hiuvted vitality ttopa all unnatural losses
putlfei tho blood euros plmptos blotches
eto eto Price V per bcttle or o bottls
for lib W rite for ttta trial bottles ques
tion list and pamphlet Address
T McQOEK M D Specialist
Zc Maikol St GaWeiVca Tex
Makos Pooplo Well
I Llko IVIy Wlfo
Totlie POHOttS COMPLBXlOf Powdis W
csuse It improves her looks sad Is ss Ira
grsDt ss TloleU
To New Crleans MgiMs
AudloluU lu Ihn bOUTHLASl
Tale the St Louis Liniltei
LOUIS and the HAST Ihe direct
Hoe to all points In MCX1CO NPW
Ihrough Pullman lluffet Bleeplnir Cars
bctvveeu Dallas 1 ort Worth and fat
I ouls lSew Orleans ind Denver
BL Louis and Ban I landaco
OfXloio1 Timo Oarci
Ito 3 I ateotxiam
No4 043pm
Nan oWam
No a io i am
lNo10 4iu pm
NaaJjLeiToiJ 43 am
No 1 Arr 1 50 pm
Na S Leave DOS a m
Nofi Arr laaopm
No 7 fciOam
No 310 pm
No 81 Arr 6HJ pm
Tor rate tlclou and oil luforrautloa
l ply or address nn of the tUkjtuccnts
GcnlPaii A Ticket Aet
JAKCr ZUUX City Ilcket ApeutWt
U S TII01U4L UTilrd Vtce President and
General Manager Dallas Texas
ToDay are selling at special
300 Pairs Shoes
125 Per Pair
Tlies lncludaL dlei Mlse
and Childrens good not a
p worth lei Itun SI 60
nd from th t up to 33 OO
lr Thoie aro
p remnants of
to be closed out
OO00 X
Nrrorr Ker otTh
SpKlsl Deepatch
Waco Tex April MThe h ey
rain this roomlne waa aeoompanled
by constant HkhtnttiE anj alwut 10
MltcVll on Twrnlyscond
to a few momnt trS street
had barelr time
to mi xiV
Mitchell was eetmly burSSfK asfl
Ins his chlUren iii
ou of i hvm
residence was a twostory frame striS
tor nv > Th loss Is abc t tlMo tM
hot shook up the me
Inmate mrely
but beiond T
the illirht i i
W wff
Mitchell co one waa hurt I
outh Dound
Road Up
NO 3
8 50 p m
G oH um
033 n m
3 40pm
10 60am
3 10 a m
OlOp m
11 30 p m
We mean business and the goods we offer
for sale are the only Genuine Bargains offered
in the city
Our 750 Suits are in great favor and cant
be beat
Our 950 Suits in Sacks and Frocks must
be seen to be appreciated
Buy your Spring Suit of
I am prepared to fill order at
Authorized Texas Agent or Winchester Col Smith aWnui i
Itemlngton Arms Coi Spaldings Baseballs and Alhlelio Ciiilu
lalllc Cartridge Co and Hercues Dynamllo Co also lull iuwi
f Cermsn and American Cullery Special Agents tor Remlngtcalii
fVZi best mado In America >
Wile lorPrlcis an Million Ihls Pipir Oft Worth
P 00 a ni
0 4S l m
0 23 p tn
2 20 am
0 JO p m
II 3 a in
10 30 p tn
0 30 am
APRIL I 1894
Are IIo Itnrat limilr Tlir nllli Ihe JUWUTT HCFIUGLUt
re the l > et tiro blir lrl e
Leave PARSONS Leave
Leavo KANSAS CITY Anlvel
Leavo HANNIBAL Leave1
Leave CHICAGO Arrive
North Ik
143 am
0 43 sm
Arilvei OMvojS
NO 2 t
ISA oh
10 30 mia
10 Wan
Trains N09 1 and 2 Jiavo Wagner llulTet Sleepers botweenSaa Afltt
Kansas City and Houston and St Louis wlthoitt chun o
Trains No 3 and 4 have Wagner Buffot Sleopeis between no f
Chicugo and Waoo and St Louis without chango ii
Tree Ileclintnif Cbalr Cars on all trains 1
Q P 4 T A Danison Tex Citj Tkt AtrMW
Tlit Rnaor Institute of Fort Wnttli tfunrnntetii lo care IbilS
qiOll OlItU nnd COCUIM lln bits Con > iiltiiton eoti i
liitf nnd ninr mriin muol to iiu unil > onr frlendi Itrh
onlltlvutlnl Honurubl treitt moot
Paul Wplea D W Wg
Jno n Hoale P Wjl
H W Williams J W T
Jno Bardon Be <
H B LOYD PrssldonL D C BENNETT VlooPresldenl sT B KASBAjf
Capital and Surplua 03760O0
FortT wonra k
DisecionsM 1 Ijujt B a Ilsrrold Geerito Jaokioi Zans CetU R0 t
SU llarnett 1L K Wylts W T Wajotir W U
M C ItrntUr
llllV J llliil Vln1ttUrt
A 8 llEtit C 1
J II Iot
mnUCTOUJM O Hurler A J lior O W SlniI oo A
1 tiler Murvlu Iv II atman William VV1U
l b
D II XeUer
Capita and Surplus vjrj l
Corner Mala and Fourth Street Fort Worth Te
Rales 250 Per
Uay GE0 C HUDGlNSjlb
Oor r Proprietor
Fifteenth and Main Sts FORT WORTHt
Corner Ninth and JoncJ <
Fort Wortix
QuoUUoot ClioorZulIj and PrtOj

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