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24aTl county The
Kfe U alie d In the
J2S Anrll Intended
K2 m poBltl ° at
KlTi retlni51po1
En enterloK tie senatorial
< afcTU he lm Positive
JJt would not to > >
sited h umbcr
T4ierl sections ot the state
SjSimunlcallons relato to the
of law and
i th
Kg or rransement for the
SET lnUm 1 < rlend ot Jdga
SSwrk l t day that he Had
Stfonnatlon from the Judge
ErtSu a that he intended to
rffl return to Texas and rrac
kifebcparda temperament and
ffli uniformly atated b > his
sTi maUn > Impomlble for
tfnanln on the bench a work
feUta t fu to him Among
o5kiu rl there la a very cvl
jSiS to hae Bhepard enter the
S5j5 mpolim The mention of
Sjiffir l > pleasing to them and
jgrp 1j tbelr choice They pin
jhjjbjln bis popularity ability
gSlth As a representative of
gftllrltlon policy they believe
iffflne stronrtst man possible
jjlThat Ehepard wilt have the
JSm Influence m1 strength ot
fiftVpcmocracy In his canvas
SSfW It Is claimed that the
TpSt of the federal otrtcehold
fjil assist him
iJuHon the claim Is made that
Jjffjpnimand as much support
vjpnaf grounds and from the
flKPis any other person In the
TJtfjAa own camp This is the
08 talk goes upon the part of
shears discussing Shepard for
SJtut as yet it seems to be alt
SSjhn lew of the fact of the
wisdom the latter himself that
iilXbe a candidate The Bhep
rlk spptars to be a move in the
K f an effort to induce him
aterfctlie field Representative
fntli who opposed the Clark
tracy are practical a unit In
Sryhat nothing but defeat Is
jV lm If ho becomes a candl
her 81 the people of Texas
f the free coinage nf silver and
Ithlduced under an > clrcum
itojielect a senator who Is not
motor with them on this qu ° s
ouliawm that tho case stands
tlljShepard will resign having
if hUjPOsllloh he holds and re
Practice his profession This
ll tit basis of an efTort to hav e
bmjmsa senatorial candidate
Tret without encouragemmt
wi part This Is supported by
ijwhIoiis ot his friends who
btUrst to know of his Inten
luif e Clark Is quoted ns lmv Ing
tjoulo be glad were Bhipard
race but n BaJlng mo his
tilndlcated serious doubts ot
Mtjonnectlon with the coming
lon of Judge Bhci ard la a mat
Interest partlcularb to Waco
Wlered by many the president
wr th vacant offlce to Texas
Bwaco haa a candidate in the
sjl phe of her ablest lawyers
uten quietly at work since the
ntaalon that bhepard Intended
TO Ills candidacy win bo an
1 ° w < 11 > d It will ba
gu by considerable stiength
1U T IT I > Ol7 OT SA1
VS iVJ 1 nltw l
trlncliinllr olr l for
t Wiputch
shon April 20The Inter
Ifltta tariff bill given out by
< 3 Carlisle tonight Is regarded
wt In several woj s Sundav
Je a favorite night with tho
yamlulitratlon for the Issuing
MnMamentos It win be re
hT th < l fam ° statement
iavKlwl hlch Put nn on
Promise in the repeal
JLfa1 ent out on Sunday
S2iISf told ot hla
taii Imlw The Oaiette cor
ffilit 1 Mb t0 hlm much
T0 1 The Carlisle In
VoltJKJ n s chell > r > what
S re la not a line
tSJL V1 ot he rroposed
Woned were known last
apMsK c ° reul
tot opinion > on either
a t
1 h l lerestlng party
ffilrftilhV he Olce ot
which speaks
teen T ge tnm thepresi
i a 1ke this Mn agree
ySoSlTY hlch secires
of Jarl bn an < 1he reCon
r chefest
a Wnsestlons
have been
itriL8 on many
iloa ESmBipro > al ot he ad
r thin iT ImPrtant In
lleaii 1e > b > he
wth ialiC5 1 ot ha bMn
vie 4 S Oed to the In
g to SVS tlle lax bu
wuh hK dopt d as an ex
atlon of 7 ronvl lon that th
a good law u never
° r
tell AprUMTho voler
SA felecte1 del
ffVar r eonventlon
I 7Z he t te rnn
honor in
x wii ta Jr nsreman <
raak ard nght to
fe T tor th Utter
country precinct P n < Ji > ton Is reported
to be unusuall Btnmfr and to hae
nrmlen of enthuelaetlc supporters pull
In for him In the city the fight fvllt
be n close one Usually n home candi
date especially one as popualr abe and
strong ns Jmlffe Mlllinms would be
conceded hts own count and the de
termination of the supporters of Con
gressman Pendleton to make an open
Kht In this county li Indicative of the
strength which the latter possesses
nnllnij Politic
Specla1 Dlspntch
Dallas Tex April 29 Tt Is now re
alliM by nil the Pallas politicians that
the leading Issue with the citizens of
this county will be the navigation of
the Trinity river 31nce the feasibility
of the navigation of the Trinity river
has been thoroughly tested no candi
date can hope to get the indorsement
of the delegates from this county un
less he will declare himself clearly and
promise faithfully to work for a lib
eral donation towards this enterprise
benator Horace Chilton arred in
the city this raorntng It is supposed on
business relatUe to the approaching
campaign here as the day has been
ery sloppy and wet the senator did
not venture out
Pnlltlcut iiriklnjr
Special Hispai h
Detrlot Tex April 29 E p Scott
Democrat of Tnrls and Dr J M Nix
Populist engaged In a political discus
sion here yesterday At night Hon J
C Itodges candidate for congress
spoke to the largest audience that has
ever turned out to hear a speaker in
Detroit The opinion Is unanimous
that Col J lodge made the finest
speech ever heard In this Tlace and
his effort has conerte < l many to his
way of thinking
Iiitrnrril for Puller
Special Dispatch U
Decatur Tetas April 29 VThe Demo
cratic pieclnct conentlon was 1 eld
here jtnterday afternoon Delegates
were appointed to the count con
ention which meets here next Satur
day The delegates were Instructed to
vote for Hon T A Puller for attorney
Jollr Ilcnlrf rtt Pfireril In llrtnrn
II a pit < Uorne fur the Trip
Special DUpatch
Dallas Tex April 29 All prepar
ations had been rande for u delightful
excursion on the Harvey and a day
spent In recreation and amusement
nt McComns llluff and heeding not
the lowprtnr skies and threatening
clouds a lirge crowd nssembled at tho
wharf to board the steamer There
were gentlemen In prett white plc
nlo suits and broad brimmed Rtraw
hats and ladles who wore their tennis
gowns and picnic costumes and some
who forgot and wore their Waster bon
nets but Just as the crowd had reach
ed the size as to seem to defy the
weather and the growling thunder was
lost In tho loud cries and hurrahs of
the merry plcnlcers all at once with
out the slightest obeisance came down
the rain in torrents No shelter was
near and the rain fell hardir right
down onto the prett > white suits and
broad brimmed hats and tennis gowns
and Easter bonnets nor did It ceaBo
or Blacken till tho plcnlcers had
reached their homes The excursion
was postponed
The residence of Dr Armstrong and
Mr J Itothchllds on St Louis a chug
were burned last night Tiro broke
out at 1 30 a m The residence of Mr
AY ebb just west of Mr Itothchllds
was ulsu considerably Injured by the
lie and water It is thought tho
whole Is coered by insurance
Mr A A Darbell traveling passen
ger and ticket agent of the Texas und
Paclllc mUioud la In the city on bus
Mrs Judge It O Johnson of Port
Worth Is Mating the families of her
brother and sister D O Wootan aJ
Mis 11 W Llghtfoot
The single tax men v III meet in the
city hall next Saturday nlnht for the
purpose of organizing a club
Dr C M Itosser of Dallas has been
elected orator of the meeting of tho
btato Medical association In Dallas
next year
Tho > early childrens day was ob
sen d at the Congregational church
this morning The church was bcau
titullj decorated and children members
were received
Mrs J D Parsons and daughter re
turned this evening from a short vislt
to Kemp Texas
Mr C V Waller and Dr J 11
Meeks have returned from a visit at
Pan Antorio and Austin
Mr Vance Allen who has been for
some time past In New York on a bus
iness and pleasure visit has returned
to his home in Dallas
Mr T M Williams of Donham Is in
the city
Hob Jones of Oalveston has chal
lenged Tony Hollls of Dallas for the
featherweight chamrlonBhip of Texas
Dr H M Swearlnger wtate health
officer and den W II Mftbry of Aus
tin arc stopping at the Oilental
Orlentnl Arrl l
Dr It M Sftearenger W II Mabry
Austin Odell Wilson II P Smith New
Tork Daniel Poone and family John
T Boone fat Iouls Oeo P McLaughlin
Chicago Chas S Todd Texnrkana Tex
A Xj Thomas and wife Chicago K
Oreene Cincinnati W P Scott Phila
delphia A V King Cincinnati oo
Vniul Philadelphia C S llotchklns
Texas P P Holland Dallas Ld i rank
ursteln II M Fay New York John J1
Kraft Pittsburg F B HI IJ Kohler
It A Pills New York fi II Corcln
nichmond Ij T Cloolber New lprk
p H Legon Pittsburg II letter
city M Iralson U Wheeless Texas
A P Crelkln Jefferson City Mo R
Penly cit > Carroll Poggs Terrell
IT r Kleeb Philadelphia II A WH
IlanTs rortrv oVjhf TPA McDowell St
Louis C A Maury Dallas
Amu imnrniis
MHien April blows his horn
Tla good for hay and corn
April snow breeds grass
A cold April the barn will flit
April and May aro the keja of the
After a wet April follows a dry June
April cold and wet fills barn and bar
Thunder atorni In April Is the end of
hoar frost
Whatever March does not want April
brings along
A cold and moist April fills the cellar
and fattens the cow
April borrows three daj from March
and the > ure ill
A dry April not he farmera will rain
in April Is what he wllia
When April mikes much noise we
will have plenty of rye and hay
A shopping dress of dark green Fay
etta trimmed with bands ot rod wool
embroidered In blue Bussian cross
stitch was made with a very short
basque with flap pockets and flnlsnen
with several rows ot stritchlng
As lat as UTI there was practically
no commentat electrlo lUhtln
order may be necessary to xpd
completion of the
matters After th
bill the consideration of which
JfM teiua It I provable
Mr Dockery Trill be allowed a bring
forward his bill reported from the Joint
commute on 4xpendltutv in the de
partments to rcorganlx the s > stem
pf accounting In the treasury depart
ment which is designed to reduce x
fendltures in tho departments 1180000
1 necessary that tho bill be dl
posu I of before the legislative execu
tlve and Judicial appropriation bill
now in process t > t completion by the
appropriations commitUd la framed
as the thnngen It makes In existing
lavrs irust be incorporation In that bill
As soon as it Is out of the way the
rher and harbor bill will tetaHed up
In taae the republicans persist In an
obstructive program an attempt will
be made to pass It a week from to
morrowbinder Kuspenslon of the rules
The managers of the house are very
much In earnest In their determination
not to permit any resolutions bearing
on the Coxey movement to get into the
arena of debate and do nob le
lleve this subject should bo agitated
It Is contended that the subject can by
no possibility of construction be con
sidered privileged and any request for
unanimous consent for consideration
will be objected to The onlj way in
which this subject can be dlrcuseed
In the house la under cover of debate
on one of Ihe pending appropriations
and such discussion can only eventu
ate In talk
The Succsmafnt llldiler to be Turned
llonn If rokilliW
Tress Report
Washington April 29 The contro
ersj that has arisen over the stamped
envelope contiact will probabl be set
tled thin week The nward by the post
office department has been delaed for
a long time pending the enactment of
a necessary amendment to an act of
congress of last Januarv relating to
a uniform date for advcrtlring for pro
posals A hearing on the protest mado
by other bidders against the lowest
bllder James Pursel of Hudson N T
alltKlng lack of plant and Inablllt to
perform contract will be held before
Postmaster Gemrat Rlssell on next
WedneJay President Morgan and
Superintendent Chapman of the Mor
ganPllpton company the present con
tractors will arguo agnlnst the nwnrd
to the lowest bidder and Mr Pursel
will appear In hU own behalf Mr
Pursell had nn Interview with Post
master General Ulnsell yesterday
IIr Cnrtl le Mnk n Slntvmcnt In
Am Mirer to n llriorl
ny Associated Press
OHhlngton April 23 Bee re tap Car
lisle has authorlced the foil mlng state
ment In reply to nn associated press
leporter as to whether It was true that
ho had taken part In the tonfertnee
which had been said to havo been
held for the purpose of agreeing on
certain amendments to the tariff bill
I have had no conference nn this
subject with an bed except with tho
Democratlo members of the senate
committee on finance It Is true that
an effort la being made to agree upon
a change In the bill us will secure for
It the united and active support pt all
the Pent > crats In the senate The In
dications now are that this support
can and will be secured without mak
ing radical changes In the tales of
duty or material alterations in the
form or structure of th tariff sched
ules as they were passed by the house
of representatives
Tl III PI 12111ST
Fighting Is not particularly unpleas
ant when ou win
It In tho blow that gets there first
that does the business
It is qui to as Important for n fighter
to avoid punishment as tt is for him to
punish the other fellow
Now and then we hear of fellowg who
are gluttons for punishment They
ought not to be In the name of pugil
ism ho is the best man who takes least
and gives most James J Corbett
Training Is not half bo unpleasant as
most people Imagine It 1b
The good effects derived from plavtng
handball would fill a book It is
splendid wtrk for a boxer
Ho who can strike quickest ought to
win provided he can pro tret himself
from counter or return blows
The more comfortable the boxer Is
tho beter work be can do und the better
his condition will be on the day of the
it has always seemed to mo that a
boxer shoull study his own peculiar
abliltleB and endeavor to make the beat
use of them
it seems to me that there Is nohlng
hapharard about It when two trained
athletes meet in the ring It is folly to
talk about chance blows
No two men flcht alike Indeed If one
teacher should Instruot a class of twen
ty m < > n they would all use different
tactics at the end of a year
n AVIirl n IM < 1 ns Too Much
New Tork Tribune
That old ocean Is dangerous even
w hen he wears a smiling face and there
Is no shrieking wind and angry waves
giving to a stanch ahlp a thorough
Bhaklng up la shown by the experience
of the Clarence 8 Rement Ihe De
ment was Just about as pretty a
SOOOton Iron ship as the Philadelphia
shipyards ever turned out but when
she returns to this port her owners and
agents will hardly know her On
March 13 Captain U II Prnhck who
commands her started from Liverpool
for New ork with his ship partly
laden with salt The next heard of the
Dement was that she was at Payal
having been towed by a Drltlsh tramp
steamer the Rothtrfleld which found
her 440 miles from the nearest land
floating helpless on the sea The De
ment had weathered a small cj clone
without any difficulty and as some
times happens at a the next day
there was not enough wind to keep
steerage way on the ship over the
whole expanse of water not a ripple
was to be seen although the captain
prajed the mates swore and the crew
whistled for at least a cupful Rut no
ripple came Instead there was a long
Bmooth wicked swell A wall of water
with an unbroken surface would rise
up away on the horizons edge sweep
swiftly and silently but with almost
Irrea tlble force toward the ship lift
her up on its crest as though she were
a chip and pass away as swiftly and
vlleiitlr as it came only to b followed
by another and another with regular
procession keeping jip the rear
After a time the helpless yp was
twisted around until U > e swells
caught her brcadslde pu and then the
trouble began ln rd of a strain on
the backstays Cmt the wide sweep
through lit air of the upper masts
with their epars and salla froni port
to larboard as the swell lifted her
sud from starboard to pert as It passed
away and ihe went down the dizxy
inUlne rto the trough of the sea Un
tVr certain cliturastancos even wire
rigging will break and the strongest of
chain plates give way The constant
thrashing of the tall masts finally
tore them loose Rip tear smojh
went sails spars and masts and the
ship Clarence 8 Dement was a wreck
over 400 miles from land and in e
dead calm
A ehort time afterward along cam
the trumn found a Job Juat to her lik
ing promising big profits for small
rlalc took her to Payal and will n
due time collect a fat bill for salvage
On an average the letters recHved by
the Uertudu cpru number COO a
< tr7 °
what whi
inniini > nn uone
The tenate to Continue the Tariff
Drbulcllrll f mt tua DrMnernU
Are Cusjelher tm Hie Urent
Q rstlunTba Ilouir
By Associated Tress
Washington April 29 The course
which the tariff debate may take in the
senate this week will depend entirely
on developments from day to day The
agreement for the limitation of debate
on the tariff to certain hours each day
has expired and the Republicans have
shiwn no disposition to renew it The
Democrats have been successful In the
advance of the hour for meeting from
12 U 11 oclock Ilut they only take
the b 11 up each day after tho disposal
of routine morning bustnei < s by a yea
and nay vote and ara making progresB
by elbowing themselves along They
have not jet decided whether they will
attempt to extend the debate untlj a
later hour each da > than has been fa
wned Thilr program In this llhe will
depend on the progress that mar be
made with the compromise now on
hand The feeling is general on tho
Democratic side that If they get a bill
that commands the support of the en
tire Democratic side of the chamber the
Kepubllcan antagonism will weaken
that the opposition will be content to
make an earnest protest but without
any effort to prolong the final vote be
ond the time necessary to discuss the
various schedules in a buslnesvllke
manner and that night sessions may
not be resorted to
ltrnulillriiiia XV 111 IHd UrncefnU
Senator Harris said today that he
thought If the Republicans once be
came convinced that there was no
prospect of opposition to the bill nmonjr
Democrats the > would yield gracefully
to the Inevitable and allow the bill to
pass after expressing their leajon for
their antaconlsm
If w < succeed In reachtng that
state he said and Republican sena
tors take this view of the matter and
conduct themselves according it will
not bt the policy of the Democratlo
managtment of the bill to lmpoto any
unusual hnrdshlps on thn enators
He declined to say what course woull
be adopted in case the developments
shoutd not be ub satisfactory as he
hoped because he would n that event
have to consult with other member of
the Democratlo steering committee as
tu the couise to be pursued I ut It is
known from his piivlous uttennces
that if the opposition should continue
obdmale whether the Democrats rtr
fect their agreement or not the l an
would be to extend the hours nf the
dallv sessions compel the Republicans
to consume all the time davoed to
speches und force the bill along us
ratIdly as possible In tho face of C po
sition It Is oven possible that If the
Republicans do not Indicate a willing
ness to confine thtmuelvea to what is
called legitimate discussion night bii
nlons ma > be very suddenl pferlpl
tated as the Democratic loaders leel
the earl disposal of tho bill to be of
the utmost lm crtauce
DeiuocrMtlt llnrtuony Nre < lt
Iho Republicans have not yet given
up the hope of a schism In the D mo
era lie ranks but they will announce
no policy different from that which
they have been pursuing until it U
made manifest that ell the Democratic
senators hae united on a bill If such
unlgon Is not shown they will continue
the i rtxtnt tactics with we froqu nt
i oil calls and a more decided protest
n alnst long hoars than have Jit oc
cuired They have not decided fti a
coutse In u e of a Democratlo agree
ment but thero aie s > ina Indications
thi If one Is riaek > cd thf pi position
w II not be so stubUni as It < roillrod
tl it It would In that veit 1a futllo In
ihe end They aii ii luusil mnbty
countlns considerably on tho abnence
of Senator Hill at this time and tho
fact that he coull not hava ben fujiy
ndvised of the co npromlse undt con
sderatlon The > evidently think it
probable that it would nut meet his
extectatlin If it should not they
hope for further dlsalfcctton In tho
There are tevr set speeches In pros
pect for this week Senator Ahlrlch
will speak during ihe wtek Then
Senators Squire und Kyle mij also a k
for time to deliver short speeches The
continuation of the speeches of Sena
tors Quay and Dolph may alo be
counted on as occasion ma > require
nnrnnnu no At ciiurrs
The Kcnrwnrir A lr Mnr Itesnll In
n Purlkcr InveBllKntlon
Press Report
Washington April W Recent de
velopments in the case of the wreck
of the Kearsarge indicate en extraor
dinary lack ot knowledge on tho part
of the hydrographlc office of the navy
department which may become a mat
ter of investigation It was shown In
courtmartial proceedings In the
trial of the officers of the wrecked es
bcI whose sentence was approved by
the secretary yesterday that the chart
under which the vessel sailed was
fiftynine years old and defective
Lieut Torce who was sent to repre
sent the government on board the
tho Kear
wrecking tug to look after
Barge wreck states In a private letter
that the commander of the tug
himself thirtythree miles south ol
according tc
Roncador Rocf when
their calculations they should hart
been at the kej and that the tug
to return fortysix miles rortJa In order
to make the key They also found 4he
current utterly at variance with the
chart and observations taken showed
that the position of tho key was three
miles went In longitude of the position
as charted
Tim iioisn ritoanAtt
X Action Concernln < r Cowry 111 Ue
Itfrmltied pprt prUIoa
By Associated Press
Washington April 29 The house
wlll continue work on the appropria
tion bills this week The republicans
developed an obstructive police far
of the dramatic
ing the
and consular bill which completed
last Thursday perfuming an entire
mean f unimportant amend
ments to i important Items The dem
Is to
ocrats fear that this policy b
Continued in furtherance of a well set
to delay the passage of
tled program
appropriation bills Should
toe regular
It be d v h > pd during the coming
week that such be the fact a special
rinvr nmorvrs op Titta nmsTcu
Sot kxaiuhvtii
The Kins Deeply allrreit by 1h
Srene ul Hulterlnp hut He vvit
ne cd The Loan ut life rrr
tlrent Many lluasee Fall
Ry Associated Pre
Athens April 29 The official reports
from the farthnuak stricken districts
In nowise minimise the first accounts
of tho disaster Th held coast line
from the ancient port of Larmva to
Thermopolae suffered t < rlbl
King George was deeply stirred by
the scents ot suffering that he witness
ed during his visit to Atlanta lie hat
announced his Intention of vUltlng
lhtbes and Llvodala to extend nld and
smpathy to the mulcted people The
loss of life on Prldny night last must
havo been > cry great M Uouphldcs
minister of the Interior has received
advices that In the toxr > a district
alone 800 persons wero killed Two
hundred and thlrt > thrco bodies have
already been rcavered About ROO
were injured Tho people of Atlanta
have fled to tho hills for safety In
this district thero was a continuous
series of shocks In seven hours and
n half S65 wire counted When th
north movements began and Iiousps be
gan to totter and fall many of the
inhabitants forgot everything except
thIr personal safus They ran wildly
from the doomed city and sought n
firm standing place on the hills that
rise bthlml the town The earth
swung to and fro like a pendulum und
between the swings would tremble
Groat nssuies opened over nn nren
of ten square kilometers Much dam
Hfro was done along tho shore b n
Btlamto wave which encroached on the
coast for a distance of twenty meters
A number of houses were deetrosed by
thH means and there Is no doubt that
many lives were lost
It will perhaps bo several dayn be
fore an accurate list of the fatalities
can be made up Orent masses of rock
were detached from the mountains and
hurlM with thundering crashe Into
the vallfvs below Re witnesses of
the seen deacrlbe It ns having been nn
nwelnsplrlng exhibition of the mighty
forces of nature before which man
was iitterh hclpl Deep subterran
ean rumblings and reports resembling
the sound of cannon fired at a dis
tance continues to ho h < ard and the
p ople are In mortal fear that other
and more severe Bhoeka may follow
The contour of part of tho roast line
has been materially changed The
shore on the Puropenn side has ho n
sunk six feet Other natural phenom
ena acompnnled ihe disturbance The
sulphur aprlnira at Aldpso were mater
ially thonged In character and spout
ed forth torrents of almost boiling
water Springs of fresh water appear
ed in tho crater of nn exttnet volcano
the center of tho disturbance lies be
tween lyarvori and the Mallatt gulf
but throughout the extent of Greece
the shocks were felt
Henri Hie Annrclilat
Ry Associated Press
Paris April 29 Hmll Henri the an
archist who vva svntfnced to death for
causing th exphslon nt the Hotel
Termtnu has been transferied to the
prison de la Roquette from which he
will not emerge again until ho Is taken
to the guillotine that will be erected
In the place de la Roquette for his ex
The hlllnn Aivnrd
Itv Associated Press
London April M A dlfpntrh from
Rerne to the fitnnard says that Switz
erland haa represented to Dr riapar
ode theSwIsB minister at Washington
that It has decided In regard to the ar
bitration between Chill and America
to award f 40 5C4 lnstiad of tho IJOW
000 demanded
< lnlrHf
Uy Assoclnted Preen
London PnglandAprll 29 A dis
patch to the Times Trom Llnlton nay
thre vere fort five ntw cases of uioj
eru reported yisterday Sixtjfour pa
tients were discharged a cined There
were under treatment 281 persons No
deaths occurred
Mk AnnrrliUU Arreslcd
Ry Associated Press
Llego Uelglum April 29 Six an
archists have been arrested charged
with oompllclty in the recent dynamite
outrage In this city
Chuletn Birenillnff
By Associated Press
Madrid April 29 The Spanish medi
cal delegation sent to investigate the
epidemic at Lisbon report that cholera
has spread to the left bank of the river
Tagus Some cases of tho disease are
reported at Castello Rlanco In the
province of Per la close tu the Spanish
farlh Pule Uxttedltloii
Ry Associated Press
Trottso Norway April 29 The north
polar expedition under th command
of Walter Wellinan ban arrived here
en route for the Island of Spltzberg
and the far north
Ttxna Hnprtme Citnrl
John W Stayton chief Justice R R
Ualnes and T J Urown associate
justices P S Morse clerk located
at Austin
W M GIUs receiver eta vo A II
Stanton Writ of error from the third
district In RfttO the Rust Line and
Led River Railway company ade to
the Fidelity Trust compa aa trus
tee a mortgage or dee of trust con
veying all the promty It then owned
or might thereafter acquire covering
all property ot tsvtrtf kind and Includ
ing all j > e rents Issues profits tolls
and oilier Incomes of said road to se
Ture the principal and Interest of cer
tain bond Until default in Interest or
principal the railroad compiny waa to
hold and enjoy all the property and to
receive the Income end profits If de
fault was made and continued for six
months on any Installment of Interest
the trustee might on demand of one
third Interest of the bonds Institute
foreclosure rroceedlngs or if preferred
take possession and opeiale the road
until the net income paid the tnletest
If default was made and continued for
twelve months the trustee might on
demand of onethird interest proceed
to foreclose
The ml road company defaulted as to
Interest June 1 IIS uid continued In
default The trustee did not lake poa
eeaalon nor take any steps to fore
vun until th niina of a plea of Inter
vention in the suit by the state against
the tallroad company June 18 191
This suit by the state was insiHijud
September 1 IMS to forfeit the iftil
road charter On May 25 1183 Judg
ment was entered forfeiting the char
ter The railroad company appealed
and the Judgment waa affirmed Decem
ber 17 tt On March 11 W the dis
trict court appointed Giles receiver of
tb ro and the r > fr tok pomcja
ston April 13 1891 On June 189J
owners of all the stock and the trustee
In ih mortgage Intervened in the suit
of the state and asked n foreclosure
and sale and the same was decreed
Octobt r 2S 1891 The decree required
the purchaser to deposit J10 0W to se
cure nnj deficiency that might exist
In the revenue derived from the epila
tion of the road to pay clilms ad
Judged to have a prior lien to the mort
On June IT 1SSS Stanton was Injured
on the Past Line and Red River roll
load sued the company in starch
3RSB and recovered a Judgment Decem
ber 0 1S9 On November t 18S9 Stan
ton presented his Judgment to the mas
ter in the case of the State > UftSt
Line and Red River Ualroiut company
which was allowed ns a sixthclass
claim to be nald by the receiver In
the final decree the character of claim
to which Slr tons belonged was not
mentioned thut clnlm not having been
Eresented Reforo the flltng of the plea
y the trustee the receiver had paid
out of the earnings for betterments ot
the road 14973 and there remained in
Ms hands of tho net inrulnga 10583
Prom the beginning of the receivership
to October 1 1S82 the receiver had In
vested In betterments JJ0OOO of the
earnings and had on hand of such
earnings 113 437
The proi > erty wan sold under the de
crce nnd purchased by the trustee who
deposited HO 000 on his bid In March
1997 the court approved the allowunce
of Stanton it Judgment but reserved Its
classification On December 21 ISO
R classed It as of the sixth class It
was also ordered that Stanton was en
titled to prlorlt in pamont out of the
net earning over the debts secured by
the mortgagi nnd In case the earn
ings should not pay alt claim hodtng
priority inir Stanton s then It should
be paid out of the 110 000 deposited on
tho bid Prom this the renlur and
the tiuMee appealed and the court of
civil nppenls affirmed the case
it Is claimed that Htnntonn judg
ment Is vMd because rendered after
the Judgnunt dissolving tho corpora
tion No judgment can be enteied
against n corpointlon after dissolution
Rut Stantons Judgment was obtained
pending an apptnl from the Judgnunt
forfeiting the chatter of Ihe road The
appeal busvended the judgment nf for
feiture nnd the existence of the torpor
ntlon dll nut terminate mull affirm
ance by the supreme court
2 It has been held that n court of
equity in appointing a rather for a
railroad company upon the nppllcatlon
of a mortgagee In a proce dlng to fttro
clise ma > In the exenlxe of a sound
discretion lmi > oee such terms ns to the
disposition of the taming in the re
ceherB hands ns mny seem reasonable
and Just 107 U H 691 In the exer
cise of this discretion tourts have
taken huge liberties with the legal
rights nf mortgagees hut no case Is
found where any court hut gone to the
extent ot giving preference out of the
enrnlugs of n road to a clnlm like Stnn
ton s over the mortgage debt In this
case the mortgagees did not cnuse the
receivership The slate dissolved tho
corpotatlon and look chat Re of Its
effects and umlrlook to distribute
them The moitgngeea could do noth
ing but tome In and receive their legal
rights No equities exist In favor of
Stanton He l dependent solely upon
tho nit of the utyllrst legislature
laws 1SK9 p W lty tho pMins of
this statue Stanton a Judgment was
entitled to piloilt tmr ain > ellani s
mortgnge In the application of tho earn
ings of tho road while tn the receivers
hands provided tin mortgage creditor
did not have a right In the earnings
which the legislature could not take
away The mortgngeeH hud in lien
upon tho earnings of the loud while It
temalned In tho hunl of tho mort
gagor The Hen upon the earning de
pended solely upon the terms of tho
mortgage and until the trustee took
tern to appropriate the earnings no
lien attached He did not lake
pMseaelO and took no steps to fore
close until Juno Hi lHlil whin he Inter
vened In the state a suit Prom that
date the lieu of tho mortgage attached
to the aiming nubject to BUih ex
penditures and hints b > law are given
prefttence to It In so far art the legis
lature endeavored to give a preference
In the enrnlnga to a rlatm whkh before
Its enactment had no lien on nuch
earnings In preference to tho 1l ti of a
mortgnge made befuro the net wua
passid tho law violated tho > bllgatlou
c a contract and was void as e mtrary
to the constitutions of the 1nlUd States
and of Texas
3 hen the trustee first tiled his pleu
the receiver had on hand r > B turnings
To this appellee had a right if the
settlement had been made and so fnr
a the murtgugets were concerned the
court might have ordered that money
paid to Bun dm Rut Ktnnton a right
was subject to the claims that might
arise nfaliint the noclver in he op ra
tlon of tho load and the court 1 ad 115
right to hold the money to meet such
claims b there might arise
4 The deposit of 10 was n part
of the purchase price of the property
In ordering rUunton to bn paid out of
this deposit tho court erred and for
this error the court of appeals should
have reversed tho Judgment The Judg
ment Is reversed with Instruction to
cause the earnings during the receiver
ship to be applied to unpaid claims
if any against the receiver which are
designated In the first five clauses
named In the statute and If there te
mains sufficient of such earnings then
to pay off all claims nf the sixth clause
If there should not be sufficient then
pay pro rata and In no event aptly
the deposit money to payment of the
sixthclass of claims Opinion by
Drown J
Western Union Telegraph company
vs Henry A Linn writ of error from
tho third district Pallure to deliver
tn a reasonable time the following
message Grace I Yery low Can you
come and bring Maude Hate Grntt
waa a sister and she died on the earn
day that the meesnge was delivered to
the company The message ma re
ceived at the office at Au < t at o p m
of the day of Its date Kc not delivered
until next day at fioon arter receiv
ing the mesSge plaintiff received
another that nls sister was dead
It was then too lat to reuch the
ptaCf for the funeral The second mes
sage could not anVct the liability under
the first If It be granted that the
comr any was itnVted with notice of
the death before the delivery of the
first message by the delivery to the
agent o the second still It apj > eara
from the petition that If the message
hs > been delivered In due time tint
l could not have arrived there tn
time for the funeral which occurred
on the next day and there was noth
ing in the oeooud message suggesting
a postponement of the funetal until
his arrival In any event tho dam
ages claimed are not tho proximate
result of tim failure to delher the
mesBuge anl aro therefore too re
mote Th trial courts hould have
sustained the demurrer to tho peti
tion Reversed fnd rendered for ap
pellant Opinion bv Drown J
T M Campbell receiver vs J M
Cook Writ 0 error from the first
district ftult for personal Injuries
against Campbell aa receiver ly an
emplove Plaintiff was a braketnan
and the negUgnca charged waa that
of the conductor pf the train The
petition not alleging as an clement
of damages the impairment of plain
tiffs sexual rigor It waa error to
allow proof of it It claimed thai
the act ot Jlarch 10 1S91 relating tt
fellow servants Is old and un conn It
tLttonal because It deprives rallwui
companies or the equal protection ot
the laws In that tt elm not apply tl
all other common carriers It apllej
to each and txery railroad and iuut
respect discriminates agatnat any pan
tlcular railroad The question wal
settled against appellants contentiot
In ralluny company vs Jktackey 121
U 8 MO The subject matter of thl
Kl1 sufficiently embraced In th <
litlo The Important question In thi
case Is Does the act Include receiver
of railroad companies It is cleni
that the words railway corporations
uo not mean ieceivera or rnltwnj
corpointlon Grant that the legia
laturo intended to Include receivers
but failed to use apt words to ex
press that Intention can the court
Import Into the statute a case omitted
from it by the legislature even bj
nccldentT It Is the dut > of the court
to administer the law ns It Is wrlb
ten nnd not to moke the law Tht
act haa been amended but the amend
ment cannot nffect tho case Hevcree < j
nnd remuudcd Opinion by Diown J
Plrst National panic vs Western
mortgage and investment company
Error from the third district The com
pauy had a moitgage cxecutde Sept 4
1SS describing tho pioperty as mj
herd of Ifino head of cattte in mj
ranch pAstdre each and all of said
cattle being marked and branded
H and consisting of bulH and breed
ing unel grazing cattlo of 1 jear o4
and upward The bank hnd a inorb
gage dated Jan 3 IBST on all cutlt
in the P H brand estimated at 200
head Somo of the cattle are now la
my pasture and the remainder on tin
ramp together with the Increase ot
said cattle The Inter mortkage wal
given for a pre existing debt It nls
a pears that on the date tho first morf
gnere wan executed the maker had oa
hts ranch jsisture about 1600 head of
cuttle In the P If brund besl lea cnlvoi
and there were then about 200 head t
eiilven under 1 > enr old
It la held that between the parllet
to It the first mortgngo covers tht
tnerense of the cattle nllhoiigh It
does not no expres ly state A tht
second mortgagee is not n aubsfquent
mortgagee of value the same rule ap
plies to a question between It and tin
llrst mortgagee This was hrld by tht
court of rhll appeals The court fur >
ther held thut the llrst mortgage cov
ered the 200 cnlves and In this thli
court cannot concur If the lnttnlloit
had been to Include the entire hi rJ
the Intention would have been fully
expressed bv describing It as my herd
of 1RO0 inttle the brnnd being P II
A mention of the several classes ol
cattle comprising the herd would have
added nulhlng The addition of words
which described the proterty bv th
severnl classes nnd which omitted
one closa those less than I year old
was Intended by the partlne to ex
elude tho Inltir from tho operation of
the mortgage RKiorsed and r
manded oplnon b > Gaines J
The rMitrrnr of tustrln
Prom the Pnll Malt Rudgft
The emperor of Austria Is a far lst
familiar perwimMge to 1 ngllnh p < cpl
than his still beautiful coneeut who hat
bo often been s un riding to hounds H
Ireland and Cfteshlr nnd whose lov
of the sen has brought her Into contnri
with many of our compntrl its In thl
Mediterranean nnd elaeWiew Hli
Majvt > now In his sixty fomth yenrj
has a tail snldlerlltfte figure owing ht
sllrn prntKirtlons and erect bearing t <
the Immense amount of active fxen
else which he has taken throughout hit
life On hts wellmarked and handi
some features there Is now ntamiwd ns
Imprest of melancholy which do s pot
hoevever obliterate the kindly ex
preeslon especially noticeable In his eye
anil mouth He wenrs whWkers nnd
full mustache trimmed after th
Auqtrtuu fashion but his chin ll
i Uu haved und his wellshaped foro
head is bare
Hlmple and laborious In his habit a
tho empror riser every morning ut five
and devotes tho earlier hours to thl
affairs or state entering Into the mln
utes di tnlla Ho la not n brilliant man
but fair abilities and long experience
enables hlm to deal effectively with tin
problems of fcoveriiment Hi dully
drives out In n plain open carriage wit ft
nn al It di camp and one chasseur In
uniform hut without escort outrider oi
police Art Is ills hobby No mean
draughtsman himself ho delights U
visiting stndluN and he personalis
superintend nil the plans for bulldluq
< repairing the Imperial palter n J if
Is a devout Cuthollo and most strict ll
all rvllgluus observances
In an hour I shall see her
In an hour do > ou hear
Mtttle watch that tlcku so slowtyT
Do you count tho moments holy
That you linger so on each
Hasten hasten till ou reach
That sweet moment when my dear
In tho doorway shall appear
Then mv little watch I pray you
While 1 clasp her io my heart
lAt your hands bo softly creeping
Move as If old lime were sleeping
I < t earh minute thnt we si end
To an hour a day extend
Rtay tho wheels of Phoebus cart
HU tho moment we must part
Then when she has left me lonely jj
When I cull her back In vain
Let your hands fly round the < l
Of their upmost speed make trial i
Let the hours fn headlong flight
Hpeed throughout ine day and night
Haste with nil thy might and main
7111 my lovt pe come again
Hcner mentions locks and keys anl
Piiny attributed the Invention of lockv
to Theodorus of ffamos D C 730
Tonic Waters
WorltK Fail
1il4 sward iras rased on a anJfil of tfce
> ttl d wt r and eotspletUIr stMtaiaa our
Claim tlitt It retalut IU u stlng pr p rtl
Tht rreafa 9a M vmttr vf Hegmi
i th but emfe valtf in werM
rnf I Uuod Prof AnaJjOcil CbtalktlT
ItaniMUar lasutnU Trer h
bexd roa iLLVsreuTZD riMroxzr
Excelsior Springs Bottling Co
Telephone 332 J
F MOORE Manager

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