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Fort Worth gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, April 30, 1894, MAILABLE EDITION., Image 8

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Jill tAmiaois
mmj itn mi
A Sermon of llenatlfnll
he Spirttint Conflict uf 1
lln ptioiethliiff to Hu >
Honoa f > ntlnla of lteltglutt
JiROOKlYN > prll S9 Tho TuVrnnclo
Wits orotvdcd tills morning with the usual
tlironrj f ongcr llstcuutu Ir TtUtr ao
proiwhcd on tlie spiritual conflict of llfo
taking for Ills tiat Genesis mil SI CO
And Jacob was left alono ami tlipre
wcstlcil i man vltli liim until tbo 1m ak
lug of tho day jVn < l when lie saw tltut lie
Kroralled not against him lm touched tho
ollow of bis tlilgh rind the hollow of
Jacobs tlilgh was out of Joint ns he wrm
tlitl wltli Mm And ho sulil IM tno go
for tho day brealetli And ho mid I will
not lut tlieo go oxnpt thou bless nir
Tho dust aroso from s > traveling herd of
cnttlo and stiesp and goat and cornels
Thoy am the pnsont that Jacoh sends to
gain tho good will of LUoITuiJul brother
That nltht Jaonli halts by tho brook Jab
bok nutlhcrolsnortsti orthoivfMtryiruin
No shining ladder to let the angels down
Into luw dn am but a flcroo combat that
tosls until tho morning with an unit nun u
TlslUir Thojrooch try lothrow tloollirr
llio unknown visitor to renal his su
p lor power by a touch wrenches Jacobs
ttitgh Imjtio front llsitotkut iNrhnpsmalm
Dili him for life A on the morning sky
the i lusters of purplo cl Mid b gin to rlts n
Jacob its It Is an angel wllh wliom ho
Ins Ik u contending und not onoof his
brother oondjuttim I tmo go cries
ttmntipil lining himself up Into Incruui
< ng light Tho day bn aketh
lull twin tho flrsfc plaeo that lodnl
lows good jxcplo sotnetlmi togrtlnUja
t rrlUo struggle Jacob Was a good man
but In o hit Is leftaloni In thouildnlght to
wnrftle ltlia tremendous Influence by tho
brook Jnhhok > or Joecph pit for Iiinhl
wild ltut1 dtn forUavld dethroncuiint
snd oitli for John tho llsptlst u wllckr
li a diet and thnoxorutloiiersui fur Io
l a jrlson for Vnul shliiwreck for
John dusolalo ratmos for Vnslitl most
In ultlnr trinity for Jowplilue banish
in tit for Mrs Mgoiimi y the agony of a
Trunk rda wife or John Uiwhj atones
hurled by an Infuriated mob for Cathe
rine tho B otrh girl the drowning surges
it the a for Mr Hums tho buffalng of
tliu Montrnul populace for John Jlroirn of
hdl il urgli tho plsk1 slintof Lord Clavtr
mil fi r Hugh MoKall tlio seoffold fur
fwitlni r the btuku for Christ tlio cross
< or whom tin rocks Urn glbbou tho gull
orln s tho thiuntwcreiisl Tor tho sous
soil daughters of tho Lord find Almlght
Bomo one mill to n Christian n fonuer
The world Is against you Thin ho
reullod I am against the world M
lledlMit IMs1 nt
I will go furthir und say that miry
Phrlstlan his his struggle This man had
Ms cninlmt In Wall street this unu on
Urond utrwii this one on X ulton stn t
this one on Chestnut strict this onuon
State slrti I tills one on Lombard street
Ihta mm on tho bourse With flnandal
misfortune you halo hud tho midnight
errvdtlo Itedhot disasters h vo dropisd
hituymrstoro from lof i tvllir Wmt
rou Lnifflit you eould not sell Whom you
trusted lied Tho htlp > ou cijm il would
Dot tome Homo cr uitl panic with long
irma and grip Hko death took hold of you
In on awful wrestle from which Jim linio
sot jet escaped and It Is uiicortnlnwholh
ir It will throw you or you will throw It
Hero Is niiothir soul In alraggle with
Bine hid ap Uto lie knew nut how
lualthlly It was growing iiihui him Ono
our ho woke up lie said Ior tin mile
> my soul of my funilly ami of iny ehll
ltrn and of roy n > nl 1 must slop Uilat
And In hold ho found himself alone b tlio
vrviikjabtok ami Itwos midnight That
Ivll iippi r In k Iswl iiKiu Jilm and he seized
fl 11 Ir end oh the horror of tho con
li t > W hen nco a bad habit lias aroniod
ir up to destroy a man nnd tho man
u suorti that by thohilpof thoiternul
d he n Ml destroy It all luwen draws
n If ml In a long lino of light ti > look
Irjui al ie and lull strctihca Itself In
ly mid in of splto to look up from lw
i atti 1 haTo seen mi 11 rally tliemm Urn
sir mh n struggle and thee halo bitten
Ihelr lip and i lln < he1 their lists and uhil
Mill a blood rod earnestness and a rnln i
Kidding b am dod help tuol
1 rom n eestle with habit I o owrn
Bun rdl hiiek dtfeited Calling for no
IP biitMrliigon tin Ir own rt solutions
tin y bine couio into tho struggle ami for
t time It scented as if thy trfl getting
Uio un r Imnd of their habit but that
Doblt r tilled again Its Infernal power and
ttru0 a soul frum Us stiuidlug and with a
tureti Isumwul from tlio pit hurled It Into
XbrdarkuuH Iflrst I saw tho auction
> er s lnnllot mil tiu tho pletur < and mu
lb al InuiniMu nts and tho rlolt iipJiolsterr
if lit fainllj parlor After awhile I saw
Um rail Into tho ditch Then In the mid
si ir when the thlhlren wire droautlng
hi w i u i dmtmsnnd Christian hiiuso
oouu nro slh nt 1th sIuiiiIh r itngt 1 wnleh
td I h ltd him givo the tlmrp shriek that
Unwed tit stnbof hlsown ponhinL ll >
h II from art honored social positions hefi 11
from it famllv t Ireh of whliJi once ha was
llie fcntndost atlraitlon ho fell rom tho
house ot Cod ut whoso altars ho had bnn
nj mtnl ho fell forcrt rl Hut thank
l > id I havo ofteu seen a bitter tcrmina
tlon than that
I lmie seen meu prel re thetntclrre for
sucJl a wrmtllng Ihrylald holdof C l s
help a then wont Into qunibat The ghiut
habit reg led by tho cup of many telnptt
lloni inme out strong and dcllaat Ihey
rllnilud Ihcri Hero tho writhing and
Distortion of a fearful struggle Hut the
oldlaiit l gan to waver and at Ivt In
l > mtdnlKht aloni w Ith none but God to
wltnons by tho brook Jabbok tho giant
fill and Uto triumphant wrestler brofco
tho darkness with tbo cry Thanks bo
Unto Uod who glteth us tho ThUiry
through Lord Jesus
our Chrlt
A fjlerlens Irruiilse
Tin rolinwldowi heart that first was
desolated br lierrmuicut and since by
tho rutxlstlea and trials that cuiuo In tho
support f a family It Is a sad thing to
sto a man contending for a llTcllhuod un
der disadvantages but to see a delicate
woman with helpleel little ones at her
bai k fighting tho glnnta of poverty and
forrow Is more enroling It wa a httmblo
liouio and poswrsby knew not that with
in those four walls were displays of cour
sgt moraodmtrablo than thatu Hannibal
crossing the Alps or tho pass of Therniop
rl or Balaklaia whiro Into the Jaws
uf death rode tho six hundred
Ihcw htrow had tho whole wbrld to
Bheortlicmoti but there wero none to ap
plaud thu struggle lu tho humble home
Bho fought for bread for cluthlng for lira
lor sltilter with aihlug head and weak
rldo and exliaustcd strength through tho
Jong night hy tho brook Jablek Could It
tsuhat nouo would glte lierhelpf Had
Hod forgotten to bo graclousf Jfo con
taidlDBtoul Tho mldnljht air is full ot
lng > coming to tho rescuo Mho hen It
bow ta the sough of the night wind lu
th tipple of the brook Jabbok the prom
Jitl m tW rtnglnj down tU
iky Thy fatholeai eilldron twlU pre
serve thua alive and lit thy widow trust
fjome ono sold to a vvry poor woman
EJow U It that In such distress you keen
chcotfulV She sold I do It liy what I
call enns priyors When 1 had mv Tent to
pay and nothing to pay It its h and broad
to Inly and nothing to buy It with I used
toslt down and cry Hut now I do not git
discouraged If I go alona Iho street
when I crime to a corner uf the street say
Tho Lord help rne I then go on until I
wmo to another crossing of tho street and
again I say Tho Lord help me And eo X
utter a prayer at every crossing and since
I have got Into tho hnblt of saying theen
cross prayers I havo been ahlo to keep up
my courage
Uraitd Trials
Learn again front this subject that jieo
plo sometimes aru surprised to find out
that what they have bt tl struggling with
In tho darkness is really nn angel of
blessing Jacob found In tho morning
that this strango iwrsonago wo not an
enemy but aGod dlspaUhul messenger to
proinlso prosperity for him and for his
children And so luany a mun at tliocloeo
of his trial lias fonnd out that ho has besu
trying to throw dowu hlsown blessing
If jou nro a Christian man I will go lwick
in your history nnd find that tl o grandest
tidngs that hare ever happened to ou
have been your trials Nothing sliort of
scourging Imprisonment and shipwreck
could have made laul what ho was
Whin David was fleeing through the
wilderness pursued by his own son ho
was being pnimnil to beeonio tho swtv t
slngtr ut Israel Tho It and the dungwn
were tho host schools nt which Joseph ovi r
graduated The hurrliauo that upset the
Untand killed Jobschlldnnpnpared the
man of Us to write the mngnlnrent poem
that has astounded the agon Tin re Is no
way to get tho wheat out of the straw but
to thrash It llioni Is no way to purify
the gold but to burn It Ixsik nt tho pen
plewhohavo always hail It thilrnwnwny
Ihey aro proud discontented uselesri and
unhappy It > ou want to find cheerful
folks go among thosowho hnvubeen purl
After Hrsednl hail renhnil William
Tell thoflto hundnth time a cornpony
of mtlnhlans came tinder his window In
Paris nnd serenaded hint 1 hey put upon
his brow a golden crown of Iiiunl leuiesl
Ilutatutilall thnnpiilamioandinlhualaiiu
Itusslnl turunl to n friend and sold I
would giro idl this brilliant wine font few
days of Juuth and love Contrast tho
Melancholy feeling 11 Itonelnl who had
everything that this world could give him
to tlto joyful etperleuco of Isaao Watts
whose misfortunes wrro lnnuminiblo
win n ho Niys
TIslltlloCll jl llj
A thousand sacred sweets
Ilefwrs we rsai li the I eaxiily Celds
Or walk Ilia gohuui strsets
Then let our songs abound
Atideviry tear Is lty
m ars msrelilnu through ImmanuelV
To fairer worlds on high
H li prosperity that kills nnd trouhlo
thntsmus While Hie Israilitos weroou
the march umldgreatprUations and hard
shlpHlhuy liclinled Will AtUrawhllo tiny
priiyeil fur moot and Iho sky darkened
Willi n gmit lbs k of iiunlhi and thesii
iluallafill In largo multitudes all abmil
tin m and the Isnulltos ato mid ate nml
rltlfTeil themwUea until tiny dual Oh
nt friends It Is mt hardship or trial of
starvation that Injures the soul hut nbtiit
dsnt supply H Is not Iho vulturo of Iron
bio that eats up Iho Christian s life It Is
the quails It Is I lie quails Youwllljit
Jlid out that our midnight wrcatlo by lint
brisik Jubbol Is w it h im angi I of tlod come
down tullcMandeaio
The Mark of Trouble
Learn ngulu thot while our wrentllng
wllh trouble lmij Ni triumphant we muse
espctt that It will leave Its maik liimu us
Jaitib pnvallisl but tho iingi tutnh l
him and his thigh tsuio sprang frum Its
wxki tnnd thu gixsl manwtnt limping on
Ids Wh We iittut curry tlimugh llih
world tho mark of tho comUtt What
plownl those pnmattirowrlukliiN In your
f teol hat whllinnl your hair l furo It
wiis tlnio for fnistf W lint eltnnocd foreler
so mm h of tho hllsrlly ot your huiua hold I
Ah It Is Isioauso ho angi 1 of trouble hath
touched you that you go limping on > uur
way Von need not bit surprisisl that
those who hate passed through tlio tiro do
not fct 1 as gvy as once the > did
Do not bo outot path ncowlth thosowho
oouio not out uf their despondency 1 lay
may triumph over llulr loss and jet thtir
gait shall tell jou that Ihey hoMi bisn
trouble touched Aro we stoles that wo
can minion Kv our cradle rltlil ot tho
Irlghtljesuud tho iwut llpsf Can wo
stand tlliinoied and seo our ganhns if
0orthly delight uprootetl I 111 Jostis w ho
wipt himself 1 nngry with us if w01Hmr
our tears Into the grares that 0111 to
swallow down what we lovo Iswtt Was
LriBurus more dear to him t ban our lielousl
dmiltnn > jto WohatearlghttoWTep
Our liars must ounie 1011 ahull not drlm
them buck to scald the luurla Thiy full
Itito OihIs Iwltlo Aflllctnl ones hate
dl l boeauso they could not weep Tluink
tjoil for tho Bivcct tho mjsterlons nllef
thut Comes to us in tonrs lltiihr tills gen
tin ruin tho tliratm ol corn put forth their
bloom tlod pity that dry wlthirol
panhoit all consuming grief that wrings
lla hat ds Btul grinds Its teeth and bltea
unto the quirk but cannot wt pi
Wo mayliaio found thoiomfort of the
rose and yet mm after show that In tho
dark night nnd by the brook Jabbok wo
were trouhlo touched
Again wo may take tho Idea ot the test
and announce tho approtuJi of tho day
dawn No ono was 1 ver mom glid hi seo
morning than was Jacob after that
night of struggle It Is appropriate for
phi uithropists and Christians to rry out
wltli this anriil of tho text Iho day
brenketh Tho worlds prospect am
brightening Tho church ot Christ Is ris
ing up Its strength to go forth fair as tho
muon cloar r tho
sun and terrible ns mi
nnnjrnlth banners Clap your luuiibi all
yo l < sl d thoduybronkitji Iho bigotries
uf the imUi aro perishing The time was
when wo veru told that If we wanted hi
5AWi wo must bo lmuiwse1 or
sprinkled or wo must lullero lu tho iier
setiranie of the salute or in falling away
from grace or n liturgy or no liturgy
they must be kdvlnlsU or Anninlaus lu
ordi r to roach heaven Wo have all eomo
to ooufess now that thetto aro nonesstntlals
lu religion
The Clirlllsn Hope
During my vacation ono sum ncr I wal
a rresbyterian audience and ItvrSfcjU
raiuental day and with grateful heart I
ncilipd the holy commuuloti On the
next Sabbath 1 was In a Mithodlst church
and sat at a love feast On tlie follow log
Sabbath I was In au Kplseelsdlon church
and knelt at the altar and rccched tho con
seorttUKl1 bread Idonotinoivwhlchswrv
loo 11 njoyed th most I bellevo l the
commuulou of saint and In the llfo ever
lasting Thedaybroaketh
As I look upon this audlenenl eee many
who havo paused through wa > ea of trouble
that oaiuo up higher than their girdle In
Uod name I proclaim cessation ot hostill
Jv v JU not sw lwnji saddened
i w 0 < i lbri Bo ra Ml toliro God
will noJi tho lioart s bleeding I know
ho will Llkoas father pltlea MkrUl
earth Will end The tomb vett Ixuw The
Jrfl lr rwV Intar tremble
en a brightening l
aky Tho gats
cast Win to wins opoo ThJu v break the
Zmthcrend Mclnncthon were talking to
other gloomily about tho prt qiects ot tie
chureh They could see no hofiu of dcllr
crnnee Aftir awhile l uther got up nnd
ssld to Melancthon Come rhlllp let tts
Blng tho forty sixth psalm of Daitd God
Is uur refugo and strength a very present
help In trouble lherrfore will not wo
fear though the earth be removed and
though the mountain In carried Into the
midst of tho sen though the waters there
of roar and bo troubled though tho moun
tain shake with the swilling thereof
The Ilnal Atregele
Death to many nay to alt Is n strug
gle and a wnsitla W e have many friends
that It will ho hard to lenvo I caro not
how bright our future hope hi It Is a bit
ter thing to look uiKin this fair world nnd
know that we shall never again seo Its
lilcMwmlng spring Its falling fruits Its
sparkling stream and to say faiewell to
those with whom wo played In childhood
oroounseled In manhood In thut night
Ilko Jacob wo may havo to wrestle but
iod will not leate us unblessed It shall
not bo told In heaven that n dying soul
cried unto God for help but was not dellv
cred Tho lattice may bo turned to koep
out the sun or a book ft to dim tho light
of tho midnight taper or the room may bo
tilled with tho cries of orphanage and
widowhood or tho ihurch of Christ may
mourn over our going but If Jesus calls
all is well Tlie strong wrestling by the
brook will c aeo tin hoitrof deaths night
will plow along 1 ocloi k In the morning
S oclock In the morning 4 oclock In tlio
morning the ihty brcakcth
So I would have It when Idlo I am in
no hasto to bo gone 1 havo tio grudge
ngalnt this world Tho only fault I have
to find with tho world Is that It treats mo
too well Hut when tho tlnio toinos to go
I trust to l i ready my worldly affairs all
settled If I have wronged others I want
then to bo sure of their forgiveness In
that last wrestling inyarm enfeebled with
sickness and my head faint 1 wniit Jcnun
heebie me If tin ro bo hands on this side
of tiio flood sin tcheil out to hold mo back
Iwunt the henli rily hands stretched out
to draw 1110 forward linn 0 Jesus lulp
me on and help me up Unfcarlng un
doubting may I sUp rlrht out Into the
light and l i able lo look I nek to my kill
drtd and friends who would detain mo
hire exclaiming It mo go lit mo go
Tho day hrenketh
Mrillitlit us the Crow Illes
And following a direction an true ns
nn airoW of the most exinrt bowman
trains over tin great Missouri laellle
railway rush over llulr own rails of
steol belweiu Ht I ouls Kansas Cllj
JttPblo Demtr and bcynnd This Is
the Hue cairying the government mull
und la popularly tetntwl the Fast Mall
route and the Colorado Bhort Lino
Passengers contemplating a trip to the
West who me not fully Informml le
gnrtllng this system should address
lompmtyH agents for full purttculiirn
maps tlmi tiibhM into 1 to thiribi
getting the list the ynllroud mnrkit
affords II C lownsend glut ret pus
mngir und tlelt t ugint St Louis
Still continues to run its ponulnr
a t IJxpreiw luavlnc Kort Worth nt
tho tamv tlnifl 8 15 p m rcaOInc
Uileutji sreond mornltiK Thin trutn In
coiiiUuiMid of tloKiint > Mtbulo Ililhrmn
Hle plnK Cms Tree ltwllnlnK Chair
Cum un l ileannt nrstclasii Coached
Incut entlng lioimen nnd Ulnlnir Cur
mrlca lit tli United States on this
Iho iboe trntn returning leavi
CtUcago nt i > m raioiHs Iort Worth
nt B R0 a m dicond murniiitf
Our Knn a City Ux rras lenea
roil Wflrlh nt C00 n rertcbin
Knnsns City nut mouitnif nt 7 M il
In St I > outii nt fi 00 m
lleas note tho wry sennnnnblo lioiirtt
theso trnhm Iohvo Iort Uortli and h
sure your tickets read ln Santa It
rtoute HltvphiK Car renervAtloua made
nt this otilr i r fnrtlitr tnrllculnm
und detatlod Information apply to any
OBint of the Smiia t > Itoutt or wrlia
rawtcnK r Ag nt 40i Main atreet
IVrt Worth
flenMal rnnwnirpr Agfit lUheaton
C01 Main Stiipt r
TIiioiirIi Iulltttnti Sliiiwrs mid lti > o
nocllnltiir Clmlr C rs
Toxas to Inilliin Torrltorj Oklnliorat
KtitiiKU ICiuismCUj and OltlcJfo
FirstCiass Road uid FirstCass
Coll t 11tAct omro mt Main Ktroet
C JIIitAItr o T KV A
B 1 1I0 l It ln t uM Hupt
a 1 rLOA1 A I T A t >
A reliable
an honest business man
docs not attempt to substitute
something else for Browns
Iron Bitters It is natural
that the customer should resent
the imposition ami take his
trade clsfwherc A cabc in
point Suppose you are Mifier
mg from djspepsia and you
desire to purchase a bottle of
Browns Iron Bitters
SW < lw Hincd
ui °
w v r ° l
ttOWN CHtsliCsi m
smiting the
bIiows you
iron tonic
with tlie re
mark that
it is better
and costslessperhapsyou take
the mutation what is the re
sult It blackens your teeth
causes constipation and does
you no good An extra profit
lias brcn made at your expense
But get the genuine
of it
O not be deceived
The followinjf brands of
White Lead are etill made by the
Old Dutch process of alow cor
rosion They are standard and
ale ays
Strictly Pure
White Lead
The recommendation of
Southern Red Seal
to you by your merchant is an
evidence of his reliability as he can
sell you cheap readymixed paints
and bogus White Lead and make a
larger profit Many shortsighted
dealers do so
Coioss Nstlensl Lesd Cos Pore
Wlille Lead Tinting Culies s nnetiootid can to
s ijloujj leg of Ud snil mfx > eur own
ril V tlmt tmi seioisnce in matching
ISOfs slid Insures the hctt emu tbst It la
pesaltls to puuon weoJ
Send us a priMsl csrd snd set our book on
l lnu sail color iiril hrs It will Metwblv
sais > ou a good m my dollars
hi I mil Prance
Clark Avcaus sad Tenth Street St Louts
I r Ti f oil ret or
John W Ilurford Is a candidate for
tax collector subject to tho action of
the Democratic party of Tarrant coun
ty Klection Novmher 6
J I llovcnfamp In a candidate for
roolectlon to the office of tax collector
Huhjcct to tho action of the Democratic
Vnr Int < m nr
J M Henderson li a cnndldate fo
tnx asscKsor of Tarrant county subjtet
to thr notion of the Democritlo turty
W II UOOllHH nnnuunces his can
didacy for tho oIDte of Tux Assessor
Tarrant county subjet t to tho action
of the Democmtlr i arty
Ior Vimntr Attornrr
James W Bwajno Is a oandltlate for
county attorney of Tarrant county
nub > ct to the action of the Demo
cratic party
lltn Al Terrell nn noun cot Ids enn
dldacy for the oftlie of county attor
ney of Tarrant county subject to the
action of Iho Dunotrtttto pnrty
Jnatlrc ut the Ienre
John 1 Held announces his cnndl
dncy for election to the onice of Juttlce
of thM iieuoe rrttlnet No 1 larrunt
county Texas nubJcU to the action of
the Dmocrntle i rimarlCH May 19 1894
I wish to announce myself as a can
didate for reelection to the otTlco of
Juntlcu of tho poace of Vreclnct No l
Tarrant county Buhvct to the tU1 of
the Deinocratlo party
r r IlMilct Clrrk
Ilohert II McNatt announces Ms
candidacy f6r re election to the oltlce
of district court clerk of Tarrant coun
ty subject to the action of tho Demo
crats party
1itr C iintjr riiTk
John P Klntt nnnouueton his candi
dacy for reelection to the ofllce of
count > clrk of Turrant counts sub
Jea to the action ot the Democratic
parts I
Inr totnHy tmtire
V n Albrlsht Is a candidate for
county Judh or Tarrant county sub
ject to nomination hy Deinocratlo prl
mnri election Mny 19 1831
It O Johnson Is a cnndldate for re
election os lounty Judse subjtct to
the nt tlon of ttm Democratic part >
The Oarttte Is authorized to on
nounce W Ti Tarker as a candid te
for county Judffe subject to the action
or the Democratic party
Vnr ronatnlilc
Fort Worth Rfsrch 8
I beff to nnnounco to my friends that
I am n candidate for constable of
rreclnct No 1 Tarrant county subject
to the action of tho Democratic party
r r < li rHT
V A Kutesa Is a candidate for re
election to the oITIlo of shcrirr sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
Cnnnty Trenanrer
T Tl Collins announces himself as n
eondldMe for reelection to the onice of
county treniurtr subject to the action
of the Democratic party
Uobcr1mil ttltlen 1 iiuvr1
lurcclora titltt lCniltiiliuf ra Site
rlitl IttPiillii luhi i l lcilon
nt I l liHrniih UrdorN 1houo J
Iliirr Ilunif iltil ltt hlciir
tldtce MHI ItitiMtnit Hired
CbanctA litnda la robmtry lut
ad Ib runnlac li th atatois aacl
Ust tI with kgood lot or drtr
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Boardlnc Horses a Specialty
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I Main Opposite Jlntan
Up to Date
In the Finest Slock ol
Gold Fountain Pens
Typewriter Supplies
Croquet nnd Hammocks
H N Conner Co
Boakseiers amStationers
600 Houston Street
Treat and fill the iioret diseased and
acliinff teeth nlOiout pain Call and see
tli r titvf mctliod of teeth without
platen Coiner llounton and Second
treels lirt Worth Texas
Drs Abdilf Mattison
Corner rifth nrd Main fats tTfftPyW
lort Worth 1XK 4jajLsW
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Strictly HlghClatt Dentistry
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Bit Msin itreel Teleohons 14
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Ofllc ritrncr 7111 nutl taln oyer
Demonstrator ol Aralomy ot Medical Depart
ment or Vanderblll University
Nashville Tennessee from 1882 lo 1892
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ill UtU ItlltOAT
Oftico and Itcsldoncc
Telephone No UB2
Doctor McCoy
Cores Frmsls nsssss filrlo Utsssss Tils
ristulss snd 11 tfirsses of tbe Itectum with
nitdstsnttua Irotn business Urelhrsl strlat
rrs wlltioul culling or dllsUnn Gpnorruc4
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fiHica 6W fain CI Fort Worth for
Mention the Tort Worth Gaxstte
umco Tm SInht trtPt Tel JTU
Cuaratttoed 10 jears oli S
iorialent ffl
308 end 1310 MAIM 111
1VD Till
The Finest and Only Complete Restaurant in fAe
Decreased Business Values
Increase the Value of
Its an undeniablo fact tlio moro general
decreafcotho more life insuranco
increases in
value You find it hard work to collect yonr
405 and 407 Houston Street
404 Main Street
e Sills
debts or to raise money in any way Your eiecu
tors would find it a hundred times moro bo at yow m
deathl Living you may probably guide yonr baa
iness b1i1i > through tho financial storms and de a
pression If yon should die tliero is no man liv
ing that could tave your estate from disastrous
loss even if not fiom wreckand ruin
Our tegular 135 grado
black silk warpHenrietta
8875 fi11 dross Pattern this week
Our lino of colored nov
elty silks at 25c and 35c aro
worth your attention Form
er values 50c to 125
Pnc back swlvel surah
uionv niiL
ra xSiaCK Mil silk doublo warp specially
Drive for waists value
125 this week only 75c
00 fancy painted china
FailS 1 sill < fans in a variety of stylos
and colors worth 150 this
week 1
200 pairs ladies gauntlet
GlOTCS rrivinS eloves in black and
tans worth 150 this week
> bl
Lawn 7c
12 l2c
5 for
A policy in the Equitable Life Assurance Sw
ciety will offset this loss Within a few days oM
your death your executors will havo ready monej
to pay all pressing claims and bring your busines
to a satisfactory and profitable Fottloment
A A GREEN Jr Manage
For Dress Goods Millinery HosJ
Ladies Underwear
Shoes Eta
With the Latest Novelties Choicest Styles and Greatest
Values A Few of This Weeks Flyers
38inch cream surah clothi
value 50c this week 35c
40inch cream crepon all
wool value 65c this wook
42inch cropo lalno value
90c this week 60c
A choice lino of 32inch
French challics special do
signs valuo 75c cut in half
this week 40c
42inch printed
cloth sleeve and vest lining
value 50c this waek 25c
42inch fine figured satin
finish solisia value 35c this
week 15c j
30inch fine India
sheer finish valuo 15c this
week 7c i
5000 yards tinted dotted
DOtteu Swiss colors pink yellow
SwiSS kuo ad Nilo grounds value
35c this week only 15c
32inch printed mulls
black and navy grounds1
value 20c this week 12 l2c
27Inch white check i
nainsook value 12 12c this
week only 6c jj
27inch colored printed
cropes dark grounds value
15c this week only 7c isi is
32inch French organdleVl
value 50c this week only
1000 ladies white gauze
weight Swiss
low neck and
for 1
ileeveless h
500 ladies HlaundereJ I
shirts in white nd fanflj
percale worth Ml 25
Silverware Tickets Will Be Issued Until June 1st
lSvSftg8vSSv8S < 6fti
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