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eng from ft pasture near GreenvllleTsx
1 proceeded to apply himself aiwldu
oiuly lo Mi hew venture and Boon
made hla way back to Missouri where
ji Joined train and bank robbing bands
and soon displayed courage and too
which gave him the title Cot Jim
nmonir his associates Ite killed clll
Kens In several of the bandH sagacious
exploits In Missouri and a rowaid ha
been standing for come llmo for the
body of Jim Jones deud ur alive The
reward ftcied In Missouri la JSoOO
This leader Is about the helKht and
weight Of tho noted Jesse James and
he manifests many traits whlali were
peculiar to Jesse Janles but bo Is con
Idered to be even more dating and
dangerous He carries the scalps of a
lone list of otneers whom ha and his
treacherous confederates from time to
time decoyed into places where they
were stealthily sot upon and waylaid
He W wanted In Hamilton county
Texaa for tho murder of a deputy
sheriff and ho amuses htmself during
Intervals between hut engagemsnts of
robbery by eloping with yuung ladles
who listen to the sweet and confiding
accents of A most heartless villain It
Is believed by many who know his ca
reer in Missouri that he has murdered
several ladles who declined to recipro
cate his proltercd courtesies
Jim Jones will hardly suffer himself
to be captured alive And he rather eng
Jojs an encounter with a small posse
of pursuers He Is engaged to be mar
ried lo a respectable young lady re
siding In the country ubout fortynvo
mile above Ardtnoro He visits this
unsuspecting sweetheart In tho gulaa
of a cattlo dealer and for the past year
ho has visited the young lady every
four to six weeks but always under
the protection of a guard of desperate
men well oftnecK This Jones gang has
done much or theyobbtng attributed to
the Daltons aid they tiro well
equipped with all the paraphernalia
essential to their demands Each one
carries a compass and maps of routes
laid out at their councils when plan
ning a robbeiy In addition to the map
of tho Longvlevv bunk they had maps
and Pluto of other localities and other
banks and among the others Is the
bank at Dulngerlleld and tho banks at
Paris und Uonhain
A Train Dnilirs Into a Huae Itvck
Iullen mi lite IrauU
lly Associated Press
Pittsburg Ia Jtay 27 Toduy as
the Baltimore and Oh to eiprest Mo 0
westbound riached the sharp curve
at Ilne drove station two miles this
side of Myersdale a teirlblo wreck oc
curred In which two men were killed
and another so severely Injured that
he will probably die The troln was
twentyllvo mhiUtis late at Hand Pitch
and the engineer In < rder lo make up
the lost time was running his engine
at her limit luobnbly torly or forty
IHo miles an hour A hugo rock
weighing about fifty tons had rolled
on the tracks Owing to the sharp
curve Iho engineer could not see It
consequently the engine crashed Into
It Mill great fonie completely do
mollshlng the engine and lender ami
wrecking three baggage cars The eng
gineer William Nicholson uged 41
of tjlrnwivnl was so badly crushed
and burned that nil of his remains
to be found were gathered up and
placed In a bucket
Wllllnin If ltelnhart tlteinan age
SI of filetMood Pa was burled und
scalded to death
O 15 HUhl express messenger of
Baltimore was badly scalded and sua
tnlned severe Injutles and wilt ptob
ably die
No passengers were seriously Injur
ed although many were bruised and
nil received a thorough shaking up
The Ihree expiesa cars were consumed
Three hundred feet of the track was
torn up and trniito was delnjcl for
lx or seven hours The loss til tho
railroad und express oompnnles Is not
known but will be consldetnble
Starlllur Atnry f a IHrtt la Celt
neetlnn V lilt II
lly Asioclaled Press
Cleveland OhUvMay 27 Late last
night a Polish woman named Mrs
Elisabeth Janlkl wna round wander
ing In the streets li the southern part
of the city suffering from a bad wound
In tin head Hlo said she had been
issaulted by n titan hut before ahe
tould give Iho purllculurs or tho as
lault she bocame unconscious and was
removed to a hospital She has not
pet recovered consciousness ltcv A
P SColaszewskl Hie deposed pastor if
It Stanislaus Cathollo church makea
startling uhnrge In connection with
the assault Ho declares that Mrs
llnlkl wot the principal witness In
possession o Information about a plot
to blow him up with dynamite When
Ihe row at St Stanislaus church win
In progresss he says Htantelaus Kon
clnskl was deputised to place a dyna
mite bomb In his buggy After his
deposition Uev ICohmewrkl went to
Syracuse N Y and he declare that
IConclnakl followed him to that city
ind with a crucifix In hla hand con
leased the part he wu to tako In the
plot A sh6rt time thereaflcr a Polish
printing otllce In this city was de
itroyed by lire In u > ruins of the
lulldlng tho dead body Jf Konclnskl
found with a knife wound In the
Women IUv Kolastewskl lajn that
Konclnekl was hiurdered and his body
burned to conceal the crime by per
on who know of his confession and
that on attempt has been made to put
lira Janlkl out of the way because
t > f her knowledge of Iho plot The
Pther faction of Bt Stanislaus con
rMgatlon laugh at the priests story
tut the police are Investigating the
Soli f e lerrtees 7
By Associated Previa
Duluth Minn May J7Lon Merrltt
has begun a suit for 5000 against the
Dututh Alesaba and Northern railroad
tor serrletM and expenses white
tie vicepresident for Ihe road and while
engagedI as Sis flnonclol agent in fhltt
irig Itsbonds The time for which the 1
jtlolm la made la from October IS1 to
October MJ during which he did not I
receive a cent
iiox WHMH iiiKRit nnrum
to uu iTiniiwKi >
Ummtttrati lie llrmocrnU Iiil rse
ltr irMU rolttlrlana mI Wtiea H
tieon HumUwi ibv flams n on
Other Unya IlHllns Tolltlca
Special Dispatch
Waco T r May JT iron Waller B
IJaker lien L n repeatedly solicited for
hi view and position In the guber
natorial campaign by friend a 6f the
sovoral candidate and lim uniform
ly declined to express an opinion
Ho U taking no part In the campaign
In behalf of any candidate and will
not do bq lie hold that lit position
I one of trust representlnc the entire
party and friends of att candidate
With Mr IlAker the responslbilltls
and duties of the state chalrmRitshlp
are of no small Importance and mo
ment and his regard for the obliga
tion they carry has beui manifested
In his every action Ills friends declare
that the parly has never possessed A
mor conscientious chairman This
compliment has been paid him a num
ber of time recently because of the
persistent effort to draw him out In
favor of this or that candidate and
becuuss of Intimations here and thero
that he Is quietly using his Influence
for a certain candidate White such
Intimations do not seem to have any
thing tangible to them they attract
attention wh n hrfard because of Mr
Bakers well known poslttonand his re
fual lo take any part In the campaign
In behalf of or against any candidate
Hun J mount npflliirH lu itnn
fur Ortlii 1IU Ilutrorw
Bpcclal Dispatch
Itoauoke Tex May 27 Tho Hon J
1 lllount Jius written the following
letter which explains Itself
Denton Tex May 22 1851 Messrs
UlIeB George Mcdlln nnd others Hoa
tioke Tex < lentlumen I am In receipt
of youis asking mo to submit my name
to tho Democratta convention for rep
resentalUo from thU notorial district
composed of tho counties of Cook Wise
nnd Denton
I appreciate the honor you do mo In
tho Implied confidence In > our solicita
tion and frel deeply guileful to you
and to others who hate written and
also tho e > who havo made
solicitations asking ms to become a
candidate for notorial representative
I assure you that 1 should estwm
It an honor to reprisuit the dhilrlct
hut my buitlness relations are such
that I could not without ery great
sarrlMce of my personal and business
Interests acqpt tho nomination If
tendered me htneo I must decllnu to
allow the use of my name In this con
nection This conclusion I hove ar
rived at after matute consideration I
shall hopo that koine Kunlleman from
Denton counly who can represent Iho
Interests of thu district better than
in > seir may bo solicited one whose
ability nnd honesty are mtqucstlontd
and whose political antecedents urn
such that there Win be no possible
mistake as to his position hn tho grent
questions cvmitng or likely to come
before the noxt legislature for solu
This being an offyear In elections
only state policies would ordinarily be
Involved lu tho cumasri > et by reason
of Ilia fact that tho next legislature
I to elect a United Htatrs senator
and thu several cougicsslonal dlstilcta
cloct their congressmen quvsllon of
national Import will bo conshleied pol
icies outlined and the principles of
Democracy discussed
In the present political campaign
any Democrat asking for political pre
ferment ought to have th courage
of his coinictlons and In this supteme
moment vt our countrys history It
would be little Irs than treason to
the Democratic party for gentlemen
aspiring to political honors b > Demo
crtillc votes not to have tiut couruge
of their convictions and dlspUy that
courage by an honest statement of
their positions on all questions that
will probably bo before the legislature
to bo elected by tho people this jfar
In tiuny of the county and district
conventions that nre to bo held tho
next few weeks the I > cmooiacy vIU
be asked directly or Indirectly to in
dorse thft iinanclal policy which lu
part at least is bell ved to bo at tho
loot of our present buslnesa ard In
dustrial depression
They wil ba asked to Indorse not
the honest Integrity and courage of
Xresldent Cleveland Milch aro admit
ted and ndmiied by all good Demo
crats but tho ftuanclal policy which
tho Kastcm Dcmociats and Ucpubll
cans have succeeded In fastening upon
tho country a jwlloy that Is believed
to be a bold violation of the pledgo made
In tho Democratto platform namely
that tho party would hold to tho use
of both gold and silver a tho stand
ard money of tho country if the De
mociacy of Ttxaa have changed tlulr
oplnlona and u chang of opinion ou
tbta subject would Involve nd viola
tion of Integrity If thir convictions
today aro tho oppostu of what they
vvtte In Ua and ludeed of what they
U been since U73 they have no
reustn to conceal th fact do cuo
for ovation and no Individual or fac
tion has the right to stand btw ei
them and their desires On tho other
hiiul if tho Domocrutlo party is op
posed 6 a slnslo gold idanderd and
the Issuance of Interretbcarlng obll
gstUm that the burdens of the peopft
may be Increased If the Democracy
ttto atlll lo > al to th principle and
policies they bav contended for since
the demontlxnthm of silver In Itfi
by tho ltepubUean party If they u
duiso the national plsxform as under
fcUod by more than twothtrds of th
DvmwTatlc varty In congressby both
of our aenati rt and all of our reprv
se < iatWts let the pirty so declare lu
Its platform let It drclar that party
wuh and tiro not to be erltlced to
S SH V M t and mthls
u malutaln i > auit > + t ih C
V JsUs iL iSJrSv V V r
grntiatton which has proven a shield
of safety to the country
j v nr ouNT
MiniAMi totT inM eutm
Ther AAnvt n IMntforni Ileilaer the
Iee ftn Slate lai d
Special Dispatch
Midland May 27 The following res
olutions adopted by the Democratic
county convention held here jesterday
wers handed to The Gazette reporter
with tha request that they bo pub
lished i
We rcllerute our Indorsement of the
national platform adopted at Chicago
In 1892 a a true expression of Demo
cratic faith and stand as a unit ready
to second the exertions of our Demo
cratto president and congress In the
execution ot the demand of said plat
form and
Whereas In consideration of the low
price of Cattle and other stock the
stringency In money matters the con
slant drouth stricken condition of the
country and the excessive leas
charged by the state on land
Therefore be It resolved That we
are In favor of reducing the lease on all
state land to 2 cents per aero and tho
price of tho name correspondingly
lie It further resolved That our dele
gates to the state senatorial and repre
entatlv o conventions be and are hereby
Instructed to use their best efforts lo
secure legislation along the Hues above
suggested and
Whereas a serious dl vis ton has ex
isted In the ranks of the Democracy ot
Texas healed only by tho magnanim
ity and patriotism shown by the
stato committeemen on each side and
Whereas Wo consider peace har
mony and Democratic unity as essen
tial to the final triumph of Democratic
principles and
Whereas Wa consider tho present
J ear the moat Inopportuno time that
could be selected for tho abrogation of
the Democratic custom that no man
shall be nominated for a state oHIce
who Is not tho tholce of tnothlrds of
the delegates to the state convention
Therefore be It resolved by the nom
ocracy of Midland county In convention
rirst Thut our delegates to the state
convention aro requested to use their
votes and Influence against the said
ticcond Thut these resolutions bo
handed tha press with u request for
r > inlt > Co ii nt 1 it I met lo in
Special Dltpatch
Clarendon Tex May 27 The Donley
County Democratic convention yester
day lustiueted delegates to stato con
vention hearted by J I Krownlng to
vote for the nomination ot Lanlmm for
governor Jester fur Ueutenantgover
noi Wiggins for comptroller luiler
for altoine general Wortham fur
Ireasurer Walsh for commissioner and
Carlisle for statu school superintend
Also tho present supremo court as It
stands Delegates to the congressional
convention vere Instructed to ole for
Daket of Hemphill Delegates to the
second supremo judicial district con
vention werp Instructed to vote for X
W Slephens for associate Juitlco Del
egates vere Instructed to vote at the
one hundred and second lepresentatlvo
district convention for Dickson of Chil
dress for repieientatlve A resolution
favoring the frt und unlimited coinage
ot silver sixteen to one was voted
IIiiKtliiud Cunaty
Special Dltpatch
Eastland Tex May 27 Tho Demo
crat held their primary election to
nsmlnnte county oflicers hefu > ester
U y While tho entlro county is not
henul fioni enough Is known to show
that 11 V Cotton Ksq Is nominated
over W C Daveui > ortf present Incum
bent for county Judge C D Spain no
oppoultton county attorney collector
It I ltamsuy tax nssessor J T Tos
tci surveyor It It WelU no oppo
sition commlsslcner beat No 1 W
W btournoy Jusvlco ot the peace
precinct No 1 I W Steel constable
pi telnet No 1 JM Wlllurd In each
Instarte the Ins went out Sheriff
district clerk county clerk and treas
urer all doubtful with a strong sen
timent that tho uld olllctrs are all de
InitnrN Iteaiiait nnd Clilllun
Special Dispatch
ChainbetivlUe Collin county Tex
May 27 The Democrats of this neigh
borhood hve organized n club The
following resolutions submitted by a
committee consisting of l M Hounds
J W Watson and J A Marks were
unanimously adopted
That wo most heartily Indorse the
administration of J B Hogg gov
ernor of Texas a < nlie economical
patriotic and Democratic That a
recommend to tha Democra of Texas
the Hon John II Heugan as the next
governor of Texas That wo recom
mend to ha Democracy of Texas tho
Hon Horace Chilton to represent us
as United Mate
senutor That w
Indorse tho euurse put sued In congress
by our senator Utchard Coke and our
repr kcntatlc Joseph W Ifcilley
Heaunn fur tloternor
Annona Tex May 27The Demo
crats In rrlmarj onventton at South
Walker box this evening Instructed
Jo in II lteagan for governor W B
Wortham for treasurer D D pood for
land commissioner It M Henderson
tot comptroller It J Henry for ot
totneygenrrat J M Carljlct for super
intendent of public Instruction J C
Hodges for congress and H I Will
lama for th legislature They also In
strutted for a primary election to nom
inata all candidates
lUtult n Dntiu
Special Dispatch
Dallas Tex May 2Of a the dele
gates selected from Datlaa
county for
the D mocralla congressional conven
tion tho most mixed and Incongruous
dli > Atlon was olocted at the prima
rita last
Saturday Might a regards
Pollttul Pentlment Tlefc contUt of
then who at ii favor of Indorsing
President Cleveland and his adminis
tration and those who oppose him and
whllfthey have Indorsed Judre It E
Darke for congress a tat go number It
is said were selected for the purpose
or running In nv y Oibbs as n dark
horso it Is also stated that Bryan
T XOutr has a political beo In his
bonnet and a number of delegate
were selected for th e purpose ot put
ting him through
Cuntinr Is n lw d Demiocrnt
Hi eclal Dispatch
Dallas Tex May 27 Saturday night
In eeloctlrg the delegata in the Fourth
ward where W C Connor resides tho
comnilttco appointed to select dele
gatca ot that ward teported tho name
ot W C Cotntr among the number
and Immediately two parties In the
primary enemies of Mr Connor ob
jected to his name on the ground that
he was not a Democrat Mr Connor
took tho floor and resented In strong
languago the accusation and tho as
sembly consisting ot a large number
Kit the most enthusUftla Democrats lu
the city voted that Air Connor was a
good Democrat and sent hi in as a
All llaatleil lenlerdny
Special Dispatch
Waco May 7 Dven Sunlay did not
rxerclto a restraining Influence on the
politicians here and many 9 them did
mora hustling than upon week days
A meeting of GermanAmerican citi
zens ut West was tho attraction which
culled out a large sized sprinkling of
candidates and their friends The meet
ing vus tilled for thd purpose of dls
ccislne the campaign and determin
ing If possible what ticket should bo
entitled to the greatest favor from
the aforesaid uttlztns Tho meeting
wus well attended and pledged Its sup
port practically to certain county can
Our Hoi for Luubiim
Special Dltpatch
Ilagwctl May 27 Bagwell box vot
ing precinct 4 Ited Itlver county In
struct for primaries for all ofllcers
Sends deltgales to county convention
favoring Lanham for governor Fuller
for attorneygeneral und Crawfotd for
11 Hie IiilerfHtHhunn
Special Dispatch
lluckwnll Tex May 2C Judge Mc
Cord candidate for congr sti vpuke
heie yesterday to a small house There
Hcems to bo vtry Ilttte enthusiasm
here on the congressional race
iirrlrd lij Murin
Specs Dispatch
Velatco Ax May 27 The Veiasco
convention Instructed for Lane for con
gicBs und Htona for governor and ln
dcrsed Ctevclmd
miiuu smiw
U Cmi ewu Dvilruitlte riooil la lie
By Associated Press
Portlind Ore May 27 The entire
northwest la Just now suffering from
a disastrous flood caused by melting
snow In the mountain rangea The
Wllliniett In this city Is now 23 feet
above water mark nnd Is rising at the
lute of half an Inch per hour At the
Dalle during thtnpnst 2t hours tho
Columbia rlter has risen three feet
vhlcn mans a foot Hnd a half rise at
this poln during tho next 24 hours
The water today reached front street
nnd all day long merchants on the
water front havo been moving goods
to upper stories In Albino many small
housea are under water and the occu
pants have moved to higher ground
The Spokane river and Coeur DAIeuo
lake are higher than iver before known
and Immense damage has already been
done to railroad property All rivers
nnd streams HouIhk Into Puget sound
are swollen many of them beyond their
banks The damage to lallroad prop
city and fanning land Is very heavy
A ainhaetile > ote
Special Dispatch
Waxahachle Tex May 28 Judge
It D Burke of Dallas candidate for
congress from this district spoke here
today to a large audience
In the district court In the case of
Bush va C T and N W K It Co
plaintiff recovered damages in the
amount ot 2000
A Democratlo organisation was ef
fected here today known as the Dem
ocrats Campaign Club Its loading
object ta to secure speakers to meet
anj and all Populists who may havo
appointment within the county
The Populiata held a convention in
the city hall today to elect delegates
to tho stato convention of the same
party T L Nugent was Unanimous
ly Indorsed for governor and Kearby
for congress
1 1
Frll Vbrnssh n llrMse
By Associated rress
North Yakima Wash May 27
Back water from the Yakima river
undermined a small bridge on the
Northern Puctflo railroad eighteen
miles east of here this morning and a
freight train crashed through the
bridge Engineer Worth Jumped as
his engine went down He was badly
crushed and will probably die The
bridge crossing the Yak Una river at
Union Gap Is partially demolished and
savfcral small ones have been carried
mi ay Many gardens and orchards
along the lowlands havo been washed
Jnltn lMerea Arret tod
Special Dispatch
San Antonio Tex May 27 Deputy
United States Marshal Kllgore
John Tlervo Wright near Cuero Tex
and brought him here today and placed
him in Jail Wright Is chargvd uh
conspiracy to rob a Ban Antonio and
Aransas Pass passenger train and ta
alleged to havo been a pal of
duties alias John p May who wan
hanged In Karnes City Ut Frldsy tat
Uio Martin
murder of Frank
nroiTved A Ml Uihlt >
Special Dispatch
San Antonio Tex May 27
bathing In Sai < < eU near Torklown
Pr Peterson ag d W jeara u
ArrnAIl > miT HLE
TU itauk of UuiclutittN Brume Has
llcaehrd an InpreerdrDleil
Atuonat Kttortm ta Ioriu a
Ac t French Cabinet
By Associated Press
London May 27 Tho caso In the
money market I Increasing and u
great plethora ot money appears In
evitable During the week there was a
poor supply of three months bills at
78 while Interest on call money was
also nominal The reserve ot the Bank
of England Is unprecedented exceeding
f20000 It Is expected that Joint
stock banks will aoon be obliged to
give only half per cent for deposits
Prices at the stock exchange were ir
regular There woa a steady demand
for superior investment stocks Con
sols ware quoted at unexampled prices
and will doubtless continue to rise
Colonial stocks also advanced Torclgn
securities were strong with the excep
lion df Brazilians and Guatemalans
Atgentlne securities were well sup
ported on the news that Interest pay
ments were assured
There was an advance all around in
home railway securities pi ices ot
American securities fluctuating greatly
The recent tariff vote led to buyln
but further sales of shares ot bankrupt
lines and fears ot assessments caused
a reaction
A rumored reduction In tha dividends
of New York Central also weakened
the market The business was mostly
restricted to a few active stocks such
as Louisville and Nashville Chicago
Milwaukee and St Paul Brie and Nor
folk and Western preferred The move
ment was generally upward Beading
Incomes Norfolk and Wtstern prefer
red Loatsvllte and Nashville Ijike
Shore and Michigan Southern Brie
Denver and Itlo Grande preferred all
advanced abovo one Graid Trunk of
Canada rose on rebuylng by bears the
advance ranging from 12 to 2 Cana
dian Pacific was slightly higher
rvru 11111 iiiiiit
Slsteen TlKiiiniiil lrmle ee a Man
11 lenlltiiire <
By Associated Tress
London Muy 27 A illpatch to the
Times from Madrid says that there
A an a sickening spectacle In the bull
rlntr there this arternoon El porto a
well known matador while enfraelnir
the first bull sent Into the rlnn was
caught by one of the horns of th ani
mal Ills abdomen was ripped open
and he died live minutes later
The Standards correspondent at
Madrid sends further details of the
killlnir of El Esporto The bull had
killed two horses and he cemne ex
tremely nerce when tho banderilleros
nxed their darts In his neck Sixteen
thousand rersons were watching the
tight nnd the excitement was Intense
The bull was almost In the center of
the arena panlng Ihe ground and toss
Ins his head Ills eyes gleamed wick
ed as ni Espcrto rapped him with
his usual daring which brought forth
plaudits from the spectators As he
got near the Infuriated bull nude a
rush for him and knocked him down
lie was not apparently hurl for he
sprang nimbly to his feet and again
attacked the animal which had wheel
ed about preparatory to making an
other attack upon his enemy There
was a moment of suspense and then
with lowered head the bull rushed at
the matador who leaped aside and
plunged hid dagger Into the neck ot
the animal Just as he did so the
bull swung his head In the direction
of 11 Esperto at the same time lift
ing It One of the animals horns
caught the unfortunate matador In
the abdomen nnd tore his body up al
most up to the chest lllood flowed
In a torrent as El Esperto sank faint
ing to the ground lie was at ones
carried to ait Infirmary whore the doc
tors pronounoed his Injuries mortal
A priest waa summoned and admin
istered extreme unction to the dying
men In the presence of many gor
geously attired bull fighters who all
knelt bareheaded about lh couch upon
which El Ksparlero had been placed In
Ave mlnutea he was dead The spec
tatora or at least the greatest ror
tlon ot them did not propose that their
Pleasure should be spoiled by the denth
of a man who had been paid to assist
In making a holiday for them and so
the fight was continued u soon as
Ihe excitement somevhat subsided
the bulls fought well killing fifteen
horses and flooring two ot Ihe flora
dcres who were severely bruised El
Erpaiteio vma enjaged to be mar
ried mid the
ceremony was to tako
Place shortlyv He waa extremely iwp
ular and had made a large fortune
Neixpaper ia red
Uy Associated Iress
Uueno Aires May 27Ad Ice ha > e
reached this city from Lima Peru
showlitr that
newspapers there
l UrrM1 tor Iterances
° CC h
m TV n n > nt It 1
rttt VtdV
talncd of u revolt re
rT TO klncitlA
Trlo KdlB u
C e
By Associated Press
St Petersburg May 27 A eng
tlont win thVn be
the here
court ended T
today i th
nMclon or a u
Count Sollogqub and frur other
sors Including two lw >
sec a wealthy man named vnrtVT
Crlbno died Short afterwaM
ment u d cu
purporting to 1 11 m
offered for Probate a l V
firms tf this will the f h
rrubl waa b tttned 1 M
Medara CrlbanTand UnTs ° oN l mh
ho I X
a grandson or
Ttuwu wr ct Vt naVeraa
Helen was r leed thVt CU
oot gemHi W
and the
Ji fels
lv > f
of the convicted persons were sentenced
to banishment to Siberia Couni Bollo
goubs young son who wao a military
cfhclal ahot himself dead vlth a re
olver when he heard Ihe sentence Im
posed on his father
Tim czAit9 uicrtEis
Subordinate Ofllclnt Cun Mo Lonifer
be Unsllr 111missedt <
By Associated Press
London May 27 A special dispatch
to the Times from tit Petersburg says
The most important reform of a re
trogressive and centralizing character
jet executed by the present czar in
the administration Is announoed In an
Imperial ukase bearing date of May
18 The ukase has struck the entire
Ilusslan ofllclal world with consterna
tion The ukase deprives all the min
isters governors and other high dig
nitaries of the power they have hith
erto freely exercised of appointing and
dismissing the ofllclal subordinates of
all classes and establishes under the
czars direct supervision the special
committee of control which has ex
isted for years under Czar Nicholas
After November 13 the questions of
appointments aifd dismissals roust be
referred to this committee
News of political arrests comes from
every direction The police have not
been so active for learn About 200
students who were Httendlng the Bt
Petersburg university haVo been either
arrested or expelled from the Institu
tion while all the others are leaving
the city In fear that their turn may
come next and It Is reported that
thirty persons havo already been ban
ished to Siberia
tiili riti > cn caiiimt
M Ilupuy Trjlnir lu OrKUUIse Oue
Ills Ulfllcultles
Uy Associated Press
Tarls May 27 M Dupuy who Is
trying to form a cabinet continued
his conferences this afternoon with
the men whom he desires to accept
office in hla proposed ministry The
chief difficulty that M Dupuy is meet
ing 1 elates to the portfolios of foreign
affairs nnd finance M Burdeau nnd
Boulauger have both refused to take
office President Carnot thli evening
had a long Interview with M Burdeau
but tho hitter persisted in lilH refusal
to accept tho finance portfolio
Tomorrow President Carnot will have
a conference with M Boulangcr and
If he BtlU refuses to take the office
proffered him M Dupuy will abandon
the task ot forming a ministry
Tin ruiicii oaks
Ilaron tie Itulcbllds lllly Drill
W Ins the flukes
ByAssociated Press
Pails Miy 27 The race for the
Prix de Diane the French Oaks of
07850 francs for 3yearold fillies to
carry eight stone eleven pounds ten
furlongs and a half wiusTun at Chan
tllly today and was won by Baron de
Rothschilds blown Ally Brisk by Gal
loping Brio Calceolatre second Flor
dle third There was sixteen starters
Tho post odds were 10 to 1 against
Brisk 7 to 4 against Calceolalrc and
8 to 1 against rlordie The horses
got away lo a fairly good start Brisk
und Calceolalio running behind the oth
ers Until they were entering the
straight Here they vvere given their
heads and they rushed lo the front
Then ensued a tine tussel for first
place Brlsks staling powers were
better than these of her opponents and
she finished a half length In front
ri UHUK ntlIosici
The Hollers ot n xurvrettlAn Sleumer
Usploile Klllluic Ilic
By Associated Presa
Madrid May 27 Iurther details
have been received of the explosion
that occurred yesterday on the Nor
weglan steamer Norden nt ijlgeon
on tho Bay of Biscay The steamer
was taking on coal when one of her
boilers exploded with terrlfla force Her
decks were shattered and the boats and
deck fittings weio blown to splinters
Borne of the debris was carried across
the quay at which the ship waa lying
and a piece ot timber struck a dock
laborer killing him Instantly Two
steamers laden with sulphuric acid and
gunpowder were lying cIobo to the
Norden Part of the mnsts ot the lat
ter were carried away by the force of
the explosion nnd In falling struck
tho other two steamers Inflicting great
damagea on them rivo of the crew of
the Norden were killed and several
others were either scalded or Injured
by the filing debris
she Will Sliorl lenro Enalanil
ervlee nl t Jituira
By Associated Press
London May 7 A farewell service
was held ot Bt James hall today In
connection with the departure from
England of Miss Francis vVIIIard the
well known American temperance ad
vocate Lady Somerset who Is very
rromlnent In the temperanco move
ment in Great Britain ond Of whom
Miss Wlllard has been a guest made
a brief address In which she said she
regretted to announce that she had
learned that Sir William Vernon liar
court chancellor of the exchequer had
decided to withdraw the local veto bill
from the house ot commons
The lalkyrle
By Associated Iress
Queenstown May 27The steamer
Lee which orlved here today reports
that at half post three oclock this
morning she spoke the British cutter
alkrle from New fork oft Mine
head county Waterford
The Valky
rie reported that she had had a fair
passage and that all were Well aboard
nrasllIorlnial Dispute
By Associated Tress
London May J7it I onnounccd
that Brazil has media
accepted the
tion ot England In Jier dispute with
Svlnners Kail
By Associated Press
London May S7The Standard tfils
morning says Craven Cn n
worated spinners of Bradford hava
tailed with luomtie amounting to
That Tlrod fm
aunottle ofH tS
BlnB cltfia
rllla I iv s irsqaeotly
1 9
wL t nienatt rwaJs
leel 10 Urei I could litZs
JveuM liar s
Wlll s l
1 dldnoiUTeanjsp
1 Was Creatlj R0 c
I tried a coed rninr tnt r ii2
110 tood IUtIoj brKU 3
leads 8
mparm 14 I4 3
am ftadlo I I
used li bottle and M11 X
teen of CTMtbuntfit to nifft
Now Enjoy CoHHu
I can troiEly recommtno Ifeft
Mi excellent blood
Ui AlinilUi BtreelVt
emcHnU 00 li iIH 4
200000 pounds theirES
known Several otbwli
are expected a the ln
has been ruined by tbVlfcxI
and the delay lairii
American tariff Mj
Could Mill nHt1
By Associated FreuMM
London May n ES
owner ot the Vltil 5 > l >
Lord Dunraven owiVolft
Oould Bubsequentlytoi4l
at Ilys castle lste ofWf
the ot the Associated fi
visit was simply tr IJ
not for the purpo of be
for a contest belneealWi
yachts Mr Qould tjsi
that the matter o Vn
cussed in an Infonnu ow
Mr ClntNtuneiiCoill
By Associated PmijBJ
London May J753
passed a good nlthL fi
which the operatloj iw
is making satlsfactorr pkv
of his eyes are Ullutt
shades but Dr Nettleahls 1
that cure Is onlyaTn r
Mr Olad tone vrai > ll iH
today f HSI
By AsrctlatedPreii jPI
Buenoa Aires MayJ1 >
celved here frorath i
Grande do Sul ar tiltl
sktrthtahes hetreen tbejs
ernmtnt forces and thefr
surgeuts continue buttMt
ments of Importia tf
By Auoclited PtrnS
nlo de J tiro PlZgs
fever w hs f
during the patl thfVS
decreasing both Wjgii
cases and In vlrolentrW
3lBllill > i5J
Special Dispatch Mt
Marshall TtX Jll tl t <
Xlninger TlornelAuW
Posseger Agent Mwlln
stenographer cam 4v f
and took n the PffJJJS
C A rosier jent let
and Paclfla at l rjj
town Thursday 8 pP
Conductor Jobn Gmt
Brakcman Alex Cstel W
atlicket > i
from a slight
resumed his run etjw °
Tort Worth
Engineer UnfvtofijL
lenvo of absence J8W
T B Owens and J Jv
man In the snaps
day on the l f
Several of the
The Texas and riWT
been closed row JWJ
They will open tMo W
whistle l r
welcome sound to TJ
ears men women trtTT
Iosscnger travel wjjU
B00d S2T5
The family of Vf
Anderson has r ° l ° ff
visit irWSIrj
Brake an C
fronavl1 toCla
Special DiP MJg
Dallas Te > iJSr
Pallor ot M JS >
an accident r l yK
th Plcnlo at K W S
with other ladles 1 < Tt
fell breaking teJ5S
ankle Ssst
Th projected
beer garden ffl
meeting with ft
from the reeUwU WJj
The r l D5 lf
the electric JT5
Oak Cliff 50
fair groundsMs j JSt
hotel and lfeis
Irlct The k
longer than TfZS
and ere IntetV
best service
Associated I
Denver JesK
to the Order
WMlon vi 1
Jd nltou tod r I
Peak il

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