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Rl0irTTB II-
ij 5 111 TOta ot t
fcey Suits
lit OT
One hundred ote ww
ilje ornrtt unit
4 br
Htl Tbe FPFC - Hie
B tivA u clinnce In
Tiir 7
ffceir -
direct can-
oT tn It I pleasant
yc3 that is true if you
fi rouerly attired Tiiia
Kr the duck Buit lnigely
a tlie placo ot liuavy
lon materials Ladies
SJdf made duok suits made
sht and to nt periectiy
ili a cenuine Now York
yle about tln m
Youd almost know they
made in New York
Prices from 1 25 to 8750
ilme told liumlieds and
ipect to tell hundreds
iv iuir tub tiApeuiuu
ten Bieuiuui
HOU 10 Tlin llOIU ST IMf
Too ofon their prInelDes and
st ueir piauorms una meir ranui
iltt ire niurriuKu uj iiiu
Di sciienien w cuuvviiuuns ab
It mar be Able to do so In the
KfA time left for that stupendous
Tne usjcue menus 10 ascermm
the modIo of Texas stand on He
efeat btittcs and In refoienie to the
Mites or offkr Wo will not rely
tu orators and oracles for that In
but will go dlrectlj to the
t want to know iiow you stand
Tit mast Important campaign in
ail rlnre Its admission Into the
until 3unt ahead
Hurt In Texas the world wide battle
If the money standards Is on and
win oi national reputation arc
intcrlng forces for the content
Tit tisue li closely Joined and ihta
feapiilra wilt determine whether Tex-
i Democracy wm support Lombard
ill all atreet dqetrtnea of flnanco
vittner It will adhere to Its ancient
ml of a bimetallic ntandard
gt rarnestly request tht ev err read-
The Gazette whether a regular
iicrlbfr or not will flll out the ballot
aw and return to us The nsulta
MM tallot will be announced from
irKo day In the Dally and
MArtn Aoto ndltor Gazette Tort
rth Texas
Qlrk ou the nnmtn of the cand
tH for whom you do not wish to
tM with an ordlnury election
kft also the platform plank to
are opposed
Vr I nlled Stntca tenntor
Horace CMltcn
U S1 llOM
Ulf Vor lorrrnnr
Johft H Ilea can
3i T Lanlam
Charles A Culberson
John It irhtan
John D McCall
i hur IlNtfortn
For free silver ootnaa e
Apiir it frco silver colnaee
Fw an Income tax
rdnt an Income tax
For iLa state railroad commission os
Vxalnat the state railroad commission
It li
gb Tim AnTinii
dfl1 Dhpatch
aivnton T May 2S The lilch
ifrremure Is oer tlie Ohio alley
1 the lower lake while the low prea
realong the Eastern Ilocky mountala
W i deepening- The lemperature
fallen sharply over the Ohio val
rd Tennessee and has changed
i llchtl or has rUn elaewhtra
eat r Is Renernlly CKar ever
Ohio alley and rennms and
Piwtly cloudj to cloudv over the
r portions of the country Local
t for Texas for twenty four
enillni 12 midnight Itav 9
nht Central and Cast Texas proba
jrower umionory tnipttutiire
iintast Texas loi Otstrlct Eener
1 lr stationary temperature
r Ballet Troof Cunt Tat
Moclnted Tress
o4n May 23 An exhibition of the
m of the bullet 1 roof cuirass In
ted by Herr towe the Man helm
ihw today on the Grounds
plarii oriuah house before the
of Wales anr a select party
cuirass was placel upon a chest
isorie and several shots were fjreh
lth no better results than al-
attained The bullets failed to
the cuirass and the horse sus
M no lnjurj The Tiince ct Walts
-1 Prise at tho efficiency of
Writ Baptlit Church has Scurd
rghssor Frank Taft
i Of New York
I The Famous Organist
organ recital
Given Wvdnesday Night
830 Ocock May 30
fBiKiflrOc Galley 25 c
charred ci j
lltctwinnt n - Jj
W rA T
Bad Day for Indiana Bank
A Case Full of Sensations
and Tragedies
The Aecnnmlnted Sentence of the
Coffins Who AWcLil th lu
UlMBavtolls llauL Would
qulre Llfeftmea ot Service
By Ass
In J I -1
jurj 9
t ft t
com 11 vv
ated Pres
Ind May S We the
i U Coffin guilty ns
ourts of the hi-
Ilted KUllty ns
charsed In thv Srrom 57 to 40 in
clusive Sj
Theso throe defendants haAe been on
trial for wrecklnir the Indlanapolln Na
tlonal bank which institution sus
pended payment last Julj
Milter Immediately mated
a new trial and red oral Judge IJaker
will hear arguments Monday next As
Foreman Joseph A Trotter handed the
scaled tcrdlct to the court the counte
nancea of the three defendants Kae
no elffn of emotion or excited Interest
The rrdit lUperted 0
Tho Indianapolis Cabinet company
with branches in the Hast and In Lon
don has through the three men Just
convicted seemed from the Indianapo
lis National bank about 1375000 on
practically worthless paper The Jury
was out eighteen hours from 3 oclock
Haturday p m untlr 8 oclock Sunday
morning- The verdict was In the pub
lic mind and expected except In the
case of Ileed who had In his favor ex
tenuating1 circumstances which It was
thought might lead the Jury to ac
quit him Ilia position with the cabi
net company which so mercltessly nnd
ajstematlcAlly looted tho bank was
purely clerical and for bo comparative
a short time that his Ignorance of the
companys methods was not regarded
as wholly Impossible
The lourt lliank fbt Jam
In dismissing the Jury after Jt had
returned Its verdict Judge naker
said I htrdly need asure jou gen
tlemen of th Jury that the court ts
entirely satisfied with the result of jour
labors I need hardly ndd that I be
lieve the general public not only In
this state but e cry where the National
bank lawe obtain will feel that ou
hae rendered eftlclent Intelligent and
honest public service
iach count In the Indictment re
turned by the United States grand Jury
makes a separate ctae The minimum
penalty In each case Is live years and
tho maximum ttn These counts can
not be considered separately however
ab It would take many llfe tlmea to
sene the penalty The defendants were
required to furnish bonda as fullons
A B Reed 5000 old bond satlifactory
rrancla A Coffin J25000 Perclvnl II
Coffin J 12000 Itond haa not yet been
socurM hy the Cofflns
Kollil Klnt Cnttlna
When court adjourned shortly niter
the reading of the verdict at 9 oclock
roreman Trotter said that the July
was unanimous for the conIcton vt
the Coftlns from the ilrst Tim lint
ballot showed for Iteed elijit for con
viction and four for acqui til AfUr
three ballots had beta tulton and
eleen votes declared nee 1 Butlty and
Juror James flood who had he J out
against Iteeda conlnoi cava In
Five j ears was regard J by the Jury
as proper punlshm nt for Ued The
bank case was called for tr a oi April
JO Three days before Theodoro F
Ituughey the prendcu of lht bank
had entered a plea of iruiliv mil hud
thrown himself upon the mercy of tho
court The court was aikd to pt rm t
Reed to hae a separate trial but this
he refused to do The government had
presented most of Its evidence to the
Jury when on May IT during the noon
hour Adlson C Harris leading counsel
for the Coftlns was shot In the arm
by William It Copland of Madison
of the other
There was a consultation
attorneys lri the case after the shoot
ing and it was agreed with the court
that there should1 be an adpournment
until the following morning
A Cn or ntnna
It was evident the next morning that
Mr Harris would net be able to take
part In the case for some time and the
court allowed the members of the Jury
to go home and remain until April H
The trial was resumed oa April U Mr
Harrla absent On the following day
cam the exposure of the attempt of
Alvtn Armstrong one of the roembirs
of the Jury to control the Terdtct for
money consideration The JJry waa
discharged and Arrostronjr arrested
The cpurt announced that the trial
woul4 U1n anew May 2 A few day
before the date OxeJ for the new trial
the attorneys for the defendants uked
for an Indefinite continuance on the
round thai Mr Harris th J leading
counsel for the Coffins was unable to
be in court The appeal was denld
3tEy L Juryman Armatxoni was tiled
roitT vonrn texas tuxsdav 3lay so isoi
on the charge of contempt and was
sentenced to the penitentiary for
eighteen months Frank O Stannard
the go between waa admitted to ball
In the sum of JlWOj fichuyler Haughey
son of the president of the Indianapolis
National bank against whom the
United States rand Jury returned In
dictments will probably be trljd next
month though no date haa yet Veen
moMm on iarwtaiili
ndy to Ilevolt
Clauit SprwklM Says HatthU I
fty Associated Press
New York May IS Claus Spreckela
has ery potttUe Uews about the con
dition of Hawaii where his sugar plan
tations lie The present provisional
government he said to an Associated
Tress ropresentatle today is bound
to so to smash There has not been a
revolution in the Islands but there will
be one and no mistake before long The
measures by which tho queen was
overthrown were revolutionary
enough Ibut the whole proceedings
were ns quiet as a district school elec
tion X was there at tho time and wit
ncssed every detail When the sailors
und marines from tho Boston landed
with their superior rifles nnd machine
guns resistance was on the fnco of
things so useless that nothing could
be done by any party that faorcd tho
maintenance of the throne When
tho armed Americans were withdrawn
the provisional gocrnment oiganlzed
an army of 300 Germans vho had been
emplojed on the plantations at SIS a
month The command is known aa
Die drel huufert and tho troopers
am lying around doing nothing nt 0
a month I suggested tho ad liability
of forming- a republic in the beginning
but they wore about ready to kilt mo
fur adancng such an Idea It was
annexation to tho United States or
nothing fclnco then they have written
ine asking rue to come oer and help
them organize a Republican govern
ment I have told them that I waa
through with the whole business and
they oould work their own silvatlon
There are 14 000 voters on the Is
land and the provisional government
represents but 3000 of that number Tho
native ns a mass and a laige per
centage of the whites are either openly
In favor of the reigning house orbt all
events opposed to tho present govern
ment The natives are not to bo de
tfplned The are smart people many
of them highly educated and their rep
resentative leaders are men ot fine at
tainments orators legislators and dip
lomats of na mean ability A revolu
tion untkr the circumstances Is un
avoidable So overwhelming and
great majority Is not to be kept down
by a phow of force that a HttlA prepara
tion could so easlty overcome
As for mself I have disposed of
the greater pait of my Interests on the
Islands partly to my sons and partly
to my partners and others I Intend to
get out of business I am old enough
and have -worked hard enough to have
a HUM rest
Mr Hpreckels is accompanied hy his
wife and daughter They came directly
from ban Francisco Wcdnesda next
the pnrty sails on the Paris lor Europe
to be gone a number of weeks
juiilii or imim
VIIlMiiiry Conference Open In ft
1nnlN UiMlieilriil
By Associated Press
London May 2S The missionary
conference- of the Church of EngUnd
under the aueplccs of the Canterbury
and York boards of missions opened to
day in St Pauls Cathedral The
bishop of Durham preached the ser
mon and at the clone of the services
there waa a reoeptlon at the mansion
house at which the lord maor pre
sided The archbishop of Canterbury
welcomed the visitors who Included tho
blihups of Cairo North Dakota and
Iowa the Very nev Dean Hoffman of
the general theological seminary New
York and the Very Ilev Dr McVike of
The woman section will open tomor
row and will conclude on June 1 the
meetings being held In Princess hall
Plckadilly The dlseutalons of the con
ference wll be commenced tomorrow
at St James hall
Th Tt SHlUfaelory
Py Associated Press
London May US The Times says that
the Alhambra last night the test or
Dowes bullet proof coat was most
satisfactory Dowe himself wore th
cuyraas Captain Dutlon llunt and
other English fleers assisted In th
test A Lee MUford rifle and Cordle
cartridges were Used Two shots were
fired at a distance of flfteon yard
the only apparent result was a slight
movement of the back and nipper part
of Dowea body His feet and legs re
mained perfectly steady
Knt n ftood ly
By Associated Press
London May S TMs was the best
day Mr Oladslone haa had since the
iteration was performed upon his eye
and he is a permitted to read and
write for a short lime Among his
visitors during the day were the Prince
and Princess of Wale the Duke and
Duchess of York the Duk and Duch
ess of Tech and Mr William Waldorf
few rrenck Cabinet
By Associated Press
Paris May 9 It 1 announced to
night that M Dupuya cabinet will be
made up as follows Premier and min
ister of forelgu affairs M Dupuy
minister or marine M Felix Taurs
minister of war M MercJer minister
of fina nee M Ioncar mints ter of
Justloe U Quroln minister of nr v
mere U BaxUua
l jMJl
Tho SonatoJDiecussiug Freo
Favors tho Iacomo Tax and
Froo Coinage
The onntn IpemJailtglit Ilottrs on
lip Qnattnn u Freo I nut Iter
testis Pnatoffleea ml n
tlonal llanlt Hatters
Fy Associated Tress t
Washington May 2ft The senate
spent eight hours lodfty1 discussing the
question of free lumbur Not a vote
was taken The tariff bill places lum
ber 1ft the rough on the freo list The
debate today wn upn Mr JtVIas rro
posion to transfer lutribtr to the dulla
able llKt at tin rates ftxed In the Mo
Ktney law henatcrs Frye and Hale
of Maine Pcrklnl of California nnd
Mluhrll and Dolph of Oregon whose
states aro mo t particularly ullecttid In
tho lumber industry occupied tho ma
jor i art of tho tain In the support of
Mr Hales amendment It Is protmbte
that the lumber jmraatapha will be
disposed of tomorrow
Sugar upon which tho hardest fight
ing In tho bill will occur follow a
HI Maiden speetili
Mr Walsh the now senator from
argla delh e od a carefully pre
pared speech on the general subject of
the tariff llcferrlnir to an assertion by
Hour In a recent speech that the
South was endeavoring to ruin the In
dustries of New England to gel oven
for Appomnttox Mr Walsh declared
that his state had ho hontllltlea for
New England Ho dwelt upon Oeor
gias extiuurdlnary resources In raw
products nnd maufitcturlng nnd nub
mlttcd a tabulated statement from tho
comptroller general of a eon la show
ing tlie lncreoso hi taxatle inlum for
the past fifteen years snowing a net
Increase of 1110949201
Pnvma I he Inroino Tnv
The senators from the Bouth ho
said am asking this body to elm ply
oarry out th pledfcW made 1o the
people by the Democratic party to re
form the tariff and In connection with
tho tatlfl reform bill they champion
an amendment to It which provides
for a lax upon Incomes Tho South fa
vors the Income tax not from sec
tional or partisan motives but be
cause It is equitable and tight It Ja
believed to be right not only In tho
South but by the people In ev ery
The Wilson btll ns amended In the
senate Is a compromise It will be
construed and accepted by the great
majority of the American people who
elected President Cleveland and placed
the Democrailo party In power
Free C olimu of Mlvtrr
In referenco to tho silver question
he said While It is desirnblo to se
cur tho remoneiUatlon of silver by
international agreement still If the
opportunity offered J would not hesi
tate to vote for freo coinage with or
without International agreenh nt be
lieving that the Immense resources and
productive energies of this country
would enable our government to sus
tain It on a parity with gold and com
pel recognition for It from tho eng
lightered governncrts of Europe
Mr Walsh favored the repeal of the
tax on state bank circulation At S IS
p m the nenato went Into executive
beshicn and ihortly afterwards ad
Tin not m
District Cntamtiln Hay Letter
Truin KoftaMthM Nona
By Associated Pre
Washington May U Tills being Dis
trict day In the house the Brawley Mil
for the- repeal of the 10 per cent tax on
stato bank Issue was sidetracked tem
porarily and the few members present
gave partial attention to District of
Columbia bills An Inleristtnir event ot
the day was the reading of the letter
from the sons of Louis Kossuth In re
ply to the letter recently ent by
Speaker Crisp under direction of the
home The senate bill to fix the north
ern boundary Hoe of the Warm Springs
Indian reservation In Oregon was
passed as were sundry house bills At
S oclock the house adjourned
nLifvjii n tumiiili
Hie AatliorJr Permitted ArttMrllo
o Farntfe
By Aasoclated Vrr
Washington May 28 Th navy de
partment today received a report by
mall from Captain Wa tacit of the flan
rranclsco on the course of events at
Blaefttla up to May 19 In this report
he delicrlbe the escape eof AfgiJel
the murderer of the American William
Wilson and makes It ery clear that
tr e KlcarRUguan commissioner Lecayo
was responsible for Ms safekeeping and
permitted tho murderer to do about aa
he pleased and made the faintest pre
tense of keeplnr him safely Imprisoned
Capufn Watson doc not refer to the
restoration vt power of Clarence the
Mosquito chief nd foiner governor of
Blueftelds and therefore it Is assumed
at tho dejartrotnt thai the repvrt that
UtiSL i
such a coui m vras In contemplation be
tween the British officers in based
aoiely on the exalted Imagination of the
Ulueflclds people In fact there Is rea
son to bellev that the British govern
mont doe not contemplate goln to Iho
length of Insisting on the rentornlton
of Clarence If that would probabl In
olve the dlsptuj of force for this
mouU amount to a violation of the
ClaytMi Uulwer treaty and Great Brit
ain la Just now particularly solicitous
that the United Flairs shall he afforded
no etcuAe for regarding that agreement
as terminated
a Nnw iiom last lic
it Will be ronteMcd by Itetireentn
tliellHlle of Tl ana
By Associated Press
Washington May 28 Bepresentatlve
Baltey of Texas wilt again hrlng for
ward Ms resolution questioning Secre
tary Carlisles author Jo lvme bonda
to meet current expenses In case an
other bond Issue la determined upon
The Ballry resolution excited much
comment when the- recent Issus of 10
OOOWh of bonds was made but fntle
lo have any effect In checking the Id-
eue as the bonda were on the market
before Mr Bailer was nMo to pilot
Ids resolution through the Judiciary
committee and get It biforo tho house
Now however Mr BMlov I preparing
to move Iwrorfl another bond lsue I
undertaken Ills WfOluthm Is on tho
calendar nnd he iiava he will endeavor
to call It up on the first liUlmntWn
that otnclil action in being taken on
another sale of bonds Theie have
been ivporta thnt the rapll
anc of trold would necessitate another
bond wue at nn enrly date but Mr
Billey will not move on these unoffi
cial reports He saja the rwnluUnu
may be changed and strengthened by
being made a J tint resolution and ho
expresses confidence that both the sen
ate and house wilt pasi it if ti em
be brought to a vote Thrt majority
report of the Judiciary committee on
tho resolution slite that It appears
too clear for argument that tho aee
retarj of the treasury waa author
lxed to Issue bond only to enable hhn
to provide for iho redemption author
ized or required In that act Indted
this Is th verj language nf Iho law
nnd speeino as It Is It does not atop
thete lut in the concluding part of
that enabling section there Is a plain
limitation on the right to tanuo bonds
A minority report waa made by Hcpro
sentatlvea W A Stone Hay and
Chllds It sns of the Ilnlley resolu
tions Whether this action Is In good
taste or not we leave for lha mem
bers of lite majority to dec do The
bonds proposed lo be sdt are not jet
Issued and tho proceed of a bund sale
nre not yet In tho treasury Th secret
tury 1ms not violated any law or mis
applied any funds He has very rrantt
ly declared that the present condition
or tho treasury Is alarming tint un
less mensuros nro adopted by congress
lo replenish the trensury now well
depleted the day Is not far distant
when he must do one of two things
cease to pay the obligations of the gov
eminent announce that tho govern
ment of tho United Btatea under ft
Doniocrattc management is bankrupt
or use any money found In the treas
ury to maintain the credit of the Na
tion Tho Minority agrees with the
proposition that the proceeds of bonds
should not be used for current ex
tutu mil
To Ileditr Ihe timber P Cnstonia
By Associated Press
Washington May 28 Hearings were
given today by the house committee
on expenditures In the treasury de
partment on the bill of Hepreseiitatlve
Curtis of Kansas to abolish and con
solidate a number of customs ports
The bill has been recommended by
Secretary Carlisle Tha different rep
resentatives nigucl In Iho behaU of
various ports Ttepreseniatlvo Stone
of Kentucky for tho iort of Paducahi
Cialn f Tt xas for Brazos and Corpus
Chrtstlt Illchardson of Michigan for
Irond Haven Marsh of Illlnobv for
Bock Island Hermann of Oregon for
Southern Oregon Cooa Bay and Ya
qutma Price of Louisiana for Techo
at nrashcar Gear of Iowa for Burling
Una Oommnud nf I M1e fnma Troops
By Associated Press
Washington May 28 The many oc
casions of late for the employment of
federal troops to assist Judicial officers
in protecting railroad and other proper
ties from organize booie or lawless
men and the mlconcptlon of the real
functions of the troops has caused the
Issua hy Oeneral Bchoflcld cf instruc
tions to army department commander
to the effect that when troops are so
employed they cannot be directed lo
set tinder the orders of any civil nfllcr
T1kc commanding officers of troops so
employed are directly responsible to
their military superiors An unlawful
or unauthorized act on their part would
not be excusable on the ground or any
order or request received by them from
a marshal or any other civil officer
Ah Eminent Amerlm lluaaU
tirew Denied Adntlloa to IUiiIb
By Associated Press
Washington May 2J Itesolutlons to
h submitted lo th house tomorrow
hy Representative Baynor of Maryland
will recite that the Ruwlan govern
ment ha denied admission tc that
country of Rabbi Krauskopf an em
inent Hbrw ecclesiastic of Philadel
phia and that this action by Russia
Continued on Strcond Pc
Austin Texas
rjuou i rvi cents
Tho Interpretation of tho Su
promo Courts Deoision
Tho Commissions Old Rates
Woro Unreasonable
A lemllita Attorney of Wneo liven
Ills Vj leu of tlm latv Miurene
Court tlerlnlon In tho oted
Itftltroad Couimlnwtiin Cae
Special Dispatch
Waco Tex May 28 A well known
attorney of Nil Ul after careful
examination of the decltlnn of the
United State supreme court In he
Texas rAllwn commission cast pe
pared he following ajnopsls of the tie
tlston which It Is believe presents
the exact lesult In brier plain terms
1 A state has n rlUit to create n
commission und to endow It with pow
er to 1x tariffs nnd prescribe rates
if such tariffs and rates are Just and
2 W bother a tariff cr rate Is Just and
reasonable nr the reverse Is a Ju
dlelal and not n tegslatlvo question
and oourts havo the powrr at all tltmii
upon a proper case nrfocllng Iho rights
of lndlvlduali or of railway e om panics
tn determine and adjudge that audi
rate are reasonable m unreasonable
no matter whether they are fixed b
the leglrlature nr hy a commission
3 The commission law of Texas pas
sed by the Twenty second legislature
la valid In its general features and
under Its provisions the railway com
mission of Texas has the power tn fix
rates upon railways for the transporta
tion of pet son and pretprrly Section
ft of said act may be unconstitutional
but It not necessarj for the purposes
eif this rune to so decide and It la de
ferred for further consideration
MMuriMlU Hid UlHiit
4 The tariffs or rales prescribed by
tha railway eominlislon of Texas In
Uld 93 are unreasonable and unjust
because It appears that under the op
erations ot said tariff wie rallwaa
will not be able to earn mi indent um
tu enable them to malhtaln and oper
ate their property In an efllcloU limit
per nnd to pay interest on their bonds
and sont dhldend on tlulr stork Tha
tlrcult court thcrtfora did right to
enjln such tariffs
ES Tho state cannot hy legislation or
otherwise fix nn arbitrary value upjn
a railway cither for put poses of con
demnation under its right of eminent
domain or for the purpose of fixing
rates upon such railway The value of
the property wlthtn tha meaning nf the
constitution Is Its value In Ihe mar
kvts or the world an evidenced by Its
bonds and stock and common Justice
nn welt as cohitltutlonnl rare guard
require that such valua In the markets
iif the world shall be the liases for con
demnation as well as fur fixing rales
A 1nlnt Not lleelded
C Whl In Justice demands hat eveiy
on should reecho some compensation
for tlie use of hU money or pi opvity
If It be possible without projudlco to
tho rights of others yet there may be
circumstances which would Jmttfy a
tariff which would fall to produco so mo
profit to those who havs Invested their
inuiiey In the building of railroads
This however Is not necessary to bo
decided nnd Is not ilecldfd But If a
road cost more than tho amount of
Its bonds und slock outstanding and
such stock and bonds represent money
invested lu Its const uctlon and Diets
has been no waste or mismanagement
In Its construction or operation and
Its supplies and labw have been pur
Chased at lit a lowest possible price
consistent with the suisessftil opera
tion of the road and under rates es
tablished by ihe company llser no
dividend has been earned a prppused
reduction by tht commission so that Its
earnings will not pay one half the
Interest on Its bonded debt ti
Tnn ommmr T n nooic
Ormra In panlajrttr tth pnrlt t
aae Artlelea of aueola1 Inherent lu
Ilia entreat Hnmuer Mnuara
In titven Ptaea by ielieral Jorph XI
Johnlnn Mntl the opralna nt tlto
Jowee MLllil nnil eaptnre ot
Mere Drlran br -admiral Iltlil Iur
featljr unjust and will be restrained
hy a court of equity
Cnu be Unjoined Aomin
7 The substance of the decision is
In piatn language that the commis
sion was wrong In the rates formerly
adopted that It can try It hand again
but must ba cnrcful to make reaaona
blfl rateot thnt It It makes any tin
reasonable rate It will ha enjoined
again that reasonable rates mean that
the railway under prudent manage
ment must be permitted to earn Its
operating expenses betterments 5n
teres t on Its debts and possibly some
thing on Ha stock that an rate tha
commission fixes may be enjoined at
an time by a fedcrnl court and that
for thu present the supremo court de
clines to say whether section ft la con
stttutlonal or unconstitutional hut WIU
wall for a cusa to come befdrw It on
appeal In which Homo citizen has sued
ft railroad for penalties r exceslyt
charges and tho court below ha re
fused to let the railroad defend on
the reusonablenvss of Its charge lu
that sort of a caso the court will pron
ably have something further to say
ATionMvwaiMitAi cttnin ox
lie la llnteri With tlm Jtitpreme
t ourta Deetalun
Bpoclnl Dtnpateh
Dentpu Tex Mny 23 In hi speech
today Aitornoj Ciilhernpn iU
cuaed at more length than usual the
latlwoy commission law and the effct t
vt the decision of the auptvme court
upon It He congratulated the people
tr Tctns upon the decision which
he snld he believed was a great vic
tory Ho anld that the inllway com
panies contruded In theso suits that
the law was uldf ant that Iho com
panies were entitled to charge a rttto
sufficient to pay expenses lutenst on
bonds and dividends on slock and In
both of these eoiitenlt mi ihe compe
ntcn were beaten Tho aourt sustained
ihe law Without eeotlons 8 nnd 11 nnd
rtronwlv Intlmuttid that thesi tactions
were also valid nnd decttirud cmphat
luilly that It Old not intnd to hoi I
that the companies couM thaige s
freight rate suirirhiut to pay expensei
Interest and dividend He hrlteved ales
thnt the decision was Important And
valuable lu subjecting tho Texae nnd
Vaclflo to lha regulation of thu com
1 ho liroilt te Ciiyn Her u orl Are
Kcholntf All Over IJurti
By Associated Press
Iondou May 2 1 he Chronicle
commenting upon the campaign oflU
A Veils In England for Hiq purpose of
mining sympathy for thn colored vic
tims of lymh law In the Southern rnrt
or lha United States says that aha
ims tq be accomplishing by Indirect
ntlacle what rtlrwct efforts have hither
to failed to effect Some of ihe Ameri
can newspapers have noticed the Brit
tab comments upon hnchlng with
gicnt magnanimity Miss Wells may
congrnlulite hersOf that rer wot da
are alieidy cholng from continent tQ
T lliitidred 1 lioiiaiuitl Chlnsinen
By Assuclaled Prtss
Louhvlllu K May -X A spoils to
tlm Courier Journal from Montgomery
Ala saa Kim W ng ot Merdla Max
lo has leached Mobile Ala eng route
to Hong Kiinc China where he gots
to get SCOfiOO of his rmutrymen to set
tie in Mexico Wing U a Wealthy
merchant ot Merdla Jt was with
UP at ilimcuUy that ha has persuaded
Ihe Moxldan government to pormlt hhn
to bring so largo a number of hta
countrjmen ovci nt one time They
aro to be employed em coffee and hemp
plantations which aro to be operated
by Wing
Mr ilaiMtonrs Condition
By Associated Press
London May 28 Tim following bul
letin was Issued this morning by tha
Ihyslclun lu uttendanco upon ix Picm
mlcr Olftdstonoi 7
Mr pladstone1 progress toward U
com pit to recovery continues unlnter
trol at AMrnlnat llednotlon
Special Dispatch
Colon May 28 Au Indignation meet
Jng uf the employes of the Panama
railroad haa been called for tomorrow
to protect against a reduction lu their
pay and to demand a reduction of theli
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a i
On Bale tilts morning 25o a yard
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