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Cnptnln mmpiun I ell Mow the
Plot In S ii bjct led If JUchlno
Tests faUjnir nit IliupIuyVs
Word fur he Trluls
By Associated rrtus
Washington May it In the armor
plate investigation today Captain
Sampson In rphvlnlng the manner of
taking sample said that an employe
of the Carnegie work took the iitn
ple and subjected them to machine
tests The Carnegie employ called oft
the results and the gov ernment In
epector took the figure as culled oft
In other worde said Chairman Cam
ming the gorernineitts teat were
made by Carnegie employe with a
Carnegie machine and vera accepted
as conclusive by the government
Captain rUmpon Bald this was cus
tomary the world over In the Intri
cate processes ume reliance had to
fee pUced on the companys employes
The titling machine had a dial on
which the government Inspector mtfht
see that the checking off was correct
The 13 Inch armor of Monterey
had numerous plow hole with the
knowledge of the department The
plates were hurriedly made In 1192 and
nnd would not be- accepted now The
Monterey platen were the first made
The Chilian trouble was pending and
the department was desirous of hur
rying foiward the whK halmu i
Cummlngs asked for sp tfl deUlli us
to why steel armor shout cost more
than steel rails Captain Painpson aal l
the Delhlehem works had spent I WO
000 on thlr first plant It was largely
an experiment The making of stwl
rails was a simple process the miking
of an armor plate wa an Intricate
process covering si months Chair
man Cummin asked as to the state
ment of representative Coomb of New
York that th first government con
tract had paid the Carnegie company
tnr the cost of their plant and yet new
contracts were belny made at the old
-me thus pacing the Carnegles sev
eral time for their plant Captain
Sampson said he thought tt was to
some extent true that more recent
contracts were bared on the earlier
contracts with the cost of the plant
conoldered tn making the price for
Chairman Cummlngs pld you un
earth an testimony locating any of
these irregularities on Superintendent
Mot dlrectl said Csptatn Samp
eon but from the circumstance of
the can It was Impossible that he
should not have known of tha Irregu
Has he been removedr naked Mr
11 U position has been changed re
sponded the witness
Rut he keep a position with the
company T asked Represent alive Mon
I understand he will ba removed
aid the wltnes
Captain Sampson negatived tho
charges that boll and screws of defec
tive size and shapes had Wen used In
securing armor plate The department
has the affidavit of Mr llrown as to
serious defects In bolts and screws
The chum eng had been Investigated
and Mr Ilruwns evldsnco wui taken
It was found that there wa nothing
lit tho Lharge This closed Captain
Sampsons testimony
UniOlt IlvTH IltUD
Captain iiaiuiiBUii KeauiM lit lc
tluitiitr ilvfurtt le Committee
My Asstu laimi Picas
Washington Maj IS Capt Bump
pun chief of the ordinance bureau
navy depirtment today resumed hi
statement before the house commit ten
Investigating armor plate fiaud He
took up tha second charge made
gainst tho Carnegie company which
nave been tn Part InvtstlKated be thn
Enavy department Captain Sampson
Jetalled the charges made by Mr Wal
lace a Pittsburg lawyer representing
a halt duxrn empliye of the Caruegla
works F cretar Herbert Captain
rUmpson mid had designated a bourd
with wltnena ut tho head The had
loiio to llunii stisd and had found the
charge and the evidence substantially
slmllar to that at first Investigation
The final report of tho board was not
jet completed but In substance It
would disclose HUle that watt new
Mr SHI one of the Informers had
the most comprehensive Knowledge of
defects None of in witnesses nt the
second hearing had material Informa
tion to add to that already given bv
BUI The ottly thing In the bill tn the
additional Information wad given by
Mr Kount and Mr Ugk The latter
t stilled that the falililcatlon contin
ued until January 1 last Another em
ploye teMHM that the practice had at
way ctlateS other vvorkmen swore
i that the practice had continued until
orders wr riven to discontinue iL In
response to a question by Represents
tlve Money Captain Sampson said Mr
Frlck had given the order Mr Trick
had heard that Informer were taking
notes nnd while It was not kuoivn that
Mr Plek knew of the Irregularities
ne naa written a letter In September
directing that such practices if thev
existed should cease This order was
In turn executed by Superltendent
fichvvab -who knew of the practices
Continued front First Tags
I a breath of the treaty which give
American cltlxena tight to enter so
journ and trawl In Russia the same
as rtutalau citizens are admitted to
this country The resolution will n k
the stat depattment to make demand
on Russia for the full observance pf
the treaty and In case of n fuH
tviu oireci the severance of all
4aty relation with Uussla Dr
Kratiekopf came here recently and vv as
vecomponied by HeprccntaUy Triny
and Bcpresentatlve Straus In calls on
President Cleveland Secretary Green
am and other ofjclal it was then ar
ranged that Becrtrtary Orceham nliouM
nptiry the nuatan government o Dr
Krauskopfs proioBed vlvlt and ascer
tain It there was any objection The
response came uulckly that the tzar
ofllclal ccnld not permit tho visit Miv
Itaynor at cm e dntw hl resolution
but It has bctn held bock pending cer
tain negotiation with KumU con
cerning Behrfng reu rr Kuynor aja
the cae of Dr 7Cratiskopf present the
first Issue on tha treaty rights of
American to enter Kueala There
have been other congressional resolu
tion concerning Jew but they have
telated to rtuftflan Jews coming to this
country Mr Ilaynor now present the
question of the treaty right of an
American to go to Russia without ref
erence to his religion or former na
ttonallty The proposed voyage of Dr
Krauskopf was for the purpose of vis
iting the nine province within which
Ttussla restrict th Jews and to
ameliorate their condition
HTATiri llinilTS
Thf Old Doctrine IImImmI hy n Itoutft
oninilt Ires lie port
Hy ArtoclatM Tresa
Washington May 28 Something of
n controversy over tie state
etgnty question has been stlrrvd In
the house Jullclnry committee over
ft bill Introd iced by npisenta tlv c
Dearmond of Missouri to define the
duties of federal courts regarding con
tempt which provides that etate
county or city offlc u shall not b
punished for refusal to collect taxe
cr xcrmrnt under th Judgment
rendered by foleral Jtmrts against
stutc counties or cltle where the levy
ing of ouch taxes or isscssmenta shall
be contrary t thehtw f the stat
as construed by It hlKhest courts Tho
bill has been favorably reported from
the committee by the Democrats and
Itepreatntatlve Wolverton of Pennsyl
vania In tne report giving the view
of the majority explain that It 1
Intended to prevent a federal court
from overriding the law of that statu
by compelling a state officer to violate
them In many of th state It Is
explained there is a limit to tho In
debtedness which may be contracted
or collected without the consent of
the people therefore Judgments beyond
a certain amount could not bo itecurod
through state courts and the federal
courts are- sometime resorted to The
minority report Is drawn by Tleprefn
tatlve Tiaj Hep of NVw York nnd
signed by Messrs Hny Ponrm Hione
Updegrarro and ClillJt The report
rraructcrlzs the measure us objection
able vicious and unpatriotic one that
strllea n blow at kchxI government
and would deprive the Judicial docu
ment of the power to Its de
cree and nullify the put pose for which
It va tntabllshwd It Is characterized
as on effort o revive thn exploded
doctrine of state sovereignty
bichh 1H191 tvistiivini
Very I title IrtiRrrn MttJe So Ie u
IC ii it w it
Hy Adsoclated Pre
Washington May 28 Inaugar trust
Investlgttllon Mr Wallter one of the
correspondent expected to have Mr
Bulzr appear for him before the com
mlttee today but the commlttco ln
fonmnl Mi Walker that he should not
bo wanted again by the committee It
Is Inferred from thl statement that tho
committee has decided not to hear any
more from the witnesses until It ahull
decide on tu course with reference to
their refusal to hub nor questions
Judge ntttonhoeffer sent a communica
tion to tho committee asking if id
wards and Bchrlver would be wanted
loday Benator tlrny replied that tho
wflnessM he mentioned would not bo
called today but fuithcr ho could not
It sum VlnlterM
Special DUptttch
Wushtuctou May 28 ComptrolUr Kck
ela todiy bulletlna th following bank
chitngea for Texasi The City National
bunk or Wlehttu Tails W U Hubert
Bon assistant cotthter
He also approvtd the National bank
or Commerce of St Loula as n nserve
gent for tho Tirst National bank of
A postnniee was established today at
8atol Vuhcrda county Nathan 11
King postmaster
The follow fug fourth clans postma
tcis were appointed Uevcrly a T
Webb vice T I Coleman resigned
Collliuvltla T AV Adanmon Mm l p
Vorlcj removed LeanderC C Mason
vice C 1 Jlemati resigned lloaanky
A A aiohinann Met
W K Nash re
MeAleiter Vllner itlilUa
Uy Aeioclatcd Pre
Washington May m Secretary
Smith has forw arded to the secretary of
war the following dispatch concerning
tho strike of miner In the Clmctnv
nation South McAtester I T May
Jfl Wlie from Wisdom sas Oovemor
Jones has wired General Mile that
trwpi are tinuecNMry This Is not so
If ttw do not coma theia wm to
trouble I hav no doubt telegram
rrom Jone waa ptxcurei by fraud
Hy Associated Pre
Washington May t -The following
contlrmatlon were announced by the
eenate today William Mlckler collec
tor of custom for St Augustine Ju
Poatmsstera Texas Ueu r Me
Clinton at Oatesvllle w u Jolley at
Honey Qrov
IUekan C0phI Choato at BnW
Dividend Deelnred
Ppulat Dlipitch
Washington May SS The comptrol
ler of the currency ha declared divi
dend on p oved cUIra n favor of
the creditors of Insolvent national
bank a follow The Texa national
bank of San Antonio Te 20 per cent
the Alabama national bank of Mo
btle AIa to per cent
japjfwjn nrfirrVefv
wotk aim AftieiiiiMHH roxcivut
tiikiu LHaniivriiui
The Committee Altled Vlt
on Vrafetmnr Vinlllt ttrynrt
Kelioe of the Ilrlnffi tnf
Tbe rinnuelal Slltiatlou
Hy Associated Press
Saratoga N T May 5 At the
oivalug of It morning session of the
general assembly It waa announced
that the neselon might be completed
today If bustnee were crowded and
pech making omitted Upon recom
mendation of the committee on bill
and overtures provision waa made
for an I it ex pens lye missionary peri
odical to be called the Assembly Her
ald It wa also resolved that accord
ing to Presbyterian law the various
presbyterle have the right to prohibit
the attendance of students under their
care upon theological semlnartee dis
approved by tho general assembly A
supplementary report on home mis
sions called forth tho first controversy
of the duy A proposal was made to
nbo1sh the ofllco of pastor at large
tn the weaker presbyteries and also of
tho s nodical missionary but It was
lost by ft large vote
the imlth Cnae
A rcfort wa made by Dr McCoolc
from the committee appointed to con
fer with rrofesor timlth that they
vlstted him were courteously received
and had a full and fraternal confer
ence The report say Professor Smith
expressed Ms cordial appreciation of
the kindly motive that prompted the
appointment of th committee of con
ference but he Is not prepared to
communicate anything which would
Justify further net ton of tha assembly
He leaves hH future relntlon to the
presbylry and It ministry with the
Presbyterian church of Cincinnati
The committee on church policy re
ported ngali t nny change In th con
stitution of the church In the portion
which provide for committees of prose
cution In hcrcry caiies The report was
adopted by n small vote
rroMMMou Itennlntloii 1mtest
The report on systematic beneficence
w a tnen read The committee on
temperance reported recommending
emong other thing that the nsembly
Indorse the view that no party which
maintains or favor the license s stem
or which does not place npeclllr dis
approval of the salnou upon Its plat
form should receive thn suffrages of
tha Christian men Adopted
The committee on proof texts at
last got a hearing nnd It etendltlon
wa adopted making the best edition
of the bible printed by the American
Plble so lety the standard for the ci
tation of text In the confession of
faith lr Pox of Itrooklyn for him
self and about forty other entered a
protest agntnst the resolution adopted
In tho morning with legnrd to the
temperance and political pnrtle which
cannot fall to be tegnrded by many of
the people as burdening tho flee and
conscientious dlxcharge of their duties
as voter
I nt f Hi Itrlutt Pnae
The report of the committee on
finance showed a balance In the treas
ury of the assembly amounting to 836
SOU The salary of thu stated cleik
wa fixed nt 83000 In view of the In
creased duties of hli ofllcc
The last echo of the Hrlggs case
wn heurd In the dismissal of the com
plaint of John J McCook and other
against tho synod of New York for
entertaining the appeal of Ut members
of tho presbvtciy of Now York against
reilulit notion taken during the trial
of Dr Hilgg
In regard to appropriation for sec
tarian rchonls it was resolved
That the gtnerul assembly enters an
earnest ptotest against the bestowal of
appropriation from the treasury of
tho United Htate for the uses of relig
ious denominations of whatever name
or undul whatsoever pretext they may
bu sought
tiljmirtiitient llcaelteil
The concensus cretd committee wa
continued and tho committee appoint
ed to ausner tho protest of Dr Hlllts
of Hvnnston and fifty others against
the action of the nstrmbly concerning
seminary csntrol made a teport On
motion of Hcv Mr Stevens of Charles
ton tho follow Ing resolution was
That white the general assembly
accept tho nctlon of tho Bouthern gen
eral ftssemblj of which It has been
notified ua sufllclenlly indicating the
wisdom of tun pending for the present
everj thing itio overtures looking to
a union with that body It delre to
action then In tho Woodrow case The
Rt ct for such suspension
Invitation wero received from Pitt
burg and Prattle to meet with them
next year On account of the exponas
connected wltr the Seattle trip the
latter Invitation wa declined The
Pittsburg Invitation accepted AN
ler tome further routine business tho
assembly adjourned si no die
Southern Preab tertans Cnnctnde
Their Lnlinr nt M1itI1
By Associated Press
Nashville Tcnn May 28The
eral assembly of tha Southern Pre
byterlan church ossembled today The
report of the committee on bill and
overtures on the question sent up
from the Augusta presbytery
a to the
standing of Dr Woodrow wos adopted
The report was to tha effect that the
minister wa a member ot and had all
the right and prlvleges of the presby
tery to which he desired to go and
that the formal return of the letter was
not necessary The general assembly
decided to remain In the
olllance The question of elect
ing delegates to alliance meeting wit
referred to the next general assembly
The recommendation In tho report of
the committee on home missions wa
adopted x names tho following mem
brs of the executive committee for
next year Dr O H Jtrtkler B ii
uUVlll ll
land Elder M A Chandler L A
Beatty W A Towell J C Klrkpat
rlik and A H Holderly The assem
bl met at 5 30 p m acting moderator
Iipsley presiding
On motion of rider Moore the resolu
tion concerning unlicensed preachers
was taken from the docket Klder
MoPh cetera moved to table the res
olution which failed and the resolu
tion wa then adopted The report of
the standing committee on education
wa taken up and was adopted after
referring the manual to the standing
committee eng that subject
The special committee on the que
tton of tho uppreeslon of the lot
teries reported recommending a re
newal of he deliverance of former as
semblies against this evil which wa
Ir Mill filed a protest against the
action taketn the Woodrow case The
report on theological seminaries waa
adopted A vote of thank to the offi
cer and pastor of Moore Memorial
church where the assembly ha been
holding its sessions wa adopted The
special committee on the proper ob
servance of the Sabbath wa adopted
Potlowlng committee on Invalid fund
wa appointed Jtevs V Daniel If
A Robinson J W Itosebro Klder
Maer and Reynolds The committee
on co operation In home missions Is as
follow Rev J N Cral M II
Woods and Elder Jame Colter
A motion to dluolve the assembly
wa entertained and adopted nnd the
moderator after a short speech declar
ed the assembly dissolved
Anttunl Aririrrna hy Die President
Iteiiorl At OMeerM
By Associated res
Saratoga N Y May 28 The Ameri
can Baptist M talon began Its eightieth
anniversary todai The annual ad
dress was delivered by the president
ltev Dr Augustus H Strong of the
Rochester Theological seminary This
afternoon the report of the committee
on the i elation of higher education in
mission work wo made by Rev Dr
Ah ah Hovey of New York which wua
followed by discussion Missionary ad
dresses were made by a number of ms
slonarles Including H A A Thomp
son Japan Rev Aug llroholtn of Den
mark and Rev John Cummlngs of
Bremen The reports of the union of
ficer wu a follows Receipts 465000
appropriations 69tO0O added to per
manent funds and bond accounttj 819
000 Tho debt In April wa shown to
be 8203000
lliiuuilte luruleil lu Shntt AllacheU
to iierirle Mtthta
By AsAoclatul Press
Denver Colo May 28 Information
has been received from Cripple Cteek
that even had the striker betn driven
from the tamp the men who took their
place In the mine would be In Immi
nent peril Hvry mine In the camp
over which there has been trouble la
loaded Large quantities of dyna
mite havft been stoicd In the shaft
back ot th timbering by the striker
and hidden when attached to their
chaige In such a manner that they
can be exploded and every person in
the mines tstantly killed while the
men who start the buttery remain out
of alght
A VtltiUler XVltu Hectare I he I I1
A Urjnuld None too Soou
By Associated Plena
Cripple Crik Col May 23 In a
sensational sermon on the labor troub
le of the country Rev H H War
ner MethodUt last night sald It Is
true as I uuderatand from the best
authorities which 1 have been able to
obtain that the present trouble In
Cripple Creek 1 due to the fact that
the mine owner will not appoint half
a dozen Cathollo boHses and If It I
true that an organisation which might
settle the difficulty haa refused to do
so on this account then I say that tho
A P A whs not organized any too
There was a chorus of amens and the
congregation broke Into vociferous ap
plause Alexander Mlntosh state or
ganizer of the Western Federation of
Miners says the published reports that
th Miners union of Cripple Creek 1
composed almost exclusively of for
eigner and Catholics 1 untrue Over
SO per cent of the member he say
are American citizen Less than one
elxth are Catholics The president Is a
IMerat strikers Continue to Do
lets of loIeuee
By Associated Press
Bcottdule Pa May SS Three Hun
garian strikers succeeded In getting
throuph the lines of the deputies on
guard at the Moyer coke works about
11 oclock last night tor the purpose of
doing omo damage They were dis
covered by ClenrgQ B Keffer chief
wujdiman who attempted to arrest
them In tha struggle one of the
Hun pulled ft revolver and hot Ktf
fer In th breast Inflicting a probably
fatal wound Tho Hun then fled and
were not captured Aa they ran Kef
fer raised himself from tho ground and
fired six shots after them From the
blood along the road It I thought
some of the shot took effect The cold
and raluy weather today prevented the
striker from marching and every
thing la quiet Th body ot an un
known man supposed to ba that of
deputy or workman wa found in
Fatte crk yeterda The body
wa horribly beaten tho fate blng
battered out of semblance of human
feature and tho clothing wa torn
and nearly atrlpped off the body There
wa nothing to gtw a clew to the
ldntlty of the roan
TrieBrinw fur Arm
By Associated Pre
1arksriburg W Va May
rrcn here havp been telegraphed
to from the Camden mine on th Ohio
rtrtr railroad for all the lire arm
aalUolt Company -VT I in teadu
neSS In tnanrsk -
urn una t a cjM JJiwi i --
For the PrehihiH
SjjgSqwTft v
attention since the last convention ow
ing to the reincorporation of the com
pany and the remodelling under the
Ohio law It was decided tu dispose of
the Meadow Lake farm the freehold of
the order situated In Illinois and the
proceeds to bo converted into a fund
for disabled members ot the order
This afternoon came nn investigation
into the methods of adjustment In the
matter ot tho Northern Pacific trouble
following tho issuance ot the circular of
the receivers which cancelled nil pre
existent echedules and abrogated all
agreement The convention may ad
journ tomorrow evening
Restoration of Irelulit Hntea
The Gulf Colorado and Santa I ha
made special rates for tho meeting of
the State Republican League here
June 12 as follows Round trip from
stations within 75 miles of Port Worth
4 cents per mile from stations 1Q to
100 miles from Tort Worth tt from
stations over 100 miles one fare for
the round trip Tickets to be sold
June 11 and 12 Limited June 17
The Santa Fe has also put on a sum
mer special rule of 725 to Lampasas
Springs and return
A apeclal rate of one and one third
fare for the round trip 1ms been made
for the meeting of the Woman Chris
tian Temperance union at Talor June
It to IS
Tho rate of ono fare for the round
trip has been made for the meeting of
tho Uaptlst Young Peoples union and
Baptist State Sunday school ne seda
tion at Abjlene June 19 to 24 Tickets
will be sold from stations south of
Cteburno June 17 18 and 19 and from
stations north of Fort Worth June
19 and 20 limit June 26
Smttu l Special Ittites
The freight agent have plenty n
Interest them Yesterday evening the
cut rates of all kinds ran out and to
morrow morning the old rate go into
effect according to the general agree
ment for the restoration of the came
The decision of the United States
suoreme court is being discussed pretty
thoroughly by the agents and the
opinion seems to prevail among them
that It Is only a doubtful -victory for
the state and the commission They
claim that the concession that the
rates of the
commission were unreason
able Is a great point In their favor
As to the probablo results of the
decision and the consequent rehabili
tation of the commbsion with the
power of regulating rates no one will
at present attempt to make a prophecy
The majority however ceem Inclined
to think that there will be no serious
disturbance of railroad business fur
ther than has
already occurred or
aome time to come
Important Chnuue
Mr John W Dickinson
has been ap
pointed division superintendent nf IU
southern dlvlilon of the Gulf Colorado
and Santa Fe with headquarter at
Temple vice Mr c a Hoyden re
Mr Dickinson resigned hi position
as train master of the northern division
of the road with headquarters
at Cle
burne to accept thl deserved promo
Mr- Pendel ucceeds Mr
Dickinson n train master at Cleburne
Iteete Appuluted
Special Dispatch
Houston Text May 28 Horace C
Reese has been appointed commercial
agent of the Southern Pacific vice L
HoheathaL resigned Reese was for
merly commercial agent fop the Texas
and Pacific at New Orleans afterward
of tho Great Northern at St Louis and
la now general agent of the Mextcan
National at New
Orleans The ap
pointment take efrect June 15
Hatlroad No- nd PfBOIllli
A a Dodge general
manager of the
Cotton Belt came in jeaterday from
St Loul and after Interviewing the
local oftleUI of the roadjeft this morn
ing for Dallas on hi return to 6t
3 J
Mulhjne commercial agent of
the Santa Fe i3 booked for Wcather
fcrd today
- -
Railroad Shorn ri
y Associated Prcsa
Uoa UW at mto jVll 2 Ark May 2S T
iUun i cwo railroad
shop at Baring
Everyone Needing a Suit Will RegretE
in Buying
AaillJKVtnNT HlltCIIKD ov rusT
The Lines lo tilrn Ip tlie Payment or
Ctimmlamlun to Auenls Located
lu Vfw Summer Incur
sion Itntra Are ThUeu li
By Asaoctated Pres
Chicago May 28 Tho Western ra
senger assorlatlon lines today reached
an agreement on the question of east
bound emigrant business which has
for so long a time been troubling them
The Union Pacific at the opening of th
meeting submitted a resolution pro
viding that it nor nny other lines
should pay commission to nny emi
grant agent located In New York Thl
mean that the Union Pacific 1 will
ing to give up the contract vshlch
It has held with Peter O Uonnell on
eastern bound business nnd put It on
the same basis In relation to emigrant
trafllc as the Western Passenger asso
ciation llnea and the Atchison road
The agreement made today exempts
the business to North raclflo coast
point whe le the Union Pacific U like
ly to meet the competition of the Can
adian Pacific but a this no way af
fect any other line It wa agreed to
The agreement say nothing about
the palng commissions through any
other agent than thoie located In the
Plrt ward of New York city and there
Is a general feeling that this commis
sion mean the tarly death ot the
agreement Trafllc Manager Whlto of
the Atchison Informed the meeting
that If anything was done toward In
terfering with tho traffic of his line
by paying an agent In San Trancisco
or other points that the Atchison would
lose no time In making the fight from
the Missouri river and In thl posi
tion It will have the support of the
Rock Island After the settlement of
the emigrant question the matter of
excursion rntes was taken up and as
everjbody declared that they had not
made any rates which w 111 conflict
vvtlh the ones adopted by the meeting
it 1 likely that those rates will hold
It wax decided that for the four large
meeting which were to b held In Den
ver during the summer that the fare
should be for the round trip to Col
orado points one fare plus JIG and for
the meeting of the National Education
al society at Asbury Park the rates
from all point In the territory of the
Western Pacsenger association should
be one fare plua 2 for the round trip
Blmllar action was taken on other
large meetings for the ear Freight
rate on the majority of the Western
road wilt be advanced tomorrow that
being the date for the advance hy tha
presidents nt their meeting last week
Heiluced Ilatti
Special Dispatch
Dcnleon Tex May 28 General Pas
senger nnd Ticket Agent Crush of the
Missouri Kansas end Texus ha Is
sued the following reduced rate
1 Fprt Worth Tex June 12th state
Republican league For this occasion
Fell round trip tickets to Tort Worth
on June H nnd U limited to June
15 for return at following rates viz
Prom Btatlons within seventy fivo mile
of Fort Worth 4 cents per mile Prom
station seventy six to 100 mile of
Fort Worth XZ From stations oyer
1W miles from Fort Worth one fare
Hlllsboro Tex June 13 to 2 stat
convention Christian church Punday
school nnd missionary convention ror
thh occasion jou may sell tickets to
Hlllsboro and return on June 17 and
IS limited to 23d for return at follow
ing rates vltt
From station within
seventy flve
mile of Hlllflboro
i cent per m1e
wh1110 to 100 mile
of Hlllsboro From
tatlons over
100 miles from Hlllsboro ono fare
Taylor Tor Jn U to 13 W C T
U Hate ot a fare and
a third on
or m Tt9 Pl0n m Aeftt Tav
Mis Hattle Henderson
secretary and
tamped by w A Morrow
rent who m Jolnt
thi occasion and return
delegate at
one third l a fare at
Populist state
convention w
June 20 Tlckts m i J
stance- plan a m J
Ut Republican Jeag l
tance plan will be employed In selling
tickets allowing the bujer until July
2 for returning
thi niiiiiH
Tlielr Slon ut hi luul Drawlniz
to u Close
By Associated Pre
St Paul Minn May 2B Th conven
tion of tho Brotherhood of Locomotive
Engineers today closed up the Insur
ance matter which had been waiting
Cross closed down tempR
owing to the coal rtt
dred men are forced Intofe
Lenunx Lrceam Hrt
By Associated Prei
New York May J
employes were engaged t
forenoon at the Lnii
bringing their national con
business basis A eoihult
dentlals was appointed w
resoutatlve from tacA
and after they htdjspeat
hour they reported iTi
gates entitled to repfwii
visions 17 men jj
A tfteful laitill
E 8 Wood agant cf tb
rado and Santa Fe at Jlc
invented a file bookfor
which Is pronounced byjto
be ono of the handiest thln
ever seen g
inn ASHIAMl Dill
llreeUlnrltlae anaStMIc
By Associated Prlfi
Cincinnati O May iST
era special from Qn fntiw
that W C P Brecklnrtd
Kvan Settle competltlvec
the Democratic nominal
gross from the Ashland 4k
there this afternoon lajfcer
Two thousand people u
eluding delegates fron3eot
and Ilpnry countlesvThr
was too small for thgTew
speaking had to beheld ti
is Mr kettles owajccxo
friends and the enlhuttis
on his side Thereover
nea corried aroniidthefi
nnd they were chctrrf veb
Settle iotroduced CoLfBret
1 JO HC was greeted wlta e
Ills speech consumedfTn
sold he had not totiia
referred to his record oV I
congress suggested ttiarj
policy to swap horses bll
swollen river said the Dann
had the great tasicofjtx
on Its hands ycperlenrtd
legislators were needoikntr
pic with this task
of hi personal deoloajo
of Owen county and pHl
ally to Democracy amlft
declaring ev crlangjdevt
friend and a defiant cnfjjj
his enemies J
When Mr Evan BettU f
unable for some uWtoJ
Ing on account of tWP0
plause A Settle banajr
over his head andhMW
out again lasting
Bpoko of hi hom3Pl
them for past honor
that should he be troitfl
honor he would so t
to not dishonor it He
nn nntlonal DOlitlCiv ll I
self no tyro and cWJ J
Ing peroration vvTiiini
Ing a large numberof
h vnadtiiiir and vertQL
Btratlvo in their jgft
frequent flasss
By Assoclatca PSPl
PhllndelptiU LSZT
lib Prtncew tioro UW
Antwerp My U z
panlo from New TcrW
Jtmre -My
ague from Nw ffS
New York May Mjjjjg
from Croraen SK
Alovollf May jJS
lalan from MontrtalvlgBg
llaraburir May fi
hernia from Sew TW
Naples SIy B
from New Torlc WS
ler from NeW TorMJJJ
IJcrpool May agg
tonlan from BoilotS
i from Boston BP
qult fMgl
Hy Aoclalfd
Ii nuiet lolltsM fi
event of Ih 7
maJe by the 1ff Kjl
ffttthcreJ 1 ZSSl
b token to OtlajS
- TiLfl
man lllrow m
CMten Vy W ftU
it la
he may hM
1 nnrelty In S
ground of
miiwi Iter

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