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iia wild and Ominous The strik
es 1ou1r In their threats to re-
any further attempt to clear the
i3M y nr as mitt aipot ina tneir
s louaiy proclaimed tiuii ino
rn Pnclflo company wil not he
Itte t n move Its trains Norvrtre
oiulle aem rstrallont confined to
alls olone Armcl men noon
1 on the street As it in
for battle they transferred their
ana animunuiun nom ineir more
on J street to telr headquarters
the rnllruAd nvrds No attemnt
mcealrnent was made The
iniitH bolaly through 110 Miets
e their weapon on ineir snoii -
and they were loudly checied by
lias or s mpiiiiuzen
IMrntr of Anna
claimed lhat the Amnion Hall-
innlon arsenal In ldt at least H00
and shot guns end nuintltles of
kmiMon The strikers Aho cume
he train seisei at Dursmuir
HI In ovor 200 tltta which thV
olletted tt Duntmili Hod ItlufCJ
il 111 a train ivcrn inicec
rnukht in guns and ammunition
afternoon u number of strikers
itrattiotnt with their rlIVs on the
lde of the rher Then are now
000 or he strikers In fiacramenui
slat Hie troops riushcd
tneir victory over vne unueu
r marshals and police on Tus
at and a complete victory ovei
thAt 1000 siste militiamen on me
tng day thev are in Just -the
to resist the United State
n tiii rr iw Tin ktttmf Alimeun
i HBiiKi jnieri irom um rrwiuiu 11-
innPl et Mare Ivland this irtrrnonn
ftaHAtook out CQO marines Then the
jtffiineda tpamed around the point and
itHejlon Mui tranef rivd to twpftnirn
ruer nleAtierP which iibvj ueen
tin wilt Ono tioen of -cavalry
funded on eah bink ard will
d lo C icronvmo aionff me mor
advance guard to th boats
rtham whiio at niar lsiann
orderi fro 11 Wahlnclon 11
ir htm ta nroceed to Sacramento
cpAint the conduct of tho whole
ln to bisdiBcrvtioni
Will riht llic Troni
tWts anticipated that tho strikers
t YMliaillernpl 10 inieriere w 1111 me
p8jfs8 of the troopa but as eah
Mftq carries Gatllns and liotchklsa
tiifriian attack from tho strikers on
tfTplriver Is not feared and the guard
imflnortf will reent on nsl opera
UotuM there Ihere was Foiue Idea ot
tfifSportinntT from Vallejo by train
butw soon as the stilkcrs at faouth
Vallsjo heard th y wie coming they
klU all enffln i and spiked the
les thus effectively blocking the
Tills afternoon the criwn rrom
jharleston Monterey Marlon and
nuencv were iina a ni iiare
ir riot drill They comprint about
in and will leae for Oakland to-
Fiuhv ai c ua uic -
tlwlof the tttxikers for resistance the
Atttttide of tho loc moll ciiglneem in
fctjjnactlhfj Attention Kepresentatlvea
tifxtne Drotnernooa waited upon ueu
ntruperlntendcnt rillinvta at Sacra
tnento today and announced that they
irJ read to return to work at a
injaments notice Superintendent nil
rtBk promised to notify them If lie d-
10 accept tneir services At all
in tli stau sutf Sicrnmentn
isKibly Oakland the events hne
In raor or the rnflrond At
nd no trains were moved in
clty and at Sou Jos passenger
was resumed todnv oor thm
t division Railroad offlclals say
t tiatns t 111 be moved tnmnrmw
uthern California tho blockade Is
n Trains nro runnlntr nn tirni
Ranta r and Southern Parlfie
Santa Te deioitehed nn TnatrttTt
land ielTdav nnd thli morulns
routhein in mf iHenni
Orleans special from Ios Angeles
i -II III lit riru mi 1ir 3ii nil
f IV11I llt laTll
ByssoclalM Press
WS Valley 111 July jo Company
Tf1 ritu vnl Uktment cuinmaiid
eUjDy Captain Com ad cuiue In tollH
loniwlth the mob at thU plaev ioai
andUfter patiently enduilutr polity
aftrJoley of stones tlrt d Into tin
mufevkliunff one man and wounding
eeriil othtrs The cnsuaitliH am as
IpOMINrCK TtAItncn Italian shot
hrouKh bend
fJOHN SLOLI Italian shot through
rokn bidh brulH d
deputj ribs
ILUSH KOI I ibputj shot In thlah
I HAT POWCLU deputi shot twice
bl Powell
KOWN RIOTHR arm nnd hand
laceratfd by bajonet wlillo the
wan riparian the itrpt
fight occurred nt 4 10 thlt
hen a ItoekTlfinf1 trnln Viftrlnrr
hej troops pulhd into the depot At
hftlfne of Us nrrUal a large mob of
Mj Uths and Huns were pathered
itjlthe li 111 o erlonklnt th depot
Tfcff arrival of the trnln was greeted
Ithii ells nnd 1eora nml nMnx 1ian an
ltle dawn on tne depot platform
in si iuk r uaa it11 ma car
the men Hied on th denot uht
they were greeted by a choms
ana siunes rained down around
CDt Conrad ralseJ hl imnri
railed to tho mob to cease thtir
ng stones it obeyed him for nn
out ecing tne uoops remain
retrain1 J Its Vli InnanPHH nnl
ollev after v ill v nf tna a
Idlers at the same time
03Pr and be omlnc mnm tyira
U Cntit riiilriil firlArkl tit- -
fafm and as more Manes came at
iwjrrKuiam n g ivo tne word to lire
ttfelhiib broke for the timber when
Sling began and has not assetn
Jlnce The troops went back to
ly this morning as a party of
es were traveling rrom Princeton
ring Valley In wagons some
r In ambush fired uoon thorn
ding pepm S T Powell In the
ina tire was ru turned and one
Ads seen to fall He ven hnw
carried off by hli conipanlonn
he extent of his Injury is not
Jrini ihch at Minimis
Kf Telfcruphft the lien TJere to
tmtti 1 inn
Lpsoclated Tress
npbls Tenrl July 10 Hre bugs
it ar piled the torch to the
I of Knglneer Mills an Iron
pmploye who refused to -loin th
f AH nf tb railroads affected by
Rhke at Mere this have Jp oMpi
bbstltute wtfg oes for white labor
ujru an u ams are peisg mp5e
r colored rmn with heavy miaed
Iputy marshal
fident Jb3 telegraphed the local
Van rutlluav untnn fntiA
I Wlnti In T3u and Oblo struck
vjjjri njvii auinu pat
MH V Tv na
htpbis to on the verge of a meat
b IriC lhlV0rtlnnril anl nt
ll higher tomorrow unli a m v
Hy la received
Omaha UltmUlon xfi
Kstraclated Pres
Buna Neb July 3 District
bvni o 01 ins Knights of Labor to-
w mh cii out aij members of
ronT QPTn tbxas wcnxSsDAr TriT n isot
e jiumoer 01 in wfie nlreaciy eng ha and IJncoln In accordance with
o r imorco ire slate croups at I xirdera rrom Oenetal Master Workman
l h iltul tlie excite ii it thcle j Woverclgn le WIMt4 he tnlor
-vine men will refuse lo obey Hie or
der although Cohen expresses confl
uence that from 601 to COciO men will
walk out In -he three cities
All lint nt Toledo
Ty Associated Press
ToMo Ohm Juy Id The second
any or the atrlk has resulted In K com
plete tle ap of evry road in city
n far ns freight truKlehr eoncernd
The laat to come out were the men In
the Pennsylvania sards
llirnlnir llir Tallies
By Associated lress
Cincinnati Ohio July 30 Like a
thunderclap came an order rrom C E
Bcbeft at tho nib Tour tonight dis
charging from the entire Big Four
system fully ono cmplojes The res
ton nsslgned Is the blockade ot train
and the paralysis of comment The
men nrfected aie assured they will be
restored the moment a levhul of busi
ness Justifies
loieniriitn n Iruopn
IJ Associated lres
nio Vista Cal July lO The bares
Acme left at 10 50 p ra with about
one third Of the Infantry the balance
of the cavalry remaining on the
Alameda The boats will reach Basra
mento about dajlreakv
Oit In rliiriidu
By Associated Pres
Pueblo Col Julv tfl4Th nmAn
and brakemen of tha itlo Grand to
nieht oted to return to work The
strike In Colorado Is over so far as Us
Impairment of service 1 concerned
SI IouIn Irntlm on lime
Uy Associated Press
St Louis Mo July 10AII trains
are moMnic out or St Louis on time
- i 1
ny Asroclatcd Prtss
Chicago July 10 First race four
and n half furlomrs LMante won Mar
tha G rimn second Over Klla third
Time 55 1 3
bend race thrto quaitcn of a mils
Tai tarlnn x on Somenmult second
Minnie O third Time 1 Hal
Third race IVcvrl sakts one mile
liehman won fienatop Iiby eecord
Vasal third Tmo XU 1 4
rouith rno on mile Vol won Two
Oclock second Hilly McKeiuU third
Time 141 1 4
Fifth lace mtle and feenty jnrds
Cash Dai won Ma Plckwkk sect nd
Henry Yuuiitf thl d Time 1 II
Fxti are erne inlK IMsiy Vin Jl
lume uctiuiU The Kitten IhlrJ Time
1 4- 1 4
HrfKhtou lien eh Utiles
Iiy Associated Press
New York July 10 Todnjs races
at llrUshton Ueuch lesulted as follows
TlrBt rntf turlongu Mtlba
won Mr Sass setond Llfo Dual third
Time 3i3 l j
St cond race mils nnd a sixteenth
Jot RIple won lnsdalo second Dlab
olus third Time 1S0
Third race six furlongs selling
Tina- won Kcnnet second The Com
mtner thlid Time l 7
ruiirlh race mile and n furlong Sir
Walttr won Ducal stcund Lli IhlrJ
Time 1X
lflh race one milo selling Sandrw
won Chuttanooga second Tom SUd
morc third Time 1 tS
HIMh race one mile selling Marshal
vrou liny Tint second Chief Justice
tliliii Time J 44
niulrtii ttrtrn lll llert
Ily Aasorlated Prufts
Cleveland Ohio July 10 Secretary
Eaer of the Unltel Society of Christian
Ihideaor arrive In tin Uty front Bos
ton this noon and said Ail reports
or rumors to the contrary the annual
Christian Hndeavor convention will be
J held In this city July H to 15 post
I ponement is impossible Cleveland
J cannot arrango for It later nor ran
Tim sTitiiu uicsTKii iX Tni
inu uiTtitH
VenNtor llnntH IHTrrcd n fnlwMI ilr
fur the Kyti IteMolutliiu lnt It
Went r I inter lh Hnlea
tnmiuicut 4ri Itrpurl
Xly Associated lress
Washington July 10 When the sen
ate met toUy and after the trans
action of some routine business the
resolution Introduced by Senator PefTer
eslerday was laid before the senate
Mr PetTer dlscuwed his resolution
which looks to the government tontrol
of the rnllwnis and xoit fields and
ths adoption of the doctrine of a sin
gle tar Ite appealed to tho senators to
slen for while he was nut u prophet
nor the son of a prophet nof an alarm
ist jet he had time nnd time again
called the attention of the country
to tshat seemed to be within the range
of an ordinary mans horizon the
publlo danger All his prophecies re
lated to one fundamental danger which
the country had faljen into the dan
ger cf allowing a few men hero and a
few men there to usurp tho govern
mental functions All the publlo func
tions should be
exercised bj govern
ment officers
Unit tleiird ut it rim
He referred to Debs as a man of
whom the country had hcatd a great
deal lately but of whom It was likely
to hear very much mora before innr
Mr PefTer said that when the Pullman
company established what the people
of the world believed to be on Ideal
community In which all should havu
equal rights and none special privi
any other program bo selected nor can t iMr 5efrcr proceeded to arraign con
hundreds of other details be arranged 1 Ercn tor lta defense of monopolies und
He VVI1I Accept
Special Dispatch
In the time required to announce a
to ui
iut nnwi
19 1 iri
MV HMtitr Slnilr for A-
HiiMhlu IreudrranMl
By Associated Press
Chicago ill July 10 Judre Bklley
todiy rcfustd to giant the of error
and supermdaH tlmt would stay the
execution of Patrick Eugene Prender
gast until his insanity trial could bo
reviewed by the supremo court Two
last efforts will be made tomorrow to
save the lift pf the assassin Attorney
Darrow will go to Springfield nnd plead
with Governor Altaeld for a commuta
tion of tlio death sentence
IKiiN County
Special Dispatch
Mount Pleasant Tex July 10 Tltui
county Democratic primaries held to
day cUe Culberson thU precinct and
one other It will take nn official count
to decide the congreBSIon race between
Cranford and SheppjrJ Returns and
count not complete at It p m
San Antonio Tex July 10 -Judge
Leltoy O Denman who was today ap
pointed associate Justice of the u
preme court of Texas will accept the
appointment He la out of the clti
but his law partner Judge franklin
makes I hi atattment
The Uucutupmeut
Special Dispatch
rfV 7- uly -There wa a
fair attendance
at the encampm nt to
day and there were IT50 enroled sol-
dlers on dresa parade Ihreo bands of
muslj played alternately nnd the
vveoUier was very auspiciously cool for
the occasion There TII1 be about 000
troops all told by tomorrow nnd the
Indication are that the encampment
will be a great success
No high dishes or accemmrles ore
seen upon the strictly modern table
The silver caster may he very heamlf ul
leges e try one commended It for Its
philanthropy Rut tho charges for rent
and for the necessaries of life were
deducted from the mens monthly pay
and when their wages were reduced
the men submitted but asked that
their rents and taxes be reduqed but
found that they were In the power of a
corporation without a soul until finally
they came to the conclusion that they
might as well storvo In support of
their rlghH as n filling the colters
of Ptillmau
He referred to the arrogant attitude
of Tutlman and or the Pullman ofli
clala and read them from this morn
ings pipers and dispatches of the
Interview of the Chicago aldermen
with Vice President Wlckei during
which the latter reiterated nnd reiter
ated thot Pullman company has noth
ing to arbitrate Whether It was right
for the railway union to strike In tn
puthy and refuse to haul Pullman
cars It was not his purpose to argue
but the situation
confronted the coun
try and It was uur duly to deal with
Ait Ohlltfitlfin lo Ililliinn
Mr Hawley inquired whether Mr
PetTer did not know that the rallwujs
wwie under obligations to haul the
Mr PetTer replied that the railway
companies were under no more obli
gations to Pullman than Pullman was
to the railroads but this was no tlmo
to talk of contracts between Pullman
and the railway companies and he was
surprised that the senator who had
often chumpioned the cause of the
worklngmen should talk of such things
Senator Huch friends of laborl he
The relations bitween Pullman and
his men have nothing1 in Gods world
to do with the situation In Chlcagoas
scried Mr Hawley
us eiunu against tne people lie did
not wonder sometimes that there was
a growing feeling ngalnst the congress
at Washington and that men wished
to abolish the senate He would go
a step further however and besides
seconding an effort to abolish the sen
ate he would also abolish the house of
representatives and have the country
governed by ono man from each state
Senator Davis speaking of the KIe
resolution said It was put n at a time
when the troubles In the West were
In progress for the purpose of making
the United States a partner In the law
lessness The strike giew from a strike
to a boycott a boycott to a riot and
now to an Insurrection He described
the various acts of lawlessness and
said that Kyles resolution was to take
away the power of the United States
to punish such gross note of violence
If the acts of violence had been com
mitted upon the great 1 sites or the
high Beas it would have been piracy
and punishable by death
rami era the Huttrrrrm
The authority of the United States
could not be denied The duty of the
president Is to see tbat the laws are
executed The laws should be enforced
before the interstate commerce of the
United States be stopped He spoke
of the great Injustice that was being
done the farmers of the United states
and how they were affected by the
strike In thlcago They did not want
Interstate commerce Interrupted Un
til the question of wages was settled
the constituents of peffer and Kyle
could not market their product No
Interest had ben so greatly affected
as the farming Interests by this strike
and finally a treasonable attavk upon
the commerce of the United States It
was time that such action should be
taken lo put down the rising- tlflo of
anarchy that threatens to engulf the
ill n l1ll In Its j city of CUcato
The military poorer
ar dl itibmed nii I Ue country wa as a last neces
two of -each bein sulllclent for a fiially ally called upon to put down th Iw
gfasX botillVnwc VZ a Wta tmm K
pitchers with handles lour lander T J0 V1 b
necks and large ornamental glass drawn but he had not given a aag
Clisae are aleo In disgrace as are il PPTty Debs could not do M if h
the silver water pitcher and high vase was given full power no more Uian
TLem7mblViaordn5guriSLV r h bUrnd br
mats which ere never really hU tnen Jt woa principle of com
mentaL and ate wholly unnecbariarv if man law that a nulimm thnni tu
PnIxT0oUnhltri7nilorhVe a - I 2 TSLtS2
about btaKtshed
Vltntlon to dot
It wos a dlMlncl
South Dakota iKtet was the author of
the resolution making lawlessness eat
and murder unpunishable under cer
tain conditions Ia would abjure hint
to withdraw H nnd not leave It upon
the clerks desk The ship of niate
which twoweokftaffownfe floating proud
ly without trouble wm now upon the
troubled waters He wouD not Mak
of parties but IVmocrats And
Means nnd Popultst nnd alt should
unite In restoring rwnce
Jcnrrttl tlordtm Tnlkn
Oenernl Cordon of tier gin fnlliwrd
In a brief speech uiylig Miat when a
great ctty va threatened wjtlv blood
shed and frre any repn oentnllve on
Ihe floor had dejeonded very low when
he tojked of pnrt as did the ftenaior
mm lCntfctin The -woe which Ihrpitl
filed was 1 ot Kctlonnl and Iw spuk
no from ft touthern ilnnnolnt but n
n cltifn of this gnat natlon and he
urge that thetaw be enfoiccd li wns
the right of the labour to dispose f
ttis kibcr without Interference Iron
Dtbs or nnyon else No person hud
the right to ortW hue OI hi uvvit hlrtod
to cvasc 1 bir Ecnnto Gordon finished
by saving that his henrt fiU Mr the
Moou that had oen shed but that wns
its nothing compiml 10 the prM ot the
repuhUi Tbrondf thcnwho tnndtf
I would eae it i the ccst whitt it
mav Loud applaus on tho floor and
Ir the gallery greeunl tho senator ns he
totk his seat M
Senator ninlel of Virginia otTend
substitute for the resolution of niiaK r
lVffor indoisin the n Hon of the pre
dent declaring- that the Unltd tutt
hud the iMiwer
snectlng inuli routes ami Intnslnto
commerce ntH to put down riot nnd
acta of treason the president nhouUl
have control nf the militia Eenutor
Daniel poke brltfly In the same line as
that ot senators Davis and 1 mlon
Ihere were many calls tor u vote on
the DanM resolution but Senator 11 1
llnrer of New Hon pthlto nsked that it
go owr and thfs was to on
The postofdee appropriation bill was
thn taken up and passed The senate
then took up the diplomatic appiorln
tlwn till on motion of Mr UiucUbuin
He yielded to Mr Pnulkner to mov to
Hike up the bill for Ihe ndmlsslo of
Utah territory us a state The bill
wiim irnBod and sent to tho itvDAtr crni
mlttee and without debate ur dlvli
lon The Benntc went Into exeoithe
sMtstrn and nt 643 adjuuniil
The July returns to the department
of agrlcultuic shows the following
Corn U5 winter wheat 839 spilng
wheat 614 all wheat 713 onts 77T
winter rje 039 siring oe M7i all
rjf 73 barley 74 8 rice si If iwlatoes
C2i tobacco 1
The piellmlnary acreage of corn ns
reported bv correspondent show 106
Ier cent as compared wllh the acre
Uk uf U93 being un Increase 1 1 round
numbers of 4000000 acres or 7Cf00uon0
acnw against 72 000 000 lint jenr The
av rages of the principle Malt are
Dido 101 Michigan 102 Indiana 101
Illinois 104 Wisconsin 102 Mimuauin
HSi Iowa 108 Missouri 109 Kansas
IIS Nebraska 119 Tennessee 104
Texas 10 Kentucky 10J
The nverngo condition of corn Is Wi
nsninst OJi last July Ihe nvrages
In the principal states are Ohio
Tndlana SO Illinois M Iowa loili Mis
souri 101 Kansas 3 Nebraska Hli
Texas 01 Kentucky 80 Tennessee SO
Michigan llj
Wfuler When fron
The condition of winter wheat Is ISO
against S3 In June and 77J last year
Tho percentage of the principal slates
nre as follows New Voik 7i lVnnsyl
vanla 88 Kentucky 88 Ohio 80 Michi
gan 02 Indlanu 0 Illinois SI Mis
sourl 01 Kansas 0 California 81
Oregon 87 Washington 90
The condition of spring wheat Is 08 1
against 88 In Juno und 7 1 In July
1893 The fall since last report la
nearly 20 points Btate averages are
Minnesota 74 Wisconsin 96 Iowa 78
Kansas 69 Nebrasku 40 Bouih Da
kota 41 North Dakota C8 Washing
ton 86 Oregon 98
The average condition of both winter
and spring wheat for all wheat for Ihe
country Is 973 per cent The relurna
for cotton market average condition
89 6 ngalnst 88 3 In June showing an
Improvement In condition of I 3 points
The condition In Juy la93 was 62 7
Tho averages by states are Virginia
87 North Careltna 91 South Carolina
88 Oeorgla i Florida 83 Alabama
87 Mississippi 88 Louisiana 94 Texas
9J Arkansas 87 Tenncsu e 73 The
report shows slight general Improve
ment of condition throughour the tot
ton belt In the live atates namely
Virginia Alabama Mississippi luls
lana and Tennessee there has been a
deollne while In the states of North
and South Carolina norlda deorglu
and Texas there her been an Improve
ment in the condition of the crop
Texas Matlere
Special Dispatch
Washington July 10 A parly of
Texaa editors on their way home from
the National Press association at Aa
bury Talk reached -Washington tonight-
Amopg them aro Editors Wil
son of the Lockhart Iteglster Moore
of the stephenville Empire and Vernon
of the Comorete Chief all accompan
ied by ladles
Treasurer George Strong of the Fort
Worth and Denver railway Is here
with lib wife having ben delayed on
account of the atrlke while trying td
get te Canada by way of Chtcigo
The postofflce at Mirage Deaf Smith
county has been discontinued malt lo
go to I FUland
X R Lewis waa today appointed
postmaster at firlbblcSprlngs vice D
Its Qulsenberrr resigned
By Associated Press
Wasblngton July 10 The senate In
executive session today mado publit
the following confirmations Edward
Hackttt cf Oakland Cat to be re
ceiver of publlo inoneyn at San Pran
clsoo Assistant fswgeou JJcniajaln
i Sf T-
1 llrOWn Of Cjitirnmla in Ix -
The wnator from sistant surge m in Ihe marine service
iieiters or land ornce J i uUnn
nt San Krunclm o J c Dmnble nt
Postmasters Oklahoma It J jiit
BtiUaler Teias II M llorlon Mid
land A II Wntts Wharton
uoon ciiTi niriiiu
The Uinprnixrnl itrnori thou n
lttt Hintf r ttlalr eiif rnl
Hy Associated 1rcss
nahlllRlun Julv lOTh nnllfr
bureau In lta reMew i nealher cccii
nindlthn for Die eeK ending July 9
sas The eelt has Iwn enlder llinu
usual n a district fnst or the Itocky
mountains exceiu In Southern Texas
Tho leather also especially fa
vorable for harvesllnir In Ihe principal
Brain states lleirarls Indicate that Ihe
cotton crop has been ureatt Improve
during the week except In South Car
olina nnd possibly In Kaslern leorala
where cloudiness nnd rains have proed
unfavorable The rainfall has been
Erenter than muni from the South
Allantlo westward to Texis and the
Indian Territory anJ oer Kansas and
Colorado The rain was much greater
than u ual alone the Carolltsi coast
anil oier the lower Mississippi valley
The week wa unusually dry gener
ally through Ihe norlLwest and upper
Mississippi valley and drouth rti
tlons are reported from Iowa and th
upper Missouri vnllcj allhouBh crops
are not generally Injured
Nevr RnulNHl td fin
Shotrcn In Northern New nnnland
were favorable but drouth ninrtttim
In the Southern portion of ilila iu
to enlcrco the Uws ie 1 trcl where all irops except corn and
looncco nine been Injun d were
unruvorable Although the week
ins been dry throughout the
cotlon bell this crop continues In the
good condition prevlousfy reported The
wealher conditions on Ihe Iaclllo coast
during the past week were favorable
uriiMui tii mirriuvtuM
The lloiie In Me the Intllnn Innd
llifcerrnllon Hill
IJy Associated Tress
Washington Julv 10 The house In
day passed a bill opening the Un
compahgrc nnJ Ilnltnh Imllaivicscrvn
llona In Itmli nllollrR lands In Sever
nlly to Ihe Indians nnd restoring nbout
100000 acres to the publlo domain
Most of Ihe day was devoted to debate
on a bill extending ihe net if I8Q de
claring land granted to railroads not
for their construction forfeited to Ihe
government so ns to forfeit lands of
railroads whose roads were not com
pleted wilhlii the time specified In the
inim ginnta It excluded from lie op
eratlon of the act however landn ac
quired In good fnllh by purchase from
railroads ronnrmlng surh title The
bill Involved about 4 000000 acres It
was not illsitosed of today
The title of Mr llnloe to his aeut ns
representative from the Illglith Ten
nessee district which wan contested by
11 U Thresher was ronslderul without
opposition the committee on elections
being unanimous In the opinion that
Mr Thresher had no ground for com
mil su to lvisrijin
A Itrolulluii Ailunlrd Hearing in
lie Sfrlke lueHuu
Hy Associated Tress
Washington July 10 -There Is a po
slblllly that tho great railroad strike
will be Investigated by tho houre com
mittee on Interstnto and foreign torn
nierce Several resolutions lo Ihe pur
pose were lntioduced and hnto been le
ferred to Ihe commltli n nnd Chairman
vvise or Virginia has designated a sub
committee lo consider tho whole
lion The subcommittee consists of
Messrs Mollory of Florida Irlckner of
Wisconsin Uresham of Texas Mahan
of Pennsylvania and Hepburn nf Iowa
The subcommittee held a meeting to
day to rnnsider the ndvlsabllty of an
Investigation and will report tomnr
row It Jin bo said on authority of one
of the subcommittee Hint the report
wll recommend that an Investigation
of the whole railroad slilko be made
This would be broader than was con
templated In the resolutions Introduced
which were for an Inquiry Into the
troubles of the Tullinau company with
Its employes
Illsli fin llnnil
lly Associated Tress
Washington July 10 The cash bal
once In tho treasury at tha close of
business today was 8120617638 of which
864339218 was gold reserve 4
Lntanlniilr ntitmluiul jnlala
nnd llfier loirn sliMkrn I p
By Associated Trias
Co stantlnople July 10 Two violent
earthquakes were felt here at 12 20
p m The ahock tasted about twenty
aeconds The Inhabitants have become
greatly alarmed and are fleeing from
their houses In anticipation of further
and more serious disturbances The
shocks did much damage to the city
and several people are reported lo have
oeen auica jvu ine puuii oiuces anu
the tanks have been closed The popu
lation of Constantinople 1 so terrtlled
Dial many thousands are camped out
In the open Two disastrous fires have
occurred ar telegraphic sssvrsunlca
tlon Is Interrupted
The disturbance waa uhdulatory In
Its motion and the course followed from
east to west Several housea fell In
Btamboul In Oalata the shock was
severe and the new quays were reduced
lo a ruin The people fled In terror to
the streets A fresh and more sevrre
shock wa filt In the city at i oclock
In the afternoon Many iicrsons were
killed and Injured The shock was felt
In Its full severity In nit the vHlace
bordering on tha Roaphorous and the
sea of Marmora
Most of the buildings In these places
suffered damage and a number of
house were ruined completely The
beoole have ought shelter In the Aelds
outsld the vlllsgea It is believed that
fifty persona have lost their lives and
that ine numocr of injured far ex
ceeds that figure The loss to property
will be rtry large There have also
been severe shocks of earthquake In
Smyrna the Uuuid of Sclo and In the
Dardanelles No damage was done as
rar as Known put telegraphic com
munlcation between the olaces named
and Constantinople has been cut off
u urtwii cuivv not Mswi received
un limrvwiv iMiiiii cmsvuH
Till VMIltll v vtHT
1 p nr
HI Tie lnulll 11 came In
JlilHlit Vlliiuirs nnd IlilrlrOn
heetiml Altend
lly Associated Pits
Hunters Quay Kfrth of Clyde July
10 WHh a -very light nlr blowing
acrusa the b and Ihe prospects bad
for yacht racing the vachts Vlxllsnt
and IlrllannU started this morning In
the rare for Ihe Clyde Oirlnthlna cup
vatued at 1100 pounds The course was
Ihe now familiar pne of the Itoyal
Clydo Yacht Club from Markboat No
1 off this place across Ihe bay to and
around Markboat No 2 ol Skelmorlle
eng the opposite shore thence back
across the bay nnd to and arourd the
markboat off Aspog 1st ot liute from
lliere around the markboat off Kllctag
gin and back to Huntute Qay niark
boat twice around this course making
the total distance of fifty mile
UrltanulnM atnrl
Tim llrltannla did not get over the
line until three minute after gun fire
10 S3 nnd tha Vigilant gilded over three
mlnutea behind The rac became
more Interesting as the two vachts
approached tho Cloch shore for Ihe
breese had freshened with promise of
holding on all over tho Plrlh Passing
the Cloch lighthouse they stayed to
jlarlmarcl nlmost together standing n
good way Into Iunderston bay before
turning The Vlgllanta salts were far
Horn bring In good ordir he main
eall especially setting awav On the
short tacking up to Wemys castle the
positions of Ihe two yachts wero vir
tually unchanged The Vigilant was
under the Ilrltinnlas lee beam At the
Hielmorlle piarkbout Ihe Drltannlawas
two minutes forty three seconds ahead
ot the Vigilant the widest gap shown
in any of the racvs sailed by these two
yachta The latter pulled up well In
the run tu the Ascog markboat and
when that point waa reached the Vig
ilant was but a few seconds behind
Passing Inellen the Vigilant was tok
Ing Ihe llrltannlaa ground nnd there
was not a length between them Tha
Vigilant went ahead ot Iunderslon
bay the llrltannla creasing under her
stern At the Kllcraggtn markboat on
the Brat round the llrltannla had the
lead by twenty seven seconds and she
passed Murkbont No I at the end of
the lire round nfty alx seconds ahead
of the Vigilant At the Skelmorlle
markboat on he second round tha
llrltannla was ahead one minute seven
llenlen Aa nln
The Vlull mt gained for a short dls
tanoe but the llrltannla recovered lies
lead before reaching the Asrug boat
which alio passed two minutes twenty
Ave second ahead of the Vigilant
Parsing Cloch HgMhoueo the llrltannla
led by ihre minutes fitly seconds and
at tho Kllcraggln boat Ihe lead hod
been Inn sand to four minutes nrty
eight seconds The two yuchls crostel
the finishing line as ttllawst lirllsnna
0 14JJ4i Vigilant e 20 46 conrcquently
the llrltannla crorsed the line five
minutes fifty two seconds ahead of the
Vigilant and wllh her time allowanoi
of tluee minutes wins by 852
In tho race for the ten raters the
Anifrlcan bullt yacht Dskota was
beaten It was however only the aeo
fnd defeat out nt the twelve racea
In which Ihe Dakota haa taken part
Ihe Hula won
Itockdale Tex July The Gaxette
was premature In listing Milam coun
tys even voles In the Culberson col
umn While It Is probable that the re
suit of the county convention may so
settle tho matter the returns received
do not assure this beyond doubt This
pteclnct is almost a tl between Cul
hrson and Iuuhaiu with a feiv of
the voting boxes for Iteagan neat
No t the largest voting precinct In
the county Is solid for Itrsgan a pos
slhle two other beats thus making the
ultimate result doubtrul If Ijinlioms
strength goes tu Culberson tho latter
will havo the ccunty
Work on the Ilnpllst and Methodist
churches Is progressing and both
structures will soon be creditable edi
fices for any city
Clarendon Tex July 8 T J Mor
gan one of the oldest leltlers ot the
county and Justice of Ihe peace at
till lime of his death died last night
and was burled this evening with Ma
sonio honors
The American Hallway union of this
placa Is said to have lecclved orders
lo go out but refused so tu do A scab
brakemnn coming down from Trinidad
was hustled out of town In short or
der last night The north bound train
was held up until he could bo fur
nlshed transportation The hotels and
restaurants refused to feed him
THERE is but one
way in the world to be sure
the best paint and that
is to uie only a well established
brand of ttrtctly pure white lead
pure linseed oil and pure colors
The followinp brands arc stand
ard Old Dutch process and aro
always absolutely
Strictly Pure
White Lead
SouthcrnRcd Seal
If you want colored paint tint
any of the above strictly pure leads
with National Lead q0s p
White Lead Tinting Colors
ThrKcelers are sud ie eng fMad ctsi each
oa txIeisnlckntttlMsKitnJcritrlctly
ran Wkne te4 tha iltrsj bide lhty a Is
e erase rtxlr mlirf ealnu bus tsaUuika
f prrfeiv purs caWs la tba luadlat form to
tint strictly rare Wlm U4
Seat as a puoul card sa4 get cw set k ea
aiiSU and rUrsard free -
El Los Swh
Clark AvtBB uA Took feucelllt tsu

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