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vol xvni yo io
son Sewall k Co
ntllTOfi TEXAS
Itton factors
Bral stances made on cotton
Id w ui Mr prompt B le or to
I stencils and dally quotations
la application
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sent of ll o Aortliern lelflo
Waah Oct 7 A shocking
ot occurred about midnight In
aeorre C Chandlei emeriti
of tie Northern laclllo In thl
ii killed and several other ras
1 Injured Th car nas turn
on the Interstate fair erounda
ai crowded Chandl r and other
men were standing on tho trout
nu The wheels struck thecrosji
North Second street the axle on
jnl truck broke near the riKht
Xha car left the track and fell
left side Mr Chandler filt
laecar the heavy wood and Iron
cmihlnc liU head to a shapelofti
James OHrlen another passtn
ai forced down by the masH of
line passewcers Tho iron loof
car mashed his rleht leg The
J are
ta P OBRIEN deputy county
right lee mangled
1L lEAll left shoulder dlslo
SIDNEY real estate man hurt
SIDNET bruised and cut In
I places
THA IAOIITOH rendered In
Lnid cut about the head
I V IIOUTONS of Portland
y bruised
That Kentucky Tar
lis Ky Oct 7 The inectlnc nt
non today between the funding
ot Ca e > Mile and Wndto precincts
1 prtston of Davenport Iowa
olda the majority ot tho bonds
t the Iwu precincts was not
s ay a oik results A raetnDer
toard was Interviewed after the
ence and asked if any settlmtut
eng reached
icwhatever was the replyMr
nproposHl that tho pusint levy
n Caeeyvllle and 12 to In llndle
llnoy two and fle > r ars and
laiued at 4 per cent for tha ru
r to run for five j ears If desired
refused to cnteitnln this
Itlon Preston then proponed that
enacts settle nt 73 cents cash
> alio rejected Attorn y It
ton representee the board pro
ISO MO for CaseyMlle and about
for Lindle the amounts with
aiu added that reston Is said to
W tor the bonds Mr Preston
not airco to
tlili and snld 75
< li vss the best he could do
ves the matter In statu quo
w mil b0 made now bv tho
7 unknown but It Is the
tnnt they win proceed at once
tojnforce the collection
tender npcr
torkOct 7A tendon dispatch
mini paper says It Is generally
JJ known that tho fortune left
Count of rarls Is much less than
l ot lhe
frosent prclcn
Wca fam > < < not cx
Wyarly This may account
mrrjngements of
the partys
f0 r I idcrs have many
on an more
or lessrcostly
it economy has been to change
ii1 fDCet ln rarls >
e kly Issue
a Oct u the eventnif ses
national United Order of
it was oted to hold the
mention tit Indianapolis two
I Th2followlnS ° mcers were
f SSS nWter Jam a Need
f elphla deputy grand
iS Minneapo
SL Wlhon
lis i c H Brooks
I S0niya Irrand ulrectors
AS r n v M catin
° a Va J H IloIm
dam Oct 8 A dispatch to
ofKSLJ l blat from tlie
the li d Mataran the capl
trehtn il01 01 The troops
Wi25dw alargenum
Iviii Aw a ereat quantity
ifi11 JS Is fl > lnff over
j t cw fg have surrendered
uit8 nUtt
Q concluded at
I a an
iltUi Jor el C conctrned
hlAnl ott thare on AugUBt
i eii l 2nlne mllltarj ilred
w iIiJIlt for two jcar8
Ave m t0 months
4ttaJft one toJuth TbUb
cadquartera for Driss
ii and Silks Kid
iery Undeiwoar
ikj TI10 laigest stools
Carpetinga and House
nUhtnga in tho stato
ej guaranteed as low as
Mine olats of goodB can
ad ia any market
Tho Political Battle
About the Way the Tariff Hits Old
Will Aorr lie 8r ff ql Sen
Attain and Will D x t nt the
Old Stand OoT rnorly Js Culhcr
on It lt tnrn d to Au tla Where
the Speaker Are UjLl
Baltimore Md Oct 7 The Daltl
more Run corrcaponJ nt boa r < il t o
Now York aj h c tne up from qltrnn
ttno and carried tu Sir Wilson lhe 111 at
home news he hal receded for som
time Ilia ntttntlon ivas called to the
Suna report of the Bpocchea of Major
McKlnley commentlnt on the London
speech and the chamber of commerce
dinner lie read this attontUely and
putting1 down tho paper remarked
The beat answer to all this
la tho speech I dell ercd
and which Major McICJnley
la criticising If Major McKlnley la
rightly reported he has simply garbled
my speech by taking the flrBt part of
ttie sentence to twist It ln one and omit
tlnr the taBt ItaU which showed It could
not be so used I knen ully whatever
I might say on such an occasion would
bo thus garbled and falsely presented
to the American people by protectionist
speakers and papers and so I did what
I seldom do or June time to do dic
tated and gave reuters press a full and
accurate copy of my remai ks
In ad ance and which called
forth the long editorial In
the London Times the next day
from which Major McKlnley and his
followers may take all the comfort
they can draw I mean now that It lias
been so garbled to hae It published
ln full ard spread oer my district It
Is Just what I have been saylnif and
shall continue to say to my own pfrorle
I Tent abroad at my doctors suuges
tlon to shake off my unspeakable fa
tigue so as to take part as much as I
cpuld In the campaign In England I
islted friends at Oxford and Cam
Everybody belne tn London phrase
Out of Tnwn 1 aw few public men
The dinner tendered me wns I felt tco
great an honor to my country and in >
BClf to decline coming from tho com
mercial bodies of U S tCS
cepttd ffllc XCt f oirt not show
f spiW ciatl n of It better than speak
and exactly
ins as an Amerlcsn citizen
as I spoke rere at home In this I was
deceHed The speech was received by
which It
the audience In the spirit of
wa4 made and while many pwpi
moBt of them may have disagreed with
mi I round that mora than ono long
headed Bngllihman who agreed that
ur reduced tariff would mike us a
creat competitor ln the worlds market
and eventually regain for us our share
of the carrumc trade of th world
In London Mr Wilson pdM not the
slightest attention to politics and saw
out few public men except nt the cham
ber of commerce dinner The English
public men he said so far seem to
know but little of the new tariff and
he heard not many expressions on he
rule the
subject nut as a general
English people always favor anthing
t at will promote trade Mr Strauss
IK Interposed and declared that Mr
with characteristic n odest >
had tried hard to conceal himself and
Seep out of public notice but those
had learned of lthj
bus ness
prw nce In London and n M on Jj
hospitable The entertainers Mr
sratiss n added are the greatest mer
cnants of the world and the compli
ment paid to Mr Wilson was a tribute
To his distinguished ability and great
ih f
SpStatton which few
a patriot
Americans havi
received in a foreign
C ° repeated that he wMjrj
l Wilson the Republicans
well aware of what
wwldimlU of the incident but to
haTa refused It he said would have
Illbred churlish and cowardly
asked whether he had
Mr W son was
Investigation about trusts
made any
ln fdM not this time he replied but
when I wss ln England in 1SS9 I did
aal dlscured the subject n a sris
of article I wrote for the Bun at that
Urn Some ot those srtlcles were writ
ten from England Trusts as we know
in Great
cannot exist
them of couree
Britain Where the whole world Is free
Ji tome ln and compete no trust can
corner the market W i re ard to
coal Mr Wiuon tinflerstanfls that the
which formerly
English y
they Vn w e
wned the Nova Boytla
much pleased at getting rid of the
property rractienlly bunker coal was
In free list ln the McKlnley bill
Torelgn staamthlps tould and can buy
Nova Fcotla coal nt Jtoston New York
any other American port free of
duty and yet they prefer to buy the
Maryland and Virginia coal This fact
alone ought to do away with the scare
about th free coal
If yon should unfortunately be de
feated lor the house obtend Mr
Strain I have no doubt the people of
Wont Virginia will lnsiet upon putting
you in lhe senate
I much pr fr the house Mr V
on replied It a far greater and
more attractive Held Mr Wilson pro
onri to b gin bin ennvsss at once nut
tlnio l too short for him to go all over
the lanr district but he will do all he
can This work he says he enJ > y
McKlvlej Tnnr
fit Paul Minn Oct Twenty
speeches some of them quite short
were made between Det Mojnes a d
St Taul by Gov McKlnley today The
whole country semed to be out een
at the little stations where no stops
were madethe Inhabitants stood oirthe
platforma au1 cheered m th train
rolled by Stops were made as Et Do
rado Steamboat Hock Ackley Hamp
ton Sheffield Rockwell and Mason
City Junction Iowa Austin Blooming
Prairie Owatanla Talrbault Northi
Meld and rarmlngton Minn At Maaon
City Junction the last station in Iowa
the Minnesota Republican oommlttee
consisting of exOor Merrlam Mr Jo
seph A Wheeler editor of the Pioneer
Presi Mr John W Ooodnow and N
W Klngstey members of the Republi
can state committee and others took
Gov McKlnley in charge and accom
pmled him to St Paul At Austin
Uov McKlnley left the train and spoke
at some length at the the platform ot
the station to an audience of prob
ably 2UO0
It gives me pleasure he said to
meet the citizens of Minnesota and I
am especially glad to find the spirit
here that I found ln Maine two weeks
ago and that I have since found in
Kansas Nebraska and in Iowa and
epn in Democratic Missouri
The feeling of earnestness ln the pub
lie questions which are now engaging
public attention is a source of congratu
lation Wo might as well state the facts
of the situations If we let down the
bars If we go on reducing duties step
by step In the direction uf free trade
we are bound to reduce production at
home and If that Is done we reduce
wages and when that is done we have
deprived the American of tho b st cus
tomer he hoa
tfettral people at rarmlngton
cheered as the McKlnley special pass
ed and Insisted on having a speech
They told the governor that they were
all Democrats He snld goodnatured
that there were no Pw cratn how or
at an ftU wugnt not to be and was
gien respectful attention to tho close
when a gentleman stepped to the car
and presented Major McKlnley with a
bouquet on behalf of the Womans Re
lief Corps Particular emphasis was
given the word Major It was after
7 oclock when St Paul was reached
and CJoernor McKlnley was driven at
onca to the house of exOoernor Mer
rlam whose guest he will be during
his stay here The usual demonstra
tions were made A loud cheer was
riven when the Koernor was sigluted
In the depot and a mighty shout of
welcome was made when the carriage
reached Qoernor MerrUms residence
A torch light procession escorted the
governor to the auditorium which was
packed to the walH fully 000 people
being crowded into the building
Governor Merrlam introduced McKln
ley and spoke of hit public sen Ices In
terms of the highest praise Governor
McKlnley dell red a long speech de
otad ln tho main to a discussion of
the tariff and found an audience keen
ln appreciate and warm In approal
Mntiinchnvetti IIiiiIn
Boston Oct C The Massachusetts
Republican stato convention asHem
bted In Music hall today Ham T Win
slow acting as temporary chairman
Upon reporting a permanent organi
zation the committee stated through
Senator Hoar that Congressman Cogg
swell who had been selected for the
presidents place had sent a telegram
stating his doctors would not altow
hira to attend Therefoie President
Wins low1 was continued in the chair
as permanent president Curtis M
Guild Jr wa3 appointed to read Con
Kruaman Coggitweirs fiVeech which
he had written Senator Iloai a
chairman of the oommlttee on resolu
tion submitted tho following resolu
tion which was adopted
The prlnaljTC vovHt ATicans of
yiniTirtTii7trTM ara as well known as
ine csmmonwealth Itself well known
as liberty well known as justice
Chief among them arc An equal shaie
In government for every cltlxim bost
possiblo wages for every worklngmuu
the American market for American
labor every dollar paid by the govern
ment buth the gold and silver dollars
of the constitution und their paper
representatives honest and unchung
ing ln value and equal to every other
butter Immigration laws better natur
alization laws no tramp anarchist
ctlmlnat or pauper labor to bo 1 < H in
that citizenship shall not be atained
or polluted
Sjmpathy with liberty and Republi
can government ut home and abroad
Americanism everywhere the Hag neer
lowered nor dishonored no surrender
in Batnua no bnrbarous queen In Ha
waii no Ijnchlng no punishment with
out trial faith kept with the pension
era no deserving old soldier tn the poor
house suppresson of dram making and
dram selling public school free from
partisan or sectarian rule No distinc
tion of birth on religious creed ln th
rights of American citizenship clean
politics pure admnlstratlon no lobby
ists reform of old abuses leadership
among loftier paths mlndi ever open
to tho sunlight and ever open to new
truths and new duty as the new years
bring their lessons
Senator Lodge after some routine
business had ben transacted moved
the renomlnatlon by aclamatlon ot Gov
ernor V T Greenhalge The motion
was adopted and a similar one was
tnkMi as to Lieutenant Governor Rob
ert Walcott William M Orinwas nom
inated by acclamation for secretary of
the commonwealth Henry M Phillips
for treasurer an receiver general John
W Kimball for auditor and M M
Knowlton for attorney general Gov
ernor Greenhalge was Introduced and
addressed the convention
Denton Pops
Denton Tex Oct CThe Populist
executive committee of Denton coun
ty will meet In called session ln this
city on next Saturday the 14th In
Dr W M Browder Popullnt can
didate for congress from this district
will be present and addrtss the com
Oklahoma Democrat
Oklahoma City O T Oct fl At the
Democratic convention held here to
say Colonel J W Johnson of Okla
homa City was nominated for the coun
cil and O W R Chinn of Oklahoma
City ond John L Mltcl of Edmond
for representative No platform was
Troctor Tex Oct Itons C K
Bell and C H Jenkins itpok here
last night to a Urge and appreciative
audience Mr Bell o tcd tie deblte
The race will be very close in this
county They spealc at Lawkln to
Ioot ft JfeinlDntlons
New Orleans Oct 6 Returns so far
received from the primary elusions
held today indicate the nomination of
Ogden In the Fourth and Robertson in
the Sixth district fer congress
Itepnbllca AdArc ea
lUUsboro Tex Oct To the n
publkxaa Votsrs at Johnson Ellis and
Hill Counties the Same Eelng the
Tenth Senatorial District Knowing
that the time to cm your vote Is
near at hand I appeal to > ou all as
notdlers upon the battlefield to tramp
boja tramp
We as a party have placed a ticket
la the UM as our chairman has said
We have thrown down the gauntlet
and the fight Is on The strength of
our party will be measured by votes
we cast for our ticket this tall
I appeal to you upon the ground ot
Republicanism to rtnch out vour arms
to the support of that giand old party
that gives prosperity peace and hap
piness to tho laboring man and gives
equal protection to all
County and pigrlnct chairmen I ask
you to assist me In my efforts to
upbuild our grand old p rty Reach
out our arms to tho limit ot your
county and precincts and bring the
wanderers bick home
I farther attk the voters or this
district to start the ball to rolling for
jour time Is near at hand Use your
best Judgment about your county can
didates but hold to your staff rust
upon It
Chairman of Tenth ssratorlal Dis
CoDBreumnu Wllion Tntkn
New York Oct C After a stormy
passage the American line steamer
New York arrived at her dock lr Li
city Amoiur > paweiisers were Mr
4d Z ro George J Gould and family
Congressman W L Wilson Congress
man Isador Strauss Henry Abbey A
C Cannetd Phillip Schuyler W S
and Norman Crump of Philadelphia
and many other well known people
After breakfast Mr Wilson and Mr
Straus took seats on tho Camperdoun
and talked with un Associated Press
reiwrtcr Both of them aekM eagtfily
for political news and scanned the
newspapers carefully Mr Wilson In
teply to several queRtlons said I
feel fully recovered from my recent Ill
ness and have enjoved my trip very
muoli Coming back we had very
rough weather and I think 1 enjojed
the storm as I did not lose a meal dur
ing tho trip
Tho speaker looked quite well In
deed his eyes shone brightly Speak
ing of his trip he snld I did not go
over to talk tariff but I met a num
ber of leading financial and business
men ln London last week at the Cham
ber of Commerce I spoke to thim
then and said the no v tariff bill was
not made to suit thcm but to suit
Americans My speech wm reportM
fairly well ln the London Tlmei und
were cabled over hete and I have
nothing to add to them The British
will have to look to ui when wo let
In free raw material when we still
command supremacy tn manufactures
our merchant marine will be restored
and our merchants will appear In neu
tral markets
What do > ou think of th result In
Georgia and the gain of the Populists
wtis nkcd by the reporter
Well na I have only Just heard
about It replied Mr Wilson I can
net give any opinion at the present
time I am going right home and
wU begin my canvass at once That
will bo a teat of my health being
lnpioved as I am going to work very
i WM i
Itt rulltlrl Un
Attanta Go Oct 7 W fl Glenn
recently a candidate for the Demo
cratic nomination of attorney general
of Georgia challenged George Bronn
and the latter declined to fight Brown
Is solicitor general of the Blue Ridge
circuit and a nephew of ccUnlted
States aenator Brown Glenn and
Brnwn are both prominent lawyers und
poll Lie I a as Two lears ago Olonn
and hla pirtner C I Maddox pre
ferred charges of malfeasance lnnfree
against Brown and secured a legisla
tive Inveatlgallon Brown was exoner
ated Ever since Uien there has been
a bitter feud between them Brown
publlshd ovtr his signature a sevue
letter In the Constitution reflecting on
aienn and Maddox Maddox replied
In kind Nothing was heard from
Oienn until > esterday when he made
public the comflpondencu which he
had with Brown
He first Invited Brown to go out
of the stale to some point where tho
correspondence could be renewed
Brown asked for two weeks to fill his
engagements In court At the explrt
tlon of that time h refused to go
outstdo the state stating he did not
believe ln duelling He wrote Glenn
that he would be at the Kimball hou e
all jesterday and the Inference was
that If Glnn wantM satisfaction he
could get It by hunting Wm up Glenn
replied Uiat he did not want to eng
danger Innocent peopl Gtonn pub
lished the correspondence and there
to rest
the matter la likely
Th r Ar Mlird
Iowa Park Tex Oct I Hon J V
Centre Maj Cobb and Judgo Dyeus
addressed tho people ef this ptoce
last night All made a good Impression
especially Coekrell and Cobb You will
remember that the Jumbo district fail
ed to make any nominations conse
quently Cookrell Dean and Cobb are
ln the race for congreni Cobb advo
cated a call for a convention in order
to concentrate the party and prevent
possibility of a third party man being
elected His argument on this point
was very strong He charged Coekrell
with being responsible for the refueil
to call another convention Judge Dy
cus made a very good speech advo
cating his claims for the district Judge
ship The people here are badly mixed
In 1helr views regarding the congres
sional race Cobb and Coekrell speak
tonight at Wtchlta rails
Lyman Trumbull 1mI <
Chiealgo Oct 8 Jurtge Lyman
Trumbull tonight add eased an au
dience composed ot the adherents of
the Populist party The speaker con
fined Idmsrlf almost entirely to econo
rnlc questions He declared himself
against tho tronsmlsfchn by Inherit
ence of large fortunes such as the
Gould and Vanderbllt fortunes He
declared a law should be passed for
bidding this All fortunes over 12000
000 should go to the people Although
he declared himself out of the Demo
cratic ranks some days h tonlrht
upoko warmly of Major Hopkins ot
ISnvnrro lUiiiiWlcnn
Co Ml can u Tex Oct 6 The Davis
faction of the Republican party In
this county met at the city hall this
morning for tho purpose of Indorsing
one of the county tickets and also
indorsing for district offices and for
congressmen Davisthe chairmanruled
that all Republicans could part id pats
In the proostdiogs and the Nlchol fao
jioacabtarod be caavtatton and when
ri J sinfr
a motion wan mode to Indorse the
Populist ticket from tfongrtM down the
Nichols party stormed the convention
and broke It up in a row Those of
the Davis contingent who wen for the
Populist ticket announced that they
would hold a convention at 3 oclock
tor the purpose ot Indorsing tho tick
et Frank Thomas was elected chair
man and Buir llarle secretary A mo
tion wai made and carried that the
convention lndorso the Populist dis
trict and county ticket
iiogar nt coa iociie
Nacogdoches Nacogdoches Co Tex
Oct 6 Gjv Hogg was met at the
depot this morning by prominent citi
zens and brass bands He was driven
to Major W P Minis residence ln
the private carriage ot the mayor and
at 11 a m they drove through town
and out to the city park followed
by the blggost crowd ever seen here
estimated at over 2000 At the pork the
governor and prominent citizens oocu
pled the larg stand surrounded by
seats beneath the dense shade Judjpj
George P lngralmm Introduced the
governor After referring to the his
toric recollections of Nacogdoches and
tho fact that hts father once lived
here and held divers honors under this
people he made an excellent speech
lHmpitAiia PolltloH
Lampasas Tox Oct 6 Hon A J
Baker Democratic nominee for cam
< = Wkner < thg general land olllce
poke here to a fair aadlencA His
speech was well received and made
a govd Impression He discussed the
tariff question at length and clearly
demonstrated In that connection that
It was the evil effects of protection
that concentrated tho money In the
< nt and not the neatcity of the cir
culating medium that cauied hard
times ln the south His entire spevth
wns straight sound Democracy
Hon Horace Chilton is billed to
peach here tonight and u large at
tendance will be present to hear him
ltt > Kt > lnr DcmncrntM VV un
Jacksonville ria Oct 7 Judge R
M Cull refused to make permanent
the temporary Injunction granted the
Straightout DemocrnUi ristialnlng
the returning board from canvassing
and certlfjlng the result of Tuisda > i
election In this cHv The board ac
cordingly canvaV A the returns and
oertllltHl to the election of the entlio
ticket of tho regular Democratic fac
Ileiitocrtilti AkhImI Ilillntiiii
Washington Ot 61114 Intetsuto
Democratic association co npiised iiilu
ly of ofllco holders fi ioJ a r9 > 1utl < m
tonlUit ctedfchig il him rs tn refrain
from riding on lni jh when they
go to their horn o nti at thi fill
11fttIons Spcvhen een iiJuj the
attitude of the Pulmia cuupjiny to
wards Its woiknitii writ made
IlipulUt lriui
Atlanta Ua Jot i l he cmsilldarid
vote of last Wtlnntla s election t > < s
Atkinsons majority to be 26 000 The
lest ot the ntuto ticket nets over
30thh toaUviMj 1lie Democrats
ij zzv a majority of
K In the houat ivd Ti in mo T Mtitc
Contests hnve wUuJJu lVfi A ti
tles lliey co jtiii o fnu Jihl th
Democrats charge thit the Populist
repeated In su eiil count It a
III It Ilriilfirrittlit ltHll
Quitman Tex Oct 6 Hon It M
Cite and Colonel R N Stafford aro
heading the biggest Democratic rally
that Wood county has ever known
here today The tables groaned un
der their weight 3000 fed and enough
left for fully that many mote
The line of march will be headed
for four different points In the coun
ty on next Saturday Yanlis Rock
Hill Pino Mills rind Common Ridge
Cumimlun In Puiinlit
Bonham Tannin Co Tex Oct C
Yesterday tho Democratic campaign
committee met at the otllco of tho
county haltman and made about sev
tnty appointments for public speaking
In tho county to take place within tho
next ten or tlft n days Titro wilt be
speaking by Democratic orators at
nearly every school house In the coun
Yoakum lik llriitlerson
Athens Henderson Co Tex Oct 5
Hon C II Yoakum of Hunt county
Democratic nominee of tho third con
gressional district has been making
a canvaia of this county this week
He has had large crowds at each ap
pointment both day and night He
waa met nt soveral places by J M
perdue the Populist candidate for con
llriiibllottti split
Navasota Tex Oct 7 The Republl
can congressional convention split one
faction declaring Burroughs Populist
endorsed and the other nominating L
E Dunn as a straight Republican can
didate This will Increase Hutchinsons
Culbnnon nt Illnok Jack
Black Jack Tex Oct 7 Colonel
D B Culbersbn spoke hero last night
In the Baptist church to a large and
appreciative audience A good many
Populists were out to hear him
ItroiTii Accept
New York Oct C Hon Charles V
Brown who was today nominated to
be Judge of tho court of appeals has
Cuttiersou at A <
Austin Tex Oct 7 Mr Cutberson
returned to Austin today and will leave
tonight for North Texas where e con
tinues his campaign
Otfilen > ouilnnled
New Orleans Oct 7The Indications
at midnight are that Ogden has carried
the fourth district It will probably
require the ofllclal count to decide
CnlbsrnoBlJuTt 1 > I m
Sulphur Springs Tex Oct 7 Con
gressman D B Culberson and Cy
clone Davis met In Joint debate at
fculphur Bluff this county Saturday
Thrr Uut If
Paris Tex Oct 7 Chairman Dud
ley was busy yesterday sending out
10600 copies of Culbersons famous Go
liad speech
Cnlkernon t Weltanr
Weimar Colorado Co Tex Oof
Hon C A Culbsrson spok her this
CnUntd n Stad fAK
t W
Ho is Reading a Library of
Boundary Books
Quarreling Over a Valuable Pieco
of Land
the Aetr Projectile I n > d Uy Our
PotrilerM IttirN Irurftil W irk Tenr
luic the rirs > h fur Pour lnrhus
Around the ittrniire ut tliv Unit
nkbluutui Vn
Washington Oct 7 President Cleve
land is expected to glvo his decision as
arbitrator of tho Imiwrtant boundniy
dispute between Hrueil and tho Argen
tine Republic soon after bis tt tun
fiotu B ii wards Bay Baron Rlo
Brnnco special envoy from Brazil uc
cumpanlcd by n largo suite la now
awaiting the decision Tho ase lias
been In Mr Clevelands hands for eight
months mid the articles or arbitration
provides that the decision nttit bo
made within a jtitr It la being looked
for almost any day The limit txplr n
Icbiuury 10 but as Mr ClttvtWnd will
be busy with congress and puhllc if
fnlis soon after his return ho is xpi > ct
ed to dlsiwse of the arbitral Ion ques
Hon before taking up domestic affairs
It la understood that he has made the
arbitration his apodal study during
working hours at Buzzards Bay this
summer It la a very complicated pa e
the brief ot Baron RloRranco filling
several Urge volumes while the maps
old tienttes etc and the briefs of Dr
Kehattott tho Argentine minister make
a fair sized library Mr Cleveland has
not turned this mass of dooumsnts over
to the Flute department but has under
taken personally to go thrmiitli It and
unravel the dispute It Is a selfim
posed task which the prevhlsnt does
out of courtesy to the southern repub
lics and ln extent of Interest involved
nnd legal complications It is as lnrgn
ns any case pending In the Unlttd
States supreme court Mr Clev elands
decision will nettle tho question
whether the eastern boundary of Ar
gentine remains as usually given on
the maps or Is extended by a wedg
shaped prnjoctlfm olmist to the At
Inntlo const If Argentine gains this
strip It will have a considerable effect
an southern business aJtwtl almost
sver tho great state of Rio Grande
du Sul from upper Biaxll the remain
ing portion being a evry nnrimv po
nlnsulu compared with Hie wldlh of
Brazil On the other hand It will give
Argentine a narrow stretch f land ex
tending from the north to within forty
leagues ot the Atlantic Mr Cleve
lands coming decision Is nwnllod with
great Interest by tho southern cnvo > s
as It means much tq the strategic
strength of the two countries More
over tho disputed territory la Itself
very valuable for Its mineral and agri
cultural resources It emhrnu > H 11821
square miles with towns and villages
having a population of 07K must of
them Rrarlliaus Mr Clev elnndM arbi
tration Is the result of a treaty mude
when Horn Pedro was emperor of Bra
zil It has taken since then to make
the mvvejs and present the ense and
Mr Clevelands decision will closo th
long controversy He Is obliged under
the treaty to clve all the disputed ter
ritory to Brazil or Argentine so that
there is no opportunity for ft compro
mise which will satisfy both partus
Vxrmlli Turk
Washington Oct 7 Ouptojn H Q
Gale of the Fourth cavalry acting su
perintendent of the Yosemlte National
Park California hus submitted his re
port to the secretary of the Interior Ho
says there ait many misunderstand
ings owing to lhe private ownership
or land In the park It would be wise
he believes for the government to pur
chase the timber land In the park and
thinks It would be advisable for a
commission to be appointed to appraise
all land owned by private parties and
learn If It could be secured lame In
the park Is on th Increase and larger
wild animals make their presence felt
Forest fires havo not been ot any
magnitude He thinks the droppings
from the trees should be burned every
year because If allowed to accumulate
It would be disastrous Th report rec
ommends a reduction In the site ot the
park by withdrawing the mining and
agricultural lands and advocates the
adoption ot natural Instead of artificial
twundary lines The reduction ot the
size would throw out about twenty
townships and leave the balance of
the park almost wholly In possession
of the government Captain James
Parker Fourth cavalry acting super
intendent of the Sequoia and General
Grant National Patks reports to the
secretary the condition of these na
tional reservations showing what has
been done In protecting them He says
there are ureot demands by the sheep
mtxi for pasturage on these reserva
tions Ho considers the policy of
making forest reiervatlons a good one
and suggests the extension cf these
national parks to Include the land tie
tween the forest reserves and the purks
and also to take In a part of the forest
reserves More roads are needed ln the
II Kills llfght > Ioir
Washington Oct 7 When the war
department decided to abandon thr
old heavy caliber Springfield rifle and
arm the troops with the KragJjrgen
on small caliber repeating rifle It
was predicted by the adherents of the
old arrrt that the new wea4oon would
disappoint Its friends In ft lack of
destruetlv powers H would tl ey ad
mitted have a greater ran e but
the small steet bolt projectile it was
asserted would bore ft clean hole
through a mans body hat would not
bt as fatal as the large wound la
fijeted by tlis tyg lead Bpriagfteld bul
wnunia 11 n MAD IE A MISTAKE i
lie ftrcniM to think ilii > t nl the CaIV j
Ho look tli t liltfhval prl
There 1 nu further rnll l r him
III aund la adtertUa
Itut thu l nhrrc tw make ntlatnke
The f + llon hf Wfiinj
For urn ha doesnt ndYerdte t
Why 11 one knnm tie won
Detroit tribune
let Now nil this prediction has been
die proven by experlmenta made by
the medical staff of the German army
and reputed by our bureau of Informa
tion The terrible destructive effects
ot the new weapon appear atrlklnly
set out In thli report It is said that
the wounds inflicted by the small bore
bullet notwithstanding Us diminutive
else Is highly destructive owing to
Its high speed of rotation which causn
the tissues Htruck to be torn within
a radius of four Inches There are
many old veterans carrMng Kprlngfleld
bullets in their bodies but of the new
rlne th report ztjn Up to 600 yanli
a bullet strlktng the nw < c or abd 1
means death prom CC0 to JCOO yards
almost a mile mo it serious and ln
many coaea fatal results nro certain
to he inflicted Bo ond moo yards tho
injuries caused rcsemblo thone InIIlet
ed by tho round bullets which were
ln use before ISd Our army officers
felt they had progressed to the lineof
safe practice when they adopted the
caliber 7C2 iiilllmeters or 0 3 ot an Inch
for their rlile tu 1H 2 and they were
disposed to criticise the navy depart
ment when It went beyond them nnd
still further reduced the caliber of
their rlHea to C mllimcters or 02S4
Inches only a trifle larger than a
S2 caliber pocket pistol But now In
the la t report they concede that the
tendency of the best authorities nhows
to bo toward a stilt am niter caliber
some iHoresslonal men asaertlntt even
that the caliber should never he larger
than 8 6 iiilllmeters One reavfa X < < a
reduction of caliber of tho greatext
value for military purposes U shown
by the new navy rllle which will shoot
point blank up to 725 > ard < This
meins that at nny distance within two
fifths of n mlh the men can shoot nr
curately without any allowance r ir
the dropping of the Millet nnd are
thus telle veil from the nccMitty ot
adjusting their sights for eoeh range
ainre Hot oprlimi
Washington Oct 7 The report of
William J Little superintendent ot
the Hot Hprlnga Reservation In Ar
kansas was that the condition of that
tvsort Is excellent He recommends the
sale of one hundred and llftyslx lots
still owned by the government
that the proceeds be di voted
to improvements about tho springs
Two springs have been discoverd dur
ing the Mr but the superintendent
docs not think that this adds to the
volume of water as It formerly reached
the aurrace In other springs He in
tends to have these sprlnas uncovered
so that visitors can see the hot wat r
coming out of the ground All othr
springs are arched orr and enrusrd
Counterfeiter 4rretei
Washington Oct 0 Chief Ha n f
the United Stales sec rat arivU ii
received a telegram announcing itt > i
rest at Ray CUv Mich or lln nl t i
Block lhe noted counterfeit1 i l >
Is fnld to huvn mndo four > i di
geroua counterfoils bearing trw k > h t
graphic hi ml which bus caufid t >
officers much truuble it in regardi J 4
a very Important nrrest Block was Oie
leader ot the gang who u tew months
ago broke Jnlt In Milwaukee and ei
caped In a yacht New counterfeit U
notes Jacksons portrait have been
discovered It Is printed from n poorly
executed wood cut nnd tinted on tin
bark In green
llie Cleveland
Buzzards Bay Mass Oct 7JVh
Clevelands tvero tonight uitcrtaiot 1
un the yacht of J Malcolm Benodwi
Towards evening Mr Cleveland Mr
Benedict and young Mr Benedict
walked to Joe Jeffersons house to
bid farewell to Mr and Mrs Jeffer
son who left tonight for Chicago It
wns reported that Secretary Lament
whs at Gray Gables tonight but this
could not bo verified It was also re
portod that Secretary Grtaham had
purchased land at Nobs Gusset beach
where ho summered In 1BIC for the
purposo of building a rotlngo
Imv rn IlUltnrrril
Washington Oct C William T
Hutchlns of Wichita Kan and M
T 8 Rice ot Mutton 111 have been
disbarred from practicing before the
patent ofllce
IjiiKtlaliiitiH Arrested
New York Oct 7 Hubert P Allen
a financier of Brighton England thu
manager of the land and property In
vestment syndicate of America who
have office at Nos IDS and 167 Can
non street London was arrested yes
terday morning by central ofllce de
tectives and arraigned this morning
In the tombs police court
The arrest was made on a telegram
from Chief of Police Frederick John
boii or Des Moines Iowa charging
Allen with obtaining 1600 from D B
Lyons uf Dea MoIikh on false pre
tsnattM Die company of whiuh Allen
is the manager waa organized for the
purpose of Interesting English capital
In American loans Allen who came
here from Omaha about two weeks
ago was about to sail for England
yesterday He was arrested ln his
room at the Fifth Avenue hotel yes
terday He admitted his Identity and
said there must bo some mistake He
ctharactttrized his arrest ai malicious
and if anything an attempt to settle
a civil matter by criminal proceedings
The amount b la charged with steal
ing was he alleges given to him for
preliminary expenses No claim had
been made on him by Lyons and hts
arrest was the first Intimation he had
of the lalters dissatisfaction He will
have a further examination tomorrow
A TUAtilO nu Am
Brags Ulmaelf Plv Sllles Willi si
llrukvu l < ir
Ban Antonio Tox Oct 7 Allen
Ktorrls a well known citizen of Mar fa
met with a traglo death yesterday
He was traveling ln a remote section
p Presidio county when hla horea
threw him and broke his leir He
dragged himself for five miles and
went three days without food or water
He was unable to find a habitation
and to end ills suffering h shot him
self ihrcugh t > ie head with a pistol
Before Committing the deed ho wrote
a not desorlblng the accident and
hts suffering 111 body with his note
upon him was found last evening
Th > Flr t Norther
The weather has been cool enough to
keep meat from spoiling very bad In
tho open air for several nights past
Last night the temperature changed
earlier than usual on account of a
stiff breeze from the North lad > n
with the Mr oft breath of a blizzard
which Is doubt lens making1 Icebergs In
a l genial clime than Texas
Waather Koreans
Waahlngtou Oct 7 For ISasten
Texaa fair colder aorta swta4a
> v > j

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