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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, January 22, 1895, MAILABLE EDITION., Image 6

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151 m > UT V
< < J 10
r 1111 >
Market liKnnllTlie
Ltlouey 1
share spccu
rk J n 21The
the stock exchange
for the week dull and lieavy
opening dealings there were
al n declines recorded A quick
Allowed In the general list
8Sc sold
r which had reacted
per cent Trading was ery
d the market continued firm to
until 11 30 oclock when ft do
Shortly before 2
ouncement was made through
Associated Tress
jlum of the
that the United mates su
cVurt had decided the sugar
of the trust There
M In fa r
hujing In the stock during
rain in anticipation of the
favorable decision and
g of a
fait established there
mil to i all profits In cxpecta
nnetlng Hh a good bujlng
ni Tlie expected purchasers
Wevel l
illlne of support fell t S8c
ilthln Mo ° lw low > lni ° t
Mow he final
niiE and Mo
Saturday II ports were tt
rrom Chicago of a decline In
of both grain and pro
which together wit 1 the fall
car to respond to the decision
Jor caused a g neral depres
Ee coalers were most seriously
there being mi additional
to sell those stocks on Hie
I trouble In the coal combine
lion continued ncak to the close
Anal sales show losses on the
zing from 1S to 2 l2o Lake
lined 2 and Tennessee coal
l the grangers 388J5S Tin ex
to the general list distilling
8 per cent higher than Hatur
st sales London was a seller
age Bhares in the early hours
Union Ia
a small bujer of
lond market was stagnant and
luring the morning but in the
a firmer tone
I and thero was ft slight in
n the dealings Total Bales
only aggregated 673OO0
fin Un mid IliiniU
> ork Jan 21 Stocks and bonds
i follows
Sla i i registered115 38
Mati 3 li coupon 11S 12
Jitates ts registered 113
Ititates 4s coupon 113 14
litotes 2s leglstered 97
0 < 100
41 CO
i sec nd A 10 18
Padllc Is of 113 WO 78
d Itlo Orando 7s 115
d lUo Orandi 4s 81
Harrlsburg and San
Hhj C 91
llarrlsburg and San
7s 100
i and Texas Central 51 103 7S
3 and Tex St lit a Ci 101 12
Kansas and Texas
81 12
Kansas and Texas
14s 48 11
and Iron Mountain gen
78 12
I and San Tranclsco een
101 12
ml Iaclfle Is
nd Iacifie 2s
raclftc Is of 90
Biore 4s
17 Stocks West
and Alt n
Burilns n Qulncy
Oil Cirullates
s and Hudson
atern preferred
ide We8tein
Lai kaw anna ic Wsn 101
Itlo Brando preferred 34 12
S fame Teeders Co 10 J4
eilrai 88
and Texas preferred 22 C8
la and aihllle
Ta Ifii
1 Im I l
PaciflL preferred
133 C8
C3 34
23 38
3 12
17 18
95 31
22 3t
11 78
10 38
ci ls
1 CO
preferr d lis 12
finery 89 38
e C041 and Iron 14 34
id Iaeinc 9 14
states iprcss 43 13
Bt Louis Pacific ft
St Louis Pacific ptd 14
irgo Hxpross 10C
Union 87 t4
and Itlo Crande 10 14
and Texas Central 2 C
nnd llivlinnge
i ork Jan 21 Money on call
Per cnt last loan 1 closed at
nt prime mercantile paper
Per csnt Sterling exchange
lth actual business In bank
at 14o9lf489 14 for demand
14 a 18s 14 for sixty daps
s iCIU 12SJ489 and
4 J Commercial bills 14 S7
ptr Bllver 59 34c Mexican
11 Uic
Fnlea of SlocUs
fork Jan 21 The total sales
f today weie 110000 oharcs iw
5an 8ugar 27100
14101 Chleaco Qas uooo Gen
84CO Louisville and Nash
New Jersey Central 5OO0
tern 3900 Heading 4400 St
Union Pacific 6700
Price of Uoltl
1 Jan 21 < lold Is at
ye today at
2E2 Madrid
win M h i Be poteisburg
i 77 Itome 10505 Vienna
SUer anil llumla
is fi SlSilver certifl
Government bonds
1 lnac < 1e a
ids firm
lorlt ClearliiEs
balances rnank 3130225 clearings
ue oo Ltv stoelr
i foi Jf 21 Igher prices
grades of cattle The
1 in k
butehers stuff was not
W r to choice steers
rem 10 to
20 cents high
h losing days of last
i MllnK
t < brought
a m
and el There was u
th JZ P1 frees and the
L iiiy
basis of 1225
d tn > i extra > w Bni1
common to
lh h
ant market weio
r Pts fully cqual
were ° n l point of numbers
not balaw the average of
recent Monday In quality Th best
of the lieavy weights brought ii 45
nnd prime light sold around 1415 The
range at which most of the business
was done however was J42504 40 for
4 10 for lighter weights
The sheep and lamb receipts were
very moderate today and aa a cons
quence the feeling was firm in spite
of t rather light demand Sheep were
saleable at 12 oofflj SB for poor to ex
tro and the rango of quotations for
lambs was J 7304 to though fancy
quality was quoted as high iih SI 60
n PJCattlc 11500 calves 400
nogs 45000 sheep 11000
St Louts Ihf stock
St Louis Mo Jan 21 Cattle Re
ceipts 2300 shipments 2000 Market
active and Btrong and loe higher
fh pln toor extreme range
I3uat10 stockera 1176S225 feed
ew MO 330 fed Texas and Indian
steers extreme range 38100 grass
steers J225ffi330 grass cows liBOJp
Hogs neeelpts 3400 shipments 2300
Market active and steady aood heavy
Sheen Ilecelpls 400 ahlpmentsnonc
Market strong at recent figures
Kunna Cltr IW Sloek
Kansns City Mo Jan 21 Cattle
Itecclpis 4J0O shipments 2100 Market
slow but steady Texas steers 30050
375 Texas cows J17C02ED steers
11 754O0 beef steers 33253505 na
tle cows J1COW3C0 Blockers nnd
feeders 12CSB3C0s bulls 12 0W832
Sheep ltecelpts 3100 shipments
500 Market steady
Red as thy hrroea Hood thine orient bel
lllue as their aluro esrb thy cloudless fcklpsl
Their ellvry awords as white the stars that
To rrown thine eye with quivering ecatasyl
Our banners hues the colors of tho free
Live in thy iorlia elbtho thee with their
Faith Hope and Lots theHoulafalr trinity
Lend thy aoft vesture litavna Immortal oycal
Who rants of creeds Thy charter beara tlitt
Of Catliolle martyrs for thy birthright slain
Tliy bulwark In dark days wasCatholloetecl
Thy very stronchold Calhollo brawn and
Shall blcots now impugn our loinltyt
Forbid Colambtal VTe are lal to tlieel
Eleanor 0 Donnelly in Doualiooa Magazine
Uow She Waa Entertained by a fjnaint
Old Scotchwoman
Ono autumn dtynn old woman while
bually engaged in plcxing up firewood In
the wooda adjolntug Mar Lodge became
nwnro of a lady qulto young as elio
thought boclonlng hcrtoapproach Vltli
truo TScottifili liidlfTcreuco she however
hcfdtatul to do GO for 1 JUt tocht it wad
bo tho luetics o rife tho old lady ex
plained and 1 was thinking elio mlcht
ns well coiuu to mo ns I to her This In
deed the young lady who as It happen
ed was not tho duchoan but tho Princess
of Wales herself soon did Her rojnl
lilgbncas was tiio llrat to commenco tho
conversation by tho somewhat characters
tlo Inquiry
Doyou think 1 loik llkon grandmoth
er Deed no I thocht 30 wus htr
was tho old vvomans reply pointing to
tho Duchess of rife who nt that moment
Joined htr mother The prlncesB smiling
nt this nrtloss trtlmto to her still wonder
fully voutbful oppoarnnce after u little
further conversation took out her purso
nnd offered a pleco of filter to tho old
woman lhls wns Kindly ncceptcd for
Mrs Mcll although widely known In
Ilracmnr ns a decent old body Is not
nbundnntly hinted with this worlds
goods Utit nlas when hiiu cseujed ta put
nwny tho coin the pocket which proved
refractory as pockets will had twiated
round somehow and In fact could not
bo found
With chnrmliE courtesy tho prlnwss
nasMeil her huniblo nrqual itanco to find
It mid thrti lifted tho bliudlo of sticks
which hnd been placed for tho moment on
tho ground on to tho old womans shoul
derB nnd with a cheery Guodhy nc
companleil by n bright nod and a smile
left her lcrhapatho best part of thlswcll
authenticated Btory was tho remark of ilie
old lady who by tho way was not In tho
least ovcrcomo by tho condescension of
royulty Tho princess was real holpful
and bonnjllkc Liverpool Mercury
pelf Ilepcuden c
A man must liavi u rcscivo of character
and purroso
To tho good man ru hana can come be be
allro or dead
IoinUEt havo a reserve of reputation
Let others think well of us it will help ua
to think well of ourselves No man is froo
who has not his own good opinion A man
will wear ft clean couaclcncc ns ho would
n clean shirt If ho knows his neighbors
expect It of him Ho mu t have a reserve
of love nnd this la won by tlo service of
ethers Ho that brings suiialilno Into tho
lives of others cannot keep It from him
self Ho must form the tics of family
and friendship that havingsomelhlng at
stako In tho goodness of tho world ho will
do komcthlng toward making tho world
really good
When ovory American citizen has re
serves Uko bese ho has 10 acul to beg for
epcclol favors All ho asks of legislation
Is tint it keep out of Ms way Ho do
mnnda no form of special guardianship or
protection Ho can pay ru ho goes The
to Of
man who cannot has no go
all forms of greed I ho greed for froo
lunches tho deslro ta get something for
nothing Is tho most demoralizing and In
tho long run most dangerous The Dag or
freedom has never floated over n nation of
deadheads David Starr Jordan In Popu
lar Sdonco Monthly
Hob Itoy the mlUnlliroplat
During roorothnn 10 ears John Mao
Clrcgor Hob Rojlwasuareat oxemplaro
tho boH sort of philanthropy There wn
some narrowness perhaps bigotry In M
rollglous creed but none whatever In h a
practice Ho was a man of considerable
art 1and
attainments In literature science
mule Above all ho wasn bo 11 ndven
ns his voyages In his Hob Hoy
cS testify and U the profits that he
obaled fron hi bookand lectures wore
char tleac larltioa of
handed over to
the beat sortIn which he W04 Interested
Iy lecturing lone ho earned and thus
roUed ilftCOO and having set himself to
coHect t p r afttr 1 his h health ° r
during several jearB
to fall until tho total had been
had oMtt
Dying In 1893 at the ago of 07
TOChed rccird of itcady heroism end of
ta Icfl >
which Is almost
real sorvlcs to his fellow men
most unique Academy
Tlisckerais Veraea on Dr JtcCoab
seera to have forgotten
Most persons
alinsloa In verae to Dr JIo
Thackerays WliM discusaion over the doctors
to the of
appointment headship
tors college llelfast was at Its height
Eera7wroVo In hlscharacterlltlolrlah
purporting to bo by the bud
brosu poem 15 Tho
0 jdartcr Mollo Mellon aged
stania runs
1 tb of tault d0 U
J ±
Corn nuil Ont WViik ntiil lruoilntc
Ml Dar Oat 8coml u ew Low
Murk rrovUloiiH In Sjruuintby l llh
< rnln lell Awny
Chicago Jan 21 It was a sad day
for the bulls In tho board of trade mar
kets Wheat broke on general liquida
tion and closed 1 C8c lower for May
The Dngllsh markets were weak Liv
erpool stocks of wheat Increased 185
000 bushels during last week The de
crease In the visible supply was only
10211000 bushels and the amount on
ocean passage becoming known about
the same time and showing an In
crease of > o000 bushels the selling
was renewed with the lesult that an
other amait fraction was knocked oft
tho pievlous lowest price At 57 580
ana 68 1Sc a good deal of nhort wheat
was covered and more was wanted
than was tor sale The marked began
weaker again about an hour from
the close and G7u becama tho general
trading price for some time with sales
at CO 7Sc and at those prices a vast
amount changed handB Short sellem
had by this ttnif dismissed nil Jealousy
for each other and In another half hour
tho ptico was 50 34c The decline con
tinued up to the close tho selling be
cum more and more urgent ns the
session advanced May reacted but
1 4c from the lowest figures of the day
nnlshlng at 65 78c
Corn was easier at tho opening and
became stilt weaker later in the da >
Ihe receiving houses ail appeared to
have corn for sale and thut blng
taken ns representing wheat bought In
the country it weakened general senti
ment and with the feeling In tho other
grain markets acting and reacting
upon each other coin in the end shar
ed In the general smash May closed
at 45 l2c
A heavy business was transacted In
oits and the direction the market pur
sued was 111 no manner an exception
to the general course of all the mar
kets on the floor Liquidation seemed
to be the general cause for the decline
There uccuired a slight rally at the
end and 29 1Sc was the cleislng price
after hav lng had a rango of from 30 1C
to J8 78c The last mentioned pilco
is thus far the lowest point and 1 1So
under Saturdays closing quotation
which was at that time the bottom
Provisions were weak n eympathy
with tho grain markets the holders
also had grief of tliclr own in the con
tinued heavy hog receipts and free
Belling of pioducts by packers The
close was at tho lowest prices of the
day with May pork 35c lower lard
12 12C and libs 15o lower
Cash quotations were as follows
llour Unchanged
Wheat No 2 spring 55 18SC7 38c
No 3 spring nominal No 2 led 52 38
J62 7Se
Corn No 2 43 l8c No 3 jellow
3J l2c
Oats No 2 27 3Sc No 2 white 3012
0731 l2c No 3 white 20930 12C
lt > < No 2 50c
Parley No 2 C5c No 3 53955c No 4
CIS 630
Flaxseed No 1 1142
Timothy Seed Prime 1575
Mesa PorkIer barrel Jioootfll 00
Lard Per 100 pounds 10 55
Short Itlbs Sides loose 15C0JJ565
Dry Salted Shoulders Boxed 1 31
634 7Sc
Short Clear Sides Iloxed 158095 90
Whisky Distillers finished goods
pbr gallon 1122
Sugar Cut loaf unchanged
KecclptB Shipments
23 l2c dairy ll20c
Ears Steady 13018c
Jtnuge tif 1ruc itl Chlcauo
Open High Low Close
> t > ir url 1riidiiee
New Vork Jan 21 Wheat lte
celpts none exports 110600 buMicls
pales 3S70000 bushels futures 16000
spot Spot market eik No 2 red
store and elector 59 18069 1lc
ailoJt 00 78c f o b 1 1lc afloat
No 1 northern 09 3So delivered No 1
hard 70 l4c delivered
Options Tire feature today was tho
panicky break which occurred tills nf
ternoon when prices declined > ery
shanily under heavy liquidation of
lonu stuff and closed 38 < Jl2c nel loss
Cables were weak all day foreigners
sold early this mornlne and the lsl
ble suppl > decreise was u disappoint
ment Sales Included No 2 rid Jan
uary closed 69 380 lebrulry 09 12M
CO 34c closed 69 l2c March CO 14S1
Ct 3Sc closed 60 l4c May 60 68762e
closed 60 84c June CO 7Sc clOBOd
6ic July 01JTC2 1lc closed 01c Au
irust 61 38 620 closed 61 3sc
Hides Steady
leather Steady
Wool Steady
Copper Quiet Brokers prices 10
exchange OS
Lead Quiet but firm biokers
prlcis 1302 12 exchange 1312 12
Tin Stead Straights 11380 plates
q Cottonseed oil Weak closing nomi
nal Sales plate prime summer yel
low 2Sc other sales rumored at 27
12 but later not traced prlmo sum
mer yellow 2Sc prime crude 23 12
24c vellow 28c
Coffee Options opened firm at 10 to
20 polnls advance further advanced 10
points on foreign advice broke under
liquidation closed barely steady at fi
to 10 points advance for distant months
nd unchanged to t points decline on
near months Sales 17000 bags In
cluding January 11435B1150 March
114 23 1440 May H410iH433j Juue
11480 August lllSO September 14
45 Noember 116C December 14CO0
14 55
Spot coffee nlo steady No 7 16c
mild aulet Cordova 18 1lSHSc sales
100 Santos spot 200 Maracalbo and 600
Jamaica Pt 1200 mats Kroe pot 230
23 1lc 600 mats Interior spot at 25 l2c
Suga Haw Arm sales 31350 baits
centrifugal 96test at 3c exshlp 7330
bars cenlrlfugal S6Ie t S J160 c I I
1000 bags molasses sugar SJteatot 2 1Sc
exsTilp rellned moderate yactl > e
Coffeo contracts opened firm at an
advance of 10 to 20 points Bales up to
Soon were 6260 bag Including January
Jit 1450 an odtanc of 3U po nts
March 1340 an advance of 15 pona
May at 1430 an advance of to polnls
September 1145 advance of 20 polnUf
and December HC0 H63 Ihe Utter
116 advance of 20 polntn At noon the
market wa at the best point The
lmpromriit t s on the tlMldcd atl
Vdnco in Htnte and Jlamlmrg cables
Uecetpla at Itlo and Bant6s are mod
vrate while clearances may lie called
liberal by iteamerrf nnd viuaeli Varo
house dettverle In the United Htaiea
are taige for tho wvek oer k900t
bags agalntu 81000 last week and 06
000 last ear Spot coffee julet but
firm No 7 Itlo lCc ofTetlnfft small
Santos Arm good averaRe Santos H
600 receipt 17WO hairs etock 416000
bags No 7 Itlo lCc offerings small
cleared January 18 19000 ban llam
bur steady prices UH 14 ftf ad
vance sales 22000 bass Havre coiTeo
opened quiet 12JiU advance at noon
irregular 12 advance nt I p m
Irregular 1U advance to 1U decline
closed Irreitular at lQlZf advance
sales 23000 bags January 9325 rob
ruAry B325 March 03s April 0375
May 9375 June 937S July 93T Au
cust 83TS September D3 75 October
0323 November P300 December
Rto rirm No 7 Itlo U 150 ex
change 10 aS receipts 4000 bags
cleared for the United States none
cleared for Kurope none stock 193
000 bags cleared January 19 28000
bags warehouse deliveries from New
York 11160 bags New York slock to
day itfDOOO bags United States stock
2395C0 bags oiloat tot the United
States 229000 bags total MslMe Tor
the United States MS560 bags against
G3179G bags last > ear
Vfw Orleans Iroiliice
New Oi leans I a Jan 21 Hog pro
ducts very dull
l ard rtenned tierce IB
Hoxed moat Dry safct shoulders
4 fiSc sides 6c bacon side 6 34e
hams choice sugar cured 9f9 l2e
Itlre Ordinary to rooJ 3 iB J4 3Sc
Coffee Steady nio ordinary to fair
17filS 34C
riour Dull Kxtra fancy 2 60 pat
ents 2 90
Corn men Quiet 2
IJran Stead y
Corn Steady No 2 sacked white
47ci mixed 40c jellow Blc
Oats Easy No 2 sacked western
5Cc Texas 39c
Hayfltadj Choice 15015 l2c
Sugar rirm Open kettle steady
prime 2 516c fair to fully fair 2 iHJl
2 316e common to good common 1 619
i 2c Inferior 1 345l 7Sc centrifugal
plantation granulated 3 2tf3 916c
cholee white 3 3Se off white 3 14
3 rlCe gray white 3 l16fft l8c choice
yellow clarified 2 Itl65f3c prime yel
low clarified 1 3102 l8c off jellow
darined 2 716Q2 3lcj seconds 1 l2
1 UHc
Molasses Open kertle active prime
12 13e fair to good fair lOflilc tom
mon to good common 89e centri
fugal strlctlv prime Ho good prime 8
fioe prime 6i7c fair to good fair M >
Op common to good common KfRc
fair to good fair 6C6c common to good
common 4iJ5c
Sjrup 9314c
Iltoritoot Produce
Liverpool Jan 21 Ilaeon Demand
poor Cumberland cut 28 to 30 pounds
33s 6d short ribs 28 pounds 23 clear
light 38 to 45 pounds 01s long clear
heavj to pounds 31 short clear
backs light IS pounds 32s 6d short
clear middling heavy 55 pounds 3ls
clear bellies 14 to Id pounds 39n
bhoulders Square fl2 to 18 pounds
liamB Sliort cut 14 to 16 pounds
42s Gd
Ueef Kxtra India mess 60s prime
mentf B8s Id
Pork Prime mens fine Western 67rf
Cd prime mess medium 62a Cd
I ard Dull Prime Western 34a Cd
refined In pulls 36s
Cottonseed oil Llv crpool rbflned ISs
Cd Linseed oil 21s Cd
lvnnans til Produce
Kansas Clly Mo Jan 21 Wheat
Easier No 2 hard and No 2 led 5112
tT63 l2c rejected 18SJ49C Sample saks
Mlaaisslppl titer No 2 hard 69c No
2 red 58 < J59C
Corn l2c lower No 2 mixed 38
38 12C1 No 1 While 38 124J40O
Oats Steady No 2 mixed 29 3lB
30c No 2 white 32 12IJ22 3tc
Itje rirm No 2 53c
riaxseedDull ll30STl31
ltecelpts Wheat 00000 corn 29000
olts 18000
Slilpments Wheat 47000 torn and
oats none
Ht loiila Produce
St Louis Mo Jan 21 Wheat
Lower Cash C2c January 61 l2c
Maj 53 5Sc July 64 38c
Coin Lower 40 l2c January 39
78o Pebrunry 40c May 41 7Sc July
43 3SC
Oats Lower Cash 29 l2c Januaiy
28 3tc May 29c
Tork Lower 111 33
Lard Lower Prime 1643 choice
6 52 12
Lead Dull 1200 bid
llaxeeed Quiet 1 401
Ainvrlvnn heeurltlea
London Jon 21 Canada Pacific r7
CS irle 10 58 irle seconds C3 Il
linois Central 00 14 Mexican ordi
nary 15 St Paul common 67 58
New York Central 102 12 Pennsyl
vania 62 12 Heading C 12 Mexican
Central fours 66 14
liar silver 27 38d per ounco
Money 14 per cent
The rate of discount In the open
market for short bills 910 per cent
rate of discount for three months bills
6S per cent
Ulll4 drMlu bnpt > l
New York Jan 21 Tho visible sup
ply of grain Saturday Januarr 19 as
compiled by the New Yoth produce
txchanse U at follows Wheat 85
tCCOOD bushels decrease 1209000
torn 12218000 bushels Increase I
18SUO0 oats 8424000 bushels de
crease 235000 rye 43 000 buslielfi In
crease 27000 barey 2316000 bushels
decrease 308000
Ilatliiinlvd tlruln Jtf > il l
CblcaEO 111 Jan 21 Estimates for
Tuesday wheat 110 com 869 oats
Cotltxt hlnllaltev
New York Jan 21 Cotton Steady
middling S 3lc net receipts 12S8
gross 6203 exports to Great Urltaln
It to Trance r 49 to the continent
3605 forwarded 2410 sales C22 spin
ners 422 stock 143073s
Total today Net receipts 42676 ex
ports to Great IMtaln 6004 to Franca
040 to the continent 15936 stock
Consolidated Net receipts 70778 ex
ports to Ureat Urltaln 2122898 to
Kratice 676231 to tho continent
llauge of Trice nt AfW Vorlf
Month Open High Low Close
Tebruary 5 53 50 6 47 E47
Liverpool Jan 21 Cotton Ppot
fair demand but business only moder
ate prices easier American middling
3 l22d Th aals of ll i Ua > vtero
15000 bales of hlch 1003 were for
speculation and export and Invade a
1S300 American Receipts 1S1G0 belts j
all Ameilcun Futures fluid closed
quiet but steady American middling
L M C January X 616ld sellers
January and February 2 ei ld sell
ers February nnd March 2 G26M sell
ers Maroh and April 2 6364d values
April And May 3 l6td sellers May
and June 3 2643 sellers June and
July 3 464d sellers July and August
3 6td bu > cra August und September
3 66Id sellers September and October
3 761 d bujers The tenders of toda > s
deliveries vvcrq 200 bales vt new dock
Cotton XiCtdr
I O McPeak Co review the mir
ket as follows
Fort Worth Tex Jan 21 The New
York market opened steady at 1 point
advance In the face of 16M decline In
Liverpool contracts but later cased off
on estimated Inrge port receipts The
market was void of any special fea
ture throughout the entire session and
closed barely steady at 6 points be
low the opening and 5 points below
last nights final fiales In New York
07000 Spots Jn that market were oay
but unchanged Salei 31 bales New
Orleans spots were quiet at l16e decline
or ft lso spot sales by factors 3000
and 1450 to arrive
Liverpool spots were easier but un
changed at 3 132 with 15000 sales
Port receipts were 45632 against 2V
214 since Friday 73731 against 9 9U
Since September 1 5814533 against
4668492 stock 10H964 ngalnst 109
143 Liverpool closed quiet and steady
with 16M loss for the day The mar
ket looks lower
eT York CoMatt
New York Jan 21 Spct cotton easy
Middling uplands fi 34o gulf Cc
Futures barely steady Sales 97000
hales January 54 February JS47
March ISM April J5H May f > t8
June 1163 July 5 06 August 5 70i
September J570 October J5 80
v r Urleitiia IuturpN
New Orleans Ia Jan 21 Cotton
rutures slcaily sales 36100 bales
January G05SJ5 OS tebruary 6 120
514 March 5CB527 April 6 2 tf
5 27 May 032 533 June 6 3Sft33l
July 643if5 41 August C4S < jr549
September CCIC6CJ October 565
Aeir OrlentiN IuMoii
New Orleans In Jan II Cotton
Quiet middling 5 1Sc low mlddllns
4 7Scj pood ordinary 4 5Sc net re
relpts 1J650 bales tross 1SS97 sales
4450 stock 329513
M Itnils Cnltuii
SL Louis Mo Jan 21 Cotton
Htead Mlddllnir 5 l8o Eolcs 100
bales refelpts 6700 bales shipments
C200 bales stock 73000 bales
Tllllvealfili Cotton
tlalveston Ter Jan 21 Cotton
Quiet Middling 5 310 sales 585 bull s
receipts 10024 bales exports 13JIS
bales stock 233PCC
I oudoil V not Nalea
London Jan 21 Thero was a fair
selection today at the vvool auction
sales Competition is steadily improv
ing America was u strong buyer to
day of Hie finer New South Wales
wool At aboul 11 l2d 700 or 800 bales
were taken Tonight try full rales
were asked Yorkshire and tho con
tinent nro good general buyers The
offerings were 10110 bales of which
850 were withdrawn The following
are the sties in detail
New South Wales 1897 bales
Scouretl 6 3tdftls 3 l2d greasy 4d
9 l2d
Queensland 5758 bales Scoured
9 l2d Jla Id greasy 4 l2dJT8d
Vlctoila 411 bales Scoured 8d71s3d
greasy 7 141
Adelaide 1312 bale Oreasy 4 121
07 l2d
New Zenland 2000 bales Scoured
6 l2deis 4d greasy 6 3ldfl9 l2d
St 1khI Waul
Bt l oulo Mo Jan 21 Wool
Quiet without chanjfo
Arw 1 rk l r > Imirla
New York Jan 21 Very moist
weather having prevailed tho demand
for dry goods wan very liiesulor
Nevertheless fairly Rood sales were le
ported through iM > t bujers that were
considerably Increased throUfth mall
orders for vurjlng quantities and as
sorlmenls of staples and specialties
Notwithstanding the quietude tho Kell
ers nnd buyers feel confident of a
good seasons business Printing
cloths were steady at J l2o hid and de
ii > MHin iiutsi4imi
Na hvllle Tenn Jan 21 Debato
upontttie contested lection hill consum
ed the entile day in the senile nnd
late this afternoon thero was a disposi
tion to sit In continuous session until a
vote was reached but at six oclock
an agreement was reached by which a
vote on the third and last read Inn
of tLhs bill vslll bo taken by 12 oclock
noon tomorrow
In tho houso nothing out of th reg
ular routine business was transacted
beyond the adoption of a resolution to
investigate tho letting of the contracts
for tho new penitentiary nnd a resolu
tion to Investigate poll tax frauds In
Haywood county
Tomorrow the 22d a separata vote
will bo taken In butti houses for the
election of a United Htates senator
Bern tor Harris the nominee of the
Democratic caucus will be chosen Re
publicans will vote for Mr HJindford of
Knoxvllle and ropullrts for A 1
Mims their candidate for governor In
the November election
31VV Illl WAII
Slrntned Itelntlon lletrrten Mexlcu
nnd ItiMlemuln
City of Mexico Jan 21 It was len rn
d this eveulng that tlio warship Oen
eral Zaragofss has been ordered to
a Oualemalan port to take on board the
Mexican charge daffalr Senor Josa
If the Qua tern a tan government do
not answer the last and flnal note of
the Mexican government there Is be
lieved to be the most Imminent risk of
a declaration of war
1resldent Diaa was to have gone on
a hunting trip tontxht but postponed
tt as Is generally thought on account
of the serious situation with Guate
mala It is reported that a cabinet
meeting will be held tonight or In the
morning to itake Immediate action
Sulcldr lu CrmttMj
Louisville Kr Jn 21 An un
known man committed suicide by
hanging himself In Cava HIU cemetery
last night or early thW morning The
body was found dangling from the
limb or a tree this morning about 8
oclock Th man used a window cord
about four feet long and Is supposed
to have teen a carpenter
SiiaulaU Iroduevra Keavor
Hal boa Jan 21 At a meeting of
manufacturers and workmen today
there wao organized tbe BpanUh Pro
ducer League Speeches were mads
demanding protection for local in
dustries The resolutions adopted wer
forwarded to the government A num
ber of socialists caused disorder by at
tempting to storm the platform
II Give It Vl >
Paris Jan 21 M Bourgeois has re
nounced the task of attempting to
i form a new ministry
for Infants and Children
X rrcoiomead It at Bujprlor to any t nucrlptloa
known to wo 1L X Aarnsa M IX
111 So Oxford St DroOlUD N V
Tho two of lCMUMU Is so untTcrMl and
It merits bo well known tUnt It wmn a worlc
of Bupereregotloa to enJorw It Few sr tho
Intelligent fitmtlles tuo do nut keep Cattorla
ulttla cosy reach
Cahloo SUbtys p D
Itivr Voik Oty
dTVatilJU Ma Stain Fra dyrbifO
ratvtvra frTinCTrtiaonilalliitlVAta > > iheaC3
muimv iiiihiii
111 in ma IriitM
IlitHto ultH
McKlnney Tex Jan 21 Editor
flint Thompson of the McKlnney o
cetti and Mr Mart Parnell of tho
Ttackct etoiV nru neighbors and have
In Joint ownership u potato pi > n lHled
with luscious jams Last Jilurjit they
saw it coloied gentleman purloining
some potatoes but In order to get a
dead caco against him waited till lie
had Uled his sack und started on his
way rejoicing when they stalled in
pursuit Thu mgro dlneovered them
mid lun Wicrirf Moulden nnd tho
blood hounds were called into uervlce
but tho negin outdistanced Ihciu und
made off with his booty
A gang of houae breakers has struck
MiKlnney and it Initial nightly a small
buigUry ociurs and recontly fierul
havo occurred during the dnytlmo
while panliu vsaie away from home
Udllor Oarll Thompson of tho
Democrat and his brid Miss Mc
Dullle or Sherman uio nt home after
an extended bridal tour on which they
took In Chicago Cincinnati and Bbrsv it
port La
Mi Tom Moflenny has bought the
feiil stent buelneae uf A J l um und
taken ttiargo Mi Lane vIll go in the
thy Kooilv business
Judg M II ilarnsU who Is acting
as fpedal dlstilct Juilgn of Bherman
cunic d wu yeittoi ilay afternoon to
spend Kundny at home
Tho tluziltes McKlnney patrons are
highly complimentary In their remarks
about the scrv lea furnished by Its
Austin correspondent und those who
ait Intrietftttd in tilt doings at the
nlo to capital wait for the old reliable
Miirdir tnnc lltiua tpt
Merkel Tex Jan 21 In SaturJiys
Gnxette incnilun was midn of tho delay
of the courtfl In the decision of th
Jim Toots ease which calls to
mind a shocking crime commttud In
our town of which our people have
awaited the decision of tho ourt of
appeals for n long time On iho night
of January 1 IsIM John Jiukei asoung
man well respected and highly con
nected was murdered in cold blood but
however Hvfd long enough to tell who
did the dastardly crlmo and promptly
next morning Ham Hauiblln cvl
iilcla Kail wood were attested nnd
tried at tho first term of court nnd
given respectively V3 > ears and 80 ears
In the slate penitentiary An appeal
was taken to the higher courts and up
to this time no dUponltlon has been
made of tho ensea The prisoners are
held In the Tort Worth toll foi saT
keeping Home CO days have elapsed
ut an expense la tho taxpayers of this
county or 40 cnts each per day board
bill Our peoplo ere of the unanimous
opinion that tho prisoners should be
rltiter turned loose to make their own
living or be in the pen serving their
i i m
Proseeull n < Irrnon Clii r ed
tlh Unit Couitiiet
i Hloux City Iowa Jan 21 The cases
Instituted by Itev Mr Mahood pastor
1 of tha Whitfield Methodlat church
i against a number of persons charged
with fictfuentlnir houses of ill repute
wert dismissed hy Judge Doughty of
the police court this morning The
minister set out to Imitate Dr Park
hurst and visited a number of the re
sorts with a couple of deputy sheriffs
for the purpose of gathering evidence
The court thought tho evidence was
not sufltelent Itev Mr Mahood testi
fied to the sights he saw in the places
Wlaci Countf H h4 Cniui > Mtgu
Decatur Tex Jan 21 Paradise has
ent in her petition two hundred names
strong asking for the removal of th
county seat to that place This makes
four plates contesting for the court
house and Jail and the election which
Is called for Tebmary 20 Is expected
to be a warm one
A Itoral Itobbr
Hsmburtr Jan 81 Tho ItamburB
Bche Boersen Hall wr that Carl
Zaniler lh managlnr clrk vt llis
ilynamlts flrm of AKrcd NolilM com
rany who was lattly arrcstil imbes
iled the sum ol 7511010 marks which
tha directors Intend to rnalu food out
ox th reserve fund
Cn lorlcure Collo OonBttpatba
Bour gtomach Dlarrhoja Eniotatloo
Kills Worms gltcs sleep and promotes
VTltbout lajurlouiimodleatloa
Fer setersl year I baro reeomraeiidrvj
OMtorl and shall always continue to do
so as It has lDTrlahly produced beneficial
Kawis F PAann M P
1 itix Street and f th Ave Ksvr York Otty
Tin Cimvii Compakt 77 McaaAT SnuxT Vew Tons Crrr
Ttiurnmooa ItewetfreiirrKmlckiriirnnineMa
> lxM
tr llugrOiia Uj aM
< at W UtOTf Kit llmut
Inrf illaKM > Cftuwtl r
> ouihrbl
BlKtit Yrari In Ditltna
II orvkRin ImPomiicTaurJ
eiar i KWr enrMtnl Itl TtH p
or a
tdriiraiir Tii > > n v roj
tiuak Oftktl pltti
itinuoi rafanucat
iron vrmv
ktt m lerbuxi
lion Hriivir f imitottox PMtl by nnr adr rtl t J artwtH or ndttt in VUVli sriUI Cw
UmosIo TooiDio chicaRo boJ In rort ttortb lex bj Jeff U lltld at DifhwaoJ riitrmac
Makos Poopo Woll
ioung Middleaged and
old singls or married
men and all who suCftr
from LOST
Nervous Debility
Seminal lnaaes
Sexual Decay Tailing
Memory Lack of liner
Kv Impediments to Mar
Mr tw >
rlage alio Rlood and BMn Diseases
Pyphlll Eruptions Hair Tailing lions
rains Swellings Hnr Throat ITU vrt
Lffects of Mercury Kidney and Dlafldei
Tioubles Weak Hack nurntng Urlns
Oonorrhea Gtfet Stricture rreetva
seotrhlng treatmfnt and prompt reller
Tiles rtstuta rismire and Ttnptur
cured by our new mpthod fi4 nl for
rlrfulRr Ttlt1 TtETTa A hetts
llWt Slnln Direst Ovi > u l tka 1oat
onic llnlliia Tkm
Are no tit the rsge with the youn
people r d the older ones as well
We Iav ai fln a lot of Crtvlng horsti
anl neat n w buggies as any btalls lu
tha city
Leads in trnnd rlis and reaaonaolt
prices We make a specialty of board
lng ha if i and solicit patronage New
inanagtmrnt February lost
For a Low Price
Tho Gazettes
High Grade
High Arm
Value 170 our price I20C9 wMdi In
cludes the IVsekiy Oaiette to any ad
dress for one year j
llstia aUachmenU In velvet lined
center drawer are Included
These attachments are superior te
thoe roadn t > V any other manufacturer
belnc the only ones that are on the
market that are warranted steel
throughout Other efte are made prtn
cloallr of brass nlclcle plated the plat
InB servmc to hide the true charaoter
of the rnetal underneath
The aasettes raachlnn la atront anl
alniole lr construction There are hot
few worltln parts In the arm hnoe It
la easy to keep properly cleaned and
elled and alrhost Impossible for It u
ret out of worHnr order
The machine Is Jlnely finished and
beautifully ornamented and can be da
vended on to do equally well the llfat
cat and the heaviest work
The tiasettea premium machine and
the Weekly aaxetle for one year HO M
Tha Oantte premium machine
end the dally and Sunday la
sette hy mall for one year HTOs
The Oasettea premium mechlno asd
the daily aid Sunday Oaiette by mU
Ix months 1230 I
AdslrMBTiTB rniNTrao eng
JTort Worth Xe

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