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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, January 23, 1895, MAILABLE EDITION, Image 1

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loi XIX XO 50
urday Next
uary 25
Un Underwear ia our
jn weakness hobby
aa < lry goods trior
s therefore do not ex
ordinary attractions
oiuo fully expecting to
collection that has no
r except in b izo any
a Bring all your cata
s for shapes and prices
any or all tho cities
keep your money at
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nxii pouch
onrl tlt Attorney After Hie
oirph Hiinrilluna of the Pence
loseph Mo Jan r2 The letter
to Gov Stono by City Attorney
ytton In which lie charges tho
department with corruption has
returned to the board of police
nsloners and an answer Is being
lated by them to bo forwarded to
> ernor M > tton intends to com
i lavestlgntlon of the charges if
be done
city attorney sajs tho police de
ent paj a so little attention to the
gambling houses and low le
that the proprietors of the places
charged that tho police dare
rest them The letter details at
erable length the cases of the
era who Wfic arrested In De
rand whose cases were dismissed
wet session of the police court
at 30 oclock In tho afternoon
at Ms knowledge lie bus of the
ascs handled by him since he has
in office the police have not com
with the law in more than
lettor states that the police de
ient of St Joseph 1 regarded
as very deficient and that fla
violatlons of the law are of such
on occurrences as to be matters
ny of the men now constituting
ulice force are grossly Ignorant
etter continues They are un
and illbred In manners can
° ly write legibly are depraved In
tastes and habits and autocratic
arbitrary to an extreme degree
> form n ItReebnll IfflRiie
rla 111 Jan 22 Tho committee
n at the meeting recently held in
go of a number of baseball clubs
meet here today at the National
to perfect the organization of an
state league which will include
i In Indiana Illinois and Iowa
we not In the Western aaaocla
or the Inltett Stntm Semite
> enne Wyo Jan 22 HxUnlted
s Senator Prancis 13 Warren of
anne and Congressman Clarence
lark of Evanston will be elected
They were nominated as Wyo
s next United States senators at
ucus of Republican members of
Clslature on January 6
PUltUn the Illlml Pool
Uburg Pa Jan 22 The govern
begun a crusade against
pools The Pittsburg manager of
traders syndicate of Chicago and
manager of the American Syndl
pool have been arrested charged
using the United States mails to
Tlie Texas Srnntoralilp
Un Tex Jan 22Horace Chil
nominee of the Democratic
f for United States senator will
osen for Iho United
States senate
election which occurs today
opponent Is John A OConnor of
Antonio who is running on the
list ticket
Business Mon on the BomtCenten
nial Exposition
Many FaMia Spirited Expressions Ee
The Project Is Spoke of PaTorablj
tin livery Jtuud p uerou An
eurnnqrM of It vfy 0 it It le
IS ceded
tSj j
If anyono could hae t
the people of Fort Worth all ° 9A
man were In favor of the He cen
tennial he would have had the doubt
quickly dispelled by u walk through
the business portion of the city j ester
On all sides expressions were heard
favorable to the exposition and no ono
had ai lilng but the warmest praise
for tho scheme The massmeeting
to be held tomorrow night at the opera
home and tho business mens meet
ing which was held nt the Worth Hotel
were both discussed and something of
the old tlmo fire and spit It of Tort
Worth was manifested The mass
meeting will no doubt call out a very
large ut ten dance and Manager Phil
Greenwall of the opera house has
promised to hare cv try thing In readi
ness for the biggest crowd ho has had
this season
Tho Gazette sent out a staff of re
porters to see tw people and get their
expressions of the bemlCentennlal and
to ascertain tho prospects for a large
attendance at tho massmeeting Tna
result of the Interviews Is given below
It C Alexander of Alexander Mc
Veigh It Is a good tiling
J 1 Nicks Certainly 1 approve of
the project as I am In favor of any
thing to help Fort Worth
J JI Halkcns I think It I a good
thing and ought to have tho hearty
support of tho people The Port Worth
trunk factory Is ready to help out In
any way it can financially or other
w lse
John McBrlde of Morehous Mc
Bride Wo arc ready for anything of
this kind that comes along Anything
like this that brings a crowd la a good
thing Tort Worth ought to have
something permanent like the Dallas
fair and this would be u good stait In
that direction
A Greer It wouM undoubtedly be ft
good thing Some of us carpenters
havo been talking of getting together
and taking somu action In the matter
ns It would help us all out
John Colli 1 think It Is one of the
greatest things that has ever been
gotten up and It ought to be made a
success We have been sitting here
with our arms folded ever since the
Spring Palace burned without doing
anything for Port Worth while other
towns have been getting up public eng
terprises Dallas has had her fair and
Waco her Cottoa Palace and nearly
every town of importance has had
something We have fallen Into a rui
and It is time we were getting out
of it
Capt J M Ljle I am heart y In
favor of It I think the people ought
to do their best
Capt H 1 ShlelIt Is a good thine
I think wo nil ought to help It I have
lived here twentyone years and have
never seen anthins that better de
served sucresa
N M Washer It will be a good
thing for lort Worth
Ben Arsdale I think it will be a
good thing for Port Worth of course
J 11 Lltsey I believe in it I think
it is one of tho best movements which
could be thought of to Inaugurate a pe
riod or prosperity In Fort Woith
W C Caruthers It will bo Sunt th
thing for the town Wo need some
thing of the kind to revive public in
terest here Everybody saw the bene
llta of the Spring Palace The mer
chants wero oil benefited Individually
as well i s the dty at large It would
infuse new life into business here
W II H Parker general freight
1 agent of the Santa Te It would bo a
1 splendid thing for Fort Worth There
ought to be an encampment of the
state militia held here at the time and
t the United States army ought to be
represented making U altogether a
grand event
J II Roberts Yes Im m favor of
It Bend the paper If you want to flad
out how I stand on tho matter It Is
one of the grnndest thing that could
ever have happened for Port Worth
D M Morgan cit > ticket and passen
ger agent or the Cotton r eH Yes I
am In favor of It and bell would
be 4 good thing all around
J P Brnshear drugsI am heartily
In favor of It It would be a great
advertisement 1 am in favor of get
ting up something permanent If wo
cap Dallas has the state fair and
Fort Wortl should do something also
to attract people hero I if can I wm
attend the mass meeting
B trtvenson dry goods I am In fa
vor of anjthing of the kind to help
us along I Know the Spring Palace
did us a whole lot of good
fl Silverman I am in favor of the
SemlCentennlal and should think
every citizen in town should do some
thing for It
L P ltobertson of Ilobertson
Wltten 1 think it would bo a good
thing for the town It would bo ery
beneilclal and would bring a crowd of
people here I cannot attend the mass
meeting Thursday night as I will not
be here
W V Smith Wo arc heartily In
favor of It hero and will attend Thurs
day nights meeting If 1 can
O Walker books and stationer
I am In favor of the SemlCentennlal
Ous Clark of the firm of Mahcr
Clnrk You can put us down in favor
of the BemlCentennlal heart body and
V M Thomson butcher I think H
will bo a eiy good thing for the town
Would like to attend the muss meeting
Thursday night
II C Auams I have read about
the SomlCentuinlal and my opinion is
that It Is u firstclass Idei Will at
tend tho massmeelng If 1 can
William Zellchowski Chluigo Ex
change I think vvc could not think of
anjthing better You will find If It is
carried out there will be a number of
new buildings put up 1 feel enough
Interest In it to attend the meeting on
Thursday night
J E Daniel photographer I think
It Is a splendid idea Let her go Will
attend tho mass meeting
M J Lewis groceries It occurs to
mo that anything ot that kind would
bo a ere it advantage to Port Worth
and Texas Tho 8prlng Pulncc was
and so was th Waco Cotton Palace
I will attend the mass meting Thurs
day night 1 have noticed tho position
The Gazette has taken In it
Prank Lelller of Thomason Ac Lelller
photographers I urn highly In favor ot
the proposition 1 w 111 attend the
meeting am perfectly vv tiling To as
sist In any way 1 can
T W Lake I am In favor of such
a plan and hope to see It amount to
something for the benefit of Port
C A Wolverton school furniture and
supplies 1 am in favor ot It as far as
I have consldeied It
John M Blackburn Insurance I
think the move Is a good i > ne
Mjron Kuhn Casino Hall I would
like to see It I am for It and would
like to see tho dajs of the Spring
Palace again We made money in
those days
G W WaBhburn furniture It would
be a good thing for tho state and there
Is no reason why we should not have It
in Fort Worth I will attend the mass
meeting on Thursday night
George Mulkey wall paper As ex
plained to me by Mr W II Tavlor I
am u favor of the plan If it Is gotten
up on business principles
E Armstrong ot CollinsArmstrong
manager nnd treasurer I believe It
will be a good thing nnd think there
will be a liberal response on the part of
the buslnesi men of Jort Worth I
shall attend the mass meeting
J A Thornton real estate I am in
favor of It and am willing to do any
thing I can It would be a grand thing
for our town and county and will
show the world weve got enterprise
and push
K D Thompson grocer I am in
favor of the SemlCentennlal as I have
already stated In un Interview In The
W A Darter groceries I think It
would be a good thing for the city and
state We cant advertise the state and
Iort Worth too much It would bring
people here to see our resources Wo
need It and need it bad I shall attend
the mtfss meeting
Judge John W Friend I am heartily
In favor of the SemlCentennlal would
expect great results to come fiom It
to Texas and to Port Worth in par
ticular Money expended w orthy of
the objecfwllt repay many fold 1 will
attend the massmeeting If possible
E S Terry of Terry Dry Goods com
pan > I am In favor of the SemlCen
tennial especially If It is for Tort
Worth I dont know or anjthing that
would be ot more help to the city In
tho town of Fnycttevllle Tenn where
i I formerly lived the fair of that county
I was largely duo to the merchants nnd
business men of the place
Want Co We are decidedly In
favor of the SemlCentennlal We want
i to get something ot tho kind here I
will attend the massmeeting Thursday
night It I can do so
I George D Bright proprietor of tho
i Hotel Richelieu Put me down as
heartily in favor of the SomtCenten
nlal Its Just the thing and Port
Worth Is tho placo for It Our grcyit
lallroad facilities would bring big
crowds here
J K Turner of Turner Dlngee
Wo are in favor ot the SemlCenten
nlal and Turner fi DIngeo will help
it nil they can
George II Dtshvvood I will atlend
It Is tho best thing we could possibly
F inger Brothers Will be present If
it is successful will bo the best thing
Port Worth ever had
A L Skinner Dont see how one
could opposo it I am with It heart and
BOUl George II Chase I think It Is tho
best public eutei prise ever originated
In Port Worth and will be attended
with the most satisfactory results X
will surely attend
Ben U Bell I am Jn favor of any
thing to bring a crowd of people here
I will attend the meetings and do all
In my power to promote tho scheme
Crowley Blmnis We will attend
the meeting Thursday night It will
bo an excellent thing for Port Worth
C II Try Son We aro as warm
supporters of the scheme as can bo
found May not be able to attend the
meeting but will If we can
O Y Smith I shall attend the meet
ing It is a great thing for Fort
13 E Tosdlck Yes I shall attend
the meeting I will do all In my power
to further the scheme anything to ad
vance Port Worth
Maddox Ellison Co We are heart
ily In favor of the whole plan We
dont know of a better scheme with
which to advance the Interests of Fort
Worth The results of the Spring Pal
ace were wonderful and a PemlCen
tennlal will be of greater benefit
W 11 Taylor It Is a grand movv
ment Let every citizen of Tort Worth
who has the Interests of tho city at
heart put his shoulder to the wheel
and push the work forward
Butts Bros Thirty thouinnd dollars
could have l > een easily raised at the
meeting Monday nlsht We think It
the beat thing by long odds ever orlg
lnnted for the advertisement of Port
Worth and her varied interests We
are with the promoters heart and soul
and just for a start will put up JS00
l > t the poM work go bravely on Put
only broadminded liberal men In
charge and the scheme Is bound to bo
C W Conrerv The llen1 of all meth
ods to advertise our town It is In full
sway now snd nothing can stop Its
impetus I hope to see It as successful
sji It deserves
E J White No one who e r f
the interests of Port Worth can op
poso It It means much to Texas and
moro to Port Worth 1 want to sc It
rank with the greatest affairs of the
kind the south ever aw We can
make It successful too if wo only try
Evans Bop Of cmuse we will at
tend nnd do our boat to make the cele
bration ot our Semicentennial what
the occasion demands On with our In
terests by pushing the grand scheme
Jacob F Zurn city ticket nnd pas
senger agent of the Texas and Pad tic
The SemlCentennlal will bo a good
thing for lort Worth and all tho pco
plo who come to see It
W 1L Morrison of the Merchants
Lunch Its a good thing It will be
something giand if It is carried out as
It should be f
Dr Grnj Yes I am In favor of It
and think everybody dught to be It
will help Port Worth wonderfully
J C B Ish It will make Port
Worth tho center of attraction for
visitors to tho great Southwest In
W T Orion city ticket and passen
ger agent of the Bock Island and
Central railroads You cannot ray too
much about It Of course I am In
fax or of It and so is ev erj body else
W II Savuge of ihe Texas ami
Pacific Wo ore all In favor of It
A 13 Baldoser of tho Port Worth
Kandy Kitchen I think It will be ono
of the best things Port Worth has had
In a n urn tier of years it would give
lort Worth u great boom
John Birne U la a veiy good idea
I am glad to see anjthing of tho kind
and think all enterprising citizens
ought to help it along
D W C Pender dont thing
anjone hue ever struck a brighter
Idea I dont think there Is any better
place to hold It than Fort Worth nnd
1 dont think anythlng vould stimulate
business1 In Texas more If the people
of tho state get Interested It will be a
grand thing t
E P TlbbotI think It wilt be a
good thing i
L B Velt It wouldbo a good thing
for the town and I am heartily In
favor of it
C M Carb We ought to uso our
best endeavors to promote Its success
It will be tho best thing that could bo
gotten up for this county if the enter
prise Is pushed 1 bellfevo It will be to
Texas what tho Worlds fair was to
C B Brown of Stager Brown I
am heartily In favor of It Yes sir I
am lit favor of anything that will for
ward tho Interests of the town like
11 C Jewell A good thing for Port
Worth and Texas It will bring peo
ple here from abroad and advertise
Texas It wo want to catch big llsh
we must throw out our Hues
W S Head I am highly In favor ot
it We need Just something of that
kind In this town
A Sandegard It la a great thing
and I think wo ought to get It
Capt Abe Harris who cams hero
with Major Arnold and helped build his
headquattcrs when the post was estab
lished takts great inteiest lit the his
torical significance of the uvent and it
is needless to say Is In favor of the
celebration being held In fort Worth
J D Del gad o It will be a good
thing Tor Port Worth
I Majerson Sun thing Its the
best scheme heard of lately
C Phenlx Certainly I am In favor
It wlj be an immense thing for the
A Phenlx I am strongly in favor ot
M Samuels It lsitothlng but light
that we should haVeWU IUWlll be u
big help to the town t v
Dr R W Flak It wilt be a good
thing for Toxoa and a better thing tor
lort Worth
Prank Palto Yes its a good thing
Iko Schwartz It will be a great
thing for tho city to have it hero
J C Allen Of course I favor all
these things Most any enterprising
man would you know
L August The undertaking do
servos the best efforts of Fort Worth
It should be handled a businessllko
manner nnd If this is dona it will be
the grandest thing that has ever been
done for Fort Worth
Capt J A II llosack I dont know
of anything which is more worthy the
attention of the people of Texas nnd
particularly those of Port Wort
A Boss It vltl remind everybody
of the early days of Texas It will bo
a great event historical and otherwise
J It Martlndale Its all right Just
tho proper thing for the town
r C Boomer I think it is a grand
D E Cody of Cody BrothersIt will
be of great benefit to tho city
W P Snturberg I am In favor of
anjthing that will advertlso the town
ArthurSprlngcr Esq l will do all I
can for it
Whit Dry den Pin for anything that
benefits lort Worth
Pete Currle I want to see it go on
nnd will do all in my power to forward
the Interests of Prrt Worth and Texas
Alex Canto I think its Al Put me
right down for it in large letters
J S Clnrkson It will be a grand
tiling for Fort Worth
L E Cohen Put mo down as hearti
ly In favor of It
V M Howe Yes I think It will bo a
good thing
J J Wnrxly superintendent of the
Crawford Dry Goods company I think
B In one of tho grandest things that
could be hfld In Fort Worth
W 1 Hardwlcke Its a good thing
for us all
P IX Whitney of the AtUvlc an
Pacific Tea company Its u ood thing
and ought lo go
Folk Lore Connrcn
Memphis Tenn Jan 22 The Inter
national Polk Lore congress convened
In this city this morning ISO delegates
and guests being present President
Wharton Jones of the local society pre
sided Miss Mary A Jones ot St Jo
seph Mo read a piper on the liUtory
growth and Jucepllon of the Viking
club of London MIsb Mildred Overton
Thomas of Memphis read a paper on
A Hopeless Race depleting the va
garies of the negro Miss Elizabeth
Hunt Nelson read a paper written by
Dr Cams pertaining t the Orkney
islands papers were tonight read by
Miss Ide of Samoa Miss Hlgbee and
Miss Watson of Memphis and Mrs
Owen of Missouri
Itiillronil Sfen ruUoneil
Oranger Tex J in 23 Last night
soon afer supper about half of the men
in Pat ODonnells camp along the
Georgetown and Granger railroad con
struction got deathly sick Physicians
were summoned from here and found
that some twenty or thirty of the men
had been poisoned from some cause
and that some of the men were In a
Very critical condition After working
with the men all night they were pro
nounced out of any immediate danger
Inquiries were made as to thw different
kinds of food and drink which had
toeen served but no trace of the poison
could be gotten at With the exception
of two all men are doing well
one or
I today
Both Houses Qivo Him a Largo Ma
The Ltuit Formality Will Take Flaw in
the House
And CMllon Will lie > iinlor for Sis
ritr NuBCiitn te Tlie Speeches
lliut V rn > JlliiiW lluilitet ot Nm
1rum the Stute Cupltul
Austin Tex Jan 22 After the desks
had been properly cleared for action
and the tlmo for business had arrived
Senator DIbrcll sent up a memorial
from the teachers In auadaloupu coun
ty reciting tho fact that the present
school law was partial to superintend
ents and normal teachers and unjust
to teachers at large Referred to tho
committee on education
Judiciary committee No 2 reported
favorably Agnews bill to amend the
law icgardlng the cnrrjlng of deadly
weapons doing away with tho impris
onment penalty Dlbrclls bill to abol
ish the death penalty In rape oases
Agnews bltl to legalize primary elec
tions and provide a penalty for illegal
voting therein Whltnkera bill to es
tablish a civil and cilmlnal court at
Tcxnrkana Agnews bill to amend the
penal code making highway robbery
punlshabto by death or imprisonment
Instead of Imprisonment alone Dlb
rclls bill to amend the law regarding
tho punishment of persons who bring
Into Texas the fruits of robbery or
then In other states or foieign coun
tries and lo add to those oftenses em
bezzlement Greers bill to authorize
tho LaPorte Houston nnd Northern
railroad compiny to purchase tho
property of tho North Galveston Hous
ton and Knnrfas City railroad company
and the Houston Belt and MugnoUu
Park railroad company and to change
Its corporato name Colquitts bill to
tiovlde for tho better enlurcement ot
local option laws ShtrruTs bill for
tho more cfllclent government and
maintenance of the house of correction
and reformatory at Gatesvlllo Har
llsons bill to raise tho age of consent
to 18 > cars
Tho committee on towns nnd city
corporations reported favorably Gages
bill to establish the boundaries Of cities
and towns and validite tho Incorpor
ation ot certain cities and towns heie
tofore incorporated
Tho committee on edueollon favor
ably reported Bealls bill to repeat the
statute carrying into effect the Jester
amendment There was a minority
report unfavorable to the bill
Senator Shelburne Introduced a bill
providing for two district coitus with
concurrent Jurisdiction In Harris Coau
ty Referred to tho committee on Ju
dicial dlsmcts
Senator Dlbrell Introduced a bill to
regulate the practice of pharmacy In
Texns Referred to tho committee oil
publlo health
Senator Harrison moved to reconsider
tho vole by which the senate yesterdsy
ordered that Senator Stafford bo pull
his per diem from the first day ot the
He stated his reasons to be that the
senate had decided that Senator Staf
ford was Trot a member of the body
until he was sworn in nnff hu thought
therefore that the senate had no right
to vote him pay for tho tlmo when he
was not a member
After somo disrusslon tlm motion to
reconsider was tabled
Senator tlrocr called up the motion
to reconsider the ote by which his bill
to abolish the board ot pardons was or
dered engrossed After n call nf tho
house and considerable filibustering a
1 voto was reached and the motion failed
by a vote of IS to 13
Senator Tips bill to nuthorlzo the
state health ofllcers to tl tho steam
launch Bessie Boss was taken up
read and panned under suspension of
tho rules
The house resolution to appoint com
mittees to ttsit the various asylums
and other institutions r > f the state was
taken up aud upon final passage was
Senator Smiths bill to authorize the
posting of notices of sale of real estate
Instead of publlcntloti in newspapers
as iay bo desired by the Judgment
tlebtOi was taken up and passed
Senator Bealls Wll to iepoT tho law
putting in force the Jester amendment
was mado ths special order for Wed
nesday tho 30th
Senator Colquitts bill for the more
efllclent collection of tuxes was made a
special order for the same day
Senator Tips bill to transfer money
In various funds to tho general revenue
fund was taken up and after consider
able discussion was postponed till to
Senator Presler from the committee
on education reported favorably Bog
era bill to prcvldo for colored trustees
for colored schools
Senator Colquitts bill providing for
an amendment to the law regarding the
appointment of superintendents of tho
Insane asylums came up
Senator Colquitt explained that under
the present law the treatment of one
Insane person fits a man to beeomo su
perintendent of an asylum His till re
quires an experience of two jcars in an
asylum It atoo provides for the direct
appointment by the governor instead of
a board appointed by tho governor
by a board appointed l > y the gotcraor
striking out the cluase requiring two
yeara t experience
ate spoke In favor of his amendment
declaring that the choice ot a superin
tendent should not be so limited
Senator Shenlll called attention to
the requirement that < x district Judge
should bo a lawyer of four years ex
perience In practice and thought that
as grest car a should bo exercised in the
selection of the medical officers In
charge of the states Insane
Senator Colquitt said he wanted to
see the law fixed so that the service of
the state and not political favoritism
should govern In tho selection of these
Senator Lavthon opposed the bill be
cause it would too greatly restrict the
rights of tho governor
Senator Greer offered a substitute
for the amendment by simply striking
out the words in an asylum which
would leave tho requirement two
years xperlence in tho treatment of
insane The substitute was adopted
Senator Simpson opposed the adop
tion of th bill on the ground that the
uressot lnw v > autnlent Jbl thousM
the bill would carry tho matter Into
politics moro than It Is now
The bill as amended was ordered
benator Agnews bill providing that
cases of unlawful entry anddetainer
may bo tiletl by Justices ot the peace
without Juries where they aro not de
manded was taken up ordered eng
grossed and then llnnlly passed under
suspension of the rules
The hour of 12 oclock having arrived
tho senate proceeded to tho election of
a United States senator to succeed
Hon Richard Coke
Henaior Atlec arose and said
The nomination of nn United States
senator is an important consideration
Tho most distinguished honor that can
bo conferred on a citizen through their
representatives in leglslitlvc capacity
Is to elevate him to the position nt
United States senator It Is therefore
with peculiar pleasure but with many
misgivings ns to my ability that I rlsa
to i > laee In nominal Inn a distinguished
T xan to represent this reat state In
what I esteem the moat Important offi
cial function on tho continent of
Prom this introductory Senator Atleo
Indulged In nn extended review of tho
names and services of gentlemen who
hove representedTexas since her ad
mission into the union beginning with
the Honored Sam Houston and end
ing with a warm eulogy on Senator
Richard Coke soon to bo succeeded
by the Hon Horace Chilton
In reviewing the life nnd character ot
Horaco Ohllton Senator AUee was
painstaking nnd earnest As a boy
In a country printing otnee struggling
ufter the lulhnonts of nn education
and consecrating his joung energies
to the duties that then environed him
ho laid the foundation for tlie Useful
life that has crowned his prime and
given promise of the honorable posi
tion he now holds In tho confidence and
esteem of his countrymen
In conclodlng the senator said that
Coming as I do from the shades of
the Alamo I esteem It an cspechi
honor that I should he called upon to
name the Hon Hotnce Chilton as tho
worthy sucfensor of Richard Coke
Senator Presler of Comanche oec
onded the nomination of lion Horace
Chilton In a short and pith speech
Slnca Sam Houston and Thomas J
Busk no man woithler itian ho had
ever represented Texas with rare
dignity nnd patience ot iv time when tie
was balked lu attaining the summit
of his ambition he said Senator Chil
ton had when defeated by Roger Q
Mills as his own successor resisted tho
slings nnd arrows of an outrageous
fortune Senator Chilton could be re
lied upon to assist in the lnnuKimitlnn
of that new South that was now mark
ing the threshold of un cxttaoidlnury
era of piospcrltj A man who votes
when coin missioned to represent his
people as lie has talked to them Is
entitled w every confidence Tills Bor
neo Chilton will do nnd tho penplo
with singular uuonlmitv have hettled
upon him as their senator advised In
ndvnnce a to his views upon the lead
ing questions at Issue today nnd In
this manner expressing their npproval
In closing ihe senator sftld that ful
some praise might bo dlepetiB < d with
lu the conviction that no worthier
man could be found In nil Tuxus to
represent our great Interests in the
United Stntes senntc than the Hon
Horace Chilton
In short speeches mainly reciting
the unanimity with which their sev
eral constituencies approved the elec
tion of Mr Chilton ns United Stales
tetKitor Senators Agnew Bherrlll Bo
ren and Gage secondsd the nomina
Senator Darwin nominated Thomas
L Nugent nnd Scnatir Harrison sec
onded the nomination nilther gentle
man making nn extended speech
The mil was th n cnllnd and Chil
ton rrerlvod twentv lght votes Nil
gt nt two those of Dnrnln and Harri
son Senator McCVmb was absent
The president announced that the
senate and house would meet In Joint
sosnlon at 12 tomorrow and declare the
Adjourned tilt 10 tomorrow
IN Till HDlIsn
TVoniltinflnir I Iilltou iiml Nugent for
lulleil ftnlfN Senator
Austin Tex Jan r At tun opening
of the buxlnesn of the session this morn
ing a resolution was offered that at 11
oclock today the housoTshould procoe4
to elect a United States senator to sue
cee Richard Coke This waA carried
without opposition
Somo quiet fun was had ut tho ex
pe lac of Populist OConnor of Bexar at
the opening of the session who forgot
his hat on his head until the rnapiam
rose to offer prayer wnen he suddenly
jerked It off his head ana looked
around furtively to see who had noticed
his forget fulness He Is tho gentleman
who until very recently was a strong
probability r the Populist nomina
tion tor United States senator to oppose
A fatherless bill wKTcIT was not eng
tered jcHterday although It cania
Knocking for admittance was this
morning claimed by Trav Henderson of
Lumar whnrelntrodueeJ it Rh oojert
is to pi event railroads and other puo
llo carriers froju issuing tree transpor
a motion was carried to postpone the
hour for election ot the Dntteii States
senator until 12 oclock for tho conven
ience of those who were to mako nomi
nating and yeromlhig speecnm
Tho following bills wero Introduced
before fto minutes m id TJpsed the In
pour eliciting from a member vny
stiong plea thwt the bllllntroduclnir
tnditntry cease until the committees
could catch up with their worn <
house get action on some of thtlrtre
j um le chair declared the spcaKe
otK of order but n large percentage of
membcranppeared to bo of his oplonjon
W T Armlsteads mil house bill ou
11 to give jurisdiction to ihe several
courts of civil appeals over cases trans
ferred from one of such courts to in
Washington Jntu 33Vor tutMiarsy
TriimPulrj Uiplit outlierlj itIuAs
Of tho Citizens of Fort Worth
at tho
To hear tho report of committees and to
conaldtr at a msttir Affecting
the general welfare the
Invited to he preient
A special requeet la made for the ladle o
Fort Worth to attend
Come out and hear something to your
Interit and lo the tntereit of
other tinder tho direction of the su
preme court nnd prov iding for the
transfer ur such canes if in lirst bll
lu come btfuie the house Beard ot
Hmlth county rurntshta up house no
end uf fun when n motion cann up i
custom the rules and put the bill upm
its llnal w age In lit det trmluatlon
to be heard on the sulrioLt snaMer at
the bill he was five times declared out
of order while the house roar t with
laughter The house retnoeii to sua
pend the rules and tho bill will take Its
regular course
Senate bill No 23 to regulate the
Issuance of executions upon Judgments
ot courts ot record and to prevent such
Judgments from becoming dormant
was passed to its third reading
House idl No 10 ny 1 urmr ta con
firm and validate eertaln survejs ot
land made by vlitu o cirtlllcatea Is
sued to perutins prrmimontty disabled
by rearon < f wmnds iieetved while Jit
the sen ho of this urate or m the Con
federate mates was next placud upon
its second leading Uwili v n amend
meiit that the att ohould not apply to
and shuil not be held to validate any
location or stirvey in ado upon any ap
propilaud land nor to any location or
sum3 fiaudulently made
Consideribla discussion vas mado
upon the bill Mr Gotigh riveting at
tention for avvhlla by urging that it his
Information was correct he did not say
it wna thi bill propos J the mom gl
cantlu fjaud the legislature could pos
ilMj perpefrttte ur luihtr the riveting
thereof Hls information wa > In cftict
that when the land was Hru appro
priated without location and that act
ing under tho advantages or this con
dition land vhurkii had bought Up tho
certificates and in lo atliu the land
therein appropriated had left the school
fund the moat barren vvortiiloss us
less realty In thu nulo In many in
stances It his Information were cor
rect he v ouUl certainly oppose th
passitgo of a bill that would ri jt tho
fraud Truro was a great ih al ot
speaking on tlie point ot Information
and further discussion was postponed
at 6 minutes to 32 when tt iccesa of
five minutes ivae taken Ward of
Travis spoke earnestly lu favor of the
adoption of the meaauie urging that
Texas could not afford not to valldatu
thso certificates They wero granted In
good faith It would be an act of bad
mlih not to validate them His ad
dress mas delivered atXer the conven
ing of the house ami nt Its close thu
speukcr announced the nomination and
seconding speeches of the oo > ndldalea
for United Stated senator In order
pashlel of Leon was the lirst to ad
dress the house He upoke as follows
ilr Hpuaker Jn obedience to our
constitution and laws wo are assent
bled to d Inch urge the highest duty in
trusted to U by a loyal and magnlfl
cent constituency
From her annexation to the Union
Texas has reserved the office of United
States senator as the highest reward
for her most Illustrious sons and
another name Is now to be added to tho
list of southern statesmen w hoso
chivalry nnd patriotism have been tho
Inspiration of a free people
Crowned with tho honors of a Ion fa
and honorable legislative carters useful
becnuso of experience in statecraft
altvsys true to the Interests of his
countrymen and blessed with their
unswerving affection the Hon Richard
Cokn voluntarily surrenders Ihe re
sponsibilities of the scnatorshlp mid
t this supreme moment Texas will
best honor Him by selecting ns his suc
cessor ono of her strongest purest
bravest sons
Recent events have mognlfled thejm
portanco of the oflice which w < rare
about ta confer Publlo distrust and
party dissatisfaction have permitted
defeat lo follow tlie stately stepping
of victory and tho peoples Democracy
loiters stunned by tho blows of the
cuomtesof freo government
The highest legislative body of the
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