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neThird Off
The most oxquisito assort
lent of Wolts Piques and
ucks in White and solid
olors and figured for heavy
utnmcr dresses that wo have
vor Boen are now ou our
ountera It haB boon our
im in getting tlioso goods
ogother to got fast colored
oodfl as iu waBli material
iothiug is cheap at any price
hero colors are treacherous
tany havo already found
hat out iu readymade gar
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ame old stoiywo all find
ut sooner It payb to buy
omething good
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aj In stock Suits mnde to order and
t guaranteed 212 Main street op
ulte Maun to Temple Tort > Vortli
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011111 nml woo our Clous Clothing
WITS 500
I Wf will 1 < nv it to juuto injr liow
iutb youcmrt mvu
onnnn vacvted
Chicago April ln Judse Showjlter
day vacated tho restraining order In
le felegelCooper injunction involving
le Incjinu tax law uiul stt a hearing
wcekn later Ho said tho order
ad bten Imprudently entered
1ort Smith Arlt April 10 Charles
nltli a young nero tough ami We
r Isaacs a oung Indian hao been
nLncej to hang
bj the United Mate
Jim uiih Cherokee 11111 on Juno 25
mltn Wiled tuo men at Muskogee
inns the fair lam
fall lie lias been
rled here far three murders but nus
of manslaughter In t o
v aa a gamhler and tho
rlend and advlor of Cherokie lllll <
i > r llaac na another Indian
led Mike Cushlng a eddler mar
9tun > < 1 aSior > cIobo
r tho iherokeo pajment They robbed
o < l bumed hi
Little Itoek Ark April 10 Judge
Wlllims todny refused to acato the
ot foreclosure under which tho
wperty pt the
City Blectrlo Street
nimay company embracing all tho
In tho city la be old
to Thurs
a > next
An appeal a taken to
i Untel States court of appeals
nd briefs In tho caso velo teio
raphel to
Judge Caldwell The St
ouls Trust company holding a flist
of JJI3 3S8 the Atlantla
cumpiny holding a icond lien
d the 1
Irst National bank with a
laim of oa09 due on Income lunds
i Rhoet rake nnd hoc lCo per eat
arger size 30o per jet
03 Cream freezers
Triple Motion
The Best Thats Hade
tqt freezer 1 75 each
qt freesers I OS eaeh
< nt freezers 09 eaeh
ql freezers 35 each
Adjustable window screens will
any window COc and I5o each
I Whir several vol am st tojether
l ° t
n lop b
AND TltU UUIir hh Itll TO A US
AUSTIN April 16
lion A T McKlnney was elected
apoaked pro tern ttils nionilng Hon
Thomas S Smith hating been called to
Houston on lmi > ortant business
T M iirooks as sworn In na the
successor of tho late Robert D liar
rell Mr Brooks is a citizen of New
Boston Bowie count and ran as an
hide pen dint defeating the ropulbst
ldward Smith acted an chief clerk
that oillclal belnff absent from the city
Mr Tarver called up the motion to
reconsider tho oto by which house
bill No 1C relating to tho boundary
lines of MaMulltn and other counties
was ordcrtd engrossed which motion
was entered on tho Journal Thursday
April 11 and due notice elen on rrl
day April 12 that It would bo called
up today
Mr Burmelstir opposed rpconsllern
tlon nnd Menuis Munioe of Starr and
Tarur of ebb favored reconsidera
tion The speaker slunel In the presenct
of tho houso the bill amending the gen
eral land bill pased by both houses leu
A motion to Indefinitely postpone tho
Burmtlster bill ire oiled Ajes CO
nai cs 4 The action of the house
leaes the bcundnry lines of McMullen
and Duat undisturbed
Heprestntathe MtTlson called up
his Joint resolution flxlnff April 30 as
the day for adjournment sine die of the
Twentyfourth legislature
llcpresenlnthe lmg offered a substi
tute nxlnff April 25 as the day for ad
journment A motion to tnble the sub
stitute prevailed Ajes 3 m > s 45
The Moirlson Joint resolution was then
Iteprescntntle Henderson moed to
reconsider the oto by which the reso
lutlon was adopted nnd to spreid the
motion on the Journal A motion to
table was mnde A tie ote was the
result The speaker > oted no on the
motion to tablo and tho question of final
adjournment remains open
On motion of licpresentatlve Monroo
a well known citizen of Cameron roun
tjColonelTom Wells was InUted to a
seit within the lmr of the house
Uepesentathe Baileys bill to c o
Kirnes and Bee counties one additional
week of district couit at each term and
to take Arinsas county out ot the
1 wenty fourth district and put it In the
Thlrt sixth district was passed
Bepresentnttve Itansdalpn bill defln
inir a lawful bill was taken up and
The special committee oppolnted to
Investigate tho conduct of a reporter of
tho Austin Dally Statesman reported
that the matter was a Joke and a
very reprehensible Joke In the opinion
of the committee The committee also
reeommended that the aforesaid re
porter ho not excluded from the prlv
illges of the houso
On motion of Mnrrlnon the report
was adopted The joune man of
tho Statesman extracted tnn fM scraps
of paper from the waste basket of a
member under the Impr < sslon that he
was on the trail of a rich and Juicy
morsel ot news A precedent had been
established it was thoturft earlier In
the tepslon by honorable lawmakers
and the reporter fell Into a trip Th
tempest in a teapot has subsided and
Mr A Q Smoot will continue to re
cord the dsilr doings of the Twenty
fourth legislature
The bill r > roIdInir for the adop
tion of the work of the codi
fying committee to which was re
ferred the criminal code and code of
crlmlns pnvedure was called up by
Bfnresetitallve flouirh nnd passed
The bouse tefu ed to take up the
OCrr nor police bill by a ote of 48 to 40
Bece s till 1pm
ArTrmNooN session
At the afternoon session Blairs bill
Increasing the terms of court In Bexar
county was passed
The special order Mills fee bill was
called up and read It scaled the fees
In counties of 39000 population and up
Iattorson of Bell moed to reject the
report of the committee saying one
fee bill had already passed to engross
Mills defended the bill and said the
clause referring to assessors and col
lectors If adopted would sa > e 1100009
to the people annually
Bjrns took strong ground against
the bill and said he was In favor of
Low prices havo mado our trade good and
we now offer
Better Bargains Than Ever
Come at ouco if you
cau save money by buying from
Weltmans Old Stand
rejecting the report of the committee
The vote on accepting the report was
a tie 51 to 51 and the chair decWred
the motion lost
Ilarrlsoa moed to reconsider the
ote by which the report of tho com
mlttce had failed to pass A > es 57
Does 35
The Mills bill was sent to an un
timely grave
Morrison cnlled up tho motion of Tur
ner to reconsider the oto by which
the Tengln fee bill had been passed to
A call of the houso was prdered
Ninetynine members answered roll
Morrison withdrew his motion to
table and moved tho previous ques
tion A point or order was made that
the motion to table could not bo with
ilravvn after a citl of tho house hid
been ordeud Breaker Bro Tern Mc
Klnney decided the point of order not
well taken
Morrison moved the previous question
and n call of tho hounc was ordered
Speckles moved that absentees be ex
cused As eng CC noes 36 The motion to
excuse absentees was lost nnd the fee
bill contingent wero worst
Logans bill to amend the caption of
the act regulating the condemnation o
private property for city or town pur
posps etc was culled up
Teagln and other feo bilt reformers
demanded a call of the house In order
to get een with the opponents of the
feo bill
Senate bill providing foe the prosecu
tion In one bill of Indictment ot nil
such offenses s nre based upon the
samo forged Instrument of writing and
to prevent the Uotiblo collection of fees
In sueli cases was laid before the
Itagsdale nnd tho fee bill filibusters
moved a coll of tho house
Blolr moved an adjournment until 9
pclock tomorrow morning and tho fee
bill reformers called for the njes and
Ihe motion to adjourn prevailed
Ayes 53 noes 51
Adjourned till 9 30 oclock tomorrow
The AntiTrust Bill Up Age of Con
sent Bill Again
Austin April 1C Tho president of
Uie senate laid before that body the
antitrust bill ns unfinished business
continued from yesterday with the or
der of the senate making it a special
order from day to day until dlsposod
Senator Iowls made tho point of or
der that the bill being a house bill
could not bo taken up today because
of the concurrent resolution heretofore
adopted setting aside Mondays and
Thursdays for the consideration of
house bills by the senate and of senate
bills by the house
faenator Smith called the attention of
Senator Lewis to a proviso In the reso
lution to the effect that It should not
estop the house from considering senate
bills or the senate fron considering
house bills on other days
benator Lewis still pressed his point
nnd quoted a ruling of the speaker of
the houso to the effect that to make a
senato bill it special order for a senate
bill day and from day to day meant
from senate day to senate day and
nrgued that the same ruling would
hold good In the senato with tegard to
liouBe bills
Senators Smith bind Eteelo spoke
against the point of order
ihe chair held that the point was not
will taken because that while tho con
current resolution limited Mondays and
Thursday s to the consideration ot
houso bills by tho senate It did not In
any way limit tho consideration < f
house bills to those days The antl
trust bill having been made a special
order for yesterday and from day to
day until disposed of made It the pend
ing business for today and It was
therefore In order
Bending consideration of the bill
Senator Bowser called up the
bill amending the charter of
the city of Dallas w llh house
amendments and on his motion said
amendments were concurred In
Senator Bailey called up the bill
amending the Tort Worth charter and
on his motion the house amendments
thereto were concurred In
Senator Bowser offered u concurrent
resolution to authorize the governor to
appoint a commission of ten wh4
with himself shall represent the state
of Texas at the national exorcises at
Lookout Mountain next September
The resolution was adopted
The senate antitrust bill was then
again taken up
Senator Lewis moved to suspend fur
ther consideration of the bill and make
It a special order for Thursday
The motion was votd down
Senators Gage and SherrlU spoke at
some length In faror of the bill
Senator Lewis moved to amend by
adding to section 12 the following
Provided that this act shall not be
held or construed to prevent laborers
from uniting and organising for the
purpose of protecting themselves and
maintaining the Just and reasonable
price of labor
Senator Lewis spoke at length In fa
vor of 1ils amendment which he said
was Intended to protect labor from tho
oppression of capital
At 12 40 Senator Lewis jlelded for a
motion to adjeurn and the senate ad
journed till 3 pm
When the senate roassemblcd at 3
p m Senator lips offered a resolution
to authorize tho cttnmlttee ou privil
eges and elections to examine Into the
credentials ot M Lasker ot tlalvestpn
as senator from that district and It
It llnds that he was legally elected
that he bo allowed to qualify us a
member of the senate Senator Smith
though the proceeding Irregular as It
proposed to commit the senate to tho
adoption of the committee report be
forehand Senator lips amended his
resolution bo tint it provided simply
for letcrring the matter to the com
mittee for in cstlgatlou and report
and it was then adopted
On motion of Senator Suerrllt the
senate refused to concur In house
amendments to senatebill amending
tho law regulating the sending ot per
Dons to tho state reformatory and
asked a free conference Committee
On motion of ScaatorUeall the sen
ate concurred In house amendments to
the age of consent bill i On motion of
tSinotor Colquitt the senate concurred
In house amendments to senato bill
regulating appoiutment of medical su
perintendents or lunntld asylums
On motion of Senator Smith the
sctate concurred In houso amendments
to senate bill providing for advertis
ing nottccit of sales of property under
House amendments to senate bills
prescribing punishment for throning
stones or shooting Into moving trains
and to tho senate bill giving owners ot
livery stables and pastures liens on
stock for their board were concurred
Tho general appropriation Ull was
taken up for consideration for a sec
ond reading Senator Simpson moved
to amend by adding 110040 for the
erection of a n w building at tbe
bouthwestirn asylum benator loss
moved to amend by making the
amount 100 000 Tho 2100W0 nmend
nunt was voted down and tho fio
< W was agreed to Senator lb all eng
tered a motion to reu iider tho
amendment Senator Shernii moved to
amend bill by a proMshm that the
superintendent of tho xutylum nt Aus
tin should tosldtt In the main building
an I that tho house h t imw lives In
bu used as a hospltul forfckk patients
Tlio amendment was lost The motion
to reconsldir the ote adopting tho
amendment appropriating jaiooo for
a new building at Southnrauni asy
lum was called up carried and the
amendment was loted dwn Oo mo
tion of Senator Atlee the bill was
further amended by providing ssoo to
piy for erecting voting booth
In tho cities using tho Australian bal
lot system
Senator Tips moved to amend by
providing lioooo for the employment
of additional help In tho ciunptiollem
otnee rendered necessary by the new
law for collecting tacn lho amend
ment was adopted Senator Biosler
moved to amend by providing JIM000
of proceed from the sale of public
domain b0 used 5000 in bull ling a
gov ernoi a mnnslou and jnOouo f or
beautifying the capltol grounds The
chair Senator D nn ruled that the
amendment was not In order
benator Presler appealed from the
decision of the chair A to was ta
ken and the dcclBlon ws sustained
Senator Bogeis moved fo ameld by
addlnw J500 for the pUrtftasu ofmx
Oov Hoggs portrait The amendment
was adopted The appropriation for
the quarantine department waa on
motion or Benator lips cut from 210000
to 20 000 Senator Mierrlll moved to
aiTiend by approprlitlng 5000 to pay
for a monument toAlbert Sidney John
ston Tho amendment was adopted
benator bhdbuin moved to amend by
ln irtlng 1000 to puiehaso part of the
Ban Juclnto battle Held upon which
to erect a monument ihe amendment
was lost
riftwn minutes wero consumed In
diHcussIng the proposition to appro
priate 2 60 with which to amnd thi
pump ut the publlo well on the capltol
grounds and It was finally votid down
Tho bill as nnunded was then ordered
engrossed benator Tips called up the
motion to reconsider tho oto by which
the senate pussed house bill to tax
Insurance agents The motion to re
consider watt lost
Defining a Lawful Tence Passed the
Austin Tex April 3C Bepresenta
tlvo < Ilugsdales bill defining a lawful
fence passed the house loduy In coun
ties or districts where th stock taw
has been ndoited a lawful fence Is
one four feet high consisting of three
wires with posts not more than 30 fiel
apart provided that when posts are
30 feet apart there shall be two stays
between them There were only IS
dlsstntlng otts
Gathered at the Seat ot Government
by a Oozetto licpresentatlve
Austin Tex Airll 18 Colonel Jim
Wells of Starr cminty the Democratic
boss of that section of tho Southwest
Is here watching legislation
Judge Bryan Callaghan Nat Lewis
and other leading citizens of Han An
tonio ore here pushing the O Connor
police bill and wutchlng the progress
of tho Lee bill
The caucus ot sliver men will bo
held next week Just before adjourn
ment It Is probable that an address
will be published calling on the sliver
Democrats of Texas to send delegates
to a state convention to be held Inthe
city of Iort Worth in June or July of
the present year nt which time a thor
ough or anlzaton of the sliver forces
will be perfected In order that free nil
> er 16 to 1 delegates laay be sent to the
national convention ot the Democratic
party In 1898 Thire are 25 Cleveland
gold standard Democrats in the lower
house according to a Populist news
paper man who has counted noses The
gold standard men aro from the cities
and the Itlo Orunde border
Judge It H L rett of Houston a
prominent railroad attorney Is In the
Judge Harry Master son ot Velasco
Is in tho city
Aldermen Bailey and Illrsch of Hous
ton are here today opposing the
O Connor police bill
The Young Oocrnor Is Master of tbe
Austin Tex April lc The vetoes of
railroad consolidation bills by the gov
ernor will be sustained There was
loud talk in the house at first but the
gentlemen with raw places on their
bodies ave becoming less fractious And
the opposition to the vetoes has melted
away The fact I the way his col
leagues turned down Bepresenta live
Tarver and his blandishment resolu
tlon has taken all tho bluster out ot
the kickers Thir lack nerve and now
say that they do not cart to Invite a
Embroideries Embroideries
We Advertised to Give 13 Off from Cost Price
on Embroideries Thursday
This la what created tho stir and cnusoil ne ot our DOWNTOWN com
petltors so much uncanliiesi HI thouitlit It was n little eaily In the sea
son to slaughter profits In tlioso goods Bo would wo think so under ordinary
circumstances but o aro n it slaughtering tliolllt but IMIirKS an een
f iirtJSm V mJk c 0Uel > H rj We havo n llltlo the Inside
la bujlng this lot and this Is what hurts so as no can make money on
them at
a itiiDycTioN or ONnTiimu orr ntor usual new vouk cost
When their must bo old nt a loss Wo bought
10000 Yards of Embroideries
a t > rlcJ c bclrf lhcr Milue Ih Is enables us to make prices that oth
crs cannot meet Ihcy adiertisc onethird oft from celling price Our
means onethird oft from hat tliej n ould cost us It bought ut regular prices
and we would be moro than ilMtcd to lia > o > ou eo what others aro doing
iien como to us
We WillSell the Goods
It pcpins to bo a doclnrntlon of war thoy linu thrown
down tho gauntlet and wo accept thoohalloiigo nndducluio
We are the Leaders in these prices
We have the largest stock of Embroideries
We have the best Goods
We have the Lowest Prices
We will get Your Coin
Thursday is iho day and Ono Third
From Cost is tho Prico
Unfortunately tho printer inado us Ray ycstoiday wo
had 1000 yaida ot Eiubroldury for this ualo This should
luivobeeu 10000 yaida
Tim ran bill
Will Bring Up a Lively Fight In the
House Today
Austin Tex April 18 Sixteen Demo
crats fourteen Populists nnd one Re
publican friends or the feo bill held
a caucus tonight Beprexentatlve Bum
pass presided and Representative
Rasndaie nrted ns secretary Ittptn
sentatives Morrison Henderson I ogan
Carpenter and Wester wre selected as
floor managers for the battle tomorrow
and It was decided to call Jnto force
all parliamentary tactics In order to
send tho fee bill to final passage The
feo bill will be pending business The
fee bill men claim C8 out of the 125
members and will refuse to Adjourn
until they havo secured vote on the
If the minority continue stubborn nnd
the majority adhere to their program
mapped out tonight there vlll bs1 a
succession of roll calls and calls of the
house tomorrow unless one aids or the
other surrenders
Austin Tex April 1ft Comptroller
rinley sent out tho following today
To Tax Assessors Your attention Is
directed to the act providing for tho
assessment nf National bank notes and
United States treasury notes passed
by the legislature now in session sal 1
act being In force and effect from April
It 18trf the date of approval by the
governor As the act clearly contem
plates the assessment of the year 18P5
of the properly Indicated In section one
thereof your prompt observance of Its
provisions Is respectfully requested
Has Become a Lar Without the Gov
ernor a Signature
Austin Tex April 10 The floss land
bill that bas caused the Western mem
bers of the IcgUtfture so many sleep
less nights aid bustling days today
became a law by the expiration ef
contest wjth the executive of tin state
lie Jias dcm6ntUrated to tho opposi
tion that he 1ms a backbone as blj as
u saw log The governor balds tho
whiphand and it muster vt the situa
rnnn bilvkr coNrunrcNcn
Vrlend ot tho White Metal In the
Texas House
Austin April 1C This morning a free
silver Democrat started out with a
paper obtaining signatures to a call for
a confeence of tho free silver men
rifty six names wero obtained In short
order nil free sliver Democratic mem
bers of the house Tho fallowing call
was handid jour representative
We the undersigned Democrntto
members of the Twenty fourth legN
Inture believing In the freo coinage of
silver to tho extent of Its full and com
plete restoration as n money metal to
the position it nrcupled previous to 1871
hereby agree to tmet In onfemicc a I
s o clock Thursday night April l > 1895
to discuss tho silver question and Ihe
importance of its full recognition In tho
next state and ni > wlonal eamialgn
The call was not presented to the
senators owing to lack of Umo on the
Eart of tho gfntlemin who started tho
atl rolling Representative L A LU
larl of Preestono The free silver
Demoemtn of Texas will bo Iti tho sad <
die before Iho committee of safely
enn imiugurato Its movement to swing
Texas ns the tail to a gold bug kite
All friends ot sliver aro Invited to at
tend this conference
Austin April 16 Oovprnor Culber
fin has received mwrol letters today
from prominent citizens in tho state
embodying strong Indorsements ot his
veto ot tho act consolidating the Sa
bine and Hast Texas railroad with the
Texas and New Orleans nil of which
be hos given out to tho press The let
ters rom from San Antonio Oahcston
and elsewhere
the 10 days limitation and without the
governors slgaatuto ihu bill i asn < td
yesterdny amondlng it was signed by
him and also becomes a law
These two go Into effect In ninety
days Tho time limit also expired on
tho Houston cly chartir bill today
and 11 takes immndluto effect
Ausctln Tex April IB It Is an
nounced hero tonight that Dr Toler
will nintptt the tight ot M LAsker
to hntl down the seat ncnltl recently
by Miles Ciowley In tho stato senato
Tho commit toe on dec lions held a
meeting tht evening but adjourned
without action as Lasker had not
yet oome In possession of his certifi
Austin Tex Apiil 16 House com
mittee on cllles and towns made
favorable report tonight on Mo
Lemortis bill authorising cities of 10
000 Inhabitants and less to surrender
tholr charter and disincorporate
Vienna April IB Of the number of
persons killed by y eslerdays i arlh
quakes seven wero In the vicinity of
Kadath Iu addition three children
wero killed In the Milage of Hod lea
Knormous damage was dono in innny
towns and Milages of the Lnibach dis
tole repr + Bcntailrca In Ft Wortki
i < > illrr t Irk led 10 nil point o
Ilia Iultrtl Hlul > Mt rrdnrril mUh
XVit lt i nni met rnllronil tickets
rhorU liBERng < nnd lenun leeittna
cnr li + rtim
i > la iimsuriFin a co
Worth lintel
Ilrrerenre ItnnltN 1 > lne s honni
nil our customers
Todar the eollere base bnll sessen
opens with a game between the Yalo
team and the Vew lork nine on the
latter s grounds In New York City
iho mysteries of tin diamond nov
bold a high place in tho college cunt
cut urn
Stop nt our Lace counter and ask to
rre the new tAtterns in Vandyke
Points at Sfto an 1 0c n > ard Thi y nrs
leautles Our ntock hns been recently
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Ladtes Vest sale tomorrow
The ParkerLowe
Sixth nnd Houston
AT llOlili HOUT1I
Matinee and
On City or County HcjI Estate
Vendors Lion Notes Extended
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v rsriBtvisir i m ins co
Pirt Worth Tex
Greonwais Opera House
Special Announcement Mb
Gosfnz of tDB Season m
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2 cases Manchester Chambray only
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v 4 Brown Sheeting only 13 lIo per
Figured Lawns for la 4o and So per
1 case 12 1So PercAle for 8 1Sc
1 oass Booktold Percale for 10c
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> t Si
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