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Montbs in cncncn AM > WOtUC
svsnr tihus coiausifflBS ncr
WACO April 17
Then the Knlchts Templar are here
From E Taso
bait thousand atronff
Texarlcana from the wheat fields of
Panhandle from the
lt productive
ickly settled towns of north Texas
om the towns along th Sabine and
ie Rio Orande commanderles or dele
tes ere tere to eouncel for the good
the order lhere Id not an unrep
santed commandery and there are
lrtyone In the state Commanderks
eretotoru sending a representation
r leas that the bakers dozen are here
ladles too are as
full force The
lck as falling leaves in Valombrasla
U truly a representative
eng order representative of all that
noble and good Divides represent
it the cardinal attributes of a God like
they are representative of eery
prree of physiological development as
fll as poportllness and leanness The
andsomest man here Is Sam Warner
r the Cotton Belt the ugliest J W
laxwell of the Colorado Commandery
ndy Falkner quandom central nas
nger fluent Is the fattest Uat Uclley
Waco recognizes no competitor In
ie leanest rank J W Maxwell of the
aty poses not ns ono of these classes
iit does pose as the only llvlnc repre
n tat he of orphans And they are
avlng a Jolly time Being godly men
iey hied themselves to the natatorlum
4 soon aa they oould register and get
> their knapsacks After being made
san again they began feeing the
ejserClt by gaslight borne tt them
rank red lemonade In the booths at
ie Episcopal church festival while
ihers lojtered around the hotel corrl
ors meeting old friends and txchang
g pleasant remlnesclnses All cs
ajwnl the alert coppers llright and
orly this morning they buckled on
nelr armor and made ready for the
i s exercises Promptly at tho np
nlnted hour 10 oclock the formation
r the commanderles was begun at the
Vjmraandery The local band w as
laced on the lead Colorado Com
tindery next then the Belton Com
landery Fifth regiment bind and
ie Waco Commandery at the Pacific
otel the headquarters the procession
ulted and passed Inspection The
ght eminent grand commandery In
triages took position at head of
lumn and the lino was marched to the
irst Presbjterlan church Some dltll
ulty was found In setting the Knights
r the church bad almost been tilled
lth wacoltes After providing the
ucesEbry seating capacity the line was
i ntlnued Into the church and were
Lated while the choir played an In
Irlng march The grand prelate be
an the exeralses as follows
Tho Lord Is In his holy temple let
11 the earlh keep silence before blm
Dearly Beloved Sir Knights Breth
m the Scrlptprcs moveth us In sun
ry plice to acknowledge and confess
ur manifold sins and wickedness and
hat we should not dissemble or cloak
hem before the face of Almighty God
ur Heavenly Father but confess them
ith an humble lowly penitent and
bed lent heart to the end that we may
Main forglvness of the same by His
iflnlte goodness and mercy And al
tiough we ought at all time humbly
r > acknowledge our sins before God
et ought we chiefly so to do when we
semhlo and meet together to render
liaaka for the great benefits that we
avo received at III bands to set
urth His most worthy praise to hear
Us moBt Holy Word and to ask those
Mngs are requisite and necessari as
> ell for the body as the soul Where
ore I pray and boseech you as many
ore here present to accompany me
a pure heart and humble voice
5 the throne of Heavenly Grace
In response the sir Knights arose
ncovered and with united voice made
Ids general confession
Almighty ond Moat Merciful Father
e have erred and strnjed from Thy
ajs like lost sheep We have follow
J too much the devices and desires of
ur own hearts We have offended
gainst Thy holy laws Wo have left
ndone those things which wo ought
o done and we have done those
Mngs which we ought not to havo
one and there Is no health In us But
nou o Lord have mercy upon us
userablo offenders Spare Thou those
God who confess their faults He
tore Thou those who are penitent ac
oralng to Thy promises declared unto
unkind In Christ Jesus our Lord And
rant O Most MercUul Father for His
ake that we ma > hereafter live a god
righteous and sober life to the glory
tTni holy name Amen
lion John G Winter of this city
elcomed the visitors In the following
nolce and beautiful language
of two thousand years
ave glided Into the ab > ss of time slnco
he Christ came among men nnd sub
UUed himself a sacrlilce In propltla
ion for their sins That sacrifice ac
pmpllshed he ascended In that glo
bus Baster morning and In the quick
e n5ulnS centuries the Influence of
us life of His doctrine and the spirit
Pread among the peoples and men
Hoarding the comforts of home aban
loning the luxuries Incident to wealth
na rank animated by love and rcver
nee humblj with staff and scrip
Jurneved from the most distant re
Ai ° kn1 on Calvary and to praise
a Olivet In ecstatic vision of the
lories of the ascension pilgrims of
lie holy sepulchre Seven devout spir
ts knighted for valor leagued them
ror the defense and protection
t those weary travelers against the
angers and hardships which environed
Heturnlng to their distant homes
pilgrims with enthusiastic gratl
uu tola the story of those herolo men
old of their acts of charity and deeds
t pure beneficence
and so the fame of
no austere and valiants Knights of
i iT CmPIe pread through every land
o < i fhe highest and noblest sought ad
mission to their order It rapidly grew
n wealth power ond Influence Its com
manderles were established throughout
urope and Knights Templar vowed
o purity and abstinence to the aid
na succor of the Innocent and helpless
na to the defense of the Christian re
Eion were found heard
wherever was
cry of distress and their strong
and ready weapons became the
course uf terror of evil doers the hope
ueak and suffering
coming down to modern times he
Th templar of modern times Is not
H call > d to his sword In
riif a 1 w f re The fierce fires of
ontlcal religious and sectarian intol
rance glow not In these brighter days
t liberty as In the darger and perhaps
terner ages of the past but the funda
nsntal principles of the order are now
s In Its foundation No atheist no
no d bellever In Jesus Christ
na Him crurlfied can consistently
ar the emblems tit the order of
nights Templar or march beneath Its
anners The cross and crown Is the
i moot of no sect or no denomination
t of the Christian religion In Us
roadest most Catholic acceptation a
memorial rf Him who died that man
mint live of Him whose blood was
shed for the remission of sins of Him
who Is the resurrection ana the life
To jau slrr representative of that
Illustrious and magnanimous order In
luii Umpire state constituting as you
do the grand commandery bt thn state
of Texas coming with trunpet blast
and battle shout but In brotherlr love
and charity as broad as humanity It
self to counsel for the good of our er
def Waco commandery extends knight
ly and cardial greetings
In conclusion ha paid a high tribute
to > hat most precious and gracious
gift to man woman In every age
e said and In every clime enlight
ened by the sun of civilization the true
knight has bowed at the shrine cf
betuty In admiration and homage
Hon M L Matt of Ualvcstun In
behalf of the visiting knights respond
ed to Hon Winters as follows
Woflnd here too the resting place
cf the eminent dead the abiding place
o the honored living What a galaxy
of great nams Waco has presented to
the state Ihe chivalrous Tom Harri
son warm hearted brave and gener
ous who whether leading his cele
brated brigade In the thickest of the
fraj or in the magnanimous rivalry
of the forum enthusiastic and lnclsvlve
wielded the keenedged scimitar of
a baladln Tho sagacious James Har
rison cool and reliable potent In coun
sel strong In war colected and Im
pressive on the battlefield a perfect
tower of strength a grand leader and
a wise adviser Their consecrated le
malns here repose
On Fames eternal camping ground
Their client tents are spread
While glory guards with solemn round
The blvouao of the dead
They have passed an ay but the
Influence of their lives remains and
their sons are worthily upholding the
name which has been bequeathed to
Here lives the Little Giant the
Warwick of Texas On the tented field
he was a gallant Southern soldier In
the forum his voice Ins been heard In
a hundred forensic contests contending
for the right proclaiming In clarion
notes his patriotism for the great state
of his adoption and Ids devotion to
the principles of constitutional llbortj
a man of genius and lesource no cus
tom can stale bis Infinite varietv
Waco too has produced Bui Ross
the Chevalier Havard of lexas Wheth
er protecting the homes and the wo
men and children of his people from
the cruel savage whether at the head
of his counmand In tho shock of con
tending armies whether as the peace
ful farmer whether as the statesman
contlolling the dtstlnles of your state
whether In his present high calling as
the educator of the jouth of Texashe
has been found equal to ever de
mand the same modest unassuming
gentleman whose eacutcheon is as
spotlesH as the driven snow
Heie too Is that noble old Roman
lit chard Coke as grand In his moral
and Intellectual nature aa he Is mas
sive In phvslcal proportion Ills life
has been spent In public service As
a judge and justice of the supreme
court as a soldier as a governor of
the state and for many > ears United
States senator ho has left his mark
upon the records of time and he now
retires to repose upon hli laurels and
enjoy a few jura of well earned rest
lt Is to such a city with such eng
vironments with such a record for
fair women and great men we come
upon our annual pilgrimage and lt Is
meet and proper that we should give
this recognition of our appreciation
Upon the conclusion of the exercises
the parade reformed and the comman
derles and ofllccrs returned to the Ma
sonic hall
Following theic addresses the choir
rendered that soul Inspiring anthem
insplrer and Healer of Prayer
The Sir Knights arose uncovered
and joined In rtsponslvo reading
Right Eminent Grand Prelate Rev
Sir J C Carpenter addressed the
After the reverend gentleman had
completed his address the choir sang
God be With You Till We Meet
Again which was followed by the
benediction and the marching from
the church to the commandery
The grand ofllcers opened the con
clave at 1 oclock Resolutions invit
ing sir knights In good standing to
witness tne proceedings were passed
Right eminent grand commander
read his annual address Iteferred to
olllcers reports
Right eminent grand treasurer and
grand recorder was read and referred
to finance committee
Committee on returns of subordinate
commanderles was read and adopted
An invitation was received and ac
cepted for a tour through the Waco
woolen milts
The following standing committees
were appointed to serve during the
The cession then adjourned to meet
at 0 oclock tomorrow
Commlttc on Returns J C Ktdd J
G Currv F R Stone Gus Garrison
Committee on Finance J T McMur
rai C F Gribble L T Fuller J JL
Committee on Grievances nnd Ap
peals D C Procter A C Becker T J
Committee on Templar Jurisprudence
J F Miller H B Stoddard James
Garrlt J C Kldd
Committee on Foreign Correspond
ence It M Elgin L M Oppenhelmer
James Rlglej 13 C Pew Robert
Committee on Printing R M Elgin
Robert Brewster B M Penland
Committee on Templar History O
Havworth John ba > les F B Sexton
J O Johnson X B Souders
Committee on Necrolorrj F B Bex
ton Charles Davis John Martin
Committee on Credentials John M
iMurch A L Steele
Commltteo on ByLaws X B San
ders W C Toung
Committee on Returns of Command
erles W SI Fly W W Lacy
Committee on Grand Olllcers Re
ports 11 M Elgin II B Stoddard
D R Gurley N W Hunter John
O Johnson John Martin D C Procter
Misses Leonora Johnson daughter of
Past Eminent Grand Commander John
O Johnson Orace McDonald daugh
ter of Mayor McDonald of Austin
Waldle Zemplemon daughter of Pa t
Master Sllmplemon a trio of charming
voung ladles of Austin are here with
th Colors do commandery
The Colorado commandery has three
charming mascots little Estell and
Gladls Tarbat and Beulah Wiggins
ine oldest Is 8 > ears old the youngest
being only
John O Johnson and W II Bell
the former past eminent grand com
mander and the latter past eminent
commander of Colorado commandery
came In today from Austin and joined
their commandery at the Pacific
S E Morse of Cleburne Is a close
sefond in the race for corpulency He
lead In the race for being the most In
teresting conversationalist
Dr Johnson gran I senior warden
has anartments at the Pacific
Dr Feman of Sherman Is one of the
oldest knights In attendance
j wr Maxwell the modern Orpheus
Is with the Denlson contingent
Will Wlffglns chief clerk in the comp
trollers offlce Is with the Colorado
A N Brown an attache of the stata
department came up with the Austin
Miss Imogens a charming and well
knowrrl oung lady from Belton Is hero
wtn her father
Congressman tfell of the Worth com
rnandpry Is a representative wan of
that commandery
W McSmltli wife and daugbtwr of
< > vJ A > i fyjl mi
Belton aUa B V Le wnJ i >
same clti Ale stopping at the fuifl
Miss Lizzie Hilly and Mt dimt > V
D Volts and B A Ludlow are here
as the sponsors and guests of the Bet
Ion contingent
Miss Willie Baker May queenelect
added much to tho effectiv cress of the
musical feature of tho exercises at the
church by the skillful handling of hei
Aeolian harp
The Fifth Regiment band of Green
ville came In last night and are la
quarters This band has Justly merited
more honors than any other organiza
tion of Us kj in the state
Jake F Zurn the Irrepressible irre
slstable and Inimitable knight from the
Fort got here early but retired late
His many friends were the cause of his
late retirement
Mayor McDonald the dam mnvor or
Austin exgrand commander and one
of the most popular knights of the or
der has been kept busy ever since his
arrival giving the grip to his many
The reception tendered the visiting
ladles by tho ladles of Waco at the Pa
clflo hotel this ev eng Ine passes Into
history as the grandest in conception
and most successful In management
social event In the history of the city
Tonight the Wnco commandery Is re
ceiving the ladles and knights There
are at least ZOO couples In attendance
Superb costumes extravagant decora
tions logther w lth a sumptuous re
past places the latter event on a i equal
rooting with the former The Paclfla
hotel managers are to bo congratu
lated on the successfulness of manag
ing the two receptions Costumes will
be described Sunday night
Tast Eminent Commanders Thomas
Murrah J H Wildbahn Deputv Grand
Commander John McDonald Eminent
Commander A S S alkcr Jr Sir
Knights W N Wiggins T O Maxwell
fl M Torbet H A W roe IX M Finch
II l ullersteln R S Graves George E
Zlmpleman J W Maxwell L L Fos
ter B D Smith George Mossey C A
Hotchkhs anil the following ladles
Mesdames John McDonald It L Carl
ton T O Maxwell S M Turbet Tom
Murrah Wm N Wiggins II W Finch
and Misses Lenora Johnson Grace Mc
Donald Waldine Zlmpleman Annie
Forsgard Ltla Bachman Eat ell o Tor
bet Gladlus Torbet Beula Wiggins
DeMolay commandar No 20 of
Greenville headed by the Fifth regi
ment bond of twentylive plects and
Ira OWlse past commander M IX
Hawkins past eminent commander
Mark S Andrews past eminent com
mander J 1 Regan past eminent
commander W II Goldsby eminent
commander J 11 Anderson grand
commander W T McKnln senior
warden R C Deal Junior wnrden J
Bcoonover prelate A Cimeron and
wire B O Wjlle B J Williams J D
Bone J E Cooper
The following are tho grand officers
who will preside at the conclave
E J Fry grand commander John
McDonald deputy grand commander
Austin J F Brlnkerhoff grand gen
eral isslmo Waco I T Nojes grand
captaingeneral Houston A A John
son senior warden Dallas P T Mor
c grand Junior warden Dallas S D
Carpenter grand prelate hherman J
C Kldd grand treasurer Houston R
Brewster grand recorder Houston A
R Howard grand standard bearer
Palestine 8 E Moss grand sw ord
bearer Cleburne F M GUIbough
grand warden Galveston Jake r Zurn
grand guard Fort Worlh
The following commanderles are rep
Clebutne commandery Worth com
mandery of Fort Worth Dallas com
mandery Houston commander Big
Spring commandery McCoy com
mandery of Pittsburg Indivisible
Friends commandery of Sherman
Gainesville commandery Belton com
mander Abilene commandery
The Kdwardi Torgery Case Concluded
Sam Lvans bult
The trial of C T Edwards on the
charge of making a forged Instrument
was concluded In the Seventeenth dis
trict court late 5 osterdav afternoon
nnd the case went to the jury There
aro two other case against Edwards
one In which he Is charged with pass
ing a forged check for 3C5 on T I
Day and another for S100 on another
In the county court the suit of TV A
Huffman Implement company vs H
Hubert was nonsuited by tho defend
fcam LvanB Jr through his attor
ney Dunklin Edrtngton filed a suit
In the district court > esterday against
J M Weaver sheriff of Navarro coun
ty Texas and others for 10 000 dam
ages alleging false Imprisonment and
mistreatment In other respects Evnna
states In his petition that on the Oth
of December 1S94 nt Corslcana Tex
ho was arrested by sheriff Weaver and
his deputies ion the charge of train
robbery and that he was very roughly
handled by tho ofllcers who made the
arrest He sajs he was brought from
Corslcana lo Fort Worth and com
pelled to go without food for twentj
four hours When brought hero ho
was placed In Tarrant county Jail
where he was confined for seven days
He says Weaver called blm a train
robber and made the statement in the
presence of others and In publlo print
and he was greatlv mortified nnd his
reputation damaged > bv these charges
which ho states aro false and uhfound
edIt will be remembered that Evans
wns arrested on tho charge of com
plicity In the rohberv of the Pacific
express car 1 at Benbrook last December
the case creating considerable interest
at the time of the arrest When Evans
was tried no case wm made out against
him and be was et free
Mary A Mavs fi > d a suit In the dis
trict court against C C Mavs asking
for a divorce She says they were
married January 19 1 1 and lived to
gether until April t 1894 She says ho
treated her cruelly and accused her
falsely and since fhe separated from
him he has been hanrlng around her
house armed with a Winchester rifle
to her reat terror She savs that he
owns 130 acres of land while sh < is
verv poor Sh nrs > s for the custody
of their ehIM nnd for dlv rpr
A J Dickson vs C C Terguson
trespass to try title
Irf ni Mirlmr1 bank of Texas vs An
drew Taylor et al debt and foreelonre
Torrnnt county vs Tonn C Harrison
garnishee n rUbrn nt
Natbnn Bornsteln and Fssle White
James Xferly colored and Laura pona
parte colored
Canton Tex April 17 In th dis
trict court today the cose of Van Zandt
county vs Otto P Kroeger et aL went
to trial The plaintiff after in trod uo
Ing its evldenco proposed to defend
ant the following agreement which
was accepted To dismiss injunction
proceeding against Kroeger and to dls
misa suit as to Archer county defend
ant to proceed to erect courthouse ac
cording to plans and when same shall
havo been completed according to con
tract plaintiff Is to djsmias suit and pay
Ul costs
tub vvacu Miirmu
rLAx13 or MxcriNts
WACO April 17
The annual meeting of the Grand
Lodge of the Independent Order of
Uood Templars of Texas for the prac
tical work of the session began thla
morning at the Cumberland Iroib >
terlan church although a short prelim
inary meeting was held last night The
work last night was devoted to tho ar
rangement of a program lor the re
mainder of the session
The Grand lodge reassembled at 9
oclock this morning with the follow
ing omccis at their posts
J M Dunn Axtcll grand chief tem
Rev II Bradford Dallas grand sec
J H Corrlgan of Illco grand coun
Miss Serena Lang lllltsboro grand
vice chief templar
J B Wlllet Dallas grand marshal
While E M Napier of thePacific conn any Vt al from
Express rervlce was handling n heavy
barrel of meat j twi j fe n nji
his foot crushing it painfully He will
be laid up for several dajs In conse
AtonUlnr NruralcL n < Haid
aehei Mn itehronleit tcU v l
tur Brown Iron mu <
JanVARV stst 1855
Mrs II Bradfoid assistant grand Kansas and Texas railway company
secretary and treasurer
Mr Schuster Waxahachte grand
carl Vincent Fort Worth grand past
chlei templar
Mrs Bailie Bray grand superintend
ent of Juvenile templars
Ed Rodgers of Illllsboro wns appoint
ed to the chair of grand chaptain
Auout 175 dekgatoa are In attend
The meeting opened with work In
the Grand Lodgo degree
This degree was conferred on a num
oer of new candidates Tho ceremony
if Initiation in this degree vvui ofninn
Impresslvtness Clrand Marshal Wlllet
01 Dallas Introduced the candidates
ihe district lodgo degree was con
Terred on a large number of candi
date lhe proceedings of the drund
Lodge are growing In Interest the
members declare bevond that of the
past The lodgo Is composed of repre
cnt < ttl e men and w omen from all
parts of tho state Tho proceedings
mentioned consumed the morning ses
Tne afternoon session began at 2 30
0 clok and reports from tommlttees
On finance state of the order bylaws
Juvenile work and prohibiten law
were discussed nnd engaged much at
Mrs Amanda Mallard was elected
paternal delegate to the annuil meet
ing of tho Woman s Christian Temper
ance union at Hlilsboro
Tho Hectlon of oltleers resulted as
follows Grand chief templar Ed Rog
ers Illllsboro Grand counselor J E
Corrlgan IIIco granU wee tempi
Mrs C II Row Waco J grand superin
of juvenile templars Mrs bal
lie Iirai Denlson grand secretari II
Uradford Denlson granl treasurer
Miss Maggie Ajnn Axtell grand chap
lain Rev II A Smith Mount Vernon
grand marshal J D Wlllet Dallas
Rev J M Dunn was elected repre
sentative of the lodge at the Interna
tional Supreme lodge J E Corrlgan
At tha night session the grand lodgo
convened In the subordinate degree
The question of the good of the order
arouped much enthusiasm and It wai
resolved to prepare a banner 1 be pre
sented to the lodge showing Cue larg
est per rent of Increase at tho end of
each quarter
Waxahachle was chosen as tho place
of meeting in 18afi
A resolution of condolence upon the
4cati of W Jennings Demoiest was
Adjourned till tomorrow nt 9 oclock
the grand lodge will hold a publlo
meeting at 8 IB p in tomorrow In tho
Cumberland Presbyterian church cor
ner of Twelfth and Washlugton An
Interesting program will be carried out
Addresses and recltiitlon by several
of the most noted templars of Texas
the following is tho program of the
Address of Welcome
Hon J II Banton
Grand Councillor J E Corrlgan
Vddress on Aim and Objects or the
Order l O C T J M Dunn
Instrumental music
Address Grand Hecretnry II Bradford
I a C T Carl Vincent
Select Reading Mrs Dr C II Rew
Vocal solo
RemarksRev H A Smith and
Rev J M Archer
Exposition of Juveullo Temple Work
Miss tSallle Hroy
Short Talks Goorge Parkhouse J
A McDurmltt J B billet
couur or ciui aiteals
fiecoud Judicial DiblrUt rtot Worth
Motions Submitted Wilt Tarls ts Gulf
Lulorudo and htiita le Hallway oumimiii
fur uncaring Units and Pailttc Itatmar
wmpuny is A J Huh for nuoirlntf
JWl > Psrks rs tuf Colorado eng J Ha ma
1 JCollwar umpaij eumnlitl motlou fur
1 Inuring I ort Worth snd Duuvix tlljr
lUllnar company John Hoencer for
ifbearlug Uulf Colorado and Kant a to
Railway company a 8 Jerrr for rc
tuurliig U L tianUou t 1tou and la
lflc lull way coninaiij for relieurlna
AJoUuna D lJi < JMadJox J Iron i An
derson vs J A 1raster et al for shear
ing rtftitedj O W E CarmlenaH et H
9 v O ll llard et si for rehearing oier
ruled M IX IUeub ft al Jirurfetta
> afe for rcheurlug refa tl Wnl tr Par
ker th James it unlrtll t al for re
hearing refute 1 J A Ithodei tb J I
mulHir motlou to dlmnlaa appral yrantert
Can Hubaillted James Itritn nwlgnee
ts It M wrdrn et al from 1otter Wynue
MeOart ts A II Andemon from ior
ruutj J t Bliaens vs 1 L Callahan
from Hardeman V 1 tvttgnrr et at vs
V M Marfle from Hardeman Hejinour
Oper company et nl ti oolridge K ltro
flout Jnylor KUllutanortli MeOonuilI
t H 1 o < < II from CbitOretit 0 < or e
Jloehti va T V Hotioe ct ol from llat
kell Dublin Mercantile toinpany Itotan
Grocery con pnny from 1 rat hi Chlllkolhe
Mill sud IJcvutor cuiopiiny y city Na
tional lantf et al from Honloy J M and
J li lUntfrow y ljineoiter tt lurtur
from Hood Jake Harllngva John T t null
ct al from Callahan A 11 Jolly ts 1 J
Clan ool front Tarrant
Cates Decided 1 Thompson ts J
I Irons from Iloylor omnnfd J A
ronkbile tb V IJ JJumtroti et al from
Cook alllrmed Ilyinan Ilium ts Houston
an J letat Central Railway company from
Hardeman altlrined J II VAaaUlDgton
Jim M0UI4 Jordau from Cooke retemd
and cindered Alamo lire Insurance coia
I ny va S C Count from Comanelie
aillrmefli 1 d M Tyson vs J U H lnt
from Joneo afflruied Honthern Jvaiuaa
Hall way xomnany ts O U Hlialler from
Hemphill aihrmed V U TwoiuMy tb
Chlcairo Kotk lslind an 1 Texas Hallway
1 arrant atnrtnrdj
I i llon tt aL vs V L Ha
ett et ftl from Archer reterwd and re
manded 1 K WillUm t c r h St
I Co limited from Potter ofirmed
betters IndUBtrlal eomrany t J J Chan
dkr from aribtr r eve mod and reuianded
It M Ivatd VBlgnee vs II C Uatter
from Jouea reyeraed and rendered
Austin civit ArrnALs
Austin Tex April IT Proceedings
of the court of civil appeals for the
Third district today
Affirmed Womack gturgts vs
Garner t al frcm WlHlamRon
Reversed and rendered Lenvlr V
Marlln from Falls
never 4 and remanded German
American Insurance company of New
Torkv Vatera from Ilell Qulf Colo
rado and Santa railway eompany vs
vs Ilogan from Williamson Stale n
House et al from Bin Bab Reed et
al va Cavlt from Dell rinkf et al
vs Cox et al from Mclcnnan
Rehenrlngs overruled Schulzo vs
Jalonlck ct nl from Iltys Austin
Rapid Transit railway company vs
Culltn eL nl from Travis Key J
Dissenting Llano county vs Knowles
et al from Llano Missouri Kansas
and Texas rillwny company vs Carter
from Caldwell Willis Uro vs AWilte
from Travis Brookt vs Powell from
Coleman Gulf Colorado nnd hanta To
railway company vs McCloskj from
Tom Urtcn batchcll va Cook et al
from McLennan Stovall vs Odell from
Travis Missouri Kansas and Texas
railway company vs Cocreham from
Other motions overruled Htato vs
House et al to dlanilsa nppent from
Run taba San AngfJo Nntlonnl bank
vs ritEputrlck for rehearing and
findings from fact from Tom
Green Knox et at vs iar
bee to alarm on rettlflcnte from
Pulls City of Austin vs Austin Clti
Cemetery compan for rehearing of
motion to file additional conclusions
from Travis
In Rrown et nl vs Crow from
Travis motion for rehearing Is granted
ns to Intertst claimed It Is overruled
on other points Motion to ntllrm on
certificate U granted in Mulberger vs
Divls et 1 from tVrjell
Motion submitted Walker vs Hous
ton for rehearing from Caldwell
Divtdson ct nl vs Walllngford et nl
from Coleman for rehearing autf
Colorado ami Santa I > railway com
pany vs Wright for rehearing from
Austin Ttx April 17 Proceedings
of the court of crlmlril appeals today 1
Affirmed Cnrson Ilavue vs fetate
from Ilnij Maxwell vs Ktnte from
Travis Henry vs State from Hastrop
Reversed and reminded llargravo
vs State from Travis
Reheating ov erruled Waechter
Stale from Travis
Appeal dlsmlsped McCleskey
State from Corjell
San Antonio Tex April 17 The fol
lowing decision were handed down by
the court of civil appeals for the Fourth
supreme Judicial diatrlct today
Affirmed W K Caldwell vs C K
Rjnte from Lhe Oak C A 3L Cainp
btll et al ve Rosauna Cml et ftl
from Rexnr Trnnris Pmlth K Co vs
Doss Rlbbs et al from Hexnr 1 rancla
Bmlth Co vr Koty Dlbbs et al from
Pexar Dosla Dolman et al vs G A
Htow er s rurn tt uro company from
Investigating tho McSherry Murder
Dxperlmcnllng With Drugs
Marshall Tex April 17 Deputy Bid
Curtis returned from Mistouri last
night sending Cnnstabla LtherUge to
Xnshvllto to examine the man held
Ihero as Mch trya murderer The
prisoner In jull nt Kennet wnnte 1
there for burjjiry la supposed to be
a member of the gang who killed Mo
Sherr > From bis slntements and oth
er Information It dexelops as the of
llcers here had all along nupposcd that
this ging Is a large ono nnd Is operat
ing all over the countri The gang hns
for n long time kept n resident agent
at Maishilt and a few daja slnte llnd
Ing tho officers a little famllUr with
his movements he skipped out and Is
now In hiding Yesterday whllq Dr
C H Henley was out of his dental of
fice bo me one burglarized It taking a
gotd ring nnd several boxes of dental
goJ Dr Jlenlev thinks ho known who
got the gold but no arrets have been
mala vet Mrs W L Prleo died yes
tctday evening nt 2 oclock leaving an
Infant onh a few hours old Mrs lrlro
wns the wife of W 13 Price nn em
ploye of the Texas and Pacific railroad
and hns only been mart led a little over
a year Tho remains wero shipped
from hero to Pittsburg Tex on this
mo ml ng a train and wete nccompnn
ieil tn the depot by a delegation from
nurekn lodge No 7 Knights of 1j thins
nnd tho father nnd mother of the de
ep isfd Mr nnd Mrs A hitman Sev
eral local ph > slcluti of this city have
Iwen making expeilments with per
maugliate of pot ish at on nntldote to
morphine They used a dog for tin lr
experiments and thn result thus fur
not only shows that It Is ait nntldoto
but Is a sura preventive of morphlno
poisoning when taken before the mor
phine A dog given 20 grnlns of per
mnnglnate of potash vcstonlny resist
ed 10 grains of morphlno given nt 10 30
this morning nnd this evening is ap
parently as well as ever
The Chinese should teir down their
gteat wall and build schoolhouses with
the material New Yoik Advertiser
< S
Howdy do
Call and see us while
in the city
Shoo Dealers Main and Sixth Streets
My husband was almost crazy with
neuralgia We got a bottle of Browns
Iron Bitters Three doses relieved him
and half a bottle cured him There is
nothing equal to it for neuralgia
Mrs W L TIKI Pasco Franklin County Wash
Rrowni Iron Ellten will ear P4
Blood kljner ltd I h er Troublti
Wonderful or Irrprrila lonMlp
lion rtpult WekueM and lUUiii
Moody from Tom Green Missouri
If Drown Iron Dltter ytit noedl
For overworked men delimited women puny children
and rtOTinm
ma iue it K11 lrr
ExConfederaie Reunion
llulu of Hnl Mar 20 to 21 0004 to If
torn to May 20
Call or Billr nt our ueir ofllrr corner
Tourth AtiJ Molu tir t Ul lliket tod
all luforuutlOQ
City Tlckel Agent
Assistant Ticket Accnt
5fbiv 2j
jkKD lurrtntN
On follow leg dates account following con
Date of Sale May 20 to 31 Good to re
turn to Mar iU
Hnnla It trains Ipsts lort Oltli tt I
a in and 7 do jjl hi
Ikmnle elrtllr Sfrrlee to Iloimton from
all ivurlh lisaa jHlnt Ho mo roturulujf
All train on thf hantn To arrive nt an I
d > tlran I Ctutrnl ntnllou In ll
I > art from un i1H
ten We ha to Uo a iann utfrr titpat loj ti
tatcl tii Cougrvss strut lu tlie center > 4 siTj
iho ill X
Vut farther ptrtlcularn rati on or writs
Iasaoncer AKvnt 403 Mala Straat Fort
VTiirLb Tex
Will be On Sale
On and After
Saturday March 30th1
Texas Brewing Co
it e

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