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Lnd AnVAvcra > snAiu < Y a cent
The whfat market got sudden
xcited Jurine the last fiftien
nlnutea of change on the ensh
ustncM which de eloped here ond nt
sew Tork May eold 57 Mi against
3 12 last ntghl The folloulnff wore
len aa icocona for the spurt Kales
If 2W000 here for shipment Uast at the
univalent to the May price sales ol a
ound number of car loads from 20 to
0 in addition to above to go to a Mich
B an miller and other email lots for
juntry millers and imles reported
rom New York 3 buat loads Including
t at out ports with cash Belllns to
Men at Mo over May The big leal
of the situation was the claims
hat oiitslde Chlcaso theio Is practl
ally no available wheal for export or
Interior domestio mllkrs 1 litre
Mii no intlueuce In the cables Houthie
bullish North tat
ins vas somewhat
twtlpts were 1 cothpaied with 261
icar atfo Utstern markets
act UiHSJ against STJvOV laBt jear
aichlenn millers at live different points
wuglit wheut In this muiktit Indluuu
Uruatclies said many millers In that
itate UU depend upon Chicago wheat
rem now until harvest Minneapolis
tnd Toledo dispatches were bullish In
Corn was weak during the greater
art of the day but closed about l 10o
igher than the flRures of the day pre
lims bpeculatUe Interest was all
rnnsfetied to the wheat market There
a8 a bit business doing In oats and
he market closed l4fcl2o lower than
esteniaj Jlberal selling caused the
lecllno although buying was urgent
> nd at times general The tradlnt In
rovMoim was light and fluctuations
arrow Tork closed nt 5c decline for
lie da hard Is 2 l2c loner ribs un
hanged The receipts for tomorrow
re eJllmaled Whent 20 cars corn 120
his oats 1C5 cars hogs 18000 head
for 1 McPeak A Co
Chlnigo Ills April 17 ihere was
erj llttlu nctllt in the wheat pit to
la umii the last half hour when the
iarktt turned eiy strung and ad
in td t tent pir bushel from low
uint on good Inuulry for cash wheut
i New Vork at u pieinlum ovtr Jlu >
Uh to glutei i londa t sported us worked
ir exjoit The cash demand In our
iai niu > ket has also been try good
1 full juices with transactions of
luin li > Wi bushels for Lasttiu ac
ouiu Oltarnntts for the day neaily
iih mi I nun Imsliels
Ktctipis at primary points appear to
e in un decrease nolwlthsiandlug
no ait iliat they aro only about one
air ut what hey were a jtnr ago
dlpmeius from India Dalllc and sun
r > pons were reported this morning
it uwi bu und had a silmuUtlug
iit i jii pritts ttmporaill ub thesu
i iipmtnts wtio rumored > tt tviday at
iijuut 4 uiOooo bu later lu the senslon
neer tbo lepurt was thinged mak
ug fftujniifnis Ml4uuu bu which tor
> tew mmuua hid u depressing tftett
u putts Ueports fiom the Touth
CJt import a bin denund lor sash
twai especially from millers w no
ne a very light stuck on hand Ca
Ics wtro nominally unciiangrii fur
veipuui and Autweip 1c hlghor for
aria and a little loner for lierlln
the lore of our matket was ery
trout ui top prlcis
Lorn Coarse grulus hae been weak
he emm eebslun although theie was
pitiwii advaiub un the lata strength
t wo a bhlppcis state that the only
tiitjuiti r ir coin Is from locul parties
ui i uuig not much Inquliy ft urn the
ji > in acount of the advance In
leigh f
f sMuie lrov Islons aro barel >
teun I lure was good selling today
y k > i keis and cvnimlsslon hous > s al
tiough piitus have bfen fairly well
iiutauitu un tho strength In grain
i a MePtalt A Co
Open High Low Close
heat No 2
la s 13 67 14 CO 11 C7 18
i > 57 12 CS M 57 18 58 11
ipttmUr 58W 6 > M CUM C9 11
Corn No 2
aj 4 15 45 34 43 18 43 12
> 16 18 41 13 45 58 W
Ptember 46 12 48 58 48 14 40 12
Uats No 2
lay 28 58 28 E8 27 78 23 14
uy 27 38 27 3H 2S 34 27 18
Ptember 25 1S 25 18 24 34 24 78
Mess pork
a > 412 32 12 32 12 23 12 30
> 12 52 12 55 12 42 12 52
C97 C97 6 33 C 07
uy 712 712 7 10 712
P ember 733 7 23 7 20 7 25
It 113
C30 630 623 fl 30
ul > 6 42 G45 6 40 C 45
i Ptember 66T 6 57 6 55 6 57
pAsa CLoaiNa
heal 57c
Corn 43r
Oats L7 l2c
Pork 12 25
lard CJ7
Itlbs 10 30
iriBas City April 17 Wheat rirm
hard 63 No 2 red 56C7cj re
oted 52f
Corn rirm No 2 mined 44044 l2c
> 2 white if 12c
JJaU Weak No 2 mixed S9c No 2
hlte s < c
Hye rirm No 2 55c
new Yomt pitonuci
New Yoik April 17vVheatlte
Ipts 474hi
bushels exports 191500
gales 0103000 bushels futures
1900 bushels
spot Spot strong No
red store and elevator G2 3Sc
float G3iSi t o li fl 1Sa afloat
J 1 hard 70 58o delivered
Hanced sharply on rumors of a large
business which caused active
verlnjc of local
shorts closing S80
fc over jestirday No 2 red 62 1Hc
tine 6i 12 63c
July 63 34e August
t3 8c December 65 5Se
Coffee Options steady fairly acthe
j local cofrlng followng unexpected
Aft Bl lare elpsed steady at
ip net ndi ance Bales II
Ji B Including April 14 55 May
9 > ifH05
June msflrrw July now
> September 140riTI14 15 October
iU4 10 pecember 18 93 14 Bpot cof
Wo duU No 7 15 34c nominal
18Mfft10 14f hales J001
ckages Msrafalbo
prltate terms
packages Central American
I ugar Kaw nrm sales 1600 tons
usooyudo 83 teat 2 Ul lleflned
St Louis April 17 Cattle IteeelpU
i shipments 1200 Market easier
ire good cattle than usually offered
id bur moru Independent Native
ers of jtr > to lsB pounds sold at
o 5xo Tteet 930 to 1250 pounds
80Q4B takers and feeders 75
nstive steers sold at X50 4SO
a I3 25Q4 23 red Tsxas stters 373
CB00J graiers jfl4M cows 203 30
Hogsnecclpts 6300 shipments 800
Market opened steady but closed low
JOO shlpmrlllli 1W
I > k lfUy for Rood but Iobit for
all olhcr Natlv mixed J4W4 75
E P1 allv H0i Bouthwrnlcrn
3 jO < 00 spring lamb > l 50115 50
uvnnppoi pnoDuca
Uvcrpool April 17 BaconQulct de
l > 0 r Cumberland cut 18 p 30
pounds 33 edi hort ribs IJ pounds
33 6di long clear Hrht S2j lioavy
33 > ihort cel
r backs Mrbt 18 pounds
5r li lrt v1 middles heavy 5S
F2 n2 2 6d bellies 11 to 18
pounds 34s
I nBal0r cut 14 Poun < 1
Pork Prime mess nne Western 68s
di do medium D3a Sd
rri Pull > Western 35s d
rcllned In palls 30s
Cottonseed OllLIerpool reflned 17s
Ilnseed Oil 10m ci
Mt Spot ul domnnd moder
J No 2 redwlnter U lOd No 3
redI fprlne 5s 2d No 1 hard Manitoba
6s 2d No 1 California Us 2d
Klttures steady Many nnd June 14J
V 8 tr lhcr months unchanged April
10di Stiy 4s 10 l2di Juno
4 10 l2d
July 4s 10 1Ilj AUsusl 4s 10 34diSei
Corn Bpot dull American mined
neI J ruturen quiet April
and July 11J hlnherj other months un
chaiifed April 4s 2 34d May 4s
2 3 di June 4s 2 34di July 4s 3 l4d
Auitust 4s 3 l2d September 4s 4d
riour rirm demand moderate St
Louis fancy winter 6s 0d
NEW OltLIUNS pnoDiicn
New Orleans April 17 Hos products
firmer poik 13 18c
Lard Uelined tleree C l4c boxed
meats dry salt shoulders 5 S8c sides
C 58e bacon sides 7 l4c
llams Choko eupar cured 9 12
nice ordinary lo rood 84 18c
Coffee Dull and steady ltlo ordi
nary to fair 17 78013 l4c
Sujjnr Steady open ketlle choice
2 J l6c slrlrtly prime 2 71C02 l2c
Kixid to fair to fully fair 2 5160 8Scl
fair 2 1402 6lc Rood common 2 1S
02 l4e common 8 3 l8c Inferior
1 Espi 7Ro CenlrltuRal plantation
granulated 3 34c off do 3 ftlc choleo
yhlle 3 7m 3 9lCc off Hhlle 3 18SJ
3 l4c gray white 3 l16c choice jel
low cHrllled 3 11CJT3 l8c seconds
1 l2ffii 34e
Molasses nulet cenlrlfuRst prime 10
ttllc pood fair to prime 7G8c good
common to fair Ccj Inferior to com
mon 405c
Kansas city April 17 Cattle Kc
celpts 3500 shipments 1100 Market
steady Texas steers 3 5535 10 Texas
cows 210ffl4O beef stters Jt75010
native cows 51 7504 75 Blockers and
feeders 2 9094 50 bulls 2 2501 75
Horh llect Ipts 13 000 shipments 800
Murket weak to 10c lower bulk of
sales JlCJttlS heavies 117004 93
packers Jl C504 95 mixed SI 60ST4 SO
lights 84 509175 jorkers 84C50475
plirs tHH 55
Sheej Ilecelpls 6800 shipments
nono Market steady
sr Louis rnonocD
St Louis April 17 Plour lirm at
recent advance but dull
Wheat Ner ouh and unsettled ad
ancintr on good bu > lnff nnd clorluir
l2o above jestcrday No 2 ied cash
65 7So bid Ms 50 38a July 65 3Sc
Corn Unsettled and hea > closing
unchanged for May No 2 mixed cash
4J 38c May 42 34C bid July 43 34c
bid Sepleniber 44 180
Oats Weak closing l4c lower No
2 cash 20 34c May 29 l2o bid June
29 58c Jul 2 p 78c
Itye Firm at 68o
corrun maukhts
New Yuik April 17 Coffee Santos
qnletj good average Kanto 15 60 re
ceipts 9000 bags stock 21000 bags
Hamburg steady 14012 pfennig ad
vance sAtes 6000 bags ltlo weak No
7 ltlo 15 800 exchange u S8d receipts
7000 bags cleared for the united
States 6000 bags cleated for Europe
nono stink 2000 bigs warehouse
deliveries from New York jesterday
6113 bags New York stock today 207
504 bags United States stock 249 040
bags ntloat for the United States 212
000 bags total visible for the United
States 401040 bags against 628599
bags last year
Chicago April 17 The arrivals of
cnttle for the first half of the week foot
up nbout 25000 head a reduction of
6000 for the corresponding time of last
veek A fair business was transacted
Very common to strictly choice native
beef steers sold at S5 00O0 00 bulk r 00
6 00 extra wero steady nt SG15ffC25
Kastern shippers and dressed beef
firms were fair buyers but the decline
on Urltlsh markets checked tho ex
port trade There v as a very good call
for butchers and canners stuff at 82 00
Hog packers paid Tuedujs advanced
Trices rather reluctantly today and
long before noon sellers were calling
the market weak and 5O10 cents lower
Sales were nt a range of JtSOffltOJ
hcavr bulk going nt in 100515 light
weights sold nt SI 760505 chiefly 84 95
05 05 and common to choice mixed
found bu ers nt 817505 10
hheetf 1xporters 110 no longer buy
ing fiely because of tho prices Tho
dajs market was weak and lower
particularly for the numerous flocks
of Texns clipped nheep Inferior to
fane sheep were slow nt 850tfCOO
Texnns selling nt 3260O3 85 nnd west
ern ut 3125j4i5 Latpbs sold at 13 50
05 50
Receipts Cittle 9300 hogs 19000
sheep 11000
local ruicn cwtrCNT
Tort Worth Ttx Apt II 17 Bacon
Phott clear smoked 7 34080 short
dear dry salted 71407 l2c salted
bellies small 8 l4c standard sugar
cured hams ltlb average 10 3lc 20lb
average 10 4c breakfast bucon 1012C
fancy ham 11 12c fancy breakfast
bacon 12c drlel beef hams 30111Je
Ueans Navy beans In sacks 4c
lima In Sacks 3 34O0C black ejea
California 41204 34C ba > ou 312o
pink 2 34a No I navy beans iQ2 l4o
per pound
llutterlne 1812o for solid 30lb tubs
Coffee Oood 17 l2ffl8e fair 20c
prime 21o choice 2i peaberry 21 l2c
washed ltlo 21 l2c package roasted
22 12C
Cottollne In tierces 8c 60Ib 8I4c
10lb 8 3lc 6lb 8 7So
Cotton Spot In fair demand good
mlddllng5 M0o strict middling 416I8c
middling 4 34o strict low middling
4 9iec low middling 4 38o strict good
otdlnary 4 318o
Kegs 707 l2e
I drain bags IJale lots new 5bu 8os
C l2c new 212bu 8ox corn 4 1Je
centals bale lots 4 l2c La Platas
4 l4c secondhand oats sacks 5 l2c
Lard Ileflned In tierces 6 I2c per
lb 60Ib palls 6 l c 10lb palls T l4c
6lb palls 7 840 Pure leaf In Uerce
Sl4c 60Ib tins 812C 10lb tins c
5lb tins S l8c
Produce rancy Northern apples per
barrel 38 50 Cllfamls navel oranges
3 50t California wlllng oranges 82 60
or 75 choice lemons COs 837634 00
bananas per bunch 817502 60 ooooa
I nuts per bsg 8100 cocoanuts snall
lots 4120 onions so per round csb
1 bage 3CJ l2o per pound HuUbaga
I turnips 2o psr pound
S > N
lUNon or ruicLR
NnW TOniC April IT
The cotton market opened at an ad
Vance or 3 to 8 points and closed
atcady at 10 to 13 points advance
Total sales 289600 bates The conduct
or the martiet was erratic and excited
from start to finish The advices from
Liverpool after a holiday In that mar
ket since Thursday last showed a full
response to tho net advance which bad
taken placo In the New Yoik market
duHmj tho holiday The trade hardly
expected this So on after the opening
line a llooj of selling orders struck tho
market and caused a bteak to about
last nights figures after which It was
nnjbodys market until tho afternoon
when buying orders poured In from nil
directions The favorable featuie apart
from tho Liverpool rhe was the report
of a definite settlement of the Japan
China war LtTRe buying orders from
Now Orleans were a factor today Au
gust contracts led every upward move
ment nnd trading In that month was
enormous The llqulditfon of long cot
ton ivai ery heavy Bpot cotton ad
vanced 11 Cc vlth middling uplands
quoted at fl 7 So
Liverpool Responded to Our Late Ad
vance American Markets Higher
Ilevlew of the cotton maikct by 1 O
McPenk A Co
Tort Worth Tex April 17 Liverpool
ton tract a opened 6fl higher wre llrm
at a further advance of 101 on the 2
p m call end closed steady nt a net
aHanco of 7G for the da > Spot cot
ton was firm and 116 higher with
pates of 15000 bales
The New York contract onarket
opened Gl points higher the Kreatet
Improvement belnirouma > The heav
iest t rati Inn was lu August which was
very active Ihtoushout the session Af
ter opening at C77 It sold down
to 671 from this It reacted to 0 87
closing nt 085 nnd steady Total siles
for lho day 2M G < iO Sport cotton was
for the day 280000 Bpot colton was
quoted dull but 116 higher with sales
of 100 bales
lort receipts today intimated at 10
000 as compared with S632 list Mar
and the estimate for New Orleans to
morrow 4000 s 1200
H mlweekly Interior movement
shows receipts 18 000 against llooo in
1812 and shipments 33000 J 21000
flilcs of spot et i In New Orleans
100 and prices linn and 18 hlyhcr
Har sliver In New York quoted at
liANUE or i > nicnsNi2v youk
By r O Mcreak Co
Opening High Low Cloie
October HO 6 0 C 73 C 8S
November fiSi 6 D2 0 79 6 91
December C9 6K 6R3 C 90
January 7 0J 0 < tj 7 01
April c so g r 6
May 67 GtfO C70 0
Juno C7I 680 0C1 077
July 67 6 83 CCS 0 SI
August 6 77 C i7 671 C
September C77 OSS C72 CbO
Galveston April 17 Cotton ery
firm middling t > Mc sites 10S9 re
ceipts 322J exports none stock CO
New lork April 17 Coiton Spot
closed dull mid uplands 6 7Sc mid
gulf 7 1Sc sates 100 bales lutures
clotted steady sales 28J w < t bales Jan
uar > 071 April 6 80 Ma CM June
6 77 July 6 SI Aujiuit G83 September
6S5 October 6 8 Xovember 6D2
New Orleans April 17 Cotton lu
tures firm sales 151300 bales Apt 11
6 33 bid May 6J73C38 June 6 15feG 16
July 6C1SIGG2 August 0 tGtffl C7 Hep
tcmber 6 Hici 57 Outotier 6 ShiftC
November 6 C24JC 63 Uccember 6 tS
6C6 January 6 69 bid
St Louis April 17Cotton Steady
mid 6 l4o salts 155 receipts 1712
shipments 23 1 stock 49932
Livunroot cotton
Liverpool April 17 Cotton Spot
Active business done prices higher
American middling fair 4 332d good
middling 3 232U American middling
3 l2d low middling 3 3Sd good ordi
nary 3 1td ordinary 3 l16d Tho sales
t > f the day are 25 fK0 bales of which 1000
wero for speculation and export and In
cluded 21900 American llecelpts since
last report 60000 bales lnrluding Dt800
American Futures opened stea ly ana
closetl steady nt and advance Ameri
can middling U M C April 3 S0 61fl >
3 31GId April and May J 30fdih3 >
Old May and Juno 3164r3 32 t < l
Juno and July 3 UlGtd July and Au
gust 3 31R4y3 WOM Aligutl an 1 Hei >
tembcr 3 ICielffS 36Cld September and
October 3 36G17T3 376ld October nnd
November 3 SS64d November and Uc
comber 3 3961d December and Jan
uar > 3 40614 3 4164d Tenders of to
days deliveries none
New ork April 17 Cotton Dull
Middling 0 78c net rewlpts 6S0 gros
6457 exports to Great lirltaln fiU7
continent 48 forwarded 1141 sales
100 spinners none stock 21S4M Total
today Net receipts 8S40 exports to
Great Hrltaln 0417 continent 7193
stotk 73J837 Consolidated net receipts
52253 exports to Great lirltaln 2i86 0
to Trance 8975 to continent 401W3 To
tal since September 1 Net receipts 7
61JCC1 exports to Great UrUnln 3007
104 to 1rance 739035 to continent 2
iiunuAitD nnos on cotton
New York April 17 Hubbard iJros
Ss Cos cotton letter
Tho adv Icea from Liverpool w ere
better than was anticipated and our
nn ket opened steady at 61f8 points
above last evening On the advnnce a
flood of selling orders for the account
of bulls who had foreseen the advance
caused the market to decline to last
evenings close and from this point
bu > lnir of outside Interests who now
realize that cotton Is not high after an
advance of 125 points absorbed the of
ferings closing the msrket at 15 points
above tho opening quotations Unless
all indications are at fault tho selling
this afternoon was by the trading oper
ators who have been identified with the
long side of the market which now
seems to be passing Into other hands
It Is expected that Liverpool will show
a further advance of 3610564 In the
Jiostbn April 17 The American
Wool and Cotton Ilcporter will say to
morrow It It were ot for the trans
actions In foreign wool tha volume of
business In the past week won U foot
up quite light total Free purchases
of Australian however cumbined with
a fair slxed trade In tfouth American
wools brings tho aggregate or thA
weeks transactions up to quite a ie
spectable figure murly three and one
half million pounds Vrlccs on domestic
wools fall to respond to the Improve
ment previously quoted abroad A very
steady feeling prevails however and
wt KrtQW of no concessions whatever
that have been made In selling ptlcea
Transactions haxtf been effected at pre
cisely the same figures as were quoted
twooCceks ago tor exnfctly tho samo
The sales of the week amount lo 2
S370 o pounds domestic and 1471600
pounds foreign making a total of
3714C00 pounds against n total of
33U3O0O for the previous week and a
total of 2117000 pouuds for the corre
sponding week last > ear The salei
since January 1 1895 amount to 43
PC3650 pounds against 39198400 pounds
a year ago
Ihe ThlUdelphla Fates have aggie
gated 1109100 pounds
New York April 17 The Evening
Iost4 London cablegram saysi
Th stork markets toda were life
It s and ftntuicloM except sliver
stocks which wero very strong on tha
reported signing of the treaty between
China and Japan American tegular
to dull no business Indli council to
day allotted sixty likhs of rupees nt
II and 13 13 pence There H much
dlscusNitm an to how China will eng
deavor to raise money to pay her war
lndemnltj The intimates at present
generally favors a loan for about 10
000000 sterling
London April 17 ltar stiver 30 78d
per ouhce money 78 per cent Tho
rnte of discount In the open market
for short bills 1316 per cent The rate
of discount In the open market fur
three months bills 1316 per itnt
New York April 17 nund list Unit
ed States fours regular new 119 34
United ytates fours coupon new
120 34 United states fives regular
III 6Sj United Stales fives roupon
115 34 United States f mrs regit ir
111 38 United States fouis coupon
112 34 United States two icgular 90
Missouri sixes 100 Atchlsm second A
70 ls Canada Southern se onds 23 14
Control Pacific firsts of 95 101 12
Denver nnd ltlo Grande sevens 115 12
Denver nnd ltlo Grande fours 83 Gal
veston Harrlsburg and San Antonio
sixes 93 Galveston ItarrNburg nnd
San Antputo sevens 101 H muton and
Texns Central lives 10 n nuton nnd
Texas Central sixes 102 MKRourl Kan
sas and Texas first fomn st 78 Mis
s > url Kansas and Texas eond fours
57 1J St Louli and lion Mountain gen
eral liven 75 M Louis md Sjn Tran
cisco general sixes 105 l 2 Texas la
clilo firsts 89 12 Texa Pariflo seconds
26 Union Vnclllo firsts of ac 104 3s
West Shore fours 105 1 2
New York April 17 Atihlson 6 7R
Central rucillc 17 S8 Chiiago and Al
toiu 147 Chicago Iiutlhigton and
Qulnc 73 Citton Oil ccrUflates 27 1S
lielaware nnd Hudson 126 t2 Dela
ware Locknvvanna nnd Western lfO l 2
Denver and ltlo Giaude preferred
8911 Distillers ond < attle Teeders
company 15 12 Illinois Cnitral 90 14
Kansas and Texas prefem d 28 78j
Lake Shore 141 14 Jjoulavllle arid
Nanhvllte C3 18 MIssouH I4iHie 21 34
Northern Pacific 4 38 Northern Iarlflo
preferred 18 D8i Northwet m 93 78
Northw < stern preferred no Pacltlc
uMall 23 Heading 14 18 nio Grnndo
Utstetn 16 Itotk Island 65 St Iaul
59 6S St Paul prefetred 117 Sugar
Keilncry 105 38 Tenoeosee Coat and
Iron 2i lexas Pnclile 10 18 United
States Express 41 WAbash ht I ouls
and Pacific 6 12 Wabash Ft Louis
and Pacific preferred 14 C8 Wells
largo Express 101 Western Union
88 38 Denver and Jtlo Grande 12 12
Houston and Texas Central 1 12
New York April 17 Tho feitiro of
the stock market today wns the de
cline of 4 14 per cent In nulllnrre
Ohio on the pussage of tha dividend
The stock recovered 1 S4 per cent
making tho nrt decline 2 12 The mar
ket opened heavy but active Edison
selling 1 14 per cent on the rollapse
of the negotiations with the Westing
house nil but 14 of which wan recov
ered At 1 oclock the matket whs
strong wllh a pronouneed upward ten
dency closing buovant nnd In a ma
jority of shares higher than jcsterdas
done Manhattan sold up 4 11 to
lis 12 Pullman 3 1S Quicksilver pre
ferred 2 14 Lenthtr preferred and St
Paul l 3S Colton Oil prefeferred and
Tenncssed 11
New York April 17 Government
bonds firm states Inactive rullroad
bonds steady and strong Ear silver
67 l2c Mexican dollars 53 l2c
New York April 17 Clearings 197
200283 balances IJU36S6
New York April 17 Tho total sales
of stocks today were 187239 share In
cluding American Hugar 16CM Gen
cral Ltectrlc 25100 Heading 23800
St Paul 12100 Tennessee coal and
Iron 4i0U
New York April 17 Money on call
easy at 1 12W2 12 per cent last loan
2 closed 2 per cent Prime mercantile
paper 45 12 per cent Sterling ex
change steady with actual business Jn
bankers bills at 189 14 M b9 28 for
demand and ut HM 1404s 28 for go
da s posted rates 94H8 120489 und
t yomKO 12 Commercial bills 487
121487 34 Silver cerllilcales 67 6 8
COS 12
They Are Actively at Work In Cali
fornia lormlng a Party
San Pranclseo Cat April 17 The
Bllverlles are actively at work forming
a straight silver party in this state
They propow to make the coming here
of A J Warner president of the na
tional commltteo of the American W
15etalio party Congressman J C Sib
ley of Pensylvanla and Senator Stewart
of Nevada tho occasion for the general
concentration of tho sympathizers In
one distinct movement
Florence Colo April 17 Tho flurry
In oil throughout Pennsylvania and
Ohio has not affected the price of oil
Jn the Florcrce district ye Oil men
here look upon the sudden and rapid
rise of crude oil with suspicion Thos
Itoblnson superintendent of the United
OH company thinks If tho present price
of oil contlnues ln the East It must
affect prices here sooner or later and
consequently help the Colorado prod
uct Isaac Canfttld general manager
of the Triumph Oil tompaifY sayai
The rise In oil In the East will not
affect us It would not It the price
should go to 1100 i > er barrel
Jefferson City Mo April 17 Of
t murderers who were to have been
hanged In this stale Saturday the 20th
Instant Governor Stent tocay granted
a respite In each cast until Saturday
May IL
Prom PollIn on the
Ilonston Texas Central R R
K of P Uniform Rank and
Grand LocIro
llckrla < i > i salo Ajull Dili nml mill
nHi nil mill nml llllh llmllril li >
AiullUlst Kino iitiu lure nut tu rx >
CLCll 3uu
Epworth Loaguo
Tickets un sain sump ilates nu
Hainu rules ami miiiin limit ni above
United Confederato Votoran
Unto ono fine not to cxreetl 500
fbr Urn lonml trip llrkcU on mile
Miiv UUtli and UUt llmllut to Mu >
Ihls will bo juttr opportunity to
vUll the IlvtllrM ell In lam
HoiiHltm l mukliig prvpuiatlons
for evetjbotl
Write or call on 11 L T C agents
for Information
Tratllo Manager a 1 T Agt
U A guiNLAN Vlee1rest
W T OUTOV City Ticket Agent
601 Mnlu street
C O LU3K Ticket Agent Union
rluwrjr toi 1fT
n Iwi m t t fit I jtun forltiti kuintii tUvuixtttrMHia
tinrnwlt If uiimif noe Hi li < n > wewll r u
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< It W ttih Hiplilliiln 1IIOOII IOIno
Hint trtf miiirut M lunirxi VVtt m licit lli in U
otiktlusite < ml hBllrti8M lh ttmld lur
tHsip tnimot cur MlIiIii I in I wart
l Mtnrl llf
> UllluT Ihto inn CHtliirnl h >
rlttn naoo mnic i Ii < lounii > nniilli 4 itl
vunnntr thioluiu i > iiH > lk tmnt > mMlim i ill
tMttuti Adrirv1 t 0011 111 ll l i o AT
iPi f E M
Cancer Tumors lJrupay Nervouj
I > eas B Scrofula Skin Ll iues lilal
der and ICldncj Troubles ITtmials
cuinpltilnts Irivatti Il w > ves itealvJ
huccessfully Also cuies Hi art Ul
ase IlhvuinatUm and Sciatica
Thirty jeus sipertenc Uandreds
of testimonials AU corresponding
given prompt attention and strictly
confidential Bend for testimony of
Canotrs Cured without uss of knlfi
or burning medicine Office No 19
MS Main street Lock buz 210 Tori
Worth T s
For a Low Price
Tho Gazettes
High Grado
High Arm
VsJus o our price lit to wbloli In
cludes tin kiy u i l to anr
dress tor one yssr
Kxti atuchinents In rtlvt lined
enter drawer aro liiclud L
Tnesa attachmsnlsar superior to
thus mado by any other manufacturer
tlis only ones that sr on the
market that are warranted steel
throushouL Other ar prin
cipally of brass nlckl plated th plaU
to hlds th trus character
ln servinK
of the metal underneath
Th Oaltfltes mnctilii Is eronir and
construction There
slmpl In are but
few working perls In the arm hnce It
keep properly cleaned and
la easy
oiled and almost Impossible fur It to
net out of worklnc order
The mectlne Is finely finished and
heautlfully ornamented and can be d
iXSrtait do equally well the Ucbt
and the bearleet work
TI10 Osteite a premium machine and
the Weekly luaiette for ono year 121 so
The Jasettes premium meohlne
and Ihe dally and Hunday ua
117 00
tette by mall for one year
The Oaxttee premium machine and
the dally and Sunday Oaietu by mall
eu months tfloO
Tort Worth Te
A High
Low Price
The Gazettes High Grade High Ar4i
SlSOut Price 2060
Which Includes the
market that aro warranted rtcol throughout
Other sols aro mado principally of brass nickel
plated tho plating serving to hide tho true chav
actcr ol tho metal underneath
Tho Gazettes machine is strong and simple
in construction Thero aro but fow working
parts in tho arm hence it is easy to keep pro
perly cleaned and oiled and almost impossible
lor it to get out of working order Tho ma
chine is finely linishod and beautifully orna
mented and can bo depended upon to do
equally well tho lightest and tho heaviest work
The Gazettes Premium machine and tho
Weekly Gazotto for ono year S20G0
Tho Gnzoltes Premium machino and tho
Daily and Sunday Gazette by mail for ono
year 27
Tho Gazettes Premium Machino and tho
Daily and Sunday Gazette bymailsix months
2350 Address
Fort Worth Texas
nATebkly Gazette m
To Any Addressfor Ono Year
Extra ntlachinonls in vclvoUliiiotl cento
drawer aro included Tlicsc attacliincnts aro
superior lo llioso inado by any other manu
acturcr being tho only ones that aro on the mi

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