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Vo have thought for some
ma past that photograph
r was rauoli botter
the genius of somo people
ian dry goods sinco tho
inbroldery talo wo feel sure
E It
Today wo placo on Balo
dozen Ladios Shirt waists
ill collars and culls out to
t tho form in a largo va
ety of color and putterns
t fiOo each Wo have novor
id nor havo we ever soon
jld as good for lens than
5c Eecond floor
Our Btoro will oloso during
ie Moody and Sankoy meot
ga at 6 p in
Imported goods of the latest stvles al
srna In stock Suits ma do to order and
it rruirantcod 312 Main street op
Evilte Masonlo Temple Tort Worth
t TM
n City or County Real Estate
Vendors Lion Notes Extended
ppiy tW t °
Tort Worth Tex
Tolfet Articles
Buttermilk soap per cake
White Rose 4TU
Cashmere Bouquet
Pure Castile
Piars Unstinted
Kirks Buy Hum per bottle
Ilorlda WaUr 6 ox bottle
Colgates Dental Powder
AlmjiiJ Meal
asellne 2 ox
Viola Cream
Pozzonl Powder
Colgates Perfume per ox
Clowns Celebrated Perrume
per oz i
Washington April IS Eastern Tex
lair weather warmer In eastern
> rtlon southerly winds
Ley Watched l Hrlage Hut He Bit His
Clear and Stood Fat
Ctlcaco April IS There wu a scramble
tin wheat pit on tbo > Iwurd of trade
loj Tlio fvrce at work gave the loarkvl
eiuluslre character At tbe b t price
< lit tLo utclieimmt ihU luoriliiif Mi
uUl up ubvut 4 ttniH In three tlltJH
asi Liglit ifie ptUe cIokk aflor a htiaru
iffc at fT 14 Mini 1 trt sules t xlay
re all tbe way from 7 1 J to bit cents
< nli Htotnllue ou llielr Iliads with Uu
iht util tbe 1 > iur ball frlxbteiied out of
iur iWlna Itiv Utilu Bhoii tooV tb Jr
ti Dliuuut hi tuo Qist bou > orouui oi At
> L pulut lioMfM sola u kCeat lot and
mu luInz > r proiits iivatur i > eopIn
U uut bva lly ltuaui who cnrrlvd hl
n rt lluu earlj In the uifk hoIJ u trokh
urt lluu iUu trndn watiUfd Iaidrltlce
iwlj lbfjr otutit hU abort line In tbu
uibun liiat pluikr pluuicur piutbid hit
far ll iter ibaii < rvr an I stoml lilt
ruUoO li kun nld be coioied a lot of
tu it or 11 o > but ioU Uoutn i mmb
f July irjlui to vloii tbe nihnnct tho
Ilftul durliit a tlurrj at midday
ii 7 44 cent to M3t ctnt In nbtut
tulnuttri Uiiiort tloaranom lit vli at
uJ ttour rt > ortea from the stJlM nrd wero
ry lurir at 760 < XW biuheli The inltliim
tuaiid all oi er tbo country bHt iuJd uIy
oif ury ur tut Mlhaiikoo lalDrr
ur b ddltif 2 runts oror ystfrduy for
ot ilia Trite C urrtmt dulmi tli
rtnit wheat aoreave uwnh roducod from
jtr torHrfti markets wwe all hlgbcr
ij mil ub dlJ thltf nn ou the American
kuu IVibaps tbe most spomtlonol
of the day way tbe report on tbt
H > r that all tho biff hotucs In tho tra < 1o
nupiiy taMad lurdrHyo 1U per cent
Mn on alt bis hbort trAd i lho nm
7 C ro It out thot tbu houses rot aid
ariiti Tory promptly and more than
tod for It nat iuvpood hat the rallinj
ainrjlnt ii mor to frighten the Lli
una la tba mtfluff thaa aoy scus oX
I s
0TU C01PO1 >
bjJrVViTJ l wUViri caVt to Ui i r
In top ttllot
TiionouauNxss and
the keceition attu hotel mtL
The Texas drummers were n
tardy In getting together at tho Illy
hall jesterday morning and there was
not a large crowd present when the
convention opened at half past 10
oclock but they proceeded promptly
to business and disposed of prellmlna
riea very expeditiously
After tho call to order by President
Kntght of the Texas itntc division and I
the Invocation by ltev Homer T Wil
son chaplain of Tost J of Tort Worth
Mayor ruddock made the delegates feel
at home in a short but happy address
and gao them tho freedom of the city
assuring them that the city marthal
had been sent to W lherford and that
the rest of the police force wero locked
up In a smallpox hospital He mado
pleading allusions to the brewery and
various cnteitatnmenU which had been
provided and commented with evident
ft el In g upon the fact that there was
but one lady lsltor present whereas
he hud received as u ran ten tiom a cer
tain Anantis that at least a hundred
and nrty of tho fair r x would accom
pany tho drummers here
Mr Malcolm Grahnm of Austin re
nponded brlelly with thanks for tho
Kind expressions of the Muj or and
graceful acceptance of the geuerous
hospitality extended
An Invitation was tendered by Dr
Wilson to attend the Moody meetings
nnd the following lnitatlons wen read
an 1 recehed wltli Votes of thnnks
1ort Worth Tex April 18 18J Mr
John J Knight President T V A of
Texas Dear tilr lMtuso extend to all
T 1 A members nn Invitation to
visit the Commercial club roomi at the
corner of Main and Sixth streets und
take possession of them durh their
say In our city Vtry truly
T J F0W12LL lresldent
Fort Worth Tex April IS 1833 To
tno Honorable the lresldent T 1 A s
City Hall My Dear Sir Tort Worth
Is juntly proud of her commercial ad
vantages and of her railroad suprem
acy but she Is still pioud r of her ed
ucational facilities of her school houifS
nnd her school chlldien Many of your
noble order have been teachers In the
school room all of > ou are teachers In
tne world of letters In the building up
of a better citizenship
You are cordially Invited to visit the
bulldngs today and tomorrow to sou
tlit work of tochers and pupils and on
Saturday to look In upon the teachers
In their monthly work the teachers
Institute HccogRlilng jour tlcid of
duty as ono of Intellectual educational
training as well as of commercial In
terests I am very sincerely youis
AIVCX HOGG Superintendent
A letter was read from Mayor Hol
land expre lnjf hla high appreciation
of the Invitation which ho had received
to bo present with the traveling men
in this thtlr annual convention and
rtgrettlng that he was unable to do so
on account of urgont business
A letter was also read from 13 M
House of Austin to tho chairman of the
railroad committee In which assurnncts
were given of valuable assistance In
tho matter of securing concessions for
tho excursion to tho City of Mexico
The following commltteus were then
llulcs Frank I Jordan chairman
Tort Worth Frank Millard Dallas
Malcolm Graham Austin ii B Gate
y Fort Worth J W Hickman Waco
CredontlalsJ M llernlsh Houston
chairman W K Knowlton Dallas
if Dltckmann San Antonio George
A Hill Corslcana Charles L Sanger
Constitution and DyLnwsH M
Finch Austin chairman Howard W
Peak Fort Worth Dr T M Fetter
man Sin Antonio Charles 8 UUtle
Sherman W B Craddock Fort Worth
bcrgcahtatArms Tom Y Wright
Fort Worth
The convention then adjourned till 2
P The meeting of the board of directors
which It had leen proposed Jo liold
during the morning hour but which
had been postponed was held during
the noon hour President Knight and
Secretary Doughty wre prtient with
Meurs Knowlton Sanger Dlcckmann
Hoover Harrison Booth and Jordan
A communication was received stat
tna that Governor Culberson would to
In Fort Worth to address the conven
tion here if possible and llnl he woald
ot any rate find time to attend the a
tlonal convention at San Antonio
President Knight stated that he had
lust re6pived information that the pow
irnor who hod arrived In the city tho
before would attend the rather
l nlxht at the AnheuserBusch Brow ng
and would favor tho
companis vaults
company there with somo remarks
which graceful Intelligence was recelv
Fridny Saturday and Monday wo will
sell all our spring importations of B
Voolon Dress Goods and
Ladies Ready Made Suits
U 25 per cent discount from our extremely low prices
> < mtml Bthts ealo if you valuo money You savo 2b
i on each dollar
ed with manifestations of Intense satis
faction and the committee on Invita
tion to tho governor was discharged
with a smiling approval of their good
There was quite a discussion on the
subject of badges with the result that
tne committee charged with the duty
of procuring them was given further
time Incidentally finances wero dis
cussed with satlnfactory conclusions
The report of tho secretarytreasurer
Mr S Doughty wus received and he
was given a rising vote of than In
recognition of his cmclent services
Mrs Doughty was complimented
highly for tho valuable assistance
which she had rendered In helping keep
accounts straight and making prompt
Mr Hoover explained that the eng
grossing cares of the railroad business
In which he has been lately engaged
had prevented Mm from attendance
upon the meeting of the board of di
rectors somewhat to tho detriment of
pout I at Corslcana concerning
whose affairs ho made n satisfactory
explanation and the names of the mem
bers thero will bo reentored 011 the
The meeting closed with a vote of
thanks to President Knight accompan
ied with many warm expressions of
thanks for tho efficient manner In which
ho had conducted the affairs of tho as
sociation during his term of ofllce
Tim committees appointed at tho
mottling session of the convention au
liel 1 meetings during the recess at
Tho report of the committee on cre
dentials was read at the opening of the
afternoon session and adopted without
discussion It was as follows
To the President and Mcmbors T P
A of A Texas Division Gentlemen
Your committee on credentials bog to
report that they recommend that every
member of the T V A Texas division
In good standing as chown by the sec
letarvs books bo entitled to participate
In the proceedings of the convention
nnd that such as have made applica
tion for membership and had their ap
plications accepted by the stnto board
of directors he Accorded the same rights
and privileges of regularlyelected mem
Tho committee on rules was nlo
disposed of promptly without com
ment The order of busluoss w hlch
was adopted as recommended was
Fort Worth Tex April 18 1S90 To
John J Knight President Texas Dl
v Ision T P A of A Fort Worth Tex
Sir Your committee on rules beg leave
to report ns follows
Wo recommend tho adoption of Cush
lugs Mnnuel to govern In tho proceed
ings of this convention
Wo recommend the following order of
1 Iteport of commit tco on creden
2 Iteport of committee on constitu
tion and bylaws
3 Iteport of president
A Iteport of sccietury and treas
6 Iteport of chairman of board of
G Iteport of auditing committee
7 Iteport of nattonil committee
8 Report of Bpeclal committees
P Hlcctlon of ofllcera
10 Unfinished business
11 New business
12 Selection hiat place for meeting
of convention
Very respectfully
The foltowlng report of tho committee
on constitution and bylaws was adopt
ed os a whole after a discussion which
resulted In tho Immediate revision of
some typographical errors
To John J Knight lresldent Texas
mvisJon T P A of A Fort Worth
Text Sir We the committee on con
stitution and bylaw s beg leav a to
tnnVo the following reportt
Constitution Make section 1 article
4 read as follows Tho president ice
presidents secretary and treasurer and
board of directors shall be elected an
nually at the annual state convention
Immediately after all amerdments to
the constitution havo been submitted
and acted upon
hllmlnate section 1 article 11 nnd
substitute therefor tho following Tho
regular meeting nf the board of JI rect
ors shall be held the first Saturday
uWht In each alternate month pro
vided the president deems that there Is
buslrrss of sufficient importance to Is
sue said call
Bylaws Eliminate section 1 article
4 and substitute therefor tho follow
ing Ihc button worn by the stale di
vision shall be the same ns that adopted
by the National association
We recommend that tha salary of the
secretary and treasurer shall remain
JOOO per annum Signed
DIL T W FirrmitMAN
The report of President Knight was
read and adopted and he was accord
ed a vote of thanks it was as followsj
To tho Oillcers and Members or tha
State Convention of the T P A of
Almerlca Assembled In Fort Worth
llellovlng that a moagie report from
me Is necessary to give an account of
my stewardship etc About one 3ear
ago at Waco I w as honored with
the presidency of INs association and
with mo a proDMent corps ot ofUcers
were elected We found an empty
treasury but In our membership ac
tive live wokeis who put their shoul
ders to the wheel and had such sat
isfactory results as I will mtJtloo hero
1 desire at first to thank the entire
membership of this body for their
earnest work In upholding and up
building our grand and glorloun asso
ciation glorious because it gives pro
tectloi to our wives and children
against loss and grand that It as
Msta In building Individual character
makes better workers of us for our
firms better citizens ard nearer Chris
tians Coming In clone touch with
one another we leotn from one an
other and absorb bitter principles
During my yeir Just ending my
first special mention Is due to our
splendid board of directors who have
ever been willing to meet every pro
position that suggested new energy
and enterprise We held during the
year five meetings The first was held
In Pallas when nothing of special
menttod was done as we had to look
over our books records etc
Our second meeting was In Houston
when we had some financial matters
with oir former sretary settled up
to the entire satisfaction of the entire
board The third meeting was in Aus
tin our next years headquarters
where we had a grand meeting and
rfter taking a survey of our finances
we promulgated 0 circular to allow
six months dues to each member who
would secure five new ones which X
am proud to say we were able to
do without Yry mdeh Impairing our
funds Our loturta meeting was at
iZiih I MlfliJWtiMgUn A >
Waco and wis not so much for bus
iness as for setting the day for tho
meeting of the convention and la > lng
the foundation for tha enjoyable time
the Pantherltes proposes to give jou
fho fifth meeting is here Fort
Worth to give a full account of our
and my stewardships through this
board of directors and my most pro
ficient secretary and we wilt give you
a satisfactory account
Now In conclusion To the board
of dlrectota let mo tender jou my
heartfelt thanks tor all lou have as
sisted me In doing To the state secre
tary he needs no enaonlum of hl
work It stands out like the handwrit
ing on the wall Ills pay has been 7u0
per month and I only wls i we will
grow strong enough to make the sec
retary s salary at least 73 ns the
woik when Attended to 1s both bur
densome and onerous
As to hla report It will show for
ltsrlf aa to my thanks for bin I
cioss his path often through the week
and almost every baturtUy eight In
post H nom whero Z would suggest
you all attend moro often and more
1o the oh airmanship of the different
committees 1 1 eiewlth tender my
thanks for their ever readiness to as
tlst nt when called Upont but i > rUal
mention Is due to the chairman of
the railroad committor Who has bewn
untlilng In hln effoits In Hcuring rales
both for this and our last convention
at Milwaukee He cannot cxpeot hla
regard on earth ns we haven t a fund
to pay him out of so will siy Rest
in pritce your time will come
Mr Ben Is h and the Houston post de
serves special mention for their very
successful endoavurs to keep post news
natleia before us
Now as regards our different posts
I am burry to say that tuuder my ad
ministration we have lost tha organis
ation of throe posts 1 at Galveston
K at Sherman and L at Paris Talkiinx
with the men and otlkcm ot thtwa
different posts tbelr toitcluMons wero
that their strull membership prevented
them from keeping up our post organi
sation and tills argument was good
with K and L but It should not havo
been the case with Q as Ualuson U
the seaport and deep water ctt for
this wiole Southwestern country But
I mil proud to say a majority of them
nre still loyal T P A s Should post
O have remained an organized post
Galveston vroi l have had the head
quarters for Jatifl f
There Is another mayor of Import
ance that should bo settled by this
body an that Is the relief fund We
havo something over JW in the hands
ot Mr Vernou Jones vvho uaa oloctod
secietary and treasure of that Mnd
last > ear In Waco wjilch has been
doing no good In consequence of the
national nwhocfatlon declaring our acts
Illegal X would advise such action as
to make this fund efttctlvo for the
good of the order
I now submit membership by posts
as on May 11SJ1 and at present
May I 1KU
Post O C4
Post D C2
Pot U 112
Poat F >
Iost O g
Post H ei
Post I llM H
IOrft J 34
Post Iw 2S
Post L i 11
Total C53
Post C r tf
Post D rV 22
Post 13 43
Post F 55
POSt O 28
post 11
post 1 J
Iost J 11
post k r J
Post L q
Present membership
Poat C
Poht I
Poat a
Iost Y
Post II
Poet J
Total 71
To sum up It shows thot Slay l
1S I wo had C63 members sinco that
time 250 have lapsed our member
ship now Is Ml
Now In conclusion allow me to
make somo suggestions about each
rnembers duty In an organlziMon 1ke
the T P A of A It Is each mem
bers duty to do ha parti dont de
pend on your officers to do It all Never
fall to havo a blank In your tocket 1 nd
a halt dozen In jour trip and never
let go until you secure a few members
Tho national officers will furnish you
with any and all things in the way
of blanks If > our post runs short To
advlso you of how to talk It tis like
a tale thrice told to mention It Now
get out after them and let no guilty
man escape In you rests tho respon
sibility of electing to office members
who will give the association what time
they can spare fiom their regular du
ties pick men active men young
men 1 mean joung In energy and eng
terprise and with the business out
look for J he litter of 83 and 86 we
ought to double our membership
With a blessing for you all I now bid
you adieu JOHN J KNIGHT
The report of the secretary treasurer
being a mcro statement was received
wit the explanation that tt had been
referred to tho finance committee Sec
retary Doughty was highly compli
mented for bis work Tho report was
as follow s
Dallas Tex April IT To the Presi
dent and Directors Texas Division T
I A Dear Sir Beg to aubmlt my
report as follows
Cash receipts
Net receipts from posts I57C71I
From national secretary direct
remittances pgi
From ArbukJ Bros U7M
Relief fund 1560
Total cash receipts fflOUGt
Returned to post IL 83 matter mo
Telegrams 4 m
Posuga and stationery 67 63
Henlsh expenses to Waco 4 00
Badges to Milwaukee m 95
Secretarys salary it months CSOOO
Remitted national secretary 5072 71
Cash on hand 223 43
Our membership at present Is 871
We started on May l 1894 with a
membership of 653 durlnjr the year
thero have lapsed from various causes
20 which shows a number of new
Clumbers taken In this year to date
4CS evincing good work on the part
of some of our members
Out of the funds on hand we will
have to pay out about 812 for about
SO renewals fur Hie next six months
to members wf > o have secured live ap
plications during the past six months
Respect fully H DOUGHTY
becretary and Treasurer
List of members who have secured
five new applications tines January
j J A Bscbman W 1L Barnes Geo
Bartholomael J M Bentsh If L
Benson J O Booth W H Colquitt
It L Combs B Doughty Dr Fetter
man M U Fowler E W Hlscox
i H Msupln F U Millard II W
Peak Emanuel Stern Ed Bach F
Vtllnreal l Wild C K Wolf F L
Jordan J J Knight Alt Dlcckman
M Graham T Y Wright B B
Mr Alf Dteckman of Ban Antonio
has secured by far the largest Dum
ber ot applications 75
Messrs Knight Jordan nnd Sachs
follow pretty closely behind and show
tho results of work certainly deserv
ing honorablo mention
One ot tbo Most Successful Social
Events of the Present Season
The reception tendered tho lilting
drummers their wires and daughters
at tho IX la ware yesterday afternoon
wilt pass Into the history ot local so
cloty as one ot tho grandest and most
successful receptions ever held In the
city There wero In all about eighty
ladles and fortj gentlemen In attend
ance The ladles who had tho recep
tion In charge were superbly costumed
In beautiful evening arouses und did
everything possible to make the event
as eiijoyublo as It proved to be The
l > triors wero gorgeously decorated with
flowers and bunting and brilliantly 11
lumlnatrxt throughout
The ladles who had the reception In
charge were
Mesdames l aura Clajton chairman
W P Ellis B R Paddock F I Jor
dan T A McDowell llllam H Roth
Wl U Cohiultt W II Dlgges Mar
tin Strande Drew Prultt H W Peak
and U It Gntely assisted by Messrs
It a Gately II W Peak and Hon B
B Paddock
The rece ptlon was to hav e commenced
at 4 89 although long before the hour
tho parlors were filled with ladUa and
vlulling gentlemen
The ladies present represented the
elite of the city among whom were
Olrs 11 n Gattty Mrs White Mrs V
W Temrle Misses Lutle nnd Willie
Luck ctt MIsh Corlnne Gately Miia
Bessie Lle Mis MaKglo Lvle Mrs
John HarHson Mlts Mot Ward of
Jefferson Mr W II Colquitt Mrs
Moo Temptetori Mrs Richardson Mrs
Herschct T Pmlth Mrs Combs Mm
C D Brown Mrs Milton Brown Mid
Mlms Mts Harrow of Baton Rouse
La Mrs Frank Oolo Mrs FIrIu Mrs
Kdtfcll Mrs Drew Prultt Mrs Mld
dleton Mrs Mcphcrpon Mrs A Simp
son Mrs 8 Daitffhtv of Dalits Mm W
P Hardwlck Mrs C II Murdock Mr
R T Bibb Mia Edgar Wallace Mrs
Mnttlo Phillips of Sherman Miss Affiled
Fleming of New1 York Miss Corrle
Martin Miss Alberta iMnrltn Mrs C
W Connery Mrs E W Taj lor Mrs
C J Hhappard Mrs Dr Beatl Mrs A
J Adamion Mrs White Mrs J I
Pennington Olllss Eva Pennington Mrs
Wallace Mrs Iuts Mrs 1011 Moore
Mrs Moore of Mexloo Mrs Bland
Mrs ONell of Chicago Miss Virginia
Burruss Mrs II C Edrlngton Mrs
Kent Miss Edith Kent Mrs J R Pol
lock Mrs Dr Adams Mrs Henry Fur
man Mrs Wlnfleld Scott Mrs T V
Martin Miss Ollva Peak lilrs J TJ
MaAltifiter Mrs H W Peak Mrs Jones
of Ioulsvlllt Ky MIsh Lulu Hogg
Mrs Mabry Mrs N Wallotich and
Mrs Smith
Among the visiting nt the reception
were Hon Charles 11 Culberson of
Austin and Frank II Holland of Dallia
Aside from a mere social entertain
ment a nlco luncheon was spread which
lasted from 4 30 to 8 oclock
Whllo preparations wero made for
only one hundred nt the reception 150
lsltcd the parlors during the after
noon but were more than amply pro
vided for and extravagantly enter
Tho AnheuserBusch Reception Where
Beer nowod Like Trinity Water
Indeed It was a Jolly crowd that ac
cepted the Invitation of the Anheuser
Busch Brewing company
At 4 30 sharp according to program
a large number of tho delegates as
sembled nt the Worth hotel whero a
bolt wan made for tho Anheuser
Busch vaults at tho foot of Taylor
There wero about ICO of the visiting
Angles who accepted the Invitation
and beer so cordially tendered and
30 minutes later all were In tho midst
of an cnjojable evening
It was expected that Governor Cul
berson would be on hand but he pre
ferred the company of ladles and spent
the afternoon at the Dclawara recep
Tho delegates were greeted at the
vaults by Agent Henry Hlelnreldt who
escorted them throughout tho Immense
establishment explaining tho machin
ery and works
Occasional signs such ss dont spit
on the floor etc greeled the visitors
but for some unoxplalnable tcsson the
major portion or thoso In attendance
continued to spit Presently tho eng
gine room was reached and here the
spitting ceased On either sldo were
large kegs of beer with attendants
whe dealt hand after hand Of course
the visitors were not thero to drink
beer but the beer was thero and they
endeavored at the urgent solicitations
of Mr Stelnfeldt to do away with a
portion of It which was speedily and
well done
President Jordan of post J and
several other members delivered short
addresses which wero respondod to by
Agent Htelnfeldt
As one of the visitors expressed It
everything was as wide open as a
drug store In a prohibition town and
those who attended enjoyed themselves
as the phrsse would Imply
About 6 30 for some unaccountable
Teason the air In the vicinity of the
vaults grow heavy and hard to breathe
and the visitors departed for uptown
Tha fro bath was pronounced a
clean affair throughout
The ladies turned out In full force
and welcomed the visitors
The reception at the AnheuserBusch
vautts was a pronounced success Sev
eral of the drummer1 tumbled to It
Lee Goodman of Chicago wio sells
cloaks and waists for A ElltngcrCo
camo In last night determined to get
hero In time for the brewery recep
Charley Me > tx of New York who
sells General Arthur cigars blew In
yesterday evening from tho south He
will stay the convention through
Ieon Friedman left yesterday after
noon for San Antonio being unable to
see the convention out
A number of new debates arrived
last night to bet on hand at the election
f officers
W R Moore returned last night
from an extended trip West
iuuv mill put Tnnina miion
onricuns elected ron tub com
ing mil AND SAN ANTON 10 hit
lng in isoouuaonnioNs ADuvr
StateEpworth leaguemcetlngoamo to
a close tonight after the most success
ful meeting In their history Tho
league will furnish three missionaries
to tho general lengue and will pay
them BK0Q the first ear and 83000 for
the bther two jears Rev fl R Hay
chairman ot tho committee on leports
and credentials nubmltted n report
It showed about 1000 regularly accred
ited delegates with several bundled
vUttlmr membtrs and pastors Tho
total leagues In the state arc S70 with
ail aggregate membership of 1565L
Mlus Bettlo Rlcticy of Palestine re
ported for the charity and help de
partment that the had applied Id 230
leagues for repot tu ot the status ot
Ihelc work Out of that number 1B7
responded U reported work dono In
tho department iUS mem burs being ou
gaged thfrelh The amount expendod
tor charity and help during tho year
was 13 0175
A numbor of Interesting papers were
rtad among them one on the vagaries
of tho age by Rev John Matthews
D D nf nt Louis
Tho following otTlcers were elected
President H IJ Jackson of Mexta re
elected secretarv A K Ragsdale or
Pallas re elected first vice president
Rev Edward C MoVoy of Alvord
second vice president Mian Bettlo mon
ey of Palenttne reMeeted third vice
preildent Rev J E Harrison of San
Antonio troasurer C H Morris of
ban Antonio was chosen as tho next
piiro of meeting
Tli following resolution was adopted
bv n rtnlnjr vote
Resolved That the Toxa mate Ep
worth league conference declares und
pledgew Its imoomnromtslnp warfare
i n tho liquor traflte In our stale
Tho Cotton Belt road was indorsed
as the routo to take tn the Chnttannnpa
conference and Italia wna Indorsed
for tho nlnce of meetfnir for the gen
ral conference next year
Did tho Bond Syndicate to tho Arbi
trage Brokers
New York April 18 The Evening
Post eajai An Interesting story was
current In well Informed Wall street
circles today concerning tho new 4 per
cent government bonds and the oper
ations of the syndicate It was to tho
effect that successful bllders In Lon
don for the new 4 per cent bonds hal
sold a largo amount through arbltrnga
houses In this city deliverable here In
August at price considerably below
the prlco prevailing In this market
duo allowance being made for the dif
ference In exchange etc That tho
mnnsgers of the syiullcnto as Boon ns
they learned of the facts read tho riot
act to the nrbltrnge brokers members
of the syndicate here and that J Pier
pont Moriran who la now In I ndon
did tho some thlnff Immodlately upon
his arrival there and stopped all fur
ther sales of the bonds Mi lho term
mentioned Now It Is t < aid m bonds
can be obtained In London xrept nt
the equivalent ot the New lork price
with tho neceesary allowance for tho
dlfTVrenee In Intertst etc
Aihltrage brokers members of tho
s > ndlcnte wero unwilling to talk about
the matter todny except that they had
no knowledge ot any such transaction
as those mentioned They admitted
however that bends had been sold In
London deliverable heio tn August
Tho lire of the syndicate will not expire
until October
Birmingham Ala April 18 The con
vention of womens clubs of Alabamn
today elected Mrs Mary Bobbins of
flolma All president a full set or of
ficers and delegates to the National
Federation of womens clubs which
meets at Louisville
ltontgomery Ala April IS Judgo
Bruce of the United States circuit to
day appointed exChancellor Charles
Turner of Birmingham temporary re
ceiver ot tho Icnntsseo nnd Coosa ex
tension of the Nashville Chattanooga
and St Louis Railroad company The
application was msdo by Danforth ft
Armstrong who hold a Judgment ot
8100000 against tho Tennessee and
Cooea Railroad company
Bol repreeentattvee In Ft Wurth
rn ifnc f flcUMcd to nil Mnt wl
iio Hnltel Stutf lit reilnvol rrlv r
V ituy nnil npll rnllrund tloKMe
vitrei 1tnanu mti hccdvu ulecplva
VHT llDVthl
PE iimsiirinin a co
Wnrib Hotel
teferentMXM tlntiki lHii tnM s hwepce
and nnr customer
Today the Sons of tho Revolution
meot tn Boston to celobrate the battle
of Lexington fthd Concord la 1T7J when
the war of American Independence had
Its beginning Dr Morgan Dlx vlU
deliver an address It Is also Primrose
d7 In England
Today Is ono day after tho great em
broidery salos wo havo been seeing eo
much about tn tho papers of Into
Our business was not effected at all by
these sacrifice salen So far this season
we havo had the lions share of the em
broidery butlm > s and we expect to
keep It Wo have tbe proper line ami
at prices that certainly have proved
very popular New arrivals dally
Our buyer baa been on a abort visit
to tho Easter markets nnd has seen rod
some corkers In wash gooods Tho
goods aro arriving now and we expect
to give oar customers tho advantage
ot tho cheap figures wo purchased tho
goods at Wo sold out most or our
vl1P9 goods while the frost was yet
on tbe ground and almost overthing
wo show new Is now goods
The ParkerLowe
tub cniur WAOMin tisxob
at iioini auiiii
MIL 20
Seats on sale st Collins Mmle Store Ho
tel Worth and Hotel LMs re and Helot
plea Ire Creem Parlor
Oreenwalls Opera House
Tuesday Matlnco
and Tuesday Night
Complimentary Bine Ml to
pnatniror Hm
Iicaorre y flu uonU now nnd avoid
tbo Hush
ateieuioT tt co faiu
New Orlenn April II Mdiror O
Co colon brokfm doting a Lrg la
tur buBincM failed today Tfcey wrt
short ot tlio market and not being
nblo to Uotp up tlio margins owlnjr to
tho rnptd ndvnnco In price their con
tracts wero closed out under the rule
The failure had no effect on the local
lUmburi April II tt It Behrn J
tho well known banker I dead
Our lino of Drees Goods that we nre offering to day at j
Tlio lino of ladles bags we Just openod and on Bale at
hard time prices
The kind of soap you got on sale Extra largo cakes I
at Co six cakes for 26o Mo three cakes for 26a
Surely best soap values over offered
The staple goods wo are selling at special prlcos You
never bought suck bargains before
The bargains In Mens and Boys olothlng wo are oilor
Ing this week
Corner Seventh and Houston Streets
Kit Si

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