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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, December 15, 1895, PART TWO, Image 9

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vw JTTP55
vol XX NO 10
r I L It f ricortJ
iidiHi tfnti unHL CO
hi Jurbu Afrab OatUmaU UhU
I am oiTorlng nt cost for cash
UJff Pjsfo s Ammunition
Goods of ail Kinds and
Alo a large nti4 rniuiilvtc ktoplc ot
trlcft Bo ii To iltjHlrrB i
t r Una ru tiro nrepurviTto ottr
pn aordlunrr linlnceuientii write
r -- aUUIUIlOUNt
1V G XISmifYTr -
- -
1 rj
15000o 15000
Wo are always in front wo like our customers and want them to Iilco
us lou can see displayed in our window ino lonowing arucies wmcu
I ftffoids abundant proof of the above assertion
Un the night ol December 31 U0 wo will givo 10 iivo 01 our loriu
aato customers the following magnificent gifts
An Blount nlil 14k rrold wttoh 22k raised ioltl ornaraBntatioa set with gouulno
diamoud also a solid gold Lorgnotte chain vame 8500
Ono pair of finest Pearl Opera Glasses boat make patent adjustable handle
lvalue S3600
lieautitul rrold plated 11 H Banquet Lamp genuine onyx center and silk shade
Mue 2000
One ret solid sterling silver Tea Spoons in case on which we will engrave
nitials of uoky owner Irto of charge value 1000
s a BOOBY Go to the window and look at him
For every puiobue of 8100 worth of goods wo gtvo a ticket entitling holder to one
tace for each of above gifta
b ouf
we want your traue no jjuiuaui - -
Mortment the largest Come early We are selling day and night
Come Out at Night and See Our Magic Electric Sign
504 3CI3Sr ST
V 11111 11 fnrlnai Frrtrh
r JitOlf If lilblHUs irrr puu
V lfitaIsurntlUllLllioi WU1
nft moit miiteraWo man i
the one who I all the time mix
ioui about his health
Use rained Celery Comtound
and keep well and tronj It Is
not like ordinary remedies It is
medicine Try it
I We hd more customers lhn wo coul1 properly wait on durlnc His He week and In orrW n do tnllna to our frlnrla wa have f nnd mora
l1p for the cominK wee We hopo that friends who were not walled on will excuse us W dil not expect euoh crowds What did it
Eojs sir gun wo i uueap largest sze express wagons atl G5 cant be bought elsewhere Our 9Bo hobby horse is
joking horse takes the cake Our 20c doll is the largest ever sold for the money Our line of maglo lanttrns eteam ei
Ij hAblTo UUHiJ
nemedy 5 a cure Guaranteed Writs
for Iok of Iartloutarn Testimonials
and Jteferencea TOUALCOUNC the
lobneco Cure fl Atfents wanted u
Wilson Chemical Company Incorpor
ated under Texan lavit Dublin T
bail ii
n humanr Our 76o
iigiaea ohlldteus te
tit vwwi vttxabo duu wjra ui ku ufHunpunna is not equaled la trie city
-A Recoxci Breaker
Tist week was a record breaker in tin dish line and nlI int 11 v 1111 i ii ii r n j i ln 2
lew Did J ou ever examlue our 10 fiO dinner let worth 25 If in need of line table ware dont fall to look at what we have Out Jlnner H
lists range in price irom to 10420 per set
BIe assortmont of Fire Crackers Koman Candles and Skv Rockets This la a linn f mods wa will not bamlln In lha future and urn
out regardless of original cost We bought the same in the Bankrupt Chicago Store stook We got them cheap and will sell them
Isslling The Arcade will bo open until 0 p m every night daring the week If you wish to ovoid the crowds call dur ng the morning hours
ldwscn guarantee immediate attention
UlllTUI 111 M1U M 0 1HAM
lliitrta tjuiuiiirr
The fields that were so green the other
When v walked tliroucli thvm now
are uhlto and mill
1orcettlng all their summer found and
With the drear chilliness of Deounber
Acrom the snow a single narrow wj
Is marked for feet which wsudtred at
their will
When lavish summer lured flora hill
to hill
And nljtgtird winter emtd so far
Oh I friend of mine this sombre winter
We will not ask from summers care
It ss hand
The gifts th churlish winter Lath
But In tho nanow foot path Icy span-
Wo two will walk alt doner aide by
In summer freedom through a snowy
Iov nnd Care
At my hearts door Love knocked one
Open he said but I heeded tot
Tor care was then and ro I thought
Theie was no room Ie went awa
But noon again dl he apnoar
Much more persistent than lefpre
To him 1 opentd wide the Jour
When lol dull Care rushed out with
Love In my heart now relgm supreme
And so when Care comes Into Uew
I tell him there a no roo n inp you
For Love makes life a happy dr urn
The following very able article was
written by Miss Claia Conway of
Memphis Tenn which will e tppro
clated by many In 1ort Worth aa
Miss Conway has had as her pupils
she Is president of the Conway insti
tute aeveral girls who are jraitlnant
members of our ewelt set MIas Con
way is a Southern woman born In
New Orleans IKr preliminary educa
tion before entering college vas ac
quired In a comtnL Her cireer o
far as an educator haa been fc not-
BDie fine a nw -- -
the higher education of women In the
Houtn man any
Southern states
Hhe recently read a paper before a
I BAnnttm lifilV rt flltla
rntore In lloston which alted forth
much favorallo commeut fro n the ta
aembly and the pree Here U the
It Is a atrance perplexing fact of
liuman lira inai any iiuwmjr m
crime doen not awaken our ihirrm for
ti detect of our conization but lirvel
rainer m ctmuae
ords and to throw us Into the mental
tht Is tho worst of possible worlds
m wiin atui linnllv more
In the debasement of a fellow creature
than on opportunity to preacn me
harren gonpel of skepticism to rull
against religion and from their nar
row petty and self eomrlawnt view
they invito the publlo gaze to two
pictures The Cbrlitlan and hla crime
the non Chrlstlan and Ms virtual
j j iiHnn tn milllvnt Ino
and admiring thrlr own righteous news
and In slurirrlnc the power of their
own sen tonuufiii irhi -
scornful pity and their mental attitude
Jutf tint nil llvtf
shall be ahapwl after their pattern
1 do not peek to JuMlfl or even to
extcnuata crime The only innt way
la to call thins by their right nunM
but In the final summing up In the
last nnalynli mercy nil not aeaaolj
luillce uulcaa try to unravel
the vaat complicated eb of huaian
it mi rh1ii nnn 11
the Imperfect thread our own berda
may hive wrouKht Into the warp and
woof Why do men Ho perjure sirs
rob and murder for isonnrT H
It la the xod ot th mull lude The
Hirer In the African Jungle la not mad
dened by a paflon more Intense ana
terrible than la the awful freniy whl h
rushM men headlonK to ruin and
death The spiritual nature onco
vect ant pure bevomea Mkw 1
and crazy ruin more daolate than
burled Wlneteh Th man whoae bo1
la money bows down lu adoration be
fore hla Idol and O111 IS
and fear under the IJ rrlb e Jw
of the murderous Moloch Howe
olloua and d tho man may
ha become In hi On I luUonwm
innocence i roon j m
glen or at Jcttl his alu U extenuated
Our line of parlor lamps is still complete Klogant lamps from 00a up to 15
for the pake of his flnnnclal plethora
He Is president organlztr dlrdctot
committeeman churchman perhaps
Hundaj school superintendent Jllsptn
may be n glided reprobate et he Is a
welcome guei t at the inut tcluslve
social functions Ills children nie
fa ortd In school his grown tp
daughter 1j the center of her admiring
set What la to bu expected n the
ry nature of thlnga
No mind can trace the line by
which ench personal Influence goea out
In lnlslhln channels polaonlng tho se
cret walls of character nnd blighting
the roots of society The loung boy
gronH up hugging In his bosom the
hone of some lime grttlng that which
will open all thrae doors to hlin like
wise and we ought not to be aston
ished If In due time he too hns a right
to run with a herd of his Feeklng and
learns to tear nnd devour ns they do
to fly hide and quiver If his mhemea
fall to go mad In the stiugghi and
Ntnggcr toward death nt Inst crippled
crushed and cursed The world takea
no account of the power of motive In
human life nnd the publlo laws do not
reach the secret springs of human
character tltfc lie beuenth tho surface
of our con ftat Yet the money-worshiper
has In seeds of pestilence In his
4jody and cnriles about with him tho
deadly contagion Is it not a fair In
ference that felons nnd malefactots
are to a large extent the direct results
of a civilization bused upon such rot
ten conditions And yet Is It not true
as X hate suggested that human jus
tice not only falls to take these condi
tions Into account but that there Is
often a real collision between the stat
utes over the criminal and the circum
stances which made his cilmo possible
Money makes man a jwjtentate and
the love of power Is a mighty Impulse
The ontemplatlon of measures by
which It may ho secured crowds out
belter things In tho weak nalmo
crlmo assumes another namo and color
In the deceased Imagination and soon
the llghtnlnff glares and the thunders
crash In tho ruined ltf Public opinion
throws lis searchlight Into th hidden
places and there is no spot on tho
femlly hearthstone to sacred for Its
burning cross examinations The pro
tection of society demands that the
guilty shall he swallowed by the
opening gulf of fire but pvey instinct
of justice tenderness and Christian
he makes Indignant rotest ngalnat
the brutality of Injlng bare an inno
cent quUcring soul to the gaze or a
curious gaping multitude Ilty tho
laden ono this wandering woe may
llt you and me I
Colont 1 Itondtloat Cnptatn Block
hold If your soul is In your bank
ault you arn blowing out the divine
spara to n uciiu cinurr iu hih
fulling power a bad force rolng head
long to spiritual ruin nnd In our
downward rush ou are sweeping
other lives to destruction Von are Jut
as responsible a factor In human civil
ization ns jour mother or our wife
though you think not And Mr Church
man If jour motto Is to Increase our
stock dividends to add a new namo to
your business list or a now dollar to
your bank account without any spirit
tial thought or aspiration you ate liv
ing a lie mider the mantle of re
spectablo sin be It the skimp of mean
ness the rottenness of coveted dint re
or the rot of hypocrisy Crime Is tho
daughter of restectable sin The trag
edy gathering to Its last act and be
coming more and more faithful toward
Its close may have bad Its small be
ginning In some resppctable sin not
found In the calendar Th prison does
not opin Its doors to every criminal
nor on the other hand do superficial
decency and correctness social eti
quette and broadcloth ceremony and
good form open the doors ot heaven to
the Pharisee and tho Sadducee
Mrs Talton Tmbrey nee Sue Tller
lieo of Cincinnati Is visiting her moth
er and sister Mrs C M lllgbee and
Mrs V O Hlldreth Her visit will
continue until after the holidays
It does not require a prophet to tell
us that there will ba a new whist club
In swelldom which will be formed of
many of tho members of the tecent
prominent one recently disbanded
Mrs Ir Head nee Julia Williams
Is expected homo during the week to
spend tho holidays
Tennessee Is shortly to celebrate her
centennktl nnd has organized a wo
mans board of manage s who have
nt out n state lecturer lo Interest
women In the celebration Texas should
celebrate her centennial next year and
If a womans board could be organized
they would we cuarantee do more to
perfect plans anl raise means with
which to carry them out In three
nwntb than the men have done In
the ii t year with the subject moro
or less befor them all th time
The younger set In awelldom are look
ing isrward to a very smart german
wctcu oveuis amine dirituna wk
CS r 1
tho date
being set for Friday th
The aiost au fait affair of the holi
day time will bo an entertainment
gHtii the two germati clubs at the
residence of ono ot rort Yfortft inot
chaunlng hostesses
In a new woman discussion few
days since the subject of clothes came
up whon a cynical old bachelor asked
us If the new woman with all her
Ddanaed Ideas would ever learn to
wear hers stnvlbly and not bo contin
ually running after new changes tn
fashion and if wo didnt think that
thu new woman should make It her
mission to bring about a radical chance
lu thu eenlng dress of women Home
linw we couldnt htlp hut pity that
lord of ci eat Ion his cunert imau
lug beti and his imriow towmlndcd
nesi j el with ns serious face
as the oicaslon demanded wo rematked
that tho conventional evening dress
for men and women had been practi
cally tlio sum for many
years and that It did not
requite any mtctoscoplo mind to dis
cover the slnii le lesson behind it all
Men do not wtur low cut short sleeved
coals for the very obvious reason
that such a vtln of dies would be
exceedingly unbecoming to the mas
tullno Ideal of manly beauty Th
masculine arm with lis knotty imiscka
Is not so much a thing of beauty as
It Is of power Women llko to bear
about the brawny muscles of tho man
ly nrm and they dont ml ml having lis
strength lu eUJfcnce nt tho pioper time
hut they dont euro about gazing upon
It In the bnll room Nor is the mascu
line throat with Its conical execres
ence familiarly known as Adams ftp
pie query wns It the one live gao
him and did It flick lu his throatT
talculated tu delight tho cje of tho be
holder and as for that expanse of
mnnK anatomy ljlng Just below the
throat which n low cut bodlc would
roeal well from nn alhlella stand
point 116 least sutd about It the bit
ter AU this sullklently explains why
man dots not wear a coat cut low In
tho neck and with short sleeves H
WfJiiI 1 be horribly unbecoming and be
has shown his good He by adopting
ono which Is on the whole very becom
on the other hand woman has show
the some sort of good sense In making
her cholco of evening dross A wo
rnans arm Is or ought to be some
thing pleasant to look upon with its
smoooth round contour and polished
surface Also a womans throat Ilvon
pretty arms and throat nnd a style of
costumn which leaves them slble Is
becoming tberefoie It has bten adopt
ed anl tho new woman or the woman
with a mission may Just as well make
tip her mind that reformation is a
hopeless ense And tho man who can
look at a girl thus becomingly dressed
with feelings other than respectful
Innocent honest admiration or whosa
nature Is so evil ns to suggest an
htought In connection with her la
Jiur than human and Is entirely out
of place In decent society
The Symphony club met with Mrs
TJacon founder In her bettutirul horn
on Henderson street for a matlneo con
cert on Tuesday afternoon at 2 30
Tho delightful program rendered wast
Iirleritoso Uerdftl
Miss Mary Terrell
Astbore soprano sgloTrotr
Mr JenT 1 Meld
Harmonious lilncksmIlhHandel
Miss 1311a Montgomery
II Trovalore Duet
Mesdames Kenn and 1 ield
Itomanct Jlubensteln
Mls Ilumb
Curfew contralto ao1ollatton
Mrs JLUcon Baundeia
I a nieuie wft
Mrs Tomllnaon
Quartett Lullaby
MeMiJamtS Kcan Kleld Hounders and
Miss Hoey
A fcarf Dance Chamlmod
il Taranttil Deune
Mies llovey
Mt aes nregg Terrell McLean and
Woodward wern Mrs Saunders
guests the three last named consider
ing themstlte honored In being aiiowT
ed to assist the charming hostess in
serving her datnty viands Mrs flaun
ders did th honors beautifully Un
Orlng such a pleasant afternoon that
she established for hrcif an enviable
reputation as a club hostess
Mrs Kean and Mrs J Ield were re
Delaware Mrs Field I a nephew of
with Mrs Hoey as director This year
the lob will have two meetings each
month one an afternoon and th ether
an evening tqeetlngv
if rs Jeff D 11Hd will e the hostess
at the nex meeting which will b on
January I
The Chi society stent of the week
will 1i lb iugnlflnt ptacular
phantasma alien by well known so
ciety belles for th foeneflt of Ht An
drews rlh vblcl occurs on Monday
and Tuesday 18 and IT lha novelty
of th entertalnmunt will be a draw
ing card while the names of such pat
roneesrj as Mesdames C II Hllllmau
T I Mai tin U W Taylor 13 W Con
nory F A McDonald It If Down
inau I J Clniton It W Johnston C
H lllgbee J U McAllister A U
Whllla V O HUdroth U Bennington
J 8 Trlplett and William Capps would
assure for It auoeess The roles will be
sustained by such popular society fav
orites as Miss Klltt Montgomery arses
Klemlng Maggie Mtttfjoh Kuste Hells
lleaumont Ieon liar roll Alma Tur
ner Katheilno Knight Kelly Wood
ward Hthcl Watkfns Lucy Slg1r
Joelou 1 1 ea rne Jo 1 lorn by Pauline
White Hlanch Merrill Ethel Brunei
Amy Terry I3a rennlngton Nelll
Hornby Corrl Martin Alblo John
ston Maud Rtuwart Alberta Martin
Mury Llttlejohn Willie Luckett Min
nie House Mary Whltln Mattle Melton
Jaunua Cassll Hmma Haggart and
MrnJ H M Bowl Mr Will Pad
dlJ A Hose and 1 D Ulshop will
asMj the young lad Us
li orchestra wilt b composed of
horn talent with Mrs J U McAllister
as the director which Insures the best
and most finished rendition of musical
numbers Mr Itoy Hlmpson W P Mc
Connll and John Trlmbht will play
mandolins Mr Malcolm Moore mando
llncello and Mr C J Ashley and C J
Durway frencli hornsj while last but
not by any means least our own Loyd
Hides and Kenclbles of whom every
cltlxen of Tort Worth Is justly proud
and whom the ladles adore will appear
fof an attractive number Several box
parties are botng arranged and taken
as a whol It will be the most au fait
entertainment of the season
Mrs William Pop Portwood of Ter
rell will visit Mrs Hen O Smith until
after the holidays
Mr and Mrs Theo Kleld a young
bridal couple from Denver ore ot the
Cyrus W Field whllo his charmlne
wife Is a popular member of swelldom
In Denver
Mrs Henry Marshall JMrman was
called to Arlington unoxpcctedely Trl
day to th bedside of a favorite ne
phew who la dangerously 111 with con
gestion Dr Adam was also called to
the little sufferer ami on Hat unlay
he was reported as being some hotter
though not entirely out of danger
The last Issue of Deaumode rontslrmt
a beautiful arllcie descriptive of a
musical that Mis Hunter A Craj
croft of Dallas tendered Mix Maggie
McLean and tho two charming Misses
Hynson of Tcxarkann who were her
guests hero a Hvr weeks slnco A
chirmtng compliment to as three
pretty girls as ever graced u hostess
drawing rooms
Mr and Mrs Den Olho Smith enter
talned handsomely Thursday evening
at their beautiful horn on Pecan street
In honor of Mr and Mrs Dudley Port
wood Jr The nous was artistically
decorated with palms and cut flowers
green and whlto predominating The
Kuesta wero received and made most
welcome by Mr and Mrs Den O
Rmllh To th right In th handaom
drawing room stood the bride ana
groom Mr and Mr Dudley Port
wood Jr receiving- ronsrratulatlons
and best wishes of both old and new
found friends Heveral hours wera
spent In Jolly converse made merry
with sweetest strains of music Th
orchestra was stationed Just n the
head of the winding stain in a cosy
nook bearing- sweet harmony back to
the guests a it wafted oer still wa
ters On of the most charming feat
ures of the evening wa the Inrltlng
dinner halL The table a bow try of
elegance overlaid with white satin
and tulle caught In heartsease of ami
lag and white chrysanthemums a
wealth of emlUvx and fragrant Tower
dropping- from th chandelier to th
center of th table enclrctlnft auehv
eant design of cut glass Oiled With
sweets the corners lighted with wax
candles mellowed with shades of
dainty green and cream Xk
An elegant lunch was served through
cut th entire evening Th recelylnjr
party wer Mrs Den Otho pmlth ele
gantly gowned In a costume of yellow
and black taffeta silk with trimmings
of Jeweled chiffon and brocade Mrs
Dudley Portwood Jr wbtt satin and
chiffon diamond Mr Dudleyi PorN
wood Sr black Parle stlkt Mr Wil
liam pop Portwood of Terrell black
satin duchess trimmings of rrslan
velvet and Jet diamond Mrs Wil
liam Helm Bmllh black Lyons velvet
and duchess law diamonds Mrs Con
rid A Ileyer black silk with omerald
velvet bodice spangled chiffon and 5nt
trimmings Mr Morris Durney Wac
taffeta silk veiled with black orxiuidje
diamonds i Miss Nora Louis Betden
rose colored taffeta covered with ao
cordlan plaited organdl wjir
Th invited guest wtnm
Ur and Mr Y O Hlldwtn Sir M
iW F ffisPwSi
1 sp-
7 l mak TfWJ PsV
If1 J j 1
Rodger Bros 1847 SilverWare
S V t3At ii I
srmityifiwiB2tn tmji tvm w ij n mM
Knives and forks like above genuine 1847 brnnd lower than ever before Udgsr Bros 1847 oarvlrg sets beautiful goods Sterling
ea and forks good goods 1 75 per set Big lino of tea and table spoons and silvnr table ware of all description t A v fe
Lamps Lamps Lamps
HtA t
a i
Mrs J W Bpeneer Mr ahtt MrstB
jioveyHAir ami Mrs TODovHaa
Drvand Mrs JT 1
W H JXdrington Mr and Mrs nV
Pendery Mr and Mr I J May8j
Mr wim air w nwayne mr
Mrs fl V llatllntrMivAt th Mr
-Airs John C Hyan Mr OcorsW
flflV Ur anil Mr t1nrirm 4fliai
Judge and Mrs K Albright
nuu iriwawro w r
Mrs Walter J Want Mr andtl
Frank MulUna Mr and Mni C
Rllliman Mr and Mrs AV Ta
Camp Mr and Mrs Q VT Mor
nnu Air anu jura uarq u fcant
Air ana sirs m wtyji JMV nr i
n w Aurgainip rr 41 fn
ru nnnes jur ann it s fl
Mr and Mrs Wm t - c3
Tnhi ttrtlatt sitH
vlz v iMHra j
imo itTai vyiii suit
Irnnk DdlU Atr and MrsCaartJ
iiiim 11 iniii n tv1 -
Air ana irs viijserns
Mrs TfJ Jwel trsid
aiaujim Airnavfitr9iV
Me and Mrs
llov and Mrsf 3 Mo
and Mrs MjirUrrnUAirWi
13 II HarroldtMr i Arr J
Ilronnllr andMrti MlKoif 1
Captain and Mrn ltyV Ma
A II Whllla Mr andUrsr J 1
uela Ur and UraiTiB Ilurbrldi
Mr Henry M Furman Mrt Will 1
uappa ur ana Airs iuiu wappi air
and Mrs Newton It Iaanlttr Mr T
D How Mr 13 1 Bntar Mr Jo
acphI Callard Mrs Dunn Ativan
Mrs Robert DownmanMr and Mrs
Nell 1 Anderson Mr James J3urassr
Mr Fiflia or uenvsr woio air vut a
xArinntri Mr A TV IlayrnM llr mS
winnpld flcott Mr John C rhetaa
Sr and Mrs J It Adam Dr ant l
Mrs It D tirammer ur ana mm
N D nrnmmer Mr n ii msi
Mp nml Mn J M ltoirattMr 1
Mrs 11 C Klrinston Mrjand M
o v Rmltli Mr and Mra Itrt
Mr and Mra J Peter Smltn Mr
Mra Tnhn w IlurRea Mr and
T M nivon Cntajn and MTIEJ
Terrell r JlrTand MinJoh
Ilawlejr Mr and Mra jrrjriyan
fnrf Mm T T PI
Mr and MraWmMoVes lvMr
airs H x uurueii mr Mu
Thomas I Burnett Mr and Mi
n rtnk Mr and Mra Edwin 9
rillr Mm M MOftutL
anif Mr Aninnrs
Howard TullirTjMrs - Laldr M
aenh MM Dr and MrsT sml
Misses BumuitlisilartMi
Tonillnson tUtleJohn Mar Ul
Alane Anaemon 4
IUCKett Iirira iain w
iiearn vr nruiv f 7r
TXTunnA iNdlh IIUmAVV ItUtll
uimm Vauuhn VAn Zandt
Mair Whltla Bills nasl nis
JWniEllW vuHiTt -
rids Adams zook osa net
ininn rnaillelc Ilurbrtdsfl
rin a aihrta Martin Mil
Monttomri Orao Klemlnr
CnMnlchardson Amy Tsri
W A Dcrlncor Messrs 1 O
Jr j1
Bam Baen Paul naldrlds
nateraan tciauaa wimrav
Vlnfry Cummlnja iHuroul
Aet wirt Paddock Frank
lie rtMun it Barauela V Stdotr
tsuberMBoa J T
Peter vesuwcnoBen
Tfnrr Lurkett w Au 1
Itetler Jim Tutly A a Nlrhol
draws JoAdm Robert
Arlhnr HMry Wil
mor Ton Martin way M
nnta Taih JohnaonAiai
aonjDrWst Dr 1 W M
Itead James Collatt wi
dall M4rn0nn
la nuM una
aj f rtotod
tew ooM ram AasMii
r f Mlai Cramnw and MsJ 1
in h wi ntaoaantly MtW
Mrs WatWd SeottiifSiH
rtuaia of Mrs Uur
t II
ATold nnejnwnts
pliota iri f s
in l
halth vlroraM

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