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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, January 10, 1896, Image 4

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r ZtfitSiT
t j W2 u i
i i k
i t V
ronT wonTii texas
1ohlLhoil Ecrr Dnr In Of
Uxuvitl 4omlnr lr
B n Williams
J I IVctfon
1 a cent eng
S sX
Icc Prrs ant
Ceneral liana r
lhioisi citv cinrtrArioN
i Miorar Tixi3 tmcu Aiiiiii
t iurT sotTUEiiN umiiinui
MHh threw exception
fntcrol tit the roton it Tort
Vori Texas as Kxoui claoa twall
Oenrrnl C3Jem Ice1
0 ti BMlth
S Ttbjnt DuIJIn New lOrlc
T3ie Hoel ChltPtfi
Aurtln lijrnu A O Damcn
iponilcnt ht divarifro Avenue W
Cliiilato s liplquartts corner
West Birih otrcet and Wet vitnue
Farr on rale at th no n Stan
Dallas Atoms Hollands AdiertM
lnt Bcnej i North Tosaa BaaS
Tb Oni tls Is on al at the follow-in-
I old nis starts
Kimball Uouai Atlann aa
Orrat Northorn IIolrL CMc ruo
St Nlcholai Hotel SL UJJla
Foatmdy Hotel Memphis
Washlm ton Washlnaton News Co
rourteenth street bMwect Pcnns lia
rla avenue anil F street Metropolitan
Et Loula EI Merlto 715 Tine
Atlanta Exposition News Co Kim
ble House rewi stand
Kansas Clti W A ItoJe CU Slain
atret an Nov Brn
Chlrsco I Samelaon Great North
ern Hotel P O News Co 31 Adams
New Yirk Tron Co lloTman
House IJrentanos corner Droadivay
and Sixteenth street
Pen r Hamilton Hendrlclt
Hot Sprlnjs C Lataru i T 01b
bons W R fernlth Co
Cincinnati- 11 Hanley 1 Vino
Nashville T It Hard a Co
iiv Tim nriiotitnio iiu
IleulrU llul Tfe Uer Ir luJwre
J lit lirt Worth GneUr Mil nbl
anl frnrlr viinn nf at llniucrneii
anil rtiminenllnis runt In tl
1 nt we reeniiiniend llinl the trlcntl
of Ulrer give It their eorulul ana
Mellvo apimrt
lO lUlIATlltt AtJ
Th Oaifd dwlre to b liformwJ
whenever nn liue reaches Iti piron
later thnn tfce rejjular time for arrlvar
Any Information cu thta U1
b pnlrully roelved
Tho Dally Gazette Six Iiiuaj a week
by malL
One trOT SC 0
Six months 300
Thre months 1M
DolUereJ by Carrier
riftcen ecnli a wek
The eek1y Gazette IisueJ on Trl
One year fi cent
Six monllix sn centi
Remit by express or money order or
mrMered letter
All poitmtiteri ere authorized to act
na asetit far the Oatr
Port orth Tex
Subocrlbera in any part nf the elty
who fall to reed re the Dally Gazette
at any time will confer a favor by
notlfUnp the city circulator at the
Gazette otTce lie wm 11tfCn benB
notified by telephone or otherwise Im
mediately delher a copy of the cur
rent number of the paper when a nun
tcrlber haa bevn overlooked by a car-I-
City Circulator
The atorm nnieti will reach thl me
ridian and the other chimes will oc
cur at and within 1M rnllea of Tort
TVortti within twenty four houre of 8
p in of the dalea Riven below
January J9 Threat enlnjr
Januaiy h Ctnns tblp
IN ntltUPIMN IliMia
The encroarhments of nations of Eu
rope on African territory tune been
carried on on audi an extensive scale
durlmr late tirs that a very l irco
part of the Inhabitable portion of tho
duk Continent Is now under European
influence and nath kln and prne
retain their nu only uniT tho uuf
irnnco or tho Uurcpeau powers
0 flt 000
437 0OI
s gro mi
c 300 vtt t
Of i5C00 00O la the property of rietriiim
Egypt and Tripoli with a population of
WSOono ana an irca of 535 otM squaro
miles nre nominally the control
of the sultin hut practically they arc
Brtth possessions Swaziland which
Is under the protection of the Boers
Includes C370 square mlos with a pop
ulation of coooo Ubcili the black
has an area of 37 000 square
rnMes and a population of IflOOOOO The
Couth African republic Ins about the
same population thouch Ita territory
cmbracei rijoift square tnlloa Time
remain unappropriated al oul 22W0900
squaro iuPch on the continent
Enclind Is using evrry endeavor to
trenstnen her power especially in
South Afrt a where tha gold mines aia
located blt an ilinmo of TVaacc Itily
and Germany would ns able to rheelc
further orcrcislons ci the part of
Great Brllaln and such a combination
may not he Improbable if HrltUh fili
bustering la not discontinued
The country la Indebted to Mr Grant
chairman -of the state executive com
irlttio of tfe regular republican
tor the Intercsttnlnformatlon that the
vampires of his party t pirate
after the loaves and nhes hate a
reOy started movement to control
the Tcyaa deiejratlon to the Bepuhllcan
national convention it u
who Utoreccivo the bencMg of iheir
labors but as Chairman fit aw a
flTo for lUTKuUy U u Jlu IWMlLU
that he attributes this wicked ache
to an t Thomns Itrackett
rtood It may lo that Mr Cuncj m ho
has sxnreestsl a profcrence for Atllson
could IliroT tu ne llsht oa an Interet
Ing situation If lie would
It ts rot for a Democrat to adrlre
ihut should he done In such an emer
keticr We merely wish lo call the
attention of Mr Thomas riatt man
n erof the Slortoi boom and Mr Har
rison narssr the Hinlsoi two n
an1 oIit iranacera Mhooa rc may
not lir bee i tlvelert on Tas lo thn
stitenieit on the Msli nutotlt of
Iho olnii n a of tlti sttte ceeutlie
committee that llurt Is daujeer of the
Octatio i lo Ft Louts helus fired
Oar ituty aa a watchman on the tower
It Ulstharired Ihcy must do the rest
t vas a that the
subject Either elnp or double slate
hood Is preferable to the condlttjnn
nndcr xrMei the people of the two ter
iltorlea ron lc
Tho onnj votnan of Iranltfoj d Ind
who a Mttlc or a or niro marrlsd i
vIlIous nm to reform him was re
cti1 nert to the reformatory for bvlp
1ns he- husbind etca poJltry Some
rrwiplc illl ittr recognize the truth
o th o adeffe about ctl ctmmunl
citon until thoy hae a personal
cljiijQ intra tic n of It
A meetlnr waj hM It Chicago
ccntl at which rwolutlor B wrp nneJ
tirjrlnff Queen Victoria to tsDouec the
cause of the Armenians and Incidental- i
ly a3urlnjf th queen that the mectlniT
woud turport her In thp enure tth I
tu li assurance Queen VI o doubtless
will not benltate to beln immediately
the extermination of the Turks
The betowal of lcntRhthooti upon
Slojor Iowls of rreetown Sierra
lone by Queen Victoria wai the flrst
Instance of tho court honor belnp
crantPI to n pure blood nerro H was
probably due to some pressure of co
lonial politics
Ex GeUmHner n public
rrllted citizen of Waxhachte hi
yreiented that IhrUlrtT Utile city with
ft suitable and aluibe pvk site near
the center of the town Whit a bess
InK It noulJ bo to posterity If hlb ex
ample should become contagious
The Austin conMtxmdnt of the
Houston Post has nated Mr Glbh ns
nn Inlependent candidate for gover
nor WhM has that oher eminent cit
izen of tUas Mr Jerome Kearby to
say to that4
Ipnatlui Donnelly wants th Demo
crats Republican and ropulsts to
unite In Minnesota an nomlnnt n
fusion ticket If Iimatlui could secure
a nomination on such a ticket he might
jwsslbly be elected
It Is an open secret Hint Tmperor
William has nver ben afTecilonatcly
Inclined toward the side of
his family and the Traraal troubl
will not tend to Increase hla regard
for his English relations
The roi 1 men nre counlinff on Sena
tor Mills to lote annlnst the f eo
ftjre substitute for th iond bill They
didnt elect Mr Mills but they care
precious Utile about that It they can
control his tote
It comes throuch Wall street soirees
that J rierpont Morran knows what
he Is doing anl that his syndicate will
Ken poetic license will hirdt per
mit Alfred Austin to immortalize the
expedition nf Dr Jamteion as a second
charge of tho llRbt brigade
Pictures of Gov Krueger represent
Mm with a beard as unkempt as thit
f Senator rrfcr bul thl1
The area rtalnwd
by tho pilrcr al
trial nniv nninr nr rnaamininna haiiwaax
UllCB IK as OIIO W 3
Bquaro nlles
Great Britain 570 3CC
Tranco S 902 621
Portugal 5o 3
Spain f 2D3 7C7
Oermany S52HM
Italy C0o0O
Tha Conn ctotc with an area
C500 square mllca and a population
the only point of resemblance between
the two men
If the Cubans keep up their lctorles
a little longer they will hae to be
recognized us fi co citizens of the Cu
ban icpublto rather than belligerents
It wouUnt bo hard to convince Mr
need that Chairman Grants wlntr Is
th fnjr eng of the llcpubllcan party
of Texas
Th pew bond Issue may be popular
with Wotl street synllcales but the
aiLi age citizen con t see It that way
a cat enlctprlet move slowlr The
new union depot for Port Worth be
long In this category
If a few gold fields were dlscoxered
tu Armenia British protection would
come fast enough
It Is about time tho Democratic lioml
nation for the presidency should begin
to ek the min
An octopii Instead of a Hon woutd
be an appropriate national emblem for
Qreat Britain
Tha president would be more than
grateful If the senate would pull down
Its Vest
To be a state or to b two thats the
question with Oklahoma
Dr Tomlewon has doubtless got tired
of Boer huntlng
Crfftccitt tlty ltitce
New Orleans Jan 9 One mile sir
V m Jl In nm sond Momus
third Time 1C0
Three-year-olds ono mile - Mctarle
wn Ben Johnson mjcond Ncwhouse
third Time 1 17 I J
Mils and seventy nrds iji Orapd
H on SpeMolln ssoond Ashland tbliil
Time 124
end upward ono
mlle PrlR won DaiU second Con
stantlne third Tims 14
jlllo and soienty yards John crcnia
won Tuscarora second Burrell s Ml
let tbtl Time 1X9
Ltittrle for Today
rirst rare three fourths mile sell-Ins-Miss
ulime 101 My llebe 101
Carrie II 101 Glendaira 106 Semele
107 Minnie Macltln 107 Lena 107 Imp
Marden let 107 Blaclcnilth 105 Trades
man It Arkansaw Traicler UJ
Secnnd rnce three fourths miles
101 Sister Kllnil 10
Vaiorltu 103 Durle Leaf 101 renu
lot fniiiilrr 101 lilrk 111 Wm nuke
Jrlll Princess lama 117 John Slew
arl 110 rid Her 111 Alberts lt
Third tare threi fourths mile sell-Inc-
festival 101 spiritual St 103 White
a- u A- Tln ttatr 107
fooa tonrentinn ni jKiaaoma snoua - ViSut S K C 108
K tn pieces bicau c of tho dUUIon be- nsdac ol rtooeielt 101 t Ieo
tweeil tho slnsle and the double 105 Oiercllt 101 AH n
slaters Lut tis Incldmt ousht not m Anna V McNalry
to affect the action of consross on the I
Fifth race one mllr
ID Venice 101 Frank u iw imp
t tfl i nnpevelt loi liarney
The public free school opened hero
Monday under the efTldent
of Prof w S P urks tilth a
zt 215
The fact of the school bulldlmr rot
being lorae cnouci the trutfs were
fn ced to rent the opem house and
Mlsa Splvey with her forty little fellow-
will use that
Ilttaaurjr van ooaei ut me uv
school In east Texas
rv ri i lpiiom mm
tlco nnil rnnllnn I lo Io tonnfplnl
i or limine Ifonav
Cisco Tet Jin 5 Special rrnnk
Vernon pnprietor of the Cisco llounl
TTp li prepirlnff to build a telephone
line from Cisco to Eastland connct
ln this city nlth the counlj seat Bldt
tiaiu hn r1 orftved for ft nil th line
will be completed bi the middle of
H T DiIs of Clifton will eoon oirfn
up his stock of dr rondt In the build-
luz now ocsupWl by the bink t
Another saddle and ramesa house Is
In nrrspect for Cisco
ntfton Steward of Odefl Mo li
ilsltlnff his brother J L Steward for
a few dis
j City of Slierninn lulien u 1 leollon
lor Flint lurpowp
he man Tex Jan 9 cpeclall
petition Is b lnx circulate j and will bo
presented to the commlsIonerp court
1 asklnc them to order nn election to
determine whtth r bherman ahall hne
I the Australian batlut sjFtem
j Tlie resilence f Hon C 11 Itandell
j wn biirijlirlzed Ut nlcht Few ar
ticles of any nlue were taken No
clU9 to tho bursars
get the new Issue of bonds Is tho ubtanc and vlcor Increased by It
-popular loan a one act speciacuiar
Mr Iluntlnrtton la quoted ns sajins
that tfe wharf oompany killed Ga Wen
ton Does Mr llunthigton know that
from ohseriathn or did he tet it from
the OaHtston Neva
It Is whispered that K Vandcr
lillt will marry again soon after his
ex wlfe weds OlUcr Del nont Gossip
wants to know whether ho will get a
new strutter
How many HUkUles think jou reid
er ha been conmltted by persims
drhirn distraught and bunted to their
doom by tho demon of chronic 111
health Counties For Instance wo
know de we not thxt hj pochondrlailn
Is a monomania a sort or minor mad
ness produced b chronic dspepni
Again lnsomonla or sleeplessnefs of
ten a result of the same cause nil ml
rates In n deraneement o the rpisn
Injr faculties It Is thmfaro nf no
mentous consequence to prevent the
arrU 1 of disease at Us chronic phase
whin it dally nn 1 nightly scourdes tho
urfenr to n c ms rnusly tincerMln
KOil No medicine known to scUnce
as a means of oneitlntr iho main lies
to which It Is adapted exists equal to
llostetters btomach IlltterJ tinn
these eomilalnts are chronic tndlires
tton and Insomnia Uldnei and rheu
matic aliment constipation and liver
irr iiilIe Aistietlre Is Irnnrovcd bv n
Hit the bin 1 fertilised Pud bodily
Ttirunuli ble r
The IntetuuUoiiul rouit in onnectlon
with thtf II and T C and Uock Islnn I
route Is runn ns a dally line of Pull
man ilecutrs between Kansas City
1 ort Worth and Kin Antonio Connec
tion l mie at flirrctt bv pixsenaera
to and from Dal ns forming tho best
i mtj between points In the llpubllc
1i4tslrr lt rtert lie rerenllr feTl hetr
to sn estnle ft ttonwn tert htm hy Mi Mltier
8 lpcept Trlpn founder of the Tripp e
itor la Vew AorV It It hilevM that the
reipon hllttles sUccheii to the p oper
ling of this money streets Mi mind
Deane Fort Worth only hlph clas
phitngripher will make you a ba piln
worth the mone Deanes cabinet pho
tos i uu
Xetr 1 urU tr UoutU
New York Jan 3 Dry goods While
there waa no life discernible tn any
d in el Ion there was some Improvo nent
In the trtlc and sales The lattAr
were not for large quantities but were
of u tTlc lent Importance collecthely to
be distlnctlie bvtwten dolnir somethlntr
and tie nothing that has prevallei
during the preious two weeks Mall
orders were lieltcr today than for some
time past both In rumbers and quan
tities called for Printed clotrs quiet
and unchanged or 3c for CI squares
lit Internutlonnt lloute 1 A tl X
Through sleepers dally between Kan
sas City Prt Worth and ban Antonio
Ma ltearno with which Immediate
connections are mide at Cnnls to and
rrom Dallas The quickest route to
Talor Austin tn auioqio Laredo
snd points In Mexico
Are often better Judges of cigars than
the man who smokes because pure tu
baceo Is pleasant to smell Our four
cent cigars am a Prince Puff at a
poor nmnii price
Ask for them In our store and you
will jrot them
A man can m enough In a year
rmoklnjr theso cigars to pay for a nice
suit of clothes for himself or a ery
lite Horn for wife or sister
ortT WORTH rilUtMAC to
srh uto o -rex u eAfArM M
------- 2ntt it r uccn pptss
Sli i win Elliott 109 I wrlod of the French reiolutlon An
atnrivst 11 Imp Monarch UJ Balk American named Colonel Pococl s
Ilne 11 Elberton IK shland HI i rives at Fanieport Accompanied by
t C nne and one sixteenth a sailor named DucVit Colonel
inlr handlcait Danlnao 100 Lillian cocke sets out to nnd Captain Faru
r iRollera entn 93 05 Nlklta chol an ex plrate and a local leader
and be fears that the chateau of the
family he has come to warn Is destroy
I Ducket refuses to co farther
than Tarocholt ffate but the American
Rains an miy in iiouiTiiaiti vui ne on
r j
drj z --
- - -
aron Jr ill isrK jerion ii ecapea x ngiisi prisoner no wnom u
Ima til TllrltJ a fVMllt 111 Jhltta
nivurn 1U Sauntmoro 114 Ilojal
Irlueo ll
riiom irnw dpcl
ritttmri Stlinot nre Orrtlolnc
Optra tlmifte 1 I rl
nnitH f Jan 3
explains bis miss on
Softly ujy diiir softly cried an ol 1
womans tuIco within I ftin couilm
There U no ucnl to LuocL so lend Tho
old niotlitr Is not deaf jtt blio lias gt t
Jttr ciri till tho Lord bo pruhtid for Lis
A sound cf bolts bclns actively with
I rawu puuciuitul her tluitter Dill tho
dtor opiaud mid OUplarcd a Kau lHle old
wtminu with bright ijcs and thin white
Imlr that BtrugBlnl from undtr htr cap
Who are youf she cried sharply a tho
light nsml ou the Aimrlcuu s portly
figure What d j you wont
I desire to tco CurUlu Farochol said
tho American
iic 1 4 nut here slieDBwcred tuaLlng
as If to shut ire Jw lu his face
Ilut to llm hero I mn credibly la
furn tl sild theAnirricin
H Unwayon Luslncs sho objected
You had bvst coiuo tomorrow Hew hi
Ullndwlnfi ho comes back Tery tired
and rough ns u lx
My busttes U prwlng saldthecolo
nel I must no Mm tonight Ho will
bo bad soon I surposo
Ob yes tho old woman answered
IIo will bo Unci snun But you camo for
111 I doubt Ifcero s few wlb klin well
tbo Lord bo pnilsidl
Icomoln thoQuiueof tho republic
said tho Amcrlcin
Ol0l exclaimed ihowoman bcr bliek
eyes glitterlug They wunt him at last
do tlicyf
Madam returned tho colonel with a
realty fluu ulr my bulucss U with Cap
tain tarochul
lie Is not here I my sho answered
returning wcUy to licr flri t position Ik
foro ibu luipoalng atltudoof tho Amerl
Then I will wait within till ho cornea
No nol sbo cried barring tho way
lo ono enters hi re
in tbo namo of tho republic ono and
lodUUlblc said tlio Amcrkmi ns with
a soliinnlty that was trruklntlble be sup
ped ucrobt thu threshold
Tho old woman ntruited fairly ovor
come but lieforo the Amir can was well
Into tbo room sho turned on him again
fixing hlui with her blncL cyua
Aint ye nfrold she snld suddenly
Jlndmi ho Answered as he ninoed
hla hat aud plssid his flnsers tbroujh n
7 come fn the name of the republic
mars of iron grny 1 air Hint wai now
Ilied tho Krnnnts of Iho rcpubllo do
not cin understand tho phrase
hho win qultir Abaluii ngiln and could
only say lu a crating tone
Wnit till lie comis route then Walt if
you will but ill nnt many whu wouM
not man not many
She went ohuckllug grimly to the door
to fcliut It but seeing Curtl fur tho first
time crlud nut
My ordorlr ofllrcr exphlncd thu
American Ho will wait to
With i our kind pormbtflun madnn
said Curtis bowing g rawly tu her aa bo
enteral 1 should bo much pilncdto
intruuo nnt I am cold aiui wit ns rou
be o nnd thu warm heart vuu weir upon
your sleeiowllt not denr mo lhlri ty
dldjousav Vos I am trlrsty too nnd
hoto is claret If I mistake not Andbf
tho best Ill wi gcr
Ho i oured hlmsulf ant a bumper from a
fliguu that stood nn thoUbtoaud tussod It
Yes of tho very bent And what nn
elegant apartment ou have
Iho American eyed hts now ally with
some anxiety as ho proeuodod lo parade tl o
room nud annotate with frco compltmunt
its contents Whllo n pasted from cm
ixtlut to another tbo old wuinau too stood
watching htm as cloioly wltb a look of be
Wlldcrvd euuolug
His tour of inspection occupied somo
time for It wai n large rtom Iialf klleh
eng half parlor which although tlio liouso
must cleat yhnio had oihcr rooms wos
mJdenlly thu chosen dwelling place of tl o
owner Ills exlitenco was written lirpo
tltmn Ihn HVktsllrlnln ni llMA fl
rection and tucii like anu in tiicui n
scoruof notes In hilling tailors writing
cried to hint as It were fur cugmnce
iilxiio all Iho greut folio labeled Iho Hat
India PlUt or Thu Orluntal Nailgatur
It opened vt llMlfnt n place nlnru was
dUptacd as within a brne flourish was
declared A ew Chart of the Gulf or
Uiyof Bengal with part of tbo lndlin
Oeoan 1c was worn thumb marked mid
serawkd with corrections In ill spilled
Fru nclt aud il down tho Indian coast
wire iimrkod at Irregular intervals little
red crudes
Them was no mistaking what they
incut Curtis wltb an linrtlculato ex
tttvfislun of dltcust closed tbo bucL aud
crossing tq thu Ilro threw litmsilf wearily
Into ou of the itlldeHl ariticlnlrrf that slued
tlieruaud full to bilug at thoeraeLllug
As ho eat thui In sllcuoi tho American
still imxlous Ugiu to rellitt tlmt his com
jonloiilad not addressed a word to him
sttico tliry tuliml mid doubting If Iio luul
cot inlitakcn his limn hid it mind tu re
pint M hasty treay with to futther head
ed an ally In an ether uujiicut It occur
red tu I lm at nul Iilng could Imio created
so well au liuprebslun tlmt they were old
acquaintances ns tbo rugllbhiuins off
hind belnvh r nud n pkurit foiling of
cuuIldiiKesuppIiintl hlsdiut is ns bo saw
It wai nluiobt 1mpvtibltf for them to ad
dress each nthtr without bo racing that
thtv wire striugcrs
lluturiud to erutlnlze tno man again
and Hwto I s surprise tliit ho 1 adfallei
f i t ateep 1 ho long Igllt ol his wandur
lng aud tlio wirintb ant1 tlio clint had
dune thels work The Ainvrlono could
fcLrutlnlza at lili leisure
It win n rau and plinsant book to
read ns thu Urcllghl flutteicd on thu fresh
aud well b ilnacod features It was a f iee
reduto aud coufldtntfor tltougli boyllko
till In fctuiuUr It boru the lines
thatcomo taonowhohisojnimaudod men
with success nn uncousIous mutcrful
face that woutd never knew as tho Amcr
lean stmngily said to hi n self how easily
women would loo It
Thus under tho luflucrco of Ms com
panions healthy person iJlty ho found
himself falling Into quite a j lensant train
of thoughts r ho dried Mm self b tliofln
and in Fplte of tho slleuet within and thu
riot uf the wind without It might well
bao continued but for tin old woman
fcho I ud rpnuuHd her work of setting
out supper In w lch tl cy had Interrupted
her ller increments w era quick dtroet
and unQigglng as she flllted from board
tu tubtu and r ittlul tlio crockery and her
wliulo motion wai markud with nn
i ral uc hity that wus unt i3 bo looked fur
In one so old It was llko n d mut of
death and In tho stlenco of the room thu
lutrd ticking elock seemed used tobtiat the
Where is your son ho asked sudden
1 tu In ik tbo spell shu was uttlng on
lilsiieres but It was In a ulcu that sur
prised lilm with Its hoarseness
Shu i aused u muiueiit lu her hurry to
and fro to look nt the Amerleau cunning
ly and then sho answered
At tho chat win where clsef I don t
deny It why should IF Ilu always snld
hu would luo business there sooner or
But what Is hU buetaojsf nskod tho
Ann rlcan will no likening of his uncasl
Utss fur the old wumau had finished with
a erv oll chuckle
Why the same ns vcry ones sho re
plied But tho milksops woutd ncter
Imn doro thli klcg about It If It Imdn t
lueu for lilm My by dou t tbiuk long
lie 11 tcich em
But what ts It Hut Is ovcry onus bail
She looked nt him suspiciously stopping
agilu In 1 er tinrcit
Vou know wtl I finougli sho said
Indeid I dont I hum only just land
ed from Brcfct
Brostl Aroyou huro It was Hirst It
might lmo bien Tpmy you Inuw
Dltios dont come innu Jtrnoy my
good woman nor navy officers either
Thats trim too Ymi nnt a Blue so
I will tell vou Not tlmt thuru s much
good In tnlklng with Chounns about
though liny arc scired enough nt my boy
Ho too tleur fur Vm and too ugly hut
ho f gimd It uut iionu too soon It was Just
alter wu heard thu English wero coming
Yesjyou know that as well as 2 du
Tha bloody Bugtlsl coming again to Join
thu Clio mm brigands ntid cut all our
throats and eat tho children the saiuo a
thoy did In tho dajs of tho old ancient
kings And that dovll uf un aristocrat up
ut tl o chatc iti wir w tug lu filo up laugu
port to Ka them In
Miy how eould ho do that
How should a lono woinnn know But
ho was going to sure enough My boy
found uut No more Tonloos says lm
and away ho poos lo tliothuttnu Ho II
teach cm 1 ul hu my boy will
It was but list year that lotilon and tho
fleet I tint lay tin re Imd been surrendered
lo Ird Hood and thu horrible leugwiucu
tlmt hiul been wruikcd upou tho w ret o hod
Inhabitants by tho republicans was still a
pruen memory l cu tLu Anierlinn luaril
tho old womans refcrtneo to it ho knew
the tery worst that hu fonrctl I al faapiva
cd His Imimlte was to fly to the count ess
nsfclitanco lTowasninanof lungnnnlmous
Impulses but there was n chill tu his sur
ruundlngs tlmt of itself wu enough to
check the Impulso ripening to n purpuu
A inuiiieuts euiisldurntloii comfortably
couylnoed him uf the futility of his Idea
It was clear f ram the crunus broken tale
uin inu icopio or rangeport hud been
and oicry where dust nnd dirt betrayal tho J lHl V 0e0 ihoa nSh 0l of fury
coDtluuwl prvsonca
of n sloven II ro nnd i win know tnotorroruf
thcro wcru a few I retriitious pieces of fur
niture In gilt and olvct llilngs common
enough to suo at tlmt time lu Irnnco
among uncouth surroundings They told
too plainly of tho spoils of sume chateau
aud like the rest wore worn and soiled
lu one corner was a hard ticking clock
florid with gilt aud biroquo decoration
und beneath It a battered fcuamaus chest
oontnsting grimly with tho hraiery of Its
fellow piece Hard by upon such another
uhest lay a few weather bentru follus of
ihaits an old log or two and a few other
ea stained volumes
iNur wera theso all that told of tho occu
pants career Upon tho walls wcto many
pictures all except ono or two senttuicn
Ul subjects connected with maritime wnr
firu A portrait of Iu Hurt- Trouln
prlaeo of privateers held thfTpiocQ of liou
or Fliuklug him were Juali Bart and
Paul Jones surported by n dozen other
freelances of tlio sea some thu heroes of
youtorday and some uf Huguooot tluivm
tlbld In ruff and conclet
Butltwa th bovt on the old chest
cot ret cuDiiilea had again and mrnln af
fcctid whulo districts The rumor of a de
sign df thu Chouaos to dulUer Fangepurt
lutu the hands of a British sjuadrun was
not a now thing to 11m Indued it was
part of his lustructlons tolnic ttlgate It
and though ho could no longer doubt that
it was nothing but a panlo It was uono tho
uiure pleasant to deal wltb
alio now thing to him was tbat Iho
Imaginary treason had been saddled on tho
count nnd that tbo man ho was waiting
for nod with whose personality ho was al
ready unpleasantly Impressed was prob
ably the ringleader of the outburst tftll
wltlmut bolngsuro of lib ground It would
bo madness tq meve oud so his ImpuUe
tndod lu a ruolutlon to get further Infor
Bo you uxpoct your son bovk soon hr
again Anked
I never expect Mm home Not who
ho has oncu gone out Theres too many
wish Mm lit tho Lord bo praised I
A strango pratsegh lng this of yours
blrangel Would jou havo your dog
tf iniiii dja Theraa iuath Hk
nmt X snow out uiotner is nu uozae lur
them There is neter one to wish ray son
well but rue May not X praise tbo Lord
for that lie li rough Is my boy t rough
aud uglr but a gwd ion to me a good
sou to me
lu tliet list wonts tier sharp accents
fljtteucd to n senile whlno thot told or
fulling wits But sho soon recovered her
unnntur d vigor of wlceand action und
being once started sho neuded no spurrluz
or her visitor to kep hur clmiur ni n trot
hllll dowhat lie would ho could get nuth
Ing from her but tho sinio crnty panegyric
ofhcrwm and a rambling rel itlou ol hu
pint enormities hv 1 lud and w i
rlhudlgut of htr rosolu his throat llko
choking and at I ut ratlior than endiiru
such cumijatij ho resell cdtu sink his man
whera he muf tfcnrid tu meet lilm In an
uher liioiucnt he would Imio awakened
the slcprcr had not treuld wumin una
sudden ceasnl tier glee nud bcr stirring
tu cry beneath her breath
Whats that Whlitl
At first tlu American could heir nothing
for thecricklluguf the ilru and the ticking
of the cluck ibua came thu confused
murmur of a crjwd In ctcttonout imd
thu woman said again lu lior shirp whis
What is It I dont understand
6he moTeil quickly from thu lire nnd In
a s teil thy silence cruucliud at tbo dour llko
a dog that w itches Tho sounds were clear
enotigh to heir nnd tlio Aimrlciu laid his
Laud ttoftly on thu iletpvrs shoulder
FtarLodrd bittiry stand brl cried
Curtl hoarsrly figlitlug hts action ng ilc
twlzt shvp and waking
TlioAmirlcau sliuuk htm runghtytltl bs
opened his eys Dinger said he
Tlio I uglUhmin spniLg up whloawake
In n moment listening to tbu trios in the
Iho American took out his pistol ox
ainltiul tho priming and put It ImcL
Ihu other drew hi but wltholt loot
ing nt thu priming bluw It ana and put
Iho American marked his euro with
satlsfictluu nnd priRititly followed his
ex imple with the bust U cu lie uuuld
1 he clamor h id gruwu andt ikeil chape
Who cries for lirochoI thu old wom
an whUpcrud ugatu hoiiwly as she
ironcluM nt iho Hour They cry for my
boy W lint Is It
lhogltuiii of to rhes made Itself felt
and there was no dcnvlng tlmt ft boNtcr
uus crowd was closing rouud tlio house
andcrylnc Yeuvolurocholland clmnt
lug uproarljiuly
They rry for mo too whimpered
Mine h nrochol W hit dotw It moan I
am afraid
Sliu slunk awny to tho corner farthest
from tho door and high nboio tho tumult
came wumru s scrtams of Ylro Miuo
Inrochol 1 and roars uf drunken liughti r
The old womans tirrur w i no Inspirit
ing thing to MO and tha American seized
tho moment to recover his position Uo
I ut on bis lint and then buttoning his
dull rojud him said lo bis companion
It li our rum Cornel
Ho st odo resolutely to tho door threw
It open J ml sttpped out tho sailor nt his
hit Is It wai no wondir ho stoppod dead
at tho sight that met bis eves
All round tho yard wore ranged a throng
of the lowest sort raging with laughter
nnd ribald cries Many cirrh d torches
that flarvd upou tho faces aud one or two
So it trns Hint the American taw htt old
Jtutnc aQttiit
wcro dancing with drunken privity An
array uf wanton glrln dased fantastical
ly lu stolin fluii was adianclng with
tvcrtamsof song and unstuid stips At
their laad walktil un 111 looking Mlow
slu e lolil aud laud In Hand with hi hi
arm id In the mockery of n bride mitt Ire
thu swett 1 idy wos botug led dized and
pntoat death
So it wns that tho American saw bis old
Caiuo ojdlu
cnAPTrn iv
It was thochlldnn who first hnd gtven
thoalirmfur up to the Urn thc cholbecn
a strnngo security at tho chate m Count
Allium had U eng weak nud complaining
cun btyond Ids wunt nil day and toward
eenlng Lucllo had ptrsuadcil him tu let
htr fui port bi nmclcsi sups down tie
long alley lb it led through Iho I eech wood
tu the girdm house It was a little round
temple Innn Irrcluiont Rreok stylo nnd
must haiu txnn didlcatcd to tho prospect
ltcommandid of the lnhu d stnddwl Iny
with thu llitlu towu drnwn back tightly
into tho awe ping lino of the const
Hire wns still their favorite haunt
Pur sin to they wero children old enough
to bo otuno It had I ecu tliclr chief delight
It was for them llko a quiet turning out
of tho common hlgliwny whore they uonld
draw asldo to dream and let rcalltv go
tramping by It was tho capital uf their
own unbounded world or rulhcr It
should bo said of tho two world ihU
wire tin Ira For strangely nllko ns they
wire In form oud features being brother
nndsUtirlwyoud all denying their fan
chs were different and plaid apart
Iho world ho mado for lilm was ono
bred In tho salt spray and fed with stories
that wero tlio common food of nil French
boys nnd nboio all if thoy lived lu tho
sound of tho sen It was of thu desert Is
land type win ru tho garden houso plaud
many parts Urst ns thu hut uf ncntn
ftiiy merging afterward Into n stroughud
of buccamirs but In spite of constant de
ulopmunts it was alwars eo ucthlng f it
a way In a lusty ntmosnluro of wind nnd
spray Lately ns I Is foot trod tho thresh
old of minhontl iho pinto dynasty Imd
Hissed nwoy nnd his had begin lo botrny
thu presence of colonists who with mat
tocks In their hands nnd lloussmu In tlulr
bonds had lhl from an iffete world nnd
wcru strlx lng wllh pitlunt enthusiasm to
return to n ttnto of nuturo
Tllftm oi tho ut In r hand which
Lucile s fonclos Imd creutiilforl erdnams
would bo bettir pt icnl amangtboold kind
of rlrjhtDiU For hor too their tumplu
had betn many things In turn an eng
chanted castle of thu filry purlod nnd
ngalu a tower or Paynlmry which luiladlns
busleged with grandiloquent defiances and
an occasional nssault iiidsomutliuus a
liavltlon whcrosh6 sat nloft and in the
lists below behold su serenely as a rwur
rent desire to share the fun would allow n
beardless yuuth spinning from their sad
dles truculent old warriors uf atrocious an
tecedents and all for I tr sake
But latterly Its tendency was to become
ntrystlng plico aud In her day druims
very gallant gantleincn irreproachably
mounted cmuo riding to bur bet wecntho
- ifwfca a
A iviean
Would have no eieutl
loor coffee if lhH
Breakfast brand Stej
IrilUUIl but o
thuttalkiil and shu that
wun uiiiTrii HHU lO be I
siuis uwiuuie laggur j
i no i hit mm was th to
praising fur the bundretlthn
tlfu and talkitl nf raiifr
wiMwariiwIlh ru mlnfti fl
bird uf pixctigu Isttuing ItikSa
umu in uigiiiiug Hum J1
out blitirly 1 mn nil
cuwtml nod can ncuriTj
always lutiiiit thu luru tUU
Ajiniin Ayineurvrt
ijiiviiiis i u Mrmnitffc
of uswiru enr cuwankki
wmk yuu wtll grow out IZ
only 17rt ou will grvw tl
UO hinillg 1IIH 1110 tlrMfl
I shall iicr thangaJlXiJ
uiiv iJi un jjv UslCk I
lunging when 1 luok out
swipt uir thuui rcsasto3
wniihir tlmt iium ttuii Mr i
Iiulli tikiih In pi tuikrAgCti
nt iho wind ttmikul UiyiaiJlH
litirir and llun UwasiHiJ0
li r t lm saw It Mhjuiilngm11
II I town uiKn thu wlmlir
rliuMsuf lurrlug llrettY
llit i mill curient W
but put hur iiriu thniugb j yl
nifiig uiuuiiLy liny im U
imn i t nMiijULi u uinn jl
IOU i ut iif life In thu ilikktiiA
whut slhatr liucrluLtb
xtri f4bn
t Jnl a roo deer I supptMij
hi nilng him nlirugtimanliWJ
II v w ft ilecp satlsf uilont1
oph rtufiml his hwswcnitl
lng thriUrHlvoi felt intbliubl
dilution As n rulo tha hZ3
troops had done notblogtstorll
weapon Into thu 1 ands of ttu jne
Jacuhlrs and so waOo njwct
But this ho pnsficd byuanor
rhouoinenou flfijf
Still tho morohoponrfereilc
Atlon and thomoro nicely UN
the factors tho less was U UJ 3
tho meaning of tbo rlotftaifi1
That n innu of hU oplnlca
thought eapablo of ecrrcriikrirot
lort a ort of his own jtmarin
hisnncesto H hid collected iPjfi
turies to tho HiiBllsh UtsevO
mlcsof lils nnctcot tine rjeiffS1
thouglts InexpllcabIeultiSR
there was no ilcnylngilutiatH
less of Pongeport Vfithanis
duty soIdlcM laconjpanrtTlf
In tho basFC cnur 41
Iho count dressed craTsljKrA
understand nstNe
As for tho countess sW
Smiting through lifiiinru
never really understood sflftine
th it sho wus pretty and lit uit
IoilhI her and ihntshehsjctob
To admit bcr stupidity trails
Sho could comfort herself KfliSSJ
Eton cf a roguish humor sUJNm
Irish birthright and upfWft
wlidom IndltTorently well it
ing she prayed God to kpDvJ
nud rose from hcrLDccitea
Imago lu iho plies befort luiit4
IU Ultl IUV wuiuai u nMHKMAi
Her husbind understood ftriiAM
iimiwns euuugll lor Barj
child fresh from tho conrrst
trothed to him h hoo Ltt HV
rising reputation sis iitotteWfiv
pher and shu cnibirtlMldd
holiday She ncidNWf 7lHw
aurlhlng again wawwiisufg
IUM11I 1U tllU UllirVWa - a1
tell but rhen iniitosmtfjSJ
thoduurrho begnn iotaTUt j
bo right aud sbo ta3 talV3i
uou sVfcsSS
s i -
taa Eaty van stcV to 64t w i 9
Tha iio wa a Chill sJBMWi q
ntca sh Uxamo JO t Jji
firtiTTlnfcsf J ptw
y -
uvibu ii4 j
-- 1
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I am olTering at cost-
stock oJjjxsa
Guns Piso s AmmtmK
Sporting Goods isS
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nirilrlml uoimU IV
in its nre urrli
islniorillliiirr lJ0CS
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