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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, January 10, 1896, Image 5

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niinlll IV
nrUct O pencil at 10 to 1
I a BKV1
A Atltnnce lint Closit ttns
Muck Luvrcr
il to remond to the more peace-
Antr fn- T7nrrtfnn nolltlCal ftf
Another bearish factor wi thfl
Su it oAif within 21009
of tt year In the afternoon the
nt rrlvnl cables pre-
mt nag tun -
Jted thai without help in tno way 01
ajtllahinewa from this aide lh -
ol Improvement could not be
t K
tml IJMflV
Liverpool Cotton
i Tnn ft nntl nn Snot COOll
prices higher American tnld
r mimmiKi
crlcnn middling 4 0 32 low
4 1 2 good o raj nary i a o
4 3 1G The rales of the day
0 bales of which 1030 uaies
mutilation ami export and
inyoii American receiB -
Jlng G00 American
nnened ilpm prd developed
strength but fell away near
on New York advices leaving
hut slightly at the advance
i middling 1 m c January
inirv Februnrv 4 2C FMiruin
4 25t2C 4 T6
Bt Mas Tune 4 7IH1S
utianeJtuv 4 23 JulV AUffUt 4 li AU-
niuit Sttemb r
rtSf cn
likHMrMVork Jan 9 Cotton easier
jTudlimr 8 1 4 Tteeept net none
fietVlS exports to continent 252S
Tttwarrted 1 satett C38 all npinners
Totalktnday Net reeepts 12413 ex
TwarlMftfOreflt RHtMn 4520 continent
injWiM 1 OG22IS
tWCWldateJ Net receipt 1132G7
IfrtMttfitn Great Britain tf3S3 to
urnfimK4M Lonllnent 27 25
TTryU since Pentenilir 1 Net receipt
tl3lto34 export to Grent Brltoln 1
aSSraTrancc 303252 continent 015-
i llivfcff Orlrnnti Future
iNeVjf Orleans Jan 9 Cotton fn
TjresQrtet and steady sales i7 0fW
Smiary7 MT7 R8 rehmarv7 8lfT7 fi
ireM7W37t8 Anrll 7 U May 7 91
Julv 8 01Q8 A1 Ane
iUnit4T977 T September 7703772
atober 7 5S7CO
tOalveton Jan PPpot potton Is
ily Hriii iinchangoi middnnv7 7 c
aleartOO receipts
vKLmnl T first fn irj
2CS9 exports 1
ltrif frT Orlrnmt Co I ton
meiJJcrr Orlenn Jnn 9 Cotton tulet
sitflddllnr 7 13 16 low mddtmg 7 9 lR
fowKKjorllnarv 7 14 Receipts 2737
300 stock 401830
MfStLows Jan 9 otton Qui t Vn
WusHddHnT 77 R RAeMpta 4022
jjpipments 249S stock 713C8
wl l Slurtm nnd Ilonl
sXBWiTork Jnn 9 Dond list
- XSfourn new reg
SCfoura new coup
PS ts 5x9 reg
iiPflvpp couo
WIir Sr fours coup
Jfcrttt ViVos rpf
toMnnd A
niVc flnils or 93
Dtsnyi n O Fmena
i tours
n1 S A fllxe i
pl H A sevens
id T C Plxc
nniiinti i enna rnjl
iMRjiil fi r gen r
jTAVBpclfi rconds
Iirftn ot hi
tSo fours
stocks vveit
u nrine
and Alton
il Q
il p rincate9
V nnd tv
n n m
ft v Com pa n y
Tex pfd
nrthwetern pfd
SriofOrrp Western
ni nra
pd T
Si ann l
L and P pfd
a Express M
n c
tl3 12
11 1 2
10S 1 2
71 1 3
21 1 4
ft 1 5
vei n
Ixes I
FT 1 3
T 1 4
ft 1-
m i
U 1 4
71 1 2
It 5
VM 1 1
1 1 2
IS 1 3
R1 3 4
2 3 4
PT 1 4
2 M
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n i 4
Ill -x
24 34
7 3 1
1 3 4
SI t 4
11 1 1
11 2
On Wall Street
fork Jan 9 Todays sfofk
lis hert described as a waiting
i volume or business underwent
idcrsbte shrinkage and there
marked absence of the recent
Irfei dii not mtno
levldenrlng the fact that stocks
bins dealt In subject to medal
btances affecting them rather
any general dominating in-
such as the treasury situation
the day rumora nere current
gefuure was being brought to
Kon the preildent and
ile to nave the interval ox
subscriptions named In the
kl abridged The first batch of
application forms for
l the pew oonas was received at
yoik sub treasury and wan
exhBitid Itenuests for nn
pat supply jof blanks were for-
i to Avasnington i or odviohs
ctnmte information rcsarouig
the extent of the tubtcrlptlon li not
obtainable Almost without exception
however the street believes the in
ability on the part of the public to
cwjure rold to pay for ny considerable
portion of tli9 100000000 issue of bonds
will compel the treasury official to
aall themxclvei of the syndicates as
tlstance It Is also held that this as
clatance will be promptly forthcomlnc
If require d Qold as a commodity is
still dealt In at a premium of about
1 2 of 1 per cent Bhare prices showed
material cntns in many Instances par
ticularly In EuyarTobacco the Vander
bllts Coalers General Electric lubber
and Lead The movement was some
what Irregular- Manhattan and Leatn
cr preferred were sharply depressed
The tint named was unfavorably af
fected by rumors of Impending in
creased taxation and the last by un-
OUC Jan J iUO cotton raw connrmea reports 01 me company eng
dnVfartnir to Hinir 1 iimmdia Iabii
openlnj 10 to 12 points hicner and perii8tenl rumora that the
pool advices and an increased dend to be declared early next week
from Enzllah spinners turnea win uo paesea aiunnauan at nrsi
fader - - hammerlnB uy proven lO S 1 3C ItUl BO id ore to U0 3 8C
vlBorous wm a subgWUnt raUy 6o S7Ci Th
an coniinjceiu iuit ciosinc was auu ana irrefiuur put at
the market from the general net Gains which m some in-
ctt YorU rntnrca
Jnn 9 Cotton futurps
1G160 bile
tlFebniirv 72 Mnrrh 7 47 ArrH
a vrw 8 Ao June 110 - 81G
uOTf May August
Vptember 793 Octob rJSO
The bond market dlsplaed IrrcKU
larlty durlng the after part of the day
on a decreased volume of business In
the late trading however prices Gen
erally moved upward and under thq
leadership of the Northern IaclHo Is
The Ioitn Cnltle
New York Jan fl Evening Tests
London tin a tibial mbleeiuu
Prices recovered sharply on the stock
market this morning on a bear stam
pede There were no buylnt ordtrs or
other support for the market however
and prices relapsed and the close was
nearly nt the lowest Thero was no
business in Americans but a much
better ton
Argentines and other South American
stocks were strong There were sharp
rallies In mines uermany li known to
be buying them and there Is an enor
mous better account open In thn
The coin and bullion In the Bank of
England has Increased 570000 pounds
hum week althougn 133UU0 pounds in
Bold net were exported for the week
Bold having come back from the prov
inces after the turn of the year The
decrease of 7000000 In other securities
represents payments at the end of the
evr York rinmirtiil
New York Jan 9 The total a1es of
stocks today were its 987 shares In
cluding American Sugar 1GS00 Head
ing 13000 Leather Preferred S3C00
St Iaut 23000 I
Money on call easy at EiJJ7 per cent
last loan C closed S per cent- Prim-
meriantlle paper CI9 per cent Ster
ling exchange dull and lower with act- i
ual buslnen In hankers bills at 1183 I
-401481 for demand and 187 MO
4S7 1 2 for sixty rtavs Ioted rales
4ttjlS9 and 1483 SO 1 2
Commercial bills 4 Sfi 3 4
Silver certtileates C74JG7 l 2c
Government bonds firm States firm
Unllrood bonds firm
Hir silver CG 2 Sc Mexican dollars
12 3 4o
dealings 109C15OCS balances 5-
Imiilon rinnuHnl
London Jan 9 Consols for money
nnd the account 103 5 S Bar silver
to 6 Sd per ounce Money 1 2 per cent
ltato of discount In the open market
for rhort and three months bills 1 1 4
Januarv per cent
tL t
Vat - - -
cr Orlcmift
New Orleans Jan fl Hog products
Strong and higher potk J 1 4C Lard
refined tierce 4 5 S 51 3 4c
Coxed meats Dry salt shoulders
4 6 Sc sides 4 6 Sc bacon sides 6 1 Jc
Hams Choice sugar cured 8 l 2p
8 7 Sc
Corf ee Dull Hlo ordinary to fair
17H18 l 2o
riour Easier exlm fancy J34S3
3FI patents s70ffl375
Cnrnmeal Dull 143
3ran Quiet 60c
Hay Ilrmj prime 16 OOQlSOQ choice
120 00020 no
Corn Quiet No 2 sacked white 32c
mixed 32 l 2c seltow 31c
Oits Dull No 2 sacked 24024 l 2e
Sugar Steady open kettle 2 3 4fl
3 l 4c centrifugal granulated 4 7 sc
xvhltea 4 6 10 yellows 3 3 404 1 Sc
seconds 2 3 SfP1 l 2c
Molasses Quiet open kettle 20J30c
centrifugal 16e
Itlcr Uiich recelnts 81D9 better de
rriand Stoca225 Clean In good de
mand sales 3176 ordinary to good
2 1 84C
Bt Imili
Et Louis Jan y Flour That for
eigners are anxious for eupplles Is toted
by the fact that cablo bid are com
ing higher and Eales are made to Ln
nllsh markets to a considerable ex
tent nxtra fancy 3153 23 fancy
52 75013 83 choice 3 50s3 CO
Wheat ruturca eased orf 3 8e lower
Spot flat No 2 cash CS1 22 no 2
1 ard 63 l 2e January 56c Mo 6S l c
Coin Firm nnd closing steady to 1 So
hleher for January
Spot quet but strcng Nn 2 mixed
cah Ij3 Sc January 23G S May
2G l 8c
Oats Tame hut firm nt the close
Spot strong and hlRher with a good
shipping deinanj Pish lGc January
171 2C bid May 19 7 Sc
Kyc Quiet 33c bid
Uailey nnd timothy seed steady
Bran Sacked cast track not sale
able above 43e
1 lix seed Quiet Stic
Hay Strong for cbnlce grtdos high
er scarce Prairie SO COi OQ timothy
HH0 this sde
Butter Quiet unchanged
nga rirm 1G l 2c
Whisky 1 22
Cotton ties and bagging unchang
Pork Higher Standard mes Job
bing new f9759 871 2 old 023
Lard Finn Prime Meam JS 30
choice 13321 2
Bacon Boxed shoulders 5 371 5
Inn 550 ribs 5 521 3 shorts 375
Dry salt mats Boxed shoulders
4 50 longs 475 rlba 1871 2 shorts
3 00
ItecelDts rinur 4M1 wheat 28O0O
Com 42000 0tt 25000
Shipment -Flour tflO wheat 15
000 corn 4GC03 oats GOOO
Knnani City
Kontao City Jan 9 Whet Practi
cally unchanged No 2 hard 63 No
1 red nominally C3 No 2 spring 63
No 3 aprlng St 3 4 rejected nominally
Corn Active No 2 mlxcJ 23 1 2
No 2 white 21 12
Oats Weuker No 2 mixed nomln
allv 17 No 5 white IS 1 2713 3 4
live Dull No 2 nominally TO
Hay ywk Timothy 1031250
prlrle 007
Butter Creamery steady 13021
dairy tlrm 18C14
HiTgs Weak 17 1 2
Recelnts A heat 10S01 corn 45903
oats 7000
Shipments None
Ilre rpool
Liverpool Jan 9 Wheat Spot
quiet demand moderate No red
winter 6 4 1 24 No 3 red spring
stock exhausted No 1 hard Manito
ba 6s 41 2d No 1 California ti Cd
Futures steady to l 2d lower Janua
ry 6s 4d February 5s 4d March f
512d April 5s 3 3 4di May C 4d
June Cs 61 2d
Corn Soot quiet American mixed
new Ss 3d futures steady to 1 4 lower
Janmry and rabruiry Ss 5 4d March
rs 3d April 2s 31 4d May 3s 31 2di
Juws 3s 3 3 4d
Flour Firm drmnd poor Ct
Louis fancy winter 7s SJ
siiortT srrrLY op cattld h run
Adrnnce of 10 Cents 9Inde lines
Sold At An Increase of 0 to
10 Cents
Chicago ill Jan 9 Cattle Todavs
receipts being much smaller than ex
pected prices had a rlje of about 10a
on desirable kinds The general de
wand continued brisk Common to
choice fat cattle were In demand at
3250470 exporters were buying
heavy cattle at 43047Q there wen
not enoudh butchers and canners cat
tle to satisfy the demands cows and
heifers 200373 and some choice
feeding steers brought 38C The few
Texas cattle offered were easily dis
posed of and prices continued to show
an upward tendency
Hogs There wer not enough com
ing lorunrd to satisfy the piesent lib
eral danand und prices continue on
the upward grade todays transactions
showing a futther rlsu of 3 to 10c Com
mon to pi I me droves found bujeis tit
150393 the bulk selling at UhQZi
3 JO After meet of the hogs were sold
prices weakened
Sheep The market holda tip surpris
ingly well In spite of the liberal sup
plies and prices are IQSfjc higucr ti n
lait week Hales were moxtly at 3001
3 70 fur medium to choice luhvis
Westerns fetching 3404375 Lambs
worn active at i 8054 26 few selling
below 400
Heeelpw Cuttle 8000 hogs 37000
sheep 17000
ft Loiili Ilicitock
t Louis Jan u Cattle Receipts
25m j shipments 800 Market steady to
Biruiitf Nutlve export ateers ItSOnii
47o ialr to choice snipping 11G3U S5
coarse heavy steers J40if3C3 dressed
beer grades j30Jif4i5 bulk or sales
12543 h5 steers under 1000 pound
260d3DO bulk sales 276323
tec leers and feeders 2 097360 bulk
of alcd J25W3i cows and heifers
r W53 40 bulk sales 225300
canning cows 12537223 calves 100
911 W bulk chiefly J200G2E0 Texas
steerfc grassera 2609300 fed tiMtp
2 ttu cows 175U275 bulk of sales
2 00i260
Hogs Receipts 1S0O shipments 600
market strong heavy 3W3S0
mixed 360375 light S3fiO3Su
bulk or sales 3G3f3u
Sheep Becelpts CIW shipments none
Market steady and strong Native
muttons 27513 60 common J160CJ
225 Inrnhs 303CL60 Southern sheep
22503 50
lvnimos Cltr Ilvcaeloctr
TCanEas City Jin 9 Cattlo Be
celpts 4000 ships ents 2700 mlrket
strong to 10c bight r Texi steers 25
3 45 Texas cows 9J2 75 beef steer
115330 natlvw cows 173173 40
Blockers and fcedsrs 250105 bulls
2 003 3 00
Hogs Receipts 11 600 shipments
lCW market strong 10c higher bulk of
sates at 11547360 125 U 3 70
packers 1GOf370 mixed 3 453 CO
llrM 135 orkers 33oCP35J pig
3 003 43
Slicep Ittcelpts 1300 shpTnnt
200 mnrket strong lambs 34034 CO
muttons 2 603 S5
firoeerle ntnl Irnrlalona
Hims Medium plain and anvavaed
9 3 4 e
Breakfail bacon Plain and canvass
ed 9 i 2c
Bacon bellies smoled 7 l2c
Dry salt ride 5 l 2c
Short clear I icrn 6o
Dry salt ball C 3 4c
Compound la d tierce 6 l 2c
Inrd In car i advance over tierce
Leaf lard tl c 0 l 4c
CP pnund cant 1 te 10 pound can
3 4c 6 pound i ans 7 Sc Spound cans
lc per pound
Sugar Standard line gnnulated In
of 1P0 minds pach pi In np
6 3 Rc cut Itaf or powdered B34c
choice J ellow clirined 6c prime
jel ow clarlflei 4 7 Sc
Coffee Bona pd l pound package
MoknHkn 21 Arbukl1 21 l 2c
Lion 21 l 2c 3XXX 21 1 te Cordova
20 l 2c Hirly Irtakfast 2Cc
Fancy Bio 12 l 2c
Puffec Oree fancy Java 2Sc
Fancy peabi 23
Prlme Bio itic
Fair Bio Itc
Common Bio le
Beans iady Washington 2 3 45
Lime 4e
Pink 2 3 4 c
Bajous 2 3 e
lilack ee peas 3 l 2i
Con ttry Irodnre
Produco am fruit Apples Taney
northern per bbl 3 250100 Mexican
orange 3 51 California navels 3 631
4 tfO Callforr a seedllngr 3O0IT3 25
choice lemons 3 GJ l50jt grape
Malaga kegs G 6037 00 onons 2e per
li cranberries per bbl 10 cocoants
per bag of 103 3 Qreelsy potatoes COc
Flour Jobbi re prices Fancy pa
tent 200 half patent 190 family
175 foielgn nllts high patent J 10
fane j patent00 stralghta 182
Grain bags Bale lots New 6 buahel
8 ounce 6 3 4 new 2 12 bushel 8
ounce corn Ac centrals bale lots
4c La Plataa 4c second hand oat
sacks 6c
Wheat No I 72 No 3 C9c
Corn Shelled mixed bulk job lots
30c ear corn from wagons 2025c
sacked corn cr lots f o b country
points 23 I car 2oc
Oats Texas tust proof in bulk from
wagon IGfpnc car lots tacked f o b
country points 17 1 231S l 2c
Hay Job lots 7503800 according
to quality
Bran Job loM COc car lots 62 l 2c f
o b
Meal 40 pounds 40s car lot 40c
chicken Teed vrhcat Job lots 6Sc per
bushel feed meal 62c car lots vuo
Sweet potato Per bushel 4050c
Turnips Per bushel M7G5c
Pecans Per pound 2Jf5c
Iop corn In ear per huhel Ct
Poultry Fat iprlng chickens 2250
2 C5 per doz medium sited young chick
ens 2 henr 1 15 poor demand
Turkeys Herf Gc gobblers 6 l 2c
Ducks In full feather 300 per doz
Oceae In full feather 475 per doz
Butter Ntee tfioiiW country Jersey
20c plain counry 12tfl6c creamery
Butterln Sol d 30 pound tubs Ho
iggs 11 l 2c
Hides Dry flit t 6ttSc dry flint dam
pged hides 305t green salt hides Jt
4 green butchtr hldea 3c dry salt
IMme tallow -3 l4tfJ l 2c dry
bleached bones 45 per ton
Local Mxeitocb
Reported by tie Standard Commis
sion company i nion siock yaras
Iat steers 32HS3O0 feeders 2 500
275 in good denand stockers t2Q0Jf
2 25 tor Jiwrti75 bulls i50iU3
good fat cows 2 109225 medium cows
Jl0ririX htlfert 117693 00 calves
Fat hogs Ilea rles 33503 45 good
demand fat inat hogs 2750300 light
ji tL
hogs WWU30Q food demand wagon
hogs 330SI2P In gotfl demand
taeklnar Uo Products
Standard dry salt short clear M 23
standard short clear bacon 5 75 hams
medium 9 25 hams small 350 break
fast bacon 9 00 dry salt bellies S6S5
bacon 1675 dry salt shoulders ISlwj
California hams ISOO pure leaf lard
Loenl Cotton llnrkeC
The pasting away of ihe holidays
brougntlltUccharge In the loal cotton
market receipts continue about the
same with quotaLons nominally as
Low middling C3 4
strict liw middling 6 7 Ss
Middling 7c
Strict middling 7 1 Sc
Good middling 7 l 4c
New YorU
New5 York Jan 9 Wheat Kx ports
62700 No 2 red 6S No 1 hard 7J 1 8
Options opened easy under lower cables i
advanced on declining consols and fur-
elgn bujlng sold off at noon under
liquidation and absence of clearances 1
rauca on less ravaranie folltlcal news
from abroad anJ steadter late cables
nnd closed unchanged to l 4c higher
No 2 red January C7 1 2 Mav C7 1 2
Hides Dull
Leather Steady
Wool Quiet
Cotton seed oil Dull
Coffic Options opcnel steady nt 6
points advance ruled quiet and feat
ureless until after neon when a sharp
advance occurred on toral demand
closed steady nt 1020 points net ad
v ance tales 10600 hrgs Including
January 13 03 March 12 90013 CO
Spot Coffee Bio No 7 II mild
quletj Cordova 17W13
Sugar Raw steady Boflncd quiet
Clitms o
Chlcngo Jan 9 Wheat acted strong
for half an hour after the opening be
cause of an underlying fear that no
thing in the way of a uddn lumn
v DotMble In the present statt of
Furopean politics The war newt in
thp morning papers and lower ion
sola had a strengthening effect early
and there was covering by local shorts
and some of the outside buying orders
with limited offerings Durlnc the llrst
half hour May sold up l2c higher than
It closed nsterday But later cables
reported wheat lower In Liverpool the
I n wpre onlv moUerato and
the Nornrwerrern deliveries were Itu
I oral The late cables showed that con
sols had recovered all the decline but
yet there was more or leas sensational
war new in clrcuatlon
J Corn ruled quiet and easier trade
was less active and narrower there
was good realizing nnd not so much
I covering by shorts The market held
firm and steady during the last hour
Oats slow and most of the time a
shade easier May closed easy at
19 6 8 C
Provisions were active and strong
Trading was heavy at times with lard
parrels After a moderate setback
from the effect of realizing sale the
orders to buy again overtopped the
selling orders nnd the market ruled
strong thereafter till the end
Estimates for tomorrow Wheat 104
cars corn 125 oats 131 Hog 31000
The Intcrnnllniinl lloilte I A O A
II and T C train leaving Tort Worth
61 J p m makes Immediate connection
at Hearno with I and O N train for
Tavlor Austin San Antonio Laredo
and points In Mexico Through sleep
ers between Kansas City Fort Worth
and Sin Antonio via Beams
rati jju tAsn
One Insertion 0
One week 3
One month 103
Co jut six words to the lino
List In the oftlce ending Jan 7
W t 1 M 8
J C Wuikaa 3 Mrs J F 1
It L 1 H L 1
M M S A 2
wants to correspond with oung
lady with unblemished character undr
17 with view to matrimony wealth
not required Fcllxcaro Qaxette
for a B3mple copy of The Southland
Queen 1U0 per jear Ihe only bee
paper In the south monthly edited
by the Atchley faintly fresh ptactl
cal and plain A steam bee hive rec
tory and all needed supplks for the
apiary cheap Send for free cataonue
that tells all about queen rearing Ad
dress The Jennie Atchley Co Bee
vllle Bee county Tex
R V M Transportation sent to
FOR SALE Situated within three
mlea of the court house anJ wltlhln
1 2 mile of the corporate limits of Foil
Worth we have a small farm of 100
a res fairly well Improved and nearly
alt In a high state of cultivation The
land Is exceedingly productive being
partly a deep red sandy loam and
partly a deep black loam soli There
Is a good artesian well on the premises
and permanent water In a stream cross
ing near one corner It is especially
adapted to garden and fruit purposes
nnd Is also excellent corn and cotton
land Wa can sell the whole or sub
divide and sell a part and are prepared
to give a bargain Write us for par
ticulars Winter Davis Co real
estate and general commission agents
Fort Worth Texas
YOUND LADIES The Texas Tribune
will give on April 18 nbrolutely free
to the young lady who secures the most
subscriptions to the Tribune at II per
vear a beautirul 50u upright piano
Mr M C Hurley president Livestock
National bank Fort Worth will count
the lists and award the prlae Fort
Worth address E E Loekwood bus
iness manager Tribune for full par
ticulars Start In at once Thero will
be only a few contestants
Hamilton and staff 709 1 2 Main
street Tort Worth for stom
ach bowel Ilvfrr kidney nerv
ous heart skin and blood diseases
spsctal attention given to all female
d seares private diseases of both sexes
Terms 5 to US per month we furnish
medicines Gonorrhea cured 6 to 12
days syphilis 30 to 90 days tapeworm
taken alive We guarantee Jreatmcnt
HOW to become lawiul physicians
eourse by mall HI Health University
RUBBER goods for bygtnlo and pri
vate n ictn Rubber Co Kansas
nt v
TEETH TEETHU Cheapest and best
In town J W Blake D D 8 Third
corner Main
LOSTOiie large Hungarian opal set
In a pin with guard pin Return to J
C Terrell Terrell ay mm icelve
POil SALlJ bit LKUsu itMViuVres
of land In Hockley county Texas For
terms apply to the County judge of
Maverick county at lUgle Tats Tex
1OU BALC Only stock of drugs In
small railroad town Invoice 470 Less
L Hudson trustee K of P building
Kort Worth Tex
FOR SALE A flrstclas stock of groc
eries fresh goods situated In best lo
cation of city a bargain for the rlsrht
party will sell for cash or short time
paper Addrusi P Qx tox 247 Fort
TYFRWIUTKRS Elght typewriters
standard makes some nearly new for
sale at low prices Alro a stenograph
at a bargain Typewriters rented and
repaired Tjpewrller Exchange 114 W
Sixth street
FOR SALB An exceptionally fine lit
ter of St Bernard puppies beautifully
marked and from acclimated regis
tered itock Thomas Stewart 716 Mu
con stret
FOR SALE I have 3 large lots 237x
385 feet all corner lots near street rnr
line In good location that muav bt sold
in the next 15 day Apply to W L
LIgon A Co 610 Main street
FOR PALE I have 3 beautiful lots
over eng the hill adtnlnlng Tom Days
home that I will build 3 nice house on
for any one on easy terms and let then
select the plana the Iota are 80x300
feet back to 32 foot atreet Apply to W
L Llgon Co 610 Main street
Poll SALtt On hundrel nnd fifty Miker
bnrreli at our hoaVe liquor liouae IPS
Main alrett II Drann Co
FOR SAL On January the 1st many
pe Rfns will be thrown out ef eipoy
ment Why derend on a Jib We ron
sell you from ten to twenty acres or
more In on mile of the city cheap anJ
on long tlm
Yi u etn air ays mnk a living
on tM lanl nnd be Independent Flro
fnr orchard or gardens and Just like
living In town No Double to answer
quptlnns nr iow land
Blocks of lC0aerea enrh of fine lev
pnpt oak sindy land In eleven mile
of th city at 700 per ocre Blocks of
he very bort or Wnrk vvaxxv log wal
low land In eight miles of the city at
20 per ncre
One tract of fine black prairie land
of 170 acres at
One of 170 acres at 19
Can give yon terms nn these lands tb
suit auvbody
200 acres very best of bark waxy
soli nine miles from city and one mil
from depot with three rnllrovls 1M
acres In cultivation flood house nnd
turn Plenty of wa ter Prion 6Q00
500 coph remainder Jut ns linj as
ou want It nt 8 per cent Interest
A fine pasture of 920 acres In ten
miles of city nt 5 per nprp Terms
Fourth street FTtyortb T x
I HAVE A VALUABLE famllv horn
that I o not need and will sell nt low
price fine traveler and perfectly gen
tle W r Llovd
TOR SALE CIIEr A flrs clas
compMe laundry plint everything in
giod share rent cheap machinery a
new and In a good town of GQOO Inhabi
tants Business from 130 to 150 pe
week For further Information apply to
George BUcher Ta lor Tex
USEFUL article for Chrlstmaa Oik
and walnut furniture household rrrods
A full line of new crockery and glass
ware lamps stoves all at very low
price at 401 Houston strprt mi
con save money C W Bakr nnnt
FOR SALE At a bargain 400 o re of
fine Tarmlng lind locnted In Tirrant
nnd Denton counties J II Armstrong
FOR SALE OR TRADE 500 bend of
hors s mares nnd mulps Iwth broken
nnd unbroken Come nnd see them
L C Duprep Fan AngpJo Tex
FOR SALE at a b ircnln gentle horsp
harncs nnd bucgy all at news stand
SCO Houston slrea from 10 to 12 and 3
to fl afternoon
FOR SALE At bargain one second
hand phaeton one surry ttvo top box
buggies nnd a llgM canopy top jmnv
cart Apply to A P Walker 210 West
Flist street
TOR SALE I em now onrlnc for
snle the Hanna ilnuap with all Its fix
Hires for cash Addres It W Sptar
Trotpe Tpx
ntsiMs crfAcr s
N EWS P A P B Rp I ari t and ji a pert o
lcae Anjone wanting n nod mvi
paper rant through the campntan
jear doing a good business Price 159
cash For further Information addrecs
Times Jnnesboro Tex
A GOOD opportunity for a business
woman A complete outfit of Delsarto
corsi ts waists and braces manufac
turers bill 92 for 43 Write or call
on W Robertson 279 Main street Dal
las Tex
ACT QUICKLY Seek fortune by tho
shortest rond auepnjfn turf opera
tions capital of 25 has averagod 131
weekly profits for neatly n jear You
cant beat my mcord It 1 superb
t roofs and particular fraa Phillip M
Archer Ccvlnaton Ky
WANTED Party to build for me a
Dnardtng house n pood location Wilt
learc same for nne year or longer Ad
dress M care Gazette
TO EXCIIANOE For farm In Btrlk
lug distance of Fort Worth one of thu
best wheat farms In Wichita county
250 In cultivation 230 now in wheat
W PWllson208 Main street
TOEXCHANOE 230 acre black land
farm for merchandise wo have several
patties that want to buy stocks of
goods for cash write us Knight I
Blackburn 208 Houston street
FOR EXCHANGE Block of land 312
acres Bells Grayson county 250 acres
In cultivation five tenant houses no
Incumbrance 93G0 for merchandise
D 8 Hare Fort Worth
FOR SALE or exchange for a home
not to far out a stock of groceries fix
tures wagons horses etc doing a
good business It Is one of the bene re
tail stands in the city Apply to W L
Llgon jo 01a Main street
FOR EXCHANGE A steam laundry
with all appliances good business and
other Improved property for a prod
farm near a good town Private rorre
ppondrnce F C Hlghsmtth Land Co
711 Main street Tort Worth
Agatm Nurjr la uflcg Ardifmra
CUILMUS Ac CO ItrirmU Hi couill
Ivm H auJ txiiiuit ftru ruuvuwa
HlVrtint farutiM Nktlmiul Bjuk
Mettrleltni llrl Nntlmial MvV I orr
VVbilh fnnl Mn w Ti
Uw ttud swliiltwr vf Atuflcnu uj lurvtvu
irflt ui irutl inuilaM wud lnlM l KiHim
20 t 21 Norrs lnilMlnx oner flflli ami
V trtt AVsalillttflMi II V PrntPH
irara eiinTleiup trulmlinx service In ti
Sinlulna corpn 8- Pent oftlct 8ol
kpih of tnnriVl for rrport as to pat tot
ability CorreiWleBCtf liifltrd Mrmi
nooMS ami noAiin
TOR RENT Furnished rooms with
fire place or stove very reasonable
1012 Monroe stret 3
BOARDAND ROOM Large airy room
newly furnlahedi nice location 913 Tay
lor street Mrs L Thoenlx
inorj Ann wine
Vjaupfutiurr J1A1 IIAIK Tina
lltUN biiiI ii KM IimF0
O K Uarrt SJalliui Texas
J1 k Tf 1-
Whttj ex ptvsldlng Judgs Court of An
pealsr R L Robertson formerly ot
lytr OpenUeimer
building Austin Tex
Tboaias it Htm llaurf U ttuuiaaa7
Land 11 tu block
tout ronTti --
II JJ Furman Ardmore t Tw
Carlock C R Bowlln
a u
Attorneys at Law
OfIlc Rooms three and four Masonic
Temple Fort Woith Tex
WtllUta Ciii is u canu
Aliornrrii nt t
Offlee Id Nlrtirluui llulljliig corctf 1 uirtt
and ltuvk Htwti
Win D WMIIaint Win J Ualley
Attorneys at Law
Bell nolUhnrL httmlitiil Main Streets
R Frost D O Hunt
er W K Enwrnan Levi Walker
FERRIS TEX -R L Ilirrell collec
tions anl commercial law a sperialty
ajim vvmi u
LIVEaIENTS wanted nevvgoods
call from 12 to 7 p m 412 E Fifth at
C0 TO 150 PAID salesmen for cigars
experience not neceatary extra induce
ments tu customers Bishop A Kline
Bt Louis Mo
2jPERWEEK and expenses to sell
cigars experience unnecessary special
inducements to dealers Folk Co
St Louis Mo
WANTBD Mdy to canvass and appnint
cents ealary 0 and connnlmloni Ta
Nallookl Company Port Worth Tax
WANTED One aoort live agent tn
every city In Texas with a telephone
pvstem Alres with stamp box 235
Crneerdln Kansas
AClKNTfl Either sex 5 ililty suppty
Ing regutar customers loods sell n
every houo Free samples given for
distribution Immense profit Write
for samles Elcelslor 237 Fifth nvo
AflOOD COOIC who does fauhdry
work wF ll wlshe for n situation Ad
dreis Dem core Gazette
WHO WANTS nplrl of 11 venr and
will glvo natnexrhool jtrlviloges Ad
dress Mrs It care Qazetee
WANTED By experienced bookkeep
er set of books Address L care Ga
WANTED A position In school or pri
vate family by n voung lady wlm hotdt
a four inr stale certlfl ate nnd good
credentials also la competent to teach
miisl French and Latin Address U
N W 710 1Iorence street Tort Worth
WANTED situation by expetlenced
harness maker good cutler bend
and repair hand tompetenl to run re
tall buanps Address It 1 Morton
Calvert Tex
WANTED To lease or procure po
sition a publisher and editor of it
country weekly A guod vvrltrr t pe
nt tcr and sober Addiess Doy box
44 Meridian Tex 1
WANTED Hecoiul hntid machlmry
In good running order One slx nch
four side moulder one pony planer
one scroll sawing machine one wood
lathe one ten horse power gasollno
cnslne Anyone having for sslceltlirr
or all of the above address F Y
Doke Sons Blooming Grove Tex
WANTED To buy a six or seven col
umn Army nr Washington press If It
ciu be purchased nt a bargain Ad
drcs Y A care Gazette
WANTED A Rem I nit ton typewriter
must be in good ordr and at a low
price Address Watklns J C car
WANTED To buy a seeondhnnd bt
cycle addrcpg Robert care Jatette
rou iiiivt
FOR BENT Nice large furnished
rooms and first class board 214 E
2d st
TO RENT Cottage with five room
Next door to home on corner 13th and
Monroe streets Apply at corner housa
rORRENT Dek room In theKaty
city ticket office apply at office for
moms Northeast corner Taylor and
jaKson Bireeis
FOR RENT Oood farm Apply to
John B Andrews Dalas Tex
FOB RENT Flist class furnished or
pntiirnlshed roomsi some suitable for
offices cheap 807 Houston Hlrschfleld
FOR BENT Furnished front room
712 Cherry street
FOR RENT A largo routh rbom
suitable for two gentlemen or gen
tleman and wife with board Apply at
311 Rusk street
NICELY furnished room to let nt very
reaaonablo terma612 E Blxtbatreet
FURNISHED room and board at 101T
Lamar atreet
Boorna and boait accomodft
tlona at 310 Lamar street Transients
BEAU 308 Main phone 390 wants to
day hotel cook three waiters house
work girls woodchoppers farm hands
ranrhmen laborers hotel help etc
Situations for all Help furnished em
ployers free
25 CASH pi id for first vacancy as
bookkeeper or ofTice help provided wa
fill same Correspondence solicited
North Side Bureau 1G0 9lh sL Bjn
bam Tex
PRINTER WANTED Good Job printer
wanted small wages IL Jennings
Marshall Tex
WANTED The address of live busi
ness men worth 1000 or mors cash cr
good who want to help make a city
on the Fort Sill border under the new
town site law that It expected this
congress address at once with stamp
J B Works Comanche I T
SALESMAN To cover Texas with our
oils and greases Tho Noble Refining
ea Cleveland O r
WANTEDWWoman to assist In JIght
bouse ork Call at 30S Terry street
WANTED A good cook
Cassll northwest corner
Apply Mrs
IJtth and
WANTED Oood coat maker and pants
maker at J cuncn Aramort
Texns sad Pacifle
Enstbound Arrtva
No 1 dolly 750 a m
No t daily BrSjp rrt
No 6 dally 600 a m
No a dally
No lo daily a
Westboundi Arrive
No l dailyr 750 p m
No 3 daily 7 25 a in
No 7 dally 433 a tn
No 7 dally yt 923 p m
No 9 dally 310 i m
1 C 43 a m
440 p m
C25 a m
8 50 p m
Itock Island Monte
No 3 mall and ex IWft n m
No 4 mall and ex
No 2
Mp l 730 am
No 33 local freight
Jo 31 local freight 7 20 p m
CTexarkana Sherman and Paris ftS
Northbound Arrive I eavar
No 32 dally 930 a mva
ouuinuuuna Arrive ieaye
w i uouy D au p m uo
Texas and Pacfla trains Noa 6 nd c
only stop nt Tcxarkana t C Junction
t iiKHiJi iUKDiiiih ijonvview 1
Junction Big Sandy Mlheola Wills f
Point Terrell Foiney East Dallaai
ianna ana ton worth l
Mlaaoarl Kouiai nnd Texas
Northbound Arrive LotLVaVii
No 2 dallv
No 4 dally
Flyer dally
No 1 dally
No 3 dally
Fber dally ttr
1110 a ra 1130 a to J
-915 p m 9 p m
1 11 a m
Leaver u
4 55 p to
55 a m
915 p ia 1
10 40 a m
10 p ra
t M a m
Fort Worth mid Denver
Arrive Lear
No 1 dally 649 pm
No 2 daily Hi6 a nv
Tort Worth and Rto Crnnite
Arrive Leive
Tort Worth 145 p m 1145 am
Ilontton und Tetm Centrnl
Arrive Leave
No 41 mall G 00 p m
No 43 tji m
No 4t 755 p m
No 43 1020 a m
Gulf Colorado nud Santa Fe
Southbound Arrive
No 1 daily 7 35 a m
No 11 dally 810 p m
Northbound Arrive
No 2 daily 805 p m
No 12 dally 7 03 a m
7 40 a m
91S p m
80 p m
715 a m
Lonls Suuthvreatern
Arrive Leivo
No 4 dally 940 a m
No 3 dilly G 20 p m
No 1 dally 540 a tn
No 2 dally 930 p m
Purely vegetable mild and reliable
Keep tlie system In a perfectly healthy
condition A good appetite a healthy
dlKcsllon a correct and regular action
of the bowels n healthy stomach and
11 pure sweet breath are sneurod to all
wlio will take ono or two of RAD
WAYH pill once or twice per week
Tliiwo famous pills are an Improvement
on nil other pills or purgative medl
clnes Tliey expel disease fiom tin
body wlthnut entailing upon thoie wht
take I hem pains weakness or sickness
Ritdwavn Pilla cure fill disorder of tin
Stomach Liver Bowel Kidneys Blod
der also Nervous Dlscaies Piles B1I
loiisncM Dispepsla
23 cents a box At Druggists or bj
mall Book of Advice free by mail
Cor Sovonth nnd nuk Stroo
Ono Block Cast of Main St
Arlington HeRht3 St Car
Passes tho DoorEvoryTon
rnn siKnrstrrATie
ELEGANT NEW etgnffooin rnoaern
style two story plastered houae brick
basement cellar corner lot 73x100 tins
location price 3000 some cash bat
anco trnde Fifteen lots high eleva
tlon dear of encumbrance price 1250
each to trade for land 3f L Cham
bers Real Estate Exchange
FOR BALE Four room cottae nr
Wealeyan college lot 50x100 price IIOOO
J 100 cash balance monthly a special
liipimln In A nna ral1ntift Wftlt Si lip
FOR RET bne or two large aoulli closo In Knight Blackburn 203
Houston street
FOR SALE At a bargain elthty
acres of land adjoining the city limits
on the southwest at 75 per acre Ap
ply to W L Llgon A Co 610 Main
I atreet FOR SALE OR BENT A now store
and residence combined In thickly set
tled nelKhborhood splendid location
1 for family grocery Agent 104 West
j Becond street AllJ
I 1 can locftto fifty famine on school
1 lands Lands can be got at ons dollar
1 np nrr nn tartv MM1 llmf On I If
one years Interest at 3 per cent pay- 1
able In advance I alao have 10t i
broken mules for sale These mules ara
fifteen hands high L C DUPHCE
Hnn Anrelo Texas
rnn rVmiAWnriuA Inlaid I
rosewood mut box with drum and
Kvmtiil attachments In rood order
will exchange for wys pneumatic tlre
WANTED To rent n pluno i
clicac AJlia XtiJBOuUiX
f TsaJ afe f
must J
JIKAI ESTATR loan on Improved j
tiroprtir In North Central Tiftt vit1
dor lien note purchased and extnd I
mnt Carp term C II Sllllman
Uooril of Trad building lort Worlhr
m ANt H niiivT tint m i
A riAlr nf hftv mar muleson drl
nnA Ml tlhl bAV blUt IL 12 tlndt
liiirii nnt thtnic tliv are brandidlsl
Jlnrneo morka Hen ard tortlielr rfH
turn to Ed P Miuiaox iron worm
will pn for Information of tnrir
nro woltK -4
ITBtSVOnKS Calntaaaton Brof3
ir Min trlfoihavlnc oiled clotB
ma cieaaea

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