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For two days you oan buy
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Aolauce at our BoutU ehow
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tii nr Jan 10 Sneclal
Switch line No 67 of the Gulf
Santa Fe and a train of
in t 4 33 oclock ran Into a half
opemwltch ocralllng and an nine up
Ui enflni and four frelgKi cars i ne
mint mi In cluugo of Engineer Har
tilinl Fireman Dlgglna who stayed In
IK nb until after the engine had turn-
ti over miraculously escaping uviaih
Ill iwltch crew vas pretty badly
tfiken up and some severely bruised
but none serlouily Injured Tho switch
it mually kept locked but the lock
vu muilnr
DtUia Committee Going to St Lonla
After It
Dillii Tex Jan 10 Special At
meeting of tlit Dallas Commercial
fcluMht following committee of
Iutlvt citizens was appointed to go
o St Loula and act In conjunction
rltb Mayor Holland and delegation of
3iHi county Populists In trying to
ocure the national convention of the
oculist varty for Dallas The nation-
li ropulfit ciecuttve committee meets
i st wuii January n
WtUB irNT DltV
pa Frl Vn I the lSleelton Held
I Wrlle Tat Jan 1 There
Fll I PronlbltlOn lleMnn hM lrA
ciltmir wltb the following reiult
u yivuiuiugo nf aeainat J12
17 l ot otcl the
f v 7 i nal to hour
fl mi mm
IPreaeher Lecturer ln hl
PfijjM of Heaven and Hell In
moern Babylon
pfflayNiBUt j 14
litlDTt iiiun i ever
K What t1 thr0UB y0U
re Mine
hio Mimlrr lour old rok
Wtk1 have ever heard
H wui tem all -Rev Son
p ruf lekets honorpd lft rni
Iv tavlw slnJe ndmlaslnn
IImIIik f rerved seats Sule
onday t y m C A
s Opara House
r in
lhw Guardsmen
wer nn
Wltl Mi nrt ve
MT St y and
ftttlVm -
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and 22
rtl1 II 111
Ito elli
Troop Ilnrrledly Ulapntched to Alret
luuriEcnt In Iluur 111 Itlu
An EujtuiEciuonl Ooouraw
Havana Jan 10 The lull which
seemed to have taken place In the ac
tivities of the Insurgent In tho past
few days has given pUco once more to
on unexpected dash of Maximo Gomez
into the heart of the rich touaico
gionlng district of Plnar Del Illo
The nqwa was cabled last night that
Gomez had passed Alqutzzer and Uul
ara Mcllnu in Havana province was
received with relief by friends of the
Insurgents though the direction he
had taken beoud that vms not
It la now evident that he was merely
muKing a pretext at the recall to mis
lead his enemy Tonight he haa nearly
his whole iffectlve force In tho tobacco
district in the southern part of Plnar
Del Illo ready to visit destruction upon
the tooacco crop
Ilia march westward from Oulara
Ilellna was a swift one and he has
bien reported today Horn Artemlaa
Mangos J agate and Candelerla
Ihe northern portion of the province
of Plnar Del Illo has also by no
means been stripped of Insurgents and
It Is reported today that a bund of 600
commanded by Ierlco Del Oarda lii
pnsied westward along the coaat In the
northern part of Plnar Del flip going
west through the sugar district ivkiI
by the plantation of Tlnaja Qulebra
Pnchn to tho port of Cabanas and
thnce again through Amol and aan
Diego de Nunez to Bahla Honda and
to Las Posas beyond When the news
of this movement was received troops
vvre hurriedly dlspatrhed from nere to
Bahla Honda by sea to reinforce Ihe
L nirlson at that important seaport
The authorities have discovered
evidence of vrtiat they consider a ton
u caue an uprising In lUvana
p raci
to tho Insurgents
nnd to hand tho city over
Is believed tn
surgents the conspiracy
Tdely rammed and It d acovory
c In
has caused some grave uneasiness
Havana and siiplclons that
tlon Is much more wVh
suppoad Thirty per
than has bien
ion have been arrested for coii li
and eight have been m
In the Plot
hile Aqulllno SSuHno polee
prisoned w
Inipectof for the port of Havana has
been relieved from duty -
A engagerrent has occurred letwn
of General Na
Varro and Colonel Amli and h
and Zoyas at a
bands led by Maceo
point btween the Plt cal
ratio and nonada in the aiatrlet of ca
hanSs The Spanlald It Is repotted
iv h Inaurgenta1 poiltlon wno fld
Iavlng twelvTdead and earning oft
acSwS rvlnc
fired upon a train At p in
have destroyed Thf J
surscnts have aerl
ttraph at
station anil hae cVhJf iaSnio
AKuada in tlio province
Die it -11
Jnmr O UIHIsm
or Biirlos
Sulphur Springs Tsx Jan
- J 1
That St Louis
Millinery Cos Stock
Wo have already offered tlie
people of Fort Worth
many a good bargain but this one is tliu bt wo have
over had Just think of It the St Louis Millinery Co
was only in business rlnco last sprlug nearly all the
goods are last fulls purchases and we bought
thum for
SWITCH LEFT OPEH than 40c on ihi dollar
never trV tO Bet rioll
nn nnn riiiiainrnn nr 1 nTlon
v a tlllnK obeap wo sell it olioap
rtX tlu can wo any Capes or Jiokets Millinry
Kid Qvei or Silk rVltlP Muffs iYatlirr Bi ns Cor
sets Childroua Cloaks or anything else
we have in this stock we proraiso to srll it for ubont
one half tho utial retail price and we slake our repu
tation for liouoity and reliability for this buiug au
absolute fact
On pae for a liort time only at 301 Houston St
the St Louis Millinery Uo sold Btaud Onou to day
from 8 a mto 9 p m
To Hand Havana Oyer
to Insurgents
lal James C DllllnBham ft citizen of
this county nine early In the tlilrtl
died estprdiy at nh nni rln rn1
north of this place aged U years Mr
Dlllngham was u puatntu a n r
una taught the Indiana here wliin
Texas was a Republic and helped build
a fort In Fannin county early In the
Tin n u no mni
Untflnnil Not Muttnir Troopa to the
Dlaputed Trrrltoi y
London Jan 10 It Is seml ofTlc tally
stutcd today that no such movement
of Dritleh forces towards tho boundary
or ln the neighborhood of the disputed
territory In Venezuela as Indicated ln
the dispatches fiom Caracas via New
York has been anticipated by Great
llrllaln and that no addition has been
mad to the small force of police thit
has been stationed for some time past
ln the Ururan district
In regard to tie attitude of Venezuela
It Is added that there Is no reaFon to
suppose that any hostile action on her
part Is Intended
JTVi n rcniTAvcn tax
la AiBCMCil Aenlnal the Heirs of Jay
New York Jan 10 Surrogate Tltz
gcrald today signed an order fixing the
amount of Inheritance tax to be paid
by the children of the late Jay Gould
as follows
George J Gould ja0 771l Jay Omild
J50 000 Helen M Gould 198427 Edwin
Gould 192157 Howard Gould 95132
Irank J Ooutd 37175 and Anna now
the Countess de Castellane 37172
U Warn Cnlleri In the Crlmlual Court
Dallas Tex Jan 10 Special The
cne of W It Clark who Is one of a
number of men under Indictment for
atBon In burning some household goods
for the Insurance was called In the
criminal district court this morning
but was continued until February 20
HI It 13 1 II CASC
McIIcnry Hnmtlton and Slnufftitcr
Held Without llnll Wlll tie
Vrlt of llabens Corpus
Tarls Tex Jan 10 Special The
examining trial of C It V Hamilton
Josh Slaughter Sam Mc Henry Jim
mle Jfljnes and Jim Do In charged with
the kitllng of Iem Young and John
Mcllenry In a fight on Dlue river In
the Choctaw nation on Dec 26 which
was begun on Jan 2 was concluded to
night A great mass of testimony
has been Introduced
After hearing all the testimony Com
missioner Klrkpatrlck dlserarjretl Jlm
mte James and Jim He11n and com
mitted Mcllenry Hamilton and
Slaughter without -ball The rases will
be taken before Judge Brian on a writ
of habeas corpus
DErtrrr siaiisiiai uockcr aiu
miT two AixnaEu hoihichs
They Are Chanted With Robbing
Store at Utmo I T n Fcr
DiiM Ago
Tart Tex- Jan 10 Special
Deputy Marshal Jake Hockcr arrived
here tonight with Jake and Henry
rihr who are charged with robbing
the store of J W Shumate at iimo
1 T a few das ago They succeeded
In retting about JSP in money ana a lot
of goods After the robbery the Fish
ers were leaving u country wnen
arret ted
Judge Kilgoro Goss to
Teim CoiiteiHunta for CounrtBeloiinl
Honor lluey In Wnahlngtoa
Puililng Their Claims
Washington Jan 10 Special
Julge Kllgore of the Indian Territory
Is expected hero tonight to look aftei
the accusation recently mad against
htm here by Attorney W O Davis for
the purpose of bringing about a con
gressional Investigation of the Judgor
rcord If not an Impeachment trial
Davis la said to ha secured promises
from some Itepubltcan member that a
resolution of Investigation would be
Introduced Nothing has been heard
from It jet and the short notice given
the Davis accusations up to this time
by the administration the supreme
cout and the senate causes the Judge
friends to be ery confident of the
outcome In the house
bmitll llopo for llond Illll
There h no more prospect of the
passing the bond bill than there Is ol
the capltol taking -wings and fiylnr
away This remark of a Republican
member of the finance committee nhc
usually knows v hat Is going on and
It Is confirmed by every one will whom
I have spoken Democrats Kcpubll
cans and Populists Opinions as to
the success of the new loan are not sc
unanimous Mnny think that subscrip
tion frm country banks to the
amount of 25 000000 or 30000000 ma
come In but they do not know uhcri
these banks are to fctt their gold ex
cept they drew It from the treasury
becaune It is pretty well determined
now that Mr IMernunt Morgans sjndl
oate Is stable and will hang together
until Uie time comes for bids to b
offered when he n 111 propose to take
the whole lot
The Coiiuretftloiint Contents
The tno Republican contestants fot
congressional peats held by Texaf
Democrats Jerome Kearby and A I
Rosenthal are very busy working about
the house In the prosecution of their
respective claims Rosenthal has nc
other occupation and has spent his eng
tire time here since tho -meeting o
congress and talks very confidently
He declares that he will no doubt bring
about the unseating of Miles Crowley
Jerome ICcarby on the other hand whe
Is contesting the scat of Mr Abbott
only reached here yesterday possibly
for the reason that he has more re
munerative work on hind elsewhere
New Hills by Cmln
Representative Craln lias introduced
a bill auhorlzlng the Aransas Harbor
Terminal Rillnay company to con
struct a bridge with a draw span oer
the Corpus Christl channel In Aransas
bay uls a bill extending for two years
the time atlotved to the Aransas Pass
Harbor company for the completion of
the deep water Improvements there
A postofflco rwai established at
Oudee Hamilton county Louis Will
tarns postmaster
Senator Jones Speiiks on the Sub-
tltute Iload 11111
Washington Jan 10 During the
morning hours In the senate on motion
of Mr Voorhees Dem Ind a repolu
tlon was adopted appropriating S250 for
the purchase of a portrait of the late
Allen G Thurman
Mr Prftchard Rep N C called up
the amendment he offered to the reve
nue bill to Increase duties on certain
kinds of clays marble Iron ore timber
livestock cereals fruits wool and coal
for the purpose of addressing the sen
ate thereon
He favored the re enactment of the
McKlnley law and the free coinage of
silver He denounced the Southern
Democrats for their recreancy to their
own section Their tariff law had
brought unexampled prosperity to the
New England manufacturers and bank
ruptcy and ruin to the farmers and
producers of the South
When Mr Prltehard had finished Mr
Hill Dem N Y chlded the former
for the Inconsistency of his state A
few days ago one of her senators Mr
Butler had denounced the Democratic
party for being false to Its pledge of
tariff reform Today the other end
of the combination told the senate
that he favored the re enactment of the
McKlnley law
The senate on Mr Hales motion
then agreed to adjourn until Monday
when the adjournment was taken to
Mr White Dem Cal consumed
the remainder of the tlrne before the
expiration of the morning hour with a
i ee h In fanr of snme prurtlcal mod
Iflcatlor of the renste rules
Mr Jones Dem Ark then took
the floor and spoke on the free coinage
substitute for the house bond bill It
Is claimed that this bill said Mr Jones
nnm framed and pasned through the
house In response to the withes of the
president of the United States It is
aa said that the bill Is entirely unsat
isfactory to the president and secre
tary of the treasury from the fact
that the bonds provided for are not
specifically payable In gold
The president considers the tress
ury In on unsatisfactory If not critical
condition If a condition of reasonable
prorperlty can be restored among the
masses of the people there will be no
dfflculty whatever about the condi
tion of the treasury
The present deficiency results tn bit
Jn Ji
opinion from the much greater evil
of tne unsatisfactory condition et the
people An issue of bonds Is doubt
lesfty a boon to that small class of
persjna who have large Incomes which
they have not the knowledge Industry
or courage to use profitably who long
Jot Investments upon which they may
draw Interest without any greater lab
or than clipping coupons but to no
other clam is an Issue of bonds de
sirable It is true that the govern
mtnt la not collecting as mush revenue
just at this time as Is needed and some
steps should be taken to provide for the
deader cy The secretary of the treas
ury however In his oTlcIat report
rhftws that thts deficiency will be tem
porary and not continue beyond a few
months The amendment proposed by
the committee If enacted Into law will
amply proMde for this for tho Issue or
t vt I5O00QO00 of silver certificates
against the seigniorage now held In
oars in the treasury is one of Its foal
ures whle tre deficiency estimated by
Mr Carlisle is far below that sum
There must be something radically
wrong If the richest and tho freest
nation on the globe Is In such ft con
dition of abiotute helplessness and de
pendence as the president seems to
conilder The conditions of distress
not only In this country but ln En
gland Germany and France great na
tions of the world will not be dcned
by any one How does It happen that
In a time of profound peace all oter
the world with abundant harvests
with no pestilence or other such calam
ity such a condition of things con
exIitT No local cause can account for
It for It embraces all tho greatest na
tions In the world Thre must be
some taurc operating In all these coun
tries to cause such widespread dis
tress when uniform In character That
cause seems clearly to be the falling In
prices which haa cursed and blasted
this country for twenty jears
Of course every fall of prices Is not
an ell A fall -which results from Im
proved methods of production or from
Improved and cheapened transporta
tion Is a bleaslnjr and brings pmiper
ty to producers while It showers Its
blessings upon consumers There Is
however one commodity which while
affected In Its value necessarily afftcts
all other thlrga In the -world In all
countries lowlt money Suppose
money lo be doubled In value nd
denly It would take Just one half lest
of It to buy any given nittclo ns It
would have taken before the rlso In Its
value This rise In the ntuo of money
vmuld then Und Its expression Its
l8lble manifestation In a fall of gen
eral prices to 60 per cent of their
former scale while money wojM le
main nominally Just as it was before
and the superficial observer might
think and n modern goldbug would be
sure to think thut this change In
prices had resulted from overproduce
tlon and Improvements In methods of
production und transportation and not
In the change ln the aluc of money
The volume of money lessening not
absolutely but In proportion to the
volume of trade has of ncsity con
tinually Increased tht value i f money
and by this hidden unseen tnd covert
means confiscation of tie properly of
the masses for the benefit t the It di
vidual has and Is being a tompilihed
and this condition of things lii int nnd
will continue so long as the liws re
main as they are now Causes vvl Ich
have operated to produce the present
re rults will continue tlWr operation
on the same line 1rlccs Ahlch lnve
bt n In the 1nt twenty ears reduced
say to per cent will be In the next
twenty years Tedueed 50 per cent
more The great body f those who
declare thejiiselves pnr1 -1
nay that they are In favor of Interna
tional bimetallism
Almost everybody in this country
admits that If the Unlttu states Eng
land Germany and Traiiei whouM
agree to oicn their mints to Tie unlim
ited coinage of silver at IS 1 2 to 1 or Lt
18 to 1 that silver would at once re
sume III Id value and that condlIons
of general prohperlty existing prior to
1S73 would be Immediately and perma
nently restored Nobody would suffer
vviun7 ven tho bondlwldois would get
their own with Interest This i be
Is almost the universal conv lctlon
Cut we are assured that Great Rrltain
will not consent to this because of
selfish reasons of a small class of bank
ers who disregard other Interests even
In Un eland When lt Is Is clear that
England will not consent to an Inter
nation ntrrecment and that Frone
and Germany will not move except In
company with England then the ques
tion comes home to us what will the
people nf the united states do 7 A tre
mendous responsibility In this emer
gency In my opinion rests on us as a
nation If other nations will not Join
us In the great movement in tho inter
est of humanity It Is our duty to un
dertake It alone I bslievt that the
unlimited coinage of sliver would by
reviving commerce Increase our revt
iiub and do away abuiely with nny
pretense of a necessity to Issue bonds
and that under that bill a revival of
buslnesa would take place There li
nothing for us to do but present the
syutem we Relieve In to discuss It
und appeal to tho last great tribunal
which must decide It The friends of
bl are ready and anxious to
have the people settle this question
They hope and believe It will speedily
be done and done well
Mr Jones spoke for nbout two hours
When he finished Mr Teller asked him
what speed It was proposed to make
with the consideration of the bill and
when a vote would be asked
Mr Jones replied that as there were
quite a number id senators who de
sired lo be heard no move would be
made toward br I Ing the bill to a
uitf for some days at least
The senate then at 3X0 adjourned un
til Monday
nits are Instituted Against Those
Who Itan At nob menu oa
JUlt Assigned Stock
Gatesvllle Tex Jan 10 Special
William Colgln has Instituted sulU for
130000 damages against tht two banks
and all parties who were sureties on his
papers and who run attachments on his
property after he had given deed of
tnist on same The tuttt grew out of
Colglne failure about one year ago
Druggists stake Assignment
Peoria III Jan 10 Singer
Whteltr Incorporated wholesale deal
era In drugs- assigned this evening
Liabilities 1411000 assets 1397000
Syndicate May Y
the Bonds
vnvr thum rnoM takinu
It Is Hellftel Hint Ihr Syndicate
Will t luhble Ip the Un-
Washington Jan 10 lt U evident
the administration hat Utile hope of
the success of the popular loan It
may bo and probably Is the fact that
It would prefer failure rather than
success It has put out Its tnvltatlor
In uch a way that only th skilled
will know how to make iesionse The
fear it that after nil the tjndlcate of
New York bankers may bid and claim
the entire lot or refuse to take any
Installment The New Yoik Bun of
to day rather cleat ly points out the
obscurations of the treasury circular
It tMlJS
When Secretary Sherman In 1879
offered to the people of the United
fatutea JI vjOOUUOCU and more of bonds
for refunding purposes he fixed a price
for them and announced that lie would
pay a cornmttslon of one halt of 1 per
cent to agents who brought him pur
chasers Ihe result was that the bonds
were old at over the country and
when all were gone but about 100
000100 of them they were taken up In
blocks of 10000100 JO0oOouoo and
10000000 at n time
If the secretary were In earnest in
the effort to sell the present Issue he
would adopt measures similar lo those
adopted by Secretary Sherman in ISTit
He would name a price for the bonds
a Utile under the market say 114 and
offer to allow every natlonnl bank
every banker and every broker ft com
mission ror selling them If this com
mission were as much as 1 per cent
It would only 1m onty one tenth of
that which last week he was credited
with being willing to pay a indicate
Probably one quarter of 1 per cent
would nufllce
It may be eald that the require
ment of gold coin In payment for the
bonds will limit their sale lo the few
persons and institutions that have the
gold In their possession or can procure
it from abroad It Is declared that It
will be unpatriotic to dtaw lt out of
the treasury for that purpose This
Is an error Whatever be the source
of the gold lt Is to bo paid Into the
treasury for the redemption of legal
tender notis nnd it Is no less patriotic
to draw It out to day and pay It back
to morrow than to poy it In to day
end draw lt out to morrow Tho gold
that was brought from Europe lat
j car for the GG000OuO Issue went back
again In a few months and at far
as our present situation goes It might
as well have been left there all the
It looks as if the administration
had delayed and not changed a bar
gain with the sndlcate which tome
of the papers have criticised It will
wait till 1ebruary S and then if the
popular subscriptions fall as they
probably wilt fall to cover the entire
100 000000 offered It will accept a bid
from the syndicate all or none
In opposition to this class however
who court failure the New York
World la doing yeoman work Yes
terday it telegraphed broadcast to
places remote from financial centers
and embracing In area every state In
Ihe American Union The responses
It received Is the evidence that Its one
days work has secured a subscription
of nearly 15000000 It announces ed
itorially that lt will bend every energy
to make the loan a nuccess
To show how manifestly unfair is
the Carlisle circular inviting bids at
no fixed price and thus putting the
public In a quandary Is the compari
son with how he dealt with the syndi
cate which absorbed the last batch
The issue of bonds to the Morgan syn
dicate was made on February I 189S
No bids wcte asked for Ronds In the
amount of 82316400 to bear Interest
at 4 per cent per annum and to run
thirty years were given to the syndi
cate at the head of which was J
Plerpont Morgan of New York In
exchange for 8600000 ounces of gold
coin The amount of gold received un
der thit private agreement was G5
110241 or at the rate of 17 80141 per
ounce Uy the terms of the con
tract not less than one half of the gold
was to be procured from abroad and
the parties with whom It was made
agreed that they would as far a
lies In their power exert all financial
Influence and will make all legitimate
efforts to protect the treasury of the
United States against the withdraw
als of gold pending the complete per
formance of this contract This un
dertaking so Secretary Carlisle states
tn his annual report was faithfully
and efficiently carried out
The strongest pressure Is now being
made tinon the president and Secreta
ry Carlisle to have Issued some form
of regulation for the guidance of bid
ders and for the fixing of some def
inite price at which the bonds will be
sold If such regulations are not forth
coming It will be the common Judg
ment that the administration fs mak
ing It hard rather than easy for the
people to take this loan
Drought Oat la the Moose While
Dltpostng of Hales
Washington Jsn 10 In the house
today Mr Tawney Rep offer
ed a resolution relating to pension
claims It rectus that It was fre
nucntlv charted by Densloners and an-
plicanta that the medical division of
the pension bureau - falls to properly
rtnnxmt rauarta a4 Aadtaaa I plaleq
we nf I ill lid henry IMbf I
ribnol fl KM llnd Umlriirriii
vvi m nuu pinwj worm tui pet-
girmeni al ihu uobeaid ol Un
men ul
29c each
mode by various boards of the United
States examining su and de
ciareu mat it waa due to tho officials
of the department to pensioners and
pirblic that tho truth or falsity of the
chaiges bo made known An objection
to its consideration was nude by Mr
McClcllan Dem N Y
Mr Odell Rep N offered a reso
lution to dlicot the committee on
banking and currency u report an
amendment to the general hanklurr
laws which give power to banking as
sociations to Invest not to exceed 00 per
cent of their lawful resources in bonds
of the UnlteJ States Objection was
made to Mr Odella resolttoii and It
eferred to the commtueo
n ilia changes In iho bouse rulei
mended by the earn mtl tee on
were presented by Mr Hender
tep la and were debated sea
f section
armond Dem Mo offered an
mnt providing fot the forfit of
rs pay for absence not due to
t or sickness In the family
V A jone Hep Pa ossurc4
t the only effeot of the enforce-
1 the rule In the last house
to Increase the sick list
gh Mr Dearmond endeavored
the ayes and nays his re-
t defeated IS to 132 and the
ft tat was lost by about tho
si e several Democrats voting
he rule giving certain com
m ave ta report to the house
at ne was reached lt created a
det eeao Mr Walker chairman
of ml t tee on banking and cur
ren hi why that committee had
bed ninated from the list and of
fered an amendment to Include hla
Mr Xlnlley Tex offered an amend
ment ta Mr Walkers amendment in
cluding the comtttee on coinage
After a somewhat animated debate
in whlcli Mr Walker accuied Mr
Dalzelljof having taken his commRtrt
to the door and kicked lt out Mr
Dalleyt amenrttneY was defeated by a
vote or 111 to IS Mr Walkers amend
4nent was defeated 11 to 111
Another surprise was brought into
the debate by Mr Hepburn Rep It
who made a vigorous speech against
the usual rule putting in the hands of
the speaker discretion in the matter of
recognizing members to speak
Mr Hepburn would make it tht
speakers duty to recognize tha first
member who addressed him
Mr nell rop Cul seconded Mr
Hepburns motion saying the Popu
lists wera pruetlcally without rights n
the floor had no places on Important
committees and not one of them had
been permitted to open his mouth tor
five weeks He complained that the
state of Maine monopolised the house
with four Important committees while
the state of Colorado was not recog
nized although It had tingle countUs
with more wealth than Maine
When Mr Dell concluded Mr Hep
burn rose and saldt I desire to with
draw my amendment and there was
great appUuse and shouts of laughter
on the Republican side
At ft oclock tha houso adjourned un
til tomorrow
scnvivoits oir this ealixu tela
la in Open Iloat Four Days Without
Pood nnd Kzuoeeil to Terrf
Halifax N 8 Jan 10 The suffer
ings of the nine survivors of thi crew
of tht Ill fated steamer Ealing during
the four days they were In an open
boat exposed to the bltttr cold art al
most indescribable
When their boat landed at Cans
this afternoon they were nearly all la
a helpless condition All havt arms
and legs badly frozen and several mar
die They are all foreigners Tht men
state that the Ealing struck a rock oa
Monday in a dense fog It was neces
sary to take to the boats as the ship
was settling fast They were driven
fifty mtlrs to sta Soon after daylight
on Tuesday two of tht man succumbed
to the exposure
During Tuetday night Capttln Meek
and a fireman named Wilson died Yes
terday morning the first engineer died
Today as they caught tight of land
ont of tht crtw named Gllroy died
Waa Ilnntlnff nerragt nnd Foakta
Death Awnltlatf I lira
Naahvllte Tenn Jan 10 A special
from Tennessee City state that Isaaa
Reed placed in J fill charged with the
ravishment of his own daughter es
caped a few nights ago went homo
attacKca nis eigmeen i r o
with a knife and was shot and mot
tally wounded by tht son
DwelHnT Dnrneil y
Malakoff Tex Jan 10 Special
Yesterday afternoon th dwelling house
of Mr J T Womackr living n mil and
a half from town was totally destroy
ed by fir Mr Womack was worajnm
ln the yard butt did not dltcovtr thi
firs until too late1 to save Ma notta
hUa affect Tee vu bo HtstinaJsl
a a
il x

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