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f I
v u I ii
- HSfiiRJ
jioxcst pick ntKirr Tin ok
LlllOMA SlOllT
ttoyped Off In Fort Worth On Jlla
Mny Home Troiu tha
Three noted sportlnff men Arrived In
town Tuesday They were Din Ptuart
Jog VvndlfC and Dick Plunkett all on
ihelr way from tho
fight In Mexico fit u art went on to
Dallas Vend J to Now York whllo the
latter i topped with some friends here
for u day or two llunkett has hud
mi Interesting1 career He Is known
throuKhout Oklahoma lerrltory iin
Honest Dick and halt or he saja
Ki aa Tu a Gazette rejMirler he said
I have ten brothem living In Ire
land now and jou bet there Is a warm
Ht hi my heurt for the old country
1 wan city marshal of revile Col Uur
Inc its palmy dnn nnd nrrenled the
Hluyer of Dolt Iord the time ho was
hdiot down I mine to Oklihoinn at
the openluir of that country to settle
ment nnd havu been there ever nine
Iist winter when Dan Stuart was loojt
Iiib for a Tlaee to hrlnjf ort hit car
nival of prize lights 1 chimilnned the
bill In tht leKlMluturo IfRallrlnK b1oc
mtusts in th territory The MM
M defeated by only una otp Dan
Hluart appreelateH my effoits In bU
behalf and when the bU lluht llnally
i nine on 1 wta the only invited Kutnt
prSf nt
lluukett was apinilntM serKeantat
uiiim duilmr tho late statehorHl cmi
eutton and jtidaluK fiom his nppeur
uneo and manner muat ham tilled tho
plate admirably
In tflklnc ba of ih reporter lion
st Dkk halted tin HerUm to seo him
In the terrltot ulipre any kind of
tnlfiialnment touhl be had fi om alh
1 Ik exhibitions tu a dhurce uti short
This uai liN first Mslt o Tort Worth
nnd ho thinks p mo a tin illy
It Wnm ut lnrnlr ltAtil ItulnrB
OfllcH of tho Aiansas Harbor
City and linpnnetnent Co
Aransas Pass Tex Peb 2S 1UC
SMltor of tho Poi t Worth Uazette
lvr Sir Our itlUntloa has been
lulled to a mminlatlin from tbla
plsof which appealed in the column
nt your puper Intimating that tho of
ilclab of the Aransas Harbor City nnd
ltnproemeiit company were KUlliy of
unfalrmM In stoppInK tho cltj lot sale
which took place here on the 17th nnd
ixtti Inst
Allow me to say In Justice to our
tees nnd hundreds of pwons from
neatly nil parts of tho country will
verify tho stnUment that we did not
wtop tho salo until the ufiernonn of tho
second day and our action was then
and there Indorsed by many of tho
purchasers themselves who frankly
admitted that tho property was not
bilnrclnir Us picsent aluo in Mew of
the success of th harbor works nnd
lari expenditures In tha rapid de
clopinent of this port
Verv truly j ours
Oeneml Manuffcr
Tako tizatlVQ Uromo Qulnlns Tablets
rtu uruKKix s reiunu the money If u
ill V ii jA V l0 cure Cc
tK5 5 miiict or mit ltiitir
3 i
Itiri A ar re IIHe Itlrlinmnil
lilJi a A tlm ClinrKr AuhIiiI lllnu
Tho trial ot Willie lllchmoml In tho
1 ortt elthlli dutrlct court MlprJay
rifiilteil In hi ncqulttnl by the July
lie tn Indlctpil by the irranJ Jury
liow In Mnnlon on tile rhrn ot raak
ln an aaeault Mlth Intont to rommlt
ttio orrcnm of taiw on llttlo Ida Imliry
Willie rlchmond the hoy urcune J la
only 15 J ear old The rnct developed
that the buy met the lrl on her liny
from jehool horebaelt lie mndi
in Indecent propoial to tho Blrl iihlch
iK lnLlhf VI- lile
iVi 7i u S iu nnnil on thn
eng iro Kav him a ran
lf SllF
jiaatjaEi fTTi i
1 V vSi1 i -
t - i vgr3r3IH js t
ilM IA-
Sl WlOlfiffi i
F - 3
Cutlcura Scan
a single application of
Cutlcura ouitmenO
I thj peat skin cure follow tX by mtU
new blood purifier will afford Instant
IH 4 iccpiia roiui 10
t i j vmciu every lurni oi TOriuruiy
diifijurinf sib humours
frirtrttM HHtpMrKlwTitlT
over the head Tvlth a switch and went
on her way unmolested The Jury was
out but a few minutes befoto returning
the erdttt of nut BUllty
mixiw sinirus
For Itull u ii r tfii itl llif IIrit Ilap
lt I hit rod
The national womens chrtstlm tern
peianee union has set apart March t
ni rallwa mens day Jbere will be
special services held at the Vlret Flap
list church by Hev J Morutn Wtlls
Mrs Anna Walton superintendent of
tho Ircal wmk extendj a cordial Invi
tation to all railroad men and their
fnmlllcs to im at 1030 In older to so
cur p pedal seats
HvirKrcni dlvlilon No C7 O Ft C
has d tided to accept the lnHatton ex
tended by Mrs Walton The local dl
llun will meet at their hill corner of
Third and Main slreetH al 10 oclock
and attend In n body
Iirii im trrit
Irldil itlitl txilurdny
The next attraction at nreenwnlls
opTa house will Lo Mln VMo Illfthr
who will appear Mext Prlday and Sat
urday night and mntlne S aturday
prenntlnR Prlday nlht Alexander
Dumas sreat emotional play Cam-
FltUrdAr maltlie Kliflknonnrir
pistural comedy As You JIke It
haturday night Dorli Heats uru
now nn nalo ut tho box uillce J tegular
pilcvs will pievnll
A thvs suiit ltiyiuiNs
lucadn Mnrch i
Titer Is no doubt but that n packed
house will Kieet Tim Murphy at Oicttii
wallH nporti house on bis leturn date
neit TuMdaj Hy uim st of many
theatfr ifutrn Matuifter Oreennall has
nrraiiKed for Mr Murphv to return
hero and rrpcat Ilovts Krratest coin
ed A Texas Hirer which made such
a tremendous hit hero last Monday
Yotm urn away
Is trie truthful miirt nir tuin t
book about ihe harmlest
fruirniilectl tobacco habit cure that
traits up nlcol Inked nerves elim
inates tha nicotine poison make
wiak men jatn strength Mcor and
manhood You run nu phslca or
financial risk n Is soli by
1 I Nicks St Co under a Kuarnntee
to cure or tnonoy refunded Hook free
Address Rterllnir Itemedy Co Kew
Yoik or Chicago
niciiratuii ttntfti AlrninlilM Tenn
Tor meeting of the Houthern Lumber
Manufacturer association to he held
at Memphis Tenn February IS to 21
a rate of one fare to Texarkana add
ed lo rate of S3 33 from that tKint win
apply from all stations in the utnte
of Texas on lines of tho Texai and
IaelUi lallway
1rom points In Louisiana the rate
will bo one lowest Urdt claas limited
fan for the round trip
Tickets will be sold from all stations
February W 17 and 18 limited for la
tum to 1ebruary 58
Appiy to your nearest ticket agent
for any further Information desired or
DnaVl Tx1BCr anl T1Cket Aent
orruuns n4rnuii
Fr lorl Worth llvllou v a lnt
furiit llnnk K uC 1
At11 rTMlar meetlngi of rort
Woith dlvUlon No 2 uniform rank
SSiS of it mh ih
Btallatlon uf ninn elcrtnl for thi
lnmnllnt nr follou J j
H K captnln n II nKy M K
Ilcuteniint J A Wnlkr H K IlVi
J M lprry S K I r I botv ri
Ail mh H K S
Tho ilrlll for tli Mum mnlil m
rotiionna until next MVdneday nUlit
form orUer to opicar In fatlgu unl
tii omuiulii
Arabrbe Coliurnp Stut Srx Uut
HI Ilmr
The motion for a new In n
can of Ambrose Coburne who was con-
iv ivu wjuiif wk obo on n churiro of
Incert uni overrulml b jikIi hi
yeiterdiiy tn tho Seienteenth Ilelrlct
court Coburne looked wry much nn
elated In aopearanco In comparlion
Vt til 111 ltrnrmta mlt ni
pendlnir hi trial in entenco i ten
jcara Iwthe penitentiary
33 jarda new Sprlnff Suitings
JO yards new Spring Print i
10 yards Indtfro IJlue Prlnti
20 yards Fhlrtlnp Prints 7
12 yard lVatherrinnp
29 J aids Garter Web
J1 yardJi Embroidery 1 Inch wide
so yards 7 l 2e 8 l 3c and lOo Laces
12 yards Allcr la
I lalr Ladle Collfornla Drl Ine
ulovt s
1 pair ladles lieay Mosqultare
12 pair IadM heavy fast hlide Hose
4 ntr Ladlen tan Lisle Thread Ho
4 pair Ladles fancy opera leneth
A pair Ladles HaJbrJeffan LIslo Thread
10 pair Misses heary ribbed hose
BlXS s to 10
5 piilr Mines hea7p ribbed hose
tlaes 7 to S
llernmdorf dye regular 23o and SjO
6 yards best Table Oil Cloth
20 oil neon Sihjr
10 Hank Snxonv Yarn
1 dozen lartfo Mr a Turkish Towels
20 yardit cnod Dome tic
C jar1s Gl lnch Tiber
2 dozen Ilutter Milk Soap V
4 dozn fancy Toilet Soap
1 dozen Toilet Doublet Soap
2 dozen KM Curlers
2 dozen rinlshlnf lliaM
4 dozen Ladles Handkerchiefs
1 dozen Ladle Trilby Handkerchiefs
1 dozen 4ply Linen Collars
C pair 4 ply Linen Cuffs rw
2 pair heavy Slot on
3 Wnlatindtled Shirts
2 Lnundrled White Shirts
1 heavy suit Underwear
7 palrn Mens Suspenders
2 pairs O oralis
v 1 palrJejns Pants
12 palit lna y hoy
4 pair Louis Hermndorf 33a and 40c
811k finished 8or
1 lloyt suit age C to 11 years
And many other things we cannot list will go in this
will be continued for this week only --
AWAituun to inn uihcica n
lly tho Cunilttc nt th City Unit
Vestei da Other Illda tu Sc
The mayor nnd the fire and purchasing-
committees hao been closeted at
tho city hall for a couplo of das ex
amining bids for supplying the city
with additional flro nppirutus as re
quired by tho Insurance companies
through their chief rater who wus here
recently As them nro a number of
bidders and for eera different ar
ticles the respective prltis nnd merits
of which havo to be compared tho
examination Is a matter foi consider
able tlnio ami consideration us tho
purchaser dtslro to do the best In their
power fur the cltyi Interests
There wero two bidders to supply tho
2C00 feet of ilro hoe Mr llenrj Karl
lei resenting the Kurtkn Khe iloHe
ctimpnny of New York anl Mr Claik
of the New York Outla Iirchn Manu
facturluif company JJoth of them- gen
tlemnii dlxplayed samples of good ma
terial nni the committee decided to
award ihe contract for the hos to
Mt 1nrly at a prlco not jet made pub
lic Tho committee will mett again
today to examine tho lilln nn n flrt ti
i glue and on a ch mltnl engine there
uvuijc in oiuucrn on tnrn
Adttcn 1i ilnllirra
Mre Wlnilws Soothing Syrup ihoult
alnujH bo uhed for children teething
It rootleK the cblbl sofleus the mii
ullajs pain cuies wind iollo uud Is
the best leinedy for dlarihooa aHveu
tfllve cci ts a battle
11m KliUfil
A man about fifty year of nge and
dUllngulshed enough to behive betttr
raited nil kinds of ttuuble ubout the
price ot u shine at the Woith hotel
citerdny arteinoon It b jiih the boy
who did the work bad been to sonm
extra troiibb and cbaigl htm fifteen
tents Thereupon the old giay halred
gentlemnu swoie In several languages
utid Intimated plainly that the boot
black could go to the plice where
ltrann said he wanted to go If Dr
Crandll went to heaven Not satisfied
with cursing tho boutblark he went up
to tho dealt and began telling bis
trouble in n loul olci to Clerk Mur
itotk He was Invited o keep ulrt and
Anally nubsllt 1 Rrsliy thero all kinds
cf people In the world
Ileal IMut Trnuttrrm
The follow tnnafeis of real es
tate were icporded jesierdny
infis11 uUn W Itoblnson
Weluli addition 100
J a Ilouliy to llAti Lnre S20 acres
section 7 township No l S120
Wllllim Mpsromb and wife o Oscar
BSRnfoEWi1tock J --
Jlr Sn to is j nirrl
The lort Worth and Denver Is tho
short line to that Mucca Q
Tbrnnitlt Slriirr
5inn rou ln fonnectlon
nlth the Ilouiton
aicd Texas Central
nn IJock Iland route 1 runnliii
dally line of I ulimn leeper betnceS
Kana City lort Worth nml San A
oulo Connection 1 mado at Oarre t
by IlKonitrr to and from 111II1
forming the beat rout between iolnl
In the Itepublto of Mexico Laredo and
CoMcann Ualla nnd Kainai City
V II C A Xole
F memlrlilp ooilteat has tone a
IlttleloiNly today The llel hafe not
jnoied up at all during Ihe dny and
the Illuea only aJianclnjr u few point
7u VIJ tooa at closlnit lleds Hj
Tlie nlii win hnxe n rally tn the
parlor at T 30 tonight All the boil
who wear the blue should b prefer
A large liandoine meinberhlp thcr
momcter Ima been placed nt the eng
trance to the bmaiB nnii f
lllerctlne bit of Malory hovMne a
ateady growth Ince 1SS3
iTh0 1rT of the nMociatlon Ttlll
i Bias ot ia u -
1recrlpllon No ssi All utrrrl
hould try a boi 0f frw
lon Co Oalteton Tex aienu
tin Man In II o Sluun
Tonight nt the Bethel UlMlon Judge
I N Cooper will dciuer hi celebrat
Jloon Thl cttira
I Intended more
Jm n uJdVT Mli bur7l
The lecture IU Wgln at 1 oclock
Sollee to Tnxtn
mT t0 Clco 1 h cloej
Match ut You
can avoid the
by payinff before that date penalty
jtlANIC a jovns
THy Tax Collector
With the Black and Tan
ciptain mum iriii mi
ii i v u iiniis roil Tim
Tbe Popnlita rieaied WHU 1 he
Officer Appointed by tho
Commit loner JVotci
The aentallon of the day In Inner He
publican clrclea jcuterday was the an
nouncement that Captain Joseph X
IIehl hail united hi fortune tti n
lllnck and Tana C O Drake la happy
ut this latet accession tu his ranks
and has u standing Imitation for oth
w com at l HKeM Ise
it will be irmembcicd lhat a short
time ugD Mr Dlehl leieltid from the
hands of Htutn Chairman louden the
appointment of chairman of Tarrant
lounty In tho place of Mr Drjilen
nhom Onodell attempted tu remote
Sir Dlchl after sonio ibiyH considera
tion of the matter refused to accept the
appointment and so announced his de
cision In the Uazette It Is understood
Mr Ooodell was ery much put out by
this action on the palt of Captain
Ulehl and said snmo things that would
not look well In print Whether this
was what Induced Mr Dlehl to for
sake tho Lily Whites nnd unlto with
tho Ulack and Tans U not known but
It can bo said that a confeienco with
Chairman Drake soon followed Tho
tllmax came csteidiy when the for
mal announcement was mado that on
nnd after this dale Mr Dlehl win be
found working and toting with tho
ivnuiar pariy
It was also rumored among the lead
ers that Mr lloodell has attempted to
lemoe the sccietarr of tha statu ex
ecutive committee The report how
eur could not be traced to nn author
itative source nnd Is glcn meiely for
what it Is worth
Mir hit nni inii
UruUe I iidectdetl Uln it He Mill
Cull Ihe Count Contention
C O Drake chnlrman of the Tar
rant county Itepubllcan executive com
Inlttee said jesterdni he hud not jet
decided upon a date for calling the
county contention Ihe call of State
Chairman cliant published In yestei
days inzetle for a statu contention
to be held March SI for the purpose of
electing foui delegates at huge with
three alternates to th national Itepub
llcan contention makes It necessary
for county lontrntlons lo 1 culled
Mr Drake kijj etcrj thing Is for Mc
Klule h re and consequently ho Is In
no huiry homo of the precinct chah
inen are sick now nnd It Is certain the
county contention will not be culled
until they have tecotcred
The basis of representation fixed by
Chairman eirant In hh call for the
statu convention wna thn subject of
bitter criticism by lort Worth Itepub
llcan ccsterdiy Tho contention I
made that tlrant has clenily exceeded
his authorttv It looks veil much llko
u scheme In favor of Cuuev to control
the national delegates Th basis cf
representation IKeil by tlrant will
Kite to each county fewer delegates un
der the rulo agreed upon by the state
executlte coumlttee This Is a decid
ed point In CimeyB fatot as tha ma
jority of the delegates will como fiom
tho Southern cuuntles whcle a strong
coloicd delegation will be sent
loiMilUf nllfloil
The Vopulh l are eiy well satis
fied with tho selection of piesldlnj
niilcers made by the countv commis
sioners at thflr last session It will
be lemembcred that tho Populists pre
pared nnd submitted a list of names
they desired to be nppolnted presiding
rtiiiceis The commlssloneis took the
matter under advisement nnd did use
a few of the names submitted Tint
tho commissioners looked at the mat
ter In the nature of a t hi cat and re
fused to be rneiccd btlil the Tops
aro ery well satisfied and have no
kick to make
rilllrt1 AuIpi
Chnlrmin Dialce sajs the largest
Ttlack and Tan vote that has eer
been cast In Tarrant county will be
polled this fall
Chairman Hoczle of the city execu
tive committee will soon make tho
appointment or n ward chairman In
tho place of Jeiry Deems and V l
Head restmiod
Several of the candidates for county
onicera are hoplnc for early prima
ries for two reasons It costs money to
be a candidate and then the earlier
tho primaries arc called the sooner the
agony will bo over
Tha Inlcrniitlnuul lloutt I A O X
Through sleepers dally between Kan
sas City Tort Worth and Kan Antonio
Ma Hearne with which Immediate
connections are mado at Cnnls to and
from Dallas The quicken route to
Tavlor A ii tin Pin rtuvonlo Laredo
and points In Mexico
llrliroM Scrip
The cnuRieeallon Ahanlti sholom
will hold services at their synagogue
at 6 oclock this evening In celebration
of tho wonderful escape from destruc
tion of their peoplt from their old eng
emy Hnman soino 2100 years axo
borne Interesting senlcea will be held
lteintlou Adopted
At a meetinif of Tort Worth council
No 1 United Commercial Travelers
of America resolutions were adopted
It L MofTett whose estlmftbls wife
recently died Similar resotutloqn
nlso adoptM and sent to II y ptte
bono whose father recently died In
Hied nt Kl lno
The tfWA warn MMili al Tr --
rtay or the death of Mr Waddell wlfo
JSVU formerly dispatcher
for the Texas ami lacltlo line Her
death occurred Tuesday nt U 1ao
V uius win ue snipped to Ne
vada Mo tomorrow for Interment
Crliipt Creek
Th Fort XVnrll nml Ttm l l
abort Una to that ilcca
AMjruuu mciih or nm rmir
JLiti mks
I tlra about - VVu I1
h VU V P he Invasion
tbieatencd calamity -in o1
ino i antulla
W Vn alllona of rS2ln
lll iiuinucri In accord nlti ci
Crljpl Is resolved to obtain or
without loss of time H wy
ro vtede who illAT
It Is feared that be will ninnJotJ
round Uaratlrl and then In L l t ur
loltlng trjwaat cVcuIrcusai
motes irfiuri
Another War riTTd II
K Keb J6Th i
ik Mm wliB
A Tratcllutr 31 nn tnusht for Ihlrt
Uc Dollar uud lie 1
MiJaer Xott i
Mention tvas made ln the Ca
zetto a few daj s ago ot a couplo
of slide gentlemen who came
here claiming to tepresent an ex
tensive fruit toncein the head
lunrters of which wero in California
They wanted to employ agents and
inado specious promises to thoo who
accepted terrltoiy In which to sell their
fruit Juice Heviral parties weip men
tioned who put up part of the Jlflo le
quliml to yecur an agency as a guai
antee of the fods supplleil tho ngentii
Another would be agent turned up
hero jestertlay lie was a tiavellnjj
man who had made u conlraU with
the fruit Juice men to take un agency
and he wanted to find th mi bad Il
had put up 23 of the required 100 and
was on tho point of giving up a good
position on the mad with his tlrm In
urder to lake a fruit Juice agency Ho
la glad now hy did not This ttavellng
man does not want his name mention-
The fruit Juice men were said to bo
two of the Binnrtnfit customer that
have been heie caul lug suckers for a
long time
Taey boirded nt the Worth hotel
drank fine -whisky and left -without
pill 1C a Gr bontd bill
o rut or Ar llnneit In the
To mi ut Anriitnii Oklii
Norman Ok rob SO A lively scene
occurred at the depot caused by the
Hist nppeatanco of a netzrt nm
nil tlw trln Ho ftaB lmIorted fiom
When the train rolled In the negros
vocal organs vveie brought into play
for his emploer It was cut short be
fore he comrilftcil Mm nu u
it chorus of jells So nigger shall stay
In rman nccomnanled in n
that distanced tho stones sent in pur
Next morning tho nee mnn
wen making his way to Tho depot a
eompanled by the hotel proprietLr Th
bojs i Kith red nt tho depot ami th
houb 1
commenced wlrn
the prop letor
took tho
part of the ntgio An
forced by neconser eaeYefmcrelf
oo ncTSarterir
by the llrjp
at on
tti iiiiiik
Hurried buay nervous women
aru tho ones for whom Palnfs
Celery Tompound -was cspetlally
prepared These men and women
with nerves all rono nnd feebly
nourished need Just the Invlgor
atlng strength giving effect of
Pnlnes Celery Compound Use It
now nnd keep well
nemedy 3 a cure guaranteed Write
for Iiuok vt Partlculirs Testlmonluls
nnd Pcfcienccs TOUArcOIiINK the
Tobacco Cure 1 Agents wanted O
Wilson Chmlcal Company lnvnrpor
ated under Texas laws Dublin Ttr
The oldest established fvvgrr
odloe In the city U70 MrrfISSft
Btrlctiv hlghclass dent- uTifTi
I try OfTlco Tourth and Main Sts
Tele phono S03
riate Work a Specialty
- JM M t npslnlr rt xtorlh Tx
QWjrix iitixTisi
illXJ All WrU rlenltncally
nnd Inrefiill Atltlitled ti
Ulvn MnlLcr llldg Iorl Worth Tex
Mill For Sale
Guns Pistols Ammunition
Snorting Goods of nil Kinds
o rurIi 1 ce 011
To enter In
ellller llu tte
uro prvimretl t n
etrrllf Induceiiiuu C
u for quolntlon
w Q MtU IIV Trnte
eusureu mia ltlon i
much excltemom nni
taking RCTllV1 in
A rood banratn fiM rnn
lUfnl0 f ilii0 th mm une3s This
- j swuivu ii Uiauue Tot
tSnL tmng county on
III i1 otlhe lort Wolt and Den
VhSy Ma In lh nter of the
tenant In construction three Btoilea
SStllhfJ1 a four story
building Tho tlevntor capacity for
otBrilli I 10000 bushels The
mm Moor Is of oak in tongue and
bn0diVrakIK mill
building In all particulars Ihe engine
lfVulom1c Uuckejs In man of
fifty horao power with sixty horse
potter boilers Tho entire plant Is
new only hating been operated about
eight months by experienced men
This Is a llrst class roller patent flour
mill with all Iho litest Impro men
to date of a cipaclty of ioo baire s
flour per day also scventyflve barrel
corn mill with all the latest Improved
bo ing apparatus u chop mill that
will chop coo bushel feed
per day
thus mak nn three mm ij
roof run by the same power A flfit
dfee orM ne nl1 HI pro
Ei JiJuPy 1 Torn a
falllnir v fc iurnmiies a crr
snnnlv txt
rim i i furu water
Uant Is
located on a lot of about
four acres of ground
i property
must be soM n r
tlcular call oVor dV UW
ntlVI USTATK Ilttoirrn
I am offering at cost for cash
-- vt vive are vtiog
worm tpy - h
nuai incUniVlS
n w orth and fr on
wny comisrJLfvi5
vothiresf 1S
rent Jear and H
otner business as iStiti
before a ntg
company In Hin ffl
Tuesday March i l rU
Vh ur Of S 111
v ourmg th currni H
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