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Excitement Through
out Italy
run noiiMin uv lmsfi smsjis
io m im mi uiLii nriii1
Ann Tim i cuiiu aounst o
Aat10rlle4 rovrtrlea to quail Ihr
OulhrrnkliiBs f the 1oiuliue
Ulnlitrr Will ItciJau
Rom March 4 Jtoporls from the
jinn lucci show that much disorder
At Milan the ttoorn after mainly try
iug to dlir ei a mob which was mak
ing a demonstration against the ko
urmont were obliR < l to ilu
Odq man u an killed un 1 p eral
wounded This tlicensed the fxcltc
munt anl tcpoit has It that th troops
hi > storuri and had to ekar the piiMIc
guire at the point of tliMr buyoiurt
Ihtre was another popular dcnion
iitratlon against tii fcuvtrntnent ut
Venice this nonliitf und tin moh wan
only dI < ULMK tt by tho police ilth tho
vreatent iUfflciiltj and after a number
of nrrePtn 1 nd been modi Adxlees io
celud here from Ia lua fay tint th < ie
ias a iloloiti demonstration toiny and
that the oIlca hud to Interfere to re
store order
At Vtnnn theie was n slmttir
denonstrtlon against tln eot rnimnl
and a numUr f sxlaIlsU wen nr
reotel for atoning the police und ultci
Injr se lltlou etlr >
At Illio anl in fact nearl > tvery
fiery rltj of Importance throughout
Italj thf tioops aie con Until tn bar
larks today anl acr > precaution port
slbl U h ntr taken to piernt dUoidor
It Is 1 < iivl liowui that imtMiig
short nf Hi downfall of signor Crlspl
sol the dlspitili of slrom r lnfjice
iient to Vfrlta will saUr > public
cl tmor
The pe ipK are murmuitnc urently at
Iwlnir deprived of tin pud of fimllles
lin must now hu plictd und r nrmi
anl as rath hour rn s the situation I
beeotnPB mor and m iu pfrttmn
Premier Ctlspl It U ieporU 1 sub I
m iuent to the caWIntt im Hnf In
formed KIiik llmnWt of tu Islon
rnrther detatb in l eln t ihet l
this exenlng of lolent iwciim tnief
at dlft rcnt pointu all ovi Imlj which
tlu roernment 1ms sought In iln to
ptevent the publl atlon of The alarm
t runint v ilch ncitt clrrulntel eng ti
ter In tho day aio eonlirmel b tlh
lat lepoits ant tho whtdo of Ilnl >
Reemn to be In tlie bandi of tho eng
tased pn uve Indlcnnnt nt the jtnv
ernment which Is apparently fover
e s to nuell the milt teaks of wiiith
It Is Hnosn that u lirjic numbei of
persons wire Injure I tnoie or lets set
misly In Hnmi thee un lts Ulotie
but the public Inltpnntlm wns almost
wjually lilRh Tho iitttdenls of the iltj
led lha drmonilrall > tm which wen dl
reetel against the tablmt Imhix
fontatnlnjr plcttnet of Hlirnor Cilstl
were burned In th > put lie streets with
the accompaniment of contumely and
wrath expressed aRalnst tm premier
Crowds were pnindliu the stteets
mirjwlifii ttlnutlnir T ftwn with
the Rovernment Down wllh the mut
derers Tlu > police weia llnnlly obllfld
< a tni c n hand as the volume of tho
public wrath whm fait nssutnlnK dan
gerous pioporihn mil the jarnden
were at last dlspf nud
Man > niiosts were nrndo durlntr the
day It Is stated t niRht that th
resignation m tli ministry will I
foimally nnuounc I to tutJUtnenl t >
morrow ft r tht hnH b in donn
l oth honwes will ndj utn nnd nwnlt lh
action of Kln llnmbtit Ibe klttir
has infouneil lkMor Crlr11 that he
must hai time 11 ioumI ler whetlar ho
will accept tli rttlKiiatlott of the min
isters ant confirred this v < nliiir with
the president of th > si imin mid the
clamber of deputies tnon tliu subject
Most Alarming Uepotts of tho Itallon
Watirlio Condi med
Horn March 4 further details
were re clved tonight concerning the
defeat of the Italians at tn haute of
Adowa and the tend to confirm tin
most firming repoits circulated it I
though tho exnet number of men killed
Is not vet announce l
Onernl lliratkrts force coiiRlated of
tlxtncn hatalllmis or white tr op1 Ital
lons six batalllons of nallv troops
and twelve batteries of ottlllery
Flnce the defeat no news Inu been re
ceived of lenenl Uabarls bilgnde
whloh was composed of seven wt tr
batalllons anj foui batteries of ortlt
ler >
Uenerats Albertlno and Aramendl
nd their brigade nre also mtsslng
annihilated Rn U vM lnal thc > h e b
U Is almost Impossible In descrlbo
Hie state of xcltemcnt In Itomo tMs
morning and no such scenes hive been
ln i i lnc the owupation of this
cltv bj ihe Italian troops
The cabinet ministers have been hoi
ing meetings throughout the dvy but
no far as known the king has not yet
n < Sfltfrffmir rispifl rialgnntloii
The whole country appcarw to be as
excited as the Inhabitants of the nip
iftJi it l tSJ0Tltfl1 t10t Holing oc
curred during the day In several cities
teJ cccn n f liowevei la holding
the state of alarm
lng and sorno
IsTno n P ° bef0r8 th rfaI lS
One rtimor tonight Is that the entire
n n prnetlcatly wfp d
ou and
that only a batalllon or so succeeded In
Ruch n ABmRra At tho war omee
lirf or th war nine
to l ue an fflIclal
wortl little l than torture Ct no
amount or premum atern iroiir
news from the minuter of ar wfJ
An important mottlnir at which lh
today All tlm oppoJiiioli ilepufieaTh
eoulj attend ere nre ent a ij wille it
RM dc iaM to unpen all thilneaJlw
fnmtty to uataln the honor of Imii
It I
iinlerlooa Diet the Kotcrnment
will be mblect to the mot iw
tacka and that Us colonial pollerwill
° ° 0r e tro8M iondemni
t on
In et ral districts It U reported the
Kovernmnt offlelala In charV if S
ecrvllDB the calling out of > cen of
1172 have telegraphed that they ar
havlntt a rent deal of trouble and that
furl1 disturbances are mmln nt
OI1V tlItATinm A DttqCKTCK
He 111 Probably lie Condemned to
Innlon March 5 A Rome dispatch
to the Dally News snip
Oncral rtaratlerla own report
howft that he autttcd the battlefield
while th < troops were still flghtlnc
and Tlthotit knowlny tho fate of the
columns under Cencrals Uabormldi
nnd Arlmoodl le will bo tried for
abandoning hH post the penalty of
which Is degradation and death
A Itoine dispatch to the Tlmea na > s
The cabinet has Meelded to resljrn
hpcause of the presence of tho radlcit
ojtitatlon and the resultInir danger
of violent outbreaks The nuetlnff
of parliament lias been rcmldtred ml
vtsnblo In order to finuxe the causes
of the provocation llcports unfavor
able to Ouieial Bamtlerl are nssuinlnK
a daiker color
tine Mralnlit mate ruiilor I loan
tniillirr With n Cine iiut lolllta
Diiuucriiuv Hounds
nchmond Va March
riood eileud the enote iianiber this
nrteitiwn anl walking up to Henator
1 linasan belabored him over llw head
Willi u time 1 ifllcllnit painful wounda
lausid miKh excltemuit
I lood was arremed nnd bnlle1 Ihe
i V wo I 1 l > > Ihe fait that
J anaitan a day oi two niio ul l on
tile floor Ihot I lood had ful llled him
Ijiter Thi condlllon of Senator rinn
anan I untax oi able tonlKht Ills phi
lrt there It com union or the
brain Ihoy aay It cnnnol bo ilenmtelj
known within Ihe next twche houra
hnt the tiault will be n be
delirious tor some houra
St tduls Mo March 4 Lite this
nrternoon the Tailor Manufacluilni
Co made an aMlinmcnt Aaseta salt
to be licioiio and llnbllltle 103000
The company operated a larcc facioiy
and made boklnit Pondera exlracu
Xelllea and pieaenes
Dnnn or tiiust
nonhain Tex Mai eh I Special
DaMdeon i loebloof Ladonla jrocerv
merchuntf Hied a deed of trust inter
ay namlmr 1M11 Daildeon as tiunee
All tho mock ot
itoods and fixtures ate
lli uw1 0 V > Ik or
retail he
na may deem ben and from
tho Irpcecds to pay oft r nolo of ins
due rirst National bank of Ijulonlu
alio a note for iM duo J y Merrill
Austin Tex March I it r Tav
l < r e < t l l Irut deed to
J W Uenjon for tho benent of
ferred creditors to bo paid In fullTn
the folow ne order Walton Oran
ft 1 < n Hnsehke Austin o
NelMti Dai la Co Austin Stooo noie
ft1Ttg Au
convened here this afternoon
Jhi 3lI1 ril1 LI II 1 4 11111 1 I J
j iiaitiaif
tngag mrnt tn nhleh TlttH >
lusurpent tre Killed and
Stirrul Uuaudedi
Havana March 4 column of
ttuopt commanded b > HtUpulleiUen
tral Munoz In an tneagcmmt with the
Insurgents In the Manzantlli dlstilct
killed two of the enemy nnd wounded
A dispatch from Oulncp province t > t
Havana says that the Insurant lead
tr Marso and Castillo are woumkd
A numerous bind of Insurgents ie
cently attnckM th government
The Infantrv nivldM Into Two Sec truerrlllns near Httjtua Xa linnde but
tlons While rtelttutliitf
Home March 4 Later details of Hie
fighting In hK9ltila Indlcnte that
General Dbortldaa column of the Ital
ian forces sustained a ver > hot attack
from the enemy and fought despctntrly
for forty minutes when they were
compelled to retreat The Italians dU
their best to rover their retreat by a
rlfl and artlllerv tin but theywero
hampeted In this tcutse by the ftnrof
hitting their own in < n Their lnfintry
made repelled l > a > oietchaiges to check
the pursuing Hhoans but they were
finally eompHlul to nbnndon their
Toward evening while still retreat
ing the column dlit led Into two j urts
On of these arrived In fair condition
under Colonel Hagnlo nt Addlco No
news has been received of the second
It Is report 1 that of 2M odlocru eng
gaged flo aru missing but lh gov em
inent will puhllh no list until exact
details are nclved
iu it imMjH nnt mi un n in tr
nt vm i i lwiis
llic I ok nt Tnu O Clock lb In Vlurn
Inu n KitlliunlcU nt Uty
Ihuuiuiul Dollar
McKlnney March f 2 a m Special
The buildings around tho public
uuro are burning Conservative esti
mates of the loss already sustained
no nnnuv rAvoita it
Hopis That a Court of Vibltratlon May
b Devised
I on ion March 5 The Dallj Vena
IHnla this mouilni n letlrr from the
1 orl of Uoaehrrj lite Liberal prime
nilnliler whlih ahould nine been rend
nt luoMdiij ulthta mectlna In quern a
hall In fuilhoinnce ot AngloAimrlcan
nibllrnllon r < ntl Ilurebeiy oa
1 lieirtllr liojw that It may Le found I
1 ractlcLllu to JoaIv eome pourt oi
rather machinery tf arbitration I
think II e maehlncrj elioul I be p rm
ncnt but not the court Of oouirc
tin re nie eubjeta which It may not he
pueslble to refer to nihltrulluu It
mill not olTuct the broad principle Tho
ixpirlment mny fall but thai la no
lenson whj It Khoull not be Irlod
roit TiiiI DiaiocnvTicTcoNVcx
AuHln will Cnnatruct a IlulKllnit for
tlu Occasion
Mutln Tex Much 1 pecl il
The committee of cltlina to pi in lie u
place fm the htule Inmnie lo conun
lion uh ell ronenia lure In luno to
R lea deleprntes to the National Di mo
iiatle contention met toda nn 1
nanul to construct a bulldhur wllh n
atlnjp eaimcltr or ne thonunil on
the heart of Ihe city
tiiii ti ruic nun n Turj Vl
or hi tin iiMn
a column of bpanlsh ttoopn nrrlvpd at
an opportune moment am prised the
Insurgents attacked thun In the tear
killed thirty of them und wounded
man > othets According to a dlspitrti
fioni Placetns province of Punta Clara
a number of Insurgents recently In
vaded an estate near ban Vixulo fast
ened the laborers to the pillars of the
ovirsetrs house and then set fito to
the building nnd burned It Tho un
fortunate laborers weie nil burned to
death One of them was n volunteer
At reriinndcKNIIJ near Han Nocnls
n part > of gucrrlll is In the government
wervlce ambushed and killed a nuinlwr
of tusuigenls Including their leaders
Hcrra and JJtnllla HUrra
rive Hundied Insuriftnts Watded Off
Itv Twelve Hailns
Havana March 4 Llvelj musket
firing niu henid tod > at 1 oclo k
from tho town of Jairnco The gun
1 oat Jrens ijera which Is at Manltnar
wuh attacked ly 5i > InsurgLnta In io
boats who made an attempt to hotud
her nnd coptiue hei Tho KUnboal wns
brave 1 > di fended b > the twelve sail
or of the new and b Commands
Jiultion who succeeded lit beating off
the attfuk
Ihtre Is a report that Maxima lomcx
Is complete btslegul by the troops
The small tovvtm In the vicinity of
munnbaco which Is onl > live miles
out of Havana have been burned b
the Insurgents whoso Intention ui ptr >
uitly u to attatk that town The
lioope ate now pmsuing them
Muceo fiomea and I a Ciete nre nil
supposed ucorllrg io the mllclal r
ports hre to be In a dcspeiate situa
tion A letter has been seen from
ntonlu Maceo complaining that he
U short of ammunition
Nt ws of the death uf the Insurgent
hadcr Itegino Alfonso his been con
cir vNcnitoit or nm mkution
Ir Castillo Appointed Arrival of Ex
peditions lu Cuba
New Yoik JIaich I Ur Joauuln
0 latlllo It la announred toda has
betn appointed chanctllor of the Culnu
legation hi America Tho appulntment
m made b > Thomna lntraila ralma
piiBldent of the Junta Itafnil Vortu
ondo atcretory of atato of the llcpubllc
orCubi Iiib leeellel clplur dlnpatihe4
which announce the eafo anlal In
Cuba or four cipcdltloni whkh hato
sill d fioni dlrreieut Anieitcun porta
during febiuary
llVSitCIII slIK UiUIiiMiM Ul
Jtssfll V A
Hud Ileen ir > loir foe Sererm
Ilii > mi 1 Ilia tlmtli Was
lliurli lltpeeleil
Lowell Mass March C Oreenholse
ill d nt 12 30 o clock this mouilni
Clnieinor lretnlialte wns of Unsllih
Ilrth but 10me with his puients to thU
lounlry In hU chlllhood lie was
Krnduatel from llmiard unlerslt > In
IsU Ttto > eara Inter he was admitted
to the lui nt whkh ho toik hlRh lank
as a coupMcllnr and adocate He was
elected to eongiesa rrom the llrhtll
illslrlct In 11S1 hlMne preilous to that
time hailnic uciuplel the olllcea of
innor or Ionell nnl meinb 1 or tho
leulslatuie He wns elected coiernor
three successive times
lie eubenntorlal chair Is meant tor
the reason that the constitution does
not transmit the 1I1I0 or Eoteinor to
the second olllcer ot the state In the
event ot tho Until of the hrst om
ee r
LleulenantOnvernor Wolcott will to
morrow send 11 message to the leelsla
fure notirvliur It of tho itoveinora
ileith and will Immedlateij Issue 11
prncl unnllon nnnounnlne to the pcopl
of tho eommnnwenllh that there Is n
vacauei l
tho nince of covi mor Tho
lieutenant then ceaais 0 bo actlnS
Bovemor but beeomea lieutenant
covunor and commander In chief
may losh Tiirm imiiNi i
Terry O T
March 4Mwjers and
nifon < re nnxloVis
about the bill Icfoio eonsiiss maklnB
uniform divorce liws In evely sla
and lirllorv Oklahoma Cll ifas sent
> Vnc > ° W lilnitton to lobby
55diiSfUS or h ° V110
Iltisov btiwpks rou Tiimir
nonlmm Tex March 4 special
Yesterday X011 lox nnd ChYi i
I Iletcher were convict ln two casea
of burglary and then lines assessed at
two years each In tho
Tom ciowder vca ols convicted
stealing hog and sent up tni
citAnTnna quanted
Hay City Cemetery Association and a
Publishing Company
nhA illl > Urch < Mlan
nh i
cn Y l m afternoon The Day
SU Clne rr n oln < lon of Mata
WporTW C Va eV o liirT
Tho rirm rouiidatlon
Publlshlnir com
PW Austin capital tocic IM0
11 ° 5ec k k0n mn
Arkansas rcrmbiican for the Buckej
state Man
llltlo Hock Atk March 4 The
y l proiecuon
SJi to the o lwqn > < rday vvaa car
country today and lnluhtej
In without resiralot In the Jirlet
six d
convcttlou at which the nejubllcn
ha < i to go throujth the form oC iiltettcr
Powell OtJilon cilled his lteutenints
togother In Utile Jtoik je tidav
morning and gave them a llst > f tboso
who were to r thoaen a delegates
from tie different dlstticts and tin
conventions had nothlnjr t > on mt
rntlf > Cla > tnn selections and shout
tor the UuckejoMato man
auc ncvpr ron action
Cuban Troops In Boston WalUnc the
Action of Congreso
Boston Mass March 4 The Stand
nrd tomorrow will say
Over SOO men armed and equipped
who have been drilling for weeks In
prepatatlon for Joining the Cubjn In
nurgtnts arc now In the cltj and onl >
waiting for the Washington action on
the Cuban nueitlon If action Is favor
able they will leave openb nnd If
adverse they will depart secretlj and
board their vessel which Is bins
somevvheie near New York
doth wnrtn acquittid
fc an Tranclico Ctl March 4 The
suatrslp Australia arrived from Hono
lulu tonight bringing news that MOr
lovv and Undeinuod the men who
wele charged with conspiracy to re
atoro tho queen to the throne were ac
iron 11111110 t strs tp
ruiL 10 111 run 11 vs
1 Mvirs Sending vleKlnle Delgules
lo SI I uuls Vtumli rson In
lu > lu Detent JliKlulcy
Oimha Neb JIaich 4 Senator
Thurston today mule public an np
peal tu Nebraska llepubllcans in favor
of sending 11 McKlnlej ilelegatlou lo
Louis it wains voters that the
enndldaci of Manlerson of Nebraska
Is distlncd to defeat McKlnlei lu the
Intettit or other inndllates nnl not
with the idea of tenator Mandersou
telng eleclct
111mum a titii nn 1 titi io o
an Pranolseo l ople Are
rluus liurgis Igultis
1rescnt Irlv lu VV iisliluglou
New York March 4 Tho Worll will
li T Huntington learned last night
1 f tho seizure In the postofllce depart
ment ot n laifce numbei of letters
inulltd at bun 1ianclsco to United
v 1 representatives and senators at
nasliliiEtou upon theinvlopes of
which were prlnlid the wolds C J
Huntington would not steal a red hot
siove It Is staled In n telegram that
the letters had been moiled bj Major
Sutio of ban Tranclsco
Mr Huntington said that ho had
been Informed that Major Sutro was
attacking him llnough the malls charg
lng him with being Inteiested In the
liulon rauno funding bill going to
Washington lth 000DOC In goll 10
bu > up eougress but that he had not
taken nnj action In the mnttei because
he considered it the dutj ot the otllclais
to act
Tiankfort K > March 4 The Demo
cratic sinutors held a caucus lonlgrt
and twilled that If the Republican
unsealed kaufnunn In the houso that
the noull letnllata by unsiatlntr He
publicans so as to hold matters in
statu quo
Ohkngo 111 March 4 After an ex
citing contest George H Toss wns to
daj renominated by tho ltepubllcnn
convention for congress from the ev
cuili loiihierslonal dlslilcl tecelilng
Ixtjelght votes against twentjtno
for D Dijce
New lork Match 4 Cllrford Ilright
Plnebus and lliy Hampton have been
declared out ot the Metropolitan handl
Washinalon March 4 Tho president
and Mr uirber his private secretari
leturned from New lork at 7 30 this
rort hmlth Alk Maich 4In the
ITnlled State court Judge Parker pro
liounced Ihe doth sentence of lleorae
Peoree Whster lsnncs John Pearce
Vrr J or ntinel and Molllo King to
liat Ti fira ls for Tua
Heading Pa March 4 Throuahout
eaele Hurts count Mr a distance of
ten miles a distinct shock of earth
uunke was felt last night Houses
were shaken windows rallied and it
some places glass was broken
I > es Moines lown March 4 ririv
county conventions In Iowa to select
delegates to the state convention which
eectel national delexites have de
A0n Kh0Ut ccon1
Hmlc e
ElUnoith Me March 4During the
seveic storm this morning the coasting
sthooneis James Pteson Helh Wjnia
the Alabama and Jennie and Toe went
ashore In the southwest harbor
New York March 4 At the head
quarters of the Presbjterlan board of
home mission It was announced today
n < MtB nt > d about
V i J lirch Th > Oironlcle
sajs tint
the government blue bock
on Veneiuela will reach Washington
on Jaturdaj and will be distributed
Jiere on the same da
London March 4 Prince Von Hohen
bhe the chancellor of the a < rman em
plre has urrlveil In London
Washington March 4The United
States treasurj was directed today to
ledeem II mioon cerlllleotes ot Indebt
edneas of the United Stales Issued In
pajment ot the Chetokee Strip which
Puichased fioni iho Indians
Johnstown Pa March 4Klro today
a ro > ed TOW worth of troperty
Through Steppers
iiT nal ro < Jn connection
wm ii l 0
° J T Central
and Hock Island toute Is running a
datlj line of Pullman Bleepera he wee5
Kansas cltj Port Worth and ban An
tonlo Connection Is made at Garrett
by rassengers to and from Dallas
forming the best route between polnis
la tho Hepubllo of Mexico Latedo and
Corslcana Dallas and Kansas City
jor Dxni Hfi i fliwtai >
T ntw today
tho T
x I l
Per r eceI lv c 0wh irSe
coinpanj s omploy
imiiiii in
nri l > > loicn
rmicrnmenl llo Iencr Io CimmixI
Mlliituti lu Tcllf TliouuU 11
Jln > lncrlmlniilo TUoimolic
Washington March I One of tho
tnost Important decisions ever nitdti
bi tho itupreme court will soon
handed down It will put n v lltu Into
the Interstate commerce net and
create a great sensation In railway
circles The power ot the government
to compel witnesses to testify or to
send I hem to Jail will ie established by
this decision
The United blates supreme coutt
will announce a decision In favor ot
tho goiernmcnt In Ihe famous llronu
ias > fiom Plltburg Upon tho de
clslon tests the power of the govern
ment to regulate commerce Hereto
fore the government haa been unable
to compel witnesses to testlfj Thus
Its attornejs weie unable lo secuio ev >
Idence to enforce the laws legulatlng
commerce Hereafter an nun no
matter who he is can be required to
give evidence ewn if It Incriminates
himself If he lefuses he can be rent
to Jail for contempt of court 10 re
main until he changes his mind
A witness however giving testtmon
against himself is by his own voice ab <
solved from guilt and can not be pun
ished but his evidence can bo used
against his ussoclutes lllls was the
aim of the tut of February 11 13J3
which wua passe 1 especial fur the
aid of tho lute rslale commerce commis
sion 1 his ai t of Pel ruarj 11 Is whol
ly sustained anl eteclired constitu
tional b the foithcoming decision It
wns the real point at Issue
Without the evidence the govern
ment lias been unable lo convict hence
the luleistnte commeice act has been
a dead Utter nnd the committee Utile
more than a buieau of rallna statis
tics The Olimlltie has been able to
lepoit the mileage of rallwa built
each vear and Ihe numbei of pnssen
geis klllid but wlcthei a small and
helpless shipper was gelling Ihe same
rates its the strong corpointlon t
was unable to know and if it did
know It wns helpless to Interfere
ho for nil practical purposes Ihe ln
leistate comnurce act was vitiated
nnd iiullllled Its vital object to pro
tect tho weak shlppeis and lnsuie ab
solute honest open nnd fair talhoud
1 ales 11 os lmposslbla of achleiement
Posjblv the most dtilng dlsobedl
nee of this law was the organization
list fall of the Joint tralllc association
eompilslng all the inllroila between
too east and the nest ownlnirand op
erating over 40000 miles of ralhoid
capitalized nt nearly one thousand
million dollais
Ihe men nhn organized this giant
poll had the lemerltj to Fa In the
111st breath ot helr formal agreement
lhat the had oiganlzed to al 1 In ful
filling the purpoies ot the luerstate
commoico act when In fact the
were uttering one ot the most flagrant
vnations of lint law ver attempted
Tho government on mollon of the In
terstate commerce commission Ins
sued In the Unite 1 Ktates courts ot
cw lork to dissolve this nssoclitlon
and Attorm jOensral Harm in has
been waiting six neeka for tho llrown
case to be decided that he mltht know
whether tho hw wns to live or die
U Ill im It Monlson chairman of
the commission has said In his re
ports and In a recent communication
to congress that the power ef the gov
ernment to irosecule nnd the life or
death of the law depended upon the
present decision Now ti at It Is 10 bo
mode In the governments favor Ihe
Interstate t immeice commission will
entei upon an era of iietlvltv that has
never befoie been possible
Chairman Monlson In glilngr to con
gress lecently a full etor of the ex
peilcnce of the Interstate commerce
commission for five yents concluded
with theso words
It will thus appear that for five
> cf t I st It has been Impractlc
able to obtain evidence on which toen
foice the pinal piovlalons of the act
he statute baling received h constuc
IS r1ic m < 1 mpoHBlble to
r Bll
fpTo Bo llgVe
0 lu e
uTan fS 0 > Z
Wokrs U ll rr niatlon Was
Not Published
No XSrb Mlreh 4A dispatch to
the World fiom Havana saia
1 10 1 of ruWle
ellpg In the
Un ted Mates on the Cubai quelllon
and Ihe general Indlgnallou ejcllei
tlene al Welera list announcement
of his plans no doubt explains tho
lonoppeaianco of onolher pioclama
ll0 ilc was to 1av > Issue I
laic In Pebiuaij llcneral elerwas
advised from Washington that the an
nouncement of his plans had cxclled
much s > mpnlhy for Cuba and that an
other proclamation would be llkele m
hasten acilon hi the American
M < s lem ra Wejlei has apparent
acten upon his adice and while hi
has not deviated from the policy o
Hrst announced he has given im con
ducting his campaign b pro clanml
m KiNLEr riaunnq
Washington Mnrch 4 McKlnlei
mannkers In Washington areT
clalnilng that the
nomination of in
favorite on the flist ballot Is certain
A week ago Ucn iliosvcnor
gave out
ibViT bs sal > 3 which shovved
McKlnley was oven now but n few
ITu J1 0 ° Vclor > nd that h
woald win bo > ond rpiestlnn on the sec
lMo 2 ° nen f Urosteni
has amended his figures and now
sisis that tho Ohio Napoleon nlieadi n
lion decided to make It unanimous
without the formailt of a bin
Pilmary for Jlay2Marrlage at the
Majors omee
Oatcsrille Texas March 4
comt convened Monday JudgToR
0 >
presiding Tho crlmlna docke i b0
considered this week
men Aswnca toiib p n siDENT
Columbus O March i r >
It DonoMn has 0 0 1 B
Senator Calvin a
latter contra nets thcLn whcn
nlll lellro from omip rf ° ft W he
that he I a cndlda7 1 nUmal
dency He J 10
sa > s that
rualn a citizen of Ohio 1 1 fell
ll Democrat poiuic S > lve
eng hftu
democracy may ilf n he
y c >
leader era other
Ill ip in pi iti op iurDii in
im iiiitiuR vs
up of Hie Mriulicrs of the caucus
Claim Hint DebopWus Not
1nlrls cbusen
Trankfort Kj March 4 The He
publican Joint caucus for the nomina
tion of a candidate for United htotes
senator continued unlll almost mid
night when Chairman Jones announcel
that Stale Scator W J Dcbot had
been nominated There was n lively
session nnd nlno ballots were tnken
The contest was between Kenator De
boo and Judge Holt Ihe Inst ballot
resulted Deboe 32 Holt 21
The chaliman of the cnuctis claims
that Dcboe had a decided mnjorlty of
all the votes cast nnd Is therefoie tho
Those disputing tho claim of clialr
tnan Jones and the friends of fenalor
Deboe refer to the lule ot the Joint
caucus rcijulrlnu J5 voles to nominate
and that tho lowest be dropped nftcr
each ballot
There were slxtjtwo of
the slxteight Hepubllcan members
of the leglilatuie present and Chair
nnn Jones claims tint the llilrtjtwo
votes cast for Dtboe was a majorlt
of the caucus
Late tonight the Holt men made a
proposition to the Deboe men for both
to tilth liniy In favor of St John Ho Ie
fejJcted ln6 lroI > lon was
Congiessnnn LmvIs arrived from
Vashlngion tonight and Is expected to
enter tho inee tomorrow
Troposed In Ihe Congress bj Senator
i J Mirch 4 < Senn
1 > r < = l > hill m the
nmnis i nC > I eject nn
i iJi t 1 futures which It com
nes have
been antlclpilrd In several
dlrfeient palents It rcuulits that all
rejections slnll be bnsel upon n ulnglo
inSi07 c mb in a clmpleto
patlon of the de vice applied for
J ls tra < < > IllltJ 1 ut Droad
jay church tonight Ho sure and heur
James Monroe Makes a Statement to
House Committee
Washlnglon D c Ollarch 4 The
toa a ° J ° lw Si 1 of the house
ffi111 kattnient by Mr
forThe 0 8 nos ht tinulo maiS
Sim i fel is of Ihe Union Pa
iss ILan h0 col lon tlmt no
g i
cr Sm 11 iS IT xccell U 1000 000
u0 e fui
thai not more han 3 per cent
earniliBs ° 0llnt mm b > l5er clUi
Urs Seaton Ihe MothcrIIorton Tried
I or Lunacj
M sCI Cln0 M vCV March Special
on biN SSp i
o u i BaturJa >
sons and on dnugMer
fri I lorto w hi ought over today
larmeiBvllle and tried for lu
Haw 111 bo sent to th asjlum
Jefferson City Mo MarVh Tho
eyiJ rlculture d ay ie
° 0ltueJ
Hon wa ot capitula
Castorla U Dr Samuel Pitchers prescription
for l > arcjrnric IJrops SooHiIdb Syrupn and rZ
It li Pleasant Its fclinralitco Is jeaTr
MlUlons of Iothors Castorla destroys
feverlslincss Castorla prevents Toniltlnj t
Csslorl lsso imtwJJ
knovrn to nw
meat haw poUa hlgUttfT
ence la their mM ukuZ
ard altliouBh M ll
surpUes lu t JJll
producu r wo ir toTlZegg
menu of Cuwuia
ckitid Eomru m
Ais c Sami Do
lie Una doing lo JtUWi
Aftsr Mahtfall VTktsX
cures Dlarrhooa ami Wind Colic Qurtott
tcclhln trouhlcs cures constipation ami tjr
Castorla nsilmllates tho food rcgulaics tho a t
nud Itotvels chins licaltlty and naturalilciT
torla Ij tho Clilltlrcuii Panacea the JloUiet1 tvul
Csftorli Is aa eict1 at medicine for chll
Sfon Mothers hae ixpcatcdly told mo c lu
good effect upon their clill Jren
l > a 0 C Osgood
Lowell sUivis
CtWOri Is ths Ik t renivly for children of
hlch I am acqunluleil I hoiw tho day Is rot
for diitant hrn mothirs i Ill connldnr ths real
Int4rvit of their ctlUrou tea 1 nso Caetorla ia
s cad of the various quack nottrums which ora
destrojlnK their loved onn bjr forcing opium
laorphliie soothinj syrup and other hurtful
stents dona th lr thronts thereby sending
them to prematura gnnn
Da J F KurcHsisOB
Ooaway Ark
nnd Cliliaron It contnlnt neither Onlum s >
Narcotic tsulstn11co Mirplitii di
other It Is n liorrnL
lloll inJ Tet MiKll tflj 5
Last night an attempt
assassinate Mr J R Bb J
oar town It was afler Jy
was on his no ljljfi3
Mr N L Ilnebaush ii
upon bj some un1
bullets came near h ttlnt u J
tended and two ° e f3
clothing tell of ths IW1
had fiom death
Hockwall TtxJU S
Taj lor Terry I UH
east of Hockwall Ma
laslrl M
bam burned
bainwllh a lantern f t M
tc Z
and accidental
und llred the ha Jlt
whether he had lararaw
i st
Tie Oentanr Oomiiany TT Mnrray Strest He Tnla SII
Piarioii m11
slur 1
> qMn
teed ft J
the Suit
lor prim
fl L C
lat It i
A lKOW tHlllUmss 1
I til
tin I
ai eon
FIUC llECOf sjj
Nocona TCX MJ K Um
This morning abeal 1 ojfj
of Ihe Nocona Le J LjJ ff i t
es nnd alt > < Z > TS
destiojed by fi l J jUnt
Decatur Tex t
The twostory rms 4U1
West Main ittwUgiV
on to
Harmon waiclffify
Dan ij J
menl < Ulckl ffiMtlo aV
name lirownslijr s
bales of ha
Any one can M
lot lust received
Prices J25 1 ° 75 J ra
Maudox cmson tJ
The Knife yjW 1
Hotwton T Wrtj
Jim Kola ail > S ii 4
Fota head
the skull and rau
Whca the twrvwSt 0
nWsUiJ ii M AO JiJSiili
< Q

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