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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, March 06, 1896, SECOND EDITION., Image 1

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Con trolly lo
H Ii In i fiery iwpMl
MC1 IM MM Capital
Sb final truiti
gX KO 8 1
if tUulaunderaf shirts
j1nv fnr 3Gc or
eva KS Ml 18331111
Me Men
make extra cheap
rices on
and Linens
gM111 nnnrl wmn fnr
ta Juu - --
i Uattlo i onveniion
id nan save money bv
jyingfrom us
a Austin
an Convention
tmJTOlIl CIUlll
hi or tii u i miner
Iftfcri lotcrfero and Quiet
pactfal Blob and Prevent
rftbftbir iti Lodine
Tx March C Special
rJKM congressioa comennon
nth district met here todiy
d tn the usual division and
Um IdlnHi vet Mm- cnnlinufil
3to itraigiu hours
occurrei when unairman
E U tllstr1 J C
IMd ot Washington countj
VfttU p ThomDson coloied
U county temporal y
11 ICfino fillrtii ul nnrl n
ytu nanowly nverted When
unounced as the temporary
W0 opposite side protestei
titA In nnn rrknn
f roitruni Ho was pushed
no was made at wun
jw nanjs or a white Mlole
y bj name nnd the
Fit vru me greatest
Wis truck b Cain
t ucjc anu was grauueu
- mm j cun 0f x ut mm
carried 4ivnii rm ih
wtlon durlnir Iho pxcltoment
j min H i Btorm anrl
riuM K wotJl ticgrocii and tho
01 al Mtt ralal
SJ i trterfnco of pmc
flnolt ii
aa he Clll action
ncocK colored or
3 JS rrtl k ot llrenharn
ItAiiui Bates to the
Mok at which tlmo the
yRf5 Opera House
f168 Tomorrow
Hn by str
ta HB Ulllll
SSBllij nt C0pany Includlns
Bt lnlu
3B ii J0 If Accompanied
llB paid li i
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Karcri Qo KEENE
W UuixrU
TusunoED Ncono coxrcncvcn
A Notable Oatherinw of Tlepresenta
tlcs of the Colored ltace
Tuskecee Ala Tarch 5 The nn
nual Tutkegee necro rnnfetencQ under
tho auspice of the Necro industrial
nnd Normal schnol which opened to
clav is In manj lesptets the mort
notable rnthrinjr of rcpreeentatlves
of the colored race that has ever as
sembled In America
Neirlj Situ colorpl people llBtend
to the opening address of President
D T Waslilngton
iquaixy Diviprp
Democrats nnd Topulist at Dogota
llaln and Hall
Doeota Tex Mnrcn T Special
Dr W II Orajson of Colewnter MIm
has located at Uogota to practice IiIb
The rlUcr Democrat nnd the Popu
lisls are about equally divided In this
part of the countj The PopullFts are
rather deponed to want Kenrbv for
povernor while they Indorse the stan 1
that Dariiett Olbbs hoe token jet ho
I an not gained their confidence
Quite n number of the ol 1 and joung
people of the cit at nembled nt tho
residence of P W McCain Tuesday
night where the perfe ted the organ
ization of a historical reading circle
Several cases of measlts aie report
ed in town none being fatal as jt
Thomas J Dozler returned to lila
home n few ilass ago from IxXlngton
K where he was called to the death
bed of his father
We had a considerable rain ana hall
storm a few days ngo which did a
good deal of damage to the farms
rcioirr japcjeso oibimtt
Tlilr Head CB r
nod TIitr Cori UrBd
Throush ttio Sire
San rrancIo Cl Marrh t -The
eteimer China k10
brlnflnj news of another
tcalo at
on an extensile
coip Seoul Korea On February 10 a detachment
ot Ttusslan marines num
SpinS 17 arrlied from bejul for
Wlrian and the crown
nee lient Into the Husslan leRaUon
and formed a new boi ernment dumts
slne all former cabinet olllcers
llemlcr Kim lion Isu und seien
othJJwblnet ministers knoan as p o
slatcsnien nero
jaDinne around the
and their corpses dracjed
decree said to haie been signed by
ibe Jim at the Russian leeotlon or
dered the heads of Hie of tho
ministers to be flied on poles
ThS Unci said to haio been Induced
desire to
through a
to this action
iVn the murder of the queen
n th meetings OI liie nw V
nusslan marnes
already been destroye 1
out to be incorrect
it mAji
TTIsfVrfcm VTTr VTTk ITHnrTT N a rvnmmin
UJiX VVUJttTJtl WjfiLfcJjilTJK
Tr nr w - I
To our new quarlora 509 Houston street
and have entirely too many goods for tho
store They must be sold at oncjo regard
less of cost Great bargains for all
rry Dry Goods Company
Thomp t Jemcnt pot together and
selected VJ Brush of Autln and
M L M coloud of
McKtbeyltes as their represen
tatives Wright Cuney was called on
for a speech and hu addreescJ the
1 hompsun crowd for pome minute
He excorlaltd in tho course of his re
marks a certain manage in Texas for
ono of the presidential aspirant1 charr
ing that lie was purchasing vote iin 1
his caustic references brought forth an
interruption from a unite delegate
named Captain Hlcker of Austin of U
A U fame
Dissatisfaction and uproar followed
but sulllelent silence was obtained for
the Interrupter to ask Cune question
i elating to the object of his recent visit
to New ork and alleged remarks he
had made about the whites In the
Union arm reflecting nn the ex-collector
of customs Cuney responled
receiving npplnuse whlh wa follow
ed by Intense cxcltemtnt during which
everal negioes approached and grab
bed RIcker threatening to put him
out wNle other de nan lei rtre lilrn
from the hall Cunr rutepted ngalnst
loKnce w ntle Hlcker onset toil that
he wnuta be with thorn to i finish
Q ilet tin flnallj restored nn MV V
Enton colored nf fain ntonlo fol
lowed Indorsing Cunej nnd colling on
the negroe to stand by him
Among tho visitors were Craw fori of
Cameron Drake of Port Worth Juice
Makemson the Hack and tan randidatt
last j ear for coernnr and Rrnenthal
nlls tonight the two factions at
todaje mectnjr
American Consulate at
PAMSU mi inx intiuics orr
action or aions
amj oiinn riiiuiriuMi ov
1ILIT1 ami 3I1HU
Hie Aolliorllles Are Ubllffed to Close
Several Coll tea lo 1rent
Student tuliuricntlns
Valencia Jlarch 6 The disorders
whlwh vero prevalent here when the
nois was Illst received of the action
of the United btatert senate on the Cu
Knn qutstlon broke out afresh today
and theio wert renewed dtmonstra
tlons of hostility to the United Stalls
The mob made its wiy to tho United
Slates consutate which was stoned and
tho windows of which wcio smashed
by the Infuriated people
Mashlntton 1 C March t Tho
lain hour at -which reports of disorders
tola In ftlrrcla Here received made
It Impossible to learn whether nnj of
llclnl Information lmd been rwilved
hero In rfKnrd to tho trouble The at
tack will no doubt crento renewed In
ulffnatlon In concessional circles and
may have the effect of hastening ac
tion on the Cuban resolutions -when tho
conference report Is taken up In tho
senate on Monday
The unllirslty here lias been closed
uuJtr orders from tho uovemment os
It lias feared that the studentB meet
Iriir would lo a hot bed for breidlng
disorders Hut this miasuro proved
unavailing nnd the pollco havo leen
kept buij dispersing students calher
lnis nearlj all day
Several nttempts wero iralo by dls
ordeilv iniadus to mnke their way to
tho United Mutes consulate but they
wtro fiustiated as the authorities had
tecelved special orders to ba on tho
I mkout for any demonstration ogalnst
tho property of tho United States 8pe
ilal protection was affoided the build
Ine In which the Anierlnn consuls of
llce Is located The mob cathered be
foie the bull ling btforo the police were
avvatc of what was occurring and
stones began to lly from tho crowd
with ho icsult that win lows were
broken The crowd vvos cheered on by
Fimpathlrets In the streets and from
the nelKhborlnir houses Tho pillce
lost no time In charging the rloteis
and the mob ivas speedily dispelled
the missiles being llune almost while
those thit threw them were taklni
flight Thcro was no violence InJulired
In In other parts of tho cltv tho
demonstrations belne confined to noli
clamor cries of derision against tho
United States srov ernment nnl at
tempts to mike speeches Tho orators
were not allowed to rroceed far beforo
the drove away their healers
and -warned the speakers to desist
A number of ariests were made ns n
result of tho defiance of the orders Is
sued for preserving tha peace
Madrid March t Numeious groups
of students armed with ruJrels took
part In a patrlotlo meetlnx in 71uen
Itellro park today A strong force of
police iniint1 nd on frt rtlspel sed
them Th police are guarding the
university the veterinary tolloso and
the medical college
It Is stated hero that several English
shin owners have offered the govern
ment to equip privateers on their own
account in case of war between Spain
ami the United Flates The govern
ment has decided to purchase two ad
dltlonal cruisers It Is stated hero that
the situation In Cuba oppears to
PThe authorities hale succeeded In
dispersing oil the rioters and order has
been restored In the city
Tirnv iiAvn buppoht
Ilarcelcna March t The unlvetrl
tles here at Valencia ond Ciranada
are closed In order to prevent tho stu
dents from maklner demonstrations
against Uic United Ptates
Tlio excitement how ev er has con
slderobl abated and there Is a belief
nrsialent that Creat Urllaln and
rAnret villi support Epal1 against tb
United States
nrtovrn to Tiin nnjcun
Madrid Marrh I According to a
statement In Il Wo Kenor Djpuy de
tm the bpinlsll roanlster to HV
nas telegraphed to Unoiern
R Km hoi- pdVV either
ft rwognU or to interven la th
Wander the People Oyer
the Earth
iviium tiiu loitui hah siiiuaii
iruu i non Tim maf
Manj KnuoLv tiieuts Arc 1 onBut 111
Mitch Sutiltrn on lloth Kld
are 3lln WVylcr lndurtctl
Havana March G Captain General
Wejlcr visited the mllliar hospitals
today nnd expreuscd himself os 1 elnjj
natlsfled with the rnmer In which tlio
wounded and sick wVe being enred or
nnd with the condition of the building
lp to dato the Insurgents in e
lurnid thirteen lilage nnl towns In
the province of Vlnar Del Jtlo
arllla nnl Ilojan the lavuritcnt lead
era ot the heart of abuut 700 ot thrlr
follow i rs recLntly nttackel a company
of the Htcllla battalion und the lorat
guprlllns foico at ban Andre near
llulguln province of Hantiago de Cuba
The Holdlere lho were i roteUIng a
coino of provisions and suptllpn made
a brilliant defend and repulsed tho
Insurgents with a loss of about twenty
five kill 1 Tho troops lint one lieu
tenant Klllid and had xeMral woutuUd
In an engiRpmcnt In the district of
Clenfurgos rovlnco of santa Clarn
rt centl j the Insurgents had f eral
kllltd including their leader Abiu
cnptnlu tit tiprnl Wejler has Issued a
ciiculur prohibiting the sale of petrol
eum un 1 ottier Inflammable articles of
like dcrtrlptlon In tho Illapea ot Cuba
and renul ilinj tl elr Impottallon
A delarhment of Insurrentn lirlopglng
to Minos force has captured the fort
at antn Crus tl Is prav ince the smoll
tst Ut north of loabacoa bj unfair
imann It U clnlnicd
The I usurp nt culled upon the gar
rlin to surrender end the sergeant In
charge left the fort for the i uri ose of
conferring with tho Insurgent leader
In the ineanwhtlo tho lnautgentii sur
rounded the fort entered It anl made
prisoners of the volunteers defending
It also tapturlng nil their arms and the
supplj of ammunition The Uilunierra
wen subsequently rclaeetl nnd the
mUltii novctnor of Joabaoou sent n
detachment ot troops In pursuit of the
Insurgent v
lloneral Irntz nnd Arolas are closely
purruinsr Oomtz who Is now near tlt9
borders of the province of hunta Clara
according to the oOlclal advlc Otn
eral 1rnts killed four exiduiers nt
Aroltas Ito alno tilled Ponrnl othei
nt Carlllo while continuing the purrult
of lomez
Tim situation In the province of Plnnr
DpI Itlo ha grcatlj Improved Oenerol
Mcllguezn had nn engagemfnt at the
plantation nf Morales near Cailguas
pouth ot Juraco this province will
bands of Insurgents belonging to Ma
teo h command The troops dislodge t
tho Insurgints from the i OHlitons whhh
the latt r otcuplel und Cutlllojao
nnl Tartto olunteers In pursuing
thni killed elglitien of the euem nnd
wounded mnn more
1 hu rich Vuelta Abalo lobarrn
trlct eiems to lme leen put to the
touh nnd I apparently reduced to a
dcsolata wlllcrneHS Several towns
lino been obliterate or reduced tit n
heap of nshe and the Inhabitant nro
wandering1 helpless over the fuco of the
country without u i lace to lay their
heads vi wherewith to bp clothed nnd
mnn ore utnrvlng
The villages ard towns of Cabana
Hahla Honda Sandlego de Ntmer t4jti
ta Cruz de Lou Iinos Ion Pabirlou
PIzo Ileal de Sandelso und t andkgo
de Io ltandlos arc paid to to rfduf I
to sahoH und rtports of othcrH will
bring tho numbers dcMrojed up to
thirteen AH of these were Important
and thilvlng centers of population nnd
bushiest Ihe last town which his
succumbed to the Insurgents torch Is
ban Juan Marllnex The tobacco from
this plantation Is famous Dm world
oer for lis matchless ilivor Its cultl
atlon brought great wealth to the
peojle of the dlntrlct and gnto mi
terlal for a large tommerce In tiie town
and support to over low families
Tho hpanlsh troop found Krt desolate
families without clothes or food Han
Juan Martinez Ut erased fiom the
A committee representing the Cham
ber of Commerce and the hj anlnh Ca
dino called upon Captain Oeneial Wey
ler today nnd rtaurtd him of thtJr
patriotic adhesion to him In hi policy
ciitw rijniin hwh hu will
qv cnxyaiz it
lnltd Confrdttrnle etertiu W 111
Meet t JUcJi to onl as Lnllrd al
Iba Hen toil Iteunlou
Waihlngton March B Tlio decision
published by Genera Walker com
mander of tho l A H In rcferen e
to the ptoosed Joint parade In New
York on July 4 was called to the at
tention of Senator Gardon of Georgia
who has been commander-in-chief of
the United Confederate Veterans ever
since tkelr organisation and he was
asked If purposed to take any action
lArtittrtr to a chance of the date of the
next annual rrfectlng of tho confeder
ate at Richmond June 50 an4 July 1
t Uenerai uoraon icyucu iw nam
was finally Jtrlded upon In order to
permit the confederates who came from
r lurther south to so to New Yorir
mediateh after th adjournment and
1 ULka J art In the Joint parade but I see
no reaion for changing tho date of our
reunion which was called to meet nt
Richmond by the last annual nmtlng
at Houston Tex and although the
date could rgall be changed by me
jet I shall not do bo unless 1 ilnd It to
Oe the wink of a majority of United
Confederate Veteran tamps and best
mltcd to the convenience of the people
of Richmond who hav been most
In making provision for our et
ttrtalnment It will readily bo seen
that no chango can bo contemplated
If It tn nnj measure Incommode our
nost the peoplo of Kichinond Of
course it wouU not be entire Incom
pntible with our self rospext as Can
federates to talta anj part In the pro
posed Joint patade I do not wish how
eer to dUcuns tho action of General
Walker It has been mj erfot sine
the war to iultiite tho most cordial
lclattons between the soldiers ot tho
two nrmles nnd between the peoile of
the Jtwo sect lorn I nm dud to know
that I have the cordial sjmpathj and
atprmal of m old comrades In thU
effort and I wish also to add In this
connection that 1 have had tho most
cordial manifestations of like ntl
tntax on the part of the great bodj of
the Union noldlcrs
ooxanusaiovAii committkh
Held Meetings In Waahlngtoc and
llcctM OiUcers
Wttsilngton T C March P - The
members of tho Republican ongre
atonal campaign committee hell their
nrst meellnf tonight and selected th
ofllccis who will have control of the
organization In thli conn ess Most
of tho oILboord was re clectM without
opposition Mr lUvheock of Wisconsin
belhtrre elected chairman Mr Apslej
of Manpachneeits lre crmhman an
Mr W R Thompson t Michigan
The csecutp committee chosen was
ltcprp ientatlves Hull of Iowa Cannon
of Illlnol Sennnn of New nrk 0pi
street of Indiana nnd Mercer oiNe
I tarka Henntors Irttrhar 1 of New
rk Pclllgren of Fouth Dakota und
Mitchell of Oregon
llnch Ptnte l one lepresentntlve on
the roitinltteo and about thirty of the
ni mbers took part In the meeting
which va entirely harmonious
win i wiiisrcu WltUN w s
jjviKi 1itniLnuif
1 Stutatlott Sprunsr ta School Ilourd
Mtellntr nt iiUeslou Prof
Coapcit IteiiauMllou
Oalvtflton lex Mo roh 5 Special
The school lourd int this evening
Resolution wero adopted toiiceinlug
Profeijr Ooupei m ienlgnAtlon
A intNitln was sprung In the shape
of a letter addieised to the boaid fium
H W Wiggins colored wl deslreil
t know whj I ebnter W lleon it
colored school teauhi was nrrordcl
reattr prlvllegts than other tracheal
W Usoti returned to the cll u few days
ngo after an absence of about bcmii
teen days during which time lie wis
In thy Interior In the luiirrat of Al
lisons 7ieelJenllol boom Wilson Is a
rrornlutnt tninler of the Cuney Re
public in fa rilon Wlgfju I u eup
pnrier of MrKInley
It lc undtrstnod that Professor Coop
er will eleaor to g t a proftonihlp
In th Statu university eng I phould ho
not fw eed will probably ohtnln a
plmllnr position In some of tin flouth
crn state tmiverFtltUs Hu will leavo
Oalvctjton In June
i lo m da arvrn liimkmion i
One 1 hcIIoii Vrrtvit tho
tlun miiiI UleoU u u liiluatrucltd
Uvlrgatiou of 3H lllulrlt
TatlahusBee 1 la March 5 The Re
publican state convention spilt Ut 4 15
this moinlnff when the Ounby faction
rpiesintlng eeunly live out of a total
orS i votea bolted the hall claiming
they wwrt unable to secure fair treat
ment under the organization effected
last n I slit
The pen ling question at the time
was the adoption of u mujorlt report
on the fommltteo on credentials
broughlrJn by tho Hgan fai tlon whUli
van In contiol of the convention Tlio
split occurred after a decision that
fomented delegates holding seals in
the tunporary organization rhould
havo a rlfeht to vou on the adoption
of the report Tho Jganlten fourteLii
dc lepAtes being present adopted the
report nml then pitrfrctfd a permantnt
organlzitlon Delegates wero chosen to
the national convention The delegates
are unlnstru ted but oil are pro
nounced McKlnley men with Reed as
their probable second choice
Tiin WHrriR A im nCe
Chlcajo Raeballlts Arrive In Galves
ton A Plar Hurt
talvCBton Tex Msrch C Ppeelnl
Rjan Uahlen Parker nml Fverett
members of the Chicago bap ball club
rrrvrtWoday AM of th members of
the team are here exeent Teny and
Land Huwlar the team will play an er
hlbltlon game In a prntllce game to
day Jig Purath one of tho InrWrlers
of the Chicago team In attempting to
execute a double play was n truck on
the heao coming In eop wth Ivrr
ett Jicht Hitches wero required to
close the wound
Over the Recent Decision of Ihe Su
prcme Court
Washington March 5 Mrs Stem
fori Is ovtrwhrIned with Joy and con
gratulitlons becauno under a decision
of trio wipemo rourt this week ihe
plans that she and Ihe late senator
spent year In perfecting can t car
ried vuUnd the great unherslty that
was fourded as a monument to their
son will receive the millions that were
dedicate I fcr Its erdcwmcnt Tho
eoirt ftilevea the slate from H Ushll
ity for th goprnmeht debt of ho Cen
tral Pa Hie railway company an t re
qalres the ccmonitlon to eettle tliosa
oblijatloni During the last year or
if it
Will tenia fnr nulls rrr iiioru
Inn frpl Holiday Ht JHMJ olMk
earrjlnu 11
rxiinaurn Itcuvtvetl on this trivia
for Dnllnv
Friday our Remnant Day
Remnants of Dress Goods Per
cales Ginghams Domestics
Prims Ribbons Laces Em
broideries Etc
Gingham Sun Bonnets 25c
each 25 ccnt Handkerchiefs
slightly 30ilcd 15c each
New Gold Belts
Shirt Waist Depot
The Parker Lowe DG Co
radios and Childrens Wenrn Reclullj
Greenwalls House
- Opera -
This Coupon will Admit a Lady lo a Reserved Scat
Frco of Cliaigo
At Grcenwalla Opera House when Accompanied
Willi n Paid Ticket
Jamon and Pythias
more Mis Htanford has pull the ex
pen os of tl e unlviinlty fr nn her nnn
private funds 1 eouuao all the money
of tho estate Is tlel up by this Htlga
tloi whlh It Is bvllJed was Insplrtd
1 mall lou motives Her frlmida do
tin that olher lndIduali who liol 1
large block tr stuck In the Ontntl
Pltinc peixuailod the United Mate
dtstilct altomo at tVin Pram Isco tt
nit nek n woman In oithr that she
night be mmielled to p iy the eapetmrt
nnd ptirft r llm nnnonnc of tonl ittig
a claim In which ihoi are equally
ittt I Itut sin ha done so suetc
full attlnLKh it htt ltn thu cauae
of a greu deal of anxet nn 1 dlstros
Is Rclng Orderrd for Hxport to Br
lln ilerman
WushliiRton Man h ti 1 be prei ill-
fnm lUrlln bring tholntoret
ng Infottuatloii that certain breuirs
In CJennany have oontructed for xroo
M buMhels of 1jnrly from Montant
luxt setson Thli Imrloy will tumo
11 om thr fnmouf inllattn nlle
which lie alone the Northern Put Mo
railway nl out night miles east of
Helena wheio piinimous 1 ropn of tha
ey ilnest tiunllty mo being inlsel ly
Ln Iff a Hon Kevcrul ngo samples
of Imrlev frmit tho Mnlhillu alley
exhibited lit thu east attracted thu at
tention of Jacob Iluppbrt irm New
orlt brtwer nnd lUnr Mtetibrnml of
RrooltUu who ff und It oupetloi In
anvlliitig thry hid ever seen The n
wa an Invofltnent In 1Z0O0 or
IB WW aire of land which was brought
tin It r cultivation ly the construction
of Irrigation ditches nml 1 ns time pro
duct d tfunttriii irrps or eupenor bnr
Ipy These hrnlloincn furnlslud ee 1
to fanners hcstel hi tho valley and
oncouragul ptotdo to go out hero and
tnkt up Inn 1 the quality of thin grain
has made It famniiN In Huiope at will
as In America aul tho biowjis of lit 1
Iin have made thli contract hi ad
ance for a 101 Hon of next jenr s uup
rouuTH JumciM dibtmct
San Antonio Tex Marnh JJ ftpec
lal following1 decisions were
handed down by tho court of civil ap
peal ot the Pourlh J mile In 1 dhtrict
Atllrme U Calhoun I N
Ptark guirtllan fiom lrarnn A T
Curnon Texas Inntatlnu nt com
pany from Dallas T V Weathered et
il s J W Oolden from Hill C H
Marsalts s J M rhomns from Dal
it 1 P W Rosa Kerr et nl
from Dallas
Rcvt rsed and reman led William
netidrleks peter Hendrlek from Dol
tis J H Armnlron et al v Rirkett
IlurnsftCo et al from Dallas Oaive
ton JIarrlsburg and Han Antonio Rail
way company vs Tlllle Gormlly et at
frn lonsah
Reformed end arirmed John P Cor
et al v W 1 Trent from Hill
Jury 1alled to Agree In the Cose of
County Judge
Anson Tex March 6 Bpctta
District court hn been In senslon hero
this week fb Jury hi the rnsft of the
btau J C Phillip county Judge
and Theodore Rland county treasurer
olOeer who wore removed by district
JiMt H 1 Hsmner last Auifuat are
complainants returned a v erdlet of
guliti ngalnst RIand nn 1 wer unable
tn ftfir on a erdlet as lo Phillips
Much ferllng ha heen nrotmed and ft
great deM of Interest was manifested
lu the trial
Merktl Tex March C Special
Talor countya new Jail 1 now com
plete anj ha been leeelved by tho
commlsslnnera It Is tho Ut Jail west
of Port Worth
pekln March C LI Hung Chang
started XwHay o attend the coronation
of II e cxar at Moscow
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U S Govt Report
Will Again be a Can
Oil Tllll nllICU UP HAlinoAO
LniissioMii 111 vitu
8110LU1 una uirricitUNLias amuti
iJi sniritAif lucsmiLCti
CuniinUalour llttkitr su llnrilrS
Upvu lU9r to So nnd aloney
Iin Vlnitf Afftilu Aaplras
Austin Tex Maroli 5 brfclat
Julgo I J Storey has given It oul
that It I tnoru than probublo that h4
will be a cuudldato for iiomlnallon nnd
t lection for rallroud ommlssloner
When usltcd by tho Oatettu Corra
1 pondent at tho lallroad commission of
Ike tottay ns to whether or not lis
would be nn aspirant fur his iesent
ploc he said that he was not ready
at pimnt to make nti ntatemrnt In
Iho mailer but It In known that ha ha
declared Ms Int ntlon to bo u andldali
nnd will make a cutivass at the propar
Commissioner of the ft on eral Land
Ollloc A J linker wa approached by
tho Inetto conespondtit today and
triced for un exprtrelrm on the open
tetter pubiuhcd lit today s papers hum
Chairman Hardy calling upon the
sound money udvocatcs to lend their
influence towards brlnglnr out tho
land commissioner for gournor
Colon 1 Raker decline l to make any
statement but said that ho frit that
theio would bo mi division in the ranks
of Democracy at tho cnkulng election
and that with a solid front the party
would win a victory Colonel Daktr
has maintained all along that tho dif
ferences among Hemociata should Ls
tetthil In the ranks and u united tight
da made agaluht tho tmetults of Da
inocra cy
Comptroller Plnley has Informed his
friends that lis will ho a candidate for
rennrnlnatloii and election U Is said
that he will show that the expenditure
In hi department for one year ending
March l HjU harr been decreased
over ine previous 1 ear ixmusd ana
th cfllcieucy of the serrleo not crippled
It 1 Established at Honus Change la
Iost masters
aWshlnglon March 6 Special A
poplomca was established today ot Bo
nus In Wharton county Andy Merse
ftldT postmaster T A Pressford was
appointed postmaster s ewCaory In
Montgomery county vie 3 It Robin
son removed
r d
e r p ftisi
i 7 r j

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