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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, March 06, 1896, SECOND EDITION., Image 4

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FonT wok i II int
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iicril Hondas lr
nTnn rainu lujirv
r it wnilams
J L Watson
c W Hoelilc
S It tVHUAUS General if
umorT noniirin cimiiAnot
Will Three Exception
Entered nt the rortofflw Jt Vor
Worth Texas at second class ma
E istetn Business onlce The Trlb
line Jluliainsr New York City
Agency Solo Agents Ioreisn Adverthv f
not ouMiD nv Tim TltlST
ii r Tiin nruociiAiic iriin uu
ItrtoUcd Tlml we Wrelir loiters
Tlir For rtli nHtf n
m Mliournl of mol7L
nml eoinmenIltiir II miii m U
1 nl nr rrrmil t rr
eordlul nod
of aire II
h elite jnpprt
Tim a wirrrn
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In lie iitoftt complete liooll ol lao
klnil rrr Usticl
It ciiitts iinirllfiil nml urncrnl
lufurntntltm vp etrrr ulijee
Trlls Jim wlnil J on nl lo Lmitr
Jnnl wlieii Jl lint fn I mm lit
A areiit iuri nf Infirmutloa
A trriiMiiry of Ummlidet
A prncllenl t tiiriitur
A rtllnlitf IiiiruNlionk
Vrlvr 21 t ftnta
mull oM luo 2 ecnt lamp for
inn mum o7iTin
Delivered by carrier anywhere In the
cltj 15c per week Subscribers who
Call to recall a papers will confer a
favor on the city clr ulator by notic
ing him Telephone 105
City Circulator
Fnatrra I oral Iorrpitt
The fltorm wafe nlll reach thl me
ridian ttnd Die othr cliuntfes nil ocrur
at And within 100 ralliM of Tort Worth
within InenO fnur tioitr of S p in of
the ats kIwii bflor
ilnrrh S VodTallnc
March 7 Warmer
tub cHurrr nns mtiiai
Thf flatfttra Mprrlul train i on
vohiu l Dnllatt tillllun rllt Ivittn
the nntott Urpol IIiIm rllr t JtOO
a lit tirir ilnjr rnit HcHitlaj
Tor tbr omin nlftirn nt trnri Icra u
tontli nlll lo Utlllllltl Mlltl pita
icnarii rrrclTvil for Ditlln
o cmtnutMivnH
If the Domocratn of Mlsnourt wilt
tutly a few chapters In tht history
of Tctas poll lri the will turn a deaf
rnr to the uppciln of tho sol 1 Htandrd
Ailocntr4 for a llllon of tho rtole
catrs to tho Dfiiiocratle national con
l entlon 1 hoy w 111 iho no a solid
fice colnagft dcUxntlon fiom thn stato
ftt lame kU It fre coinage Instruc
tions an 1 clinch Its action lth a
stralfiht fico tolnnire flatform
Texas PemocratH ha e totted the
harmony of monometallism and
know what It it eng tin The nmumuer
the Uatrul appeals In tho last ntato
conentIon for a phtform on which
eerybody oulil stand and they
remember the shout of Uctur that
went up by telegraph hom noil men
all oer the land because n free coin
age contention had nrmltted Itnelt to
be duped They haio been tauitht by
sad experience that ciory ollo branch
if this sort conceals u dutser and
the will not expose thrmsclteii fur
tlier to the unxpied assaults of hid
den weapons
It behootea the btmetnlllBts of Mis
souri Texas nud all other states to
make a stialshi open resotuie llfiht
If they win they should take all iho
frulta of lctory They may bo sure
that -wherever ihej are In n minor
ity they will receive no consideration
In the tnueux of this congressional
district a resolution was adopted by
a ot of Blx to ono nt the Lampasas
conentlon In 1V2 Inslructlns the dite
Kate from thin district to vote for
no man not In faor of free coinage
of sliver at u to l it was by the
frank avowal of Its author tho editor
of this piper aimed at Mr Cleveland
Other congressional caucuses adopted
resolutions of similar Import The ob
jection was made however In tht In
terest of Cleveland ami suitalned
that only the state lonvenllon could
Instruct and because of this holding
the votca of
districts unalterably op
posed to tho re nomination of Cleve
land were manipulated to brine about
that calamity to the party and to the
countrj Tho politicians who plajed
thot game In lS9i will ilnd their prece
dents confront Inn them In 18J0
A recent eulofflst of Cleveland sajs
and sas truly that he took tho pretl
deney for the second time with tho
principal object In mind to destroy tho
greenbacks stop the Increase of ullver
money and reform tho currency
This revolutionary program was foist
ed upon the party and the country
without warning To sustain and per
petuate It methods di reprehensible
ajt those which were adopted four years
ago will be employed Under thee cir
cumstances there can bo no compro
mise in the selection of delegates to
J he national convention without eng
antfeitns the Jnfzrtiy il perpetuity
of tho Democratic party
With apologies to Chairman Hardy
the Gazette craves permission to re
liunK that it Knows n man -who would
matte a tit candidate In every respect to
lend tho sound money forces In the
coming campalffru die haa been an
Outspoken and amalttcnt Cleveland
I niah from tho beRinnlns of the
tlonal enrer of ihe president and
he engafffd In ine Ujtht f r tin
iroid tftaadafd b r h Comml luti r
Uan r r id ctr hdd uiiouh commun
ion wtlt hit o n H irt on tht lh r
Hnue He huf brai thrlrf chosen With
unusual unnnlmlt bv Ms own people
to dleeharge an Important publlo trunt
and hli wn lees In this behalf haa
betn bo useful and important as to be
come a part of the curtent history of
tho state Ho bears a resonant and
euphonious name ono that stands for
straight i suta and
politics and one that will do to
conjure with To whom else ehoull vrn
refer than our own honored fellow
citizen the father of Tort TVorlli
John Tetcr Smith
lir reaaous not necessary to ex
plain tho CtasMte Is not In the hush
nes of furnUhlng cnndldaUs for JMdao
Jlardvs cohorts but If It had tho Job
It believe It coull beat Judffe Hardy
and give Mm points in the game
The- St Ioti Is Itepubllo continues to
shout for 4hc Monlson boom after
it han reached tho ludlcrou slnto
Just ot this moment the Democrats of
the countrj m not In nn humor to
appreclato horse play of this eort
If Mr Morrison must have a IVdtrnt
oluca forevir no doubt both parties
will ngroo to keep him where ho Is or
provide him witn scurethlnpr better
after the chango of national adminis
The American Ideas of rtalllnston
llooth Imve won him Immense popu
larity In the brnnoi of the Salvation
army In thh country and the nsur
nnce of nupport In orffanlilnjr an In
depenlont army Indloatra that 183d U
to witncMs another declaration of In
deiendenc from I nclaml
Th costs of war bit of minor Im
portance in co in p j rl iion with tho sunm
paid for pensions In this country Tho
hut pn of the civil war was fired
thirty ems ago ibut the government
It now palnr over WWOOOu l r week
u intcrost and pensions as tho cost
of that trusRle
itli dlntietlon equal to her olor
Spain seems to v disposed to limit
her angr against tho United Mntas
to innklntr fiuts at un nn I boamliiB
about her ability to wipe Uncle Sam
from the earth That cases Hpan
Ish Inilltrnatlon and doesnt hurt nnj
body elsd
Iort Worth iv 111 havp the Caitlemcnd
eonvontlon and the ulato Denioeratln
convention two assemblage which fhe
will be i ruud to weliom Another virjr
desirable tho sttie enenmj
meat of tht Tuxas volunteer uuard
could be brought here by a little effort
Alanderion ges It nut thnt he Is
running that boom strlctl In hla onn
Interest That Is conslntent nt leant
vvlth Ms locord In tho United States
Hcuatt wheio be vottl for himself a
pension of Hrgf dimensions
Iroin tin wny those ocean kjtj
houmls continue lo Rtrlko the continent
In tho lclntty of Vew York It reemi
that the metropolis Is already provided
with a ery effective sstem of coast
Mr Carter Is titei mined not to rIvo
up the chair of tho Hi publican com
mittee but thi Impression growe l hit
tlPAlccr Heed Is only flvvaltlnp att op
portunity to Jerk it from under him
Hx Onv ornor r lover sail IS nil street
Is a phll inthrople and benevolent In
slltutlin Iir corioborntlon of his
Htntemenls ho can contldently appeal
to Secretary Caillle
Liftiul Commission r linker has noth
ing to auv on tho nubjeet of hli nom
ination for fcoven or by Chalrmnn Itu
fus Unnly lie Is just keeping his eye
on tho cat
Wejler was probably too busily eng
gaged dictating Spmlsh victories to his
tjipvvrlter to observe Maoo brlnglnir
his aimy again before the gates of the
Some New York clergjnun are nd
ocatlne the abolition of tho burial
sen lots at tho grave Would they put
the dead away without tho last sad
The Itepublican rpllt In the South
h13 extended to Mississippi There
Will soon bo nothing to hold tho two
fragments together but a collar but
Prime Minister Crlspt will resign
His press censor was not lgllant
enough to prevent the new of the
Italian defeat being made public
Tlepubllcni conventions In Ion a have
oil declarrd for AlllHon without u sec
ond choice There are no strings on
Clarksons trading1 operations
There Is a rumor that Knglaml wilt
abandon ICffjpt If she does gold dig
gers nitty bo sure that It woull be use
less fof them to go there
Carlisle -was once the favorite sou of
Kentucky but he has now transferred
hla family alliances to the New York
cnanucr or commerce
If those Cuban resolutions aro not
delayed in the Whlto House Welers
nrtoen day paper will bo likely to co at
u discount
It In possible that the residence of
Johnnie Crnpaud in Africa has had
somo influence on tho bhoun method of
Uncle Sam is not looking for a war
with Spain but the don must not try
to knock any chin off his shoulder
Science has been Able to see through
flesh and metal but the New York fog
banks seem to resist all efforts
Ilrlco of Ohio has presidential aspir
ations bo haj Mr Helva Lockwood
before her pints bcgin to sag
Balllngton Booths adherents hays
quit solllnff AVer Cries and are ready
to cry war
lirixu j TOPHKA
Thtnka That Itoth Democratic and He
publican Parties Are Doomnd
Topeko Kan March P United
States Senator William A PcffVr has
arrived from Washington and will
EB1PAY 31 APOllO 18
spend a few days looking after per
fonal affairs here In an Int rlev
senator l n r rxm Mv d the belief that
111 end r h two old parti - as n
etllut d a jir m if a b n Ii
ililul i that th v will spin on sU r in
their luminal oventlons this rar
and tint while the irold standard It
ment o the U mocratlc part may pre
seno the party existence b nom
inatlne candidates it vflil cut little
lleure in tho November elections and
will not carry a single etate north or
south lie looks for tre gold standard
element to capture tho national Ilopub
llcan convention Whether or not It
ulll elect Us ticket will depend he
sajs upon the action of the siUcr Ilo
nubllcans and Democrats If they
drop out of slant nnd remain passive It
will le a liepuuncan ear uul buuuiu
they openly secede and Join tho silver
conforeneo at M Iouls In July a new
party will be org anizid under a name
acceptable to all composed of all ele
ments of the opposition anJ Includ
ing tho riuples party
The XflDUl sis lie PJ1H AVUI VQ TV III-
tns lo civ up whit are populaily
terml their Isms nnd their name
nnd otherwise clnnge the phiaseoloiry
of tho Omaha platform so no to make
u puiatame to uu vvno are opposeu 10
thu cold standard
nnv sam joxas
TI e Cause of Discord In the Ministers
Atlnnti ra Man h u Tlev Sim
Jones was tho central figure in a sen
satinnnl debate before th I nngt Ileal
Ministers flits n latlon to lnv nnd In-
clli ntally tnld the Atlanin I teachers In
very plain language wlint ho thought
of them He has Just begun ono it
ills characteristic mlvaU here an I
pome nf the ministers naked him to
the meet In c of the nnftuplattnn so It
could give him formal Indorsement
nut mere was oddobii on and virv
heated opposition to Indorsing hln
He uot the floor and began
PuBsith all this dlBLiiBHlon would
have been urinftBury If I tuuld have
sail n worl at the right time 1 never
ask for Indorsement and do not Indorso
mjstir in tins t uni rand J I
member Koine to n doir kennel In tlttl
hock oneo vvn re a ft now wns trlng night
buv ti St llirnaid door There um
a number of pupH In tho ploee till of
dlflerent pilc n but of tho same
hh i bskiicj wnm catisfd tli dir
ferenco In the prhe and was told thnt
It was tho imuk on the nose Mabe
the mark on my nose doew not suit
snnm of the ptfHhrn
Thl belnif compared to fellow dogs
made his opponents the madder but
finally tho icsolutlon nf indorsement
was adopud the talk now Is that the
lesult win be the disruption of the
Stirring Up the Negroes to Support Mc
Jtlniey right Tor Chalimanshlp
Pensaeola Pla March 6 Qrent ao
tlvlt prevails In the ranks or the He
lubllrun paity in this stnte and a blK
llKllt Is on with n View tn mtilml lit
ofllcMi In tho stati nm hltier nf tho
liirt with a ltvv to thn eiwtml uf
thtj ullhers in the mm nf lh tketlon
uf a Uenubtiean ttnsldent nnl li
snn of Jacksonville rolleetot of Inter-
uul revenue tindi r th lUirlaou
IlllnffttintlOU Is till I ft Mi nt ilinlimjin
of tho stnte committee nnd fnvors
iiniey inr president Ho Is ratl iiiff
the negro element to his support and
Is making a desf crate effort to letaln
his position lis chairman of tho commit
tee He Is opposed bj many of the
Mionff men of the Party ninonir them
John It Mlell t colloc tor or tustoma
at Pensaeola U It Oaub ox colJoctor
of customs at Tampa II 8 Chubb
nni in luct a majoitt of the white lie
publleans of the state White Repub
lic m clubs have lifen formed here and
In other clilcs In thn stnte anJ tho cry
has been raised tint Mtxell and his
follow em were trjlnc to form a white
maim tnrlj Columl Mlzell is bore
odn and buj that the mort Is not
tru and that tho most Intelligent col
ored men of the Htatc nie with him
Djlnc Woman Ilecovers Strength nnd
Life Ihrough lrajer
Topelcn Kan March 6 Tho people
of Noiton Kan are amazed at a mlr
acl of healing by prnjtr nud phjsl
clnns udmtt that It bailies nudical
Mrs Schenclc ha 1 been nn Invalid anil
rnnfimil to her bed for tevei il jears
Ten dn ago she grew so weak that
Rhe could not speak above a whisper
lrlda sho was reported to be djliirf
by the utlendlnff phslclaus family
and f i lends were culled to her bedside
and received net final farewell Mie
sold tho nngeU wtie read to meet
her As her ejes were closing In de ith
sho lequcsted her husband to play ant
nsk tlod to help him lo lead a better
Uru and fotsnko his dissolute hablta
Touched by the nppenl ot his dyln
wlfo he fell at the bedside and prajeil
ns requested Mrs Hchenck moused
from the death stupoi thouted mil
praised Hod for several minutes tiho
urevv stioncr and an hour later was
able to sit up
Hunda foi the first time In months
Mrs Hchenck participated In prajer
meeting nt her home and now she saju
that as her husband s to lead a bet
ter life she Intends to live
iimk nipu ron siioutkr day
rederntlon Officials Ask Information
About the rlght Hour llovcment
IndlnnapolU lnd March C The
American federation of Labor today
went out letters to all the alUUatlng In
ternationals asking1 them what they
proporo to do In the way of enforcing
tho eight hour rulo Maj 1 Tho execu
tive council will meet hero the last
week In this month to consider tho an
swers President Oomptrs sus ho be
lieve ihe time Is rip for the eight
hour movement In nil lines
Take Utallvo Ilromo quinine Tablats
All druj3l3ta refund the mouej if it
an to cure zto
John It Jones Ttemalns Will bo Burled
Memphis Tex March ft Special
Tho icmalns of Hunker John It Jones
who was killed here Tuesday by W M
Purdue were shipped this morning to
Kaufman count the former home of
the d ceased for burial 11 ron Jones
i of the dcaceaaed accompanied tho
Nat Jones the wounded son 1a r
In well
Cholco Choctaw nnd McAlcstcr coal
In carload lots for sato by Willi tin
Noble sales agent South McAlestcr
1 T
AimisTip ron uuuaLAnr
A Negro Who Is Wanted In Pales
Tcmnle Tx March
ThbrutOn a negro wantM In Pal
estloefiir burglar was arrest J In thl
fitTuwViy lT nPty art
Iff 1 O Newell ot Anderson county
nrrlvcd In the city and returned with
him yesterday
P ffr Tort TVorth for
j Information
Inimeillato Jtellef ror IMicmiintUiiif
CtiitBliJ Cold Blliuiu liitK lroii
lih n lltulnl 9ure Siicelllo nr In
Paris Tex Mnrcn 5 Special
Deput Marshal sam Llndfle came In
last nlqht with W J Levvli who Is
charged vv 1th killing a man immr d
Johnson eUhfecn titles east of Pauls
Vallej in tin Chickasaw Nation In the
summer of 191 Johnaon was engaged
hi putting up a fencn at Uu tlirt und
the dl llrultj aroie ovei a dispute about
a 1 mind irj line in which Johnson was
shot nnd killed
Lewis was urrestcd ond hnd nn ex
amining trial befoie Commissioner
Oates ot Pui ell He did not den tho
killing but claimed that he ncted In
pplf defenio nnd the trial it suite I In
his being discharged from cuktod
It Ib ctaimel however thnt since tho
cxajiilnliiff trial new evidence has been
dlscovaed At nn rate on tho second
exnmlnlnr trial before Commissioner
Oates whlih n coiululed on Tues
daj evenlnir the prisoner was com
mitted to tho Paris Jail without Icneflt
of bill
Lewis Is already under bond In tho
federal court here to answer to the
charge of kIlllngCharIey htilcklond
the sheriff of Pontotoc count Chicka
saw nation
The examining trial of William Col
bert the colored deputy marshal who
was arrested several On a ngo on tho
ehnrgo of killing liU wife nt Cnddo I
T has been concluded before Com
missioner Klrkpntrlck nnd resultc 1 In
tho dt fondant being committed with
out ball Iho evidence In the case wns
sint to Judge Unaut at Galveston
nnd a telegram was reeelvel from him
Sesterday afternoon allowing the prla
onei Inn In thy sum of J2 OCO
Deput Marshal Leo McAfee came
In fiom bh rman on tho afternoon
train laving- in custody leorge Huh
nrds colirel charged with murder
Richards has been li the Sherman jail
for fevernl months and was trans
feired back to Paris on nn order Ho
U accused of the murder of a oung
negro woman at Purcell about a vcar
There Is tin epidemic ot measles pre
vailing1 throughout Lamar county In
a number of nelght orhnad tenants
bav o been broken up eng account or the
While the Crond Sang America and
Leadvllle Col March 5 There wafc
most Intense excitement In this city
last nlgbl when the news cam of the
burilnn of the American flag In Madrid
The news cam while the Ice palace
festivities were In progress and spread
like wlll flre
Hundreds quekly assembled in front
ot tho Herald Democrat office There
was some difficulty In securing1 a fine of
Hpaln but Anally one was discovered
In the Btok of a dry goods merchant
ami thO Crowd nuleltv frtTinl tnti
wood nnd the emblem of tho Bpnnlsh
was laid on It While the crowd sanff
America and Columbia the flag- or
Spain was conpumed to ashes
A Sheriff Whose Word Closes All the
uambllnc Houses In a Town
Danver Col March K The tumbling
notifies in Colfax have beeiPllosed by
Shcilff Webb Thero was no riot no
violence or no arrests Late Satur
day night the sheriff sent deputies over
to the little Monte Carlo and oscli pro
prlorof n camblinjr bouse was no
JJfled that the sherliT had decided that
he must close up
Monday morning not one of the dot
eng crumbling houses was opened The
crowd Of playeis who rod over from
Denver stood around In the cold for
1 eeral hour liln for Iht door to
5 n b tlHJ eot Lome dlMppoInt
t no u
ci m ihi
unmltlee from Colfax
n uf tin fh riff ana
k ronfc net mr the minUCt a Hon
hey noro told lo como back
l h0 SSShdiVSfik
ror the Protection ot the American
Consulate ot CarJU
jinii Klilncr LI Curr Mew York March 5 A rpeelnl to me
Vur Iuil III roll nml llliiol llfrall rrom uaau qiuin jn
lllmL 0i4ilullr nnlel sumeiouf clMl cuarila both h
iruitull Mil llliu una I and foot took up portion facing UK
imllil Iiomniu Uulilr loAmerlian ninwivi utT C
llnlih r iMllteueli ou llur nelaliborlnK approaclin olnK to ino
to cro i ucir l roJetri demontatlon
Alonzo Crawford 03 Commerce
street Dallas lex sis I have hnd
Itheumutlsni for j tats I secured sam
ple bottlu of Munj ons Hheumati3m
Cuie I have taken two bottles and
have had more relief than I have had
for j ears
Samuel Lazarus 221 Kim street Dal
las Tec sajs I have suffered teni
bl from external piles for some time
I pm chased for cnts a vial of Mun
ytmn Pile Ointimnt vvhiih gjve me In
Mant icllef and has entire cured me
in three Uajs 1 think our remedy
tho meat est ure for tlds trouble I
have ever heard of nnd cheerfully ioc
ommend Munons I Uj Ointment to
all sufferers
Munj on b Ithejmatlsm Cure nev cr
falls to relieve in 1 lo l hours and
cures In a few dajs Price 5 cents
MuiionH Dyspepula Cure poslttvily
ciiios all forms of Indigestion and stom
ach trembles Price 5 cents
Munjona Cold Cure i rovents pneu
monia and breaks up a cold In u few
bourn Price Scents
Mun on a Cough Cure stops coughs
vveats aua a ftoieuoss aim
speedily heaH the lungs Irlcc
Munyon b Kldm y Cure speedily curei
pains In tho IjlkJc loins or grolnt and
ull forms of kidney disease Price 23
Munvons Catarrh Itemedles never
fall the Catarrh Cure i rice -3 cents
eradicated the disease fiom the sys
tem and tho Cuarrh Tablets price
Jj cents clcanac and heal the parts
Munyon h Asthma Cuie an J Herbs ie
llovo asthma tn time mlnutis and
cuie In five da Pilee CD cents each
Munjonij Heudai bo Cure stups hend
aehe In throe minutes Price 2i cents
Mun on s Pile Ulntment posltlvel
cures nil forms of pllis Price 21 cents
M unions Ul od Cure crudleutes all
ImpurltleH of tho bluol Prhe 5 centi
Munyons Vitu rer ton tores lost
ers to weak inn Pi lie 1100
A separate f i eaih disease At
nil druggists 2i itnn a bottle
Pirsonnl letters to Piofcssor Mun
j on IoOi Ai ch sin I lhiladclhla
Pa answered with free incdhal advice
for uny dlseabc
He I Cbnrcvd With 31unIor Loin
mlttril iur VtxuV
er Criminal Caici
liners weru bimuuii -
tcrs in order to prevent any concentra
tion on th part of those engaging in
the proceedings Later on the guards
wero wlthdinwn from the streets and
rome were posted Inside the consulate
Thn r ntnrtimpnt lit deterndned to tton
1 even demonstration The United
Slates consul has been received every
where with marked nuenuon nnu ic
has expressed his extreme grntlfleatlon
ol tho measures taken by the authori
AnI Complalna of the Action ot Post
office oniclald
San rranelsco Cal March C
3Jaor Sutro was furious vvh n ho
hen id of the seizure by the poaiofhce
authorities of Ms communication to
senators and coneiossmen nt Wnsh
Ini warning them of tho schemes of
Huntington to eompiss the ua uti of
a funding bill He conrldered holding
tho lettera had caused tho losi of val
uable time In the fleht against tho
funding1 bill und he should have been
told b the depaitment that they con
sldnrel tho envelopes objectionable
fo that he might have ilmlscl other
means of placing them In the hands of
members of conreas The envelopes
boro the Inscription Huntlngion
Would Not Hteal n Rcd Hot Move
Have Been Recovered from tho ratal
Cleophae Mine
Berlin March C Up to thl9 morning
sevenlv one bodies victims of the
cieophas coal mlno disaster at Katto
wlt7 have bten biought to the surface
A mom these ale the bodies of four
Mduntceis who wero engaged In the
work if rescue ami win were ovei
comc by heat 1 Ifty miners ate still
unaccounted ior
Robert L Cooke nnd Miss Maude Cole
are United
Sherman Marh C pernl
Rnhert L Cooko of Denis in trnvcllnff
n p tentative uf the Hlbbard Bios
tiro eiy compnnj wan mauled it 2
oclock this afternoon to Miss Maude
Colo of this elt nt the reddenre of
the brlJes paients Mr and Mrs J It
Cot1 Tinvls Fstreet
Rev J M Rlnkl pre siding1 elder of
tin Mithodist church of this clt
united the young1 couple in marriage
lmmedlatel after the ceremony tho
bride nnd groom took the trims-continental
train for Ijoulsville K where
they will spend tlio honeniotm Ihey
will reside at Denlson on their return
to Texas
Demitw of Dr
Williams at
Sherman Tox March C Special
Dr S P Williams of the firm or Will
lams Taltnoa phjslclans nnd sur
geons died very suddenly of heart dis
ease In his ofrice on the north silo of
the squaie this mrmlng nt oclock
Wltllams camo hero from Winchester
Tcnn four months otfo and was a
prominent surgeon
1 ciTi7r or riiucmillu in
inii or ins ciianui
The rtolibers cr latitlllea tina
Cuiilureil It 1 Thonslil Oth
er Hue liniillratca
Creemllle Tex March C Special
Uetween 9 and 10 oclock last nlffht
us oui iiuiueii naa on nis WAy hojne
alter cloalns up hla placo ot business
on Leo street lie wan held up b two
men ami rellecil ot S3 In cash all the
money ho happened to hae In hi
pocket at the time
Tnlien altogether by surprise and
urged on bj tho threatening demon
strations of tho robbers he quickly
handed oer 13 In Mlier Th robbers
bejran to curso him for not hating
nore when ho broke aay and ran
jelling as he went
As soon attcrw ard
as possible he re
ported the occurrence to the sheriff and
police depart ment to whom he staled
that ho posltlicl Identified the rob
beta m John Ilrny ant Jim Andrews
two well known hojs about the city
On the sttentrth of this Information
the boj a named were arrested shortly
afterwards and lodged In tho countir
The matter wa kept iery quiet and
but few knew nnythlng of the oc
cm nlje The omeers In
clined to the opinion that If tho par
ft red ere guilty there wer
still others connected with It although
Mr Golden saw only two uua
Judge will Now Treparo nallota for
Illiterate Voters
nichmond Va March 5 -The nr
lstent agitation which has been going
on n thl state for the past jeir
a demjnd for n fairer election law r
resulted In Ihe amending by the 1
Islature tonight ot the present m
tern The chnge abolishes tho of
nclal reader of ballot tor Illiterates
nnl imposes that duty on one of the
Judjos of election This concession l5
TfSn ree will th demands
of lh white
section of Virginia Thn
aw 1 bitterly opposed by the Re
publican It goes Into operation for
BlrrlhilVam Ala March B onin
Tllgh ot Alabama will hn a rii In
er ronlestant for his fi1
United stats cnr J the
JltllM Captain jSf F jiffiiiS Z
I18lnt ihe
free silver candldatn tn ll
lorlal BoralSKtoS at the hnds7Vr
Democratic party LanSd ft U
for 10 CENTS
Comes soon
I to all who
the helpful
services of
Paradise Tex Mirch C Special
Mr C N 1aulkner died yesterday at 10
P m with bronchitis The funeral will
take place at the Methodist Episcopal
church of which Mr Paulkner was an
honored member The body will be In
terred In the Paradlso cemetery
Washington March C Special
Tho following1 pensions have been ap
proved Original Julius Lleck Con
verse Bxar count William A Green
Thorps Spring Hood county increase
Mexican war survivor
in wis not thi juiunutiK of
oniAMju it iiuis
Ieople tha Knew tltll ntteeit
tn Ago bar Till 1 Not
tli Man
Cordon Tex March t i3peclal
Tho man said to be Allen 1 1111 bt ought
from New Mexico this week charged
with killing Orlando Harris at Mineral
uu Miivtru ears ago iaH wiai
Ids nimels John Keene nnd that ho
ua uhc uiuuivr in inw aiexica aim
two ot Ilrownwood The majority of
th03o who knew Hill and who hae
seen the prisoner say that hois not the
Hill a mother ond two slstera wero
u netted near bprlngtown Parker coun
tj In the 70
Captain U J rolk Back rrom a Blx
Weeks Visit to That Hlato
frSjptn u J Iolk returned
rSffe lx nk rip to southern
i nu nPa orlnir hli Btoy ho
C infeL uinAlEPJul r cities
hrJ C1 1 wtnlffiCnltorltM to neb
fScr lmc a OB out off In a
but J5W ft beautltul country
Srt i i1 mucl oerrated
TiW0M rather 1 Texas
Poll SSSSrop ot California Captain
ner JWrMtter th id the
duced T lcla b0 f aly re-
Worllib Tfl3 la ro
ortii by J p Nleki i Co druggists
r jLVtiiintfVJlrAU
Tt maves a crand parade with etephnnf
majter clown acrobat bamback HlortraiJ5 I
pbanu winding up wllh tho ranlcuimt V jntf 1
iucludioe all tho tharactero ana ncimcty aw Sjjj I
3WaysoGet f jj iocojponfW
This Circus BEft L0ocRaiv
I coupon
Bfackwclls Durham Tcbacco Co Durham
NtQ t
aside oooa a ouaco bag and J coupons lailUe sach 4 0lJie0B
Blackwelljs Genuine
a bjs pr this Celebrated Smoking Tobacco and rL
ltU4W l Ml I
Rtrre Sum
i Uoes the work quicker doc it better Lut3 longer
I once Sold ercrj where 3adconiby
1 hn 1VJ K Pnlfhnnl Cnmnnnir CA
I uu wuuY oUlflUliB
APOl 101
said will g o before the legislature
iievt December foi the senatorshlp
which ugreement maks the money Is
sue the paramount one In tho state
canvns1 Ihe lines being drawn closer
will cause the Democratic party In
Alabama to disrupt nnd wilt forco
Governor Oati s nnd H C Tompkins
ex state Demvratte executive com
mittee chaliman who will be candid
ates on the sounJ money platform tor
the senitftrshlp to take the stump for
Congressman Clark for the Governor
Also Expect to Put In an Oil Mill at
Abilene Tex March C Special
Captain C W Leake closed a trade
erterday with J A Moore for three
lots near the railroad bildge on Ljtlo
cicek for two parties from Little Rpek
and Pine Bluff for which the will at
once build a 15 000 Ice plant ni the
ol 1 one Is too smalt to suppl the de
The same parties who are going1 to
put In the Ico factor say If the meet
with the proper enec uraffetnent from
tho citizens the will also put In a
lnrge oil mill In time for this season s
TO 11UVA rnrsEJTFMtl
134 I
tlb mr ran I
Met of the SabieriitatJ
Itreeircd Some llftnlM
ry LISflMtl
UlllUII 11 ivu -
Geo W Sealj lrtttsumrf
itu leu laving in nuv w
rnlln on A 1 mKl
battleship Texas on her flnlfl1
liiu mnAn a3 iinnpt ihflirfBlBI
ress of the committee ulj
BTipnons receivca ie w
as follows John T Rcra
KV ir liOMB -
iienrne ii citizeni m
Petrsall 5c J M
lrost 13 citizens Mi IWJi
Orune Thornhlll III Sir 11
Wlllard J3 WetlernA WJ
rens Rockport HWHHHU
JMi a ie 4vmuii --
Guy M Boon BrniaI
1 lim iiuuur vim- m
citizens Uico CO N CW
ChaiicH rue suss u bjj
UUV IOC J I iwifiv
vine uru Bi Tilt
i J iry jiinHti ri
Itrenham 10 cltliwt U1
075 W K rTieie
James Connolly V7t
btnire Shovel Mount W j
cr Poster 2 92 W
W V Iloblnson OoU RM
for more to come WZ
Tho coinmitiw jKf ai
raise as much
the whole suit V mB
ceUe all luMcripttoMjyJw
TTi e T
BprlngflelJ 111
missionri m - - - pi
ommend Otinnn
Ihe construction
structUe new roa
jhould lelodgJlnW
UUSUl iHU - j r and 11 P
tno corpuiv -
r iho neople i
v rW0H OT AWgf
yx SmSs
has created a
where senllment W trOT 4
lAbltslnnla -
nilte Jlont UJ tpl
I Monceof SrH1
This is the twenT U
ptarted inij
Mro Harrison rrJfjJ
twlntbojs ia
peH mutt

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