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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, March 14, 1896, SECOND EDITION., Image 1

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lf M Manager Centrally lo-
Jur hotel at trio Slate Capital
lutTTC iiciutUAitTnits
feW York Mills Muslin
jy linen bosom and cnfls
inhlrt worlli anywliuro 5Uc
yOJcor threofor 81
ft re expecting about 0 0 00
u iJ 6hces during tho next few
tod aro making eomo very
31 i prices at nieiout
tmrlable Document lh
Cent lrom Utile HocV Cou
9 ocrnlBff Couicnlloa
WIfRoek Ark March 13 A com-
fclHOt prommsm ucmocrais 01 inia
ifdifiiHl bv ex Chanctllor D W
n c s Collins una Georco V
sMvAJ a9 l3suiJ a lQtiff aJJreBs lo
ij tours 01 jriiiiiij jnciu u i o u
i eitrus taiten irora mo
tt TtS of July 11 now
tiltQ the epeeti or a comet win uo
iint nun me xaio noi oniy ui
rvmocritle uartv but of the
u not onli ih iho destinies of
u rhildrn of thoe who caniDed
MlVwhlnglon at Valley Korgo but
atouine muiioni oi an ino nona
tftaeuuDfl3 now in toe noma or mo
W he Southern anJ the Western
pi fend dektalona to Chicago
Ksracu io m re pi nu cuiniJronii
tfejjring that only thobc accept
ten etanlants of Jrffcrcon ami
I ba uni rlKht in Its
kit It transpires for reasons In-
mat me enemies or tne party
i rapture its citaaei either in
fcs or candidate either noaltUcli
mraddlL let them biorcanlzed
lilniw issuing an addrtRS to
pkatry dc larlnK tliemncHcs to
Hrutloiisl npmocratlc convention
ftttvorld knows the facts They
pwn burned into tho brains ot
HKBera as with fire Their action
ltt rcsociilzed aa luatlip In finite
fit ltup ra ion of a purchased
wwtltan nres Tha Arkansns
OTJcn xoull he hill d with son pi
fnlra bv their conatUucncles and
vttiu no other dtkratlon in our
T ana eo would tho delOKalion
wl other Eoutheru and Western
Tt this contention take n broad
1 nuMmanllke lew of the
aind go onduct Itcelf aa to win
latlrs blmetitllR vntci nf the
lt It adjourn to meet In ht
a Jl Z2 and there tn
MM frpft frnMi imhnii ntid
wtern allies construct a Demo
Qe tkVet which tiIII unlto under
Hnners of not a new but tho
ia party purltled nnd rendered
fKlb to triA tmnrla tin I
t W the people their fellow pat
v all pirtles and which will
p everytninB west oi ine
witiaye and south of the Potomac
w uey lext In Chleaso would
BCt Bilclt nnlnln
- - ii nicniHiiiib iiuhiihb
4 of the r nt where flectornl
Tare out of me queBtlon n mere
T t0 thA TlcmlriliAiTirnllliIlT In
ffct Justly tht object of thu hat
1U men who riaUj love their
3nl place Its detlnleJ above
1 u private pain
tvcrc lucriiiiiir lit IUC
Mfthitnlon 0f mCrIi mm
JJItplon March 13 Iho
1f4 from thA olniA fUrnrtmont
upon the nrrest of Mark K
gynt1 iout Lcmclllan and hli
biTt uniteu states in
rtpmn There Is alw a
i - r iroin air u iircio m
VItet lI1 to Snator Call and
on Mfcrred to the secrctar of
iMnJ ih Mr tccelo tiaydhe
vuruyunui nn OJirCRC
I1 V Mr nceclo continues In
SJXWvnHs Opera House
WS Kalnee Today at 2 30
indTo Nlslitat8M5
lcll tour of the Great
ln her maatcrDlece
o Lii rtaii vsx
t z
Of Coaietly
Of lthoa
01 Character
noW puro and whole
k iQDit hlta
lTn m
7l ovine tew aajs ana had nee
inlsrlon to leave and nrtoV ho was
board ot the American SraoiJ
Ea orfVcd nJ lk bore He nau
had nothing tp Oo with the revolution
I have personal knowledge that ho r
atrued ar lha ml8ht mlacon
viTi1iiiItlr bcn forwarded to Mr
hiXi m1 f1 lhat iJ
a hl
RS ii 0011iralnr functloni In 1 ay
in Cie rftMwmJ from themlll
tnry to the civil couits He add that
Ellne w care aslduoua attend
Inillnn rerrltory Stockmen In te
siun nt tlaremore
hJUihlfAItr M -Special
Tho Indian
Territory Cattlemen as
Boclnn elected tho follo vlng olltcers
7ore J o Hall president
vice president J A
I arklto p seretary and treasurer
InspccU -re ordered at Chicago fat
Louis an ijiiw city
Wagunct v slected as the placo
tor holding i r vt annual meeting
Cnrrlcil to MeKlniuj imil Put on fhe
tifir rnrm
MclClnney Tex March 13 Special
Tom Klrby nho was reirfullv beaten
Monday tilcht near Anni by a party
of unlmovin men -was brought here
jetcrday and ilacud on tho county
poor farm Klrbv was dnrced from
his onn hounc by his assailants
James rilniomlH Atlnireil Nearly
fiSOCIO fur Lumber Iiims
Oateslllle Tex March 13 Special
Tho Insurance adjusurs made a settle
ment on tho Icb on Jnmen Kdmonds
lumber crd tsterdai It naji nd
ustel ot J79SGG2 The onlce ware
houie sheds and barn are nn Included
In the settlement as the adjuster haj
not et al rived
comsuttkr nrcinrs to admit
rnw sicxico
Ono ole Cnt cInt Hie
Ulll and that Cnmti 1 rum
Ier Jersey
WashinEton Mirch 13 Th senate
committee on territories today tltciJcd
with only ono mgntUe oto to report
favorably benntor Gcirs iblll for tho
admlMlon of New Mexico a a state
The negative ote waB cast by Senator
Hewell of New Jersey who nave ns
the rroFon for hM opposition that tho
American population was In tho niln
orit In the teirltor
It Is understood that Senator Hill
Ij opposed td admission The hill re
ported authorizes the ieple of the ter
mor 10 noia a consiliuwona cuiiwu
tlon the election for which Is to In
lifld nn ihs Hlsih TUiddl after the bill
becomes a law the convention to no
fle woks after the election The con
stitution adopled is to be submitted
to tho otcrs at an election the time
for which Is to be fised b 4he ronicn
tlon and If It In ocopted the territory
becomes a state Tho new state Is to
be entitled to ono rcpresmtatle In
congress and the usual quota ot state
ofUcors who are to be voted for
the constitution Is tn omitted
It la CInlmed That Hearty Every
SUoji In the City Has Been
Tied lp
Chlcniro March 13 -In acordance
lth action taken last night at meet
taB of the various tollora unions 13000
tailors went out on a strike todaj com
nrlslng approximately the total
strength of the union organisations
Although there are some non union
men till at worL tho strikers claim
practically ery shop ln Chicago Is
tied in The big strike was sccom
JiMshei without violence the strikers
reporting at their headiuarttrs or re
malnlng at home
xs iroiKt cAixnn to his dook
Indian UM B I--0
When Ou of Then I
Creot Bicltement rrvulls
Was killed in at mPJ rile
nett -
AOTlln Tex 7 SSStntea
The governor S VrSer of
captain sJSlSSlri of the South
e board Insine of aJJn Bt ban An
veslern migBei
tonlo lce u r
Nashville Ten March
rsrlxur reaUi
Discussion of the Silver
semtou cocuitniL nciivrits a
tub UOM13 or tiiu coiun3hnt
can ni paid
The Senntur Dcilttritl the loUrnn
tlunitl Alouvlur Contcreucv
Ueuratllui lroituklllun
Vajhlnston March 13 There was a
brief iiuiry oer Cuba as soon as tho
journal had been read In the senate to
ill j
Mr Lodge of Massachuaets stated
that Mr Mucrman had made an Inad
ertcnt error In sajlni yesterday that
he tUJft had seen Kteretary Onley
and had secured ftom him urhutu pa
pers and Inform a Hen us to Cuba
ihvse papers came lu the Committee on
foreign relations from tho state de
partment and Included a full statement
from the bpanhh minister Dupuy De
Ixtine This and other papetfl were of
such a conadeiultl eharacier that they
could not be quoted or mode public
Mr bhcrman arsented to Mr Iides
statement eajlnff he recalled that the
papers came from tho state department
at the itiucst of iho conmlttce und thq
statement of the Hpanlsh minlitcr hal
been read alojd to the committee by
Senator lre This broutht Mr Hoar
lu hla feet with a ruirprliej jniuli as
to whtlher the pen at o oioulJ not haa
the bandit of this statement of the
bpanish tae
U would be proper to liy It before
the senate In executive sepslon ro
Kponded Mr Sherman
Mr Hoar suggested such a session
nnd Mr WoUott added In decisive
tonen that the explanations Jut Klen
placed the senate ln a most unusual
Mr Cttckrell was then recoenbred for
n speech In support of tint silver
amendment to the tarlfT bill which
measure had been lu nbijante sines
the refusal of the senate to adopt Mr
Morrill a motion lo consider It
Mr CocUrcII c tiled atlmtlon to the
nilnne tn the tit usury Inclu line owr
123 OW OOi Koll coin and bullion oer
12000 010 standard silver dollars J177
WOOOO of frlhcr bullion colnago alue
on vhlh the prollt of selgnloiatre had
been BJo f00 14 000 00 subsidiary sil
te coin J103 000 00 of creenbucks and
130 000 010 of ttiiur Kites of 1S90
Our bonds the senator maintained
cin be paid as well in silver at In
Kirld an I to called attmtlon to the
faet that Secretary Carlisle and
retary Jiebert had oted wnw in the
house of representatives or the Stan
ley Matthewi resolution declaring
bod tnible tn either coin
The senator rcfetred also to Senator
Flitirrnn as the dKtlniculshed rd I
monometalllst blmetollicl and read
from Mr Shermans utterances In 173
when ho was secretory ot the treasury
that the government icserved the legal
right to redeem government obligations
In sliver If this policy had been car
ried out there w ould hav e been no ral Is
in tho trpnsury Hxrlusli c old pay
irents vere a voluntaty assumption on
the part of the secretary of the treas
ury There has no gold raids prior to
1SJ1 bfkaiiF the slh er dollar up to that
time was the watch Acs of Hie treas
At 2 oclock the regular order ftas laid
aside ln order to permit Mr Cockrell
to proceed The gillerics had wearied
waiting for the Cuban debate and the
crowd giflduiliy thinned out
Mr Cockrell spoke of the timidity of
gold ns mono nnd referred to nKltatton
rauscd by resident Cle elands Vene
zuelan infSage with a string tied to It
That mesFagc mide the whole eountry
tremble like Jelly and the press of New
York declared that 51W OOUOO had been
lost In consequence Tho senator de
clared that tin Democrats party could
not be divldeu uy ine suver qumiuu
It was the pillar of cloud by da and
riMini ct Are bv nlcht the great
constitutional beacon of the Democratic
party the one on wim u uu n tiuwiuw
had been won and those who oj posed it
would HoUKh off fiom the party but
would not divide It
Iteferrlng to an international mone
tary conference Mr Cockrell said It was
a liesradlng and humiliating proposi
tion We threw our Mtnirco doctrine
in the faee ot England and et we bend
the kneo to accept the Kncll U gold
Btandaid and to oslt their aid In an In
ternational conference
sir Julian Paunccfote the BrILIah am
bassador entered the ral
lcrTwhlleMr Cockwll was deprceat rig
tb7BBteenleney of ihh country lo t ho
cold standard Intluence of Lngland
The senator declared that we should
continue our time honored Adherence to
etalllsm Then without apparent
inKnttenWr Cockrell faced about Mo
Se 3 plomatlo gallers and concluded
Or else let us haul down Old Glory
hJlst standard and cry
d tho roW
J SSn iho the nueen of Lngland
EitlSttS 1 went into execu
Ytatfilock the senate adjourned un
til Mondaif
rt lnU
a r rt for HeinMIB
hK J Twnntin4 of Missouri voted
Democrats with cm exception The
case rurnlshed Republicans material
for alrlnjr their views on southern elec
tions It bvlng admitted by the ma
jority that fraudulent ballots to the
extent of oer 3W0 were cast for tie
contest In Dallas county
Mr Dlrtmow of Arkansas who
closed the debate1 for the minority
claimed the Hepubllcans piticccded em
the erroneous assumption hat all the
negroes In the south oted the iteptib
llcan ticket
All proceedings In the houso at tho
night session whlsh wai to have been
devoted Under tho rules to the consid
eration of private pensions wro nn
cxrotedly blockM by Mr Krlman
Dom ot rentisyHanla who made ho
point of no quorum nt Ua very outset
on the motion to go Into the commit
tee ot the whole A icsolulion was
adapted dlreothiff the arrcit of ab
sentees Tlu sergeant-at-arms bad
four deputies scurrjlng about tmn
with over one hundred warrants In
their possess looelng for nbsenlfes
but none erecpt Sir Dearmond Dtm
of Missouri v a airestcd nnd bioight
before the bar of the house before ad
J jurnment but the house adjourned at
10 30 before ho could bo arraign d
rtndlnff tho hunt fur incmlvrs those
priscnt enj jed4hemelvcs b making
far leal points of order
Mr Powers Hep of Vermont mhn
aged to get tho Hoar an 1 made a hu
morous speech about tho contest for
the IlepubllcJin presidential nomina
tion He gently chlded Mr Hepburn ot
Iowa who had Just le turned ttoni the
Iowa slate convention whero the Al
lison boom was formally launched for
not taking the htujse into his confidence
as to the progress that had been made
We are all inleiesled said he be
cause there are many Ree I men here
and McKlnley men and a few Quay
The name of tho speaker was sprung
so fuddenly that Ills tuppoiters were
taken b surprise Jnd made no demon
stration but at ll c name ot McKlnley
Mr Hullck of Ohio started a lound ot
appUuse all otr tho houue which
-was echoed by the naileries and wlurt
i Air Quays name wn mtntloned the
i lnnstanlans made a counter demon
j stmt Ion
iv Mtirtr Mortons candldTry w ns
alio referred t3 ahd the mention ot
his name was greeted with enthusiastic
applause from New York representa
Should Be lie Trial of
H It OI I ICn AlTltoniTlKS
lii io ctiMiicr run inui iv
Tho omelnl ItetorU Mill Sirell tho
AuuUer of Killed o Oitr 1JUOO
nnd Many Wouoded
Home March 11 Orders have been
sent from the -war olllce to ilahsowah
that the report of Generals llaldisBcrl
and liarutlerl on tho defeat of tho
Italians at Adowa Is to be supplement
ed by tho forwarding to this city of a
number of Imiortant vUtnessea of tho
engagement 11 was ut first proposed
to court martUl General llarutlerl at
Massowah In fl lhat Idea has not
bien enllrtly aibandonod but there
were so nluny utterances of dlrnp
proval In tho press when tho plan waa
outlined that It Is understood that
General lJtotll has decide to have the
un furtunalo clcer tried In public and
In this city There Is a stronB move
inent hoi ever among certain military
mtn and others to have tho trial cjm
ducted in aecict as It Is foa T d that
rveintlons nuy bo made which win
nnt Btrenffthen the case of Italy btfor
ho worid8 uJt the g ncal public do
Publicity In tho inattu and t
mands i
Ts Telo d that the Mnr onlco authoil
te v111 have 10 bow to popular wlIL
leVv fresh odilco from Africa only
most alarming le
eonllrm tho
lends to
irts as to the extent ot the disaster nt
and although olhclal ngures
have not be nmade public It Is nd
ml that over 13 0M men wero klllod
Roundel or mad prisoners 11 l bo
iTSEr in os of the Abyss nan was
fopTtiK the Italian atlllery
- anil lllllil tfl
SSSi Si HorTlUi Tl ho er repeat
that the dliastcr though unavoidable
under the circumstances was not due
strike big blow be
desire to
tn any
SrS i StII from Italy of his sue
cessor Oeneral llaldissem
If he had onl waited for his
y hl friends And
hero seems to be the key lo the whole
trouble Tho general did not wait for
his rrlnforcemeutsand the real cause
f his failure t A BO nay Je oun n
his possible political fuutre which ws
ihrcatened by the taunts ot certain
newDarrs at hU slleged Inactivity
Then m verbly knows cleaily he
hould hae remained Inactive for quite
time longer Hut ihe new troops also
meant tho coming of a new commander
and although liaratlerl denies it this
may have Iwen ahother feature of the
-e nr d another Indirect cause for tha
great disaster
III OllLAIt voie
CnlUotlonat iniemlnient reoiiosed
ARectlnK gcunlnelnl nierlloaa
Washington March IS At a full
nesting of the omraltteo on privileges
n election today Senator Mitchell
airman was authorised to report his
lolnt reaolutlon propoalng an amend
me t to constitution of the Ilnl e1
llites providing for flection of III
Inlted Btstes senators by a direct vols
f the people Tho vote In committee
vas S 1 to In favor tho amendment
hree Jtesubllainrnnd two Democrats
oltog In the afflrmatlvo and two He
Ubias aod two Democrats against
Fixed By lie Sanitary
rmcLAiitu iy rtM rotten ii
ooMuton ciiiikwon la A
linciULiTioM raoMnnn xt uu
Are oy In ttfTect The Adoi ted
11 ura Trni cd mid tlta Ivclluu
Interested Aauieit
Austin Ter March 11 Special
OovernorCulbtrson today cfio out the
iiuiioning proclamation Tho Sanitary Live Stock
comtnlsflon of Texas on the 10th day
of March A D 1S96 rt com mend vd tho
I adoption of the following remtutlims
1 At a meeting held nt Tort Worth
j Texas March 10th 1H9C the 11 e Hlorlc
Ills Ixecllcncv Governor C A Culbrr
ho ii revoke so much of thu quarantine
line established Teb 10 ISjG ns to Hist
part or the line Lcglnnlng on the north
fork of Hed ltlvei at Its Morse Hun ot
Ihe southern boundaiy line of Jlogvr
Mills Oimty anl extending nouherly
nnd westerly theretrom In conform with
ii octal order modlfjlng the iiuaruntlno
of Oklahoma Territory b the seeretaty
ef ugrlculture dated March 3 JSliI
nnd on the samu da with a futl com
Mlssliit recoinniendeil the adoption of
the foltowlng Hguhttlon
The Live FtocU Sanllirv commission
of the state of Itxas have tellable In
formation tint cattle from thnt pnrlton
ef the state f Texas which U sltuaUl
cutt und south eif the county of W llbar
ger nte lluble to connnunicata u con
tagious nnd Infectious and malignant
lfieae known ns routhern or spknttio
frfver to tho cattle now totnted In the
imld county of Wllbaigei if pcimltted
to come in contiut with tht m now
thcrefme by virtue of the authority
vested In th Live hlock ynnltnry com
mtsslnn of lexus nnd ln order lo pio
tect the live stock Interests of the cuun
t ot Wilbarger we the said Live
Htock Hnnltarj cmniralssltm ot Texres
lift thy main and hi lh follow InK
ntiurantliio lino IteglnnliiK ut the
Fouthwcst corner of V II banter eouiuj
thence cast with the suuthun buun
dar line of Wilbaiger county to Ihe
r oulhcast corner ot sal l county iheneo
with the eastern Ioundar line of WII
barirei county north to the northeast
curio r of said Wilbarger count theneo I
lu a northwest course up the Mouthein
margin of the lied ihr to the norlh
west corner of said Wilbarger county
And It Is hereby ordered that from und
alter this date It fcl nll bo unlawful for
nny cattle to m irunturir u oi rruwo
over said loundary line Into the vail
coui t of Wilbarger exeipi when said
cattle are being transported by tall tn
inaikct for Immediate slaughter beonl
tie limits ot the state ot lxns and ln
no otdnnec wllti Iho rules and regula
tlonH fixed by t e United glaus depart
ment of agriculture povernlng the
tranBporlntlon of catile for the yiar
jSltt and thnt theic rules nnd roguU
llons nnd Muarautine tint hereby made
shall remain in run mrco un pmn
iilnllnns Is an nffluBO nnd nunlshable
as provlled by the luns of tho Btnte of
Texas lie therefore ask that vour
cvcellency Issue your proclamation as
the law provides
Now therefore I C A Culberson
governor of the state of Texas lu con
formity with tho provisions of an art
ar proved April 2o 1633 enlltlod An
att lo provide for Iho protection of do
liustlo animals for tho cruallon of u
live stock sanitary commission for tho
establishing of live stock yuaronl no
lines lilies nnd ngulallonai to provide
pinnules for violating somo and lo
make an appropriation to carry out tho
proWslons ot this art do hereby de
clare lhat the uuarnnllno lines rules
nnd rigulntlons set forth In tho nbuvo
recited ordtrs tf tho llvo Htock bnnl
tary commission of Texas shall bo In
full fort e from and after thla date
Concerns nrloiiitly I oenleitlte
vtnrda Offtred by the Cluvernr
Austin Tex March 13 Special
today Ihe lhllllps lluvvlilns
Abstract comp iny of AVaxalinehle Cap
ital oto k J10WO Incorporators A
J rnllllps IJ r Hawkins and J B
ihPFmlthvlllo Ice company of Bmllh
vlll Ilaslrop county Capital nock
10 000 Int orporators H M and II Jt
Hurt and I 13 Durnelt
Tho J Talbcrt company of San An
tonio to do a gem ral tailoring busi
ness Capital stock nam Incorpora
tors J Talbert II I- Blceto and
Trank lraehmer
The Titus County Dry floods rom
rany of Mount Ileosant Capital stock
IMIM0 Incorporators JO Ilogoril
ner N li lldroonds and Ceoig W
OTh0 rccos City Improvement com
luny amended Its charter making tho
number of dliectors rdne Instead of
thirteen and the principal olllce Iv re
moved from Galveston to recos Cltl
The governor today offered Iho fo
lowing rewords 2l tor tho nrrest of
the unknown murderers of lumtrslndt
for unsown
Caraxos on Keb 1SS8 U
sown parties eharge1 with the murder
of Michael schato on Keb J wM and
I00 for murderers of Don Martin Geo
irra on Dec f 1835 all three murders
committed In Camtrpn county
Cnlirornta nlnenlllsl Irfernees
1a Angeles Cab March iJ The
- uiti enmtnlttea of the Amer
lean Blmtllloparty of California ha
odopteei a Kawmiwii niutii --
Aforeao of Alabama tor president and
fimSSr Alien of Nebraska for vice
McKlnley leiurtouJi In IlatTttlo
IiuKalo N Y March lS A McKlnley
victory In the county was tlw re
sult el toasys caucui la tat
ILd JL Jl JLis
Thlrt j -third congressional district
which comprises several wards of the
city of UutTUu and all the towns In tho
county McKlnley won by 100 to 37 This
will result In the election tomorrow of
Ucorge H Matthews and W C Dudley
who nre McKlnley men as delegates to
the national eonvamlon
In tho 3wnty econrt district which
Is entirely within the city Morton men
had a majority by 31 against 1
AHciumuoi KinirK9 v iti
llted lu lHlmle rerdnxMTho
rluun llpiineMlr
RU Louis March 13 The will of the
lato Archbishop Kenrlck was Tded In
tho probate court tolaj It wus writ
ten by himself In lSfl To Itev Vhlllp
llrady now deceased ho bequeathed
all his personal and real property
Thero are several codicils the first
drawn In 1S90 providing for tbe pay
ment of the annuities bf a number of
relalv ine sfond odIcll written
lu another hand than the archbishop
t i hbtsho ICnln the lm
menso church property Iho dates
wettf orLinully lft blank and It Is evi
dent that tt took time to persuade the
rnerablo prelate to sign It His signa
ture to thi codicil which was finally
Poured In Mav 1831 la er shaky and
tells butter than words the ravage ot
UllLItO 1 S 111 PS tllAMIOVCD
Onlr Ivr Hon It emit In tin the
lny Itoll nf lie I omimiiy
Tavlor Tex March l Speclil
Ihe luternntlonnl and Clront North rn
rulhrnj shois and at ihts
pUce which vvcie but recently rebuilt
renrndcled ami Improved nre now
prnetlcallv tbandoneJ Hy orders ftom
head junrters nt lalestno received
litre jetterdoy Master Mtchanlti W II
Meluud entttrdfiy dlsmlised a lirge
force of labon rs nnl nieehanlc here
tofore emrloyed Uavlnrf less than ii
bnlf dAen men now eng the pay rolls
of the shop The causo of this action
of Ihu rath ij ofTI lalt Ii not slated
Mr HarriOl lletuU
Orandvlevr Tex March 13 pectfll
Mrs wiuinm A Jiarreii nied
Moore W H Tiilllo rooinmend that 1 lay nnd was bmled isterdny She
WHS ii son i ana uiiivenMiijr
lovcd by all
Session Is Talked of In
hit run nun mtviN iv vntidi
IO UIICT I Mlltll sTAins
un uni ti io takii inn mat
riiiiAiLa i on ni
It U llcllnvel Tlmt Ills ote Would
Meet n Senator Irnm tit
stulu of KenlueUyw
ITanhfort Manh 13 Hut two day
roraaln during which tho Kentucky
ktfisjiuurc ii uy ballot for a Unltoil
rJtatea senator nt this session There
Is talk of un extra bob ion out u imi
til the 15fi day of November laJJ und nol j maeii dpllnlto ohapo and
Mint anv ilolallon of these rules or
ttnor llradHy has not yet teen sounueu
n ihn nilfiitldli
The features oi toanjrs proccBuiimw
uh a necatne onethe nun-appear-
miee of Wood Q Hun tap of Lexington
for whom a scut in tno nouso oi repru
sentativts ss well as the hearts of
tslxtytltht members yenrn The wan
in wnose iavor jkauunuii nni n
unseated has not nunllllM or prescntod
himself to be swoin in though ear
nestly solicited by his UopubJkun col
leagues ills last publlo utterance was
that he would never accept tho seat
but how lonij this determination will
withstand the party prensure bInit
broucht to bear upon turn time aiono
can tell
There vtos aome tain oi comproimry
measures this evening1 one icport be
intf that Rrnrntor btcihenion hud offer
ed a motion to reconsider the acltin ot
tre senate in expelling nonuors jain
and Walton TJeutenant Oovcrnor
Worthlnston however lll not enter
tain such nrocecdincs as ho holds that
James and Wall tin bavins I cen ex
pelled after adjournment an ihiu
members of tbe senxte hceause the ae
tlon of rxpelllnj them was Illegal and
of no force
it is xitvnfi ine
uin itfi thiMr nltomnt tn rein
Will learn tor Dsllaa erTery rntrn
Inir except Monday at 000 oclock
varrilnif Its a5
rakNenaern Itceclvcd ou cols troll
ir uniinv s
state James ami Walton until the last I mornlnc that the
day or the nation
It h believed bv the Ito nub I cans that
with the help ot Piinlap Hoyle could bo
elected fenator Ills refusal to rjuallfy
provekes as well s mjstines them
A Hurry rnused by the report that
Oovernor nradly had Klven orders to
liayo the senate lobbies cleared was
hannllv ended after soma hot worlt
whlrh beyond Illutmttnr the hlirri
leniflon of feeling that exists was not
Jyndrtn Mirch 13 Tho llsrlln cor
respond nt the Tlmej reeords the
formation of a ensue for defersu
again arrarlon cgrenton
ban Praaolsed Mmrh It The steam
ship Alameda arrived from Honolulu
this afternoon United States Minister
Willis and family will leave April IS
for tho United fitstes iho minuter
will no first to Washington and from
there to hU old home at Louisville
Ladies rr ailjrmado Bg
urei Mlialr Sklrla
Ladles lVrcale Waists
Genuine Kal Kal Sllss
Finn nil wool Serges
luccei vrlJu
enopt blk Clay
Choice of nny
i out lis eult In
tho house
Moua n ool lsinn
Zephyr ainghama Qln
PctcIe Biiecial Cl
Choi e of any
850 SijrhX 850
495 II
Hoys all wool suit from J1
W 90II
s s i j I
ltltWlllA tn MflTAII l t111 t 1 n
colored who had rebbed a storu at ij
usk JtidKe was nancoa by ununown
parlies last night
Atlanta Hs March 13 Thft MclCln
le Tone huvo practically captunni
the 1 fori la ote In the national llo
publican convention iicht out of
tha eleven congressional districts havu
uctrd so fur and f the sixteen dele
ratea chosen thlitei n are tor McKlnle
the uther three betnrr for Iteud
Tort Henry March is Th
Twrnty third ce nBicsslonal district
convention was held hero today It In
dorsed Morion for president
IonJon March 13 The senate of
Cnmbrldee university ly a oie at
16J to 171 has injected the proposition
to appoint u committee to consider
tho question of conferrlnt di crces upyu
Uloomlnston 111 March
Klffri has declined to accept Tils
election as a member of the national
Republican delegation for Illinois ow
Inrf to presslnic pi Ivau business and be
Iiir out of politics
U tida i March 13 A MoBtow corres
pondent ut ihd Dally News believes It
to be true that tha parte lias decided
upon the expulsion of the Uritlsh and
American mlsutohatlos In Asia Minor
Fort Hcolt Kan March 1JLX
Ialcuicnant HovernOi Melville J Halter
died jenferdij inoinlnn pf la irrlppv
Iialttmjre Md MiirehlS The first
surklcot operation nt the John Hopkins
honpltal tn vvhleh tho ruthodc rajs vvcra
utlllzid was performed this morning
H was tho cxlracllon of u scissors bladd
from n woman s hand where It had
been Imbedded for twelvo years
la Ciosse Wis March 13 The Re
publican rt of the tievrnth enr gresslonal
eotiventlon today elected delegates to
tho Ht Iouls conytntlon Btrontr Mg
IClnley resolutions were adopted
Hauta 1 N M March is Tho lio
publlrnn couniy couyenilon today elec
ted dclecatiN to the Ht Iouls conven
tion flinmu MeKlnliy i esululluns
were adopted
London March 11 The Madrid cor
respondent of the standard sayj All
classes aro plensed that thi American
conxress aie Ignoring tho question of
locotfuixlnr tho Cubans nn uclluirorentu j
Jierlln March H Count eSoluchoU ilvff
tl Anatilnti nrlm mltilntPf had Start- ItliM
td on his it turn to Vienna
Indianapolis Iml Mutch 13 The
llev ii O Shoup of Terra Haute who
has len nominate 1 by Iht prohibition
ists for ovenior tins declined
Nice March 13 Hmprior rrancis
Joseph paid a brlf visit tu Queen Vic
tnrln nf f Kti moiu lliln nftetnoOn
Chriiltnna Norway March IS Tlw J
Odelsthlng or lower house or patjis tj
viirfii nt Nririviiv tiV n Oto nf 4t IO 0 i
today adoitcd n bill provldlntf for tho
recognition of a separate Norwegian
Home March IS There Is no truth til
tn Knfutional icportsclrcutulcd by u
news agon y In the United Htatos of
fresh reverses In Africa
Bt Iaul Minn March 18 Tto date
of holding the 30th annual encampment
of the a A It will not be ciuwicd
Ihe original date was tho first week in
September and that will ba adhrl lov
Washington Maicli 13 The senatd
comrolltio on territories- tdiUy appoint
ed a sub coiiimilt in ctnlder the ad
mission ot Ailzona as a state
nninn Mtfh i3 The imnortant
announcement made by ihe Times this
Egypt an trooni
would advance up the Nil forthwith
to occupy pongOla dis artlclaUy con
firmed by ihe foreign cfflCQ today
inn iMtniAS CiisIowi
lie Seruairs IrisenIM Anolhe 1
fninplilot on the Slliillon
k1 lAlt n til
members of the Venesuelnn eommUslonffl
wero present ut i iri11
otil the etittro morning
tesslon was consumed In UlscUMlon of I
matters nireauyouio v l
ccr ihrttnunnel for tne eng I
v n i tiro
th meeting and presented Mother I
rnmphiet supplementing nj
beloro tho commissioners a day or two
rho matter Is Interesting fo many ns-
cause or l h fniT
situation in ine uibiiuv -
lowing the discovery of ho d In paylns
Quantllle and tU eondllloos which
lea up io in vuh i --
IHghcstofaUin Leavening Powers Latest US Go rt Report
t Rv r jk
hi Powder
Xi P h
J1V If

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