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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, March 26, 1896, SECOND EDITION., Image 1

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nue hotel
3L AuUn 1esaa
-in In every respect
IfeilM hotel nt the Htate C vpltnl
FXSrrru iiiuiuAiiiriis
T ol xx ko aoi
E fflfe Mrs
ftr second floor is whoro
ran find a good line cf
ftrla niailu of all niatoiials
mi with ill tlio new ideas in
V III lllr Vlufln
ou ui
li linings Take elevator
M 1
r rA4
Ihose Shoe
JK7 are Bolnjr n1 coins
j it H wnnt Komi
Tur less tlinu their
tIaer buy some or our 95 OW
fsib lurtbue Lilt
wnrrn nor fatauy ihJLiinn
lltffTO Made Ills IZscape A Qnar
StUt water General
Saws ot the territory
hrl OVIa March 25 Special
jree Jobnaon a wHlte boy was
3 7 Blabbed by Juae Itrackett a
cap titer ccmmlttlntf thtj crime
Was 1 atully liijurnl
utttrle Okla March 2S Special
bur Mock agio 14 eon or ai i
van knocked down ana laiauy
ured while nttemptltiR to steal u
on aireifcht train c4teruay
A lnlal Inurrel
Iwattr Ol la March 23 vSpeclaI
isan Jorall vim latnuy lnjureu
iilttarrcl oer a claim contest north-
Ut btirti in iawneo county jester-
Ktlled br u Itumiway
OkU March 25
a Stockton ft f miner nvintf eaji oc
l vat dm rued to death by a run-
Vteun jcHterday
Utlsn of the 1 nlUiuient Aet An
Adjiturnmut Taken
oadon March 25 The examination
I Cr I S JnmoFnn and his fellow
jcnfr who took part Ju the raid In
Kiraasvaa was continueu lo uui
principal c Idence rurnisneu
17 la the prosecution was that five
i JAMri had ijlatetl the enlistment
riiuinn8 a repetition or trie ueians
Riar cabled of the preparations m
sw ror tho advance oi me
The examination was adjourned
April 28 to fclvo time for the
tin in HnRland of ultnesses from
i Africa
Ktnspaier Mrn sentenced an
TkU f tin rift nt 1nrU
fc March B Ulrlc De Civry for-
PjwiiAr of the IVho lie LArme
Itteawt who fliae been on trial for
rut past on the charge or
uie late Max Ie itauaj ino
t ltlllllrinn Ipa mnurlnl ttho rflfil
I military hofiiltal nt Amelle I es
HT0 senienceu ioaay io imi
fftionthi Imprisonment and to fines
VVfranpa mMi Tta infAtiilnnlfi who
KJM Jloieithal otherwise known
wjues bt qere formerly ot
I ami a lnnv iima a immlneiit
lPPer man v ere acquitted
Ubmtii coil ourruT
PlBt Post iur mouuted to t50O
dale T fnt ii 9Z i Soeclal
I tteellni ir n ua iiirnltn minim
iMnles heia was hIJ esterday
I emlro output for ft ywir
nir to ncr 3 00 railoada was
i w me Ttxns JJrUiuettlnir tompany
P but tha arlous companies ha
Pcottlrg prices lieretotore and lit
rotiU ha0 been realized on their
venivaZs Opera House
fivers- NlBht This Week
Hto H Krause
Kmteed AtraQtlon In Itepcrtolre
at ropular Prices
20 and 30 Cents
TCommenclne Monday March 35
9 Millnuii Tueuday Tluraday
nd Saturday
a ot mil ntch performance
H1 Prices 10c lOo and 30cv
laiinco Afice iwo iuw -
tlCS Am I nnmim
by a pa iua ultu u paid Mo
Mm Die Briquette company Is fln
nncltlry strong Bail should soon be In
a position to turn out superior fuel at
uiu ivwnv ciuii
Lively Ttec pilon nt Wlilel Many
rnimllun Were rrernt
London March IB Dp Montague
Sir Hobert Herbert leneral nalliway
Hon Btevely Hill Admiral Merlin
topi nil Messrs Tornllnson ledge
and lluckhlll memoirs or parliament
nnd many Canadians were present at
tho dlnnr given to lit Hon Joseph
Chamberlain to nBht secretary of
rlnle for the colonies by the Canada
Club Mr Clmmberlaln replied to a
toast In which Tord Abeidicn couplet
tha nvmeu of Chamberlain and Mon
tague The colonial eccletary Mas
given an enthusiastic reception as he
rose to reply He said that he felt
honored to bo associated with lr Mon
tague and that It was a great leis
ure to el tho many representatives
of t America which stands
first pMia kindred forming the
Many vera made to tho
same efTcV hopes expressed that
uomethlng v done to bring them
nearer losetl rfi
He Will Kurcerd n rnln from
the I letrutli District
Corpus Christ Tex March 2j
Special The Democratic coimntion
for the riet nth congresrlnnal district
met hero jest nla James II Wells
tvbh elected tempornr chairman Two
rrp rt wets returned by the commit
tee n rcrmnnent organization Tho
jroM lniffjt retnrnel the majority report
which -was aJoptJ ly a vote of 45
to 22 The n wlutlons connlntM of the
usuil threadhnre arsumenti In faor of
a stable currency and recited the oft
told tale of The hateful result of free
and unllmlteJ colnase of silver and de
clared their opposition to such a meas
lludolph KMerr was nominated and
hla nomination vas made unanimous
on the first ballot lie wni enemted to
the platform after his nomination and
made an fiDroDrlate speech In re-
pponse to the honor wnlch had been
conrerrw ine nrai on ms nom
ination before It was made unanimous
was 03 odt of C6 votes cast
ciu is rim TKiutiioitr
The Girl Atlenpted to nr at First
Mut I lnalty Admitted tb Irutb
About tbe CUlld
Paris Tex March 25 OpcclI In
tollU ence was rtcelved here today of
a uuwj of Infanticide that wad com
mitted In the lndi ui Territory a fe w
days njo IVr jm tlnw Pr Joe
AipHnjr hiUlWntPeatlwf Mlw H
rte Tuavy for an alleged dropsie ii
mvelllnir Sho became lodfntIj ill lart
week and Vr Arpmff wtw ni ii
He rent all of the anwn out of the
room iinnnrtarel The srlrl co tdrih
to a child which wn teaUhll removM
nnil burled TJie rfrl deailt It for n
tlnw but llnalty ndmltU d H Tlie
child s bod wuji uneurthtl and pnojv
ed that its mCk wom broken and its
srfiill cruKhed Vr Appllnx has been
arrested for Uie conunlaswn of uie
A War Between llerennnl ana
llooUUeeiMT jtclol Two 1
sters ot Mxlileeu
Lullne Tei Itarclt M
at Ottlne a jtutlon on tho
Alansas Iass ruau -
between J A Otto a mercnani
- 3 Jt K
rverlal itrlaXal XT dldedto
tlr nrtXiit Tesourcts
n diSuyit Vt tb cbl cmon
Free Silver Men at
nut nu ium to unci inu
uKiiWHLLiia i tun biiaiu
fciriMLr wkst anu s oltii
IzpretitoD f Senators aad
catallTea lu Howard t
ttu Lrout Ibclr Mates
I there are ViUh other V r state
WSnoS IKS on h hnn - in nmiauii J uv
siue i j antiri ihn con- nnPttvt Money said The
tenia ot a couple ot shot cuns loajled
with bird Idiot Into Otto and 5 mmlns
JXi win in wblle the former Is
not seriously Injured The INonvoods
ure souths of 18 and 1C
The 1 eeolLr lt alo la MeU He
I- HeerJ to
U Iloced Step
Uuuinti Claims
n oshlnaton V O jaTo
V i nufooses II in WMH DBlun
r onfer with tho President
tho unusual conamo -- w
do with it i iy Tcas Judee In
have acQuw
Washington March 25 The Wash
ington btar haa made a comilcte can
asa of congrtuslonul delegations from
all the states and it shows that tho
free coin ace men will probably hao
u majoilty of delegates to tho national
Democratic convention
ltipredcntatlvc Majtulre of California
paid that all ot tho Vu stern states In
cluding ICanaas Nebraska and Iowa
would stud fife coinage delteattons to
the national convtntlon He said It
we can net a lter platform we will
bo satined with any Rood Dtmocrat
who will agree to carr It out unlepa It
should be a man whose past record
woull Bivo rise to fear that ho woull
bo awayed by other Iniluoncui
tSenutor Iloaoh of Houth PaUota nns
every one of tho states went of tha
Mlxsourt river will end free silver
Senator VetTer esllmatea that there
ure nine stiver men eer euU rnan
In Kaunas but thej ar not organized
Henator Vilaa thinks that WinoiiBln
will s end a pound money deltKatlon
Tho question In Missouri Is whether
or not the delegates will lo instructed
rri -II lu n fnw rrnll men Hftnt but
iht slUer forces will pretlomlnate I
take It for Eianted said henator Vest
that my Mote will be solid for the
free coinage or stiver and c at 1G
to 1 and that the delegates will be so
rrh iifliiniirn nt Don M Dleklnnon is
nald to be the only the Democrats
fear in Michigan and he has announced
that he will lieep ma
In Ohio It I- believed that he alHer
men will have at 1 ast one third of the
3ceBaton thoush they will not irry
It all wtn
I JV iu ir thoush lUptesentatlo
mrlson SK ho that th Bold
men tnlbht be ablo to dhlde tho
nenfesentallie McMlllln of
ZZ illnB his state -Our Uto
convention will be for sllvir an 1 will
send delegates ot that kind to the nn
Sal 1 convention at ChlcUKO Jn my
head the
oninlm senator Hate will
delecatlon Senator Bate expressed
fh be f that SO per cent of the pco
Ui or free siller
nle ct Teniioroeo
1 of
benntor Call said The people
riorlda of bolh parties are for
liepresentatlvo Towne P1iffn
sald that If there was an expression
S the will of the Democrats of Minnesota
U sent
delegation would
sota n silver
nlo Indication point to a close nht
Governor Holes I the frto
In own leader In the slate and Is said to
followlnn amons be
no a
people thoush he Is opposed by the
Atieait four out of the six dclcratei
from the Blslf cl ot Columbia will b1
in fuor of slUer and theie Is a
of Its belli a solid delegation
BlUllll tnsll In
uenaio iiued
Snaof river at the rafo ot H to
J Independent ot the action of any
mment The men who bo to
other uovi
Vie national convention will carry out
ine S or the leople of the stale
Thev will not only assent 10 the propo
lllonf free sIHer but must alllrma
tlltly indorse It Tho delegates will
not onl be round In principle but firm
m Staining It They will not be
Imlttca to any candidal but they
wi man who will stand on the plat
his own opinion Tha
form and not on
lVer sentiment 1 dally lulen lfylns
tho state anl ho equivocation or
lsln In the platform or In the can-
dinaLutrCoHnehro will prob
delegation but tho
abiy To a contested
Vni is renerally conceded to slr
W ln aeor
ironB flint li
rla IS Pn li Tciunted surely lor free
coiniuclir will rend either a solll all
JeleJaO or a solll goll delega
er will lw
h in the convention There
compomTsr Hoth Hdc claim the
sound money men have claim
e1 The Virginia but competent Judges de
clare that It will be found In the sliver
CThe1Islltcen vote of Arkansas will
ijolld for sliver ltepresentatlve
3r salili There Is no doubt
ibouVwtAnMwmd cVnV
r per of of the
live P Ti t fw nnd unlimited
SK or sllveV it I tho determined
SHf ffai
government at a ra
the United Elates
of any other
tio of W
CTlnrno0tndlpud thst Texa will b
inver when the slat convention
for rJlverJrflatives l ondleton
Kherson 2T Wiley and Ul th other
mbe of the Teja delenallon say
Kmthre would be a solid d leKatlon
J the nltronll Vnveutwn from tha
llallo laldl 1 do not deny Mr
would I attempt la conceal tho fact
lhAt tho situation In Tea as is a ery
ernte one and it Is practically certain
mat no iHtnocrntit nominee for tne
rresldenc cam carry the state on a
irjlrt standard platform 1 feel aure
that at least thre fourths of the Dem
ocratic party lnTcas Are earncilly In
faor cf the Ire and unlimited coin
ap of dIIm r and a tirge part of them
cannot pelrlvcn or induced to support
a Koli standard nolle whtch thy
honestly tell to be destruclhQ of
the beat Itit rests ot the country I
lure no floubt that the Texas delega
tion la thj national innveption will 1m
a unit In favoi of the free coinage ot
loh koM and lt at the ratio of 18
to 1 and wilt Insist to the bitter fnd
iiiioii thfr formutatffn of a platform
and tho nomlnatlouof n candidate in
harmony with their ylev
11113 Ull Wli t STVM
Hie llenialnlnu liilullnients on the
Ilullril Will lie Mel
Mexico CliyvVarctt i3 Humors hao
lucn cunent that lh recent Bale of
Ftrevt lallwas in a Ixmdod anl nn
American jndlcat4 wns not kolntr
thiouRh nlthuUEh n hundrt 1 thousand
dollar were pilJ la bin J the bargain
nn agent ot the aymlKate fall to day
that the fale was absolutely ceitnlu
and remaining Installments will b
promptly nnt Tlw Intention of ihi
new company Is to put In electricity
and mmlernlzo thi avaicm ino inir
chatio and Improvement of thu line
will Imolve 12 oooooj
cw Dcpoln laipeetril
Temple Tex March 23 Spiclal
The Katy partj ronslMlnir ot Presi
dent HC Itoswe aad a ltant otllc
lals rtopjiol oer jn ihla elty lonn
enouffh wiille eng rcnlie from Waco to
Oalvefiton to roughls lnpft the new
lepotn n ntly erected lure The ni
raneinents met tho apprnnl of tho
officers Arrested
i cinnnn oi prjiuiuitixj a
Oil 1relluUnarr trial tine las Ills
olinrsred and Auotber Held
for the Grand Jurr
Gordon Tex March 23 Spednl
On Saturday nlpht at Thurber Ollleers
Williams Wise and Uchtfoit Invade 1
u cntiRreBatlon of crap shooters A
ncirro XXnnls Wrijrht was shot dead
NMlllntns anl MKhtroot wen after
wards nrrestexl harped with murder
The negroes of enmo to this
county anl cinplojed W 1 Olbbs lo
csslst In thoprosecutloo Although the
charge was a capital felony alter a
prtiiminaiy eoriny jifrniioui
dlnchurced William was held to
await bo action of tbe Rrand Jury
A IMantc la the Iteaolntlon Ilrousbt
Out Con Id e ruble Ulsvusslwn
and is Slrleken Oat
Ilcevllle Tex March 23
The JopuliBt congrtsslonal convention
of this the eleventh district today
nominated lAjtlur Iwhon f I lores
vllle to succeed the late W It Grain
The comii IJtte on platform and reenlu
tlona rcirorted recommend liyc ll I
endorBtment of the Omaha piairrrni
and deeldlnjr that while they wem op-
postd to the tariff sstem If we must
hae It let It tent on manufactured
tides and raw material equally and
alike ThH lirotitrht out considerable I
discussion and ntmtly on motion put
by Captain Ittln the -whole tariff
nlank In the resolution was ilrlcken
nut A resolution totall
the exfutivo commute
nvninir dolmr In MllhdraivlnB lien Ter
rell from tho last campaign M car
ried unanimously
llltl III allTlll
Id Ioloi lnl o hc tlrl ad
Afterwird led n lllnl
Uurdrcr In Jail let
Itilladell hla ru llarch 5 Thenl
Is little doubt today Uuvt Anuli Mc
Urath Uie beautiful irlrl
fou vl dea1 at SJ11 liliard avenuo llon
ilni ollrtit wa munlorod by Samuel 1
iiiion n wealthy cool operator
whaU mistress wtu Iho evWencj
iwlnto almost concliulvHy to the
lhjry that Uingdon killed her and
thin attempted lo cmmlt suicide but
weakened Ul thU and lle1 Uio house
Ho Is still a prisoner In a ce ro Jjn
In the city hall where he probably will
le kcirt until a chemical analysis of
the alrla stomach bi completed The
mos criminating fact In the- case is
that Us Klrta Hpi and almost the eng
llra interior mouth were burned and
dlKOloml I lT cld iwlsonlnr
while Ivnrdon toniU from tip to
polite la a series of ulcers and mucous
Ulclxs wliloh accordlna to Mt mm
statement were not there before lion
day Thls wmdlllon Is almost Madly
similar to that Mlstlnir In tha stria
mouth except th latter bt mors u
-Hunted Iter t l Water
Ds Moines Iowa March 5 The
ple of Moulton at a Ineetlnc adop
iSl resolutions directed to be lven
Jlovc or Urake aiMng him to have
hi dawhtr Miss Man I ord Draks
use wvt r Imtiad of wine in thrill
Ine tha battleship loa at 1htldHphla
next Saturday Tha governor and his
party leave for miladelphla toulglit
Awtln Texas
Of Cuban Resolutions
Being Made
ctiM rniNfrj uviim rrjcs 1 mm
ruoii iiil ilk AuofiL n
Senate Considers utaflon of Pari
Adjoarament Naal
tluu UJU Lp lu Iho 11 w use
WaihinRton March 23 Th con
ferees of the two houses of congress nn
the Cuban tcolutl ins held niiothcr
ineetlnn today but efilln aOJonrne 1
without rtnchtnff a eoreluslon lhv
however went far enough to Justify
the bdlef that mother tension to be
held tomorrow will be aufllelLiit to con
clude the confTcnce The Indies tlrmt
favor the recession of the house from
Its position and tho aecepaitco ot the
renoluttona as the inssed tho senate
The dlfncultles of Kitting any lcjrlsta
tlon -which is tppohfil an the Cuban
ieiolulona ate thiuuah the ignite are
wll itnderatooil by the fonferers and
the ctiivtMIou la gradually forcing it
self upon them that tho best plan la
to pursue the com an Hhlch will not re
quire any runner actum ny i Mimic
1 he houso mcinbeni of the conf i n nee
are loth to rIvo up their lesohitlons
but It I understool they will do so If
It la made necessary to secure the con
tutrenre of tho two bodies
Henator Cameron a contribution in the
KPtmle resolutions that the frlendlj of
fices of thf United Htates should bo of
rerol ly the president to thfl Danish
coNcrnment for tho rcconlilon of the
lndeiondence of Cuba la nntaitonUi 1
by tho hoje conferees iiw of whom
iald It would le equally ulilwftllfl
and iimner to offer friendly oillrei to
In at lirltnln for the ntlalnment of
Canada a Independence On the other
hand the clause of tho li mm rcwmi
lions look Ine to ltilrv niton o prnleit
tho Inlerest of tha Unltel Plates la m
nosed ly the senatorial ello of tho
Conference although the house run-
nlnv it tntiro tenalte than lni
JLLr I lttieertilnie tha ex-
frnssion rf annpathy with nw
Stents and tho recommendation that
the United Htnlta should aeeord iheni
Wllhrerent rights there was ni great
r ctaahln of opinions
If the senate neolutlons arc aocept
ed hy the conference the nwallnn will
again he thrown Into the hww anl
In all probahllliJ m i lbale wn 1 V
hd In that lHly when the conferees
makH their report and stveral innnl era
rtp paring pehea m aiilUlmUoii
VuiWrnl Partsxna on the
foreign affairs poinmlttw think hut the
inatur of Mordii of much small r -
than that congress shoull I ut
S rtanci front to other nations lu the
inn nrMiii miaitni
is lased lir ent Uesolutlor
In AdJtnru Offered
f IlirSsU S BP u i nded saned
JiuV TresbaeT1 Mr Bbenwri
Inimedlalc action
Let tho resolution KO oblicllon over
roseu sir jim
eionerallnB i sui f 1100d nn ainnd
iririit Hiiy i
nenl 11 the consiliunun i
Ls irllclo II providing Ihnt neither
shall paal a
ngiK nor nny
Mi restrlitlng an establishment of re
prohibiting the free irfl
Woii or
th United
the credit o
hereof or us
or any money
Htnte or any state
hied by uxallon for Hid purpose if
f Sing nalnlalnlng or llnB njr
ilemonstratlon or ro
church rellalous
2 Institution society or
s ety or
nderlng wliVh 1 wholly or In lart
uiiler s trlan or ecclesiastical on
rTho bill was passe 1 authorising th
Kansas City Watklns and ilulf Hill
way I Tmpany lo bull I a brldgo across
Altkthllitr Halt rose and said
he tho el t It nbout time In consder
fhe nuestlon of adlouniment ami of
fl red the following rwilutlon
iv ih eiiati and tho
house Thatlho president of Iho senato
indVer oft 1horse
to close in - ----
Ing their icspeellvn houses on lh II
dav of May at 5 p m
Without any further comment lh
resolution was refeirfil lo th mmlt
iee and Iho senat turned to the con
deration of appropriation bllla
The bill authoring the change n Ih
or marshal ana dlilrlct
altomeyl waa then liken up
v v - -
Jlr lioar oin
to be given
fees to salaries proposed
fliinrnvs and criticised the
manner In which these salaries wer
n h nfir nollcy of Riving high
salaries and showed that the governors
and attorneys generals of stales re
ceived less by half than the bill
to allow federal dlltrlct at-
After an extended debate he sltirlcs
iiit ttnrners and marshals
were agreed to as reported with a few
Th legislative npproprhtlon bill was
not completed whn at 8 30 the senate
went Into executive session nnd soon
after adjourned
kiw xAr im i onirisD
Tlfi Iloaei ConMer Ih Hmrr Ap
prnprlHtln Hill
Washington March M There was a
dash ot excitement In the operlng pro
ceedings ot lh House to day lr
Bartlrtt Democrat ot New Yorkroo
tcT i giiition of pwsonal prlvllgi to
deny a statement that ha had furnUhed
tho campaign circular uncd by Mr
Hulser Dtmoorat a few day ago In
an attack upon Mr Clbaou ltepul ltcan
from Tennessee Ho denounced tha
charge as a libel
Thrf House on motion of Mr Hon
telle Vrent Into a committed ot tbe
wtnla and considered th naal nppru
pilatlon till
Mr Houtelle the chairman made a
statement tn explanation of the jro
vlulona of tho Mil Ho eioVo lu eh
quent term ef tho new imvy
should be promt he said ot tha Colum
bia the ew iork the lest protected
steam cruisers urder tho canop ot
haen These r Terences to the mag
nliletnco of the new nty elicited ap
1 1 niae He went exhaustively inio the
utility of a huy line ot battle rhlpa
b a rotectlon to tha coast where
tVre were no fort Itlcat lona The ene
my would naturally moll places with
hea eoaet defetives lu rrtly to a
aucstlon from Mr Dlucley Mr Hou
title cl 1 lined that about tJOOOWK
cairira n im out ror me intnasq ju
thi nay alreadi uuthorlaed and the
3 2aw for work on tho four new KM
tic ships and 15 torcdo boats author
ized In the bill
When the paragraph In the bill re
lating tn the Increased new naj waa
reported tho committer roue and at
S 4 tho House adjourned
ii rumt or AHiiirnMiot
Iloitse CiMinllle nu I atior Decides
u Mnlin Iteport
Wo ilngton March 23 The house
committee on tnlor today drelded to
report raoraoiy ine mil introduced by
Mr Ordtnan on nrbllratlon between
carriers eiiRaRed In Interstate com
merce and their emtuoes Tho ine t
suro has been ndoated by repttsenta
iiies oi a numucr oi iauor orRamia
Jho aennte eommlttee of forelffii ta
Utlona iuda brleii ntvldered th
Hawaiian cable uuestlou but difend
arilon until neat W eduesda wh n
the commission will makt an effort to
dispose of the question
1 At It UIWS
foe InirmlixltiK u Itisnlulluu for nn
Knit i1Jmirmiiritt
WnshliiKton March 23 ankcd
for hb reason f r the Introduction ot
hi resolution for the ndjiummtnt of
ronun on May 2 Mr Ilatt e ild ho
had put It In the reohitlon because he
belli ved totiRress eoul I remphta all
lis busliifHit b that time The rtnutor
added that largo majoilty of the suns
tors favored curl adjournment ami
that in oct of them wllh whom h had
talked tlioitkhl It iolild bo auompllahed
by the nrst of Miy
CVMIIIIATU llcltivjl U
II I Illleel That tbl Deelrlla
luJlelr Ilil Ttlr Wtll Sup
port la Uhlu
WusltlnRton Moreh 26 Th MeKln
Ity nun hero today ure In hlkh leather
umt say that their man will now wiu
with hands down lliey declare that
Koialoi Teller of Colorado slated hut
nluht that there was no power lu beat
Mikloley fui llai pieMjenllal uotnlnu
Hon Ah Telkr U a alruiur sller man
this ttiinounceinent from him Is taken
by ihem to mean that ho Intends to
ect on tha band wuKun at nn iriy
uaj They aa that If he did not In
ten I this he would not lt an eng
coumsetmnt lo tho McKlnley friends
It Is said lure mi what la supposfd
to he prelty gol authority lht ree
kins ot i ulifornlu la the mtn that vU
i robably le on thi ticket with Mo
Klnle and that tlila will satisfy the
siiur men
ot lnel05il the sewion liaa betl u tumllnatlon made In Texas
M a fKM whe AU the
Ell I v i
lkl th
to defeat their man by u curing
tnneil as BlfrLnivn iy romblnatlon of the Allison and Iletd
excltlni Huinf nnlU l eng Thi y declare that a Mi rton man
to the loul0 SprHma rlrted vvut down lhro Willi nraummtl and
lolloalnic h 0uJruthorllnit rochir that bin man could not nl II-
on utno
favorably on tho rtsolul 7 w iuriiln orauments to it the
Hoed man and the Allison men to
gether It Is said that lie had
but the declare that Texas
will be for tho Old man before th
ganio ls finished
ualsiu in Tina msroui ov uimib
Raady ta Carry Aiacrlians on I
shoulders 8 1mjU a u Ter
t La dear meat
New Voik Stanh 5 A dls atch lo
the llirald from Havana aay
final excitement was caused by Iho
receipt at tho pulaoo or the following
dispatch from Atlnlslir Jlu Iuy do
Tin senalors favoring belligerency
arif convinced of the growing oppo
sition of tho house reprts ntatlves and
Iho country and havo agrceil unanl
niously to reluct the report of tho
Joint committee It Is tho i eneral oilu
loii that tlforts to be made hereafter
will b fiultless Iho matter now being
considered as virtually ended
The Havana papers Issued late even
ing extras which wire mapped un
reedlly In Iho hotcln and cafes The
Knanlards openly exprisod great sails
faction and gotheied In grouix con
gratulating one another on the newi
L hTvvr were slow to
papers U
lilomacy and the senate K good sinso
Some idltors who have been aneeilng
at the United States almost dally speak
of tlw gnat republic n terroi ut
ternal endearmtnt J
me -
- -
I lali nl mnrlHI
IDOrJl ttiWllJITJ i
Will leave for DUi Twr
luff nttritl Niinril lu
carrrlnu It
pain iuitio
PirnKtri Itc Ued nu lata trnla
for Hill Int n
vmon fivu cents
E Benjamin Andrews
0 D LL D
President ot Ilrown Unlversltjj Unlit
States Delegate to the Brussels Mone
tary Conference Member of the
l Lesion WL J y
4is teciurc ueau appreciatively wim luj
th ereat 80UT1HCIIN Commandrf W
both aa a MAX and an a OnKlIllAU Wf
IteOKra phi colly outlining his UUHAT
CAMuAI0N jnllrelyiew la Us com
parison of
Lee antHon Moltle 1
Gettysburg and Sadowa
wiw ucrunn at tub
Tickets can le had at the Opera Uouia
iiiiiiiiuh iJ till
iikjaiaiuaii ij uu
u uaia i
11 lull UAW3 A OVLL t
A Speech
ou to vviiiti l
An Essay
on to rnisAcii ID
A Sermon
Toil need th aajelle Hneyctopedla t
suggest Inlereatlug tacts wllh which t
embellish your It tails overy
thing - t
Dent by mall for M cent and tw
2 ccnt stamps for postogs
M HfrilMtf
a nt it Jelnu ltna
noiton March 25 Hiram
son who was placed under arrest Mon
day night after bis wife had been found
deid ll Ibelr Iioum wllh linger marks
- hna nnl lirnlHss about het
head and face confessed that lit liadj
ohok e1 in W
drunk at tho time
itfm wii MiniF
w w
ileved that Ihero must r nVk crowd of nelghtirs In th housa
Inly dispatch was llluslrated at th
niwluce and oiher exchsngei whero
jvnitrlcanl who of Jat nave peon
ralhtr unpopular wore- greeted with
liandshokrs and In ono or two cases
barely eCrd being carried on th
sroullers of their enthusiastic fellow
llu lr simpathliers V edurisa w did
not oxiect so oompleln a dlploinatln
victory nor one so dcliv nnd so soon
acuumplhibcd To the peoplo of th
United Htales tho rebels will no lonyor
appear as a niniily oppi essed pe pl
struggling to vlndlcnte their rlrhts and
constltuli an In lependeut govcriunenl
nny will now bi iar as they are ana
must ulwnya bo for all Uurapa and
Ami rloamf rely armed moba without
martial skill
IMalldat ol
Kan llelllen
tarrrlMir tbe1 date
Tnpeka Kan Man It M -Cyrus I
land JrT chnlrmall of Iho llepublleaii
stnto roiiimlllee in response to a sug
gistlon that tho stole committee might
Hy nl until
Maries of llter farriers
Washington March I
v BP rrr ffomlj Jfoalofflej -
bill aurwd voa br H wmmUloo
i v all re P nf lskrltM
cloralprnedlnhvana carrier In ct W
- r man JS MOiat JIOW per year t
The Site 1
tdndon March a A cabinet ronhcll
was hell this morning for thcerchango
of Tliwa regarding U Pritiah
JIIlAH llh IbC Wl IJ IF PsMa
loUPrulSat UmTepTramVr10 1 Sf t
Ther II no hops lt lor laa room n jgg
A i
nftir tho nth of August when tho FUjh Ifl M fr
nil II hold their ooiivenuoo suim
iiiiubllcans of Kansns need no point
ers from tho Populists as tn who shouw
Im nominated rn tllMr Stat Jj
IVo ar roing to win J
this year In Kansas We am oi
inoilgli strong enough nrd Indepond
ent tnough o put up a winning- ticket
without waiting to res what tho Popu
lisls will do flrit j
Mrln Killed IIHWII I- Iff - I
arA1 i1
10T r

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