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Fort Worth gazette. [volume] (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, April 02, 1896, SECOND EDITION, Image 1

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tdi l irt cm In ccry rrapcct
popular hotel at the state capital
OAZnillJ liailHUAItTdla
VOI XX O 107
lOOI FHEKlMAN laborer
tfiRACH WILKINSON carpenter
B HTHABACK carpenter
ho following were in J urea
lLAKK WOLTI ND1 N chief eng
ter badly scalded an 1 bruise 1
jpiUAilUJl WAaiiiuiu uurn
Ind cut by tho timbers will die
DM BllOWH baaiy bruised ana
I rncmiAN lee brol eng
LEX inja iirs scalp wound from
uid otherwise badly hurt
e explosion pecurred while
aiexanaer was at mnner ana me
is elated to be a ary ooiier
iJV loss lii dollars will reach 30 000
srmen tnero in adequate insurance
lie Hartford steam iioticr
t com i an v
Bout a year ago the riant of tho oil
pthus wn entirely
py tire eng tan ins a loss or jisoooo
Shad been Uh a scnlft
Kn make It ono of the moat
e ana comuieto in tne south
io scene attending the disaster beg
aescription in addition to the
thronir of curious people there
scares of men icTien und
lurclnfir about the ruins In anxious
En for relatives Trtelr irrlef was
use onda tided tothe ffl r cf b TA
hire and aauea to tne melancholy
Von r li Jutllrlnl HUtrlrt
i Antonio Ttx April
follow Inff decisions iote handed
enwaUs Opera House
ail aiiis t iic
at ropuuAit rniccs
Ilnee prices 1 Do and 20a
M rricea 10c ZOa and 30a
East Lyiinc
To UIcht
t Nlht
is NiaiiTS in a DAn nooir
Erdtj Mntlnee
rHay Nlvht
Disvirra WEB
It no on tltror entire -week
arunj Tuead Nluhtfl and uj
uy Jiaunic April n una 7
In Tl Three Succfsves
PV Ths IlltlMan
fay Mnttnua eThs AAoman Hater
r rrninirjena e lour uw
now on sale JUsuUr prtcMt
Tho only cost to you beincr a very nioderato outlay for
Wo have encaged Professor II 1L Encluhardt tlio
Inoua lightning in tlat to occupy our front window In
3 minuloa lio will products a buautltul landscape picture
lit wouui require tlio worK of days ly other artists
Una of llio3o gunuino oil palntlnsB wo will nivo fioe
th each cash purchase of SI 00 adding a small charge
the frame of the picture
Gomo and Bee the artist work
It is a wonderful exhibition
una nours aro a to i a in ana 2 to 5 n
roM Us
liuielic Uncut Hue nnil save
iu oU per cent
c Men Suddenly to
Their Death
nf Those Searching for ltela
tlrc The Mill II a Once Hcem
Xestrorl II r Vier
f emphls Tenn April 1 At 2
bck this evening two toners ot ma
biers oil mill ut Greenville Miss
Roiled wrecking tho mill property
E causing tne ueatn or live men
rNiiv aij1j1Aaih nienan
win mmm
u mu
down to day by tho court of lvll ap
eau or inQ i ourin juuiciui aisirici
mrmca in port ana in prt reversea
remanueaj w ttpauiamff ei au
P Handem et el from Jim
rsed mtd irmandedTexus Loan
Hiram Jiunt ct ni irom
Tpjraa racllle nallwny Com-
Y layne rrom urayson
L OLtM H L Ullibaril from
I dismissed Capps ft
Cantry iVGeo A Usar hmati from
AtllrmedJ C Taust H Son et nl
9 Sanger Tiros from Limestone V
A Thomp n 3L Cullers fit Henry ct
nl from Giayson James II Cruder et
al ts San Antonio Ural Estate Itulld
inK and Loan Association from Uexar
J M rmerson s Kmlly A Kmeruon
from Btxnr
Hill ItKCOltD
XteRlueiiun Dmtrorefl
Terrell Tex April J bpecial The
residence and contents of V It Scott
on Noith Medora street was burntd to
the frruund this mornlnir about 8 30
o cloclc A slronK n 1 was blowing
at the lime The threu children were
asleep at the time and were carried out
by their mother In thflr night cloth
ing1 and this yrh all their clothing
saed from the lames All the con
tents except a few broken pieces of
furniture were burned House and
contents Insured for 750 The loss Mill
fai exceed double the amount of tho
rire nt UnlfNTllle
ClntesvUle Tex April 1 Special
Flie hs discovered at 2 uclotk this
mornlnc In Tom Cottona barber shop
phlcli d ami gel two bulldlncs it Mooro
and wm Jtoie s eaionu tttock and ueo
WooreK mddlery stock Uultdlnps wero
dimsued SO per cent fully Insured
Hoses saloon ttnmapo on llxtures Q
per cent Insured for JCOO George
Moore stock bad damage 1 Insured
for 2 000 Tom Cotton was Insured
and all damaxe fully cohered Many
thought the alarm v as nn April fool
and dd not come to town
shotIy a woman
TIC llullet Ienrlrutvd 111 Cloi
mid Ilt boqiided PrudULlDir a
ilUllI OTlDd
1 EJ
Dallas Tex April 1 Special do
die Curt of 140 Jackson street shot Alt
II Tayjor well known In sportlnp cir
cles while tho latter wai stnndlnK thu
Metropolitan cafe about 11 1C lart night
Tho bullet was a 32 calibre and strut k
Tayjor eng thp left shoulder It pene
trated his clothlm and rebounded
causing only a slight wound Deputy
Constable HUck disarmed tho woman
md i laced her In Jail Taylor was tn
the cafe when tlw Burt woman drove
up In a cab and called for him lie re
fused to see her She followed him
Into tbe house curslngr freI and re
fused to desist
Taylor was seen aftr he shooting
but was loath to mako any statement
and only begged thit nothing be sail
A reported called at the court Jail
And tho Hurt woman reftHM to be In
terviewed haylnc left orders not to
admit neusnaper men tn her presence
It Is rumortd Oat another woman oc
cupied tho hack w hlle the shoot In p
took place but nothing reliable on
that point could bo ascertained
Till lLKi AM HIS llltlDIS
ReecUel n Itofiil A Ll otu on Tlietr
Xleluru to WotnUltKlt
Woodstock England April 1 Thla
pretty little town was In a state of
holiday purade tody R iy with iTr
ers eenrrtens and buntinir and deter
mined to dq everything poiwlhla to
tsUe a hearty welcome to the jouue
duke of tarlbnrourh and his brtdT
formerly Wlss Consuclo Vanderbltt of
Nfw Tork The Duke and Duchess
wer recthed by tlie mayor of Wood
stock the corporation and tho local
clerfiYmen The rones were taken from
the barouche which was to coney the
Duke and Duchess to Blenheim ropes
were attached to the ehcle and the
tenants drew the you up uuplc to the
palaru and ercorted by the mounted
yeomen Woodstock was dnfcely
crowded throughout the da and ex
cursion trains wre run to and front
there tonight Tho reception of the
duke and duheet at the station com
prised a catherlnt of cchaol children
who lqudly cheered the couple
nr Comtntinilirr Arrli es
New Vork Anrll Trfderlck St
George J3coth Tucker recently ap
pointed commander vt the Sah alien
Army In tho VnltLd Htatrs to sucevtd
Balllngton JJth arrte1 tonight ot
the stamer M Jjeftlt He paid u rlef
Mutt to headauarters and tpok to thore
vhn wtlcomed him Ho said he in
tended to boOne naturalized and puib
thewprk of the nrmy In Amerlea n
the jinost of his abll aeperil
Itaolh he said would probnbljr yjjalt
this country next fqlL
For Mail Carrying Lines
of Steamers
minus IP A WAHH I1SCLSS10 11
Tim riooii oc Tiiu
IltusnxT svstisi
The Iloue Villi lied the touallrr
tlou of the Sundry ClU Appro
prlstlon 11111 Ylrdnr
Washington April 1 In the senate
today Mr -Butler Top NO Introduc
ed a bill requiring the acceptance of
current legul tender funds In payment
of notes bonds or private obligations
The senator explained that the pur
jose ot the bill was to put a stop to
gold notes etc which were being
forced on tho people
Docs thlj propose to affect existing
contracts asked Mr Hilt
It does not responded Mr Uutltr
I do not believe in breaking con
Tho -bill was referred to the finance
committee- air Call la ofiered a
eHOutton directing an Inquiry by the
common publlo lands committee
In the patuUIntf of unicservrd
lands In the state of Florida assert
ing that there was much Irregularity
on the part of the Interior department
as to the lands and that foreign cor
porations wen abRorhlnif them His
colleague Mr Pasco -wan oppose 1 to
giving tno committee uirecuuna
to Imestlgatp the matter and moved to
refer the resolution to the committee
without directing and tho two senators
agreed to put to a ctc the pceUoas
resolution toeing carried
Thf following Cuban resolution was
also Introduced Into the senate today
ncsolved that the continued viola
tions of the usases and rules of war
between clvlllzd peopl the Inhumun
outrages on men women and children
constantly n ported on reasonable el
dence either authorized or permitted
not only on the Cuoan ronluttonlU
tut also on the citizens of the United
States now carried on between the
government of bpaln and Iho reolu
ttonnrj farces orKaiilj ed as tho repub
lic of Cuba demands tho Immediate
action by the Unlttd Stat eng l ot nly
for the protection of the citizens of the
United Statis resident In Cuba under
the treat Us wlh Span hut also under
the higher considerations of a common
humanlt and ct lltzatloi Imperiled by
barbarities and cruelties known only
to the darkest and most cruel and inoht
bloody pel tods of history
Resolved that an adequate force of
the United States Bhall be sent to Cuba
sufficient to piotect by force If neces
sary citizens of the United States
fiom wrong und tho violation of tiraty
obligations between Spain and the
United fctalen
Resolved That the president of the
United Slates communicate to Spain
these resolutions and Inform that goVf
eminent thst the United States will
forcibly Intervene tn protect the rights
of Americans und the Interests of civi
lization If there Bhall be a further oc
currence of disorder and outrage In
Tno resolution went over under tho
rules until tomorrow
Mr George of Mississippi then re
sumed his speech In opposition of the
claims of Mr Dupont tn thr senate
Mr 1effcr cave notlve that his motion
to take up uiscusslon for an Inquiry In
to the bond Issue would be made tomor
row Consideration of the post oflloo
bill was then resumed The subsidy
item was taken Up and jllsturscd
Mr VI I at said the International or
American line recelt ed 420 000 last j ear
for carrying 350 tons of American mall
while the Cunard oi British lino re
ceived 1 14 1760 last y nr for carrying M
tone of American mall the British line
rarrjlng twice the umount at tuyo
thlrds tho cost Mr Haw ley Hep of
Connecticut Interposed to state that
four of the ships of the American line
were equipped for armament and were
subject to call bj the United States Mr
Vilas said these ships were valuable for
war us well as for transportation pur
poses Mr Hawley Insisted that the
BrJttPh Government had fitted her mer
chnnt marine an auxiliary crulspr and
regarded them as a material branch of
hr nay not only for transportation
but for fighting purposes Mi VI I as ex
pressed some eurprlse that Mr Haw
ley had cltd tie British protection
given to merchant ships
I tiled It responded Mr Hawley
because the gentleman Is a free trader
anl Great Britain Is his Idol
Mr Vilas went on to show tho grow
ing cost of ot tan mall service 7Ie
cltd many rases of alleged excessive
sul sidles The mails ftom New York to
Ha una last year at regular rates cost
3 000 but In fact It cost oer 0 200
The Bed D line received 70 000 last
year fir mall to Venezuela when regu
lar lates would have been 14 870 This
he said Illustrates the beauty of sub
sidies This greafs oust was accom
pii M by no benefits except that two
of the American line ships were to be
serWcenble for the United States navy
W course Mia in vies snips wouil
pot be able to light against iin armored
Mr Vilas turned bis atlentlnn to the
proposed Increase pf SSOOM In the com
pensation of the sen Ice ti Hawaii
which brought about a colloquy with
Mr Perkins of California who declared
that os an A met lean be ttbs in fat or
of fostering American sblppliff as
triln t Kngilsh shipping
Tn the course of the dlscuislott Mr
Vilas stated that steamship companies
had MjLteeded In carryln ihe polrit
that statute mile shotId be measured
on the sen insttal of thn nautical miles
Ihiir increasing the I compensation one
third The subsidy Trent oyer Tor a
separate ute tooioirow The remaind
er of tie post office cpproprUtton bill
was completed
At fi3 tho senate Adjourned
I nder t otiftlilcrntton nUr tilll on
ludlitu Aftnlr
Walfngion April 1 Tie -Nicaragua
canal ptoject wn dinuwed to
da befiiro tho hur commHle on
commvrte by Capttln l I Tajlor of
the navy The pracieuntlUy or the
canal he sal1 was no longir a doubt
the only question beltiK the oont wlilah
l angcd front JvBOOOOOO t MHOWT0tH
Tho most interesilng feature of his
remark wo lo tho erterVof the cnnal
upon the huval establiAhmenf of this
eoermnent m
In time the rahal utoull enable the
United States -to decrease the naval
force which it is now neceesary for
this KcAernment tn maintain He wad
conscious wf oplnloni In the navy in
faor of tlio canal project
Tho house Indian affairs committee
charged with the preparation of a bill
for reorganization of the iroyernmcnt
of the Indian Territory hs compMi
id Its work and a report will be made
lo the full committee tomoirnw The
bill provide for a purvey of the land
In the Territory with ft view of divid
ing the lands among the Indian A
roll of the frcedmen In the Terri
tory U provided for though their
jftalua is left to the ascertainment of
the DaweiommlBlon which Is to -re
I ort at the next seMlnn ot the f on
groft Town sites and mineral lands
will bo reserved for allotment nnd the
former Trill be lensed at annual rent
al preference belnr given to those
who already hare Improvements
thereon till the miney arising from
such lenses Is to be paid Into the
treasury for the benefit of tbeJn
Tim nutiMMinD
The House liver With Ibtt Sundry
UU 11111
Washington April 1 Kftmc minor
business was transacted nt the session
ot the house today after which tht
sundry civil bill aas taken up An
amendment for representation of the
United States in the prison conference
was ndoped
Mr Sayers offered an nmendnrent tn
appropriate 30 TOO for the purchase of
the housft In Washington In which
President Lincoln died and which la
now rented by an hltorlAal society
Mr N dc offered an amendment to
appropriate 7fi W of the 100 000 carried
by tho bill for the construction of mili
tary posts to commence th erection of
permanent buildings st the tnllllarv
pest nt Spokane ash The slle of
the poBt over 1 000 ncres he eald bad
been nrlven tn tho government by tho
city of Si okane Mr Ctnnon ebalrnian
of the committee oppoel It on the
ground that the conlltlon of the treas
ury would not warrant the cxpendl
ture Mr Hydes nmendnivnt was car
ried despite the objection of Mr Can
The Item providing for the establish
ment of homes for disabled volunteers
was then discussed
After tho completion of the bill the
committed arose and at 6 13 the house
V WltlSCO CANlOflf lltMi 11LU 1 1
Three ninled Men Did tb lit
Iteaululloii Style Tbe Safe
Was niotrn Open
Let anon Mo April L The east
bound cannon ball train on the Ht Louli
and San Pranclsoo railroad was held
lip and robbed three miles east of this
city at 1 05 this morning by throe
masked men Thoafe vm blown open
and robbed
The robbers boarded the train at this
place at 12 W and after reaching the
scene of the robbery held up the eng
gineer nnd fireman stopped tho train
and with the engineer In front of them
marched to the express car The mes
senger refusing to open tJA door It wis
blown open with djmlrnlta and the safe
Crack Hi and Its contents removed
beveral packages of valuable papers
were found this morning beside tho
track In one of which was some money
which was over looked In the hurry of
departure Passengers were not
The engine wa detached ftnd run by
the robbeta to Sleeper where Jt was
abandonee Th brakeman hurried back
to the city and started Sheriff Jones and
a posse on the robbers track
Three strangers juippnsed to be the
robbers wore seen drinking In a saloon
at 10 last night They were seen near
the depot by Night Operator Martin
onl a few minutes before the cannon
ball arrived The brakenmn furnished
u fair description of the m n to the of
ficers In pursuit
Hallway ortlclals are confident they
win be speedily apprehended While
the amount of money secured Joy ths
robbers Is known to hate been con
siderable the local express ortlclnls will
not place tin estimate on it Wells
laigo offers 100 for the arlcst of the
d l smithim kulku in a huv
ll Warn Hunllnff IVood AVIlh m Ifpua
f Muirs It ben lb Tmw
cnine Pr In Mewed
Mansfield Tex April J D I
Smlthee living three miles north of
Mansfield was killed about 11 oclock
thiw morning He was hauling wood
with a start of mules which bvame
frightened and ran away He wart
thrown off the wagon and was dragged
quite a dlsttwe his body hng lacer
ated and mangled n a fearful manner
frenlnlln of Hank f
WAshlngton April 1 Tlie monthly
stati ment of the compt roller show a the
tola circulation of national bank notes
to 231 S27 105 an increase Tor the
yearof 13 777801 sad tor the month of
4 134 340 The t lrcotatlon tuoed on
United Mates boids amount to I1P9
72305 sn Increase xnee March 31 1W5
of 19 75 6 and since cbruaiy tU
Uxt of ITUU
r to v
iroira Avoitjrn TJsxvptairjitsDAYf aviul t isdg
Of President Diaz Sent
to Congress
XHtLAlf THOtlllK
All Hie Amerleatt llepnltllcs Should
Proclaim m Doctrine ttlnll
to President Monroes
City of Mexico April 1 The mom 1m
portant part of tho i residents mepsage
delivered today ut the opening of con
gress is an allusion to tho Anglo
euezuelan controtersy and President
Cloi lauds meesugn to congress Thl4
utrt of the main address Is as follows
With our northern neighbor our in
tercourse Is or the samo friendly unl
cordial character as our diplomatic an 1
other relations with that countr Imto
been for borne sears past strengtheuel
as the i elation urn lj th growth of
common Interests which unite tho two
nation hi bonds more soil 1 than steel
rails that weld their trnitlo njMttn
Nniurully evocation of that dOL trine
which condemns all attempts at Kuro
t can usurpation and all tendencies to
modify republican Institutions of the
new woild In a monarchical direction
aroused rrvat Indignation nmong tho
free nations of Ihls continent und gave
occasion for demonstrations of fcym
pathy Invitations of International
character were not lacking that tho
Mexican government should at once
state Its opinion in so grate a matter
but tho executive considered that haste
was not proper In expressing nn opin
ion on a fcubjoct which involved not
only the Monroe doctrine but also Uj
npcllcotlon to the Interests of the con
troversy between Ureal Britain and
Venexuela Now that happily and us
was to bo expected the crisis has
panned it ma not be out ut place o ac
cede to the desires ot thou pemous
who have requested the Mexico u gov
eminent io ntate hi opinion with re
gard to the Monroe doctrine The Mex
ican government cannot but declare Its
jartlallty for a doctrine which condemns-
as criminal nny attack fan the
part ot monarchies of turopu against
the icpublkM of cutlcu against tha
Indetendent luUlozun of this continent
now nil suMtct to popular form uf gov
ernment The whole of our histor end
especially the struggle of our eoplo to
shtke off the yote of n foreign em
pire whhh tos upon both Its origin
form and resources and the torrent
of blood shed in that tnmeudous strug
gle are sufllclent testimony lo the
world of our love of independence and
our nbhorn nee to All outside Inter-
rrrencc 4ut n is n i nurujinntn inut
to tho United States or to the Im
inenrlt nf Its resources bcl mgs the
obllgatiui of assisting other rLpubllos
of the hemisphere Agalnut the attacks
of JJurope if such attacks ale stfil to
be considered as possible but for the
attainment of an end to tvhhh we all
as pi re each one of those republics
ought b meam of a declaration like
that of President Monroe proclaim
that ev cry uttatk on th part or a foi
elgn power with a view of curtailing
territory or Independence or of alterlnK
Hie iniiltutlons of any one of tho re
publics of America would be consid
tied by the nation making such decla
ration as an attack on itself priyldfJ
jhat nation directly nttacke 1 or threat
ened In that manner b spoke th al 1 of
other nations opportunely In this
i ner the noitriinf of America in the full
1 extent of the word and although or
iginating In the United Stales would
lelpiigto tho international law of this
continent As to the means lo redueo
Ihls idta to practice this s not tbe
pitte or time to discuss them
In dealing with intenailoial affairs
the president Is tcr concise In pare
of tne message dealing with Unannes
of Mexico Oeneral Diaz stales that thd
iinanclal dhTlcuitlcs of Mcxio hate dl
appealed U Is hoped forever
iuroiua n omizs diiaui
BU tu llsre Died uf UetiinptlsU In
Havana April 1 The- rumor of the
death of Oeneral Maximo Uomis Is
still currtrrt here and is being adcl
to b alleged details of his demise
The latter ure that the Cuban leader
Is ld to have expired vr mo days ago
of hemoptysis nnd tho locality of the
sceno uf hi rassinir owny Is the Ho
t orrn plantation In the province of
Matunzag The remains nra nald tn
have betst Interred in the omrlal
Ceiiler but no dates nr given nnd
there are no facts foi thconnlnffto con
firm the report of Oomwi death
Several skirmishes have taken plice
bftwetn tho 4roopj nml the maur
gents In the piovlnce of Santa Clara
nm well as In the province of Hnar
Del Illo
At ban lose Do Los floas and Ma
trlel therf have been outbteftks
Twelve imnirrcnts killed at ths
former place and at the latter tho In
surgents hanged six milkmen
Ifonthlr Debt tftnleiuenf
Washington Atril I The monthly
statement Of the puhlld debt Issued by
tho treasury tpdij shofrs the dbt less
iftsh In the treasury on March 31 to
tave been I42 3t63 nn increase over
lust month of 5274 7 which Is ac
counted for b an increase of H206J3
In the amount of bonds delivered rjiirlnn
lhe month The Increase In the rash
during the month amodntedtn n34v
-ii maKinff ine itcrease ii iu us
Governmehf vDtliorltles nt Uaab
lruilon Ar Marnnrd
April 1
ofHclulA are nmewhn4 dWrubd at the
Increas In lmntltaatlon During Feb
ruary tho number of arrivals at New
Icrk uKregutM H 22 sh Increase
f about C3 Der rent over the arrivals
during Febnittry I5 Dr2nncx ot
Lmio Mr fr
n1 i f j
1 v
he Immigration cmmlnton at Now
Torn in a letter received today Mates
that there oro 63 1 iotrred nnd de
tained immigrants Uvt at the Lllte
island last Monday night which taxed
t ho actoinmothuion i to tha uttnost
The class of ore said tf
be fleslntbte
It If MM nt lhe department that if
thfr immldr irion buiaur wan fully
equipped with Iho jiowcrs nsked for id
the rtrpoHJot the invnlsrtilqn com
mission to secretary f th treas
ury and hmv lief ore iougres It
would feet equal to the present con
dition of affairs Und It Is not unllkelY
that addHonal legislation on the
bvay be further urs1
d niinv o wTk i mTj v
He Is ltiinntitR Two 1nst d JUaf
Uct Onf or llrenih
Dclmonte Cnt April I Chauncey
M Depew was seen today regarding a
rarvnss mdo bj tho San Ifroncli o
Pxaralner ot Iho prominent Hopuhll
cans of California which apparently
showfd tho sentiment of ll e state tf
be ottrwhelmlngly In tit or of Me-
Klnley Let me pee ho said thli is
the 1st ot April lhe national Itcpub
llcan convention does not meat until
June 16 Now there It suh n thirur o
n man running to fast as tn bo out of
brcMh when tho time comes to Jump
McKInley Is a koo1 man upd I hAt
no doubt but that ho will have the
largest number of votes on the tlrnt bal
lot but IJIalno had th same In ISttf
and It olmott broke my heart when he
failed to get the Domination tn the
place of Hayes the dark horse tlrant
had the same In Hn and the Bltlne
people nomlnated Mr Uarfleid It it
turns out that Melilnlej th secnl
ballot does not carry the cam eng Mm
by uorm the followers of the nther
inert ah llkelj tn agree upon some man
who will get the nomination
IV N1V lOlllv
lsui llavo llren Hiibniltled nnd
The Wilt tie rromptlr toniuiu
via ted nt the Meeting
New Vork April L A meet In of lhe
manufacturer of steel will meet In
Now York to perfect a comllne
At ft meeting Friday evening the pre
liminary plans for tin combination
wero discussed but as all the com
panies wire not represented nnd as
eome of tho com panic wero onl rep
resented by their agents It was decided
to ndjourn till tomorrow ovenlnir Mean
tluiif the agents have submitted the
plAns to thu respect he employers who
will bo on hand und It Is undeistool
that they will indorse the 4oRrblnaUon
nnd will promptly adopt plans to con
summate It There are from twenty
t twenty five companies In the Unltel
States which manufacture stefl billets
Of these It Is stated ten will he oil
I l ot th6 meeting
Tim list emmprtsen the chief fclllct
manufacturers of tha country Tho
im venient began hirt August In Phlla
dlphln ti lien the of a
few companies mu at ti Stralforl
hotel lo ngiee on mc standard specld
ratlons In ctllmntlng iron anl stttl
tvorks Slnto linen the movement has
grown until h their consent H 1 til em
brace that branch nt the nteel
lhe adtance in steel billets is owing to
the recent Advance in tho price of iron
Prince if Vt n1c i nuld nl he n
JJemlter of Hie llilrlein Cluli
Tondou April I A letter -which Is
reported to have been read before tin
Thirteen Club of Haw or glvlnit tha
texi of nn allf ged lettepfrom Sir Vran
cl Ennuis groom in waiting m iu
Prim of AVfllc s accepting fur his Di
al highness election In the club cnutrd
a sensation hero on aecounl f the at
titude toward Cuba
The 81 James OaroHe has obtained
nn otrtclal copy of tho letter and It Is
Muled tint he is directed by tne Frlnee
of Walefl to say that m the number of
Invitation- he received from dlfcrtnt
parts of thd worM to telopg to vnrlous
cluhs It so gisut that he cannot accept
nil nf them and ti make a seeroi
would bo uuadvhsable the Prjnco
tl ereforcj while upprcrlallnj highly the
comnllment rhlch ho his iteen paid
much wres that It I rt In his power
to hate the rlensuro of accepting
norii uiu iiinttuir ur
Trople of er UtitiNlilr 1 IU llufu
JleUlnlr nnd lteetl
Coneonl N II Aprl 1 Snntor
Chandler to dny wioto 1tnator Iodge
explaining ho action bf the stab con
vention In ndorIng Wth MeKlniej
pnd Tteed He says that both men fti
wtli thourht of by the pepplo of the
stnte And hotn hrtVij e consllcrfibte
Hllowliv l A M cJo1caxctM W
ittrlvod nt without n split In the eon
entlo both men were cudornd
Wltltilentrs Ills Army
Aden April 1 The pews Is con
firmed that Nc yiW Menellk Is wihi
drawing his army to Klioa where he
will rontlnuo negttlitlons with the
Italian repmseiitatlrrs H la believed
that the rainy reason will compel the
Italians to withdraw their trooj
Iros the Winner
Q Vork Anrll 1 Madison Sauira
Gjtrdeit ctncert hall frat crowded to
night by billiard Inert eager to see
Frank Ites and Joke peDefer cross
CLf for thfr flist time at tho IS Inch
baltf line gtnic Floret Ivew CW hlgh
e run 119 averntfo 21 11 10 to4isefer
3S4 highest tun HI- nrnrnse tl io is
Jli Debt llndo VnlT
Washington Aixrll The sennts
abollthlng the 1 111 Approving certain
nets of th Jerltath e assembly of
Nmv Mexico ftddil sn amendment
vftldstlng tho i2Kd bonds and In
debtedncss of Sftnta Fe county Issued
uiwler a refunding Act
ii lea Xfjf DttiU vrr mswwell
in Hi esatvpt 3i aaajr m sinu nMWi
l0MiRrM Vecelveil uu til t
Da In
Pifrojfi iriye ceT8
That Is What Hdh WJ
S Baker Saysv
And They Had No Other lor lo
Inrue tUiept Itiu fine fnken
Home Doetrlur
Waco Tex April 1
Sieaklng of the action of ths sound
money nen yesterday and thfe free sllJ
er people last Saturday Hon Wt O
Baker said toda
I regret deeply the action of the
er men last Saturday but I anticipated I
the nsult Ther Avas nothing left fori
the sound money men to do but to inks I
the action the took yesterday after
noon The sitter men Just simply bolt
ed and so far as I am eoncsined I shall
Htuj with lhe nguUrl organized and
legally constituted Democracy 1 claim fl
to be a Democrat mil us such Khali I
stay in w nat i ronveiv e tn ik the Dtwn
cratio ranks Dudleys committee ax
ceedoil Its authority uunueattnnably
hi nee its mandittfla wers not binding n
the Democrats vf Texas In taking act ion
lucnlly Home rule is a tjtal irlaclpla
of Democracy and when we lose sight of
inis tart men wn ure trcauing on uan
uorou t ground I did my ht to oar
stinde the sliver men out of taking tha
nrtton they took Hnturdsy hut to no
avail The truth of the matter Is that
the thing wa manipulated by soma
men who are anxious tu run for otfen
and had not the courage to do sd nn
their own names They saddled the
fne silver horse lq ri 1 tn tin but the
animal Is golnic to I licit before the
Jpurnej has ben ucuompllshel Tho
silver men hate not onl bolted the
Demoeratle pitrty but they have shown
that they do not hold the welfare ot the
lartj In tery high esteam for they
nave juti auoui turnea icijcnnan coun
ty over to the Pomitists Divided as ths
Dcntotrac is It Is wenkrned so as to I
make It a prey to the organlied eager I
and determined Populists fti far s X I
om concerned J hold part principle I
higher than the question of silver nd
shall stay with the unl Democracy ot
tne county eome wpui rent
ur tin mo uiiMu
The Atuerlesn Laburers lxoleieal
Atinlnst Their Lmidofntrnt and
Hold Wmu Made on litem
El Paso Tex April 1 Every 8un
diy and Wednesday Norton DmkA m
Co why supply laborers for the Southl
cnt Paclllu Ioad have been In tha habit I
o shipping forty or fifty Mexicans from
this place west over the Southern Pa
cific Thu Amstlcan laborers have pro
tected and chargu that the company
Is cu tlng for foreign labor This
mornlnv be government Immigration
agent made u raid on a car load of
thi40 UUirvra Juki as the tiMn was
leaving for the west and captured lf
a dozen Mexicans who ackiu
IhCiv had lust rcme from Mealda Them
was nothing to Inn Ilcutu tha railroad m
Norton umKv ct vo trey ciaim tne
men came to them unsolicited and
askrd for work Tha government agent
took the men across to Meslco aud
wninoa tnem not to riurn
iurtiiLiuts sniccT uLUQA rxsl
And Inslriief for IJon Jonn OarleI
mid AMI Un i UrKlBJr J
Daccan 1 T ArM
The Itepubllcanu of DuwAn met In
convention at tl e coujt house to tight
under tall f Cyrus J KoerH chairman
of the Hepubllcan executive committee
of the Chickasaw notion and tflected
delegates ana alternates to re con
tention at Wvnnewood I T Abiil 9
and Instructed fov Hon John C0 q aa
delegate from the Chickasaw nation
nud the Hon C vWrainpbsll u
rate M wrge in me r louis conyea
lion June 10 io convention Was I
unanimously for McICInlo
She Ilsd MunBlaus nf Mr for Cut
nnd Ier tnrau Wni peiseu
Washington nrll
a litiuia nan reeftivoq worei irom ppan
lrh dUlomatld and consular ottlciala in
rvniml AmM lriL salnit thit the
steamer Bermuda having aboard mu
nitions of wr for rjaurglnls In Cut a
has been detained at Port Cortex br
bo Honduras govtrnment ami ht
careo wuea
Hfgtest of all in Leavening power- Latest U S Govt Kepoxt
im - ssssKk a
i vVm 3J
A9XiYaat ihjre
V V - tt
f i1

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