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Hi M1
KrrMTA Ji4iltil
I- iJ
u r
i twi
a rv JSHS
P my
Fafcllslied Leery Hay In tho xear
Steps Monday lr
H I Fori Warm Tenia
IS Williams
I Watson
W Hoelale
LAIRIEST ronT -worth
Entered at th
Worth Texas a
Postofllco at Fort
second class mall
raatern Business Oftlee Th Trib
une Building New Tork City West
ern Business Offlcf Th Bookery
Chcago The S C rleckwlUi Bpeclel
Agency Sol Agente Foreign Advertis
HOT omED nT Tnn tiicbts
nolvI Tbnt vr bernr Inuors
Tn Port Worth Qeselt as an aula
and farlte pteootnt f Demaeraert
aao ffonandlnf It oars la tba
vmtt wo roramnd ttial th frlrnus
ef silver Klro It tbel cordial aad
aptlra rapport
The Gazette receives dally enough
contributed matter relating mainly to
polltlci to nil Ita dally edition to tba
exclusion of all news reports It l Irit
a newspaper and It It forced tq an
nouneo that It will hereafter prfnt no
opinion correspondence unlcas from
the nature ot tho circumstances It la
adjudged to be news matter No ex
ceptlon will bo made to this rule
Fosters fcnl lorernsf
The atorm aes will reach thl me
ridian and tie other changes will oc
cur at end within 100 mllea ot Tort
worth within twentyfour houra uf I
p m of the datea given below
April a Modcratlnr
Aprll a Warmer
April Threatening
Stay 1 Ctangiable
May I Kwler
istciiaio u cocnT or turn
llepreientatlvea of all tba American
atatea aaeemble1 at the national ar
bitration conference In IVaihlngton
The achemo ot International arlatra
tlon haa long been the aubject of dli
ruislon but hitherto has peon frulltrea
of practical rreulti The quceIon of a
permanent tourt of arbitration be
tween this country ond Oreat Prltaln
haa recently received atrong endorac
mfnlr from leading men of tho latter
nation and lta feasibility has been
largely dlacuasett
The repreaentatlvea of the 2Vw York
Par Aeaoclatlon liavo subraltled to
Tealdent Cleveland a Code of rulea for
lh government ot a high tribunal to
bo colled The International Court of
Arbitration Thla court Is to w com
xoaed ot nlnj members rrprosentatUes
pf ntno Independent nations each of
whom shall bOa Judge from he highest
law1 court ot his country He muet bo
elected by hie associates anCTi will hold
pmoe for life The court -will make
lis own rules and fix tho plnco for Ita
fittings Jt will he tho province ot the
fourt to setlla disputes arising between
twu or mors nations treaties being
piodo between the powers to abide by
hi decisions oc the tribunal
Tho President has been urged to pre
acnt tho matter through the proper
Hplomntlo channels to tho leading na
tlona of uropo for consideration
Puch a court would commahd universal
respect and would nffurd great proteo
lion to the minor nations but tho world
may not jet be ready to accept thla
method of settling International dls
lutes Instead ot depending upon the
strength of artillery
uiiwav ciiinimcuox
Curing the last eight yeara railway
building In the United States hae been
aleadlly decreasing Prom nearly IS
Mil miles of track laid In nn the tots
number dropped down lo ISM In lsss
ffha cessation of construction has not
been on account of lack ot demand
put on accoiiut of financial conditions
F country Is by no means supplied
with tho railways demanded by com
Wce The otal number of miles of
road In tiw rjpubllo Is in ooo to equal
Urcn Britain In ratio ot railway rail
ago to aousra mlla nf tpli
total of tucco miles would be re
fiulred and If the whole country had
the same rath as Massachusetts It
would support TfJCOO miles
1ho Hallway Age reports IS lines
embracing 10 000 miles of road on whh h
construction liaa either ben recently
commenced or which give promise of
oarlr commencement Every one ot
the forty elght atatea and territories
except Hbodc island is credited with
t least one road of this character
Tke largest figures In the list ai
for Oklahoma and the Jndlan Terrl
tory combined In wMh 1 e Mn
iff xavr ad are coniemplale Texas has
too greatest proposed construction of
any stale 101 miles West Virginia
jnd Arkansas follow with 1S and MS
miles respectlyely The other stales
MveYarloui numbers many ot them
Wbiitsi Honors World Fair
A pure Qrspo Cream of THr Powder Tret
jy VIU myui D any pUWf saUilCISlH
iVIce Prealdeat
I W Williams Oeneral Manager
bowline of no nor than n mil In
count ct coaatruf tlon u
A bltl rrcpmly pawed congren ffrant
Jnc a pennlon a a photographer who
ftCcompanied Uie Mnlon army iurlnr
th war Th benfflclary wm not an
enlisted man but eng cured In prlvato
BpeulaUon It I th wholnal pastas e
or prlVaU pension XAU without sum
clnt Iniulry1 Into the actual piits of
Individual caapi tbatlad to the plun
dering of thj nfctlohal Ireaiuryto the
lore of tho country and the old loldtera
who are juttly entitled to draw pen
It Farlen tht tVench minister of
the Interior hai given up the attempt
to form a conciliation cabinet The
bickering pf the ministry and the
fhamber of deputlei haye been so fre
quent that little Importance ban been
attached to them by foreign nations J
but the preient crtvl ha reached a
point where a eerlous embarraeirnent
to the government of the republic U
A South Dakota ranchman who hat
a contract with the government to
fumlirt hdre for cavalry use- declarei
that he can obtain no it him all which
will pass the rigid inspection for
cavalry ienlC If thjre i not aome
Improvement made In etockraUlng
Uncle Sams troop will have to adopt
the bicycle
Dispatcher announce that there le
no doubt that the Michigan convention
wilt declare uncompromtfitngly for free
coinage From the present drift of af
fairs It looks as though the found
money delegates to the Chicago con
vention will be found only In the scat
tering column
The Bamberg Cotton Mill company
of Bambertf B C hae secured od
d I tutorial capital and will double the
capacity of Its mtll increaso In the
capacity of southern milts Is being
constantly made attesting the fact
that such Institutions rarely fall to
yield profitable returns
The English and Egyptian troops
Will use balloons fn heir advance up
tho Mle Vler might profit by the
leswin and draw his trocha up In line
of balloons 1000 feet high to keep
Maceo from going through tt
Spain propones to do nothing to dis
please General Weyler IC ibo could
persuade the Insurgents to let him
alone the old country would win the
generals everlasting gratitude
If thoro U any serious danger of
congress passing a servcepenston
bill Mr Gorman should withdraw his
edict and permit an adjournment at
Klcola Testa claims to be seen
tho human heart by means jf the X
ray Tho Invention of an X ray proof
covering will noon be demanded by
tho timid public
According to the new etate census
there Is a surplus of 70 801 females In
Massachusetts William Russell ought
to be the logical candidate of the wo
man suffragists
- i
Benjamin Harrison is soon to occupy
a log cabin as a summer houjo The
llepubllcan party wH not hunt up any
booms that take to the woods
thla car
Harney will make n determined effort
to day to show that since the first
dream of the lUnuy lie lias clung fast
to the mud banks of the Trinity
Quay Is being heralded as the
matchless leader Voteless leader
would be generally deemed a more
fitting title
William n Morrl wn haa been
making some ery heroic struggles
to touch ground on both siHes of the
president Krugers reply to Chamber
lain Is a dlplomatlo notice to keep eft
the grass
Sorer Hat Just
Kansas City Times
Senator Vests denunciation of affairs
In tho Indian Territory was severe but
Justifiable There can be no doubt that
something ought to bo done to stop
the laVbreakliT fihtoh u inirinir in
the Terrrielf and to the adjoin-
Tim rnoTucot sionud
gotlllasr the Dlsint ntrroea Chile
ami Arwantlno
Kew Torlc April 87 A dlnaltti ti
the Herald from Ruenos Ayres syst
Ths Chilian protocol formulating the
terms of the boundary dlsput has been
signed A meeting of th cabinet as
Jf1 J Presidents palac Imme
dlately after the ndjoutmne it at which
tho President and minister ot foreign
airalrs araxed their slgnatuies to the
A lnessa0 was at once sent to Pantl
ago de Chill by telegraph Informing
President Jlont A courier leave or the
ti llan capital today with a duplicate
of the protocol to obtain the signatures
of rreoldent Mont and the Chilian mln
leter ot foreign adaira Eenor Ouerrero
The cabinet In Its deliberations on
tho protocol consulted freely with
Senor Bernardo Irlgoyen who drew up
the treaty of US1 determining thi
1KnJiy bn the tw countries
Full details win be given to the pub
lie on Thursday aftei the exchange ot
nespite the Taclno notice already pub
IlsheU In the JJaclon many ot the Ar
SlJmllrUM tnl present
KjJftinotMe n Question
Cl nd The feel-
i mmitT circles Is not favorable
w mw awTviiiinrut
la a Meek Frrlaeabaum to rel
Ih tolls
NwIrk Ar -for the third
time within a week Uarden Sage or the
state prison at Elng Sing will be called
upon today to superintend ihe cxeuJ
Hon jf a murderer Carl Freigenhnum
who for nearly eliteon mAnih V J1
under sentence of death ror killing Mrs
Johanna Hfrmun vlrnt Jl
Js M yr old was a boarder in tn
rtwro at Mrs tton man In Eastdltlt
lie cut her throat Kith a Yj
M hi trial he sought to show that
jnotherrtan who ihe alsgM vai in
lira Hoffman house tho rht cf the
testimony of lhe victims son wss too
strong to ho shaken Th 111
rnan waa vlaltel yeaterday by his broih
r t
These are truly hard limes
aud the question is how to
treat them Our Idea la sleep
well keep well and keep cool
and then everything comes
right fn time to those that la
bor and wait If necessary
sleep can b produced by
drills But decided physical
exercise In open air Is a
better remedy Keewell If
you have any functional de
rangement come and talk to
us about It ma be we can
help you You must keep the
physlca in good condition or
you cannot get good results
from the mental Keep cool
Come and sit under under our
fans drink our cold soda wa
ter with fresh fruit Juices
and taste our Jersey Ice cream
Come of our lady friends have
suggested that we put borders
around our adertlsementsl we
will do tt We try to please
try to gle perfect satisfaction
In every way We Invite you
to call and see us We have
always found it pleasant to
go whero we were Invited we
were expected They were
pleased to entertain us we
were welcome and even missed
If we did not come
Mala and fifth Mreeti
Urgert thti jiuierleAti la Now In
Tauipn Tlte II r mud a TnUInu ou
Another Uruo of Arnie
Tampa Fla April 27 W O Dgrt
of Greenwood ills arrUed hero this
evening fnm Cuba where he haa just
bsen released from prlon4 lie has been
confined exactly two mouth
Dygert left Tampa lit February
13 without gettl to passport He went
Into Urn ana on February 23 was ar
rested in tho province of Havana and
placed In prltCn nt Guinea on the
charge that an old Spanish 0harpe gun
was found near where he was arretted
It Wais i very ancient mako and no
cartridges are now made to ftt Ita very
large caliber
lie was eiven several so called ex
aminations 1ermtaslon to write to
friends or the United fttatefl consul
was1 rtfuitcd but when he was searched
the soldiers failed to dscoer several
hundred dollars in paper money con
cealed on hl person Uoon after his
Incarceration he bribed n guird to re
port hie case to tho Ameian consul
laying 20 jfio to bit paid on receipt of
Information that the case had been re
On March 20 the guard handed him a
plole of Spanish newspaper from which
he learned that the cane had been re
ported On March 19 Consul Williams
notified mm that his release had been
requested On April 23 he was canted
to Havana and taken lforo a Judge at
9 o clock at night and informed that If
lie -would sign a paper written In Bpan
lh he would be released lie found
that nothing taken from him nm to be
returned eo he refused Consul Wil
liams came down aLout 30 o clock and
hi release was effected
Bygert says that during the time he
was In pnson he was confined In a
room about sixteen by eighteen feet
Thirty two other prison rs were In the
fame room The drink d water was
awful and kept htm I K a great deal
of the time The rood vas very scarce
and of decided poor quality Djgert
Is a placer mlnr from Idaho and was
slmtrlyout to set the south during the
winter months when he could not work
After ha arifvej In this city he decided
he would see something of the tropics
and concluded to go to Cuba and did
not care about the expense and delay
necessary to get a po sport
He will law bis case before the state
department and ask that action for
damage be taken against the Spanish
Defense nf tort Znnjo
Havani April 27 Senor Marcelo de
Aacarraga the minister of war has
telegraphed to the authorities here that
he considers the defense of Port Zanja
i aitniB garrison near
Manzanlllo lai the province of Santiago
d Cuba a glorious rage In the Cuban
camDalirn1 and that tha nnan -
and tho government will offer their
BflTlfnBSllla Inn fa t A i l
c eroia ararnson
It Is reported that Maximo Qomea
Has effected a oounter march and la
Villa Clara nlm
T1 lnrK opened fire ujon th
i7i I i a tneir leader
1 ydorloo Nuaer was seiVoualy wound
uac13nt nnels which was
EilfoililMriwn tBil nsrlrltus
has killed XJeutensnt Joatjuln Quln
santa aM has
seriously wounded a
uhy b w
norland at Jacksonillle
Jacksonville ira April 7 The
steamer Bermuda arrived In port at
0 o clock torftht and anchored In mid
stream directly opposite the Clyde
dock TW having a covered hiraa
tlon nt once put out for the atearoer
Thousands otWomGnl
ByAmtfivji HuittrAeltoail tooitsa
It oaueca health to lWoom una
reign lorougnout the frame
U waver Fall to Rcoulate
JOOSCErr weenie
Ths barge was taken to the far side ot
the steamer and conotaled from view
from the city iloUUnff machinery was
a once st to wont umoaaing uoxas
from the targe to the Uermuda This
wnn cnmnUttxl nbnut 11 ocloclr BlX
largo lifeboats capable of holditr fifty
men eacn wmen armca snort mm
ago from New YorK were niso pui
aboard the llermuda In the meantime
the Cubans In the city took about fifty
foreign Cubans to the docks where
they were transferred In naphtha
launches and rowlyta to the steamer
Many others are reported to hae been
on board when the Bermuda arrived
The Bermuda will sail ostensibly for
Macro Crosnrtt the line
New York April ST A dispatch to
the World from Havana says Oeneral
Maceo ha given the Spaniard a shock
by sending Bermudese and Sains across
the trocha with 1000 men The Cuban
leader himself has not yet tried to
cross the eighteen mile barrier dt
trenches fences and forts which thr
captain general has thrown across the
narrow part of Cuba to Imprison the
dread mulatto leader In tho cast end of
the Island and force him to surrender
or fight 40 000 Spanish troops with Us
half naked and hunrgr followers
Madrid April 27 Havana advices
state that Callxto Garcia has been ap
pointed commander-in-chief of the In
surgents by Maximo Gomez who In
future will promote the lelnl cause In
another capacity
Tli Germane Go n Itecord Aarnluat
Chicago April 27 Chicago Germans
went on record last evening as being
opposed to blcyola riding Up to thla
time the wheel has reigned supreme in
their ranks as elsewhere with nobody
to ay nay but now the spell has been
broken The men who refused to sanc
tion pedaling as an exercise arc all In
touch with prominent athletic societies
and their action v as taken only after
cnreiui consideration it was me
twepty fifth annual meeting or what
is known as the Indiana dUlaion In
Turn Vereln circles Ihls section In
cludes representatives of the principal
Oermnn athletic societies of Chicago
Besides these there are two Louisville
societies and a number of Indiana or
ganizations -All were represented by
delegate who after ono of the most
spirited debates In the history of tho
district refused to commend to tho na
tional contention which meets In
Louisville June 21 that prlzB be gheu
for blcjcle riding as well as for other
kinds of athletlo snorts
Thus the two wheeled vehicles stand
alone as an outcast from tho lumen
rank for scaiccly any other sort of ma
chine used for exercising purposes has
besn put under tho ban by the Ger
mans Prices are offered for excellency
In almost everything which brings Into
play the muscles
A distinct Issue was made before the
matter was voted upon This -was
whether or not the wheel was conducive
to health A number of speakers
argued that It was not They asserted
that It enervated the system and most
of all that It made the body crooked
and caused stooping shoulders and
Ono of the principal objects of the
crgnnsatlon thy sail was to make
the body atralaht and orfect In every
The advocates of hoveling had an
inning1 Ihey cited the out-of-door fea
ture or the snort anil ltn
popularlty but their arguments availed
them nothing Ahen It came to a vote
the proposition was defeated bv a sub
stantial majority
iTienas or tne sarety got but little
consolation out tt a compromise which
they effcted ftcrward but which
hardly mitigate the force ot the blow
which they lull nvelved
This was the parssge of a resolution
to the elYect that eng exhibition of
bicycle riding shall be given In the
nir futiii s 1 1 n iilnn
hated however that no prices shall be
awaiuea ana mat tne only point
to be considered Is grace In personal
larrlage Speed la to take no part in
the ahow and an mffort to make It a fea
ture met with so much opposition that
It was plain the scorchei had more
enomle than ft lends present
The r fport of the treasurer showed
the united Koclttles to be 1700 better
off than tTev were last yea
George A Schmltt of the Chicago as
sociation preetded oyer the meeting
and IMlllp Nollenback of Louisville
actM as vice president It was decided
that the next district convention shall
be hel 1 at Lvansvllle Ind about April
23 1S37
A rattan ranker for UOO Tea at
Maddox KMlaon Co Oo and see tt
ciivrrAMHKM risw
onlhern Itaptlst Convention
excursion tlcketa will bo Bold at rate
of one fare for rotml trip from all
atatlona oil pr via the Texas and Ta
clflo railway May i and B 1JS6 1mlted
for return fifteen dava from late of
sale Willi privilege of fifteen days ex
tension by depositing with Joint nsent
at Chattanooga
Four hours the quickest rjute to
Memphis wth through ileeper and
lor further Information call on or
address lour nearrat ticket ent or
O P A T A Dallas Tex
Tli Mqrilerer of Johanna llnirninn
lle rrotrellns ills lunocenea
lflASI ir -Karl rolntbaum
alias Anton Lahl who murdered Mrs
Johanna Hoffman In New York Bep
temtier ISM wna executed by electric
ity In tho penitentiary today He pro
tected his Innocence to the last Before
olitr to the death chamber h made a
will benueathln to his sister In dcr
Jnany property which he claimed to
own In Cincinnati and Now York- The
electrocution was performed without a
hitch The aubject was pronounced
dead in two and a halt minutes after
enterlnu the room
For Ik il aud Southeast
The Nashville Chattanooga and Bt
Louis railway Is the popular route from
MThl Ilne k0 u throunh the
Bluo Orasa region of middle Ten
nessee the Cumberland mountains and
many ot the old historic battlenelda
It ll th iSnlv Itn rnln
Its own ralla between Memphis and
t1vllle Chattanooga and Atlanta
This Is the prefened route to the
southern Baptist convention st Chat
tanooga Tenn and the Confederate
veterans meeting at Richmond Va
Ask your ticket nrent for tkkets readJ
S Mi N C bt I ny from
nPn Any further Information
will be cheerfully gucn upon applica
tion to A J Welch division passenger
agent Memphis Tenn II C Cowardin
W r agent fit louls W L Canley
a I T A NaihUUe Tenn
Tae latvruntloaal ltont U A O X
TltulUlp dUy ween Kan
i r Wor1 rri Ban Antonio
ltn Wi immediate
connections ara made at Ennls to and
Sv0iU T1 route to
ir Al- Han Lursde
ndBolntijn Mnrleo
A Sllravlirv Vfll
J lvB nil residence of W
A attalle college avenue nnd Car i
iSf TfiJ evenmc April 38
under the a and for tho benefit
Jt the Ladles Guild ot Trinity
tw v t
Cold and Cough Cures
Promptly riTectaol In Curing Grip
Colds and Coughs and uo
rrvenllrf rucumoiiln and AH
Lung Diseases
Cold lead to coughs coughs to Tneu
monla and Consumption therefore It
is all Important to check a cold before
It reaches the lungs Munyons Cold
Cure will positively break a cold In
side of twenty four house If taken as
soon as tho cold manifests itself When
the cold reaches the lungs or bOn
chlal tubes tho Cough Curd should bo
used alternately every half hour with
the Cold Cure ahe Cough Cure i guar
anteed to prevent pneumonia if used
In the beginning of a cold Pneumonia
or Inflammation of the lungs can be
controlled by the use of those two
The Cough Cure positively cures
bronchitis tickling1 In the throat
hoars n ess loss of oIce soreness of
the chest dlfilculty in breathing hack
ing cough and all pulmonary disease
where the lungs are not too far con
sumed or covered with tubercles
If you are ailing step into the near
est drug store and get a 2o vial of
one of Munyons Itemed Its No matter
what your disease or how many doc
tois have failed to cure It will give you
Personal letters to Prof Monvon
15 Arch street Philadelphia Pa
answered with freo medical advice for
any disease
lo the XlUensslon vt Ileforms Knit
land Admitted that They Could
not Interfere With Interim Monti t
London April 27 Numerous peers
ard members of the house of commons
have formed a Bouth African associa
tion for the purpose of giving support
to Mr Chamberlains policy
A dispatch to tho Times from Pre
toria says
President Krucera reply to Mr
Chamberlain will be published ahortly
Jt Is understood that It la a diplomatic
masterpiece I believe the contents aro
as follows
I he Trans aal goternment objects
u umunawii ot reiorms on tne ground
that England admitted they cannotln
terfere with lnlernatlonal affaire At
the same time prUate suggestions
from the British government will al
was receive consideration
It the revision of the London con
entIon and the superseding of it by
a treaty of amity and commerce con
taining a most faorable nation clause
cannot be discussed unless the alleged
grievance ot the Ultlandtrs are also
dlacueecd the Transvaal government
prefers to leave matters In statu quo
nnd will limits Its demands for an In
demnity for ths Jameson laid
The DrCSldent nnlnta fn
slty of hi presence nt the meeting of
the olksrud aj an objection to his
siting England and suggests that
mattore should not bo pressed now
Lngland howeer he says still faclll
m t visit by accepting the basis
of discission which the president has
already proposed
rtnkr 1m hl amnl
tratlon Is
Improbable nd that the
government Is not alwaya in the right
but ho takes objection lo tho otter of a
guarantee against foreign attack
fiwV 1fr tad he says and
article t of the convention vai un
necessary for that purpose
He emphaalscs the view thst with
lo the diraculty may be oercome H
oxpreeses the hope that wounded feel
TSftgSW 6 ttnJ U1ni -
fete was visible from the
town and the moat determined that
cltment 2itn oreated great
The Matabelea evidently m
tack the town The whites wrl
equally determined to brek them
A body of five hundred Matabelea
incessant rifle t Sg Th MJn
Matabel Bth
rout of th
Captain McaFrlane and Aiimim
trotor Duncan who assisted
flght complimented the trior EJ
were greeted with wild ehenaS
singing 01 qod Save the oVi V
h g returnln
4 ssis3r ttam
Elrl Clrcy Caotaln Ttni -
er and Oeneral Wlliou
for Bulvrayo tonight lart will n V
dep ar uro SffiSS1 J JVr
CA from
fm aweto hrAK Kn
Maxim gun flrel 4noo i rtrU ra
HotchklJa Un1
1M shells Tr
most declrtv and TtVunth7r
olele In that direction P e rb
and me of the nation mm nc
not Ierls the bo com or
Jresident Vot
o to make oner J iauMraM
vplre hang no TinSf aBrtllsh
Prosperous wZFSXtf
Ths Times commenting In an edito
rial upon President Krugers reply
suggests that England also can leave
mattere as thy are including the In
dcmnlty which must be claimed If at
all from the phartercd Bouth African
whim this iap noun out
The ftnlrntltm Army Still Hopes for
IlalllnKtonN Itctnrn
Chicago 111 April 27 Local oiTlcera
of the Salvation Army etlll cling to
the hope for a reconciliation between
the 4 secessionist and the main body
of the army which will brine tho
prodigal Ealllncrton Booths command
back to the fold The recent corre
spondence on tho whole trouble made
public by the Booth Tuekeri was on
pal last night at tho Princess rink In
thn shape of n supplement to tho War
Cry In calling attention to tho publl
cttlon StAft Captain Brown who led
tho meeting said We had no desire
to publish any such statement regard
ing the recent trouble In the army
but the letters have been given to the
public nnd ore now on sale We have
rafratrcd from saying any unkind
thlngB about those who havo left us
Wtjt havo been after a reconciliation alj
the time and we are still after It We
hope to see It in a ery little time
when all the noldlers and officers wno
left these barracks will come back nnd
join us In tho light once more Already
there are two or threo tokens ot this
in New York and we havo heard that
a lot of sol Hers are coming back We
have labored to bring this about We
want to fiao everybody and lose no
body Let us save as many for the
army ana ror woa as we can
Aside from tho announcement of
hoped for reconciliation the chief
event of Interest at the meeting last
night wai the commissioning of two
cadets Miss Smith and Miss Lange
berger who will henceforth bear the
title of 1 cutenants and act as assistant
commanders In new flelda The com
mission for Cadet Lnngeberger wna
leid by Staff Captain Brown with the
stars and stripes and the Aimy flag
forming a canopy over the heads of
the two young women Both of them
rpoke pledging their continued alle
giance to the army and declaring they
would never Join the opposing organ
Sll liiliil WITH C11IAIU1A
lira Drown Took lorplilne laloh
Almost lroseit tntal
Troupe Tax April 27 Special
Larly In tho afternoon s eaterday Mrs
J T Brown being almost crazy with
neuralgia tool re itralns of morphine
by mistake nnd It was nil the skill of
the most able physicians ot this place
could do to save her
niiKi stum lianuuu
Over One llifiimnnd Dollars ortli
or nlunlile lroperty stolen
Ladonln Te Anrll e rqrtni
I rlday night burglars entered B If
Hill a drug store through a rear win
dow and stole between Jl2O0 and Jl 500
worth of Jewelry watches rings dia
monds etc The electric lights wero
burning brightly In the store all night
but they pulled tho curtains down and
were therefore not discovered No clue
has been found as yet as to who the
robbers were
The rnreclosiire nnd Inunedlala
nle of the Itond la Asked I or
Milwaukee April 27 Attorney Stet
son of New York
representing the re
organization committee applied to
Judge Jenkins this morning for a de
cree for the immodlato foreclosure and
sale of the Northern Focirto property
The court objected to a stipulation that
no accounting was to be required from
the receivers and said he would Insist
upon a full statement of the operation
of the road under the receivership
Tho attorney then retired for a con
ference on the subject of accounting
The Wound noeleil liy Wnlter
Uross I Hnimerotis
Black Jack Grove Tex April S7
Special Sunday a hack load of
young men went out In the country
a few mllea for tomo -wine On their
way back they got Into a row which
resulted In Irank Moreland cutting
Waller Crosa quite severely In the
left breast Just below tho heart It
la a dangerous wound and Cross a re
covery Is considered doubtful More
land was placed under bond
Ot ours
Maddox Ellison 4 Co hate tha most
complete nnd cheapest line of baby car
E They sell on eqy payments
nreninrrowly Tscapes a Hor
rible Dnttli
Copperas Cave Tex April 27
Special -Yesterday while X am
hlr eJe to some stock
bKI tangled in
i a rope
hlmCn tM S a mul throwing
him to the
wrannlnc the
lope around hla neck Tho mi if ran
about three hundred yards
wiu him
Jrf1glnrkhlmov o rock and brush
cutting his head to ths rui In two
NipoleMi Cotta
parte one of the
most forceful men
in all history a man
continually wrap
t sencmes ana
campaigns fn plots
and counter plots
etrlrlnf lntmt
and ambitiously for
success and power
wan wuose mtef
life made his battle
the Woodiest the
world has ever seen
this man fount
blttcrncsa in his tri
umphs because he
had no heir to whom
to bequeath hi
iue waa divorced
largely for this rea
son Msny women
are incapable of
bearing children
Many more of them
Eve Sum S unfir to the children
from Si cUldn cannot receive thla
lSrVj5ne Itpurific
- as cu Of Ilr I ZZ
ber WMrijTJ
p wry tU SilSaMyi
C rii
Tlie tion i
Of UloUonrlljJ
ft I
umu Jtoodsgai
Nearly lou
nictcd with M
Hunnlng torcj gtj
iwes oi oone cssi
was contemplated Q
Fowte could not i
vrreclc I contrni
Anally tjave up lb
tate noods BsnisJ
catue baokj the tote
if limbs straight
owsy ray emtciioi
nearly and am tarj
jvuogoi was a i
yinmend Hoods 8
ll the One True Wood fpiifl
cyrcu onjy ay ti fM
Hoods pin aa
ttfrVOJsl Ut MssrsT rMttU
IftWilfclMMJBfl Jttffi
ilonp afo MUdjsytBfJ
jwif MiiMtx mnia or j
book Vrlc si a I fiat aL OtUl
rili ura
lgn tnmanwn in v
WOXtTil TEX tad tttH
cmriin cheek
fiiom uen aa
Already thanerketa
Burat lllslrlel 11 4
List ot Heavy lJ
Cripple Creek Col
the work of rebuilding I
ttlct has begun andlsd
light of the full mooio
drlyen in many housMJJ
of the council a resoraj
allowing the erecllaaf
buildings within thl
the provision that alls
within sixty dajs
buildings of atone i
day as soon s
fnnii Knmtftitlv the 1
was commenced end J
fully twenty ine iujw
way and aulte anumpi
With 8000 oeoole rsna
a day lodging housnl
manu ana many ui
progressing lonuii
Is remarkably Una I
the open air uoes
nml fiv have been c
The best of ordcMB
t aJu InBTVatTl
tha mavor Jiora c
the 8tnto offcrlnir flf
who reullcd with till
the kindly offers
rnVsi aia iif TlOr O
Today the work of t
vaults began ond J j
contents weie fouodj
steel lined vaults ot J
to be blown oren J
the valuable goverW
a vast flraouni
estimated at frorn M
nm rtAnfrnvea iu
nlturo of the orlca
toe put upon ii
six das more
have had a new
In 1 mriH for a
this too was dcslr
Mnnit nf UlS lOH
would appear from I
large an
built cities but the
b hundreds to 35
will not fall abort
the heavier
TlnantnH rtrAS OlOtl
land Bros cioMKI
Eagle Vry qvco
I Thoraon
theater BfcOM HM
Morning Times J jJ
OoO C Lewis TJB
Walla ercau
I2IO00 Congreet
lin sau tf
waa fllit in jnajfj
none on cclj ii
ror PmUivrml
n tutu ni in --
v ----- - m
uyr SOB 8t Mjfi
ti in

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