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r mxmw
ait MM lV
l J
i nnd rStniy
TlV -
I rrd n
u fnilprl 7 Flo persons
were Biuca nun -
a nteen mora or less In-
t destruction of property
ihtly a c clone which paia
nwl iqliv ninht
S arc niSritut
JAild Mnf Ole Halvarson and
KlMonTo the families
lriJMrl If Welklp Pwr An-
P if riarr1nri
IS nn the nock Island train
iBanrlh this evening brought
I 1 rUKlnn T tart
If ill miles south of CMton and
V j i Irlii ij I rant t Jin fflB
fifteen mile then tost Its
spread mr It passed about
i w -
La marled from 150 yarda to a
E of a mile in width It tore
f standing Houses and barna
e0 irees ivwi ui mivici
iled and bay stacks blown In
wtton The cyclone woe roi
ternnc rainstorm wnicn
al houn Hooding tha de
ll district The vetlme were in
t ana mwi oi inrm nnu re-
n storm struck Peter
n II sn rJnff Thin WAN
mile from Hid atartlmx place
tub demolished in an In
Every member of the family
j nnen iuvy nu vnvu
ii rn from the debris they
I that Ahdersons grandchild
ng Tne aeaa vaay oi vne
i found this morning In a
atf a mile awar
fi were pent to Clifton and
i before thev anlved otid the
the injuries and damage was
wa At noon today U was
sll the victims had been found
e numc er or came ana nornes
liied and fruit in the storm
u ritned It la impossible at
to estimate tne carnage to
i nnd other oruDCtv Many
fijureil lay pinned down ail
Bjr tne wrecKige wnue oiners
I or hobbled across tha country
llfchfeori fcouse In neveral In
ltMtI were lifted Into the air
cyclone and carried for a
iTfwapnic communication oe
fepeka and CM f ton was cut off
anourot tne norm umu toaay
believed much damage mm
I the Tlcinlty of Palmer Wash
loanty but the details cannot
liUI to the Journal from Clay
I tun piaces mt number or
h Hit night s cyclone at elaht
mors or giuer aeaina south
t Clifton and it ia fenrpfl
t communication with the
town la established that
vii be shown to have been
lie wires to many points are
itut rneajrer details are ob
l mianight The pecuniary
h million at ono pouit Is
tS0 000 indicating that the
M be high
1 from Concordia TCfln
l0 this Monday mornlnff
erclon m far mnro
than at first aiinnrmnil Tt 1m
pln that nine persons were
utiaht and more than twenty
many of them fntnllv Tho
WS of Palmer east of Con
reports a number lnjuied It
s moat destiuctlvo stoim thia
1m experienced for years
aamal correspondent gives the
if list ftf killed
rtwnon wife and one
ilthazer end wife
iur of Frank Peterson can not
yilHjson can not Ihe
ujf oi jonn fiiorrls badly
Mb ot mi Balthaier more or
Broajht Cp Had HUonsseil
Jljn April 27Mr Chandler
w presented a supplement
J wnwrttlni alleged election
R bUl was then taken un
U leatlirAa i m it
tour rea euinir batlleshina
in fnm - --
1 ih zr l nea vies ar
m tJnltJ0Wfrfl frdnanco
each three tor
a ei MiSSur JPi A1
i l iwu u icn lorreao
W Mr Quay oN
u7 4men IncrBaslnif th
cwsefi from MKo to
conmuntcd on the delay
ifj lne Woihlnuton
i one lime th rir 10ft
td probably as a
Ito V i turnian tne
brt SI W an4 tW ha
I k eH The senator
lMiiPMnc of Providing
lnKr Jhlp orh
iwnttltlon ot
tha treurv llr
TOamea that ther wi
a talance In tho
It wfTJiff ed on amendment
1 of ar June SO 180C
t fS ih r or other
Brioi v vrnment Jio
i Ieninnt Ivan very oh
kiei omcem had fnclll
Wdinkri W1B K0nB on
uftt i th goverjimcnt
uici Ir I wre
artS Sne th
Kr ment h aanctloned
contmn iki
wltrlct in w1 ll was un-
EwUnSJ JJS nava contractors
WMttoi f JYvW wect and to
w Profits nnl nAHt
f jitJaHn hnhn
KJhh Kc fnVJ
PlW 1vh
wa liHrteirularltlei tt
iS iw f
rupllon had been shown asratnat naval
Mr Chandler nald thai when th na
al commltiio iyao aiked It the naval
oiieera conursant with arfalra at the
Carnegie ivories nnd the UethKhem
works ttvo officers had appeared who
were supposed to represent the
But behold sold Mr ChinS
ler it turned ont that the two officers
were on tho retired list add were In
Kl SJJfV th1 carneei w0u an4
the Ilcthlehem works
Mr Bacon Dem Oa said the tao
omcere who appeared before the navel
commute defined to give Informal
ton us to cost of the armor plalo as It
would he antagiaUaUc4p their
the Carneirle and iethlehem workfl
He Insisted that It waa an evil to To
circumstance a naial oraax that his
enVmenta J10t tlcl oV
Ji tala u wa tlher de
cent not Un pood taste for these of
nceia to Intelisted
sere thoe In rob
blng the government It was now pj
posed by the naval bill that all m
terlal used on battleships bo of Arnirl
can make While m full sympathy Tlth
American Interests yet ih T senator
said he dftd not bellne H having this
sentiment used in enrlchlne a fot of
millionaires The armor manufacturers
were charlnit J600 a ton for armor
if0ilij th Vnlli Blllt d atthj
It JSootor Whlnr m Xa
lMaw1 iiJ million
fjn1trrlcher ty thrusting their
aSredVWS Slm
HI P61 ut hat the bureau
offlcer who took part In maklnK con-
l r rraor w to look ah id
to the time ho would bo on tho retired
list and might enter Into ho service
of the contractors
i2Inr f -on Mr Hale
said tho experts betne the navat co n
mltteo had shown that the coat Jf
proluclng armor was co per ton
Sir Oorman called attention to the
crao sugsejtlons of Irregularity made
some tlmo aeo resulting in nn inVi
gallon by the naval comnlttee In re-
Mr Oorman anked If the committee
had not succeeded In developing any-
utua jiimjo ltuii oi minor importance
as to tha retiring omcer nrvim fnn
Mr Chandler responded that this was
by no means all that the committee
had examined into Ho would say
howeter that no imputation u gainst
any high dfflrlal of the got ernment was
Involved There had been some disclos
ure aa to the Interest of naval offlcers
In patents used by the gw ernment
and the propriety of this Interest was
now under consideration The larcest
question to which the committee had
given Its attention waa the price of ar
mor plates
fiir uormnn went pn to show In de
tail the manner in which the armor
contracts had been placed In the United
Becretary Tracer bad bourM the
Amerl an manufacturers and bad In
duced them to put In plants capable of
turning put armor mil as a result
these works were constructed As a
means of entering foreign markets
armor had been offered to Russia at
lesit than It cost until Jarge foreign
contracts were securad It jjae tho
prcepect that we would be able to com
pete with England In sending steel
blooms abroad
Mr Tillman Interjected the emnrk
that when these ramor concerns com
plained that they were furnishing ar
mor to Russia at tt loss he dll not be
llee them It had been developed In
the committee ineslcatlcn that the
original design vos to pay sufficient
for armor to pay for putting In tho
plants This had been done and tn this
way ihe poremment had practically
established the Dethtehem works al
though the contractors owned It and
was entrusted with getting the highest
prices tor armor
After further debate the bill was laid
aside and at I p m the senate ad
nn ADDnnssKs a gaud to mn
Very Oratefol for bo Brmpatliy
til tit Itns Seeu Extended Unrlutf
Ills Sllifortnne Ko Tolls HI
Btory glinplr
Abilene Tex April 37 SpeclaO R
J Fuston etopped in the city a few
hours on his way home from Husk He
received many congratulations from the
people here To a press reporter he
handed the following card
Abilene Tox April 25 1800
To the Entire Press ut Texas
With a heart full of gratitude I ten
der to ou my sincere thanks for our
noble efforts in my behalf during my
recent trouble It is to the press that
I owe the eympathy that noa men
universally shown me by the public
1 delf Talso to thank all those who
hae aided me In my sreat affliction
and bereavement and especially do I
thank the board of pardon advisera and
Ws exceliencj Governor Calbei
Having been released frcm a felon
cell and restored to those who stand
In great need of my services and pro
tection and in whose behalf 1 have uf
fefed nrceration it js needless to say
that language cannot convey my
ings of appreciation I also desire to
thank that great army of n10 most or
whom are to me unknown who have
como to me from the melj
prison walls and are still coming and
called me by name and rejoiced at my
Sease and bid me God speed May ft
1 iii tn and all anan
uindmanwourh roubles
ffi rSTON
Tho old man can relate In
detail every Incident that occurred op
iftnT of several
of the governors oiuvc t
Smimber almost eery word PonW
him and how every man treated him--11
of which ho relates In the most
and atslntereireu ro
Vrintion clven of him Ly the peni
lE to would bo pardoned themielvef
TnouiLM oyc rtncrio
dr Out the slllli
New Orleans APril rnpar rS f mllUa
ha ordered
of the refusal of the Democratic
the fieeuon LOrtS
r ntr that no cor tvaw 5sn rs I -
rt i t n ft
df ft - j i iAXUihfie t
- r -- -
It rreseuts InforjoHllon IWcarains
the rrotcilniU Fo Uxercla of
XKMIhous Worship
4merUan Ileiubllv
in South
Chicago April 27 At u Chicago
Methodist ministers raeetlnir today the
Ivev John Lee chalnnrji of tha comT
mltteo on rellitlous llbortv tar PrnUit
ants in fiouth America read the report
rs nvLV xfmuil wtirciinai nam
polll Cardiral Qlbbons and the popa
to secure for lrotistaiita in the re
publics of Ieru Eucador and Uolivia
the wime liberty of count nc that Is
etijojed by Catholics of thiso ountry
Iho following Cardinal aibbons
translation of tha letter of h nnni
secretary of state
itome i89 to Cardinal James Gib
bons nrchblshop of Baltimore Most
Reverend and Emmlnent sir In conse
quence of previous interviews hrd
with me I wrote or the fact of which
you Informed me on tho 12th of June
JSHt to the apostollo delegate for the
republics of Peru noltvta and Euca
dop to obtain precise Information as
to ihe legal status of Protestants
regarding the free exercise of religious
worship and the celebration f mar
The pontlOcal representative of the
Holy See promptly complied with my
request and now I am in a position to
say that the Protestants In Teru for
from King restricted In the free exer
cise of their worship are rather ac
corded a larger degree of tolerance
than Is compatible with a strict con
structs of the political constitution
of these countries
As to the aolemnltlnsr of marrUties
the delegate Inform me that whilst
the constitution of Teru recognizes ro
other form as valid than that pre
scribed by the council of Trent Pro
testants do as a matter of act wed
with religious ceremony in presence of
their mlnlters and civilly before the
consuls and ambassadors of their re
spective countries The same condi
tion of things relative to marriage ex
ists in Bolivia and Xcuador where the
exercise of religious worship Ss regu
lated by SDeclal constitutional
ments with which however tho Holy
See cannot Interfere
I am pleased to renew to ou the
sense of profound reference humbly
kissing jour hand and I honor my
eelf re affirmlng myself your emtn
Inences most humble devoted and
true servant Signed
In conclusion the commutes wishes
to eay
1 It Is Indeed a sad spectacle In this
enlightened Age that an institution
claiming1 to be a moral and religious
power In the world should refuse to
lift a finger toward sweeping am ay
what a Roman Catholic editor In this
city termu ouius religious restric
tion V nJ to which an aged lln
gllsh statesman applies the language
horrible and revolting
2 It is sadder still that an effort
should be made to cover up explain
away or Justify the odious and hor
rible ryuictlons
l fcniMscn two siilliovt
Additions Mnde to Itlver nnd Ilnr
lior mil Appropriation
Washington X C April 27 The
eenate committee on commerce finally
concluded It consideration of the river
and harbor bill at 3 oclock today Al
most the entire day was spent In
committee In an effort to agree upon
a compromise upon the conflicting
claims of San Pedro and San Montco
to the deep harbor for southern Call
fcrnla but without success
Tho total reductions made tn tho
house appropriations for the next
ar amount to 351 858 and the total
Increases gzecieso making a net In
creaae over th house bUl of S2 299 832
and a total appropriation of 12624 C0
The increase made by the committee
over the house bill under the continu
ing contracts of 160 225613 Some minor
changes were made by the committee
today as follows Restoring a pro
vision for a continuous contract on the
mouth of Clacaslcu river La and mak
lnj the appropriation for the next ear
120 000 Instead of 10 000 and the total
1330000 Instead ot f 125 000 Increasing
tho appropriation for Sabine Pass
Ter from 50 000 to 150 000 Inereaslrg
to 12 000 the appropriation under con
tinuous contract for the upper Monon
gahela river in West Miglnla Ini
creasing the appropriation for Cape
River Nrf C from 100 000 to 195000
Ilobert I nnKhlln Blokes knottier
riofPilon of Crime
I3rookslIIe Ky April 27 It i re
ported that Robert Laughlln who Is
In the Marys Ilia Jail for the murder of
his wife and niece whom he assaul
ted and then set on fire has made an
other confession to the effect that
the little child who wa found in the
houie was one of his Ictlms and he
confessed to the murder of his brother-in-law
UenJ MCCracken thus making
five victims sacrificed to his murder
ous lust for blood
Laughlln will be tried here at the
July- term of court by Judge Harber
non It Is thought there will be up
trouble in eerurlnff a conviction
l lllllllCn TItlAI
TheDefene Sllll Sttaks to IIS ln
of Tiiklns Execpllons to lb Uut
lngs of the CottrtM
tentiary authorities shows that ho noa N 0 Ky Xprir 17 -Not only
uverai bullet scars on h s body hen Zi2 VtiJ at In tho cotrt
k5 J0 Srn hmconfederaW room filled to day hut the occupancy of
recwuuw V- ml in the stanaing mom mw im k
He received a
service pprmtcd Ten witnesses were M
muscle of h s right arm at Shllon wmntlvUo up to the Peaent
woulllnthelettboastatcmcMmawi M h Um waB deoted to da
rt wound ihrtiiBb t ft Uilsft M At M1JUMl Mony questions
intn end a wound In the rlghtcneeK at fflrj iv tn
Vranklln Iran Jle fPOiw m S ere ruled out The number of
Of the - by tno aarunie overruivo
osujuB2 objections
Vlcts when they heard lhat he was par j v enumerate Twlo
floned He 5at and tried to aurini the day the Jury was required
around shook his hands J d bal8 ror the
SSollp nrSfiM rfrtteume drl the trial tho court
ratner - - 110lCe to women to retire oecauss
litter to Will Wood from Bcolt
Jaciuiou were net proper for tbem to
hT first witness wMM jli
that have blthfrtrt tVn crodutedln
evdVfc Crlmtold 9f the of
Jackson and
the effort to overhear
willSS talklsg together Inthe cell on
tie da they werd brougfti from the
ti hat Jackson asked Walling- l he
Ss4 told tho Veportors that somebody
7t JSilSSinff Sm wDUKy and tobas
tlhcVer lha th ulWw fcwami fndlii
tnfinaLenerv Monkecpcr tcs
tlfltd that Jackson left a vullae In his
saloon Saturday night Hunday night
and Monday night lle Identmed tho
valise m the one vbich Jackson ad
mitted had heM tho hriad of Tnri r
The testimony ot seeral witnesses
was tn strengthen links In the chain
that have been ftlreariv fonrcl KnrMi
was the case with the eldence of Mr
Lrncr In whpee saloon the ailse was
hidden nnd also of Ed arlUo the
Commercial Gazetta reporter who saw
a river bridge ticket found on Jackson
when first arrested calling for the
fiasaatfe of a horse and vehicle One
important point In Qrllloi testimony
of what hf heard Jackson say In the
Bensltlve cell was that sp aklng to
Walllmr he said Well uhl bn vm
have played yeur part well
Of the new testimony there was that
of Charles Rogers night clerk ot Hetd
er Hotel who testified thnt Walling
came thero after 3 oclock on the
morning of Tcbruary 3 with his clothea
wringing wet and rushed to bed with-
uui recirjicnng
lie iua never before or since stayed
her night at the hotel
Harry Heirs of dreencastle Ind
testified that he aold the shoes to Pearl
Rryan on No ember 18 IS9S lie de
scribed them as NO J needle toe dia
mond tip the only pair of that kind
that had been In the home He else
described tho old rubber which ahe
wore on that occasion which were not
suited to that stle of shoe but had
an opera toe Thia he aid before the
shoes wero shown him Ills statement
correnDonds nerrrctlv to the tact n
shown when ho Identified the shoes
Lieutenant Barremna or rort Thomas
rh the most minute and Intelligent
description of the immediate surround
lngs of the corpse early after it waa
ound that ha et been given He
onu selective wcuermoxi agree in
tuying to an imprint in me siope jike
that made by some ono forced o sit
down heaUl He tcatlfled to seeing
atepa above the slope which had been
already told
The defense brought Will Wood on
the stand to Interrogate him about two
vile letters written by Jilm to Scott
Jackson on Pebruary 1 and 3 Here It
was that the women were required to
retire These are too coarse and Inde
cent to be printed The points of
greatest Importance as bearing on the
case In Wood s letter to Jackson were
In that date I Plymouth Ind February
2 were the following sentences
Doc have you let a chance to byT
111 gle you helll
Alao If you have crown chicken-
hearted you ought to be shot
The rest ot the letters were made up
ot Innuendoes and personal allusions
intelligible to the writer and Jackson
but riddles to all others Wood xsa
detained to gle the defense opportuni
ty to offer this testimony
sus ov iiniisiAM
Grnnd Lodge Meetlmr to be Held In
fiitu Antonio
Ran Antonio Tex April 11 Spec
ial The seventh annual convention
of the grand lodge of Texas of the Sons
of Hermann opened this morning at
Mission garden Over Hwo hundred
delegates have reached the city and
were accorded a reception at the Sons
of Hermann headquarters The com
ventlon was called to order at a oclock
sharp by Grand President Julius
Schultze of Austin after which Grand
Secretary Bauer delivered the Address
ot welcome New delegates were then
enrolled and 140 out of HI lodges were
found to be represented Reports of
tha i if IrniB trrand officers were then
referred to tommlttees who will re
port on them tomorrow Most or tne
business of the session la done In com
mittees r
Woodmen of tin- World Have Ap
propriate Ceretuonlc nt biro
Chlco Tex April 27 Special
Chlco camp Ho 23 Woodmen of the
World unveiled yesterday the monu
ments of Sovereigns S I Chit
wood and G W Steele with ap
propriate ceremonies About 009
people were in attendance The
excursion train from ort Worth
for the occasion -which arrived ot 1 50
P m brought camp No 2 and the
band from Port Worth besides many
other Panther City people The Wood
men campn ot Arlington PaMdlse
Bridgeport Park Springs and Decatur
were also -well represented The un
elllng exercWes wure tmpresslvo and
the munlo rendered by the band was
A J Jtnlfonr Admits llmt ISctfoll
ntlona Are Aotr leudlnv
London April 27 The first lord of
the treasury Mr A J Balfour reply
to Sir William Vernon Ilarcourt the
Liberal leader aud In the house of
commons to day that arrangements for
a condition ot arbitration with respect
to Venezuela and other questions are
matters which Great Britain and the
United States had la view during the
recent negotiations Mr Balfour add
ed that the lost communication from
the United States arrived on Prlday
list and was now under
Contlnutng Mr Balfour said that
the government would deal with both
tne general question of arbitration and
also with tho special question with
Venetuela and It was confidently
hope that by patience and tact on both
sides a tcaceful and satisfactory solu
tion of the matter would be attained
Mr Balfour said that he could not
furnish any further Information at
present and eddad that Sir William
Ilarcourt would agree with him that It
was not expedient to discuss negotia
tions which are still pending
The Federal 41 rami Jnry In Session
At Mnm
Wco Tex April 27 Sporial
The April term oC the Federal Grand
Jury opened to day H M Charles
W Swayne of the northern district of
Florida presiding In the absence of
Judge Rector who la still traveling for
his health
The grand Jury met this afternoon
and began the consideration iff a num
ber of matters
WUor 4o lie Saemixerfest Ualhrr
Intr nt nn ulonlo
Ean Aritonlo Tex April
morning the Tleltln f singers
and musicians who are to take part in
the Saengftrfest arrived over the Inter
national and Great Northern- being
met by all the alngina societies of
San Antolon headed by Carl Beckers
band As won aa the visitors were
comfortably Installed Jn Jha hotel ft
reh ureal at Beethoven hall was con
ducted fcy prflfciwior Bee
Th Sacnf erfeat prcper will open with
a grand concert night at
the Beethoren hall About two
jid vlUtnr fere in th rtw
And CoinratKM nMMn teil mt
dalveston Tex prif 27r Bpedsi
Chas Xj hchroeder at one Mm proml
pent retlestat dealer and who wm
given a ove yeare Kninw ivi
coramlttedfUelSr Jt1 t 3 J
InWfiO fO TT9L tJ
rfv i
t St
nAToa blackiiltiV mii 3
Yo IAacr at the loldboffs and Vrco
JS liver Men Mlxlutx lu KemtticUr
ivhllo Xllnckbarn tlae Auythltiff
to Sayi
Washington April 27 Senator
Blackburn ot Kentucky today dictated
to aiPost reporter the fpIlotViug state
rntnt for publication
My attention is being dally called
to statements made in the newspapers
all oi er the country of compromises
that X agreed to between the gold
standard advocates and those who
think with me in Kentucky These nils
representations are so numerous and
como from so manydifferent quarters
that I desire to ani Ver once for all
4 No compromise or adjustment has
ever been offered from the gold men
to tne I surely never have tuggeeltd
one to theun I never saw my way
dear to compromise a prlnnlo and let
this case l have no desire to make the
experiment In the coming state con
vention in Kentucky the Lmu be
tween gold mono met all 1U and nv
people will be definitely and finally set
tled If my counsels shall prevail With
me there Is no yddle ground
I sincerely hope that the Demo
cratic convention In Kentucky will
Hend a delegation to Chicago pledged
to restore silver at the ratio t 16 to 1
This Is far more Important than any
personal ambition of my own
A Inrmfr WoimhKhI In a mtUonltr
Nenr Wolfe itr
Wolfe City Tex- April 21 Roerlal V-
Baturdav evening as Mat Dudley a
farmer Hying near Lilly Postqillce and
H It Iage were returning home from
Wolfe City they became Involved In a
rilfllcuUy on the road about five miles
from this place Page who wan riding
In a buggy with Dudleyasnaulted the
lauer wnn a Knue lnnioiing rour sen
nus wounds an 1 was prevented from
dealing the fifth blow by a Mr Chastlne
wno accompanieu mem jtage was
taken In charge and carried to Green
ville to await the result of Dudleys
HIH 11KS1NAT11 rtltMsltUD
12 Cnrmntk o Inncnr Rriitor ot
1li it Comineretnl Appenl
Memphis April 27 Ihe Commercial
Appeal toriorrow wH contain the fol
lowing card
My eonnActlon with the Commercial
Appeal as Us editor haa ceasod with
this date Reasonx that seem to me
Imperative but of which I ean make no
statement compel me to take this stop
In dolne no I wish to express my deep
and lasting regard for my co operators
on the paper and for the others Identic
fled with the management whose
frlerdshlp I shall alwa gratefully
remember For their sakes I hope that
the singularly prosperous condition of
the Commercial Appeal may continue
My residence for the present will be
In Memphis and my address the pca
body hotel
lie Instil thnt Corbet Must PlgM
Someone llne
Baltimore Aurll 27 Dan StUort
came here from New TorK today with
the articles signed by iiraay in uar
belts behalf After the theatrical per
formance ntialmmons Stuart Julfan
and the representative of the Asso
ciated Press adjourned to the Carol ton
hotel where Bobs party Is stopping
The conference which ensued Phoned
that nuslmmons side will not yl Md
from their insistence or uoroctt ngnt
ing somebody before getting a match
Ilnll rell Covering the ffroand to
a Ilepth or rivo Feet
Little Rock Ark ApiJ 27 A cy
clone did heavy damage In Paulkner
county yesicraay a ciouuuurst oc
curred near Conway and at other r la
ces hall covered tho giound to a depth
of from three inches to five feet In
depth A church and a cotton gin vere
blown half a mllet many farm houses
barn and other founding totally do
molshed nnd rtock killed An entire
flock of sheep was blown away De
tails are not fully In and It u feared
lhat human lives have been lost
Conrt rrooerilinitM
Auttln Ter Anrll 27 Sneeial V
The following proceedings were had In
the oupreme court today
Certified questions answered Milter
tt at vs Sullivan et al from Llano
n C S F By co vs warner rrom
Bet for May H I89tfltlener vs a C
s Ft Ry Co frm Harris
ftLlndsley tjtioa com
pany vei Thompson from Ruskt Welch
et al vs Phelps Blgelow Windmill
company from Armstrong vs I
cj N Ry Co from Harris 1 1
Blioenakln Benlera Algn
Boston Mass April 27 The firm of
Pemborton Bros manufacturers of nnd
dealers in sheepskin at Pea body
Mbrh and thlri city and the firm of B
H Baker Co dealers In goatskins of
which the IemDTton iro aro ajsa
members assigned today The Indebted
neas will aggregate abot 300 Q00 and
ihrlr assets 160000 The assets and
liabilities are said to be equally divided
between the two firms
Colutnbns lllrmlnabain
At Columbus-
Columbus 4 0 3 0 0 1 J 3 U
Birmingham l HO 0006
Buffalo N Y Aprtf 27 A womans
head pierced by a bullet waa found by
John Hoax a farmer In a load of
manure taken from a number of star
Lies in this city The head has not
been Identified
Jacksonville TIa April 27 The
steamer Bermuda which has been
loading1 here with arms and ammuni
tion together wllb 79 men which she
took aboard eaiied today with clear
ance papers bound for Port Coitts
Buenos Ayr April 27 Both Ar
gentlna and Chili hay signed the
protocol fUJng the boundary between
their -frontiers The full details of the
agreement have not been given out
Amsterdam April 27 A despatch
from Hatavla Java y that the
Dutch forces are now ehelllnc Laml
asanr 4he chelf village of Toekeemar
London April 27 The Prince of
Wales htjd a levee thLs afternoon
There was the usual stale rrccersiOn
and it large attendance of ministers
and men ber or the diplomatic corps
Paris April 27 The census of Paris
up to March 80 snowa the French cap
Jtal to have a population ot 2 11 53
an Increase of 72S0 chiefly outside ot
the forUrnatiorM
lyjsdon April 27 Prlnce Christian
of Kchle iwigHoIateln hgebard of
Qufn Vlotorlas dauglitsr PjOtieess
Helen waa knocked down hy a cab In
TTfted atreep today ondtspjrktly hurt
in thexlbs hi
rHalit of the tAwy d3irtmntJhave
pjara poje
lire tor Jacksonville 1N of tfc rte-
rtiuds tvlin b oararo of arm and um-
for the Cuban Insut gents f
rretoria April S7 Tbtt trials of the
members of jn National reform com
initteo o Johannoebur g was resumed
today John Hays Hammond the
American mlnimf engineer pleaded
Kullty ot high treason following tha
example vt the other traders tor the
reform committee
Wenistts realty Kotblsg te That at a Mi
With WbWkere
Th vanity ot wowaii In ber new bat
and furs hor frills and ber furbelows is
coif forgetting humility la comparison to
the vainglorious self consolousneM of the
man with a heard Alongside ot Mm the
pride ot the poaocrk Ju hti ipreading
Irldcscens tstl Is shamefaced modesty
The man with a beird hat discovered tit
true secret ot liApplnets 1U hlrtutoap
pondage U tha outward and visible Elgn ot
the bllts that relgus within tho breast
which U beautlltii and adorn Thti
beard to bliu is father and mother wife
and children ad wherever ha goo ho
carries the onU family and of every one
ho mctf s uouij aiicf J not this a hand
some group I
Themanwttb n beard Is selde n Etn
to loos conrenatton It Is hU mttslon In
Ufa to p9 pot total Ho tstyi nob to
iMne by the rooglo of vorUl brllllaBCyi ho
merely presDOts his beozd and in mute ext
prewlon sarti Look alv i U tt bos
graDdt lie tsfffeOTrallyihe holder of
Home elneonrt It the man wllh the beard
clue bo could cot as be now tloe devote
his whole mind to Ma hairy Idol He Is
not given toathletlcij he is no reader fcs
hat on easy voeation and no avocation
whatioercr He is etcloitTOly a beard
raised and o beard exhibitor nnd he glories
In Ms profosalon Vthermr hecoeshs Is
the observed ot all vbiervvii therefore
ho must porforco lead a blameless Ufa
Tha eyes ot tho Yforld are ever upon htm
or upon bis bttrd and any deviation from
the path ot rectitude would be known In
stantly ot all rata He is of a peaceable
dliportllpn tor a quarrel Incumbered as
he U with that board were cut bt the
question and then ho Is on such pieman I
teriui with Mrancli that It follows IostU
tably that be csnnot be on bad terms with
The man with beard Is proud Is Tain
This rauit bo admitted But Ms vanity U
barn lei and though am member ot so
ciety he Is ai ueeieas as Is the board he
sports stilt ha is n peooe loving oltUen
rold ot peiltlve vlfos or bad habits ami
one who Is nuTsr likely to figure lu pobllo
dlitUtluucrJB or prlrato violations ot the
law It It ho the chief end ot in mi to rniie
hair of prodigious length upon his cMn
sndchoii thoa has the man with a beard
bcbly fuUlUM the object of Ms creation
The man with a beard is te bo eurled not
perhaps for bis bontd but for Ms splendid
Moronity On Ms tide he eorlei nobody
IUpiy wanwHh a beard I New Orleans
OUnom Uoflia Aruonc the Tarerlte
PlvenloDB of V men
Baythft at outran home seizors svles
has th cxoltimont of a lottery A woman
who uiakei a point of attending the semi
annual custom homo sales of unc Utued
abandonid and eel red good recently
bought n Parli gnwn nnd a liottle of f pi
loptlu merilcliie the latter under the tta
prmslon tlissilie wss Inrcstltig In n bot
tle ot wine The seized or tmogglod
goods are more entlolng than tbnso meroly
unolnlmsd Choreas few except trades
pooplo attend the hales ot the latter goods
many women of social tUndtug nra either
personally pTcnont crnTorepreHoalod wtxin
tho iinogglod articles are auctlonod oft
ilont of tha lolawl thlsgi apponl directly
to the f rlroloun self Indulgent tsndenolos
of wtale liuman nature all sorts and con
ditions of clgari nnd liquors from plebeian
weedi aud spirits labeled tyo fir nnd and
appralsod at a trltllng rattio to tho fluent
quality of theft oommoditles
Watches Jewelry eto forms the
liradllao to tlie longest dlriilon bf tho ont
aloguo and all tho gams of tho heavenly
rorelatlon nro reprefntsd set In rings
plml bracolets and hair ornaments Bry
goods etc Includes notouly yards upon
yards ot dress mntorlals espoulally silk
over the loss ot which many a poor do
frauded woman must have torn bar hair
bus sealskin coats laces wraps gloves
handkerchief 4 and endless ether feminine
appurtenances ThecuetonihuusooRlolaU
say the womsu who buy these stolen
sweets pay their full value and often more
but there teems an Irresistible fascination
about sinugitlod goods even Ibougb legiti
mately acquired that appeals trongl to
women folk Now ork Journal
A True Mother
All that I over heard of Sir John Mur
ray rodouudsd to bis honor suvs Crederlo
Hill In Ms autobiography At JlMInburgli
under Mj hoipltablo roof weroofton gath
ered the most tflfttlotrulthbd men of bis
time This rosrulpudly genial person
whose qualities wets good nattjrs a lors
of Jiumor ui a love of pleiuaot society
formed a central figure round whom they
alt withered A pretty story Is told ot his
high ssnee oi honor
An old lady who bad nuarrelod with her
adopted heir bequeathed bar entire proper
tytoIrJolui When the will was read
bof Hind hlinaslf t M great aurprlso
pocMSed of wealth whllt the liilr pre
sumptlvs found himself pennllsss Sir
Jutin raadJ Inquiries into the character of
tliw you tig man and receding sallxfaotory
aniwirs h quietly trantfsxred baok to
him the wbols property
Soon after this a lady called upon Sir
Johns mother and Jndtgpant at what
seemed to ber an act of quixotism do
Do you know what your ion John has
dobef f
yei1 replied Mrs Murray with a
happy iibUou4 he would no bare been
my sou Jfha It he bad deae onrtlilcg
els -
This Xi the Way to Xst It
Small wblto teeth somtwhat separated
are said tu deusts traachery Overlapping
teeth atanJ for lncousisunoy Loog pror
iecttntf tcetb Iwa m grasping paturt sad
oug narrow ttk are understood by the
character In teeth readers to express van
It JTlddlcstlcLsl says The Jemwsa MIUvi
Monthly A inoQtijfuJ of HI kept teeth bo
speak inexcusable tilkTcgard torocesap
praranos for ones health and tor there
fined dnochtfeft of life X mouthful of
well t tcpth denotes personal reflna
men ta4 proper pride and regard for ones
health and the fteliniioof etber poopJe
Telling jjharoetor by tottb need go no
Mn and Wowea Xsarly Alike4
In Anntn an empire occupying the
atutero port1o3 of tbs Indo Chinees psnliw
aula with population of 0000600 mou
and womoa wear their hair In tho setce
way sod dress alatdst alike Hk lU
mas tb MFeoiAO WMMa turban a Usg
tuUoyiwIde leose treuersQd a brtghl
BAthtbsnd falllDtT btlow tbekseeA
lbe pbyslegnoiy Lnlraoet the same as
thnicenro Mrflfseftjdbrv tnsdrhbr
doaeupJJkc thoworaeD Tli intf oUv
tn llitlHuTalst thsm Is fonnd la h eng
titfjjp and flswr rlfiga trhlsb are trora by1
- 4
- 9 4
VbeT Are TrMgeeyia and Cesaedita snna
riei tt Eatrll t K4r a JsMk Tk
Izteuans OfUADwuMUfl TreoM a WkUss1
Causa rela te Btere Tklr 0ds
ye saia tki tntasger of one ot tin
fjreatect of Kir yorkn storage wsCa Vf
bouses your gnet s U altocerrect la ti
this mxlcres w see the sukeuy aids oft
roacy romances anu r confronted by not
a few mjiterlst AH eorts ot reaeens lm
pal people to pot their goods la i torn go
warehouses Death or slokoess may break
ftf 1
op a larauy ana u goods com to us
osrer i baps to bo redeemed At the end
ef a year you know the law allows us to
sell It the chars Ut storage an unpaid J
This however Umot often Cotit as the
chances are favprablo far on nlitinate clr
inco of all ebarge XTe bare people whosa
bousohas been gobbed store their rami
ture as ibeyftre afraid to dwell In the
plsoA ocy lstr People who cant pay
their real itoro tHl fbrnlturs and poo 7
plowho a TxpfriajSctoc coed times do I
the tan a tblpg In order to go te Kurope
The ronfxauts of broken families oom
to ui Tho men dont often tel more than
Is necessary but the women gvo us evsry
Uilcg Including all the cemmsnts of then
rrlatlvss and friends Ive oftsnsatd thas
If It was not for fear ot hurting tbs busi
ness I could writ an Interesting novel
about our exporlencu Uoiatdles and
tragedies of real life drift past us all day
Two winters ago wt found that wa
were storing a corpse It came to us In a
trunk An expreatjOiin broughtthotmrb
end took a reatlt anlctt ui bis address
TT put th traok In o ktvall room ou this
blcth Door and tfougbt bo more about It
till et tht edfl e twaixioDtbsaatrocg odor
came from ib rotira vVben wa came to
U trunk tl wJ 0 willed to break U open i
and tbe body of a leron full bearded man
was fount within Tbe elotMng tra
good but thei e was bo thing by wbloh tho
man could l IdentlQod Wo notified the
police who want after tbLexpressniaa
but he knew nothing about b IkhIt lie
bad taken tlia trunk ft em tbt stdtwalk la
front of an spartmsnt bouse on Week
lwsutyfourllatrest Two mto had 1ft
there They toW Mm to stcro tbo trunk
and bring tbom ilto receipt at tlieapart
tunt house vYbsn ho returned ho fallad
to And th lnen Tbe names they had
glrou wbm tin known la th apartment
bouso and b arr could trace tbem
Ifco polios also failed to solve th mystery
ienti ago whan X was young et this
basinets we rsoclred on day a lut ot very
big pngklog caaos marked IlfUtf They
come aorors tbswittr llellsr was the
groat msglolan who preoeded Herrmann
At that time bKB4 even bottor known tbau
Ilerriannn is now II bad a maftulilooat
looking wife hoown as 7aade Heller a
frlocd at tbe csar ef IlQaela X have board
with n Una Acute grand block ryssand
blond hair 1 think sh sot b bleached
bloud fnsbtotr Veil these eases for Heller
roinaltee with us for yetr Holler dld
And wo teard so eUlm made so It was at
lout deUrmlued te see what ws bad and
porters were sent down In h baMwent to
vpen the boxes
It was a growsaiu pUo any tow tttat
Immense cUuk bssemont and tMa com
bined with lb nitme of II altar mad th
men very nervous Tho first thing they
saw when thoy opened one of tho boxes
was n great red tonga that wagged as
them They rau and wouldnt go back
and some f us boys from th ofiLW had to
flnlsu th job of opening an Wo found
the boxes filled with devils and fantastlo
shapes and all sorts ot mystlo apparatus
Wa bad tuoet ot tbe wltarda paraphernalia
with us Mrs nler apvarsd oa lb
scone come time afterward and took all
the goods but most oUfellerartcrot bad
died with liltn so I dont suppose the
were vsry niuoli use
There was a somewhat omusbg Inoi
deut happened bare yesterday A woman
was sitting over btcrytBg Boo bad
lust traoed hf fottvT to us tier bus
band bad persuaded bar to go away for ber
health and bad tord th fbrnltaro In her
abwents 6b wanted te find bar husband
and get Mm back Apotbsr wemta bear
ber story and was full of acorn gho had
Just cleared ber house of furniture wa
putting it away and was going to leave
l cr husband Bh said ihe wouldnt cry
for any man Thar wr loo maay men
An Interesting young ootiplo ram ber
a year ago and stored their furaltura
They had beon bousakoeplegi they were
going to uolrdlag About three months
ago they earn In fiUot4 by lawyers
They bad avlotont qatffcel and were going
to separate fiaelt filed n clalin on lb
furniture and tbsy alfossl s a agresmsiit
that peltbr was to eeeltwltboul leav
from th other Th day before yesterday
they cam tn again alon and smiling
They bad made up dlsoharged th lawyers
nnd wsr going to housekeeping again
They called tach other dear and wtr nf
A little wMta t jo wa had the case of a
wvaltby man who tola bit wlf ho wa
tired of ber Til woman hud broken up
housekeeping and gun boarding In order
ttiat she might bav nothing to do Tbs
man followed her bat lost patience and
tiotarmineatoendll They had tnslrquar
rulout U the parlor bera and tbe man
inado a prepusltlua whiob was aooepted
Thoy divided all tb turnltnr and stored
lb again on separata accounts gat Italy
safe dspolt Craiver out and divided 14
contents Then th man made n money
settlement with th weuaan and turned
M baok on her About two month later
be came In her with a ew wl We z
thought that It h kt thai u be would
meet tb old wife Well that very thing
happened a woek ere I xtrretedeenew
but tb old wife looked at tham tw It thf
war straDgers VTw YoxfcImte -
1 Oa tbe Cheap y r
Railway ticket ooUeetors bav anbx
baustlble stock cfatorlett reUt otvlbt
Ingenuity ot eersoBji wlsblag to tsavel on
tbe cheap SsfoUowlogbeaurred at ftn
examining station on tb Grt Western
railway -a
A ticket examlBor catered a compart
ment wherein a rMeeeUely drcetrd lady
n aia a-
ir uvuiivisnui iifiism r mw iiw hvj f I
tlce a long Hat peekwfe lying oa tb cp 41
posue seat ooverea wnn a nraveung rug
and wltb a dally paper thrown oareleaety
over It and be would prrbably have left
tt compartment oblleloae c IW exjrteaoe t
bad not a pair of ffreetlypretrysyM peeped
ovr th top sad In cacloua Une the
ownar ot thsm Inttttred t -
Xamrea has yiiasn goae yilf
Tbe artful motHec oftfiiwlbr aniHlssd
that her child w only CaadwrHMto u
travel troa but ouriealty ImjUed Mai te
l orrtw iBTMtlffttioo aud annuw gM of
eppavwilylO riledhelfPLrsois
BSctM April JJti Jlnnir Chan cr
rlved iMJiMdax jiihl way to Mowew
to attinlf ti1roBtlo it hCr
a th repteMStallrof tft Smepror1
o Chinas j rt
iSSS2w Isn t tain th loril o
crestlo 7 Mr Flrr Man ot the clue
iSut not whtn aous olemint a coin
a 2dlnporki fourna

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