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Gladness Comes
better timterstaDdinff of tho
tmnsientnaluro of llw many lhjs
leal Ul which TtnUh before proper ef
forts frentIeTort plewanicfforU
rightly directed- There U comfort In
tlio knowledge that so many furroitof
sickness arc uot ttuo to any actual Uis
1 ae but simply to a contthmted condi
tion of thaaystcm which the plcflxant
family lasatlTf Syrup of Flffs prompt
ly raioovH That la why it U the only
remedy with millions of families find fa
ererywhera eatcemed uo highly br all
who value eood health IU beneflclal
effects aro du to tho fact that ltls the
ona remedy which promotes Internal
cleanliness without debilitating tho
onrana on which It acta It li therefore
all lmporuut in order to g ot iU bene
ficial effects to note when you pur
chose that you haro the cenufua arti
cle which Is manufactured by the Cali
fornia 1Iff Hyrop Co only and aold by
all reputable drujffita
If In the enjoyment of pood health
and the stem is regular laxatives or
other remedies aro then not meded If
afflicted with any actual dlacase one
may be commonded to the mobt bkillful
physician but If In need of a laxntire
one should lvavo tho bestt and with tho
well informed everywhere Syrup of
Kip stands hlffhet and is most largely
used and gives mot general satisfaction
Associations Second
Days Session
WEnn or ifcninnEii iiitiiiijt
kno mki1 mscissicu
Warm DUotiitloni on naslneis aih
ri wnil Lrnd Oqii oa lro
fnnlonal Topic
Iht Mtona day onions of tle
State Itdlcal aiaoclatlon were marked
ivlUi the name- rapid dtipatch of bufl
Jieia ami -with na lnUrlnif a Hat of
papira upon lira topics aa woe rctter
Tie papers prMcntnl er of a mora
f pecino nature than thoso read yester
day perhaps and the discussions that
followed each one were participated In
by more of the members on thif floor
The cases described In the articles and
the questions that naturally arose call
d forth frco expressions of opinion
from numeruua dlstlnrulihtd practu
tlonere both cenernl and special who
wete present In lerxa numbers
A ireat many members -who bad not
been sble to be proeent earlier In tho
meellnaa cime In and ewelltxt the num
ber upon the door of tha house as welt
as those who took art In the dleoua
stons Tho meellnrs are growing1 In In
terest front day to day and era ex
ceeding profitable to atl In attend
Morning fleselon
President Cllrrrana navel Iroucht
the tnembera of th State Medical aa
soclatlon to order In the mornlnrr ses
sion of the second day at n few
minutes after I oclock when the busi
ness of the organisation as resumed
Invocation waa made by llev JMor
can Well Tho prayed that the leas
tnr of Ood mlsht rest upon tho associ
ation in all Its deliberations and that
ihey mlrht individually be blessed aa
they they went upon Ibelr dally rounds
of lovo and mercy
Reeumtnir the conslderntlim of busl
ness at tint point where It waa left last
right upolt adjournment tha draft of
tha propositt bill to be prenented to the
leaislatiireaa read 6y Dr J T Wll
on of Sherman rlMrnun of tha com
mittee renoitlnr tho same
Tha Mil lnovlles he establish
ment of a elate noerd of examiners
who should pais upon the qualtfleatluna
of medleat t ractlonera
Dr KA Woldert rf Tyler a dele-
Fale tn the state Medical association
rom the Trier lledleal assnisMnn
stated that he had been commissioned
to vresent o this association ror con
sideration Iv MM of similar Import
which lad been prepared ond adopted
by the Tyler association The speaker
mid that It was modelled upon the
V medical tar of New Yotk -which tms
ben tn operation for aeveral years
an which provldea for tie rcjlatra
tlou and licensing of practicing phy
a- Dr E P necton of Austin thought
thati yaluabla time was being con
aumed tn the discussion of these mat--tars
and moved that tha enilr
tia leejmmltted to a rommlttee of five
fjsprontsfl by the chslr to
all blls presented and with now
er after due dellberitlon to formulate i
a Bunewe bin and present It to tha
next legislature
Tbla motion was seconded and
xrae spoken In favor of very warmly
by Dr A Jt Dourleas of Colngton
Dr A c Scott of Temple spoke
wnrmlv also bavins It nnMMlt
Already appointed had gone over the
ground and deference should be paid
h their faithful performance of the
duties Inposed upon them
BrIttHn of Arilrgton Dr n n
ylT Pf Paris Div Ai n Oardner of
1 fetllt r Vr u O Decatur
took an aetiye interest tn th debate
eng this juration I
ufD f ijtakf or Cutro irtnved that
Pii uectdnMtnatlnn hm 1 M nn tl
tf bhv Division twini palld for theJ
him w vrri9o ojrBk vote or to
virwrn wr iwdjijij nOOtfOn WOS tSlslSd
AsWr x NoDnntoa fiatuu ruovidi
that the Mil presented t7 the cora
tniUea tt9 endorsed and tha committee
bo Instructed t preset it tt to the next
legislature and if positble secure its
Dr J f Bears moved aa a substitute
that the section ihe other
schools of moJItine noon the nroDOsed
state board bf examiners be amended
so as to itriri4 out Ihe representation
fnm other schools A lonjr dlscusslou
followed In which parliamentary usece
tame somewhat fancied up but at
the close it waa tost by a larie ma
jority Dr Uecton alio during- this
Olscusslon riale a strong fight to
eliminate the homeopathic and eclectic
ichoolj fiom representation on the pro
posed board of examiners aa recom
mended by the section under considera
tion hut stated he would acquiesce to
the will of the majority
The original motion aa offered by Dr
Dcton naa then voted upon and car
rl4 almost unanimously
rresMent Colemsn with dignity
and In an Impressive manner thus ad
dressed the Hsstmblyi
Gentlemen of tho Texas Btata Med
ical associationOnly the profoundest
convictions which bate forced them
selves upon me lead me to do -what t
atn about to do us prmldlng o nicer of
this association Gentlemen what I
shall say does not reflect upon any
member of this association I hellete
ou are hce with a loyal devotion to
the cause of scientific medicine In Tex
as and Z give ecry man credit for
what I claim for myself -honesty of con
viction and X believe ou are here
through sense of the purest motives
but yoj know as presiding omcer of
ibis association my mouth is closed so
far as taking a part In an thing that
shall come up before this association
that la I menu by that that it Is not
expected that I should do that and
only unsaal lustifv a
presiding officer In saying anything
Gentlemen I want to ask your
Mu lonwnt to enter my pro
ttV ne of the humblest of In
dividuals against the action which
was taken by the association thin
morn in t creating a board of medical
examiners In this state
Gentlemen I wish to call attention
to a fact that throughout the discussion
of thl paper has not been touched up
on Dr Wilson is here and if the
other members of that committee are
ure i nope mey win near every word I
J I would for no cause do anything
to reflect upon thorn but I wish to eng
ter a pro teat a vigorous protest agnlnst
tha allusion to the niessures which
have been used ao far as seeking to
SS1 c cemcerned dcntlemen
whin ia the nalurat conclusion That I
that Dr Ieeton that Dr Sam H Bur
roughs and that other gentleman who
have -been honored with the presidency
or this association have resorted to such
to say that Uiey did accuse us of It but
lull T U Rge out t0 tn vwhl that
SSt0fpIwilia1 befor hI
U ls th0 ntf Inference
ihrliuh ve bern used to
ootaln these offices I want to say that
LwIlf ct 1 entcr Int0 Judgment for
I7TJh0Uh and fop it word
Jn for y deed If my record was as
V Vcr mailers as it is on
win nave a great deal belter
reconi innn I expect to hae Never
5X0 1 P0ln r rme I eoliclted
any gentleman to support me for that
position It camo to me unsolicited
and of course I esteem It as the great
est honor of my life Not one word did
I put upon recsrdi I never wrolo any
letters or In any way aollcited aupport
direct y or Indirectly I thank jou for
your Indlilgenco In this connection In
allowing me to eay these few words
n Ty1 0 he ion of the re
port relatlnir to the board of medlcel
examiners I Inalet that the words
Iioneopathlo ana ecleitlo should go out
or the motion as tt prevailed That wo
HiicalM phyelilana ahouM frame a
Mil rerulatlng the
praotlce of our pro
fCMlon and then leavo It to th legls
mVii wnaly they think best
make I do believe gentlemen It win
nover do In Justice to ourselves who
JiKiTi Srotu Slttte Mrtlcal as
KXyVS U out hal nv
put our Indorsement on a bill which
Mrwgnlsea theso men on th outside
I thank you gentlemen for your very
courteous attention I thank sou for
V it reepect I Know t a
jut of the usual Una for such a epeech
to be made at thla time v
J ot th committee then
leusl 5V 3mTOlt solutions on
etll s which
on motion were adopted
i i wlutloo recommending the
Instruction of ethlrs In the state modi
cal schools Adopted
mS wlh avo1 committee on
3HAS5t atp0ltet r th
Itesolullon storing the appointment
or a campaign oommlttee of three
members to secure legislative action
on the proposed medical bill Tha
amataltd lh matter was
TO ifr iy tons motion
which had liecn already carried
Dr Wilson moved according to ire
ommtndatlon of the commlitee that
ths proceedings ot this body be Jour
nalised hereafter Instead ot In an on
heroror1o1 f
nUU A vri mentioned some of
tll dimcultlea and Inconveniences to
bo encountered and moved that aeilon
be postponed until the next meeting
imnJmi th 5Mtor o rred to a
committee jf five to Investigate the
question nnd rpprt to this ibody toraor
LUU w W by
ur West and
th motion being put
wss carried
Dr Wlson at this time expressed his
sense of relief and Joy uponthe ado
a 1 n Prt submitted by the
committee Dr A Jt Douglas of
Covington moved that Mi thanks of
iiMIU nrnaeirci 10 VT
son nnd the eowmtttaw for the faithful
performance of the duties Imposed up
UrlS WM hwrtlty carried
JF5JudlcUI ftunc Iben reported
Rn17 Upn lh PPtoni of the
Into membership yw Wft0 e received
Oeo Tt Taylor Bryan tt t Miller
Ulttick ntnvold A O Scarborough
Bnyderi J J Eargle Proctor Jaa it
S art Dallas w M Yanflle Josen
Aloxander Meridian T non
iiartiett L p Korvell Bynumj w
Chambers Austin W It Anderson
Brownwoodt J A Cosby Atlej W n
n10 C bert Bmlth
neldl 8 J Ftashang Noeief It E
tyfcrfi Hmni w A Wood Hubbard
City li k Bhropshlrei W T Beard
Dallas IB W B Hill Diwson
KllVtt 9cman Sa ed the next
order of burinesa to e the organiza
tion of the section of Medical
etc of which Dr T J Ben
nett of Austin was chairman nnd Dr
Bam Cunningham of Elgin secretary
Dr Bennatt npt being present Dr T
I JXamm of 1rrlt ws atoiaii -
chairman of tide section and It was so
n Mantel of Austin one of
aito of the Texas Medial Jour-
wuw ana presented
for the consideration of the assembly
EiiS1 A wJa fop form In
ImftJ Jurtfpniilencef the substance
of Which la given below in the course
of his argument ho ouid
aCUm Vt tM Uit UnlteJ Stale
census leDOj there were In U0 T37
prlsooera In tha United States or ooo
YUY ZUt of the poulattonln 1890
the were SSS prisoners or one to
very TBT ol population in other
iinffi iff Jh ptaon ot he
greased 170 per cent the prisoner
have lnTvaitid its U
Wro bHsOnera 1 cit- Hh ii
enttnea or awaiting trjAL The nurn
A ft e -
bar of criminals at large eiadlng ar
rest or unknown la to be added to thla
something Impossible to estimate
but very large per cent no doubt
At tha present ratio ot increase It will
be a matter of a very abort time when
the criminal will outnumber all other
elements of population
Nothing could testify more emphati
cally to the Inadequacy of our system
to meet the requirement than theso
ngues nor uppeal more forcibly for
reform nor could anything Illustrate
more fully tho needs of prophylaxis
against hereditary criminals
That under the existing system In
order that crime may be appropriately
punished crimes are classified ail a
penalty afllxed to each On great dif
ficulty Is that criminals are not classi
fied also The fact I bat a murder for
Instance waa a first offense cuts no
figure There ls a penalty for murder
death by hanging and all murderers
rld and young male and female good
family or bad penitent or indifferent
first offense or fortieth must expiate It
tn satisfy the ends of Justice
There Is a penalty for homicide and
all homlcldej must conform to the
penalty there Is no nuallflng circum
stance except ths degree ot the of
fense It is simply left to the Judgo to
determine the crimr classify It and
looking in ths book find tfaa com nan
Ion piece to jt the penalty and nt the
one to the other and to tho Jailer or
hsrliT to execute the penalty There in
no discrimination In Jail he ls sur
rounded by a lcloui brutalizing envl
rotment huddled perhaps with a lot
of filthy negroes and Mexicans alt har
dened criminals In fact mad to
breathe an atmosphere fatal to eyey
Instinct of self respect and calculated
to crush out vvery atom of manhood
When brought to trial the fact that It
waa his first killing that he was drunk
at the time and fur th flr t tim in
j his life and had not even a knowledge
vi wnn ne nau aone tnai realizing
the situation he I deeply penitent and
would jtlve worlds to undo and make
rtstlu l 11 does not in the least qual
iry tho offense except perhaps It
may seiure for him tha minimum term
of imprisonment the lightest punish
ment that goes with that kind of crime
it Is a definite term and carries with It
eternal disgrace social and business
ostracism and disfranchisement Could
anything be more unjust
He said that aclf dersnse and the pro
tection of horn are the strongest in
stincts ot human nature The people
of Texaa are as loyal and law abiding
aa are to be found anywhere but when
they nallie that the methods of deal
ing with the rapist and murderer and
tho double crime rape and murder
and that too most frequently of ten
der young children are not effectual
10 put a atop to it even when tbe law
Is swiftly executed but on the con
trary thut an execution even in tho
horrid form of the stake actually ap
pears tu incite others to the crime it
simply dilves them to madness The
horrilyle extoutlrtn of Henry Smith at
Iarls must hava been known to ever
negro In Texas but It did not detet
anothur negro from committing a simi
lar outrage a short time after at Tjler
and he met a similar fate Nor have
the several prompt hangings for rap
tetn attended with more salutary re
suits Jlap is notoriously on the In
crease not only in Texas but In other
States and lynch law Is brought Into
Ho believed that the fountain head
ana source whence flows this great evil
lynching can be traced to tho unwise
policy that obtains of paying legislators
0 ay la borers wnges In Texas the pet
diem is and after sixty days It ls
reduced to J3 It Is hardly to be ex
peeled that aurti remuneration would
command a ery high order of law
making talent Statutes enacted b
men who can afford to leave home and
businesn for 2 per day who know
nothing of the requirements of sanitary
legislation ond dont want to be told
and could not fairly comprehend ths
subject it they were told are apt to b
defctle amblsuous and
wrJ so afford grounda for endlesv
errorn protracted trial end tedious
Capital punishment ho said Is be
f11 more aRd more abhorent to
thinking people and Is being very gen
erally condemned by medical writers aa
uaiMniiju uaeiess ana unjustifiable
nna LiitraMon as a substitute therefor
is rapidly growing in popular favor
Muph of the prejudice that existed
agftlnat castration la disappearing un
der the light of reason Indeed It seem-
y Wal Punishment should be
ttbgiiahud and notation and enmacula
tlon substituted and the fundamental
puaeipes or Justice demand that where
possible restriction should tako the
place of Improsonment Coporoal pun
lohrnent never made a school boy good
and the morals of a community can
iiaver be purlnad by a system of pun
ishment entailing term disgrace
penalty for misdeed The acnVe of
Justice arouses resentment and stirs
thy worst element In ones nature
may pUL10ncvJadphU ITsystem3
mit fc lursuonao y lies
wltlili -
tf the scope and power of state
medlclna to eliminate much that la
D ring about ureal Improve-
nhsfti lh0 nMt Knallon In
lSP hf moral and Intcllectua
status ot society And chief amoncst
the agencies effectlta to this end I 11
Herniation This a th mission Ar
rattonal medlclnei to the aompMsh
ith the conlcVlon t lit
iUf ruo Philanthropy
tatoa It
polloy BUgests It and it I
Justice mcy and humanity
that th blood of murdc abouTC
f onement Ui refor
v l u Kennedy of Illllahom
heartily endomed Dr banter nauer
On motion the discussion
closed to proced with the neat se
Pf V- Pocst of McGregor offer
resolution favoring th nrentT
iinr 1 V1 l0 lglurJ K s
Ing th testimony of physll
clana In legal trials by deposition and
exempting them from persona attend
SecC0ryIU Pl solutei
i I010 Brlttaln of Arlington
dopcTu0n caS
The section of Gynecology
lteorin1 r TJ Dell oTv7er
chairman of thla section being absent
on motion of Dr II A fftiLDris
J tcher of DalIaeoretary of the tb
n2S wffll chairman Dr L D
beaVn1 T J wlnh
nSZiJxAl Vftrt Urownwood ex
prosed his lleasura
at hearing this
paper read an u
to attend a reception at the Hotel
Worth after the conclusion of the pres
idents address at the city hall and
which waa tendered to the associa
tion by tho citizens of Fort Worth
The president then announced tbe
committee to Investigate the claims of
Dr Williams of William 1cnn Texas
In regard to the priority of certain medi
cal processes as follows Drs J
McLaughlin of Austin J V T Palna
of Oalveaton and T J JJell of Tyler
The association then adjourned until
320 p tn
At the opening of the afternoon ses
sion President Coleman announced the
following committees to ennvasa the
gmhfftl rtf imirnnHslmr the Droceen
Ings of the Bflpcfatlon Drs A N
rarjs presented a special paper upon
the subject oS Conservatism In
The paper was discussed by Dr
A 12 it cil ah on of Marshall
Dr Crawford of Memphis Tenn
being1 present was Invited to como
forward nnd was extended the courtesy
of tho floor Dr Crawford engaged In
the dlcusslon of the paper read by
ur Warner ana maae a very enter
taining nddress
Brlttaln of Arlington after a few
characteristic remarks In a prefatory
way presented a paper on Urethral
Caruncle Dr Brlttaln Interspersed
the reading of his paper with humor
ous remarks by which the audience
was well amused
Secretary F D Cappa then read a
valuable paper contributed by Dr I
Mlchenaid of New Orleans entitled
A Case of Plural Ectopia Gestation
Itupture Operation Recovery and
Subsequent Uterine Tregnancy
On motion the paper waa received
and filed and a vote of thanks exten
der to vr Mlchenard
The time of this section having ex
pired tha president announced It time
for the organization of th section on
State Medicine and Public Ifygne
Dr It Butherford of Houston chair
man being absent tha president ap
pointed Dr J H scars of Waco chair
man of the section Dr I N Buttle
Dr II U Tate of Llndal also die
cussed the paper ofrerlng a resolu
tion that the legislature should be
memorialized for the purpose of more
suitably caring for this unfortunato
class of people A vot being tsken
tne resolution was declared adopted
Dr Joseph A Mullen of Houston
read a paper upon Medical Education
Its Defects and Perversions which
on motion was received and filed with
tho publication committee
n ec0 on Ophthalmology
giA WM nn organized Dr
John O Mcneynolds of Dallas choir
man and Dr n T llllgartner of
Austin secretary taking their pos
lton3 upon the stand
Chairman Mclteynolda rendered his
f Ion the aubject of hla
section which on motion
was re
ferred the usual committee
Rn ii V- ner of Austin
51 on the neat
train and no objection being raised
the regular orriep nr ti - T
changed ao as to allow him to present
hl paper entitled The Eye In Its
SVn lth On motion IM
dnererdMpr1S55Ir W
iJhk1lUmlnwlel1 followed was
ni sDrWi u Woon f Austin
af ttJif11 r1 0
valfon com UDi hl h
Ei rtner at this point taking
Vi2attm Drl OSS of SaS
was appointed to act as
11lfy0ld by ue
Alstyno thVubJclsurgery
by tho Cleneral rractltloner was fa5
McrtvEriA0ler whleh Chairman
talked to tho subjec D lat I o
cited the troubles arlilnr from th2
practice of Incompetent person pli
ing ns specialists who weri
llsble to In
Jill Urr m Pin tVetV
nif i i e0B o -Is discussion th
prosljeot announced the committee
provided for In Dr Tst V S -
to memorialise e lii i
SiJfare M lna 0 which
committee I as follows Drs W I
ni0lon oonventlon then nd
to reconvene at the city halt
auditouum th In the evening to sfon to
prtsldenfs annual addreis
Ilvenlna Bestons
The membera of th association aa
1 Set 2 e01ty o11 itorlum
30 o clock to listen to th
annual ad
dress of the president Dr P c CoVel
iin ot Cfomilo Clly A great manV
ladles and gentlemen citizens of thi
flty vvere also In the auditorium to
tho distinguished speaker
u2c waV0t lengthy
nvln occu
iVi KJ 1Mn an nour ln delivery
nnd was
well recdved by th audu
nee wli greeted the doctor on ffel
tOJ Eart n hors Btlng Urn-
fti Jn f h pa
Per the speech In It entirety 1 re
Kf PWleUon tomorrow
Arter tn ooncluslon of th nriiu
onL 0Jr th smbly adjourned
lions had been made on a royal seato
for a reoptlon tendered th 3ty
guests by tho citizens
Deltirhffnl mnl n -
the hours In th mazy dream of ih
weduy ierVed OU
The beautiful hslls of th Worth
were flll4 with the jouth beauty d
Intelllgencs of tha rrty many primln
it l euu ot occasion
All i
in all
it was a very enjoyable aN
Tersonnl Notes
Dr J M Kellar an old ex Confeder
a jut geon of renown ls among thl
Aril tnm ol Springs
Dr T TV UVrvrr 1U t
t th work a riha rVv
celved and MfirrM t i
oominltteo which was done Jnnce1 h bis father In a private
Brlttaln Austin
was th neil
speaker eng the program thst was trc5 Ber Waco I th
fnfu Jtrscefully yielded veo Hit r It W I ott wfe
SlV t nt but wished to i D A pllr OMveslon brother
return home In the aflernnT L Dt lT of this city 1 one of
pVKLVfca JJ JFZ3 P Burt sS
It b
explanaion of the harness
waiecretary of ih
elstlon in mil and president In im
i Wat I i Ann of Dallas la also
ig irni i
it was member or thi North Teaaa r 7
aocut nis ai niiro
neoeitary since being thrown out of ht Medical
fhla buggy some time ago i1 n enthueiasUo
Th paper icas listened to with great VT S B lilon
attention by all and atlta cloie a If ur a J J or Orois Jtcdtcal
o thanka waa give the doc0r Vil M limnDJvfA nv
vr01 W1 ordered Sled mrdr ofQuanah aro tho
with guests
IUbllC vtlOn rnmriltiu wa tho of W r Lemond fon Tta
01nmt My th c faSd iVm3J2i cornr
- oo Invited 1 toVu Frinilili
i v
IlltLU U
lutervleir With Ironilnent Irugals
tns Two Rotable Soceeses
IMiMlo Marned Agalul
There ha of late been a kind of
moral sate allowing Its Influence
among tur male population Many men
have realised that Ihey were siooklna
and tobcco their live away
Demon w R BlailoS Thoma8am pltlng
uunningham aha Whim i ana iney nave preierreu whu
mnitf tir n rniii haalth Skinny
na maiimi nr ivnMNiinirv iinmir biiii - -- - - --
under organisation Dr n It Walker of
men ham null Simnltlnir vll clatS
drled up nicotine scsks have fired their
pipes hsrdcned old chaws hav spit
out their Quids and pallid cigarette
suckers hava thrown away the deadly
collln tack Tou can tell them by tho
new brightness In their ejea the now
elasticity In their step the fino color
tn their fares and the Mslble Increase
In their weight not to speak of a new
cheerfulness of disposition which tells
that they are enjojlng the eood things
of Ufa and If you ask one ot them
what did It he alwaya says It Is
and I got It at 3 r Nlcka A
Coa drug store No 511 Main rtreet
An essential In eery community ls
the reliable drug store where nothing ls
sola tnat is not vouched ror wncio nj
fatal mistakes are made Such a ona la
the weliknoan establishment mention
ed above a thoroughly reliable drug
store The best prescription In the
irorld la not of benefit unless properly
compounded Every day we read In the
inner warning against bulng from
those who substitute fakes and lmita
tlona for standard preparattona because
It pays a larger profit
I Accuracy honesty wide awake at
tei I ucng t o foundation of the sue
cobs In J 1 Nicks Co a drug store
tid manager was nsked about the re
markable boom in the sale ot
Xfv bov ha said tn th i mi
the success of a prepatutlon lies In
of Corslcnna taking hie nosltlon the wlat It docs not what Ita advertised
section was declared onrsnlnil
State Care of the Insane Epileptics
Inebriates and Habitues of Nar
cotics was the subject of a paper by
Dr P S White of Terrell which was
read by the author
Dlsousslon waa lead by Dr A N
Denton of Austin who was followed by
Dr A D Gardner of Bellvllle and E
D Cappa of 1ort Worth
uu vii vuuiua Homing else lou
can advertise from now till doomsday
and If the article does not possess merit
It v 111 not achieve success n mt i whv
Jo ToUao with comparatively little ad
vertising has had so remarkable a sale
It cures the tobacco habit and restores I
the yltal functions One man tries It
and hla success causea other to do like
wise Just to show you how much
faith can be placed In NoToDaca
merit I need only mention that tho
makers the Sterling nemedy Co Chi- 1
cago Montreal and Ntv vi I
lie us and every other druggist to Bell
their preparations under absolute
guarantee to cure or refund the pur
ohase money They know that any hon
est man who honestly us
according to directions will be cured
Tou spoke of preparations said th
reporter What else do they maker
Ccarlt cnr Cathartic tha
Ideal laxative an elegant preparation
pleasant to eat r fall to act never
grip nor gripe an3 lure constlpntlon no
irufr Vow ofieiMther remedies have
ft1 IeF ry a Cascaret to
right It Is a pleasure to handle such
goods because they advertise them
selves through merit and bring bla
business with them It will certain
bo to your Interest to write tho Sterling
nemedy Co They win take pleasure
In sending you their famous booklets
and free samples
of Arllngon furnlahe amusement
for the association
Dr IL A West has been the env ln
aecretary of hf oclauonlncj iJK
Dr J J Williamson of Cleburne Is
hUdrrmS h eC0n
mJofnthtIr of 0ndvlw
ll anuedacIm mmber wh0
Dr C B Haines of Mineral oviia u
on of the prominent pywSpi
ofDihTJnJ131 ff TyIcr enr editor
ifSoutlwn Medical and Bur
gteal Reporter 1 expected to arlvo tjl
BIock of McGregor
aex chalrman of th aectlon oTiur
P10 SJ Mnnder of Coleman Is a
prominent PhJlcUnanda1 a
ii i
Wholesale KiquttOHsaii
Corner Fifth and Ilonsirjl
Agents in North Texas for Pjlstb
ford Water Principe De Qalaj
fj Jw 0lat4nioulriieliplritUu li
V if Umstipstloo II lop til ItJiVstT
Inppring irrrn S4H
urwni am rr t a fc j
rrjpinrH lrtintbrijArilrMtormiwtj
Tl i rnjua
nv i nna j a HIiUltK
raio J B Letcher Dalli J
A Cosley Asle y t Balrd Dal
V A- Hubbard1 City
J M Coble Dallas B W D I1IH
Dawson J T Benbrook Itockwall n
It Roork Auroril R A Miller Dublin
Jno O McReynolds Dallas
An K KlcLed Out and Skull
by a Horse
r J I barren wo going lo his
home In South Dallas at noon today
the ytung hotse was driving became
frightened ond getting the reins under
iub tall gave a sudden turn upsetting
the buggy Aa Mr Warren was thrown
forward under ths horses he Is re re
oelved severe kit I in the head
Tho tight eye waa completely de
stroyed and the skull frsctured
mTw i Ending regards tho
Injuries ecrlouily but give no t pinion
la the extent of the Injury
Mr Trcn has been a i esldmt ot
Dallas a number Of vears 1 ntm rn
jears of age and has been a valuabla
and rather prominent cltlsen end a
deacon In the First Baptist church
Miiyor noirnmn of Ilnblitrd lias Ills
Ksmnlnlno Trial
iiuoDara Tex April 29 9peclal
the iron tiKi AinSP nephew of Bowman for the killing trial of of Mayo iiil
Is also in nirt rother on tho 25th closed at J o dok iiZL
Dr Jarrett d Law president SY -on being held by JutlJ of
Central Texas nifi lh ij T- After tha
amonir the fllmlnnik inauon ot twelve of fifteen
Dr T A Miller of et- T 2 n l nd defendant closed
ffxsMai jioo AiS7t major a mera promptly noral made bond of
5uft JJnar8 f Wn0 I an
There are flv exrrM
JVoVlnMdbcl clfoo w If S
nection with surgery ln con-
nuit0Pc fPon 1 a mt
baa gmufrVSiJ
of such cies i rJ21 heint
userintivil i three
uperlnteivjint 7nr year
encountered tron
passed Not oni
k fi i 5
of Pk Rogers William
snjoya an extensly TM Um- K II Roaets nrSinVf Kennedy
ancc and in fact rniii i1 ssffisa
astPngu y I also
huh JmPngSrnnlE0hIJlnd
being upon the Tstafr Lviti Uhlas
eral an Hopkins Bri0lcn
jUtMhV 1Xffl1
Publication ot th TJfBJrt ln lb
jntsudent 5S Trrf - P
aSmWW ffi VWta of
dans In thai tit1 bhyal
Dr U T
o osd
aer olTllStlSSl an on un
vi1 t0 he
an act to nre
tSS oVde IvcTor mS
whortinLtjMn w deflne
Inent among the younger rnmAEf court BromPy IMed h desired
Dr J Larendon of lKLKnmha elo5cmMi mX ni trom s
tlon aclvt f lnco the owanl been jS rC khl i filo7f tht Mayor
th association and enJoVa th SrJT7lLfaa actcJ my ln
Jlri bn lfnhoynSo Jd SL lVW iWl
iiuicu trrjRinror i - uu itiw rruuirmi iiirn
yeara of faithful service In thai onw ot JclIJnr to put defendant
Dr Moore of Von Alslyne la nr inaeI J b011 ne wuld require of
h North
iikH J1 Uromo Qulnno Table s
UMdtocur2o7a mm
irvDEVvaitrcits adjocrx
areiTi11 Gel th Annual Cosves
lion for 1N0T
Tex APrl1 2 Speclal
annual Christian Endeavor
av iNTBitctrna ourrixo
Prom a nalloaIJoTrla
f tk
KiffSSLf - from Ih
V n hrln cd at raKSV r
and WV ofrom jrw we
taryViViJi n and seire
vary legislative hoard of Texas
r mi lui afnngM
uffrrrrt re ne ear t7 Donor U ltctnaa ulnata -
Mil rUIibEVgli thoniy known rttofflr lo SriJffifW
Uwflirniir iintBSlVfaaiiriiroiisjjTreiHrTiMa Uili bsnndftMTS
JI U0atolxArSWt7inaU flendfof rsracbcuJrpr tinig
r iiu c pr wJThT2
Manufacture of Boaa Water Dlspensl ng Apparatus snig
nelln nirof nencMittiM nvilnir inB -- w n
guaranteed tlrst class Mali order will receive prompt H
prices New and aecond band Soda P ountalna tot iis aB
jui ituaa AvtsNUU DALLAS TIJXAl
Demonttrator of physiology In th
The follow Inc member added their
names to the register yesterday
J C Jarrelt Valley Mills W J
Lane Dallas A J Menefee ltio Viulu
r B llayoes Abilene lleorge It Ta
bor Bryan Samuel Cunningham Tay
lor D A Woldert Tyler J W Mo
Pall Llpan II D Orammer Tort
Worth H L Tate Llndale James Ir
Alexander Meridian T U Bass Ter
rell D II Vaughn lllllsboro r 8
White Terrell W 11 fledberry Clif
ton I N Suttle Coralrana 11 II Chil
ton Dallas A O Scsrborough Bnydcr
r A Young Navasotai W O Klm
biuugh Krum J II Bmnrt Dallas
Faxe J Froshanff Noeee p o U E
NorvIH Dynun E T Hughea Meri
diem A a tcott Temple II L nil
gartner Austin Robert B Moss Ban
Antonio S O Blttlck Ringgold II c
Srt Smlthflrtil n E Myers Kemp
D Anderson Brownwood and R
The PnriiU n
Main street ateufl
C E JAME3 i3
Shorthand Tlonbfi
manslilp by mail 8
college of TYffl
a A IIA1U10V
St Georgi
j no most centrallr 1
Renovated and rep
out Estii
entirety KecoTttri
it rand Ner
lis rviV
IDS and 200 Pflcl1l JlH
irom m iv ana t i
pots uaius TBI
iM tm lbs iUnyP
i wsm ppiu lirg
1 1n thm ldU mmBHtm M
3 A auUcftti liivulUt P
at tmcaajj
JHm1 llN
KJVlM Stto
Balling prtfi
Bt Paul JWS
Nw VorkWi
1 Mnrltr K
i veil
wliiiam PoM
surci j
li Jr SIS i
Ardmore TS
ti a lrsrdisvn
ment a
take emtt ij
dn4rtroent 1
nMa mcrnng
tbemicyu M

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