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Fort Worth gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1891-1898, April 30, 1896, Image 7

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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1e was small
txiii in-
Tblt VU
l jj Heel -
i 0
iv AcrllM The stock srecu
SSWMUUrtWr m volume
tLuly Mil nd this condition
BsV1 Y inr iesslm stitngth
Sat for to rxlbang
current o the shipment
steamer 01 sovrrui uiii
BJkift sold 1 s a
Uornj ------ - -
SSclcs It It bluvd Hint frcm
bi next in weeks But for
Kr of the market the
v j ii tint nttvM verted
etTtHl owing to tlta
lV tiiu nr titrrftni
W ffi A tiAat 4 4M tYiri
interior im
SlinnWe l that mercantile col
ffsre good and that the
Ira not In special need of
fossy out of the Held the con
trcinille community to reeuro
accommodation i nccueu
Sjnr upon 1U own terms lh
or nlgncr iwiuv m -- -
n tocurllles together with the
- - ret eat
utad to the firmnem In the local
it th ouwci oiii ui
vcra also noted to a loderate
Sonar elded 1 1 4 per cent on
i ihHah In hs nrtftiA
MmiI product Lata In the day
hi extort rumors caused decided
lawnn Instances rugar to-
fend nurUncton leading the down
horemtnt j
BaalM gas roe
itn Ilia rlnurn
rha concHloii from the top
k tinllnirtnn nnrl sVinrn
log la ether Icodtns 8hari Tho
n heavy a niiKt -
livtre irrKUlar but with a
xotrton invrBmeui ujib
4rp jan waro reported in aome
uUeftfiBtcrn division xa Fales
aiockt 04l llondr
Tot April Bond Llet
tourl coupt J J
ivti tee J i
ives coup 2
M Vl
ouri cuup
rttUts i loo
onfture fi i2
iBlacond A wi 7 e
idCe lets of M 101 1 2
ita eevene utt
SRO fours 1
tsnle e -
A n ofd hi
I A serene lw
rent fives 103
tntltea 10 1 3
Bret foure IS 7 S
T Kpconil four 61 1 4
HSt Gen live SO
SF Den elze 113
Ptrlllj Irsti 90
Pnclne ee on le 23 1 2
fauna isus or -vu aim
hore foure 105 3 4
ra fives 93 8 4
t stocks West
li 35 7 4
IFacIno IS 1 3
o Alton 1M
e Burlington Qulncy 81 3 4
Oil Certificates 11
a lson 1 3
WMt U3
It0 rrerd 49 1 4
n ft Cattle Teeders Co 19 1 2
r Central 97
1 Texas trfl 2
0rt ir
le i Nllhvllle II 3 S
n recine 27 7 S
ra Peclflo 1 1 4
ra Pacini prerd 121 8
taisrn idj 3-
rTMtern nrfM ue
iU 27 3 4
r 13 1 3
Hftrle Weitern 1ft 1S
M j 71 18
al Tit1
12 1 4
SMefd 123 7 3
l Iron i 30 1 S
Par dn ts
Krs 40
u Pao 7
n RL T a n K n
Parro Tnir IS
Jnlon K5 7 8
V1 - 13 1 4
Cent old 2 1 2
ilW York rinnurUI
T V Apr11 39 Clearlnis 9J
K neu 358200181 money on
rfy St i 19 nan t tAn
lMni iti e lli IUUII
k tw 1- J z Htariinff ex
tVYii pul WI uuiinend in
Ll3t5 ni 4ss l jfftao
n jot i
v- -a Oliver vri
tM I l ISJea 1 5 nnvmmnl
wmai Irregular rxTvin ai
tils 2 -Total sales of
KJ tS rul 13700
w vivuv
n rnnell
VSAK J 00111 - m y
1a fiver
fl SSJtJl f discount In the
801 per cent
I r
hrriiSi lncngeJl Kales
L a Tu1 utures ou i ni imiv
tM SiiB5iir 7W AIrl1 I
December 7T3
flZSlgSr TOB
I crk t ci
Iff rS i a ciose
7 2 -
ImVm 7m
7V nst
7 1C 7iS 713
7 18 713 7 13
730 7i 717
790 788 787
7 81 Jljg i89
7 SI 7 S3
787 TS3 781
5wi Tit
Ussr 93S
Lln oliT
ure quletj iwles II sod apm
bid May 74S June 7KJ7M iulr 7S5
eiBSj Auituat H50748 Septtmber 707
Ji3Lo0yer MMUMI Normoer
ssikjcsl1 Demnbar M3MS Jnuary
Cotton Htatleilea
Nmr York April
rnlddrn s i jjet reOTlpuTnone
irrosa 865 forwarded Iti sales 405- all
spinners stock 13302 Total today
net receipts 5S81 eiports Oroat Hrlt
aln 741 stock 434877
Conaolldaicd net rcclpn 63e
ports to Greet llrluin 2S7 to rrance
219 tocontlnent llsn
Total since September not 15 474
exports to Oreat llrluin 2207730 to
Prance 444133 to continent 15S93I9
St Louis Cntlon
St Louie Mo Ai rll MCollon
eteadyj mlddllnir 7 9 io saksjotii re-
celpts 1741 shipments 1S03 stock to
Ltveriiool Cotton
Liverpool April 29 Cotton Spot
moderate business prices higher
American middling fair 4 23 32d icocd
mlddllnir 4 l 2d American middling-
4 13 32li low do 4 5 18 cood ordinary
4 3 18d ordinary 4d
The salee of the day were 8000 bales
of which J00 were for speculation and
export and Included 7300 American
llecelpts 000 Lalce Including- 4400
Futures opened steady at the advance
but weakened nnd clostd barely
steady at the decline American mid
dllnif 1 m c April 4 18 April May
4 179418 Hay June 41Cffll7 June
July 4 14 JulyAugust 413 August
Eeptember 409O410 September-October
360r November December 368
December January 368
The tendera of todays delivery were
1200 batee new docket
ClifcrtRO Grnln
Chicago April 29 In heat thern
was a fair trade chiefly local the
market a pain being- a Hit apavmbdlc
ruling dull and acthe at tlmei wthln
comparatively narrow limit There
was further liquidation of May con
tracts and the spread betwetn the de
livery and July wai 1 3 4 moat o the
A variety of caunea contributed to
the Improvement which rnarkod the
opening The cablea cama stronrer
than expected considering our weak
nets yesterday and more ra1n wai re
ported In the northweit especially In
the Tied river alley lnfreaBlnir tlia
terloutneea of the seeding question
This added a llttla more confidence to
speculation and soma of the shorts
went dlnposed to buy In and secure
profits Under thee conditions theri
was a ffraduat liardenlntr of pifecs and
continued to Improve for soma ttme
After the early demand wft satlsfled
trices Bautred back attain due more to
f ack of outside trude than anything
The market made a tharp break
durfnff tho last hour on n report that
the new estimate of tho Argentine
wheat crop showed that the export sur
plus would be from so 000000 to S5 000
000 or nearly double tlf last previous
estimate On this July sold off to 63 1 2
where It closed
Trading An corn was fairly good and
price during the greater part of tho
sesflon were steady held When wheat
took Its final slump corn dropped also
Cloned rather weak
Provisions showed some spasmodic
action at the optnlntc and during the
early part of the session due to tho
limited offerlnffM and somewhat steady
prices prevstting at the yards Clos
Intr nrtces attain show a loss
Estlnmtes for tomorrowt Yheat IT
corn 310 oats 200 carij hogs 33000
QKAIN AND rnovisiONa
The following Is the range of prices
on the Chicago markets today turnUh
ed by t G McFeak A Cat
open Illch Low Close
Wheat No
May C2 8 3 62 3 4 62 62
July 611 8 64 1 2 63 1 8 CI 1 2
September 64 7 3 C3l 8 641 4 64 1 4
Corn No 2
May 23 29 -78 28 3 4 28 3 4
July 30 3 8 80 5 8 30 1 4 SO 14
September 31 3 4 31 7 8 31 1 2 31 1 2
Oats No I
May 18 6 8 18 3 4 18 8 8 18 3 8
July 19 1 2 19 1 2 19 1 4 19 1 4
September 19 7 8 20 1 8 19 3 4 19 3 4
Meis perk
May 815 817 8 00 805
July i 833 83T 820 825
September 8S3 852 840 845
May 467 470 467 4 67
July 4E2 48S 4 82 4 S3
September 500 COO 453 495
May 407 407 400 4 0
July 423 422 415 415
September 437 417 430 430
Wheat J 61 2 4
Oats 1
Lard mi 4 67
IUba W
American Wool Market
Boston Mass April 29 Tho Amer
ican Wool and Cotton Reporter will
say tomorrow of the wool trade
While there has been no augmenta
tion of actual business there has been
more genrral Inquiry and although no
marked spclno improvement In wool
market conditions Is perceptible the
feeling Is pretty general that the wool
buslnefs structure Is less submerged
than It was a fortnight ago This la
another way of saying that the basis
upon which all satisfactory mercantile
business rests vis
Confidence Is nearer the surface than
It has been since January The cur
rent scoured range of values of terri
tory wools 28 to 20 Is at variance with
that obtained a month later than this
In 1603 The conscnativa position of
the trade are meeting tbo market 1 e
they are neither making unusual effort
to sell nor holding back for unattain
able prlcea Sales alnee January 1
IS 00 have amounted to 469 937615
pounds In the correspond J nj period of
1693 03 828815 pounds had been de
posed of j
Kiios01ty Mve gtuolr
Kansas City Mo April
liaot shipments itw Steers
about Bteady ors weak and Iflo low
er Teifta atocra 3 COflS 3C Texas cotsf
J176O2 03 beef steer J3D0tJS hi na
tive cowsvJl 2502 50 stoekcra ard feed
ers 2S542C0 bulls wecW
Hogs llecelpts 13900 shipments
3700 LiH bta about steady other 5o
lower Hulk of sales 310iT3tO keay
les I275W115 packers M Minis
mixed 331C4T3 25 llglit 1153335
yorkers J3 303 3C pi SO0ff3
Sheep Rtjcolpts 2300 shipments
1100 market steady but slow lamb
3 1003 50 muttons 3200320
KnUHAS City rroilons
Kansas City Mo April Wheat--Weak
NaT 3 bardH80i Ko 3 4BO
No 2 red 7I No- 8 W8ci N 2
snrlnL t9c No 2 551X570
tou Flrmi No nurf 23 1 k 6
S OMnrmlV 2 mixed fJ l 4 No
3CTaeadnNa 2 mixed 4M
Ho i white 20ft
llye steady Wo 2 83c
Jlw yirm quotntloas unthinied
BUttcr - Stsary creamery lJci
iinrm btttlr fr h TOT
HKelPti Wheat 12000 corn 6200
08hpmtni Vhat Mfonnd
oats bone- t
t a
1 n
tub gazetthv TngKgirAT Aranx an isuo
nrr tub ni
HeKK Tnke Another slmuv ol Five
Cenla Chleeno While Il lce ol
Sheep Iteniatnii steady ft
Chlcogo 111 April
thellrst lime Ihls ek there Is a good
supply There was u good dtmaod tor
desirable cattle of medium and light
weights nt Mondays advance but
hejy beeven were low and hard o sell
at reductions of loo per 1000 pounds
Common to strictly choice steers were
In dtnand at 83IOQ4 20 with the bulk
Tnvr ai jio range or prices
wil very nnrniw Choice little ear
ling sold at 4 Buyers were from
Lantern and Western points looxloc tor
Blockers and feeders and a the cfttr
lng wero limited prices were stronger
with sales of choice feeding- seeers
averaging 2000 pounds at 33 5B3 60
ICows and heifers were active at steady
prices with sales at tlOOff J S5 Calves
continued active at 820004 73 for com
mon to really choice and the best lots
sold readily at the top price Culls toll
slowly and Texas cattle were fairly
active and unchanged
Hogs Although the demand was
again active prles for heavy lots suf
fered further decline cf about 2 1 2U5C
Bales of common to choice heavy reng
ed at 83101313 Ch6ce weights selling
I at 83 66 and prime mixed 83C6 wbito
light sold at 33 6093 76 Hogs went
largely at 13 400345 dravea Averaging
over 300 pounds being numerous
I Bheep The larger part of the clter
Ings avid QVltb satisfactorily tn eptte
bf the blfr run and even common kinds
were hardly lower Common to choice
aheep sold at 82 250375 8ali telng
I chiefly at 13 0003 3 with Westerns
I selling largely at 33 40O3 60 Lambs
sold at I33SSI1 80 few going oelow li
Itccelpts Uattle 10000 bojs 23000
aheep 20000
St Xouls Live Stuelc
St Louis April 2S Ottle Itecclpts
3009 shipments 200 iUarket weak and
about 10o loaer export steers 8285E7
34 fair to good shipping steers I3 404
S3 SO dressed beef and butchers steers
J253 70 steers under 10OT pounds
I2 76Q340 stockers and feeders 32 601
33 50 mainly 837578325 cows and
heifers 82IH3 40 chleHy 32 2003310
cannera 817l2 23i bulla mostly S3 509
3275 calves 3IC85 60 Texas steers
S2592 M bulk of sales 33333 59 cova
and heifers S3V33 mainly 32 2311275
10200 shipments 100
Market steady to 6 lower heavy 8125
08 35 mixed 13 2001310 light IS25
Sheep Ilecelpto 2300 shlpmenta 2000
Market steady to strung natives 3235
B3 60 spring Iambi IQ7
New OrleMS rrovltons
New Orleans April 29 Hog-Products
dull Pork old 1 4
Lard nenned tierce 404 1 4
lioxed meats Ury salt shoulders
i 1 4 sides 4
nacon Sides 4 7 8
llama Choice sugar cured t 3 40
9 1 4
Coffee lllo QUlcti ordinary to fair
15 SHB17 1 2
Flour Stoadyt extra fancy 8 OOsy
870 patents 98019390
Corn meal Quiet 165
Itran Dull 65
Hay Firmer prime 15 0001800
choice 186002000
Corn Firm No 2 sacked white 81
ellow 23
Oats Quiet No 3 sacked 28
Sugar Quiet open kettle 83 7 3
centrifugal wH te 4 9 1601 3 4 yellows
4 S SOl 1 3 seconds 3 1 808 15 18
MolaMn Oulet rentrlfugal -64315
Rice Rough receipts 230 sales 811
dull 76cgZ225 clean sales 493 dull
ordinary to good 3d4
St Louis lrpilace
St Louis April 29 Hour Quiet
Wheat Weak under yester
day and spot dull steady No 2 red
cash 63 cle ator 0SO70 track
July 69 1 2 bid August 61
Corn Clarket firm No 2 mixed cash
26 1 8 Jlay 3 7 826 July 87 8 8 Sep
tember 23 8 4
Oats rirm No 2 cash 17 bid May
17 1 8 asked July 18 1 3 bid
Rye 37 hid cast track
Commeo 3136BI140
nran 42 east track none to ba had
at that
Flaxseed Higher 57
Timothy seed Easier prime 18
choice 3250082 73
Hay Quiet unhanged
Whisky 122
Putter rirm
Egga Qulet steady fresh 7
Cotton ties and barging Unchanged
pork Lower cholco ateam 81 djCP
Dacon Boxed shoulders and longs
31 75 ribs ona snorts 457 v
J i Hiii TAJSJ mi
ihoulderslt ibi
longs 14 23 ribs and shorts 3i 37 1 2
riecelptsl Flour 2QQ0 wheat 4000
corn 4000 oats 19000
Shipments Flour SOOOi wheat 10000
corn 7000 oats P00
Ion don Wool Salfl
London April 29 At tha wooi sales
today 11992 bales were otTered of which
2600 werewltlidrawn A good show of
meH no was presented but pricts
showed no Improvement About 200
bales taken for America
Following are the sales In detail
New South Wales 3179 bales scoured
8 l 2dj greasy 5 l 2d
Queensland 381 bales scoured 19 l 2d
Cla 8 l 2dj greasy 7 l 2fl0 l 2d
Victoria 999 bales scoured 7 1 Mi
rpoufn 4AuualIa 1193 bales scoured
lOQfU l 2d greasy Cil9d J
8wan Itlver 10ir bales courcd 10
11 1 2J greasy CCCSd
Tasmania 1011 bajesj greasy 7 1 20
UNnw Zealand 2036 bales scoured
73018 1 Sdj greasy 7O10d
Cape of Oood Hope and NatAl 190
bales scoured lOdSJls 4 l 2dj greasy
6jf6 3 4d
New YorU lrodnce
New York April 29 Wbeat Ttecelpts
-0 400 bushels exports none Spot
nulet buyers snd sellers apart Tend
ency finally downward No 2 red
78 7 8e No t bard 70o
Options Early ruled Arm later weak
April and May 70a
Hldea leather wool and iron nulet
Copper O HI Lake brokers J10 7 S
eXLad rniomesUo brokers U90
exchange 33033 07 1 2
TIn Stendv Tlato quiet
OolTee Optlona opened barely steady
at a decline of 10 to point Closed
inactive at nit declined S to U point
Sale 7000 baga Bpol coffeo Tt
sfesdV lso X l Jci wJ I1
Cordova 180 Wdi Saks 2000 bags
pantM 7bduT 13 l 4ct and t 120
bags Maracabo p t
Buaar Uaw firm fair refining 1 3 4ej
centrifugal 96 tiat 4 Mi jxennea
raplM and PrOtUlOBS
HamsMedJum plain and canvasaed
BreaVfastbacon rialn
d 1 1 2C -
Baoon Bellies smoked T l 4s
Dry salt sides I l 4e JL
Bhort clear bacon Mo J
Dry salt btllles 60
Compound lard tierces 6 1 2C
u I ard tn cans artfuice over ileroe
Leaf lard tierces 5 8 4e
to pound xans l 4o 10 pound cans
3 4o 6 pound cans 7 6cJ 3 pouaa cans
lc per pound
Sugar Standard fine granulated In
bags of 100 founds each tr In barrels
Cce cut loaf oriowdered 1 1 ief choir
T yellow clarined 5 83c prime yellow
ciannea c ic
CortecrTtossted 1- psrksre fflVssH
lta SOtfj ArUukte 20o Lion 20e7CXXX
2Dc Cordova 19 l 2o Early Xlreakfaai
9 1 2
Taney Hlci 20c
CniTae Orten fancy Jura Ho
Isne1 peabtrrv 3 l 2c
Talr lllo IS l 2c
Common fllo ixq
Tieans Lady WashlDgton 21 3c
I J me 4
Pink SMc
Uayous 2 l 2c
Conn try Produce
Produce and fruit pplss Fadct
northern per bbl S75JJ8l California
navels 13 7CM California seedlings
3125 onions 2Q2 l io lb cranber
ries hbU no cocoamtabsr f Im
35 Greeley poiatoes 60iTMe Triumph
potatoes per bushel 31 USpUO Minne
sota lloae C5c Peerleus Sc Hebron
6io Early Ohio He
nananas ll7532S0
FlourJobbtTt R prices high patent
32 fancy patent SlH family 175
foreign mills high patent 1210 fancy
patent 12 straights Jl 15
Griln bags Sale lotn New 6 btishet
8 ounce 6 S 4c new 2 1 2 bushel 8
ounce corn 4 3 4oi centals nil lots
4 l 2c La Plat as 4c second band oat
SSrtrs 6c
Wheat Ko 2 65c No 3 tSc
Corn Shelled mixed bultr Job jMa
33 1 701 ear corn from Tkflgona soet
Kftcked rorn car lots f 0 b couiuij
points 24C24 l Jej tar Sflc
Oats Ttxaa tuat proo In bulk frpn
wagonifityi6ci car lots sacked f oL
oountry points 15816c
iibj jou jiois B6vsiaw acordlng o
Ti ran Job lota
t n b
sieai 40 pounds
COcj car lots S5c
40c car loti siaas
thicken feed wheat Job lots 6J0 pet
bushel feed meal 63c j car lota poo
Sweet potstoes Pumpkin yams large
75ci pumpkin yam seed 39c common
eating 460
Turnips Per bu BOe
Pcan ptr pound Sfftc
Poultry rat spring chickens arger
than quails 52 60 J 2 75 per doren fat
fall chickens 32 603 76 old roosters
10a each old hens 322 hens 33 409
Turkeys Hens 7c gobblers Cc
Ducks In full feather 32 M per doa
Cfese rull feather 10 GO per dol
ganders not wanted
Hutter Nleo mould country Jtrey
20c plain country lll 2ci creamery
Dutierlns Solid 30 pound tubs lie
Iga 4 s
3rids Dry flint CffSc dry flint dam
aged hides 85e rreen tall hides 30
4o grcn butcher hides aF3 1 So dry
ealt E07c
Prlnr tsllow 2S 44111cdy bleach
ed bones II nT tn
Iocnl Cflttun Urkt
Toward the end of the season bust
ness shows const Serable f allVng off
Quotation are nominally as follows
Low rntddling fl l 4c
Strict low middling I1 2
Middling 6 3 4C
Strict middling 6 7 8
Good middling 7o
The 104 s Cnlile
New Tork April 29 The Evening
Posts financial cable tst
London Today the markets opened
dull on the uncertainty of the fata
of the prisoners at Johannciburg The
news that tho death sentence had boon
commuted caused a general recovery
but It Is felt that wlilla the position In
South Africa remains as at present
speculative acthlty will be checlted
The sentence on the prenl member
Of tho reform committer moans a se
vere check to the gold Industry nt tha
Ttand Consols closed firm A merit
tans opened dull tn sympathy with the
other markets but recoerod and At
the clone was firm at the bBt of tha
day Mir t were nonderfully steady
comtderlns1 e erj thing The copper
mines wero very strong on tho r
ported combination
ft Touls Uool
St IjOuIs Mo April 29 Wool un
settled weak
cfCAI uatis
To rlnti Vit on tlie nnfl ln
cine and Pcco Valler iinltrMl
On May Uth the Texas snd Pncltlo
railroad at all points cast of and In
cluding Weathcrford Hl sell round
trip tickets to Abilene Pecos and In
termedin stations and points on the
Pecos Valley railroad at one fare for
tna round trip ticket good twenty
days from date of sale for return
Stop overs will be aUowcd at Wca
therford and etatina weat on either
nolng or returning trip No stop over
will be aowed east of Wentherford
O 1 T A
Clintf anoogn 1 cnn Mar 6 to 14
On aoount of tho above the Cotton
Belt Houts will aell tickets to Chat
tanooga and return at rate 0 one
n rat Hats standard fare for the round
trip Tickets will bo aoldn May 4th
and Eth und will be limited to fifteen
das from date of le for return An
extcnalon of an additional fifteen days
may be secured If tickets are depositrd
with Joint agent of terminal lines at
Chnttanooga on or lfors May 14 1898
PIas bearin mind that the Cotton
Belt Is tho only line operating solid
trains between Texas points and Mem t
phis also- the only line carrylog
through chair cars and sleepers 8pe
clal ct4pmnt wl bo provided on this
occasion for the accommodation of
tboas who desire to attend
Per further information rail on any
agent of the company or address
0 G AVAltNClt
1 O P A Trier Tor
T P A Fort Wot th Tex
D If Mono IN
C T T A 401 Main St Fort Wrtti
For 4b Kami soil gonthcaat
The Nuhvflle Chattanooga and St
I ous railway la the popular routo from
Am it
This lino takes you through tha
Blue Orass region of middle Tcn
noaice the Cumberland mountains and
many of the old hlatarta battlefields
It is the only Una running trains over
Its own raits betwten Memphis and
Nastnttle Chattanooga and Atlanta
Thli la uha preferred route to the
Bombcm Haptlat convention at Chat
tanooga Tenn and the Confederate
rcterans meotln at Richmond Va
Aak your tkket arent jor Jackets read
lng via the N C St U from
Mtmpblf Any further luformailoi
will be cheerfully Klven Upon amplica
tion to A J Welch dllwlon paxeenser
oganvliemnhla Tenn R C Cowirdi
W P agent St Louis WL Danley
O p AJA ImHvI Tenn
1 i 1 1 1
JO BtltX AiimtOOK
Confrnt t Water
Main JBMUaulan
Sherman Tex -April Special
ph h v Mitnc met In rtlioumtd
sloa Jaatr Eight andrlt tb contract J
for building a Grear auspenslon bridge
eng West Cherry street over Post Oak
creek to Brashear A Lackey of flher
man for t7 A contract for laying
2161 feet ot six In oh vater tneln in
North Sherman withthydrUnw end
creases at street trteretion was let
to IS E Walcott for gl84i i
Btnpl Jltopl Btuit
As you go by Furntturei away down
Baby buggies cheap Kofrltratoro at
bottom matting out of eight at Mad
dux Klllaon A Co on easy payments
ALVATtADO Aptll Wl Special
Mrs M llli died yesterday about
11 oclock oj m
nATts run lie
On Inaertluu 1 1 1 f 01
Do Week I I 1 1 Hi
One lonth 11 11 SOU
Connt alx VTords 4a th lla
Llat In thttofllce April 3
Urugglat m IK -
Furniture 4M
House is w
EUllLtN 11 the best business tonn
on tbolo Grande Th St Klmo Is
the Dent hotel In Dublin All coramrr
5iaJ men atop there
unt for ladloa and gentlemen fliQ Main
stilcily short odert table supplied with
best market affords Merchants lunch
H to 230 service first class Try ua
DOK3 anyone of the Tort Worth Ga
jit readers known of tho wheicabouta
of Mrs Llllle L CoxT When last heard
of was in Palo Pinto county Tex Any
Information concerning her will ba
thankfully received C C DlcLaon
Temple Tex
TKETI1I TirrTIil Chapejit and best
In town J W Blake D D 8 Thlid
corner Main
st tmHuum vf Ajiifiu in
and foreign patents trade marka and
labels I loom 1 20 an 23 NorrU build
lng corner Fifth and F streets Wash
ington D C Seven tstvn ears at per l
ence lncludlrg service lit examlptng
corps V S patent onica Send sketch
of model for report as to patentability
Correspondence lnlted Mention Oa
sett -
von ALn mAL KsrATis
ron HALR Pour leagues 17713 acres
of land being the county school lands
of Zaal1a county and situated In
Hockley county Texas bids will be re
ceived by the undersigned at his oinco
In Hates llle Tex nt any time before
Tuesday Juno P 1830 on which date
they will be considered by the commis
sioners court tha right Is reserved to
reject any or all hid For furlherjln
formatlon apply to Gen a Herman
county Judge ZavalU county Texas
WHY will you continue to have a
lAUdlord and ha a slave when you can
buy a home to suit on easy payment
Wa have some choice residence prop
erty coat not considered make jour
own prfces M L Chambers St CO 711
Main street
PltnTTY 4 roora house and lot CSslOQ
corner barn garden etc 1000 bee It
and make your terms will take part
In trade Pour room houta and lot
stable water etc south front wet
side U0O S200 cash balance to suit
Seven room house and lot stable wa
ter sewerage lawn trees on car line
West Side 12100 easy payments will
trade M L Chambers Co 711 Main
CHILRON A CO Henrietta Clay coun
ty Tax sell and exchange farms
ranches and city property corra
spondence solicited Iteferencesi Farm
ers National bank Henrietta Plrst
National bank Port Worth j Land
Mortgage Hank of Texas
FOR SALK I have two tVironm nr
cottages left that I will give any one
a big cut for cash or half 1 cash
Llgon C10 Main street
Port SALE A nlcecottagL four rooms
and hall vry cheap for leash or will
make cquablft terms locntitd In a good
flourishing Indian Territory toyvn
Lock Box 30 Caddo I T U
FOR SALB Choice fnrnt and ranch
lands In all sections of the itato est 01
write for descriptive pnte list and
plats J T Corr Kxhlblf Hall Tort
Worth Tttx If
7000 STOCK of racket Otf department
store goods for sale for rush or Rood
notes or exchinge for lmiroed farm
or tltyrntal property Address 71 L
W Lock Box 69 Cleburne Texas
TOR HALTSA few rood bargains In
city property Call on ma before buy
ing A U Carpenter 203 Main
FOR SALtl Cheap black land farm
ranch lands and city property A N
Eva no 614 Main street Fort Wurth
I can furnish you the mney ZIL E
pofdlck Hurley building
General Insurance Real Iftnte nndi
Rental Agents Notary In office Ard
more I T
FOR SALK 158 acres of tho very best
black wxy prairie land In this county
and In ooe snd on hnlf miles pt a rtn
pot 100 acres In cultivation all tillable
f rtod hou stable ft artesian wllt
echool In 809 yards of house un public
road and 14 miles of Tort Worth price
113 per acre all cash and a bargain It
W have slveral tracts of land 160
acres each all Ant class black wy
Mil and In eight mile ofFort Worth
Tela land la prairie with timber In two
miles Water can be had In surface
wells In 20 feet and anclan wells In
500 feet nallroed station church and
school In two miles Priea 320 Peracra
Iartlel pnlng on the Isnit build n
houses and putting nno bslf In culti
vation need not pay anything but Inter
est at 8 per cent until the 1st day cf
January 1898 Long time given
8M acres of land within eight miles of
Fort Worth on a piked road sll fenced
an1 srteslan water At least 800 acre
of this land Is nne black waxy soil and
alt of It Is tine grass land extra bar
gain orrered tfr terms
Blocks of ten acres each or more In
one mllo of the cltr and on good piked
roads Sandy lem soil fine for gar
drnlntr 80 to 87S per crj long time
easy terms
Several nice residence lots nn west
Side aua on stteet oar Hnei 1600 each
any klod of payments at 8 per cent In
Lots fen Oal arot e streets 100 feet
from Mala tlreet ear line 60x109 feet
each with eatt fronri price 8159 each
easy terms These je good lot dirt
Houeesjana losm all kinds nt pay
menu HtJrTMAN Cd
rprt Worth TexyLand Title Block
a v ft
Oatewvtlle - Texas
Governmeat Clainis and DcpoftUIoH ft
BA87LAND TRX wFrpu JlUntt J
R- Frosty 1 O HunC -
MONrAGUE TEX Rpwman A Walk-
fLv1 lowman lcvt Walker
FERRIS TKX R U HarrdU coe4
V2n1BliCWfnmrcUI w specialty
Thomas D Roes Henry M Chapman
Land Tltla Block
ennis texas
William rapps s n Cantey
Office tnNatatortam Bulldlnc corner
Thrd and Rusk ftreets
Wm D Williams Wm J Bailey
Bell Building BgTjnlh ant Main ttrtttn
Corporation and Commercial Law a
Special attention given to placing loans
for lenders and the adjustment of buaU
neis and properties
AUoruer at Inir
IfAtlonal Piehnntre ITitlldtng
W U TliCHMinfl nltorney at
Collection a specialty Caddo I T
Meridian Bosque County Texaa
WANTED - Two or three practical
common sense buslntaa Men of good
addreaa as traveling reprosntattve to
cover Texas for ua under peUt con
tract A I reference nqnlrwl Por
full particular call at tCUc Texas
Telephone Supply pd Construction Co
upstairs In now Pre building Main
stteet between Eighth and Ninth Bta
Fort Worth Texas
64 TO 110O a month and expense paid
salesmen for rfgars Kxperlmce un
necrasnry Standard goods Little
Clerk Ciirar machine free to each run
tomer Ulahop A Kline W Louts Mo
WANTED By Phoenix Lonn Assocla
tlon of St Joe Mo experienced city
and t ravelins solicitors highest com
mlaalons paid and moat attractive
plans Tor particular and territory
address Ashley A blnclalr general
cents 401 Main street Fort Worth
SALESMAN to sell cigars Hallry and
expensea paid Samples furn lined Ad
dress Sterling Cigar company Chi
CO to 1169 paid salesmen for cigars
Experience unnecessary Special ln
du cements to dealers Folk A Co St
Lou la Mo
AGENTS Elther sex 13 dally iupply
tng regular customers Goods self in
very home Free samples given for
distribution Immense profits Writ
for samples Elcelstor 237 Fifth ave
Cli lea go
lino Glye references Standard Cigar
Factory Lynchburtf Va
iprnMsiiiEii ituuua
FOR RENT Furnished front room de
sirable or couple or gentleman close
to hustneaa excellent neighborhood on
Wat Side 710 Cherry street
FOR RENT Furnlnhed room for light
house keeping If desired 211 corner
rjrst and Taylor
FOR RENT Two nicely furnished
rooms 209 Rusk street between Firsf
and Second streets
ron HUNT Two clgnnt south rooms
opei on upper balcony bath room and
closets quiet ond private In my new
home 100- li Belknap street Mrs M
K High
FOR RENT Convenient southeast for-
nanoa rooms tor ugni nousoKespiag
1012 Monros stroq t
WANTKD Young man competent and
thorauilv exDrlnced 1 dfllce work
wishes to secure employment In Texas
Address box 201 Awuerry K
WANTED liust have work ttt oookinc
nr other kind by white woman Apply
at 600 East First street
WANTED Two young men Just out
of school to travel for some good com
psny Al references L M care Qa
WANTFD tiy an induilrlous sober
boy of 16 some kind of employ ment I i
Fort Worth am n printer by trade
Address box 15 Ralrd Tex
IVyor 36945 A J c oi stands at our
ord w solicit thevbeefcows Duch
ess ftloter 29 N7 outof Codex 3008
that made 22 lbs 9 ounce of butter per
week Tolk stock yards1 Leuda street
ANfONS can earn 35 to 320 dally tak
lng orders for Cuba ami he Fight for
Freedom Elaborately illustrated
Sells at sight everywhere Un
employed me and women do you
know this I your opportunity to make
money Books on oredltl freight paid
Send 35 cents postage for oultlt Full
pertlularB On nipllcatlnu Address
mob Illblo IubllahloK Cdrapany 721
Chestnut sttecy rwiaqeipma
shirt ironer and
atarcher 310 vat week Kureka
ry Uowje Tex
WANTED Twrfravellng satlbineA In
Turin Aexe io nnaie nt I ni
at eld line Address lock box IS
Fort Worth Texas
LOST f O fa t tH Al HU M O Lhlf
LOST One silk gsrtor with silver
buekle ensrnVed Ida Laev LeuV at
gasttomos sao gft rswara
Imlnodeni Brothrra A
Oelawsro Hotel r
tufes also Uo pool tibltifnll In good
condition will be sold cheap Apply t
IL Brann A Co Port Worth Tex ttv
FOR SALEHaU or whole Inter ft n I
firm class shelf hardware store of IB 1
KKI located In El Reno o T Bn op
portunity tor a hardware man A6V
Sress Wbltsltt A ArTjbgton EI Jtena
0 T
A JOB and newspaper plant In thla cltj
minim nnltr tht i WlnileP nrenal for
Iienpl will accept a flUO or 3W csH fc
imymcnt balancJ good tlm Vml
JiitatolllVIlt a- sj iivtsH f
TlTnTrTIQS 4C0 fin secondhant
sIiaIsi miikt tsi rtAKAd otitj iAffentl
wanted Depd for descrlptly tfstV
Mead A Pn ntis tnicago
flllCtt iXALCOlyrf
DYE WORKS Call at Oaiton Brca
Eigbthand Houston or having ollti
Ciotnin J cjeaucw
If AVI trniir rtrsihaa clnnnd fit thsll
rort Worth Steam Dy Works JMT I
Houston atreet
DR B S REESE Spiritual Evangel
ana Jiesnng weoium ijw b mrnik
Dallas Tei
ROQM8 and board flnttrlao
datlohs at 110 Lamar sti eet Tran
tdents solicited Jl
WANTRDj North nf BVnUi street
convenient to pumness oua rvciu lur
lalmtl or tinfurnlshsd lv TOun tikaftr
of good address Address T cart of
rs rnA AfflM rtl
UKSDttf V tl JJ k
nM4tv TIAVe stv otn
O -x Hurry l Dallas Tsx
Bonds on Stocks Bought and ShV
Money Loaned ion lmprtd i
Heat Ketate j
lCgH Orada Investments SMuritU a
MONEY TO LOAN 31600 to loan eng
rnort tlma paper building loan monoar H
In any sums and time F C Hlah
ftmlth room H Soott IIarrold Batld 1
lnff Jt
on Improved property Jn Central Texas
Chnlce farms and ranches for sale by
tho owners with small cash payments
kind etasv terms Tiit fastM ifna Im
iiw state C IL BUllman Board ot
Traca Building jnart Worth
WILL sell or trade an establish
newspaper outnt for wagon and team
and soma money Address News Ring
Eold ex good show for right uian i
BOND I can get u
fur uu In a company with
nm ani jou nsxtntf vtttri
irifeng - w rosaicK iiuney Build
roti ihm
IXR USNT PeWn room cottage all
modern conveniences south front
stable cistern large phady yard En
quire at 603 E Belknap street on tar
FOR RENT Two elegant south rooms
open on upper balcony bath room and
closets quiet and prltate Jn my new
borne JOrtt E BalknapatifOiaVAl
K Hlghby
POR RENT Three urfurnlahcd rooms
for Unht housekeeping a month 613
East Scond street
FOR ItlSMTDesic room In tii TsSity
tity ticket- onicot apply at onicror
turllcuUrtf J -
WAmrn ij uvt
WANTED Merchanrttse for land and
cash A N Enmi Clf Majn slreeL
WANTED To buy nice homo well lo
cated vltl pay iut cash balahc
monthly 115 to 30 Druggist cart Ga
WILL buy good mid die si zed team
double harness and canopy buck board
or wagon Inquire comer Magnolia and
CAnT WANTED A ana liar cart
wanted Must br In good condition nt
cheap Apply to D Clias Clarke Ga
jjette oiTlce
WANTED To afrll 16000 stock In the
Traders National bonk of this city It
pays 12 per cent dividend ami taxes
Will take 160 per share for all or part
with A partial payment can a r rang
to carrry balinoe reasonable time Ad
dress Lock Box 822
AN established weekly paper fur sale
at a bargain G0 cash balance 20 per
month till paid for Good opening for a
hustling printer Address Printer cars
tfaxclte rprt Woith
city 10x13 Gordon press 2 Hfoncs aox70
Auvanoo rarer suiter plenty pnmei
ttievler hgiipartll body type about CI
fonts Job type etc etc Reasonably
cash payment Paul Beaumont Fori
A SNAP - news and Jott
plant good buslnes gnod cash towni
terms to suit will sell all pr part ol
the plant Box 07 Clarendon Tx
FOR HALU btap the best Incfttefl
ahd paying frint and confectionery
bJstita In Uieclty 313 Main street
POR HALK At a hargalrl the leading
Jewelry store In Waxahachlo elegant
rixtiiRs large but g lux proof safe and
a uloe clear stock Including all will
Invoice lty00 Wilt sHi cheap fcr
caahAddress Jaeler box 88S Waxur
ha c hie Texas
60 head of cattl for sate One two
and thro year old steer With some
cow and heifers Correspondenca su
llcltcd Adama A Odle Mcrldan Taxv
1POII HALE A flrst clsis saloon In
best location on Mafn street doltg s
guod business Iteaaon for selling own
er cannot glte It pertonal attention
Reasonable ploa and easy tenna Vor
further particulars aply to II Urann
A Co i Fort Worth Tex
FOR BALE Horse harness nhd phae
ton at 53 horse perfectly safe forUdy
or children to drive Addresit or tall
at 111 North street Torf Worth
H AT liTTiWrt c nf tolitrtri v

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