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li 8
A VilMSsl what
ft V I J Y
v s
Wniki Icclarrs tbat tliv Jlrtm AI
rcadr 1 IsliUit Will Hum from
Oceaue Li trusts from
Jadv ltratin lutervlew
the conentlon are cood At one of
the sympathizers un my own account
I Intend to say my say here and now
Simply to test the matter whether as
a business proposition twere worth
whllo to attempt It at Fort Worth
Why dont this congress puss the laws
tvo want for the Indian Territory now
Simply because Texas and Arkansas
con pressmen will not allow It Why
cannot Oklahoma Tort Hill Country be
opened up at once for settlement He
cause Texas congressmen will not at
low It Thats whyt What Is the rem
dy Fieri men to congrcRS from Tex
ns tint are in faor of opening up and
befilendlng this country What can
nur dole a tee da In a lexas conven
tion except to furnish evidence of tha
Worth want that kind of a conven
tion U so It should ba to locate the
disease and nppl the remedy Is the
remedy more unpleasant than tha dis
ease xnen tno convention should not
bolter In this territory where
aeiegaica ran see tno tituntton see
Ktna cz a country ana peopio we
They will then understand
wnemer tneso immense business inter
ests are worth working for and voting
for They will thn understand why
with one accord vrn havo declared war
tn fhe Texas cOfthTessmen and burned
the brldsrea behind us Can wn Join
hands with the people of Texas and re
place th5fl conrrcs Tien with soma
who are of and for us Then we are
of snd for Txm itri lait and all the
time Irft it be unlentond that the at
tempt on tho part of the Tnrls and Tort
Rmtth congressmen to taUe from u
what progress Mft hai alreddr made
was the match that lighted the fire and
H will burn from ocean to ocean unless
promptly repudiated by the people of
Texas The hell and Texts etory of
General Sheridan that dll Texas so
tnuch harm In her lmmlrratlrm wnrK
will be a tephjr as compared to a
v siu ntiif ipiuft
Bho will Ret from tho northern cities
liarlr eJ hr thta country unlef a her pres
ent congressmen ara rcpu llatefl It I
not qucBtlon of parly It la purely a
titislneea one for Texas end
for us Nn eompromlao will he
acceptable hero that doea hot exclude
rtrla lurlsaictlnn it la ttttlng lml fill
In proportion that the mollve for It l
exposed- X predict that our Fourth of
July celebrations this year will he In
U f nation meetings and made effectUa
In Appeaiinir to the Amtrlpan people for
lllef Thta may not he pteuaant rend
In far our Mends In Texaa hut I sub
mit ir 1 have not done a fair share to
taeln hold the standard of Teses as hllh
Blld worked for her material Interest as
well an I was nble I submit If In plao
Slmrtho plain facts before her people
nu appealing io oom ner interests and
her patriotism to protect herself from
those who are piscina her In a false
rxolllon hernre the world If It la not
an act of frlendehlp It la into I am
only speaking for myself but let us ace
If I represent the sentiments of any
too but myself Out of the last week a
Jjuncnn Esale I clip an extract from
fUvfee IVm n Iteayana InterMetv
whq lias uat returned from ttashlnit
J The friends of the list three men
J tloned hllla were aanetilne of their
i pAaaaire at this sestoa of conareas
cnttt a few dai a before I left
I Intrton when Judte Springer of tho
Northern dutrlct of the Indian
lory ejxd Judae Stuart of Soutli
i AlMl r reached tha capltol and at
once besan a stronir nst irnimi
lalnlnir the Jurisdiction pt felony cases
tn Fort Ktnlth nnil lAvta hhn Ti
jMberson and Mr Uttle ho cham
ploned these Interests took the firm
aland that bills In behalf of the Ti
f -- 1ai vw fi trm r M MIBn IOCV COUtH
tff lt1 nl unesj there
i1 Z iranipromise made there
T Will DP tin 1DfmlatlAia Vms e j
c Vrltory at this flasttoi
JU Taxaa and Arkanitu
l roper remedy let some one uenk
The following Is the Fort Worth let
Tort Worth Tex April 24 183B
J a Works Comantho I T
Dear Blr I rccelvtd our letters I
am glud ou and sour people are agi
tating the proposed rcptil uf the law
granting full control of tha courts in
your country It la a shams that so
called statesmen would trade n the
liberties of the people and fuice ycur
people to attend courts hundreds of
miles away from home Just to maVe
gain for the few I believe the dajs
ct mis rule are numbered I believe the
rignts or tne ciiiwn win in iha near
luiuro WlMpwa UUlint nnt imar
liostllltv of th nresent conirres men
rt Ith one exception What will Texas I J J ff1 ffl
mountebanks Elect men who loo this
no4ui out 11 le the question uoes rort
country nboo i il and topoct tho
rlghti of the pour I trust sir that
you will continue your fight You aro
me Vvniif -you are making an un
equal fight against political vandals
In Texis but In Oklahoma or nl rjctnrilr rhn beva
tha for
jou will triumph In end your
cause is just jtempniDer sir mat x
am yours to command
H S 1 AStlDV
J For Justice
Tort Worth Tex April t 1S93
Cdttor aanttei
V are called upon to nominate at
tho primary Uctlou to be held on tho
Sd day or May tvo magistrate to prw
Mde at tho two Justice courts of lie
clnct No 1 In tho city of tort Worth
The Increased Jurisdiction of tbesa two
courts in both civil and criminal cases
with the Intricate law questions Involv
ed In the most of them affecting not
only tha money and property of ery
cttson in the precinct but their per
sons and their liberties creates an lm
peratlia necessity that every business
man and eery citizen should use every
honorable endeavor to nominate and
elect to these two oriloea Judges who
are able and competent to decide the
law matters lnolvod in these cases
The lion Itobt S Clair our pitnent
spoo tal judge of our county court U a
candidate for one of the otnees nun
tloned Judge lilalr Is an able lawyer
learned In the laws and court practices
of our state and hti election to the of
fice Indicated would insuro to attor
neja and litigants a trial of their case
In accordance nlth law Wnknow him
and respect him Ills uniform cour
tesj his mild and gentlemanly deport
ment under nil clrcumstancas U too
well known to be mentioned in this con
We have not one word to say In dls
paragemvnt of the other gentlemen as
piring to thesa unices but we do feci
that this worthy gentleman this abla
and conscientious lawjer should be
electod to preside over one of theae
courts Vote for him
To ths Democracy of the Forty eighth
JullcUl district
I am satisfied thai there exists n
this district and most especially In
the city of Fort Worth a combination
of wealth and Influence that will de
feat the will of tha people in cas t
both Mr larkcr and myaelf remain in
the race for district Judge
Mr Varher declining to withdraw
I hae conch led ta do so und take
this occasion to mike public announce
ment of the fact
I am of the- opinion that the election
of any man to tho btjnclt mainly by
the combination referred to no matter
how honorabUi that mn may be U
against tho but interests of the people
and a bad precedent for our JJdioUry
Iil taking leiive of my friends in
this contest who hate worked ao hard
and faithfully I moat gratefully thank
hem for their support conndence and
Panthers Went to Pieces
at Sherman
iiviitsrcii IucursD uiieat hall
1WT mu hoi tkv atiioiir
illtOldir SISbBAT AOA1X
riiVT is Tin ncconn thc ai
Detilson Untamett Indians Scalped
the tnvlo ntore Aealn lluuslon
Snntclieil Metory frotu the
torallesuta of the Other lames
Sherman Tex April 2S Special
The third and last game wm port
Worth woe won by Bhcrman by a
score of to e The tame stood 1 to 0
In favor of the Panthers till the
sixth Inning when the visitors went to
pleiea and tho homo team scored four
times and followed it up with flte
runs In the seventh XJntlt the sixth
McAllister and Chamberlain had both
been pltchlnc a phenomenal game
there belnc but one hit ort each of
thtm but the rotten support dlscour
aged the heavy little pitcher from the
panther Clly and he was touched up
to the tune of fourteen hits Cham
bcrlnm held the visitors down to one
hit till the ninth when after Van
Dresser and Jantzen had made errors
he allowed them three htts and two
bases on balls giving them five runs
Lynch played Kieat ball for the home
team Ihe attendance was the pest of
tho week The score
sin iuiani ab n mi roA n
Oswald 3b 4 1 1 2 2 1
Lynch b s 3 a 4 G 0
Jantxen lb 0 1 2 10 1 1
Van Dresser as 4 0 t 0 4 l
ltalley rf 5 0 10 0 0
Myers If S 1 2 1 0 1
II Oswald cf 4 10 10 0
Baare o fi 2 2 9 3 o
Chamberlain p 6 I 2 0 1 0
Tolala i 0 14 5T III 4
Itammert ss 3 10 0 4 1
McAllister p 4 0 112 0
Thompson lf 5 0 0 10 2
Mocrs lb 8 0 0 10 0 1
Stelnfsldt Sb 4 10 2 2 0
rnblan rf I 1 1 0 0 1
Wolover 3b 4 0 0 2 3 1
Nance if 4 11111
Stanley o 4 3 2 10 1 0
Total IS t 27 13 T
Shermnn 0000004500
I ort Worth 00100000 5 S
Hummary rnrncd runa Sherman 4
trunk out isr Chamberlain 6 by
MoAlllsler 0 Bases on callel balls
Off Chamberlain I off McAllister
Double plays Van Dresser to Lynch
to Jantxen Tlammert to Btelnfeldt to
Meyers stolen bases Bane 3 Van
Dieaser Chamberlain Stelnfeldt la
blan McAllister J Hitters hlt MY
Oawsld Van Dreaaer Ilammert Time
yt game 2 hours Umpire
Tomorrow tho Dallas team opens up
a series of games with the students
llrlllaou Ilallas
Denlson Tex Asrll 3 Special
The ludlaus had their knlvea sharp
ened today ami tho dlamonl was knee
deep In Dallas irore The following tells
the story Score by Innings
Penson o 0 8 13 0 0 1 o n
Dallas 0110010026
rarned runs Dallas 1 Denlson 3
TVo base hlta nnatnr o Connor
llughea rtoblnson Three base hue
Kohnle Valdols Struck out By Qulgg
4 by Minnehan 1 Double plays
Qulgir OConnorandSt Clnlr Haitian
aud rrlchardl Baallan Ilrngan nnl
rrlcharil stolen bases el er O Con
nor Valdols J Hitters hlt lluehes
llasllan raaaed balls Hughes Will
pitcher Minnehan 1 nrrors Dnllss
1 Denlson I Batteries Minn and
Farle Qulgg and Hughes Umpire
Auattn lloastnu
Austin Tex April 29 -Special -The
rankest Rame of the season was
played here thta evrnlni between the
iISn vUn tn Jlouaton a
hard hilling and Ausllna numerous
and costly errors caused the result
Uurna Austins short stop pitched af
ter the third holrng Houston
down to seven hits Chord waa knocked
out In the third Austin left for rial
Weston tonight where thy exiect to
vln two out of threo Kames Scorel
Alislln 0001001 0 0-2-2-8
lloimon 3 7 4 0 0 114 -50-18-2
Darned rono Auslln Si Houston 4
Two bam hits need Cote Nle willil
J lrnc T1e base hltt Reed
noaeh Struck out By chard 1 Burns
1 lloach 7 Ilasea on called halls at
noach 1 oft Chard 2 off BnrntiL
Double tlaj -Decker to Cote Cote to
need stolen baies - Shaffer sirii
erIwrjc1 nlera hlt ltoach
Villi pltchea Bums J Time of game-
It 4 Domestic Paper Patter ns0
m if I
i 1 -fill iKi
f i
i v I
M 1 1 52S uj
fI ftf iiifiifiifffif
Mill li 1 ti
I lull
f5fl Ufl
1 t rl TlUl illB II paoii r
1 J 3 EM10
a- i 1
M l
M i - p os tub rariCTT
J i f 011 Tllkltl ATT11CUU
kiK4 Hi
l Mi
J Pi m I I
- I if
ll 1
- w 1
J E IX i W
Somolliing now In tho way of a Special Sale Do you out your own garmonts If so
hero is your chanco to buy a Standard Pattern at HALF and ONE FOURTH PRICE I
HPlHrtcx jyA noi cr 0ur eniiro no of Domestic Patterns at these
ces Thoso marW Qt 0 15J anJ 20cwl bo
For Opposition to Fort
Sili Opening
id kot coMHinasuuN mow tbi
sold at 5c Thoso marked at 25c 30c 35c and
40c will bo sold at 10c
5c and 10c for Domestic Paper Patterns I-
rni coLMiir
tatlves in congress vhtually own th
Indian Territory for all purpo of
legljlatkn and nothing can be dono
there unlctts they do It Three years
ago thoy told me that It wan the pur
poflo of tho Oemocratlc admlnlitratloa
to prepare tho Indian Territory for ad
tnlsaion to tho Union n a state before
this ad mini it ration Went out of power
They havq not tried to do this and we
have no good reason now to hope for
anything from them
A number of our citizens thU week
hae been called from their business
and families at a bacrtflre of time anl
expense and made to do homage 10
that monster monument of creed and
conKrf6slonil stupidity the Paris
foreign Jurisdiction
ThrouRh the avarice Breed and pur
cussedneafl of Congressman Culberson
of Texas and Little of Aryans and
other henchmen of tho Varls and Tort
Smith federal eouits legislation jor
the Indian Territory has bean defeated
When two or three politicians end
ereidy hungry plain huntcra can
thwart legislation that Is of the ut
most Importance ta SOOOM Amerkan
ittlzens for the sole purpose of ffalning
thtlr own unhallowed desires and
pandering to the hotels and saloons of
1arls and 1 ort hmlth It Is timo that
the mask was unceremoniously pullel
from their corrupt carcoMe and tho
whole putrid mats of political rotten
ness burlend bencuth the bill twa of
Ignonty without ceremony for their
departed political splilts
1 am reliably informed the Jllssaurl
Kansas and lex as railroad is in sym
pathy with tho move and will do Us
part The editor of the Vernon CMobe
writes ho Is in for a light to a ilnbih
Ardmore lms shown a iUhllngr spirit
and undoubtedly means it Wichita
Tails peopla write to burn the trldgui
behind us and let lei us iltiea and
business show up for or against the
The following tetters from a well
known Fort Worth man show Zcpubll
canfl Democrats and Topullsls tan all
Comnnch I T April M An ai S M aT
torlll Jrom lilt Fort Worth Teleirara ii Vh 7L7 T - iJ
oaerlnc In behalf of rort Uorth a n0 Krcl u puWlB nn denanl
iil 5UJlin l0 lh srnl51Uhot Th0 mi Main prutlcal anj pat
the rort Bill move to uiotUi there nolle oe Fort Worth want a Jo
a oi lorwaraeu rrro in urnr enllon to onm the 1 oit Sill lountryr
BusseJtlon of the nmi pope- regarainic lf n0 lllUniion 11
2 hour and 20 minutes Umpire Mc
OalTealon snn Antonto
San Antotn Tex April 2D Spe
cial v 1th Llaey crippled on first
base and a shortago of iiuhcrs the
Bronchos seem to have become push
overs Score by Innings
San Antonio 00100000 13
Galveston 04012200
Summaryt Lamed runs San Anto
nlo 1 Galveston 4 Two base hits
Belt and rage Three base hits Wat
kins and YVockbecker Stolen bases
Mackey 1 Orirfln 1 Miller Kleeman
Swcarlnger IIooTer 2 Facrlflco hits
Ilerhert 1 Btruch out By Tarvln 4
by Hardy 3 Bases on balls Bj Iar
VLn 2 by Hardy 2 rirst base on er
rors Galveston 4 Left on bases
Galveston 8 San Antonio 8 Double
plays Swearlnger to Belt to ICemmer
Kleeman to Crotty to I Isey Tims of
game 1 57 Umpire Garcii
The San Antonio and Gnhcston
tearms WPnt east over the Southern
Paclrlo tonight Brophv s men to Houa
ton and the Sand Crabs home
Tim natiovvi LiAin
Tlriio11yn laalilnaton
At Brooklyn
Brooklyn 00101200 0 4 0 T
Whington 2 0 2 110 0 0 0 8 I
Qumbert Harper Daup and Grim
Mtrcer and McCauley
nttshlira Clevetand
At nttsburer
Pittsl urg 0100002 lcmrwyn
rittsburir 01000215 n i4 o
Cleveland 20000000 02 32
Kllten and Sugden Chamberlain and
O Connor
rbtlsIrliillu rr York
At Phlladelrhle
Philadelphia 3 0000120 1218 1
New York 501000000 C 32
McGlil Tyler and Boyle Clark
Dohenny and Parrelh
Stamllna of the Cliilis
Games Games Oames Per
Clubs Played Won Lost Cert
Houston - 12 0 2 7G0
Pt Worth 13 8 4 687
Shernran 12 7 8 C83
Dallas 12 7 5 383
OaKeston t 12 8 8 501
Austin 12 6 7 417
San Antonio 12 4 8 333
Denlson 13 2 10 U7
Have you a refrigerator Oct one
now The Balding la the best Mad
dox Ellison Co will sell you on easy
TliroacU Sleepers
The Iitern4itloiiRl ioutii w innectiftn
with the II and T C and Rock Island
route Is running a dally line or Pull
man sleepers herween Kansas cits
Fort Worth and San Antonto Connec
tlon Is made at dartett by passengors
to and from Dallas forming the best
route between points In the Tiepublia
of Mexico Iaredo and Corslcana Dal
las Fort Worth and North Texas
points via Iltarne Sleeper leavts 6a i
Antonio at 3- p m Austin II 30 p
m arriving at Garrstt at 7 4 a m
Dallas 0 23 a m J ort Worth 10 o a
m lie turn In r leaves Dallas T 00 p m
Fort Worth 6 00 p rv arriving at Tai
lor at S 31 a m jcusln 6 20 s m sun
Antonio 8 CO a m D J PRICE
why itjrV soin
The Secret n ry of lie Alabama lile
pUnn Co Jlv ri th Hruon
Oeotgf A Wllklns secretary of the
Alabama Telephone and Construction
company In conversation with a re
porter of the Journal this morning
said In answer to a question as to why
tht company abandoned the telephone
business lu Bel ma l The simple reason
was that the exchangtt was not pacing1
expenses and there was no prospect of
its doing so at the prices charged It
appeared to be impossible with the In
Humerus used principally the Harri
son to give satisfactory service or a
service that would bear comparison
with the Bolt This was a constant
source of complaint and annoyance
it is all v ell enough to talk about home
Institutions and local Influence but tho
Investors want and cxpct to reoI
eome return on their Investment and
thetoile the patrons of the telephone
exchange want dtman 1 and must have
good service Ihe prices charged and
th instruments used pv our company
would bring neither and this Is the
reason why ye abandoned the fUld
Selma Journal April 18 1194
Tho best regulator ot the digestive
organs and the best appetiser known
Is Dr Slcgerts Angostura lil tt era Try
Is Ibronntt Fpvakliifj
Mr idItor There will be no further
public speaking on my part during the
campaign I have made my raco openly
and my position is plain I have de
nounced wholesale treating of beer
by the candidates as unhealthy to
public morals and when those of my
most prominent opponents Jim
8wtne Den Terrell and O 0 Iattl
more worted to the Rock Island sa
loon lat night and then addressed a
crowd Inside its walls I got excused
from stM ftklng I am not making that
kind of a race If the moral element of
this tiJy and county desire tn ca law
and order prevail and wilt ot their
honest convictions I will be tho nom
ine on the 21 ot May I am In the
raca to the end
Ono of the Murderers ol 1U Crock
er Family louvlMeil
Wharton Tx Arrtl 9
Jim Martin one of the parlies ac
cused of murdering the Crocker family
last May was last night found guilty
and etven a life sentence The Crock
era lived in the remote edge ot tha
county ind wera most brutally
Dirrit miil mw puns
Snrlliii Testimony OlTn by two
Wamna IVtlnesses Cblef of -lice
Delttoli of ClnclanU lestt
Newport Ky Apt 11 29 -With the
mercury In the eighties every seat l
the court room v filled at the trial
of Scott Jackson At a quarter past
four this afternoon tho commonwealth
announced that It rested The court
thereupon adjourned until tomorrow
Attorney Crawford for the defense
saya h will hate about fortyflve wit
nouses and about twenty live depoul
tlons to offer This with the argu
ments n 111 carry the case Into next
week The prosecution has examined
set entyfi e w Itnesses and occupied
eight days Including one day In secur
ing a Jary
Startling testimony was given this
morning by two women who confirmed
to some extent the story told by Coach
man George II Jackson Mrs ficithers
vno lives on the Lycklng pike testified
tbflt about 8 o clock on the morning of
Friday January 31 sha met two men
strangers who startel at her so as to
frighten her The witness said she
never seen theso men slnca until this
morning when she reoognlrcd them as
Jnfkson and Walling
Mrs Alice 5 1 elf el who lives on an
unfrequented road between the lack
ing i ike and Alexandria pike which
Is also a part of the toute described by
Jackson testified that after midnight
on Friday January 31 the was awak
ened bj a dog barking and heard a
one horse ehlclo passing along the
road rapldl
The testimony of Dr IMwfn Free
mnn of the Cincinnati XJectrla Medical
college continued until the recess As
an expeit ho testified as to the condi
tion of the neck and other parts of
I earl Brians body und claimed that
the conditions clearly showed that the
head was amputated when Pearl Bo an
was alive and that her death was
caused by amputation
The last witness was Colonel Phil
Deltsch superintendent of tho Cincin
nati police His testimony was contest
ed at every point and much of It was
ruled out as lnadmlssahle The court
excluded everything of this testimony
as to what W ajllnff said In the pres
ence or Jackson wrich Jackson did not
Southe rii IlftptUt ronrentfnn
Fxcurslon tickets will be sold at tha
rate of one fare for tho round trip from
all stations on or via the Texas and
I aclllc railway May 4th and Cth ISSd
limited for return fifteen days fronl
date of sale with privilege of fifteen
days extension by depositing with Joint
agent at Chattanooga
Our train arrives at Memphis four
hours and twenty minutes In advance
of oil others with through sleeper and
For further information call on or
address your nearest ticket agent or
Q P tSc T A Dallas Texas
Gme li thn tiimt
Selma Ala April 10
The Alabama Telephone Construc
tion company known as the Harrison
Telephone Exchange of Selma has
collapsed The exchange was built Just
eighteen months np o to compete with
the Southern Bell Telephone Exchange
The poles and wires were sold yester
day at a nominal price said to bs
enough to cover the outstanding In
debtedness The original Inv estment
proved a total loss Atlanta Constitu
tion April 17 1603
Galveston Oottoa 31111m nnil alnssoo
Mlnlns CoinDauy Applr for Cliar
tcrsOtber Kens Motes
Austin Tex April 23 Special The
railroad commission has ordered that
item No 33 of commodity tariff No 17
Issued February 28 to take effect March
3 UDu providing rates for the trans
portation of hay bale ties In car loads
between points In Texas ba amended
by canceling all rates entered In the
table ot rates for distances exceeding
166 miles and substituting therefor the
following Over 166 miles and max
imum between points in common point
tenltory rates at cents per 100 pounds
This order will take erfect May 9
The following charters were filod
wth the secretary of atate today Qal
eston Cotton Mills city ot Galveston
capital stock J300 000 for the purpose
ot manufacturing cloths fabrics
threads yarns and other products to be
made from cotton wool or other raw
or prepared material Incorporators
George Sealy John Reymershoffer n
Adoue Ous Icavy H A Landers M
I Ladd and M Lssker Vciasco Min
ing companj of elasco Brazoria coun
t and Alamorc L1 Paso county cap
ital stock 130 000
organised for the pur
pose of transacting of any manufactur
ing or mining business and purchase
and sale of such
goods wares and mer
chandise as aro used In such business
Incorporators W W Hackins It a
Shapord Martin Armstrong H Richert
and J l Cattrtll
Reports from Illanco county where
the Domocratlo county convention held
last week reached here yesterday Tha
convention Instructed for tho state ad
ministration and divided tho vote to
aue tUte convenloa on t0d financial
JJM Culberson announces that
he w 111 address the v otera of Rusk Hen
derson county May 2
An I nil rumen t lton
Now Is the opportune time for the
people of Fort Worth and the ilvi
M D s and friends to Inspect nil th5
latest and most improved novu
and devices m well a standard
cles in surgical goods as the well known
firm of A P rarey of Dallas haiJuS
opened for exhibition at the coSJt
Lmeda1 9aventton here
dfeilay of all klnrt n itI
Instruments U I rea iy thV only u
gleal auiflr house
in Texas and n
stocked with a full aMifM
IlrS Mr cLfn nr fWlirle in th
manuiacturinir de-
gjr U aecond conation of j gffi
- niaJ LS WCU
On ond after April 1 the net price of
gas will he reduced as follows
ror lbjhllnir It SO et per M H
Tor fuel power d heating 2133 1 3
Bills will bo rendered at 12 rer At cu
ft J and a dlsounl will bo made on
bills for llghtlnK of in per cent and on
bills for fuel power and hoatlny of 1 3
provided bills arc paid on r before tho
eighth day of eacll month
M3 1 SperM cu ft the company
Is obis to show teyond nucstlon that
Gas Is Cheaper for
than any other fuel
Stoves will be put In on thirty dais
trial free of charge to satisfy all par
ties that ens ot Jl 23 1 3 per SI Is not
only tho cleanest and least troublesome
fuel but Is absolutely tho cheapest fuel
In Tort Worth
Services will te put In free of choree
to all parties who will make trial of
-cooking 1RIOB SO
gas for purposes
JULY 1 1S36
ATrlal of Gas for Cooking
Will Cost Nothing but
the Gas Consumed
A full supply of stoves will he kept
at the company a oHlce No 106 - 7th
clreet between Main and Houston
Call and select your stove for a trial
of gas for cooking
The oldest established
offlce In the city 1ST0
Klrlctlr hlgh claes dent
istry Office Fourth and Main
Telephone 405
m a ms- A J 1 vvincu
Ujjxjj nil vmsi u
All Work Scientifically- aud Care
fnllr Altendeii to
Glen Walker Hide Fori Worth Tex
Plate Work a Specialty
SUM Main St upstairs I V orth i X
Remedy S3 a cure guaranteed Write
for Book of Particulars Testimonial
and References TOHArcOLIMl tho
Tobacco Cure SI Agnta wanted U
W Uson Chtmtcal Company Invotpor
ated under Texas laws Dublin Tex
Rectal and Genito Urinary
Venlale Ulsnaes Skin Dlaeaaea
llles Fistulas aud nil dleensrs ox
the lleetum wtlhoat detention
from uastnee Urethral Strleturm
rlthaat tntllnir or dllntlnK Uou
arrhorn ityphllla and all ulaeases
of the Genllo lrlnory arsana
Ofne 610 tnln St Fort Worth Tea
worth seeing and you are extended eng
Invitation to call and Inspect he ma
chine Sir Carey will he delighted to
show any one Interealed Its workings
The display also contains the appara
tus for calaphonsles one of tho most
recent investigations In the eltctro
therapeutlcal line Mr Carey Is tho first
man who has eer attempted to manu
facture any such Instruments In this
state and It Is safe to predict the gieat
success for the future that he has cn
joj ed heretofore as he can Justly pride
himself on Ihe excellent reputation ho
has won by reason of his practice of
only the most monorabte methods
AVDitntv initiAvs iiimaiys
Arrive In Terrell for llurlal OUrt
Fellows Celebration
Terrell Ten April 29 Special
TS mains of Andrew Herman
killed by a street oar accident at Dal
laa yesterday arrived here thia morn
ing and were burled In the ceme
Harmony again prevails In Iho clly
government Arrangements were per
fected whereby tho lelirnlns membere
or tho council rerclnd their action and
evers thing moyi s on with as much
order and success as before Major
Secumc r8n tle ehef
Terrell lodge No 3 I o O V
the appropriately celebrated last etenlns
anniversary of
tfr T enslve lodge room
S nra ot members of
the order
Several addresses were de
re1Jh nnltersory
Pmlth lery Interval was niled
hl0Jy from a Indld string band
The occasion was one of great pleasure
and prom to the order
u s llooier
manager of the
5 u u roler mu k ed a rabl i
dox about 10 o clock this morning
dog did no damage except biting several
dogs belonging to mgroes
The Oaiette Is authorised I
M5hu0tHf Ihorued
ty subject to thrfoun
emtio patty the action ot the jmo
Ior Assraaor
to an-
irlmaVleV w ot ta nfocrau
The ocaelte Is authorized n
The Oarcllo
nu inr i t t
me Dem
na ttll9
ror7M m
the tioVtPB3
- or conala
subject to tha sol
Fort JCSTiTii
The Quelle tali
dtlo for Justlo
clrot No i i J
lh notion of tn
Tho aasette SI
tar tiNitM as sJn
w insJit
for riU
The Uatufili
s uui tj al um
TVI w laeacts
TM Gazette la
no u nee VV D iljf
jk couector of 7
Jo to the aetlm
the county ffl
The Gazpt i
nounce Jon ir w
for tax rnl1nftA 2
Jeet to the aeilan
The nflspttiTrr
Lotila 8 Fraser aVl
the action of the Dtj
The Gizetle Is
nounce it
for tax
subject to the action J
The Cnrette h
nounce VV t v
date for tax roleclJ
ij ukjcc io us a sj
vruiio primaries
rou DicjTnie
The Gazette la
nounce Irbv Dunkiul
district Judge Iort3
district Tarrant cow
to the action of the 1
The Gazette hautbi
Hon VV D Harrlu
re election ns juafe off
Judicial district nutiis
the Democratic patt
We are authorized till
11 j uoyKin as a t
of the 4th district i
tlon of th Democrat
Tho Gftzeta U
nounce W R Tarliwl
ror district Judge uthl
wuoject to action cf
rnami may z
for iREnrt
The Gazette is
nounce Mr Sterlirg Kl
dldate for sheriff of 1
subject to the acUoaoC
The Gazette Is1 sal
nounce n R MiddM
for sheriff of Isrrsnt
vu iiii action oi ine a
The Gazette is
pounce D A Euletfl
ror snennr oi tiitsw
to the action of the l
For Ceanty Tffi
Friends ot Captain J
thn oarette to snnoun
dMAte for pountf trM
his claims to the Detnovl
for conrrr c
Th fin to If A tl
noiirr John A ITirtltl I
for county clerk tmW
of the Tarrant couutf
The Gazette ll U
tirtiinr TV A Dirtsr P
county clerk subject toj
the county uemo
Th lAzetta 13 tuU
nounce John P Klngl
tn iinnntV CltTK Ot Tl
subject to the actloNl
emtio party
IIVU1IVQ e B -- i
for county clerk ofijj
subject to me hm v
io party
vnnrt nilTHlC
hl nlla II AH
Ot mi jmv
Toe Cosnr
The uMs
liuunce uoueii j j
date tor couuw
Mtlon uf lh rnirt3
James C Scott oil
rori worm v i
candidate ror ojlj
luo jjcinociwiiv j
The Gatta J
nounceDen M
for county fttJ
tun a iha Deraocr
xne uihciib hi
nounce James
aaie ior
action o -
rfoitti ll
-A n B Lattls
- nnmlV AttortiNtj
tlon of the UemocraO
Tho Oaiette Jl
nounce - I J
for county UarMfV
llOIl VL lo v
To the voters --
I hereby annoJJ
for the omco m -a
Ject to the
lf elected I Pnjffi
eeiy Jutlc w La
Scglects t WJ3
sous engaged In ru
i in h mi
- l
ana soe --
rorm 10 see i -
dtwuty that Mm
stoftlo and etoj yS
cointy wnoiaj
when W J
foSamlnK lW2Bi
corrljience W J El
lie iamlns ecaa ncj
vlolaS SaJ
shalllt Kee -Mi
obcdlih e to i Ja
rootof Equal ris WS
VSrotcs 1
j ir5TanUd
Ji jt

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