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TW jp y sxZ
jpSuW c lApot
f J Kin 13 Antonio n in lArrlvc Trains ROM a m
lr 1 ia Arrive UUOp m
siSSOUKJ clty and St Louis
> oc Ma Trains
lOomArrlve ri 00 m
tiirt licm Arrive HOpm
tCU < jinln Lino
tnlArrive 11 00p m >
f 0 <
Tlsm X Ke ion Trains
V 840 a m
s mlArnvo
fi figu lllXOu m
3 l loana from Galveston leave
ASSLdwull minutes earlier or nr
fflt Sepot 13 mlnilUs liter Tlie
i tts leave and arrive al tho Santa
LiJfflSone at the tlmo slated
a 10M mArrlve 610a m
W ilW P m Arrive Bilu p m
< Galvestoi Trains
vs a in I Arrive BilKom
ri ll a mlArrlve 10 a tli
si > m Arrive 25pm
le Arrive 1015 n m
and depart from Union
JJ tr
VyiiMbla and Vclaseo Trains
Slr except Sunday lOiMa m
n >
Vcanliy except Sunday 3ftt p m
Satday 200pm
Dina m
710 pm
imncMA can lie xlsllcd by taking the
til i is 1 n3 O N train for Harris
Vhtre a carriage will be wilting
X iuwngert eo as to return by 35
jffiP train For further inforrantUin In
ow oTM Corra Bacon Faster ilioj
JiitD etreet
i he llatohln House
KEtca K00 f2ro f100 per day
iwleled and newly furnished jriirltj
i u4 iWn baths barber shop billiard
Sirtrad bar in connection uneaualcd
Sd In appointments In tho State of
to KIMr Gucrlngcr Proprietors
ajVJlt Miller St Louis V P Janes
Dallas C II Olbbs
afritl E Slngter
rWrbis J t > Griggs J W llurns
ff U Jtuipby Loulavllle li P
nSaa Antomo T Illndmarsh A
rard Houston S Jones Velnjco
8Wfsuill Draaorla S1131 Williams
G W StronK and wife TexaB
llatagorda J V Norred
KxfMit It C Klochln
tttr Hiss Jeffcra T M Iattlson
Mii C4ud HaiiRli P T Jtobcrson
iBauiif C U Maclconzle W W Dunlap
Sesliaa r C Ford Nacogdoches J
fcUcBldy E It Ituell I u Torto W
Uohnsan Texas W jrabry Missouri
a Shipley Cincinnati A O Ulackwell
Searcs Dalian t > W Kid
W CMcaKo It Michel Ileaumontj J
I nit Colorado Sprlncs J T Taylor
viujX Wimams Texas It A Irlffln
UY Iteld Galveston J V bane nnd
feTrlnlty J D AVilson and Wife
4uu > i J It Girrlck Victoria 8 Dent
tnttYorkj O Zetterrand Omaha B V
Muti It a Fife Texas J B Walker
Srctar C II Cor Geo Uoonc Jalves
K JC Jones Cincinnati J 1 Harris
U TH A W nycrott Omahs
Toe Cnpttol Hotel
= Capitol Hotel the
only firstclass ho
tel In the city
rtates S250 300
S300 a day accord
ing to rooms
Electric cars to
and from > II depitB
O ilcGlnley Prop
U Iluddnsi New Orleans A J
Jus Atliita j A Wellington llaltl
WfiP C Tucker Jr Texas r it
Wi Missouri Kansas and Tclcas
WJiJUiiclI IlufTalo John Parker W
talckty St Louis G M Uwirdslce
i fifors > A BicUu Philadelphia
ft tr4VD5 Galnesvlllo G Block Jno
STO Key York J II Lynch Wlch
r Uj W B aintler Jeltemon Kil
mVm Denlson A C Hunter An
ft Jetean Austin Charles Jfl
fwtl St l uis ft HasKins Chicago
Jbutn Taylor a S Sark La Porte
H Curth T It Thompsrm F S
ffiJJfaies A Lauck and xvlfc M S
HF l t oolle elyi VV ji McKee
aS 0i1f8hsi Charles Smith Cleveland
ZAkr Brwln Galveston Percy V
teMbicker Palestine J L McCutchon
F Albcr JonejvlUe It J ta
Ur Oslveston S J uttlc wife and
Rta Antonio A d Hunter B it
8iVA uS Avi n Anylor New Or
M n s Dennis fiew York J G
OS5tt w 1 T11 Tyler Ed
E rflh cllV Jnm Sears Dalian
nilMi 1 SP wo children Texas J
> K Chlcaco Joseph itendelsnii
JlSrS11 w It Whistler rtosen
5 ft 0 T Kuss Now Orleans
JM Central HotelServe tlio
t Mt Menl In the Olty
Sms ° 9hns a
K A L Ham
fian Antonio N
flttii V5W ° n y i J > W Boyd Mis
Im olu mbus Ohl o r Iopton
5ri b Albany Texas O AV
S r wife children nnd nurae San
fiS2 fl c Ueplwith Texas 3
KS5 Gulf Colorado nnd Bantu Fe
K Bwren North Galveston
Spenerp Ilnnae
l ln orbe dine 160
Kt nLrnHLe u ° statf iTeston aver
rt t ff < S 1 cars to and from
rtrr aP ncer proprietor for
ffi WP tentt a N Lowe
f if n Wi Charles
StTiSSJs lvlBv avestoni S It
f 7 g0 O Y Barn Han An
Ci B ifJiiWSS O A Vance and
Mt r 5cnR ii Oalvestont Hon W
jj Thrimei < nrenel
ifcii VaNovember J0Chares
Trt ea wonilns Iwe
vlSSSl baSlntelt To Neat
ft reilae Srtrjf man rinifessed to
Sn1o KIllcJ
i ilU > VtlAtertoLa t
Tellon a
ffcfi rvotri
> hint b
s ht ot
Little iiljr Horn Jn
ffcldeu Jnbllec
J 3 November siVhe
T W Jh Iiideptndi Snt Order
25 > > here to
tffirre uWu W 0ivrnor
> ar
° 4n Jacjb
Pl > r
AitnAxrrjunxTs port thr kvtvs
Genrrnl Manager Allen nnd Scnrr
Inleiiilcnt Mnxwcll In the city
linllroml Hntptojcs Take
Tlinnl Klvlntr otr
General Manaecr A A Allen of the
Texas lines of the TJls ourl Kansas nnd
Texas wax In the cltr Yesterday on busi
ness connected with the toad He was
accompanied by tho Texos Buperlntcndent
of tht Katy Mr J y Maxwell
Tho eentlemen remained tover in Ildue
ton a rir the dayy relurnlne to
Denlson last nlalif Thty have Jtftit
come In from Dallas wfatcthey and
Gcnral PaseenRer Agent Crush hxve
been In consultation with Banu Je of
ficials In regard to arranging a new
tlmo card on the latter road so ns to iive
the Knty a better connection for Its Gal
veston business
1 Alle lat1 at lh Sanm Fc
jvou d doubtlcas chaneo Its time on tho
local train that leaves for Galveston at
lawP in fills could bo done without
> inconvenience as none of their
ortliprn connections depend upon this
run They will probably change it so
ns to give lh Ilaty train that arrives
from the North at a a ni a close con
nection As to what arrangement would
be made for connection with the Kntys
nlsht train nothing has been determined
upon Uenerai Passenger Agent Crush of
the Mlwuurl Kansas and Texas and
General Passepgar Agent Kcenan of the
Gulf Colorado and Bantu J havo been
figuring on she new time card and th
result will probably be announced today
The only Item of news I have sold
Mr Allen while cunvmlns with the re
porter 13 that the ICaly will lw run
ning intb St Louts direct ever Its own
lines by the flret of January Tho Bur
lington Is under contract to furnish us
with a 3t Louis Inlet and tiirnilnals by
that time and consequently It lias b en
necesjHiy to hustle wmk on IheiMlfisourl
river bridge at Bcllefontalne That will
be completed by tho beginning of the
new vear beyond a doubt Tho Kntys
through business Is now being Imulcd over
the St Iodls Kcokulc and Northwestern
via Hannibal
ln regard to the contomntatcd removal
of the Katys division bead < iuartera from
Taylor to Kmlthvllle Mr Allen said that
the move would doubtless be made In a
few months Taylor said he Is a
flno little town nnd a splendid location
for our headquarters but Smlthvllle wilt
bo much moro advantageous to our Itxa
Nerr Orleans Cnr Service
A conference of tlio representative of
the uoveral InUrcsts uffectcd by the rales
of tho Car Service niiaotiailon as fonnu
latcd by Manager Hoiltlns and the repre
rentatlvea of tHe various rnllroaU supcr
lnttndents was held In New Orleans Mon
day The conference waa called for the pur
posoof hearing the reply of the railroads
to tho demands made upon them by the
New Orleans board of trade represent
atives Very few concessions were granted
by the Car Service association
Circular No 6 u the new xdrcular Is
styled defines that In tlie linndltus of
freight the following roads will bo In
clud d namely Tlio llllnola Central tho
Louisville and Nashville tho New Orleans
and Northeastern the Yaxoo And Missis
sippi Valley and the Texas and Piclllc
Heretofore the Texas and Pttcllic has
had its own et n rules The following ar
ticles are allowed nve nays free storage
Flour mctl grits grain packing house
product mill and ship stuffs cowpea
hay sugar tnolos ef > rice and perish
able frilghte This is an addition
of fjilp stuffs and hay
On nit other freight only foflyclglit
hours free time Isallowed The storage
charge on all freight except Imy grain
mill and ship utiilTs when stored In open
yards Is placed at 1 cent per 100 pounds
for the first ten days or fraction pounds
for tho first ten days oriractlon nunrtcre
of n cent per 1C0 pounas Cor each addi
tional ten days or fraction thereof
Consignments of freight weighing less
than 1W pounds will be charged for at
the rate ot 10i > pounds No ahoya will
bo mndo for less than G cento The rate
on hay grain mill and ship stuffs stored
In open yards after five days Tree time
shall b l per car load or fraction there
of for the first tci days or fraction there
of and m cents per car load or fraction
thereof for each additional ten days or
fraction thereof The remainder of the
circular I precisely like circular No 4
Tho request of the merchants for five
days fr stnrasc on l y un Uflf hfg2
but the
was granted
and In open yards
railroads refused to pay the charges for
tnrnaullns and sltlds as demanded
Tho railroads placed grain mill and
ship stuff In the opep on M
hh hay bit they refuse to regulate the
charges according to the size t the
packages and declined to bear the ex
pense of skids and tarpaulin
the railroads
On rice sugar and molaes
roads grained nvc days rreeStornge ex
PacW railroad
cent the
thSy refused to grant thelreaucst tt bear
0Sa fS tThe s ° Kfused mfe
make any concessions
tlio owners Tho railroads lefuoAl to en
o su VtTf otton SSlfiUicU ras
laid oyer for consideration
nip rtoelr Island Fined
Kew 1orlt November WThe lepal
assocjdtlon of the W < S t n Ia acej M
aUaatio S nd ro ci Passenger sgents
roTrlof itii6tel runner He wao assuring
a man lie could buy tickets to California
Jl73 bo ow tariff when city Passenger
Agent Connell of the Atchison came with
in Hearing Now Mr coniiolllswmewhat
intcreslesf m California business ond he
iSiraedlaely began ronWnp a leal for two
runner Ho odiulttcd tha
tickets with the
5175 rcdUcttoV was a street comnitsidon
ami of fired to divide onthe two tickets
wd h Mr XonneU Th latter was agree
able W JO for theilw lick
n d prodHMd Southern
tickets Not that he Iglit
tho runnw W buy the fi
mSfht know the scalper or Immigrant
S 3i tjcltets but e
° buvj5t thei about ffimrtgW
Th runner steervd straignt for sipn
nsen Wth av n tth ld tor the
iai co nrocured two orders on tne J 1
wnrlli Sfe the Me
and for wo Uckets
Is eln tT Q
wavseoirdcl a tariff rate > r
Th orJawwwrrtnnptly honorwUy the
Tiiailtv ot s gn iuj tlio tltkels hj > w
ticket ncfmtr thO lUfefthe
n onhfmf t
11 nd lfhT hl o
tier nnd Jlr < i > iue
Some Salaries
of comiAi WlwT2TiutVun
D Uy Itafrif i sffiiliyeor And ins
Johni jSVllSOCj sniiuv
rspi MSr S
riticVafeflHt lUonitfU e
5 lMJ onc happowd ovrr fiTii
i > St > away back It 1K1 I was onft
° Ky h 11 > as e > Pan ol
wh 1 <
S J Boston
Vuxt ° Altwiiv a
roA ulinlng from Iiwell t
iii pi d ln MnssaciniSeiK A etl 1
and a train ot t
tip leaded with
T fieomotives nr iJS teylic Si the
mile long was selected J lSf es i
eleven nat cars wns mad OS 2SJ 0 STl lii 1
pig iron All the rond vrtT wsn can tlras tlshl ioMU
fr ° und about Mnt engine thai were tn
SSi rln ovr tllcl Vit < of road
ftgalnnt time t was nrmialnted with the
engin r of the locomotive that won the
wvY rar ly bel on that one The
JVhlsticr as It Was edited and wa
highly elated when It won particularly
as It made the last tnllo or two at tlw
enormous rate ot h mile ln one mlnut
ami a little over The enslno only bad
w drivers eieh seven fe t In diameter
Trains at that time seldom went mom
than twentyfive or thirty miles an hour
The Wlndov Wns Double
Mrs VoodbleCoitdUctor rniw > thit
window please The nit In this cab Is
Mrs Hesbn Cond Ct6r dont ral e
that window plcise I < im cxttem6U mis
cepttblo to draughts
Mrs VoodbleCoiidiiclor I Insist on
loci lalslug that window instantly I ni
not going to be poisoned withfoul air for
Mrs Hnshln Conductor It you raise
that window nnd I get the pneumonia 1
rhsll prosecute the Comp ny
Mrs Woodbie starplngl JtAlse the Win
dow conductor 1 am going to ftalnt
Conductor raises window
Mrs Woodbie reviving There 1
knew all I needed Was D lltllo freah air
Mrs Hnsfcln lshlvoringtuKlil that
awful draughtt Conddnctor youll have
to channge my seat
Conductor politely l scarcely think
t will bo necessary madairt Thewindow
Is a double une Ive only raised one
The Nnrrqir Unogei Krelglt
Clyll Engineer Weed ofthe Houston and
Texas Central nnd Southern Pacific was
in Houston yesterday
Mr Weed entno in from Angelina
count where he has been surveying
lands In speaking of afttlrs in that sec
tion of the country the gentleman said
tho only thing of any particular
that be hrd noted lately
was tho lm
mcjito amount of fretffht business the
ITtasCo IMfit mid Wirt Texus Is doing
lust now In that section They run
through a tine timbered country ho oafd
and consequently do e cood business ln
hauling wood They p a through beverit
Of the best cotton maret in Eojt Texan
and of cours > manageto haul the btilk of
this staple to Houston from that portion
of the State Their general freight tralTle
on lnechandlso is also very heavy and Jn
fact the Narrow Guage Is the bcjft paying
piece of property for ltn mileage In the
Trnvcllng lnxmcer Men
New Orleans Plcaytinc
The passenger men of th city will hold
a meeting sooli for the purpos of taking
some step looking toward the cnttrtsiln
rrcnt ot the Traveling Passenger Agents
association which movla In this city Jan
uary ISM Preparation will be made
to show these gentlemen tho proper Hos
pitality and utltmlkuu It Is expected
that afler the aesslon the body will tolcc
a trip to Galveston nnd Housioti fexa
Tenia railroad men prominently John
Howard ot the Kock Island road are
malting an effort to get thum to make
suoh n visit
Thankful IlnUTVnifaien
Tms employco of tlie majority of tho rail
roads In Houston were given a half holi
day yesterday to celebrate Thanksgiving
The ticket agents of therlocai offices
took Iho or throe hours on during the
Rfternoort Also which w quite boon t > >
a class of men who nre generally at their
posts Sundays holiday antl every other
kind f day
A Soft AiisTrer
Porter or Bleeping Uar Your berth Is
lhe top one lady a v
p feiger Whit da you t ke me forT
A bundle ot olittfashloned dry go ds that
youwant to put out of light on the top
sliclfT j
Porter of Sleeping Car No madam
only an angel who ought to he ns MMr
heavtn as ppaslblc
Hollilnr Ilnnlness
The pisseng r men say the outlook for
n big holiday business Is very good It
was thought ot first that tlio Immense
Worlds Fair business done would havo
a depressing effect on tho usual large
passenger triidle nblrat Christmas limes
but from what can be learned the business
this year will bo the same as ln previous
holiday season if not better
Western Immigrant Pool
The committee of nine In charge of the
Western Immigrant pool will leave for
New York December S Before thlr re
turn tbeywill have the xol In full opera
tion ExTraffic Manager Ilvtsenbark of
the Ohfeiwi Great Western can luve the
position of Joint commissioner f he wanW
It Otlnr candidates arts b Irg Considered
but none has yet fcecu jsep > cicd W vote
Lornl Unllrvn Union
The local chapter of the American Rall
ivay Union will hereafter hold its regular
meeting In Princes Hnll 0 he second
and fourth Saturdays In each month
Secretary Mulvcy has received the seal
ot the Union and has Issued H tjuul
tlon cards to all the members Tha next
meeting will be held December
A llehcnrlng Grnntrd
Topeka Kart November MThe Slate
boinl of railroad commiSflonera has
gttntel a rehearing in the case In whloli
th Ml
an order wn made requiring
wurl Paclftc to rtstora Passenger train
Topcka and Fort
to Its line
Scott by Deccmtir t Th case will come
up December m
Itcdrieed tif > Ilnte
Topeka knn November 50The Mis
souri Paeifle HaJIroad company has com
nllal With tho recent ruling of th Kite
board reductcg the rate on ngrleultural
plmtotsa acttor of the Missouri
other road to
fYotcs nnd Pcr onnl
rnjchanlc of th
J Hynii master
Pacific left forNeW Orleans last
geniral readnitistrrof the In
tefeetlona 5nd Great Nsrlborh r was in
the city yeaUrday
Ld WomackK te clerk of the fioulicrn
Pacific t > wfhat department wept to
A J Haines of the nd department of
tb southern paciilc aBan Antonio w
intn ettr ycntwdnv
The Mari l Boll1 company RO to Cal
vciwn today via thy lntej B nal and
Orfuf onheni midrday flyer
Chief OStPHdliT JJpwfi1an0M < lJ
leMaV rnwdlna trom > > 13lt l0
iVTrawmtt chief nttnrTl2nir22JJi
Mittl ewT waim agenli of tn l +
Kna and Great Karthejm W rp in pit
tWT jtptcfdnyf
Yesterday liefoS the i
month ibl dlffefelt SfitntSiOv
ntftSil til iHow iW W
thts p t
m ettlMH l < > r fHAr tit
a trcl h oKBtS
and ieU7 4 t < utw < f
Vl lh Am ie I < fJ lT l
ruiv c ntr ULa w the M v a
snd the Wnliasli hahdlM last year Mt > >
nr lotdi of perishable freight and only
Id Jlvon account cf umsge elanns
Xln b > Brooklyn lirllso wentyton
nnd tbt
week The
wellearned proniMlm U thjt < > f CIW
Piumeiiffer Agent Holly of the Inldh n
e Be who ttsliv assumes the jwsitlon f
aeneral agent oitho t nlon lvculq piweeti
ffcr densrtmerru HI headquarters rcmalrt
In Chicago
Auditors of Western roads are now quar
reling by wholesale with connecting lino
lelotive to thd divisions on Worlds Fntt
tickets All rorRjOf demands nre made
and individual settlement on tho best
term posilhlo imit lie made
The Ihillniia statute omiwilliig rftlltoait
to supply flagmen nt all trntssings has
been dclnred invulld by Judge Vaughan
on the giMund that It contamn no provis
ion for notice to the companies to appear
before the cojnty comniisslsners
Mr V J Cottrcll for some time ct
press sgent for tho f Attn < it CorslMtns
lleltin and Cisco nftd recently with the
American at Sherman has quit tlie cx <
A JlnrrlhlB Crlmr
Milford Conn November 3 A honihle
disepyery was inaiie today in Xrm
house lx miles nbov here The wife ot
Mlchntl lieniewy on old farmer wu
found nnconsclops without clolhlng fnd
tlio biidy u mas of bums Tha husliiiid
whs lytnar on the floor i4pld front drink
Mr Ji nneiisy tola tb AelttliharJ1 mat
her husband aweek ago last Wednesday
WhlWiiriirX drugged her tn ttitiopcc tirtf
place pushedher In and Javghca J fttber
agony He refused to jcall medical Asjlst
anco dftcrward and woman suffered
untold pain for A w k Thir phy kdan
ny ih ca > i not Jive Hfnetwy h feen
arrested ftli h hPn threatened f 1th
Vvill nolermlne the Ilccelvcrs nlp
ii 3 i itt Ifa JKrivpmber Sfl fjr4s
CaMWeJI of th p Inderal clriulf courtjha
flec < e4 1h t on next Thursday V fit
Lonla he will reopen tha oujwtlonrtot
trmlnaln the re < jilv r hlp pt iih Kan
J Cit Wyandotl and UotthyeMtn
rullwajj On that nay hi tho PrcjcngJ of
rAresrhlatiVH pf all person JnffSf
ho will detrrrnfini iat action ivlrt >
taKeti vw tttrtnte to the MJe of lite
road lindtr lilt decrecOt rtrwlwljw ohd
iubequent poU > aene ls tho mI wap
set ar IftefjtMv
A girt > Y0 J < > I nff
Ki J0femt KiiSJirtLi
Wnftrvme < r > er
Norton e > 0JDipcJhn44i > rtiot ifli ln
sttilitiy MUM iMfleft rirnlwrJwtfnltiM
NtuWwweuHpex ftnaiitetrwJiw m
iooS lit iw ty Wot ntsea dwSW
ing hraviijr t < fi t > fwaflJo iuufcmt of any
lS in
d > iKVn th e lwo Ko tipnm W
fe ldaa4 o a Jrj i >
iitwnlMi < ftl < + UT W w fViM < r Vct
tr 4PtMttW 0i r who ftnUtt > rtfnil
t nk Ji v wilt Mtrx tor i
wCtkH ty
lrg cw aiPjW aceowjwinled t > y mt < fil
warcpttiBiHfA <
> 0titpjSt la7 NoyneroMrWrCwneMl
MfttN1 WtrkrnapJamtK M Wy4r lf of
ihe Ttnfetit fi kfthor arrived lukl
hoiettfti > BV Inclined w ay cyiWng
mexico a ninnuit kou snroiinit
The Scores o Iootlmll Game All
Over tho Country 1rom HftAl
lnnllo to 116 Invlllo the
Lukes to tho iilf
St Louis Mo November 5 AVhcii JL
C Pale taftf tf the City of Mexico
soipe we ks ego to prewra for ite qpen
Ing othl rtre track thereho had li view
tha xiwnirlnK nlsd of thcCortvettMItcliell
light Its otaied tiefuro hellett t hAt C
would sound the HIa
to UiterrercrOeitnd then inakb AprdposU
tlon Thai the Mexlcin governiu chVwill
nut objt ct is nvidcactMl by tho following
dlsixitch received today by Editor Splnli
press buslnexs and accepted n position 0 ne Hooftimr Ncws
with a laign boot and shoe house Ot Iv
On the Big Four proper freight traffic
IS reaching Its maximum In the week
vndtng November 11 on the east end < t
tho Chicago dlvhdon 1153 loaded fara were
forwarded and 1177 brotighl In on the
west end JIM were foiwntded and 1013
hrotlght ln
The Texas and Pacific and tho Southern
Pacific will run their holiday excnnilons
In a few days to the different Texan
polnls and wrstfrom th Ihitilcrn ntdtvs
Theo excmslons will continue for n
mouth or so and the rates will be bne
and onethird fare
A truard on one of the Indian railways
1ms Invtnted method of coniinsr cars
t > 5 means of uompressed nlr The nir Is
compresse < l by t pulnu worked from nn
axle ihe heat generated by vomnrciwlnn
dlssipatwl by WPoeuru end then tho com
pressed air Is perfplttPd to escape Into the
ear It cools In expanding and lowers
the lemperntiro of th oar
On thr Lehigh Vnllcr
Rochester N Y Novemb M Knglne
Ml of the Lehigh Valley road exploded at
Vim Ktton tmtlt this aftrrnoon Two men
names uliknown were blown to pieces
and two more were serleusb tnlutcil The
explosion IS supposed to be duo tn in
experienced handling The strikers com
mittee here are mb1 confident than evcr
Hrvernl Persons liljircd
OpClika Ma November S3A wreck
oocnrre1 orilhe Western railway ofAiiti
baronyesterday mojfnlng iyenty pHe mile
from Montgomery a colUfilon being W
tweon two iiaasenffer tialns Two conches
heavily Udtn w ltn pawtngert wer tle
mollshcdnnd til following injured M P
itrewn Jamec Caldwell MontRometyJ H
Sl Calhcnrt Wilcox comity Jtlis Mary
E Walker Calverts stallpn None Were
seridilsly hurt The refusal of the nlr
brakes to work cnusrd the accident
No One Injured
NcwtOilHNovernber sO The eastbound
passenger train on tho Indiana and < lllt
nola SoHUTe ru road was derailed cast of
iils city hbt no one was wrlously Injured
< > j
Split AinmB the Mlnrrs
Kansas ctty Moi November 50 Owing
to a quarrel among tho miners the raeeU
ing of orgiiiiliod mlnrs called for Today
as notheld The object was to seeiiro
an expression from the miners whother
they wera willlns to sever their connection
With tha National organization and fqrm
an entirely now one The rU s llH0 l 0
charges thlt President it U Walters is
worhlng the miners bo so to get Into con
All Trnlns Himnlpff
PhllAdelphlB November iio i j > ticrAl <
Manager VobrhecM ot tne Lehigh ValJeV
stated tonight ilial trie strike waa fti
tlrsly over a far ns the company was
concorneri All trains both paHscngtr
uiid irelfilit are running in fpl Md
Waking good time
lVli fir Iiniirnvcmrnl
Webster To i November J > w life
Is manifest rInco the rntn and ground ts
rapidly being prepared for trees nud
The people from the North arc coming In
pilte thickly
Mr Mills of Lincoln N b Is puttlnghls
twenty acres In llio condition so o tn
plant trees soon
Mr J D Scbaeffcr of Ohio Is living In
tho Smith house and arranging to build
on his ninety acres Immediately a flcv
Southern house
Mr Wilkinson of Northern Texas luts
puicliascd life lumber Interests of Mcssnt
Thayer Co and U Intending to put In
a line stiek of lumber in connection with
builders hardware lime cement brick
and probably reed
Mr AlkFus altbsnujll arriving With his
fnmlly last week has erupted an impro
vised housd ufitu nt or shfiller vattl bt
cun build A nuitnle hopsc which he In
tends dolnsr al once
An agent aplelegraph office ha been
Cut In for tip point now and railroad
uilncss will increase <
Iter Dr Little njnodlcal nilMon7
for Texas of the Presbyterian church
surnl Sabbath here prettclihlg hi thftide
llght and cdlllCtttlon ot all hearer lit
lrjUftds spending thocomlhg Subbatliliere
Hi wiir probably organlxo a Presbytetan
chUrdt and build A houeo xor orihlp
Hc i gentlemen from Illinois are here
prospecting and return name delighted
with the country climate and Ml to get
their famUISeand jfltiirll wsll a to
urge oiliere Who await tneW < lviorl to
come withthem
The groat need here now is room to put
the people
Our school 1st JO largo that ther are
not seats enough fot the echolsrs
City Mexico November KV ShotM
the CdrbellMltcliell light fnli through Vlt
JaeVunvlll 1 pun nrraiiBe It here No
tify Brady nnd Mitchell n C Pate
a Govcruur Alltchell ot Florida eliowa
lgn of Interfering it Is not imrofsililft
that J
tiw pghl may
tlon kK tvnn by the former by aecore
of 8 JO i On tho Hold tlicrir wcro our
Inches deep of snow
Xolru Dniuc On tsli
Soiith Bend lndn November W Nntre
Dame university foot bait eleven defeated
the Hillsdale coluge Michigan teum Hit
iHasiilOri by n score of U to ID in a
bilnalttg snow storm
Auburn VVttis
Montgomery Ali Nnvenlber SO The
footbull gima between the A At ahd I
rdlleg at Auburn nml th tmlverslly of
Alabama toolC placn thli ajternoon All
bum wn bymt ol l
Pnrdm VI < toriiii
Indianapolis Ind November 50 Vur
4co curried oft the clmruplonsblp ot the
Indiana IntcrColleglale Foot Hall ns o
cliHton In tho gnmo with WpnuW to
day Score o 1
Chsmilonslilp Xot Ilreliled
Kausa City Mo Novembrr p The
irtercoll rgtato fuothill clumploiishlp wu
not decided heretodaytho Missouri univcr
Mty lmM defoutlntj the Knnnaa 12 to i
und tleflig iheserie
SlnifrTir vVIn
Ban Francisco Cal November M
Slnnford t Vnjtremfty of Cailfonila fl
was tho seoro of n desperately fouiiht
football game Ten thousand pwiple uaw
tha gome
Wn hliiKouTpnm Wlu
WdBhlngton Pa Noctnber 30 The
Washington Mefterson college Uurrt djs
feutod the tsest Virginia State unlvrriltv
temn lot Morgantown by u < toro oj w
to 0
TanilerhlU Vlctorlou
Nashville rnn November JkiOn Hhe
jVaiiderbllt FipipUs this afternoon We
crack elevens of the VanderHR a rtdSe
wiince contested YatiderbllWon by JO
to o
Pennsylvania Uollrcn Win
Pittsburg Ia Kovcmber 39 The foot
bdll gnmebstWeen tlia Itfiunyiyapti HtAtd
college and PHtalmrg ACrilotlcChihwns
wort by thd former hyH ncura 6 > j2jto o
Hater Iliilverajlr > yjn
IJcnver < ilo Novtmber 5o Xoday the
Denver Athlelle root hall earn met tlie
Urutiidcfeal flf the aiuMotu Kakrr unU
verntly < of IOinta tieven SJjpenvcr f
Uallnn DC tented
falls Xttatf November Th foot
b II parne between Pallas add lhn Hnl
verjItV Stif 1 > xa teatn resulted n rte
leat fpr thnfpnnvliror > WtoIS
loullieri Alh Iellf nh Wln
New Oilcans tn M ovinter S0The
Motitherrr Alhlello ch football eleven de >
ffated tlio Ylnlwrsft lit MIi lAsl > Pt jlfy < H
fromoxfow hxjj
HoKlioltn Vletftirlii
Hoanalw Sai ovcmb ciW In lh coh <
tr t bytreen th Hoanoka and 4JUeflBld
fpotball teamll th fomflr came o vjiv
tprious M
by i i
xAftuhiT VI
Qrnahs > M > PVm f f WrAfter
tough litaal Khr ka7AtnliwrBltyeleVfln
won fronijh lUriVers tot ow tam
Itpday by iff la W j
W lA
It Ah I
AJlanta ttwkbVcmUt > t Allan
to tho Somhetn
Tun Pights at lllllll
Dallas Texas November 50 150h Ahtfn
and Frank Midgctt fought on round to
ittaht when titferee Well declared tlie
ilRrt oCt on the ground that tho tlmo
keeper permitted tht mm to fight fou
tlilliuicr Instead ot tluee Mldgetl wan
nearlj vhlpted In the rst tinud
Jln imrreit won tne Ugnt at the DnllsS
AthlcUo club rwras vtr P Nqrton
yh y fought stiiMii ivdnd
Oklahoma Wnnta II
Perry rt pM November MThe lirry
Aihleijc ciuh Iirs telegraphed ItWhant lw
Kox bf Now York that a pjpti nf KV
WO villi be Klvtn Coibetl mm Mitchell It
the light is brought here
llnrvnrd Victorious
Cambridge Maim November BO Crlm
oni n jpular eoloi11n llHs cits tonight
for llarraril llrown trliiiiibhedtoday hy
dtftS8liigc0Wli iroiit lt iftftlj ptiKstal
thopria or itmi yvaiii nrieatiui < the
teottmll tealn ot llmlihivcrsUy of Pennsyi
Minis by to 4 linden thousandpeoplr
enloyed it to the tMmosti
Th allehdanca wsr liOM jj
Prlncettin Ahend
New York November Tho can t
MdtihatUn hdwceii Irltnetmi and Ynlo
football tliveim wn phenomenal In In
tensity and bvtlltunco ot Un ntrugftle and
asurprllng In results Tim Yttlotcaiu
w tiefttuta by it t a
Thitfl were aoptvfproplonnTUie gVounds
and jiow on tho Miiroiindtntr bluffs
Chlcngo DeCcnt Huston
tjlilcafip November 50 Tho gam be
tTieeh the eleven of tho Chicago Athletic
association and Boston Alhletlo aMocm
after a flespcrs t ltrusgl reaitd
6 to 8
AmllH Irfim DmIIm
8her n ib ifwcAfc > iVrahf r 3 Tli y u
tfn College fpet imlftrim today defenM
tlie Vaili i i a l pywW ft I to V
r A Tlu iqmbp
Ifa Wmisfc fiiyttir JKVUjiJvfmll a
ftre snvinkV d vember j > i > ma <
ynjjertiy jVWii > i f4 < > U i
f w if l
< A S v j
mUvii Wt
< > ywinlfcjfW
KMdet V > rP hrtA nl
vtWrw ip tntvrpttr pt worm
Bounces iit other engagement wilt > re
Vent hhn meeting lv 4 In the ifsHteh Kime
rjrrnngca or lanuvy
TilB wUlTR
llennin M liners
Bennlngr I > 0 JJovcmlicr SiVills lur
logg0ielsa Hrtv Slnctphtthui jiicond
HboPer third Timeljji
MUo and n istw iW Ueh itffit IMan
reeand ncMrnmt tlilri Time 160
lt a itcbuft secondjfnuforft thlrl > Tin r
Ilwia necona
11 d That are wiy > be met with jn
tvnn a
lutellPCtK ot tbfi llfsl or
nh y fenitoVnc Antl it W a uutoh flf
tl la lnar ItutRliI With n mosciilHiC wlll
j ow and k t WMn8 SrVSMnfc
iitreiiglh wn ot the mind
XlcH iUth
s tti
W < iii
h >
an fail
Un nctt
ftini siA H aoiH > tmi
nt Portitne Aniiixsvd H > Wojji
hh Vli ukiictii IH VoH Yunr
C Wli5Slr > Jy nl IM ijjjffl1
a iemarkriblB wtiuion She left h WJo
Mlltnnlvu avsfl > Awd m4 Ihi va for
u newis amaw tYcr JnfJ V1
her wwu bhr vdn r and ouhd JilUgmeht
A fc peruania ftchl v nn nt r w ri
would Prow utitduo 111 nnv collection or
celibrltfe Vl dwjth flualitlj
A iui liisUipeg hjf ii JJ tJio
Ili managemont of money Jhe grtat
tunethe IsAves Js nur UJ t ItBt > T fl
Un faclloov Ipn iwohfe JR 1
for th
oiTca helYig ti > tni Society gidiicnr
tlon of Jewish Orphans herHUwiti r0
ilowmrnta totho tlomo for Aged Jew nt
fsittysecoiid and Wrextil boulBViird her
private eitu < nd donutiona trj tamille
i abundantly twib
i rwHHbid 4fitte
fy to her qualifies ot h ir n Wft
of tW p or mot ULltremeaJ Awl
ywlerdity her ilrttUt pimelictc rulU ld
culmly ut Uio ago ot J ywits
Por the greiitri Part the last ihlrll
iower In Chlnatw imftnclorliig Thin will
be ntws to many IwoPlv but ll u lolir Ji ft
friends do
less trite lis wmu < t nrr old
clared tolay tliat WChfctlK0 TOcrc ntfthn
nro today ml l imilres haw nt critical
Uinta lit thflr cariui proiuetl by Alt
Krunitn lubjinwt hi tho niaiiasemJtit of
their own affair
Some tlilrtynlne jrcar ago Mr 1 rank
widow wilh UH children tr
was n pior
provide for HeV liusfund wp a irchonl
tenclier nnd very nearstaiUed tine Uy
he walked Into nti npcu draw of the Itnii
ibilpli street bridgr and w drwncd
toreett t iirovldo for her ne
her own eftorts Waa tbo rlre m uuic Uiat
ilcvolopcd in Mi Prnn lt her wonderful
powers of foresight and judgment IJhg
had inherited a fcesn bra In Ike tho on
lliat made b r brpllwr Michael Ilucte a
power In tho world ot urmir nnd aoinn
moner contrlhutd by hurt 13 her was tl
miiVfrtlloli her vast forttuif Hhe np
pcarcd to tuutv insirniitlyelywnat n good
liivcntmetit wriiinil he nrtde mono i id
crew rich becfeimn htr lutelltsenfo nV
lithe lirdhtS to lit < Ust vnl iroin n coinj
b nat on And llllt IntvlllKoniB domiiUteiL
iHiU mwbrc
n > family K r I raWtl < I every
yielded a wlllnjf ob jicr
obedloricifio l her coii >
i Theselatter ao the family frends
wcr r Shnu9t JilVi > > Y wlWiV
umstnico salitifiHW to imprJ Uf
JThe < IlftroiVt meniljom VonWbe drBWit
tin wliit tlwlr thtlr surround ntf
irhl rttit liiVwfciBh Ml l l K > V0 f 5it
i WSdinV officer ofth H uW i >
ttu > i
H lrin1W WOUld ks thud t dffil
tally nrrttWBtA i9ti uMLf3 ZJ
htatri WoUld bD fWA W front fe > fflW <
he would lwtiri tft it i noarwth
tlbjcllim fiom W
patKnice ph Hf1
iii ltB flr > t4 i > fr f lahdi
would > W to the til iarlswhetf Wt adj
viled JmraJu rr trteaif hhW M fovnii
her to be ilw vn th rl0hj de
iitdlnf a
1MnK rtroinmui d ili rr hobt tiMemrKy
r VlTr r l S dvi Vl flll herfw hd <
< mi t pwtsrifTisWi
Wr WfcajJn ihlrtlrwrttnl nrt >
o f iviiiliy t fho Xfa4cH mpiYir
WinkwJ2U W <
if W WttfkV J
rffmiijBh At oxwiiW i m
jn Ale feir Yfill y t hoM W iyi m
thratWlpg < < r hlirn ver5f hoV l Hit
Y IftJynnrt ji7 m > i VttV W y MW
fe MWffatii
of wnf ofJuHWtdarj und Tpbbcra
iajri AHL
win n 7 SS e t V >
ScKs fcr JIAKbn Uni n Jfjtvju ff VB IV rJftW ttSr
ihltsfio rtiimber a Seha ffcr n jsonjuji nmt ftrjifrVnt fcytry dtt thitCoc
ffreunian Jlreckinrtdgo WHI lmw a har4
iow to hoe in tecurinrr a leuomluailon
for congress In lb Arbirtnn distitCL It is
now wild Hint Han W C OWbus bfr
aeorgeidwu wilh certainly be u teahdhiAtn
Mr Owenfl 1 n wetl known lawyer and
wastciilpornry chiiirman ofthnlssHIemo
cratle National eonwulon H in stated
nr Ltxlnijtnn by perropK In position tij
JtntrV that Hplf William Preston KlMbnil
cltrattumeyirif Loklnstnn Will malts tha
wee Mr lumbal In a widely known poli
tician and win ct normal ilifure in the
ensures o Commonwealth Attorney cimr
J ilronston ot the tainu cits whop 1 is
almost certain Intends ninfctng the rice
Itullrimd Tlcfej Aueii < rj ile luny
Tiu Innnitrii OltfrntrOifK
Just at thlir ttmaIntra i nil Intense
rivalry 4mouf ralIMadattI8Wir5travel
4 ttirtt renieutivo ihf < to qiiteigp
aud Bilmmer r M rcV rjmarkM the Mem
lint tgrinrntrclal A ttefjlaya agoVihut
afttkiiiolBif of thc grAnger
sirfesws arrived nt Mllfth Tomi oil th
tntln from thriKoiithnndiJjgan mnklng
Inquiries rate
gurroiinilco by the HilnoU Central ngenl
ud tht following ofinvrrttttlou eh8uelt1
re writi wits thkiwdy
AhtWwfiRhtw in th tirAetw wjaw
Great tliiough Hue dr Lltbd yod tn CM
crtgo HiK lioijii ahead of ail competitor
Mlmi Mini am you going
all UVerl
table tmm right In sin
flu ihnocent coUiitryinanwslkd alonrf
for tt few slw when tho Lotitsvllle 6ii < l
fHBsiwlHo inaii greeted him ftlfectlopnteiyt
Uolng North slrC
Step right ln Shortest line fret trom
dust put you tli > r nine hopr ahend of
all llnfs tlouii tliiio tlrnein ft Jay codfish
balls at each Ulrul UMiduclor nil of
p ob anil jctlgloim parentage Come MeM
The imfortminio heyseeder wo com
pletely dum founded and before ho uld
recdvor > ha two rwenlwere hustiinghlm
Into tht iJSulsvllIa nmt Nashville office
when another parley oedurretb c
askwl by lioth agriits lmMlunequl >
Win tu AHcllnll
lii i pirweiil and
Kmwt rlcwiiug and diningwtIn thrj
world Iiutieron wo pbiles VhlcKeuarid
good hr ad and iiiolns the
InrtAhtly produced for
tfn ihlnuttft twn p lrsueyei nyit tt4
them closely Than thity looUedi al ach
other nnd both Mst < one question
Wltere Ij Angollnar ii
WMraJAncainntWhyvt poskhet
lit lunii Angelina mywife and llvr
four mill north oftown stid it t < ijnivr
fU < s rallrvad miip d aweariBdilllf4WU
tha ni U whlldhecauhirym3n tonr li
one Jiorr wsgon foyAtigellrifC
T IJor TS r W n Wnrmiinfi ft
4n MN > rrt > amiy r v
How W O PavWot Halnto ille Wfsln
tpwbVwlrfiJay itto < JI ljr U t 5ni < f nmt
Wfctfore ihoc9urfof a iorJj5ftes
mrnoiiviwino iust illtht Awttoybrjwui
uveV cnthusliwlle ttupporerof Judtfe
Chtrltln tlio hit ej ctlwi llr tooK o
much Interest in ids caw IndtilidV lliat
lis I i5t tho titumn f r Iihii AjpryittwDhf
lyhlch astonUhod tit ttkiHtt for hltlieHo
he iiod uliowir nom iiveislon o nnlltlwc
ihjr now imtfiitJHV1 gt UiHicchiaa
J Bli Hhai
fall l0i proniVY
wydlIinillj iM ityjJr < hs
rjicwMlU rlsrilnir for > d > r l
wwM saa
WBOldVqiljHtMjn RhW faemwMSStiBiyrp
Suit or Overcoat Yet
O 12 or t5
Y < SuHflnd tlio lnrReak nnd mo l compUta utock ot 2ten Suit MidT w6f
if w ywfouin5Bnywheroln thtSouth vita s tyJes Ujile6st5Lrottiiindror5
V1I1 tlid Tallies
AH ExcnirioiitsU oa tliVidrfa lHoai1 n
and JJrjHW v0tBtr iJixcamtan oliuMti i
> iss
Vo nro ja6vf ocoiy ng idvanca clnment iaofii
Pnpore of Jtliia sqtisona produotioit aticl AyilL wpiMl L
SiiblnitearnploBand pricoa onre uestv y X
Dont tip oldsljlq goodtj vlxon yptv eanf gQfqm v
boUor nt snmo prSco ov1osb
V wp t < w rv p1
j 4t s i
iAtiiv H f > ii irtj fc
CaHtlhited j JrqiHj Jr tJlintifjr
MetW flag > fotUlnB rviUoerdM
until ntter ho 1st iicnrd r tho j
incut ifcv
valflf il
j t j in H wftll four mo n Uii laBtIi
r tejfWi
hnlul Hownllan Island liQtotb ii
Sfhrrdepariurti therft hatllicrn rto
micmrLrQHY rionriirs
fttltht trM fe tS eS
iA I
m mU j
Hnov i1 K v
iAi tel now
tf tTi u
> i i
ilrie dt n >
mmu > o 6r A > friofl
fle < > itVUVen w l > t Vn
rirOlV Ir nn4ftfcieiVljf acolt irJ
iSrrjdH arM threo mein > W of
few ra ell aand maiynre
nlJ ti < W
m t
T WirtJs eroy gf
VtViitltffliiyt > > i ivr 30J
Td lt wSltlfWfnt the WesJWdfiflfyl
rriviil oVt
oitter < o thf
NewyoriiiJ qVenihor Bdj dmlralifi J
tun tiw twrellflvoa ipJcomtaa flfS
llioSqiith Amerle tl iiiadTOttfrirtta 4i
ingitfn lii arseiitrAdmlra trvno CJwJ
iiaiirtr iCfrlvil lh rR nn ft yeA Orf
Spree Admiral BWiWqii dKcliriMJSK gtef
fthl TccauJ
bus thtt > n a onj oritf
nrrss tin opinion jihto tli mtcdinntitiijts
war In Urajiih vtth atlmlinlwiiramuje
tllately iipoiv ftolnK snore wlr < iil ia S
partinrnt nt WaeTili i t wiiA wijr
nnd BroceW AlMlnce io ilhomftl wl
London CpijtL nn lVfoinij tiertmr ltit
wa litigton uui oVrn d in tru ft
in li rcorttraryiiiion tisnrrir t7XJ < r
Ourroborntu l > lormjiiJI ifVffeS
Ionian lty M Mifjo
Tlillen toda prlhtB itiiX ment bV l
Herder ftWrl knoivn joStf r i
IH M Brd oBAW lan
lor > and fihlinW tl a > ritiiu
aiW tii ttj 1 r r Trjffi V S Si
Washington foyemkf so Tjj tb
frntn ho iuhcommtfi rt flSrJcii tl
who pre tnyestlifotllnjK the low > > yeT itJ
have Almost cnniiii4 d thoinVift
gallon In th ottrin srowing tl
Tlio coiiimltteo at present i in New Oiffs
leans V3f
3Vo Notr HnTrlojiiurnls
San JTrunolscn Oil Woyember
American hcus John ix Spreclt cl kr tV t
tlilir miming Jrt l ven day frpm K
doveohnicilt In tho JUwildtii iut g
OoiKltiiied Vrum ltlP W S
A < T
pldlino rnllwoy ha been pdrtkliy
etroyod nni the UrlOgVUt BorrWCM
No irnlnahivn Hft Ctuttii
twjntytfnv honrif Jsveral pew
been drowned nin larrfftniimbi
r i Aniiwcii if rhewf
iondon Soisnuep jflHA
th nrf WroW
iirevmtljori MericetI e4 tfr
nrj lto
Wrfn eeday fitter
ChemiMl < irraiiqtidj

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