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The Houston daily post. [volume] (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, December 04, 1893, Mailable Edition, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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l it a Moihsr is lo her Chlfd
jftitafi Troy Laundry
fkt pfllric Ave Houston Toxrig
Phono 332
5JcN rter thom to any other alylc
5v in1lb cnrtons30 inW
stftj jWl Hcaltfiy nmi Kconomlca Wo
article ° i OONbBNBBI
in it teasonablo prices Wo ore
ffiLStor the lURWAjT and
KrD CBOSB brands rnado 111 the
jtotcdiloliawk Vailoyof New York
have no tmperior This
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ft D Cleveland Co
pi j u know 0 > at WD have the best
QJ iiwcaC001C BINDKllir 11 the South
fcjRe great pleasure In toiling
Vfe would like to have on op
Haity of making you a blank book
3Sa afilww what wo can do In that line
Bw is
ti fEstcriza Prinlg 8 Litho Co
BorccelTlnjj 111k
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Eicoto or
ris Feet In OneHalt Ilnricli
Uron t It Barrel nnd OncHnlf
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It llaop Holland Herrlnc in
i Hacttcrcl OneHalt Unrrels and
Jlew Kthp Applesr
Tf > Horthom Apples Men
HI andtVlne dap
sgFASit va for rmcEs
Spnt Pulleys Steel Shaftlnsr
ftMfrs Comllniis 3Inch Boiler
SiaMacniflery CTaaHnss and
e siBtvEitssan
Av Cor Milam St
l1 < Texas
iaeau and Correspondence SoUc
twsrrAciunixo compact
faeceMors to Lottraan Bros
Wholesale Manufacturers of
IrcprpiratcdJuly S 1803
> u Doon llllous Mould
jjjftwcs Cisterns
jH > ttKaas MlirTVork
of at Prices to
Xt Suit Aht Times
left at ourJofnw n the Cotton
lfconnnKclv promPt attention
Geni Commn Morohants
mS 1 11 Dran Pipe
J5F le ali and refill dealers In
a Blinds fcMDjlBsfamtor
n Milam
B ler Jn
WJvits Milist Scsd Com Oats
IH antUi kinds Feed
S Oa
cipiioj sts telephone No a
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fcterxiatioiiisbi Hem
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ffO 242
GEnb aiidivv
Machine W orris
New gnorsj
North EndSan Jacinto lldgp
fioo rnnEixsDitANcis
TllB HOUSTON WsT will pay IflOO
to tlie leoral ltclr ot any jjcrson Svlio
nipclii < lealli y nuclilcnt pruvliletl
tlint fl the Hmo tbe licr n ho dytnfc
lin npon JiIm or her > i < ay THIS lt
TOIU Tills lnndrancr lmlils itooil for
1U liour only > r fronv n m lo 11
p til of < lie rttttc nf tills paper Sat
lsfticiory jiroofVi of encli olnlm must
l n presentcil nlHiln 48li Vor iH4t b
HiinlnesV pnioc ot Tlie lahiton Font
llemembrrll li polleyJ 4l void ttulnn
THIS pAlfilt ti p qtt tlie limou nl
lime ot tleatlii
Fornltnrc Cnrpiets ana Honit Fur
> 1 fif Ktii JUi afVaooa t f
roj 7b3aha70J JIain StJ Cor cin ltofivfet
Keep your frlenilK pntsiaeof > lIons
ton posted u to Texas lir innlHiie
lilcm tills eopy ot The Pps > after
rchain KHt If yon jnarUsoAe im
provement Itcttt in It so mucli thij
bcltrr i
Slcsjertn lloecs
of Mexico December 5 The tn
tingurai of the Pcnpnrace trflck hroupht
out the largest and most
crottd that eVer assembled ln Mexico
President Plaz Mrs Dia thft cnbUiet and
dlploniallu corps W e present topctber
with thotcilteof Mexican society The
greatest snU usU mprewUlea rn the pools
the Mexicans learned readily U19 Amer
ican oystemof betting and laid heavy
wacers especially on Stexican horses
There were two thousand cirrlagcs Inside
the grounds and tHQ rotlttary hand furn
ished music VftSiithrunBS sPrWu leluJ l
JAmmds Orie tsreot Teature Was tho larfce
i 5er a Arnrif n presrntTrpm all
w Tta5S5 B w n
Mexican derby was a pro
noim liuccg2 Wdjnau urated
track was
AhnnlSXMexico The
slow wither clear and coof
There mrtwHe tWmenflo < s l 1 aPK1t
m nt IVs Vrssult of c lmntlc condtUons
ond llohlil 71iwd third Tlpie fair Iaiince
1J second Tlvpra tl lrt Siexc nhorse
Cnnitonqt s > eccnd Ianlna thlrp timer
21turdle septtMnen rider rJM2 5
OftrtMo mC Utouedc second SIrro > rd
third No lime taken
An area of JowprosdrB of consJderftWe
Intensity i itto ni e tward frpin the
continent into tlieA antlc ocean and Sap
i fiil5 Pore ens t
Epcal fo st > r Texas ftr
tour hours endlnS a U tnjdnbjht
5 >
TexM Centra T 15 t
For North coast dis
Texas SouthwsJ Texasand
trict Fair
p On DecembhXOih 2MvfoiilMJ
fe rj i f
iiielJ Excursion Tickets totfomplris 1st Louib Indiaii
Ct f uisvillo Cincinnati and all principal points in
ooutheaat at
f tie
oaal trip goclli a rcturn thirty days from date pi ae
> EE
Th o PxcsJdeniyMoB agfi Expjctjd to
Bo Borit1inaii a ItWiirProb
ably Jo Eettrl
The ConnUiion iUcommeoai Legitiittjs Va
tlllnE for Ihroaenltontei stdJolnt Katei
sod Uniform rrelget ClfiiilEcttion
s >
WBililngton tieeemljer 3 Th extra sc
Rt6n alsli6Scd bt Ml the prttaln tirlea sisrl
rrAh > ntccjmr at ihe opening ot the
ionr M slon conscnucntlj there WlU b
none of thov usual reasons VhsJ congress
may not besln hualnes promptly upoh
convclilns tomorrow There are lfty to
slxtr hills a ntl resolutions on the Wnafe
calendar no H cdli begin lefrlslatint mrhe
dlntels after the receipt of the prtesiilcnts
mbsRage if deslrabie A majority M U16
bills arc of minor Importance Itany rc o >
lutlons refer to the nubjoets Incidentftt to
silver repeal ami wltlt that measure but
of tho way yflll In ell proljabttlfy he
tlrdppMli There are fev bills of ccneral
Importance such as HilVn FeAoral eleetton
bill the hill reportei hj Mr yoorhtes la
Increase the drcutatlnK itale of National
banliK MorstunS Joncurrcnl r sWutlon for
tlio apiio btnieni ot 6 Joint ommUlt > 4 of
the two houses to onsiti flnanclnt fluos
tfons Stewarts resolution for 11 commit
toe to tnquiw U al
holders In Nnttonal
any stnatorsiaM twck
ha tks jmtfjTlitlhl lo
the coorillnkt tlepirtmfntp ot the K iSrn
ment IefferR rosnlutton on < criluK inter
state comeierw and 1iihnerM rcuardliiji
pensions to nnrostdehts
It la impossible to say which If any ot
these measures will be lulten up during
tlio tlrst week of tlieb rIon
it is coniaroa probiiiije Uiflt none vlll
receive inuehattention n tho Hawaiian
ipiestlon itlilch 1 > n l now betor the
senate in any shalift Is almost sure to
be brousnt bfore It In come way before
the close dth week
It isprobable that a number of reso
Jutlpns ct tnqiity will bo intrMueeii ask
ins for Kipcis hi th rate Inciadlng lltu
Instructions to Mr Willht and there v l
Mhaoubtetliy be a full discussion of the
entire fcubject If not during tho present
Veeklater In th < session Thera will proti
nbly be very Jlttltflf ahr business ut
tempted tomorrow beyond rerlpt ot the
inettiure and it W proiablethat Judsltigi
fr6iuiprecwtng events aiidl hecausssev
rll senators wfl be nbsenti the senhto
will ndjwirn Thnrsdaj untilStonday of
Interest In the rcsulafcaessloh of con
Bi ss whlclijKOnvtnes KPTluii lWelv Miw
tmorrpw will centerin tb house wins
Initnonnous pressure lorAlcftt
Kill Jtlnds publicapd prltttte hanellQlnP
and otherwise syl existfront the jrtcsti
but as < > in nHth deCKs can beCleared the
tariff bill will havfl tho right nf way
fll J
lent fourmcintbs on the ro to JMWUoti
The Vlls hUtwl ihc < imn > imce Ulie5
latter hart ott the > wefik probablyThur
daysjTho estimated of revrnuc Ji > jie 40
rived frpm the Urirthlllavnibi > < opjl ted
iind sntimltted tomor w rhey showh de
nelt Insrevehups en the bnii of aovern
m ntal expendltira oi Kiy pMi yew
to t > e rrtissd to SKUjMO which nnjst he
raised from Increased infernal rwenuo
taxes orincociRtns
It lr not probahle that thetax on whis
ky crni be increasptt more than 10 cents
py pallon which wIlilnerwiseJthBrevitH
nuo from tills source JiOWvvi
Allbough t one lime but wek It ws
practJcnlly ilerided In an Informal way
10 Impose a ina on the tncontes ofcDrpo
rattons and legacies tl > e > rq > has been i
chaiiR of eentlmeui and It Is almost
flatnKtb > ltt tt ftrntnnt tax on Individual
Koiries ovtr SWW will be recommended
Kven tr the Wilson bill Is TeporiwrtMs
week it la npl espeeted that tlbbste will
hesln until next week
It Is expected that the death ot 1r
ONeal qr Pennsytvanla will a an
nounced immediately nfter cbnvenlne ana
1 J > < li VM nu will hi
tho adliurnment of hath houses
withheld until afterthe reception and
radios of the presidents messnKej If
be rend
notr tha mwEff will Tuesday
1 n
Interstate ComntCren Commjsslon
WsahlnStpn neccmb > r SVfhe o llowius
is a synopsis f lie reveptjv annual rupart
> f the Interstate wjnnjfrc e cofemLsloa
Attentjorf Is called to the peculiar office
and of
of common
evenoccupatlonupon theirfacilities th
to rfcelvs
equal treatment Itnall tti > tJiertaln9 to
pubifc JJtW I9xtaMiiJJd iher romoiiU
of rcBufatinKT fciiaeimentu W Ac
cure to hedplrifthc Aetimi cnipymentof this
Tlicre Ut be it commnn pub 1c
ami rosonliblfc
rate prhirn fade Just
nvhieli pleasurcB thr Jtswful ch r es of
The enactment at th W P < 1 SIt
Jiaiil > la E JiKBS < d n publlra tcA
W TrTcommKsfon recommends d >
ttpnkj lesUlatlo Oh the tumm f h
l tvltn respect a KreefcaiasS totl < > rce
thVlawful orrtrrs of the commission
To sly lepisljtava construction to
word llnei In tho fiatiilv
ilto provtdq for ntnbllshlnsr through
route find jldlritthro ict > r t <
A To clvothe ccmmlsnirtn P W5r to pre
crihei minimum nsVfH n waxlmum
cpmneilUye p04nts <
sVTn provide tWlbej adoptfort of tipl
AhoVodeht clafsinwitftn r
Mm to indictment forvolawoir t
tbeVw Tr i fal V nrt
Ymn prrtvide a peptdly tor ur
ruftbrts wJOdnttfpodnedmmv
t nHentipp
eanReMjw jfcf ww w855552 gW
TVwWirtan UecemJs r > 3WrSc ti nndat
report of thecomptr r fjithii cMJren cy
which wjl IP uhml J < tW Kpn t s I
raw brief th aa usuaUf J b < nf Ihat
altoal hanhil werBiP operotlon Bt < h
cW of th > report fpr tin vnr wjth
eibltal tnch of itSJSP prescnt t
f iy STKW d hares ejd pptxM lwt
JSte aSSSf totti
sfw i lociwM duiln the Sgfit of
thevytarlui banhs were orsan
nurinr tbevyearii mni
vii V ifciririwo Statorand Trr prt
elsriiiufwltaHartalfftW f
5Stol resumed sixtyflvc ftlaad Wla
ih juwdi Sgjlptvti > J splu tocK
etA t 1 < tne clat e it the year seven T mtlned
St > w
or emp ytd for
buiW eill to the loans
and Jnu
mVl thldsmsnd a fir 4nn r
tt prevented the mkl g of w Waft n4
Jtnatred Rlmaiu us on th i > u f >
btnk to r nt renewals of credit or ex
ttBslons The u j > p lon t Natlowil
htnks durloif th yesvr is discus uii
also that el mwovtlon a numberof
Amendments to the present Naticmai1
tanklnif Jaw urorccommended tor ntwiy
bf Vhteh U > W bill lnp 4ys Mfci
Bres sacti ftllowtns Jssuiin of dfe
culatlniir nolw enuat to lh par v tu ot
the bottds ep < U Kl tc v
< <
CoBgtres Convenm > <
V > hmfcUm l K B > Wr fhet
third W > flH + M pe s tMMM wiH MJI
testih hs shtc 1 esMon ttnd 4 tt W fiK
hitalreen welUlald ettt by th comniltt
name at lhe xtr ww tonipthe
oV pssslns the fn flk mcasvirq j hd theJtew
revenue bin win b ncab ttunTw4j
Xi at jihs session Theso T Hriv
Irorniiisnc this
CoiiKrcasnicni Wilson nnd
McMlllhV im
thu ehftuklofa at these two pas fnllsnUi 1m
rcsiionsibiiity ftf ar diti h reform
nteasuree iuld the ejea hf Uib toUntri
will watch With
Intcnstf tntrrwt
every movement
Ilwton Alcilllltn ot CWlh aSe Teim
was born In Monroe tfeunty Kentucky
SeptemberH not wnaraucud at rhtio
math aeadJiny TemuMet iXodKhiuciiyX
university at txliiirton stiidtht Uw mirtfr
Judge 15 Xj lartopulr ttnj wri admit
tud to tha barlcommenecd tho prtlWiMf
Mvvillui < tutu Gf vcu ugk lt
wan commissioned by the goverrtor
treat with btate of l < cnlnchy < f
tho purennae ot territory In jUOTj wns
ehoiien eleetor on the Tildcn nnd Wit
dricks ticket in isewas commissioned bt
thfr Auremor special Jlidia ot h rircttlt
court n isri was elected to the V rty <
sixth lortys venlh l t4WRhthr nnd
FijrtynlntK cmiRWSses and wn8 reelectrl
tQihsPlftytlr8tto tile Fitu eCoBa wvl
totho Flfythird conswsns 1 <
AVhilo Oon ressmRnMcMillhv ss ill i
wna i > orii in JeitctVim cuuhtjv ir liii
May 3 l i won rducatea fit CJuirlcS
fervfrtln tho Confederate nrmyt wd 6r
reslaned and fliiterwl upon tn 4 practice
f jy J1 ftotHvnt woa ijtt doiossto
In 1SSJ to lb National democratic coil
venttop af Clnplnnatl and wan chosen ait
etector forthe State at larEocajtReiUai
fek ttcketi wan elected president of tile
West irulnlannlversityt1n 1SSB and tn
t re < l upon ttiBHoffieoifeptember fvbuton
September 30was 4 > omlnatedn8 theil n
ocrntlc < ndidatit for the irortjelfitttH
consress aud elected re lsm > rrihe frtHk
dency of tho State university luiJunKJS
received titedrmfef Wi rnt m Colum
bian university In 1S8 nnd fromIIflMPdi > n
Sidney colleRe VImlnbv In 1RW wa p
pointed treimntOf SmlthsonlaJiMn
stltuUonfontwo years In ISM nnd resMl
POlntedJn dSSifMm was r < > ectloUi
Boqncre nW < ltil alsof
SJUethv irimflrsWriftytfecond
Alftytlitid conirrtiBsw f
ft enata hiipJIttlaoijmp Drtane r
wlll coma tm uiitll tho bouw htiM i5W
posed fit inrtrt and rfr u W Wn <
uplcss ih debate1onMheijtwt Ff
pr ml5es totl csv
verj Wtorodgli
sag The
ithe supreme
jits early irt
andiin vljw pf thsdefeatJof itllitv orvimSf
UV AjitSXli hy friends of Pre dtn l
ft tor wlll flsh itt nflrpiisoon
rentlnirv Vltli t heIiidlHns tV
Wnslibirton pecjnrbcrarTheordeV liig
hefSt is pjdrntJhei interior f6rali tmc mi
IJert of the Awes cphiiriisaliin at point
> a
S Kabfbadtpartinenuiomoel
fe Tnevw li atthii tlm9aottnly b
SSPIJ1 rittea + instruetians from the
p tment whioii win
insist ot tn tx
Wi i ttet it tli Jaw creating tli et < ommls
L ° t KfiJ10 otth influential Indlaiwt
lPr tribes concerned in thi pcndiuirne
totlatlwuicimfty b in u m jttstr tm
tlmr wjifn there wiliha a uenerVl W
F al ot n W1 ne new inrtrtus
iwiw dirccf that the mmirtilon icoaie
to Irhllah
the countrj nnd unto them
5lY nwnio the fifflctai of the tribes
of he five nations ondcxplaln their rSnt
InR ahd alt that 4Uey m aamitled to
PP n hcsotintioitr In each nut Ion the
couhcll and the chief will be th < paftles
to nccost on the raatter ahd n mio tlnie
If l that
presumed tins comndistan will
place the Wh61e matter l forc the wimais
of the J1V natron ftiwy are instructmt
to conform to1 the law in each tiittJonr > ip >
ulstinc myotlatloni Pt this Wad Kndthey
aro Rmt to placelteforc tho eollflcllSi thft
proposition of cttfeensor a nation Uklnit
lea itcre of land by way nf llotmrnt
and thnri nriratltto far the pnrchnue t
IVnn Alcn Declines lwmb ndor htp
iNisw Vpk r i AJjetlSr Wf
jiiad publlo toduV fton J 3r Xji lAJenj
rweptly appoi ated ntrihatisador M llilyji
to H creMryCrcsharn lnMci VltAlen
declines the nppolntmenl onylrts ItTlyil
been ehantM tTOV It Was Infaturil for
KoCOO contflhiitlisti Hthe NaltonBlt4 mo
era tie cajppahtnftundi and he theriffof t
can not accept
The prtMeit peKOnnlly replied tojVah
Alen4Ieltcrt ajKingr hlm t < iflecnnmi
hit dccUmitlon
VM Aien jttti
much ihe same
ifPUid to th presldtnt jn
Htrpln on he wrote Sir
OreshamV rejfnttdp to accjfff JJtj atfict
PiiiiIhb Out reusloiis
jyc hi i4P Pe uinhef x t eeftpiif
irpltBT > niftrhh 3pisuel lll rcjulsltlons Pn
thesecMtsryot treasirry for
W 1 STU i W > U ttt l WfcWt VBT
toil MitaE h M < Wi Tletroltt Mich1
lUihbur < W S
IliV firaxa sjaOSle iraHOB
txashjnjtD0 lWern lfeV 8rjrb fJurtaiii
to dtipvMftha ciasln lfBlif di >
uiono w WtU lW lt l > tiy < M sM gJ >
here Vv > iiml < bwlM AMW A
circuit cpbjs w0now
lKTHinriHt Atbeit
Ath n i Tewft 0i < mWf 8 taker
J < e ndriclt mad ait essljtpai entW fl
PltxwBrih la f3tstiU A t wtt it M <
ilcJ unknown
y e err ar s Trl lj j
Nw ypr b erohit Xnlllji iiulU er
tain th aUlhc case o r l > r Mrjyejy Hi
lesed inntirwice polsimrr Is tp Jis ialiffl
fpr rialiiefc > re Judge inerahamitomorrow
WoonsocUrts Klrclloo
Woonsocket It I llceember 3 Wflon
socket votes for local officers tomorrow
The ini Stork Kliotr
rhlooRO Uerember I The Amerie ii
fat stiwk Khnw opens her Inmfiemr
rl fc
k1 V V hV
a Xi
ias jabTsbt
wWt 7h w
Jl l A trlii itjOfct fJll f
E6n a0a Dccfmbtr SJThawd Wd ti sd
i > Wlnbf I na5iv ttc tii Vreatftd uils Stfij
ttrrndoit ttT Slelit VSrely Ketrir nfr
Und ifr iiriituei Ksiki i llwtt pAr ht t
hlddlnir JjoW denan c
MiariUssv InaWlme
Uy uVJ ejj prSnlei
llb < iri1nto lBiI i e ilW fflV W i
oalcUliled totstrlkc iefr
about through ah wVitouneewent bra n
rhMts that they1 in ndM do fiold 4
PtecilasTon Trafalgar 1 qy re ttlit l d
ot WhUehun treot wlierif ta > vMH
rnonlofilcersBreinjbam itiv lvtiate4 atid
w lthtn rideshot ot tlw puisne pLfoy i
tiiry 1 I
Bpch a thlnit could no b e tqleratcd ih0
Want ton Henry E < iuetli jiecretarj of
salfc for home ntfaltn wh > MOMttonrd
upon tho uuject In
thft conituDuti rlaat
week and ho prpmplly Issued Instructions
totho pollceott rlliK thedibf cormda
Bldner Sir Udwflrd Hradtord to talis
the steps necessary to prevent the me t
intfTh nnnrchlsts thereupon declstvil their
Intention uf Iiuldlne the meetlnS ih unite
of thOiauthorltles The1 pollca this after
oon mustered a sirowt forca nbopfrTrit
tnlsrar sauaroi In the strand on Coekstriir
fctlcct jpd White hail Mejeryot iveeia
ildnMt ln Pesent mreetj Vttterloo i > <
Cliaring Cross road North tjmbiirdmd
avenuownnd on the embankment One
would Knagine that this tiisplayJof force
wahld ha < lrterrcd3tbetmiarchllttafrtm
maltlntAny d nionMrntlon but they < Hr
evidently prcpar t to Jo their tttatq st to
carryJonttha throatto meet oil ilia qttanr
iptspHft of tbaiauthorlties for they hwwti
Jo jnjistenat > oclockv tlumfthrthe lour
tildM tjf tho square wasJilocked With jiq
llew mnimiedftntiiBn footv jf
tjlhlsdlsplnjroIroree catuiednianythOuB
ahfJSotpeopletolock tO lhoTnfelShlxlirf
hnpflaBil Intrant ortbe > J ttonaiKalhrr
iwas ip nackitd wlljl people that It Was
W tMs
wasjjust Whs theiftmirchl te <
dand Jh bl dilbm tofdoinorfuttwi
rlR3prwdlnK the ntyinorfttarurand
J UierchyvJvtiitJlaUnerdynahil abctrlntwi
lljan ally taeethK they couid UaH held
tti nHthe quflre would hovef done1
ttoveltyJofctbe > tnattontf < iiHlirr iilyaal
WPSpJ tlie peApkassemhle vCoprAvef
bJ pcmmohlWeal iTlil l rtn < ofah an l
Briii ui etMOondon 1e n4redytmleln
thowowds insftttptlsple bpliirtutniutt
tnitlonof l ior a siiimpspliinuniiitf flown
tho l r f ehurehtanrtieltft JW
i menQfparelilst1iwr tur iHl i i < onj
t ltj tHR artlthV headed iomtlaVv in
which tho w lterwlcotiedtheannrcdonft
fliitranreSsit n irrest nd Trooani nnd
felorlllea n tlie faet thatthirtypftopla
wpf6klljcd hnd eUty njuredqfiihat oe
casion 6 ji
tiiadiinUjf ihe number < if twclalutrniiTr
Rrinrchl HiiwutJtUe < iUHr < iWtraJW a
r eiunl that ath > y riaioed icotirtire ctiPUKhj
jn pp tosiird the center wlitcH plane
Jhey had previously fouKlit shy ojowH
to thklarit < nuwborbr itollccmen Finally
JarBo and exclt rcrCTWSS W
arid wclalut eollecteil Inside thpf squwrw
AnuinBth MAiw noliced tji
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