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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, December 10, 1893, Mailable Edition, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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H a Mether is to her Child
fthrff Troy Lanndr
tPlrlc Atoi Houston Toms
Thene 332
in Hi Mrs
JlNwill Quote Ericas or Bond
lfStriple3 on Application
81008 Texas Ay
Xi Ye B Cars of Apples which
kW jopalwr color They are from
and aro packed ill SO lb
Wf slso have 10 Cars of Floridn
la hoses and can supply yoit
4bcj fruit for the Holiday Trade
b eiBWEitssun
l tomaierc Ave
Milam St
U una Correspondence Eollo
fxt tied
WeNMQi to tflttman Drbs
JfliolMat Manufacturers of
a nuns ani > budding
f Miwrporatcd July 3 1E03
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W i 8 fc IJoora lillail Mould
> Ujtire CUtern
JP ttn4i pf MtllVorU at Trices to
Salt His Times
CM ofdee In tnt Cotton
lOl PoraPt aitentlon
1 Senl Commn Merchants
Importers of
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MAirAB E ebitioiv
8mT W tyra i6 J h My U
R0 if 1 llb cartons 30 Iri case
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OltOSS brandst
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Ladles Visiting Work llnsttct
1 die Fine Curd Cone
< tntlomens Wallet
Ladles Pocket book
Kxqiitslio Photograph Album
Ulrcnnt Oold Illistlo Penholder
1 vrlth Pen
lllcirnnt Roldchnsed Penholder
with Pen
Christmas Cards K cent to 10
Mouchcrln Cnsc linnd painted
100 designs Fancy Inkatnnd
Solid Silver Jllnirrecd Novelties
Double Indexed Dairies a pres
ent which irlll remind the user
of yon ctctj dny In the year
Tent pocket and lnrpe nlars
Superb Christmas boxes of Indies
correspondence paper l > 0 per
100 Steel Plate TUIIIhk CnrU
At 3 3 Pnslorlxn Printing and I > lti
nfrrnplilnir Co No itOI Slain Street
Printing nt Ilottotn Vrlccs
° Windnaill
Stauncliest and Most Durable Tank
103411 Travis Strcetnj Houston
Hew Goods Just Armed Will be
Sold at Bottom Pricss to Suit
tha Times
A Bering Bso
VTEblesale and retail dealers In
Sasb Eoors Blluds Uin s umber
fe < nBH SVolcclitn Cord Kto
Aeonts for Heath MUtlBan nest Paint
Pralrlo and Milam streets Houston
Dealer In
SeodOats Miilst Soad Corn Oats
Bran Ijay and allkinds Feed
T avla and Capljoi Btsl telephone No <
D EAliEr4N
rornltnre Carpet nna Homo Cur
nlskUsr Gooda
T01 703 and 703 Main tit Cor Capitol Ave
Wood Split p ey st1 ih ffSl
DoiesI HsllKers Couplings alnch Uoller
Tub 5 MachSaeVy Casltow Bnd Itepstr
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Machine W0Xlv
New Ejiov
North End San 3aclnt6IMdgo
10 < l FUDB I > 8lllA > OB
TUB HOUSTON POST will pny 9 0O
to tho Ic rul heir of uny pernon tTho
raorli death liy ncclflrnt prorlded
that nt th time the person so itytss
hit npnn his or her bodj THIS IA
lKH Till Insurance hold rood for
11 Itonr only or from 7 n in to 11
p m of the ilntn nf this pnner Sn <
l fnoory liroqfs of pocli ° vlnlni uint
lie presented ivithln 4S 1ionra at tho
Dnslncss Ollico of The Hoiidon Pont
llememher this poller 1 void imleati
THIS PAPI3lt I upon the person ht
tlma of denlli
Grain and Commission Merchants
MS lMap d J04Travis Street PJione KJ
Dealers IH Secil Oats Itlllet KeVrt Corn
Cots Ilay TJrsn and all kinds of Fee l
Car I ots n Bpeclslty r
Use Itebliwons cipher
IVlrc fOf prices at our expense
the wiwpmsri
Koadvllle Colo DeOcmber 0 It hjts
been snowlne hen steadily toe the twiu
tyfour bourn patt Alt roadV are using
miow plows Ir some places n tho paas
ca tho snow Is ten feet deep It 1 three
to four feet on Je > Cl
TTonldIlo Trntn Itoliher
New Orleans Xau December X
TlmesDemocrafs Tanslpolioa Qn spec
ial Baysr This eventns as Uio New tr
Icans and JacksonvlHo pssxen er train
pulled out ot this station three men
boajded the trata and without provoca
tion whatever beitatt Ahootlinj seriously
Injurlntc Conductor JCtnsbrert and r eecv
tlou foreman named McCraa knd Jumped
from tho rapidly movins liiMliir Th lr
Is nut known It ts thoucht that
tho Intention was to terrify the
Hers by shaptlnir oft their revolvers ftbd
then make way to the express car where
It wa expected to make a rich Haul
National Steele TSxcImuge
Kansas City Mo December tlTbe
final session ot tfce XitUonil Ltyo Stock
exchange was held tojiSys JOio conven
tion adopted a resolution calllpp for apto
mortem inepectloa jsf itt at she erole
Instead of at the packing house A tele
Kratn from J < Jf Csnipbell Fort Worth
Texas OBklnir for admission for Fort
Worth Into tho cxenansr was received
last nbtht but no fiction was taken tin
tho matter Jt was agreed that tho next
convention would be held 1n fit I onlS
next year The executive committees will
rtx the ijaie Tho convci ton djaurnel r
Tber Dldnl Wniit Ut
chlcauo December Of Ti GeiTnanla
clph pt thin cJtj was Ottered sp oil por
trait of Governor Altaeld W PhOlfe Heii
rlci Tho club rcfosel to neenpfc the gift
The action Is tal evd to be oil < M < emlitt
< if Alt eldS pardon of tho anorehUlK
fieveral membtra reslifned but a major
Uy aBDrqvft the action of the eonimlHe
tnntT5JKted the portrait
tip to KI llrldle In Hlood
nenvohColo Deerniber yiiu Ninvs
today sjiys It Ooyernpr tVliltc calsi an
extra esa9nof the leslslatif io fnrward
Jits isliver scheme unpeachment proceed
incs will be beitun The jrovrmortti Br
tlons in the penitentiary muddle would
furnish ground for tho proposedtjjneo < h
nnntiv s r
t M
t na lii Pf il < I rKst XlUl Cool
Cfileaiof Deeembst Whea Amtotffl
i r no rw t rO gh jtto oeurt tbday
ttw Wrysiriin
no bo to sJMfj lrtii hajidf
with hl counsel MA than WKojt iin
his slialr Ml yrntjy bito twm
while the exftaoloaiipH of veolfsnuMi w s
ketnif copdpctwUu
AHU ro nsnt Callly
Aiils ica al rtl4pl ht ti < > My muwd
verdict of irulNjJaa obarsei Alie
fomey Bled inwllOB for Mew tri hwhfch
will bs Jicifd Monday njwiShf Ht j
San BeiftsMWoo fjal lJos is ber is9
Ihs relltW otlilb bj 4 Ktt tf0
dlstrict thtt aUBerlor eourUSM lpj P >
Sy VrrlintleS comj Xh WJ l r1i
a capital t tockof Hytwp
IMeefTf MM T t
today Ww Injoriea ftohf a i klle4
fcta frthrrii city wnP > oy who wa
iifd Sis 5ster nounded by b r lare W
Sided ihsrunly home wis NavemVer H
U > K upJciSl that thft moplfffp r
Gronieat Oon atiitnatJon Exists Many
Ate Wonndoi1j Rna Mortf
TTrouDlVls Foafcd
inii hiaT r4Tkb B > iNJbRi0 T thM
IM OosdUloa of ACilrt U tit Ostein E4
pfrtfhiif ir7re tia tfr ef Mlue U
j jmi OtittKswj
order to complimenthim upon his cool
uess and comaBe sayinki he Jtad given
fantry who wus on tho second Jloor PC
the chamber when the bomb was thrown
sayi hu beileVes tin llilBcrea tSii bald
jalt1 and had a full beard a uy officer
t i > u 4i
adds tliit he thinks Hho
badly woundedltt the
undoubtedly exploJcil sliort
hi hand IjiU lonlsht It Is announced
that tha police have jn custody a wan
ivho on entering tho suspaotod tribupe
refused to ltmovo his oycrcoat whenrt
ipiested to So so in ho cloakMootn and
fcitnin atvjiiBentranccofthittribune Tho
man referred to U woundeil and wsb
the HwtjCarricd out
Another mrthc who attempted to evade
tho doorkeeper and escuna from tbere +
clnctKof tho ciuimber is ulsobulnic clow
ly watched Some of the spevtators reft
Ollnllxo him aSthB throwwof thb bomb
ami ho is Earned l tiolr At8pw all
slranffcre present at toilay1 slttlnir of
tho chu iiiber w ro sllll belilg dotalned at i
his thejep iTldoni bebind xoaa atwThej
uro ot all rank s > d nijes a d collesf lit
slobs of tho oatwee
pie who trl l to psoi
fh R seated J > p Jf
foups and enKego in
tried eioopo
Uetaltioil for examination
dtoeu >
The report ht the oulrtee spread like
wild tiro through thfk ity and
Kroups volleeledlttajl tho main thprouitii
fares rewllns by llKhtafrom theshop
winoows tile acoountir of this txjilosiHi
irtibiished m th sptcift v jtion ithi
When ojifei vrUf somswjiat r toi dr t5
m itMiMii1
faiuiitv rwrtNswst at Mjaflme of
plo n wj > l wrwto t i
cbamh ri vohuiteerad r tollowliuf
adtnltrd wi
yiMr < h it2S7
inallty o pii t < Sie fuse wa
th botnb wbleh eipU di ui
m j Mpgz
and rhottifh the
a wlwuro of va itiyosrlM M uwi
wlth WMBlW Tl hif 5d JWefl
of iilthj yrrltor areipfthStanton
JUat the putrtMJ St r < llW te t
rAt ism tm
i d u mwtlot 4 iUm4U l
lriMentC r t ha jllstnitffb a j
clal offlesr irjWi stow fld In hH
kaoarlnr W 1 > < f iMtnltsioiitawtw
4u > ry uolt f 16 rrastM M m bonw
as burns been fitttmi jnads of sfiio ttha
mts U of twMjuetJon war prptwhly n
slno Jbos > t content te still tinktiowo
Tarls December 0V While tho cVmmi > trTtT B
ot deputies wan 1ft sssslon ths nfternoon
a homli wati inrdvyirrom one of th Bll
Juries una after a ttounlo report csploilW
In the midst ot tho law mulct Tlis HCCno
whs icrriVln rne croivds In tho pullcrl i
voro seised ylth a pintc and trousn
Uie Winding amoltennd dust fousht JWrccly
to escape from tho oulldine The police
however with grent prpmvittiide elosed
every exjt to the streets and Instituted at
oilco n most searclilnB Inveatlsntlon fur U <
criminals both In tho callertcs and on the
lloor of tho ehnmbcr
MHiiy pcreons women were hurt more
or less sQrloUsly hut so fur as known only
ono was fatally wounded
Tho deputies displayed Brest coolnessj
and their president jtf Dupuy apfieuletl
to Ids collesRues to Contnu3 tlftlr discus
lon8wlUi calmness JUs remarks were
loudly cheered and partial Ordst w re
The mimbef of Wounded Is over l0htyi
Tho tiollca detained upon suspicion y0C
persons hut after u tliorough exaiplnitttop
rtjfcharstd all tut sixty wlidanl now 1 > < M
under lock nndk y included imonjt the
prisoners ils on Xen0lr who say ho live
Ui Hue fit AmbrbsO and who fee cHTl ins
juries lit obtained admlstlon to the gal
lery on a cah from ono of the deputies
nnd nt first told the pollco no Was una <
companled Wt a remHrlt tuaSa By another
wounded man to lilin in the chamber art
the p3lIc w Uovh hat Xjjuoir wnh otib
if a number ot desperate plotters rho had
none to tho chamber prepared to destrpj
U with uiiyamtta k
A shoemaker Champesu Is nlno
under arrest and is stronfrly suspected or
txlnjr Implies ltd In tho plot >
ibe n P6 Mm
Parliv has lilt for a lomt Um
but U Is believed to have been soma 1
suiactlvp chlorate
r eltotr was taken 1o hc pollco flepart
nisnt RMd Save his address as No tl KU < S
yjxmbutes lit answer fa tho Inquiries t
lh police l k d iUrcd Wiiphatieanj there
was no on else in tr ch ml > r who wn
kiiuwn to him This statement howcvei
nv ehottlyatterwsrds proved to bftfalse
wldl lieoolrt wounds ere twin
fe vi another injured man m peare4
4l > liroacheaiilminra ittfalthyi nner
d after whleperlns fcrnolrs nsmo tfatdl
Vi sw oing in iho honpitai
Bf this remark the authorities alseav
wi nolr h d to them and
reiuyu < on sccoinpllcoor mor < In
the bulldtoe Lettrflr recently irrlvell rronv
HordeoiK and h beenunder ppllcteur
veWanee ever > ince
lM Dapuiv pfeMdent W the chsmber
r cetvcd attrlttliic scalp wound One of the
M ineiv ctators was
w > named
tWMaded iin the leg and ko terribly Jilutl
lated that Hit Uoctor doelnw thAt she
jWlll l fteontiriUwl rrlpple tho rentalimer
fcfb > f life tho dlsplayod ureat < OUMtt
SUA Uoumsninn womtn uatneA JdaiHel
was atso s vercl > woutuleW Up w > the
jsiriseiit tdtie lllij woumltu pero n h
i > asedthr HstitiwfttKbBl DivUIrt aloiie
jVltoSether wer wefo over4t5 ir Itttion
rfBUnded j
M Meyer ludgo In Ike InMrUMSon has
chars M the eiMHlmvlloli ot MMtWh l
aewsted on Msnjclon of bcltvf Imp
In th adtM4 > nesMen nttinerW < it
lmplwal 4
> > n < mis
HirlCS fcslled to th rtiAinber b > MKor
sjoMr director tit tho Sureto Ken F k = ST
jSUMttrtyouw aten t vo iwtn huslh cn
Swued in aecompiinylnii to their horns
1 persons perraltted to leaVo thd bulldlyit
M order to v ri their Identity
ln U rokW 6t JlirtescribublB eraollon
Stlie dleuiuflon of vei Idea lion nt the depu
lies WAX resumed Uurlntt thts Urns tho
ivounrtfrii strsiiiM w ti assisted to Oia re
< resbment tooms ftn > attendeit by nunv
Uce pr pnrRlciani The socialist deppty
AbbflUliyre la aufterinir verj Oaiureroutt
ly tie lsa a wound In ttie uvclc but It Is
Bxiwotfil that > l twoveft At limit
A BeoreiorjpKifttora frnmilio tribunal npd
xnllerles tmwr d Salle den Pas Perdue
inrrt rloKet4nedlcataa5latanec All had
bbwly shirts nnd cravatM and wounds
could fe > een about their faces Attionit
tho twrwnv wounded were a number of
women lio wm > wf plnif with pain nnd
> bH klna wtth Irlcnt The suppoited ipls
TresneWlKj eaused the i < xplo < < i u Iscniiftfl
flurlnB the ejinfiiston and also lutsetled
tbst lie was wounded by tho explosion
which occurred tho momeatthe bomb left
his hands which txplalna It A number
uplirwem wounilcil In the iplUWy
Ilnd Uib bomb fallen anions the dep
of the rfuht u ivns prrtnabty n
numbirJof them wouldtiavfr be < Ml kUPM
A number of strnnersr ttftd jotirnntlstUr
nil more or less wounded iwro picked up
on thosecond Hoor scntire < t al mt tha
fluimb r were immp pieces of lrnnriaw < er
t > ut of the soma shape n Boll hesd t i1
Ul b llef l thill the bpmb WHSloaded
with pieces Mtiron A tho tUsrtundoii r
< H thesallarUs
> r VrniJ r caslmer
A wtc4l Uw ttibunit and cdninutiiiatei
Dlimy S a Pt the art vlPq
WM aadtngs
id tho
M iA ul l tt MJ iji bomU as ihTt > ra nt i oclock ev
Wfro allowed from v tiuio to i time todenctly
part by the police
When ma cneerlntf subsided Caslmere
Purler added Tho sovernment will visit
m attempt with the most severe pMislt
Amidst the lenwed cheerinc the chsTm
bcr adjourned
The publicle
cvuryluff avray
olett Uin ijauercslowiy inanj
small pieces OMfOn spltn
1 nnd other souvenirs ori
ters of wood
After the chamber adjourned Dupurt
w < i ihe object ot atnanllestattoaotsym
pathy eo tonehlnff Wat librought tet
to the eyes ofsnUprosent <
an example much to be vamlrod and then J
sikontaneously tho nswHpaiter men and
spectators burst out withringing ebeenij
VivJ 1 President Dupuy
The courageous preswftnt
was deeply
moved by toe mtiniretj atlon ot sympilhy
nnd appreciation of his cnurvse kand re
tired tromsths chttmberaa auicklytis he
could alter ndjournmonu
The firefect of police procurator of the
republic and educator iveniral hiirriwl to
the chamber as soon as nollded ot the
outrafire atvli ut 7 p n ull entrances of
thefrallery were BUarded by sen dfaim
nd but ew pi
The police now
remained In the
admit that h r
contents ftt Dm bomb spread all over tho
tribune nnd chsmbcr nnd hud It epJodea
on the floor Insteadjottho iralerle he
number of victims ttunbf havp been r e
The most excftune eBtlmalos of the nunu
ber wqunaed by the explosion wiilcn uro
not coniirm already placo the total at
fifty more or leas seriously Itijuied
This number includes ten or Utieen dep
uties The witnesses of the explosion this
cvenlnifioro bring mtorroBatod At tho oue
tours pnlce Th dODr is jruardea by two
armed soidiets m
Qlwral dAmes officer of teemartoe In 1
tjoalon cause
Inu from Ht
d fh 3
adlw In
iSMfn WM well niiort to y
ybrioklnir tliftupou m Jlurton Tr f
SUt5 W2IwcinilP Wb4 was tha
> on
5DJi0 wns uuiIrwoiijM a
ilAputljBf number or
were Wnunded
i tf i vCxi
hiaiic wVeial areeiiw
Amajur lhqf In
9Vl Mft5S 8MKf
u > wt
hlltr ns th aiiorle The iwlfw >
ir ssissn
hothriiwthrth >
nobtRlnabla ut the ttnpi thlCdisDatpfi Is
Tlie preBldentoCtheTeliamlwr ot deputies
with the most admirable roOlnpos nfid
S 0 SJJd > doneeverytlibie poR
lbl r t restore onhr and w prevetft Oia
apreAd of the
pan c which selwd upon
ooky pficppiwwt n tW
AffHlralit lintherlolld
Herlin December
tWCupyriBhlcd jRj
by the Associated PffiwTho wscks
debate n tli yelquatas hs aldelJiotliJpir
W the
Jo flttrnrnCiTts for or aenlpst
hl > j t haiFl > fiJiiy Tiireihe
droJs e n d Iff huiW
XwJKlJ acrowlite asltttl oh ni rt he
V oposeilwbaccadutlei unq this hnptr
the tHsatlon procammo se rfeiy le
wine dSflerWPl flt h ° P e T
The comW week wilt bo nccuRiedf by
thoscondAnd tlUrd rcoiil rtt Ipcom
metclal treaties Ohen tl Oerttmrf7
i PiiftIf ii mVfn tTntsrotcfl wofUa ut
success Tha relchalair Is llkely adopt
tbQ pruposeii tomtnnrciat treaty witbJtUB
H Is1 now xtiectpil
that Jsnory
iKTiszaffj issadhk f1 wf Sli
lXrV AlffiflVrffrtyar1 t XVJH
5us5 rS5s
fe that th e < rtUiittBt
nnthlns hadJ ri > en < ih < Bnflliat a > iA a
Bhouiamot dKconcftrt the ohainber l w
vit < r you K > Jatt w th dhsntettptstiwlth
> almnMs Tht t op vmoh f WfU
wprs mait
ar > d ciii fplrlo
have joyluiiaee
bomb oulr ira agalurt the < ir
wws ptaun < l sad Ji > i that lhi
v j < ft >
apphoatte of Kpout elldted ru cin
twslon from tt i studentfOthw r w
bf g
wr o jioi wiht 7
s 3fc3iVi M jKiij
lJar > Ao4 rii < > > i Jetifc t M >
W l riiBi decline to
Tksi in w
London December V A Urln ealrte to
U > atahdard sayi Or BcMwwhum a i
Wrtn phyWM 4Mt mum Is
r prf tit
uniy letnr < t QJitnaapwi uns t nif d a steal
Increas tu the wunher A drains in Oer
many froin rwplrittory dlsuaaet
OtfoUra Bowrf
liocdop I > fa itber A db > pat h to the
ShflSsjS fJH th hol r
has aaiuniid tyuufsxou nroswtJoso at
W > n ih w ifc
The tlfenic ri4drta thers oompbjti Ut
l0rly f tbf l iiUjo l liy of the T rhiU
doe pr
tu b
JV B l
n =
mm REsibEXTi
Th o
ite9riVllp Itiaiiiter UlMd
Huva Bwn Uitgnarawl k
llw Beamtke
BTmm0sA > ll TRAllfbO tl p itd
iL v
> f
The rrevUlptaJ 0et P l UsJwVtedly
< JeaarsJtte B UltastleakiaU i Wil
llrfedji W tH WlltBW
Sl6nal iiIU lyoveniber SWUopyrj fitsit
Jski by1 Associaie < t XrvrK pf tolitenitno
VTk pn 4twl fllpco ylciiit by t M
sisliobner IrpniaWH jvtiKit sjlled Hani
itay < po Uie Mt tie Iwn jaiPllglJiMUft
Waim lifa that tcafs o1r toliu r vfifd for
2t > b V nld iit8 Uh pOYfrnw nt at onw
firaiUeil tho hsiWiist Wui ft tfutall < l < six
Itoilco was at onpu Onlercil by iho irtor
i > hU They nf < i Efunrdlutf Vt hltuitoa
JCher ftrp V4lCied vt two tflol eaol Sh
nn Interview with AUofttey Oftictat
amlth It was learned tlint tho SayeTU
ment does not untlcljiato any prtfaqht pbr
lltleal dlKturUincu or any trviibl iC any
kind until lbs Utiitod Btatew is beai i
iroru J < uu men tins uttufntiy wiiMrai
sola tliaLirouwp wiusjirx iiniii > ntru uti
itsa > fliirtniiiatloaWHi < teMh t itfij a
topa tlic ex id vn vhibhjoouirt not i
present bo Iwitwed An Id I tto eoursij
ihus for pursumt bsc air Willi the At
torney eneruio lUHht luttxiireso an ii n
ion beyouit sayluif li tbouffnt perliaps1
the wVkiericanVmiuistrr had j > een rather
unkuunieri In t roirtatkn npnccrnlnif H
plwmolld flRdlrj rntt Associated Ptesst
lenwiwl ywioroay lincotiy iivm Wannihif
ton Iltiejt tiirttthu iiXMpieen fully under
siolms her kifaer m case m i < wtel
Mltttes should WH0fe ner 0 pqwer > < M
ewied to itji Willis during ner liX LiVlSIt
v n
to tueUaor
t unatr urmtajnfiUM
Stdtra ThW atntement wait Wrlilfil upon
tha veribost aMthorlty mid fins been madb
by tnoBXMpieeti uiWn iii rsr ttiith H1 < > c
wsltiii tu tjiher inan l Vnltvil States
jninlcujl >
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Tho provmonal Koyvftuttcnt utw
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Piano There is absolutely no eJ JK
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Dalton t K intended to make
banks In the vicinity ot
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