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Houston Texas
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Bank MattersTin Eltoatlon in Hon
olulu UnchangedOtter Newi
Washington December 11 In the sen
ate today the unexpected happened ard
the expected failed to materialize The
expected political debate on the Federal
elections law repeal was nvertcd by Mr
Hill acqulcsclns In the suggestion of Mr
Hoar that tho bill be referred to the com
mittee on privileges nnd elections On tho
other hand no one expected the debnto on
tho Hawaiian question until the resolu
tion calling for information ogrced to by
the senate last week was complied nltli
by the executive Today however Mr
Hoar submitted another resolution calllmr
upon the picsldent for specific anincr s to
the questions which literally complied
with vould hy before tho nenato and the
country the hlslory of the actloiH of th
present adinlnlaliatlon on tha Hawaiian
After n lively debate between tho author
of the resolution and Mr Cray ot Dela
ware tho lesolution went over until to
The house Joint resolution tor the firo
tectlon of pnillea heretororo allowed to
mnko entries lor lands within the former
Mllle Lake reservation was parsed
Mr Hoar of Massachusetts ottered the
following resolution nttuclilmr by implica
tion the present Hawaiian policy
That the president bo lequeited to In
form the Kennte IT In his opinion It
be not Inconsistent with tho public In
terest whether any person whoso nnmo
has not been submitted to tho donate for
Its advise and consent and It so wlut per
son has been appointed since the fourth
day ot March 1SJ3 to repicRent the
United Stntes In tho Hawaii in lsands
nnd w hcther such person h is been ac
credited to the president or executive
and the advisory council of the Hawaiian
iBlindti and whether such person has
been presented to tho head of the Gov
ernment of the Hawaiian Islands nnd
whether any and If no what authority has
been given such person touching the re
lations of this gov eminentto tho then ex
isting government of tho Hawaiian Is
lands for the protection of American citi
zens therein nnd vvhcthir un > discretion
ary power has been committed to such
person to determine when the naval force
of tho United States should bo landed
therein or withdrawn therefrom and
whether any authority has been com
mitted to such person to uso phyilcal
force In the territory of such government
or to land an armed Jorce there and
whether such person has been authorized
or has in fact corresponded In regard to
tha public affairs of tho government ot
tho Hawaiian Islands with any private
person newspaper or nny periodical or
been nutborirod to or hns In fact under
taken to receive In sill Hawaiian Island
the testimony ot any private pemon or
has requested or received written i ommu
nlcatlons from any private person In re
gard to the lawful and existing govern
ment there for the circumstances under
which the snld existing government was
established or nny other matters relating
to public nlfnlrs thereof and If any such
appointment to authority has been mada
or given further to Inform tho senate
whether the sime was made or given at
the time when tho senate was In session
or has continued In force during any ses
sion of the senato oi of congress and any
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nm riuin i tstmAivcK
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meets ilcnlli by nrclilcnl provided
Hint nt tlie lime < lio person mi < ljlo
bill upon lil or her body THIS lA
PIJH Tliln Insiirnncp liolila Umil for
10 Iioqrs onI > or fiom T n in to Jl
p jit of tlin < lno of llila pnprr Sn
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lie presented villliln IK bourn nt the
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time of ilrnlU
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wood fipllt Pulleys
thtdalt ouuhirh rtox Hungers o milJSJ < h J
and lepalr
torrido y ier Tube MacuJtry CaHnB
part thereof nnd further whether such
oppolntmem or authority was commu
nicated to the senate durlno any session
thereof and further whether nny person
has accepted < or undertaken to accept tho
oface of commissioner or public minister
Willi powers aforesaid or any ot them or
has undertaken In any correspondence
with the government ot Hawaii or with
any private versou to describe hlnuolt n
commissioner ot the United Slates
Mr Hoar commented upon the fact
tlut Information hod been communicated
by tho president to certain senators under
tho sett of confidence which had been free
ly given cut to tho iepr < ontnttvc ot four
newspjpers known to be zealous thor
ough going lie had almost sold unscrupu
lous Hiippoitcrs of the administration
It that allegation Is irue mid Mr Hoar
It seemed to him ss gross a violation of
the constitution as was ever charged upon
or Imputed to iny publto ofllclul It was
not necessary to say to the senate or to
tne administration that the attempt to
usurp tno power of appointing or Com
missioning such an otllcer without consent
of the senito was nn attempt to usurp all
the diplomatic relations of the sovorn
Ji Hoar read the Associated Press cv
besrims from London In which Minister
Haynrd ex lessed his opinion on the Ha
waiian question Ho said It that dispatch
were true it was nlso true that Ureal
llrltalu had been taken Into that conll
dehca with the administration the sen
ato nnd tho American jieople had not
shared It It were true that the president
the senato being lb session had nuthoilred
nn otllcer to uxeiclse paramount dlplo
matla authority In another country with
which tho United Stntes was nt ponce di
rected the consul nnd lesldent minister
to promote his success by every means In
bis power placed the arehUes under his
complete nnd untrammelled control mt
thorleed him Jo employ at his discretion
the naval power mid to land or withdraw
the forces ot the United Stntes at will
and had given hlm the title whlrli was
enumerated as one ot the titles of dli lo
matlc officers In nn net of congress tho
president was standing In Mr Hoars
judgment upon very slippery ground nnd
had belltr step on terra llrma rapidly nud
at once
If In the next place such an ofllclul
had entered that territory anil established
correspondence with private persons about
Its public nttalrs taking testimony hid
written communications receiving written
communications and making replies there
to that otllcer had violated in a most
gross nnd Impalpable manner the express
wilttcn law ot the Ameiienn people nnd
It he had reported that action to tho pres
ident and It was approved tho president
hod mndo himself an decompiles after the
fact In that violation ot the law He the
president wan standing upon not only
slippery but very thin gtound especially
If after that act of this public commis
sion ho proceeded to decorate him with a
new diplomatic appointment
The ostrich said Mr Hear puts
Its head In tho snnd nnd thinks It will
not bo seen The rhlnneerois bides In tho
mud puddle nnd breathes through Its nose
nnd thinks It will not be seen but neither
ot these nre lit and bultnblo precedents
for tho executive of tho United States
The people have the right to know
wish to know and will know let me say
to my honoiablc friend tho truth In this
Mr Oray Dem ot Delaware said ho
did not Intend to be drawn Into n dla
cusslon of tho Hawaiian matter even It
tho senator from Massachusetts could
not restrain lilmselt from Indnlgenco in
his habit of scolding the admlnlslratlo
belonging to n Ttrtj opposite tnhltijostt
Ho said Hoar had scolded oil tlirou
Mr Clevelands llrst ndmlnlstiatlon and
scolded him back Into tho While House
He did not think tho senator from Massa
chusetts would gain anything from tho
sober second thought ot tho American
people by putting up hypothetical cases
In legard to which lie was to deliver him
self of the well conned vituperative
phases v lib which ho entertained tho sen
ate this morning nor did he think our
honored representative nt tho court of St
James would take much detriment by
his shute of scolding
Mi Gray sild he thought It would hive
been belli r tuslo nil mound It the Benator
from Massachusetts had walled until tho
official Information asked for a few rtn > s
ago had come lo the sunato Ho wanted
to know whether tl o statements tho son
ator from Massachusetts alluded to with
which tho public press has been filled for
weeks past weru Indeed true whilher
It was a fact that tho flag of the United
States had been djsgrucid and dishonored
by a superservlcable ngent of the govern
ment and made tn sjmbollzo an net of
piracy for which every honorable Ameri
can ought to hang his heml in shame
to use the hypothetical language ot the
senator from Massachusetts It was < ery
well for the senator from Massachusetts
and others who ngreed with him to ask
those who disagreed with them ngnln
and again to avert their gaze from what
wns Bnld to have oceuired on those iRlnnds
Mr Hoar objected lo Mr Grnys rlvliig
to his remarks tho character of u scolding
After somo further discussion tho resolu
tion went over until tomorrow
The House
Washington December 11 The session
of the house was brief nnd uninteresting
today Several bills of minor Importance
wtio pusscd
Tomorrow and Wednesday will be ilo
votod to the consideration of Ihe bill for
Iho admission of Utah Tho bill to isvlew
the claims arising out ot the captuiid and
abandoned property act aroused the part
isan opposition of the republicans und
notice was served on the democratic side
by Mi Heed that the bill could only be
considered under the stress of a special
order from the committee on rules
Tho remainder of the session after tho
exphatlon of the morning hour wss de
voted to District of Columbia matters
The iniirr mil
Washington December 11 Tho revised
tariff bill was laid before tho ways and
moans committee this morning the most
liupoitant ehangos being In pearl bullous
and tin jilato The members of a majority
ot the committee my the changes nro
mostly from ad valorem to specific dutlos
where such changes were noceasory from
a business standpoint The bill this morn
ing was taken up by tho full committee
by seetlons and the republican members
offered smondrncjiU and discussed thu bill
from time to time
The Intention of a majority of the mem
bers Is to vote down all amendments of
fered by the republicans ami report the
bill ns nooii as poealblo In Us present re
vised condition The committee > ached
the sugar schedule bcfoio adjournment
but nn vote was talcn mliber uus any
amendment offered It Is likely thst an
amendment will be cfToud toman uw
mtriiltiK bit iij elwnrvH will be mndo A
majcillv of the members sny the bill as It
now Muiils will be rrportcd lo the bouse
It la exp Id that thi < nmnlttei will b
bill torn rn w and 1
the hou < Wln lay nr Thur day
iJurlug lie do i iiiun of the bill Mr
Heed olTenU u n ditlon tlntl as It was
shown that under tho proposed bill the
revenue would be fll < WKO short It wan
diBiialile that tli oinmlti bi > Inform < l
tl > vvhit way the delbhn > vvuuld bo mei
Mr Wilson replltd that the defleimiy
would be met by Internal revenue taxation
but thesV schedules were not complete
The resolution wns laid on the tabic by n
party vole The changes made In the tunft
Mil tlnco 11 vvna Riven to the public are tis
Tin plajc from 41 per cent d valorem to
tl8 cent a pound with a provision that
the mlnctien Is hot to go into elfoet
until October 1 1S9I pearl buttons front
< 0 per wit nd vnlortm to 1 cetit per line
and 15 pw cent ml valorem velvet nnd
tapestry velvet carpets llgured or plain
printed on warp or otherwise nnd nil
carpets mid cnrpellmr of like character or
description Increased from Ki lo 30 per
cent nil valorem tapestry Hrusscls oar
pets plain or figured nnd nil otrpoln or
carpeting of like character or description
printed on warn or otherwise Increased
from 83 to 50 p r cent nd valorem treble
ingrain threeply and all chain Venetliu
enrvotn Increased from SS to M per cent
nd valorem wool Dutch twoply Ingrain
carpets from M to S > per cent ad valorem
Tlruggrls and backings printed colored or
olhertvltc felt carpeting printed colored or
from JO to IS per cent ml valorem Saxony
Wllloh and Towmny velvet cirpets tig
uredjjr plain and all emetine of like
character from 56 to So per rent ltd n
lorurij Carpels and carpeting ot wool
flax t cotton or composed of part of
elthft hit specially provided for In this
net from M to per cent ml valorem
A change wns made In tho time that tho
woolen schedule would go tnlo offoct
The Trs t print of the bill slated the
woolftv schedule would go Into effect July
lKMjhna on nil rates of dtttv In tho vvonltn
schghile except carpets theie shall be n
reduction ot 1 per cent on the 100 every
year unlll Istm This Is changed so thnt
tho woolen schedule shall go Into effect
the bnmc time n the remalnflr of tho
and If plined on one sldo nnd lungupd
and grooved Jl pot thousind feet board
measure und if planed on two sides and
tonifued nnd giooved II50 per thousand
feet board measure nnd In csllrnntlng
board measure under Ihls schedule no de
duction Is to be made on board measuio
on account of pinning and grooving Col
lodion Is reduced lo 15 pel cent nd va
lorem Hlher Is Incieuned from 13 to 35
cents ti pound Acetntu or had whlto or
blownnifJ litharge 30 per cent ad vain
lenij In the old bill H changed to while
24 cents n pound brown cents llthnrgo
114 cents nitrate ot lend from 30 per ee nt
nd valorem to li cents per pound whlto
lend nnd whits paint eontafiilng lead dry
or In pulp or ground or mixed wllh oil
80 per cent ad valorem Is chanyed to 11 > A
cents a pound
Ferro manganese Is lns rtcd nt 10 per
cent nd vnloicm common black Iron und
Btecl pinto from 25 per cent nd valorem
to 3 per cent Bpeelflc Win Is Increased
from 30 to 35 per cent lend In shoots from
1 cent to Hi cent n pound
Malt Is Increased from 20 to S5 per cent
omngrai from 10 to S cents per cubic fpot
cupncltyj chocolate confectionery Inserted
at as per cent ad valorem Champngno
Is icstorod lo tho present rales Twine
of hemp is Increased from 10 lo So per tent
ad vnloicm oil cloth from 20 to 25 per cent
luco edgings embroideries inseilions melt
tleklng luxe
liirfllng niching trimmings
window curtains and oihei similar
articles and nrllclcs ombroldcied by
hand or machinery embioldered or
hemstitched handkerchiefs and articles
mado wholly or In bart of luco ruffling
lurking or ructflngs from 35 per cent
from 25 to CO per cint Jewelry 25 to 113
pur cent
IptiotounV cmdo or refined Is added to
the free list If tho country Importing
admits tho American product free Orig
inal drawings and sketches and artists
proofs of etchings and engravings and
statunry of wood Is ndded to the free list
Mother ot pearl sawed and cut taken
fiom tho freo list Tho mil of value of
wearing apparel of persons returning fiom
foreign countries is reduced from 500 to
uinii niiiiiiiikii inn
Washington Dsoember 11 When tin
morning hour arrived Mr KHgoie of
Texas was about to coll up tho bill for
the admission of Utiih when Mr Dhirfley
on belialf of the republics side made
a statement declining the bill was of loo
much Importance to bo considered during
still In power and maintaining a very dc
termlned attitude Much excitement pre
vailed among tho business men and the
people generally and the action ot t
Inlled stnte government was awaited
with tho greatest nnxlety Tho members
ot the provisional government nro reso
lulti hi their dsctnrntlons ngtilnat lli res
toration of monnrrny nnd openly ox
piessed their determination of mutlne
to tho utieimost tthy attempt that Cleve
land might niako to reinstall the queen
Washington December 11 It can be
slated positively that Japan has no pur
pose of assuming a protectorate over Ha
waii In case tho Untied Slates should lose
or abandon Its statu there ltcports
have been ncrsltunlly chculatcd ot Into
us to Japans Intention ot advancing con
trol ot the Islands nnd lit a statement
published today Henry Smith of Duffalo
lust returned from Hawaii says If the
jkoiIsloml government retires It will be
succeeded bj a protectornlo by Japan or
Great lliltnln
At tho Japanese legation here tho stale
incnt Is declared visionary
I ho Teviin Post Oniees
Wnshlnglon December 11 It Is cvpeet
ed tint till ot tho twelve postoftlees named
in Tho 1ost Ibo llrst of mo moilh to be
come vacant dm lug this month will be
illled b tore Chrlitmos The niwbnc < of
Mr lllsscll this wefk iipiy delay inn nom
inations until net weiik olilioiuli The
Post correspondent hns seen the Mlncoln
commission nil mads out nnd nt the White
House This wllh n few others may camo
In tomonow There Is practically no con
test over Iho Austin nnd Decatur offices
nnd theso may nl o Vm named to go to
Oenige I Klmploinai and John Hong
no tlinnge In this tmrtleuhiti provision clem up thin month
TheAsllk schedule changes nre Sill par mas
tlslly manufactured from cocoons or
vvarjtn silk nnd not further advanced or
manufactured thin corded or combed
nlllf 86 cents n pound thrown rllk not
mora advanced th in singles tram or Onn
tine sowing silk twist Iloss mid silk
tljrjads oi yarns of every deseilptlon
except spun slUt 35 per cent nd valortmi
H un tllk In skeins copps wnrpi or oil
Wiims SO per cent ad nl lrom
The cotton schedule changes nro Cot
ton thread yarn wsipn or warp yam
whether single or advanced beyond tho
condition of single or grouping or twlst
Inic two or more single y rr together
whsther on beams or In bundles skeins
ofcopps or In any form except spool
thread of cotton hcielnnfter provided for
valued not exceeding 15 cents n pound
In net print 12 cents n pound W per
cerit nd valorem valued at over 15 rents
hjw prints IS cents n pound and not ex
ceeding 30 ccnls new prints to cents n
noand K per cent nd valorem inliied at
aver 30 cents new prints 20 cents a
pound ana not ciceedluc 10 cents new
bill 14 cents per pound 30 per cent nd
valorem valued nt over 11 cents new bill
30 cents and not exceeding M cents a
pound 35 per cent ad valorem
Tho new bill hns this addition
Valued at over 10 cents a pound to per
cent ad valorem
Pottery schedules changes Magnesia
llfebrlck from free list to fl a ton clays
and earths wrought oi manufactured de
created from S < lo It a ton
Tho following nic left out of the new
bill While granite common ware plain
white or cream colored lustred or printed
under glaze hi n single color spoiled
dipped or edged ware 0 po eelil ucl va
lorem undceorated > hlna i rcelnln
earthen and ttonu ware etc redoMd from
ySnbMrtieoent ml villoma and dccDmifd
fiom 4 i to to per cent
Tho following has been ndded to tho
wood schedule taken from mo fro list
umber of nny sort planed or finished
W cents per ihuusnnd feet board m asiiic
First Assistant Postmaster
bill ihd the ledtictlons lo follow shall bo Oencnil Jonos told a correspondent today
on All woolens except carpets there being that Mr lllsscll was fully dctcimlned to
docket boforo Chtlat
Scnniiir llllls Hnvvnllnn Sp roli
Washington December 11 Senator Mills
hns received the following letter
Hon Hoger Q Mills
My Hear Sonfttor I have Ju t finished
reading jour speech on tho Hawaiian
resolution mid thouWi It Is uowymidnight
1 must boforo 1 go to bed thAnk Voir6r
It It Is a manly sincere assertion ot
Italy American sentiments nnd dealt with
tho National honor conscicncO and the
love of Justice in n way that will ccr
iHlitly hid tesponse In the depths of every
trul American honit Voiita very truly
Grovtir Cleveland
President till lYoiuliiiillntis
Washington December Jl Iho follow
ing nomination wtio today sent to tho
senate Charles II Hlmonlon Uliltod
Stales judge for tho rourlh Carolina clr
cult Chan Tnrlnnge tar Ihs camera dis
trict of Louisiana Chns D lUllon nt
tnrney for the southern dlstilct t imirt
loslgters of the land office Wm 11
Wolt Dardanello Ark John 1 Clmidon
nlng nt Harrison Ark lc o llosi ut
Camden Aikj receivers public money
Hen H Crowley Lltllo Hook Ark
John A A Hunch Harrison Ark Dnvld
Dixon Camden Arlt
Iexna Nallnniil Ilniil s
Washington December It Comptroller
llcltela today bulletined tho election of A
J Nelson to bo president ot Iho rirat
Nntloiril bank ot Georgetown lcn Kncy
Taylor nnd J 1 Cooper vice pitfsldent
In Ilia place ot Nelson
Ho also APnrovea Hie Fourth Nalloni
bank ns a reserve agent for tho 1lrst
National bank of Mnrlln
Pensions fur Texan
Washington Deeember II Pension for
Toxalis Original Win II Hencllc Dcnl
son Aliueil Hughes Ilpseombj Mexican
war Clias Haw Is Cherokee otul dis
ability Increase llonj W TlrcrUen Au
gustn HmauUel 11 King Wlrisboloughj
Jess Jl fitnlth Sterling City Indian win
Samuel Hi own Dcllavtie Indian war wid
ow Martha llcnson Hlmpsotivllln
rexn Ilnlroiiil Inse Argiieil
WnshliiBloti Decemiicr Jl Tho case Of
tho Galveston JInrrlsburg nnd Han Auto
ulo Ilallwny crmpnny plitliilirt In error
vc Victor Gonzales vvas argued In
Iho stipieme court today by It Jl Hub
ley Ashtaii Tor the plaintiff No counsel
appealed for the defendant In rrror
Ciuiflriiiiil > s llic Henilli
Wnshlnilon December llConfirmations
Joseph 11 Doe Wltiiontdii assistant
secretary of vvnr Colonel I B Otis Twen
tieth Infantry brigadier cenpral Colonel
0 1 lluggloa assistant ruljutant gen
eral wllh the rank of brigadier mineral
nnd a number of other nrmy jiromotlons
Iriinteil Hlulil of Wiir
IVaslilngton Deeimber 11 The renatc
commltlee n jmbllo lands this morning nu
thorlzed n fjv riJ ilo i poit on the house
bill urunllnrf right ot way for a railroad
ovor West Mountainof Hot Springs res
ervation In Arkansas
tlipKnl Itrlrfn
UxScnator H I Maxay Is here
T A Kulutnlt von today appointed post
mnater nt Dlrrccl vice H C Now i
Hlgned ni
Ioslolflco nt Mnnterey Hockley county
was today discontinued tho ninll to go lo
to 10 per cent jiuriaps aro ndded to tho j Mr Hnlley today Inlroduced hi bank
dutiable list at 15 per cent nd valoiem rupiey bills which dlffeis fiom tho Into
llinshcH nnd feather dusters nro inireasod < deceased Oa bill In providing only for
voluntary bankruptcy
hopeful of lUi pussaKe
Hit He TlioiiKliI lit Win Heml
DIhciisnIoiimII unit Hiirlcil
AtlanU at December S Itev Sam
Jones leplles to Parson Masseys leiier
as follows 1 See ho says he will not
charge me with slander In what I liad
written of him Itev Mr Mnssey Is a gon
lleniati n scholar and a Christian He
Is u magnificent debater He has tho ib
sneet love and conildence ot every man
woman and child In Vlrslnta Now bo
cant say I have not slandered hint X
thought tho old thins was dead discus
slonnlly and burled Tho fact that ho
lives is proof of Ihe grand doclrlno of the
rosiincctlon ot the dead He was certainly
iho morning hour but n objectljn would gown In coiruptlon
nlty wero allowed for debate nnd amend
Thereupon General Wheeler nskwd unan
imous conssnt llmt tomorrow nnd
Wednesday after tho morning hour be Set
aside for II consideration Without ob
jection this order was mode It Is un
derstood that a delegation ot republicans
from rtnh was Instrumental In Inducing
the republican leaders to recede from tliclr
opjKisltljon to the bill
Illi Hllimlloii In Honolulu
Yokohama December ll Copyrlghted
191 by the Associated Prees The steeni
able ti r < t tbrouRh < m i non of ihaj r China which left Ban frunclsco No
t will bo tported to7 vrrnber Zi and Honolulu prolwul o
November has Just arrived hero Tho
Associated Press correspondent Immedi
ately went aboard her and hcul an inter
view with the officers and paueng rs re
garding the situation of affairs In Hawaii
Thy stated that whni tin steamer iert
the Island the provisional government as
Ho feels very
I lrust ho Jiau been
raised In corruption Ho was sawn In dls
honor and I trust ralbod in honor
Talk nboul muwtatrinenln If I had
nat upon Iho platform during the discus
sion nnd swallowed two whopping Ilea
like ha did on Ihe day of his and Ham
Hrnalls discussion 1 would let mistakes
on the part of other genllemrn pass by
unnoticed Ills Ilo was so ridiculous on
Barn rimnll ihflt Sum told lilin that a min
ister ot the gospel that would tell such a
lie on a brother minister was not lit lo
hung op tho back door of hell
An Keillor Wants Informitlloii
Denver Colo December Jl The editor
of Ihe Denvtr Times this rooming sent
tho following telegram to President Cleve
To Graver Cleveland Jrcsldent ot the
Unllwl Stutw Washington J c
Uuar Sir Tor tho information ot the
people of Colorado vrlll you kindly make
public n slulement as to tho effect In the
Lost of tho repeat of the socalled Bher
nian net Many thousands who have beeu
thrown out of employment In this Slate
by tho repeal of the act nro ready to hear
that It has resulted In tho restoration of
prosperity elsewhere
Tho Posts llullctln With IVIint Will
Trnnsptitt Itils Hay Through
out tlin Country
8AL1NA Kan 1our leading political
orators w 111 meet in battle royal this week
In Sallna to contest for the principles ot
tho parties they represent Tho occasion
is tho great quadrangular debate and tho
speaker will b General Caldwell for tho
republican David Oveimeycr of TopekR
for the democrats Mrs Maty 15 l ase
for the populists niul ExGovernor John
81 John for the prohibitionists All
ot these spinkers have formally accepted
tho Invltatloni to engage In this demae
nnd the event will Insure perhaps tho
most notable political discussion ever given
In Kansas The dibato will bo orient
by aenenil Caldwell this evening at
llonds Opera house The phraseology ot
tho ifueallon to bo debated Is Which of
tho political parlies Is tho best ilunUllcd
to solve tlin social problems or tha day
Tho dulea nro iirmnged as follows Gen
ernl Cnldvvell December 13 Mr Over
niejcr December 10 Mrs Lease Decem
ber 18 nnd John P Kt John December 13
SAVANNAH anThe thirteenth annual
session of the Fanners National congress
convenes In Savannah today The follow
ing la iho progrnmmo of exercises for
tho opening day Pinycr tho Itev C H
Strong Sfivnuhahj welcome to Georgia
tho Hon W J Norlhen governor nt
Oeorgla response Iho lion A W Smith
picsldent MxPhcrson Kan welcome by
Georgia State Agricultural soclets tho
Hon 1 O Wadded president response
Colonel Daniel Needhnm president North
eastern Agricultural society wclcomo to
fiavannah Ihe Hon J 1 McDoiioiigh
Havnunnh art address 7 > y HmI Aypra uf
ICansas and Congressman Lester of this
The object of thin meeting Is to influenco
such legislation ntnto nnd National nn
tho ttfjrlcultmnl and productive Interests
fifjthq coutjtry demandsfrpm a iionpollit
cnl standpoint taillacuss and rjSrmuliilo
measures ot Importance und to lay thorn
lwfoio tho leslslntlvo bodies
SPHlNGlinni jnTho annual meet
I g ot the Illinois Slate Horticultural
roclely will bo hed In the enatfl uinmber
In this city from today to December H
Tho largest null exhibit ever made by
tha society will bo displayed the society
having como Into possession of some ex
cellent specimens from the Worlds Inlr
exhibit Thero will also be a benutirul
display from oihet Elates Thcio will be
1000 plitcs ot ft tilt In tho dlspluy
IIOSTON MaB Tho election of special
Interest in Massachusetts Is the light for
tho mayoralty which tcimlnate with tho
Closing of tho pulls at sunset tonltflil
Thomas N Hnrt Is the republican nomi
nee nnd Mayor Nathan Mutthcvys Jr
tho eholco of tho democrats Candidate
for rlreet CommlsslonT mid school board
are also running
NASHVILLE Venn The seventh annual
Boston 6f tho Public School Officers ns
BQClatlon ot Tennessee will bo held In
the fitnto capital hero today closing De
cember 14 Govtrnor Tntnay will deliver
tho address ot welcome and Superintendent
It W Dunlnp ot 1nrls wll respond
JACKSON MISTho Confederate vol
ernns Mississippi division hold Ua nu
nuil tiunlou ut Jackson today Tho orator
it Iho ejccnflon will bo J W Fevvoll A
meeting will nlso bo hcjd o raise funda
to buy tho Jcfcrnon Davis residence and
con > crt It Into a Confederate homo
ST LOUIS JlftOwners and brooders
of blooded stock of Missouri have Issued
a call for o convention to bo held In this
city at Iho exposition building December
12 and 11 for tlio purpose ot effecting a
thnioiigh organization of tha bursa avvneia
and In ardors of tho State
JlTTfllHHia PaCommander InChlet
Adams of iho Grand Army of lio llepubllo
lliu Nnllonnl committee on administra
tion nnd tho local committee meet this
day to arrange all preliminary details for
next ypars Grand Army 6f Iho Hepuhllo
NI3W yoniv Tha annual dinner ot the
alumni of Columbia college New Torh
under tho ausplcoa of the Altminl associa
tion will bo hold nt the Hotel llrunswlck
his evening
TOPJlirA Kan The twentysecond ton
mini cession of tho Kansas Slate grange
will bo held In Overbrook Osago county
commencing today
WASECA Minn Tho sixteenth nnnunl
convention of tho Minnesota Hlato Dnlry
menn onsoclntlon will meet hero today
Tho low pressure area which was mov
ing In over the northeaslcrn Ilocky moun
tain slope lust night has moved rapidly o
the southwest and while it has filled up
to a great extent It bus developed Into a
liousli of low pressuio extending from
tho lower hikes to Western Texas while
the high pressure whlrli was over the J7ast
Gulf States has moved slowly oistvvard to
the Atlmillo const nnd Inrrcased In mag
nitude andanother area ot high pressure
of considerable Intensity has developed
ovor tho Northwest and Is moving toward
tho aouthetist Tho tempciutura has fallen
shindy over tho extremo northwest and
sen over other portions of tho coun
nd the rise has generally been < le
ovtr tho central valleys The
wwitlier Is partly cloudy lo cloudy over
tho upper Mississippi valley the Ohio
valley und Hast Texas It Is generally
Clear elsewhere
Washington December Jl JTor Kastern
Texas aenerally fair colder In tha In
lerlor Wedneaday soullieaslerly winds
shifting In tho iioithcrn porllons to iorth
Ioenl irorrcnat
I > oal orecasl fortVxns for the twen
tyfpur hours ending at 13 o clock mid
iilBilt December li
North Texas Central Texas Host Texas
Generally fair much colder
Southwest TVxns Coant HlstrlctGoii
erally fair stationary trmperolure
ISM barrels one twostomp Kentucky
Whisky for Sale In bond at
from 20e to etc
Wholesale Liquor and Clear Dealers
Itauston TJCXAa
FonrMon Rob the Express Oar of
All Its Money and Thon Yio
timito tho Fassongors
No Opposition to tha BandlUIsi Hremu
Shot in a Oevarily UaisirTha
Story DetalltJ = =
Houston Post Bureau Drttkln Hotel
Austin Texas December Jl Another
bold train robberj accompanied with
symptoms ot atrocity and wild hoodlum
Ism occurred early this morning a Uttta
after the midnight hour
Tho train that vvns due hi Austin frorri
6an Antonio came In on time took on a
number ot passengers and pulled out for
the North
J M Thomason was the conductor tln
charge of tho train lid Itutledge held the
throttle and tho fireman was a man whose
only Identity nt the present writing Js es
tablished by tho descriptive appellation ot
lied no one In Austin or about tho
Union depot knew anything nbout him
except that hts name was JiVd and he
a fireman
Duval a ten miles norlh pt Austin on
lh international nnd Great Northern
railroad It Is merely a Station oof the a
rilglit tialn asln rula does
not stop there
When the train No B slowed up at the
Duval switch and by a late rule was
running at the rata ot twelve miles an
hour the engineer discovered that some
thing hnd hippencd to the target and
Hint the train had left the main track
Ho Immediately applied the nlr brakes
and brought It to nn easy stopgo caey
that the passengers wore not disturbed
The next thing that the passengers nnd
iraln crew know the amines wasliroKerr
by rapid pistol firing
Thera vvero about scventyflyo shots
The robbors wero four In number > N
An cy Witness to tho robbery described
the robbers as country boys and hts Im
pression was Hint they nil had on whlto
hats like covvmen usually wear
An Boon ns the train was stopped tho
four men look charge of Hngtncer Gi
Itutledgo and Jlremon Tied They were
Ordered to hold up their hands njld obeyed
or course us might have been expected
Jtutlfdiro was allowed lo enuri at tha
engine and lied was hold on the main
track Mar the ojtpress car
In pure wanton hiliish sport one ot
Hid robbers who was standing In the ex
pros car door shot hnd badly Wounded
Jled In the arm and perhaps would
have killed him it It had not been for
tho timely and singular Interference ot one
of tho robbers who was standing by hi
lleda sldo
When Jted watt shot both nrmwhich
by compulalon he had hold tip above his
head had dropped to his rldft and the
cruel wretch who had thus disabled him
commanded lilm ngnln to hold up Jala
At this Juncture the rohbir standing by
Ills sldo said you d s ot a h dont
you sen > ou have shot this man Dont
you do It again Ho I nil right He Is
not ouo ot those d cxpicss mewngersl
Turning lo llcd he said Vou sit
down on the track Hell not shoot again
and It he does Ill kilt the d t of a l >
myself In tho confusion tho poor fire
man had his pound arm wrenched and had
pistols galore stuck Into his face and
Tho engineer wns shot t several times
but camo oft unhurt < s
The express mesaengcrs safe was rifled
and the contents variously estimated nt
Hooo to WW was taken out by tho rob
bers when they started to do tho pas
They left unmolested the United States
Tho express money was handed to one pt
tho robbers who was going through the
train by the man who hnd llrst taken i
charge of it The former put It dowri In
tho coal bin and In the excitement ot de
parture left it nnd the express company
is In that much
Charlie Turner a lad ot 18 was on the
train representing Monroe Millers trans
fer line In Austin and wni dealt with In
a very bnrah manner ns to language but
not hurt either In person or puree He
suys that when the train came to n stop
and the tiring began he was Jiure a Voh
bery was taking place He was m tne
smoker >
100k out everybody The train is be
ing robbed lie says ho said And with J
this tho passengers In that coach bc ai v
to got a move on them Some managed to J
hide their possessions consisting of vvatehiif
ce rings money and so fortbr but others
were frightened so badly that they failed
to sccrcto anything The ladt pat hi
moneyt20 and his watch In his handker
chief nnd chucked them under tint stove
and thus saved them Another feltoiv Close
to hlni did Iho Mime thing f il
After making sure of hts own properiyjs
Turner went to a rear coach and thensftwr
all tha fun and had some or Jt hieuelf
lIie fvlldw who tackled Jilru so li say r <
used bajl but forcible languageaud it > mxY
Jilm to shell out nnd he remsrtasi that f
bo wns nothing but a poor < itllttle
Continued tut Hivond I
Awarded Highest HonorsWorlds Falr
3lli 8a king
Tim only Pure Cream ofTarlar Povvacr No Awniontaj No A1umv
Usect iu Millious of Homes 40 Yearsjlie Staudard
IPS Fi t
Sew fkfkJT
a J1 aTi IT

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