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with Ten
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with Pen
Christmas Cnrrin B cents to 10
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IrlntlnR nt Ilottom Price
Wo have C Cars of Apples which
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California and ore packed in 50 lb
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tha Iaacy fruit for tho Holiday Trade
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Successors to I ottman Droi
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Incorporated July 31S03
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Tlio Livo VhIslcy Man
Tcrnia of Salo Cnsl Hcsansfcd day
of purchase
f ON DECEMBER 19 20 AND 21
Oe International Route
H sell Excursion Tickets to MompKis St Louis
lanapolls Louisville Cincinnati and all prm
cipal points in the Southeast at
Qo ° a for Botxtru Thirty Days from Date of Sale
Tho Bill for tlio Admission of Utah
Oanacs a Spirited Dobato in
tho House
Conpttollor Ecktli Baji He Will TaVa His
Time Aleut Appelating Utile Exsta
Inerc for Texts
Washington December U The first gun
of the lnovrltalilo nnrllnmentair battle In
the Bemito upon the question ot the repeal
of tho federal election laws was tired
today by Mr Cullom
Tho resolution calling uron the president
for additional Information In the Hawaiian
matter was laid over until tomorrow la
order that Mr Fryo mlcht submit Ids
After the mornings business Mr Cul
lom toolt the floor to speak on Uio Federal
elections blL Ho reviewed the Icsnl ques
tions Involved In Federal supervision of
electlon8 taking a broad view ot the
constitutional power of the general Gov
ernment to rejrulnto elections for Federal
offices Shall the election of senators
and representatives In congress be sub
ject nllto to tlio frauds and outrages
ot Judicial rurnans and ward bullies
Shall the mandate of a corrupt Judge the
order of a Maynnrd determine the com
ploxlon ot a lesMaturo which elects I
senator to this body Shall the brawn
and muscle of a McKane In deflanco of
courts and lawB control next year tho
election o a representative In congress
and congress have no power to protect by
law the integrity of Its own membership
In other words la thero to be no pownr
In tho hands ot congress by which It may
maintain In a degree tho Integrity and
rurlty of the determination of Its awn
membership or must It be ever subject to
tho frauds and wronss which tho State
laws have failed to prevent
I have not so lovt faith In American
cltitenshlp as to bellevo that the sworn
officers of any political party will persist
cntly Ignore the requirements of wise and
Just election laws Better such system
by whomsoever it may bo administered
than to be without law and without hind
In the course of his remarks Mr
Cullom attacked the New Yorlc machine
especially I If Mnynard tho democratic
candidate for Jurtgo
This brought Senator 11 HI to his feet
and along dlolotruB toole place
Finally Mr Cullom resumed the direct
courso of Ms speech He called upon the
good people everywhere In America re
gardless of politics to Join as one man
to perpetuate mako stronger and more
efficient every guard and protection for
honest elections Mr Cullom then re
ferred to what hi termed tho general sit
uation He spoke of the recent panic and
hard times but had not proceeded far
when Mr Hill nguln Interrupted
Does tlio senator expect to prevent the
country from realising these dire effects
that he has mentioned by tho continuance
of the Federal ulectlon laws
Mr Cullcni Their repeal Is one of
the steps to be taken t > tlio end which
will be the destruction of Industries and
tho very Hfo of the Nation
Mr Cullom continuing referred to tho
pulllror dawn of the American flsjr at
Hawaii which could not have been ac
complished by all Uio power of monarchlal
Europe but had been committed by order
of an American president upon the ndvlco
and recommendation of a newly baptised
democratic secretary of state Laugh
Mr Stewart of Nevada addressed tho
senate Jn favor of tho repeal of the Fed
to tlio Iceul lielr ot nny person Trlio
meets death by ncaldcni provided
tlint nt the tlmo tlio person an dylnic
tins upon Ms or lier body THIS 1A
ITIl This tnsnrnnco liolds cood for
JO Jionrs only or from 7 n in to II
ni of tlio Into of this paper Sni
Isrnctnrj proofs of ciicU ulnim nwst
be presented ivllliln IS limirs nt tlio
Ilu tnrs OlPre of Tho Jlouvtou io
ItomemUer tiiin polios Is void nnHsn
TIIIS IArfSIl In upon he nrrnou at
time of dcufli
BUncie ensh Doors IIIiniK Mould
lues O press Ctalerua
And All Kind of 7liifVor at Prices to
Suit the Times
Orders left at our otflca In the Cotton
Exchange will rcwlyo prompt attention
II U tiniUUIIB CO llrmston
Cotton Genl Coiiimii Merchants
Importers of
Lime Plaster Vte Urtck Drain Pipe
Carnttarr Carpet and liouio For
nislitnic Goods
SOi 703 and 03 Main BU Cor Capitol Ave
mo asd nuA s woutcs
TOood Soiit rulleys Rtesl Shafting
Tubei MacnUit > yo i sf and Ktpair
kcfit roar i tix
ii iiosled u < Texua mailing
tlirnt bl l r T ° <
rendinsr II > VurU nV
jirovciueut Hem lit II liuieh he
eral elections law He soon drifted Into
a discussion ot tho financial question and
attributed tho evils complained ot to the
gold standard After an executive ses
slon the senate adjourned
The Ultimo
Washington December it Tho house
today discussed tho question ot pinning
another star on the American flag Tlio
consideration of tho bill for the ndmlsslon
ot Utah its a State begun The principal
point at issuo was whether the nabllnu
not should contain n proviso Imposing
Ivilns and penalties for polygamous inar
Hiigcs tho contention on one hand being
that the Stnlo should come In on an equal
footing with tho other Slates unhandl
capped by such provisions On the other
that as polygamy had been stamped out
by tlio Federal statutes and ns tho ad
mission of tho Territory would rcpeul
that statute congress should mako It
practically Mrt ot tho enabling net
Mr Moreo ot Massachusetts opposing
tho bill mado a vicious assaulton Utah
and Mormonlsm recalling nil the outrages
of plural marriages the crimes ot the
ltonltcs tho Mountain Meadow masxacre
thu blood ntoncment and 1 evolutions of
the endowment house
Mr Itnwlns tho Vtuli delegate In n
brilliant speech championing tho bill re
plied to Mr Morse and worsted tho repre
sentative from tho Hay State very budly
Tho debate will conclude tomorrow ns
most of tho republicans have withdrawn
their opposition to the bill and It is ex
pected that it will iubs by an overwhelm
ing majority
During tho morning hour Mr Meyer
from the committee on naval affairs ngnln
called up tho Joint resolution for the ap
pointment of a Joint commission to con
sider tho rank pay and other questions
relating to personnel of the navy
Mr Kllgoro continued the obstructive
programmo of lost week demanding tell
ers 011 n motion to go Into a committee ot
tho whole The motion was discussed by
ICilgoro and Cttmmlngs ot Now York and
Rcrctt of Massachusetts Iieforo a decis
ion was reached tho morning hour ex
pired and tho bill went over
Tho house rcfcolvcd ltfcelf into n com
mittee ot the wholo Tor consideration of
tho bill for tho admission of Utah
Mr Kllgoro opened the debate In advo
cacy explaining tha provisions of tho bill
a reviewed tho resources of the Btulo
character of tho population political dec
larations of both parties In tho National
platforms favoring tho admission of
Utah In reply to the question Mr Kll
goro blandly stated he thought Utah
would send two demociatlo senators and
one democrats representative to congress
Mr Jllalr of Now Hampshire remarked
sarcastically that thero was no doubt that
iwlygamy and democracy were Identical
Ho did not think It wife to puss the en
abling act without a distinct provision
ngrlnst plural marriages Such a provloo
v08 Included In the enabling act of the
States comprising tho northwest Territory
before the war all of Which had provis
ions sgalnst slavery
Mr Morse of Massachusetts in opposi
tion who followed Mr Kllgore was ex
tremely severe In his strictures on Mor
Mr Rawlins tho delegate from Utnh in
a very temperate speech described lbs
Intelligence morality nnd sobriety ot tho
people ho represented Turnln to Mr
Morse ho said ho ought to come to Utnh
nnd he would learn something of tho peo
ple that would even bo pleasing to a ten
I have even seem them on the wharVe t
of Now York and Iloslon replied Mr
Tirorsc +
Oh no sneered Mr nawllns none1
body has Imposed on your credulity When
a gentleman eu on this floor h con
tinued fiercely and makes the assortlon
that tho people of Utah are polygnmlsts
thieves assassins and vagabonds and Is
unable to produce one scintilla of evidence
a man who lives threo thousnnd mllOH
away and who will not accept tha testi
mony of reputable people who live there
nnd in tho neighboring Stoles when I
say a man has His effrontery to go nnd
do that ho ought to hang his head in
shame Qroit applause
Mr Hawllits opinmed the amendment
proposed because It whs cumbrous nnd
would prevent the Territorial convention
from changing It n anv manner He was
willing however to accept the amend
ment proposed by Mr Iowf ra of Vermont
providing that polygamous marriages
shall forever bo proldblttil
Mr Itarter of Ohio followed in opposl
tlon Adjourned
Protectors Hcdm lilff Wigcs
Wasldngton Dccnmber 12 A lobbyist
for the rubber tariff made the statement
today that the protected employers have
resolved In concert to reduce the wages of
their employes and charge it to tho WH
oon tariff bUI They nro ovorjoyed that
It Is the winter season for tho contomplat
cd reduction will pinch the working
classes that much harder In th very
largo iiiuJTlty or Instances there will not
be tho slightest excuse or this but It Is
all n part of the plan to stir up popular
feeling against tariff reform
Extensive reductions have already h6en
Instituted In NOW Knslttnd and Penney
vaniu and the example wcordiOgi to
agreement will be followed along tho
whole Uuc ot protected Intercuts
When tho tariff bill coroes up for action
In congrcSH tho Xew Hnglanfl republican
senators and members will be pUced be
tween two lires The quesllon which Is
puiisllng them Is what they nro going to do
about it They Are having additional ex
porlcnce of tho fact that tho tariff Js a
lucid as well as a National question
Now England manufactories consume
millions ot tons ot bituminous coal n year
These iBjMufaetfisiti aro oil protected
under the McKlnley tariff The men who
owrt these object lo tho removal of pro
tectlon no far lhV mb concerned but
they nro oil clamoring for free cpah
Th y would lk thett representatives In
congress to nsslstjn removing tho duty on
coal but not on the fabricsin which they
are Interested
fievcptl prominent republlcart newspapers
In New England have signified Uiclr ap
proval it U t partnf thoWIHon bill re
lating to coal Hut tho Xnvr Bn Uud re
publicans can not vols vrlth any effect for
frto roal without yollns for tho whole bill
and this of course they will never do
If by any possibility there should be
democratlo defection 5rtho eoal schedule
the New Kncland reppbHein could supply
the deficiency No expectation ran be ep
tertalned however that they will t arals
from their party
The coal men are mustering their foreiw
with n view to nwklng a fljtlif In favor of
retaining tho duty on coal Tiioy will not
however oppose tho inrfff bill but will
tfy tahavc It amended to suit them In the
Tim TMrllt lllll
Washington Dfcepiber 1 Before ad
lournmepv today h commlttoo on ways
and means completed the schedules of h
tariff pi d devoted n portion of tbr
afternoon upon tha administrative portions
of the bill The rppiiplle43 mmbent t < t
tho commutes do not billevo the bill will
te sabmltted before Hatnrday next while
the democrats nslrt that it will be
ported esrllw Although forty members
of the housi have rrqUMled A caucus on
the tariff bill it I no are that he bl
will r civo turh conslderatl in
Cliatrman Holman of tho caucus to
whom ths request was presented Imme
diately held a tontereuea with Chairman
Wilson ot the ways and means committee
but nothing definite Was agreed upon Mr
Holman was taken tick before tho con
ference ended and w nt home II Mr
Holman should hot recover beforo tho bill
is reported It U not likely that ho will
issue a call for ft caucus Soma democrat
who are meat anxious to hnvo changes
mads In tho schedules are opposed to a
caucus They believe that forty or fifty
democrats can bq found who will voto With
the republicans and thereby tho hill will
be amended in tho house
When H10 rommltteo took n recess nt
IS oclo k today the splilts schedule ot
ths tariff TjIU oid been reached Tho sugar
schedule wntt undisturbed Tho republican
members did not make any effort to secure
any chsnge In this schedule Soma talk
was Indulged In by republicans over rlco
and peanuts which still remain en tho
dutlablt list but no amendments wore
The Txil ltislnraoea
Washington December 11 TW president
today sent In flye ot tho Texas pastma
tors ius this month This eaves KoVcit to
come The appointment ot Zlmplemau tt
Austin and Hogg nt Decatur has be tt as
sumed for sonic tlmo as there was 116 op
position to elthur Zlmpleman Is every
where wbII known and liked ntfd was
supported by Soyers
Hogg is a brother ot the governor and
Is mote of an author than a politician
and s oven larger than his distinguished
1helnn at San Angelo Itobblns nt Ml
eala nnd Ilpreomb nt billing were nil
without material opposition nnd weto sup
ported by Paschal KIlROro and Saycrs
The ether seven ortlces will go as fol
For Clnrksvllle Culberson hno recom
mended William II nioksoa who seems
At Corslcana thero lit no doubt that Dr
N J Mills a brother of tho senator Will
be lippolnted
Hollas Is etllt n bono nt big contention
wljh W M C Hill and I H Fllshugh
In he lend Hill IsMndovscd by Abbott
At Penlwm Unlley haa Indorsed Itnniin
nnd Is fairly confident ot his succcs ill
tliouch a light is bcltiffmodo on the
strength of Ualleys nntlndmlnlstmUon
The San Antonio office Is fiercely fought
for Tho leading candidates aro Joe
Clfcrgr H O King Mrs Annie 1 Nell
lenry and S J Cunningham lnschal
lws not yet Indorsed anyone but will do
so In n few days In order to have tho ap
pointment mode before tho holidays
At Hrownwood Hell 1ms yet to pick out
i favorite from many applicants but in
tends to do so soon
Craln also expects to have tho Flatonla
postmaster appointed next week
KrUcIa lrnniimltimiittn
Washington December I Tho Post
correspondent today naked Comptroller
Kckels when ho Intended to appoint bank
examiners for Texas whero soverrtl appli
cants are clamoring for several ofrcs
In my own good time sold Mr Eck
els I nm not appointing examiners to
build up congressional constituencies or 10
help out by political work uncertain ills
trlcts Tho National banking system Is
entirely tdo delleato a business to bo ham
pered and upsot by a lot of raw offlccM
mado merely for psrUsan purposes
Prcililcntltil Xmnttintloiis
Washington December 12 Tho following
nominations were mado lodnyi Chas W
Wabnoy Jru of Tennessee assistant sec
retary of agriculture vice JEdwin WIIHts
resigned Postmasters John A HluUle
nt liatesvllle Ark C II Wllmans at
Newport Arki 1 L Phclon nt Ban An
gelo Texas James M Itnblns nt Mlheoln
Toxasi John W Mpscomb nt lUllnir
Texas John W Hogr at Decatur Texas
Oeorgo H Vfmpelmon nt Austin Texas
Mnxey > VHt Nut Tnllc
Wnshlngton December II Am exHena
tor 8 11 Muxcy has twlco denlrd himself
to the Post correspondent on plea of Im
portant business tho nupposltlon Is that
the nature of Ida closo occupation is not
for the public car One story is that lis
la hero In the interest of some legislation
before congress Anolhor has him lioro In
the interest ot fihep Williams for tho mar
ohntehlp ot tlio Haatern district which Is
expected within a few days Another
leading candidate Douglass of Jluslr is
htro and is working hard
Cnpltol llriefa
Senator Coko today introduced In tho
aeuato a bill to appropriate an additional
JSOOM for construction of tlio government
building ot Fort Worth
fltato Benator IlOwscr who was tho au
thor of a movement end several bills In
tho loot legislature to provide statues ot
prominent Ttoeans for the capllol at Aus
tin wus busy today In statuary hall In
tho capitol here learning tho co t mill
tlmo of production or the various sires of
Bculptmm Ho Intends to push the matter
vigorously In tho next leulelatuic
Ponatuna for Toxsina
Washington December 12 Penslons
Orlglnal KllJupi F WnrrenPeadO Jmim
P Durham Heardsjown Moxloau war
llobnrt Clark toial dwitltutlnn and fllstt
blllly Increase Balnuel K Smith itoorO
Papers prcllmlrtary to appointment s
medical pension ofnmlner were totlay or
vardod to Dr It h Sltrppshlro of Jfatj
1itc HHt llraoliitlnn
VVAshlnglefl December it Tha house
committee on foreign affairs has decided
to order favbrablo reiwrt on tho Hltt
resolution calling for nil lh correspond
ence on the Hawaiian Matter
1 1 1 1 f
Cliintso Inspectors Anpolulru
Wtuhluston December 12 Becrotnry
Carlisle has nppolnlod Albert 15 Mot
how Of Pine Muff Ark nnd Whin
Citing Fed of New York Chinese tiujueeti
Mull Ditty IntirtiHUKl
WMlilnnton December 15 yhe way
and menna rommltteo todny Incrtaned tho
malt duty from to so ptr cent ad valo
1 <
Wiittli r Infortunium
An extensive offta ul high pressure
t lth its crest oyer the Missouri and Up
per Mississippi Y Ueyx > dominates wrilbcr
over tho entire coumry east of tho Hooky
mountains tonight The lowest barometer
on the map is 9010 Inches at 151 Pnso and
thohlghent is nt t Vlnetnt There
has > en a decided faitin temperature
durimt tli pa t twentyfour hour ov r
tho Ccnlral valleys and w ytwrd to the
foot Dt tlie llocgy mountain plateau ex
copt irjkr ifc uthotTi Texan and l niuinnaj
vhll crtr int Central and South Atlantic
Ptatea there hajt betn n slight rise Tho
weather i cloudy vvllh heavy rain over
the I rtver Mlssteaippl valley and It 1
partly oioudy bver the southeastern Itoeky
moMntnlu slope while It i generally clear
laical forecast for Ttfxas for twenty
four hpurs endlne at J2 midnight Dctjem
her 1
North Tcxa and Centra Texas Fair
coptfautd oold Wlowod by nlowiy rislo
tuinp < rntuie rt tha west Portion
Swst TmciuiFalr nd much polder
Houlhwest Texas ond the Coist U
trlctOenerally fair nd muchcolder
Honolulu DoOembcr 4 via Victoria Hi
Llliuokolani Must So Restored nail
Maintained on tho Throne by
Torco of Arms
AcUto Preputttesi for Asgrmlao tJ Dtfecit
Bfg n3IU tlonn Drosll Dpcliinged
Other Torelira News
C December HCO < yrlshttHt 1S33 by tho
Associated Press15lneo tho atrhnl nt the
steamer Warlmo on the 3th political
events followed each other with startling
tepidity The dispatcher forwarded the
Associated Prois by solltiitf vessels on No
vember 111 nnd did not fully iirttlclpnto
tho serious condition that Hawaii is now
paMitiB through In a most determined and
heroic wuy Wlicn tho Wnrlmo arrived
with Clevelands ultimatum the roynlUtX
were Jubilant and annexationists nt mice
began to entry out their previous plans
for forcible resistance lb cano tho ntcamcr
China which arrived three days later
brought Instructions to Willis for tho res
torfttlou or the queen with the uld of tho
United iitrttr troops from tbo war ships
Adorns and Philadelphia >
Within twentyfour hours after the news
brought by tbo Warlmtr wan received
lew determined annexationists nJiroinbled
on short notice at tho drill sIhhI of the
barracks behind the vxocutlvo building
The mooting was short but wildly en
Tho spirit ot T4 prevailed and those who
hoard the ringing cheers which welcomed
tho speeches ot 1rcoldont Hutch of tho
Annexation club anil the presentation ot
thu following resolution knew that mon
archy oven thouuh restored by the supe
rior forco of the Willed tltntes would bo
short UVed Btnce the mn meet lug tile
spirit of enthusiasm which first provtdled
among tho roynllstu has been in a state
ot fluctuation and soma of tho clearost
headed leaders admit that the success of
rostoritilou In the proeiont vt future de
pend on tho tinned protection ot the
United Hlilen
Tho following nro the resolutions adopt
ed by tho mass meetings on November liSi
Henolved That wo have rend with sur
prlsa nnd regret the recommendation of
the secretary of tho United Blalcs to the
president to restore the monarchy lately
exlstlhc In Hawaii
Uenolvcd That we condemn the assump
tion of the secretary thai tho right of the
provisional government lo exist was l rm
innted by his refusal lo resubmit to the
senate thu treaty of union pending be
tween the two roiintrltK nnd hlso his as
sumption that tho provisional uoVermnent
had at that very tlmo submitted tho ques
tion of It continued existence t < the nrbl
llon ot tho prnslden1 of any other iiower
ltejiolvcd That i e support to tho host
Bf odr nblllty thoTrovlflomi government
In resisting any ntlnrlc upon It widen
may o oontmry to Jho tisngo of nutlnns
Tho udoptlon of tho resohilioiis w 9 pre
ceded by speochCTot many loading trill
After the undecided character of news
received by the steamer Chlnu tho OPlhlon
prevailed until Uio arrival of the Austra
lia that Instructions would bo ricolved
by tlio latter vessel ror immodlatu restora
tion IMidlng tho AusiriUlna coming nev
ernl Important cabinet meetings were hold
and it was determined 10 moot tho pro
posed restoration of tho monnrtfhy by tho
TOinblncd fortes of the hovcrumonl the
American League Annexation club and
Citizen Iteswvo Ouanl whoso Joint
strength woh about 500 mon on this
island and wllhln Honolulu Orders were
at once given those governments having
or lo have hereafter waishlps in Honoluhi
harbor thai no notion would bo allowed
to land troops without th written consent
of Uio provisional government This no
tice wa served upon the fproiffh diplo
matic corps In writing on the SStlt of No
vember and H Intended to be ftrwl from Its
date pending and after the arrival of
Uio Australia
Tim notice applied to tho Jnpan n
cruller Nonlwa which arrived yesterday
and tho JapnUrao con u general FelJII
lias privately announced that Japan woidd
not interfere should wor hreah out be
tween tho provjslounl government awl
other nations that Ih Nonlv > a would b
neutral for tho protection of Uvea and
property Of Jap4ieso resident Active
preparations both i f defense and oggres
aliiii If liecessttry begun today nfter th4
arrival ot tho China
Two Iiumlrod and ilfty nien weo put to
work fortifying1 the txeeuHvo building
Tho verandas we re forllflf l villi tiers of
sand bag nnd the roof will bo slnKWriy
treated Tho companies riinrpihoiiters all
ralnod inrn will oceupy thl foir < or er
towers from tho basement to tho roof
Preparations Jhux far Mado will allow
the government to hnnalo with great re
statanco 11 force of TO to d troops Iri
the government buildings And ammunition
and storna have beep provided to wltlx
stand a cuhtlnuouu uttaok fir a month
or rrtorij > rhpuld liostIItos break outi The
water supply CAn not bo odt off as Itit
cxeputlvo bulldlOs Is supplied by w orto
slan wrlltm the grounds fhe goyerrjinout
claims that wh tlio support of the A
nexatlon ci ij nnd Cltisteiis Hesetve
backOd by tho l > went fdrroldablo bnt
tory of gntllnn guns Maxlno and Austrian
leld plww now on hand an nggwusiyo
movement rould bo made Jt necessary
that would clear Honolulu of tho appro
Bat force of All the men or wnr yes
sels at prfeoent In the port Htlould
tandlne btt riidoln so aCollision come
further aidant once would rally around
tho provisional Royernmfnt Irom tlio
Jn of Instruction to carry out the
order for the restoration of moniirchyf
Mr Willis has promts to glvo tin pro
visional goVerntneht thlrlyslx hours no
lle before uotlng
In co such bojloo cornea tald l
prominent man yeslordtty to Hi A socl >
ntod Iresif compo dent Uouid Cleve
land flttenipl to Mny out the policy
against th Atnerlcons jn dfwail V men
vputd be nt once put ntworitand beforO
that time expired tho executive building
would bo surroundej op allRides wjth
rifle hit JJ f t from He bulldlpg which
will defy attack and bo abrolotrjy safe
from Hie suns of he hps
Cflteful Invejtlsation placed h A ocl +
nlrd ri In po trsion of the fact thst
In c so Of defeat the rY nue of Hl gov
rrnmtnt were tlreidyecrited and gov
mment would be renrtranUed ot tuber
hendquarlers defylwr Clevtland ami the
restoroil mo nartliy until refidiont Amcrli
cab were ept by the nupsrlor force
from thtlr hin > Jh Hawaii
The flrst Jistlon of tho authorities herp
after tho arrival ot mounts report wti
to remove Fred Wumlenburg from the
clerkship ho held In the supremo court
It was learned upon the best authority1
coming dlrec Itrom royalist sources that
llrltlsli Minister neatdtnt WOdchoOse had
lately stated to different person In Hono
lulu that thero was an1 understanding be
tween Mr Cleveland and tho Knutlali gov
ernment that monarchy should W restored
In prlvnte political circles hijre nnnnnexat
Uonlat opinion has been freely1 expressed
that the presenco bf tho Hrltish etulset
Champion here dt tho present tlmo was
owing to the fear of tho Kngltsh foreign
otfioo that Cleveland would not be able to
carry out his policy This theory reached
tha executive and ndvtsory council nnd a
rpeclal session was held In which jirown
Introduced tho following repolntlon whlih
was unanimously recommended by the
council to the executive
llcsolvcd Thia the esetouttvtt council
lnqulii > ot the American minister whelhef
his Inslrnctlonn were covered by nnd > rj
In harmony with the leter Of Mr Ores
ham to president Clevolnnd If so wheth
er ho was Instructed to Mo force
Hcsolved That should th answer b tn
tho tifflmtailv the council recommend
that Minister Willis be immediately given
passports nnd the oxqueen be made
prisoner or stnte
Tho fear of the council seems to ho
that tho British will offer protection to
the exqueen In Case President Cleveland
falls to restoro her This Is tho clilot
redson that tho notlco stated had been
given fotclgn officials not to land troops
without permission or tho provisional gov
ernment Tho provisional government will
send important dispatches to Mr Thimw
ton Wilier by tho steamer Arawal today or
by llo Oeennlc which Mils December D
Theso dispatches contain I
First the present status Of the Hawaiian
nffalrrf Including tho dclenrilnej policy
of tho provisional KOvernmenWis Mated
Second tho determination of tha gov
eminent to hold tho situation against any
uttempt 10 overthrow it either by revolt
or foreign tnlereference
Third Tlial tho only proposition ml
mltted by tho provisional government to
tho Xnlteil Slates mft tho propnsiuon tor
FntirlhThdt throughout President Dole
haa refused In diplomatic mattrrs to com
mit tho prdvl8lonnl government to a Pol
Icy binding U > on Hawaii In case Of nd
Cmltliuieit mi Siooiul tnge
Tlio Posfa llnllotlii AVltlt Mlml Will
lrnti ilrn Thla lny Tliroimb
niit itic Country
NFW YOItK The first Patriarchs ball
will take place tonight ThesO aro tho
most fnlnous society events of Amqrlca
cncli year Whltclaw Held nnd 1 HooUer
Ilnmerrier have been nppotntcd to nil
tho vncuncles left by Charles H Uerrymnn
nnd Bmlth curt The Patriarchs nro J
J Astor W W Aofor J N A arlswbid
Piorro rorlllnnl O I Itlvcs Wllllath
Whitney J Townsend Iluiden Kdnard
Cooper llobnrt Ooelet Oeorgo Orlswold
llitvcn W luynnl Cutting Johnson blv
Ingaton James A llurdeu Philip HcllUyier
O P D Isolln B V 1U CrUger IWerlim
It Wlnthrop Hamilton Flrh Jr Charles
Lanier Wnnl McAlllslcr 2 Plcrponl Mor >
Kan Wlllhnn Oothout Charles D Dickey
William Cruger Pell Jnmett p lvernochnil
Jomcs HoOsovnlt A Newbold Morris
Adilnn Isolln Hubert n llemsen Uyum
K BtcvrnsT W Watts Bherpiau James M
Waterbiry John Blewart Jrt tieorgo
B llowdoln KiiRene HclilrlTelln Ilradley
Martin IS N Taller Wlllm Ithlnelander
HtlWnrt Mutthew Wilkes IMward Itvlng
Slon Alexander 8 Webb Iluchannn Wln
tlirpp Oeorgo IVubody Wetmore and 5
bridge T aerry
NEW YOIJICA circular nssertlng that
etllbla ocean Ashes along bur count lino
nro growing ticnrcr calling attention to
tho Jinny tribe recommending that tho
causes be nscrrtalned und urging tho
lading nnd application of n remedy was
Widely circulated Tlio islgnntlires wcro
thono of well known ttllsens Tho circular
Invited those who are Interested to attend
it conference nt tho office of the commission
cm of fisheries ot ho State of NeiV York
At No M llrnndwoy at 10 oclock this day
Heorelary IS 1 Doylo of the fish com
mission says that nil the Atlnntlp const
Htutes from Maine to North Cnrolliiu
wcio Invited to send representative to
tlio conference and that all but Delaware
Virginia and North Carolina appointed
imoOiaVTN N YA dinner will be
given today to Chief Justice Joseph V
Murium of the wupreme court by > Hhe
Hnr association of Jlrooklyn Tho com
pliment Is tendered in view of tho fact
ot the retirement Of Justice dtarniird
from the bench on December 5i < ibecause
ho has renelied tha ng Unlit DxJudgS
Oooifio O Iteynolds ivll nrejiildei
OIUCAlO ChIcng o ri lilir bench show
opens today closing December 15 The
entries nrd larger than Inst yerir A novel
featuru of tlio Shotv Will ha fl ii u cli 0
< alo of dog oil the last day Animals
entered lo bo Hold will hot bo barred from
competition but in separate Catalogue
fartho selling cla wH he l ue < l
C ICAOO An urgent al for a irieeU
Ing of tho gcnemliinanngeritotthoCeritral
Trofflc association road was recently ti
tted Tfle meeting Wll he held In ChlcnKO
toiisy nnd tho work that hax been laid
out for It is Hie removal of the demoral
isation ihat prevail both In xegnrtL to
freight and passongor imitleta
ItOANOICn VaAt the nugfostlen of
Colonel H 8 UriMko the clork of ti
Virginia court wl hokl u Convention
Iters today tn make rrcomw nijalons to
the Xolslature lit njfprenoa ito litutlo i
netted to facilitate the bit lu iLjttii
ilAIlFAXrWrlt li v Won Issued for
gepernl provlucl lAction hi Prlno
Plwanl Jfliuid It yilll talc pl aty
date A pleblsOlto on lh qw4t is ifrpror
hlbtlon will alsqM tHkti ajthlstlin
PIIIfJuIStpnrAk Pi TlwlB i4rtya6lh
Pennsylvania Veteran voluntastrswiuhoia
their nni lreMnlon at Br lM d Filimt
MtVeete IlilMd < Iiil todsy to delobrai
ho thlrtyflrst annlnwiseiryofj the battle
or Fredorlckabor Va
WksIOMttxiiwr and Ct r 13fr
Houston T Xa I
or riold toEsttnaiburrort
dgn Obmatem
S 11 X
Its Arrlrsl la WssMagtek s Oki t S T y
UH g N wJfrt tjifJlilWs
f fWi
pi <
WnohlngtonDeccmber 13 l ybl >
fore Ions the state departmentJet enter
upon negotiations IoOkinBt4Xt trAlitWf j
fnltig oUt ot relation with CliliAvTheJ
enactment of tho Geary law lW Wkie j
upon on Oh Infraction ot the pr s nttrtr I
with China and so In etect put an e dto
U That treaty grnnu tlio Upltotl llbitejlteii
prlrtlegea hlghty valued 9intfirh1e4ijt tfin j
Oo nought tu perpetuate o us butIt Mt L
have to bo done by hew treaty > jp
There is good ouihortty for saying tWfltj
Secretary Orcsham aspire to roak
extension of trndo relations and prlvllesWfji
Avtth China tho central feature otUtalbB
ndnilnlHtratlnn ot the Mate epartnwnVi9
> iB
It would supercede the Pnnvracricn < po
Icyot thnlrcdecfsflortn ihotitalod p rt
meut and be contrasted tvlth it It jtaCg
knOwn that aresham lu little faith In g
the fuluro ot our trade rclauonsiwutnlho
BpaulsliAmerican rvpubllcs na am luiepx
qunto field for tho cxtonslon of coiniaoroe
Ho Is said to regard that field hot well
tvorth tho Wxpeiisannd labdrOf ciiltlvatlnieL
It It Is significant In this relation that
the secretary Of nlato madenojeoOBantenif
datlon for an npproprlattoh to tnilnt Jri
the bureau ot A nicrlcnn republic wlileh J
was established us a result of tha > Pah hi
American congfesa und 1ms lie n malnsfii
taincd nt Joint expense of the nittlon litpiif
It Is definitely known that Young1 YM M
recently arrived on < m envoy ot Cldna tri StJ
regard tmtho contemplated termination ofc
The Seorotary Thlilf Ohlnartji i
I i
tho present treaty by the passage of the SftJf aJt
act Whenha came toWashington Itwaa MsCI > i
uald that oro of the purposes ot his inlsitjB J > fu p
slon was tho negotiation ot a new tr < raty lHg T
Tho adjiittment and extension iofi th W w ft
tcnryttct I raid to bo satisfactory toth gjs 1 4
Chtnvso government Wk yU
They uio not anxious to extend thoraB i
privilege of Immigration for their peoplei
In foot they are believed to Uwrather ppC
posed to it but they nro solicitous for
Uio Protection and privileges of their eltl
China t m believed n bo conterop lattnir
a ane extension of the privileged oCJier
innrkft to rorelgner and to t > anxious to
avail herself of tho advahtngcs of AVesti
ern ingenuity nnd thu products of our
civilisation At the enme time ahe fcam
nggresalon from European nallomt imdV
is not willing to risk their policy of sch > I
aggrandisement by entering into clooeril
reintlooK Her tnc mon nro believed1
however to regard closer trade relation
w tha United Statu with favor both
011 account ot the greater propinquity off
tho two countries and less dggreostvs J
character of our foreign policy Itwlea
mid by hose Wit iwsition tajKnOw tlutt1
dellnlle results may coine ofnegottatlonsi
within a comparatively shorts time lie
uld the trade relations the negotiations
Will Include
First tho settlement of tho yexea queiV
tlon of Chinese Immigration
Becond tho treatment to ho accorded
Chinese citizens already In t hl country
or who may hereafter legally come here
Third tho protection and privileges 10
be extended by the Chlnoso to American
clUzens residing In China
Aside from UHiso main questions awowj
tlsilonS are said to have hitcn of jio hroadf
a eliaracter as to tuks In nil ofthercadne
of friction which front tlmo to tlme have
developed between this countryand Chln
Interesllmr Phn ealtttlso fny 0 Un
Cnsriiielillf o Marry > ty
Dallas Texas December The mayor
nits row ls gettWBMntcretlnv oraorrow
Hiln Dryan T Jlarry 111 ask tbej ni
dlstricticourtof appeals toentcrjudjjwjitil
in his favor according to tlio doorsJ0A
the Bupr cmo court It I lindorslood
thoattorney of Cdnuor wllltnk ri mjs
to the euprerne court ot Om Vnlte lcBntllljk3
writ of prror
on n
Hon Thpmos i McBncl enolrmsm
ihe finance couiinliteu th cauB irJ
rushed Intoprint wllh tKe Otlo irln
per comnjonHntlon V
T Ma nyS
lion Hryan
Dallas Texn Deceml rllr M Ii
lliot It booontv myduty oehsirin ll
i lHfl nn neliionnittiiltosrsplyiIo WL
> V
contalnod In lh C panuwMtsV1
of your letter to Jffoiu W CiConnor n
tatlnir 0 UiO Issutuicq of i0o > xih ind j
Mr Connors experience i will tie yours
whrn preeldhis over tho < ltyrcoinciU WJ
that It IS roi nlKHMid of re resentiitsve wew
who cortoWoi dly tha interests of thr
city whether thfrvvtawnoftilift Hilaf t n
letntta pocord with thl or > not
Thl wio noupoll jOrsVd She ordiflM
t iiii j id nelltiitlie > Bonds and tt
eonltrni i aodon ilesplts your vt
j 4
A UiAM a HM ltl wdclt rrolrijBjIJH1
litis ctBU ou til part o the llnanc eoMt
mi wultiiii pouneiipif you were mi
forniod oniclty nffulm u y < t < i ore iJ
to you would know thetn
to Its Conner jjovson the l n Hi l
ftktn i tad to oy that V ffmrn
a u ild IwtrlotUm promp osl ItMvWfi
ityrOY tho taction of th 1 kMu
iwWI 1 dldanot support jr
the M o creditably
< w
a rtkkt youuntvltclnijly aadti
yn y > fhtoia oonpttraeol if
o of leirlslnuoii hi S > M
g MP ctfullj > et ffMBnogMR
At tbojouncli meetiniir t Msi
ro t r came upimutu
Awarded HiBNst Honof World Faif
MsMF Aj Kf t fmv W > IjM Sa sW B W Hl r
The oply Pure Creaiii of Tmtar Powder No Atumouuv No Alan
Used iiaMillibjis ofHbjne o Years the Standard
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