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f m m m Gf A N I > OFF1
Sights and Semes of the Wop
It saves time and money and the inconveniences of travel and may bo en
joyednot merely for a brief space as in course of ones travels but may
be referred toat pleasure and delighted in over and over again
surrounded by all the comforts of home and if perchance a
personal visit should at any time be made to the scenes
represented they will be all
the more appreciated from
the knowledge already had
of them through the views
and descriptions which make
up the series as above de
The well defined policy of
The Post for many years
has been to give its patrons
the greatest value for their
Is the title given to a rare and magnificent collection of 320 superb Photographs representing famous natural
scenery palaces castles cathedrals noted street scenes and places of historic interest in all parts of the earth
The series is the result of many years of extended travel and many thousands of dollars of expense The
Photographs are 1x13 inches in size each one is executed in the highest style of art and accompanied by
an interesting description replete with historic and other data
army of readers to obtain it
mumuvwiiyiu unaTaim iniumnri
money that it was possible
to obtain for them and itig
in perpetuation of this praC
tice that we now offer thorn
this magnificent collection
of views embracing
parts of sixteen numbers
each on terms which are so
easy of fulfillment as to en
able every one of our great
In order that our readers may exercise their own judgment in estimating the
value of this series of views which The Post offers we have issued a free supplement
with each copy of todays issue We are placing within the reach of our patrons a
magnificent opportunity and it is not our wish that any may fail to avail themselves
of it from lack of proper appreciation of its surpassing merit The two views com
prising the supplement are but a sample of the 320 which constitute the series but j
it may easily be imagined what a treasure the entire twenty parts would make
1 Osborne Palace Queen Victorias Home on the
Isle of Wight
2 Popes Villa at Twickenham on the Thames near
3 Robert Burns Cottage Ayr
4 The Giants Causeway County of Antrim Ire
5 Lakes of Killarney Ireland
6 Palace of Sans Souci Potsdam Germany
7 Castle of Rheiustein Germany
8 The Appian Gateway Rome
9 The Grand Canal Venice
10 The Grand Opera House Paris
11 The Grand Staircase in the Paris Opera House
12 The Stora Theater Gothenherg Sweden
13 The City of Lisbon Portugal
14 The City of Bethany
15 Native Malay Village
16 The Cathedral City of Mexico
In every issue of The Post commencing with today there will appear a numbered coupon Out this coupon out and preserve it until three ofldifferent dates
been acumulated then forward them together with four twocent postage stamps to the Art Department of the Houston Post and there will be mailed to you one of
the parts of the series containing sixteen views similar in style and execution to those contained in todays supplement Each view contained in the series will be con
sooutively numbered so that when the entire twenty parts have been received an index will be furnished by whioh ready reference can be had to any particular photograph
The Coupons for oaoh of the twonty parts of the series run one entire week but only three out of the week are required to seoure any one part They must however he out from papers of different dates and If V6t
ohanoo six Coupons aro cut from different issues during the week the holder of them will Tso entitled to two numbers of the particular part called for by Bonding them to the Art Department together with four twocent
stamps for each part Our subscribers are recjuoBtod to note the fact that the Coupons for part one of tho series commence today
wabcuhatkh lv 11111 postoi
Ilrnnlt of llilrd Times Kiilllmj Her
rnnm > ircssllntft a Closn IVutult
of < hr > Friiullous Postmnstcr
Ciuuurnl JlliUIng Chuuucs
Washington lovembur J6 Tho most
ovirwurked men In Wuehlngton today ar
Ireddcnt Cleveland cabinet ministers
Hveryono of them lift his hands full Car
lisle liua been boiling nil brains for
months over bonds und bullion Graahnm
la almost detracted by the situation In tha
Sandwich Inland Hoke Bmitli In wonder
Ins how thi Koldlem Aote can U gotten
back to the democratic party by new pen
slon legislation nnd Wilson Hhannon
Hlssell in worried to Jcnow how to make
the small postal appropriations meet tho
Immense dclli It which tho lack of butlnetts
and the hard tltnas 1 creating In oiff pos
tal revenues I have devoted this week to
a study of our new postmaster general
He Is by no means an ordinary mat He
Is not only u hard worker himself but
io understands how to set work out of
others His cxpirlentc as railroad pren
ldcnt an > l u mlltoAd lnw > er m uul him
In good stead In the postofiiin department
and ho He < ins to tiavi gruel ed lis work
and tho possibilities r inurkably w 11 IJIs
solls inlnd U uu analytic one Ho gets
at the nut of a question ftt once nnd he
doesnt bothct hlmMf over details Ho
prides himself on Ms power of organisa
tion nnd ho Is able to glvo the drudgerv
of his office over to hist suboidliMtes He
has In fact very good executive abilities
and 1 find that he Is making somu ludltnl
chances In our postoftice methods
I culled upon him this week He was
sitting behind the iletk In the office of tho
postmaster general where John Wuna
nnker used to sit about a year ago The
desk which Is a big flattopped affair of
black walnut had still Its plateglass top
biluw which lies a map of the United
States but there was less Utter about It
and fetter papers upon Itund the man
who occupied tho seat behind It had fewer
linen of cure In his face Postmaster Uon
eial Nanamnkor took life very seriously
When he talkod his blue eyes became
grave nnd perceptible crows feet appear
ed at tbtlr corners
His hair was roughed up with much run
nliifr of the fingers throuuh ft and ho bore
all the asp < ctB of hard work Tho new
postmaster general works perhaps Just as
hard but lie stems to do his work mora
easily He sets to the offlco ut S 30 In tho
morning putting In twice as many hours
as any of his clerks SHU he does not
look over tired He Is n welldressed
health looking giant with n big head
fustriud to strong shoulders by a strong
m ek Ho Mauds i < r ti feet In his stock
ing and I venture tlmt he weighs 800
pounds tie H a clean looking man and
he snems to bo ns healthy In mind ns ha
Is In body
The postmaster general finds It Impera
tlvo to reducn our postal expenses The
hard times have considerably lessened tho
postal revenue There la no business bar
ometer more sensitive than the pustofflco
Tho mall luct eases or decreases in propor
tion to the amount of business done and It
Is safe to say Hint there has not for years
been such a radical falling oft In postal re
ceipts For the past tlility or forty jears
there has been nil average Increase of
nboiit 7 per cent u yoar In lh postal rev
enue over that of the year preceding This
Increase has been so r obtr thnt when
congress has made Its appropriations it
has allowed for It Tt did that laat year
Well the revenue went nlonif ull riant
up tu the 1st of lurie mid during the that
three months of Mr Illsiolls term tho per
centaio of Increase whs more than 8 per
cent over tho receipts of the corre pondliif
months of lost j car In July tho hnid
times began and the peic rdi > BO or Increase
dropped timing that month from 8 per
cent to a per t nt At Iho close of August
It was found that tho receipts were 4 per
i com less than they wcro during the Au
Kiist it IMS This was a decrease of 11
per cent oer what had beou anticipated
J and tho Battle story wilt probably be told
iii to the other months of this fall The
result Is that tho appropriations will not
luiual the expenses and the postmaster
general Is havlne his hands full In trying
to make the ends meet
It Is Interesting to note how the post
master general Is economising In a big
business like that of tho postofflce It Is the
little things that count and 1100000 has
Juki been saved by cutttng oft an order for
lHWUXiOOO of tha big Columbian stamps
There Is little difference between tho ordi
nary 2cent stump and the Columbian
stamp In size but tha difference Is big
enough to make the Columbian sump tost
Just about one hundredth of a cent more
than tho rd stamp Tho Columbian
stamps cost Just about 17 vents a thous
and while the red stamps cost only t
cants a thousand
The chaugo moans a saving or 10 cents
on flvery thousand stamps and J1WW0
on a million stamps Tho last admlnls
tlatlon made a contract for OOOOOOoOOO of
these stamps at 17 cents per 1000 It was
thought that thero would bo a great de
mand for them but they did not sell The
people did not want them and It was to
the Interest of the department to be re
leased from their controot After consid
erable negotiation tliu American n nk
Note company agreed to let the pottmas
ter general oft from the last billion he
consenting to take up to the amount of
2000000CXO of the stamps Th contract
ors could have held the department but
they did not and thus Uncle 8am will
have just flOOOOO profit oft of the opera
Another economy has Just been Inaugu
rated In tho making of tha postal cards
During the past few yearn we have been
uMng three different styles of cards There
waa a little whtto card for 1 cent tor the
ladles a yellow barn door at the same
price for tho big business man and u mid
dleilsed card or general use It has cost
considerably more to mako the thtee dif
ferent styles than cue and the postmaster
general has decided to u o but one card
and the one fixed upon Is of the same size
usey by the International Postal Union
and postal cards will now be the same all
tho world otcr We use such an Immense
quantity of these cards that the saving
In the new contract amounts to 70000 a
year The contract Is inado for four years
and the total saving will thus be C0000
It Is a 1cent budncss but the saving
means a fortune
The postmaster genera In fact has
been materially hclpod through the money
order fund We had a money order sys
tain since isai und during ull this time
orders have been Issued and paid for but
the money has not been called for ut the
other end Either tho orders have been
lo t or stolen or the parties receiving
them have failed to collect them These
sums havo accumulated until they have
now between I OuOOM and S30C00tt > of
auch money In the treasury department
From this fund there waa recently creu
tted to the poatofflce department fl2QC X
and this to now being applied to the de
ficiency of the current year
I made nomo Inquiries at tho depart
ment ns to whether any Improvements
were contemplated In tho postal service
and I find that It Is tho postmaster gen
eral s Idea not to attempt any experiments
at the present time Ho la u great advo
cute of thorough
organisation and of
complete development
Ho believes that
the postal service can bo Improved by In
vestigating its
needs strengthening Its
weak Bpote and perfecting Us present
system He Is not at present serlomly
considering any matters connected with
the postal telegraph postal telephone or
the pneumatte tubs system for cities evi
dently believing that such experiments
necessitating tho expenditure of great
sums of money should bo left to more
prosperous times
During my call I had a few words with
Sim about tho service and find that ho Is
thoroughly In ftfvor of civil service rules
and thinks that these should be enforced
as far as possible Ho told me thnt these
rules had been extended to fourtholasa
Wslmasttrs aiM that these nro now al
lowed to remain In Offlco for four years
vvnsthcr thsy are
republicans or demo
crat unless good reasons nro given for
tnolr removal The
appointments of post
masters are now made almost entirely on
petitions trom the people und the post
masters general cites a caBe of a city in
cbX ef WM a < 1 < t convention
called by tho members of the democratic
ewL 01 0 cy whro th0 delegates
elected their postma er The different
candidates came before II and one of the
defeated ones moved that tho nomination
of the tULCcssfuI man should be mado
unanimous Thin was carried and the
name of the successful nominee received
the appointment from tho department
While talking to the postmaster general
tho other day tha nubject of government
clerks cams up and I asked him whether
he would advise young men to try to get
places under the government Ha replied
that ho would not and said that the short
hours and the work seemed to dcmpraltze
tho employe Said he
It seems to me that tho hours and the
work here ure Injurious to character The
clerks work from until 4 and thero Is p
tendency for them to becomo machines
They have not the incentives to good
work that you find in other branches of
business and had I a boy I would not
want him la the department
At this point the conversation turned to
President Cleveland and the postmaster
general chatted Interestingly of his eurly
association with him It la now nearly
twenty years sines tha two began their
practice In tho law together at Buffalo
In connection with Mr Lyman K Bess
who hod been a member of congresi Mr
uass left tho firm In 1378 and from that
time on It went under the
namo of Cleve
land Ulssell In speaking of It I said
Suppose Mr Blssoll you let your mind
run back fifteen yeurs to the tlmo when
you and the president wero practicing law
together nt Buffalo Had you any Idea
at that tlmo that Orover pm
ot tho VliW
bo president
yourself a cabinet fl ftCuiJC3j
I can answer easily WMMJ lj
the postmaster general i iH
well as to the V Jaa
ambition to engage ta WY <
t that tta t fl
myself to Ine
rs of my 8Piuntil
he might go ohth Mtf1
at one ttms very Sh
cept a place as o ° f iTi
court and
It but he diq not t wi
ha an eminently J HtaK
have always thousM grfjg
ns great a reputation M t
the supremo court of 4
is be has as P r < 4 ffi
character of W fgjg
well for bit prwent P ft
always clear M tj
uina 5
up his k Ui
sides of a lufftSl JWJ S
correct His Jn Pf g
nlied in ths court aJ
ore making their o
ofien noted that JI tt
in the court
advlco wo sou v V sV J
WW quite a J
hlmseir noted at P
conservative couM j A J

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