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15 niK to Tin south ron
iinuiso iicusnir
Crop Increased When Mnt
netvfccn Slastcr mill NInc
tcd Themselves South
Men l Women
IL Orleans La December CFor the
r tM war but fcw SouUlern
S planttrs tried lo mako a crop on
plantations They could rent
r o n
r claics from JoWO for the smaller
PitwO to ilow > Ior he sreat
f uik > n le ciblntoel bclonglnK to
JTjfjjalls of Natchez In the parish
fjTfflW Louisiana with 8000 acres of
i Staa i or ttjnn Tort eat In the pnr
vvltn nearly ua much open
ifel t mirill
nude in ISOl J x bales
tihit had
Bjjciwn ann ° W barrels of corn they
Sue cjrn by tno barrel Instead of
air ki aa in the
1 i Sffirthroplsts t from Boston
for South
come down
Sffiwlppl aim Louisiana to > teach the
4 ijfS ngro and incidentally to
at the same time
a ill utile
at art sel
n Dili
the nebros ngalnst
mull The black did
I hlm Tne ol
time plant
1 1 mea V places and then walled
9 liueiv in wbt WiiH cJinlnB as well
A 57 know it lwu Ttu negiqes did
t work
bourn n
f 4 cotton i Urribu
nn n who came here
white man how
Ituirtundunt to loiw unworlied the
7inas ot Hie Jllbsisitipl mid its trlb
jTi j kr mi ip to w eds and brush
Jcental aw 5 the flrst year therc
r hre cuiie an Immense crop ot
S i ot nnat Is Known in the Souih as
T ttoa tvjrm Ihe old plum era fore
t IL and it hppened i > they said Tlie
< iis j0i iimu T c second year was
7 mum twti < Jjv lt 8 <
intra nwn w ° worked the sreut
Siiwas U awi > Hie Places they
i leased vv re well sloi ked und pro
A tuned Mk t i the old pLautcjs had
ni their reat mum J They Ulen took
il The mull s JJureuU did not
ii at ii i and his old master
1 Soslood lie notier That year the
was ni J > tiswots > baitsworth S1S5
i rtule in lVUI 1 lnl ° tlla cotton
itlaj Stat s tht enormous sum of
S i LKu inuilc of this in a country
itch not four years bacu was belnc
I iiel by a trrrlble war
tke next seal It was the
i mcrs betw i
lttaJJusUl th
same way
the lnte master and his
intl < s und the resMIl
1 stn U t ihe t Jtton crop alono In the
1t Us jus m i I tram 45niMi0i bales
iMVClh largest crop and the Inst
eversrown bj ilae labor to tl7W
f Jul ei n 7111x1000 bales worth even
he seed from Vi
lacludlnr to 70
jule Is it uny wonder that the Kouth
Kalll > Kuwtiifc richer Mississippi
jtjesr male ItJuOOO bales of cotton
bi nas 4 < KUU I as new capital
i a from n Jll t > be put into some
i Texas iast year made 1H0 i0
um of cotnii Here ws jt iiKnouu to
put Into nmotlilwr They keep the
txj at romf This Is th money Unit
crtclnff the mines of Alabama of Geor
i mil Tmni ie The town cf J31r
ishtm Ala was sutvejed platted
Juried in i > iir > perou career by an
IS i lppi piintLr named J It Joiv
i Heo ni i two creal cotton plnntu
i cn the Suj rver In Washlnston
tetyt Mi si ippi one calleil Pluck
loiter Ua n ak Yean before the
irheuent n r th site of the present
T3 of Hirminihani Ala He was a
in of bUi irli taites and ciluca
z He gi > > the most wonderful
sslnaton of nature 1 re were iron
I coil and linn sione all right together
ry one knjws ihnt yon can not sni lt
a ore wltlicut eoal or purify It witli
tLoeatoni which In Incland has lo
1 trowht luindrels of milts and lo
n Ibey wire ide by aide nd the
Jest pure i nater with them For
Kt JlKUl il > lowtl liniiKllt what Is
ithectuer r Itinmnsham All Ills
Jfeny c n r pLrhaps jx acres This
J less Ui in tft ntynve yiars a o
tnalston Am another miuel witn
cirall hi I h lohn Annis a native
Itaence In that Stale Peeatur and
Ud r i i I at art hiiNint so
sderfutij i a ilL el < ipoil bv
ahtrn mun y Inwn out of the earth
mnrxilmis of magicians
i t uiv itas tlie South
ii li i 1 Ms own
nt io i lo Richmond
n ltd but many of them
t i v here their pru
has mule them a
l p wr iitoin those
m iiti caiiKi with it
sunt are Icto New
toot K ii ks tin liarntts of Italtl
Au i imniailt lames K
tn inn it of J innHHe lames
tfcnnol i i iil ihe Now York cot
Jtos O 1 r i Losan of South
XS1 p l ° Itiennonl nml
S aluriaj and a great
f other
sot irnlv has the s mthnrner shown
welf a r imp i Wltn his Northern
wen In u iti mi il lne bin he has
iMIor utm i i an Hitinrcd name in ihe
iwnon Mnmig the list of Gothams
ntl ih n ire l > r John Met
Wo I i iv > u klan Dr T Gall
IThoma In u v Dr Arnold Jir
J and I i j r Kims South
i v v from Tennessee
Jltrose l > lien from SL Louis nr
Sh Ur J u veth mid Dr liozeman
< lll u
Buf tr Gorgla Alabama
Sf JJpP1 lr Hfnjamln Simmons
S Bs KKill In medicine and
if5ws knuivn in New York as the
o3aan AvllPy hooper was a South
ft wS1 thS Sutl > ls represented In
mJfi5r IloRpr A 1r5r ll1 ohn
° M
iSnM M rJ A lacs most lirll
ArknJ V IMa John It Fellows
ansas j hn c Calhoun of South
WiM Uurton N Han son of Vlntlnli
Siiii i 7n n or Kentucky and un
ffre another and hlRher bar
iiL luler of South Carolina
eii s HnlHvan of Virginia
since rinspitMioiis nmonB the lesal
Ai neiropolis To a Southern
lR vn5 Toluinbus Ga Ur
jyt0 IlnnVor Moiie was in
fmsh l eptlon of the electilc
tin Mm the HUKjiestion having been
ijS m el tI L tjumiPr sirm the
benVin < > 4
huge trees
roadside that he saw
U Powerful agent cnu
Siiii for benelltoFmanklnd
St fnrth fruit for
mtlfiide 1 nrll now ones
nourished it
which the
a debt
Vfio ° urw2r V le National traditions
rchltei ronl n l il nt I
aiWnL I > le of i nnker Hill
S1 fact ih 1 11 Inftular and note
ScJrnii hl i Mme llle st e of
hisimv U furnished to its coun
V Wt L nnny Intelleeitial lights
Indn l nn ho leel tu
W HiSr n fr i non bowing as
S the
wealthy N >
Yorkers wtio
White of
Lanier aJ
oTja a
S 0f Ja b Astor lllss Vil
W CL J Ogden
may ha
who mar
wSJJ jLJ 01 1 wnmen
Fmh riwob J hn Asior
rG air f Ko b farollna
r r
tflMOrmf I r rrlf > Astor who
fr K in ot Oeorgla whose
wkM th Vll n went to New
S 1 without
worn a doUar
00 romniodnre
ilobii Vlfo fl > w
aWlt a 2nd William K
J that ctlv m ITS1 n lrila Smlll >
rW ttirS y nl 8ste Mrs Com
U w n cl Bt jJli ag h r
EJ Ocufn AVien l Kenttick
son of
his wife in
laek m < > i Savannah
VlJSntPol r married
i ff Vlriinl ViV marrMi
w eelt married
In many of
J hU SS ni bmsplf not far be
ho ciiS ior thfrn brother
fetth nom dlreetlv after the
ft M wits hr Mpf lh8n
L lvei tn5 rpna hX esslt
IhtrUtfw Possessed of a eorn
3KiUi taS SW w < tfc
Her tras valuable
flmnii w as as been toltl fh
then LS6 Kr6a that Mr chis
W Slh
IVn of cott s
loat to Krihw ft w aSR
gtr t l CslS lS
g here their cotton went to The
Vbcthcr any of
tt Is Im
ly probal
iHlcl 9 > Lft o i1ef i1
cose Is
owmii who took tfie io cotton government and h The
fim uld not be nblc l0 snake lneIrM
wUhout some proor which they haVe t
thiihrB R i Iif1tt me he ln8tan similar to
urn from l reasury received SlOli
a government scent for cotton
hSJS f r > iorejener supposed to hi
ft block d1rulicri la one of the sea
port towns of the South Secretary Chase
ra n i ° hc the circumstances of tho
hoh Jievernrcnt < nnJ < ne Jay
we v t
< 1e1
S0e Jbl aeeount for It for
in lwl
Keen 1 Cll Uul aiM demand realyhl no right ton
iLf was ever made
on the treasury for It It Is doubtful If
Vhr ° Wnh r iffikncv iun wnre It ent
n the Union
Jhcn amy under General
fc ° eeria ie South Atlantic sea
S tne used
Confderates to de
fwy < ° ie etton If possible lieforo
they surrendered and millions of dollars
falling r i into 1nlon Ln 0Cder to f t from
hands The owners did
not know what was burned and what
rlSvy Jhe t00 thl t were captured
showed Hint John Jones for Instance
Viii V1 a reliant had so many bun
dred bales marked In such a wav The
SKL be > ar < son them In many In
stances all Uie books containing the onn
ers names were forwarded to the treaa
irv department with other papers relat
ing to the capture Where tliov are but
the lSry m
i lnowlng when the Claimants might
make a detnnnd on the treasury for the
SSi f ° f th lr < 0 ° w the money was
never used but remains untouched In a
i5d L85 Vut u has bwn o l nS
K he tVJl0 necessary to make
a case thatwould
he valid being In many
nstances unjlialhnble by the ownera It
Is not probablethat any
grent ponvji
2L en ° nous amount of money will
ever leave the treasury
The Tnrlft I11I1
Tha Outlook
1 It is certain that the immediate effect
of such a bill will be to disturb some es
tahllshed Industries The mere fact that
It Is under consideration will do so Busi
ness men hae a remarkable power of ad
Justing their business to the conditions of
trade whitever they be but any change
In condition requires a new adjustment
A change in tariff means a change in
prices and a change in prices means a
change In wages and In profits It Is Im
possible that this bill or any bill mate
rially modifying the tariff can become a
law without modifying tile rroflts of some
manufLctuicrs and the wages of some
woiklngmen The pussage of this bill
will be tho cause ot some reductions in
wages and the occasion of other reduc
tions Ihe fairminded student will ask
himself not whether some present indus
tries will be made less prolllable and somit
will be even closed altogether for that
Is ceitaln to be the case but whether
theic are advantages that compensate the
loss In other words he can not strike
a balance without looking at both the
debtor and tlie creditor bide of the ac
count And partisanship must not pre
vent him from recognising that there Is
a debtui side to the account that is that
tiiere will bo a loss
Only an expert can form a competent
Judgrrent as to the percentages on special
ai tides Detailed discussions as to sched
ules are of very little value to the aver
age reader Wo counsel him not to get
entangled nnd perplexed In such discus
sions Hut he may form a Jui1 Judgment
on one or two fundamental principles
such as whether the bill Is sectional that
is whether it gives advantages lo one
section over another or whether It is a
elajtH bill that Is whether It givts advan
tages 10 one class over another
t Hut the real and fundamental ques
tion goes deeper than this That question
is In brief what Is the function of taxa
tion and behind and below that what
Is the function of government Protection
claims that it is a legitimate function of
taxation to promote industries and insists
tint taxation can be so framed that a
tax leviM to aid one Industry may be
mode really to aid all Industries Itevenue
reformers claim that tlie only function of
taxation Is to raise a revenue for the ne
cessities of government economically ad
ministered that It Is to be so levied as lo
Inflict the least possible pecuniar Injurv
on the lndistrl s of the community but
that one Industry can not b promoted
by speilnl legislation without an Injurv
to other Industries and that no method
of tariff Is practical and Just except
one based on a few broad principles such
as light tirlff or none at all on raw ma
terials and on food products higher taxes
on luxuries than on necessaries and taxes
assessed according to the value of ar
Apparently the Wilson bill Is a sincere
and intelligent effort 10 frame a bill In
accordance with these principles and as
Ihe democratic pnrty Is committed to
these principles and the present house
was elected upon a platform professing
them it Is clearly tho duty of the present
house to pass such a bill Amendments
may be made to correct errors In detail
but amendments which violate or com
promise these essential prlntclples ought
not to b allowed In order to plicate local
Interests The country will then have
befure It the two schemes of tariff tho
protective and the revenue onlv in con
crete forms 111 the MeKlnley bill and the
Wilson bill and In thecnnftresslonal elec
tions of 1S0I an opportunity will be af
forded the peopln definitely deciding be
tween the two That flnnlly and definitely
decided Industry cm adjust Itself to the
decision Hut It can not adjust Itself to
Indecision pot to a mongrel tariff that is
neither for protection ittr for revenue
A Feminine Speculntlnii
Washington Capital
Tvvm Washington young women who are
studying law were reading a reference
woik on American politics They came to
tho statement that tho congress under
the federation had authority to coin mon
ey but was not empowered to purchase
bullion The author of the book laid
great stress on this as if it wete a dire
fault Why that wasnt very bad was
it the young woman with blue eyes
said Or was It maybe that they fed
the soldiers on tho soupprincipally
= r
Houstons Hntfrprlso
Sladlsonvllle Jtawejiser
Houston people are agitating the ques
tion of establishing a race courao and fair
grjunds In that city for the iurpot of
giving nn annual fair and exhibition of
to the Pallas fair
live stock similar
Houston Is city of Importance and we
believe the enterprise would awaken a
spirit of prosperity ainonf the Middle and
South Texas people and we hope to see
the Idea carried out because we feel sure
of It succese if Houston takes the matter
In hand
A Mltr ailnlnltu Knmewlierr
Galveston Tribune
The Methodist church has dropped Ham
but the conference h ch I t him
exprewlm faith In
out passed resolutions
his rSKteu integrity HI religion was
all rlsht It was bU style that hurt
Tho 1ost I Alvriiss lliipur
> > men of Houston are libera
advertisers and as a consequence
Tost Is happy
nul llo find a
should start
Suppose you trade
countu tnjoyliiB jovla free
wbero would you find it
A oTinrt ciiUTnu ox nin ovn
Visit fo Moiitgomery Coiinlr Ito he
llcmlnUrvneca of the lintly lln > a
Some of the Article Mnnufnc
tnrcd nnd ltulacd There
necllnta Upon thesw Uvinff flowers here
Is wlno
Alive with sparkles Never I aver
since Ariadne was n vlntiicer
ho cool a purple Taste these Juicy pears
bent me by sad Vertumnus when his
Were high nbout lomona Here Is
l > cepenlng to richness from a snowy cleun
Sweeter than tint Nurse Vnalthea akimmil
Ior tho boy Jupiter and hero undlnund
lly any touch a bunch of bloomltyj plums
Heady to melt between nn Infants gumw
Although tho language was not In the
xnrt poetic words hc set forth yet the
welcome was as hearty and tho display of
fruit and wine and milk and butter was
the equal of the dccrtptiea and this wel
come was tendered our last visit to Mont
gomery oounty by Cuptaln Clepper Uod
Wees his memory and u row other cltliens
of that most beauUful section of South
i cxas
A great many remlnlsccnses of the good
old times float across my mental vision at
the mention of the name Heie It was In
tho center ot a tract of country ns rich
ns any on oarth that T J Wlllla nnd
brother first cast anchor Here Uiev gath
cred In tho shekels that enabled tliem to
launch their bark on the commercial sea
of Galveston Hero resided old Dr Slevv
art who with his old Un fog horn In Ills
hand was nlvvajs abroad thirsting tor
knowledge He was nearly us dent n ii
stone jot his insiillable thirst for news
caused him to usu an ear trumpet Into
you could talk as you talk Into a
telephone todnj Thats why I called It n
fog horn In those days In old Montgom
ery they had beef and pone which if OU
did not like you could let It alone and
turn to head cheese and sausage nnd
stewed backbono and they raised lurkeja
and chickens to roost In tlie trees which
under all circumstances Is the best and
heathlost wny to raise them in this nrcii
dla and they are going on In tho snmo
oldfashioned way to this day
At Mcllay they used to raise scupper
nong rrnpes nnd bunches ot Concords of
fabulous weight and make wine of the
most delicate anfcellcu In old Montgom
ery they make Jusi as much corn and cot
ton and sweet potatoes to the aero as they
make on any land under Uio sun nnd
they have been making syrup from the
cniie for lo1 the e many sears und they
still aak the stranger guest will ho take
long sweetening or short They nre very
relgiously inclined In old Montgomery I
went to an entertainment there once and
1 think they mistook mo for my brother
Arthur tho preuchcr They naked me to
sav grace or a blessing The table was
groaning under the weight of tha many
turke > s and suckling pigs hams ot veni
son Hturteil with sausage and hams ef
bacon Minted with celery greens nnd audi
and woffles and strawberry short cake
and tho center cakes rose up pyramid on
pyramid like miniature towers of llabel
The magnitude or the repast and the situ
ation overpowered nie nnd while they
reverently puckered their mouths and
dropiied their eyelids 1 Just mustered
courage to comply by saving Lord bless
us all and malte us able to clear the
table and I can conscientiously say the
crisp air of Uio country bad sharpened all
our nppetltes and the deed was accom
They hunt deer and bear In old Mont
gomery vv Ith packs of hounds In ronvinllc
lashlon Tor further Information on this
Interesting subject the honorable Judge of
the district court Judge Illghtovver will
1 nin sure take plensnre in answering Any
Inquiries lie Is a famous huntsman him
self and Uio model of a perfect Kentleinnn
Snns peur ot sans reproche A beau
chevalier Judge Or letters may be ad
dressed to tho proprietor of the Hunters
Hetreat Montgomery county Texas
Hunting wllh pocks or hounds such noble
game beau pgstleklng in Westphalia or
India The county ulso abounds with wild
turkev and qualU woodcock and snipe and
the streams nnd lakes which are many
abound with fish During the war they
raifisl barley olid poauiits In old Mont
gomery and washed and ground them
and made coffee out of tbin When Ihe
Montgomery county soldleis returned from
their furloughs they cime back laden vvllli
barlev and peanuts and taiuht the manu
facture of Confederite coffee In camp
Thev make hats and lwnnets out of dish
rag gourds in old Montgomery and fans
out of turkey tails and pnlmetlo They
make lly dusters out of peacock tall feslh
crs and before long they will bo infslng
ostriches for their feathers and feeding
them on nlfnlfv and such
One of the lienuties aliotit old Montgom
ery countv Is Us contiguity to Houston It
Is only nbout tifly miles off b > average
nnd a good manv farmers bring their
products to Houston bv their own waieons
and dlsM > se of tlie same and return laden
with the miscellaneous wants of their
community If Uip countv of Harris will
make good roads up to Old Montgntnerv
county we will fill It up with fuimers and
fruiterers and fine Mock ranches Includ
ing ostriches and the entire list of the
world of poultiy turkejs geese ducks
chickens guineas peafowls nnd squabs
During the war ihey had tanneries In
old Montgomery and turned out good
leather for thoy hav < the llnest tannin In
the vvurld In the wild mvitle and siimneh
pronounced shoemake and other vegeta
ble tannin nnd they gtew the weed and
uuido cigars and tobacco In good fashion
In fart the soil a blsck andy loam and
the geographical location of old Montgom
ery county on the thirtieth moridton
make It eminently adapted lo the growth
maturity nnd iwrfect curing ot tobacco ns
a sjieelal feature The country is elevnted
1W feet from the set level Is nicely roll
ing with successions of open champaign
or prairie and dense woods Tor the full
development of parks and pastures nnd
woodland retreats fur Improved varieties
of stock it Is simply Incomparable
The andv land urountl Willis Is admira
ble for peanuts as a special feature In
addition Irish potatoes and sugar beets
produce fine crops In such lands
Today I wish io call the attention of the
people of Montgomery county anil all
South Texas slmlhuly situated to the
practical Introduction of another new
crop to tho sandy Uiiim prairies
The Introduction of two mammoth brew
eries at the city of Houston Is a direct ro
sult of absolutely pure artesian water at
a minimum cost when wo add to this
cheap brick cheap lumber cheap
fuel und cheap transportation In any and
every direction of distribution It Ib anlv
renaonablft to assume that theselirewerfts
will double their capacity every fi w scars
or that even many additional breweries
will be built and as the population of
South Texas is tncieasing wondeifully the
Inference Is that mall and hops will con
tinue to Is useI more hugely in the future
than In tne past Hops require an equable
sunny climate and u well drained open
countiy with u soli having lime In Its
oompo HJon Just such soil as will grow
potatoes nd peanut corn and tobacco
perfection Hops grow wild In Texas
and Xor that matter tobaoco grows wild
also It is thoreforo quite useless to fur
ther quostlon the adaptability of either
crop to successful cultivation The fuel
of the matter Is you can grow anything In
old Montgomery county worth growing
Hut referring more particularly to bona
the plant has a perennial root and a twin
ing stem which dies down to the ground
every year but remains alive lielow the
aurfuoe wbtnce It springs up with re
newed vigor yearly The leaves are Try
shapely beJig three to five lobed and the
lluwers are very numerous the stamlnate
or male lowers being usually produced on
diffeieni plants from the pint Hate or
female ones though sometimes the pistil
late plants produce a few etutnlnate fiow
bitter aromatic taste of hops Is well
known and He other vegetable bitters
they have a Ionic effect upon the system
and are used In medicine
liesldes bring a tonic bop have also
a sedative action and they ere frequently
nrescrlbed by physicians In derangement
of the digestive organs and nervous ex
citability liilows of hops are sometimes
verv affective ui overcoming wakefulness
hive sold tfore the great commer
cial use of hops l as an addition to malt
In the manufacture of beer ale iwrter
BT1 best time pknil hop yard lain
sorinj During the winter months the
ground should be plowed and harrowed
and croaaplowed and crossharrowed
and mile ui Ilic an mallow as possible
then stake Jt off < n etgbtfe t squans
that Is rows rirtt feet apart bo th ways
Th ro should be one male Mil fi eiiy
etebt hill each way that l one in slxty
tnii tins male hlls sh ml t maili I
O a auki at plant tig u intei tu ui
on whlcti the male vines are to lun snous1
bo nrranged to run up three to six feet
higher In the ntr so that thev tan distrib
ute their pollen to tho female vinos
around The vines nre multiplied by off
sots of the tools which are sold at Imp
ynrtle bv the bushel two l > r three bushels
being sufficient to set an acre These off
sets should be planted Just below the sur
face ai the point of Intersection between
the rows pulling half a doien sets In u
hill The niter cultivation le simple
tnou h if good sets are used and they
nre planted early they will nuke a crop
the first year All the male vines should
have a twelvefeet stake nnd the female
vines an eightfeet stake of vv hlch obxht
ren Inches should go In the ground nnd
the balance eland up perfectly upright
nud the tops should be united with wire
osch way glvlnit six feet clear tinder
which ono may walk to rather the hops
at maturity In a prairie region the best
and cheapest stakes would be Inch nnd n
quarter squ e sticks sawed at the saw
mill eight tuet long and left rough The
portion near and In the ground should be
ooated with coul tar and Xor that matter
the entire stake The best wny to culti
vate the hops would be tu plant a crop of
Irish potatoes In the middles or a crop
of cabbage or tobacco or anv other crop
that Is worked with a pony plow or liBhd
plow and hoe
In this beautiful sunny cllmo the hops
will cure themselves on Ihe vines In the
same manner that tobacco will cure on
the stalk
After wo got tho Industry well started
vvo will further discuss tho propriety of
kiln drying or other manipulation that
may bo necessary for the perfection ot
the crop
The main thing Is to grow It nnd that
Is as easy and simple as growing nny
crop I know of It will cost probably ail
told nbout W an acres for stakes
gas tar wire vines etc and then thor
ough cultivation with tho plow and culti
vator In onler to Increase the Income
from Hie polea and wire the spaces be
tween the poles may be set with grape
vines ns tho lions make only on top of
the nrbor the grape vines tuny be trained
In horlsontal aim fashion to the sides ot
tho slakes When we heur or the setting
und cultivation ot the plants wo will
write more on Ihe subject of picking dry
lng pressing and nuuketlttg the crop
old Montgomery
pcrvatlvc district
grand opening to
county Is a very con
yet nml olrem a
few live leul estate
Shu grows prlnclpilly corn cotton oats
sweet notatoes sugar cane and sorghum
nnd feeds hogs tin keys und other iioultry
but In addition she grows a sprinkling
ot tobacco rice peanuts buckw lion t for
her bees alfnlfa Irish potatoes cab
bage onions crap grass builevi cow
peSs nnd smnll vecelahles All she wants
Is the assurance of a market and slio will
Brow them nil In greater abundance
Tho market U now here and her destiny
Is therefore to till up with people for
fnrmers stock misers gardener ani
fruiterers will surely leave the cold and
nrld regions of tho Northwest to como In
to a bind of perennial summer blended
with lust enough of cold weather lo kill
oft flies nnd mu qulloes a land of perfect
health combined with rural beauty and
The fruits ot old Montgomery county
have n higher flavor In mv estimation
than thoso of the lower coast country
but this may be merely a matter f test
They have plums ripening with cherry
time Wlllonl and Yos ibe then Hotan nnd
Ogon and then the Wild Orase Abund
ance Sntstinia and Keisey and other nrl
cties They have peaches of every variety
and of quality unsurpassed anywhere
They are also growing ltirtlelt nnd Seckcl
penis ns well ua riemlsh llenuly ulidv
Duchess Ie Conto nnd Kelffer and as I
have previously statisl us a grape legion
they will make a famous rocotd
In conclusion what 1 have said nbout
old Montgomery county applies with
equal force to nil the fainting region ot
tho Arcadian belt You may take Ihe ad
vantage of excursion rates lo Houston
ns your bnse of operations and tram
thence you may go and be suited wllh
lands nt any moderate price sou feel It
prudent to pay As n guide although I
do not state It as a positive fact 1 yet
believe sou can obtain all the land soil
want nt from yUM to M an ncie hut
1 slate hs a fact thit every acre you are
able to subdue unit put Into thorough
cultivation will return iliti ilist season the
total cost of tlie land nnd your living lo
boot The cheaper tho land the mote la
bor required to ditch and prepare
The advantages you acquire when voir
move down Into old Montgomery oounty
me In simple language these namely
A salubrious climate iibundante of
rainfall making the pursuit of igrli ill
ture absotutels certain and in nddltinti
keeplntr the supplv of ground water well
water cistern water and artesian water
always In abundance a good market f r
all the products of the farm itirludlng
live stock and imultrv Ihe llntst
drained speaking generally undulating
count s and u very fertile bluett sandy
soil ii good lawulildlng and iiinrali Cotn
inanity and oIichp lumbei clnon fuel
cheap brick and stone
If llieie Is any crop of llur tVupernle
region worth growing that ennjol bo
successfully grown In old Montgomery
county 1 have yil to learn of It
Think of it all ye who live In tho cold
and arid regions for
The autumn is old the sere leaves are
He luitli gathered up gold and now hs Is
Old ace begin nlghlng
Tho yesrs in the wane theres nothing
The night has no eve nnd Ihe day has no
Cold winter gives warning
A Whliaker
A flrloviince Committee
It happens that a oonospondent whom
I have already quoted In these columns
scuds me this week another contribution
on the grievance committee question Let
me give It in his own words
I vvas in u general managers office the
other day when on the upploach of a
grievance coiulttee who were announced
by tho privutu secretary I at the loquesi
of the general manager stepped Into I Ho
next room with only a screen between
me and the cuniiniltue nud 1 could not
well help hearing what Was said The
conveiaatlon ran this way
General Malinger Ileuse be seated
What can 1 do for you
Commltco Wo represent the engineers
of division So M of the A J A 11 Jl
Oeneial Manager Ileuse explain the
nature of your grievance
C iminoltee Y who has been
running on this lino for lun years was
tiausfeired fioin No 1 fast express tiain
to the list of exlra men by the order of
tne master mechanic which Is not accord
ing to our schedule und auiilnst out tights
In reference lo priority of umplojiiKnt
General Manunr Are you gentlemen
financially Interested In this corporation
Kitiier as bond ur stockholders
Committee We nre not
General Manage Where do your
riems exist rncn you have no money lu
Vjsted You gat paid for your services
0immitlee liut we have rights mor
ally speaking
General Manager Explain
Committee This man has been cm
ployed for many years been a faithful
and economical engineer nnd we think
that this company U letting him out too
jsily because he is a member of our or
ganization und belongs tu a grievance
laneiul Manager Hut the removal
wua ordered by my request
CominllteeWil you kindly explain
why sou requested this change
Isnernt Manager With pleasure
touching uu electric button A young
sinulose appeared who lecelved orders
to bring volume No Mi und referring to
page No n the general manager leud X
Y account for expenses In running en
gine No tiu for live years which showed
10 per cent or moie than John Ashland
expenses on engine No 100 for the aanle
period In the same service and John bis
not peen half as Ions In our service said
tne general manager as the gentleman
you are representing In those hunt times
we must retain the men tnat are the most
economical and allow the extravagant
men to seek employment with a wealthier
committee But dont you give the old
est employes the pieference
General Manager Yes everything be
ing equal
committee Is this vour Until answer
Goneul ManagarYea in tha future
we will retain our belt men allowing our
careless employes lo take a imw start
Just as any other business firm conducts
their affairs We run this railroad for
protlt only und we most take caie of oitr
i in mployes and let others take
care of tlitmsilyj
Tho committee thta rotlred
A Sturm About CbrUtmn AVutcli Will
lie ISTorsliln to Jiarlbqitake Shocks
A Hovete Winter Sturm Cimttng
The Vlnnel tlnpller
St Joseph Mo December1110 Copy
righted 1SU3 by w T PoslerMy last
bulletin gave forecasts of the storm wavo
to crow the continent from December IS
to IP and the next will reach the Iaclflo
coast shout the 20th cross the western
niouhlHlne by close of Ulsl the great cen
tral vnlless from MJ to Slth and the
Unstern Sltitea nbout tho 55th i
Tho disturbing Influences nt date of this
storm wnvo will be fuVoraMe to enrth
qtmkes in earthquake countries About
December 28 the earth will receive a
large nmount of electrical forco nnd this
may result In sovete enrthqvakes or the
force may pass to the earth through the
high barometers In which case vvo will
have a sovere cold wuvc
This overcharge ot electricity will pass
from the earth again nbout the Wth mid
January l and we xvlll experience severe
storms about these dates
The last storm wave ot December will
reach tha Iuclllo const Almnt the Gth
cross the western mountains by close ot
the S7th tno great central vallcsa from
UMh to 10th nnd the liistem Stales about
tho illkt This will be u very sevcro win
ter storm in the Mississippi valley nbout
thu mth
Vvuim waves xvlll cioss the western
iiiouutiitns about vm and Otb the ureal
central valleys alum aM und th and
the bustem btotes about Un and Jlltli
Cool wave will cross the ivesleci moun
tains about kt nnd llitli the gloat cen
tral vulless about Mh und Met and tho
KnMorn States about iritli und Jaun
tily 2
In out solar s stem Jupiter Is next In
Importance to the sun und among tlie
eauaes or vv cither changes Is third tho
moon belntr second
When at perliiciloiilti the snmo dhec
tlon trom the sun that tho pirth Is nbout
October a It Is about JllHWOKO miles
nearer the sun than when lit tho opposite
part of Its otblt
Ior the above reason when Jupiter Is
hour perihelion its Inlluence on the euiih
Is lnrgelj increased and to that racl Is
due many of our serious drouths from
Jul to December
the sun und planets arc unnuestlon
abls gieut natural magnets eie trltted
bodies and their changing distances from
each other cettaluly keep up it constant
changing in their electrical conditions
volume m tier vv liter etc lendlly evap
the amount ot electricity
Is Increased pud readily condenses und
precipitates ivliru electricity is withdrawn
and an Jupiter comes IMUOOOOO miles
nearer to the sun and earth In a little leas
than alv sears ami recedes the same dis
tance from thu earth and situ dining tho
same length of tlmu next following It is
n powerful fnclor ill bringing excessive
inlns and oxcesslvo drouths
1 Invito a siiidy of Jupiter not so much
because of lis iiatroiioinlcal Interest its
because of Its great liilluciice upon tho
weather of our euiih funn It we can
learn much about the nature ot our own
ntmosphele and climatic ihanges The
average dlstnnco of Jiipttct from the sun
Is ibout Sttss iOHi inlies or about tlnee
Units the distance ot the earth from the
sun It makes a icvnluilim aioiind Iho
mm In 11 Mi years and tho earth passes bo
twien It ami the sun every ami dins
Jupiters < Unmeer Is nbout eleven times
Its siirfaoa ulmut 119 limes and Its vnliimo
JiKK times that or tho earth Its weight
nr what Its weight would be nl the stir
race of our earth la reckoned at 3111 times
that of tha earth
live great distance ot Jupiter from Iho
ttatth largely de leases Its Influence Its
pull as astronomers call It on the earth
pnd 1 only mention this here in order lo
Million leaders against Ihe Idea tint
itlie planets urtect our weather through
their attraction of gravitation their
pull on our almospheie It In the mug
nolle or electric stream lines that go out
from all the Indies olid thi rehire dls
Unpce or such distances as we have In the
solar s > stem have but Utile fleet ns com
piiied with gravitational distances I
will dim im tho nature or planetary Influ
ences upon our woaUtei fuither on
The astronomers all try lo prove thai
Jupller la a tolling rodhot body Non
sense They see iinnccounlnble tellvltv
Il the fliiwls of Hint plaini iiolhlns of
the planet nan lie seen but lis cliiuds
1 i fy ° lu le it ns stifflclMit heat
S3 not rivveh tho planet from iho sun to
JCvlusn such activity Hiereroro the bent
must come from within the planet if
rUley would rxpbiln how heat could lench
Lnr h Iwo I 1 wl11 lce be
ihe Ih 10000 nmcH colder than
Ice comnioii mortals might think of nc
cil lnF il theories nlsmt Jupiter
l H Su of l0 Kan who has
kept a weather record for flftyslx years
IT wl a aim oneV
winter with only a few dsvs coll nl a
and that next summer will bring de
structive hot winds amis rious drouth
The uninformed often Imnelno that
i 18 c Uom I northeast nnd
U1 MJ l Ith th rain or snow
h i
the wind comes from those ilnts but
storms In these latitudes always move
T pt to ncr h wntliiflnl
l2ei rian otlierwlse Is likened to be
litrth tbiiiy lavoiifm found the
i IPJil1 remembered that there nre
irT K flLcl < ° f cl > 0n I a min
eral cnlled kuullnlto
n ts original and
Ptlre state as 11 prolmhly fell on ear h
nlVLi n < aer that siirroimded
fWiwn when II wns a cornel The igrl
iJJiMlP 1 Vi 1 c l > at decayed
Pe 7ii1 cJy l nl H lsilily Imimiise
ly older iliiin those out of which wares
nre mnnuruetured Arid ellmiiles lrivn
much of this agricultural c ay and
2m J r < 1 l Wv loose and Ight and
most PlaHl water crops will grow ill
without cultivation
rosters iocni lrcenl
ie I1 U e 0 l r elmnges iiotil ivi 0c
S5 hftf i1 11 w hl 1 ml1 of Houston
2i wentyfour hours before or after
sunset of the dates given below
aian ravo ° thl mcrl
Docsmber ISXVInd changing
December IllCooler and clearing
December iWHlr nnd cool
Doeember aiModerBtlng
Decambcr 3iWnrmer
dDacember aa8lorm wave on this merl
They Ioniul Nenl
Two oung women boarded the Blvth
nventie I ruin nt Twentythird street
JSvery neat wns taken and every mun
lit Iho car was reading nn evening pmwr
Its a perfect shame lo be compelled
to stand up spoke up the blondo
The train stoppsd with n Jerk and ono
of the women trod on Die foot of n man
nearest her He sold somelhlng under
his breath and tliew his feet In The our
started nnd she stepped on his foot again
He looked up angrily At the next sta
tion tho performance wns repented
Madame you may take my sent
She smiled graciously j but before seat
ing herself she bent toward the man who
occupied the next seat
Wont you kindly allow my friend to
sit next to iner
He looked up confused for n moment
Then accepting the si dial Ion wllh appar
ent good groceV fepljedi
Y certainly
When Loth were seated ono said to the
Jl bikes nerve but we unprotected
woman need it In this century
He Miolill Ho Hnil
lie What Is Ihe difference between the
admission to a alma museum and tho ad
jnlselon to Slug fling
fihe Ienl know IVIutT
He One Is 10 cents ami the oilier la sen
tence See 7
llrtvvien lluril Mors
New York llccordor
Isctwten the prophet und ihe professor
tho country U having a pretty hard time
n vtri A A ns
sf s
> JK
> SK
LAsfttaJ > As fci > > s1sisis
r I
> Z4 > > < W < 1
frwumfvtwmtwwtmniv vftmrt
1013 rranklln Avenue ground floor
Olbbs bnlldlng near vostoffloeytV
M Meyer
Tranklln Aye ir9UBton Texas
Agent ror
Pish Bros Farm Wafifoiis
Columlmrj Bngffy Co Buef
Ami Pointy In the Soiillicait
Talio tlie St Yeouls Limited Twelve
hours saved between Tort Worth Uallas
tit Louts ehd the Uist The direct line
to all points In Mexico New Muxico ArU
sons ureiton and iJallfornli Through
Iullman iluffet Bleeplns Cars between
Dallas Fort worth and St 1ouls Now
Orleans and Denver tit Louis and Ban
Kor rates tickets and all Information
apply Ut or address uny of the ticket
Sfcents or
Jen Jass it TklAfit
Third V Ircs and Oen Sunt
Dallas Texusv
Ill Commerce Avenue lloustwi T
Uhone No
L i jsa
Modern Buffet Sleepers j UPasswtftr Tnlw
mh STAifDVltD aDX5 Ji0iJtE to kkxicoi
Quickest and Best Ssrvlosto Cincinnati Louisville Atlanta and Washwr it
M p roldors raid Itntcti ofPflrc Applv to i
Otty Tlcltot Agont Housfou
0 W ijKIN
ActrT > tmo lIKrHouiton
Depot Ticket nyio
Asat Gcnl Tat and Ticket A nt litmktafc
Coal Coal
tetephene K1 P O Dex 111 Office cor tli and Strand Oalveston Texas
Tho Great Vital BcstoratlTe
nLACKSMlTH COAIj K BPECIALTTnanflllnc the largest variety o Ceaie
In Texas this firm la prepared to furnish either largo op em lt qtiantltlea ip any
part nt tho fjtate or City at LOW IlUCBB
Offices nnd ynrAs Congress Street next to Bantu F debot Telephone Mi
Main office W8 Main Htreet Tcleplione 83 c
r r rr i
Tho moat snoooseftil buainofis training School in tho Sou tlx
Young fon and Womon mado compotont to fill
Uio bost positions as Stonographorg Book
koopora nnd gonoral oflico holp
All worthy graduates aid
odto positions
Manalaetvtsis et
Tents Awnings Tarpauliss
70O708 Malaftrael
Bond ifpr I rlcei ctiis
Trial Bottle Frco to Show Its Great
Merit will be rinnt to Anyone Ap
plying rcrsonnlly nr by Letter
This celebrated remedy Is a positive cura
for nervous dsblllty spermatorrlvoea dlt
tlness despondency falling memory pro
slatorrhoea tremblings ami nervous dis
eases arising from the abuse nt stimu
lants tobacco opium or any other cause
It restores without fall Impaired vigor ana
exhausted vitality stops all unnatural
losses purines the blood cures ptmplesv
blotches etc etc lrlce 13 per bottle oe
0 bottles for llOWrlte for free trial bot
tles question list and pamphlet Address
T MoGOHK M D Specialist
2627 Market Kt Oalyfstou Tex
203 Main street Houston
Collections a specialty with facilities
for handling them In ail counties In the
Htate and In the Bouthwest upon most
favcrable terms
Iluy and sell exchange on all points
Correspondence solicited and prompt at
tention given lo same
Consignments nt cotton solicited sal
liberal adnnco nnds on same
C W HAltltAU
Bucccssora to W Hirral
Invite the attention at tha publia who de
sire to buy or sell JtlSAI K3TATJ5
Wo do the largest U1SNTAL business lit
Houston and maha COLLnCTlON OK
SIPi Main StresC
JoIim T nrorrue OubtIcs lialltrasb
iiiiowmu noiiLFnAss
Violesale and Retail
anoccits amo dualkks in vsum
Urwriis ft llolltross BnllalSK
Corner Preston and Milam Telephwe
us We defy CompeUtloa
Telephone No 73
Farmers and Dairymen
From today on spent wait < brewln
Brain or sale at the American IJfew
tne Association AnheuserBusch Brevr
Is ssaoclatlon 0
do younrANT
to tKY rynrfl y 01 t ii
a OO

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