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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, December 18, 1893, Mailable Edition, Image 1

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A Lift
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oau ANo osr a
012 Prall ° AVO Pliono 332
once iiji
m haw
SRWa prefer thcra to any
5 r in Mb cartons
HcTthy and
tia the trado ca for nul
other stylo
3C In cop
Economical We
tntclas article of CONDENSED
fiti if at reisonablo pi Ices Wo urn sole
r nt tor the PlHITAN and mil
iiiVi S brands made In tho celebrated
itctiwlt > OS < w York Stale They
uit no superior This wo guarantee
oars l In lb cans 4 doz In case nna
lib cans 3 doz n case Try It It Is ne
304 Main Street
We have an order for 150 large Tur
key Cobblers and can set highest
nrset flee for them If bhlpped early
liens not wanted
Commission lMorcliantB Houston
c biiwiitbyji
So 5 Commerco Ave Cor Milam St
Imten Texns
Ctsignments and Correspondence Solic
UAXurvcTimiG company
6ucces ors to Lottman Uros
Wholesale Manufacturers of
irniNc mns and iieddevg
Incorporated July B le13
Cipltat Slock 9100000
Won 8 Genl Pommn Merchants
Importers of
fee Thstrr Tre llrlck Drain Pipe
wing Tile etc HOUSTON TEXAS
mltnre Cnrpcta nud IIon o Iur
nlshtns Goods
JOB and 703 Main St Cor Capitol Ave
Dealer In
too Oats Mi let Sort Corn Cats
ton 1ay and all kinds Feed
rails and Capitol Sts telephone No 10
Jin 2nd Commission Msrchants
IM and Ids Travis Street Phone SB
a j 0ts Millet Seed Corn
V > > 1 lirn and all kinds of Feed
yYuA a tPclnlly
T It Mii on dphe
for re nt our
yEd LUMtiRJt
Blet r iinon llllmla flloolil
nus Cj press Cisterns
k All Kinds of Mill Worlc at Prices to
Suit the Times
tlek left our 0nca ln lhB Cotton
will recrlia prompt attention
QnillULIS A CO Uunstun
Machine Work
New Euois
North End San Jnclnto Bridge
A A 15 r UeGDWia
Wood Spilt Pulleys Steel Shafting
Iloxes Hungers Couplings 3lnch Uotlvr
Tubes Machinery Cuitlrgs ana Kepalr
iL Bering i B o
Wliblcsale anfl reran dealers In
fash loors Blinds hinalespLumber
r > nnh Wnlcht Cortl ICte
Agents for Heath 4 Mllllgan Hcst Paint
Prairie and Milam slriets Houston
moN pipe
Large Btock of
moN ani >
l 11 DELS
The o floods were bought nt Rock Hot
toni Prices for Ppot Cash and delivered
on cut ratCH Write us for prices and
terms or call In person
fioo rnrjn i iiiascr
THE HOUSTON POST irlll pny 100
o the leKnl liclr or nny person t Iio
niectef ilrnlli liy nerlclrnt prnvldctt
Ihnt at the fln c he itrrson so d > lns
lilts upon his or hrr l oly Tins IM
IEIt riMs Ifisnriutrc holds irooil rr
11 hours inl > or rrom 7 it to to 11
p m of he ilnfe of tills pnprr Snt
Isfnttor proofs of eucli tlulin must
Itr prrstlitiMl Ytllliltt ls hours lit the
Itiistnens Oltlee orI lie HoiiMtoit Io t
Iliiminher this polio In mill milcna
THIS PAPER is upon the person ill
lime of ileah
ICeop jotlr frlonils ontslilr of Hous
ton posted lis to Tcxns hy lunlllllK
tliom this oop > of I ho Post nrter
remllnp It If 3 on murk some tin
jirot ciiioitt item III II so much the
AVcntlier Iiiformnlloii
An area of high pressme with lis crest
over Southern Texas uid one of low
prepsuro ulilch i making Its appearance
over the extreme Northeiiosl ilomlnale
the weather throughout tho country to
night and as n result Iho temperature In
generally high over tho West and low over
the Eastern portion
Tho vcollier H cloudy over the Ohio val
ley the hikes and tho North Atlantic
States and Mill be In general on Monday
Ioral Fincciist
Local forecast for Texns for twentyfour
hours ending 12 noon December Slor
North Texns Central Tcxis East Texas
Southwest Texas coast districtPair and
Toilnys IVcntlicr
Washington December 17 For Eastern
Texas Pair slightly warmer varlnblo
Three Men KHIril I r Injured
Cntlle SlniiKliloreil
Louisville Ky December 17SecUon I
of No 1 freight train on the c O nnd
S W railway north hound was wrecked
this morning Fourteen carsten stock
cars nnd four loaded flatswlth the en
gine wore precipitated down a steep em
bankment between West Point and Muld
south of
rough Ky twentyfour miles
Louisville Three lives were lojt one man
probably fatally Injured threo others
slightly hurt and 100 cattle and as many
hogs slaughtered
The dead are Thomas Keegan engineer
Louisville Jack Downs Ilremon I ouls
illle Stephen Jolce Tellor Newark Ohio
Injured are Albert Church colored
The ffiemMii Jnok Ilodgo coord
Ay Boston
heiu brake im William
Jollet 111
Vh charlas B tke Johnson accident was the jump
Ing off he trielt of the trucks of a slock
car In tho middle of the train
Neiv Method of ShlppliilT
Mnrshtleld Ore December I7A raft
the avcraK
rontuli ne SSCM l
nty feet was towed to seam
leng I of e
en route to San PraneUco
m fternoon
te tile elnorlment is successful prohahlj
r S u Smte f timber will be Moped
this way
FOR GALVESTON Leaves at 11 a m
Vinter national Routb
Tl o aftornoon train leaves at 5 25 p m tho Interna
tional and Groat Northern depot foot of Congress street
Dobate on tho Tariff Bill Will Not
Takj Plaoo Until After
tho Holidays
It Will Slow That OODgrruUoit Now ActThe
Ken Mexlc EUtebood BUI Election
ElllBUter Conference
Washington December 17 The pre cnt
Intention of the powers that he Ineon
giess Is to adjourn for tho holldiis next
Thursday until January 4 of the new
Tho tariff debate which the democratic
leaders hoped to enter upon before ad
journment cant now begin until after the
recess although the bill will be reported
to the house cither Tuesdny or Wednes
day The four days before adjournment
promise to bo busy ones
Tomorrow the debato over the nprropna
tlon of iXOOOO for special pension examin
ers in the urgent deficiency bill will be
continued limited by tho agreement made
yesterday to an hour nud n halt each
Tho bill will pass as soon as tho debute
Is concluded
Tho New Mexico statehood bill which
Is the special older after Iho morning
hour will again eomo forward nnd It li
expected It will go through tomorrow af
ternoon or Tuesday proilded a demo
cratic quorum remains Intnct If tho re
publicans llllbuster and the quorum breakH
tho house may be dead locked tho rest of
the week as far as business after the
morning hour Is concerned
The transmission of the Hawaiian coi
respondenco by the president may lead to
ome debate or this question In open
house Much however depends on the
nature ot the coriespondoneo nnd instruc
tions glion Willis and the louor of the
presidents message On the highest au
thority It can bo stated that the prcsl
dents message transmitting the corres
pondence will show thnt tho administra
tion has done all In Its power by the nld
of diplomacy to right the wrong from
Its standpoint which has been done to
Hawaiian monnrohj thnt Hie sltuillon
now is one for congress to deride ln other
words diplomacy has fulled to restore the
conditions existing prior lo the revolu
tion and congress must now decide whut
other means shall be emplo > od The mes
sage will also remove the least doubt
about the disagreement between the presi
dent nnd his tocretary of state It will
show that llevelund nnd Oresham have
betm In thorough nevoid from the 11 st
WcdlieWflV Tf1 possible fflnt llalleyji
voluntary bmkruptcy bill may < ome up
The bill for tollertlen of abnudnned and
captured jiroperty may also figure in Iho
w f elis prooedfngs
Tor the third week 111 succession Ha
waii promises to he the Important subject
bfore the senate The piesident will to
moirow comply with tho lequests of both r
houses of congrcsB for copies of all recent
onirespondouce on the Hawaiian question
and It is considered almost certain that
wluitfrcevor condition of affairs the oorre
sp fidinie nnd mesHnkes itcennipnnilng
mny reveil the Heimto may find on them n
text for numcrois spoodus
The prOKiiimmt foi tomorrow In tho sen
ate Includes the reception of the presi
dents Hawaiian mohsnge nnd epeeches
l > v Senators Hansboroiigli nnd Dolph Tho
lemalnder of tho day not glien up to Ha
waii will probably be devoted to the con
sideration of comparatively unlmpoituiit
bills on he calendar of which there nro u
larga number
The only measure of National Import
ance upon tho calendar In a position to be
taken up for final disposition is tho Fed
eral elections bill nud lis consldirnllon
at this tlmo Is lwrrnd by tt stipulation be
tween the icpiibllean and democratic mem
bers thnt It shall rest where It Is until
after the holiday
Somite IHolilsloii Ittile
Washington December 10 Most natural
ly tho recent order excluding fiom the
floor of the senate all persoona excepting
members of that body rnd n few favored
officials has elicited a storm of protests
and criticism JScfore a oclock In the
morning tho clinmber Is nominally fiee to
outsiders Hut the stray Individual who
prhaps once In a month or two might
bo loitering around at that compurntliUy
eaily hour would be qulle sure It he at
tempted entrance to discover there wu no
one accessible with authority to unlock
the doors which had been closed the night
prei lous
Onlj In recent > eor ha there been any
attempt nt exclusllcness of this charac
ter Ior a long time oen while the sen
nte was holding ft sessions the regula
tions as to admission to the Moor were
quite liberal Step by step howeier
the list was curtailed until scarcely an >
one Willi iho exception of number of
the house can pass the sacred portals If
the senate Is eittlnp
The prohibition extends to n lory largo
proportion of the senates own orfjoem A
largo ecctlon of the galleries Is ulao re
seriod whole those onlj can enler who
hnie a caid of permission from a senator
When the senate was not In eeaslon liow
eicr the iicuple have al ny enjoicd the
not extmoidlnary privilege of inejiictlng
the chamber and If then has l > e n nny
Instance if ruffianism or vandalism In con
sequence It Is not generally known
It Is said the reason for this hen hedging
of th American house of lords from con
tact with the common people Is because
of tho apprehension that cranks and an
archists might gain entrance to the door
and do some terrible damave It Is nleo
said und this la more likely that the
new regulation la Intended to keep out the
army of office soekers and others who
have been in the habit of Invading the
place and catching senators nt their desks
here they cm pour their appeals Into un
willing eats
U Is not doubled that office seekers nro
numerous and persistent od as eonalorn
claim tlilr Importunllls are tiurdi n < m
and annoying Hut ill < < > < Am rh in pe lo
people to whom they owe them even to
look at
Mr Pelter the pepullst senator Is not
mistaken when he assetts as he has open
l > that the people haie a light to go
Into the sennte chamber meanlnR of
course when It can not possibly Interfere
with the dispatch of the senate Irtitutift
He has sunmlttiHl a resolution rescinding
the order of exclusion upon Mhleliliie will
doubtless lie heard In his peculiar vein
Kxcluslveness like innnj other things
either rocs fotwnrd or tmrkwarue It Mr
PelTer iloee not succeed ln reMMndtiur the
rule ns to the floor the next effort will be
t entente the domain of the prlvnte gal
leries forbidden to the public except with
tho gracious permlfieioli of Mine equator
Duty on filler
Washington December 11 > r Tal
mage of Talmago 6 Co Noi York had
Interviews today with tnembcri of the
ways and tneuns committee iillll New
Vork congressmen In which He urged
changes in the rice schelulft 111 malms
the schedule adopted bj tho committee
making n difference of only A half cent
In the duty on clounud uiut undefined rice
does not give the inlllera sufHctent mar
Mr Talmngc also had a long talk tilth
Congressman Price and endenvored lo
comliua him that the nee schedule should
he changed
Mr Price replied that a different view
had been presented to him by the rice
iv s MlBH
yiyTn yeam yq 250 11 ouston texas Monday dkcembeu is 3son piugk q cents
people af Louisiana
While It Is not jirobnble that the com
mittee Will change the rice nchedule It
would bo well for tho luuMann iieople to
Keep the r Itpresentatlies fully posted ns
to the difference In the cost of milling
the several grades of rice
The conference of memhers of the Iiou
letani delegation which was to have been
held today was postponed nulnccounl ot
the sicklier ot Judge Davey Thd the un
expected absence ot other nnnrtbov
The proposition of Mr Tawuigc who
represents millers nnd imputn > rs Is that
tho duties on rice should ho On denned
rice lVj cents nc paitly cleaned such
as Put na in the meal 1 Cent uhclcund
rice of 1 cent
He wants a difference of a of I cent
between cleaned and unclcnntsl rice and
will mnke no objection to ltant on un
cleaned If u duty ot 1 IsImposed on
clfwied rice Mr Talmago ttyg the rice
growers ac Louisiana may want tlu
higher duty on unclenned yoe but tho
Lauistma millers will make ji mlitake It
they insist upon nny ndJUSBneht of the
duties which does not llx attllfference of
more than i cent betweenfgleaned nnd
uncleamd I
Tho Silver Confertrnee
tVashliiglon December HfA J War
ner president of the confjrence of the
lllmctalllc longue which hni been In ses
sion here several dais tods J gtivo out an
explanatory statement of She action ot
the conference He siys f
It was unanimously agreed In confer
ence t
First That the monej quiotlon will con
tinue to he n prominent liue 1JII settled
nnd settled rightly onsound principles
Second That the first Imitli Is the next
Third That to achieve the result sliver
men must not only stay wlior nflcr they
reach congress but must there unite In
putting silver above a pfilly and work
Incessintly to nccomptlslt the object for
which they weio elected
A motion was hIbo adopted recommend
ing that there bo held during the preaenl
winter two conventions one wimewlitre
In th Hmith und one > DeK Molnis
On motion of General King of Louisiana
a committee of thieo on union of Iho lte
puhllcs of America ard other siller stand
anl nations of the wot Id with the presi
dent ot the Ilimetalllo league ns chairman
was nppolnled
General King of Louisiana I D Blard
or Otflo nud Judge Joseph I Sheldon of
Conncclcut were nnnied as Ihe commit
ACAiiiivtv or Science
Pincccdluirs of the ronrlli
Agricultural nnd Mechanical College
Texas Decenihci K > lhu fouith fornul
ineellug of the Texns wVcademy of Science
was culled to order hero this morning at
1115 oclock The following fellows and
members wore piesent
E 1 Duiublo Slate geuloglHl president
ot the lcadsmy presiding A Mncfnrlnnc
I Si F It S E prcfcssir of plunk a
IJulicrslty of Texas secretary Ueorge
Jliuco Halsload A M 1 > I piofcssjr
of lnuthtnitWIcs Unlicrslty of Texas J
C Nugle M A M C U iiorossor of
civil cnglueurlng and pliyslcs Agrlcultuiul
und Mechanical collage Ireaauici Dai Id
Cemu M D lecturer on the history of
medicine medical department Unlieislty
of To a It II llalley profesbor of ex
perimental science Sam Houston normal
MI100I Charles J I dwardi Ph 1 pio
fessor of biology Unlvtralty of lexus
Charles Puryeur M A C IS luofessor
ot inallirmiitlis Agilcultural and Mechan
ical college II II Harrington M He
piofessor 01 chemlstiy AKNcultuiul mil
Mechanical uollogc Wli ion HinenmlU
C L gaologlst 5 W Plorce 11 Mc
follow In physlis 1nlitrslty ot Texas
the piogtainnie ot Ihe day wus uiieneil
by tlie presidents iddiess Professor
Dumblu enumerated the alms of the acad
emy and told how best to achieve Ihoin
He said that the object of the society wt
to Investigate scleutlllc questions of whtit
eier nature theoretical or practical and
lo place the results of these Investigations
within the leam of all This could only
k done by the oooperntlvo efforts of the
Individual and the publication of results
He welcomed the members of the fourth
founal meclng nnd huped that II would
contribute as the pieilous meetings hail
lone to the fostering of felloHShlp among
Texas scientists
Second Paper Jriifessors Harrington
and Adrkince on Animal Pats ns Inllu
enced by the Pceding of Cotton Meed
Meal Their previous work on the effect
of butter was leiiened Ihe volatile acids
greatly decreased nud the lodino absorp
tion InticHsed in recent experiments
varying quantities of cotton seed rural
were fwl and results noted With a ra
tion of onefourth meal the effect was
qulteaptrceptlble while change In the but
ter liicre eU with the Increase of meal
Experiment were conducted with sheep
bogs und steers to lest the effect of feed
upon I bo fst of the diilmals With
aheep the influence wan hs marked as
upon butler Hut with lard and beef tal
low the Inlluence was not so marked
although quite lUstlnot ui < on the melting
point The puptr was of economic 11 ml
pracll I Importance to the farmer and of
technical Importance to the analytical
In hmlth and K liter were not present
and thlr iianor on point In Which Ills
ejse ii vis Eudfie of lb Truth of the
Idn of Emlutloq and on Tho Ana
re not officeseok r 1 nd all nn ox lud d I lomlal Jienrlituin of th > Sunacee and
in any event what nro senat 11 th m jiordirs of th II imnn Heart re pct
selvts luit office erkers Anl > ie nn lutv ivee res hv tills
Jority of thero coi 1 1 and ui muhuIi Vlftb paper Prif Dumble gave notlee
office seekers Perhip in a generatirn j of the dlsoovory of a saurian fom the
ne of them like Mr Edmunds inuy Eagle Ford shale Fossil of this sfiooles
voluntartl tep fvt fr comioild to are very rare and prerent oortaln well do
lose Hut wht other < hiss of orTI k I fined eharacterlstlts making the dlsooi
ers and office older r I tin nj > in cl of Intensl l < rreolnflst
< Iniiien I 1 i 1 un hri I 1 I farl un n > entd e t > > r
i mn l i Hy to f o ihe J undanenijt 1 rm bsrf Ui t
jc f vihUh th y wnl njt now in in 11 t Anal > is In wliMi he rem wed th po
sitions ot Dr Morgan Peacock Gregory
Hamilton and lloolr who have endeavor
ed lo teduee mathematics to tho manipu
lation of Siinbols in accordance with the
commutative nwoclUlie nnd distributive
laws and he showed thnt In particular
branches of nimlvsis any one of these
laws might lie Inapplicable Dr Mactar
lane assorted his belief that analysis ought
to be founded on exact dominions ami
Unit the rules eniptovod In nny branch ol
analysis dc iend on the properties of tho
suhltct analvxed When discission of the
paper was colled for Dr llulslnitl arose
and suied that he had watched Invf
Macfarlane s advancement nud that tho
latter was gradually Hiipiixichlng the
light Ills main dleeusslon of the paper
ecemed to bo nu objection to Di Macfnr
lanoa use of Ihe won tiulh Ir Hal
sttmtl rtninrkcd that his phsslcnl friend
seerueil to he hi the same condition Pon
tius Pilate was In when he nsked What
Is truth He then showed thnt the pri
mary laws break down In some of the
simplest oases In mnthenintlca con
Itnned Dr Hnlslend there Is mi preea
tabnslict harmony It Oieio were we
would nil have six lingers and six toes
Dr Mncfnrlnnc replied that ho hud long
Wen trilng to touch Dr Hulstend 11 hit
the physical conception of nn angle Is
and to convince hlm that nnil > sls ought
to he founded not pn arbllinry laws ot
formal truth but on tho universally true
properties ot that of which It Is the an
Dr Cerna next made n Contribution to
the Study of the Ph > steal Action of Spar
teine Sparteine Is nn alkaloid extracted
fiont ordinary broom wool nnd Is a very
useful sllmuleiit of tho heart ln turtle
quantities It produces death Sparteine af
fects the muscular system causing in
creased acttill followed by lapld do
cllne and final cessation Also It affects
the nervous system by notion on the spinal
cold producing convulsions Dr i etnils
paper was highly enjoicd ns well for the
clear graphic dlacilplloiis of his methods
ns for tho great Importance ot his re
Professor vou Mtrecruwlli presented n
paper on Irrlgitlon a subject of high
economical Interest to the people of Texns
lie showed that artesian wells icrtild not
be dcpitided 011 to litigate huge aeoiluns
us the nmount of water Hint lould be
drawn from thn underlying stmln no mat
ter hDW ninny uells might he bored una
limited by the nren ot mirfnce eupiiljlng
the urntn Professor Btieoiuwlta main
tained that Ihe only reliable method of
Irrigation was by stoingo of surface wil
ier in reccliors fiom whtih It tould be
drawn whenever needed itlvora alone
could not he depended on because ot
drouths and Insufficient Irrigation laws
Mr PI0100 rend n pnper by Prbfcssor
Mnofnilaue and himself on tho Electric
Strength ot Solid Liquid nnd Onscous Die
lootrles giving the icsults that for
solid und liquid dlelcctiles the elei
tile strength Is constant while for
rase tho eloclrostntls gradient nec
essary to force a spout through 11
stratum of the dleleoiilcs dlmlnishea is
the thickness lncreiisos The nnoinnlons
behavior of the gas was attributed to
partial convection nnd on that ussuiiipllon
tnntliemittlonl formulae were deduced fiuin
the expiossloii foi the energy of a con
denser Tho subject is one of theoretical
Interest und Is nlso Important In problem
of tlie electrlo transmission ot power
Mr Kennedy paper On tho Age of
lion Ores of Hast Texas was rend hi
Professor Humble In Hie authors ab
sence The nge of Iho lion oics had been
variously Htutod by different wrllir Pro
fossor Pumpelll In tlie tenth census re
port mukeri them quntcrnnry Mr Lau
rence Johnson makes tho modular mo
llgnltlo tertiary nnd the laminated and
hult irumblv ores quoternnry Dr Ien
oso nko stales that the modular oree are
llgliltlc tuitlary but Oornetly iissigns tli
Inmlnntod ores lo the Clehoni green sands
flocr Investigations ohovi thnt those Clc
hoin 11 oen sands extend over n laige poi
tlon of tho niea supposed to bo occupied
untilely by tho llgnltu beds and that All
the workable ores In the legion either ex
ist In them 01 are derived from tin in by
corroslor Numerous sections that were
given show lids lo he their true relation
nnd that nodulrr oreii although now ollrn
found nt lower levels limn the laminated
ere In fact In places of later age than
The programme bring completed the
morning session of tho nendemy nd
At 21fl p m the nendemy reconvened
made numerous recoiumendntlons to the
count II looking In the extension of tin
academy and oleiled tho following mem
hers Professor J H Council D Adrl
hnco 1 W brence M lloncl p I
Tllion College Professor A < 3 Clapton
Uohert I Blioet Mnssra W T Divldson
I W Mally Oalvisiloi J AV Meluurh
lln H llllgartner Austin A vole of
thiinks was extended to the president and
faculty of the Agrloulliirnl and Mochank
cnl colli go for thn royal manner In which
they had received and enltrtalned the
Thero being no further luislw tho
fourth formal ineellug of the Texas
academy was declined adjourned
Held us VssnsshiN
Btafford Texas December 17Henry C
Ferguson Dan Hrlffln Dsck llbbs hnd
Bid MeMnlionc all negroes were nrrestod
and conllnofl In the county Jail for Ihe
Hssasslnutlon of Ed Olbbs one week ago
tonight It was a moid cowuidly murder
Iho deceased having been decoyed from
the Planters store and shot to deith near
midnight In a lonely part of tho woods
Tho testimony In w i k > n of the offi
cers I of 1 strong character and Is not
all circumstantial Ferguson Is n wealthy
and Influential politician Ho wit unco
elected sheriff of Fort llend roUnly but
iva uiiuhl to gel bondsmen A few days
before thn a i lnallon of Elhbs Fcr
guaons burn und Sit bushes of com
went up in smuke there being every evi
dence that It was the work of an Incen
fiilolde nml Murder
HalletKVlllo Texa December 17 Today
ut noon Fiank Smolek a Hohcmlun nged
about li tears who was stopping will hi
friend LBbervhc here In town allot him
self twice with u pistol and died fcmoat
ln tniill > One bullet went through very
near hi heart through his body and
lodged In n drea In a wardrobe In tho
Hniolek was eeparutcd from hi wire
who Is much lounger and wa de > ondcnt
John Po tuka came to own today ami
nurrendcred to Sheriff Houchln elating
that lie had shot Julius Volek another
young liahenilaii beeuse he had come to
hi housu und tried to kill blm Ciherirf
Houchln and J P Ellis tounly iPtornsy
lucre gone to the aoane of the snooting
It U rejiorfod that Volsk hot at e
negro before going to Potuku
The Post Iliillello Willi AVI111I Will
rrunaplro Ibis llity Through
till Ibe Country
iHICA o riiim vole for mavor
todnv 11 nd th ronlest between the lira
cjiniid to whim ha b en short Imi blt
tir will end will the cuatlna of ii last
1 ui jio tonlxhi John 1 Hopkins the
it 1 ran 1 irdida I a youru man
aid ha been only tali teen ear a resi
dent of Chicago He was bora In BuItaLv
V V October U lSVH ln the old Eighth
ward Cleveland and UUsolls ward He
was cilucnted In tho echools ot Uuffalo
hut is not n collegiate Like his opponent
In Ihe coming election he Is dusted a
business mini Hureside lit lConsliigtoii
neir the southern limlla ot th city HI
nist work In Iluffulo was In a roundrv
Then h got wiiployment In tho Evan
elevators where ho wa soon promotevl to
hi first position of responsllilllty that
of iiotKhmaatcr which he held until ha
romoieti to Chicago In Will
lioorgc 11 Hivltl the ropuhllcan nomine
for mnvor via bom in tliielnnat In 1MV
lit father a house and sign lalntcr
movedjmm thero to Helens Ill when
tleorge wa 18 enonths old When IS yearn
old his family moved to Chicago Here ha
attended the Hklnnor school and subsc
oneiitl the Ohlcuko university for on
PllOOItLYN llrooklj n8 grext election
trial are to bo taken up to dvy before
a eneclil Judge special district attorneys
and an extraordinary grand Jury Tho
whole country rnng with the outrage com
mitted at llrnicsetid on election day nnd
since then tlie appeal of the people for a
moit sttlngcnl investigation ha been re
sponded to by Uoveinor Flower who or
dered Judgo Oullen to sit III special ses
sion and by tnn local authoiltle who
TAUT 1 Mo 3
numbers Changed Every Day
Cut this coupon out and
Uoop tt until throo or dtt
roront numbors nro nccu
mulntod tlion Tor ward
thom touothorwlth
rxvn twoorn postaojs
To the Art Department
nnd you will rocolvo tho
Elogant Portfolio oi
Photographs na ndvor
tlsod Soo our ndvortlso
mont on nnothor pngo
Jeiisc gwrvesvo TMjvu
nivmrsl extlecrelnry of tht Navy Trnfcy
and Edward M bhephcnl to act a pu
citl piusucutuis rue king of Coney
laiuuu John V Mel ine Is 1110 man tue
authorities aro ntlei Much cupitul was
iiuiio to Ihe disadvantage of tno demo
crats out of tno outraguus couduct of
thla dlslllct Imso
NEW YOlllCIMwerd Paynon > Yet0
tho fiimuua pnlestrhui has iteelded lo
start in ids walK riiun Howling Ureeu
in tnls city to the Cupltol lit ilbuny at
U 11 111 this evening He will tm ttioumpii
iilwl by three juuges Thu route villi he
1111 lirondVMiy to Klftyiltlh sircet and
tiience to Klngelirldge The old tunipIKo
roan will then be luilowcd thruiigh 1011
heia Jiurttutvii Slug alpg tiuion PeeK
slillFlHliKlll Putighkiepsle Hudson 10
KiiBt Alinny them crossing the brldgn
nnd prJieoumit lo the CMpiiuk Dr Itou
ert luyior will necomptny tlm pwleslrlnn
as inoJioll advlsu inu judges 11 ml phy
slclmiM will be coiiicycd in ouilnges Ac
cording to tho iigiineut Sir llonton is
to complete tno wain of nearly SW nillia
in sldu of Bovcnlytwo hours
LANIJINO Allele A linn boon Ihe cus
tom ror Buienil > eai the numerous live
stock association of thu Mtete will hold 1
their annual moetlngs here during the
week Prominent slock breeders have
inuilo a successful nnort to have tho pa
per which urn usually read hefulo these
iiseoi lotions eeparnlely united and mail
nerurc inogcuinil associations Thla will
lenvo each of the several association to
iiol I their hiiHlui meeting liy lUelf and
nil iiaiilclpnle In ihe benclits of tlio gen
ural meeting
HOSTHN Muss Tho New England
llntidel and llavun noclety will Innugurnte
It seveiitvnlnOi season lilts evening Willi
it performance of llnndel Messiah on
wnieli occasion Mr Anna Huron Mis
Carluttn DcKilgnca Mr tleorge Mlmtpson
and Mr Carl Duffl will he the soloist
on next Sunday ins M iuh will bo is
pouted with Ihe follow lug nanlM soloists
Mis Elliabetli llumlln
IlsK Min licorge J
and llctu
rich Movii
NEW YOItlCJudge Harretl of tho
oouit of oyer und terminer lecently ox
londwl the time to this dulc III Willi li tho
Indicted Mndlnon Hqunro hunk orilelils
may iiiuond their pleadings Neither mo
piusacuiiou nor ho defense wan tonoy
to go on with Iho case nnd the action i > f
judgo by consent of both purlieu It is
beloved the cases will now be proceeded
NEW YOHKThe Sculpture Society
which nil orgjiilund In the spring of this
year for the purpose of spreading the
taste for tno art of Hculptuut propose
to open an exhibition At tho list meeting
of the noclety It was decided to Inld the
III i exhibition In connection with Hint ot
Ihe Aichltoolural lengus Tho exhibition
will bo opened to Ihe public today und will
close on January V 1MI
NEW YOIHC The iirinun dead letter
sutlc will take plneo In Washington today
Tho ntIIcIoh nio Haled under three Hthi1
ule Tle Hr t under tho head of inlseel
lanous urtlrle comprise IBMH separate
article or parcels ruder I lie head of
book are scheduled KsL separate lots
nnd the third arliediile Jewelry In
elude 02 lots
MILWAUKEE The case against John
11 Knelling Iho defaulllug cashier or the
South Side Hivlngs hank Is to begin to
lay Kooning tn Ice Hod from the city
He win reciptured first In Denver and
aftpr gelling out on bonds escaped to
Mexico where im was again captured
WASHINGTON J lie annual exhibition
of the Knullicrn Ohio Poultry association
will he held here from today lo Do
cernhcr El The a ocalloii ban made
amnio pirparatlon for tho shorv which
promise to urp any exhibition vet
helil by tho association
AIOUflTA On Tlie colored people have
made extensive preparation for their ex
poltlnn which will open in Augusta at
the Exisisitlou building today und con
Hiiuri for four day Famous olorrd m n
from all part of the Union will take purt
JiIPW VOItlf The bonrd of officer of
th Now York division of the league of
Arnertiim Wheelmen will meet at the
Orand Union hotel here this day
ECO barrel fine twostamp Kestuekj
WhUky for Sale In bond at
from tHo to CBo
Whotesll Uquor and Clgtr Dealers
Houston xBXAS
Iondon December 17 Copyrighted
Aesoclated rressThe Time tomorrow
will publish a dispatch from nio dated De
cember D via Mortflvldoo December 15
saying Feniando Lobo minister ot Jut
Ilea and Interior box resigned
In conscience of n dlverconco
ot opinion with Ploxoto con
cerning present event This how
thnt the position ot Plexoto la weakening
Several officers during the past week
liayo been arrested on suspicion ot com
plicity In the 1 evolution
On Wednesday night I vtslted Fort VII
legalgnon In nn Insurgent launch When
wo passed between Cobras Island nnd
Vlllegalgnon troop lining the ehore front
opened a heavy rlfla Ore Thn fort re
plied briskly killing and wounding 100 sol
I found tho fortress much damaged all
tho buildings In ruins and masonry of the
center towards the mouth of the harbor
much cut away Ln consequence of the
Bhelilng received fiom the government
forts The guns were working well but
greatly oxpjsul and three ivcro dismount
ed Two hundred otficcra nnd men formed
the garrison 1 examined tho fortress tho
roughly and consider It can resist two
months longer
Saturday night ltO rmcrnment troop
lining the shoro near the war and mnrinn
arsenal opened n heavy nro from machlnn
guns and 1 Wen upon Cobras Island for
the purpose of covering Ilia ndvanco ot
oturmlng parlies
Cobras lslund replied strongly causing
the IroOp to abandon the attempt after
two hours heavy firing the government
losing over 100 men nnd the Insurgent
having only two men Wounded The tiring
on both aides wn very wild Yesterday
the Insurgenln relied the slearner Iira
hyba ilylnc the Aigenllne Aug carrying
war material nnd provisions and proceed
lug to Santos and lllo do Janeiro The
vissel lefuelng to heave to the Insurgent
llred killing a man and wounding four
other The Insurgents then bonivlcd her
Manchester MnrkiI
Manchester December 17 Tho market
for Ihe week ha shown more steadiness
In following Rlowly tho activity In Liver
pool where the largest business done Hit
3ear Im been recorded Indian order nio
sparingly offered and thcie are divergent
view of values Thero Is difficulty about
delivery the further restricting the trans
for China staples havo also been neg
lected The smaller Eastern tnuikct make
occasional hid and fair miscellaneous
tradn has resulted at slightly tnslcr price
early In the week Producers since then
havo not been eager roller Home trndo
purchases continue moderate ln ynrns
some Irregularity wo noticed In early
trading at easier values hut ilnco Tucoday
lht > recovery ot from ono lxtecntli to one
elghlli him been established Twist In
weaker than weft and where splnnorn
have been easier sellers n fair bualnca
hn been done
Anarchist Uunrler Itiilded
Fnrls December 17 lho officer of
LAnnrchlles weio raided todny nnd a
number of documents seized The Journal
Do Debates say that leu dynamite cart
ridge wcro found In the omnibus on Hue
Died nf llio Foyer
Melbourne December 17 The bark Traf
falgait arrived todny from Hatavla after
a fearful voyngo lasting fortyeight day
During the passage the captain nnd tno
officers and lliieo neomen died of fever
Arrest > Anarchists
Pari December 17 Tim police orrosted
three friends of Valiant nt Chalx Lo Hopr
The statement of these prisoners have
led to tho nriest of eight other anarch
Tlio Itrport Denied
Uerlln December 17 A dl pateh from
Moscow denies that the Moscow police
surrounded and surprised a largo mealing
of nllilll
Heron 1orann DroiTlird
flydney N H W Deceinlier 17 A pleas
ure yacht with fifteen persons uhoard cap
slued today during a squall and seven were
drow ned >
Pour Deriishers Killed
Cairo December 17Durlng Iho recent
raid ot Dervlshe upon Jlurat Well four
DervUhc weie killed
Iloma Ilulc Shrived
Dublin December HJohn Itedmond
speaking nt Quinl today reiterated the
statement that tho question of homo tule
had been shelved by tho government
1 1
At Cleveland Ohio
Cleveland Ohio December 17Th plant
of the National Curlmn company on WH
on avenue nenr the Lultn Shore railway
wa destroyed by fire this morning Tho
loss 1 I10OOP0 Insurance fGOOW
Awarded Highest HonorsWorlds Fair
The only lure Cream of Tartar rowtier No Animonia No Alum
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the Standard
jel > fine twostamp Ken tuck
hteky for Sal In bond at
from tea to Xc
i > al Liquor nnd Cigar Dealers
J I U jcrr
Dosultory righting Botwaon Poroeeor
Polxoto and the In urgtmt
Still Oontlnnoa
noun RULE roit iselahd biielved bt
mc uovBRNMEifr
TbeArrfit or More AmroMitiThe Umiiiti
tir llri ted Other Tetelja
Ktvi Notn
jjtrj Unclor the Soverei Btrlot
tf of tho Prosldonta Mflssagt g
M Abuses the Exooutlre
j for the Inline of tns
I hce In our political history hit n
congrcs of the United SUAtea
resolved In favor of impeaching
utnuit of tho eiecutlve chair
Jothrirces A Very BHIt Boea
1 f nent Threegbcnt
a Me December M Ex > tlm
ven tonljht made the following
Clevelands message and his
J of titevcnV QtflcJal conduct
It was well the effort to rfmova
Johnson from tlie office wa
JUst a It was on the brink ot
iIhe great reluctance tit the con
t men ot the coiiiitrje to remeve
j f executive for nmise bt power
i a Imve encouraged Cleveland to
0 the extraordinary measure of
ting tho provisional government
fill whits Its Inuch us possible con
hU inrlillrary design from ihe
1 n congress and tho Ahioricun
LOoic at the historical rncts dls
tely nnd no one villi deny that
w uf usurjiailou and injustice on
Mel eland nud thn secretary ot
i > acted lnue March 7 la t oouiu
i tho ov parte star chamber
f Comhitsniuiier mount relutive
i < cental tcxtunsny nt LtlluekuUniti
linn corrupt minlstcl ate more
r and mote hostile to AngloSaxon
nan Ine net uf tleorge 111 and
t North ministry which drove tho
n Culonles to u xucceasful revolt
iiolhlng In Anipiloan justorj moro
I In its cope of Injustice and
than the tit tempi ot Cleveland
iwliam to cnisli out liberty nna
n lntcres In Hawaii by urn
o reaioro the exunot ltavvnllau
y by lorcu ut urma or by dlplo
lachinery ntut presxtiro more in
Lit iKissihle than tho use ot lull
uid recent special message ln
e > eniely erltletees the tourso
icent Ameilcaii minister nt llono
hut feeble lepetltlon ot tho
lint of flrcshntii previously pun
Mii nnswir to mount report ex
published In the United Htnte
ranctitslvcTy as did TlmrBton
r thoroughly leeponslblo wltness
t thn allegation tn that report
It Ihe official conduct < < Captuiii
Sand rnysclt were grossly untnio
i in muhlloet untngonisin to all
jilo probabilities of tho logic of the
i In Honolulu In January Inst
led grossly unttiui and shame
bust allegation against myseir nnd
ml commander rests entirely on
foments nf four iiutotloualy cor
1 und
tho fallen queen
is lavotltci and other
credltCl telimony I re
t has been amply verified
hd again that neither by force or
iSiLot force or by any action Of
> tlie rail of monarchy precltu
Mf Cleveland sees lit to make tlm
rigntnst my official conduct that
i befoie the events of lust January
lated nnnexiitloii h deliberately
posely conceal that what 1 sild
I lapatch In November 1N2 wna a
i dial tatentent to tho department
tj of the true condition ot affairs
of fact whleh liy established
idpmc tVee ot ellplomacy I xvas
jsiuiul to make known lo my gov
nt tie dote of my opinions were
trly held that botb in Honolulu
iwhere It wa believed that tho
ii minister was averso to annex
I itll only tho selfpossession nf the
i Ida nnd responsible men of thn
I prevented an outbreak nnd over
f tnonSrnhy at un earlier day I
olulu In Iho United Htatc steamer
i January 4 on a trip to I lllo ISO
imi Honolulu the first time for
Months when I deemed It safe to
lUinolulu ln the ten day of our
from our legation I knew no more
ina transpiring In Honolulu than
II had been ut that time ln Wash
h Wlltxe nnd myself on the Itojton
In the harbor of Honolulu In the
id ot lanuari U I wa completely
y Jltirprlse nt what the queena
Ussoclale and tottery gang had
tithed In tenday
hptwl to gain ucceB to the queen
rlby friendly advice to nrrcat Ihe
il tn It was too late Mob ot the
U etulnirs were ulready gathering lo
tee to aid tho queen to cmry out
ii of oveiluriilmr tho constitution
1 bk plure ut HiiTjiulaoo that after
jjanuary It ended tlio Hawaiian
y forevei
finllcn Judd who has held office
I nlwni conccrvntlve u aupport
recent publla
innrthy In tho great
jln Honolulu glvo Ihe following
i u to how the monarchy fell
it not iiero repeat what I beforn
the American public ft to
f the charged lhat the queen wa
iim the throne by American force
of Amerlcaii force In any form
tr v1
ra Hi
fry la
landing of the Uoaton marine
I only did what hod been
u iirovlou Hawaiian cruise by >
der Uoodwnnl on rwiuest of
I Merrill acting under the Cleve
i tard order of August 1 IMS The t
r I the language of Minister
i i report to the department of j
I any with alarm wcro coming to J
Hon 1 ut ones requested Com
Woodward to send to the legation t
o marines which request he f
complied with The appearance j
tinrlne on the utieet andat the
liad a favornhle effeet on the pop 4
it that time Iho United Btatc f
iwa nenr the royal palace ot tt >
Jtltce than Arlon hall of which a
l and lllount encalc of as spcom t
Of the lull I had tiever heard
fadglog Place was needed for the J
Tarter they landed Dy an accu T
Jmt recelvol from Honolulu It f
< iiiiti thli hall do a not command J
j ldntB atittement lhat the three 1
X which our amall naval force
Jed wn not favorably chosen for
of American life and property
illy In error ns all know that
liar with tho map ami bulldlnga
bntlnued on Fourth Page
Worlds Fair
i Atumotlla No Alum
cars the Standard
IP 1
t M

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