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kg Joints Dampers etc
limited stock still on
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lace and Sal sroom
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Jiulne Tennessee Triumph
pulre New York Slate
My Rose and Itcrh = s Seed
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and Yellow Onion
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ftoi Phono No 40
Statement of Talma In regard to accept
ing reforms eand condition of tho Insur
Bent army >
Henry Delgndo burled In Havana
Smallpox Increasing
Insurgents capture a fort
Cuban leagues organized
nod Cross society established In Mex
Complaints made by American drum
mers of excessive Mexican tnxc
Precautions niralnsit tho plague itakcn by
different countries
Twentyfive hundred pcoplo klllcl by
an carthqunko in the Island of Klsham In
the Persian Gulf
Details of iho massacre of Renin Cllv
DlllonVi nmondment defeated In tho Brlt
lh parliament
Bread riots In Spain
Plague Lccomlng worse
Schooner Nahum wrecked and > tho crew
liglt In tho senate over tho Nicaragua
canal bill
YostTucker contest In he house de
elded In fior of the syttlng member
Houso committee on Hcrs and hatbors
to visit Houston and other Southern
Train held up and robbed near Harry
Dick Curd mortally wounds Ed Allen at
Mrs Annto Butcher of Dilhis frightfully
burned by tolling en u ttovo in a taint
ing fit
Jim Bryan commits nulcMo t Tort
Worth by tuklnet catholic ncld
City Marshal Dirholow of Laredo en
tivil for killing A Y Alloc
ITty oaplnscs nfeslng from th court
records of Navarro county
I rinkensteln i > f Flatonla blows 0Jt his
Negro preacher eU Beaumont arr 3tcd
for burglary
Hon W J Bryan given an ovation at
MU > c Hart Lving near Bryan out
raged by en unknown negro
Texim legrlsliitiirc
Wards law to govern tho holding of
elections which provides for nu official
Representative Patterson of Bell gives
vent to hK dteippcJntnTenit ut not being
placed en committees
Representative Welters introduces a bill
to do avvav with tochnoil tles In appealed
cases where substaiitlal Justico lias been
hill passed to prevent the Belling or glvi
vk of Hquors to mlrors
Governor Culberson submits hla appoint
mcnls to tho senate
Senator DIbrcll Introduces a bill to quiet
land titles
Bill so upproprieta JCCVV for tho Bucknor
Oiphari Home defeated in the senate 13
Senator Colquitt introduces a bill to pre
vent preferences In as9lgrtnent3
Speaker DashSell tells why ho formed his
e minlltciK s nc did tnl lUtly dcues
certain oharses
Tlie bill to pi event playing football and
baseball on Sunday pitses to engrossment
un lie houso
The Calvestnn J i Porte and Houston
mak < w a good run from Gailveston to Hous
Tii aftic Manager Miller of the Katy say
there will be no rate war over tho roduc
Hon of the grain rito In tho Ilast
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen In
Mip min are opi > osoi to the reducfon of
tlr pajenger rate as firoposed to the leg
The Galveston nmd tlrent Northern gets
a right of way through Oklahoma and the
Indian rivrrltory
Tho baird of director of the Atchlscn
railroad approves tho terms for a settle
ment with the Atlantic und Pacific bond
The Miirketi
Cotton futures 1 point up at New Or
leans spots teodv and unchanged
August cotton Is K polnlts higher than
Nnvemlior dellverlo in New York
Whctt ilocllnwl rvc May closing at 73i
Small buslneih in stocks and price
Borne Bryan aftermath
GeorKe H Wendhngs lecture on Stone
wall Jaekton
Marriage of Miss I > ura Mayci Harlan
and Mr Ficdonrk Cl ment Buibank
Tho Bitstnca lywague exhibit rearranged
Mr Tom Dunn made cashier of T W
Houses l > ank
Revival at the Christ n church
506 Main Street
2i And CommlBBion Merchauts o
mntrters of Tortland and RosendiloJ Brck
Drain Pipe Acini Cement Plaster
Asphalt rtoofine etc Dibcral advances
i on consignments o
Main St
I Q N Freight
and Ticket Office
jfife i < x
lcarrul Bffects of an Barthquukt
on Kishum Island
British Officers Were Attacked by
Hundreds of Natives
Urent Ilrltaln Will Sunn ItcKln n
CtirarmlKii AkiiIiihI Mic KIiir of
Hie Coiinlr lorflcu > cn > >
London January 21 A special dispatch
recelvcl hero from Teheran capital of Per
sla says that K00 persons perished as a
result of tlio earthquake which occurred on
Klsham Island January 11 Klsham Island
Is tho largest in tho Persian gulf and Is
ltttated about fifteen miles Irom Its en
trance Its population is estimated at 0000
mostly Arabs
Till Illllilt MUHNIUTC
London January 21 The Evening Nouns
publishes this nfternoon a dlspatoh from
Lagos capital of tho British West African
colony of Hut name giving detalli of tho
massacre of tho British expedition uudci
Consul General J R Phillips by tho in
habitants of Benin City early in tho pres
ent month The party consisted of Consul
General Phillips Major p W O Copeland
Mr Crawford deputy conmlssioner and
vice consul in tho Niger coaat protectorate
and adjoining natlvo territory Captain
Bolsragon commandant of the Niger const
protectorate force Captain Maling of the
Sixteenth Lancers an oRker of the Niger
coist protectorate force Mr It I Locke
Mr II C Campbell ot tho consular ctalf
Dr R 11 Elliott mellcil otUccr and
Messrs fowls and Gordon civilians
The party was unarmed ami was proceed
ing to Iicnln City In order to make a re
queM for a palaver or conference with King
Oblah In regard to lncreaslug the trading
facilities with that part of Africa tho king
having previously consented that tho ntpe
dltlon should visit his capital None of tho
officers were armed In order to impiess the
king with tho peaceful character ef their
mission and over 200 native carrion were
with the party to propel the canoes and
carry presents InlendM for the king
After proceeding up tho river the expe
dition landed at a spot about fifteen miles
from Benin City and tho iarrlers were sunt
ahead through the dense Jungle the offb
cers following
rive miles from Benin City tho officer
Mlddculy cano Upon a narrow defile which
was nileel with tho dead carriers who were
fearfully mutilated Almost immediately
afterward the officers and their scrviuts
wern surrounded and attacked by hundred
of savages armed with suns cuUasses
spears and clubs and In a few minutes all
tho members of the party excepting Locke
and BoKerogou wero dead
Captain Bolseragon and his companion
after wandering In the bushes for a week
succeeded In reaching New Illbib wounden
and exhausted bringing tho first authentic
news of the massacre although soven
Kroomen of tho carrier party who succeed
ed In escaping were tho llrst to spread tho
news ot the disaster The affair Is looked
upon as dcs3rvlng of the sending of a pjni
tlve expedition to Benin City known as
The City of Blood on account of Its be
lug tho seat of tho fetich priests of that
part of Afi lea and because human sacrifices
aro of frequent occurrence the remains of
the sacrifices being seen bleaching In the
sun on all sides
The British warships Phoebe Widen
Aleclo BnroK a and Theseus have already
been dispatched to the cntranco of the Ben
In river British officers havo left Liver
pool tor the same coasts
The United Stiifen Mnst ncctln 4lie
London January 21 Tho Dally News
says this morning that Senator Wolott of
Colorado had an interview yesterday with
Sir Henry William Houldsvvorth conserva
tlvo member of parliament for the north
western dlsttlct of Manchester and who
was tho British delegate at tho Brussels
monetary conference In 1S92 Tho Inter
view was private and Informal
The bimetallism In parliament the Dally
News says are not disposed to tako any
active measure but they bellevo that time
Is on their side and they aro warmly In
terested In Fir Samuel Montagues proposal
that to secure the adortlon of the double
standard It will bo necessary for tho Unitr4
States to begin and then offer a 10 per cent
tariff rebalo to all nallons following their
Ivory Tnlk
London January 21 Edward J Ivory of
New York who was discharged from cuij
tody jestorday at the central crlmlual
court the crown prosecution having with
drawn tho chargo of conspiracy to cauie a
dynamite explosion called attho office of
tho Assotiatid Press today and said
I have documentary proof that the Brit
ish otuclfcls offered to release me It I con
fessed to the chargo of conspiracy I am
satisfied that tho police did not havo any
sucli power but professed to havo it In
order to entrap him
I can not say anything regarding lyeaii
and others I have never had any clti
uectlon with any dynamite plot
I must say that my priaw experience
was not unpleasant I go to Dublin to
morrow In order to vlilt my relatlcs and
I shall sail for Now York on hoard the
White Star liner Majestic on January 27
Tlio nnlinnle Ilnunt
New York January H A special to the
Herald from St Petersburg says Tna
fear ot the Indian plaguo reaching hero
grows rapidly The Novoo Vremya sa > s
With Englands present methods In per
mlttlng tho poPl t0 of 0 trJckcn dis
tricts to emigrate the plague will very
boon bo rlfn all over the country
The MlroUo EotglocM sa > s Italy
not roly on tho reports of the English
whoso commercial Interests havo eaten
Into tho humanitarian Instincts of alt na
tions Tho world should unite to form a
cordon around tho plague district
Doctors hnvo been sent to keep a propel
guard on tin Persian and Afghan fron
tiers I
Cnmiilnlnts Mnilp Ii > AmrrUnii Drum
mem of Eeftl t Titxntlnn
Mexico City January St A branch ot
tho Red Cross boclcty has botn formed here
among Spanish residents nnd the perms
Lent president Is the Duko ot Arcos tho
Spanish minister Tho other officers are
wealthy Spanish residents The Red Cross
koclcty which Is tho first organized bete
will receive cuntibullous for utc tu Cuba
among the sick hiid wounded soldiers
Complaint Is made by trnvelltig men rep
ltfccntlug Ameilcan mnnufactuteis of ex
icsbIvp taxes demanded ot them by State
governments and say thst In certain SUtee
tho llcenso lax Is Hliuct prohibitive Hut
the local manufacturers object to foreign
ers on tho gold basil coming bere and sell
ing goods freely without contributing as
the natives havo to do to support the loeal
Statu and municipal governments
All Interesting hlatuileal figure dlinl till
morning In Vera CniE CaptMn Icorge E
Powell agent of thoiWard Hue of scatn
blp > He commanded the gunboat ludc
> enden hi under President Lerdos admin
istration and at oncrtlmc was In ictlvo
pursuit ot the vcmcI on which General
Dlai now president was a iiasscnger Ler
do being especially anxious to secure Dli
but he rscapsd Capt4lu Powell was kniinn
to all American shlppinsters touching at
Vera Cruz was nboutjfij seam of ago and
leaves a largo family t
Charles Blorklund nn English subject
of Norwegian extraction and one ot the
oldest foreign resident of this republic h
dead in thin city
To Ilicrii tin Suttlin
London January 21 Official correspond
enco between Great Britain and Russia
published here today shows that the Mat
quls of Salisbury on October 20 last pro
I osed that tho ambassadors at Constantino
ple should formulalo reforms In bo enfoned
by tho peers M ShlsMne then tho uctlng
Russian minister of foreign affairs replied
on November 18 saying that tho czar had
decided that it was impossible to agree to
coerclvo measures against the sultan But
en November 2S Ihcro was a further com
munication to the effect Hint the czar had
agreed to tho Marquis of Salisburys pro
po al and would not object to advising the
Russian ambassador telallve to loercmg
should tho sultan prove recalcitrant and
refuso to adopt tho reforms unanimously
recommended by the nrabassadors
limine of Cotitiitons
London January 21 The hmse ot com
mons dismissed Mr Dillons nmendment
calling on the government to lutioduco
comprehensive measures for the relief of
Irish husbandly lit Hon John Atkinson
conservatlvo member for North London
derryf denied that there had been any
great decline In prices ot Irish pioduer
He hoped he said for good results from
last yeirs bill
Mr Dillon and other Vit mcmb r In
sisted that everything hud been done fur
the English and nothing for the Itlsh
Sir Dillons amendment was Anally re
jected by a voto of ISO to 123
IlMKiie llcciiiiilntc Vnr e
London January 22 The Calcutta cor
respondent of tho Times after expressing
tho hope that parliament will Induco tho
government to deal In a practical way with
tho problem prints an unusually out
spoken article fiom tho Pioneer declaring
that only 21000 ot tho whole Ilrltlsh gar
rison are free from contagious disease In
somo shape or other and that 22 In Iach
1000 nro equally Incapacitated Tho disease
Is becoming more virulent and destructive
than ever nnd even tho bubonic plaguo can
not compare as a human affliction
Modern loiin of A ri >
New York January 21 A dispatch to
tho Herald from Manilla via Hong Kong
says Dr Rlals widow has gone to lmns
wheie she Is regarded as a new Jeanne
dArc Dr Rtzal was the organler of the
uprising In the Philippine Islands lie
was shot on December 2i exhibiting great
fcrtltudo to tho very last
Hriiird limereil
Kingston Jamaica January 21 The
Atlas lino steamer Allegheny Captain
Lowell which sailed from New York Janu
ary lfi arrived here today It Is claimed
that she has lowered tho record from New
York to Kingston by about five hours
11 rend ItluL in Spuln
London January 22 A Dally Mall dis
patch from Madrid says that tho severe
weather has resulted in acuto distress and
especially in the provlnro of Seville Bread
riots havo oecurrcd at LulsUna Viso uel
Alcpr Arnhftl and other towns
Tn llifliiilr Mil IMnniif
London January 22 Tho Chronicles
correspondent nt Vienna reports that a
Constantlnoplo dlcpitch says that tho
porto has ordered the Persian bonier lo bo
cordoned In order to exclude tho plague
rnrti < MuieleN
London January 21 A Bpeclal dispatch
received hero from Bombay says that b < >
erc eaithuuakc shocks havo occurred
thei e
Dentils from In IhiKne
Bombay January 21 It Is officially an
nounceel that tho deaths from tho bubonic
plaguo number 420 dolly
Appointed Mlnl ler
Buenos Ayres January 21 Wenceslas
Escalante has been appointed minister of
Iliimt Defense CnnTontlon
Port Tumpa Pla January 21 Tho en
ti ro bedy of thei visiting delegation to the
South Atlantl and Gulf States cerast and
harbor dofeiow convention lesft thta morn
ing en a special tialn which took them
down to Port Tamtiu vhero thoy te > ok
lMimg on th Margaret for urn Inspection
of thebay The prtj returned from the
trlt this ovcnlws
Tho following havn been chavri vico
preddrttis KxGuvernor 11 L Mitchell
of FloniJU who tesucdlhe call V V Ah
demm of Alabama Governor A B Blox
haen ot Klnmlu Colon i J It Estill of
riotJi A 1 Smith or Indlam A B
Fnreiulutr of Pennsvivan n 1 M Word of
Keirtukv OrrU Mcliellin of Loulsana
1 C Brown of MiiSHachysettH 11 Bjbb
of MiiiikloU
kn 11
E ltunastor of Nobras
M Flakier of Niw York J 11
of Noln Curollm J 12 Stebbhin
Austria havo taken precautions i of North Dakota T Ew ng M llfr of
kv1 i
rrancoann orio J C Ardarsov ol South Carolina
History has shown that vVrlls > of v > rmoiit Jeff Brown
tho country that suffers roost from the g J f icBy w s t CapUtm Edwanl
should at oueo
pest Russian doctors gu
to the plague striken districts and find out
we can
lh truth and itudy the dlsetso as
Davis l S
and n vv vv
A AH ofllcers of the army
vvll be eonstdcrod lioaowry
ineinbw of the convwlon
vXfclMV MVAfLVi r
InsuiQcnts Kill Xot Accept Kcforms
tor Ctilui
Claims Jnmci Is Satisrictl Kith
His Condition
lire IiiiiIiik Slndinciit nt Murilerx
CimiinlUcil lliirlnu b iel
Ii > lli > iilliliili Ofllililtn
New York January 21Thomas Estrada
Palma president ot the Cuban Juula today
Issued tho following element
So much has lately been ald of the
probability of tho termination ot tho Cuban
revolution by tho uiceptanio on the pirl
ot tho Cubans of autonomy or reforms that
I feel it Incumbent upon mo as the accred
ited repr smtutlvo of the Cubans lo make
a brief statement on the subject Reforms
vvciu passed by the Spanish cortcs but the
outbreak of this revolution was not thereby
stayed one hour Tliero was and Is but one
Idea for which tho Cubans aro fighting
Wo havo had enough of socalled rcloima
enough of promised autonomy Every In
telligent man would lightly condemu tho
leaders nnd participants lu this movement
If anything short of lndciKiideneu were the
basis of pcaco with Spain 11 Is claimed
that General Gomez Is willing to treat with
Spiln on tho basis of autonomy and that a
letter to Ihot effect has been received by
me There Is no such letter Ho Is nude
of too stern a material to surrender on any
such terms particularly when In his latest
lettera to mo ho writes contentedly of his
resources and glowingly on his convictions
that this winters campaign will bo most
Hut oven though any ot our foremost
leaders should bo Inclined to end tho war
by tho acccptanio of autonomy which Is
barely within tho bounds of iiosslbltlty
whllo ho himself might surrender he would
do so alone Wo Cubans are not worship
ers of Individualities we mo steadfast fol
lowers of our ideals The death of our glo
rious Maceo biought xunow to the hearts
f every Cuban but wu did nt faltei Ills
forces did not giurender the revolution re
ceived no pertcptlUlo check Tho Uader
who proposed peaio under the Spanish flag
would find himself without followers No
treaty of peace can be made by the Cubans
unlesB latltied by u socially convened us
sembly It Is beyond tho bounds ot pos
slbltlly tit expect that the 1ubuns fafter
two jears of sanguinary htrlfe when tley
find themselves In n position pueliUs it
has nover been their good fortfo to oc
cupy In point of uumbers equipment and
resources will now weakly accept terms n
compromise Every Cuban every tincrl
can knows that the apparent giuclnus and
conciliatory spirit of Spain springs not
fiom her strength but from her weakness
How can wo then under such circumstance
bo oxpceiid to wavoi If tho tubaus In
tho field aio loo strung to consider snih
pioposals the Cubans lu tho cities aro loo
well advised of Spains plans and Spains
preearious situation to counsel tills step
lu these cities Spains only stronghold
men ot position of rellnenient ot wraith
have lately signed a statement li which
they unequivocally ay lo those In this
country who seem to labor under tho er
ror that autonomy would he u solution of
tho socalled Cuban problem that nothing
short of Independence is acceptable to
them They baso the statement nut only
on political but also in economic reason
What form of autonomy would help
Cuba when saddlod not only with her
previous debt hut with the added buidcii
of the cost o tho present vvat The future
of tho country would bo ruin and starva
News of our succcrn In Hie field may
bo suffocated by Iho censor pacltlcitlon of
tho Island provinces may lie falsely pro
claimed as In the ease of linar di I Ivlo
decrvs allowing the grinding of sugar may
bo Issued whero all cane has been dc
strojed promlsis of reforms and nutonomy
given and amnesties promulgated foreign
countries may by tlreso means and by
mendacious Spanish diplomacy be cajol 1
Into tho belief that Spain Is mighty Is
generous and that wo are weak are un
grateful but wo Cubans will continue to
tight for Independence first last and all the
time Our leaders may fall but othets will
tako their places
At the offlco of tho junta the statement
which follows was also given out
Murders committed in Ouanabaroa dur
ing tho week were Lieutenant Colonel
Narrlseo Ponsdevicla mayor of the elly
Nicholas Hernandez white pioprlctor of
a tocklo factory known ns an honest man
and representing tho autonomist party
Amlrtu nnd Santa Ruiz mulatoes well
educated and honest owners of an under
taking establishment nnd of n cafe and
billiard room In Palo Blanco street Jose
E Abella white proprietor of a livery
Dtable Iulz Nunez white n man without
reproach Pedro Jcso Aeosta white a clerk
Justo Garcia white tlcrk Ruinon white
clerk Juan Mnnquel lastorlz very pop
ular young man two employes of Mr Al
magro owner of Iho Maria station
Theso wero all honest people nnd of
good anlccidcnts their only crime being
that ot being Cubans Tho murders having
occurred with such frequency that tho
towns pcoplo fear stricken fled from the
town and the trades people of Guanabacoa
all Spanlrh havo tailed and complained
to General Ahumada In order to stop the
emigration not through humanity but bo
cause their Interests eulfcrcd
Anntlirr Iniirailii Kxpeilltlnii
Baltimore January 21 The general be
lief In shipping circles hero Is that the
steamship Laurada has gone on another
expedition to Cuba to Und arms and am
munition for the Insurgents This famous
steamer left Gibraltar on December 21 os
tcnnibly bound for Baltimore having taken
on a largo supply uf toil before her de
pat lure She has been to Messina and
when at Gibraltar her rajitaln reported hav
Ing on board a cargo of fruit for this port
Under ordinary condllltms sho would havo
made Iho voyagn in fifteen days Twentv
one days havo elapsed ami she has not yet
been sighted at Cape Henry Circumstances
taken In consideration with the fact that a
barae named J J Ward Is reported lo
have put In at Newport News tho other
day from Philadelphia with a load ot arms
and ammunition which wu said to bavt
been rcshlppcd on sehooner In Hampton
Heads cads lo Iho opinion that the Laur
ada walled at a point outside until tho
schooner camo out alter which the cargo
was transferred to tho steamer which Is
now thought tn bo on Us way to Cuba
iinitiAiio iiiiuini
further DetnlU r Hie lnklttK ol
the SiuiiiIhIi iiinlmiii
Havana January 21 Further details
reached hero todoy regarding thV sinking
of tho Spanish gunboat Relanirago during
tho morning of January 17 by the explosion
of a torpedo placed in tin river Ciulo
near Mango lauding by tho Insurgents
killing six of tho officers and crew nud
wounding a number ot others
The Insuigents it appears besides open
rig llllo flic upon tho Ccnllneta and upon
the men In lliu water ulso fired with itr
iiiteiv upon tm > Centineiii at snort lange
But Hip YnUncIa Riiceeedid In getting
out of danger and replied with bet guns
dl c halglng grape shot at the Insurgents
and lufllctliig great loss upon the enemy
tu tho men In iho water It Is now learned
tommandcr Kredeilcn Marlines of Iho
lleliimpjgo was hit by nn Insurgent bullet
whllo swimming and was probably after
word drowned with his companions and
ealeii by tho alligators which aro plenti
ful In those waters
General Vnsco whllo reeminolterlng In
ho provlnc of Plnar del Hlo has hlltnl
In a sMrmlsh tho wellknuwii local Insur
gent leader of Guanajay Led sma formerly
manager of tin llogaladn plantation as
well us Caspar Sobrailo LiiAind Nodaiz
both Insurgent leaders who took up aims
at Prua since tho outbreak of the pniunl
Insuircctlcn Sevetnl Insuigcnt officers
are also said to bo among tho klllel It
Is reported that their bodies havo been
Colonel Vera del Roy during three days
recoimoltcrlng In Iho north of tho Slctra
Maislui from Seundell to flrau Pledin
province ot Santiago do Cuba has had u
skirmish with tho Insurgents who lost six
tieii killed Tho troops aim deslrojed 200
huts A deUchni nt of Insurgents nttichnl
ho hibonrs at work op the John estate
this prolne killing two guerrillas nud
two laborers and wounding ten more of
tho latter
Gcncial Mclqulzo whllo recoiinolterlng at
the Sun Carles farm t Mma and on tho
heights if Virginia has deslmvl an In
surgent camp The Insurgrim left two
men killed anil retired with their wuumlcd
Tho retaines of Henry Delcndo tT s cor
respondent of the Mall nnd Express of
Neve Aork who dlol in San Ambrosia hos
pital veslordii have Insliucted Consul
encral Leo to have his remains lutcired
here in view or tho objections raised by
tho Now York health authorities to their
shlpinuit to tho Culled States Conse
quently tho funeial occurred nt t oclock
this afternoon It was uttomled In tho
American consul emplojea ni < ill cor
respondents of tin American newspapers
SMAIlll l > 1112 VMG
Siilllliiry rmllllmi r llnwuiii i
erllieil iin Vn ml
Havana via Key West January 21 Tho
epidemic of smallpox hete continues and
the dally deuth inle fiom uil diseases Is 33
per cent or more
It Is ralculatiil that there wero DJOO
c ° ts < t ntHPO lu na < ia Smvq tlmngo
All tRa nliVbtchtni j tat lfi picture Witm
railtnry condition lu awful tolots Tho
mortality is frightful nnd for sovcial dajn
past 1ms lucnased to 15 jr tent tieruco
iilrn reports nn epidemic of smallpiu with
many victims
Consul General Leo vviote 10 Gcii tu1
Wejlcr asking that Henry Delgido tlm
American who died at San Anibioilo hos
pital yesterday might be transferred to
more commodious quarters or thai ho
should bo allowed to tako charge of lllin
so Hut Dr Burgess tould glvo him assist
General Melqulo reronnollerlng in tho
provlnro of linar del Rio found a band of
Insurgents with 100 new flreaiins und a
latgo supply of ammunition
G P Pendleton nn American newspaper
coirespondent has been Buinmored lo
Washington to apjuar before the sinate
lommltteo on foreign relations
General Plu notified the Clinfuegos
planteis some tlmo since to prepare their
sugar estates for grinding when they re
ceived Intimations from Oe > ncral Wcyler to
cease Several days afterward General
Weyler transferred Pins command to Mnn
7i ulllo and ordered General Palatn from
Malanras to tako rharge of Phis command
General Plu has becomo suddenly ill und
ssked leave to return lo Spain
It Is generally expected that In eight
days General Weyler will glvo orders of a
genernl character looking to tho resumption
of be grinding of cane on Iho whole Island
Sanllaiy General Losudo sailed last night
to Callwrlrn to Inspect tho hospitals In
Santa Clara province
General Maron has arrived rrom Olbara
with his aides and will go to Matanzas to
tako command of Iho province
Manranlllo reports that an expedition
opposed to be fiom Jamaica has landed
In tho river Plata on the south coast No
details aro given
Yniordays Issue of a Lurha was sup
pressed by the aiithoillles em account of an
editorial under the title Who Aro
sponsible l gal proceedings have lien
begun against the editor
Captain Genciol Weyler slept at Gulanaa
last nlshl and continued hla military oper
ations today
CiiIiiiii lrnicne
New York January 21 Tho Cuban
leacun of the United Slates Is organizing
o branch league In every town or city n
this country of D000 or more Inhabitants
There aro 710 such towns and titles In tho
United States Tho object of tho league Is
to call forth an expression of tho unxi Imnua
wntlnient of tho American pcoplo in favor
of Cuban Independence
An effort Is also being made to secure
tho passage of rmnlutlons lu every State
legislature demanding that such action
should be taken by tho government an will
end tho war In Cuba nnd Insure Iho Inde
pendence of tho Island
Tho league Is receiving letters dally from
all parts of the country suggesting ways
and means for promoting tho cause of Cuba
Report nf Citmitflft
Madrid January 21 At the close of yes
terdoys cabinet meeting the premier Senor
Canovas de Castollo reported that although
thev had full confidence In tho success of
military operations In Cuba the govern
ment was prepared to grant reforms to that
Island and tn submit u drcreo Willi that
cblect In view lo tho council of stac
Ak > Mmmto4d ri
ni > i > mai > ta fii
jWinter SiiitfiS
Ahd Trouycrlngs will b m de up by u
for the nrXt TO dny at a liberal Dlv
count from rail pricei XV ure anxlou
to soil all our Heavy Weight Uood
b foro Spring trade openp
V ll l l l > l l l llll l
Klvcr nnd Harbor Committee of the v j
House Comlnji South
They Kill Satisfy Themselves of
the Needed Improvements
Tlm > Will JCee AVIuil Is > eec nry to
He Done In leeure Hern Wilier
tor the Hub lty of it vu
Washington January 21 The river and
hatbor committee of tho houso aro to make
a visit to Mobile New OrleansSabine
Houston and Galveston to examtnu tho
government works and needs at llioso
Captain Brjaiit representing tho Now
Orleans iommerclal shipping nnd railroad
Interests has completed arrangements for
the imrly to leavo Washington over tho
Southern lallway Sunday January 21 at
1116 a in In a special ear They will
roach Mobile January 23 which Is Iho
homo of Representative R 11 Clarlco
whero twentyfour boms will ho spent tn
examining tho Improvements In Mobllo
harbor arriving In New Orleans Tuesday
evening Tho following morning the com
mittee will tako ono ot tho Southern Va
clflcs steamers and proceed down to tho
mouth of the Mississippi rlvor visiting tho
crovasso in Pass roittrn and tho outjottlej
and West Pass returning lo the elly tb
next day On tho evening of the samo day
Thutsduy tho committee will leave Now
Orleans by tho Southern Pacific railroad
for Sublno Pass on n visit to tho govern
ment works ut that plsco and then for
Houston tu look at tho Improvements on
Hulfalo bayou und from there to Galveston
where deep water Is being cinbllshed by
Iho government Prcm Oalvistun the coiu
mltteo will tomo Iwek tn New Orleans on
Its way to Washington nvcr Hie Southern
railway topping cm tho way at Chalta
Ihern on llw Ttnnrrsoc riverThe cumnilt
teo will be absent from the city ten days vi t
Iourlecn ot the seventeen members ot
tho committee will accompany this trip In
cluding Its chairman Hon W II Hooper
of New York and wife lion B Herman
of Oregon wife daughter and son Hon
Reyburn of Pennsylvania and wlto lion
II A Cooper ot Wisconsin Hon T K
Burton of Ohio Hon W E Harrelt and
wife of Massachusetts lion Walter Reeves
and wife of Illinois Hon C A Tovno of
Minnesota and wife Hon B I Dovenor
of West Virginia and wire Hon C M
Clark of Missouri Hon J A Walkor of
Virginia Hon T C Catchlngs of Missis
sippi Hon It II Ciarko ot Alabama Hon
11 S Berry of Kontucky and son alio
Congressmin J S Herman of Now Yorlti
Congressman A Meyer of Louisiana Con
gressman Patrick Henry of Arkansas and
Mr II G Rask clerk ot Iho committee
Huron liisii Xol Gone
Warhltigton January 21 Baron Fava fi
thn Italian ambissador was among Secre
tary Olnoys callers today at tho stato de
partment to the surprise of officials who
supposed tho ambassador salld for Europe
last week An a matter of fact whllo ha
secured a leave of obsonco from this gov
ernment with permission tn return to Italy
with tho remains at his son ho has been
prevented by an uucxieetcd pressure ot
buslneis Hence ho camo lo Washington
from Now Vcnk and has taken up his quar
ters for tho tlmo at tho Motroixilltan
This being diplomatic clay Secretary 01
noy had an unusually large number of call <
era among them being the ministers ot
Siuiln Russia Ja > an Venezuela Chill and
tho Greater Republic of Central America
Trip In > rvv Orleans
Washington January 21 Tho member
of tho river and harbor commlttco have rto
cldeil to mako a trip to Now Orleans on
next Sunday They go to personally Inspect
the crovasso n the Mississippi rlvcr at
Iho Pass IOutre which Iho commercial
1odles ot tho Mississippi valley are auxlouR
lo havo stopped
Itepiirleil Fn orillil
Washington January 21 Tho senates
committee on Indian affairs today author
ized u favorable report on tho hill pro
hlhlltng the sate of intoxicating liquors to
Indians and It was afterward reported to
tho tunato by Senator Peltlgrow The bill
has already passed tbo house
HrlilRe Over llril Illver X
Washington January 21 The president j
has approved tho act providing for the con
struction of a bridge over the Red riref
between Arkansaa and Texas the act t
valldato the acts and b t
vices ot certain deputy marshals in the Jn gj
dlan Territory <
Highest of all in Leavening Power Latest U S Govt Report
> 1 jl r

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