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The Houston daily post. (Houston, Tex.) 1886-1903, December 19, 1897, MAILABLE EDITION, Image 49

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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jS3hbor uunk CTIppin
but lio bad
ady otlns fomethius tit
tton Pl > t
J1 only ri q
lsc are abvc ui
which it
fcaU in > y thoa b
r noukl
corn ditto but It
mWb old this
botton looked Ilka
on bis
Sp Wimck tuy
d ths a
1 umbrellas ontcrat th uss
truly all
ertboy acre
patent out upon the sin
U uch a lag could bo
UncT struck It Just tho
9r his brain
air us ie
ftcsra both too slew
ho said
ibw should war
cr paatime
ea set hlwlt to work to
4 schemo
Irultlou ol bis great and
JJfepM m trlals lUt ut
gaie It out
j ° I aceom U led he could
t a doubt
tT te the iaft be up and
ertstn day
ulil exhibit it n motion oLd
jcomo aid view this him
U him affr whlili they 1
try roam
bad b n fooled so oft ty
ertllc Jjk
i 3 us frau sul nt and like
rmolutlonle tho morttpl lot
teheed at fir t jusUsayiLg
It might b wickedto re
nays of l d
1 follow iv the Ddtta olt
tr trod
jdd ili hal plenty sood
J rje to l
they wo U go and tco
t Miik
tho do > ovfi tho folks
and near v > tnce
ill ages tram lie youngstei
gorjus dlutur everyone vaa
oodred HchT and a lelijiul
a conrapuon seltln cer
had come tbit diy to tco
and tried
institution full of screws
and thms
id there > i i Intcspejeci a
ly of sprli a
Jacob miKjieil on a barrel
MsqulsltLn like In language
ind haul
mess of V whatnots and
mes of ihi that
lying iitunjs ho tad f ot
ighty pat
ors said In lastly icuvo
1 the ami i > 4
of the u < U n I lys In ehew
be bag
my the ry 1 il uow ascend
use and Uie throus space
emy natm home
ng the old qouey fastened on
ir of winis
his pets u iiltu a vailous lot
ilj dumb a ladder he had
la the hou o
1 ui n the ooftree wo us
any mouse
sttd there a rnimit > lift ix
hllcioiihli jml tho ease wth
be til
need or hiss If somen hat and
swcepiu i p
Science trluuipns now iiut
root did lioa
II liai 11 cop iu > ou
rail It gliilin round
> n a k iflumier on Jiilioa
Inrs Ji i cloiod together like
earth 1 iu a eap as If he
a ton
id all Mill nt 1 unlet net it
found or moid
Into bis ai n and then ho
tons If he i In think uissolt
ic arm round reebv mutterln
MI t l
tason that lie dllnt rxi retro
ier urru
tumblm > had n rnc to atl
rlous hin
as lawyis ray wus frnklu
raw embi Ji U m1 lilm from
w head to 101
tor iis h Mi com all right
a coiu e of lime
ell as cr h was In inanh td a
ul prim
a bed a nrediutij on his arave
hes tp HI bet tome uih
wnce agin He take
sin 1 viii 111B to
K Inrt inl pi tin
in J in tinners
ray in
t fiur
Un t iv lln
f Irt n > l d we rhoult srll liku
thi 1 K >
n > Pr iius f iiiiliUni in to
to His npttels
In so many
inn luni with what He g e
t Pester 11 bnlns Up
p r
to imii cur
Don rundersou
Cotton Miiip Irulti
lIera i1
ro acres 11 eotton rotfitlnir
or jr7Gr ltlou m
or raising ii n as a ifilt
m IhrouKh as usapist JCJ i
a w in apples f
v conpi
1bor > vlint a Denlsci
2r ra wcc And Uiis is but
tt t jtlter similar ie
nd the 1105s and the pflui
Capital stool
pad In
MWa iV tea e M nVeS
Nn1l1 i e bark ioieVoutsiund
ot lUV Niti aV iVink s
Due I ie to 10 Stale banks and bii kers
Irdlviduol deposith subject 10
Ctrtllied craolt i
Car itiTs chocks outataiirHnt
United Htntes depoaHs
So d
All cur Imbittlas n tnado
of tho Very 14KST MATKtll
AU and an > not only I1ANI
II U T W 11 1 V i A It
cnok HumllMi Slvcr trim
meC K50 to Siltt
Ibex Horns Silver mount
cd vi ry harO Qme J7W
Ivory Sterling Hllvor anil
DwdMi Handles n50 to
a ° y F11ed Handles J7 30
to JljW
Solid GolJ Hntidl j J12W
io sioro
Seo our Cauec nml tmbrpl
l is omrUn l tticj an bfaj
ties nivl make an elecaint
present for
l i MiiS S 10
Sol il < < 1 fit 111 P Human or pUsh
< m wU > liiinoill Turnuiisf ana
oi aK sin to jvioo
Sun nt Sll < > r SI M to J2W
At nouaro nTTn tho State > f Texas nt tin
olosw of busSnaH Deeeniber 15 1S07
Loans and discounts il3ir3 K
uvtrilmfn seiuied and umu
U S bomlb o bPCiire circulation
U S bonds to felire l S rte
Premiums on l S bond
StockH ecurltlea etc
Juriiture and fltuiea
Due from Nit onal bank not
resero ujronta
Due fiom Scale baiiM an J
Due ironi approved renal vo
h trpn ts t
Kotis of other Nation il bniucb
Kmotlonal painr curruivJ nlik
l ana oonta
TawCnl money nserve
In bank viz
Iewil tender notsa WJ
Itouemptlon fund with 11
treasurer 5 per o nt of rr
427SS 111
r iwo c
71W II
ij rs
77 li
22W V
Sl455taTf >
iWO 00 00
ZlKi 07
2T3 00
1119W 13
il112 00
M 13
M ftSI
36870 0
50000 M
of IUrrla u
TexaF County
Biitn nt
I J r MoAihin cachler of tlm nboyj
l bank do okimiiy flr rJJ
pi mei 10 Wri baa oi iu >
WIient I true
knowledge 0fiaBnASl cashier
J5uUcrib d ami bworn to before
Sth day of D cemto f SPHUlT5
NoUuy Public Harris Coirty exae
LorrectAttost nilASHKAJl
O T HOLT Directors
ro lis > n fan no IM d
miKlV Hate l l nV
K or rimjhl1 of t imcifU
rv OlCKEY 395 Main St Dallas TV
roil SALI liui > UraKoiriiitHin ifnita
uoi fiiO umi J0l aires in eulUvntlo
wil 1111 ru < il 1 hiip iiJ on liljiral
ti im > LJinanj ij 11
Pi ill KlnfVi pslilenta and clioictt
ciiiir on llKiiinij iv inn cjrnT
CmoViii i < rv olicup
Hi j nn v Co
tor ma liberal
piloa JWJ
Addrfss 2WJ tills ofllc
si7tlonB prjltle land Lavaca mill
Whaiton eountoa 1 per ncre Hina 1
QUih piymuit nan In other property
Ijiiiir time an iKilarifi uny ijuintlty J
T Hrawnlntr Hienluim Texas 3
HIClIl HHAZOS ItlVRK plantivtUm about
tOOO Hileu ifiipwlor iinprovimonis for
pule ehenp easy t nnn c S Ponilul1
Oiij Klim building Uijuhtoi l
OYSTCTt CltKKK plaiituUon nltout Vj
eies InclutliiiK a town site a very at
tractive nvtatmi lit easy terms C S
l lleM JQjJKIaiilJjitlljIriK Houslon lQ
Lllrtr tTiaN SSOO oasli will buy a tJwr
ons h v estnbllshe1 11 ml paying tMikuie
biiiteM within 50 miles of iI toji
wmhuwmi i
W olt r suiotncr
HIIM11 location In olty ot lloiwtoii M
a hnjwiln a ftn taek of Jewvelry and
Ktttlcnv n live Tpmib town plvwii
Hivl lust sold Binother nlamtiitlon but
liavi enal more to will oa reasotiaulo
sp lal l r i in all klndH of
cll and ountry real tate oorre i ii < l
Pnce solicited Norfloet t CooIpJ room
201 Dim building J Ipusjcn PevB tt
pm sALlJ7f acre In Momtgomiary
wrtjfj part of tin WhltP M l
onetMrd naoh lal
5 aoie
b < aauc pit
an thro ymirs a 10 per < r > j nttrwt
or will take SiliO ta h F A Jo < wenin < i
jftsarojul Texas
Nice cottag s m
t < iii RALL
w r l iJfiUl car In beautiful
StiUiV Hrunner addlUon jay ieni w
icuriilf wnd buy a nice Iw > m ready tor
ocVupaney 01 the lmt llinimt > a i
orl counti only twJ rniVlrH from 1pk >
Jirumur l aml Co Hrmnur Toxaa U
< 5TV loin thro3 nloek irom atrcet car
Oil CO la owiaur S will ell Pi
rateli and on ovrrthly paynumta D D
Smeation 502 Travt atreot
FOK HALBThroe tat south side llufTalo
biyou one on eornor two bloeft from
ear line title pvrroet
a bar
CHANCK for a bargain through anothers
misfortune three IMe ono block oft
Hohrtits boulourd 10 enoh S10 caah
5 monthly D D Smedtoa 802 Trails
htreet 1
Arooui Junction In Fort
lie i county Oyatar creek at a barsaln
Aidress Box IU Itousjon Texas
fM ACItua land In Brown county on pecan
bayou 10 cr six mUes from Wrown
S for inide or sale Address W II
Boyd Cutro Texas
rAHPV1 desiring home on paved aireet
eloc in email cah Payment balance
fnnK t mi cm dbuln bi gnn no agent
W Clevrland 13u4 Jilam sroe
i > RACRIFICK er nihil tvotory
Ku > ding corner southern expo r
Tltml ward with modern Improvement
nlre rSin aSrtP need not appy Ad
iri M this oftice
roll SA1I t 1 largdt rA0 aires on
Oyater crti ll on Cohinliii Tp mail J
mllijs vi t of Aiglcton sou aireH In cul
tiatijn i i jictp timber HOuiim jiral
ne no better < irc 01 ojUoii lainl to lie
found ai > where Apply 10 Win D
C evelillj CV tf
THOSi looking for bin ili In city real
pfUito and fin in Iuikis wiil do well to
tool ovor my Hat L N iiiown OOil
Slaiir lVeo
TLI fuen shod rosms with board ut tl
pr week wIUl hlovf aid gnlt v nt 2IW
IiLraiicli lietwunC s niMiund Kraiiac
111 1J
reoma with board not nnd cold bith
goiil table nwl r iavniibc tirms tible
bo tlre jittivl 100 MUain sUeei
eon er MCKinney 1
ANV ONK wiihlnc furnlilKil rociM wtm
or without binl ian niel them at iwi
lxn lana ire t batlafetlui B1
tiK > iml custom soll ltel nJco bath
ilOfiSIf to runt either with or without
lxHid uable boarJiis dolndtcil niui
rt aiH i nlvle nt Vti Sni ln mo wirl 10
CP KI board arnd rowm for JJ U > pn w
hi awd cold bath Mra Hyiima
Fionklln avenue
Lt > iAim itua ciassis
1 Stld Si
ll Wll lUwi
WKLL furnfiahwl aciiillv romn lrwvlirnean
veilontes central location cood tabl
ltard ipry clieup for two i rsoiw Mi
Travis >
iOIH nicely furnlslitd nuint with or
wpliout louil n p VatP family moini
eoineniinces to gemleinn or coujilv
foit M lit housekeipiig gowl nelKlibor
Ikoad Atldrcsm2tC thUjiIllee SI
TWO nittraetlvd aouth moms for rent
wltli board ono auluUic tor couple and
the othpr for a einse eupanl gool
table and attention IvOO Husk iiv nue 21
FiHSlMLASS board at reduced ratps
ernnsents solicited 107 Austin utreet 21
rnnATK l > oar15ng riwtly IwrUbvil
roiros w h or without board or board
without rooms 15 Travis ttrxiet 21
lIIl J II MAHHA T S Caroline
Ue t ha two daJlsbtful front rooms
wth boorU at rwuonstblo ratti IS I
A 8JIALL privaie TtatiKy d < irea one or
two grt tl mpn Ujandora or couple vwWi
out cMldwn ootnforluhle riwma good
table Jiom com forts l st of r f renoe i
Adorose 1 th ffleo 19
A GnNTLISJIAN with n > f raiiCii a can Rot
furr ahed room ond odp Tmeal a lay
froe of charge In prlvite fam Jy on
AuMltl street oonwr of Ulgln avinuo 20
1211 TEXAP AVKNUiJIMgo lOurdtng
h i two < jnd onohalf liiofls from
Ciivitol hotel Main slrct modern ron
vcititcc transients solicited rates
rwtorablf tclepliorfp cejvlce 22
YOI NO COPdLK waiit large room
anl beard wph rrlvat family at a 1 <
pinei car hiiinis pai of town 11
futntfh roam Aiklress 13 ri thli > ofilce 2
WANTKD Tbrco or four turnlehed or
utfurnlshcd rots n for Pght hou ekeep
Inu or tward in private family Ad
dtt Mil < hi offlpo M
> I
V < tariv 11
TnH < ili Jtcj rs Ii I
ami cur uric 14 ore vti
2i7 AAllllAOrn aeh tii l < last live y ars
1 > it J ilvlii H pud wi < n
1 in witliilMw U mv Iim ibiinie o a
llldlnii C 15 Cooper A Co Covnp
ton Hi Ii
FOIl Sj Li lirig store 7 on tho d
Aiir u Imrgain ian bo niov l write for
particular Addtss Itox M Hull aton
l i x is la
If ALI Interest i n good jiving buslnttas In
Houston lor IW cah will liaji U li
ipxtiMt mnnt be boni 4t aiil aoliii
iit < iviM < exchanged Addiesa 20ii tdn
office a >
A1KAT MAHKTVr Wjiifa good ciuirijusi
tiis tur iiP Apply fn i < rauford m 19
SliOCASH wJlTbuv a cieiin to ek of pT i
wilptl 11 driifts hi > fw ui and l > oil >
inrfiiig anaivt KKiti govd reoaon for
wancnK to spII Adore Bot 20 Ourrl
aon Tpjcb ID
OOOD payjn r buwlneaa for Male best
ecu 1n the city gofxl rwifejna for anllliiB
F > r lnronvatlo i iddr 180 this ofllie
HAHU C1LVNCU Hi iirfiKuiH prjperty
The decant Ke l < r building fjtiurly
otcupi l by A U Wnrgemaiiii for wile
or luase TMs Ig the bp t located awl
fUlpKKl buldlng In Yoakum whluh is
tlm ejrnng city of Bouth Texia present
piipulutljn 71 ralrojd eontir and ahop
pilni lare chance for the right man Io
inftku a fortune AlHo the elegant Wan
gemann r ld < ee for aalc For parPcni
ara addriiss rliarliw A Kisalur Sobu
lonburg or M J Hdnney u Co Yoa
kum if
ACCTION and cotmnlwilon liberal nd
imioxs tnadu 011 onslgtirtrt Coonilw
Dunn i Cm 20
FOK BALK llakory doing good bii ln s
louin 011 building and very ahwip lent
u vitj good opportunity for tnsirrk1
couple roaaon for Haling owner lngl
and sickly il Uohrtr Heuumoat Toan
FOri BALI > At a sicilflie owner leaving
city a good paying grocnr stoic stck
fixtures homo and wagon Two lots
dlore on one duelling on the other Fjr
particulars write U J Hoblnaon Waco
Texas tl
DIrrU < rilYH AOUNCYTrained ditoo
tlvna furrjMl on Bhort n tlcp and rti
uoiial > lo Tdi < For furthtr particulars
aildres > a 4 m JlcfAine Jwx 10 > Hour
ton Texas 112JJ
Jlunbon Houston tui l JI 8 Jlunsou
Jr Uigluloi Tpxjk Porsona attention
to luid litigation exumlnn tltloN liar
rls and HrazorU counties 1221
LUTT lawyers attitrail 0 Ill Set Nouj
parlous Frarca s wo speak Fremh Wlr
sprechen laeutsch wo speak German
1010i < ongre s uvenuo tf
B O OiTTON BnO Fire lnsuranco
Axcnui and Adlumers 19 Main ntreet
pin sixiAvv niitutToiti
Blnx buildng residence Id Fannin St
Hours 11 to 12 and 2 lo Telephone 278
OfAcp 221 Blnz building phono 78 rcsb
dence J00 Husk avenue phono SOS
Hours 10 0 to 1230 2 10 4
WANVMDaittily roiuS r Ho HSI ii Wbul
la the lvwira t vorso tiv tho IllWo It
yntt fun toll ui l wJwtt rluiplcr It Id we
will Klvo yon n tirUo of 1100 U
nrote than 0110 pcr oii nnswern ceweotly
w will aii lo ua h onuiilly With your
nifwor nemV 10 coittn roi our hew II
bitry Of 12 oomplnt look n btwjuI iirisio
Iu thVmwlvw AdtlrtvM Kevsrono Hook
o UU ArcK trefH llllljulelplilnJ aJ i
AVCiltK itt home furnished people of elthev
rex nt kxk w li > r full Intorma
tvra uldrena ljU dlo Art Co Kalutnii
03 Ml h W
AfTtVIIiw U nwn to Bell to dtsl r SW ti
S17 monVl > y ivst i i > cnteM oxtnrlejwer
tun < feos iryjjtno Cigar Co Clilciuro
HAM MKN Uwrywlifro for tlie ki < m <
e l Inwviitlcn of tho awe the I r ikn 3a
On > iiiir unit Irurtkr u lnaoinno tor
KtncriMiur f ii frunv noiil oil i n fuel
Tor hpnllnrr or cooWiib Htovo rnniro fur
tuiotN ewI > > or iyiliu ll r absolutely
no fftnokp crfor dust evil klndlloR or
artiea jrnarnniivd trulosirurtblo nwn
ct < li > jvo nwl oliwiper thon tiv known
fiHl wi it t dn oiiil KMittm oxiliwivo
acouCN for tliv tr it at monipo > of tlie
hai > Torrllorv fr Aildrota llrjolo
lonivor Co Cln iniintl Ohto in
lAYnPT hoiMiihold itovolly insfout bg
ollii rcpresMit mo in > our KuwUty
ho A lflc fr irirtipiii nml tiartleulnvs ot
ni oilier novjitiw v j sviiuitz rai
AVnliuit Htre t Clnclnnitl Ohio ID
SaO WTHKliY to Rive oway toilet noapi
rnili > a rrt V JC leorrtliiev Co Cm
oli oH OIIO Vi
AObNTSS Sl dUlv mp1Uii aitokol plutcu
hiHunt irmdlsht burners flt rtll kero
neuv hitlilNft ulviw biMiltlflll brlpllt
1I M no wlek ict eblnvwy n Mntoke
cbeiiinCt Ibrlit innorn fnv Htmplo 11
rlitfrprlio MfR ro ClnoJnuntl Ill
AOrNPSWJOO every wek rIvIiik hwiiV
free HPeeliltji ont > > n mvniplf nml Vi
tiodui4i wid Kttlllmr lr rfwtK > ii nun
liclit unrnerH no ulilmnov n > nmoko no
wlek t ukr4 kercweno liunps kIV liril
litiiit Ifcmv s HllffUt Hnmiple fpoo 10
< rUcr A II lerfdtloi MIk Co Cln
ilumb Olihi IV
AOUNTS IHIIv 1o fcotl liiH > lnlty iOl >
ait d < ciMitoniurH dtiuhle h r viilm tn
linvlvanto nroi > nt i > iluslvc torrltoiy
ntinnli tint III frw JI > dOo Siwp t >
Cli < liuintl dlvhi H
WASlTiDV eiwK wilt bout tncuillbruneWi
Acili 11 K KomiiMy 1113 Clny nviv III
ANTIli I tul > < f iy < > l npiuoinni
Vntvyld ImukiiK who hn hud n > i M
imk In tmiu UIIim Ui buirtmHti llii
AwlreHS 2HJ thi ofllre V
> NTIU At N < ero X K intmitmK ollf
i 101 KtiMiiir n > ami two 01 tluvi tmmil
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lillilKr ll
WTITi t inv i h HniiM wtni
< luiinbi rnmld Mmi iu lliiiwo I111
uii kiln aitiiui IJ
Otnil1 I niBi irnt wiikNl mi oihor n > il
> inil > < v il 11 h i i mi > ri mi Alii
V Mi irk l ls ill 11 t ii 11
Al lli Ill > w ru n l 1 11 < l ll Ikii
wnlU fT IOloiil mi iMtic wno 11
Hi iiatruphor ym wl h 1 inll r < it
m il holt 1 ill Nui p X HiiU illlr
K 11111 Imll 11 k Ii
AriI > Ai on i li n 1 xMirliiiiI
li in Is im SMiih mi l Wuni Inrl liui
111 ill ikill lnMulj n7 1 iMi nill 1
1 Il 1 pi nin t mm 11 i > i woiumi
ol 11 nn cntubllv it vw lir < > t luki
I t 1 lot ml I Hll 1 I H 111
Ai nlft SuniH Co lloiihlun 1 iXiih II
A > 1111 Mn 11 tiol wli itilMii < H
Hw I t pel lie i M in c lj milii
Itom hulii 10 milk Idhiu iind nl
li 1 K up mi I 1 ii U mili 11 1
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1 > b X Il II
f Tl Armill fiv lln ltXt HoHlllR 10
irtii 1 on Im niMikii iinil in 11 mt
lliuiioii MHv i < i ii Muin mrei t Jl
AilATS wnnKd lit onoi tn ntrultiii III
nun li m ii llln nrb 1 01 onflh botim
or u iilfiiMii will im1 tin wail ble < ui
mil Ai > h nit Hi Main ttitiot lli > uHti > i
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A AVI I l A wirrnn In iimiIi ntnl do Kin
t il hiiiMiwoik im Mtimll lamll > Apply
Mini Hi r > h tnil
TID Mi 111011 id liiiiin fiiii limbed
iMoni nt Pi 20c ir bl aril iiitthi 7V si
in il SI 2 i wtvih c rvtlilng iiittilias
C11I1M11I lliiisi IlliKii M 1111 and Iiipllnl
iiMi in 2u
UASTKD Aginls fir KliiibaUH Antld
HlHJiiiflirtli llnifh Ibi laj 1 iiinit wn
to 1111 n W it I hupL 1 11 b Otik
Hi I cut l < iuis lib Ki 10
WANT Yining in n In unit g
wiih In goo I p liloiv In hi
tllgOM gin d in ill I in ipii iIiim
in Tl giauli Hi nml ii o T xu 1
AUIMH lillki 11 I IS 1 ji hilm mil
11 iir I iiiia 11 pinili ihii
in 1 1 no 10 il 11ml 1 rii hi d
Im ul ogiul w 1 1 > im
lit X Jf L Cm U
HH l lOHAPUUItiS Iiiolilm per TO a
11111 llrtBKUtwtH lb 11 It I 110 Hip
ln iti rt tn jiII 1 i Clio Ilia itinsiinHH
Iliirctiii 1 Hit linill piiipriiior liil
In TVras Vi
WANTUD Orplvin U > 0 to 12 vpfii old
III Unci wid limu by writing H A
Ilcmr > LHIiUfston Jinoa JO
WANTUIJMfln nnd w fp io wwk on
Urni 0 < c V Miicll j71SJvliiln stjeel 10
ASANTfODA gDml K y Appily Anne
ini tl au rtmd Rubber Hlmnp Co room
Sli SlaiKtn busUdbig in
1IOMU WOUKlOuO lodles 410 canvassing
fl uwiklv mrned nd sttntipvil iuldrss
otl < nivliot tor sample and imrtleiiliin
Soinuiieii tj OrUiefh Amenlcsan Jiiaot
Isilliling Now Yotk ii
AXlliNIB e t SO pond on iwiih rlallir no
ixiK rlPiieo norcWHiio wriui for ngwnK
oillll Aiklress Tjio Cntlwllo Nnww 6
Ikiolay Hlrcet Now York
T1IU HidfUilelprpting Itildp four largo
volumes Wl fill iwige pliotogiipltio
w counnentare nnd aids giuitiHt
prodiuotlun of the age all minlauirs In
dorse it dub prlns nlKiui hall tin legu
lar price tompotent persona wantdl to
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twimi Prairie nnd Texas avenue Apply
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32 In good buirliipss locality Apply Tel
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roiiins suitable for light lnjusekeenlug
wiiiilurri expowute Apply Jlra Umlly
Lucaa oorner Chartren nnd Walker 20
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rooms moleni conveniences one block
from car line g Apply 111 Brazos 10
FOU HKNTlfpst corner Morehouse In
Manor fine oivnlng Mr i business man
Ailliea Box ai Manor Texafc 9
F0H nnNT T < > responslhlo partlca for
one year furniture for tlvo bediooms
hall dining room kitchen awl servants
yoom lMxldlng llwn stoves etc In
cluded Address 2007 this otfloe
Toll HKNTNlcely fuinlshoa rooms by
tlie day week or mintn modem con
Vdileiiceb four blocks from Capitol ho
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SKVUNROOM residence raved street
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tion city possession given January 1
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