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Hi V I >
Important Amendments to the Constitution
Any Clinnnrc nf Ocriiintlon or llnnl
nf Jltifii lli > Hcnr < pil IiiiliiNtf
Uliclcil IrPHhltiil
Louisville Ky Mny 1 The lout days
session of the convention of tho Notional
Travelers Protective Anoclatloii was nn
important one The liuolneas of the day
comprised tho election of officers tho
solecilen of time and place tor holding tho
nest oanventlon and a number of nmond
men is to ths constitution Of twelvo pro
posed amentlnlcnU nil but three of minor
Interest wero iejected
Tho report of the committee on constitu
tional amendment favored tho adoption nf
tho following amendments
To make exporter commission mer
chant mamttactitreis nnd wholesale deal
era ollglblo to membership to com no I
members to notify the secretary nf acci
dents within ten rtnya of tho accident
The meet Important amendment adopted
was one providing that change of busi
ness or occupation shall In ItjBif vvnik a
forfeiture tit membership unless the Na
tional secretary In uotllted within tun diya
ami all claims ur Imlvimilile mutci tint
constitution bylaw m eertlllCHies of
membership shall be forfeited unless said
change of business ir occupaw m Is liy
and with the consent of the National hoaiil
cf directors first had and obtained
The following nmoiulnieiu was also
ndipted In lldi of one of the sections nf
tho orders constitution Jhe president
vice presldunt chairmen of iioiiimlltees
chaplain and three dlicotors shall bo elect
td mi ml illy at the iilostlug ot the assn
cation the eald dlreotuu to li Id ofllco
li two yiars and the secretary and trcas
titer shall be elected fir two ywirs all
> aid persons to hold their otllooi mull
their successors aie circled and uuitlllad
Ihrco niemliers of Ilia board shall ujii
stltuto a quorum for tho transaction u
business at any regular or special moating
cf the homl tf dliecmra
Lucleii V LUA1I1 ot Alabama was elect
ed president of the Tiavelora Protective
Association in tho tirst lialliH W It
Johnson ct Knrxvlle vine presldmt with
out cppoeltlon and Mr L T Labaume of
St Louis wrax reslccied sucrotaiy or thu
bIxiU consecutive time All the standing
committees wero laeleeted
Tnight the dolefenttn took n mo nllght
ride up the ilver Tomorrow on evcuisljn
trip will lie taken to Lexington
Adjourned until 8 oclock Ft May night
Following In the report of thu chairman
ot the National 1iasa committee which
was submitted to j coiiventlcn
Mr President an icmueii ot tho Trav
elers Protective Assulitton of America
1 havo the honor to herewith proiont you
mv report as chairman of your press com
mittee for Iho year ending June 1 18 iD
It aflords me murn cratlllcatlon to be
able to state that tho newsnnners of Amer
ica have been universally kind to us and
havo reipomlod pumiptly to all of our
rcouests often to the detriment of then
respective bank accounts Dm Ins my ad
ministration your prnaa reproseiitntlvu has
at all times bean treated with the utmost
c urtesv and coiHdorntlon
During the time 1 luvo hold this office
In our association tho newspapers of llm
count r have ntibllahrd an enormous
amount of news nutter nf oxclualvij In
terest to u Knowlnn the lusldo workings
of a newsiianni office at I do I often
matel at their llhorilltv toward tho Tfftv
elers 1rotcctlve Assoelulon and wt not
a few occasions J mn mlufillly ramlndad
how little this kindness It appreciated t > y
brrnc of our memUers Our association re
ceives more tavnrs at tho hands of tho
press of llilo country than unv oilier or
jtitilmlon In America or nnywhm tiUe
and If there I any body nf men In tbla
bicad lanrt nf Uncle Sims that nunht to
appreciate and support morally politically
and llnanclallv the Arneilean tiexspiper
It Is that bolv cjiiiro ed of our elve
These Pioers spend thomanda of dollars
and donate whole acioa nf sna o to aid us
In the upbulldlnc of our twaolal n and
for the ceneral welfato of tho trnvelliiR
When I receive nntteo last year of the
honor vou had nald me determined to
make a remitt tn this convention fully n
mile in length and 1 would have dnne so
too If 1 had bem able to secure what was
nereBsary Vou mav be Inclined to huRb
at this statement but when 1 toll vim
that during the year In Texaj alone nouly
600 vards of Travslera lrotectlve A Nida
tion matter was nubllsh d in tho tour load
ing newspapers vou ein readily oe that
I was not visionary In my delermlnatlsn
The fact Is It would hive been alnmst lnlf
as lens a aln I can not Inform you the
evaet number ef columns of matter dexotou
to ui and our oauee hut a low oitiiiuto
ttken from the data at hand pliicoa It at
By vour ncrraltnton 1 will rctlro from
the office at the end or my present term
but before dolnc so 1 want to offer a few
suKKestlons for vour ronsldoratlon which
I deem Important
I maintain thit the chalrmau ot the Na
tional nrcsR committee holds ono of the
most Important oftlces in the gift of the
nstOelatlon one through which much good
car be accomplished and which ought to
receive much cnniidsratlon
The press chairman ahoul 1 be the official
nftuiholectt of the UMoclatlon and renorta
and addresies bv the ofOcers and commit
tee chairman Intended for oublleuion
should ko to his hands for distribution
Such matter Ir often sent to loaal papers
and theNews Letter e > cltislvelvwheii other
paper eauullv Interested arn compelled
1o use It second band It at nil l submit
bat this la not fair ttcittnent
The National nrcea chaliman should
nave ceneral editorial ruptrvlslon of tuti
official orKan of tho asroclatloit he Bhonid
furnish all ImDomnt newa of the associa
tion to those newspapers which conduct
departments devoted to the traveling men
provided that he shall ircelvo Rratultously
and rcRiiIarly copies ot those papers doslr
lo sueh Information I believe that the
Rational association ahould Insist on Stntt
tirpia chnlrmen repqrtltiR lo the National
falrnian nt least once each month send
lot to blm conies of all articles that mluut
Honlre Uls official attention
J m In hearty sympathy with the News
Lottar vet I believe It could and should
be mwe more attractive In Its editorial
makeup Do not jnderatand that I am in
any wajr criticising tho management ot
tiro La Beaume Uo 1i b done wonderfully
r mnn n ving audi u multlttmo
of dutlea to joarform I sincerely bellevo
nowiivcr that tho papar would become
more w > DuIarwih tho mernberaltlp at large
wro rooro care lio > In tho selection of
nws alr and mom splco Injecten
into Us edltortals I dont believe it
should have bothn pay list and n free list
It Bbou d be enrjely tree or nil should
T > required tu pay Tho price asked la so
small and the fleldtyf Jtn usqfulnesa a so
iar e I do not b a any member would
object to tiave the nrlea adfled to his year
ly diiea
In aupplemenlal report I take the lib
erty of oflerlna an ameadment to the con
stitution relating to taeijiresi chairman
ship and I ask that objeevjons bo walyod
to Its connlderatlon It In vour Judgment
which 1 submit with all due modesty U
hotter than mine > nu find the amendment
unworthy It will not bo adopted and no
harm will ncoruo rrom Its consideration
If It Is worthy It ought to psss
In conclusion I want to thank all those
who luvo rendered mo assistance espe
cially Mr John II Culpepper of tllchmoml
Vn and Mr Wm A llyan of Tcrro llautu
1 thank ynu klndlv for the trust yon
liavn Imposed In mo and I promise you all
that 1 will over take an aetlvo Interest In
the association and help along the good
cauio Respectfully submitted
1SJ II nvorett
Chairman National Tress Committee
mtOOKH IMStlllMVH IMIIll < itS
Iln Ii ii > I Plniix nml tlio Wiir Ile
PiirtlltiUt I Wnllip Writ til
New Aork May 13 A special to tho
World from Washington says Icuotal
llrooko was Instructed by the president to
Insist that the arms of the Cubans be
turned over to officers of tho United
States army Instead General llrooke
agreed with flcnrral dome that the arms
shall be surrendered to the mayors of tho
liihfin cltlea
General Cnrbln left for Hot Springs to
night to learn from the president whether
ot not ho will Insist that his original or
dnr to General Urooko should bo carried
Ofllclila or tho war doparlment regard
Genoial llrnokon dlircgnrd of tho presi
dents Imnllult Instructions as a moral
vlotorv for General Goum and tho ilia
nntlaflcd Ciibauu
ascimiiry Alger la highly Indignant over
General Ilrnokaa aurprUIng disregard of
tho iiroildonts strict ordcia Ilo tonight
telegraphed to tho president full details
It Is generally conceded that thesu do
velopinenU In Cuba will greatly dohy tho
dlstilbutlon of tho 13000000 to the Ciilbau
III Hi v
Mtii Kiiltiur l mi liiiml Titniin with
hi llnlliil Mlntii
WjRhlngun May IS Tho Oermin am
bassador Dr Von Hollabsl oallel at tlu
Btnto departmont today and had it talk
with fieeiotary Hay In lha coumo of which
It Is understood lofiiroiino was undo to
ti ojiealng tidly of tho soaslona of tho
psaeo ciuerouco at Thu IlagUo Bonn
krletttuia ui tno proouie cojmo of Ger
many botom tno uoiuerrfiico whljn luvo
uppuaied tu publla ptlm hie caiued coo
Miiernblu liuiRiloii us thuy m felt to
lnlaiopreseiii thu alius und purposes of
Uno of those dispatches attrlbutod to
IJmpcnr William vlowa re atdlng an In
ovltnblo conlllcl between tho Unltod 3lateJ
and Germany Such nn Idea it Ir Bald
mum havo originated In Die statement
of an Auitrlnn oftlrlal snmo months ngo
whloh nevnr met with tlio approval of tlia
knlsur who It Is printed out both la
person and through his foielgn minister
Von Diiclow and his nrnbisaniLr Dr Voi
IUdlebeii 1ms given rcpeutod iinjunnsea ot
friendship gold will und admiration for
tho liiiltod Ktatos
In tho same quarters dlsorodlt Is thrown
upon tho statement that tho czar ex
pressed H > mpithy with tho Amsrlnan In
diguatloii ngalnst Germany anonl tho Phil
ippines as it la pointed out that lha cur
Is not In the hihll < > l fiui publicly ox
ptesslng his national avmpalhloi
i i i i
Il nei nf i fllilii Splriil IrPNtMil n
Ctnlin for OitniuKiM
Wanlilngton May tS Tho state depart
ment has been presenod the tlrv claim
for dnnpiges en nrcoiint cf tho operations
of our blockading vonsels dining tsc late
war Tbls Is the claim of tho owners of
the Hrltlsb shtp Nlckorsin which sailed
from Kingston Jamaica with a cargo of
food suppllrn for Cuban portH Just lufoin
tho blockade was drclircd She wan
relied by tho ftornot but was d If charged
by n pilno rourl The claim 1b for M00
on nrcoiint of detontlin and minor loso
If this claim In suMnlned tho department
of etate will bo obliged to submit estl
matcR for payment of such claims tn tho
nnM ronireis for their lo no authority fur
their payment at present
1 Ill UnllKt nrHleni SnMom
Wiiiililiigton May IS The sscrttari of
tho navy Is deuply Interested in the result
of an ciperlmont which la to bo ninde uti
dei the direction of Captain John M IUw
loy tor tho enlistment ot 500 or 3S0 men In
tho Middle Wmt ind Woat It is bMlo ol
Wetlcru onllstnuiiitB will qiilckun that
sertlona Interoct In ILo navy It In pro
posed to oend n rocililting officer through
the Wed next monih lo githar In 300 or
3P0 recruits
r V
ItAlMST iciitin
Jraii > rnte < ISniMtiiiiWi lti 11 Nemo
Wliu A xuultcit u Irl
Mcblle Ala Mjj 18 On Wednesday
ncar twelvemile p t on the St Stophens
and Deer Park road in Washington coun
ty while a yoauj woman Theresa Thomp
son was dipping turpentine wttli n young
er In oilier i negra mined Tom Murphy
wbo was in hiding look advantage of the
boyn tempaiary visit to tho spring neirby
ad attempted to astnult tho girl Ho
had a pistol and threatened her with tt
A miUHBle ensued nnd lie laid the pistol
down In order to overpawcr har she being
well built and slrciiK She liod the
pistol and bliot th lugro twice
An elder brcther who was working at
soma distance board the shots nnd tho
flus screams The negro had taken tho
piste 1 frcm the girl and n fight ensued be
tweui the whltB man nd the naaro the
former armed wlih a barker usod In cut
ting for turpentine Ilo slashed the lugro
nnd the negro shot him Both lull nnd
the negro crawled away n short distance
and died of the platol wounds
Thompson Is leported to bs In pre
ciirhiu condltloti
i icaw
nmvnv iiosiii pumi
a > r < litt > ntit f llomilm of Trinlc Aflicn
to Tnl < i Action
Wnshinnton May 18Todny contribu
tions to ho Dewev home fund amounted to
520t of which JllfcR came from the Ilrook
lyn Eagle und renrescnis collections made
by that oaocr Tlio total so far rocclved
by the National committee Is 26Sr
Tho followipi circular to presidents of
brardB ot trade and chambera of com
incrce win sent out today by Chairman
In order that all nnrts of tbo country
may take part In raising a tund to pro
vide a Pom In Washington for Admiral
George Dewey tho distinguished bodies
representing commerce end trade In the
chief cities are Invited to take steps for
gecUrlug subscriptions for that purpose
War iiepartnunt otflclala again predict
Hi war Is nmly over
Otis reports that the natives are almost
at hit merny
Agulnaldo will send In delegates who
wilt sue for imsce
Captured prisoners say ths lljlplnos are
weary of the wir
Congrrtiman Halt urges on ths seetetary
ut war that the Houston ship channel
proJ et Is entitled to the 2W0Wi appro
Administration Is said to dslrt the cip
tore of a big hunch of rillplnos and
Is the objective of the prestnt cainpiign
Ship builders aro trying to delay the
presentation of bids for tho new cnilsrs
because they are crowded with work
Presidents of boards of trade will b
asked to secure subscriptions for the
Dewey home fund
The postmen nf Iofls struck for more
paj but are returning to wotk
Peace fonferenoe at The llngue has
opened with M De fllacl of Until t pre
siding The seMlons will he secret
run ruiiAN situation
Importation ot nreirms stopped in Ha
Reports of tirtgnndige are said to have
Peen greatly exaggerated
tiotifz listiM a proclamation advising
the Cuban troops to accept tho money of
fered Mint return to work
Snnlor Pefter nf Kansas hn returned
to the republican pirty
Irople of Palmetto la threatened by
n negro etevrslon which Intends wrecking
the town
The Huffnlo grain shovelers strike Is
still on but may be settled today
Itev rir Hulnl l of Houston elected
moderator of the Cumberland Presbylerlau
The senate passed the fJaheitnn charter
bill concurred In hoiuc aniendtnents to
school fund Investment bill refused to
enncur In amendments to bill for taxation
nf mortgagesetc
Conference on the antitrust bill has
t ecu completed mid the result will be re
ported todey
The senate has elenned up Its notaries
list and a number of Oalveston county
nominations failed
The bouse passed to a third rending the
tilt I to permit countlaa to Invest school
Hinds In their own bonds passed bills pro
ldlng bodies for dissection making mort
gages etc taxible at real citato for thu
pictervatlon of State property
inr i > Tini3sTin
llrlloicil Hint u TlnorniiKli OiRimtii
tlon of tin A out Will He ot
Much llviiillt
Waco Toxns May 18 As the data for
holding the real estato convention np
preaches tho Interest becomes more wide
spread All ports ot tlio State are be
coming moro Interested nnd gratifying let
ters both In tunor and numbeto aro lu
Mr M G Unnney tlio secretary ot tho
San Antonio und Aransas Pass Hallway
Immigration nsnoelntlnn with hoidnuurtrr
at Yoakum arrived yesterday nnd will
spend neveral tlujs hero In tbo Intorest of
the convention Mr ttaniiey In a promi
nent land man In South Tcsas nnd i
widely known as good authority on land
matters In general It nil parts of Hie
Stnte He Is a man nf push and enorgy
and has done much to develop the to
sources not only of his own town of Yoa
kum with where growth and advancement
he has been Identified from the time the
town was laid out but of all of South
Texas Mr ttanney wns asked What do
you think of the outlook for real estate
buslnofs In the State
I think we arc nn the eve of great ac
tivity Toas la attract lug more atten
tion abioad from conservative sources than
ever before end I look for material itevei
npment of her resources In tho near it
tuie he answered
The vutt of Hon Jos II Wilson efe
retaiy of ngrkull re to the State for the
pin pose of personally looking Into the ic
suurccB ot Icxhb la one of tho many prom
Ircnt Incidents showing the growing ln
teicst and attention that Texas Is attract
lug away from home Tho real oitatc
biiBlncfe which goca hand In hand with
gcnetal development will prosper In pro
per leu
What effect will a thorough orsantia
Hon of the real estate men have on Hit
other Intorests ot tho State It will b > nf
wonderful benefit Tho reil estate man
If he Is a real estato man and not merely
a commission grubber Is of necessity a
piomctor of public enterprises 11 Is
such not because he Is emarter or more
enterprising than any ono else but be
muse tho public interest Is necessarily liU
Interest if public enterprises nru temg
cciutnntly Inaugurated business Is cor
rcirondltigly good with him A thorough
ticenluitlon means putting thorn In p > sl
Urn lo assist each other In public enter
prlboa all over the State And In having
Texas properly represented abioad 1 want
to say right hare that the Tctaa S a o
Heal Estate aasoclutlon Is orcmliol on
such a broad basis that It takes In all tb
leading Interests of the Slate 11 Is not
an organization tor thn benefit of n te
real ostatc men but fur the general good
of all Interests Take the question of
deep water for Instance which is to b
thoroughly discussed by audi men ns Hen
Nrrman O Klttrcll of Houston Hon
Thornae II Hall of Unntavltle Governor
T II Wheeler of Arnrras Tass Hon Joj
It Osgood of sSnbltic Hon John D Mr
C ll of Auatln The trado ot tho gl at
West ami Northwest Is tn Immtnss that nt
eoi o day not far distant as many dup
whici ports will bo needed on the gult ns
there ore now < n the Atlantic cuast mi >
verv one In tho State sliould t ko such In
tcren tu I he suhjret as will canso Uuse
IMjrts to be developed
Again take the matter of propeily
representing Texas at the SI Louis ex
position In 1901 and at rarla In 1000 The
tecretarr of the St Louis exposltlnu
writes that he will have a representative
here and evinces a warm Interest In the
convention Ho wanta to see how we do
things In Texas and wo want to show
blm that we do thorn right It la ot the
greatest Importance that Texas should be
creditably represented at both expositions
and while the tlino Is probably too short
Dick Iteeie of Orange was kllUd neaf
Columbus th Judge of Colorado county
haa asked for Hangers
State phermaelsta convention elected
ofdeers and adjourned sine die
The Htate Dental association listened to
and discussed papers of protesalotiat In
Cltliens of Dreuham and Navasota haxe
crranied the dotallt ot the unveiling of
the Independence monument nt Washing
ton July t
Drenham dlitrlct conference Is In ses
sion at Cbappell Hill
Hempsteoda Malfest waa a glittering
Secretary nf Agriculture Wlleon ras
much Impressed with tin tobacco dlitrlct
at Wlllla
A Collin count farmer has a plan for
Billing Johnson arws
The damage suit of Hayden vs Crau
fill a matter of much Interett to Uaptisti
Is on trial at Dallas
Much money Is being wagered on the
mayoralty election at Galveiton
Texus Press association Is In annual
session at Dallas apodal atcntlon la lo
bo given to the lack of a libel hw
commiiui A
Dears succeeded In raiding stocks am
causing a decline all along the line
Wheat la up Jc corn c and ot
KSHnC Hog products advance t aiflJc
Spot cotton unclmigcd futures In Liv
erpool 5 to 1Otd up and In the Ametlcaii
markets practically unchanged
il lOllT
Houston 2 Kan Antonio 0i Oalvetsi 4
Austin 13
Information that the Cotton nelt his au
option on the Houston Ram and Weit
troekace comes from those who do know
The H A and A P Issued it circular
which caused a bit of eteltfrnent
The Katy is said lo Imo purchased the
Link Line In order to get Into Austin
The bonds of tho Waco and llablne Pas
have been sold and work Is to begin
The formal ooenlng of the Houston Oak
Lawn and Mngnolh Tarlc lallway
Rome Interestlmr suU MM In the dls
trlet court touchliiK the rictus of labor
Delegates return fmm the Confederate
reunion nt Charleston
The DauMiterii ot the Confcdtraey will
cross the 1000 mark loduy In tlulr pub
lic square fund
The Dtnmet ttldeo tcmpnrarllv recraan
Ire by elcctlm O C Druiv Ir as cap
Meeting of the O A It memorial day
omml lcis
to do anything at Paris we should get to
work to havo a hlx exhibit at the St
Louis exposition U will ha worth mil
lion of dollars to tho State and tho only
hope for such rcnrecentatlon that I inn
see ieats with tho real rstite moil They
can not do this unaided bill It ths puiplo
generally will lend Hum a helping haul
thov will sen It done
What will the itlondanco bo from
South Texas You can look for a bljf
crowd from my part of tho State You will
remember that wa are the ploneefs In the
mutter ot real catato organization rteall
Ing tho advantages to be accomplished by
organisation ot realty men In coopcratUm
with the railroads Mr Geo K Lupton
assistant general passenger ngent of tho
San Antonio and Aransas Pass railway
organized the Sin Antonio and Aransiu
Pass Immigration association some two
5 cars ago which association has dono
more to advertise not only that railways
territory but the entlro State than any
orcnnlrntlon In Texas
South Texns land men know thn value
of such organization and arc going to
coma to tho convention In force
Under date of Mav 12 Mr J N Oroen
beeck Jr of Stonhenvllle writes I hive
appointed two delegate from every tnwn
In this district to attend tho meeting and
at mv earliest convenience will send you
a list ot them I find a groat deal ot In
terest manifested tn the association and
p ct a largo delegation from thh coun
try is everv nno with whom I hac
spoken or written has dcarcd tho tH
cttite move to bo the very thing uc Rd
for a long time and with to lend their ef
fttts to make it u suecrts
GxLteutenani Governor T C Wheeler
In answer to an Invitation writes from
his borne nt Aransas Pass that he will bo
with us on the occasion of the convention
If nothing occurs in the meantime to pre
xont It Oovemor Wheeler Is down on the
deep water programme and Is a ery en >
tcrtalnlng speaker
Prof It P Attwater tho celebrated ox
hlblt man from San Antonio in o recent
letter gives assurance that he will bo
hero and will rosoond to the invitation to
nuke an address before the convention
Th topic assigned Prof Attwater is
What We Got rrom the Omaha Kxposl
tlon and What We Should Do at St
N Evans Co i f th
leidlng land flrriR of Fort Worth give
late aiaurancos bv letter that Port Worth
will bo represented here with a strong
delegation Great things will bo expected
of 1crt Worth on that occwlon
Tom Richardson of Houston who la
one of the meet enthusiastic workers la
getting up this convention wishes it un
derstood that Houston will be here with
a large delegation The real estate men
of Houston Joined by their leading prop
erty owncrs and
promoters will come u
sirens force
MD >
CllllllO MICA 13
Doll nml Cut WiniiB Arc nnliijj Muish
lli in n l c
Cuero Texas May lSWudse S P
Gtlmes and Meisrm rr i House and Vol
Hardt returned yesterday frara the Canfjd
erato reunion at Charleston They wcro
delighted with their trip and were loud
In their pralie of the hospitality and on
torprlro of Charleston Uah of thorn siw
several of their old urmy friends
A gentlemau brought in a lundtul ot
what is learcd are the boll weavlU yester
day He claims that they are tho truo
thing but others who saw them claim
they ara not tnrmera nro complaining
that they never before saw so many Insacti
of all kinds The cut worm and the ball
worm seem to be doing the greatest lu
Jury Some farmers have to replant a
considerable portion ot their cotton A
cold wlntor evidently does not destroy
tho Inieote aa was hoped
District court opens on the 3th til
first two weeks are generally given to civil
buslnejs The crlmlual doiket not very
large this term
O 11 C Ornnil Otlloern
Detroit Mleh May 1J 131 1111 cap
tured the next session of the grand dv
slon Order of Hallway Conductor today
at the last session ot the twentyseveaUi
convention of tho order Officers were
elected late tonight aa follows Grand
chief conductor E K Cli k Cc < nr ltap
grand chief A u
Idi low assistant
Oarrcttson of osrcola Iowa 8Ci
U i
tarv W 1 Maxwell of W
grand senior conductor C 1K
dar Rapids erand luulor MnuetVr
Corbltt Nishvlllc Tenn grand Insldo 1
guard r O Smith Detroit grand out
side guard Thotms Mcltec
HOT SFItlNOS VaT The pr sld nl visit
here will close lrlday night The tialn will
reach the taplts In the evening
NIJW VOHK Oeueral W W KlrkUnd
tathsr ot oaatir Tjler tne actress was Utlck
en with tMialyfta In a rcauurant In IBIS city
last Sunday morning
WABIIlNGIOis Complying with the earn
est linnet ot tnemotts tjcnafr j vie ua >
wltliuiawn tits icslxiuiion as coalrman ot tuo
Induitiial commisioii
ilANAUUA Tan guvcriiiuent ot Nicaragua
his rubllsljed a atuaiatiou to the eifcvt taai
l iiosiiuitu cimm in uuuer tn same laws
end oiitics hs the r i ci tae mi
SI LOUIS tbo top ilcoi ot the Ihc slorj
bullLlug occupisu by the vntouo Iiromes
Wall and Paper company cotitor Locusi miJ
bueiitu stiecls wu4 kutlei py ure Loss
WICHITA Kan The oflkors of the lians
mlsfclsstrpl cotntnerclal coimtms whlcti is lo
um hero Jluy < il have luyilcd frewiatat 4lt
Kiney aud Pieildeut tuns of Mexico to be
WAhtllNOTON Tno war department otll
cials txpect that within two months ino li
iih transport Itoet will bo on its way Home
fium Miunlu with the taut of tlio luiuojr
IIHIMINOHAM AlaTwo Iron furnaces
and 2tin coko oiens were nut In blaet In tne
lllrmliiKhani district this week ran ni
rucloii of pIk Iron will be liicrtjased oci JoU
tons dtilv
KA8T THOV Wis John I Poter ot antl
slavery lame nnd a former congressman
aled troin o narnlvtli stroke aacd fi ycais
Mr lotter whs ouo or tlio founder ol tne
republican natty
tHAULtirri J > cJce Jackson colore I
war hnnged lier for iino lonimltt d on a
young white girl Inst Remember H made a
lioniliiiitt < rneech oiotestlue his Innoccmt
and sum a hymn
ATLANTA Oa Word was received hero
that Major John A Lopnu wbo whs r
contly atslKned lo th position ot adtutaut
eeneial of tho dennrtiuerl of the null lias
resinned from llif olinuier nervlre
DGADWOOD A vein ot ore carrying 100V
In freii gold has been dlscoverid on a riuch
liinr Custer City The vein l < tt Inches wido
anC lien been discovered for a dletauce of i >
Itot but no ilnklns bai been done yet
WASHINGTON Letters iccrued In tnU
city Indicate thrt Senator James Iv Jones if
Ahanine crialrman of tho djuiacratu Na
tlnnul vnmnilltee had 1 Pleasant voyage
icrofn thn All mile un I that his health is
much improved
NEW VOItK The Maiet Investlgalltig com
miselnu rpent tho groiter part ot the day in
or attempt to ahow the respective handing
Interests of the city omplojes held by the
uncalled Kreedman and the socalled Piatt
Surely eompanles
NATCIIKZ Miss The stMiuer Lulu lrlnco
of thn Nxlrho aiid llavou Sun Packet com
rnny struck a siiTiK whllu mikli g a la idlas t
lrlttt Pond twenty mllci below here She
begun to fill laaldb rerylhliie was re
moved from tho boat
WASHINGTON The difficulty ihlcb rose
nt Manuns llriuil last April on the occasion
nl tho visit to that place of the t nlted States
cm ser Wilmington which wua on n vnyag
ot exploiatlon ot the Aniason is reported tu
h trilling In rharartct
CINCINNATI James Weaver coloied
aged 11 years confessed to having poisoned
bis father Woodson Weaver and hla hilt
brother John Weiver on Tuesday morning
John died in n few hours and Woodson has
stilt n chance for recovery
NLW VOItK Tho concroiation ot tho
Ilrst Presbyterian church met and su tulned
their castor lte Ur Anthoiv M Rvana
whom tho boxrd ot dliectors hrafel by Ilus
scll Pare rounht to oust lust becnuts his
pnstornto wa not fully succiHaful
bT LOUIS DaiId I lleld a retired capl
tniat shot and killed itobert W Strutford
hi iicrio man of all work In the vestibule
of his handsome residence Stratford iittompt
ed lo nssuult Ms emploier wiio had Just dls
tharped him for neglecting his work
PHILADCLPHIA The Phoenix llrldge
tninpany whose works are located at Plioe
nixvlllc Pa was awarded tho contract for
six additional steel bridges by the Husslan
government for me on the great Tr inalbo
r ru railway which thai government Is bulld
LOUISVILLn nugeno tlerenah of Coving
ton and Tommv Hocnn nf New York hojel
twenty rounds of tlio prettiest flghttiig ever
eccn here At thn end of he content the
rtlerei declared the bout draw liogana
face was covered with blood while Ilerenah
wnii unmarked
PITTStllJItG The convention of American
Knundfvmen elected tho following officer
President J S Seamen of Pltshuru secre
iniv John A Penlon of Detroit treisuie
Howard Cvana of Philadelphia vlro presi
dent Southern Stntes J II Goiildcn ot Co
lumbiis fJa Southwestern W A Moalnr
Ilnllae Texas
omi irxvs nnrroit
lie AViii limn AVHIifiiit Arms null
WtIIck iv Hli lilt Pen lu Ills Vliulh
Fcrt Worth Ten6 Miy IS Amang tho
visitors here this week from Mouijt
Pleasant la a > oiing man named Aaron
Smith Ho Is a freak of nature the only
one In tho world nf his peculiar kind tuv
Ing been born wlihoui arms He Is i
mwspaper man and his conducted the
TlmiisHovlHW the poBt six y > ars and has
dne all tho writing for the piper during
this time Ho places a pen In hU mouth
and dashes of editorials as tnpidlj and
as accurately as any other editor blessed
with two arms Mr Smith does tome of
bis writing with his toes but tho bulk
ot It Is done with tils mouth Ho uses a
pen because It does not require tho pres
tmo upon tho paper as when a common
lrad psncll Is u cd therefore It does not
Hie his mouth He > b he can sit dawn
for hours at a time and write with but
Utile Inconvenience and the only thing
that bothers him Is dreeslug himself and
In doing this he is obliged to have smie
Mr Smith ten years ago was admitted
to tlu bar and practiced law successfully
for awhile hu found he was unable to
handle books with any degiee of sitlsfac
tln Ho then cmbaiked in a Jaurnallktlc
venture and has succeBsfully published the
lmesIlevlow since 1S93 His paper Is an
olEhtpage Journal and enjojs a lorge cir
culation Mr Bmlth is not a large man
weighing not over nlnetynteo pounds
1 K
IMim Horns
ndna Texas May isuiahop J S John
son ct 3bh Antonio delivered
an ablo ser
ir < m to a congregailM m tho PresbyterUn
chuioh her oi iueutay nlidt One can
m 1 Ml nT Yorl < ls onnrai a
mis J
her two
gJns Oscar and
i wm
day by private conveyance for Hunict
Wells lu tearen of better neilih
iN N Mttrvln PMtol
to leaxo this
week for
same point ftg
bl 1 Mr M vn coSdltlon
w 0t ndU lh0 xpoxuro that would
iceuli from
the trip
Pr nlMr Marvl 8 condition Is ro
rlous nH v
and the
is au od by a multi
tude of relatives nnd friends
nr i ° b of ih t lf H depart
ment of the
university will spoad
the summer here with hla parents
searcli of rest and general recuperation
K s val has returned from
fr Mr 0orBf Mcn > fef rciors
til I h mPro i In health as a roiult
Mi hlrec enl rMi 0 nur tt Wells
Mrs Theodore
Buhler ot Victoria speni
woe7 X Wh h 03 FrH btt tt
o jOl = r = o 5 =
Bean tas lh Kind Yoj Haw Alwars BoazrtJ
uzi rj
Importation ol a large Number of Revolv
m Held Up
iv rtliliiit G l < < I e nvlncen
HimiiIIi All Contrary Uuuuiiri
ItriMikf < > T V tlio liH i < l
Havana May ISThe Importation of
500 revolvers was stooped by the customs
house authorities today the weapons being
Tbo dealer
taken Into military
bis been
to whom they were
Informed bv Major 0cneral Ludlow mili
he may sell
tary governor of Havana that
them to suijh Individuals only as bhall
give tho authoiltles a oatlafactory reason
General Ludlows Instructions
for tho purchase
structions to the dealer were wittten and
thev allude to tho lawless clement to
whom It would be dangerous to allow the
possession of arms
Knrloue Uaruv the wholesale hardware
merchant In whose possession 1500 Uaus
ei bought ot tho Spaniards wero found
i low diljo ago has been required to sitr
icnder thorn and on the orders ot loneral
Ludlow thev have breti stored In tho ur
iftial subject to shipment out ot tho ia
Bvcry dav or so tnero iomeu n frcsn
slci > of brigandage but at tho Salon
Tiocha the hcadquirtera ot Oenoral
Urtoke It U siortcil thit Investigation
invariably shows that such report havo
only HilRbt foundation
Revernl trooos of Unltod States cavalry
hau > been travel sing parts of tho prov
ince of Puerto lrlnclpo with rations for
from ton davi to two weeks This caused
icports of bandits to bo published but
llrigidler Oenoral Carpenter military gov
ernor of iho province telegraphs that
theie aro no bandits in the nrovtuco and
thai tho eavalrv commanders aro incrcb
exorcising their horses and fnmlllarlslns
tlioir men with obscure narts of tho prov
ince so that they may be able lo follow
outlawa anywhere should occasion arise
Krom Cardcna recently canio repoits
of an affair which was represented as n
violent collision between the United Status
troops and the Cubans A military lu
ciulrv was Instituted and It turned out
that tbo dispute was merely one between
four American soldlors culminating In n
ftsf lluht No Cubana wero Involved and
no politics
Major flonernl Wood military governor
cf tho department of Santiago telegraphed
today to tho governor general tho results
ot his icccnt trlD Into tho Interior Ho
savs ho found no outlaws and that the
people were workingIn tranquillity
The Clcnfttegoa rlotlnjg last Monday is
regarded aa quite Insignificant and cor
lanlv had no connection with politics
Ooncral Ilrooko has caused Inquiries to
bo made In everv district where disorder
Is reported Ltttlo or none has been
found and such ns there has been could
not bo attributed to antlAmcrlcan soutl
A telegram from Camagucy says that
fitly armed brlcands havo attacked a
plantation near Cuaynblta and killed six
men but tho report nuy provo to be much
After tho distribution of tbo 3000UO
to tho Cuban troon1 Ooncral Ilrooko In
tends to travel over tho Island and to get
personal knowledge of existing conditions
a < well as to meet Influential Cubens
General Domes nnd Carlos Cespedea
called on Ooncral Ilrooko today and dis
cussed tho situation Tho manifesto of
iiomoz Is expected to appear this even
ng Tho order of General Ilrooko respect
ing the new conditions of payment al
leady outlined In a dispatch to the Asso
ciated Pe38 will bo published In a day
0 WO
Tho temperature In Havana at 3 oclock
this afternoon was 70 degrees Fahrenheit
Icltcr from Amlro
Lelth Mny lSThn Norwegian ship
Viking which arrived hero yesterday frin
Soydlsfjord brought a report of a lettor
written by Prof Andre which was found
In a bottle early In April near Itltotang on
Iho noithenst coast of Iceland by a farmer
named Johan Magnussen Magniissen It
ir M V Bv th0 lotlPr 0 B merchant at
Thistllfjord who mailed It nnd it Is ex
peeled to arrive at Its destination In the
crnrso nf n few das
Jtmnn itussni txnoitsnn
Iylir llnr Sou 11U III Inilcn Very
Tyler Texas May 17 ncsolutlnns
pissed unanimously at a meeting ot the
members of tho Tyler bar held at the
district court room nt Tyler Texas May
Id 1SP9
nejolveil That we the members of th
Tyler bar In open meeting assembled as
Such hereby earnestly urge the governor
to appoint the Hon J O Russell to tho
vacancy en the court of civil appeals
In making this request we desire to
express cur high esteem for Judge Russell
ns a finished lawyer able and upright
JudgB and to assure the governor thai wo
who nro diily associated with
him per
sonaliy and professionally recognlie his
cmintnt fitness for the place and we be
lt vn his appointment will not only meet
hL51rnvaLot thc tWwon generally
hrcughout the State but
will result In
Placing in this high position one who will
an ornament to the court and ro
lled rrodlt on the Judiciary ot this Slate
Resolved further That n copy 0t these
resolutions be forwarded to the governor
and furnished tho loci
papers and Hous
ton Post and Dilla News with tha re
quest that they publish tho same
C Ij Walktr
Chairman Committee
W Prank Knox
Secretary Dar Meeting
H O Robertson
Chairman Ihr Meeting
Minor Tiitwnunn i > n nsiij
nnr of tloliortxnti Immi Wnnla lllm
li > HiitVfpil Wllllumii
Franklin Texns May 17At a meet
ing of the Dar association of Robertson
county held m Franklin on tho 16th day
> f May tho following
J preamble and reso
lutltns were unnnlmouiJy adopted
W f s Tho PPOlntment of Judge V
a llllama ns associate
Justtca of tbo
supreme court has caused n vacancy In ho
nP < WlS 0r th ° >
tHca nd
AVa lcnrn wUh mingled feel
Lf P wure nnd regret that Hon W
iildiri J1166 or tn ho Twentloth
Judicial ii
dlatrlM would nccept < hc nn
bmTn < 0 Ml < 1 VaCang > tendered to
mJnle ri i ll i V ° 0W lh t b hl5 PPOlnt
uterrvM wl ° Kl8 nU would be
ind 1 na nl n r upw that high
t > Jr hercfore be It
uKtrT i T v1t ivh ° m woulo
JuSge TMtat 1 by lh ° Promotloo
nV S yet Vf f < thlt suc >
S7 nvV H In hl8h r nd more
I Molied further That we unqualifiedly
fms i siUA
vf1 W
When you take Hoods nil J 4
toned sugarcoated pills which J
pieces am not lu It with HooUiTe
ood <
oparato Is
and easy to tine
of Hoods Pills which aro
up to date In every respect
8ie certain and sure
UuggliH > C I Hood Co W
vjhe only Pills to
Ukow ttu Hood
recommend him tn the governoTT
lcBa fraternity cf the te I
prefmnd lawyer an able Jurist si 1
courteous Judge and a polished T
and peculiarly well n > ted by WM1
oducatlon to reflect honor upon A1
HV4s l
oouits ot our State
Itesolved niso That a codv t J
resolutions bo forwarded
to the 11
ectltlve fcr his
consideration aad iv 5
Pest nnd News be requested I if
ww W O Campb il ns lf
Tom M Taylor Secretary < Ml
CALHOUNMcKlnney Tcxs
Kthcl the little 2yearold diuffi
Mart Calhoun cd here ot neaffi J
ter an Illness lasting sixty
will tnko place tomorrow q Pecisr
FISHI5R Marlln Texas May ir
Joseph Fisher soninlaw of Mr Ji
Miller died yesterday morning at tin Jr
of Mr Miller his death JeS
fiom a stroke qf paralxsi The nS
will bo rest In
near Cbllton Texas Mr Fisher L
prosperous farmer In tho wqitern tin l J
thki county
noULD nidtlliiRR Texas May Hrn
icnittlns of J M Oould who died al Mst
Calm yesterday arrived here this mn
lug over the SJitthbound Sap
interred this afternoon at the OUJlan
cemetery Tho deceased was a resliw
cf this placo and sluce tho death of h
wife in March last ho had beea vlsto
his son J C Oould at MountCalm Tt
deceased was nn aged and highly mtM
ed man Ho vn a devout and
membor of tho Presbyterian chuHhittik
placo nnd was also a member of He
sonic lodgo at this place The futm
services will bo conducted by the Maioti
p i 1
Texas May 16 J L Randall oj this plats
and Mrs S M Brawntlsld of Sherau
wero married nt Sherman Sunday Bljbt
OA1SLBU STBBL r Sherman Tem
May 17 < t Tioga today Mr GjliUr ot
Arlington was married to Mrs Steel Aj
inierostlng fcaturo of this union li lit
fact that the groom Is in his SJd ye > m
tho brldo is 72 Mr and Mrs Gaiilir ltft
nt onco for their future home at Arllnjta
May 17 Married at tho Methodttt chwil
at Corn Hill yesterday at 103Q oclsi
Dr C C Foster to Miss Reulih Foitir
Rev Mr Androws of Qinnah offjclatlti
Tho bride Is cue of Corn Hills falreitnl
most accomplished daughters who by tot
swcot and lovablo disposition won hum
friends Tho groom It a popular I5MI
physician th son of Dr Q W Foster t
this placo presents which were nine
orous wero both handsomo and appro
priate Quito a number of visitors frsa
a dl3tonco wero present Immediately id
ter tho ccromony tho happy couple l t
tor San Antonio and other pllnts
The Lyme Holy Ohostcrs kicked aaollfS
man who had been unable to move tor Jttti
fo as to get tho devil out of her aad nuiitl
in Russia the Underground People nil
themselves up alive In colls to die from itu
vntion and save their souls
In India fakirs walk on rcdhot coals throtil
rcllgloiiB fanaticism
lu Japiti tho Shlntoists walk throuja Cist
ns part of their devotions
In Africa tne Isawlyah cat ga s nall It
prickly pear thorns
In Nebraska u sect destrojs the ereilgldel
its members
In Kentucky the Equality Commualos
lovs everything to go to waste rather tut
that any one should have more thia scotl
In New Mexico tho Pcnllentes cruelly
bers of the sect
In Missouri the Angel Worshipers bellma
the efficacy of the holy kiss each tommwl
cant kissing alt the others
In Pennsylvania tho Vltallsls D IU IMS
all drugs are poisons
Members of a Kansas community V
red mnsks at ail times
The Order of Holiness denounces W
riage as ungodly nnd labor as unneceeHtfi
The Knee Renders never walk uprltht
Anlrrxnii Hems
Anderson Texas May 17 J W Obii
of Fort Worth Is here on business
has an eye on tho railroad from Stosrtw
lo Anderson
Prof Woodson and family are now ttl
Preston for tho summer
The Anderson Dramatic club 1
before tho public Lady of Lyons w
21 at tho court houso
County court has been in session w
several days and a great deil of bustvs
disposed of
Ed C Cloney a contractor movel w
family from Navasota to Andersoa S
will ninko this city his home
Too Mil eh llnln
Oreenvllle Texae Mav 18 Crep ereiM1
are hlahly enconraclne to farmers tut
is being delaved bv rains which bit w
In excess of nresent needs
That R larca majority of the people
to all the attributes which would UV
stronE brave and noble With beaU
body la capable of orooer action
Those who ara suffering from
chv or any llnsierlnc disease as tbs r
violating the laws of beiltb thus detfCv
the funetlona of the body ahould not e t
Thousands of those whose health has I
Imnalred hate found relief In a njMittf
under the coretul treatment of Dr 1UW
Co ii
> Ae rtV
breakfast Are
looklOB J HelP
tlous to tbV yri
nf the day Vi
ara lode d
VkS0 tbeVf
i 1 a ris
itv kldnYif hi
rV difficult a
Address or call on DR HATHA A

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